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Vermont tfgtntchimm.
Wednesdny, Augii.st 27, 1902.
ARTHUR ROPBS, (lencral Edltor.
Acloptocl by tho Ropubllcan Stato
Rosolvod, 'l'lmt tlio Ropublicau party
of Vermont ndlicrcs to its long clicrislied
bcliof tluvt tlio uurestrieted tniffie in iutox
icnting liiiiiois is 11 public ovil, and tlmt
mntcrinl modincation of tlio oxisting law
on tlmt subjcct sbould bo msidc only nftcr
tkorough disonssiou uticl maturo dolibera
tiou by tlio pcoplc ; nnd vo requcst tlio
Stnto Lcgislaturo nt its next scssiou to
inako provision for nscertniuiug tlio will of
tho people by dircct voto upon tlio ncccpt
nnce or rojcction of a licenso nnd local
optiou law regulating tlio salo of intoxicn
ting liquors, aiid further providing that
upon popnlar voto in favor of such n law,
duly nscertaincd, tlio samo shall bo nnd
bocome a statnto law of tlio State in forco.
I stand sqnarely 011 tlie refcrcndum
plauk of tlio Republican platform. Tliat
is Amcrican, tliat is t'cpublicnn, tlmt is
democratie, tliat is tlio rtile of tlie major
ity. Wo havo nskcd tlie Legislntitrc to
frauio tlie best law tliat tlie wit nnd wis
dom of our nien can produco nnd tliis will
be slibinitted to tlie peoplo of Vermont
for thoir adoption or lejection.
MontpoUer was singularly fortanato
in tlio witdoui nud enterprising char
actcr of tho pionocrs of tho town,
"boncatli whoso sturdy stroke bowed
tho woods. " Amoug Iho settlors who
had gathered herc, on tho banks of
"Ouion River", in a small opening
in tho "forest primeval," wero ii!on
of prescience, the nien of mcntal and
busiuoss grasp, who uiidorstood tho
iiecd oC bauding togothor to protect
thoinsolves froui loss thiough tho des
truction of their property by firo, nud
thoy comprehonded also tho funda
montal principlo of organization for
mutual nnd effective protection
agaiust flre. Hence, as naturally as
thoir dwollings arose in tho wilder
ness roso also in tho woods, a genera
tion aftcr tho first treos wero folled
antl tho flrst cabin reared, tho associa
tion whioh was fclicitously nanicd
the Vermont Mutuul Fire Insuranoo
Company. Its first aimual roport
was rrjndo soventy-flvo years ago.
This was about twenty years af tor tho
Watchman had boen established in
this samo wilderuoss. Both institu
tious havo continucd along their way
to tho present, and from tho begiiming
havo beon iniportant factors in tho
affairs Lof the Stato in whoso earl"
years thoy wero i'oanded. At this timo
the Watchnjan company is pnblishing
the Sovonty-Fifth annual report of its
sister institution, which long ago,
following the Scripoaral injunction to
man to multiply and people tho esrth,
had multiplied and peopled all tho
Stato with its agoncies and had takcn
into its oxpanding mntnality Ver
mont property ownors to the oxlontof
two-thirds iho voting population of
tho State.
In this connection it is a pleasuro
for tho Watchrnan and Journal to d'
reot pnblio attention to somo of tbo
facts of this follow pionoor's history,
its present standing in tho Stato and
among flro insuranoo associations.
Tlio importanco of tho Vormout
Mutual in tho business affairs of tho
Stato is shown by tho fact thatduring
tho poriod of. its oxistonco it has paid
Vermont property owners moro than
$0,000,000 for losses by flro. It has also
demonstrated tho soundno.ss and wis
dom of its plau of iusarance, which
iias. not boen changod in nuy essontial
pacticular during the entiro poriod
of its boneflcial careor. Tlio mulaal
plau is tlio original and oldost form
of insuranoo. It grow out of tho first
bauding togothor of a few property
ownors to protect each other against
losses by firo.
Tho mutual plan is not only tho
strong plan, but it is choapor thau
tho lator sohomos of protectiou through
fitock companios. Tho mutual plnn fur
nishos flro insurance at cost, and cost
must necos'sarily bo 011 a basis of snfo,
judicious and economical management
and adn'iiii.'tration.
