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Homer Fitts
Sptino' Exiiibition
Ghildren's Dresses
We have been having all
sorts of suits and drcsscs for
the grown ups, but now the
children are going to have a
showing. The new dresses
are here in a great variety of
styles made of Percale, Ging-
hams, Duck, Pique, Lawn, Muslin, etc. Wecan dress your child
ren in sniart styles at moderate cost with a great saving of timc
and trouble to you
JPBICJBS, 50c to 5 00.
The Popular Price Suit
On this particular line we are stronger than ever beforc. Our
Suits at Sio.oo made of black Venetian are cqual to many suits sold
at 12.50, $13.00 and 15.00.
Our Suits
at $15,00 made of fine Wool Cheviot, cut with
style, finished like many better suits and alto
gethcr the best outfit for the money wc have ever seen.
164 U6 North Mnin t.
Tho little son of Napoloou I3orry
who drivos Hortico N. Famhain's
hursos, iu workiug our road niaohine,
is sick with puounionia.
Mrs. Rnlph Ditty plaus to go to l.u
ueuburgh this week, to keop houso for
the fathor of Rov. F. E. Ourrier.
Mrs. J. Muuroo Seaver is away for
n visit with frieuds iu Concord, N.
H., aud East Somorvillo, Mass.
Tho youugest child of Mr. aud Mrs.
Georgo Marr, a very protty yoar old
boy, is seriously ill witli black nieasles
at their homo iu Barre oity.
Our Rebekah lodge gave a bauquot
last Saturday eveuiug at their hall iu
the Lyude block. There was a goodly
nunjbor of iuvited guosts ; bouio speech
making, a sumptuous tablo, aud a
generally flue time.
Elinor Traoy of Borliu and Fred
Jacksou of our East Hill are tryiug to
rnako au exchange of places, Mr.
Traoy wanting a larger fariu. Mrs.
Jaoksou's health is quite poor just
Wo wonder if auother place horoa
bouts, uo larger thau tliis, has more
socioties to 'take tho labors aud atteu
tion of tho commuuity. Wo have au
Epworth League, a Oliristiau Eudeavor
Society, Masouio aud Eastoru Star
lodgos, Odd Follows aud Rebekah
lodges, Moderu Woodmen Camp, Wom
aus' Relief Corps, Graugo, Grand
Ariny Post, Ladies' Roadiug Club,
Grauito Outtors' Uuiou, Ladies' So
oieties, iu the threo churches of our
village, Ladies' Missiouary Sooioties
in two churches, a Birthday olub iu
the northeast sectiou of the towu, aud
possibly ono or more sooieties iu cou
uectiou witli tho Frce Baptist ohurch.
So groatly ploased had tho people ou
our South hill been witli the work
a teachor of Miss Flora Ologstou of
Worcester, tliat it was a great disap
pointnient this season when our scliool
board decided thoy wautod lier for tho
quarry distriot.
Liborty Jeffo'rda took dinuer with
his family last Saturday for tho ilrst
time in flfty-six days.
Harry Fogg is a little bettor iu
liealth, boiug ablo now ttt Kalk a fow
steps with holp.
Mrs. M. Joauna White contiuuos to
gaiu in health and it is hoped slio
niay bo able to conio horo froui Water
ertowu, Mass., before many weoks.
Wesloy M. Seaver aud Willio Briggs
sold oacli a driviug horso receutly, to
go to Dightou, Mass.
Miss Graco Oarr agaiu sufforod froin
au attack of lieart trouble oue day last
weok. Tho case has beou a f-erious
ono, but uot whollv without hope.
There will be au oxecutivo mootiug
of our Bclfool board at tlie village
school house uext weok Tuosday ovou
ing, May 5, at 7:30 o'clook. The
board will bo very glad to havo auy
of our citizeus tuoot thetu tlioro at that
time, for the cousideratiou of auy
questions pertaiuiug to the intorests
of the schools.
Rov. P. P. Womer aud wifo will ro
turu froin Glasgow, Scotlaud, iu July
noxt. They wout there last Septombor
whero they have boeu studyiug' biuco.
Rov. Orzo Royce of Shefllold will
preaoh ub a caudidato at our Free Bap
tist ohnroh next Sunday, May 3.
