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A Successful rietliod of Wnrdlng Off
tlte Dlscasc nnd of Erndlcatlng It
from tlic Systcm.
Qrip has nnulo its appoaraueo tliis
Bpring i a lurgor nuinbor of onses
tlinn fo r sovorul yoiirs past. Wliilo it
is truo that in most casoa un attack of
this diseaso leaves tlio viatini iu shat
torod hualth aud of tou laya tlio fouudu
tiou for mpre sorious uilliotious, its
nftor-affocts oau bo drivon out us tlio
followlug intorviow will sliow:
"An nttack of tho grip loft mo in n
most niisorablo oondition," said Mrs.
M. J. Counor, of No. -130 Brook stroot,
Sorauton, Pa., "nnd I tlid not rucovor
my hoalth for a loug whilo aftorward.
Then, wlicn ovorythiug oIbo liad failod
to holp uio, I took Dr. Wllliums' Piuk
PiUs for Palo Pooplo nnd tlioy curod
"My systom was iu a droadfui cou
ditiou. Eveu to walk at all briskly ou
n lovol jnado mo sltort of broatli, aud
goiug up liill or npstairs distressod mo
torribly I liad uight swoats, my foot
woro nlwnys cold aud itoiiod or
pricklori ouough to mako mo aluiost
cra.y somotimos. Aud my lioad ached
ovor my oyos. I could uot sluop nud
my lioart would beat liko blows of a
hammor. In tho worning my hands
aud anus would fool numb. I wub
also subject to faiutiug Bpolls nnd with
it all I was porfcctly misorabio.
"I saw Dr. Willinuis' Piuk Pills
moutioned iu ono of tho pnpors aud so
I got somo at the South Sido Pharmacy.
Tho flrst bos holpod mo aud by tho
timo I liad takou throo boxos all tho
unploasaut Bymptoms woro gouo aud I
was as woll agniu as I was boforo tho
attnok of tho grip. "
Tlio fact that Dr. Williams' Piuk
Pills for Palo Pooplo cau ouro wliou
thn troublo is bo dooply soated as it
was in Mrs. Couucr's cnso makes it
doubly cortaiu that thoy oau also tone
np tlio syBtem, ourich tlio blood aud
mako au attack of tho grip impossiblo.
Dr. Williams' Piuk Pills for Palo
Pooplo aro sold by all doalors, or will
bo sout postpaid on rocoipt of prico,
flf ty couts a box ; six boxos for two
dollars aud a hnlf, by nddrossiug Dr.
Williams Mediciuo Co., Schouoctady,
N. Y. Bo suro nnd got tho gouuino.
Substitutos uovor curod nuybody.
Sond for froo booklot of modicnl ad
vico. ON A QUAltTEll AClllS.
I dou't know whothor fnrming pays
or uot but I would liko to try it. I
fiud tho avorago farmor has moro mou
oy to sparo at tho oud of tho year thau
I liave. I mnst work 50 woeks out of
52 to got two wooks' vacatiou iu the
country oach yoar. I must worK uiuo
hours a day, with 30 miuutes noouiug
for luuoh, to mako 75 a inouth. To
mako more I must work ovortimo nt so
muoh nu hour. I havo always kopt
Iioub aud a cow or two nud hnd a small
garden which uever thrived nntil I
bocauio a subscriber to Tho Homostoad
nud begnu to uso tho artioles iead
thoroiu as I oamoaoross thom from
timo to timo. Tho past threo yoars I
have not purchasod a vogotablo other
than potatoes for a family of oight,
growiug ovorythiug ou a pioco of laud
150 feot squaro nud stockod with all
sorts of sniall fruits, iuoluding applcs,
plums and ono poar. I ofton wonder
how bo muoh cau bo raiscd on snch a
Biuall pieco of poor ground by feoding
it with propor food to produco what
you oxpoct it to produco.
I also put away for wintor uso 200
hoads cabbago, 500 colory aud n supply
of nll othor vogotables oxcopt potatoes,
nll grown from directious of ono ar
tiolo or auothor takou froiu Tho Home
Btoad. I won .U8 in prizcs at onr hor
ticultural exhibitiou in Soptombor,
winuing 18 flrsts and 12 soeouds on
flowers, vogotables nud fruit.
Through studyiug tho modol dairy
test of breeds nt tlio Paii-American I
becamo anxions to own n thorough
brod Holstniu co I wroto to au nd
vortisor iu Tho Homestoad nnd ro
coivod roply that ho did not havo what
1 wantod just thon but would writo
agaiu. Ho nevor wroto and I bought
elBowhore. I got tho laugh for tho
prico, but I said little till I had hor a
wook; thou I showod tho pail of milk.
Uluo blood tolls overy timo. Sho does
not owo mo a cont today and has ro
turnod hor purchaso monoy, foed aud
5 ovor. Proviously rlmd purchaKod
my cows from doalors and got robbed
ovory , timo. U. A. Stovous in New
Knglaud Homefltead.
of washing is a wonder
worker in the laundry
and household. Makes
washday bright and the
linens white. Reduces
labor and increases ease.
