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ermant tSfftttdumm.
Thursday, May 2i, 1903.
AMU. ROPES acncrnl Editor,
ULINE, Audrow Onrnegio 1ms iu trntli
bonrdod tho ltou in liis dou if nn in -torvlow
uttributod to liim is truo.
Tlio gront Btool mngnnlo and librnry
buildor is iu Euglnud, nud nccordlug
to pross dospntohes lio hns tnlkod.vory
frooly iu coniparing Euglnud with tho
Uuite.l Stntos. Horo nro a few of tho
Bnyings'orodited to hitn in tho boforo
montioucd iutorviow:
"Washington is tho propor capitol
of tho Euglish speakiug world."
"You lcd tho world ouco, but now
wo havo takou your plaoo, You cau
uot compoto with us iu iudustry aud
you will bo happier if you nckuow
lodgo if. Our mauufnctures are al
ready ttiroa tiaios- as valuablo as
yours aud onr exports groator. How
oau you coinpote with us? Tho very
sizo of onr groat iudustrios givcs ns
nu inimonso ndvautago. By staudard
ization wo cau supply tho douiauds oE
tho world nt prices you cauuoh thiuk
of. Yon aro oxhaustiug your coal
nud iron very rapidly. Your rato of
iucrenso iu populatiou ruust booh be
ciu to diuiiush. You nro alroady fnll
"Wo aro ouly beginuing. Wo liavo
plouty of torritory ontiroly uuexplored
whero thoro will bo fouip day n grcat
populatiou. Your colouios nro uot iu
oronsiug, Australia seeuis fnll. It
is n ujoro riud arouud nu enipty iuter
ior. South Africn is uot n wliito
man's couutry, nud your govoruuieut's
policy of enconragiug oiuigrntiou
thero, ospecinlly of woniou, is nlinosfc
n criiuo.
As for.Oaundn, coinpnre hor growth
in tho uiuetoeuth coutury 'with that
of tho United Stntes. Hor ouly
ohauco of a futuro is to throw iu hor
lot with tho Aruericaus. "
"But as tho laud of tho spirit, tho
laud of Shabespearo nud Milton, wo
all do homnge to you. Thero your
supreuiacy will alwnys roiuniu. Wliou
wo come lioro we feol iu this goutlo,
quict ntmosphero that it is this nud
uot Amorica that produccd Shakes
pearo our commou kiug. Shnkespenro
wns boeu ruoro to mo thnu my Biblo.
Tho.birthplaco of Shakcspearo is to
mo tho niost sacred spot iu tho world,
more, sacred than tho holy sepulohre
itsolf . Shakespparo tuught wo more
than all other books put together. . I
have droained of that birthplaco all
my lifo."
Thus does tho iudustrinl king rele
gate tho prond aud imperions empire
to tho class of uatious that iuclude
Palestiuo aud Egypt. "A lnnd of tho
spirit;" perhaps Euglishmeu will uot
take Mr. Onruegie soriously but if
thoy do the uatiou which gnvo hiui
birtli may disowu him nud bid him
xfituru to Peunsylvauia nud remniu
thero for lifo. Englnud certainly is
prond of Shakespoaro and Milton, but
sho is uot forgetful of Watorloo, Trn
falgnr nud tho titlo of "mistress of
the sens" whioli slio woro so loug,
nud for au ndopted American to riug
in.such chaugos ou his motlier couu
Ury mnst be auytjiing but pleasaut
There is food for refleotiou, liowovor,
iu Mr. Cnruegie's uttorauces, if ho
did iudeed utter thera, for if Eugland
lias reachod tho snminit of hor great
uess nud is slowly moving tojvard the
"twilight ns mauy conteud, history is
bnt ropoatiug tho old story of tho
westward inarch of power. It is truo
that nt tho proseut time tho fiugor of
fate seems'to poiut to Amerion as tho
quoon of nations aud tho mainspring
of tho earth's political xnechanisw,
but already tho Orieut is giviug un
mistakablo signsof devolopmout which
loads to tho bolief that in soino day,
distaut thongh it may be, tho Amori
cans of tho futuro may stnud npou tho
ehorcs of tho Facifio nud viow tho
groatnoss that was Itis oouutry'B stoal
ing silently across the groat ocoan to
lnuds boyond the suuset.
Tho vnrious reports from variouB
sourcos coucerning Russin's nttUudo
townrd Mnuchuriu are bo coutlictiug
that it is diillcult to reaoh nuy very
defluite couolusious regnrding the mnt
ter, Thnt tho great bear of the
north has a hoavy haud 011 thnt prov-
iuco is vory ovidout howovor, nnd tho
nll lmportnnt questiou is, how long
will sho continue to oxeroiso hor nu
thority. it is trno that tho com-
merco of tho Unitod Statos nud
othor uatious is aifocted by Russiau
control, but as yet thero is littlo to
iudicato how far this oxteuds, nud
whether tho commoroinl ndvautages
would be smallor or greater if tho
provinco bocamo h part of RuBBia's
torritory, Ohlua has informod tho
United Stntes oud Jnpanose miuistera
that it is impossiblo to conoludo com
meroial troacies oponlng Mauohnrian
towns to commorco aud trado on ao
oount of Russian oppositiou, nnd some
who havo investigatod tho situntiou
roport that Amorican intorosts are
eaffering thoroby.
