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Vermont BMatdmtnu.
Tliursday, Alay 2f, 1903.
ARTHUR ROPES acnernl Blltor,
Robort T. Liuoolu, of Chicago, son
of Abralinm Liuc'olu, and prosidont of
tho Pullmau Oar Oo., 1b at Manohos
tor nrraughig for tlio builclinc of a
roBldouco ou tlio ostnto rooontly pur
chasod by lilin. This is good nows,
for it givos tlio assuranco tlint tlio
oharms of Vormout ns a placo of
sumiuor rosidouco aro appoallng moro
and moro to tlio rosidontB of othor
Statos. A good bogiuuiug has alroady
boou mado aud uiiiiouucomonts liko
tho abovo aro moro froqnout than
thoy woro n fow years ago, btit as tlio
movoinont goos ou it will ovor ln
croaso until tlio Groou Monntnin Stnto
is tlio snuimor playground for almost
couutless th'ousauds from tho groat
This will oouio wliothor Voiwont
coucorus itsolf in tho mattor or uot.
It la iu tho uatural ordor of thiugs that
it should be so. Tho Stato is alroady
fairly snrrouudod with a laud of snm
inor rosorts aud couutry houios of city
pooplo. Ou tho west is tho Chatn
plaiu aud tho Adiroudack rogiou iu
Now York; ou tho east is Now
Hntnpshiro, whoso lakos aud moun
taius aro raaguots wliioh draw to tho
Stato tho tirod thonsauds froui Boston,
Now York aud ovon froni oitios muoli
fnrthor away, aud with thom como
millious of dollars; 011 tho south is
Massachnsotts with hor BorKshire
hillB dotted with t'io palatial summor
houios of inillionairos, nrtists, litorary
workors, aud others who dnriug tho
wiutor uiouths aro tiod dowu to oity
lifo. Evon aloug tho noithoru bordor
of tho Stato tlio satno uiovcmout is
oxtoudiug aud tho St. Lawrouco aud
Cauadiau lako rogious aro auuually
reapiug rich rewards from tho Amori
cau snmmer visitor. For somo roason
or othor Vormout has uot farod so
woll iu this rogard iu tho past, but of
lato thoro has boou a moremout iu
ward from this groat snmmor rosort
oirolo whioh slowly but suroly is
swoopiug ovor tho
Stato. Aud thoro is
this should uot bo
should uot coutiuuo
bordors of tho
. no roasou why
so aud why it
uutil tho Stato
bocomos as fnmous iu
this rogard as
is tho rogiou arouud it.
It must bo coufessod that iu tho past
it has boou discouragiu; to soe this
groat army of summor pooplo aur
ronudiug tho Groou Mouutain Stato,
aud comparativoly fow of its mombors
vouturiug iuto tho hoart of tho oirolo,
but tho sigus-aro suroly fairor now
aud a brighter day is dawuiug.
Porhaps it is bottor' ou tho wholo
that this ccuditiou is comiug moro
slowly tiiau it did iu tho ochor Statos
for auy suddon boom of this sort is
quito likoly to provo moro or loss of
a fad aud fads aro short livod. What
ovor of this prosperity ' has como to
Vormout has como without boiug
urgod, which is a suro iudicatiou that
it is hero to stay, aud that is wliat
Vormout wauts. Mauy Vormoutors
will romombor tho miuoral spriugs
boom which camo to tho Stato iu tlio
sixtios aud sovouties; how hotols
camo iuto oxisteuco with tho rapidity
of mnshrooms aud how chroucs of
peoplo camo from overy part of tho
couutry and evou from Europo to tost
tho healiug qnalitios of tho wators.'
At that timo sovoral Vormout towus
gavo prouiiso of bocomiug voritablo
Saratogas, but it was soou fouud that
tho wators didu't hoal, thou tlio fad
diod aud tho boom collapsod, aud to
this day somo of tho "spriug housos"
may bo fouud horo nud thoro, staudiug
as grim mouumouts to a light that
Thoro is uono of this iu tho uow
movomout howovor. Thoso who como
to Vormout today do not como to
driuk of tho wators of hoalth which
havo ovor provod a failnro, but thoy
como to broathe tho puro air and
driuk in tho uusurpassod charms of
tho hills aud valloys thiugs that
novor fail. Tho now summor visitors
do not como to flnd hoalth, but rathor
thoy como to rovol in tlio hoalth and
spirits that aro alroady thoirs, aud
booauso this is so tlioy will continuo
to como iu ovor inoroasing numbors
until Vormout will roap a rich roward
as a prizo for tho natural boauties
with whioh uature has ondowod hor.