AlbertM. Goodrich took out a lot of
telephonos laBt Mouday to be nsed on
the linos to como iuto our village, aud
this liuo may bo completed this weok.
LaBt Saturday Mr. Goodrioh had
businoss that took him to Washington,
Corinth and otlior places, aud amoug
t'armers, and he tolls us ho was hardly
off from placea without telophoiios, so
extonBivoly aro thoy boing usod by
farinors all tlirougli there.
There will bo somothiug of a shrink
ago from lnst yoar iu our towu lifit of
polls for taxatiou," aud partly bocauso
of tho new law that oxompts old boi
diors from a poll tax.
Lawyer Fiauk A. Bailoy was ablo
to rido soino livo miles ono day this
wook. Although gaiuiug slowly, as lie
hopoB, it is said ho will hardly bo ablo
to roturn to Montpelier this wook.
Au extra fino blnok taffeta is boiug
shqwu this week at 09 couts at Homor
Will be sold at publio auotion on
tho 29th of April 1003, at 1 o'olook p.
m. Tho homostead of tho lato'Marous
Bootwoll, No. 85 Borliu stroot. (lf
raiuy, will bo sold tho 30th. ).
Albert Johuuott, Exeoutor,
Montpelier, April 18, 1903. 13-20
9t IM,7NUimiJA'ilH f. V -
Jr i
barrr, Ve-mont
Mrs. J. Monroo Seaver will visit
Mrs. Botsoy Dickornian Porkius, in
Nopousot, Mass., wliilo away.
Mrs. Luoius B. Wright, now of
Brookfield, aud only -daughtor of L.
H. J. Morrill, lias beou uudor Dr. E.
B. Watson's caro for grip. Miss Gold
ie, oldest daughtor of Tliomas Shori
dan, iias beou holping iu household
affairs, but is now at homo.
Forty mombors of tho' Methodist
ladies' society mot with Mrs. Robiu
son, iu tho old Darius Prido house,
lat weok Woduesday aftoruoon. A
vory ploasant tlmo is roported.
Rev. Jesse A. Martiu, now of Ca
naan, came to his old homo horo ou
Mouday for a vory briof stay.
Apropns to tho itoni olsewhero of
the bauqnct in tho Odd Fellows'
rooniB, laPt Saturday eveuiug, it may
bo dne to tho ordor to say that they
woro tho givorB of tho bauquot, tho
Robekahs presidiug over it, bo we
On Mouday last, Miss Graco Oarr
was roported to us to bo quito a good
deal improved iu lier physical coudi
tion. Wo aro sorry to loso tho Oomoli
grauito mauufacturing firm from our
place, as it is said thoy are about to
movo to Barre. Wo are glad to bo
liovo that it is uo fault of tho placo,
as bucIi, that thoy go away.
It was five wooks ago that Grovor
Pirio's log was brokou aud he is yet
confined to the bod.
Honry Downs will graduato from
the School of Ostoopathy in Kirkos
ville, Missouri, oiglit wooks lator, aud
will returu homo, for a soasou.
Llko otlier ovils orainpa and dlarrhoea
como suddenly. Promptly clvo a doso of
Pt'rry Davls' PnlnklUor aud "the pains will
go immedlately. A bottlo at hnnd will
savo Uours or suffurlng bo iirepared.
L. P. Colo was in Barre last week.
Dr. aud Mrs. S. L. Wiswoll roturued
from Bostou last Friday whore thoy
have beou for sonio weeks. Thoy re
port tho weather thore no improvo
mont over Vormont weather.
Albert P. Joues, brothor of Nat
Joues, had his forofiugor takou olf by
drorick chaiuB last Saturday.
O. H. Utloy is quito sick itt liiB lum
bor camp with tho grip.
The dramatis club cloared about $25
at Dowvillo last Friday uight. j
Tho Honry family gavo two uights j
of ontortaiumout hore last wook.
Thoro was a fair audiouce each uight. 1
Tho li.ttlo sou of Rev. D. L. Hillard
foll from a load of hay last weok aud j
broko his collar boue.
Mrs. Eniilv Haiues sufferod a sovoro
shook of paralysis last Tliursday, and
1b iu a oritical coudition.