All This-
Dlfj Cako
Tho dopartmont of agriculturo ro
porta that nu onormons liuinbor of lot
torB is buiug rocolvod at tlio dopart
mont from farmors in nll parts of tho
conutn askiug for dolluito informa
tiou concorning a so-called now grain
calkd 'ecru whoat" aud UBiiully at
tho Bnmo timo rcqucstiug BamploB for
Thoso lottors aro tho rosult of wldo
ly publiRhod nowBpapor r.oports. Tln
dopartmout nuthorizos tho Btatomont
nnd thoro is no Buch thing as corn
whoat, and it is probablo that no hy
brid of coiu aud whoat could ovor bo
prodnood, or nt nuy rato, ono that
would bo fortilo.
Tho'graln whloh oausod tho uuwb
napor publications U known oorroctly
as Poltsh whoat. Tlio nowspapoi ro
porte, tho dopartmont says, aro cor
root iu saylng that tho hoad aud
grain of this whoat aro vory largo,
tho grainss boliig in mauy casos notu
ally twico as largo as thoso of ordi
nary whoat. Tho Btatoments thnt it
yiolds sixty to ono huudrod bushols is
howovor, probably oonsidornbly ox
aggoratotl. Tho oxporimonts mado by
tho agrioultural dupartmont nnd by
oxporimout stations in a fow placos
show that tho yiold, is rathor disap
pointing. Tho svlioat haB boon grown
only oxporlmoutally in this country,
oxcont iu n vory fow nlaoos. From
oxporimonts so far mndo tlio iuforouco
would bo thnt tho grnin would bo vory
good as u hog food. PoliBh whont is
uiuch rostrictod iu its adnptiou nud
tho dapartmont says could not bo suo
cossfullv urown anvwhero east of tho
Mississippl rivor. Tho dopartmout lias
uo seotl oi tlio grain iu BtocK.
Sati Frauoisco, Mar. 27. Judgo
Heury 0. Ido,a momber of tho Philip-
piuo commlssiou,arrivcd ou tho Koren
yestordny aftor two years ipont in tho
idanda Judgo ldo's hoalth lias beon
impariod for sotuo timo aud ho rccont
ly spont throo moutln iu Japau iu au
effort to roouporato from tho offocts of
tho tryiug olimnto of Mnniln. Fail-
iug to Becuro pormanoii1; bcuoflt lio
dotormiuod to rotnrn to tho Unitod
nu trj2i"s exl'JjAnation.
Washington, Maroh 80. t-At tho iu
Btauco of tho Presidout, Admiral
Dowoy lias oalled by appointmont nt
tho White Houso' nud mndo n full ox
plauatiou of n rocout uewspapor intor
viow iu which tho admiral wiib quot
od aa sayiiig that tho Oaribbeau Scn
uiauoonvers woro nu object lessou to
the Kaisor, moro than to auy othor
porsou." Tho admiral assurcd tlio
Presidout that ho hnd uo iutcution of
roflectiug ou Germauy, lier Kuiporor,
or hor uavy, aud whilo tho Btatomeuts
crodited to him wero substautially
wliat ho said, ho neglected to cautiou
the iuterviowor agaiust quotiug him
Berlin, Maroh 80. Tho Gnrmau
press almost withont cxception refors
to tho recent intorviow giveu by Ad
miral Dowoy to a Nowark, N. J., pa
per iu toruis of bitterness. Tho Vas
sicho Zeituug snyn Admiral Dewoy
is a worthy imitator of Oaptain Cogh
lan, who at a New York club gavo n
boastful toajt bristling with insultB
to Gormauy, aud wanned up tho ox
ploded story that Admiral Dowoy com
polled tho Gormau ileot at Mauila to
lio to wheu it refused to respect tho
blockado. Oaptaiu Coghlau seems
howovor, to havo spokon from Admir
al Dewoy's owu heart. Captaiu Cogh
lau was disciplined, aud Presidout
MoKiuloy oxprossed to tho Goruian
ambassador his rcgrot that tho inci
deut ocourred. Tho samo thing must
porhaps bo dono uow, iu ordor that
Buporheatod Dowoys mny bo cooled
down. Political gouorals aud admir-
als, nt any raio, aro uot a sigu of
wholepalo political conditious. ,
Tho "Tagloblatt" scoi iu Admir
al Dewoy's words couflrmation of "its
oft ropcated assortiou that the United
StatosN easy victory ovor Spaiu Jias
prodnced a cortaiu oxaggoratod mili
tary solf-coucoit.
I R 1 1 1 L V JVno llavs Usci Them
muiLu neoommena asmeutsi Ly
Stir CrownUrnnd
imniHjuie renei, no ditiKer. no pin.
UmiI foreat ly Itiilliix peclTin. Hundredi ortertl.
luoiilili. A trli I vi III convlm o you ol thclr Inlrlnilc illue
lacftieofiupprcflilon. Henl len cnti for umplt aod
t.ook. AllDnlsliliorbyinllel-V)L)Oi.
