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Vermont tlnfdumm.
Wednesday, July 23, 190a.
ARTI1UU ROPES, acncrnl Udltor.
O110 of tho best roviews of tho polit
icnl situation proRonted by Mr. 'Olcm
eut's caudidaoy for tho ofllco of Gov
ornor wns by tho Windham county
Rofotmor, indopondont in its politicp1
comiections und thoroforo boctorquali
fled to rondor impartlnl judRmont. Of
Olomont'fl accoptanco of tho noinina
tion of his conventlon, tho Reformor
says :
Ho doolares that ho aocopts the
nomination in responso to a great pop
ular dcmand. Tho troublo witli this
"draft" of Cleinent's is tho saine as
was withProctor's "draft," it is on
tiroly forced. Thoro wero somo 'ioO
dolegates from about tho Stato in at
tendanco at tho Burlington convontion
Woduesday. It is charged that a largo
nunibor, ,if not all of those, had their
oxponses paid by Olomcut or his ruan
agors. Wo don't know how far this
is true, but it is ovident thatr tho cau
cusos whicli clioso dclegatos aud the
so callud niass rueetings which Jhave
undertaken to push tho movouient
havo all bcen inspirod from Rutland.
It looks too much as though it woro a
perso'ial ambition of Mr. Cloment
rathor than tho strength of tho prin
ciplo ho ropresents, which 1ms brought
all this about.
Respectiug tho situation in Wind
ham county and Clenient's chargo of
Republican repudiation of tho plat
foim this viow is taken:
Herc in Windham county tho origin
al leadors of tho higli lioense move
mont, thoso whoso courso at tho Re
publican Stato conventiou recoived
tho plaudits of all factions, aro not
followinir tho bolt. and it would seom
nro boinc forciblv mit asido from tho
liulp.rshin .0 civo wav to tho most rad
ical elemont in tho ranks. How tloes
Mr. Olemcnt think ho is holpiug tho
causo by all this? Ho declares that
ho has 110 faith in tho Republican
promises, but ho has been a Republi
can all tlieso years, and declares that
ho is 0110 now. Hopartieipatedactive
ly in tho pre-convention caucu.ses.
Ho dirocted liis forces to participato
in tho convention until it becamo
ovidout ho could not secure the 110111
ination. Ho secured a platform that
suited him, so ho said then. It is
truo that two or thrce Republican
county conventions sinco have declar
ed squarely for prohibition, aud
against the referendum plank, and it
is truo also that almostthe firstattaik
upon that plank came in the Rotland
county convention, when Mr. Clem
ont himself and his leadqr, Jones, un
dertook to defcat its endorsenient
thero and to substitute a straight high
liconso plank'in placo of it. This was
within a week after the Republican
State convention. What is saoco for
the goose is sauce for tho gauder.
Orange county prohibitiouisi 1 had
as much right to do what ihey d'd
as had Olemeiit and Jones to make that
attompt in Rutland county.
Mr. Olemont's "joker," in tho game
of bluff he is putting up, tho Reform
or discredits :
Mr. Olemont declares that McCul
lough's nominatiou was secured by
bribery. This is serious if it be true.
Tho trouble is that his ovidence is not
couvincing. Ho has produced in his
newspapor a numbor of aflldavits from
voters in the northwe.stern part of tho
State, who say they sold their caucus
vote to McCullough. They have never
yet been backed up by such corrobora
tivo ovidence and circumstances as
would bo required to establish tho
charge in any court. From the kiud
of inen theso seem to be, as appears
in their aflldavits, they are just tho
sort that would sell their aftldavit.
A man who will sell his vote for $2
will sell his affidavit for 1. Too
much mouey has been spent in this
campaign by all the candidates. It is
something that tho voters should cen
sure, and something that should be
stopped. Mr. Olement himself is said
to havo spent 12,000 or .$15,000. We
don't believe anv votes wero pur-
chased, cortainly not with Mr. Oleui
ent's knowledge, witli any of this
inouoy, but it all helps to bring about
a cojdition of affairs which wo regret.
With pertinent roferenco to his
courso in tho Legislaturo tho Reform
or disqualifies Mr. Olement as a com
potent critic of the administration
of Stato affairs particularly in tho
mattor of the inoreased Stato exnenses.
His attitude in the Genoral Assembly
"was such as to continue tho extrava
ganco of whicli he now complains, "
as tho Journal has already shown.