Mrs. N. Billadoau and MiBS Ada
Billadeen aro both quito sick with
mcasles, aud a uumbor of other cases
are rop'ortod.
Tho uow olectno lights iu tho towu
hall will bo christoned at tho May day
promeuado and tho decoratiug commit
too will have good light to display
their docoratiouB.
Wliilo at tho oreamery Suuday moru
iug tho horso of H O. Dwiuoll bo
came frighteuod, throw Mr. Dwinoll
out ou his faco and rau away. Mr.
Dwiuoll was not badly iujurod oxcopt
for a fow bruisos.
Evaugolistio Borvicos whioh havo
boou iu rrogress at the Methodist
ohurch will coutiuuo during this wook
aud probably noxt, ovory uight at 7 :30
Georgo EngliBh of Montpelier is vis
itiug his sou, Jim Englisih, for a fow
Frod Graco bogan work for Goorgo
Dow iu tho grist mill last Mouday.
Tho Womau's Relief Corps will sorvo
another supper at their hall Tuosday,
May 5, from 5 to 0:30 o'clook p. m.
All who attoudod tho last ono will
vouoh for tho quality of tho moal.
Only tou couts.
JYl. W. Wheelock's
Real Estate Agency
At Moutnulier llook Bindery. havo bnr
gulns Iu hoviBos, loU aud other valuablo
nroperty. I'laoes wanted for Jlratolass
olerks, inale, hotel cook, glrla for house'
work, laundry work, oto,
-No expbiise for roglsterlnc.
OHftou Kiniball of Modford, Mass.,
was at J. O. Thayor's last wook.
Oroamory patrous rocoivod twouty-
i bovou and ouo-half couts ior JUarcn
Frod Blauoliard has sold a horso to
F. 0. Rut..
Harry Mosoly
cattlo last wook.
was in towu bnylng
Nora West will livo at F. E
and attoud tho spring tonn of
Mrs. Holon Abbott, who lias beou'
visitiug frionds horo aud iu North
field, roturned homo last Tliursday.
Mrs. F. O. Allou visitod hor brothor
in Brookfield last Woduosday.
Mrs. J. J. Steolo and Mrs. Goorgo
Warduor woro nuosts of Mrs. II. A.
1 Flotohor iu East Brookfield, last Tuos-
.1 1
Mrs. Mattio Warduor visitod friouds
in Brookfield last Friday.
Miss Edith Rutz is droseniaklug iu
Horbort Gliddou and son Elbort,
woro at A. J. Ladd's Sunday.
Miss Agues Weilson speut Saturday
and Sunday with Mrs. Gny Bauoroft,
hor sistor.
Earlo Piido attouds scliool iu Brook
field. Mrs. Guy Baucroft was not
aB woll Friday aud Dr. Ellis was
Nettio Rico has gono to Northfield
to work for Will Boyutou.
Mrs. Holou Abbott roturued to hor
homo in Brookfield ou Thnrsday.
Frieuds of Mrs. Olaronoo Mudgott 1
gavo hor a birtliday party Saturday '
ovoniug. A pleasnut timo is roported.
Word lias beou roceivod horo of tho
doath of Mrs J. T. Kean of Woou
sookot, South Dakota. Mrs. Kean was
formorly Miss Bossio Porry of Wash
ington, D. O., and boforo hor niar
riago visitod in this phico with tho
Boltous aud tnado mauy friouds.
Sho spout tho wintor iu California
witli a party of friouds and wliilo at
Long Buach sho had tho grlu, aud lat
or pnoumouia, aud diod at Palo Alto.
Ho husbaud brought tho body to Woou
sockot last weok whore she was buriod.
A son wns boru to Mr. and Mr. J.
B. Quiiiu last wook,
Scliool commonoed Monday with Ida
Colloy of Berlin teachor horo and Id
Martiu iu district No. i).
E. E. Maxham lias gono to North
Dakotn ou buBiuoss. Ho oxpoctH to bo
gono two lnouthB or moicr.
Madge Hills is visitiug Leona Rum
uey. Honry Berry is visitiug frieuds iu
Luwoll, Mass.
Mrs. Abbio Joues is iu Craftsbury,
cariug for hor sister who is seriously
"A son was boru to Mr. and Mrs.
