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Tho contiiiucd wet weathor follow
lug tho bllght, is lcnding to serlous
Totting of potntoes. Tho Vermont ox
porlment statiou is roceiving bo
many iiiqairics as to tho niattor, tlmt
tho followlng stateiuonts soem timely:
Tho lato bllght or "rust" which
has beou so provalent tliis year, la
oaused by a fungiis, a klnd of mlldow,
whioh Is carricd through tho wlntor
in tho seed potato and so f ur as known
only in this way. Whoro suoh infect
cd potatoes aro planted tho fungus
dovolops iu tho potato shoots and
ilnnlly canses tho bllght of tho leaves,
providing weathor conditions aro at
all favorablo, Tho gorms or Bporcs
aro produced in cnornious nunibors on
thoso blighting leaves and by these
tho infection Is spread to ueighboring
plants. Many of tho sporosfall to tho
ground also, and invading tho tubors,
causo tho rot, Spraying with bor
deanx rnixturo killsthcso spores, and
so provonts both tho bllght of tho
leaves and tho rot of tho tubors. Tho
plants at tho oxperiiuent station farm,
which have beon sprayed, aro now
green and healthy now (Sopt. 0) as
thoy wero a month ago, whoreas tho
rows in tho flold loft unsprayed aro
doad. Many farniors throughout tho
Stato havo had cqually good results
from spraying. Where tho plants were
sprnyed little rot is doveloping, but
in the unprotected fields where tho
tops havo blighted, rot is serious.
Tho question is boiug askcd whothor
it is bottor to dig at ouce in thoso
iiolds. Tho Exrierinient station odi
ocrs advise pronipt tligging. They
havo not decidod this by oxperirnents,
howover, so are now carrying on some
to settlo tho matter. A half dozon
flolds havo beon selected on different
soils, where tho vines are blighted.
Ono-fourth of tho rows in eacli flold
wore dug on Angnstsri; one-fourth
on Sept.O; oilo-fonrth will be dug
Sept. 18, and tho last fonrth on Sopt.
30. The condition as to tho total
yield, nmount of rot and keeping
qnalities will thon be compared.
Some other interesting experimeuts
upon potatoes are also uiuler way,
tho results of whieh will bo published
lator. One of thoso is to determiuo
whether, when tho vinos make a rank
growth, it is better to cut them back.
Auother seeks to flnd out whether
spraying the soil will tend to check
the rot.
How's This?
Wo offer Ono Hundred Dollars Re
ward for auy caso of Catarrh that cau
not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Oure.
F. J. CHENFY & CO., Toledo, O.
Wo, tho undersigued, have known
F. J. Oheney for the past 15 years,
aud beliove him porfectly honorablo
in all business transactions, and finan
cially ablo to carry out any obliga
tions made by thoir flrm.
West & Truax, Wholosalo Druggists,
Toledo, O.
Walding, Kiniinn & Marvin, Whole
saleDruggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is takeu inter
nally, acting directly upon the blood
nnd mucous surfaces of the system.
Testimonials sent free. Price 75c. per
bottle. Sold by all druggists.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
No swiuo breeder can allord to buy
animals just because they are eheap.
It not infrenuently happens that tho
cheapest animals provo to be the most
oxpensivo in tho eud, whether that
end may be iu tho way of breeding
or ot butchering. If an animal is
cheap it is oecauso it is not worth
much, except iu rare cases, when a
good animal has to be disposed of un
der the couditions of a forced sale.
The man that buys a eheap boar finds
that he has to sell the progeny of that
boar at a correspondingly low price.
The man that buys a cheap sow
frequeutly finds that sho is cheap be
cause sho bears few pigs, and they of
poor quality. By tho time ho has dis
posed of tho pigs and figured up his
accounts, ho finds that tho cheap sow
was really a very expensive sow, for
into her went not only tho purchaso
money, but a great deal of labor and
feed. No progressivo man will allow
the prico to diotato his purchases.
Quality is what ho must havo, and
that is what ho is aftor. The man
that really buys cheap is tho man that
pays a good prico for a good animal
aud gots a good proflt out of it. It is
very seldom that a good profit comes
out of a poor price aud a poor animal.
Parmors' Rviow.
The Very Air
is filled with germs of GRIP ! If you
have so far escaped, your turn may
comc to-morruw.
and Tar
should be taken at the first sign of
Grip. It cures. 254, 50, $1.00 per
bottle; the largcst size cheapest. At
all druggists. Takc no substitute.
Pike's Toothache Drops Cure InOne Minule,
llow Slm AViih Mnclo llnppy Aftor Wceks
lturliik' U'hk'li llur Mfo W'an
DMimlrctl of.
"I had lost hopo and so had tn
family," said Mlss Flora Hanna, of
No. aii) Euclid aveiiue, Cloveland,
"Two years ago, " sho contlunned,
"I snfTered from a sovoio attaek of
typhoid fovor. For thrce weoks my
llfo was despaired of aud ilnally when
tho fovor loft mo I was so weak that
it was a month boforo I could sit up in
a chalr. Tho ravagcs of tho fever
left me a physical wreck. My blood
was inipovorishott and I looked llko a
corpso. I had not tho slightest incli
natiou for food, in fact tho thonght of
eating filled mo with disgnst. I was
Hstloss and tircd. Tho tonics pro
scribed by my physlcian did not
strcngthcu mo.
