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Homer Fitts
Trade Attractions
For This Week...
We Offer These
Special Prices
for This Week's
Business Onlv,
pink and red for - 68c
200 yards White Alexandria Cloth with mercerized stripes,
washable and very handsome, and sold all the season for
60c. This week 38c
5 pieces Pink and White, - 15c
This is unquestionably the beet cloth for the price we havo
ever seen.
One lot Dark Print, - - - - 5c
One lot Dress Skirts, the kind we huve eold before for $5.00,
and cvery one new. Price, - $3.98
One lot of Peau de Soie Waists, in colors and black, size 32
to 44, the very latest style, - $3.76
164-166 North Mnin bt
W. H. Davidson, ouginoor for tlio
Groarsou-Bockett Company, is said to
bo sick nt his old homo in Nova Scotia
just now, ns tho rosult of vaccination.
Ho wns ospoctoa to rcturn lioro wook
beforo lnst.
.Liberty Jofl'ords wns nblo to sit up
lnst Sundny, loug euough to havo his
bod limdo, for tho first timo in six
Cornolius Perriu, who was so ill u
year or two ago tliat it was thought
lie could uot livo loug, h:is beou qnito
conifortablo iu hoalth iu lato montlis.
Ho has nothlug of paralysis. Ho has
beou with his sistor-in-law, Mrs.
Clurk Porrin, of Barre, through tho
Joliu A. Perry is putting up a sinall
buildiug for Muuroo Bonovidos, iu
Mill Village, to bo usod as a uieat
Lnwyer Frauk A. Bailoy of Mont
pelier gaius vorj slowly, if at all, out
liere at his father's. Tlio cold wouth
er of lato is uot favorablo for him.
Mr. aud Mrs. Albort Norris aud son
Bert wjsh thoir wanu tliauks horeby
oxpresscd to uoighbors aud friouds
who assistod tlium last wook in the
doath and fuunral of O. O. Prestou,
father of Mrs. Norris.
The lato O. O. Prostou lived' with
Heury Hyde of Brookfield through the
winter. During his stay thoro ho had
iieard Rov. Mr. Abofcroiubie preach
at times, which lod to sendiug for tho
latterto oflloiate at Mr. Prestou's fun
oral last wook.
We snw the first daudaliou of tho
seasou, in our yard, last Snuday.
Boad Coiuinisionor O. A. Blauohard
tells ns that ho finds tho roads this
spriug in quite good coudition, all
things cousidored. Of coursp thoy are
improviug all tho while, uudor his
masterly uiauagemont of thom from
year to year.
Our forinor cowusmau, Charles R.
Ainsworth, of Moline, Illiuois, pur
poses to como here this soasou, briug
ing some of his fauiily with him. Ho
is a gonuino lovor of his uative Green
Moautain Stato.
Our draiuatio olnb xopeatod thoir
play, "Unolo Si, " last Tuesday evon
ing. , Oar ox-towusinnu, Natnai) Hnrring
tou, of Griunoll, Iowa, who has beou
qnito out of hoalth for some yoars, is
somewhat bettor at presout aud may
come here lator. Last year, wlieu
here, it was doubtod if ho could livo
lougor tlian spriug.
Ouo of tho leading farmors tolls us
nat iio
regards ouo of tho groatest
uiuwuuuhb iu iiiu larmoiH ai pruxom.
xi... .1 : . 1 1 i ... ... n i! i . i l
uiu Ki'iiui. uiiuuuiiy iu unumg iuiuu
Jioip tliat wm oxorciso good caro iu
things pertainiug to his duties.
Rov. F. E. Ourrier uow bogins his
fifth year hero, as pastor of tho Moth
odist ohurch. H1b four yoars of
faithful, uutiring sorvico aro a pledgo
of what the comiug year will bo if he
has his liealtli. Wo kuow of uo formor
lninistor iu his placo, who has moro
friends tlinu he has, a coudition of
things favorablo for his usefuluoss iu
this fiold.
Anothor has just beou added to the
list of "professioual Martins" hore.
Josse A., second sou of Erviu H. Mar
tin, was licousod to preaoh at tlio last
Methodist conforouco iu Notthflold,
and he will go to Oauaan, iu tho
northeast cornor of our State, as his
first chargo. His friends will wish
him a great moasuio of succoss in his
lifo work, aud will rojoico With him
if evoryouo of his succeeding charges
may bo n "Oauaau" iudeed.
Oharles R. Bouedlot is workiug just
uow iu a moat market in Northfield.
Tho patrons of our oroamory ro
coived 20 couts or pouud for buttor
fat, iu Maich.
Ed J. Poor, whoso farm is a milo, or
a little moro, west of our villngo, has
ten patrous of his croauiery that ho
thinks got a dooidod bouefit in pntrou
izing him. Thoy pay him two couts
por pouud for making thoir buttor aud
get all olso thoro is iu it, which seoms
to him a big thiug in its way. Ho
hlmsolf, liaB a vory largo dairy.