"Then, too, he has relentlessly fought
all efforts to increase the rovenue from
corporation taxos. " Beiug a railroad
tnan, affected by suoh tases, he was
opposed to tho corporato taxation law,
and tho Ref ormer reasonably concludes
"ono would hardly think of electing
Mr. Olement Governor to urgo or put
through such a measuro. "
In fact tho Roformer finds that, ex
copt in tho mooted liquor questiou
which, ratioually, is tho first couut in
tho indictment
Mr, Clomont has been opposed to
what the best iutorestsof tho Stato ro
quiro. Ho can't oxpect the voters to
ovorlook all that. Ho has been any
thing but tho friend of orgauized la
bor. Whenever it has beon in his
powor to do' so, ho has cut tho wages
and increasod tho work of his em
ployos. His administration of tho
Butlaud railroad was not at all for tho
publio good, but wholly for private
All of whioli constitntos a pai tioular
ly strong and an ontiroly tuo indiot
mont of a domagoguo roasquerading
in tho livory of roform.
Tho contomporary, truo to its Dem
ocratio principles, "cannot beliovo tho
Domooraoio leadors will bo so foolish
as to abandou tho orgaui.ation and
tho prinoiplos aud tho work they havo
so long chorlshod to gratify tho am
bition of Mr. Olomont." It is still of
tho opinion tlmt "what wo need Is a
gonuino houso cloanliiK in Vormont,
aml It's comliiK. "
In tho courso of an ongrossiug local
canvass for tho govornorship or any
othor mattor of largo iniportance in
tho Stato, it is oasy to ovorlook tho
fact that ovonts of great moment or
qucstions of livoly interest aro tratis
piring or aro bolng'considerod in oth
or parts of tlns woriu. AiiiQiig uioso
mattors is tho offort of tho United
Statcs to bny tho land's in tho posses-
sion of tho church ordors in tho Phil-
ippincs, and to have the owners, tho
friars, dopart from tho islands. The
facts of tho mattor aro concisoly statcri
in an editorial articlo in tho Now
York Sun, which is horo ropublishod:
In cortain nuartors, both political
and relinious. an attompt is mado to
stir un miscliicf by misropresontiug
the negotiations now golng on at
Roino for tho purclmso of tho proporty
of tho Philippino friars and to bring
about their withdrawal from those
In tho flrst nlace. Judco Taft's con
feronces with tho Vatican authorities
witli a view to securine theso ends
nro ronrosontod as a formal dinlomatic
recognition of tho Vatican, which in
troducos into our policy a now and
dangerous precedont contradictory of
the constitutional separation between
church and state in this republic.
Tho truth is, however, that a business
transaction puroly, entirely apart
from strictly diplomatic intercoarso,
has been nroceedine at Romo.
Our government is precluded by tho
oxpress torms of troaty of poace with
Spain, to say nothing of tho Constitu
tion and tho wholo pnnoiplo upon
which this republic is based, trom any
forciblo oxpulsiou of tho Spanish
friars from tho Philippines, on its
owu motion. If they aro to withdraw
they must go voluntarily utuier tno
operation of occlosiastical authority
A lettor wo published a few days
ago from a Roman Catholic priest ot
this conntry explainod the situation
verv clearly and vqi-v fairlv. No 111
terforonco witli rolicion in tho Phil
ippines is ovon remotoly suggosted by
the United States. Tlie Vatican is
simnly iuvited to oxercise its author
ity to withdraw the Spanish friars
voluntarily, not because of thoir ro
lgious amliations or becauso ot any
religious opinions they holdand prop
agato, or of any accusations aginst
thcm of immoral conduct, but simply
because, as this distinguished Amori
can priest explained, "they aro op
posed to us and are pcfstpouiug indeii
nitely the consummation of ourpeace
fnl pnrposes. "
That boing the situation, it seems
to this government that it is obvious
ly for tlio interest of tho Roman Cath
olic Church that the vexatious ob
staclo should bo removed. Or, as Sec
retary Root explains in his last letter
of instructions to Judge Taft, "tho
reasons making tho withdrawal desir
ablo are not religious or racial, but
ariso from the political and social re
lations which existetl undortho former
government and havo created pcrson
al antipathies monacing to the peace
and order of the communi cy. " The
suggestion of withdrawal is 'made to
the Vatican, also, 011 the gronnd that
the existing conditions "aro provent
ing these particular agents from serv
ing tho church in the stations to which
they woro assigned. " Tlioy aro now
congregated at Manila, in great part,
and so bitter is the Filipiuo autipathy
to thom that they could not bo restor
ed to their parishes oxcept by force,
whicli, under tho Constitution, the
government could not use. Accord
ingly, in the interests of the Catholic
Church itself, other religious instru
ments sliould be substituted, "who,"
as Mr. Root says, without passing
judgment 011 tho merits of tho Filipi
uo accusations against tho friars,
"might be able to accomplish for
their religion what they themselves
liad so signally failed to accomplish."
