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Alcohoj Added to Liquid Kiti
ney Remedies,
'ITlioro is but ouo oxplnnntion for tlio
uso of nlcohol iu liquid kiduoy roin
odios gieod. i
Evory drnggist's olork kuows thnt
nlcohol must bo kopt out of ovory
prescriptipu for nick kiduoys. l'ho
ilrst coinninud tvory pliysioinu givos
n sufforor from kiduoy disonso is to
stop nll lilcholio bevornges.
Yot bocauso liquid proparod kiduoy
propnratious will uot keop witliout
nlcohol, proptiotors of suoli so-callod
roruedies hoartlessly uso it witliout
rcgai'd to humau hfo.
To provido n speciflo for tlio kidnoys
that ovory phyBiolun could cousoiou
tiously ordor, Dr. Pottiugill's Kiduoy
Wort Tablots woro porfoctod, roquir
iug no nlcohol aud aoutaiuing uo
poisonouB drugs, Tlio Tablots goutly
nrouso tlio sluggish kiduoys, but do
uot Bliook tlieui iuto activity, as liquid
nlcoholio romodics do.
If you havo paius iu your back so
tliat it sooiiiB hulf brokon iu two aud
you cau lmrdly Btnud up straight or
lift auy woight; if you nro coustaut
ly passing water tlmt is dark aud
Boauty or excossive in aiuouut witli n
Eodiiuout; if it scalds iu passiug ; if
you nro dizzy, uorvous aud irritablo
by day aud restloss nt night ; if your
feet nnd hiuids 8voll aud you havo
cold swoats aud your skiu fools cold
aud claiuiuy, you havo kiduoy troublo,
aud uo iusurauco couipauy will tako
you ns "a risk" whilo this diseaso
Kiduoy-Wort Tablots will ouro you,
as thoy liavo oomplotoly ourod thous
auds of nicn aud wouiou suft'oriuR
from thoso sauio syiuptoms. Road tlio
followiug :
Fitchburg, Mass., April 19, 1003.
Goutlemou I caimot spoak too higli
ly about your Kiduoy-Wort Tablots.
Thoy havo douo wondors for nio, as
my onso was n bad 0110, aud I kuow
tho Tablots havo holpod mo wondor
fully. I havo told othors wliat thoy
havo douo for mo, and thoy are UBiug
thoin for tho saine troublos as mino,
aud tell mo thoy aro doiug a groat
doal of good.
For tlio bouoflt of suilorers froui
kiduoy troublos I aiu williug you
should rofer to mo, for I am convincod
tliat Kiduoy-Wort Tablots will curo
pooplo aftliotod with kiduoy diseaso
oveu whon ovory othor romedy has
beou triod aud fouud usoloss
Rospootfully yours,
At the ilrst snspiciou that tho kid
noys aro weak or ailocted oxauiiuo
your uriuo; if it is muddy, with
leddish sedimout, liigh oolorod, or
scanty, prevent falliug iuto kiduoy
disease by promptly usiug Kiduoy
Wort Tablots.
Keepiug of poultry combiucd with
caro of Emall fruit makes tho land
doubly usoful aud tho profltniore thau
doublo, as oach crop nssists iu tho
protcctiou of tho othor, whilo tho
wasto euriclies tho soil, aud, if woll
stirrod, rotatiou of crops aud hoaltli
of fowls aro bettor thau if oithcr is
pursued alouo.
With the oxcoptiou of strnwborries
and grapes fowls oujoy tlio shade of
tho viues, witliout iujury to tho oiop,
aud will do muoh good iu piokiug
up tlio falleu fruit, aud thoreby des
troyiug tho worm, whicli does muoh
towurd provoiftiug 'tho scoargo of
thoso iuscotB duriug auother Ecasou.
Tlio shado, too, is very ossoutial to
fowls during tho hot summer days,
and wliile thoy scracoh and wallow
uuder the bush tho workiug of tho
eoil koops tho moisture iu tho gronnd
aud improvos tho crop. If the little
ohioks aro froo to ruu iu tho gardeu
sa woll, thoir food will consiBt of
worms aud iusocts iujurious to tho
plants; iu this little ditt'eronco tlio
amouut of food saved iu feeding them
will bo many dollnrs duriug tho year,
Mauy breedors Beom afraid to let thoir
poultry havo accoss to tho gardou aud
borry fleld. whilo I havo always
fouud thoir presouco a bouoflt to tho
orop, My llock is hoalthy, froo from
lioe and disenBO, always layiug, aud
womcn don't
know the cause
of red hands. It's
the u se of cheap,
impure and(iilled"
soaps. No red or
sore hands when
"Sunlight" is used.
Ask. for
Bld Cako of Purlty Only 5 cts.
1 IT
go about wih n livoly caoklo, scotn
ingly glad that thoy aro bo; aud I
roap a proflt from thom just b'ocnnBO
I givo thom uaturo's wny ns fnr aa
poBslblo in .ohlokondom.
