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ripton inmwwig'-
Ono Ycnr 81.B0
KlglUMontii!- 1.00
Slx Molitlift 70
i- Jh,
i-t'iti.isiii:!) ifrcu l.
VOL. 97-5029
$5i9S irr is price you
can buy a handsome
Blouse and Eton Suit.. Nicely
trimmed with braid, all colors and
5j5798 For tms P"ce yu
can get a handsome
Cheviot or Broadcloth Suit, well
worth $15.00. All colors.
$9.90 For this price you
get Suits that sold
for $20.00, 22.00, 25.00.
Silk Coafs and Gapes
Box, Eton and Blouse Styles in
Tafetta and Peau de Soie. Black
and white linings.
$3.98, 4.98, 6.98
125 Walking Skirts
Oxford, Grey,' Brown and Green
mixtures. Value $5.00,
Honse Dresses
15 dozen two-piece Lawn and
Perc'ale Housc Dresses. Hand
some Patterns. For a few days
at $1.39, I 69, 1-98
Exclusive Patterns and Styles
Frederick J. McCuen,
Successor to Tcmple-McCuen Co.,
Opera House Block,
to buy your supply of Mou's, Young Men's nud Boy's flnost Olothlng, and
Genvs furnlshing Goods, formerly belougiug to the D T. Dounelly stock,
who were formerly doitig btisiness in tho Mlles block, nml ttio bnlanco of
tho atoekis iiow belng olosed outbvus at from?0 to 50o on tho ilDllar from
Mr. 1). T. DonueUy'a foriner price?.
Please tako note of theso facts.
Children's Knee Pants Suits Bargalns
Boy's 75a Knee Pants Wash Bulti, - 30o
1.50 " " Wool Bults, . . 75o
2.50 " ' - . 05o
3.00 " " " " . - 1.00
4.00 " " " " - 2.0n
5.00 " " " " 3.00
5.00 Long Trousers Wool Bulta, 2.05
G.00 " " " " 3.03
7.00 " " " " 4.55
8.00 " " " " . 4.00
10.00 " " " " 0.65
12. 0 " " " " 7.00
Men'a and Boy's Shoes, 08o, S1.25. 1.35, 1 50. Men' S- 00 Sbirta, ouly 08o.
SOo Neokwoar, only J5o to close. Come at ouco uml get llrst ohoicc.
Romomber the Place
Yett Brothers, Prop's
106 DVEctixx St., IVXoixtipoxioi"," c
Madrid, May 18. A bnll flght at
Algeoiras yostorday mot with a trapio
endlng. The Boat of tho amphithe
atio gave way and foll ornBinng tho
Bpootatora niidor tlio dobris. A torrl
ble panio ousnod doriag whloh n nnin
ber of women and ohlldrfln wore
throwu into the arena where thoy
wore attaokod by bnlls. Tho nnmber
of viotims is hot yot known. but at
preBont tlio caBoaltlos aro plaood at
twelve killed and flfty injnicd.
Vermont Watohman Oo , Job Prlntors
F'or Ladiew nnd IMisHON
Evcry Suit bottght this season. About onc-half
of this lot wcr'e bought at 33 1-3 to 50 pcr
cent. Discount. Every varietyof matcr
ials are shown in thcse Suits. If
you visit this department you
can judgc for yoursclf.
Everything just as
Puritan Wrapper
25 dozen Wrappers made up
from light and dark colored Prints
and Dimities, value gt.oo toSi.25.
For a few days
at 79c
We place 011 sale 100 pieces
extra finequality, figured LAWNS
also Plain Colors and Black with
Lace Stripe, Goods that havc sold
from 20 to 25 cents per yard, at
oniy 12 J-2c vard
This is an opportunity that ia rnrcly
offcred as carly in tlio season.
