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Montpelier and Vinicity,
In baukruptcy court disohnrgo inoot
iugH iu tho cnsos of Aioliio J. Whit
tior, Barro, nud Augolo Znroln, Wil
linnistown, liohl ou Sntnrdny, nud 110
obji'ctiona woro recoived to tho dis
olinj geH.
Dr. nud Mrs. J. M. Allou nud Miss
Agiics M. Bullnrd of St. Johusbury
woro in tho city ou Suudny couiing
nud roturuiug iu nn nutomoblo. Tho
routo tnkeu covorcd n distnuco of
nbout forty throo uiilos nud tho run
ovor wus mndo iu throo nud ono-lmlf
Mre, E. J. Northoru nud Mrs. E.
G. Flctchor of Snu Frnncisco, Onl.,
who hnvo bccu visitiug nt tho homo
of Mr. nud Mrs. 0. 0. Bnldwiu iu
thii oity for n fow dnys, lof t Mondny
for Bostou whoro thoy will reniniu
for a fow dnys boforo roturuiug to
their liomo iu Onliforuin.
At tho Burliugtou dogshow iu thnt
oity lnst weok, in tho Poiulors. olas-s
80, novico dogs, tho sccoud prlze wns
wou by.Soth Wnrnor, ownod by 0. 0.
Bnucroft, nud tho third by Eli K,,
ownod by G. B. Wnltou ; nlso iu olnss
Ul, novico, femnlos, Rnth K., owncd
by tho Inttor, wou secoud prizo. Tho
anino dogs wou third prizos iu othor
Mrs. Ahuou Mooro dicd nt hor liomo
nt 08 Prospoot stroot ou Fridny.
Thnrsday ovo. slio gnvo birth to n boii
nud nlthough ovorything possiblo wns
dono for licr it nvnilod nothing nud
sho fnilod rnpidly. Mrs. Mooro is tho
dauhter of Mrs. Carrio Wilsou of
Builoy nvonuo nud wns nbout tweuty
thrc o yonrs of ngo. Tho f uuornl wns
held ou Moudny nftoruoou nt hor
motuor'B houso.
JdIiu H. Seutor plnood 10,000.000
pik i fry iu Greonwood Lnko, Wood
bury, ou Fridny. Mr. Soutor hns
worked enorgeticnlly for somo timo to
got theso fisli, nud tho flsli comuiissiou
wns flunlly nblo to furuish thoui.
This Inko ought to bo uioccn for nug
lers in tho courso of n fow yenrs nud
much credit is duo Mr. Sontor for liis
efforts iu Btocking it.
Tho Vermont Associntiou of Lifo
Uuderwritors hns issued noticcs of its
nnuual rneoting whioh is to bo hold
iu Burliugtou, Juuo 3. A novnl
fenturo of tho meetiug will be thnt it
is to be hold ou tho uow stenmor Ver
mont nud will iucludo n snil froru
Burliugtou to Fort "Ti" nud returu.
Tho nssoointion is iu a vory prospor
ous couditiou nud it is expectod thnt
n niost iutoresting nud onjoynble
meetiug will result. Bnrro Timos.
Tho nuuunl tourniiment of tho Vor
raont Stnto Golf ntsociution will bo
held ou tho grouuds of tho Waubau
nkeo club nt Burlington ou Thnrsdny,
Fridny and Snturday, July 10, 17 nud
18. The Montpelier Oouutry Olub is
a uonibor of this nssoointion, tho
others boiug: Dorset Fiold Olub, Dor
set; Ekwnuok Country Club,Mauohoj
tor; Mt. Autliony Golf Olub, Benning
ton Centor; Old Piuo Golf Olub, St.
Johusbury; Rutland Country Olub,
Rutjand; Waubauukeo Golf Olub.Bur
lington. The year book for 1903 hns
just been issued.
A meetiug of the liceuso commis
siouers is cnlled at tho polico Btntiou
for Mondny, Mny 25 nt wliich nll tho
police offlcerj, constables, slieriffs
and deputies aro expocted to bo pres
ent iu accqrdnnce with seotiou 45,
aot 90, of tho publio ncts. wliioh pro
vidos thnt tho bnard of license coni
missiouors slinll hold n meetiug nt
least ougo iu throe mouths for tho
purposo of henriug comnlaints, viola
tious by liceusees, or iudicatious of
violntiou or furuishing, eto., iu auy,
from tlio coustnblcs, polico offlcers,
shonffs and depury sheriffs.
Tho constitutionality of the bill
passed by tho Legislaturo of 1902 cro
ntiug n court of claims is quostioued
ou tho grouud thnt jndioinry is flxed
by tho coustitutlou,nud doubts nro ex
pressed whethor tho Legislaturo has
powor to oreato nuy additioual courts.
In othor words, whilo tho Legislaturo
has power to pay olainis agaiust the
Stato thero is n sorious qnostion
whethor it has tho right to delegate
thnt powor. This will probably bo
settled by tho Stato auditor refusiug
to pny somo olaini allowed by tlio
court of claims nud a writ of mauda
mns will be issued, oitiug him boforo
tho Suprome Oourt to give liis ronsons
lor suoh notiou, thus bringiug tho
ooustitutiouality of tlio law boforo
the highest tribnnnl in the Stnto,
Tho mootiug of tho lown Stnto
Fedorntiou of Labor ou Friday dis
cussi'd n rosolutiou oritioiziug Garroll
D. Wright as commissionor of lnbor
and nskiug tlio Presideut to appoiut n
union mau iu liis place.