Tho stock company is organized to
niako roonnv for its stockholdors. It
must neoosiavlly mako iti proniiuuis
largo onough to pay its losses and tho
oxponso of doing business, and largo
onough, nlso, to provido dividonds for
tho stockholdors. In tho mutual plan
tho policy holdors aro tho stookhold
ors, and thoy got thoir dividonds in
tho lowor prlco thoy pay for insur
anco. Tho stock conipany's oxponses
aro 011 a basis of cost dotormined, not
up horo in Vormont, whoro all tho
itoms of cost, ronts, sahvrios and inci
dentals, aro practicnlly ata minimum,
but ou tho scalo provailing in New
York, Philadolphia, Boston, 'otc.
Eluoidntiou of this point is obviously
unnocossary. Tho raore sugggostion is
Tho Vermont Mutual is chartorod
by tho Logislaturo of thu Stato and
its alTairs aro uudor the annual in
fipootion of tho Varmont insuranco
commlssionors. Tho Mutual's corps
of ofuolals aro Vormont nion, and it
liatf n dirootor in ovcry county in tho
Stato, rosidont thoro, and, liko tho
Prosidont and his nssistnnt olllolals,
known to tho pooplo and diroctly np
pronohablo by polloy holdors or thoso
seoking insurance. Olllolals of all
grndos in this company aro but tho sor
vnnts of tho polioy holdors tho stock
holdors. Thoy huvo provcd thoir
biiHiness skiH. their ofilolonoy and
fldelity. Thoy havo, and can hnvo,
110 othor objcct or intorest in tho por
formnnco of thoir dutios but to pro
vido tho bcst attalnablo insuranco at
tho low03t cost consistcnt with tho
abiding solvenoy of tho company j
thoy havo, and can havo, 110 object or
intorest in tho ndjtisting of lossos
than a just and fair sottlomont undor
tho policy eontrnct ai to wlmt nll tho
othor policy holdors shall pay tho ono
who ha3 lost. In a stock company
ovory dollav parod off from tbo losor's
appraisal goes to swoll tlio dividonds
of the stockholdors.
Huudreds o" insurai'co companies
liave couio to Vermont to do business
many havo failcd and passod nway,
but tho "Old MiHnal" abidos, stead
fnst as tho hills nmid which it was
oradlod ard 1ms grown to vigorous iuan
liood progrcssivc always, n'ld al
ways better adapting its aduiinistra
tion to tho noods and interosts of tho
various classcs of proporty ownors in
this St.ite, to which its oporations nro
oxclusively confined. It incurs 110
outsido risks and tlins its prospority
ai'd porpctuity aro foriboo anirod.
A snniuiary of tho Mmonl'h busi
ness shows that it has ksiied poicie3
totheamount of $477,47i),'JC7, nud paid
out ou losses nud expo'isos 7,C09,270.
35. In tho last sovcii years, on a uni
form four por cont, assessnicnt, it has
increaicd its rcscrvo and svrplus moro
than $150,000. Tho nu'oiD't of insur
anco in foico Augobt 1,1003, was o!,
0n0,!i2it, a gain in sovon years of 18,
870,187; prciuiuin noios, 51, 815,873,
a gain in sovon years of 1,810,3?S.
What moi'o could the proporty own
ers of Vermont dosiro for the protec
tion of thoir proportv, for tho ro
coaping of thoir lossos, thau this
Vermont Mutual Firo Insuranco Com
pany is providing?
The sccretary of agricultoro who ro
cently rcturned from tho West dcclaros
that tbo most prosporous conditions
exist throughout tho West and that,
whilo thoro is 110 activo intorest in
national politics, tho pooplo aro too
woll satisfied to desiro any ohange.
When askod to doftno tho tariff
plank in tho Iowa Republir,an plat
form, ho said that it moant that tho
pooplo desircd somo modificatioii of
tho tariff schedules. That in this timo
of pleuty thoy considorcd such modifi
catioii could be judioiously mado.
That whilo truo to tho principlcs of
protection, thoy bolicvcd thore wero
certain industrics which 110 longer
nondod tho samo protection that was
essential to their prospority whcn
tlio Dingloy law was enactod and thoy
oxpected tho party to modify thoso
schedules. Thoy wero particularly
desirous of a modificatioii of tho
schodules afl'ccting trust mado arti
eles, but wero convinccd that any ro
vision of tho tariff could bo intrustod
only to the Republican party.
Speaking of tho Prcsidcnt, ho said
tbat tho peoplo of tho West wero all
oiithusiastic in his support and ovcn
tho Democrats approved of him aud
many oxpressed tho wish that ho was
thoir leador instead of tho loador of
tho Ropublicaus.
"Mr, Roosovolt," said tho Eecrotary,
"is tho typo of mau wcsternors lovo.