To conaludo, I tliink tlmt 20 wortli
of fruit, aud $20 wortli of ogga nnd
poultry oau bo rnlsod ou a sluglo vil
Ingo lot oaoli yoar. (Miohigau Poul
try Breoder )
Kuarly two ton? of Oanadiau maplo
sugar has boou soizcd at St. Johns
bury by Unitod Statos cnstoms ofll
oials. Tho sugar had boou sinugglod
noross tlio liuo aud Bold to St. Johns
bury doalors bb Vormout sugar. Gol
lector Mnzus of tho Memphremagog
diBtrict hnn advortisod tho goods for
Do You Enjoy What You Eat?
If you dou't your food doos uot do
you muoh good. Kodol Dyspopsiu
Ouro is tho romody thnt ovory ouo
should tako whon thoro is auythiug
wrong with tho Btoniaoh. Tlioro is no
wny to uiaintaiu tho honlth aud
strength of miud aud body oxcopt by
uonrislmiont. Thoro is no way to
uourish oxcopt through tho stomach.
Tho stomnch must bo kopt hoalthy,
puro nnd sweet or tho Btrongth will lot
down and disenBO will set up. No
nppotito, loss of Htrougth, nervouHiioss,
lioadacho, constipatioii, bad broath,
Bour riBiugs, rifting, iudigcstiou, dys
popsia and nll stomach troublos aro
iiuickly ourod by tho uso of Kodol
Dyspopsin Ouro. Sold by Rivors Bros.
Uno of Iudinun'R odd products is tho
Rov. John Oauffmnu of Brown couu
ty. According to tho Rocord-Horald
of Ohicngo, lio proachos ovory night to
huudrods of pooplo, whilo ho, uot
thoy, is asloop. Ho goos to cliurch
ovory aftornoou nt 4 o'olook, lics down
on a couch nud goes to sleop. At 7,
still nsloop, ho gots up nud goos to tho
pulpit aud dolivors a Eormon, iudis
orimiuatoly in Gormau aud Euglish,
aud ho is still aslcep. Often whou
talking ho gots thirsty aud ho makos
this fnct kiiown bv strotohiug out his
nrms. Ouco ho iiold out his nrms for
forty-flvo m'iuutos witliout a quivor
boforo bouio of liis cougregatiou
guossod what ho wantod. Sonio doubt
ers onco stuck a hat piu thrco iuchos
iuto his log and ho did uot stir.
Rutland, .Tuno 20. Josoph Murrny
of this oity wns fouud doad besido
tho' Rutland Railroad tracks iu this
oity on Friday morniug. It is sup.
posed that ho wnskilled by tho north
bouud sleepor. Thoro woro only a
fow bruises ou tho body aud a small
out bohind ono onr. Ho was uuuiar
ried. Frnuk H. Wilsou, actiug city oditor
of tho Rutlnud Hornld died nt tho
city hospitnl ou Friday nftornoou of
blood poiBouiug, the result of nu op
orntiou for appujidioitis porformcd
early in tho weok. Ho was about
twenty years old nud leavos a wifo
aud ouo eou.
Edward Tuokor, son of Dr. Honry
Tuckor of Brattleboro was nrrosted iu
tliis oity Fridny night ou tho chnrgo
of stenling $120 worth of diamouds
and jowolry at Bellows Fnlls. Tho
Bellows Falls police.in requesting tlio
arrost, stated tlint Tuckor wns somo
what. uudor tho iuiluonco of liquor in
that towu on Thursday ovouiug. Ho
staid with Goorgo F. Davis who wont
away iu the morniug lenviug Tucker
asleop. Whon Davis returned nt uoou
tho mnn nitd valuablos woro gono
Most of tho missing nrticles woro
fouud in Tuckor s possessiou.
Grovetou, N. II., Juuo 19. Archio,
ngod thirtoen years, nud Nonl, nged
oigiit, sous of Willinm Mosos, woro
drownod in tlio Oouuocticut rivor
horo Thursdny ovoiug. Tho fnthor
had como to tako chargo of tho E.
E. Tibbotts farm, about two inilos
from tho villngo. Ou Thuisday tho
boys difinpponrod after school nud did
uot roturn. A Boaroh wns iustitutod
in tho woods and aloug the rivor bauk
yestorday. A lialf-milo from tho
liouso tho boys' hats wore fouud, nlso
two frail rafts. Mon immodiatoly
dragged tlio rivor, aud the body of
tho oldor boy was found at noon, and
four hours lator tho othor boy was
tnkon from tho wator.
Princetou, Juno 19. Iu au iuter
viow os-Prosidont Olevoland EayB it
is porfectly absnrd to supposo that ho
has auy dosiro to ro-outor publio lifo.
Ho says ho has not ovou romotely eu
tertained tho thought siuco ho loft
Washingtou and-haB uo liighor ai-pira-tion
thnn to pass his days in penco
with hiB family arouud him, Ho says
ho has nevor spokou to anybody ou
the subjoct of a fourtli caudidnoy..