Miss Graco Oarr, whoso father is
carryiug ou Dr. Lewis D. Martiu's
farm lv tho Outtor poud, is nt homo
horo from Moutpolier and lius beou
vory ill in tho last wook, with hoart
tronblo. Dr. Tindall attouds lior. Her
father tolls us ihut his old friond,
with whom ho keops up a corrospond
enco. Oharles M. Lyon, n brothor-in-law
of Mrs. Oroutt Abbott, is muoh
improvod in health and flesh flinco go
ing from Montpelier to Soutli Oaro
liun, somo yoars ago. Ho is ongagod
200 yards Peau de Sappho Silk
of tho 75c kind, an excellent silk
for waist trimmingB and etc., in
light blue, black, white, reccda,
Barre, Vermont
iu tlio raiBiug of stuall fruits thoro.
Mr, Carr liopes for a visit from him
about Soptombor, uoxt.
Wo aro told thnt our drossmt.kiug
ostablishmuut iu the Beokott block is
doiug a llue businoqs undor Miss Har
rriugtou'g mauagomont. Tho uow hats
our ladios aro weariug would iudicate
that Miss Lizzio Towusoud's millinory
dopartniout, iu this ostablislimout, liuds
William Z. Pratt has a satisfaotory
opportuuity to disposo of his dwolliug
houso aud flfty aores of land on tho
sauio sido of the road iu tho quarry
district. Ho will rutaiu as manymoro
acros 011 tho opposite sido of tlio road.
llo has beou a most lueky miiu iu tho
bonefits rocoived by his farm in tho
dovolopmout of tho granito quarrics
about him. Wo shall not bo surprisod
to seo him a rosidout of our village
ore loug, iu which caso tho south aud
pleasautest cud of tho villngo would
show marked improvoinonts, ns he is j
tho ownor 01 tho vory ilno farm kuown j
as tho "Chester Martin placo. " !
In the sottlemont of tho husiuoss of i
tho lato Uoorgo W. Lnuisou of Barro,
and his partnor, Jamos K. Pirio,iu tho
quarry district of our town wo aro told
that Mr. Pirio has tho fiuo dark stock
quarry knowu as tho Wells, Lauisou
& Co. 's quarry. Wo snspeot that this
property is by very far tho most valu
ablo proportyi in our towu, with tho
oxcoptiou of the Jouos Bros. ' quarry,
a little distauce from it. Tho ownor
of it must havo a goodly pilo of i
"rocks" in his pookot, iib woll as iu
his dunip pilo.
One day last week Miss Oyutlna
TowuBOud, who lives alouo in hor
houso iu Mill village, was staudiug iu
a hich chair, while liouse cleauiug.
For somo teason she lost hor balaucb
f c 11 to tho floor, and liurt one foot
very badly. Tho caso required that
lator sho bo moved, aud she was takou
to the liomo of Mr. aud Mrs. J. S.
Hopkins. Dr. Watsou was callod to
hor, aud the foot badly swollon, was
carofully exaniiuod aud atteuded to.
It is hopod that no boues aro brokou,
but for a timo siio will neod to koep
vory quiot.
Horbort P. Martin is slowly gaiuiug
aud is able to do somo light woik
agaiu. ne hopes wnrni weather will
do a good deal for his hoalth.
Thoro was a gamo of baso ball bo
twceu tlio Thetford boys and Fairloo
at Orford. Tho scoro stood 20 to 21
in favor of tho Thotford acadomy
boys. Ou tho uoxt day, Satnrday.
thoio was auotlior ganio of baso ball
botweon tho Thotford ncadomv boys
aud the Juuctio'u. Tho gamo stood at
tho entl ot snvou inilings 7
to G m
tjivor 01 Thot ord.
Diod at North Thetford, April 17,
Mrs. Harriot Oushmau, agod oighty
sovon. Mrs. E. O. Nowcoinu is visitiug her
daughtor, Mrs. 0. L. Coombs.
Mrs. Haviland Wiluiot is visitiug
friouds iu town
School iu town opon this wook.
Miss Sweot, who has boon boardiug
at Goorgo Emerson's for sovor.al
montlis. hns roturned to hor homo in
MassachuBOtts. '
Miss Jauo Colburn lias sold hor
houso to James Whitcomb of Post
Mills. Goorgo Oummiugs' family will
occupy tho liouBo. Miss Colburn ox
pocts to go to Lobaucn, N. H.,
Miss Kittie WorceBtor has boon at
home for a .Tow days.'
Martha White Bpent sevoral days
with Jossio Watorman last week.
Honry Elmor has beon visitiug his
mother for a fow days.
Rov. Mr. Lodor occnpied tho pulpit
last Sunday.
Heury Ladd of Illinois is visitiug
his brothor, O. M. Ladd.
Ed Withaiu and wifo of East Barre
woro iu town ouo day lnst wook.
Mrs. Mariotto Hancock is vory ill.
Sho is attoudod by Dr. 0. A. Brown.
M. and Mrs. Horbort Piorco of
Huntington, visitod hor father, Onrlos
Hatoh, rooontly.