My doctor aaralt aota gentlr on tho atnmach, llrer
and kidni'ja and isa rilsaaant Iaaatlie. Thli drlnk li
maae f rora herbu. ana 1 a prepared lor uaa as eaall ai
Ua. ItlacalUd "l.uno's Tea" or
JLU drairgliUor brmallMcti, andJOcU. IlujrlUl
daj, J.hiic'h I'nrolly Alrdlcluo liiovrn IW
bowelr enrli ilay. In order to be Upaltny thla"
nacaaaarj. Addmaa. 1)01 2l)ft. Ln Hor, W. Y.
A rosolutiou ndoptod by tho Sominnry
Athlotio Assoointion lnst fnll mny io
sult iu tho disbanding of tho prosout
baso bnll toani whch is rognrdod ns tho
bost thnt tho Sominnry 1ms lind for
uinny yonrs. Tho rosolutiou providod
thnt to bo i mowbor of tho nthltoio
tontus n suidout miist tako nt lonst
twolvo soctious onch wook nud muiu
tniu a porcoutngo of sovnnty in oaoh
of IiIb studios. Two londiug pluyora
on tho bull tonui hnvo fnllon bolow
tlioso roqniromonts nud at prosout nro
suspondod from tho tonm nud will uot
bo allowed to plny tiutil thoy como up
to tho roquiromonts. If tho Buspou
slou of theso two is mndo pormnnout,
nt least ono othor mombor of tho tcam
will wlthdraw nud ns tho three nro
muong tho strongost plnyorB, tho tonm
would bo grontly wcnkuuod nud iu nll
probnbility tho sohodulo of gnuios will
bo cnucollod Tho boys nio makiug
au nttompt to como up to tho stnudnrd
this wook iu ordor thnt the Semlnnry
mny sond its strongost tonm to Bur
liugtou and St. Albnua uext woek.
Two mombors of tho secoud tonm nro
nlso tompornrily Buspondod from plny
iug for tho saino ronson.
Tho quostiou of requiriug monibors
of tlio ntlilotio tonms to mnintaiu n
fnir stnudnrd of scholnrship hns beou
tho subjoot of niuoli ngitntiou in col
logos nud propnrntory schools duriug
tho pnst fow yonrs, nud iu makiug
this rulo tho Somiuhry is iu lino witli
mnuy similnr iustitutious througliout
Now Euglnud. It is siucoroly to bo
hopod thnt tho troublo will bo ndjust
od, for tho mnnngomout hns oxpondod
inuoli offort iu biingiug togothor uc
nggrogntiou of strong bnll plnyors
tliis yonr, nud it will bo uufortuunto
iudoed if tlio sensou's sport is uippod
iu tho bud.
The X-Rays.
Recout oxporimeutb, by prnoticnl
tests anil oxamiuntiou with tho nid of
tho X-rays, establish it ns n fnot thnt
Ontnrrli of tho stouinch is uotndiBeaso
of itself, bu; thnt it rosults from io
pontod nttncks of indigestiou. "How
Onu I Ouro My Iudigestiou?" Kodol
Dyspopsia Ouro is curiug, thousands.
It will onro you of iudigostiou nud
dyspopsin nud provout or ouro Ontnrrh
of tho Stomnch. Kodol digosts whnt
you oat mnkos tho stomnch Bwoot.
Sold by Rivers Bros.
Tlio city couucil ou lnst wek Wod
nosdny iustructod Olinirman Haloy of
tho committeo on cliarities nnd corroo
tions to oxpond tho sum of 8 in pur
cliasiug n ono grnvo lot iu Groou Mount
comotory ns n burinl placo for tho body
of Dr. H. A. Stowart, the ngod oity
ohargo who diod lnst wiiitor, nud iu
bo doiug tho old gontlomnu's dying
request wns compliod with. Dr. Stew
nrt had seon bettor dnys but shif tiug
fortuues oompolled him to resort to
tho city for nid during tlio last fow
monthibof his life. Whou tho end wus
npproaohing the uufortunnto mau
nsked Mr. Wheelor, who wns thon
dvorscer of tho poor, to mnke n prom
ise thnt his body bo uot bnried in tho
pottors' llold. Mr., Whoolor mado Hie
promiso and hns uot forgotteu it nud
it wns throngh his offorts thnt tho
inntter came boforo tho counoil, nud
to the crodit of that body it mny bo
said that uot ono of tho mombors mndo
tlio slightost objeotion to sponding 3
of tho oity's monoy iu doforeuco to
tho lnst wish of tho nged mau eveu
though ho wns n paupor.
A Sure Thing.
It is snid thnt nothing is suro oxcop
death nud tnxos, but thnt is uot alto
gother tiuo. Dr. King's New Discov
ory for Cousumptiou is n suro ouro for
nll lung aud throat troubles. Thou
sands cnn tostify to thnt. Mrs. 0. B.
MoVanMetre of Shopherdtowu, V.