Bostou, Juuo 19. Two votoes from
Govomor Bates. making a totnl of
thirtoou for tho prosout sesBlou, wore
roooivod by tlio Houbo yostorday. Tlio
bill making oight liours a day's work
for Stato nud county omployooB tho
Qovoruor onllB uucouBtitntioual. Tho
othor voto wiib of tho bill to repoal
tho lnw glving doputios of tho fisli
nnd gnmo coiii'uiHsiou tho right to
Eoaroli onrs, bonts, oto., for short lob
stors. irATEJt FOll STO WE.
"Stowe, Juuo 22. At a Bpooinl vil
lngo mootlng lield Saturday night it
was votod to bond tho villnco for n
Bum n6t to oxcood 20,000, for tho
purposo of puttiug in a wator syatom.
" Tho Phitadolphin Lodgor givcs n
dotnilcd nccont of tho murdor of Miss
Holon S. Bishop, dnughtor of Rov. E.
A. Bishop, fomior prinolpal of Mont
polior Somiuary, whlch ocourrod at
Wilmington, Dolawaro, ou Juuq 15.
The .Tournnl told tho Btory iu briof
last weok, but as Dr. Bishop nud his
fnuiily havo n wldo ncquaiutance in
this oity aud vioinity.and ns tlio mur
dorod girl wns born nud livod horo
uutil hor oighth ycnr n nioro oomploto
story of tho torriblo aifnir will bo of
interoBt. Tho Forring iudnstrial
Bohool qf wliloh Dr. Bishop is suporiu
tondout 1r situatod about four inilos
from Wilmington, nud Miss Holon,
who is Bpokon of ns nu oxtromoly
protty girl, wns n pupil nt the high
school in tliat oity. On tho day of
tho nssnulf Miss Holon wns cxcused
from school Eomowhnt oarlior thau
usual aud startcd liomu by trolly. At
Prico's ooruor sho loft tho car to
walk half n milo to tho iuduBtrial
school. It wns nt n louely spot near
tho Forris school tliat sho wiw ns
snultod nud it was about flvo o'olook
iu tho aftornoou thnt sho was dis
covorod in tho bushos by n farmor
uamcd Koouo nnd Goorgo Locoh, n
court bnililf. LmpcIi was driviug
along tho road whro ho and Keono
fouud tho yonug womau. Sho was !
crnwling townrd hor homo ou hor
hnuds nnd kuoes. Blood wns strcnui
iug from tho wouuds iu hor neck, hor i
clothiug was torn to slirods aud hor
body wns bruieod. Thoro wns ovi
douco of n dospcrnto Btrugglo ou tho
grouud whore hor nssnilnut had
t hrown hor nftor tho nssnult.
In hor hnud whou Leech fouud
hor Miss Bishop clnspod n Binnll pou
knife, whicli bIio hnd boou uunblo to
opou iu tho Btrugglo with hor nssnil
nut, but hnd ovidontly tried hnrd to
do so iu ordor o dofond horsolf, Sum
moniug Dr. Bishop, Mr. Loooh nud
the girl's fnthor carricd hor to tho
Forris school, whore sho bocamo uu
consoious, hnviug beeu uunblo to
toll auythiug nbout tho nssnult. Aftor
sho was tnkon home overy menns wns
triod to fnu iuto cousniousuoBS tho
ilickoring spurk of lifo. Dr. Mitcholl
A. Greonwood romnined iu nlmost
constnut nttondnuce. At tinies sho
rnllied nud rccoguized hor pnreuts
nud othor relntives, but was not ablo
to havo tho negro, White, who wns
a-rosted for the crirne, brought bofore
hor as tho polico had hopcd. Sho
bogau to siuk toward tho middlo of
tho nftoruoou of tho dny followiug
tho nssnult aud hor death soon fol
lowed. Whon tho nows of hor death
wns iiosted in Wilmington grent iu
diguntiou wns folt aud expressod.
Tho police, acting upon iuforma
tion that George Whit?, a negro farm
hand, was seou followiug Miss Bishop
ou tho road lcadiug from Prico's
coruor to tho Iudustrial school, ar
rested him. Ho is uow in tho Now
Onstlo county workhoiiBO nt Groon
bnnk, ncousod of tho orimos of out
rago aud murdor. The post-morton
showod thnt' Miss Bishop died of
sliook nud exposuro, produced by tho
wouuds nud tlio nssnult. A coronor's
jury was sworn iu on the night of
hor donth, but tho cnso wns doforred
uutil todny. In ordor to gunrd ngniuBt
Whito beiug tnkou from tlio work
Iioubo ou tlio night followiug Miss
Bishops' donth, the ontiro forco of
gunrds was ou duty, but no troublo
was osporioncod.
What is cousidorod a strong liuk iu
tho chaiu of oiroumstauces ngniust
tho negro White, is tho lluding of tlio
knife with whioh tlio throo wouuds
wore iullicted iu Miss Ilolen's throat,
and whioh was identifled as hnviug
bolonged to Whito, who ndmitted
tlmt lio hnd owucd it but Eaid ho hnd
giveu it nway. Whito worked on a
farm in tho neighborhood. About
last January ho wns rolonsod from a
term of flvo years' imprisoumout for
a murderous nssnult. Provious to
thnt ho hnd sorved four yonrs
iu Ponusylvauia for a folonious as
Bnult, aud six months for housobronk
ing. So of his twonty-sovou yoars he
haB spBiit about uiuo iu prisou.