Only Flvo Conta
Btaylng iu Montpclior of lato, tolls us
tiiac no may roturn uoro iiuer nnu tauo
up tno lisii buslueHS agaiu, lor tlio
A Kontneky friond, who is gouoral
ly on tho right sido in tho groat quos
tioiiH of tho day, has just askod us, in
ia tho mattor with old Vorniout? and
auoB, "i aiu asiiamuu ot you." liut
nu is onir ono oi a muuicuuo ioeuug
that way.
Aftor a voiy sad illnoBB of two aud
a half yoars, Mrs. Major D. .Flint
Jiod at tho homo of hor daughtor,
Mrs. Dauiol 0. Townsond, last wook
Tuesday, iu hor oightioth yoar. Sho
was buriod on ThuiBday, irom Mr.
Towusoud'B houso, Kov. D. II. Strong,
pastor of tho Cougrogatioual churchof
wnicii biio nas uoon a momuor lor
years, olllriating. Sho was buriod in
tho East Hill comotory whoro tho body
of a child was buriod, and to which
tho body of hor lato husbnud will bo
rouiovod from tho villai'O comotory.
Sho had buriod two othor cl'.ildrou,
ono iu Royalton, and ouc in Tuu-
bridgo. A daughtor anu son survivo
hor. Sho was tho daughtor of tho lato
Orrin Walker, aud a good wouiau.
Mr. aud Mrs. Townsoud dcsiro to ox
prcss thoir apptociatiou of thnuks for
tho kiiidnops showu by uoighbors nud
friouds in tho doath nnd burial of Mrs.
Georco L. EdEon was in Now York
and lioston last wook lor goous ior ins
Lymau Hnywnrd, nu opilontic, has
boou takon to Brattleboro by Ovorseor
ot tho- Poor Ueorgo w, JNicliols, to bo
curod for thoro. His iB n pitiuble cnso.
Will Dullus will craduato uoxt torm
from tho high school iu Wotorbury.
Mrs. Patsy Elliott and sou, now of
Nortliliolu, woro tho guosts last wook,
ot the latnily oi Hor brotlior-lu-iaw,
Miko Elliott.
Ed Duttou, bou of Sauford H. Dut-
tou, is to ' ocouny tho Galo houso, iu
our villago, lntoly bought by Gharles
U. btaples.
CowslipB aud frocs horoabouts, must
bo takou as ' liarbingors ot spring. "
Horaco Farnham has just roturued
from tho Wost with auothor carload
of horses.
An ont of town ruuu souds us word
that auothor shonld bo addod to our
list of "prcfossional Martins. " On
inquiry or towusmau Albort It. Mar
tiu, I o tolls us ho tluuks his lato
father's oldest brothor, thc lato Nathau
iol Martiu.was ouco a Cougrogatioual
minister and aftor haviug embracd
MomiQiiisni, wholly or in part, died a
Spiritualist iu the Wost.
A bou was latoly born to Mr. aud
Mrs. Charlos Holdou, aud a daughtor
to Mr. and Mrs. Will Saltor, who livo
ou tho Brookfield road, and iii tho Wil
liarn Haiisou uoighborliood.
Last year Georg'o Gumlaw, a stouo
cuttor iu Barro, bought tho Dcuison
Browu farm, ou tho wost sido of tho
towu ; uow ho has oxchaugod faruis
with Fred Blaine, who has lived for
Bomo years ou tho old Horaco Suiith
farm. Mr. Blaiuo will go to tho
Brown place tho flrst of April, aud
Mr. Gumlaw will roturn to stouo cut-
tiug in Barro driviug from his now
homo hore, uaily.
Wo havo seon onouoh of tho5oxperi
onco of stouo cuttors, who havo givou
up thoir work, aud gouo to farms, to
oxpect suroly that is is ouly a question
of timo, whou most of thom will glad
ly roturn to their old trado. Aud yot
wo havo two such, ouo on tho O. S.
Walkor farm, and tho other on tho
RubsoII Martiu farm, who aro sticking
woll to farmiug.
Edson S. Martiu, who oamo from
tho homo of his lato fathor, rcceiitly
sold, to onr villnco, has beeu workiug
of lato for tho Barro oity firm of
Smith, Whitcomb & Cook, driviug a
team. Ho may reinaiu thoro for somo
Goorgo O. Earlo has just boou mak
ing repairs in his lioiise, buildiug a
chiniuoj from tho eollar bottoni, otc.
Sauford II. Duttou has hiiod Fred
Gauthior for farm work, for a torm of
Clinrlns I. T?nnnilinh wwit, tn Hnr
ligtou last Saturday to visit his tlnee
cniiurou inoru.
It is uow almost, or quite, a scoro of
years sinco a ladios' reading olub was
lormou uoro, tliat nas beon Kopt up,
moantimo. Tho work dono has beon
of a hlch ordor and of groat valuo,
aud rolleots aroat honor on thoso who
havo laborod so hard, and so porsist
outly iu it.
Mrs. Alf Houso will work for Miss
Holon Ilarrington, in hor now dress
making establishmcut iu the Bockott
Our dromatio olub last Thnrsdny nnd
Friday ovonings gavo tho four aot
comody, "Unclo Hi, "ajttlio towu hall.