No conflscation of cliorch property
in the islands is proposed or is possi
ble. The proposal of Mr. Root is to
buy tho lands of the friars at a liberal
valuation, 011 the condition that the
friars retiro frois tho islands to give
place to othor religious agents of ihe
cliurch. No restraint is put on the
church, moral or physical, to compel
acquiescence 111 our terms ; and,
nnancially.tJieso terms aro obviouslv 01
advantage to the church especially,
ior tlio lands are unproduetive and
are hold in adverse possession by tho
natives, who refuse to pay rent for
theni and to receive back the objeotion
ablo friars in the parishes.
in order tliat botli Uatnolics and
Protestants may understand exactly
our purposo of absolute religious im
partiality, Judge Taft, uder instruc
tions trom becretarv Root, lias stated
the case very frankly to tho authorita
tive Vatican, without diplomatio ova
sion, but with business directness.
Mr. Wheelock's articlo 011 Mont-
pelier's wator supply ought to havo
tho careful reading of all the peoplo
of this city. Ho strongly reinforces
the admonitions of Superintendent
Foster and his recommendations look-
ing to tho purchaso or control of tlio
lands arouud Berlin poud and the res
orvoir, At this season of tho year whon tho
waters of tho pond and resorvoir aro
ospocially oxposed to contamiiiation,
from without and from vegotablo im
puritios within, it is n'nttor of sur
priso that tho grocors of tho city
with whoso trado it is most naturally
connected do not havo for salo an ab
solutoly puro drinking wator. Tho
Mount Mansfield Distilled Wator Com
pany of Burlington providos suoh a
wator. Largo quantitios of it aro sold
in Burlington and counccting citlosor
villagos in Vormont and Now York,
This wator is as palatablo as tho best
mountain spring wator and w.ill keep
indoflnitoly. On his trip to California
and Moxico, in Fobruary, Maroli aud
April, Dv. Wobb took onough of this
, wator for tho round trip of 10,000
milos. Tho party usod it on tho train
aud at tho hotels. On roaohing homo
tho last bottlo was as clear and spark-
ling as whon flrst put up.
Tlio wator is inoxponisvo, two peii-
nios furnishing all ovon any strictly
cold wator porson would naturally con-
suuio in twcnty-four hours. So thorb
is 110 roason why any porson may not
havo this wator, if locnl tradosnion
will havo it in stook. For tho siek or
invallds it is almost criniinal not to
provido a watcr of this sort.
Somo tradesman of this oity ought
to make a trial, at least, of introduo-
ing this wator hore. Tho known facts
about Borlin wator ought to insuro a
largo sale.
In his
convention haranguo Mr.
decWrcd that "Jf towns
wliero dolegates woro elcctod by means
of bribory had had caucuses f reo from
corruption tho licenso-loci'1-option
party would havo gono into tho Mont
pelier convo.itloii' with onough votoi
to its credit to rondor tho nomluation
of Gen. McOnllough impossible. "
Mr. Olemont would not misstate any
thing, or ovorstato auythiug, or seok
to croato a fplso impression, for Olom
ent, liko Brutus, "is an honoi'ablo
man." This story of "sixty delegates
from towns whoro votors had bocn
bribod fn caucus to nomihato McCul
lough" is in tho samo class wilh tho
allegatiou by Mr. Olement that"many
countios havo ropudiated tho Mont
polior platform," which is a conspic
ouous and brazen untrutli.
"Sinco whon,"touse Mr. Olomont's
favorito phraso, did ho who, in tho
Rutland county convontion, was fore-
most in repudiating the Montpelier
platform, acquire tho right to chavgo
innocont bodios with ropudiation?