"I had often heard of Dr. Wil
liams' Pink Pills for Palo Pooplo and
concluded I would givo them a trial.
At first tho pills did not soem to do
mo much good and I bocarno dis
couraged but detormined to porsovoro,
thinking if thoy did not do mo any
good they would not do mo any harm.
But I was happily surprised, as I had
scarcely finished taking tho first box
when I bcgan to improve. I contiu
ucd until I had takon five boxcs. My
strongth gradually camo back nnd my
appetito camo back and I was a well
girl again. I am positive that it was
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills which clfect
od my completo restoration to heitlth.
I havo reccommonded them to my
frionds aud thoso who gavo theni a
fair trial havo nlwavs beon satisfied
with results.. A porsistent use of this
reruedy will eusure a good eomplex
ion, bright eyes and red lips. I kuow
this from experienco. "
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale
Peonlo aro sold by dealers, or will be
sent postpaid on receipt of prico, fifty
cents a box or six boxes for two dol
lars and a half, by addressing Dr.
Williams' Medicino Co., Scheneetady,
X, Y.
A writer in tho Tribune Farm
er says that tho noed of broad cul
turo is nifro vital 011 tho farm than
in professions. Ho thinks that eondi
tions which tho farmcr has tomeetin
volve moro soholarship than thoso
which tho lawyer has to discuss. "It
follows that tho farm should bo tho
best educated man in tho community. "
This is also corrcct ; and I belivo that
it will sliortly come true. A farmor
farms it at guess work who has no
knowldge of eutomology, botany, geol
ogy and tho corrolated scionces. Real
horticulturo is a wondorful scienco of
itself, besidos being tho applicatiou of
a dozen othor scionces. Theu look
at tho interests which aro dopondont
upon a farm. "i ou will oxamino this
question but a little way boforo you
will concludo that agricultnro should
not bo left iu the hands of iguorant
or half educated people. This is all
the more true now that intensivo
farming is taking tho placo of tho
caroless scratching of ono or two
hundred acres.
Tako Caroof tho Stomach.
The man or woman whoso digestion
is porfect and whoso stomach per
forms its ovory function is never
sick. Kodol cleanses, purifies aud
sweetens the stomach and cures pos
itivolv and permauently all stomach
troubles, indigestion aud dyspepsia. It
is the wonderful reconstructivo tonio
that is making so many sick people
well aud weak people strong by con
veying to their bodies all of tho nonr
ishment in the food they eat. Rev.
J. H. Holladay, of Holladay, Miss.,
writes: Kodol has cured me. I con
sider it the best remedy I ever used
for dyspepsia and stomach troubles.
I was giveu up by physiclans Kodol
saved my life Take it after meals.
Rivers Bros.
When a fowl has scabby legs tho
greatest precautious must be taken.
An ointment hould bo used early
aud ofteu, or elso the birds should be
killed, as tho diseaso is coutagious.
Do not allow a bird with scabby legs
in tho llock, as it is a filthy, disa
greeable object. When tho diseaso
first apears an easy way to ouro it is
to rub on tho legs a grease composed
of ono part qf koroseno to oue part
of lard. This will iu nearly overy
caso entiroly clcar off tho scabs.
When tho logsbecomo thickly covered,
howover, the first duty Is to scrape
away as much of tho scale as possi
blo ; theu wash tho legs, and dry well,
aftor which greaso tho logs from toes
to thigh with an ointment composed
of ono toaspoonful of carbolio aeid
ouo gill of lard and ono tablespoonf ul
of coal-oil. Tho paiasito will succumb
to tho ointment, and tho scalos will
gradually fall off.
Tho French govornment has doeided
to instal in the Pantheon, Paris, tho
faiuons peuduliun by which Foucauld,
in 1SG7, demoiistruted tho rotatiou of
the carth.
A Parson's Noblo Act.
"I want all tho world to know,"
writes Rcv. O. J. Budlong, of Ash
away, R. I., " what a thoioughly good
and rcliablo medioiuo I fouud iu
Electric Bittors. Thoy eurod mo of
jaundico and livor trouUos that had
caused 1110 great snfforing for many
years. For a genuiuo, all-around
curo thoy exeol fliiything I evorsaw. "
Eleotrio Bittors aro tho surpriso of
all for thoir wondorful work in Livor,
Kidnoy and Stomaoh troubles. Don't
fail to try thom. Only CO ots. Satis
faotion, is guarautood by 0. Blakoly.
A gray, slowinovhig, dust-bepowderod
Thaton tlio edges breaks to scnttoihig
'Hoiiud wlileh tny falthful eolllos wheel
and bark
To fetirry-lii the lagirnrd fuettliat strnyi
A bubfl or eoinplanln lotigm.'s that nmko
The ittlll nlr weury with thelr eenseless
Hrou n lillls iikln to thu?u of QaUlee,
On wlileh tho slieplierds tend .their
uhargcs yet.