J B. Quinr, April 22.
Irma Burnham is gaining slowly af
ter a long aud paiuful illuess.
Mrs. Abbio Joues is oxpected homo
from Craftsbury this week, whore sho
has beou caring Ior iior sistor, Mrs.
Elbert E. Maxham has gono to South
Dakota to look aftor proiiorty ho is iu
torested iu thore.
Paul Goorgo visitod his graudparouts
iu Warrou last weeki
Ileury Borry returued ou Monday
from his visit iu Lowell, Mass.
Frauk Carpouter, wifo aud family
arrived from Southorn Califoruia
whoro thoy spout tho wiutor, yester
day. Miss Josophiuo Potty, formorly triiu
mor for Miss M. E. Smith mot with a
serious accidout iu Ohicago last weok.
Wliilo she was riding iu au automobilo
with hor sistor, a dog rau undor tho
wlieelB causing it to turu sharply.
Both wero throwu out aud Miss Petty
received sevoro iujnrios, ouo shouldor 1
beiug dislocated and hor collar bouo
brokon and ouo sido boiuc hurt badly.
Sho was taken to a hotel aud later ro
movod to hor homo whore sho is got
tiug ou as well aB can bo oxpected.
Mrs. John Nioholsou of liostou,
Mass.. is in towu ou a week's visit to
lier bou who has charge of the oloo
trio light plaut horo.
At tho olpotiou of ofllcors Tuosday
oveuiug of Company F, Adj. H. O.
Mosoloy was chosou captaiu to fill tho
vacanoy caused by tho resignation of
Oharles Plumlej'.
J. Masters rosumod work iu Oross
rsros. ' stouo shod aftor sovoral woeks'
ouforced absouco caused by a sorious
acoidout iu whioh ho wbb wouud up iu
somo rovolving slmftiiif;. It iB con
sidered a uarrow oscapb from doath
lor Mr. Mastors.
H. C. Mosoloy is iu Burlington, at
tho Mary Flotohor hospital whoro ho
has gono for medical ndvico aud troat
Dilliucham Grauco is to havo au
ontortaiumout at tho hall ou Saturday
ovouing, May S.CAdmisEiou tou couts.
All aro luvitou.
Mrs. Ernost Oliftou diod vory Bud-
douly last uight
Mrs. I'Jcl JN011 aud Mrs. I'rea uattis
of Waitsfield visitod at Mr. aud Mrs.
H, J, Parkor's ono day laBt weok.
Domeritt & Palmor's olothos niu 1
faotory is turning ont a largo quantity
of clothes pins daily.
Mrs. Leua Moriom is Buffering from
a vory sevoro pcalp wound iuilictod by
lier iiusuaud, wno strnoic nor wun a
stlok. Sho was takou to tho homo nf
lier sister whoro tho wound was
dressed by Dr. Stauloy of Waterbury.
Ohauucev Shonio who is vory low
with dropByof tho hoart iB boiug oared
for by Bort Uabroo.
Rov. Mr. Loavitt oocupiod tho pul-
pit for tho Univorsalist's, Suuday af
Schools iu this vloinity. with tho ox-
coptiou of the villago Bchool, coui
moiicod Mouday.
Tho Jacksou Company havo noarly
fiuished tho additiou to thoir mill.
II. P. Warron of Fairloo was iu
towu on Woduosday aud sold threo
Nolsou Darling has comniouced pip
ing tho wator to his mill.
MIbb Laura uutior is Bponaiug a
sliort vooation in towu.
Rov. Mr, Rowoll roturued from his
trip, Saturday aud oooupied tho pulpit
Josoph Boll of Roxbury is tho now
sootiou foroman, sncceediug II, 0.
homonibor tho May day ball nt the
Middlosox hotol, i'hursday ovouing,
April 30.
Sarah Jano Williams was buriod at
tho villapo comotory on Woduosday.
Mrs. Williams diod at tho homo of
Edward Farrar iu Watorbury.
Miss Froda Robinsou is working at
G. P. Miles.
0, O. Ward has just rocoivod a largo
shipmont of barb wiro aud is solliug
somo lor a low price. Ask him about
M. K, Prico lost n valuablo horso on
Edward Farrar of Watorbury and
Mrs. Jonnlo Baldwin of Now York
oity woro in towu Suuday.