Vn., saj;s: "I hnd n Bevero cnse of
Bronchitis nnd for a year triod overy
thiug I hoard of, but got uo roliof.
Ono bottlo of Dr. Kiug's Now Discov
ery theu curod mo nbsolutely.-" It's
infnlliblo for Oroup, Whoopiug Congh,
Grip, Pneumouia nud Cousumptiou.
Try it. It's gunrrauteod by C. Blako
ly, Druggist.
I' OltESTEltS OF AMliltlGA.
Proctor, May 15. Tho nuuunl con
voution of tho Grand Court of Vor
mout, Forostors of Amorica, was held
here yosterday with u lnrgo utteud
nuco from all tho priuuipnl citios aud
towus of tho Stnto. At tho aftornoou
sessiou tho roports of tho difforout
ofllcors wern given, showiug the order
iu this Stato to bo iu n llouriBliiug
couditiou fluanoially. A markod in
oroiiBO in momborBhip was nlso roport
od. Offlcers eloctod ns f ollows : Grnud
ohiof rnuger, D. W. MoLonu of Grau
itovillo; grnud snb-chief raugor, Johu
W. Rook of Ludlow ; grnud trenpuror,
Johu Farroll of Burlington; grnud
secretary, Johu F. Rocho of Bellows
Falls; grand recordiug secretary, A.
J. Schnoider of Barre; grand souior
wardou, Joseph Bnshnor of Spriiig
flold; grnud junior wnrdou, Goorgo
Lawsou of Grauitevillo ; graud souior
btadlo, L. B. MoDouough ofRutlnndj
graud juuior boadlo, Thomns O'Rourko
of East Bnrro ; trustoes, R. J. Madl
gau nf Bnrliugton, Frod Orosby of
Ludlow, and J. E. Byruo of Bellows
Falls ; delegntes to supromo convou
tion, O. L J. Mntthews of Barro, nud
P. J. Jojco of Prootor; altornates,
F. A. McCarthy of Wost Rutland nnd
J. E. Byrne of Bellows Fnlls. A bnn
quot wns given to tho visiting Forost
ors by the - local court at Forostors'
Palnt Your Buggy for 7Sc.
to $1.00 with Dovoo'b GIobb Onrringo
Pniut. It woigha 3 to 8 ozs. moro to
tho piut thau others, wenra longor,
nud givoB n gloss oqnal to now work.
Sold by Abbott & Bailoy.
White Rivor Juuotiou, May 14.
Tho body of Johu M. Bakor of Dor
ohostor, Msas., ouo of tho Dartmouth
Btudouts drowuod iu tho Oonnootiout
Maroh 29, was fouud yostordny morn
iug by Ilomor 0. Lonoh iu n log boom
nbovo tho dnm at Wilder. Tlie body
wnB takon to Dartmouth. Tho body
of Kenerson, tho othor studout who wns
drowuod at tlio samo timo, was rocov
orod uoarly two woeka ago.
KODOL dlgests what you eal.'
KODOL c'canses, purlfles,
strengthens and sweet
ens ths stomach.
KODOL cures Indlgestlon, dys-
pepsla, and all stomach
and bowel troubles.
KODOL accelerates tho actlon of
tho gastrio glands and
glvei tono to the dlgestive organs.
KODOL re"eves an overworked
stomach of all nervous
atraln, glves to the hcart a full, free
and untrammeled actlon, nourlshes
the nervous svstem and (eeds the
KODOL 's "le wonlerful remedy
that Is maklng so many
slck people well and weak people
strong by glvlng to thelr bodles all of
the nourishment that ls contalned In
the food they eat.
Tour Dealer Can Supply You.
Bottlei only. $ 1 .00 Slte holdlne 2V, tlmos
the trlal ilze, whlch sells for 50c.
couiti or CLAIMS
Tho court of claims took finnl nd
jourumout for its Jnuunry torm Friday
foreuoou, nftor roudoriug severnl do
cisious in mnttors boforo it.
Tho clnim of' Washington county for
544 for wnter routs pnid for the court
Iioubo nud jail wns nllowod, to tho ox
tout of $192 nud disallowod for tho ro
mniuder. This bill oxtoudcd ovor six
yonrs nud wna presented by Olork
Smilio on bohnlf of tho county.
O. M. Robbius, of Hnucock, wns nl
lowod 12 for n bouuty ou a boar of
which tho ovidouco showed somo ouo
lind stolon tho curs uocossnry to got
the casli on from tho towu clerk.
Chnrles L. Stny, of Orwell, wns nl
lowod 13.05 for sorvicos iu seouring
the nrrost of n horse thief ovor tho
Now Yofk lino nud briuging him bnck.
Goorgo W. Wiug, of Montpelier,
wns nllowod G4.4C for sorvicoB ns ref
eree iu tho cnse of Joffers v. Hnzen,
iu Essox county, iu 1890.
R. A. Honr, of Barre, was grnnted
1.50 for sorvices of a steuographor in
trauscribing-a Stato cnso.
Tho Rutlaud TrnBt Co. had its claim
of 10.50 for a'J error in returns made
to tho commissionor of Stato taxcs on
tho nvorngo nmouut of doposits iu tho
lnst six mnnths of 1902.