Montpelier, Vt
120 Suits at 50c on theDollar.
320 Men's Bults In Cutaway Frocks anil Sacks
and odd CoatB and Vests in fancy woreteds
and all wool materlal at 50o on tlie dollar ot
the fortner prices. Tbis Is a great chauco
for small inen as these Bults and odd Coats
and Vests are all In sinall sizes, runnlng In
34, 35, 3G and 37, TtierefoTe, the price on
tbeui Is cut so low that It is really surprls
ing. llere they are:
$ 5.00 all wool Bult for men at
7.00 "
8.00 "
15.00 "
ti it it
it it ti
Latrobe, Pa., May 10, Throo load
od and three ompty oara rau down tlio
grado from Palmors' Banimit lato last
niglit, and wlion going at a rato of a
mile a minnto strnok a donkoy ongino
usod in the yarda ot a ooal oompany
at Whltuey minea, flvo railoj from
hore, bnryiug the enginour and two
othor men nnder a hngo pilo ot de
bria. All three were takon ont doad
Another man ia eoriously lnjarod,
Montpelier and Vinicily,
Mr. aud Mrs, H, 15, Dolo woro in
Nortliflold Uist wcok to nttond tho
Cortioth nmiivosary of tlio miirriago
of .t. K. Dolo, tliuir fnther, on Tlmrs
day. V. II. Nolms a speoinl peiiBion ox
aniinor who hns boon looatod nt Bur
liugtou for tlio past ycnr hns boon
tmuaforrcd to this olty aud with his
wifo nnd oliild 1ms takon rnoms nt tho
Tho Moutpolier Souiiuury baso ball
tcani will vay tho St. Albnua toam
on tho Somiuary cnuipns in tliis oity
Sntnrdny aftornoon. Ou Monday thoy
will cross bats witli Goddnrd Somi
nary at Barrfl.
Dr. J. Honry Jackfiou of Barro was
iu tho olty Tuesday, lu coneultation
with Dr. II. L. Wntsou uud bouiq
pliysioiuiH from Burlington iu regard
to tho caso of Dr. O. L. Watsou, who
has boon siol: nt hia liomo on Barro
troot for sovoral weuks.
Rov. L. K. Willmau pronoliod a
stroug nud instrnotivo soruion ou
"Somo Facts of Iuiniigration aud Iu
dustry That Givo Amorica Opportun
ity for tho Woild Sorvico", boforo tho
Junior Ordor of Uuitod Amoricau
Meclianics in Triuity cliurch ou Snn
day. Marslmll Montgomery, of St. Johus
bury, reforoo iu baukruptcy for tho dis
trictof Caledonia, was iu tho oity Mon
day in his oilioial capncity nsspecinl
rofereo iu tho A. E. Kiles baukruptcy
caso. Tho last moeting of tho credit
oh iu this caso wns hoid in the nftor
uoou. F. A. Dwiuoll of tliis city, who is
iu Kniiias on busincss couuccted with
tho National Lifo Insurauco Co,, re
ports that tho mud is so doep iu that
Stato that travel over tlio roads is al
most inipossiblo. This iscertaiuly iu
Etriking coutrast with the situntiou iu
Mrs. O. D. Olark aud Mrs. J. G.
Bro)vn dolightfully eutortaiucd a large
compauy of friouds nt n dnuco nt tho
Faviliou on Tuesday ovouiug Crom 8
until 12 o'clock. Musio wns fur.
uishcd by six pieces from tho Wilder
orchestrn. Tlio occasiou wns ono of
tho mopt onjoynblo of tho season.
Jorry Douuhuo has tnkeu n two
years leaee of Stnuwis Hnll, tho only
hotel iu tho towu of Rosbnry nud
will moyo thero soou, giving up his
pool room iu this oity. Roxbury
voted wot iu Mnrch but hns beou uu
ublo' to get nnyono to apply for a li
conso siuco. It is rumorcd fhat Mr.
Dounhuo niny Btop into tho broach
nud supply tho loug folt wnut.
The boys ohoir, which Georgo H.