Instantly relieves spralns, stralns
and brulses. Take no substitute.
25c. and 50c. bottles.
Jndgo Honry 0. Ido of fho P'hilip
pluo oomiulsslon, who is iu Washing
ton for a fow days ou his way to his
hoino in Vormout, disoussod varlous
phaBos of tho Philipplno problcm with
a Now York Post mau a fow days ago,
and tho pnblishod roport of tho intor
vlow aifords a valunblo doonnioiit for
studonts of insular affairs. Ncarly
ovory importaut mattor rolatiug to
tho govornmont of tho islauds was
froolv discuBsod and wliou ho was
askod tho quostion "Aro wo niaking
auy progross, iu your judgmont, iu
wiuuiug tho mass of tho pooplo to a
ploasautor viow of tho Aniorican oo
oupation?" ho ropliod by paying
tho followiug sploudid tributo to
Govoruor Taft aud Vfco-Govornor
Wright :
"Unquostionably. Wo havo koou
singularly fortnnato in tho choico of
Gov. Taft as tho hoad ot tho coloulal
govornmont. Ho is a man of romark
ablo powors, both physical aud in
tolloctual, a groat origiuator of uow
idoas, aud so thoroughly absorbod iu
his work that ho is a coustaut iuspl
ratiou to thoso about liim. Ho has
wou tho affootiou of tho Filipiuo poo
plo to au astouishiug dogroo, through
tho forco of his porsouality as much as
auythiug olso. It is probably not too
tnuch to say that in all tho Unitod
Statos ho is tho bost mau who could
havo boou solootod for his positidn.
Vico-Gov. Wright is also a conspicu
oub snccoss, IiIb taot, kindliucss, and
gouiality having as much to do as
his ability with tho rospoct aud lovo
that ho oujoys iu tho islauds. This
has boou manifostod whon ho has had
occasiou to Jiaudlo tho roins of gov
orumout iu Gov. Taft's absouco. "
Tho iutorviowor thon askod: "On
tho wholo, what do you rogard as tho
greatost achiovomout of tho Aniorican
admiuistratiou iu tho Philippiuos?"
"You may thiuk I am niovod by a
profossioual projudico whou I auswor:
Tlio ostablishmout of a comploto judi-
cial systom. Gov. Taft and Vico-Gov.
Wright woro both, as you know, load-
ors of tho bar iu thoir respoctivo flolds.
I am lnysolf a lawyor. All thrco fool
aliko about this mattor that at tho
bottom of our outiro ostablishmout 111
tho Philippiuos must lio 0110 solid
fouudatiou stoiio, tho coufldoiico of tho
wholo Filipino pooplo, from tho high
ost to tho lowost, that justico is as
froo as air to auy ono who asks it. To
a porsou bioucht np in tho Unitod
Statos tlio idea is hard to grasp of a poo
plo who havo to bo afllrmativoly cou
vinced that justico iB not to bo bought
aud sold liko so much morchaudiso. To
tho Pilipino pooplo our theory was a
rovelatiou. Thoy had uovor kuown of
tho oxisteuco of such a thiug boforo.
Whon wo ostablishod ainoug thom
conrts administerod by mon both ablo
and upright, aud assurod to ovoiy ouo
not ouly an iuoxpousivo but a spoody
trial of his causo, thoy could uot bo-
liovo tho tostimouy of thoir owu
sousos. Uuaor tho roforms of procod-
nre which wo havo introducod wo ro-
loasod ou haboas corpus uumbors of
prisounrs who had bcou iucarcoratod
for yoars without ovon kuowiug with
what oilences thoy woro chargod.
Uudor tho old procoduro tho moro ox
amiuatiou which procodcd tho' flling
of chargos agaiust a prisonor was
liablo to last soveu or oight years by
ropoatod adjonrumouts. Now wo
havo courts that will comparo fnvor
ably iu thoir geuoraL charactor With
thoso ot any btato in tlns Umou. To
thoir hounr bo it said, tho Filipino
indgcs havo stood np to thoir duty
liko mou, rogardless of tho atniosphoro
in whioh thoy had rocoivod thoir lo-
gal trainiug nover fuvoriug a Fili
pino bocauso ho is a Filipino, or
donying justico to an Amoricau bo
causo ho is au Amoricau."