Yostorduy nftoruoon sovoral claims
were jireseutod to tho court, amoug
tliom boiug tho followiug : Josse S.
Yilos, 152.59 for lightiug Wnshing
tou couuty jail from Fobruary 1 to
Novenibor 28, 1902. A law wns pnssed
nt tho lnst Legislaturo mnking tho
Stnte pny Buch bills, but ns ic was not
retroactivo tho (nuditor refusod to pay
this claim which wnB approved by the
ussistnut judges of couuty court.
Mnrtiu Willard, of Jericho, wauts
155 for loss from tho poisoning of
somo of his cows,by a disinfectnut put
iu thoir maugors by order of tho bonrd
of ngriclturo uftor sovornl of his cnttlo
hnd beou killed for tubcroulosis.
Quick A'rrest.
J. A. Gulledgo of Vorbena, Aln.,
wns twice iu tlio hospital from a so
vere case of pilos causiug 24 tumors.
After doctors nud nll romodios fniled,
Bnckleu's Aruicn Snlvo quiokly arrost
od furthor iuflammatiou aud curod
him. It couquers achos nnd pniUB. 25
couts nt O. Blakoloy's Drug Btoro.
Having complotod tho honriugs nB
sigued for tho wook, Sapremo Oourt
topk n recess shortly ou Snturday uutil
Tucsdny ut 9 o'olook.
)n Sntnrdny iho Onlodouin couuty
cnse of Motropolitau Stook Exuhnngo vs
Lyndonville Natioual bnuk was argued
by Elisha Mny for tho plaiutiff aud
Alexaudor Duuuottofor tho dofeudnut.
This is n suit iu nssnmpsit to rocovor
for monoy olnimod to hnvo boon ud
vanced by the plaintilf nt ordor of de
fondnut in tho purchnso of 100 shnres
of stook in tho Uuitod Stntos Rnbbor
Ootnpany. The case iuvolvoo nbout
8,000. Tho question now beforo tho
court is ouo on tho ploadinga ns to
whethor tho roplicatiou iH sullloiout.
Tho Windsor couuty case of Roswoll
Bolknnp vs. Albert Billiugs wns nlso
nrguod ou a questlou of suHloionoy of
tho roplicatiou. This caso is for troa
paBS, it boiug olnimod tho dofoudnut
nssaulted tho plniutiff nud severoly iu
jurod him. E. R. Buck for tho plniut
iff aud G. A. Davis for tho'dofoudnnt.
Oharles Sovornuco vb. Thomus El
liott, from Windsor county wna arguod
by Dnyis for plaintilf and Buck for do
foudnut. Tho suit is ouo ou Vormout
Stntutos 4797-4800 for n forfoit of 10,
tho plniutiff olnimiug tho dofoudnut
lot his rnm ruu looso with ouly ono
lottor E., to idontify hinr, whilo tho
stntutos say tho ownor's tnitinls must
bo plniuly markod' on n ram ruuuing
at lnrgo. Thero is nlso n question of a
uou-suit iu tho cnso.
Ou Fiiday nftoruoon tho Onlodouia
county cnso of Robort J. MoDowoll,
vs. Tliomas MoDowoll 'b Est., appoal
from probato, wns nrfiuod by Aloxnn
der Duuuotte for tho nppollnnt nnd
V. A. Bullnrd for tho ostnte.
Tlio Rutlnud couuty cnso to Stato vs.
Androw Rosenthal, for violntiou of a
oity ordiunuco forbiddiug tho carryiug
of i londod pistol, was submittod ou
briofs by Stnto's Attornoy Prostou nnd
Jool 0. Bnker. Tho questiou ia aa to
tho vulidity of tho Rutlnud oity ordi
nanco in quostiou.
Tho othor Rutland county casos, tour
iu numbor, aro uot to be triod nt this
torm of court.
No mau cnu curo cousumptiou. You
oau provout it though. Dr. Wood'B
Norwny Plno Syrup ouros ooughs,
colds, brouohitis, nsthmn. Nover fnils.
OAl'T. 1'. 1). BLODGHTT.
Ponrl F. Blodgott wns cnllod to Bur
liugtou on Fridny by tlio donth of his
tntiior, Oapt. Ponrl Duvis Blodgett,
which occurrcd nt his liomo iu thnt
oity on Fridny nftoruoou. IUb denth
wns duo to hcart troublo nud nlthough
liiB health has beou poor for Rovoinl
ycnia tho oud wus suildou nud unox
pootod. Tho pussiug of Oapt. Blod
gott udda unothcr woll kuown naino to
thnt loug nud ovor inoroasing roll of
Vormout soldiors who hnvo gouo to
thoir rownrd.
Oaptalu Blodgott was boru in Ran
dolph, April 7, 1828. At tho ugo of
sovoutoon ho ontorod tho morcnutilo
busiuoss contiuuiug iu it for uoarly
twonty yonrs. In 1802 ho onlistod ns
a voluntoor nnd for n timo did rocruit
iug sorvlco iu Orange aud Onlodouin
couiitios. Whou tho Touth regimout
wns orgnnizod ho wns chosou llrst
lioutonnut of Oompuuy G, nud n fow
wooka lntor whou Onptniu Wiuslow of
Compnny E rosiguod Lioutonnut Blodg
ott wns promotod to thnt olllco. In
tho dosporato assuult ou tho Confodor
nto worka nt Oold Ilnrbor Onptain
Blodgott's loft arm wus shnttorod by
n uiiuio ball nud the roport thnt ho
wns dond cnmo to Vormout.