Miss Florn Ologston wont to hor
sohool iu Williamstown last Satur
day. ,
Mrs. I. S.' Austiu hns boon at tho
homo of her sou, II. E. Austiu, tho
paBt wook.
Easter oxoroiBos woro liold iu tho
Methodist churoh Sunday moruing
with a good atteudauco.
Mrs. Eilza Maddou, who hns boon
with hor sistor, Mrs, Mary Harrls,
tlirnugli the wlnter,goos to Mnssachu
sottB this wook to visit a brothor.
Miss Graco Josliu of Montpelier
Sominary wns nt homo ovor Snndni .
Ford Lookwood of Prootorsvillo
visitod his paronts sovornl days last
7u H, McAlllstor, who has boeu
confiuod to tho lionso forsovoral weoks
with a fovor, in now gaiuiug.
Joliu Forris is ill, not bolng nblo to
be out of doors auy, aud does uot sit
up all of tho timo.
Mrs. Oolby, who had a shock a fow
days ago, Is sllghtly botter.
J. L. Balrd has conimonood work ou
his uow baru. W. M. Strong hns
chargo of tho work, nud is nssistod by
Frauk Whitcomb aud Wostou Miuor.
O. M. Eaton wns" in Montpelier,
Ohnrlos Borry of Moutpolier was iu
town sovoral days last wook, buyiug
mnplo sugar aud fat hogs.
Jonh Barbor movod to Watorbury
last Friday, whoro ho is to niako liis
futuro homo, linving sold his placo
horo to Samuol Somorvillo of Duxbury.
Roubou Bntos romnins about tho
B.imu, not ablo to' bo out as yot.
D. II. Skinner bogins tho nddition
ou his houso this wook. Honry La
Bollo is doiug tho work.
S. 0. Bonuott is giviug tho villngo
sohool houso a cont of paiut, thoroby
addiug groatly to its appoarauco.
W. O. Prido was iu Burlington ou
Samuol Walos of Dodhain., Mbbs.,
is in town visitiug friouds.
Mr. aud Mrs. Georgo Warduor woro
iu Randolph Weduosday.
Mrs. Holon Abbott of Brookfield
visitod old uoighbors last wook.
Dr. G. N. Wolch of Northfield was
called on Woduosday aud saved au
anlmal for L. A. Eastman.
Agnos Wilsou, who teaches on Oram
Hill, spont Saturday and Sunday with
Mrs. Guy Baucroft, hor tdstor.
Mrs. W. O. Prido returuod from
Mary Flotchor hospital, Saturday.
Mr. aud Mrs. Monroo Whoatloy of
East Brookfield woro in town Satnrday.
Mrs. Georgia Wilsou returuod to
Bnrro on Wednesday.
Robort Harpor wont to Llsbou, N.
Y, last wook, to attoud a family
Mr. aud Mrs. Daua Battlos of Brain
tree woro guests at E. Howo's ro
contly. Harry Freoman is horo from tlio
west and is workiug for Jouuio Ladd.
rHarris Holman from Randolph was
a visitoi at Jenuio Ladd's recontly
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Ricli from
Brookfield were at D. L. Buck's Fri
day, linugiug wall papor.
.Toues Steolo linishcd his duties as
juror at Moutpelior and camo homo
on Friday.
llarlov Ward is at Tini Blauchard's
iu Williauistowu.
Earl Prido is to' attoud school iu
Brookfield vlllago this torm.
A. E. Beuton from South Ryegate
was a visitor at D. L. Buck's roceut-
Charles Baloutiuo began work in tlio
oreamory last wook.
Wilbur Withom has fluished his
work for A. Dwinell & Sou, and begius
work for J. W. Leouard, May 1.
A. G. Duttou has boon ill a couplo
of weoks with what was first thought
to bo ouly a bilious turu but is now
pronounced appeudicitis.
Ernost Ide has been vory ill with
measlos and puoumonia, but his caso
is cousiderod moro hopoful.
Villngo school oponod Mouday with
twenty-two pupils in Miss Whito's
room, aud olevon iu the ndvauced
grado undor Mr. Strong.
Miss Maudo Wheolor, daughtor of
William O. Wheeler of Dos Moines,
Iowa, who SDont the Easier vacation
at tho homn of W. E. Bliss, roturned
l.ist wook to Smith Collego.
W. L. Piorco has sold his North
Moutpelior store to Georgo Pray, aud
has bought out tho firm of Wiltsio
nud Tavlor of Hardwick, taking pos
sessiou Juuo 1. Ho will rotaiu his
store, hero, which will bo undor tho
mauageinont of L. L. Provost.
Z. S. Stantou is sufferiug from au
attaok of tho grip.
Misses Lou Woicostor and Myrtio
Howo havo beou ill with sovoro colds
tho past weok.
R. B. Dunsmoor was at homo on
Lbo Wiley hns beon ill for a fow
days, but is improviug.
Charlio Mnnn had a shook last Fri
day, tho right sido boiug paralyzod,
but is siuco r3portod to bo slightly
Miss Gorty Richmond wont to Mas
aschusetts to work this moruing.
It is oxpoctod that work will begiu
at tho marblo quarry this wook.