This distiuguisliod Vormouter may
cortainly bo pardouod for takiug a bit
of prido in tho work of his compoors
aud liimself, for uuless all roports aro
misloadiug tho Fhilippino comniission
is doiug a work that roflocts crodit
not only ou tho mombors thomsolvos
but on tho couutry that sont thom
across tho Paoiflo.
A short timo ago tiio Watouman
lauuohod tho followiug iuuooont para
graphj "Thoro is plouty of somo
kinds of liquid iu Vormout just now
but too little raiu water. " Tho Watoh
man had no partioular motivo iu priuc
ing it bnt it is glad that it did so bo
causo it has lod to somothing of real
iutorost. Tlio Rutland Nows copied
the paragiaph and added "it is slg
uiflcnut that tho fnruiors.tho main pro
duoors of Vormontgonorally votod for
wator. " Tho St. Albaus Mossougor
iuvites attontiou to tho roforouco to
tho farm'ors as "main producors" and
takos oxcoption to tho Btatomout. It
"It lias boeu bo loug tlio habit to
think of Vormout as an agrioultural
Stato and to rogard tho farmor ns t)io
only sourco of its prospority.aud farm
ing as tho oulv material rosonroo do
sorving of pnbllo iutorost or of spooial
logislatiou, that mou aud nowBpapers
full iuto occasioual offhaud roforonooB
to tho subjeot much as Tho Nows has
dono. But tho faots will not boar tho
coutomporary out. Tho farmors aro not
"the main prodnoors of Vormout,"
and havo not boou for sovoral yoars.
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for baby rashcs, itchlngs and challngs,
iu tho form of baths for annoylng
Irrltatious and inilaminntlons or too
froo or ofTonslvo pcrsplration, in tho
form of washcs for ulccrativo wcak
nesscs, aud many sanativo, antlscptio
purposcs, which readlly suggcst them
selvc3 to womeu and mothers, as woll
as for all tho purposes of tbo tollct,
bnth, and nurscry. Salo grcatcr than
the world's productof othcr skln curcs.
Sold throughout tho civlllzcd world.
Accordiug to tho last census tho valno
of farm produots auuually is 33,570, -892,
that is to say, that was tho "aluo
of iarm produots in 18'Ji), a fair
year to jndgo by. Tho valuo of
manufaoturod produots, on tho oth
or hand, is 57,023,815, which is not
so vory far from boiug twico tho valuo
of farm produots. Not ouly that, but
tho mauufacturod produots havo beou
ahoad of the farm products for nearly
twonty years. Iu 1880, tho valuo of
mauufacturod products was 31,354,
3G0, which, it will bo noticod, is only
short about 2,000,000 of oqualling
tho valuo of farm products uow. Iu
1890 tho valuo of mauufaotured prod
ucts had roachod 38,310,0G0,. aud iu
1900 it was 57,023,815. Tho gain in
tho past ton yoars is flfty por cout,
which fact omphasizos auew tho great
changos that aro gradually boiug in
troducod iuto our Vermont lifo aud
"Vermont is uot au ngrioultural
Stato. It is trno that probably tho
groator part of hor iuhabitauts do
rivo thoir support dirootly from farm
iug, but ovon so, tho drift ot popnla
tiou is stoadily away from tho farms
to tho villages and largor towus aud
oitioB, aud tho farniB thomsolvos pro-
duco comparativoly little that iB sont
out of tho Stato. Vormout caniiot bo
cnlled au agrioultural Stato whon sho
does little moro than partially support
hor owu pooplo by farm produots,
whon sho imports hor graius aud flour
aud iu somo of tho largor citios ovou a
fair sharo of tablo vegotablos and
fruits. Iowa, Illinois aud tho othor
Statos in tho gre.at prairio rogious
of tho Wost aro agricultural States
as tho world uudorstauds that tonu
"Tho Mossougor has ropoatodly vou
turod tho opiuion that Vormout is ono
day to bo kuown as a Stato whoso
matorial rosourcos aro to bo fouud iu
dairyiug, quarrying, nianufaoturiug,
aud miuing, aud thatday is drawing
noaror aud noaror as tho forogoiug
flguros show. Howovor mnch souio of
our good frionds may disliko to admit
it, howovor much somo of them may
ovon Uind thoir oyes to it, wo are liv
iug in tho trausition stagoB of tho
'Now Vormont.' ThiB mattor of tho
ohango in tho charaotor of hor prod
uots is but ouo of tho mauy aud vari
oas ovideuccs that tho'goueratiou now
aotivo in this Stato is to livo to seo
changos ovon moro siguiflcant still.