Ho is fearless, honest and brilliant.
Thoy aro for him to a man. Thoy ro
gard with tho greatcst approval his at
tempt to regulato tho trusts. Thoy
consider tlmt ho is following tho ra
tioual path in his offort to securo
that regulatiou through tho courts
and by nicaus of tho Shorman law.
If that law should provo dcfoctivo,
thoy boliovo Mr. Roosovolt will so
inform Congress, pointing out its do
fects, and that Congioss will prompt
ly remedy thcm. Suoh a courso, thoy
say, is in markcd contrnst to tho rovo
lutionary mothods advancod by Dem
ocratie leadors who would scok to do
stroy tho trusts by a radical rovision
of tho tariff, thoroby throwing huu
dreds of mon out of cmployment, ren
doring worthlcss tho iuvcstnionts of
thonsands of businoss mon and undor
miniug tho gunoral prospority with
which tho country is blcssed. "
Wo uiu in lX'coipt of a copy of'Medl
cal Talk," a Columbas, Ohio, publi
cation, tho spocial articles iu tho samo
boing laboled: "Bad Air and IU
Temper," "Butohor and Sportsman",
"Horrors of Vaccination," "Reckloss
Surgery," "Tho Siuos iu Apgust,"
" A Ilenlthy Mind and Body." This
must havo beon intended for tho Rut
land, Ho v.ld. Such au orror iu tho
mailing dopartmcnt of Medical Talk
sho uld bo sovorely punisheil.
Boforo you mark your bnllot noxt
Tuosday consider ouo minuto just
sixty becoi'db if yoa aro voting for
tho right mau. If ovory votor in Vor
mont will takothls advico, that 20,000
votos that Mr. Olomont is ilgufiug 011
will rosomblo a spongo that has so
journed on tho Saharn during "a dry
Tho navy dopartniont of tho Ooloni
bian robols is in a bnd way, whon it
boconies ncccssary for tho hcnd of tho
rpbollion movomont to caution tho
coinniaudcr about llring tho giuis
aboard tho only ship of war thoy pos
scss, lest tho safoty of thoso nboard bo
Will thoso sturdy Scots of tho Oran
ito Oity, tho 111011 whoso foalty and
lovo for that honest ploughmau who
wroto to thom from bosldo "Tho Banks
of Ayr, " condcscond to east thoir bal
lots for Mr. Olomont who is so uttorly
tho opposito of thoir idol?
Whon somo chenp "frost" of a
would-bo political orator roosts 011 a
platform and throws bunchos of sar
casm at his listcncrs his audicnoo ap
poars liypnotizcd. When thoy rcad a
prcss notico or two about tho affair
thoy aro spendily dislllusoi.iizcd.
With all tho shooting of local op
tionishts about'Addison county boing
solid for Oloment tho political book
makcrs down that way aro laying
wagors at fivo to thrco that tho "reg
ulars" cloan tho dcck.
Lois Graco Pnge, tho Bairogirl who
niystoriously disappeared two years
ago, has beon located in tho Islo of
Wight aud has changod hor namo to
Mrs. Ohauce. Could it havo beon hor
last chanco?
Does tho proposed high licenso law
of Mr. Oloment mako provision for
the salo of Jamaica ginger and gaso
lino ai bevcrages?
This is tho weok for tho wagors ro
bo laid. Next weok tho graves will
bo dug.
Quito a bit of the editorial expres
sions that appcar iu Vermont nows
papers caa hardly bo tormed volvot.
lno country editor hns his on
courngemonts and discourageinents,
yct ho is, aftor all, rather a happy
follow. Ho can stand moro butl'ots
from outragcd fortuue and still assert
" wo aro hero to stay" than ho who
follows any othor calling. Livo Mat
ter. As a rulo this class of peoplo "aro
horo to stay" not from the fact tlmt
thoy so assert but rather 011 nccount of
tho negligenco of many of ibeir snb
scribors in remittiiig a dollar or two
occasionally. Many nowspapor road
ers seom incliued to tho thcory that
bccauso an editor can got nlong with
ono snit of clothcs ovory fivo years
that 0110 moal a day will sulllce. It
can't bo donc. A nowspapor man can
not writo brilliant editorials on an
cmpty stoniach.
Which is bettor, to pay out a few
dollars for a boavd of hcalth or to
havo small pox all ovor the Stato?
Do not bo porsuaded that all increaso
in Stato oxponses is to bo condcmned.
Mauy things aro woll worth paying
for. Vormont Tribune.