Vildftr is traiuing for tho uiusical
Koryices nt Botlmuy churqh, is to bo
fltted with attaotivo robes of blnck
with wido rolling whito colinrs, by
tho lndius of Bethnuy Guild, It is
hoped thnt tho choirwill bo rondy for
eeryico onrly in Juuo, nud that tho
robe'i will bo roady by that timo.
John Soutor took n fow of his flsher-
mnn friouds on nu nugliug oxcursiou
to Loug Pond in Woodbury, Sntnrday
uicht. Tho party was comprised of
O. A. G. Jnokson.'Pnul Rivors, Fred
Gates, Dextor Groyor nud H. R. Kou
nedy. Thoy roturnod Sunday evoniug
witli about 200 flsh, mostly peroh, nud
opxresied thomselyos as haviug had a
most enjoyablo rccroation.
Betweeu ilftein nud twonty Btudonts
of Montpelier Seminnry wero uunblo
to contain their joy within ordinnry,
bounda Mondny ive. whon thoy learned
that the Sominnry tonm dofented Ed
muuda high bcIiooI in Burlington,
that aftornoon, .by a ecoro of 8 to 7. So
thoy prticoeueu to glvo veiit to their
high spirits by pnruding tho priucipnl
streetB with yells nud war whoops.
Tho report that tlio Pnviliou lind
boon or wonld bo sold to J. Edward
Bailey, aud A. O. Blanchard is donied
by all pnrtiea concorned. Tho two
gentlemeu uamed aud tho owner of
the hotel, J. S. Viles,hayo boon iuter
viewed by a Jourual roportor aud all
qay tlioro is no trutli in tho roport.
As theso are the only porsous intorost-
od iu tho matter it may fairly bo as
Bumod that tho report is nntruo,
Tho fuuoral of Mrs. D. H. Wassou,
who diod on Sunday at hor home iu
West Borlin, was . liold on Tuesday
at 11 o'olock from hor late liomo, Rov.
L. K. Willmau offloiating. Tho body
was takou to the Cntlor cemetery
where burial took place. Tho docoasod
left a husbnnd and ono son Herbort,
two Bistora and two brothors, Mary
Oook aud Mra, Boliouon aud John
Oook, of this oity, aud Jnmes Oook of
Frauk Forboa of Barro haB beon
lodged in the connty jail tu scrve a
tou daya sentenoo for iutoxication.
Ohlef of Polico Brown ot Barre went
to St. Johnaburv on Tuesday nnd ro
turued with Forboa who had juat
complotod a eimilnr gentenco thero,
having boen convioted of intoxioatiou
at Hardwick whlln mnsquorndlug
under tlio nnnio of McGrogor, Forbos
1h tho mnn wlui ckippod from Bnrro
wltliout pnylug hts fluo.
Jolui Pock, tho popu'nr uhlof
fliiglnoor of tho Montpollor flrodopart
mont,nud Miss Frnucos Kout of Cabot
woro marriod at tho brido's liomo, tho
rosidouco of hor consins, Mr. nud Mrs.
II. O. Dwiuoll in thnt towu ou Tues
day. Tho woddiuB wns n quioc ono,
tho coromony bolng porfo.rmcd by tlio
Rov. D. L. Hillinrd. Mr. nud Mrs.
Peck drovc to this citv in tho ovoning
nnd will rosido horo. Thoy will linvo
tho bs&t wislios of ninny friouds both
iu Moutpolier nud Cabot.
Au adjournod meeting of tho Old
liomo Wook Associution was held Snt
nrdny ovoning iu Iho Onpitnl Snvings
bnuk nt which tho old bonrd of ofllcors
was oloctod ns follows: Prosidont,
A. J. Sibloy; vire presidonts, Goorgo
Atkitis, .Ttlit.t Rnpes; soorotnry E.
ti. DoiVitttj tronsuror, A. W. For-
rin; exocutivo uomniitteo, J. M.