Tho Good Tomplars will ropoat tho
play, "The Squire's Daughtor," uoxt
Saturday ovouiug.
Mr. Shopatd has movod from Mrs.
Waruor's farm iuto the houso with
Wilbur Edwards, having tnkon Mr.
Edwards' farm for tho yoar.
Dwight Howo and wifo visitod J.
u. tienuorson iu waltsuoia Suudny.
Mrs. HondorsQU is still In vory poor
Mrs. Josoph Hnmilton is visitiug
her boiih, Ernost nnd Rnlph Haiuiltou,
at Moutpolier.
Mrs. Sarah Drow of Barro is visit
iug at H. E. Rowo's.
Mrs. Frauk Stookor aud Mrs. - An
uotto Farr havo roturned from a visit
to relntivos at Burlington,
Mr. aud Mrs. J. II. Tiltou of New
bury spont Suuday with Mrs. J. S.
Thoro will bo a spooial town moot
ing, May 3, at 2 o'clock p. m., to seo
if tlio town will voto to builtl a now
sohool houso at West Dauvillo with
two rooms fox school purposos.
Dr. N. 0. B. Haviland of Hollistor,
Mnss., hns beon oalliug ou friends in
Dr, and Mrs.
Brooklyu. N. Y
ErnoBt Palmor of
I 11.
n fow days nt tho Ehn Houso,
Prof O. D. Howo of Essox Juuotlou
visitod Prinolpal B. E. Gooduough on
Earlo Wllson, who hns boou spoud
ing his vacation with his paronts,
roturuod to Dartmouth, Woduosday.
Clydo Woodcook was called homo
from Worcostor, Mass., on accouut of
tho low conditiou of his brothor Clay
tou. I Mrs, Cooko nnd Olintou havo ro
turned from tho soutli.
The committoo havo mado nu im
provemout in tho school room nt tho
ncademy with plnstor, paint and nn
por, L. M. Edsou doiug tho pnporiug
aud paiutiug nud A. M. Oarpontor tho
plnstoring. Otlior ropnits nro groatly
ncedod ou tho buildiug.
Allon Ladd's family havo moved lu
to tho Allon Touny houso.
Olayton Woodcook died at tho home
of his mothor, Mrs. Rhoda Wood
cook, nbout lutduight Friday ulght,
ngod nenrly twouty-throo yoars. Ho
hns beon iu fnillug hoalth for a loug
timo. Ho loavos a mothor and two
brothors. Fuuoral sorvlcos nt tho
Mondow church on Suudny, aud
bnrlal In tho Mondow cemotory.
Jamos Kont of Iowa is with his
sistor, Mrs. Blako Locko, who has
had tlio puoumonia.
Mrs. VnuDonrboru is roportod bet
tor. A. G. Hildroth of Matapau, Mnss.,
has come to stay for a timo with his
uioco, Mrs. Laura Dickoueon.
Losllo Parker has improvod tho ap
peninnco of his house with l'ow shiu
glos. Georgo Pntrick rocoived ou Satnr
day uight word of tho doath of his
fathor in Maiuo, aud startod Mondny
moruing to nttona tho fuuoral.
Mrs. J. A. Paiuo is in quito poor
Mrs. S. 0. Jacksou is visitiug iu
L. E. Snndors was at W. H. San
dors' last Sunday.
Miss Floionco Sandors spont part of
lats week in Montpolior.
Fred Thayor of Wrightsvillo is at
work for tlio Jacksou brothors.
Mrs. Ira Piorco and Mastor Cecil,
from Moutpelior, aro at G. W Saud
ors'. Miss Blauoho Cobley is in Montpo
lior, at work for Mrs. Oharlos Wig
gins. School bogins uoxt Mouday. It is
oxpected Olnronco Fitch will bo tho
H. II. Ainsworth and wifo are agaiu
llviug iu G. W. Sandors' houso.
Quito a numbor from horo attouded
tho auction nt B. F Ord way 's last
Commnuion servieos will bo ob
servod iu tho Prnsbytoriau church
noxt Sundav.
Migs Elln Clomont is workiug for
G. L. McJjnm.
James Wolch aud Robort Brown
were iu Wolls Rivor aud Wocdsvillo
last Saturday.
A family from Barro, by the nauto
of Lahoy," havo moved ou to tho Mars
ton farm.
Our schools through the town will
begiu uoxt Mouday.
Arthur Willey speut last Sunday
with his paients, Mr. aud Mrs. 0. D.
Our schools house iu tho village has
just boou nowly sinnglod
Frauk Millor of Soutli Poaoham was
iu town for Eastor Suuday.
Tho oreamory hero paid its patrons
tweuty-sevou couts lor aiarcn buttor.
H. G. Simpson was iu East Corinth
Saturday to attonu au auction.
Mr.audMrs. Graco Burroughs, Barro,
visitod rolatives hore ou Saturdny
nnd Sunday, aud Mr. nnd Mrs. Frauk
Hutchinsou and son of Corinth were
iu town.
Olive Sargout of Washington begau
work nt 0. M. Ooiby's this wook. Sho
hns boou with hor nuut, Mrs. A. J.