Whito begau work iu tho uoiglibor
hood ton days provious to tlio
orimo. Tlio uoxt day a kuifo wns
fouud iu the bod occupiod by him
nnd ho olnimed nud took it. Tho
kuifo fouud near tho scono of tho
crimo wnB showu to his employors
nud thoy identifled it ns tho ouo
olnimed by Whito. Ho ndmitted thnt
ho hnd tho kuifo nt tho farm but de
olared that it bolonged to nuother
negro nnd thnt ho hnd giveu it back
to liim sovoral days boforo. Tho po
lice aud detectivos doolnro thnt thoy
linvo flxod Whito nt1 the placo nt tho
titno of tho nssnult; thnt thoy cnu
provo ho followod Miss Bishop; thnt
thoy havo tho cap whioh ho 1b idouti
flod as haviug woru, aud that ovory
poiut is covorod oxoept tho nctunl
Washington, Juuo 10. Tlio follow
iug cousular appoiutmouts woro au
uounoed todny : Johu G. Fostor of
Vormout, oonsul goueral nt Ottawn,
Onturio; Edwnrd Higgins.of Mns
BnahuButta cousul nt Beruo, Switzor
huul. WiUio hnd boon to Suuday Bohool.
At luuchoou graudma pnsged him tho
dovlled lmm. "No, thank you," said
Willie. "I hnvo ronouncod tho dovil
nud nll U works.' Sprlngflold Ro-publicnu.
Says, "Dr. William's Pink Pills Cured
me of Spinal Trouble and I
Recommentl Them,"
Somo yoars nuo Mrs. Mnry A. Lnu
iiin, of No. 702 East Fayetto strcot,
Syraouso, N. Y., wifo of A. Lnumn,
tho manufaoturing jowolor of that
citv. sustiilnnd nu iiHtirv tn hor Hninn
hv falllni! nn ii Hlinnnrv Rldnwiilk. I
Six months lator sho took to hor bod
aud was nn iuvulid for yonrs, iu fact,
uutil sho triod Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills for Palo Pooplo and was cuiod.
Sho says :
"My troublo was a spiual irritatiou,
but tho doctors could not dotorinino
tho oxnct nntur.O of it. I consultod n
nunibor of omiuont physiciaus, por
liaps ton or twolvo iu nll, nnd took
troatuiout from somo of thom. I triod
muBsngo nud oloctrloity, tho lattor
niTordiug tompornry roliof. Porhaps
it was bncnuso I took so much modi
ciuo, at nny rnto my stomnch gavo out
aud I wns troublod with indigostiou
nnd gns ou tho etomnoh. I hnd n po
culinrly, unploasnut foeliug in my lioad
nnd thoro wns n numbuoss in my
limbs. At this timo I soouiod n cou
flrmed invnlid.
"A friond of miuo iuducod mo to
givo Dr. WillinmB' Pink Pills for
Pnlo Pooplo n trinl. Of courso I know
thnt nothing wns goiug to curo mo iu
nu iustnut nnd I triod thom fnithfully.
Aftor tnking throo boxes I . bogau to
fool bottor nud I hnd takou thirtoou
boxos altogethor whou Iwas ourod. I
havo rocommondod Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills to ovory ailing porsou I havo
mot nnd I nm glnd to do so. "
Dr- WillinmB Piuk Pills for Pnlo
Pooplo nro tho ouly omiuout spiual
tonio nud thoir distiuction iu this ro
spoct is duo to thoir doublo tonio nc
tion, ou tho blood nud ou tho uorvos.
Tlio uorvous systoui, liko all tiio othor
parts of tlio liumau body, recoivos its
uourishmout frnm the blood. Dr.
Williams' Piuk Pills curo uorvous
troublo by supplyiug diroctly to tho
blood tho olements requirod to robnild
tho wastod uorve iibro. No othor
iomedy 1ms so roninrknble n list of
cnres to its orodit. Eveu after doc
tors havo failod, thoso lifo-giving pills
havo cured obstinato cnsos of locomo
tor ataxia, partinl parnlysis, St. Vi
tns' danco, sciatica, uouralgia, rhcu
matism, uorvous hoadacho, tho aftor
oifects of the grip, palpitntiou of tlio
honrt, pnlo nud snllow comploxicus
nnd nll forms of wcnkuoss iu oitliGr
mnlo or fomale. Dr. Willauis' Piuk
Pills for Palo Peoplo aro Bold by all
doalors or will bo sont postpaid on
rocoipt of price, flf ty contB a box ; six
boxoE for two dollars and a half, by
addrossiug Dr. Williams' Mcdioino
Oo., Solieuoctndy, N. Y.
. NEW OAlllilXALS.