"Sinco when" did ho whoso 221 delo
gates to tho Montpelier convontion
wore choson in somo largo and decisivo
part by tho fraudulent participatiou
of Democrats in Ropnblican caucuses,
acquire tho right to denounce fraud
and corrription? His own standing
in tho Montpelier convontion, in re-
spect of tho numbor of his delegates,
was iho rosult of unblushing fraud
and corruption at tho nrimarios. Tho
livory of virtuo and honesty ho strut
tod in 011 tho stago at Burlington ho
stole to sorvo tho dovil of his own
anibition to bo Governor. Thau s
about tho full staturo and charactor
of this pretendor or "renegado," as
Gov. Dale puts it.
Tlio Hon. P. W. Cloment is repodi
ated by so mmy men liko Judgo Mor
riU of Rutland and Oharles Orosby of
Br.-uiloboro men who fought undoi'
his standird so lcng as'civilized mo(?es
of political warfaro pro-ailed tliat
he must speedily awaken to tho fact
ihat ho has lost the polo and the
chauces aro decidedly in favor of his
boing ruled out of tho race for tho
Tlio amatour slouth got in his work
in Ne ,v Y'ork 011 Sunday. Tho aoro
montioned slouth hearing a gentleman
addressed in a cafe as Strong fell at
onSe to tlio belief thit it was tho
much-wanted Putnam Bradleo Sircig
and tho resu't was that anothor go.i
tleman got a writo-up aud a repot-ter
a call down.
Beforo cliristening one of the now
battleships Vermont would it not bo
wiso to wait until tho govornorship
questiou is settled? In caso Mr. Olem
ent should win ho might bo averse to
bestowing the namo Vermont utxm
anything having.any connectioii wiAi
Joseph Quirk of Ryo, N. Y., a flf
teen year old youth with considerablo
moro nerve than common senso in his
make up, not willing to be dared by
a companion, dovo flfteen feet into
water two feet deop. His spino was
Traoy will bo givon tho froedom of
the mountains of Oregon and Wasli
ington, and tho authoritios in thoso
States are trusting that in tho futuro
he will tako up his abode in tho foi
ests and remain thoro.
Oharlos Crosby of Brattleboro was
not a dolegate to the local optiou
convention and was not in Burlington
011 Wednesday. Tho papor which
cjuoted him as speaking in thoconvou
tion has a Sabbath day's journey to
travol to becomo a nowspapor. Rut
land Herald.
Quito right. Who is this ongagod
in nowspapor work in Vormont so
thoughtless of a man's porsoual feol
ings ns to accuso a gontlomau having
tho integrity and good sonso of Mr.
Orosby of boing a dolegato to what
tho Horald is pleasod to rofor to as a
"convontion". No, Mr. Orosby has 110
f urthor uso for tho Olemontizod aggro
gatiou of Rutland county and it is ox
tremoly unfair to associivto his namo
in connootion witli thoir ohaotio
Harry F. Dean diod Sunday at his
homo in Cornwall Jrom tho offects of
an ovordoso of mnrphino. Mr. Dean
recontly mado chargos against Middle
bury liquor sollors and croatod 11 son
sation by uatuing a nunibor of promi
nont Vormontors as witnosses against
thom. A bright and popular man at
ono timo but ho foll, a viotim to tlio
intoxicating oup. Who is rosponsiblo?
Bristol Horald.
Judgiug from somo of tho roports
comin.g from "tho opon door of Vor
mont," Addison county, it lspossiblo
that somo of tho vilo poison sold thero
nndor the gulso of whiskoy may havo
found its way into Mr. Dean's sys
tom. But Mr. Doan is doad. Tho
Iferald can flnd plonty of living ox
ruiples nearor homo than Cornwall
"Bill" Sewall of Island Falls,
Maino, an old trapper and guido, will
ho ono of thoso to wolcomo tho Prosi
dont to Bangor in August. Ho was
tho guido tliat oscortod Mr. Roosovolt
011 his suminor jaunts and liolpod him
to grow from a sickly lioy to a strong
man. Burlington Nows.
".Too" .Tonos of Rutland istravoling
with Hon. P. W. Oloniontandasslsting
that gentlen'an in his gubornatorial
canvass. Ui'Hko Mr. Sowall who
helped Mr. Hoosovolt to grow into a
strong nian, ".Too" is fast dwarilng
Mr. Olemont politically and holping
him down to "ohill oblivion."
The complotion of tho ti.ins-Sibor
ian railroad has reduced tho flrst-class
faro from London to Shanghai from
S-175 to $100. Londonderry Sifter.
All aboard for Shanghai. Round
trip tickets to tho Ohineso Local Op
tion convention s?3C 1.