Graut, for tho past fow weoks.
Thoro was a servico at tho church
ou Suuday, conducted by a studout
from Randolph, and it is jxpocted that
lie will reniaiu lor tlio summor,
School bognu this wook with Miss
Wilsou of Corinth as toaohor.
Charles Currior of Barro, also Mrs.
Heury Colby aud danghtor Uoruico,
woro iu town ono dav last wook.
Frank J. Colby, who has beon
spondiiig a fow days hero visitiug
friends, roturned to his home iu Barro
last, week.
Miss Bortha Glazior was at homo
from Barro ou Suuday.
Miss Edua Board of Orange visited
hor rrioud, Miss Uora Uutou, receutly.
Goorgo aud Will Legior wout to
Tiltou last weok whoro thoy aro to
Harrisou Allon, who has boou ill at
tho homo of J. A. Lookliii for some
timo, was takou to the Hoaton Hos
pital last wook.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Logior of Lawor-
auco, Mnss., aro visitiug his mothor,
Mrs. Aun Logier.
Frauk Glazior is moviug tho old
blaoksmith shon to the lot opposito
Oross' block.
E. W. Robblus is buildiug a barn
ndjoitiiug his house built last year.
A. M. Boujamiu, wifo and daught
or Oorn. aud Mrs. Lee Goodoll woro
in Montpolior last Mouday.
Tho Good Tomplars' Uuion will
moot with Mrs. Bert Whoelor Wod
uosday, May 0, aftoruoou and ovou
iug. A cordlal luvitatlon iB extoudod
to all.
An tuvitntiou hns boou oxtendod tq
the Hardwiok lodgo to visit our lodgo
ou tho ovpulug ot May 1. It will nlso
bo tho night for tho iustnllatlou of
olUcos aud a go'od attoiidnuce is do
sirod. Mrs. Snrnh Stovous of Butliol visitod
nt Mrs. A. M. I3onjnmiu'B last wook.
Sho also visitod friends at tho oouter
of tho town noarly a weok nnd ro
turuod to hor homo laBt Mouday.
Ervin Wllbor nud Nolllo Rollius
woro marrlod two wooks ago at tho
b&h th vlhB Klnd You Havs Always i
H, E. Dnv hns cono to Now Hamn-
shlro for a short stay.
F. L. Sarirnut nnd wifo wnrn In'Hiln
placo last Sund.y.
Mrs. Konvou is In Vorshlro worklun
in tho fnmily of Mr. Oross.
0. L. Snoar nnd 0. F. Blnko woro
nt homo from Randolph ovor Suuday.
Miss Mlra Day was lu Bradford lnst
Dr. Godlrov of Oholson wns horo ti
fow dnys ngo to soo Mr. RiohnrdBoii,
who is iu poor hoalth.
A fow from horo attoudod tho fuu
oral of Olayton Woodcok nt tho Moad
ow last Suuday.
Ednu Kimball has boon sulToring
tho past fow wooks from tho offocts of
a buruod foot upou which sho spillod
not wator.
Tho drama of "Tho Comradea, " nrot
sontod by Pulatkl Graugo nt semlnary
nnii ou tlio loth nud ronoatod tno
7th, was a success lu ovory way. Fif-
ty-sovon dollars was reallzou trom
both ontortainmouts. Tho now stago
nrrangemouts nro n groat lmprovo
mont. Invltntiou hns boon rocoivod
to givo tho drama nt Ilnvorhill, N. H.
Rov. 0. W. Prontlss wns lu Libon
lnst weok to assist Rov. Mr. Sargout
of thnt plnoo iif a sorlos of ovangells
tio moctlngs.
Tho Sominary has reopouod with tho
Famo toachors. Tho dilapidntod feuco
nronud tho commou has boon romovod
aud It is a docidod improvomcnt. Trees
havo uoen trimmod aud uppoarancos
improvod gonoially.
Mrs. William Bailoy aud two chll
dron, of Boston aro visitiug at Houry
W. Bniloy's.
Mr. aud Mrs. Woodbury of Ply
mouth, N. II., spout Sunday at Mrs.
0. O. Doo of Bostou was in town
last weok.
Rov. 0. W. Prontlss is organiziug a
boys' club.
George Bailoy has boon ougagod as
aauitor at tho (Jongregatioual churun.
Tho alarm of firo ou Sundav moru
ing was tho result of a chimnoy l.uru
ing at tho rosidouco of D. Y. Ford.
Somo damago was douo by wator.
D. 0. and H. K. Hoath are hnild-
ing an addition to thoii baru of about
flfty foot. Matt Tomplo is superiu
tondiiig tho coustructiou,
O. R. Collius was in town lnst
Chnrlos Howlaud Visited in West
Concord lnst weok.
Miss Corn Lanco returned from
Portsmouth, N. H., ou Monday.
Look for the two chalrs iu tho
store windows that aro offorod as
prizes at tho masquorado promouado,
May 1.
Tho villngo school bogius Monday,
April 20, uuder tho directiou of Miss
Julia Blodgott.