Boutwoll, Frod Blauchard, J. G.
Brown. Only throo monibors woro
prosont nftor tho nnuunl meotiug hnd
beou twico ndjouruod for lnck of
a qnorum. Old Hotno Wook will uot
bo publicly colobratod this yonr
A mnn thought to bo nnmod Edwnrd
O'Brion cnmo uonr going to tho lmppy
hunting grounds, Wednosday, becnuBO
of his own indiscrotiou iu choosing
tho Coutrnl Vormont traoks for nu
nbiding placo. Pnsscugors ou tho
train nt that timo woro Btnrtled by a
suddeu stop whilo n short distnuco
nbovo tlio Wolls Rivor stntiou. Tho
cnuso proved tobo n man ou tho trnck.
First tho polico station uud thou tho
ail woro tolophouod to nnd ns n rcsult
Doputy Fitzgornld wout ovor nnd took
O'Brion to tho coolor. It wns fortu
unto for him thnt tho ongiuoor wns
paying'close nttontiou to his duty.
Tho Montpelier high s.chool baso bnll
toam dpfontod tho Wntorbury high
school tonm by u scoro of 28 to 5 on
tho school grouuds in this city ou Sat
urday aftornoon. The high school has
n vory good team this yonr nnd ib play-
ug good bnll. Following is tho ar-
rangemont of plnyors M. H. S., Do
Collniues 2nd bnso, Olonvcs 0. F.,
Pitkin L. F., Clard 3rd bnso, Hun
tington S. S., Blnnchnrd 1st bnso,
Fnrrar R. F., Orano P., Parady 0.
W. H. S. Mnrriou 0., SulHvnn P,
Wnrreu S. S., Duffos, 1st bnse, Batch-
oldor 2ml baso, Guptil 8rd baso, Hart
O. F., Domorritt L. F., Smith R. F.
Superiutoudent Smith of tho wnter
department is keepiug n caroful watch
on tho wnter supply at thu Berlin res-
rovoir nud poud. At present thoro is
no npprohonsiou of a shortngo if caro
is oxorciEod in its uso. Tho superiu
toudent, Health Ofllcor Lindsay nud
Nvntor dopnrtmout conimittoe of the
oity couuoil togothor with Mayor
Corry nro hnrd nt work ou dovising
tho best menns for improving tho sys-
tom. Tho Stnto bonrd of health has
boon iuvitod to inspccttho supply aud
its Eourco nud to mnko rccommendn
tiouB concerniug it, aud tlio gouoral
sontimout bcoiiis to bo iu favor of
ndoptiug tho bonrd's BnggcstionB for
Tho Montpolior Somiuary socond
baso bnll tcnm dofented the Northfield
high school ou Sntnrday nftornoou ou
tho sominnry cnmpus, by a score of 10
to C. Tho gnino wns close and ovou-
ly matchod to tho eighth iuning whon
tho Bominnry boys took n bntting
Btroak which wou tho gnino. Tho
plnyors woro ns follows' : M. S. sec
ond toam Hnll P. Bruco 0. F., Phil
lips 2ud bnso, Rogers lst bnse, Fiench
0. Bolles R. F., Bntcholder L. F.,
Hnzon S. S., Dnvis 8rd baso. North
field high Bohool Newcomb 0, Kot
ridge 8rd bnse, StobbiuB O. F., Knapp
2ud b bo, Parks L. F., Stowe S. S,.
Duttou P, Hazeltou R. F., Wescott
lst bnse. Umpiro, Dreuunu.