Grass Bood, olovor, rod top, Huu
gariau, Sauford corn and gardou seods
at a low prico at O. O. Ward'f.
Mrs. Ohouoy of South Bnr'ro was a
Riiost of MrB. Mary MoElroy on Tliurs
day. Mra. U. II. Hammond is ill and at
toudod by Dr. MoGuiro of Montpelier.
Olydo Ologstou wont Tliursday to
Bradford Ceutor, whoro ho has om
ploymont. Dovoo load and ziuo paiut at 0. 0.
M. W. MileB foll from tho voranda
of his houso ouo day last wook, bruis
ing ono arm quito badly.
Oharles Olark ot St. Aibans, iu
Bpoctor of bridgos, waB in towu ou
Saturday to inspoct tho Fostor bridgo.
Of courso you aro buying your teas
aud coffeos at Ward's whoro you havo
n largo llno of tho choicest brands to
choopo from.
Stop'.iou Pluski hnB finished work
for L. Whito aud goue tb Watorbury.
Oharles Scott is now workiug for
Mr. White.
G .JB. Evins of Montpolior shipped
a quantity of livo stock to Bostou
niarkors ou Monday.
Mrs. Jano Daniels has had hor houso
nowly painted with Dovoo load aud
zino paiut. Jo Hill had charge of tho
Ward's is tho placo to go for gontB'
Miss Jennio E. Johnson, who ifl as
sistiug at tho post-ofilce.at Waitsfield,
was at lier homo over Suuday.
Miss Mamio Goaren left ou Tliurs
day for Brockton, Mbbb.
Mr. aud Mrs. Ira Johnson visitod in
Duxbury on Tuosday.
Mr. aud Mrs. Arthur Hammond of
Windsor woro at U. H. Hammond 's
a part of last week.
Tho now transformer bnilding at
Viles' olectrio plant is now uudor con
ti'nction. Miss Carrio Swift of Stowo was at
hor homo on Sunday.
Strawborries, as woll as othor frnits.
otc, at Ward's ovory wook.
Mrs. C. H. Sawyor of Barre visited
rolatives in towu a part of last week.
Miss Beatrico Horrick visitod iu
Montpelier a part of last week.
Miss Addio Phillips of Moretown
will bo at hor milliuery parlors ou
Weduesdays, from 9 to 4 o'olock.
Tho Unitaiiau society will rosumo
its mootings noxt Suuday, May 3.
Sorvicos may bo expectsd fortuightly
at 2 :15 o'olock p. m.
Rev. Mr. McArthur, of Ryegato,
preachod a vory improssivo sormou
last Thnrsday at tho Presbytoriau
Warrou Boweu roturued homo last
wook, after a few day's'absenco.
Rochio Kezor was in towu last week
visitiug old friouds.
Mis. William Morrison hnd hor bou,
William, wero called to Roxbury,
MaBS., last Saturday on account of the
sovoro illnesB of Jaraes Morrison, a
young man who iB woll kuown iu this
co'mmunity, and much niuch lovod and
Mrs. James McLam, of West Tops
ham, spont a fow days iu towu last
wook with hor parontB, Mr. aud Mrs.
O. D. Willey. Katio is always wol
como ou tliij sido of tho hill.
Eight now members wero rocieved
iuto tho Presbytoriau ohurch last Suu
day. Lot tho good work go ou. JJOhrist
said "Him that cometh uuto Mol will
in uo wiso east out. "
B. u. Hood roturued homo last Fri
day from his busiuoss to Groton.
Our schools openod last Monday.
Mrs. A. J. Sorutou aud daughtor
Florence, wont to Bradford last Satur
day. Tho first meat cait of tho season
wont through our villago last Satur-
Mr. aud Mrs. Dr. Willard wore on
this sido of tho hill last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. O. R. Taggart woro
iu towu last Sunday.
Linwood and Arthur Tapliu wore iu
t..i. (3 .1 I
Mrs. Ejnily Taggart was iu town
on Suuday.
Frauk Hart has bought tho farm
bolongiug to Frod Hunt, aud haa tak
en possesBlon. Frod Hunt has bought
tho houso bolongiug to Mr. Hart uear
Morotown villago.