Tho Robokah lodgo is at work on a
drama to bo played in May With n
good east of charactors.
Georgo Stoue hns boou vsiting his
homo iu Laucastor, N. H., for a fow
Cabot lodgo, No. 49, I. O. 0. F.,
will obsorvo tho oighty-fourth anni
vorsary of Odd Foilowshlp at their
hall, April 2, Rov. O. E. Aikou will
dolivor tho addross; subjoct, "Fra
tornity. "
Evaugelistio sovices begau at tho
Methodist ohurch last Suuday moru
iug uudor tho diiection of Misses
Avory and Bryaut, aud thoy will cou
tluue every uight until further notice.
Mootings at 7:30 o'clock. Somo of
the musical iustruments that thoy use
aro autoharp, guitar, cornot, eto.
Tho I. O. G. T. dramntio olub will
plny tho drama, "Touy tho Conviot, "
at Danville, April 24.
Tho "Heury Family," a musical
faimly, will givo thoir concort in I.
O. G. T. hall, April 22 aud 23. ;
Mr. and Mrs. Frod Holt outortaiuod
thoir daughtor aud hor hnsbaud from
Barro ou Suuday.
Mr. aud Mrs. J. D. Laport havo
movod to the Goorgo Itichards iarm
on Bear Hill whoro thoy will koep
houso for hor sou, Ausil, adopted sou
of Goorgo RichardB.
Mrs. James Washburu joinod hor
hubsaud at Raudolph Ooutor tho first
of tho wook.
Eliot Friuk hns como homo from
the Mt. Horniou sohool in Northfield,
Mnss., to spoud his vacation.
Georga Ford of Chelsea wns sum
monod homo on Suudny moruiug on
accouut of the sorious illuoss of his
mothor, Mrs. Will Ford.
Goorgo B. Hall is siok with grip
aud uiider the doctor's care.
Waltor Ketchum was lu Williams
town tho lnst of the weok puttlng iu
Mrs. W. Ketchum nud Mrs. O.
Tuckor woro iu Raudolph Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Jasou Nyo aud daught
or wero lu Randolph ou busiuoss, tho
lnst of tho weok.
Tho ovouiug of Suuday, April 20,
Rov. R. H. Abororombio will preach
tho sermou boforo tho graduntlng
olass. Tho higl school closos Frldny,
May 1. Tho olosing oxorolsos will bo
hold iu the town hall tho ovouiug of
thnt day.
Eugoue Rico of Plniuflold, N. H.,
visited relatlvos in towu last wook.
Dr. Ohnudlor of Moutpolier wns iu
towu tho lnst of tho weok iu counoil
with Dr. Ellis.
Mrs. Will Ford Is vory low. Thoro
nro uo hopes of hor rocovory.
Miss Oathoriuo Bonham returuod to
hor sohool work at Post Mills last
Donoou O. T. Friuk is sick and
undor Dr. Ellis' care.
Hou. OaBslus Pook of Burlington
spont Suuday with his brothor, Marous
W. J. Blodgott, formerly of this
placo, and who ha roooutly sold out
his busiuoss in Lyndonville, called
oil friouds horo tho last of tho wook.
Wo aro sorry to hear of tho poor
hoalth of Miss Ainia Clark, who has
boon adviBod by hor phylsolau to givo
up hor soliooi woric iu iramignam,
Mnss., nnd tako a maoh noodod rost.
T.lkn othtir ovila orumns nud dlnrrhoon
oomo suddonly. I'romptly givo a dosoof
Perry Davls' PaluklUor nnd tho pnlns will
go linmedlatoly. A bottlo nt hand will
Mrs. Voinon O. Piorco has boeu
quito sick during tho past wook,
suiroring from plourlsy and whoopiug
Mis Anua L. Bragg is oncacod to
toach tho primary dopartniout of tlio
villngo school iu Wnrrou.
Missos Mnccio Kow nud Loun I.
Baird aro nttending tho uormnl sohool
at Randolph.
Mrs. Priscilln Mohuron and daugh
tor Evn (Mis. Will Llvingstou) loft
tho farm soou aftor tho auction and
aro now llviug with Mr. aud Mrs.
John MoLaughlin. Mrs. Mohuron has
pnrchasod tho Sam Daua houso uoar
Mr. MoLaughlln's for 000 aud will
movo iuto it tho lirst of May.
Sumnor Wallis has sold his farm to
J. H. Small for $'.)00 nud oxpects to go
to Conuocticut soou.- Ho Is uow lny
lug tho fouudatiou of J. B. Thomp
sou's uow barn. Mr. Wallis will bo
missod vory muoh as ho is a gouoral
good follow aud Imudy at nll trados.