Tho matter of au applicaiiou for u
rocoivorfor tho Qnoon City Pnrk Abso
oiatiou cnmo up boforo Ohnncollor
Start ou Mondny nt a hoariug hold
at tho Pavillou. E. A. Smith of Bran
don who olaims to ropresout tho asso
oiatiou ns prosident wns roprosonted
by W. L. Buruap and Heury Ballard
of Burlington, JnnuB Orossott of Wntor
bury who ropreseuts auothor faction
of tho asBOoiation nH prosidont was
roprosonted by J. G. Sargent of Lud
low. V. A. Bullard and E. H Hor-
tou of Burlington roprosentod the or
ator, John Withell of Montronl. Ap
plioation wna made by Dr. Smith for
an exteusion of timo in which to file
an answer to the orator'a bill and the
chaucellor oxtondod the timo to May
28 whon tho mattor is to bo heard on
Pomfrot, May 18. Ropresontativo
GhnrlcB H. VauBhn of this towu died
ou Friday night of hoart troublo atter
fll..- TT I 1 .. IU
a luug iuuubh. no wun oouuubij iti
at Montpelier during the last eosaion
of tho LosiBlatnro but aftorwnrds ira-
proved somewhat in health. Ho waa
sixty-ono yoara old and kopt a country
atoro and waa town olerk for a long
time. He leavea a wiio and aaugiiter.
Tho Montpollor Seminnry bnso bnll
tcnm dofented tho Edmmids high
school tiiin in Burtiugtou ou Mondny
aftornoon, by a scnro of 8 to 7. Tho
gnino wns n hnrd fought contost and
tho poininary boys won m tho oighth
iuning by mnking throo runs. Colli
son pitched n stcoug gnmo for tho
liomo tonm but did uot linvo rlio aup
port thnt tho tcnm gnvo Pnrkor. Tho
formor struck ont oight nioii to tho
lnttor'a niuo. Tho Montpolior boys
plnyod solid bnll, mnking six urrors
to cliolr oppouout'B oight. Tho Ed
mundH high school is ono of tho hard
est propnsitions tho sominnry boys
hnd to ruu up. ngninst this yonr nud
tho t'nct thnt thoy dofented tho Bur
lintgou tonm ou thoir own grounds 1b
ovidouco thnt tho tcnm is exceptiou
ally stroug this year.
Tho scoro by inuiugs was as follows:
Iuuiugs 12U45G789
E. H. S. 0 0 2 0 0 0 4 0 17
M. S. 0 0 2 2 0 1 0 3 08
Stolen bnscs M. S. 8, Edmunds 5;
bnsos ou bnlls off Collisou 2; ofl Pnrk
or 2.
M. S. O ST. A. H. S. 1.
Montpelier Somiuary's stnr of for
tuuo wns still iu tho nscoudnut Tues
dny whon thoy crossed bnto with tho
St. Albans high school in tho socond
gnmo of their trip. Tho boys from
tho Oapitnl bucklod down to swift
bnll, plnyiug nu orrorless gnmo nnd
piling up a, bundlo of six cuns to'
thoir oppououts' ono, nnd this wns
douo by usiug Hnll tho pltcher of tho
second toam for six iuuings only cull
iug ou tho sorvico of Pnrkor for tho
liomo Btrotch iu tlio last threo inuiugs.
Tho St. Albaus boys put up nv stroug
gamo only mnking two orrors but thoy
failed iu thoir otforts to hit the bnll
beyoud tho rench of tho nlorc in fiold
ers of tho Seminnry tonm. Ouo of
the uoticonblo fcntnres of tho gnmn
nud also nu ovidouco of the suporior
ity of the Somiuary boy's playing
shown wns thoir fnst nud etfeotiyo
bnso runniug which loft nu opeu plnco
ou first bnst most of tho time. On
tho othor hnud Miuer demonstrnted
nt tho first of tho gnmo thnt if tho
houio tenm boys wero goiug to try nuy
bnsos ou him thoy would linvo to get
n good stnrt, nud this proved snfllcieut
warning for thoy wore uunblo to stonl
n bnso. Hnll proved a good mnu iu
tho box, strikiug out flvo won' iu six
inuiugs nnd nllowiug ouly ouo mnu' to
The teums woro nrrauged ns fol
lows: M. S. Enstmnn, c. f. ; Scott,
1. f. ; Phillips, r. f. ; Mclver, lst bnso;
Crnpo, 2ud bnso; Huutiutgou, 3rd
bnso; Miuor,c. ;Hull (Pnrkor) P.Drou
nnu, s. s. St. A. H. S. Murphy s.
