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Montpelier and Vicinily.
Mrs. Willluin Hoopor la serlously 01.
Govcnior V. W. Stiokney of Ludlow
was 11 vlaltor in town Friday.
Mia Miitllu Wutson luis rotuniutl from
lier viait to Williamstown.
Mrs. I. Appel of Abordeen, P. I) la in
town vlsitlng airs. stonu, her eistor,
J..jiw II. Kellohcr la tnklng
"wc K9 vncntion from his dutles
u two
In tliu
Fir t Nntlounl baek.
Mi-rt. Gilman Moodv nnd dnuidite r. Nul
lioi f Waterbury rccoutly visltcd nlDexter
Donald MoLean of Cambridge la em-
ployed in tho grist inlll of K. W. Uuiluy &
Mlaa Mabel Dwyur of Burlington and
Mias Aliuo Dwyer of Orange N J., vlslted
relativea ln town on Tueadny.
Admlnil Clarlt, Dr. II. 0. Brighatn and
othora held ti plug tong pnrty on tho Pn
vilion luwn on Tuesday oveuing.
Tlio ongagomeut of Mlaa Mnrian Auder
sou of this elty to Mr. Robort Johnston of
Barre is announced.
Iloward I'reasy of Lowell, Musa., and n
veteran ongiuecr on the Boatou nnd Low
ell railroad, ia thu guest of Mrs. .Teuuetto
Bamee, hla slster.
F. I). Cutler of Barre la umployed us
olerk at tlio storo of the Amurieau Cloth
ing Company to tako tho placo of David
Tho steam rollor ia replacing in a per
fect couditlon tho mneadam puvemont
dlstributcd by the ditehiug for tho gna
pipea of tho Capltnl Company.
Clianeollor J. V. Wntson has appolnted
W. A. Lord as speolal niaster, to hear dia
puted olnhns iigalnsttho estute of Bertolli
& l'aduzzi whleh ia in u recoiver's hauda.
F.. P. Carloton aud family rcturued
on Tuesday ovening from ktheir visit
to Old Orchard Beaoli.
Mrs. Mark Rico of this city is a
guest of lior motlior, Mrs, Molina
Jerd at East Braintree forafow days.
Whitinau and Jlisa Winifred Forrln
gavo a moat qnjoynblo dancjng party in
Knlghts of Columbus hall on Thursday
evening, Wilder' orehestra furnlahlng
Misses Gertrudo aud Mary Jewett of
Oaklaiid, Cal. , cousins of Hon. F. A.
Dwiuoll, aro guests of Mr.a and Mrs.
Dwinell for a few.days.
The Uultud States Civil Serviee Coin
mlssiou anuouneea that ou Auguat '8-''7,
1902, an exainlnation will be hf ld lor the
poaitlou of assiatant exnmlner in ithe
l'atent Olllee.
Admiral Clark and party, ineludiug
Senator Dlllinghain, atteiuled the cireua
on Weduesday aftcrnoon and evidenlly
enjoyed thu purformanco as thoroughly
aathe younger element ln attendance.
l'rof. B. G. Wllklua has vacated his
ofllcea inOpuni Ilouse bloekand will have
is ollico at his hoine in the future. IIo
will receive patients there, or call at
homes if desired. Telephone eall IU9-5.
Days, Wednesday aud Saturday.
Mrs. E. 3. Banl went to Morrisville to
day to visit Mrs. t A. Carr, her daughter.
She was aceompanied by Charles Fields
of Dawson City, herbrother, who ls visit
iug her aud whom she has not seen for
tweuty-llve years.
The total amouiit of taxes received by
City Treasurer Merrill up to the time
litnit, which e.vpired on Thursdnj- nlght.
waa 570,413.11, leaviug a balanee of
82,101.03 for City Sherifl Bancrof t to col
lect. Mr. aud Mrs. James Fiske, Mrs. George
C. Shepard and Mrs. A. A. l'ope gave a
very pleasaut patty to their local frieiids
at tho l'aviliou on Tuesday even iug
Abnut twenty-tlve were preseut and re
freshments were served.
It takes some oata to satisfy tho appo
iites of the horses of the Walter L. Maln
show. Early tliis morning eighty-llvo
bushels were takeu to the elfcus grounds
by E. W. Bailey & Coin)auy tor use for
todav's feediug".
Mra.O.H.Baldwin eutertaiued the State
street and Loomia atreet whist elubs very
delightfully on Monday. Twelvotnbles of
players shullled the cards. Mrs. .1. G.
Brown and Mrs. 0. E. Chaudler took the
A daughter was boru to Hon. aud Mrs.
J. A. DeBoer ou Tuesday afteruoon. Mr.
aud Mrs. Julius F. Workum of Engle
wood, N. are pareuts of a daughter.
boru ou Suuday rs. Workum ia a
daughter of Hon. B. F. Fideld of this eity.
Ex-Aldermau F. L. Lalrd has hung out
a handsome new gilt sigu in front of the
entrauce to his law olliee, and the joke of
it is, he has hung it over the sidewalk
without obtainlug a permit from the eity
G. W. Kiddor left last night for
Northfield where he is to care for
Fred Stevens wlio is critically ill.
Mr. Stevens at oue time resided in
this city.
Rugg & Campbell of Barre, proprio
tors of the Grauite Oity trotting park,
are to hold a meet there on August
20-22, when 2,500 will be given in
Tho autiounceiuent that Presiilout
Hoosevelt would be in this elty August 3U,
has iudueed Admiral Clark to return to
Montpelier ou that day. The aduiiial
will iro to Newnort. II. I.. shortlv beforu
that time but will return to Montpelier to
nssist in weiconnngtne rresiuent.