Mrs. A. Portor of Williston iB visit
iug hor bou, Abel, aud other frionds.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Forronco wore u
Williamstown last wook.
Rev. O. B. Wolls and wifo roturued
from Bakersfield last Tliursday.
Daisy NioholB of Montpelier teaohes
dlBtrict No. ; Miss Edith Avoiy iu
distriot No. 0; Miss Edith Butlor will
toaoh in North FayBtou and will com-
mouco hor school tho 4th of May.
Arthur Morgan of Westford is visit
iug his sistor; Mrs. W. Oorliss.
Mr. aud Mrs. L. Bigolowof Williams
town visitod hor paronts rocontly.Mr.
aud Mrs. Forronco.
Mrs Ila Palnior of Morrisville was
with hor paronts, Mr. and Mra. B.
Johnson, laBt week.
II. Q. Ward is ropairing his houso.
Albort Phillips is doing tho work.
Tako Laxnttvo Tlromo OlllnTuo'Tablots
All druggists rufund tlio monoy if It falli
to ouro. js. w. urovw siguuiui-u ia
eaob dox. aco.
Tailored Suits
See the line of fine Tail
ored Suits we are offering
$10.00 and 15.00
for this week in Broadcloth
and Venetian?, with blouse
and slcirted Jacket, nicely
trimmed and silk lined.
Voile and faucy mixtures.
Only one oJ' a style, All
high class nov'lties.
$18.00 to 37.50
Silk Ccats
The popular garments for
both ladies and children.
We are bhowing our ex
tensive line in all lengths
and styles.
Ladies' Silk Coats from
1.50 to 25.00
Something that is always
m etyle. All the now eliects
A larcre assortment from
18 &lj3l
Tho onouiuc of tlio saloons iu Barro
town canjo on Saturday and the threo
licoused placo opeued Saturday nioru
ing. Thore was a big demand for tho
hquor, but thore was no disturbauco
of auy consequeuco iu auy of the
places whoro the saloons aio locateti.
A. J. Baldwin aud Mrs. Mary O.
Bassottt wore quietly married at 0
o'olook Sunday ovouing at tho bride's
honio on Washington stroet, tho coro
mouy beiug performod by Rev. R. F.
Lowe of tho Methodist church. Tho
ouly persons proseut wero Mrs. R.
F. Lowe aud Mr. aud Mrs. John Roy
uolds. L. J. Bolstor Bustainod a broken
arm iu au acoidout betweeu five aud
Bix o'olock Suuday uight, while driv
iug liiB pair of yonug colts. Ho had
drivon to East Barre aud ou roturuing
drovo up to a watoriug tub about two
miles this sido of Eat Barre. Tho
horsos bocame frightouod at tho tub
aud iumnod to ono side, broabing tho
wagou polo short off, aud turning
ronud Btartod back toward East Barro
nt a breakucok naco. Mr. Bolstor
was throwii out, strikiug heavily ou
his head. outtiuc it badly and broak-
iug his left arm. The hoises rau as
far as tho uext house mto a buru. The
wncou was badlv smashod but tho
horsos escaped uuiujured. 1
Ohiistiua Aloxandor, youugost child
nf tlm lato Rodoriok MoLoary, aged
ouo yoar aud threo mouths, died of
nieaBles.pueumouia having resultod ou
Suuday attoruoon; aua on luouuay
uiorniug Maxwell, the sisteeu mouths'
old son of Mr. aud Mrs. William S.
Alexandor, died of tho Bamo disoaso.
Honry Huntingtou and wifo bogan
their rosidonco at "Maplowoort" last
Tliursday; Mrs. Marsh is with thoui
J. Madison Ballou from Moutpolior
WBB at J. U. AVOiy'B Jast oaiuruay
night and Suuday.
Ij. R.Greeuwood spout Sunday wun
Ed Oook aud wifo at Soutli Barre.
Mra n. .T. Slaok is at Bradford car
iug for hor daughter, who 1b vory ill.
Mrs. Levi Wilson is spendiug soverai
weoks at I. M. Wilson's. Hor huBbaud
was with hor on Hunuay.
Mr. aud Mrs. J. A. SVright of Rnm-
uoy, JN. ti., are speuuiug u wuuk
amoug friouda horo.