That's all right Ephraim, but tho
noxt Logislaturo may abolish tho
board of hcalth for not staying tho
ravagos of Olomentia throughout tho
comroonwealth doviug tho past fow
moiiths. Also, for ot provonting tho
adniisjiou to tho Stato of such meutal
cavrion as the Rov. Sam Small.
Boltoru of the Hopnblican Stato tick
ot this yoa'r will havo to give somo
evidouco of futuro good faith to tako
pait in tho Ropublicau councils of
1001. Groton Times.
Tho bolters aro boltiiig tho bolt now
and by Soptombor 2 tho majority will
bo reiustated in tho camp of tho regu
lars. Thus tho mnttor of tho presi
dontial camnaign of 1901 won't havo
nny bearing.
Tho Manila judgo who doided that
editors in tho Philippines havo 110
right to a trial by jury, probably coii
strucd tho law as tho United Statos
Supremo Oourt would havo dono.
Pross and Printer.
Or as Joo Jonos would do, if ho
should accidentally land 011 tho Su
premo Bcnch of Vermont iii tho event
of "Percy" becoming Governor of
this Stato.
What has becomo of Taylor, tho cy
clono? Ho sooms to havo died down
to a zophyr ! Burlington Olipper.
Stop asking quostions, Lynn.
Oli, Ueep I1I111 In fnr-olT Itutland,
Don't ovt-r lot hhn strnyj
T,ot liiin board at tho lionso of con'eetlon
Forover aiul a day.
Tburo aro bettur nnrn tbnn "1'ercy"
To fUl tbo (iovernor's olmlr.
If not, on us liavo meniy,
Wo'll placo JluCullough thoro.
StriUu u) tbo"baud.
Ileto coines a trnitor,
I'olf in bU liuuil.
To uso as n bnltur.
I'eroy 'tU 110 usi',
With nll your Small ubuso,
Yon ivill lino up
As 11 tlilrd raier.
Tako 11 (Inmghl of plno treo oznno
Iu n broiid expauso of vlewj
Sweulun woll witli lnornlng Binwlilut',
And 11 cm of iuoriiliii; dttw.
TnUo it dalfy, mlxt.'d with luughtur,
JCvury hour from six to ton,
For a inontli; thou you will ronllzo
Tlmt you linvo beon "born iikiiIu."
Lnxativo Bromo-Quinino Tnblets
ouro a coltl lu ono day. No Curo, 110
Pay. Prico 25c.
Tho publlo lius roiiclii'd a polnt whoro
ll ivndd tho mU iit It rcailrt tlio uown. It
cnn bo Biifoly stuted tlmt tbo avtirago
Auii'rlenu womuu probably glvea inoro
nttontlon to tbo mls tlinu to tho uewe.
From n Woman's I'olnt of Vlew.
By Onc VVI10 Meard Him
Prldny Ninht.
Editor Daily Journal : Whon tho
institutlons of our bclovcd Stato aro
bo assailod, as by tho Rov. Sam
Small iu his nddross to tho peoplo of
Montpelier tho othor night, a ory
can hardly bo withhold from thoso
who, ho was ploascd to say, would bo
mosi affoctcd by tho law ho advo
catos, and to whom bo mndo what ho
iutondcd to bo n llattoring apjicnl ;
though horo, his cloquonco faltorod
aud tho words soomcd to stick in his
tliroai t'". ho too'i rofi'go in a display
of .wit.
Tho gontlomaii who introduced Mr.
Small statcd that tlio lccturor uiidor
stood human naturo aud his statemout
provcd correct, for wcll ho kuow how
to load tho mind through a labriuth
ino mazo, appcariug now and thcn in
tho guiso of tho charmor, Flattory,
and agaiu iu tho bluff jokor who
laughs at huinaii weakncsses, whilo
inwardly ho sneors ; creatlng a sud
den divorsion, if a way ojt appeared,
by a witty play 011 words. tiU tho
averago mind was woll nigh lost iu
tho wliirl of reparteo, sharp if not
olegant, and tho meaningless high
souuding phrases of his vulgnr oratory.
Ho assured his audionco that it was
not necessary for missionarios from
Now York to como to Vormont to
teach the freemon how to vote, but
ho was carcful, by every menus he
know, to impress thom with his viows
upon tho subject.