Jlisa Alico Bates, who has bcen eujoy.
iug a vaeatiou from her dutiea iu tho New
Knglaiul teiepnouo oxoliange, has re
tumed to her work Misses Ruth Smith
and Celia Lull of thu same olllee aro baek
at their work after an abseuen of a few
I)r. F. D. Harto'' ia carring hla goods
preparatory to moviug to Jllehlgan.
I3r. and Mrs. Harter havo madu many
frieiids during their stay in tho city, who
BlSCOVJiliKD ity
Blck nomlacho and rollovo all tbo troublen lncl
flont to ahllloua statoof tlio syetoin. nid J
DlizlncM, Nausca, Drowaluesa. l)lali nftrr
Mtlua. raln la tho Slilo, kc. JVlillo their iuos.
roinatkaUo euccosa has boou ehowu iu curlutf
Hoadache. yot Cartcr's Llttlo Llvor rillj &"
enu&lly valuablo ln ConBtlpatlon, curlng and pro
vcntlnK thlsannoyinacomplalnt,whlle theyaliio
correct aUdlsordcrs of thoBtomach,Btimulate tho
Hvesr and reuulalo tho bowels. Even U thoy only
Acha they wonld bo almos t prlcelcss to thotp who
BUfTor from thls dlstrcsslng complalnts bul t ortu
nalely tholr ROnoss docs potendhero.andthoM
nble ln bo many wava that thoy wlll not bo wllj
llnn to do without them. But af tor all alck ne4
wnooncetry luom wiuii u zlS
Is tho bano of eo many llvca that horo ls whero
? o mako our great boast. Our pllla curo lt white
others do liot. .
Cartcr's Llttlo IJver HUa aro vory small and
vory casy to tako. Ono or two pllla makoa doo.
Thcy aro atrlctly vogetablo and do not gripo ot
purgo, butby tholr gontloactlon pleasoall who
usothem. InTlalat25contai flvefor$t. Sola
by drugglats overywhcro, or aont by mall.
U P3L M Dose. Small gricg.
will regret their (lepurture, but tho er
luout wlntors prove to bo tooseverofor
I)r. Harter aud he 1ms been foreed to seek
a milder cllmate.
W. E Adama la ou a tonr of leisutely
observatlou. He went on Fiidny to New
l.ondon. Couii. He will be ut the Croeker
IIoio iu that eity tho remalnder of the
week. Then hu will go to other poluts In
the eouutrv that enliat his interest and
tako a leistirely survey of the thiugs that
Invite his nttention.
Xow that UarruV sporting fraternlty al
low that they were "pliiekt-d" on thu Jof-fries-Fitzsimmons
llght the metropolltan
neivspapurs mlght aa well aekuowledge
that thu mill was "sliady." Kothlnp bug
a sure thlng eould over havo aei'oinpllsh
ed the task of takiug S1"'U0 out of the
Grauito eity,
Ernest Jaeobsen, the Uorist. left on
Saturdav evening for San Franelseo,
wheiv he is to wed, retunilng with his
bride to thls elty on the llrst of Septem
ber. vtr. Jueuliseii U to re&ide ln Alriur
man .1. w. Haley's new house at Witt
I'laee aud on Thursdav evening luvlteu
several of his frienils there, An eujoya
ble "house warming" was the result.
Notwitlistanding that a circus"' aud
two political gatlierings euliveued
tliiugs iu tliis city Wednesday uo ar
rests were made ly tlie police aud tho
eloven patrolmen ou duty had a- do
cidedly easy day aside trom being a
bit tir'ed witli some eigliteeu hours of
Trade was hrisk at the various places
wliere eatables aud drinkables were
sold on Weduesday but not to the ox
tent of previous years wlieii a circus
camo to town. It is believed that tlie
farmers wero lotli to allow tl e receut
good weather to go to wast ) and so
did uot generally attend tlio circus.
That the Reptibliean elty eoinmlttee of
Barre was coinposeJ of eonseieiitious mi'ii
ls suown ijy liieir acuou oi ruetday even
inj when they resigni'd from servlng upou
tlie comuii'tee as a large ninjority were
Cleinenl advoeates aud eould not suppoi t
t.ie regular Reptibllcnu nominee for Gov
ernor. A meeting of tlie Reiiubliean
voters of barre has been ealleU for tho
llri-t week iu Attgtist aud a new eoinmlttee
will '.e eleeted.
The Central Labor Uniou met Tuesday
evening to eomplete i)i eparations for oele
bratiug Labur Day. After the parade the
exereises will be held on Laugdon meudow
Invitatious will beglveuall labor unions in
the countj- to take part in the parade aud
exereises. This eommittee appointed to
have eliarge of all details tho parade
thespeakiug, ele , are W. D. Jones, Aught
ney haiubb, Harlow Jl Smith, L. N
.lei'iie W. D. Murray, M. I) Drow aud
Johu Ryan.
There is evidentlv a mlsuuderstandlng
aniong tlie local Cfeinent inen as to what
they have and have uot sigued iu behalf
nf hla cause. On Tuesday evening a Local
Option man was overhearu urginga group
on ine sKiewan; to go to tne neauiiuariers
nnd sigu the Oleuiuut noinlnatlon papers.
But the agitator got tho "marble heart.1
onejof tlie grotip inotestiug iu blaukely
blank verso "that he hud sigued everj tjiiug
for the eause ln sight and did uot propose
to slgn away his birthiight.