Nathau Taplin rooently sold His
ohostnut horse to partios from Oon-
oord, N. II. for $200. ,
Solon Mooro of Barro spout Sunday
at his old homo.
Vorule Graut waB homo from Brad
ford Saturday.
Tlnrbort Sauboru. wifo and sou of
Barro aro Bpoudiug sovoral days with
liis sistor, Mrs. ueoigo aimpsuu.
Sohool in tho Simpsou distriot bogau
Mouday with Miss Edua Board or ur
ango as teaohor.
Tho auotion salo of proporty of tho
Onrl Hnntoon was well attondod
aud uoarly ovorything brought a fair
Jamos Hnntoon was in Oraugo on
busluosa sovoral days of last wook
$5.00 buys a handsome
Peau de Soio or Crepe de
Chinc Waist at our store.
India Silk Waists in white
or black from
$2.98 up
We have just received a
largo fhipment of Muslin
and Merceriznd Waists
which go on sale today
Dress Skirts
An endless variety cf sep
erate Skirts in Broadcloth,
Cheviot and Etaminep. New
styles and handsomely trim
med as cheap as $3-75
As high a $15.00
Tafl'eta and Peau de Soie
Skirts from $8.50 Up
The Original Kalamazoo
Sold only by us The best
Petticoat in the world See
the one we are selling for
Taffeta Silk Petticoats
from 4 OS to 10 50.
You can always find a
large assortment of the Cel
ebrated Domestic Wrappers
at out store irom
$1.00 up
Proparatory lecture Friday after
liooii at 1 :i30 o'olock at tho Second
Congregatioual church. .
Mrs. O. O. Upham aud Mary, who
speut the wiuter iu Worcester, Mass.,
returued to their homo horo last Fri
day. The Womau's Roliof Corps, will
havo a sociablo at Uuion hall Saturday
afteruoon. Evoryouo is invitod. D.
E. Horrick will help outertain the
company with his graphaphone.
Mrs. Lulu Blako transports the
scholais from tho Kibbeo district No.
9 to tho Couter school taught by Miss
Susio Howard of Randolph.
Doacon William S. Graves receutly
bought teu acres of land for pasfuro
from tho Ralph ostato.
"The Great Diamoud Kobbery"
presontod by tho Randolph dramatio
olub at tho towu hall last Weduesday
oveuiug drew a full liouse, aud, was
muoh eujoyod.
Miss Edith Rutz of Roxbury is
drossmaking iioro iu the village.
Miss Abbio Smith has gouo to Bur
lington whoro sho has omploymout for
a timo.
Mrs Goorge Warduor of East Rox
bury visitod frioiids.rin town tho last
of tho weok.
The fuuoral of Mrs. Will Ford was
hold from hor lato liome last week
Woduosday. Rov. Francos Kimball
of William itown ollioiatod.
Beulah Coburu has koiio to East
Braiutroo to livo with hor graudpar
outs, Mr. aud iNirs. ii. Parkor.
Mr. and Mrs. Frod Durkee attond
od tho fuuoral of their brothor, A.
Durkee at North Randolph last Wed-
Mrs. J. W. Parmontor has been with
hor daughtor, Mrs. George H, Sprague,
who lias been quito ill the paat week
at East Brookfield.
Tho homo farm of J. IS. Peckott on
the Lowor Plaiu, also tho cottage,
"Oliil Mull," nt Lako Moroy, aud tho
ostato formorly owued by J. M. War
deu in this villngo, aro to be offorod
for salo at auction on Tliursday of
this weok.
Mrs. Annio Spaldiuc, who has beou
quito ill with tho grip for tho past
two weeks, b onco nioro attoudiug to
hor duties at tho library.
Whoopiug cougii is quito tho rago nt
proseut. Mauy of the ohildrou havo it
aud sovoral of tho oldorouos who soem
at lonst old ouough to "kuow bettor,"-
Rehearsala ' for tho iniustrel Bhow
given by Bradford's fair (?) maidoua
are progresslug nuoly aud thoso who
attoud aro prouiised moro thau thoir
niouoy's worth.