In explanation o" his reason for
comiug from hi Southorn homo
"away up hero to Vermont" to inter
fere in local affairs, he said that somo
years ago tho South got an "overlast
ing licking" for thinking that each
Stnto hnd a right to manngo its own
affairs and Vermonters had thoir
sharo iu it, oonsequently, ho was here
to"get back at them." If at this
nioment ho felt thero was any discrep
ancy in his statement, he retreatod at
onco to the sholtcr of buffoonory
which ho knew would divert atteu
tion. At nny rate, ho lef t his hearers
to draw their own conclusions as to
whothor ho meant to "heap coals of
fire " on our heads, or hoped for tho
vcngeanco of small natures to draw
us down to his own level.
Thero aro thoso now, howevor, who
stand in need of an "overlasting' ick
ing" for thinking that a man has a
right to manago his own affairs, when
it comes to tho adoption of au act or
system which ho knows will bring
disaster and suffering to hisiieighbor;
and, solely, that ho may roposo in tho
lap of lu.xury at the awful expouso of
ruined lives, broken hearts, sepava
tion of childrea ai'd parents for
liquor does this, too crime, liunger,
cruelty, despair, wretchedness, want,
aud all that follows in tho wako of
tho saloon as surely aa in th(5 wake
of slavcry.
Women of Vermont, if my memory
serves me aright, yon had yojr sharo
iu tho attondaiit cirejinstances o' the
nforesaid "thrashiug" and should
you be called unon agaiu as humblo
ii'strumont'3 in tho admiuisterii'g of
other "lickii'gs" you will not flinch,
but do your part bravely.
Woll, iudoed. the reverend gontle
man kuow that to piato of "political
bosses" soldom fnils to rouso a spirit
of opoosiliou, yot ho hositated not at
oU to acknowlc'lgo his sharo in the
manngemeut of affairs politic.l iu his
own Stato. To tho fomiuino mind,
thero was somothing coufusing in his
explanation of his apparontly changed
viows, sinco ho spoko in Vermont some
years ago, tho maiu point of which
appeared to bo .that ho belioved o$
actly as ho did thon, but he oxpressed
it differently. He said ho espoused
tho canso of local option in the Legis
laturo of his own State, whilo a 1110111-
bor, (and hero ho took his audionco
into his confidenco),admittiiig candid
ly tliat at tho timo ho was drinking
enough "to float an ocean liner. "
This was another source of bowil
dennont, 1'or of courso ho -would
want a liconso-local-option law undor
such conditious. Ho told thom that
tho locnl optiou lnw in Georgia,
Missouri and Toxas had drivon out
tho liquor traillo in many coanties
and a largo proportion in eacli Stato
woro prohibition counties without a
liquor dealor withiu their bordors,
and whon ho said a liconso-local-option
law does not nocossarily mean tho
oponing of a slngle saloon, tho illogi
cal asked horsolf," What do thoy want
it for?"
Mr. Small assorted that if a town
wanted prohibition it Bhould havo it,
but no powor undor hoavon had tho
right to foist it ou tho citizons against
thoir will. This, ho said, is demo
craoy, it is ropublicanism, Amoricau
ism, nnd froodom. But what about
tho hopoloss onos, whoso votos must
bo over in tho mlnovity? Has tho
Rov. Sam Smnll consultod thom? Ha
ho loanicd what aro l'olr wislios in
tho mattor? Is thoro a niothor in tho
Stnto whoso hoart does not quako
with droad at tho thought of hor boy
daily passing tho opou snloou which,
regulnrly liconsod, offors so many
attraotions to draw custoniors? Is
thoro Ouo who has booii hor bou fvoed
from tho toils of tho monstor snfo so
long as it is out of ronoh does Buch
au 0110 want tho opon snloou ou our
strcots? Nay, nay, ho has no argu
li'onts nt his commnud to couviuco us
that wo want tho Hconsed saloon in
tho Stato of Vermont. When with
his spooioun, dissiimilatlug tonguo ho
assured IiJh hearors that bocnuso our
proKont lnw has its dofccts, it would
bo botter to oxohango lt for another
that will blot tho fair fnoo of our
Stato with tho opon saloon ; that,
bccauso, undor that law, a man must
porjuro himsolf to got tho liquor ho
wants to drink, that it will bo bottor
to provido for him tho opportunity to
got all ho wauti as frco as wntor,
still, wo worc not convinccd.