Salos of tickots nmouiitod to $47.
Whorons, Doath has romovod au
othor comrado from our post, aud
Josoph Gautiior, now froo from his
loug auu paiurui sickuoss, nwmts ou
tliu otlior slioro tlio comtng ot liiscom
rades and friouds, Commandor
Gautliior iu his last sickncKS oxpiossed
his good wishos for this post, aud was
thaukfnl for visits' from momhers of
our ordor, Thoreforo bo it resolvod
that tlio sympathy of this post bo
toudorcd tho wilo and childron of our
lato comrado : resolvod that our char
tor bo draped for thirty days, that
thoso rosolutioiJH bo sproad upou tho
rocords of this post, and a copy sont
ior publicatlon. O. l. Soavor, is. U,
Farnhaiu, Jason Joliiison, Committoo,
Whoroas, God iu his infiuito wis
dom "has callud our comrado, John
Farnham. from his labors horo to a
hubitation not mado with hnuds,
otonml iu tho heavons, nud whereas,
in tho death of our comrado tho
Grand Army has lost a worthy niom
bor, tho comimiiiity an nprlght oiti
zon, nnd his family a kiud hnsband
and fathor, thoreforo bo it resolvod
that tho charter of this post bo draped
for tho period of thirty days, and, ro
Bolved, that wo extond to tlio family
of our lato comrado our hoartfolt sym
pathy : resolvod, that thoFu rosolu-
tioim ho spread upon tlio rocoids of
this post, aud be pulilishod iu tho lo
cal impers, and a eopy ho eout to tho
nerouvod raiaiiy. u. j. Urani, O. r .
Seavor, N. R. Farnhaui, Coniuiittoe.
Beai tho T18 Klnil Yoti llava Always 3wig!il
1 Tlm
If you uso Graln-0 in placo of
coffeo you will cnjoy It just as
much for it tastcs tho samo J yct, it
is liko a food to tho systcm, dls
trlbutlng tho full Bubstnneo o tho
puro grain with overy drop.
M Rroccrs cverjwhcro J 15o. nnd 25c. por packttgo.
MrB. Charlos Robio is qnito ill
O. a. aiiaw is attoudlug lior.
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs.
Gny Bauoroft March 24.
Lolla Wobstor roturncd to hor school
last Saturday.
Miss Etta Chnmborlaiu, a toaohor
in tho Union school Moutpolior, was
tho guost of Lolla Wobstor laBt wook.
Mrs. Wilsou of Worcostor, Vt., is
with hor daughtor, Mrs. Guy Bau
oroft. Mrs. Maud Mudgott was 111 last
wook with a heart troublo. Dr. Ellis
was callod to bco hor.
Mrp. Johu Vorgo aud Mrs. Mattio
Wardner woro guosts at A. L. Rioh's
iu Brookfield, last Friday.
Eldor O.ra Boyco was In Moutpolior
ouo day last weok.
Miss Ethol Rich was at J. Vorgo's
last weok on hor way from Northfield
to hor homo iu Brookfield.
Carl Thnyor was ill with p.rip last
Mr. LaRoso has a sister visiting
Houry Shoa was iu Randolph last
A party of twonty-fivo. throuch tho
kiuduoss of Elder aud Mrs. Ozra
Boyco, woro treatod to uew sugar ou
suow at thoir homo iu this villago
last Tuosday aftoruoou.
A ropreEoutativo of tho Burliugton
Frco Press wub iu town last Friday.
Good for Lhildren.
Tho pleasaut to tako aud harmloss
Ouo Minuto Cough Ouro givos imino
diato relief iu all casos of Cough,
Oroun aud LaGriDpo becauso it doos
uot pass immodiately iuto tho stomach,
but takcs ofi'ect right at tho soat of tho
troublo. It draws out tho iullamma-
tiou, heals and soothos asd cures por
nianontly by enabling tho luncs to cou
tributo puro lilo-giving aud lito sus
taining oxygon to tho blood and tis-
suos. Rivers Bros.
Oraugo Couuty Pomoiia Grnngo met
horo Tuosuay, iUareli M.
Tho dramu nud outertaiumout
plauiied by Pulaski Graugo has boou
postpoued to April 15.
Tho ladies of tho Mothodist ohurch
will givo a sugar social at E. M.
Brown's Weduesday ovening, April X.
Charlos Laskoy lost tho oud of ouo
thumb at tho Bawmill, last weok, by
au odgiug saw.
A. W. Silsby was in town last wook
aud boou goes to Maiue, whoro ho has
lumbor iutorest.
Tho whooping cough epidomio is
still ou, nud mauy citi.ous aro snller
ing with grip and hard colds.
0. J. Richardsou aud wifo aro visit
ing in Stowe.
Dr. Kussoll is out agai". aftor his
sovoro attack of tho grip.
Rov. G. S. Butlor, who wout from
Newbury about 1875, visitod at S. L.
Swasay'a last weok. Mr. Butlor is
now profossor of Systomatio Theology
in tho Atlanta Thoological Seminary.