O. C. Baldwin of Now York,
ropresontativo of tho southorn cotton
mills, hns iuvostigntod tho status o'
tho trado in cottou thoro nud is ro
portcd ns snying that tho Ainorican
cottpu trndo wns iucronsiug ouormous
ly uutil rccontly, whon tho Russinns
bognu to oxort prossuro upou the Ohi
uoso, nmouutiug to cooroiou, for soo
oud orders for Russinu firnis ntnouut
to 600,000 bnles of goods, which
othorwisn would havo gouo to Amor
ica. Mr. Baldwin says tho foroigu
flrms complaiu bittorly of tho dilll-.
cnlty of couductiug bnBiuess undor tho
Rnsiinu ndmiuistratioii, nud iio bo
liovos thnt uuloss Russinu nbsorptiou
of Mnuchuria is ohockcd tho Uuitod
Stntos will bo doprived of n niost
promisiug mnrkot for cottous witliiu
n fow years.
Tho pnth that lcnds to tho opou
door iu tho east 1b uot a Biuooth 0110
but, nlthough thoro may bo dismay
nmong tho cnptnius of iudnstry nt
timos, tho situntiou ou tho whnlo
8001118 to bo Btcadily iuiproving aud 110
mattor whnt uatiou rules that pnit of
the world it is bouud to bo opou -for
trado with nll uatious soouor or
"Tho Moutpolior board of hoalth
is agitnted ovor tho mntter of suspect
ed contnminatiou of the oity wator
supply. An opidcuiio of typhoid
fovor is fonred. "
Thh little liews waif is goiug tho
rouuds of tho Stato and although it
may do uo particular harni it sots tho
matter iu n wroug light. Tlio board
of health is uot ngitated ovor the
mattor of suspected contnminatiou of
tho city wator supply in tho somo iu
dicated above, nor is au epidpmio of
typhoid fovor fonred except in tho
senso that tho disbaso is somothiug to
bo fonred nud gunrdcd ngninst at all
titucs. This is tho attitndo takon by
Health Offlcor Liudsay and tho mayor
and couucil nud it is n very commoud
nblo 0110. Furthernioro tho olficials
did not wnit for publio opiuiou to
forco thom to nction, but woro quiotly
at work for somo timo beforo nuy au
uouucement of the fnct was mado.
Thoro was aud is uo nlnrm nud uo
causo for it. Moutpolior's wnter sup
ply is amplo and is good, but thero is
a po8sibility of impioving it, nud tho
movcmout that is undorwny at presout
is uot a forcod oue but rather it is iu
keeping witli the Montpelier spirit
of progress Tho Stnte board of Health
ha3 beon iuvitfd to iuspect tho souvce
of supply aud mako suggostions for
improvoment, nud thoso intorosted
may bo assurdd that whntovor Booms
necessary to reach tho desired oud
will bo done.
J.t is quite ovidout tliat the "Roii
auco, " tlie uow yaoht with wliich it
is proposod to defond tho America's
cup this yoar, is uot fully up to tho ox
pectations of hor builders and owuers.
Up to this timo her trial spins have
not provon altogothor satisfactory nud
thoro is n woll grouuded fenr thnt Sir
Thomns Liptou's Shamrook III may
carry across tho wnter the prizo for
which hor owuor hns contestod so loug
nnd innufully. Tho new Shamrook is
a wondor if tho tlaily reports of hor
contosts witli tiinold boit nro roliublo,
whilo tho Relinuco is u disnppoiut
ment to tho American public if it is
uot to hor ownnrs. The now defeud
or's ilrst trinls did uot give tho nssur
nuco thst slio was a safo yacht to sond
out against Jlio now Englisli boat, but
sinco that timo slio has beou ovor-
haulod aud reflttod aud ou Tuesdny
she was put iuto tho tho wator again,
nud is roportod to bo iu fiuo shapo.
Ou Thursday she will moet hor rivals,
Oonstitution aud Columbin, aud tho
outcomo of tho trial will be nwaited
with iuuch intorest. Monuwhile
Shamrook III is beiug put in Bhape for
the trip across tho oceau aud will
havo uo moro trials uutil slio roaches
Americau wators.
It may be that the ordinary Ameri
cau miud does not fully comproheud
tho motivo whioh impols the yonng
mou of Gormauy to spill thoir owu or
somo other porsou's blood ou protexts
that would causo scnrcoly n frowu on
tho fnco of n youug American, but
lookiug nt tho mntter from this distant
viowpoint ouo is apt to judgo thnt tho
nvorago Germau studout is sadly do-
flciout iu grny mattor. Horo is tho
Intost cnso rocordpd. Tho Morcur, n
weokly paper publishod by a group of
youug litorary men iu Strasburg, was
recontly couflscatod ou the oharge of
loso majesto. A modical studout
namod Haus Pagol, tho rospousible
editor of tho paper, thoreupou shot
aud killod iiimBolf nud his swoethonrt.