And thoy will bo worth living for."
From almost evory cornor of tho
State tho railroad coinmission is ro
ooiviug praiso aud thauks for rocont
actions. Bottor couuoctions at Bur
lingtou botweou tho Oontral Vormont
aud Rutland railroad systomB, the sat
iefaotory Bottlomont of tho statiou oou
trovorsv at Bnllows Fails, aud im
proved orossing safoguards at Newport
aro amoug tho rcBults of tho oommis
Bionor's labors that havo mado tho poo
plo affootod really havo faith iu tho
powor aud ability of tho board to con
trol tho railroads. Tho now law ro
lating to tho railroad commiBsiou
passod by tho laBt Logislaturo is al
roady boarlug fruit. Iu formor yoars
tho commisslouors havo had tho will
to do mauy thlnga that lack of .powor
has kopt thom from dolug, but now
thoy aro clothod with moro authority
aud tho rosults aro ovidont.
Tho railroad commisalonors havo as
a rulo boon aulo mon in past yoars aud
tho prosout odlciats nro no oxcoptious.
Thoy havo mauy importaut lntorosts
ojlook aftor and apparontly thov aro
doing thoir duty faithfnlly. Evon
now thoy nro not bo poworful as somo
of us wiBh thuy woro bnt it is so ovi
dout that tho added authority is ro
donudlng to tho greatost good oftho
groatost iiumbor that it is posslblo a
fnturo Logislaturo may add to it still
TION3. Bocauso Socrotary Hay Ontorod a
protost agaiust tho roliglous porsoou
tious in Roumauia a fow mouths ago,
tho stato dopartmout ' has boou inipor
tuuod to tako sinillar actiou with ro
gard to tho roportod porsocutiou of tho
Jows iu Rnssia. Tho two casos aro
widoly difforout howovor and it is not
at all likoly that auy action will bo
takon in tho lattor caso. Iu tho caso
of Roumauin tho Unitcd Statos was iu
a sousoaparty to tho agroomcut wliioh
proservod tho iutogrity of tho nation,
and could protost agulntt a violatiou
of tho plodgos mado by troaty. In tho
lloumanlan incidout, too, thoro was
grouud ou which a porsoual complaiut
could bo basod, as tho ports of this
couutry woro boiug floodod with au
uudosirablo olass of omigrauts who
woro drivou from thoir homos by tho
opprossion to whioh thoy woro sub
jootod. But tho caso of tho Jows in
Rusaia is widoly difforout. Russia
is a sovoroigu Stato aud tho porsocu
tious, ovou if thoy oxist to tho oxtont
roportod, outails no porsoual sufforiug
ou tho Unitod Statos, nud a protost
would bo as uuwarrautod as though
tho Rnssiau govorumont ontorod a
protost ngainst tho lynching of uogroos
in tho south or auy othor crimos
agaiust humauity iu this couutry.
Tho liational musoum is likoly to bo
onrichcd by a nuiquo collectiou whon
Prosidont Roosovolt roturus from his
westoru tour. All aloug tho liuo tho
popular prosidont has rocoivod numer
ous prosouts from admirers, aud iu
nearly evory instauco those gifts havo
beou roprosoutativo of the lbcality iu
which thoy woro prosoutod. At Shar
on Springs, Kausas, Mr. Roosovolt
was mado tho rooipiout of n young
badgor aud tho auiuinl uow occupios a
placo iu tho baggago car of tho Presi
dout's traiu. This is bad ouough but
Mr. Roosovolt barely escaped boiug
obligod to accopt a porforming bear
at Albuquorquo, Now Moxico, which
would havo boou sovoral degroes worso.