The lonjr. liot days, tliestnrk, wlnd beaten
No Lniuuui prt'sencc, human alght or
Grlm, slleut land nf waste'd hopus, where
Who eame for goltl ofttfmes havo imul
ness fonnd;
A bleating horrortliut foi'egatht'rssui'eeh.
Fm'zliig tlio word tluit fruni the lip
would pnsa,
And sunds Iho liunlsnmn grovellng with
Ill9 gllL't'p,
Faee down nnd beast-llke on tlio trniu
pled grass.
Tho eollUs lmlt, tlio slow lierd sways and ;
tlnddled iu frinlit iibovo tho low ruvino'
Wliero ulld with thlrt a hord tinshep
herded Ueat up and down with something
darU betwueii;
A narrow oirele ilint thoy will not cros,
A thlng tlmt stos the maddest in their
A ptim-ditig dog too weak to 11ft his bead,
Who lleks a haud still shriveled I11 tho
Sharlot M. Ilall iu Landof Suuphlne.
S44.000 STOLEN.
Paris, Sent. 11. What was at first
an uuconfirmed rumor, that tho Bank
of Franco had been robbcd, is given
out oillcially today as true. Scveral
morning uowspapers dovoted quito a
bit of space to tho rumor Wednesday
but it was not until lato that aftor
uoon that the story was vcrifiod.
Thero is but little doubt that tho
work was dono by professionals. Tlio
bank oflicials aro roticent about tho
affair, but being pressed for a stato
mont said: "The robbery amouuted
to 644,000 in gold. It was discovered
yesterday, but was kopt quiot on tho
advico of tho polico. It was not tho
work of burglars. Tiio gold was tak
on in tho dayti-ue, evidently by a per
son or porsons having nccess to tho
cash vault, but suspioion yet rcsts on
nobody. "
Tho secrot service of Paris aro in
clined to believo that professional
bank robbers in tiio guise of employees
aro rcsponsible for tho robbery.
Many clucs aro being followed.
A little life may bo sacricfied to a
sudden attaek of croup if you don't
havo Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil on
hand for tho emergency.
Ohcago, Sopt. 13. The meat morg
er is an nssured fact and will begin
oporations Soptembor 2. An indus
trial combination second only to tlio
United States Steol Corporntion in
point of mngnitudo and importance is,
thorofore, practically an accomlished
fact. Roports concerning the nctual
torms of tiio consolidation diil'er. The
most roliablo liglit shed upon tho sub
ject was tho plan.outlined by a Boston
authority, who lias possessed the most
inside imformation about the deal
ovor sinco its oxistenco was flrst ru
mored in tho earlypart of last spring.
According to this oxpert, tho now
packing combiiio is to bo capitalized
at tho rato of 25 times tho last year's
carnings of constitueut compaui'es. It
is said that it is thoundoubted determi
nation of tho cousolidated meat in
terests to control all of the packing
houses and stock ynrd compauies nnd
savo ovory possiblo doilar in the cost
of manufacturing and distribution.
In aldition to this, all by-products
will bo absolutely ccutrolled, and ef
forts macto to buy up iudustries that
are closely allied to tho meat businss.
Palnt Your Buggy for 75c. I
to Sl.lHJ with Dovoo's Gloss Can .ngel'nint.
It weijihs H to 8 oz3. moro to tlu plnt thnn
others, weais longer, nnd gi s a glott
epml to now worl', Sold by Ahbott &
New York, Sept. 11. A big red Texas
steer, which had evidently become fam
ished for want of water anJ fodder, ran
wild in Williamsburg this morning and
imperilled more than 1,000 children. It
was one of tho most exciting mornings
that Williamsburg has ever had, aud
about a dozen children who were unable
to get out of the animal's wav were more
or less injured, but none seriously enough
to warrant removal to an hospital. They
were taken home by their parents, while
about fifty more children who had become
frightened at the steer's exploits suftered
too much from the shock to attend th
school session. Before the steer was
killed it had become impaled by the
throat on one of the pickets of the school
The animal waa lassooed, but freed it
self again, and nothing further could be
done until two of the drovers who had
got on the track of the runaway steer
reached the school. After lassooing the
animal one of the men cut its throat
nrllOOK tlAII.i:i FKKIS.
A. ,M''i;VKHR, ('oiiei'Mltiiiw, liillaiuiiia
cl-uesS iliiin, I.iiiiu I'l-irr, .lilli 1'eivr.
II. II,)K1M(VIK, LniiitMii-Hs, Iniurliii.
tuiiESS Klii'iiinntlaiii.
C. C.iMHti: TllltOAT, (liilnsy. KpliootlC,
ci'lu-s j IHxli'mpcr,
cuit'aj WOItSIK, Ilut, Uiutw.
U. K. M'(ll'JIIK, 'il.l. riilluciim, liillniued
cu:tu! l'li'iirii-liiciiriionln,
lJ. l. t'(MJ(. Ilcllm hi. WlnJ.lllimu,
cunraS Dlurrlii'u, I)nciiti-rv.
(1.(2, I'n-tt'iita MlhOAItlllAdi:.
cui'esI K"M2V .t III.AIlDI'.U DIMIltnnitS.
1. I. Klil.V HIKr.AKK.M, Miiiiki!, Krnptlous,
CUUK8 ( I U'itk, (iri u.i', 1'nrry.