Arransements have lieeu made where
by the Wilder orehestra will glve a serles
ot dauciug pnrtles at the pavillou iu
Dewey park, for people in this city nnd
lirre. The llrst will be for Harre people
and was held on Tuesday evening,
Augtist !), and the second will be ln'r
Montpelier people, alternatiug through
tho remaluder of thu suminer luto the
fall. It is planned to make these alfalrs
all that cau bu desired ln overy way, and
the quality of tho niusio is too well lcnown
to require recoinmendatlon
In ndditiou to inaking (juite exteiwlve
repnirs ou Athenwood, his siimmer home,
Thomas W. Wood. thu artist of whom
Montpelier isjuetly proud, is engaged at
preseut in paiutiim u lifo sized bust por
tralt of James 0. IIoughton,Iate liresident
of the Natlonal Lifo Insiiranee Company.
Slr. Wood was eoiunilssloued by Mrs.
Houghtouto palnt thlsportrait beforo Mr.
Houghtou died but, althnugh tho aubject
la '.absent, tho likeneas that Mr. Wood Is
brlnging out on the eanvuss from a jihoto
graph is excellent nnd striking.
Nearly ouo hundrod Nobles of Mt.
Sinai Templo from this city nnd
Dlsaolves and qulcltly rcmovca stonc and ri d nnd white grnvel frora
the Kidncys and hlnddcr, Btops tho intinte jutin (Klduey Collc)du to
tbceofortin bodlcsnnd ortcn avoidstlio iibeof tlio BurgeouVkulfe.
Calcurafiolventpri'vrnts the formntlon of ntono nnd grarulby dls
Bolvtnu tlio urlcucld nnd carrylnR lt oll througli tho natural channcla,
thun purlf Iiik tbo Itlood, and corrcctlngthoao uric ucld condltlons
of tliot tomacii whirh prodiue urlcaiidpoiBonliii,', Gout, IthcumatUm,
Nonralgla, and pvrlodlcal licadaches of womcn. t'alcura Solvcnt
It expcls Kall stones.glvlngalienHliy nctioii to tho Llvcf, rtlfevcB
tho pnln of llllluus Collcand curi'n Uontlpntlon of tho llowcls.
Dr. Davld Kcnnody has enldotit, "t'alcura Holvrnt la tho outcomo
of iny long uxpcricnco aa n i'liyslclan and Hurgpnn nnd I consldtr
thls dlscocry tho grcnteBt achlevcment of my hfc." Unqueation.
uuiu bi'Hiuuiiiiiam vvni on roquusu ?i.uu uoiuo at all urugglstB.
Barro ocoupicd a blook of sonts at
tlio cirotis on Wodnosday oveninp aiul
tholr frcquont npplauso indicatcd that
thoy dnjoyod tho porformauco. Dttr
ing tho ovoniug a party of clowns
grotosquoly attirotl as Arabs, aocom
paniod by a camol porforniod a bur
losnuo act. prosumably illustrat inc
oino phaBO ofjtho initiatory coromoiiies '
of tho Mystio Shrino. Thoy drow tho
wildost kind of applauso from tho
Noblos. I
At oight o'olook Friday niorning flro
was discovorod in tho polishing mill '
of 13. L. Smith & Oo., at tho quarries
iu Barro aud iu lcss than two hours I
tho mill, Giigiuo houso aud tho Ga.o-
loy boardiug lionso uen J by woro burn
cd to tho ground, Tho flro origiiiat
cd iu tlio onglno houso and gpread so
rapidly tliat it was impossiblo to savo
tho buildiugs. An air comprcssor
and tho oiieiiio and bollors wcro ruin-
1 od aud thirty mcn will bo thrown ou?
1 of omploymeiit. Tho loss will bo
8,000 nnd the firm carricd an insur
anco of !?5,700.
A heavy two horso team loaded with
granlto and drlvon by Frauk Smith
oaused u eouimotiou aud drow a orowd on
citato street on Thursday afteruoon. The
bit broko in onu of tho horso'a inoutlia and
tho drlver lost eontrol of them, ono horao
orowdlng lta mato into thu gas eompaiiy's
ditoh iu a heap. Had it uot been lor thu
prompt aotlon of a bystander ln graaplng
theolteudlugiiuiiualby thebridle uud pull
iug it to ono sidu thu ontiro load would
have gono on top of tho fallen horso. As
it waa the auimal uaeapud wlthbut a few
s.lght seratohea. Aa ia oustomary iu stieh
aeeideuta there wure about twouty ou
lokers givlug volumes of adviee to tho
two or three inen, who were hard at wurk
resutitug the horso from thu ultun.
J. G. Brown and F. L Lalrd havo ro
turned from their westeru triii eovuring
twentj-'three days' time. Thoy woro ab
sunt to look Into the merita of an luveat
mout ln a gold mluo iu thu State of Wash
ington. Tho nihie ia sltuuted iu the Cor
viile ludian ivservatlon, which is 150
niiles northwest of Spokane. Both gen
tlemeu enjoyed their trip greatly, having
traveled in all, over 7000 mlles and visit
Ing besldes Spokane, Chicago. Miuueapo
lla, Bultalo, Niagara Falls, Toronto aud
Montreal aud also, iueluded a trlp down
the St. Lawreueo river Tlioy had noth
ing to say legardiug their iiivestuient
plans for publkT.tlon as they believed it
was their duty llrst to make thelr report
to tlie investors wliotu tuoy represented.