Othor gifts aro so numorous iu tho
baggago car that it is said tho oxolu
siou of uocossary provisious will bo
forcod if tho peoplo of tho west cou
tiuuo to bo sogouorous. In tho colloc
tiou aro Navajo blaukots, horso hair
bridlos, bowls, plattors, jardiuiores,
bowie kuivos, stillottoos, autlors, a
bcarskiu suit, moccasins aud mauy
othor articlos typical of tho west aud
southwost. Doubtloss the Presidout
appreoiatos and will oujoy theso tokous
of alfoctiou bnt ho could linrdly bo ox
peotod to give ov.orything a placo at
homo aud mako tho whito honso look
liko a Moxicau curio shop, so thoy
will probably bo placod in tho mu-
soums for tho prosout.
Rocout roports rocoivod by tho
govornmont frohi trustworthy Bourco
in Oolombia iudicato that tho roluct
auco displayod towards ratifyiug tho
Pauama caual troaty is based on tho
dsiro of tho govornmont at Bogota to
extort a larger prico from this coun
try. Theso roports show that Ool
ombia is flnaucially ruiued as a rosult
of her many rovolutious and that
tho 10,000,000 whioh tho United
Statos oiferod inpaymcnt for tho caual
privilogo will bo but a drop iu the
buokot ascompared with tho oxtonsivo
indobteduess of tho couutry. Wliothor
tho patiouco of this couutry willr
howovor, hold out much lougor re
maiuB to bo seeu. Tho Nicaraguau
aud Oosta Ricau miuistors aro not
slow to percoivo tho sitnac'.on, aro
rogular woekly callorsat tho Stato do
partmout aud uovor fail to avail
thomsolvos of nn opportunity to pro
sout tho claims of thoir couutries as
tho most favorablo for tho coustruo
tion of tho caual. That this govorn
mont will iuoreaso tho prico uow
offored for tho canal privilcgos is rp
gnrded as impos4iblo.
Honry Wattorson has tuiuod tho
soarohlight on the Olovoland boom rfi
tho followiug charactoristio para
graph: "Tho milk in tho Olovoland
cocoauut iB Pierpout Morgan, nnd
whou Piorpout Morgan puts his hand
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seemed I could not get my strength back. My
elsterln-law bought me a liottle of Dr. Pierce's
l'avorlte Prescriptlon (aftcr I had trld several
of the otlier remedles which are so much ad
vtrtlsed, and fouud no rellef ), I had little faith
in the mediclne at the tlme and was so wealc
and slck that I fclt dlscouragcd, but within a
week after I had commenced takluj? your ' I're
scrlptlon'I was likca dilTerent womnn. New
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ceedlng day, untit, in a few wecks, I was in fine
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Mre. Busin Williams.
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to a job, bo it a railway inorgor, n
ship combino or a prosidontial boom,
it woro woll that prudout mou took
noto of it. At loast uouo such will
mako light of it. Briefly, tho sohome
is this: To forco Mr. Olovelaud's
ucmiuatiou by tho nits of tho black
mailing mngwump aud tho inonoy of
tho syudicato ; and, having hira nom
iuated, buy Now York, New Jorsoy
aud Oouuocticut, and tho ouo nddi
tiounl voto uecessary to oloct, rolyiug
upon tho 'solid south, ' reduced to a
choico botwoou Olovolaua aud Rooso
volt, to tako Olovoland. " If this bo
so, aud it iB far from impossiblo,
won't tho Donioor&ts hnvo n glorious
tiino marchiiig uudor tho bauuor of
tho multi-milliouniro class. Tlio
Domooratic jonrnais will iiavo to givo
Sonator Hauua a cartoou suit minus
tho dollar sigus, aud Jofforsoniau
simplioity will havo a much ueodod
Iu his Washington iutorviow, whioh
bids fair to becomo a popular toxt
book ou tho Philippiuos, Oommissioii
or Ido gives somo intorosting iuform
atiou coucoruing tho Filipiuo ns a
driukor. Ho says tho Filipiuo drinks
his bino, wliich is a cordial qr liquor
aud wliou properly usod is not tho
doadly bovorago that it is roportod to
be. It is drnnk by tho Filipiuos ns
our pooplo driuk liquors that is, in
tiny glasses aud very littlo at a timo.
It is a stimulaut aud supplies that
waut of tho Filipino iu the modorato
dogroo that suits his tasto. It got its
bad uamo from tho wny our soldiors
oll to driukiug it. Thoy took it aB
they would tako whiskoy. Thoy fouud
it a choap driuk aud oxhilaratiug, aud
driukiug it iu tho quautities that they
did thoy snfforod sei'ious injury from
it offeot upou tho brain. Mauy of
thom havo beeu mado insano aud sout
baok to asylums in this couutry.'