Timothy Chaso, who diod on tho
Oth inst., agod sovouty-sevou, will
loug bo romomborod by the pooplo of
this towu as ho aud his wifo Susan
havo boou moro or less depondout on
tho towns of Wnitsfield nud Fayston
for forty yenrs, nnd havo boon tho
cnnso of consideinblo litigatioii nud n
good donl of sharp'practico botweeu
tho two towns, untll tho Polaud lnw
gnvo Waitsfield the advantago, aud
siuco that timo thoy havo beou sup
portod by Fayston. Muoh sympathy
has boon folt for Mr. Chaso as his
wifo has always boeu of uuBOUud
mlud aud ho uovor would cousont to
livo iu auy fauiily bocnuso ns ho Baid
"Nobody could got aloug with Su
san." Lnst Saturday Ovorsoor ot tho
Poor J. B. Thompsou was grntcd n
docreo of court to seud hor to tho lu
sano hospital at Watorbury, and ou
Monday sho was takeu thero by F. A.
Bragg. So oudeth thy last chaptnr
iu tho history of "Timothy nnd Su
snu. "
Last Tuosday this commuuity was
shocked by tno sudden doath of Will
iam Howo, agod sixty-tonr years. Mr.
Howo was iu his us'uul hoalth that,
morning aud went out to milk his
cows but whilo milkiug ho wns takou
ill with a strango fooling iu ouo leg
aud arm. Ho loft tho cow ho was
milkiug nud went Iuto tho house aud
told his wifo how ho folt, romarking
that his arm was as dead ns it would
ovor bo nud at ouce gavo ndvico us to
what to do attor his deceaso ; iu a
short timo tho shock was so sovero
that ho wa uuablo to Break nud ho
gradually failed uutil 1) o'clock whou
tho ond canip. Mr. Howo was a lov-
iug husbnnd, nlfoctiouato father aud
kind uoighbor. Tho ulllicted family
havo tho sympathy ot all iu thoir sad
uoreavoment. Tho iunoral was larce
ly attoudod by friouds from this aud
surronnding towns. Rov. J. R. Hon
derson was tho ofiiciatiug clorgymau,
0. M. Richardsoii, dirocto", nnd tho
bearors woro Wallaco Howo, llo ward
Howo.Frnuk Smith nud Fred Bilhugs.
E. A. Heath and wifo nud Miss
Marion of Moutpolier woro in towu
Hubbel Palmer is ablo to bo about
tho houso and Mrs. E. G. Atkius is
gaiuiug slowly.
Mrs. Milo Grllllth Is sufferiug from
an attaok of asthma.
Georgo Sleepor aud wifo of Moutpo
lior wero in towu last week.
Mrs. Tim Flauagau aud Mrs. Back
us visitod Baruio Gillett in Worcester
tho past week.
Lura Eatou speut Suuaay at her
parental homo iu Fayston.
About thirty-llve couples atteuded
tho danco nt hottl hall Friday oveu
ing. Tho nrocoods aro to go to pur-
chaso suits for the baso ball toam.
Arthur Bruco of Montpelier was in
town Suuday.
Mrs. I. S. Austin aud Mrs. F. E.
Johnson and sou wout tp Worcostor
last weok Monday, ou a visit to H. E.
Austiu nud wifo.
Rov, 0. B. Wolls is taking n two
woeks' vacation, boforo commencing
his labors horo for tho second joar.
D. D. Bulkoloy advertises his homo
farm for sale.
Tho young pooplo of Moretown will
presout the four act drama, ontitled
"Our Jim" nt town hall Fridny ovou
iug, April 24. Admissiou fifteen couts.
Mrs. T. J. Ferris was in Montpelier,
.' Harry Bruco visited his paronts ou
I. S. Austiu wout to Worrestor Sat
urday, roturniug Ihomo ou Mondny ;
his wifo, who hns boou visitiug throe
for sovoral days, came with him.
Schools in tho villngo opouod Mou
day with Miss Lilliau Sleopor toaohor
iu tho primary dopartniout, nnd Miss
Maxwoll iu tho uppor room.
Thoro is to bo a dauco at "Tho Ma
ples" in Duxbury, May 1.
Mr. and Mrs. S. Mageo of Boltou
viBitod nt E. G. Atkius' Snturdny
nnd Suuday.
Elln Somorvillo has returuod homo
nfter a sis weoks' Btav iu Waitsneld
with hor brothor's family.
T. T. Somorvillo nud J. D. Bidgood
woro iu Moutpelior ouo dny ln'st weok.
Rov. J. A. Ward aud wifo of Mont
polior visitod at N. D. Witham's one
dny last wook.
Tho honr of tho olass mooting nt
tho Evnugolicnl church hns beou
ohangod from Sunday moruiug to
Tuosday ovouiug at 7 :30 o'clock. Tho
rogular proachlug Borvloo will bogiu
at olevon a. vz., nud Suudny school
nt twolvo.
Clark Slbloy has purohnsQd n pair
of horsos of Horaco Faruham, woigh
iug about 3,200 pounds. '
Rov. N. D. Witham aud wifo nro
visitiug at G. H. Hammott's iu Rox
bury. Harry Danlols has purchasod tho
Byrou Piorco farm lu Woodbury.
Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Slaytou of Barro
woro nt J. W. Moars' ou Suuday.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Nuto nud daugh
tor of St. Johusbury visitod nt L. D.
Nuto'B last wook.