Porliaps Pngel did tho world a valu-
nblo. sorvico whon ho shot himsolf, but
he might havo spnrod tho frauloiu.
Tho Fliilippiuo' coromiEsiou has nt
temptod to Btrcnglion tho nnti-cau
gou law iu tho islaudB, by nu not
whioh prohibits tho salo of or trafllo
iu intoxicnnts nt nuy placo or ou nuy
premiBes within a distnnco of two
milos of lnnd now nsod or heronfter
to bo usod by tho Unitod Statos for
milltary purposos. Tho beginuiug of
tho end of piohibition in Vermont
datod from tho timo whon it wns
deomed necessary to plastor tho law
witli drastio amoudmonts, nud his
tory may ropoat itsolt in tho matter
of prohibitiou in the army,
Last weok Wodnosdny throo moto do-
oisioiiH woro romlorud, ouo of thom bo-
ing in tho Washiugtou couuty cnso of
Stato vb. Frod Ounningham, 111 which
tho rospoudout was oonviotod in Bnrro
clty court of sollliig goods nt nuction
without n Hcouso. Tho ohbo wns ar
guod 011 tho qnostlqn of constitntiou
ality of Iho lnw last torm and now tho
oourt liolda thnt it is unconstitutiounl,
Biistnius tho demnrror iu tho cnso,
quashos tho iniliutinont, uud froos tho
rospoudout. Opiuiou by Judgo Ilazol
tou. In tho Ohittoudou couuty cnso of
Robort Avorj, Tr., vs. Vormont Eloo
trio Oo., ot nl., judgmont wns nf
ilrmod. Iu tho lower court judgmont
wns rondorod dismissiug tho potitiou.
Opiuiou by Judgo Muuson.
Tlio cnso of Stato vs. Albort Shedroi
from Onlodouia couuty, poddling with
out n licoiiso, 1b of uuusunl iutorost 111
nsmuch ns two soctions of tho Ver
mont stntutos nro doclnrod unconstitu
tiounl by tho dooislon. Shodroi is n
Syrinn poddlor nnd wns twico arroBtod
for poddliug without a liconso. Iu tho
flrst instauco tho iudiotmont wns
qunshod, nud in tho Bocqnd tho iu
formation was domurrod To nud tho
caso wout to Supromo Oourt ou tho
grounds that ,tho presout statuto,
provides thnt fibldiors who sorvod iu
tho civil war aud woro houorably dis
chargod may soouro n poddlor's liconso
without payiug the stntod foo.- Tho
rospoudout ulnimo'l thnt this was in
violntion of tho fburtoouth nmonn
mout to tho constitution nnd tho court
BUBtniuod this viow. By this dncision
BOOtioiiB 47U2 n'ud 4733 of tho Vormont
statutes woro deolarod uncoustitution
nl nud without forco. This opiuicu
wns rondorod by Judgo Wntsou. Tho
attornoy iu tho caso was G. O. Fryo
of St. Johusbury.
. Duriug tho al'toruoou tlio lnwyors iu
nttondnnco ou court hold n meeting
nud ns tho result W. II. Bliss, of Mid
dlebury, prosoutod to tho court n tes
timouinl from tho bnr, oxprossing
thoir ronards for Ohiof Judgo Rowoll,
who is uow nbsout ou account of ill
uess, thoir rogrots nt his ill lioalth,
nud nssuriug him of thoir prnyors for
iiis spoody recovory. Aotiug Ohiof
Judgo Tyler oxpressed tho plonsuro of
tho bonch nt tho action nud snid ho
would forward tho testimouinl to
Judgo Rowoll.
Au interesting aud important cnso
from Franklin couuty was ou trial-
iu Supreme Court Monday, it be
iug outitled, Bellows Freo Acndemy
of Fairfax aud Trnsteos thorcof nnd
Town of Fnirfnx vs. Mnrgniot B., Ed
wnrd A. nud Susau B. Sowlos. Tlio
contre of coutroversy is n Inrge bo
qiest nnder tlio will of Hirnm Bel
lows, who, whon he died in 3t. Al
baus, gavo 250 shares of Ohicngo,
Rock Island & Paciflo railroad stock,
of par valuo 100, for the establish
ment aud maiuteuauco of n frco school
in his nntivo town of Fairfax, undor
tho namo of the BoIIowb Freo Acnd
emy of Fnirfnx, Vt. Besides tlio
stock, n oartniu pieco of lnnd was
given. Tho will gavo this proporty
to the town of Fairfax with orders
that truBtce be olcctcd to caro for it,
aud thnt whon nud not boforo tho
fund should amount to 250, 000 n
building should bo orected with 50,-
000, nnd the romninder be kopt for n
permauont fund. ' In caso tho town
should not go ahead and accopt the
bcquest nnd look out for It thon Mar
garet B. Sowles to tnko all of tho es-
Mr. Bellows died about 35 ears
ago In 1878 au act wns pnsied by
the Legislaturo iucorporatiug the
Bellows Frco Academy. Siuco theu
tho trustees uuder tho act of incorpo-
ration havo liad chnrgo of tho fuuds.