Iznazlo Migllerlnl o thls eity will doubt
less be pleased to reeelve uuy informatiou
from n"wspapera, or lttters that may bo
reeelved trom Italy duriug the next few
weeks, whleh will give anj-intelligenee of
the strauge and ternble ealamlty that liaa
befalleu the proviuoe near hla Italiau
home. Tho btory is to the efl'eet that a
strip of laud about a mile wile. lying to
the ea'jtward of Cornlglio, provmee of
I'arnia, haa already moved about llve
mlles, demolishlug bridges, destroyiug
buildiugs, ruinllig ns llne roads as eould
bo fouud in Italy, and threatenlng the
town itself, a busy little plaee of soiuu
10,000 population. Tnenty prosperous
farmers have lost everytlnng, and white
uo llves have been lost, the tormer dwell
ers in tlie migratlug traet aretoday hume
lesa, At a business meeting of the Baptist
church held at the close of the mid-week
prayer serviee on Thursday evening, it
was voted to purchase from Christ church
tlie pipe organ formerly used by tluu
society. The wardens of Christ church
have made the liaptists a very generous
proposmon in the matter, tor tlie reasoa
that they would rather have the orcan
with which so many pleasantjassociations
are linked, remain in the city. It is ex-
pected the work of setting the organ in
place at the'ltaptist church will be begitn,
very soon. This innovatiou will be a
most welcome one as it is the first time
in thirty odd years of this church's ex
lstence that it has felt able to purchase a
pipe organ.
Slate's Attorney Hoar was nt Marsh
lleld all day Tuesday eonduetiug an in
que;t in the eafe of tho shtoting of Ilo
mer Duke soiuetiine sluee. The iuvesti
gation wa.-. more a matter of foriu tliau
dltierwhe aud Mr, Hoar states that it waa
not his purpoie toincriniiuiiteany one but
it possible to get at tht facta in the ease.
Thu inq iest was coudtieted lu tho
sehool house and teu witnestes were ox-
aminud, tho heaiing lasting from U to 2
o'olook belore Jusllee Smith. The result
of tlie iuvestlgatioii would show that tlie
Duke boy started to leuvo his eoinpan
ions in tho woods The rest ot tho boya
wero angry bccaiiso he did so aud as hu
walked away some one llred ut him with
a 22 ealibro rille tbo ball striking hltu in
the head. Just whleh boy held tho gun is
a fiuestlnn but the'evideiice introduced
aud tlie testiinony would (lx tho blamo
upon thu older Brown lad. Dr Carver
aml llrtt Seleetmau Thomas testilled rel
ative to the matter.
W. H. Quigloy, tlie pop'ular repre-
seutative of S. M. Stern's, largo
cloak and latlies' suit establisliment
of New York, has been in the city and
vicinity for tlie past few days sliow
ing up tho latest notioiis in theso lines
for tlio fall trade. Ho says that full
length walkiug suits iu solid colors
aro to be the tliing for early fall. As
to cloak styles, there will be a larger
variety on the market this season than
ever before, and uo ouo style will pre
dominate. Mr. Qniley is very niucli
interested in tho political ca-apaign in
this State ns ho has made a wide circle
of frieiids during tlio decade or niore
in which he has traveled in Vermont.
Ho is very much interested in prohi
bition aud his togical expositious ou
temperance backed up by personal ex
periences liavo been most convinciiig
at tlio little dinnor parties at which
he has been entertained recontly.
It is needless to spond columns of
spaco to tell of the dozens of dill'erent
attractions given by tlio Maiii circus.
Thoy woro jnst ns advertised. Tlio
San Francisco Kxaminer mado uo
mistako whon it gavo tlio show tho
namo "Fashion Plate." It certaiuly
lives ut) to tho title. Tlio attendanco
of 12,000 shows that tlio namoof Walt
or L. Main is cortninly a drawing
card, Tlio two porformances wero
flrst class in ovory iiarticular aud tho
ontiro company is tlio clennest, quiet
est and best bohaved aggregation of
Tho performors wero top-notolicrs and
in f'nct overy act in botli tlie big show
and tho concort woro of tho typo do
luxo aud if Mr. Mniu continues to
givo his patrons as much for thoir
he need Montpelio he did inmoiioy aso
havo no hosltauoy iu playing tho
nortliorn Now England circnit noxt
Shatters All Rccords.
Twico iu hospital, F. A. Gulledgo,
Vorbona, Aln., paid n vast snm to
dootora to curo a sovoro caso of pllos,
causiug 24 tumors. Wlion all failod,
Bnoklou's Arnioa Salvo soon curod
him. Subdues Inflaiumatiou, conquprs
Achos, kills Pains. Bost savlo in tho
world. 25o at 0, Blakoly's drug storo.
Ono troublo with tlio man who is
fond of his joko is that tho oxpoots
ovorybody olso to bo fond of it.
Pimples, Blackheads,
Red, Rough, Oily Skin
Prevented by
Milmons or rEori.it vbt. CtrncuitA
Soap, assistodby Cuticl'uaOinthknt, for
prosorvlng, purlfying.and bcautlfylng tho
skin, for cloauslug tlio scalp of crusts,
scatcs, aud dandruff, mul tho stopplng of
falllng halr, for Bof toiihig, whitonlng, and
soothing rcd, rough, nnd soro liands, for
i,oi,t. mbn9. itRlilnm. nnd cliafliiBS, and
for all tho purposesof tlie tollot, bath, and
nursory. Milllons ot w ouicn uso un
cura SoAr in tho form of baths forannoy
ing irrltations, ititlaimiiatlous, auu oxcon
atlons.or too frcoor offeuslvoporsplratlpn,
ln tho form of waslioa for ulceratlvowoak
ncsses, aud for many sanatlvo purposes.
Complete Treatment for Humours, $1.
tho sklu of crutts aud ecalcs, and f-otten tlio
thlckcncd cutlclc; Cuticl'IIA Ointment
(50r).,to lnstantly allay ltchlnjr.lnllainination,
and irrltatlon, nnd pootho and hcal j and Coti.
CL'iia nr.oi.vr.NT 1'ills (2V50, to cool and
cloanso tho blood. A Sinole SKT ls ottca
BUIUclent tucuro tho covciuetcasc.
CuTiccr.A Kesolvest 1'ili.s (Chocolato
Coated) aro a new, tate!e, odourlcss.ccoj
noinlcalsiibstttutefor tho relcbratcd llrjuid
CtmcniA IttaoLVEXT, CO doses, price, 2Dc.