Romo, Juno 22. Thb loug deferred
Boorot cousistory wns hold this morn
iug in tho hnll of cousiBtory. It
lnBtcd ouly about ono-lialC hour owiug
to tho healtli o'f tho Popo, who np
peared much fatigued whon he was
carriod baok to Iub apartinents. Tho
Popo wns cnrried iuto tho hnll of cou
sistory in a Eodan ohair. After do
livoriug his allocutiou and nunouuo
ing tlioso chosou for high hoiior
his holiuoss ndjournod tho meotiug
to tho throne room, whoro, in tlio
presouco of tho pnpal court, tho now
cardinal-arohbishops and bishops now
in Rome kissosd tlio prolato's foot aud
recoived liis blessiutr. No Americans
apponr ou tho list of uowly-crented
Indiauapolis, Iud., June 22.
Presidout John Mitcholl of tho United
Mine Workors is ill nt liis rooras iu
tliis oity nud was obliged yeeterday
to cnncol nu ongngemout to uddress n
minors' meotiug nt Wiuslow, owing
to tlio couditiou of liis lienlth. It
is saitl tliat Mitcholl hns boou grently
worriod ovor tho mauy petty strikes
tliat havo followed tho siguiug of tho
bituiniuous scalo, nud the settlemeut
of tho nuthracite striko and that his
couditiou is duo to uorvous exhaust
ion. Bcsides thoEO uunoynuces, he
has boou trnvelling nlmost coustautly
for a month aud has boou irregulnr
iu his hnbits iu respect to enting aud
sleoping. Mitcholl's fellow ollicors
havo iusisted thnt he tako n rest aud
his pliysioinu hns urgod it so. onru
cstly that all his presout ongagomouts
havo boou abaudoued.
(A Ohicngo profossor olaiins that
tho auciout Groeks used cortain vnri
otios of brnkfast food. )
Imagino on tlio Isle of Greece,
' ' Whoro buruiug Sappho lovod aud
IIow Diomodes would roll n pioco
Of Coro Swooto ou his tonguo.
Just thiuk of Homor sittiug dowu
Boside somo bubbling, babbliug
Aud muuohiug, with n thoughtful
Giain-O, Bwipod from Bomo Attio
cook. ,
Was old Ulyssos liandod out
A broakfust food ou Oiroe's isle?
Wns brnvo Aohillos roudorod stout
By enting Hoco Poco vilo '
Was yonug Adonis full of Flakoa
Whou Vouuu spoko of lovo's romorBO
Aud of hor honrt's distrossiuc noho
And uny, did Horoulos uso Forco?
Tliink of florco Ajnx. just boforo
IIo did liis bolt dofying stunt,
Spllliug boiuo Muho Pura o'or
His caHt-iron vost's oxpanslvo froiltl
And pioturo wiso old SooratoB
Enting Dauifluo with a kuifo. '
Now, did tho Groeks ubo foods liko
Wo aiiBwor, "No, uot ou your lifo!"
Milwaukoo Sontiuol.
Bears tho You llavB
OlnBB Suudny dawnod uupromisiugly
for Goddnrd Somiuary, but uotwith
stnndins tho loworing sklos nud nlmost
contlnnal rainfall tho UnlvorBalist
ohuroh iu Bnrro was woll flllod on Suu
dny momlng, nt tho opouing uotos of
tho volnntary. Thochurch wns prot
tily docorntod with forns roliovod
with touohos of whito, tho Goddard
aud olnss oolors bolng oiToctivoly nr
rnugod to lond n brlghtnoss to tho
wholo. Pows rosorvod for tho Btudouts
woro desiauatod by buuclios of roses
tlod by ribbousin olnss colors nud boou
tho tonos of tho orgnn indicnted thoir
nppronch. Tlio mombors of tho juuior
clnss woro uphorod down tho nislo to
bo followod by tho faoulty and lastly,
tho sonior olnss. Mnrk Davis, n mom
ber of tho souior clnss hnd chargo of
tho musio aud tfio siugors woro : Mr.
Davis, touor, Mrs. Alfrod Tomplo,
soprano, Miss'Pausy Sovnrauce, alto,
W. O. Lowo, basa thoso wlio oom
poso thoquartotchoir of tho Unitariau
church, Moutpolior. Buck's boauti
ful "Rook of AgoB," aud "Onward
Oliriatiau Soldiors, " woro tlio nuthoms
chosou nud Mr. Dnvis Bang "Josu
I.ovor of My Soul" ns n roapouBO.
Followiug tho customnry ordor of
sorvico tho clnss sermou wns dolivorod
by tho pnstor, Rov. Elflo K. M. Jonos.
Hor tliomo was "Opon Doors, " from
tiio toxt, "Bohold I havo set boforo
thco an opou door and no mnn cau
shnt it, " Rov. 3-8. Mrs. Jouob said
iu part : The shut door is symbolio of
dosolatouess, Bolitude and torror ; tho
opou door, of all that is worth hnviug
in lifo, nn opouing to glorious possi
bilitios of ncliiovoinout iu all its
phases. Holon Kollor, though iu n
soiibo imprisouod, hns hnd doors sot
opou for hor, ouo by ouo, ouabling hor
to ontor a Inrgo nud Donutiful living,
far boyoud that oujoyod by many iu
possessiou of all tho souses. Lifo is a
synonym for opportuuities aud doors
aro coustautly stnudiug opon whethor
wo nvnil oursolvos of tho privilego
tliey oiler or uot. Amoug tho tliiugs
most desired iu lifo is saccoss. Tliis,
however, is a variablo qunntity do
termined chiefly by tlio ideas of tlioso
who seek it, aud wlieu aoliiovod iu
ono foiin or auothor rnroly satisfles.