A slio 1 timo ngo the stock had in
creased iu valuo aud in amount so
that the trustees thought tho fuuds
wnuld amount to more than 250,003.
Thoy mndo arrnugemeuts to boII Eomo
stock in ordor to get mouoy to orect
tho academy buildiugs. A tolegtnm
from E. A. Sowl6s, nttorney for M.
B. SowIps. stoppod thom. This liti-
gatiou rosulted, the menuiug of tho
will boing iu disputo. Tho defeud
nuts claim that fuuds" wns meant
to include ouly tho property outside
of tho railroad stock. Tho dofoudnntB
havo been onjoinod from further
hinderiug tho trustcos iu selliug
stock. A, A. Hnll appears for tho
trustees and E. A. Sowlos aud Elisha
Mny for tho dofeudnnts.
Tho Oaledouin couuty caso of M. A.
Lowos vs. Johu Orauo & Sous was ar-
guod in Supromo Court todny. This
is n suit for damagos rosultiug, ns the
plnintiff claims, from tho uogligeuce
of tho dofendant iu supplyiug tacklo
of iusuilloieut streuctli to support a
Bwiug stnging 011 whioh tho plnintiff
wns workiUK whilo olapboarding n
bam. Oue of tho largo hooks which
suspouded tho stnging from tho enves
of the barn broke nnd as a result the
plnintiff foll uud wns iujurod. Iu
county court tho plniutiif recovorod
1)00 and costs. Besidos hnviug oxcon-
tious to tho admissiou of ovideuco aud
to tho chnrgo, tho defondnnt nsks to
nnvo tno voruiot aot ubkio ou tno
grounds thnt n model of the bnru nud
n stagiug hook which had boou usod
ou tho trial, Bomohow fouud thoir wny
to tho jury rooip without tlio kuowl'
odco of tho dofoudauts or belncjid
mittod in ovideuco ns oxhibits. Daley
6s Uoss aud Dunnotte is Slnok for tlio
plaiutiff nud J. P. Lawson nud Mny
& Simouas lor tno deiouanntB.
Tho Ohittoudou couuty cnso of I. N
Ohaso vs. II. S. Soulo, whioh wns bo
guu Tuesday nftoriioon wns fhiishod
iu tho moruing. This is nsuit over tho
Btnllion, Mariou Wilkea. Tho horse
wbb formerly ownod by tho plaiutiff
nnd dofoudnut togethor. Iu 1809 ho
was proparod for rnoiug nud rnood at
Mystio Park aud at Old Orohard. At
tho latter placo ho Bhowod up bo woll,
that nn olfor of $0,000, wns roooivod
for him from promiuout liorsoinon.
Tho plniutiir wautod to boII but thq
dofondaut didn't nnd to induoo the
plaintiil tiot to soll tlio dofoudant
greed to rolmburso tho plaiutiff for
nuy anmngo tnnt migm rosau to 111m
from not doiug bo. Tho dofoudant
nut uif 81.000 oasli as soourity. Soou
af torward the horse ran away with his
Marvelous Escape from
Death !
Doea a Wondrous Work iota Lady
Wlio Was Alinost Orazod witli
Paiu and Sufforing,
It Is cll known that terrible rhcumatism,
sciatica, atul ncuralgia causc more liclplcss
ness, ncute suffcrinc, and agony, than any of
the other discascs that afflict humanity. 'l lic
great medicinal virtues of Paine's Cclcry Com
pound makc it tlie only trustwortliy specific
for the cure of nll forms of rheumatism and
neuralgia. Thousands of strong tcstimonial
lettcrs from tlie niost nromlncnt ncoplc nl the
land, provc that Paine's Cclcry Compound
nas banlshcd thesc terribly latal troublcs when
all other treatmcnt has failed. Mrs. Mar
garet liellicl, of llrainerd, Minn., aftcr thirty
years of agonizirig torturcs had a desirc to cnd
tier lilc, it lt was thc will ot llcaven; she al- i
most prayed for the time to lay it down.
Heavcn-directed, she made use of J'aine's
Celery Compound, and is enjoying true life
oncc more. She says:
"For thirty years I have been a grcat suf- '
fercr from ncuralgia In thc licad, nnd also
with rhcumatism in thc wholc body. I bcgan
taking Paine's Celery Compound and soon
found I was much hctlcr. liefore taking the
Compound, my life was such a liurdcn that I ,
almost prayed to lay it down. I was hcdfast 1
cvcry two wecks with horrihlc pain in the I
heatl, back, and neck, unlil I was almost !
crazed. I am able to do hardcr work and '
more of it today than for twcnty-fivc years. I
am really enjoying life again, thanks to
Paine's Celery Compound. I am satisfied
that my life has hccn prolongcd many years
by its usc." I
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There are many ways in which Diamond
Dyes will liclp you. Dresses, cloaks, suits,
ribbons, coats, feathers, stockings, every
thjng wearable, Diamond Dyes make to
look likc new. Diamond Dyes are tfie
perfect home dyes; they are SIMFLE,
We havo a fpcclnl dipartment of advlce, and
will answcr treo any queetlons about dyclng.