Mauy others aro iu our hospitals in
tho islauds, victims uot so much of
tho biuo habit as of tho immodorato
uso of a stimulaut iutoudod to bo tak
on by tho thimbloful. .Tudgo Ido says
that duriug tho timo ho has boou iu
tho iBlauds ho has seeu out two drunk-
i ou nntives.
It appears that tho outlook for get
tiug mou for iho navy is brighter thau
I iu tlio past. Sinco tho oloso of the
Spauish war tho enlistmeut oilloials
havo fouud it diillcult to flud men
onough to koop tho orows of tho olaor
, ships up to tho roquirod uumber aud
to form orows for tho uow vossols go
iug iuto oommiBsion. Of lnto thero
nro more young mon williug to bo
oomo jack tars aud tho trainiug sta
tions havo becomo so ovor browdod
that coutagions diseasos aro prevalout
and recruitlug has boou suspeudod for
tho prosent. All rocords woro rocout
ly broken nt St. Louis whoro 105 re
ornits woro oulistod in six days. ' Tho
maximum strength of tho navy al
lowod by law iB 81,000 aud tho prosout
oulistmont foroe is within 2,100 of
that uumbor.
Tho.Northflold Nows says it is liint
ed that Cougressraau Haskins is just
now nudur suspiolon of a torriblo po
litical orimo. Roceutly "Kit" had
paokag03 of seods sent all through tho
sooond congrossional distriot uudor tho
froo distrlbutiou aot. Tho othor day
ho went iuto a Brattleboro storo nud
bought gardou soods for hiB owu ubo.
Now his coustituouts aro askiug ono
anothor whnt Bort of "stuff" ho has
boon palmiug oiS ou thom, if ho daro
not ubo lt himsolf. Woe unto "Kit"
if thoso. govorninout soods fnil to como
Tho roceutly complotod Italiau oou
sus shows somo improvomout in tho
eduoatioual oouditiou of that couutry
bnt ns yot loss thnu flfty por oont of
(ho pooplo know how to rond and
wrlto. In 1872 tho nvorago was 31.2
por c6nt. In 1887 tho compulBory odn
catlon aot wont iuto offcot, but, 48. C
por cout of tho popuintlon aro still ig
norant of thc two sltnplost brnnohos of
oducntlon. Tho Itallan pross oxprcssos
gront dissatisfaotioir nt tho rosnlt nud
urgoa that tho law bo moro strictly on-
It is tho prorogatlvo of tho pross to
call tho nttontiou of tho peoplo to tho
uoxt Govoruor iu a tablo of poasibil
itios; whllo lt may bo that tho man
who will ultimately bo chosou has
oscapod thoir notico nltogothor. It
would bo uuwiso iu tho oxtromo for
all thoso who would bo willing to
mako gronl porsoual saoriflco for tho
woll-bolug of tho Stato, nud subuiit
with markod roluctanco to boiug ohos
011, to loavo thoir valloy and hillsido
homos for a wook and go to tho capi
tal to rogiBtor aud bo couutod, for it
wonhl soriously cripplo tho produc
tivo onorgios of tho Stato for this
yoar. It is bottor for us, brothron, to
uamo thom ouo by one. It uot only
gives us prostigo as boiug possiblc
prognosticators, but it ploases thom,
aud does not iu tho loast disturb .tlio
populaco followiug on iu tho ovou
,tjnor of thoir ways, roadiug much of
tho"press," and bolieviug littlo of
what its columus proclaim. Wo havo
a uamo, which, in our opiuion, would
bo most fnvorably rocoivod through
out tho Stato. Hoiiosty, cloanliucss,
ability and uobility, all uot only sug
gestod but vouchod for iu tho namo.
All moutlouod aro good mon. Boll,
DoBoor, Ide, Ross, Bailey, Emory,
Plumlay, Stantou, Johnson, Stickney,
Morriflold, Holton, aud Gllmoro.
Thero wo did uot iutoud to spoak it,
but somothing proinpted us to hint,
that uot uulikoly, tho uamo of Gil
moro will lcad all tho rost. Essex
County Horald.