Woll tho Rov. Snm Small know tho
effect of sneor nnd ridioulo aud jost,
but what ho did not tako eo much
into account was tho sobor socond
thought of tho morrow when his ar
gumont"? should be shorn of thoir
trappiugs and brought into tho piti
lcss light of day. In tho cooler mom
onts of rollection tho falseucss of his
protonded tributo to tho iiitolligonco
of tho votcrs, which in his noxt brcath
ho bolied, will bo scon and mauy of
tlioso who listcned to him will do
soino thinking that will rosult in a
roactiou. During tho noxt- few
mouths tho questior. must bo dcoided,
whioh will not only afTcct our Stato
but, as Mr. Small snid, cvcry other
in tho Unlon, for they aro waiting
and wntching to seo whnt Vermont
will do.
I nppeal to the women to uso ovory
effort to keop tho opo'i saloon from
our State. To you who heard nud
you who will hcar the Rov. Sam
Small, bethink yoursolves of his
mcauiug. Look bohind the flashing
wit, tho facial contortions, to tlio
cynical . sneer undcrlying his cold
bloodod ndvocacy of a system that
will drng tho fair famo of our Stato
in tho uiiro nnd placo in jcopardy tho
safety and happincss of thoso wo lovo.
Lot i's rather ttruggle "to conquor
tho ills wo have, than tly to those we
know not of. "
Journal Reader.
Aug. 23, 1002.
Editor Daily Jourual :
artiele printed in the Daily
fow days ago, stating tho
for tho town of Waitsfield,
was usod as the Clemont
In an
Journal a
my namo
Thero has not beon a quetion askod mo
as to whom I should vjotc for for Gov
ernor in connection with my nomina
tion, and I cortaiuly havo not pledged
mysclf for any ono.
I am a Kopublican and beliovo in
their principlcs, endorso tlio referen
dum plank in thoir platform think
tho matter should bo settled by a voto
of tho peoplo, tnking it out of pnrty
lines, nnd if a bettor lnw thnn tho
prohibitory law can bo provided,
whereby our boys and young men es
pecially (for thoy aro tho ones to
whom wo shnll havo to look for tho
result in tho coming years) will havo
loss temptation, ono that tho pooplo
in genoral would bo better satisfied
with, I would bo moro than glad to
support such a chaugo. The mattor
of who shall be our next Governor is
not the issue iu Waitsfield. Thero aro
McOullough and Olemeut mon in both
rings, nnd anything to havo their ring
victorious is tho issuo, which fact (I
am sorry to say) is too truo.
I for ono long for tho timo to como
when tho votors of this town will
como togethor nnd break tho rings
which separato them, olect tho bost
meii for oillcers, aud treat ench othor
as townsmen and frionds. I would
gladly resign in Bro. Eaton's favor
if such could bo tho cnso, as far as I
nui concerned. This is 110 new sug
gostion ns many havo heard mo make
liko remarks bofore.
In our fight for Ropresentative I
hopo thero will bo 110 mud flung by
my frionds who support mo, and 110
unlawful or unjust advantago taken
in any way. Our rfghts at tho ballot
! box aro sacred rights to tho rich and
poor alike, thank God, and let useji
joy that right, barring 110 ono who
is a legal votor. I thank my frionds
for tho Iionor thoy bestow upon mo in
nominnting 1110 for Ropresontntivo and
trust nll to my frionds for tho rest.
O. II. Nowcomb.
Mrs. H O. McOlnry and dnughtor
Ella of Ohicago, 111., nre visitiong nt
R. F. Dronnn's.
Mrs. O. H. Ohadwick and Fred
Evans of Lowell, Mass., visited nt E.
E. Bnshaw's last week.
Lnla Carr has roturned from Port
land, Mo., whoro sho has visited
frionds for sovoral wcoks.
Rov. D. H.IIilliard of Cabot prcneh
ed horo last Sunday at threo o'clock.
Loo Osgood hnK niovod from tho
Ross tonoment up to tho Thomns farm
nnd Oharlio Carr of Hardwiok has
moved into tho Ross tonomout.
Duncau MoDonald and Mao Dronau
woro in Montpolior over Sunday.
Elnior Jacoobs and family of Mont
polior and Miss Graco Noycs of Bur
lington visited, at II. A. Rickard's and
with othor rolativcs last wook.
A rouslng Ropublicau rally was
hold at tho town hall lnst Snturdav
nlght. Hon. Zod Sta'nton, Hou. F.
G. Howland, Hon. V. B. Thomas and
Hon. J. G. Wing fo Montpolior oaoh
gnvo a stirirng addross, and woro ap
plaudod with onthusiasni. Oharles
Dana introduced tho sponkors nnd tho
Woodbury band furnisliod musio. Tlio
houso wns orowdod full.