8oM th-oti(rhout the M-orld. Britlih pepMi W-M,
Chrterhouelq , I,ondon. Irtnch Dtpoti a llue de l
I'lx. l'arli. I'uTTEit IJi.co xsa Caiu. Coar., ioH
l'ropi., Bolton, U. S. A.
Tlie Evangelical church society of
this city has begun tho erection of its
new church ediflco on Northfield
street and oxpoots to have the same
completed and ready for occupancy in
a tew months.
As but a few people, comparative
ly, aro aequainted with this denomin
atiou and its work, a word or two. re-
cardinc its liistory is not amiss at
this time.
Tlie Evancolical Ohurch is one hun
dred aud two years old, having had its
oricin in 1S00. It becan with the
nineteenth century. Tlie origin of the
church was iu this wise. Ono Jncob
Allbricht. a Motliodist member, a
Germaii, bocame concorned for tho
salvation of his fellow Gornians and
becau to nreacli to them wlierever ho
eould assemble them. As he preaclr
ed. there wero convorts, whom he or
ganized into classes, aud after a time
he organized his convorts into jx
ohurch. Ho might liave taken his
convorts into tlie Motliodist church,
had not that church about this time
deoido not to proach the gospel iu tho
German languago. That necessitated
his retaininc tlio ovorsight of his con
vorts. and flnally thore was a churcli
organized on tlio plan of Methodism
but using tho German lauguage ex
clusivelv. Soon aftor this tlie Metli
odist church took up tho languago and
at tho present time they have several
conferonces which use tho German
lauguage exclusively. But Allbrigtlit
had his work orcatiized and he con
cludod to go ahead, and the result
was tho Evangelical Ohurch. It wns
called in Gorman "Dio Evangelische
Gomoinschaft" which trauslated, is
Tlio Evangelical Association. Soou
after the church was fully organized
it began to work among the English
peonle. Now it has conferences in
EiiGlish aud iu German. Somo con
feroiices aro composed of those who
proach both languages, German in tlie
morning and uugusn in tne ovening.
Their work is chioliy among German
emigrants and their cliildren and such
English speaking people as desiro to
unito with them. The church was
introduced into Now England in 1803.
Tho New Encland conterence was or
ganized in 1800. It has cliucrches
in encli of tho New England States.
It wns introduced into Montpelier .in
1804, and this year it has taken a new
lease of lifo with the appointuient of
Rov. J. A Ward as pastor. JNot con
tont with worsliiniiiG in a small hall.
ho has purchashed n lot of laud nnd is
about biuiding a new cnurcn on iNorcii
ilold street just beyond tlie uon
bridge. Doctrinally tlio Evangelical
churoh is ldentical witli the Motliodist
ln polioy it is a little moro democrnt
ic. It rnakes a speoialty of prcaohing
tlie doctrino ot eiitire sancttllcation,
wliioh is peculiarly n Methodist doc
trino. Iu all othor respeots the church
is orthodox, It difl'ers in no respeot
doctiually from tho orthodox cliurclies.
Tlio barns of Ernest Outlor in Or
nngenonr Houglitoirs niills wero
struck by lightning yostorday nfter
noon about half past ilvo o'clock nnd
woro totnlly destroyed. Eight cows
woro killed, a lot of fanu maohinory
and somo liay oostroyed. Threo liorses
wero taken out, ouo of whioli was so
yoroly iujurod. Tlio barns woro qnito
largo buildiugs. tho nouso wns sav
od, but tho clnpboards liad bocoino
liented to tho point of igniting. Loss
etsiniatcd at 2,500. Insuracnoo iu
Vormont Mutual SSOO ou barn and
Many a man sots himsolf up
horo hocauso ho has no valot.
A sistor's lovo isn't supposod to
oxponsivo uuless lt happons to
somo othor follow's sistor.
Anotlicr nttomiit nt holdiuc a niass
moeting of tho Local Option Loaguo
of tliis city was mado on Tuosday
evoning, but, notwithstandiiig tlio
city had been plastered with teasorfl
in tho sliapo of dodgors tho attondauco
at tho rooms in Uiilon block was not
cncourngiiig. lt gnvu one tho imprcs
Blon that tho bottom of tho Olomont i
boom had droplied out.
By oight o'clocl: tbo nmnhor present
at tho nieeting on Monday evening
was inoreasod by six, about twouty
havihg stragglod into tho rooms. En-
tbuslasm was boiow zoro. u. A. Jtowo, h Ij. Pock, Frank (x) Dos
Smith, tho )rcsidont, took an invoico ( noyors, Oliarlos Harran, Lewis
of tho attondauco and finding that tlio Wood, O. A. Bond, Johu 0. McGill,
"machino" was intact, oven thougl
tlio gearing was a littlo twisted, as
snmcd a stago smilo of contontnieut
and called tho lnceting to order.
Ho announced that tho busiucss of
tho mccting wns to obtain thu sigun
tures of tlio boliovors to tlio cortiiicato
of noiniuatioii of Maliomot Cloment
for Governor, nnd tliat Notary Pttblic
1 . A. Bailey would seo that tho work
was done accordiiig to law.
Thero was no mad rush mado for tho
signing stnnd but after a littlo prod
ding, signatures to tlio Aguinaldo do
claration of iiidopendencc begau to ac
cumulate. Then camo a lull, but
tho mombors of tlie "machino" woro
not dismaycd, as thoro was a mootiug
of tho Central Labor Union aud a
Democratic caucus in session on tlio
saiuo lloor.
Tho rcprcsentativcs of Olementia
visited cacli oi theso camps and upon
thoir return announced tliat thoro
woro at lcast thirty detained thoro,
who wero possossod with a buriiing
dosire to sicn tho Olompnt notition.