s j Bnldwin, lst bnso; Elrod,3r,d bnso;
Wills, r. f. ; Hntch, c. ; Willet, p. ;
Rynn, o. f. ; Downrt, I. f. ; Harvoy,
2ud bnso. Tho scoro by iuuiugs wns
as follows:
Inuiugs 123450789
M. S. 0 0 0 4 0 1 0 1 00
St. A. H. S. 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 01
Tho Stnto golf tournnment commit
toe cousistiug of Dr. E. M. Poud of
Rutland, 0. L. Woodbury, H. A.
Torroy aud J. T. Stoarus of Burling
ton wero in tho latter city ou Monday
aud pnrtially comploted arraugomonts
for tho tourunmout to bodiold iu Bur
lington ou July 10, 17, aud 18. Tho
matohes at the touruamont will con
sist of tho Stato ohampiouship aud
consolation matoh for tho oight mou
who loso iu the first rouud of play for
tho Stato championBhip. Thoro will
probably bo a matoh open to tho
Becoud sixteou playors in tho qunlify-
iug rouud for tho Stato chnmpiou-
ship. Tho hnudicap matoh will bo
playod, tho last day of tho tourua
meut. The coulmitteo linvo not yot
coinpletod all arraugomeutfi but will
meot uoxt week to mnko f urther plaus.
B. B, Bacon of OhelBoa.who was in
tho oity on TuoBdny.is ongaged in tho
vory commendable work of fluding
tonipornry or pormanont country
homes for destituto oihldron from
tho oities. 'Ho has rccoutly ongaged
in this work, aud acting on tho nd
vico of Montpolior nnd Bnrro pns
tors ho wont to Boston lnet weok to
iutorviow tho uinungors of vniious in
stitutious rognrdiug tlio bost conrso to
pnrsuo. Ho found tliom unauimous
in tho desiro to find Bnmmor homes
iu tho couutryfor their li'.tlo chnrgrs,
nnd ho will dovoto his timo priuoi
pally to' effohs in this directiou,
Mr. Bncou )ins alrendv visitod sov
ornl towus iu this vioiuity nnd snys
that tho outlook is good.
Lctter to C E. VVoodard.
Montpolior, Vt;
DenrSlr: It.is nll vory woll for us
to sny thnt it tnkos fowor gnllons of
Dovoo Load nud Zinc to pnint n lionso
thnn it doos of mixod pniuts; but you
wnnt to kuow why.
For tho samo roasou that it takcs
lcss good cow's milk to feod n baby
than it does skitnmod milk.
Most mixod paiuts nro flftoou to
oighty nor cout. adultoration iucou-
coivnblo, bnt truo. Wator isu't paiut. ,'
Jbnrytes isu't paint. wuiting lsn't
paiut. Bouziub isu't pniut. Potro
leum isu't pnint. Fish-oil isu't pniut.
Nouo of thoso nro a right pnrt of a
good pniut. Nouo of theso do tho
work that bolongs topnuit.
All thoy do is to Hll tho can.
Dovoo Lead nnd Ziuo is ouo-hundrod
por cout. paiut. The udultoratod
mixod pnuts nro ouly twouty to
oighty-five por cout pnint.
Mixed pniut ought to bo from fifteou
to eighty per cout cheapor thnn Dovoo
Lioaa nnu yiuc no; tlio worst oi tnom
onghtu't to bo nuything. Thoy wnsto
yonrmoney; you not ouly muBt buy
moro gnllous, bnt you must pny the
pniutor for spronding tho oxtra nnm
ber of gnllons; nnd painting costs
threo times ns rauch ns tho paiut.