.1. K.illAI) CtlMM I IO.V, hlnrliiK C'nut,
cuufjiS lii'llui'.ilcin, bioiimili biMacr.
COo. cochi Stablo Caw, Ti-n Siwclflcs, Dook, &c, $7.
At tlrwsgUU, or sent iiropulcl on rooelpt of prico.
Ilumphroya' llcillcluo Co., Cor, Wllllam & Jobn
BtrccJ, Now York,
Tho Admlral, 2:07. in the nilllngs
Brable, ls sllghtly latne.
Thrco new 2:10 trotteis to dato
Anzelln, 2:08',!.; I'olndoxter, 2:09, and
Hesperus, 2:00'.
Little Charley Ilnyt, 2MV2, la stlll
going sound for W. U Snow, but ls not
ready for n race yet.
Two offers, each of $10,000, wero rc
ccntly refused for the Indlana paclng
geldlng Dan It., 2:05.
Though there aro 105 2:30 performers
by Slmmous, Hesperus ls tho flrst nnd
only ouo in tho 2:10 Hst.
Iva Deo, 2:12, is on tho market.
GcOrge Spear has reachcd tbe end of
his patience with hcr vagarles.
Major Dclmar, 2:11, ls a real high
class trottlng raco horsc game, relia
ble and much improved In gait.
rilot Medlum has two formldable as
pirants for tho 2:10 trottlng list in
Waubun, 2:10, nnd Agglo Medlum,
Terrlll S., fi:0SV6, was beaten ngaln a
few days ngo. It took John T. 21004
and flve heats over tho old Saugus
track to do it.
Though dlstanced In n recent race,
many belleve Lord March, 2:1 ono
of tho greatest green trotters that
Geers ever has had.
H. M. Hanna of Cleveland recently
bought the fast bay mare Leola, 2:11,
by C. F. Cltty, from J. T. Huguely,
Danville, Ky. The price is said to havo
been 10,000.
The ncwest fans are dalnty repllcns
of antique oucs treasured in varlous
museums of art.
The slot seam cffect will bo very
promlnent this nutumn 011 both sklrts,
jackcts and bodlces.
Molro Fraucals, cr the small wavod
molre, will gnln in fnvor this fall as a
fabrlc for elegaut fouudntion sllps for
lace or not and also for evenlng tollcts
Red jackets, with velvet turndowu
collars and small gold buttous, are the
latest wraps for tho beach and evonlng
drlvlng. They aro somowhat horsy
looklng, but thoy nre smart and con
veulcnt. Repllcas of many of the 1S30 styles
appear this season nmong the gowns,
made with tho bodices sliowlug long
sloplng shoulder seams and deep
volumlnous puffs dropplng from the el
bow nnd gathered lnto a wlde cuff that
is variously decorated.
Voile, with n' mesh so coarse ns to
suggest canvas, ls in great demand,
nnd many haudsome gowns are made
up with iusertlous in ecru or black aud
white, these arranged to give the ef
fect of a poluted tunlc, tho bodlce,
loose fronted, being Inlct with llke
iusertlous Iu a serles of V's, the nn
gles pointlng toward tho waist. New
York Post
Perhaps you'll feel like tending the
furnace yourself uext winter. Cleve
land Plain Dealer.
Anybody can write a book, and ev
erybody appears to be dolng that very
thing. Washington Post.
The resumption of conipetitive rifle
practice for marksmen In the regular
army is another corroboration of tho
fact that peace has been restored.
Omaha Bee.
Chicago proposes to doublo its popu
lation in the next quarter century nnd
is setting about It in n systematlc way.
Thirty-slx brace of twius were born in
the clty in the past four months. Mil
waukee Sentinel.
The act of Englnnd ln hauling' down
tho flag ln the Bay islands, off tho
coast of Honduras, attracts very little
attentlon. Really it Is a concession to
the United States rather than to Hon
duras, whoso soverclgnty over the is
lands will now bo undlsputed. Spring
fleld Republican.
Oxford unlverslty last year spont
$7,000 moro than its income and won
ders how it can provlde for 200 forelgn
studenta under the Rhodes bequest,
which does not lncrease the revenue of
the lnstltutlon a penny.
New York clty hns a school budgct
of nearly $20,000,000 this year, a larger
suru than ls cxpended for purposes of
educatlon by any otlier clty in tho
world and very much larger than is
expended by many countrles.
Mlss Charlotte E. Alnsllo has been
nppolnted bead of the George Watson
Womnn's colleg at Edlnburgb. Sho
was educated at that place nnd took
at St Andrewa her degree, with hon
ors in German, French and tho theory
of educatlon.
In Franco when a rallroad traln la
mors than ten mlnutes lato tho compa
ny is flned.
Movablo wlckerwork chairs roplaco
tho old fashloned scats ln the newcst
flrst class smoklng cnrrlagcs on tho
Northeastern rallway system, Eng
lnnd. The ten whecl englno which was te
naclously ndhered to for frelght serv
ice for tho last half of tho nlneteenth
century flrst mado Its appearance ln
1840, having been brought out by Sep
tlmus Norrls und John Brancb.