LightniiiK recontly struok tho houso
of E. L. Noyes, aspirant for county
Sonator 011 tho tusion tlcket, and
stirred things up gonorally. This
sliould bo a presentimont to tho othor
fuslouists of what will happen boforo
thoy got through. Cambridgo Tran
Lightning will fuso rocks. Why
shouldn't it do its work in politics?
L. L. Provost movcd his faniily to
North Montpolior tho flrst of the
Tho Ladies' League nioets Thusday
ptternoon witli Mrs. U. and Mrs.
O. .T. Lamb.
Tho nows in Union church havo
boen cnshioned tho past wok, adding
much to tho comtort ot tno cliurc
Mrs. Ai'nira Plerco came from
Waitsfield last Thursday to snend tho
remaiudor of tho suT'nor with he
daughtor, Mrs. D. B. DwineU.
Dr. J. F. Gale and wifo nnd Georgo
Saudors and wife drove to Greensboro
Sunday to spond a week or ten days
in camp.
Miss Blossom Ohase. our milHner,
goes to bor homo in Waits Rivor tho
last of the week, intending to bo
away till the- last of Soptembor.
Joromo N. Bliss died 011 Thursday,
July 17, at tlio home of his daughter,
Mrs. W. D Peck, aged soventy years.
The causo of his death was chrouic
Brights' diseaso, from which ho had
sufTci.'ed for several years. Tho f vuoral
ways held at tho houso 011 Saturday
aftornoou, Waltor J. Coates ofllciat
ing. The deceased was a native of
this town and his wholo lif c, with tho
oxception of a short timo in oarly
manhood, has been spent here. Ho
was a man of moro than ordinary
meiitT1 ability and was deoply inter
ested in educational mattors aud in
tho world's progress. Respected by
a" his fellow townsmen he had, at
difforent timos, held various offlces of
Arthur Millur rctimied to I'rovideaco
ou Saturday. His son is improving
though not yet able to sit up.
E. Gilman 1ms returncd from his fish
iug trip iu Maiuu nnd reports good sport.
Mr. and' Mrs. Gcorge Titus aud son
vlsited O. S. Titus recently.
Johu Ordway recontly made his flrst
visit to his farm and ueighborkood sinco
movhig to Post Mills.
Mrs. Johu Follausbee has so far re
coveied from her ilhiess as to be ablo to
ride out.
Miss Lizzie Wise is at home for a few
The weather has beeu unpropitious for
hayiug so far. A rainy Sunday kept
most of the people from church, only eight
iiicludiiig the minister, beiug preseut.
E. G. Soiithwortli lost his best horse by
lockjaw last week. The horso was takcu
laiue in the foot, but they could flnd 110
wound or appareut causo for the lame
Iudianapolis, July 21. PreVdct
Mitchell has mado an estimate o? tho
numbor of strikers and dopendo 3 in
each district and weokly rove'iues to
be dorived Irom eacli district under
tho decisiou oJ tho reco it couvontion,
togethor with ihe amoji'ts oi! weeMy
Total strikers iu authracite fields
(ostimated) lo0,000. Total lKimber
ciopendeut3 (esoimated) 750,000.
Estimated weekly oxpoiiso in an
thracito iiold $500,000.
Estimated rovenuo from weokly
assessmeut3 244,000; estimated contri
butiou (weokly) 250,000.
Grand total weokly rovenuo 194,00.
Tho striko headqaartors of tho Unitod
Mine Workors in Wilkesbarro, whicli
havo been clojed bii'co Piesident
Mitchell woiit west will bo reopened
011 Tuesday, when Mr. Mitcholl ai'd
tho district pres'douts will rotarn
to Wilkesbarro. Mr. Mkchell is ox
pectod to romain thoro iuitil tho striko
comos to an ond. It is said, now that
tho minors bnvo dofined thoir positiou,
tho Oivio Foderation will mako an
othor apponl to tho coal oporators to
Rochestur, N. Y., July iil. A fatal
collision occuried between two passengur
trains on tho Lchigh Valley railroad noa
IIopo hospital this city on .Sunday evening
in whicli ono person was instantly killed
and ninetecn injured. Both trains were
running at a high rate of speed when they
came togcther. One of the engines and
a coach were thrown down an umbank
ment and completely wrecked. The
other engine was completely deuiolished
but did not leavo the tiack.