Tho pastor of tho Cougrogatioual
ohurch proached tho flrst of a sorics
of sormons ou tho aueiout religious
last Sunday ovoniug. Suojoct, "Tho
Roligion of Egypt." O. G. Thomas
of the White outortainniont buroau
was rocoutly in town.
Prof. O. R. Taggnrt is poon to go
on a leohiro tour in Connecticut.
Houry G. Rollius has moved iuto
hi now homo receutly puruhuscd ou
Piuo streot,
The maplo BUgar soason is prottv
noar a il.zlo. Vory littlo has boon
oll'orod for salo at tho stores. Tho ox
chango for tho Pooplo's Tolophono has
beon moved to tho houso of Mr. Wells,
tho barbor.
Miss Elsio Burrouuhs has roturncd
to sohool at Moutpolior Sominary.
No appetlte, loss of strength,
nervousness, headacho, consllpatlon,
bad breath, general debllity, sour rls
Ings, and catarrh of the stomach ars
all dus to lndlgestlon. Kodol cures
Indlgestlon. This new dlscovery repre
sents tha natural julces of dlgestlon
as they exlst In a healthy stomach,
comblned with the greatest known tonlo
and reconstruotlvo propertles. Kodol
Dyspepsla Cure does not only curo ln
dlgestlon and dyspepsla, but this famous '
remedy cures all stomach troubles by
cleanslng, purlfylng, sweetenlng and
strengthenlng tho mucous membranes
llnlog tho stomach.
dlves llcnlth to the Glck and
Btrcnflth to tlia Wcak,
Bottlei onhr. $1.00 Slia holdlng VA tlmei
th Ir1l iUd, which se!l lor 50c.
Pteparcd by B. C. DeWitt Co., Chicago.
Miss Edlth Thatchor is at homo
ftom school for tho summor.
MiBS Edith Maroy has boon confluod
to tho houso by BloknosB.
Miss Bolla Bon.io ia soon to go to
West Newbury to oaro for hor nunt.
Haiuoa JohiiBon aud Richard Dnr
liug aro nt homo from Burlington col
logo for tho Eistor vncntion.
Miss Jnmosou and MIbb Bnrtlott aro
visiting at Wiun. Southworth'B.
M. J. Avory ia btiBy sawlug up tho
villago wood plles.
A villago hall is much uooded aud
it is hopod tho movomont iu that (11
roctiou will matorlalizo iu a substau
tial buildiug.
Mr. Edwnrda is ncting aa jaultor at
tho Congrogatlonal ohurch in Mr.
Tiltou'a absoiiQO.
Llla Mower of Barro apont Sunday
wini nor motuor.
Minnio and Mildred Robiusou wout
to Plninflold lnst Snturday ovening,
whou Mildrod and Mary Van Oruam
gnvo thoir cako walk danco, it boiug
tno oioso ot Binging Bcliools iu thut
Mrs. Elciu Manu roturuod from
Cabot, Snuday.
Elgin Mauu has bought tho rod sliop
at Maplc Coruor aud is soon to movo
Mico Lamnhoro camo from Bostou
lnst Thursday. Sho loft hor mothor
improviug iii Jioalth.
It is roported that district No. 5 is
to havo but ouo toachor tho comiug
summor, Miss Uoorglo llawklus.
Johu Thompson iutends to build a
baru vory boou. A numbor of now
boats aro boiug built to put on Ourtis
poud iu Juuo.
Ono nf Will Coburu's childron has
diphthoria but is bettor at tho pros
out writing.
Johu Mills roturned from Barton
last Saturday uight.
Eula Carr is viBiting at Altou
At n mcetlug of tho sohool board
receutly Iuoz Camorou was eloctod
Miss Canierou is to toach at No. 10,
Ellou O. Baily at Sodom aud Georgia
Hawkius ut Maplo Coruor. Somo of
tho schools aro yot to bo providod
with toachors.
Tho sugur mnkors havo had a littlo
moro sap but tho quality of sugar will
uot bo vory good
Tho licouso commiBsiouors had a
meetiug Saturday at tho towu clerk's
olllce. D. II. Leouard was mado
chairmau and ilork. Wo do not hoor
that any npplicatiou for licouso has
beeu iiresoutod yot.
t havo carefully oxamiued Cram's
Atlas of the World, "Ancieut nnd
Moderu", nudcompared" it with tho
latest Ccutury Atlas which has beeu
my vado mecnm sinco it was pub
lished. Each ouo has ita advautages,
but I fiud tho Oram Atlaa Buporior in
mauy respects :
Iu tho greatly increajed numbor of
Iu its larger platcs, most maps bo
iug uearly doublo in eizo.
In its much fullor list of uamcs.
Iu tho color Bchome, distingnishiug
states aud counties. "
Iu tho completor indoxes.
Iu tho full iudox nccompanying oach
u the largo clear plausof tho chief
Iu tho lator dnto of ita stntistics.
In tho fuluoss of iuformation aud
larger plaus of onr latost possessious.
Iu tho comploteuess of ita historicul
mapj, oto.