Now golf liuks havo boon laid out
ou tho upper plaiu, oast of tho road
rnuulug north through tho fair
Mrs. Sonhia Hnzeu Bnont Suudav nt
Norwioh with frionds.
Mrs. Courtlnndt Bnbcook of Mout
olair, N, J. is speudiug two wooks
with hor inothor, Mrs. Blakely.
The library olub nioots noxt woek
with Mrs. W. S. WilliamB. Mrs. Au
ule Joues will assist iu entortaiuing
the mombera.
The Peerless Muslin Un
derwear. For style, fit and
Jinish none better. Excep
tional values ior this week
in Gowus, Skirts and (Dor
set Covers.
Special attention is given
to this department and our
ambition is to give our cus
tomers the best wcaring
hoso possible for the money.
The Celebrated Hercules
Stocking for boys, sold
every whcre for 25 cents, our
Good wearing Hose for
Ladies and Children,
2 pairs for 25c
We carry such well known
Corsets as the W B, II &
C, Cresco, American Lady,
and Warner's, The Ferris
Corset Waist, .One lot of
Corsets in broken sizes, R
and G and Thomson's at
69c Pair
For a fine Glove buy the
Trefousse at 1.50.
$1.00 buys the Clara, a
fine dressed kid
100 buys a three clasp
Suede, usually sold for $1.25
Fancy Neck Ribbon in all
colors, value 15c, our price,
10c. One lot of Fancy Neck
Ribbons, value 30c, our
price. 19c.
Mrs. Josoph Eddy is quito ill with
pneumonin, aud is cared for by her
daughters, Mrs. Wheoler aud Mrs.
Lncibn Slack is ill with typhoid
Johu Ellis has returued from Barro,
beiug unable to work on account of
troublo with his oyes.
J. R. Houderson of Waitsfield was
iu town Saturday after a horso which
he is to keop through the summer.
Tho mite society holds its auuual
meotiug this week in charge of Mrs.
Dwight Howe.
Mrs. Hattie Shepard aud Mrs. Lottio
Hayward aro visitiug at Clark Flint's.
A danco waB held at Pearl Flint's
Friday ovening and was well attended.
Miss Florence Burnham is at hor
Tho Good Templars repeated tho
plny recoutly given Saturday eveuiug,
charging half prico for admiBsiou aud
takiug over eight dollars.
Loe Wiley tradod his valuable xnaro
to somo ouo from Montpolior.
Work begau last week on tho vord
autiqne quarry, niost of tho old hands
being omployed.
E. F. Pnlmer was at homo Sunday.
Mr. aud Mrs. M. M. Davis wore iu
Moutpelior, Woduesday.
While Mrs. G. O. Evaus was ro
turuing homo from -Waitsfield, last
1 Woduesday tho harness broko whioh
caused a smash up. Mrs. Jvaus was
throwu out aud nor neaa cut bo it tooK
Bix Btitohes to close the wouud, besidos
rocoiviug soverai other bruises and
boiug Uadly shakou up.
Mrs. Lulio Joues of Waitsfield was
in town Saturday.
Mr. aud Mrs. Will Kiugsbury of
Windsor arrived iu town Friday for n
few days' visit, briugiug with them
Helou, little daughter pf Joseph Sotn
orville. Mrs. Will Braga and Mrs. Hattio
MoLaughllu aud daughtor of Fayston
visito.i at tho homo of F. S. Austin
ouo day last weok.
The plav at the town hall Fiiday
ovouing was attondod by a full liouse.
Dr. Spillor was at the hotol, Mon
day. H. E. Anstin aud wifo of Worcester,
woro iu towu Sunday.
Mr. aud Mrs. M. II. Grifilth called
on his broiher, A. M. Grifllth, in
Duxbury, Sunday.
Frauk Hart has tradod his plaoo for
Fred Huut's farm aud takeu posses
sion. Tho Friday afternoun prayer moot
iug will bo hold at the homo of Mrs.
D. F. Freoman.
Maurloo Couway of Montpelier waB
iu town Suuday.
There woro Borvicos at tho Oathollo
church on Sunday.
MiRfi Elda Palnior iB coufiuod to hor
bod. Sho has boou Bulloring from a
"Now good dlgeatiou waits on ap
potite and hoalth on both." If it
doosu't, try Burdock Blood Bittors.

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