Assistant Socrotary o tho Navy
Oharles H. Darliug, iu conuectiou
with whoso selectiou for this import
aut olllco Souator Proctor took au im
portaut part, is wiuuiug golden' opin
ious by tho mauuer in which ho is
dischnrgiug the dutics that havo como
to him. Socrotary Moody, having
beou absont from Washiugtou for n
considerablo poriod, Assistant Soore
tary Darliug was tho actiug lioad of
tho dopartmout, aud thoso who kuow
him in Vormout will uot bo surprised
to learn that ho showod himsolf to bo
fully qualified to rneot ovory omerg
oncy which presonted itself. With
tho "Vormout" staudiug for the typo
of the largest and most poworful olass
of battloships iu tho Aniorican unvr,
with Admiral Dewoy aud Rear Ad
miral Olarko loading tho list of our
uaval horoes in aotive sorvico, aud
with Assistaut Secrotary Darliug rec
oguized.ns a souud advisor as well as
au oiliciout oxecutivo oiilcor ablo to
haudlo the naval dopartmout, not to
montion othor Vormoutors iu this
bniuch of tho sorvice, Vormout may
woll fool .that sho is thoroughly rop
resouted iu our uow nnvy,as woll as
iu tho military dopartmout, Sonator
Proctor, through successivo advauco
monts in tho Sonato committoo of mil
itary affairs, uow having an import
aut voico iu couuoction with tho di
rectiou of affairs in Uuolo Sam's mil
itary dopartmout. Burlington Froo
Tho White Rivor Juuctiou Laud
mark uotos that amoug thoso "ruou
tioned" as possiblo cadidatos for
Govoruor uoxt yoar aro throo Windsor
couuty men. From-this it would ap
pear that Windsor couuty cau still
be relied upon to hear a call to duty.
All joking asido, howovor, it is uot
probablo that Windsor county will bo
in tho gnbornatorinl raoo uext year,
but just tho Bamo, W. R. Junotion
itsolf has a young man whom, if tho
Nows is uot groatly mistakou, tho
Ropublicaus of Vormont will bo glad
to honor witli tho govoruorship with
in tho uoxt fow yoars and whon it
comos, it will bo" iu tho naturo of n
promotion iu rocognition of ability
aud faithfnl sorvicos to tho State.
Tho Nows rofors of courso to tho
Hon. Johu L. Bacou. Northflold
Ouo of tho now barrooms in Montpe
lier has beou flttod up for business at
au oxponso for flxtnres of not less than
500. Tho lioouso feo is 1,000. All
this iu additiou to tho stock that must
bo oarriod ou haud. Who is goiug to
pay thoso oxpousos aud tho prollt tho
owuor will roallzo? Not tho woalthy
mou who occasioually ludulgo iu
drink, but tho wago oaruors of ovory
olass, thoso whoso familios should havo
tho mouoy for tho neccssarios of lifo
or to lay by for " a raiuy day." Tho
barroom and tho saloou aro gonorally
tho lmpovorishcra of thoso who uood
money tho most. Tho Laudmark.
Takos tho burn out; hoals tho
wouud ; ouroB tho pnin. Dr. Thomas'
Eolcotilo Oil, tho housohold romody.
filck ncadacho and rcllovo all tlio tronl - - I
rlent to alilllous atatoof tlio srstcm.micli a
Dlulncss, Nouacs, Drowsluoss, lJlfltcr,s aftcr
cating, Paln in tho Slilo, &c. Whllo tbolr moat
romsrkablo succcs has brcn stiown In curlug
Ilcadache, yot Cartcr's Littlo Llvor Fllls are
eijually valnablo in Constlpatlon, curlng and pro
Vcntlng tbls annoylns complalnt,wbllo they also
corroctnUillsorilcraortlioBtomaclitlmtiUto tho
llvcr and regulato tbo bowola. rcn U thoy only
Acholhcy wonldboalmostpricelosstolhosawhf)
anCfor from this dlstrcsslng complalnt; but forto
cately tbelr goodnosn does notend bere.aud tboss
nho onco try them will nud theso littlo pllls T&ln
nblo ln so many ways tbat thoy will not bo wll
Jlog to do without them. Dut after all slck hea4
Xsthobanoof Boraanyllvos that herolawhera
wo mako our grcat boast. Our plUs curo lt whllo
Otbors do not.
Cartcr's Littlo Ltver Pllls aro vcry small and
very casy to tako. Ono or two pllls mako a dose.