In 1801 Cnpt, Blodgott wns nppoiut
od cnptaiu iu tho Votornn Rosorvo
Corps nud was mustorod out iu 1805
at IudiannpoliB. Ho thou took up his
rcBideuco in St. Johusbury nud on
torod tho iusurnuco buBiuess, which
lio couductcd for yonrs, bocoming ouo
of tho most succesful nud widoly
kuown iusurauco mou in tho Stnto.
Ho romovud to Burliugtou nbont throo
yoars ngo.
Onptniu Blodgott wns the flrst com
mador of Ohamborlaiu Post, No. 1.,
G. A. R., of St. Johusbury aud thus
ho had tho distiuotion of boiug tho
llrst post commnudor electod iu tho
Stnte, nnd ho nlso Berved ouo torm ns
departmout commnudor. Ho wns also
tho oldost living mombor of Pussumps
io Lodgo, F. nud A. M., of St. Johus
bury. For niuny yonrs ho wns ono of
tho doncons of tho South Congregn
tiounl church nt St. Johusbury. Ho
is survivod by his wife who wus
Lnurn N. Freouiun of Brookllold, nud
livo childrou, .Ponrl F. of this city,
Mrs. S. E. Bolkunp of Minnoapolis,
Ernost A. nnd Wiuthrop W. of St.
Johusbury aud Eliza Wood Blodgott
of Burliugtou. Tllogoldeu wodding of
Cnpt. nud Mrs. Blodgott would hnvo
occurrod'Juno 10. The body wns tnkeu
to St. Johusbury for burinl ou Mouday.
Deafness CnnnotBe Cured
by locnl npplicutious ns thoy cannot
rench tho disonsod portiou of tho oar.
Thoro is ouly ouo wny to curo donf
uess, aud that is by coustitutioual
remodios. Deafness is causod by an
iullamed couditiou of the mucous liu
ing of tho Eustachiau Tubo. Wheu
this tube iB iufimod you linve a rumb
liug souud or imperfoct henriug, nud
whou it is outirely closed, Denfnoss
is tho result, nud uulesa the inflnmmn
tion cnu be tnkeu out nud this tubo
restorod to its normal couditiou, liear
iug will bo destroyod f orovor ; uiuo
cnsos out of tou nro cnusod by Catarrh
which is uothing but nu inflnmod cou
ditiou of tlio muconB sorvices.
Wo will givo Ouo Huudred Dollnrs
for nuy cnso of Denfuess (cuused by
catarrh) that cannot bo curod by
Hall's Oatarrh Cure. Sond for circu
lars, free.
F. J. Ohenoy & Co., Tolodo, O.
Sold by Drugglsts, 75 cents.
Hall's Family Pills aro tho best.
Frauk Gronuoy wns nrrosted nud
takon boforo Justico F. L. Laird ou
Fridny evouing to nuswor to tho
chnrge of uu nssnult committed on
Speoial Olllcer E. E. Dnvis, Thursdny
ovouiug. Gronuoy iilended guilty nnd
wns flned 5 and costs aud boiug uu
able to pny, wns givou tho nltoruntivo
souteuco of sixty-six dnys iu Rutlnud.
Stato's Attorney Bniloy prosecuted.
Ohief of Police Mnrtiu MoMnhou took
Greauoy to Rutlnud on Sntnrdny.
The nffnir for which tlio proseoution
was iustigated oconrred noar the Rob
iusou markot whou Mr. Davis told
Gronuoy to go homo bocauso he had
too much liquor down. Tlie way
Davis tolla it is thnt Gronuoy swuug
up liis arm and kuocked off DaviB'
hut but did not touch his persou.
Gronuoy, hawover, said lio liit Duvis
in the faco nnd wishod ho hnd givou
him a good liokiug.
was pnlled through that attack of appondi
citis, bnt it was a closo call. Ono moro
chnnco ngninst him nnd ho nover would
havo had tho crown sot on his head. Thnt
littlo four-inch-long tubo nttached to tho
largo Intostino makos a lot of troublo whou
it gets cloggod up nud inflnmed. Tho bost
way to uoai witu op
poudicitis is uot to
havo it. To provent
it, keop tho bowols
opon nud elear of hard
mattcr. But dont tako
drastlo and sovoro
purgesj in tho end
thoy ouly increaso tho
tondency to coustipn
tion. Uso Dr. David
Kennody's new modl-
cino, Cal-curn Solvcnt. It is goutlo, thor
ough aud palnlcss. It oxpols tho poieons
by wny of tho kldnoys, bowols, nnd skln.
A doso now and thou is liko oil ou tho boar
ings of machinory, makes it run easy and
Binooth. Do this and you will never fnll
into tho hands of thoso drcadful follows,
tho Burgoons, with thoir knlvos and snwa.