Such an Atlas is an cdncation in
nny family. It is almost essontial
whoro thoro aro childrou aud youth,
or for all couuected with auy literary
olub, ospooially iu all historical
itudiee. Such maps havo boon a dis
tiuct blessiug iu my owu family iu
tho past, aud I still feol tho noed of
having oiio by mo tho latest and bost.
Rov. F. N Poloubet. D. D.,
Bostou, Mass.
'lllli SJjIMMMS'1 OJtAFT.
I Commoutiug on tho measuronieuts of
Shumrook III tho Now York Sun, ro-
i forriiig particularly to tho beam which
it had beon statcd measnrod 22 fect
G iuches, says:
i "It deuotca a chaugo iu tho typo of
boat dovelopod tho last fow yoars so
uiarkod that it might bo callod radi
cal. Wo fiud ou invostigatiou that tho
flguros woro not giveii out ollicially,
but, suoh as thoy woro, thoy woro tho
, rosult of ostinintes bnsod on inspection
by n fow oxports who woro pormittod
to mako carefnl observution boforo tho
lanuchiug. Tho majority opiuion is
doscribod as accoptiug about 22'A feot,
nlthough ono estimato was 214 feot.
I This carros us baok to Valkyrio II,
which, with a wator lino of somo
thiug loss than 87 feot and nu ovor-ull
lougth of feot, was of 224 foot
beam, Shamrock III'b wator lino iu
throo foct less thau this, and hor ovor
all longch from twonty to twonty
throo foot moro; yot hor beam is
thought to bo tho same. Sotting
lougth agaiust brcadth, sho must bo
tho slimuiost craft that ovor rnced for
tho Cup. ,
No rumor about tho Roliauco tolls
I of auy nmrkqd doiiarturo as to beam
I from herjmmodiato prodeccssor in tho
Horrosliolf ohain of !)0-footon, tho
Constitutioii, So wo may oxpeot tho
Cup battlo of 10011 to bo ono botwoou
models uioro uuliko oaoh other thau
any palr of rivals sinco tho year 18U!I.
For Shamrook III leesor sail power
thau Shumrook II is a nocossary sup
positiou. Hor desiciier sooms to havo
conuludud that thcro is profit in tak
iug in sail iu coinpiii'ifon with tho
groat oauvaB carriois of rocout years.
WlK'thor tho British throry will hold
i:(Sod thiK Hummor when Iriod by tho
last product of tho iuo.vhauMihlo ln
guimity uf HerretholV is as ovor tho
groat quostion.
"0i, ooine, Carll You miow wu
niust liinko thoso ciiIIh. " 'JOan'l do it,
.riara, " lluvfi ' to work. ' ' " Hcavous 1
IDon't you call t!infw!bi-l;V" Xifo.'
Highest Score
New York Dairymen's Ass'n Meetiug,
Jamcstown, N. Y., Dec. 912, 19Q2
J. I. Hyih: $ Son, Pkopkikjoks, Masscna, N. Y.
Uscis of 13 No. 0 (largest sizc) U. S. SEPARAIORS
Each one rcplacing au Alpha Delaval or Sharplcs
for clean skimming. Iu fact, it exccls allothers in u many polnts It
For Western trade v,e transfcr nur pep.trator- fr m CMcag", Minne ipi lia and Omaha.
Addrcss nll letlcr-. tj llellows 1'alU, Vt.
Write for dcscnftive catahgues
Current Comment.
Pork. Thoro haa boon somo iluctu
atlou in lard during tho weok, but tho
uot chaugea aro small. Fresh riba aro
considoiubly highor. Bostou packors
havo mado a largor kill of hogs for
tho wook. Tho markotiug of hogs has
boen further reduced, nud partly
owing to tho uufavorablo coudit'ou of
iutorlor ronda.
Muttou aud Voal. Mutton and
lambs aro firm but quiot; voala aro
steadjr: Spriug lambs, 10 to lio;
yoarliugs, 8 to 9c; muttous, 9 to 10c ;
vonls, 10 i. to lio.
Beof. Thoro is ou oasy markot for
fresh beof, with vory fow cattlo soll
ing nt ovor 7c.
Poultry nucLGamo. Thoro is ouly a
quiot doniaud for poultry, aud prices
uro oasior, ospocially ou western
stock : Wostorn turkoys, fresh killod,
17 to 18o ; frozeu, 10 to 18c ; north
orn fowls. 14 to lCo; wostoru fowls,
12; to 18c ; chickous, westoru, lii,
10 ioc; uocuoru, io to zao; spriug
broilors, $1 por pair; capous, 18 to
20o; geeso, 12 to 14o.
Eggs. Prices aro uot expoctod to
go much bolow 15 cents. Busiuess
in tho ogg markot is oxceedingly brisk.
Tho oxpooted largo supply of oggs
from tho west began to como iu Mon
day, aud prices weut down half a cont
ovor closing figures Saturday. This
yoar, owing to sovoro weathor iu tlio
west about tho lirst of March, tho
heus becamo chilled and did not lay,
with tho resnlt that for tho last two
wooks thoro has boou n shortage.