Bend eainpte ot goods wlicn jioeelble.
Dlrectlon look and 45 dyed f amples free.
l DIAMOND DYES, Burlington, Vt. j
drivor nnd wns ruiuod so thnt ho sold
for 80, nt nuction. Tho plaintiil
suod for tho balanco of tho 3,000,
which would havo boou his lialf of
the 0,000 if tho horso had beeu Eold,
nud recovorod tho snmo boforo n jurv
iu tho couuty court. The dofondaut
movod for n vordict ou tho giound
thnt tho promiso to roimburso wns
without cousidorntion becnuse tho
nlaiutiir could uot finve sold tho horso
anywny without tho defnudaut's join
ing. Tho argumonts hero woro mndo
on thnt point by Bullnrd for tho plaiut-
:iV ., ...1 !.:. l, 11,1 fl.n ,Ufn.,,l,,t '
111 t.llll 1'UllUll.li, 1U1 bi.U uuiuuuuu.i
A dooision hns been reudorod iu the
Franklin couuty onse of Johu B.
Fletcher vs. Annn M. Brniuerd, de-
cree revorsoa, nua cnuso romnuuea
with dooree iu accordauco with prayer
of tho bill.
Tho Oentral Vormont Riulway
Company hns nrrnuged for au improved'
traiu servico to. Now York, boginuing
ou Monday, Juuo 22, whon tho sum
mer schcdulo goes into effcct. Tho
followiug ohnuges in tho night servico
nro nuuouuced: Traiu No. 10, will
lenve St. Albans about 5 o'clock p.
m., prncticully oue hour lnlor thau nt
presout. By this nrrnngemont tho
trniu" whioh now lonvos this oity at
5.55 p. m. will lenve nbout au hour
lator. This traiu will carry n Pull
man sleoping cnr from St. Albaus to
Now York via. Wliito Rivor Junction
aud Spriugflold, reaching. Now Y'ork
at 7.04 a. m. Roturuiug tho sleeper
will lenve Now York at 0 o'olook p.
m. coming north to St. Albnns on
traiu No. 0, whioli will leave White
Rivor Junctiou about (1 o'olook a. m.,
ouo hour onrlior thnu nt presout, nud
leuviug this oity at 8 o'clock iustond
of i) o'clock ns nt presout. Traius
No. 1 aud 0 will coutiuue on about
tho samo sohedulo ns nt presout nud
will cnrry sleeping cnrs nnd through
noaches botwoou Moutroul, Spriugflold
and Now York.
The mail train Bouth, leaviug horo
at 0 o'olook a, m., will hnvn n parlor
cnr from St. Albnns to Now York
without ohaugo. Thisoar will bo nt
tnched to tho Whito Mountain oxpress
loaving Whito Rivor Junctiou at 11.46
o'olook a. in., roaohiug Now York at
7.10 p. m. Re',urning this car will
leavo Now York nt 0.02 o'olook n. m.
nud will be hauled to St. Albaus ou
trnln No. 5 ovory week day. Thoso
ohangoB will givo patrous of tho Oon
tral Vormont lino vory convonlout
through sleoping and pnrlor cnr sor
vico to and from New York, aud this
will bo highly appreoiated by Mont
pelier people.
MliMOMAlj 1)A r.
Brooks Post No. 13, G. A. R. hns
prncticnlly coniploted nrrnugomonts
for payiug tho auuual Momorinl Dny
trlbuto to tho mouiory of hor soldior
dead, Ou noxt Suuday moruing at
10 30 o'olook tho auuual Momorinl
sormou boforo tho post will bo doliv
orod nt St. Augustiuo's church by
tho pastor Rov. W. J. O'Sullivnn.
To this sorvico not ouly tho post but
tho Brooks Roliof Oorps in iuvited
and will nttoud, Momorinl Dny fulls
ou Snturday of noxt wook aud ns
usunl tho oxorclses will ocour duriug
tho foronoou. Tho pnrndo will bo
formod at tho junctiou of School aud
Mniu strects nud nsido from Brooks
Post, Oompauy H, St. Michoel's
cadots, tho high school bataliou,
tho somluary batallion, nnd douhtloss
othor uniformed sooioties, will bo in
liuo. Tho pnrndo will bo iu ohargo
ot W F. Wntormnn ns chiof mnrshnl.
Aftor tho parado tho oxorcisos at
tho opora houso will ocour, Tlio pro
gram horo includes iniiBio by tho
Moutpolior Military Bnud; oxorcisos
hy tho kindergnrtcn childrou; memo
rinl coremouics by tho G. A. R. ;
reading, "hiucolu's Gottysburg Ad
dress''; soug, "Tho Flng" Muriol
Suow; recitntion, "Grnudpa's chnm''
Edwnrd Sliorburuo; uxeroises by tho
childrcu nud tho nddrt'ss by Ool. Al
bert Clurk of Bostou.