But if tho worst kas alroady como to tho
worst, nnd tho pain iu tho Biuo, low down,
shows it, ovon then tho remody ia Cal-cura
Mr. Ocorgo n. Owcn, of nardcnburgh, N. Y.,was
advlacd by four phyalclana to enter a lioipital and
have an opcratlon for appcndlcltls performed, but
ho hcard of Cal-cora Solvcnt, Dr. Kcnnedy'a new
medlclne, and ueed It wltb the moat RratifyinR re
enlta. All ejmptoms of appendlcltla wcro removcd
and he baa bccn In perfcci hcaltb ercr tlnce. Mr.
Owene' rccoTery was a remarkablo one, bccause liis
attack was nnnaaally aavero and dancerons. Ho Ia
confldent that Cal-cura Bolyent eaved nla llfe and he
will alwaje bo grateful to lts diecovcrcr, I)r. Varld
Womon nro tho moat froquent viotlmsj
yet men will do woll to bo caroful.
Sond to tho Cal-cura Oompany, Dr. Kon.
nedy Row, Rondout, N. Y., for a froosam
plo bottlo. Largo bottloa $1.00, all drug.
glsts. Ono Bizo only,
llomombori Only ono Dr. David Kon.
nody overllvodin Itondout, Oity of Eicgs.
tou, N. Y.j and tbo namo of his new and
latcst medlcine is Oal-cura Solvent.
Tho third nuuunl couvoutiou of tho
Vermont Uudortnkors' nud Embnliu
ora' Assoointiou will bo held nt tho
Paviliou, in this city, Juuo 23, 24
aud 25. Tho moruing sosalon of
Tuosdny, Juuo 23, will bo callod.to
ordor by II. E. Boud of Brattleboro,
prosidont of tho orgauizatiou, and
tho nddross of ivolcomo "will bo do
livorcd by Mnyor F. M. Oorry. Fol
lowiug tho nddross will como tho roll
cnll nnd tho roports of tho difforout
olllcors At tho nftoruoou Bossion tho
flrst ordor of busiuoss will bo tho nd
uiisslou of now mombors, followod by
tho roport of tho dologato to tho na
tioual couvontion by J. Wnrron Rob
orts of Burliugtou. Prosidout Bond
will thou dolivor his nddross. Tho
noxt will bo an addross by Prof. II. S.
Eokles, with illustrntiou by n soo
tioual cndnvcr ou tho liucal guidcs to
tho nrtories.
Tho oloctiou of ofllcors nud tho np
poiutmeut of committcos will tnko
plnco at tho morniug sossion, Woduos
day. Au addroas will bo givou by E.
J. SenmnuB of Fnir Ilavon. Tho
moruing BCBSiou will bo complotod
with nu nddross by Prof. Ecklos on
"Tho Vascular Systom, " illustrntod
with tho gounino comploto nrtorinl
systom dissocted iu its ontiroty. At
tho nftoruoou sessiou J. Wnrrou Rob
orts of Burlington will dolivor nu nd
dross ou "Tho Modern Fnuornl Di
roctor," aud Prof. Ekoles will loo
turo on tho prncticnl domonstrntiou in
ombnlming a body for bost presorvn
tiou nnd nppenrnuco. Iu tlio ovouing
a bnuquot will bo hold nt tho Pnvilion
nt 8 o'olock, nftor which Dr. Heury
D. Holtou, seoretury of tho Stato
board of liealtli, will givo n talk ou
"Sauitatiou." Tho wholo dny Thnrs
duy will bo devoted to oxnmiuntlous,
uuder tho diroction of Dr. Honry D.
Holtou, socrotary of tho Stato board
of health.
A. Tomasi who camo from St. Al
bans ou Weduesday to iiivostignto tho
story of tho robbory of his brothor, D.
Touiusi of this oity, iu Now York.says
he has discovorod ovidouco to disprovo
tho story. Ho fouud that tho mnu
who wns said to hnvo brought tho
story from Now York is R. Mnrchosi
of South Barro, aud Mr. Tomnsi told
a Jourual roporter Thursday that Mr.
Marchesi deuies tho truth of tho story.
Ho said thnt Mnrchosi, who with liis
wifo wns roturuiug from Ituly, saw
his brother iu Now York but did uot
kuow that ne hnd been robbed nud
that his faco did uot show signs of n
tlght us wns roportod. Ho.says fnrtli
or that Mnrchosi lionrd of a robbory
iu Now York but did uot kuow who
was coucornod iu it. This is dirootly
opposod to tho Btory Marohosi is re
ported to have told in this oity aud
Mr. Tomasi is satisflod that it is the
truo vorsiou.
Letter to L. N. Wood.
Montpelier, Vt.
Doar Sir: You soll good goods nud
givo full moasuro. It is a pleasnnt
wny of doiug aud it pays bosides.
Wo do it for tlio snmo ronson, nud
it hns mndo us tho foromost pnint
Iioubo iu tho Uuitod States.
Suort woight and adulterntious aro
tho vicos of busiuoss. Thoy aro n
natural rospouso to tho domnud for
ohoapuoss. Tho world is full of thom
tho grocery world nud tho paint
world, nud ovory kiud of world.
You kuow nud wo kuow that it
doosu't pay. Peoplo chaugo their
grocorr paint mau as soon ns they
find it out.