Tlie Democratio caucus finaily liroko
up and a fow drifted in to praotice
handwriting, but they brought the
direful nows tliat the matter of fu-
sion onthe couuty tickct was not even
lnentionod. Thls was dishcartening
lt had been planned by the Olemont
nien to hold a sort ot couuty conveu
tiou iu theso same rooms today, siin
ultaneously witli the Democratic con
veution, for the iurpose of a fuso, but
the appearanee ot tlnngs nttcr the cau
cns was that tlie Clement bluuderbuss
had again ilashed in tlio pan.
At nino o'clock, tbo liandwrlting on
tho wall rogistered flfty-two signa
tures, but tlie "niachine" wns posi
tive that 100 signatures would be se-
cured before tlie documpiit wassentto
the Sultan at nine o'clock this morn
ttorueys r . A. Bailey ot tliis city
and Oharles Howe of Rutland, as tho
sun neared tlie zenith today, lugged
a roll of titationory into tlie oftice of
Secretary of State F. C. Howland,
which, upon oxamination proved to bo
tlie nominatiou papers oi Hon. Perci
val N . Olement, lngli Itcense aud loc
al option candidate for Goveruor of
Vermont, which bore the signatures
of 1,209 of the faithful which iuelud
ed 100 nauies from Montpelier. A
Journal reporter wislied to sigu the
death warrant but upon tlio solicita-
tion of Mr. Bailey restrained his iu
saue desire when told that one more
namo would make it 1,300.
Just Look at Her.
Whcnce came that spriglitly step,
faultless skin, rich, rosy complexioii,
suiiling fnce. She looks good, feels
good. Horo's her secret. ahe uses
Dr. King's New Life Pills. Result,
all organs active, digestion good, no
headaches, 110 chanco for "blues. "
Try tiiem yourself. Only 25c at 0.
The Walter L. Main circus came,
but it arrived late owing to an acci
dent at Essex Junction. Many Mout
pelierites left their beds at about four
o'clock Wednesday morning and made
their way through the fog and dew to
be present at the uuloadingot tholup
podrouie. These people had a tedious
wait for the circus did not arrive un
til about S:30 o'clock owiugto the de-
railment oi two cars ot a stock traiu
at Essex Junction. The circus was
brought from Cambridge, where it
showed on Tuesday, iu three trains,
two of ten cars ench, and oue of five.
By the time the unloading began
there was n larce crowd on aud about
tlie grouuds. The usual number of
stands for the distributiou of cooliug
driuks, eatables and the like were
ready for business along tho bordors
of tho highway near the grouuds.
The weather was of tlie old Ver
mont circus day sort and tho crowds
arriving on tlie steam and electrio
cars sweltered good naturedly.
The crowd did not appear to be of
the same maguitude as those whioli
have been present ou such occasions
in fonner years. Its safety was
guarded by the judicions distributiou
of police oflicers nbout the streets and
circus grouuds.
Tho street parade was necessarily
dolayed but was of the usual size aud
gorgoousness. The delay in getting
up the teuts, etc, uaturally reduced
tho earnings of the side sliows as
thej; did not have the usual aniouut
of time in which to do business be
fore the opening of the maiu show.
Burdock Blood Bitters gives a man
a clear head, au active braiu.n strong,
vigorous body makes him fit for tlio
battle of life.
The ofllco of tlie United States
Clothes Pin Company was brokeu iuto
on Friday evening but the burglnr got
little for his trouble. Managor Bootli is
coufident that only ouo was concorned
iu the affair, that ho had once beon nn
omployo and lmd a knowledge of the
i.iterior of tho shops. Tlio porson ap
parontly enterod tlio shops beforo olos
nig hours and stowed himsolf away,
afterwnrd selecting jnst such a chisol
that would most easily aid liini in
brenking opon tho olllee door which
wns doubly lookod.
Tlio cash register contained only
thirty -two cents, no largo sunis boing
kopt in tho oillco, Tlie front of tho
register was smnshed but only sovon
toen eonts woro takon, tho othor fiftoon
boing fouud on tlio lloor beneath tho
Mr. Booth niakos it tho last duty of
tho d.iy to oxamino tho doors and win
dows of tlio placo to boo that thoy aro
proporly seoured. T'ho door through
which tho thief oscaped was loft opon
so it seoms oortain that tho intrudor
was on the iusidb.
Mr. Booth is noouinulatiiig ovidouco
iu the nllair aud arrosts may follow.
That Hon. Percivnl W. Olomcnt,
candidnto for Govomor on tho liconso
nnd local option tickct, has many ad
mirors aud supjiortors among tlio lend
ing citi.ons of this city and surrotind
ing towns is shown by tho snhjoijn d
list of muiieH which wore subsoribuit
to tho noininations pauors of Mr.
Olouiont. Wlioro tho namo of tho town
does not nppcar tho signors aro from
G. W. Bard, Johu W. Liynch, J. M.
FitzKOrald. A. O. Androws. William
McGovorn, D. T. McGovcrn, L. M.
E. J. Blanchnrd, G. S. Wado, E. M,
Monard, F. II. Puiror, J. F. Olark,
U. P. McGill, W. A. Ellls.A. McNoil,
Potor Badord, J. Hnghos, E. L. An
drus, Tliomas Fit.gibhons, Goorgo F.
Jones, M. O'Snllivan, Felix O. Fit.
gibbons, F. H. O. Thompson, James
Oavanaugh, F. O. Pickott, Tliomas
Uisborne, .1. A. lirwin, Waitslioltt;
Partick Connolly, Jorominh Deady,
D. J. Hayes, F. W. Bisson, G. A.
Guy, R. J. DcCollalncs, Olaroncc D.