Fancy fresh tablo oggs aro firm but
quiet, aud eastoru noarby honuory
aro held at 20 to 21c. Outsido quota
tiona aro: Now York droopiug at
14-V,; Ghicago stoady at 130 ; St.
Louis stoady at ll?c, loss off, packed
casoa iuoludod. t-rZIZJ
Buttor. Tho buttor.Thnarkot1con-
tiuucs on n 28 ceut bnsis for tho best,
which is uot iu ovor supply. Now
York ia steady at 29, Elgin is firm nt
la, nud Aow York is Btcmly nt 27.
Pricos would havo gouo higher had
it uot beon for the largo quantity of
rouovatod tliat has beeu ou the markot.
Tho oxtout of tho lato ''holdiiigs ot
summer goods throughout tho country
was n surpriso to most holdors. Tho
westoru mauufncturors put away mil
liona of pounds of packiug stock last
summor, aud ns this buttor cost high
a great deal of it was carriod aloug iu
tho hopo that somothing would turu
up that would help thom out.
Cheoso. Thoro is a nrm markot for
oheeso at uuchangcd prices : Rouud
lots, 10 to lo-oc; sage, 15 to lCo;
jobbiug, to 2o Iiighor. Now York
is firm, with small fall mado colorod
at 10c, whito at 14,3.o, hirge colored
at 14i(. to 14?4c largo whito at 14)
to 14i.c.
Graiu and Food. Corumoal is low
or thau a week ago by four ceuts a
bag, but is stoady ; oatmoal is stoady.
Oats aro also lower. Millfeed shows
a matorial decliue, amonutiug to
about !1.50 por tou on spring brau
withiu n Ehort timo.
Thoro has boon a sharp dooliuo iu
whoat. Thoro is a gouoroi uniformity
iu crop couditions throiighout tho
winter whoat bolt. Tho woathor has
boou mild aud spriug-ilKe, with fro
quont rains. Tho wheat is gouorally
iu good to fiue oondition.
Tho llour markot romnins practical
ly unchanged, uotwithstanding tho
lowor whoiit markot, tho Bhnrpdocliuo
in millloed, obligiug millers to main
taiu prices on Hour.
Lumbor. Thoro 'is a firm market
for spruco lumbor, aud a promium
would have to bo paid for prompt de
livory. It is reportod that logs havo
sold down oast at high prices, and
tho outlook is for nu advanco iu lum
bor Bhortly. Thoro is a bettor doniaud
for Eoutherii piuo lumbor, with prices
firmor, both horo nud in the south.
Up'press lumber is firm with prices
Wool. Thoro has boon a littlo moro
wool Bolling during tho past weok,
but gouorally in a small way aud tho
aggregato is uinuo up of mauy small
lots, rathor than largo sales. Mau
ufncturors havo beon looking around
considorably, aud miKy samplo boga
have boeu sont out from doalors'
Btoros. Tliero is no doubt that buy
ors, largo aud small, aro koepiug a
bharp watoh ovor tho markot, and aro
waiting for what thoy liopo will bo a
broak iu pricos. Thua far this broak
haa uot como, for thongh thcro is au
oasior feoliug, nud horo nud thoro
a uomiunl shnding of prices, tho
chnugoB aro uaually conllucd to wooIb
of wljich tho stooks havo boon roduced
to a minimum.
Y havolirrncrowlitetaiiioualnrTrrT JK
Jr ijKJBtjalil I'ri'ti to nll ri'iilirinli. '"U
Weekly Market Report
Boston Produco Markot.
Common cxtrac 2 40 " 2 60
Cliolcu extras aml tcconas 3 00 " 3 00
Mlnneaota clear aml itralKht 3 20 "8 14
Mlclilxan, ck'nr and stralnlit 8 40 " 8 60
New York clear aml stralglit 8 60 "8 75
Olilo and Bt. Loula clear II !,! " 3 V
Olilo and Ht. I.ouls etralfiht 8 65 " 3 6
Ohlo and St. Loula patcnt 3 JS 3.93
WUconsln and Mlnn. catent 4 10 "134
Granulated, barre!
Common. barre' ,
Ilag meal...
Mlddllnxa. sackeil, per ton
llran.aackeil, winter
llran, sackcd, spring
Cottonsrcd meal
Ded Oog
Llnsecd 011 Meal,
Eastern, cliotce freili
Kustern, fair togood, doz
Vt. and N. II., cliolce fresli, doz..,
3 00 to 3 35
2 40 " 3 44
1 6 ' 1 08
17 40 10 31 00
19 40 " 20 25
17 00 "
J8 74 "
20 40
26 UO
20 75
' 28 60
. 14
. 14
. 15
to IS
" 14H
" 16
Steamer yelloWfbush.,
Steamer busli
No. 3
Oood, no grnde
41 to
40tf "
61 "
Aroostook Hebroni
New llanipslilre Hebrons
Vermont Hebrons ,
78 to 6.
73 " 76
68 " 75
No. l,cllppcd white bu
No. 2, cllpped white
No. 3 white
Ilelected white
Ilay, N. Y. and Can., cliolce to fancy. .
Hay, N. Y. and Canada, fair togcod.