Tlio Haguo.July 21. Jamos MoNoil,
whistlor, and a famous artist, is sor
iotisly ill horo. Ho is an Ainorican
Imt has mado his homo iu Paris for
many years.
Keol uk, la., July 21. Exnloration
of tho floodcd districts of tho Missis-
flipjii rivor from Keokuk south, fIiowb
conditions boyond tlio approoiation or
realiz.ation of any but those with long
oxperionco witli tlio "Fathor of Wa
tors" in its most dostructivo mood.
Tho situation is growing worso hour
ly, Thero is absolutoly not tho slight
ost chanoii ot htfiiiping this tho most
costly flot d ln the liistn v of tho great
rivor iiiKiN e bt J-ouls. Jn ihe worst
damuged area tho grcatest crops evor
Known aro uiidor wator dcoponougli to
float a steairiboit.
Tho hoight of tho flood is lndicatod
by 1111 incidont at Lagrango. Tho
steaniboat warehouso was woll back
from tho rivor' bank , and stands
high. A strong curront and a galo
causud tho pilot to mako an lmporfect
landing and tho cornico of tho roof of
tho waroliouso was torn ofT by tlio for
ward guards of tho steambnat. Tho
rivor is rising all the timo and tho
worst is to come l y the oxtcnsion ot
tho floodcd arta by tlio water passing
lovoes which it is now stopping. Tho
breaking of thrce of these lovees
would flood a large exuanso in Illinois
and dostroy $2,000,000 to 83,000,000
worth of corn. Tho chief flood thus
far has been on the Mis30uri sido from
Keokuk to Louisiana. with Canton
nii( West Quincy as centors of tho
country most hurt. Opposito Quiucy
in Missouri the sceno of dovastation
is appalling. Hundrcds of farmers
rich tou days ago aro ponniless and
Careful cstimates gathored from tho
statonients ot best intormed poopio in
dicate tho los3, un toyesterday, as0,
000,000, with ovory nrospect of two or
three mil'ions by tho rise abovo not
yot l'caching. tlie lowor stretches of
tho riv r.
To this story of flood and hcavy loss
is added that of tho work of wind nnd
waer in othor States, which is, also,
0110 of destruction nnd death.
Binghamton, N. V., July 21. Tho
heavy rains which havo nrevailed iu
this section for the past fow days,
reached a cliivax Saturday iiiglit,when
three soparato cloudbursts occurred
within tho limits of Bioouio coonty
alono and several 111 surroundinc tor
ritory to tho northward, brecking
mill dams, wnshiug o't railroad tracks
and highway bridges and doing much
minor daniage as woll as delaying
trains. As a result of the wator's niad
woru, four nro killed, two soriously
l'ljured, and 300,000 monetary dam
jxio has been done.
BaUitroie, Md., July 21. A florce
tornado characiorized by a windstorm
01 extraordinary veiocity, tiiuimer,
vivid lightninc and a heavy rain sud-
denlv burst unnn Raltiinore at 1 :30 11
m. Sunday, coming from tho south-
west. Eleveu por&ous lost their lives,
hundretls o'' hoases wero unroofed.
trees in parks and streets were torn
un by tho roots. manv buildints dam
ased and several neonle injured. Tho
Siorm exhausced ith fury in less than
flfteen minutes. The damage done in
the busmes3 part 0 the city was com
paratively sliglit. It was 111 the resi-
dence portion of the city along tho
river frout and 111 the harbor whore
the wind siient its violence. Of thoso
who porished, nine wore drowned in
tlie harbo." from onen boat3, one was
killed by a falling treo alid 0110 by
livo wire.
Buffalo, July 21. Raiu descended
in torreuti in wescern New York yes
terday and as a result rivers wero
much swollen, cacsing great loss of
property aud delaying railway traflic,
Tho hay ci-op is practical'y ruined
The water is two feet deep 111 somo
sui-eots near Silvei ci-eek. Thacher
Brook dam at Gowanda, burst and
streets ac that nlaco are impassable
Nine uiiles souch o? Duiiir a iorty-flve
foot embankmont 011 the Dunkirk, Al
legheny Valley and Pittsburg railroad
was washed out for flfty feet. Passen-
cera aro beinc transferi.,ed around tho
ehajiii. The Ponnsylvania roadbod
botween Mavville and Brockton was
under water for twenty hours. Two
nickel plato culverts east of Ripley
were destroyed.