Whoolook, W. G. MoAUistor, Waits
ileld : H. M. Waito Waitsfield : Plyna
Parker, Warron; O. S. Whittier,
Ubarlcs A. Smith, E. P. Johnson, F.
E. Folt, Frank O. Jangraw. Frank H.
Jangraw, John, 0. Gauthior. A. O.
Bailey, G.H. Smilio, W. S. Suow, W. ,
.i.Liynch, U. S. Burko, Tliomas Kelty,
Miciiaot uoyie, Michael 15. Oaumng,
L. D. Noveaux, Arthur Darveaux, M.
W. McGill, Frauk Buttorfly, Gcorgo
W. Landor, W. E. Poolo, F. E. Dona
hue, M.H . Farrar, E. K. Butlor, II.
R. Kcnnedy, Warren: L. MoMalion,
W. L. Downing, Barro: S. Oamoron,
Barro ;W. A. Ourtis, East Montpelier ;
W. H. Farrar, J. F. Avery, R. Bruce,
J. Edward Oanning, F. A. Labershire,
L. J. Counter., B. M. Shepard, J. W.
Rogors, E. S. Meigs, O. D. Templeton,
J. J. Kelty, Waitsfield: G. W. Tyr
rell, Georgo M. Folt, Daniel Worces
ter, Roxbury; E. F. Deering, North
field; M. Pembroke, M. E. Yarring-
tou, Northfield; T. J. Forrin, More
town ; Eri S. Guuuison, Berlin ; E.
R. Olark, J. W. F. Washburn, Newell
O. Wright, East Montpelier; W. P
Whitcomb, Johu S. W. .Durkoe, J. A.
Locklin, Northfield; C. W. Ingalls,
R. L. Wiggins, O. J. Berry.
"It Turned Out to Be
the right tliing for ine, " writes Mr.
J. B. MacPherson of Baltimore. ' ' I
refer to a new medicine named Cal
cura Solvent. I was all toni to pieces
with dyspepsia aud torpid liver, aud
in less than three months I wns sound
as a slnp just launclied. It is a pre
paration worthy of the man who dis-
covered it, IJr. David Kennedy, Ken
nedy Row, Kingston, N. Y.
Col. Fred L. Eaton, for several
years cashior of the First National
Bauk of this city, is speuding a few
days in town.
Mr. Eaton went to Sioux City after
the finaucial crasli of 1SU3 to take the
ollico of general mauager of a liqui
dating company, entitled the Credits
Comiuutatiou Compauy, organized by
thecreditorbanks of tlio business nsso
ciations of tho city which weut to the
wall in the disfurbances of 181):3.
Some tweuty States were represented
in the organization of which Mr.
Eaton took charce. The creditors be
lieved they would lose less by taking
tlie property of their dobtors aud
managing tlie defaultiug iuterests thau
by the drastic uiethods of liquidation
in baukruptcy wliich would result
practically in total--loss. The result
has proved the wisdom of tliis conrse.
Tlie Credits Commutation Compauy
managed the aft'airs of the concerns
which had failed witli signal success
and rescued from the wrecks much
tliat would otherwise have been a
dead loss.
Mr. Eaton was subsequently made
general mauager of the Sioux City
stock yards, oue of the iuterests which
went down in tlie disasters of 1893
but wliich was not included in the
liqnidatiug compauy organized by the
otlier liiterestes. rie nas been success
tul, also, in this department ot a
somewhat unique business trust. A
few years aco it was proposedS to e
tablish a bauk at the stock yards. With
great eltort, atter some uine months
labor, the capital of $100,000 was sub-
scribed. Today tlio stock is worth
double its uar value.
Sioux City has emerged from the
wreckage of 1S93 aud isn now strong
finaucially. more prosperous and larg
er iu populatiou thau at tlie higliest
period of its fictitious prosperity. Its
bnnks and business lnstitutions aro
all solvent. its business liouses all
occupied, some 200 now dwelliugs
were built the past year, the city has
been put iu good order and is now
classed. in resuect of niuuicipal con
ditious and institntioiis witli tho
thrifty cities of tlio growing West.
No such tliing ns "summer com
plaiut" where Dr. Fowler's Extract
of Wild Strawberry is kept handy.
Naturo's remedy for every looseuess
of tho bowels.
Senator Dilliugliam auuounccs that
tho compotitivo exnmination for tlte
eleotiou of n principal nnd nlternates
for the appoiutruent of luidshipman to
tho United States Naval Acadomy at
Annapolis whioli ho is entitled to
mako will tako placo at the court
houso at Montpelier, August 10.
Cnndidatos should roport by ten
o'clock a. m, and be prepared to sus
tain an uxnniiuntiou iu grnmmar,
spolliug, geqgraphy, United States and
World's liistory, aritliiuotie, algebra
(through quadratio equationsi and
plalu geonietry. Candidates niust bc
botween flfteon nnd twouty years of
ago, nt least llve feet in lieiglit.physi
cally sound, and residonts ot the
Stato of Vermont. Those iuteiiding to
tako tho examiuatioli should notify
Sonator Dillinghain at Mont'polior as
early as possiblo.
Tho prinoipal and nlternatos solected
at tliis oxamination are to take tlio
Acadoniy's ontranco exaiuinatiou to
bo hold at Washington, D. 0. , Septcm
ber 15.
Oroup instantly rolioved. Dr. Thoni.
as" Eeloctrio Oil. Porfectly safo.
Novor fails. At any drug storo.
eir iiook ntAiiiKD i'jike.
(!fiiiiiritlnti. tnllnltlina
i uon
l.iina 1Vit, Alllk l'ocr.
JM'ltM.Vhi, I.ninelicxs, Injiirlcx,
) ltln'iiliinlliil.