This iuability to bo satisiied, tlio
sponkor nrgnod, is n proplieoy and
foreglimmor of porfoctiou. Whilo
thoro is no dofiuablo staudnrd of succoss
thoro is ouo gonoral prinoiple whicli
in tho last nunlysis mnkos or mnrs it
tho choico nnd uso of tho opeuings
prosentod. How is the success wou,
and to what eud, iB tlio nll importnnt
qucstiou. It is for us to realizo that
tho Bnccessea iu lifo nro but iucidentnl
nnd tributnry to ouo grent oud, tliat
of charactor buildiug. Tlioroforo, we
should chooso wisely, tnking- tliis ns
Burauco for thought, tlinf'uo mnu cnn
shut tho doors set opon" oxcept for
liimsolf. Whilo tlio mistnkes of tho
past may not bo retrioved, today is
onrs for bosfc uso or abuso. Tlio dis
course closed witli a briof uud im
prossivo addross direct to tlio souior
class, iu whicli thoy woro assurod that
doiug thoir faitnful bost was tho flual
toat of chnrnoter nud thnt in spite of
mistakos, 'waudoriugs, or debasemeut
evon, God nevor lets go His childron.
A hymu followod by tho bonodiction
olosod the Borvico.
Tho opouing ovout of tho auuual
commmoucomout oxercisos of tho Sem
iuary ocouried ou Saturday ovoniug
with tho prizo dobato aud sight read
ing coutest iu tho chnpel. Tho prizo
dobnto wns pnrtlcipatod iu by four
studouts ou tlio quostiou: "Resolvod,
Thnt United Statos Souators Should
Bo Elooted byPopular Voto." Mossrs.
Hniliu aud Borry, who had tlio afllr
inativo sido of tlio quostiou, were
doclared winuors. Iu tho sight read
ing coutest Alfrod Oadgor wou the
flrst prizo aud Miss May Robiuson,
socoud. Miss llallio Lyudo rocoived
houorablo montiou. Tho judgos iu
botli coutests were: E. H. Hapgood,
Miss Alico Sturtovant aud Griswold
Little Livep Pills.
Must Donr Slgnnturo of
See Pac-Slmllo Wropper Uelow. ,
Vexy DtnnU aml ns oksy
to tako aa aucar.
Ilon't let a $15.00 call ont up $40.00 to $'x.oo worth of crenm.
The cream trom tho nveraRo cow will scll f'jr $40.00 to S- ycnr nnd Just
as good cnlvcs cnn bo rnlscd on swcct sepnnitor skimmcd milk ni with the cow.
Dun't wnsto Tlme. Lnbor nnd Crenm bv trvinc to skim your milk by hand.
It is Ifke trvinjr to caro for a 40-acre patcli tcrn with n hoe.
Buy a U. S. Sopnrator and Snvo your Calvos and Monoy.
Tho V S Rkims tho clcanest, clcans the cubicit, wears the lon:est, ls tho
tnoit profltablc, etc, ete.
Wrtit for cot.xhgues
for Wcstern custumers, we transfer onr sep.ir.itnn from CM tpc , I aCv Mlnnt.ipolls,
ioux uty anu umana, iiuurcsa
aVormont Farm Machino
Weekly Market Report
Boston Produco Markot.
Comrnon extrat s 40 "2 60
.iunnesoiaciearnnii stralgnt 3 SO " il W
Mlchlgan, clcar aii'l elrnlxht 3 40 "3 7t
V.'lV V.irlr fltr aml .Irnli.l.l Q .. Q Tn
OliloanUSt. Louls clcar .' 11 70 " 3 84
unio auu Bt. 1.0111s stralgnt 3 80 " 4 06
Ohlo aml St. L011U patcnt 3 85 "4 15
iBcuusiii unu ,uinn. paictu 4 'u " 1 ua
Conminn, barre1 ....
UaK mcal
MIiIiIIIiiks, sackuil, per ton
Ilran, sackcil, wlntcr
llran, tackcd, enrlng ,
Cottonscecl meal
Itcd Dog
Llnsecd 011 -Mcal,
Kaslern, cholce fresli
Knstcni, Talr to cooil, iloz
Vt. and N. II., cliolce Ireeh.doz
Stcamer yellow.bush
Stcamer bush
No. 3
Good, 110 fcraile
Aroostook llcbrons
New Ilaninslilro Hebruns
Vermont llebrons
3 n to 3 25
S 40 "3 60
. I 11 "1 16
19 25 to S! 00
1!0 SO " Jl 60
18 00 ' 10 OO
21 76 " 26 60
24 00 "
21 0 " 25 00
19 to 20
10 " 17
,19 "20
9 to 6D;
68 63J
68 " t9
S to 85
65 " 86
No. 1, cllppcc! white liu ..