Wo dou't kuow about grocorios
you toll your peoplo about thom
tho full-measuro nnd uuadulterated
pniut iB Dovoo Load aud Ziuc.
Fowor gnllous tnkos loss Dovoo
Lond nud Zino thau of mixed paiuts to
paint a Iioubo. Weara longer twico na
loug ns lead aud oil mixed by hnud.
Yours truly,
F. W. Dovoo & Co.,
23 Now York.
P. S. Abbott & Bniloy EOll onr paint.
The Y astes of the Body.
Evory sevou dnys the blood, musolos
nnd boues of a mnu of average size
losos two pouuds of woruout tissue.
This wnsto cnunot be replouished aud
tho health aud strougth kept up with
out perfoct digestiou. Whou the stom
nch aud digostivo orgnns fnil to por
form thoir fuuctious, tlu strougth lots
down, health gives wny, aud disoasu
BOtB up. Kodol Dyspopsin Cure ouablos
tho stomach nud digostivo organs to
digcst aud ussimilnte nll of tho wholo
soiuu food thut mny be entou iuto tho
kind of blood that robuilds tho tissues
and protocts the liealtli aud strougth
of tho tuind aud body. Kodol cures
Iudigostiou, Dvspopsia nud nll stom
nch troubles. It is au idoal spriug
touio. Sold by Rivors Bros. '
Stato Suporiutoudout W. E, Raugor
recoutly roceivod a lettor from tho ed
itor of n Nebraska pnper which goos
to show tho pooulinr conolusiouB thut
Eomo outsidors hnvo druwu from ro
cont chnuges in liquor tegislntiou in
Vermont. Tho lottor roads iu part as
follows :
"Wo aro iuformed ns follows : For
the pnst thirty yonrs Vermont hns
hnd prohlbitiou. Somo twonty yoars
ngo u vory drnstio lnw .wns pasEoa
requiriug tho offoats ot stimulnnts
nud uarcoticB to be taught in tlio
publio Bchools. For about tweuty
yenrs this lnw hns beou iu oporntiou.
Roooutly tho Stnto' cnrried tor locnl
optiou wo nro uot quito oloar ou
this polnt, porhnps it wns oniy Now
Hainpshiro. It is olnimod it wns tho
voto of tho young mou, tlioso who
hnvo hnd this speoinl educatiou, that
carriod tho Stato into tho local optiou
Tho Nobraskn editpr wautod iuform
ation. In roply Mr. Raugor oxplaiuod
thnt fliO so-oallod "drastlo IogiBla
tlou" wns pnssod iu 1880 nud was ro-
Eoalcd in 1888, Siuco thon n law has
oou in offoot wluoh inoludoa phyalo
logy, nnd hygiouo, with spooial rof
orouco to tho offeota of Btimulauts, iu
tho list of studios to bo tnught nud
that it is improbablo that tho instruo
tion in tlio publio sohoola had nuy
partioular woight iu tho ohnugo in
Boutiiuont of tho peoplo.
O JX. J3 1" O 3S. X V. .
Beara tho mw you Have Aiways my
Miss Alice Bailey, of Atlanta, Ga.,
tells how she was permanently cured of
inflammation of the ovaries, and escaped
the surgeon's knife, by the use of
Lydia E Pinkhams Vegetable CompouncL
The universal indicatlonsof the npproach of woman's grcat enemy, inflam
mation and discase of the ovaries, aro a dull throbblng pain, accompanicd by
n scnso of tondorness nnd hcat low down in tho side, with occnsional
ehootlng pains. On examination it may be found that tlie rcgion of pain will
show somo swclling. This is tho flrst Btago of inflammation of the ovaries.
"Deah Mrs. Pjnkiiam: I wish to express my gratitudo for tho
restorecl health and happiness Lydia E. Pinklmm's Vegetablo Com
pouutl has brought into my life.
"I had suffered for three years with terrible pains at the time of
monstruation, and did not know what the troublo was until the doctor
pronounced it inllammation of tho ovaries, and proposed an operation.
"I felt so weak and sick that I felt suro that I could not survive tho
ordeal, and so I told him that I would not undergo it. Tho following
week I read an advortisement in the paper of your Vegetablo Compound
in such an emergency, and so I decided to try it. Great was my joy to
flnd that I actually nnproved after taking two bottles, so I kept taking
it for ten weelcs, and at tho end of that timo I was cured. I had gained
eighteen pounds arid was in oxcellent health, and am now.
" You surely deserve great success, and you have my vory best
wishes." Miss Alice Bailey, 60 North Boulovard, Atlanta, Ga.
Another M'oman saved from a surglcal operation by Liydla E.
Pinkham's Vegetablo Goiupouml. Read wbat sho says :
W 1
as long as I live, and also recommend the same to anyone suil'ering as I
vras." Mns. Minnie Ottoson, Otho, Iowa.
All sick women would bo wlso if they would tako Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetablo Compound and bo well. .
Plainflold, May 10. A jury trial in
n justico court enlivoued this villago
ou Fridny nud as usual gnvo nmnso
mout to the nnemployed. Tho cnso
wns for ejeotmout brought by Mrs.