Tho automoblle seems to havo suc
cecdcd to tho good will nnd flxtures of
tho old Brooklyu trolloy enr. Memphls
Commorcial A'ppenl.
Tho nuuounccmept Is mndo that the
automoblle reeord hns been broken
ngaln, but it is not stnted how many
nutomobllcs havo been broken trylng
to break the reeord Omnha Bee.
tnuontWatchman Co., Job I'rlutors
Washington, Sopt. 12. Vormont
ponslous, inorcaso, roissuo, otc. :
Iloraco N. T.awronco, Motitpolior, $8;
James Milos, Burlington, $14 ; wid
ows, minors nnd dopondont rolntlves :
.Tulla F. Sisco, Arlington, $8.
Constnntinoiile, Sopt. lo. Only oiro
halr of tlio amouut of tho money ro
qnired for tho paymont of salnrios,
otc, upon tho occasion of thoSultan's
nnnivorsary, Scptembor 8, was obtain
ed from tho provlnces, and thoso col
lections wero mado only by threats
that tho provincial tax collcetors
would loso their posltlons unless tho
monoy was forthcomlng. Tho bal
nnco of tho sum ref orred to was mado
up by contributiotis from tho fund for
military purchases, oustoms, recoipts,
otc. Tho monoy thus takeu from tho
last nnm'ed sources will iutorforo with
tlio Porto's paymonts to tho Oramps,
of Philadelphia, and to Horr Krupp,
of Germany, for war material.
That Boautiful Closs,
eomea from tho vurulsh In Devcn-'s Var
nlh Floor I'aint: eosts 5 eents more a
qtiatt though. Sold by Abbott & Bailey.
tlOTT Ther Should II e Ilolled nnd
A handsorae umbrelln is well worth
taking caro of, and to do this roquirea
a little thonght and good judgment,
says tho Philadelphia Reeord. In roll
lng an umbrelln iustend of twlsting
with handlc tako hold of lt just abovo
tho points of the cover rlbs. These
polnts nnturally 11c evenly nround tho
Btlcls. Ivecp nold of these, presslng
. them tlghtly ngalnst the stlck, nnd
I then roll up the cover. Holdlng tho
ed out of place or bendlng out of shapo.
Then tho sllk Is bound to fold evenly
and roll smooth and tlght.
When an umbrella hns beon out In a
rntn tf faliAtllrl fQ Tilonn1 tn flrnln 1m.
' medlately upon your return to tho
houso', and lt should be drnlned in tho
positlon ln which ono enrrles an um
brella. To do this place the handle of
the umbrelln on n small stand that will
not r.etain tho drippings, and there let
it remain until thorougbly dry. If
placed upsldo down, the molsture will
soak into the lcather at the top and
will gradually tend to rot lt out, so tho
i llfo of the umbrella will be greatly
Many persons nre extremely fond of
having handsome hnndles for their
. umbrellas, and this very pleasant fad
may bo carried out without very great
, espense. Handsome handles may Ve
purchased separate from the umbrella
and may be adjusted without trouble,
provlded care Is taken when selectlng
the handles to sccure thoso of a slml
lar mako to the umbrella. In some um
brellas the serew ls fastened to tho
stlck; ln others the stlck has a hollow
place for the receptlon of the screw.
In every caso it Is wlse to select an
umbrella from whieh tho handle may
bo removed, as then the umbrella may
bo easlly packed lf necessnry ln a
much smaller space than when tho
handle ls stationary.
Bow to Tet DrlnklnK Water.
A slngle test of driuklng water is tho
Meisch sewagc test. Fill a clean plnt
bottle three-quarters full of the water
to bo tested, and dlssolve ln it half a
toaspoonful of granulated sugar. Cork
lt and set it ln u warm plaee for two
days. If durlng this tlme lt becomes
cloudy or mllky, lt is unfit for doines
tlc use. If it remains porfectly clear,
it 1b probably safe. Bo careful that
tho bottle is absolutely ns clean as you
can make lt and the sugar pure.
now to Make Dellcloas I.emontule.
Perfect lemonnde ls not common. To
make it at Its best tbe water and sugax
should bo bollcd together to form a
slrup. Allow half a pound of sugar to
each quart of water and boll together
for flvo mlnutes, then straln and stand
asldo to cool. Allow four good slzed
lemons, rub two of them with a few
lumps of sugnr until they havo aU
eorbcd the oil. Add them to tho slrup,
then extrnct tho Julce from all tho
lemons; removo the plps nnd stir into
the sugnr and water. When needed,
add lco and servo very cold in thln
tumbters. To make a sllghtly moro
elaborato drlnk ndd a few crushed
Btrnwberrles or rnspberrles, a few
bIIccs of plneapplo or a few of orange,
as may be ln season.
IIow to Ilemove Palnt Stalni.
A fresh pnlnt staln on woolen gooda
will dlsappear if rubbed ngalnst other
woolen goods. For instanee, If tbe staln
1b on tho sleeve of a coat, tako that
garment off nndfrub tho palnt ngalnst
tho other sleeve. It will disappear nnd
leavo no sign.' This ls easler than ap
plylng'turpentlno nnd exactly as efflca
clous, but lt must bo dono whllo tho
palnt ls still wct.