Yours truly,
F. W. Dovoe & Co.
24 New York.
P. S. Abbott & Bailey sell our paiut.
Tho fourteeuth nnnivorsnry of tho
Epworth Lenguo was colebratod nt
Triuity church, Sunday ovouiug.
Printed progrnms of speoinl music,
with hymns by Ohnrles Wesley, woro
used. Rov. W. M. Nowton, prcsiding
oldor of tho diBtrict, was present and
Bpoko in an iutoresting aud forciblo
way for a fow miuutes ou tho spirit
unl forco and oharacter of tho young
ppoplo. He urgc-d tho yonug mou who
hnd roached tho ogo of maturlty to bo
indepondout in tho sohbo of boing nblo
to Eny No, aud tq rosist au ovil forco
bceause it is ovil. Tho spenkor said
it was easy for somo thievosto refrniu
for a timo from stenliug becnoso thoy
wero confiued nt Windsor, nud thnt it
wns ensy for othors to bo good bocuufco
they wero placed iu enviroumeuts
thnt domnudod it.hut whnt ho wanted
to seo wns tho youug mnn who could
chooso for himsolf when it took
strength, nud tlius build up nud show
his charncter.
Aftor tho oddress by Mr. Nowton,
Rov. L. K. Willmau veryfittiugly iu
troduced Rov. A. L. Coopor, D. D.,
of Randolph, who was pnstor.of Triu
ity church in this city forty yoars ngo
this spriug, when tho Mothodist
church wns situnted whero tho new
Hillsido building now stiuds ou
Court streot. Mr. Coopor is a vory
old man and hns beou nu inspirntiou
to both to tho younger nnd oldor
membors of tho Mcthodist conforenco
for n good mauy yours, howevor, ho
holds his ngo woll nnd speafcs with
a good denl of spirit. Ho spoko for
n fow miuutes ou the uood of tho
young to onrry on tbo religious work
ot the world, citing mnuy iutonnting
oxporionces from his own religious
Work was begun ou Monday on
the ropairs of tho Rinlto bridgo nnder
the diroction of 0. B. Roberts, super
inteuden? of stroets, with Mr. Bron
son of Moretown, foremau. Tho
planks, st-ingors aud raain boanis on
whioh tho bridge rests wero found iu
a extremoly rotton condition nnd do
cidedly unsnfe! Judging from appenr
ance aud conditiou of the timbors tho
repairs will have to amouut to praoti
oally building a new bridge. Tho
bridgo was nearly totally destroyed
by tho flood of 18C9 whioh swept the
School Btreet bridge with anothor ono
against tho Rialto Brnashing it and
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Exponscs eat up wnges nml snl
nries. Year af tcr year tlio nvcr
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cstute. Tho usual result is no
piovisiou or only a sniall ono for
wifo nnd cluldren. Lifo Insur
nnuo does the work by casy pay
mcnts. (Correspondeoce solicited I
General Agent,
New Langdon Building,
Summery Wearables
Are in Order
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ness, ahsolute corn.'ctncss
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A. D, Farwell Co
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If You
would llko to wrlto LIPB INSUR
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ii n uiiuni) Lfo nsuranceCo.
Montpelier, Vt., 3 Walton Block
destroying it bo that it would have
been carried nway altogethor hnd it
nct been for the block on whioh it
was built. About twenty years ago
it was rebuilt again by Oapt A. O.
Slaytou and siuco that time has been
ropaired from time to time by new
stringors, planks, eto. The bridgo
has endnred a good mauy severe tests
from tho ico going out of tho brauoh
every year aud has always be)n ono
of the coutres of attractiou aud nppro
honsiou duriug high wator.
The anuual bobsIou ot the Ontholio
summer school of America will begin '
at Oliff Haven, Lake Champlain, July
G and continue to Septomber 4 im
mediately following the New York
State teaohors' couvontion ou tho
samo grounds July 1, 3 and 3.

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