In tho nf tornoou dotnils from Brooks
Post will go to tho various cemotorios
aud decorato tho grnvesof thoir fnlleu
comrndcs. Thoso havo now rcnohed
tho numbor of 222 nnd aro divided as
follows: Green Mouut cemotory
Rovolutiouary wnr, 3; Wnr of 1812,
10; Rebelliou, 03; Spnuish-Amorican
war, 1. Catholic comctery Robolliou,
38; Spnnish American wnr. 1. Elm
Streot cemetery Rovolutiounry wnr,,
3; Wnr of 1812, 12; Robollion, 3. Out
lcr cemetery Moxicnu wnr, 1 ; Wnr
of 1812, 7; Rebolliou 18;. Berlin
cometories Revolutiouary war, 3;
Mexicnu wnr, l;Rebellion, 18. Stnte
nrsennl, 1. Of the nbovo sevou nro
buried in nntioual comotories iu tho
south but monumeut8 nro erected to
thoir momory horo.
MltS. EIjIZAHETH s. dodge
The funornl of Mrs. Eliznbetli Snn
born Dodga, the oldest subscribor to
tho Vermont Wntchmou, the popor
haviug been iu hor fnmily from its
earhost publicatiou was hold at
Post Mills ou Tuesday, Mny 12. The
sorvices woro iu tho church, oouducted
by her pastor, Rev, E. W. Sturto
vant, nud Rov. L. H. Elliot of Wnter
bnry. Tho numbor of persous presont
aud the interest thoy mauifested in
the Bervices plaiuly iudicated that sho
wns hold in high esteom by thoso who
kuow iier best. Mrs. Dodge was born
in Norwich, Oct. 4, 1818. About 1840
her father movod to Post Mills and
since that time thnt plnci hns boeu
her home. Mnrch 20, 1850, bIio mnr
ried Dr Willinm Dodge of that place.
Dr. Dodge died Bovoral years ngo.
Mrs. Dodgo united with tho Cou
gregntionnl church, July 7, 1807.
Siuco that timo she has beeu greatty
intorested in aud closoly identified
with the work of the church. She
wns outspokcu iu rcgnrd to what she
cousidered right, sympnthotic with
thoso iu trouble nud alwnys ready to
leud a helpiug hnud. She will be
loug nud gratofully remoiubered.
Editor Daily Wntchmau : The Legic
Inturo of 1900 pased nn act nuUioriz
ing nnd requiriug the Govornor to np
poiut Bomo suitnblo porsou to compilo
nll school lnws of this State thnt might
ho iu force April lr 1900. It is uu
derstood thnt tho nppoiutmont wns
mndo nud it would scem that sutllcieut
timo hnd lnpscd for doiug this much
noeded work nud tho distribution of
tho snmo, but up to this timo tho
book havo not mndo thoir nppenrauce.
It is hoped that whoover has thn
mattor in chnrgo will look nftor it nt
ouce ns it is much noeded.
School Director.
Cabot, Mny 18, 1903.
Northfield, May 19. Tlie Hou.
Frauk Plumloy of this towu has boou
appoiuted by Prosident Roosovolt, ns
ono of tho threo umpires ou the part
of this couutry iu sottliug the Vouo
zuolnu diepnto, nnd hns accoptod. Ho
will lenvo tomorrow night for Wash
iugtou nud, accompnuied by Mrs.
Plumloy, will snil from Now York for
Cnrncns ou Snturday. Tho appoiut
mout was mado thronch tho sugges
tiou of Seuntors Dilliiighnin nud Proc
tor, nud tho lattor wout from Proctor
to Washington last night to confor
with tho ollloials. This moruing tho
nppoiutmont was mado aud Mr. Plum
loy was notiflod of it by tolograph.
The ilrst intimation that Mr.
Plumloy had of tho mattor was at
Moutpolior on Mouday wheu Souator
Dilliugham informod him of tho movo
that had beou mado for his appoiut
niont. Tho position is au important
ono nnd hnd boon previonsly toudorod
to Frnuk O. Pnrtridgo of Prootor, who
wns formorly miuistor to Vouozueln,
but ho was obligod to docliuo tho
Mauohostor, N. H., May 10. Ar
rnugemeuts woro portoctocl Monday
for tlio nnuunl gauio of footbnll bo
twoou Dartmouth nud Browu, aud it
will be plnyed iu this oity on Thanks
flvlug day noxt.
Mutt Jlrcukl'aHt Ftuul Is Slitiplc,
Jloimnt Food, Dctlcloiin and
Moro dyspoptics hnvo boou mado by
tho fad of oatiug what Mr. Dooloy
cnlls. "n Bolontiflo proparntiou of bur
lups,"or "ohomicnl honlth foods mado
of tho oxtorior of bath towols, " than
from any othor causo.