Loodon, July 21. John W. Mackay
of San Francisco.who had been suffer
ig frou hcp.i, prostrntion sinco Tues
day laa;. died at his renmence 011
Carltou House Terrace at 0:80 last
e ea'')c.
Mv. John W. Mackay was the last
simiving mej'bei o" the famous group
O'' boimuz.i kings O'T (Jal'iornla.
Mv. Mackay came to California iu
1851. Ho ac oco o.itered a mine work
ing wii'i pick and sbovel. In 1803
Mackay foaied a partuership witli
Flood. O'Brien and Fair. In 1871 thi
famods miuing quartetto purchased
tlio sito of tho boiianza temtory
Tho onterprise was a frmltul soarco
of lidicule in miuing circles, nothiog
but flnancial disaster being treelypi-e
dictod. Tlio ledco was struck and
ovor 110,000,000 wore added to tho
world's stock o2 nrecious motals. No
accurato escimate of Mr. Maokay's
holdincs in this State and Novada can
bo made. but it will run up into tho
g London, July 21. Tho autopsy 011
tho body of Johu W. Mnckay, ordered
by the Westrainister coronor this
morniug, revealed tho fact that a sud
den attack of syncope was tho lmme
diato causo of his death. Tho coronor
decided that tho inquest was unueces
sarv. Mrs. Maokav has roceived a laro
number of telegrams of syuipathy from
Amorica, tingiand ana tno coiitiiient,
Tho funoral arrangomeuts aro not yet
deoidod upon.
London. Julv 21. Tho British cov
normont is likely to provo that John
W. Mackav was domicilcd in London
England. Should it provo this, it will
coiieot 1,000,000 death cluty.
I'hiladelnhia. lulv 2i. Victor Rouillot
stock broker, killed himself inhaling gas
at his home this morniug. rinama
troubles are supposed to be the cause.
l'ortsmouth, N. 11., July '21 Not-
wlthstandingthefaclthat a northeast storm
nrevailed on baturdav, wiver nuriey tie
cldcd to co down and make a flnal searu
for the remainim: three victims of the
Isles of Sho-als disaster last Thursday
when fourteen pcrsons lost tiioir uves
He was successful and by '1:30 had rc
covered the remaining bcdies.
Banl Si
Worcester, Hass.
Suit Deoartment.
Special Sale of Sea
Tlieao nro "BATHING SUITS" iu
You can't know how very pretty nnd gracoful theynrc till you
sce theni.
Black Mohair Braidecl
Blue or hlack, Bailor
BhiG nud white or black ond.red, in
Sea nnd Surf Dresses for Misscs nnd
purchased 150 DRESSKb of n too confident nianufactur-
er, whoso MAKING WAS TOO KA 'ID for tbis bnck-
wnrd season, nt a very considerablo price reduction. They
are sizes for gitls, G to 14 3'enrs, mostly in -eil nnd Blue
Mohair witli very picturebqne trimmings, COLLARS,
These benutiful Suits will be SOLD OFF dnring the
week at much less than tlio nsunl prices, St.ZiTZ ond up
GIRLS, 2 to 8 years,
Sea Proof Bathing
Kecp the wind hlown hnir out ol the eyes
ing nnivcrsnlly ndopted by buthers, ir5
O. E. Rusiell has just completed n
paper hanging job at O. O. Hodges.
H. L. Fish was at homo Mouday
from a business trip in tho wostein
part 01 the State.
Best goods and lowest prices can ol
ways bo found at O. C. Ward's.
James Ripley of Burlington was in
town 011 Monday.
Owing to tho veiy bad weathor the
farmers aro feeling blue, a-! their corn
looks homesick and the hay that is
mowed down cannot be dried.
Oharles Ainsworth, proprietor of tho
hotel., has just placed an order witli
Charles O. Ward for Monarch paint
to bo used in paiuting the hotel. Oo
B. Hill is to do tho work.
J. L. Davidsou., D. S. C. R., of the
Iudependent Order of Foresters of To
ronto, Canada, made the members of
Court Mt. Hunger a visit 011 Monday.
Frauk E. Miles of Detroit, Mich.,
arrived 011 Saturday night and ii vis
iting relatives aid fiends.
U. II. Hnmmoud was in Montpelier
Messrs. Palmer and Eniecy of Bur
lirgton were in town two days of lat
week 011 miuing business-
F. L. Winn.aud F. B. Miles of
Montpelier were iu town ou Sunday.