Tlio imiuml mec'ting of tlio tnein
bors of tho Vermont Mutunl Firo
Insurnncc Compnny for tho election
of Directors, nnd tho trnnsaetioi) of
any othor lepal businesR, will bo
heid at its nlllce, on Wednesday Oc
tobcr 15, 1002 nt two (2) o'clock
1. M.
By oi'dfr of tlio Dirrctorp.
Montpelier, Vt. Sept. 1, 1902.
.Intnes T. Snbin, Scciotnry.
M. W. Wheelock's
INTEL" lOtlNCE Opfice,
At Montpelier liouU Bmdi'ry, hnvo bnr
guiiMiu ho'iHcs, lotH nnd otlu'r valuiible
properly. l'liu'es waiited for Itret-uhiev
oU'iks. iiiulu. hotel eoolc, girln for houso
worUy, laundry work, ete.
sO-No expi-nso for rogistering.
Rnggcd nnd frayed ln Soptembor
dross, but withnl, thoro is a beauty
peculiarly its own, snys Coufitry Lifo
in Amorica. So would wo fain ho
cvor aflold. Tho botaulsts strolling
over tho hills aud through tho swamps
roalizos this is practically tho end of
tho ilowor year. As iu tho provions
month, tho flowors nro vory largely
compcslto. Thegoldenrods, thonsters
and tho sunflowors lend vivid patches
of color to tho prospect. There aro
comparatlvoly fow now flowors to bo
sought for.
Howover tlwro nro sovoral, tlio flnd
ing of which will be among tho cal
endar ovents of tho year. " Perchanco
it is that in tho lattor part of tho
month our wandorings may load you
to tho retreat of tho most beautiful of
all fall blossoms, tho fringed goutian.
Its color is of heaven's own hue, and
lt dolicato beauty is so elusivo as to
defy most skilful brush of tho nrtist.
Who cnn forget the flrst introduction
to theso floral boautios of tho fall
mcadows. Twj other but loss hand
some consins, the stiff gontian aud tho
closed goutian, also como this month.
Datnp places nre mado beautiful by
tlio Jorusalem artichoko, commonly
callcd tho wild sunflower, whoso
briglit cheerful faco seems ovor sinil-
lng a greetinc to tho passorby.
Anothbr of Soptembor' s Ilowor folk
robed in blue or violet is the smooth
or blue ater found in dry soils and
open woods. A famillar little frlond
with whom nlmost everyono is ac
quaintcd, tho white hcath aster, somo
times called white rosomary or faro
well summer, is found in dry soil
everywliero. Not far distnnt you aro
sure to flnd tlio wavy aster or small
firebano, with its thick, rough, heart
shaped lower leaves. The yollow of
the witclihas'.el also gladdeus tlio oyo
of tho loiterer in September woodlands
and thickets.
Flowors should be arrauged accord
ing to thoir natural clusters. Thus
thoso growing in largo groups should
bo arranged in a mass, while thoso
growing separntc nnd apart from their
follows aro moro ellective in lighter
The materials of tho vasu must not
attract nttention. For wild flowors,
especially, tho simpler aud moro rns
tie tlie charactor of the receiver, tlio
better. The eolor must be unobtru
sive, for the attention must bo devot
ed to tlio flower, not tlio vaso. White
or green glass vessels, or those of opal
tints, are often extremely effective if
tliey harmonizo with tho color of tho
ilowers and leaves. Opaquo white
neutral gray or gray bnff are desir
able. Whothor the Iloweis are placed iu
vessels transparent or opaque depeuds
greatly upon tho character of tho
stem, i.e., whether in itself the stem
be graceful or awkward.
Thero is a French aphorism that
says: "Woman should always appear
at her best for her liusbaud. " It
would bo a small wonder indeed, if
less marital defection would result
from a better uuderstauding of tho
home nttire by tho avorage woman
who regards today the lessening at
tentioiis of lier life partnor asareruis
siou on his part, aud fails to under
stand the mission on her sido. Thoro
is nothing liko pretty clothos and well
eousidered attire to mako a suucess
of auy womau's power of attrac
tion. It doosn't take monoy; it sim
ply takes good taste, senso a'uda prop
er view of fitness for flt occasioiis.
B'Elght young Chineso women of
the highest circles in Kiagnssu have
been sent to Japau for tlireo years'
education. It is tho first known caso
of the kind.
It is announcod nt Corneli Uiiiver
sity that three womeii havo signified
thoir intentiou of studyiug civil eu
gineering in theuniversity next year.
Heretoforo no woman has taken that
conrso there.
Tho simplo'comfortable, serviceablo
nnd good looking shirtwaist suits,
which havo .beeu popnlar this sum
mer, will be reproduced in light
weight wools this fall. A variety of
fabrics will be used in their construc
tion from plain colored, dotted, fleck
ed aud piu striped materials, to the
lightweight wools in tiny checks or
subdued plaids.
The old'qnery, "Who's got the but
ton?" will not bo difficult to auswor
this fall. One need ouly look at the
gown of the fashionable woman. But
tous will be au important olement
in tlio decorations of the now cos
tnms. Thero are all sorts to solect
from, gnn motnl, dull silver aud
ouamol boiug especinlly appropriato
for clieviots, oloths and othor rathor
heavy fabrics,! while for dainty, deli
ato silks and woolotis aro lovoly little
jeweled affairs closoly resembhug tho
real gems. On somo of tho now gowns
aud wraps tho buttous aro vory largo
and striking.