Onroliuo M. Whoolor ngninst hor sou,
Edgar Whoolor, for possessiou of the
premises whero he uow livos. A jury
wns drnwu composod of tho following
mou: S. S. Smith, H. E. Lnue, Or
riu Oree, Ourtis Mnrtiu, Willinm
Bnnoroft, nnd Goorge Townsoud.
Tlio cnso showed thnt tho plniutiff
ownod tlio promises nud tho contest
wns ns to whethor tho dofeudnut's
lonse hnd expired. Verdiot wns for
tho dofoudnut to recovor his costs. Au
nppoal was takon to couuty court by
the plaiutiff. 0. E. Woodwnrd, Jr.,
wna attoruey for tho dofoudaut nud
H. 0. Shurtloff for tho plnintiff.
Dou't let the little ones snffor from
oczomn or othor torturiiig skin dis
enso. No ueod for it. Donu's Oiut
mout ouros. Can't hnrm tho most
dolionto skin. At nny drug Btoro, 50
Eugono H. Grauflold, ngod tweuty
throo, diod at tho homo of his nther,
W. R. Grauflold in Berlin ou Satur
day, nftor n short illuess with typhoid
Mr. .Grnnflold wns well knowu iu
Montpolior nnd Barro, having beou a
conduotor ou the oloctiio rond lnst
summor, lntor golng to Mnsnohusotts
whoro ho worked in n mill for soveral
m6nths. Upou his return to Montpe
lier nbout six woeks ngo ho was om
ployed iu tho car bnru of the oloctrio
road whoro ho romniued till tnkeu
ill. Tho dbcoased loavos n fatlior aud
mothor, two sistors nnd n brother,
Millurd, who 1b a oouduotor ou tho
olootrio rond.
Tho fuuornl wns held from tho
houso iu Berlin Suudny nftoruoou nt
2 o'olook nud burinl wns iu tho
oemotory in Berlin.
For Infanta and Children.
The Klnd You Have Aiways Bough!
Beara tho r y&' , sr
8ignaturo of CLoyeucZeAi
"Deaii Mits. Pinkham: I cannot thank
you enough for what your Vegetable Com
pound has donb for me. If it had not been for
your medicine. I tlnnk I would have died,
" I will tell you how I suffered. I could
hardly walk, was unable to sleep or eat. Men
struation was irregular. At last I had to
stay in mv bed. and flowed so badly that
they sent for a doctor, who said I had iu
ilammation of tho ovnries, and must go
through an operation, as no medicine could help
me, but X could not do tnat.
" I received a little book of yours,
and after reading it, I concluded to try
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetablo
Compound, and I am now a well
woman. I shall nraise vour medicine
Army offlcers are very much mter
ested in the vncnncies that will be
croated within tho uext three mouths
in tlie grado of mnjor nud bringdier
geuoral. July 20 Maj.-Gou. George
W. Davis, uow iu commnnd of the
forces in tho Philippines, will rench
tho rotiriug nge, nud ou August 8
Lieutennut-Geuernl Miles will retiro.
Following tho ordinnry methods of
promotiou nud recognizing seuiority,
Brig. Samuel S. Sumuor, the mnk
ing brigadior, will enccoed Mnjor
Geuornl Davis, aud Brigndier-Gouor-nl
Wood will be ndvnncod to tho grado
of major-goneral, Youuc succeediug
ililes iu tho rauk of lieutonaut-geuer-al.
Thero is nn nudorstnndiug, how
over, thnt the President will utilizo
theso two rotiromeuts for tho purpose
of ndvanoiug nud rotiriug soveral
meritorions nud veternu offlcers to the
grado of brigndior-gbuernl. Col.
Chnrles A. Woodrnff, the souior col
ouel iu tho commissnry depnrtmeut;
Colouols Atwood aud Wheeler, of tlio
qunrtormnster's dopnrtment; Bab
cook, of tho ndjntant-genoial'B de
partmout; Jared Smith, of tho eugiu
oor'a; Mordecai aud McGiuuess, of
the ordunuco, nnd severnl colouols of
tho lino aro mentloued in this couneo
tiou. Oolouel Woodruff is a Vermontor,
Burko beiug liis uative town. lio
sorved iu the Oivil nud Iudinu wars,
iu Onba and iu tho Philippines, and
is uow on duty iu Sau Francisoo. Ho
wns bovou timos wouudod iu nctiou.
"Tho Londou Esprcsa" priuts this
pooin with n doublo reading. Read it
aa it BtaudB, nnd tho woman is highly
ilattorod, but read nlterunto liuoa (ouo
aud throo, two aud four of oaoh vorso
nud tho soutiment ia vory luucli tlio
rovorBO :
Huppyn mau may pnsa his lifo
If lio's dirootod by n wifoj
If lio ia froo from matrimouinl chaius
IIo's suro to auffor for his pains.
No touguo is nblo to unfold
Tho virtuoa iu wouinu you bohold ;
Tlio fnlBohooda thnt iu womau dwell
Aro nlmost imp'erooptible.
Iu womnu's hoart you'U soo nppoar
Truth, darling of a heart siucoro ;
Hypoorisy, deceit nud prido,
Iu woman uovor cnu nbido.
Destruotiou tako tho mou, I say,
Who no rogard to womau pay ;
Who mako tho womon their delight,
Keep aiways roasou in their slglit.

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