Tho hnman stomaoh roquiros n hot
bronkfnst; nnd no othor brenkfnst
food is ns hontlhful as Malt Bronkfnst
Food. Whilo this ooroal is ns thor
onghly cookod wheu you buy it ns nuy
of tho "rondy-to-oat" coroals, yot it
should bo cooked iu your own kitohou
nccordlug to tho slmplo directions oii
tho pnokngo, nnd served hot nud np
potlziug. Ask your grocor nbout Mnlt Bronk
faBt Food, nud whnt his cuBtomors
thiuk of it. Ho will toll you that it is
tho fnvorito with his bost trado, and
thnt ho consldors it gives tho most
sntisfaction of auy of tho coronls.
I With ovory packngo of Mnlt Brcnk
' fnst Food, is packod n benutiful cnr
boh photogrnph ; while lnrgor photo
grnphs, worth sovoral dollars, nro
givou iu roturn for coupous from tho
A point of intorest to ninuy, is tho
, fnot that Malt Broakfast Food is tho
most ocouomical of nll corenls. Whon
proparod for tho tablo it makeos oiglit
timos as much, pound for pound, as
tho "londy-to.ent" coreals. lt is not
only tho most doliclous aud hcalthful,
but also tho mott oconomicnl.
Noxt Suuday will bo Momorial Suu
dny. A union sorvico will be held iu
Somiuary hnll. Tho singors nro ro
quostcd to nieot at Daniel Hopkins'
ou saturciay ovouiug lor rononrsnl.
Mr. aud Mrs. S. A. Mansfield visit
od thoir son at Sholburno poud last
O. W. Davis nnd wifo of Morrisville
nro stopping n fow days with thoir
anugliter, Mrs. a Uatclieldor.
D. E. J. Foster nttouded tho Slirlu
ors' mootiug nt Middlebury last Wod
A daughter was' born to Mr. aud
Mrs. Goorgo Wood Thursday, May 14
Mrs. Mny Green nud dnughtor are
visitiug .bzra Uonnut, hor fntlier.
S. A. Mnnsfield hns beou appoiuted
aid-do-camp on stull of Dopnrtmont
uommnudor KouUoKt.
Tho Grnugo sooinblo is to meot with
airs. nonry tim ou Tuesdny, May 20,
afteruoon aud ovouiug. All aro iu-
Thoro will be n piomonndo aud mas
quorndo nt Seminary hnll Thursday
evouing, Mny 21. Pnul's orohestrn
will fnrnish mnsic. Ico oronm nnd
cnko will bo sorvod. Admissiou flf
teoii couts. Rofreshmonts flfteou
Tho Rov. Mr. Roys pronched nt tho
Baptist rhurch on Suuday. Ho has
boou eugagod to preach hero for ouo
yoar, aud is to livo in Mrs. Noblo's
Mr. aud Mrs. Murray of St. Johus
bury have boeu visitiug at Oliutou
Fnuuio Britton of Brookfield is
workiug for Mrs. W. O. Pridh.
Mrs. Guy Bnncroft nud hor mothor,
Mrs. Wilsou, nre visitiug iu Bnrre.
Dr. B. F. Allon wont Thursdny on
n trip tu Cobbloskill, N. Y.
Misscs Muriotto Allon nnd Blnucho
Smnlley of Gouldsvillo uud Arthur
Grnnt of Bostou visitod nt L.' A. Enst
mau's part of last weok.
Mr. nud Mrs. Hnrry Kidder of
Northfield nud Mrs. Mtiry Ghnfee of
Spriugville, N. Y., woro at h. G.
Kiddor's last Suuday.
Fivo door wero soou crossiug tho
flold from Cross streot to Lake streot
tho past weok.
i Dell Wood lias leasod tho Lake
Houso, saloou nud boats aud will
fnrnish the visitors of Fairlee lake
with tho usunl fnoilities.
Ou tho 17th Rev. Mr. Loder of Thet
ford occnpied tho, pulpit iu exchuuge
with Rov. Mr. Sturtovaut.
H. T. Howo aud fnmily of Hnuovor,
N. H., spout Suuday with Mr. aud
Mrs. Willinm Moody.
Pnrtios from Hnuovor, N. H., aro
hero lookiug over tho Lake Houso
proporty, nlso the summor resideuce
uoar, with iuteut of purchasiug.
' Mr. aud Mrs. Smnuel Douglnss aro
obsorviug tho flftieth aunivorsnry of
thoir mnrriago by visitiug Now York
1 nud Washington, uccompauied by thoir
son, Dr. Edwnrd Douglass, of Groton,
Ou the evouing of May 9 our old
est rc&idoiit, Mrs. Eliznbetli (Snuboru)
Dodgo, passed to tho highor lifo. Mrs.
Dodgo wns born iu Norwicii, iu 1818,
eldest dnughtor of tho lnto Lovi Snu
boru, who movod to this placo sixty
years ago. Hor mntornaj nucestry,
tho "Tolmau" fnmily, has beou tracod
baok to 825 A. D., iu Euglish history.