No.2, cllpiied white,
No. 3 white
Itelected white
llay, N. V. and Cau., choico to fancy.,
Ilay, N. Y. and Canada, fair to good.
1 1 ay, eastern, choicc
Ilay, eastern, ordlnary to fair
Ilay, eastern, conmion
Vt. aud N. If., assorted Elzes
NorthernN. Y., assorted 6lzes
Northern N. Y., large tuba
U'estcrn, asst., eprucu tubs
Westeru, large asli tuba
Creaiuery, uorthern tlrsts
Crcauiery. eastern, best marks
Creaiuery, eastern, fair to good
Creaiuery, wcstern tlrsts,
Creaiuery, eecouds
Dalry, Vt., extra
Dalry, N. V extra
U&lry. N. Y. and Vt. flrsts-
UackB.bbl ,
Short cut clear
Leau ends
City rendered, pure, lb
Westeru coinpound
l'ure kettle, rendered
Siuoked Hams
Hoston, siuall, lb ,,,,,
Hoston, larxe
20 00 to 23 (0
18 00 " 20 00
13 00 " 14 00
12 00 " 13 00
10 00 " 12 CO
9 10 " 10 IX)
18 76 to 20 00
18 75 " 20 00
20 00 "
20 25 " 20 75
BX to
I0.' "
14 "
13Ji "
!3 u
Ileef, cholce, lb 8 to bi!
llecf, llght cliolce, lb 8 i
lleefjieavygood.lb IU 8
lleef, good, lb 7 " 71;
llecf, lilndquarters, cliolce t) " 10J
lleer, liludiuarters, couiuion to good 8 "9
llecf, forenuarters, cholce 6 "6
llorr, fnrrquartcri, couimon to good 4) " 6
Mutiou, extra 8 "
Mntton, comuion to good 6 "7
I.auibs, ch. east, lb "
I.aiubs, couimon to good, lb M
Veals, cholce eastern, lb 9 M 10
Veals, fair to good 8 " 9
Veals. counnon R . 7
1 llogs, countrydressed. lb 7; " 8K
Boston Lumbor Markot.
Heinlock boards, rougl 14 60 to 15 00
llemlockboHrds, planed 1101 "15 60
lleiulock boards, No.2 II 00 "12 60
Spruce boards, 1st, clear floor 19 00 " 19 0
Spruce boards, 2ds, clear Door 16 00 " 17 00
Spruce boards. coarse, 16 00 "
fepruce, nor. do, cars 16 60 " 17 00
Spruce, matclied 18 00 '' 20 00
llox boards, 1 ln. llangor 12 00 " 18 00
llox boanls, ord 9 60 "10 65
llox boards, 7-8 do 9 10 " 9 20
llox boards, 3-4 do 8 60 " 8 70
llox boards, 11-16. ,do 8 00 " 8 20
llox boards, 6-8 do 7 00 " 8 00
Shlngles, Eastern aawed, cedarex.
Shlugles, do clear
' Slilngles, do 2d9
1 Shlngles, do ex. No, 1
Shlngles, do No. 1
I Clapboards, do 4 ft. ex
I Clapboards, do clear
, Clapboards, 2ds, clear
Clapboards, extra No. I
3 35 to
3 40
2 85
2 25
1 6
1 60
2 S0
2 30
1 70
1 75
42 00
40 00
88 OO " 40 00
86 I'O " 88 10
29 00 " 30 M
' uiapooarus, ixo. 1 1
i.atu. spruce, ik. in z .i
i 05
8 15
l.nlh, spruce ;
7. 111., a xv
Boston Wool Markot.
X and above, 25 to S
I No. 1 27 23
-0. 2 ., 27 " 23
Klne unwashed.,1 19 ' 20
Uniuercbantable 21 " 22
No. l,comb!ug,J,'aud,' blood 21 22
No.2coniblng,X Mood 21 u 21
Delalne 28 "29
Couiblng,;,' blood 22 to 22U
Coiubtng, k blood 22 " 22)t
Coniblngrbrald 19 "20
Aflne 49 to 60
Asuper 43 " 45
II super 39 "41
O super 81 " 3i
Comblng, Une 18 " 60
Comblng, common 40 " 42
Vermont Markots.
Ilutter, Iresh InSlb. boxes, lb
llutter. fresh new, ln tubs, lb
Ilutter, prlnt ,
Clieeso, dalry, lb
Egg, doi tresh
I'otatoes, bush
Apples, oush ,
llbKs, llve, lb ,
llogs, ilressetl.lb
I.auibs.drcfsed, per lb
Veals, llre. lb
Chlc.ens, lb
Fowls, lli ,
Ilutter, dalry ,
Ilutter, prlnt
Kggs. duz , ,
I'otatoes, vish
llogs, dreased.lb,,
Veals, llve, lb
Snrlng lauibs, dressed, lb
17 to
18 "
18 "
18 "
m "
10 11
4 6
14 " U
10 " II
... 8 " 8
.. 5 X
... 4 " 4
Bprlng clilekoiis, lb.,
au icucr t j.i-'i .ws r ai. t
Co-. Bellows Falls, Vt.