Hay, eastem, cliolce
Hay, eabtern, ordlnary to fair
llay, castern, coniinon ,
Vt. nnd N-.II.. assorted slzes
Nortliern N. Y., assorted slzea
NorthernN. V., large tuba
Weatcrn.aast., aprucetubs
Western, large aali tuba
Creamery, nortliern Ursta
Creamery. eaatern, best tuarka
Creamery, eaatern, fair togood
Creamery, western llrsts,
Creamery, aeconda
Dalry, Vt., cxtra
Dalry, N. Y extra
Dalry, N.Y. nnd Vt. flrsts
17 00 to 18 0
14 00 16 0
12100 " 13 00
10 60 " 12 00
10 00 " 11 00
8 W " 9 49
to 27
" 275
27 " .27K
26 " 27
.. ,,
" 28
Bhort cnt clear
Clear ;
Lean ends
Clty remlered, pure, lb
Western conipomid
Pure kettle, reudered
Bmoked Hatns
lloaton, small. lb
Uoston, medlum
Uoston, large
20 75 to 21 76
20 60 " 21 75
21 25 "
21 60 " 22 25
11K to
1S "
lleef, cliolce, lb
Ilecf, llght cliolce, lb
Ileer, lieary tcood, lb
lleef, good, lb
Ileer, lilndquarters, cliolce
lleef, lilndt.unrters. common to good
lleef. forenuartera. cliolce ,
lleef, toreiiuarter9, couimou to good
Muttou, cxtra
Mutton, conitnon togood
I.ambs, ch. east. Ui
liambs, common to good, lb ,
Veals, cholce eastern, lb ,
Veals, lalr togood
Veals, common ,
Hogs, country dressed, lb
Vi to 7
9 " il
747" 8J
6 ' t
BH "
6 7
, 7 " 8
10 " 11
8 " 8
10 " 11
8 "9
6 " 7
7K '8
Boston Lumbor Markot.
Hemlock hoards, rougb 14 20 to 16 00
llemlock boanla, planed 14 On 15 (
Hemlock boards. Xo.2 11 CO 11 69
Sprucc boards, 1st, clear floor 19 00 19 M
Spruce boanla, 2ds, clear floor 16 00 " 17 04
Spruce boards. coarse, 15 00 "
Spruce, nor. do, cara 16 60 " 17 60
Bprnce, matched 18 00 ' 20 00
llox boards, 1 In. Ilangor 12 0U " 13 04
llox boards, ord 9 40 " 10 6
llox boanla, 7-8 do 9 10 " 9 3
llox boards, 3-4 do 8 50 M 8 71
lloxboanla, 11-16. .do 8 00 " 811
llox boards, 5-8 do 7 00 " 8 N
Blilnglea, Kaatera aawed, cedar ex 3 35 to 3 4
bhlnglea, ilu clear 2 85 2 9o
Blllugles,do 2ds 2 25 " 2 30
Shluglea, do ex. No, 1 , Iii " 1 70
Bhlnglea, do No. 1 1 60 " 17
Clapboards, do 4 ft. ex 40 00 " 42 00
Clapboards, do clear SS (O " 40 M
Clapboards, 2ds, clear 36 HO " 83 M
Clapboards, extra No. 1 j... 29 00 " 90 M
Clapboards, No. 1 "
I.atli, spruce, 1),'. li 2 95 " 3 0S
Lath, eprucc, H ln., 3 10 ' 3 16
Boston Wool Markot.
X aud above 23 to 33
No. 1 31 " a
No. 2 , 30 " 31
Klue unwashed 22 ' 25
Uumer-hantable 24 "28
No. l,comblng, ? and K blood 24 M 25
No.2comblng, blood 24 "25
Delalne 1 34 "35
Comblng,?,' hlootl 21 to 35
Comblng, j blood 24 ' 25
Comblng, brald tl " 23
Clothlng, ii blood '
Clothlng, acuureU 40 " It
Aflne 49 to 63
Asuper 43 " 46
II eu.ver 40 " 41
O auper 33 " 3
Comblng, flne 48 " 60
Comblng, common - 40 " 41
Vormont Markots.
Ilutter, fresh In 6 lb. bnxea, lb 22 to U
lliuti r. rreah new, In tuba, lb 20 " 21
Ilutter prlut 26
Chcere, dalry, lh 13 "15
Egg, doz., Ireah , - " ji
Potatoea, buah,, 65 ' 70
Applea, ouali. 1 00 "
lloga,llve, lb " 6
lIoga,dcesed,lb 7X g
I.amba.ilrcascd, per lb 10 " 11
Veala. Mve. lb 4 " 6
Chlckena, lb 14 " 11
Fowla, lli., 10 " 11
Ilutter, dulry 21 l(
Hiitier. prlnt 23
Kgga, do , 20 u
Piitxioea, iiish , 66 "
llnga, dri'tn'd. lb ,,, 7K " 8
lliei 5 6
Viala.lhe. U .'. 4 " l
hprlnglaiulM. OrrasiiMb 9 "10
Fnwla. II 9 " 10
Spj-lugchlcKeii, II 16 ."

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