Ostrich fcnthors aro always popnlar
in tlio winter millinory, and thoy will
bo tho trimming par oxcollonco for
picturesquo hats for dress occasions.
But flowors and foliago will not bo
uttorly discarded. Hats especially ap
propriato for fall aro of autumu loavos
with fplds of velvet of hariuouizing
huo ; for instanco n hat covored witii
oak leaves in tho vnrious tiuts of
brown nnd dull red has a broad bow
mndo of volvot ribbon iu tho two
shades nt tho back. Somo of tho now
shaggy 4'elt hats aro trimmed with
llowors of sliaded volvet. Tho vogue
of tho" parrot shados," as thoy aro
popularly called, will not pass witii
tho summor. Exquisito efl'ects in
plumago for antumn hats aro achioved
ln tho combination of vivid groon and
brilliant bluo. Boston Reeord.
Is thoro is nnyono who cnn oxplain
why niuo out of overy tou womou of
tlio day cnrry tho trains of thoir
gowns ns thoy do? Thoro is sueh n
ourious siniilarity in tlio way thoy
grasp thoir skirts tlmt ono rnight
nlmost think thoro wns a school to
toaoh tho progross Tho modus opor
nndi is ns follows : Tho skirt is flrtnly
grasped with tho hand nnd drngged
tightly nround tho hody, allowing ou
ono Bido nbont tlireo inohosof material
to swoop tho dnst, whilo ou tlio
othor at lonst tlireo liiehes cf hosierv
is displayed. This xm-thod 1h open t6
objectiou ou many scores. It is not
graceful, it is not thorough, aud it
is not modest. It does not nccomp
lish tho object for whioh it started
out, if that ob,1rct wns really to
gathor tho folds of ono's costumcs off
tho pavomont nnd not to show one's
good looking shoes and sllk stockiiigs.
Tliero havo been prettlor fads than
this, that's sure, but it seems so
unnnimoiis a fad all ovor tho conntry
and particularly at seashoro rosorts
that thoro seftns little hopo it will
pass, far awhilo yet any wav. Boston
Weekly Market Report.
Boston Produco Markot.
Common extrap (0 " 2 C0
Cliolcu extras awl eecomn 2;co "SW
Mlniii'fldtuclt'uruiiil &trnlulit 3 3) u 40
Mlcliliran. cli'iir uli'l jtralht.. 8 71 "3 85
New lork clear awl Mrtilyht S 70 " 3 W
Olilo and St. I.oulj clcnr 3 611 "3 84
Olilr. nii'l Sl, l.otils ttrnlglit S SS " ( 0)
Ohlo aml St. Iiiinli patent 4 m ' 4
Wlscoiisln anU Mlnn. rattnt 4 1(1 "t'JJ
Oranulatcil, liarrel j 80 to 3 SO
Common, barre' .... 2 st "3 39
llau me.il i 35 1 37
MlcldlliiKS, sacked, per ton 18 00 to 53 C
Ilran, Backed, winter 18 01 ' 18 M
Ilran, sackcil, (prltyr 17 25 " 17 49
Cotlonsecd meal J7 00 " 27 'jo
Eastern, cliolce freeli 21 t0
Eastern.falr (o kooiI, iloz 18 20
Vt. and if. H., cliolco fresh, iloi 30 22
Steamerjellow 72 to 78
Steamer 71
So. 3 ;i u
Oood, no graile M
Aroostook Helirong ,, JO to
New Ilaninslilre Hcljrons to '
Vermont lltbrous io
No. 1, cllpped wlntenew to
No.2, clipped white, 411, "
No. 2 white 41
No. 3 white 4ii iitlt
ltelected white 40 " i6j
lay, N. Y. and Can., cholce to fanc'.. 18 00 to
1 jny, N. Y. and Canada, tulrtogpod.. 16 00 17 50
liny, eastern, cliolce 12 fjo 13 (
llay, eaitern.ordlnary to fair 10 00 "12 00
Ilay, eastern, common 10 00 " 11 10
llay, casteni, cholce tlne 11 00 " 13 W
Ilay, eastern. common llne 12 00 " 13
Vt. and N. II., a&sorted slzes 20 to 21
Northern N. Y., assorted slzcs.... 20) " 21
Nortliern N. Y., lartre tuus 20J " 21
Western,asst., spruce tubs 20'- " 21
Wcetern, larfie asli tubs 2D ' 20
Creamery, nortliern flrsts 19 lt'
Creamery, eastern, best tuarks ,9J ' 20
Creamery, eastern, tdlr to good 20 " 20
Creamery, westem tlrsts, 10 "
Creamery, seconds 17 "
iairy, v 1., u.ira 10 " .
Dalry, X. Y extra la "
Dalry, N.Y. and Vt. flrsts 17 '
Ilacks, hb 21 C0 to 2J 00
Short cut clear 22 50 "
Clear 23 ou
Lean ends 23 00 " 23 50
Clty rendcred, pure, 1b Hf to
Westem compouml 10' ' 11
l'ure kettle, rendered 11 .