Iu 1850 she was married to Dr. Will
inm Dodgo of this place, who died in
1807. Mrs. Dodgo hns beou n momber
of this churoh for noarly forty yoars
nnd rnrolv uiissod n sorvico duriug
thoso yoars. Also sho has beou n sub
soriber aud faithful reador of tho
Wutclnnnu for npwartls of lialf n cou
tury, carofully prosorviug overy copy.
Filos of this papor nro nnckod away
in yenrly numbers. Ou roaohing hor
eightioth year tho propriotor of tho
Wntohmnu gnvo tho votorau rondor
free copies of the papor for tho remaiu
der of hor lifo, n gift sho oftou mou
tiouod nud npprocintod. Fnueral ob
sequios wero hold iu tho church on
tho 12th iimt., couductod by Rov. Mr.
Elliott or Wntorbnry, hor faithful
friond aud ministor. A brother, Jo
Biah Saubom, aud two lialf sistora iu
Wisoousin survive hor.
Soovn Truo is iu Vora, Knusns, vis
itiug liis mothor nud br6thor.
Gilbort Blnku was iu East Bnrro 1ns
Snturday ou buBinoss.
Mrs. Lllla Dlokoy roooutly visitod
her cousln, MIbs Wlioelonk, iu Mout
polior. Harry Clough aud wifo of WuBhiug.
tou woro with Mrs. Olough's parouts
ovor Suuday.
Harry Hansou is vlBltiug frlouds iu
& Putnam
Worcostor, Mass..
Means Much Gomfortto the Wearer-
Never Surrender Hose
Invincible in Wear.
We have just received three
four weights, from regulation sum
mer wcight, with spliced hccls and
double solcs, and Spliced Selvedge
Seams, to those thin as a cobweb,
and Gauze Cotton. A softer finish
of very sheer hose.
All sizes our well known popu
larbrand . . 3 PAIR'FOR $1.00
HOSE at . . . . 50c a Pair
LISLE, at . 50c, 58 and 75c pr.
at . 50c, 62yic, 98c and $1.50 pr.
LACE LISLE, drop stitch or
ace style, with instep or all over
embroidery . 50c, 75c, $1.00,
S1.25, 81.50 and $1.75 pr.
' Mail orders for these hose are
The value of these Hose is at
tested by the large number of
complimentary letters constantly
received as to THEIR SUPER
We send Never Surrender Hose
all. over the. continent west as
far as San Francisco north into
Canada and all over 'the great
Mrs. Konuistou has a uice mouu
mont eugagod of Mr. Smith of Mout
polior. The school teacher, Miss Locklin,
bonrds with Mrs. Keuuistou.
Mrs. Elln Konyou weut to Montpe
lier Inst Thursday to remaiu n fow
Mr. Sayors nud J. P. Wiggins each
have n new oroam separator and U.
H. Willams talks of haviug oue. Mr.
Binglinm of Norwich is tho ngeut aud
has sold noarly a dozeu iu this town.
O. L. Spear is at home for a week.
A pnper is iu circulntiou to sooure
tho servioes of Elder Hnrding hore the
preseut yenr as ho oxpects to remain
at tlio Moadow.
Will BUuchnrd aud fnmily with au
pther goutlemau from East Barro were
at Mr. Litch's last Suuday.
Mrs. J. R. MoLam speut n fow dnys
with her dnughtor, Mrs. Cora Jaok
mau, nt East Corinth, lnst- woek.
A sou wns born to Mr. nnd Mrs. T.
S. Eastmau last weok.
Mrs. Hattio Cuttiug of Claromout,
N. H , with hor two childrou are hore
visitiug hor parouts, Mr. nud Mrs.
J. O. Wright, for n few weoks.
Mr. nud Mrs. Evorott Forsyth wout
to Bradford last Snturdny.
Mrs. OornoliuB Fnrringtou weut to
Nortii Thetford last week to remniu
with hor dnughtor, Mrs. Johu Hack
ott, for a fow dnys.
Tho cronmory hore paid twouty
five ceuts for April butter.
As tho geueral syuod . meots this
week at South Ryegate, we expeot
somo of our distnuc brothreu to be
with usat Topsham ovor uext Suuday,
nt 11 o'olook iu tho Presbytorinu
church. Evorybody welcome.
Arthur K. Willoy eout lnst Suudny
with his parouts, Mr. aud Mrs. O.
D. Willoy, ieturniug to his school iu
Moutpolier on Mouday.
Derry. N. II., May 10. Royal G.
Sawyor, Jr., tweuty-ono years old, was
drownod ou Suudny whilo cauooing
witli two compnnions ou Beavor lako.
Tlie threo youug meu, Sawjor, Frauk
P. Farmor aud Wnltor Nollor, woro in
a small cauoo nbout 200 feot from tho
shoro whon, by somo nunocouutnblo
means, thoir light ornft bocnme over
turuod nnd thoy woro thiown into tlio
water. Noithor of tho throo could
Bwim muoh, but Farmer aud Nollor
Bucooodod in catohiug liold of tho
oanoe aud cliugiug to it until thoy
wore reBouod.

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