They are Btrlctly vcRctablo ana do not grips 01
purgo, but by thclr gontlo action plcaao all who
tuetbem, In vlalsat25conts i flvofortl. Sold
by drugglsts ovcrywhcro, or sent by malL
UFill. Sma.ll Dose. Mhm
If you chanco to sail uuohartorcd seas,
An nukuowu shoro to goiu,
Its teu, to ouo, whou you reach tho
A uakod nativo is on tno sand
With au Elgiu timopicco in his hand,
Or a sardino tin from Maino;
And undor a sproading cocoa troe
Thoro stauds a trndor's tont,
Wlioro a louoly strauger is solling
Aud Springflold guns, and Stamford
Jack kuivos nnd liuiment.
Ho hailfi from Maiue or from Lake
Or may 00 from Salem, Mass.
His faco is lcan and his wit is koon,
Aud his oye lots nothiug pu;-s;
In an unmado laud or a dcsert Miud,
'Tis his esnecial prido
To do odd jobs for Providonce,
Aud holp himself on tho sido.
Tho Ynnkoo inherits a deal cf craft
From his storn faced Pilgrim siros,
lo learnod rostraint though they
suffored much,
And who dwelt iu peaco with tho
crabbetl Dutch,
Aud taught tho wildorness at their
To yield what a man rcquires.
Aud tlio mission spirit will drivo some
W'herever a mau cau roam,
WTliilo others with dolicate skill doslcn
Woodeu uutuiegs aud hams of piue,
To soll to tho folks at homo.
Ho's from 'Gnusett Bay, or Ports
mouth wny,
Or maybe from Hartford, Conu.
No thiof that's made, iu any shade,
Oan steal what his eyo is on ;
Whoro tho world is raw eaoh lantorn
Is chowing it iuto sbape.
Thon givo God thanks that His bony
xVre scattored from Capo to Oapo.
Burges Johnson, in Harpor's Maga
zino. A Little Early Riser
now aud theu, nt bedtimo will cure
cnnstipatiou, biliousuess and livor
tronbles. DeWitt's Littlo Early Risers
aro tho famous littlo pills that curo by
arousiug tho sccrotious, moving the
bowols gontly, yot offeotually, and
giviug such tono aud strength to tho
glauds of tho stonmoh nnd livor that
tho causo of tho rronblo is romcvod eu
tiroly, aud if thoir use ia coutinued
for a fow days, thero will bo no ro
tnru of tho complaint. Sold by Riv
ors Bros
Tho Quakers of Philadolphia are as
consorvativo as beflt that simple aud
sobor soct. Thoy aro not "up-to-date,
"nnd thoy don't mind telliug
peoplo so. Tho Philadolphia yoarly
meoting has docided to adhere to the
timo honorod mnrringe laws of Quak
ordom. Youuc Frieuds who marry
flrst cousins, who marry world's ioo
plo ("marry out of meoting"), or
who oall in paid miuistors to soh mu
izo thoir marriages, will bo "dis
owuod" iu tho future ns iu tho iast.
Tho yoarly. meotiug sees with cotcorn
aud sorrow a toudonoy ou tho part of
Frionds' scliools to coufonn to tho
custom of "obsorving spooial days and
sensous" by giviug tlio pnpils 01 rist
maB vacatious.
B. A. Lakey of 30 Ellzabeth street,
Auburn, N. Y., say: "I had Rheu.
matism in my knees for six years and
could get no rclisf uutil I used Dr.
David Kennedy's Favorite Remedy.
That cured me completely.'"
Rheumatlsm makos us erow old and decreplt be
fors our oms. Many a on ln the full tlsor ot man
hood has bean suddsnly rsndered almost at help
lesi and dspondcnt as an infant by this ruthlesj
dlseass. Llnlment or eitemal appllcatlon can
not check It or do any permanent jf ood at K Is in
tho blood. Dr. Davld Kennedy's FaTorlte Rem
edy dltsolret tha exeest of urlc acld and golng to
the root ol tho dlseata curtt lt for rood and all.
All drufglstt sdl It ln the NEW BO OENT 8IZE
and the regulir $1.00 slze botttas.
Samptetottlt4noufhfr triit.frttly mail.
Dr. Davld Ktnnedy Corporatlon, Rondout, N. Y.
Dr. PTla Kenne dj's flolJf n ritittrs strength
b KatsWi, rtmovi paln any whsra. Uo ach.

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