Smoked Ilams
noston, small. 1b 131 "13!
Ilostou, medlum 12' " 13J
Uostou.larKe 12 " 12
Heef, cliolce, lh 12 to 12.'
Ileef, llghtchulce, lli ln' 12
lleel', heavy jtood.lb 10V ' IU
lleet, xood, 1b a " 10
Ileef.lilndquarters, cholce IH " 15
Ileef, hludiuarters, comnion to Kood 10 " 13
lleef, forefjiinrlers, cliolce 8 " 10
Iteu', lurtquarters, comuiun to good 8 " 10
Muttou, extra 7' " 8
Muttoii, common to Kood 5 " 7
I.amlis, ch. east. Ib li " 12
I.auibs, common to good, Ib a' " 11
Veals, cliolce eastern, 1b 10 "
Veals, lalr to good 8 " lt
Veals. common - " .
Iloijs, country dretsed, lb 7'a " 8
Boston Lumber Market.
1.0XG t.UMUER.
Hemlock hoards, rough 13 00 to
IJemlockhoards, planed 14 50 ' 15 60
Hemlock boards, Xo. 2 11 00 " 12 00
Spruce boards, 1st, clear floor 18 00 ' 19 60
Spruce boards, 2ds, clear floor 16 00 ' 17 00
Sprucu'boaids. coarse 3 " 13 5
S-pruce, nor. do, cars 13 50 " 14 04
Spruce, matched 18 00 ' 19 M
Uox boards, 1 In. Dangor 12 CO " 13 09
llox boards, ord a 50 " io 54
Box boards, 7-9 do 9 10 " 9 20
Uox boards. 3-4 do 8 60 " 8 TO
Box boards, 11-lC.do 8 00 " 8 2
Uox boards, 5-8 do 7 03 " 8 09
Slijngles, Eastern 6awcd, cedar ex 3 50 to 3 60
bhlngles, do clear 3 10 3 10
Shlngles, do 2ds 2 40 " 2 60
Shlngles, do ex. Xo, 1 1 C0 " 17
Shlngles, do Xo. 1 1 60 " 1 74
Clapboards, do 4 ft. ex 40 00 " .
Clapboards, do clear 8S () " 40 09
Clapboards, Sds, clear 31 10 " 36 09
Clapboards, extra Xo. 1 28 00 " 29 00
Clapboards, Xo. 1 " -L
Latli, spruce, by cars 3 10 " 3 20
Lath, spruce, by cargoes 3 00 ' 3 10
Boston'.Wool Markot.
X and above : to 27
Xo. 1 2i
j 2 27 " 53
r lue unwashed 19 ' 20
Unmerchantable 19 ' 20
Xo. 1, comblng, and ; blood 22 " 23
No.2 comblug,4 blood 12 " 23
Delalne 30 " 31
Comblng, )i blood 22 to 21
Comblng, blood 21 " 22
Comblng, brald 18 " 19
Clothlng, ,', blood 22 2j
Clothlng, coarse 21 " 22
A flne (5 to 47
A super 42 44
U 6Uner SA " :a
C super..... 28 "34
Coiuldng, flne 43 " 60
Comblng, common 37 " 44
Vormont Markots.
Butter, fresh I116 Ib. boxit, lb 18 lo 20
llutter. fresh new, Iu tubs, Ib 18 "19
Cheese, dalry, lb 11 " 12
Egg, doz.,lrel "22
l'otatoes, biikh., new ,,,, 50 " .
Apples. oush, 50
Ilogs, llve, lb fi- "
Hogs, dressed, lb 7U g
l.auibs.per Ib 4 j
Veals. Ilre. II " 5
Chlckelis. lb 16 " u
Fowls, lh 8 " 9
TurUyMh J4 j5
Butter, dalry 13 " 20
Eggs. doz 20
l'otatoes, peek.T , 40
Hogs, dressed, lb.. , 8 " 9
Veals, llve. Ib j g
Spring laiubs, lb 6 " 6
Be(f, hlndQUarters, lb , 8 ' 10
Heef.lorequarters, lb 8 " s
Fowls. lb , 1 a "no
Spring Chlck.eli9, lb 20 " 20
lurkeys, lb j 13 j
Flour, Spring Wheat, liarrel. 1 76 to 5 00
t our, Winter Wheat, barrel 4 75 "6 00
lour, Family Itoller, barrel 4 50 " 4 76
1471," 160
Jlf? l.cwt 1 37l" I 1
.Mlddllngs, cwt 1 I l.s 1 30
Oats, bush , 67
Com, bush 71 go
Bran, cwt , 1 10 " 1 15
Beans, liushel 2 W "2 24
1 mim wii, 11..1 Tk.m
LRU I LO Reoommend as the BEST
ImmeJlate rellef.no dmircr.iioptln,
UmhI loryer iy lcitlinic ilntiills(i. IlundreJi of teC
mouiuli. A tr U I will convf ni ou ot thir Intrlniio ta16o
IncaBeofiuppreiiion. Scnd ten centi for umpl &ek
book. AllDnuRimorby iMflil$lV)boi,

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