Modlcnl Talk is tho namo of ono of
tho most recont of popnlar modical
mngnzincH for tho homo boforo tho
publio today. It nppcars in an uni
quo, np-to-dato magazino covcr, a..
ornainont to nny library tablo.
Medioal Talk is in tho fourth yoar
of its oxistonco and covers a fiold
novcr boforo accompllshod in journn
lism. This magazino undortakos to
interprot to tho peoplo whnt is going
011 in tho modical world ns, rovoalou
by tho nniuborless modical jonrnnls
intondod for tho doctors only. It
brings to tho housohold iniportant
facts hiddcn from tho peoplo by med
ical tcchnicalitios. It doals in a pop
ular wny with suoh quostions as
vaccination, snuitnry lnws, cromntion,
dietary rules, and all drugless mothods
of hcaling diseaso.
During tho past thrco monthsalmost
ovory loading daily pnpor through
out tho United Stntos nnd Cauada hns
had somothing to say about Modical
Talk., oithor cditorlally or in thoir
Magazino and Book Dopartniont. Tho
opinions oxprosscd aro of a most com
plimontary naturo.
Snmplo copy sont frco by tho Medi
cnl Talk Publishing Co., Columbus,
Mr. and Mrs. Frctlerick Rutz wero in
Berlin last wcek.
Miss Hfttio Kidder 1ms flnislied work
for Mrs. J. B. Fisko nnd is to teach school
in Roxbury, conuneuciiig Septomber 1.
Ethel Wardner is nt George Wardncr's
for n few wceks' vacation.
Miss Edith llutz, who has bccu drcss
making in North Randolph is at home for
a fow weeks.
Mr. nnd Mrs. F. O. Allen were in
Barre last Monday.
Carrol Fuller rcturned Saturday from
tlie Hcaton llospital mncri improved in
Mrs. F. F Wcscott and dnughtor Mary
from 1'hilndclpliia nre boarding at Mis.
George Wntdncr's.
Mrs. II. E. Ilunt of Brooklyn, N. Y.,
has been visiting Mrs. I. O. Tliaycr.
Mrs. Emma Peake of Rnudolph visited
at Ij. V. nlauchard s saturday.
Mrs. Jolm Buzzell, wa at tiouldsvillo
part 01 last week, caring for lier sister,
Mary Kirbee.
L. G. Kidder is attcnding tho Advent-
1st camp nicetiiig nt Barre.
Cienniery pations rcceived 21 ccnts per
pouud for July butter.
Frank Durnwny spent several daj-s last
wcek witli tneiuls iu Montpelier atul
Mr. nnd Mrs. Frank Ea.slmau weie
guests of liis brotlicr, L. A. Enstmau and
wifc last week.
Mrs. A. A. Foss was iu Montpelier a
day last week.
Mrs. .loliu Davis has a brotlier from
Cauada visiting lier. Mr. Davis spent
Uld Homo u eek with meims 111 Uielsea,
returning home last week Monday
Mr. nnd Mrs. F. O. Allcn were in
Barre a day last wcek.
Mrs. Loviah Stcelo from Brookfield
visited lier daughter, Mrs. F. O. Allen,
in this placo
Elroy Fuller went to Montpelier last
Umrsday to acconipauy his little son
home from Hcaton hospital where ho has
been for tri'atinent
Nows wns reeeived liere recently of the
death of Juhu Wcbster at his homo iu
Haywortli, Cal. Mr. Webster was born
iu this place aud wcnt to California in
laoi whero lie has sincc resulcd. 1 ho
causo of his death was n cancer. IIc was
a brother of the lato Aaron Webster.
Mrs. Frank Shaw of Barro was a
guest of her sister, Mrs. Thomas
Maxwell, a portion of last weok.
William Trask of Warren' and Sar
cont MoMurray of tho Worcester,
Mass., polico forco were in town ono
day last weok.
Henry Davis and wi'o of Lincoln
took a pleasuro drivo to this plnco
lnst weok.
Miss Nellio Millor visited frionds in
Warren last weok.
James Riploy of Burlington was in
town ou businoss last weok.
Tho com cron throuchout tho valloy
will be almost n total failuro this
Two oaudidates have at last appeaed
for town Ropresontntivo. Thoy nro
Osear Eaton, a McOullough mau, and
Oharloy Nowcomb, who favors Olem
eut aud local optiou.
William Kolsey and William Hasol
ton in Warren 011 business last weok.
Freddio Harris visited frionds in
Warron lnst weok.
Abont thirty from Wnrron nttondod
tho fiold day sports horo August 20.