Mrs. W. H. Goodwiu aud brother,
Frank Vaughu were in Montpelier
Charles Scott has finished work for
G. B. Denny of Montpelier and is at
Dr. F. C. .Angel of Raudolph who
has been vlsiiing his brother, Rev. J.
Q. Angol, recarned 011 Tuesday.
H. B Nichols, I. J. Johnson ai'd
D. P. Sawyor attended the Olement
meeting in Burlington last week.
C. W. Long was in Waterbury Sai
urday. A daughter was born to Mr. and
Mrs. Bert Dainols 011 Tue?.day.
The Perry Real JEstato Agency of
Barre offer a splendid opportunity
in another coluran, to engage iu the
millinery business.
We aro glad to know that Mrs. F.
W. Piorce has boen ablo to rido to ihe
lake and hopo tho improvement iu
her health may continue.
Leon Kendall is at homo from Provi
deuce for his vacation. We are sor'y
to see that he has to ue crutches to
assist, the knee which was injured sev
eral months ago and which is still
iu a bad couditiou.
H. P. Warren's family are at their
conago at Lako Morey for the otim
mor. Tlie friends of George Bond aro glad
to wolcome him home after au ab
sence of tweuty-five years in Cali 'or
nia and hopo he may flnd Vermoji. so
nttraotive that ho will remain bere
Thore was a fine social aud musicale
at Galo's Inn Tuesday evening. Mein
bors of Newbury, Bradford, Orford
and Fairlee ohoirs, undor tho leader
ship of Rov, H. J. Kilbonrn spent tho
ovoning vory pleasantly practicing
somo special selections from tho old
On Wednesday ovoning Oharles Tag
gart gavo 0110 of his entertainments at
the ohuroh.
Miss Hattio Keith of Winona, Minn. ,
is visiting at J. W. Buttorfleld's.
Mr. and Mrs. O. K. Holiistor, Mrs.
Julia Holiistor, Mrs. J. V. Butior
field, and Mr, and Mrs. " Georgo Kel
tou wont to Marshflold Sunday to at
tondtho funoral of littlo Homor Duke,
tho oldost son of Mr. and Mrs. For
rost Duko.
Tho MiHses Alioo, Laura and Bessie
Gray spent a fow days in Calais last
weok with thoir cousin, Miss Susie
Miss Julia Holiistor and L. D. Co
burn wont to Barro Saturday to caro
for thoir unclo, Dr. G. B. Nichols.
Oharles Gidnoy spent Sunday in
this city as usual.
sr k Pi
and Surf Dresses
onlinary parlance, with
Black and white, snilor slyle,
style, 3,9S
many new and elegant
4.CO to 15.00
Young Ladies. Wo havo
one piece, for LITTLE
1. ,
and nre bc
3J5, C5)c nnd 1
Veterinary Sut eon,
Office at
Opposite Depot Squaro
Barre, Vt. Telephone 137-3
The Hot Weather
Has arrived.
You will need Fly Nets, Light
Blankets and Wool Coolers. The
place to get theni cheap is at
DAY'S. Those $10 and S12 Har
nesses are going fast.
A. C. DAY,
54 Main Street, Barre. Vt.
W R I T E . ..
If you want to save money
on OILS, sold subject to
Telephone 51-3,
Barre, - Vermont.
We Will Bond You.
TheU.S. Fidelity & Gauranty Co.
Home Ollice, Baltimore, Md.
Paid Up Capital, 81,000,000.00.
Surety Bonds
JuiUelnl Bontls Executed
Without Delny
Banks, Stoie.-., ResUlence!' Iusured
Against Burglary or Theft.
T.' J. DEAVITT, Local Agent,
CorrrspiiuileneeSollclted. Montpelier, Vt.
To renresent the Connecticut Goneral
Lil'e ii)9iiranco Co. Apply to E. I,
DI1URY, Genexnl Agent, Room 3.
Walton Block, State Strcet. Mont
pelier, Vt.
M. W. Wheelock's
Real Estate agency
Inteli iqence Office,
At Montpelier Book Blnuery, liavo bar
gnins iu Uoiues, lots und othor valtmble
property. Plaees wanted for first-elass
cleiiis, nialo, hotel eook, girls for home
work, laundry work, eto
C3"Xo expense fpi it ulsterliu:.
Laxativo Br6mo-Quinino Tablets
curo a cold in ono day No Cure, 110
Pay. Prico 25o.i
At alJ dtug itorit " ?5 Pcki 25c.
- . r. - fc-

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