O. H. Smith sold his pnlr of draft
horsos to Ohnrlos Roed of Boltonvlllo
last wook.
W. E. Lambortou was iu Burling
ton, last weok,
Mr. Frank Brown was in Cabot last
iu various parts
of the country are
making money in
their spare tlnie
sclllng The
Saiurdny Evening
Post. Some make
as much as $10.00
and S15.00 a week.
Any boy who
rcads this can do
the same.
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we will send to nny boy free, the
most successftil of our boy agents tell
in thelr own way jtist how tliey have
made a success of selling
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ness tact. l'icttires of tlie boys are
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Ten Copie3 of the manazine tlie first
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The Curtls Publlshlnc Company
SS Arch Street, I'hlladelphla, Pa.
wook to visit hor sou, Frauk Brown,
who is ill with measlos.
Alouzo PowoVs of Cholson wns in
town for n day last week ou busi
uoss conuectod with tho board of list
ors. G. A. Kolloy has sold his pouy to A.
R. Colo.
Rov. O. H. Fnrnsworth aud wife of
Manchester, N. H., woro visitors in
towu last weok. Rov. Mr. Farns
worth was pastor of tlio Methodit
church hore for a unmbor of years.
Mrs. W. L. Pieco of East Calais
was iu town Thursday of last week to
visit lior daughtor, Mrs. H. D. Colo.
About forty couples attoudod tlie
cotlllion pnrty at Marshall's hall
Friday( ovouiug.
The ollects of the M intpolier saloous
aro alroady begiuuing to be folt hero.
Moutpelior gots tho cash whilo wo
got tho iuobriated rosalts.
Mrs. Lilliau Collius' is at home.
Miss Lilliau St. John is at home
from Montpelier for a short vacation.
Coustaln J. Bortou Piko was dis
turbod ou Saturday by tho leport of a
family jar at Hassaui's camp, but tho
trouble ulew ovor without tlie ueces
sity ot nu ofilcial visit.
H. A, Munsou was in towu a part ot
last week, packed his household
offects aud svitli his family wout to
Rutlaud Fridny whore Mr. Munson
has profitnblo omployment aud they
are to make their future homo.
The spriug sessiou of sohool opoued
iu all the distri'cts throughout the
towu on Monday moruiug with the
exceptiou of the village schools which
will opon uext Monday, tho 27th.
Ira H. Edsou has finished his duties
as jnror at Montpelier bnt will return
to that city again this wook to woik
at his trade of carpontering.
Mrs. Myrtie Recor aud Mrs. Gertio
Blako have ongaged as cooks at Hus
snm's camp.
Coustable J. Bortou Piko is nursing
a pet haud cauBed by an attaok of
H. T. Baldwin of Wells River was
iu town Mouday, tho gnost of S. W.
Colo & Sou.
MisB Cora Maxfiold of Waitsfield is
in theomploy of Mrs. O. S. Adams as
trimmor iu tho milliuery dopartmeut
of hor store.
G. L. Dwiuoll offors a roward of 10
to auy ouo who will furuish him with
information which will lead to the
apprehousiou aud couviction of the
party who stolo tho horso whip from
his carringo, Friday ovouiug.
Mrs. Graco Carr and daughtor
Huzol have gouo to Barton to work
for A. W. Moars lu Hotol Barton ;
Mrs. Carr as cook aud Hazel to wait
Rev. W. E. Nowtou, who was ap
poiutod to tlio pastorato of tho Metho
dist ohurch at this placo for the u
suiug yoar, by tho receut sessiou of tho
Vermont Couffirenod, occupiod the
pulpit at that ohurch Sunday moruiug
nud pronched a vory ablo sornion,
ohoolug for his toxt, Provorbs 4 :18 :
"But tho path of tho just is as the
shiniug light that shineth moro and
moro uuto tho porfect day."
Mrs. Josoph Hamiltou of Danville
is at Mark Moars', nssistiug iu caring
for hor mothor, Mrs. Loviua Paokor,
who is quito ill.
B. 0. Abbott of Topsham is iu town
to pnrcliase a carloud of new iniloh
0. N. Barbor of Barro wns callod to
tow.t last wook to treat tho herd of
cattlo bolougiug to E. A. Rosobrook.
E. A. Rosobrook hns alroady lost
slx valuablo cows from an epidemio
that has visited his herd aud othors
aro sick.
Mis.O. S. Adams is maktug prepar
atioti8 to havo lior milliuery opeuiug
Fridny, Mny 1. -
Miss Bortha Swoidfeger is oxpooted
to arrivo homo from tho south, Wod
uosday or Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Morrill aro soou
to movo to tho homo of O: J. Buxtou.
Mossrs. Buxtou aud Morrill havo pur
chasod Willinm Murrny's henvy draft
horses and his outiio outfit for hoavy
work, iuolu(liii(j chalus, blooks, oto,,
nud aro now propared to do henvy
team work of all klnds.
Tako Laxatlvo Bromo Qulnlno Tablota
AU drugglats rofund the mouoy if It fnlla
to oura. E. W. Grovt' tlguaturo U ou
aoh box. 26o,

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