Mrs. O. J. Tabor was tho guest in
Warron, last Thursdny, of Dr. aud
Mrs. J. S. Dodge.
Ed. Houso, John Liviugstou nud
Arthur Miller woro in Wnrron Sntur
dny. Cnrloton Tabor was tho guest of
friends in Lincoln and Bristol part of
last week.
Petor Labell and Mr. Bucklin nro
very ill.
The fall term of school is to begin Mon
day, Septeniber 1, with the following
coips of teachers: No. 1, Miss Aimio Mo
lmroii; No. 'J, to be snpplied ; No. !t, Miss
Glcason ; No. l.Hownru Ilaylett; No. o,
Frank Wriglit; No. C, Miss S. M. Tliomp
son; No. 7, Miss Lulie Joues.
C. R. Angell nnd Frcd R. Edwnrds re
turned from their vacation last week.
Selectman A. 1). Rced commenced re
pairs 011 tho bridges iu the east part of
tho towii last wcek.
Mrs. Amia Spraguoof Randolph spent
Saturday aud Suniiay in town.
Tlio repairs on tho chiirch (so long agt
tatcd) wero commenct'd last wcek under
tlio dircction of A. W. Lane of South
Barre, who is nssisted by his son, Carl
I1110 aiul V. K. Wheatloy.
Cnrrio Hixby nnd ncpliew, Willio
Drown, rcturned to their litmie iu Cam
bridge, Mass., lnst week.
Mrs. J. II. Spraguo, W. U.Spragiiu, E.
G. llarrinton nnd .1. M. Angell, witli
thoir families, nttcudud thu nuuuitl "lta
con1' reuuion nt tho home of tlio vouerablo
William Hacou nt South Washington lnst
wcek Thursday.
Established 60 Years.
Worcester, - - Massachusotts
We Pay Charges
On Parcels of Over $5.00 Withiu
100 Ailes of Worcester.
"Fall Waistings"
We have just uiipacked a most
beautifu lino of New Fall Waist
ings, the coriccl cleerces of
''Fnshion's King" locntod iu
European Cnpitals.
Tiiese Stvipetl Waistings eon
tain such an ciullcss varioty of
color coinbines, it is inipossible
to pnrticularize thom ; sulllco it
to say, any color, which is jour
color, you cnn find.
"New Cravenettes"
New shadcs in tliesc iioimlnr
antl useful English nnd Donies
tic " Craveneltcs." All grades of
grey, several blucs and browns
are just now phu-cd 011 our
countcrs. Thoso cloths have
po3itively 110 rivais wortli men
tioning, for suits, jaelcets, pcdes
trian skirtsand longcoats. Thoy
ai-o Economic, Hygienic nnd
completel walerproof Lowcst
"Outing Flannels, Etc."
"With doublc ouv foimer space
this senson, a double stock awaits
your selcction. Our Outing
Flannels, IMannelettcs, Teasle
Cloths, Hidcr Down and Drcss
Cnshmercs. Qualitics are bctter
for tho monoy thnn over bcfore.
Tho usual G.Jc quality is
5c a yard
Tho 8c quality,
6 l-4c a yard
Tho l()c grade,
8c a yard
And the flnest goods we have
over sold,
iOc a yard
B. J. QRIFF1N, Prin.,
Griftiu's stiidcnts get tho best paying
positions. Every studcnt from Vermont
who attended tho school last ycar is iu a
position. Send for catalogue.
The through car line between New
Vork, Boston ard all New England
poiut.s, and the Aclirondacks, Thousand
Islands, Monlreal ard Pi'f'vc,
Acioss the Islands of Lake Champlain
Reaching the best locations for c.nnpiiig
and fishing, touching at the following
Jtalions: South Hero, Grand Isle, North
Hero, Isle LaMolle nnd Alburgh.
For timo tablesand full infonnation ad
dress Oeo. T. Jnr is, C.'II, Hibbard,
Uen. iNianaser. Ijcii. rass Agt.,
Rutland, Vt.
A Snd Disappolntmont.
Iuoffecvivo livor niedicino is n dls-
appointuieut, but you don't want to
purgo, strnlu aun breau tho glauds ot
tho stomnoh nnd boWols. UoWitt's
Lilltto-Early Risnr novor disnnnoint.
Thoy cloauso tho systfem of all poison
and putrid mattor nnd do it so gontly
. i ...... . Jl 1
wmx uuo unjuys uiu ineasnui ouuocs,
Thoy aro n tonio to tiio livor. Ouro
tmonsno.ss, torptd livor and provont
fovor. Rivors Brothots.

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