I!. f.
(i-Olti: TIIUOAT, (lulnsv, Ilpliootlc
cvnm i llliciiiii'r.
i,. i:
.ICOirtJIIH, C.il.li. Innurnzn, Innamod
9 ( I.uiikm. I'lpiiro.l'ni'iiinontA,
cunra (
V. I'.inil.ll!, llrllvnrlir, AVinil-Iltown,
cukks J lllnrrlirn, lirntery.
1. 1. MilS IMHI'.AKKH, Mnnxc, Kruptloua,
cunea l.'lt'crB, lirenir, Knrry.
.1. K.1IIAII COMIII IO, Slnrlni; Cont,
cunEB J liiillKmtlon, hlonmcli btaitgem.
COo. eachj Stablo Cfto, Ton Spoclllcs, Hook,ftc, $7.
At druKglsts, or acnt jirriiald on rccelpt of prlco.
HumphroyB' Mcdlclno Co., Cor. William & John
Streots, New York.
Tho Prohibitlon party iof',Washiug.
ton couuty held a convention at Barro
yesterday afteruoon aud adopted the
f ollowiiig platform : We recognize the
fact that thoro aro threo parties and
three caudidatcs for Govomor that are
opoiily willing to licenso liqnor soll
iug, and only ono party, tho Prohi
bition and only ono candidate for
Governor, Rov. Joel O. Sherburiio of
St. Johnsbury, that openly opposes the
liceuse ovil.
Therefore, tho only way to vote
against licenso is to vote for Joel
O. Shorburno for Governor.
6 Tho following couuty tickct was
nomiuated: Senators, A. V. Davis,
Waterbury; O. S. Richmond, North
field ; H. O. Cutting, Plainfield ; side
judges, Bemis Pike, Cabot, Edward
G. Wells, Montpelier; judgo of pro
bate, Arthur Laue, Plainfield ; State's
A'torney, Fred li. Thomas, Montpel
ier ;high sheriff, Fred L. Page, Barre ,
couuty conimissioiier, Charles D.
Edgerton, Northfield; high hailiff,
W. E. Colby, Berlin.
The convention passed a resolutiou
recommending prohibitiou voters to
unite with otlier parties, iu towns
where sucli parties will nomiuate for
Represeutatives, nien who are pledged
to the support ot a strong prohibitory
law. The convention endorsed the
Republicau nominees for State's at-
toruey and couuty commissiouer.
Eczema, scaldhead, hives, itchiness
of the skin of any sort, iustautly re-
lieved, permauently cured. Uoau's
Oiutment. At any drug store.
A new iuventiou that will gladden the
liearts of hoiisekeeper", and "prove par
tlcularlv conveuieiit iu rooms and ollices
where doors nre frequeutly opened nnd
sliut, retidcrhig it almost iinpussible to
keep llies out, is souii to be placed nii the
mai ket.
The Inventoii, whleh U pateiited.siinply
provldes a wuy of escaj'e for tlles, reljing
on the principle tliat such itisci ts go to
the Uaht and erawl upward secklng es
cape " It U attaclied to the ordhiary
M'l HCii aud provldes a way of cscapc but
uot u way of returu as it is well known
tliat llie will uot crawl dowu tbrmigha
If it is as cffeetlve us weare us-ured it is
by the iuveutor, it will he glaillj wel
coined in the place ot the cria-1 and lls
gusting inethod ol capture on 'sticky lly
pnpei'," 'T the more dungerous one ot us
ing lly polfon Wafh for its appearanee
on sale and try it.
Any young man or wouian who is a
bona fide patrou of this paper may se
cure free instruction in music or
Tlie Ithaca Cousorvatory of Musio,
witli the desiro to stimulntn the study
of these arts, offers fifty free ocholar
sliips valued at 100 each, and good
for the terui of twenty weeks begiu
niug with the opening of tlie scliool
year, Septetuber 11, 1002, in any of
tlie followiug departments : Voice,
Violin, Piano, Organ aud Elocution.
These scliolarship are awarded upon
competition which is open to nnyoue
desiring a musical or hterary eduea
tion. Anyoue wisliing to enter the
competition or desiriug iuformation
should write to Mr. George C. Will
iauis, the General Manager ofthe Itli
aca Conservatory of Music, Ithaca,
N. Y. , before September 1, 1002.
Hon. C. 1'. Smith of Burlington has
received a tele ram from Secretary of the
Treasury L. M. Shaw.saying that he
would gladlv accept the invitation ten
dered him t'o speak at Manchester next
Tuesdav, August o. Hon. Olin Merrill,
who also sent a similar request to the
secretary, has received an acceptance
from Secretary Shaw.
Details for the meeting have not vet
been announce but it is understood that
this will be the opening gun of the Re
publican canipAlgn m fermont. The
otlier speakers will be L. 0. M rtin of
Brattleboro and Congressman D.'J. Fos
ter of Burlington. Gen. J. G. McCullough
is also expected to be present.
Dyspepsia Cure
Digcsts what you eat.
Thls preparatioii contalns all of tbc
dlgestiints nnd ditrests all kintls ol
food. ltgiveslnstdjit iPliefand nevcj
fnllstocurc. It allmvs uu to eat all
tlio food you want. Tlioniost scnsltlvt
stoniuchs can tiike It. Rv lt use many
thousatuls of d.vspoptlcs Invo beoD
cured aftor everMhhia i No fatlcd. It
prevcnts l'orinatlonjof (jason thostoru
ach, relievlng ull dj. tress aftor cating.
Dlcting unnecessprv Ploasant totake.
li can't tselp
hui do you goosl
rreparc(ioniy ayi;.i". i)
F.Wirr,tCo. CMcapxv
Tboll. Ixjttfo coutaln

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