Current Comnient.
Hay. Tho lnrtrket is quiot for liay,
choico grtidos are searce, aud would
sell liigli iu price if availnble. About
$21 to 23 will covor abotit tho (best
liay solliiiB, but fuuoy curs would;go
higlier. Tlio markot for lower grades
raugos down iu price as to quality.
Ryo straw is quoted steady with
clioice grades raugiug up to 22 to 23,
whilo less fancy would ntugo dowu as
to qualtiy.
Corn. The market has beon lightly
eupplied, and it is ouly in n modorate
way that salos are boing ruado. Val
ucs aro obtainod ns business rules.
'X Oats. Tlie market coutinnes to work
liighor nud there is every iudication
tliat tho- old crop will go out high.
Arrivals nre gmding poor in qunlity,
aud choico oats nre very scarce. For
No. 2. clippod white at tho olose about
4G to 47o will covor rauge of sales,
with lower grados down as to quality.
lieef. We havo had n steady markot
for boef for tho past week, but do
maud has been ouly modornte. Slut
ton has beon tlull. Most of tlio stock
is too coarso aud heavy to briug ovor
0 to 7c. Choico yearliugs havo been
modorate doninud at 0 to llu. Fnll
lnmbs hnve beon iu limited supply nnd
steady at 12 to 1,8c. Uastoru spriug
lambs havo beon iu modorato' supply,
but irregular in quality. Most sales at
2.00 to $5.00 with a few of the best
nt $0.00. Westeru lnmbs hnve been in
good supply and solliug fairly at 12
to 15o. Kecoipts of veals hnve been
liberal, aua very few sales at over 9c.
Most lots work out at T.j to 80.
Livo Poultry. Ueceipts of fowls
havo boou modorato this weok, and
sinco Monday clioice smnll lots of
oaBtorn hnve beou selliug at 14o. Ke
coipts of spring chickeiis are iuoreas
iug nud prices hnve to be shnded a
little ou most lots. It tnkes sonio
thiug fauoy to bring full quotatious.
Dressed Poultry. Fowls have been
in light supply all tho weok and best
wostoru havo beou iu steady domnud
at 10c. Receipts of wostern broilors
aro increasiug but prices have beon
woll sustaiued so far. Old cocks hnve
hnd a stoady sale nt 11c. Olioice east
ern fowls have been in stoady deuinnd
at 10c. Clioice roasting shickeus in
light supply and stoady at 80 to 3oo.
Tho supply of broilors is increasiug
nud it takos oxtrn stock to bring. full
quotatious. Dnoks quito pleuty nnd
have to bo etxra to exceed 10c.
Butter. Tlioro was n light demaud
followiug our lnst weekly report nud
a good deal of stock was left iu re
coivors liauds at tho closo Saturday.
Mouday tho touo was wak aud un
Bettlod uudor uufavorbloadvices from
othor markots And the fow sales re
ported woro nt'22 to 22o. There
was uo speoulative buying nud only
n limited domaud from rognlar trade,
buyors gonorally holdiug otf. Tues
dny the sales wero vory liglit, aud 22o
wns tlio ruliug prico. Woduesday
was a holidav. Tliis morniug there
is n stendier feoliug, nud a good, fair
deuinud for fiue creamory at 22c,
witli somo recoivors holdiug thoir
bost marks a fractiou higlier. Firsts
havo droppod to 21o, aud havo beon
moviug slowly. Northern dairy geu
erally dull. No mnterinl chauge in
imitatiou creaiuery, lndlos, or pack
ing stock. Boxes nud priuts iu full
supply and moviug slowly nt quota
tious. Eggs. Recoipts hnve beeu heavy
for tho past week nud tho genernl ruu
of westeru stook hns met with n slow
salo. Westorn llrsts striotly up to
grado, have rulod fairly steady nt 16o.
But n lnrgo proportiou of tlio stook
offoriug lins boon m'oro or loss defoo
tivo and hns beeu hnrd to plnco at ovor
14 to 15o. Striotly extra Micli., etc,
havo been in limitod supply nud in
steady domaud at n$o. Fauoy iionr
by nnd oastoru iu limited supply aud
Hidos aud Polts. The liido market
is stoadily hardouing, but tlio demnnd
contiuuos niodernto. Buit hidos nro
Suotod nt 0 to 9o nt Oiiicngo nud
hio points of shipmeut, with offor
ings uiodornto. Tho price of seoonds
nnd B's ia lo bolow buifs. Now Eng
laud hidos nro quiot but steady nt 0 to
Oo llnt for butoliors' woights. Oalf
skius aro steady with lnuibskius quiot.
Al. V. Wheelock's
Real Estate Agency
At Montpelier Book Umdoi'y, hnve bar
gnlnsln lio'isod, lots uud othor valuablo
pronurty. rincea wnnted for flrst olasa
olorks, innlo, liotel coolt, girl8 for hotise
work, lnundry work, oto,
fir-No oxpenso for registorlng.

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