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We Lead You
Why not follow? If you only make the
start with us, we will make it to your
jnterest, and you will profit by our plan.
Read our' llst carefully and be con
vinced that your future success de
pends upon our'guidance.
woll cstnblislicd busincss with a wido rcpntation. A clinnco m n uiutimo nnd a good
paying biisiness for a small nmount invcstcil. Tho busincss consist of cvcrytlriiig
ucccssnry for siioccssfully couducting a Homo liakory.
woodland nnd balnnco cmiiilly dividcd bctwccn tillngo and iiasturngo. Good sngar
orcbard and tools. Good frnit orcliard. I'laco will casily carry 'M cows tlio year
aaoiind. Cuts about 00 tons of liay. liarn 40xC0. clnpboardcd "nnd paintcd. Cost
S2500 to build. Ilorso barn 28x40 witli bascmcnt. lluiiiiing water nt houso and'
barn, Tlicro nro tcn rooms in tlio housc. Tax rato is 51.00. l'ropcrty is asscsscd for
S3500. Prico SrGOOO.
0 tillngo, balanco pasturage nnd woodland. Sngar orcliard of COOO trccs. Good
npple oic'inrd. I'laco will kcq 30 cows and teani. Cuts 40 tons of liay. Two barns
20x40 connccted. Now carriago hoi 18x21. Kunning water at liouse andbatn.
Houso contnins scvcn rooms. lleeu built nbout two yc'ars. Houso is painted ycllow
with wliito trimmings. Ts locatcd only oue-half milo from scliool, 8 niilcs to depot,
aud C lvilcs to StraHord. IJii'ldings nro insurcd for S. oOC. l'rico S2000, Temis
S1000 down. Would Irado for good rcnting propcrty. iTho prico givcn includes all
farining tools and crops.
For further particulars regarding' theso valuable
uroperties call or address
Barre, Vt., Room 8 and 9 Qordon Block.
Mrs. Lcou Harvoy loft for hor liomo
iu Fliiludolpliin last Saturday.
Mrs. Mary S. Bliss of Moutpolior
viistod friouds in town last weok.
Tou tcachoi'8 took tlio toacliurs' ox
amiuation hold iu tliis towu last Fri
day aud Saturday.
Thero was 110 EorVico at tho Oongro
gatioiial ohurcli last Suuday ou ac
couut of tho absouco of tho pastor who
was cnlled liomo by tho sovoro illness
of his fathcr.
Tlio houso of Will Fiold was outorcd
by n thiof a fow days ago who took
1-1 from tho bureau drawor in tho
chauibor. Tho fainily was nway iu tho
aftornoou. Whou tnoy roturuod tlioy
found that au outrauco had beou mado
through ouo of tho windows aud au
oxit by tho baok door.
A now tolophouo .liuo is to bo built
rnuuiug frotn tho villngo to tho liomo
of Edward Morritt ou tho Waldou
road. Nearly ovory fnrmor on tho liuo
will put iu au justrumout.
F. M, Marsh has boou snfferiiig tho
past wook with a sovoro abscoss ou his
A flvo-yoar-old bou of Willinm Kolly
of Lowor Cabot died Angust 1, of
braiu troablo. Fuuoral servicos woro
couductod by Rov. Mr. Marshall at
tho Advout church, Sundny. Burial
was mado iu tho cometory at Lowor
Muoh crodit is duo tho seleotmeu of
the towu for having the soldiers' inou
nmout oloauod and tho insoriptious
brought out bo clearly; also tho paiut
iug of the feuco.
Sonio of our publio spirited oitizeus
havo had iu coutemplatiou for somo
timo tho projoot of au orgauizatiou for
the purposo of calliug tlio attoutiou of
oity visitors aud capitalists, also thoso
Wishiug to purchaso farms, to onr
towu. Tho schome was started last
Friday oveniug by tho meoting qf
quito a uumber of thoso iutorestod in
tho parlors of Winooski Hotol to talk
over tho mattor. After some iuter
ohauge of thonght it was deomod best
to make an informal orgauizatiou aud
G. 0. May was eleoted temporary
chairman and O. H. Dwiuoll seoretary
aud troasnror. It was thou voted that'i
tho orgauizatiou should be known as
the "Cabot Developmout Associat
tion. " It was voted to oall an exper
iencod real estate ageut to come aud
look onr towu over and soo what in
dncomeuts wo can offer to call iu cap
italists aud visitors.and G. O. May.O.
H. Howlaud aud George Gonld weie
oleotod a committee to proonre the
real estato ageut and show hini abont
the towu. This will be for the pur
poso of bringing into notico throuRh
tho oity papers and agenoies the ad
vantages of and iudnoements for capi
talists aud oity peoplo to como to our
beautiful Vermont town. M. D. Wells
and C. H. Dwinell woro olootod a
oommitteo to prepare artioloa and by
laws aud preseut tlio samo for oousid
eration at tho uoxt moeting. It waa
thou voted to adjonrn till Saturday
ovoning uoxt at 8 p'olook at tho same
place. At this meoting let thoro bo a
fnll attendanoe as this is a inove in
tho right.direotlon and it will be witli
the farmers and business mou to .show
whethor it will eaoceed or not.
Perhaps your corrospondont nover
had tho same exporieuoo that onr
Williamstown brothor corrospondont
has had in his twonty-flvo years of
writing iu whloh ho says a promise
was extraotod from liim nevor.to nso a
certain woman's name in his items
whilo sho livod in my thirty-tonr
yoara of oorreBpondonoo for tho Watoh
man. But I did havo a roquost after
passing tho box oue Snnday morniug
in ohnroh takiug the UBual oollootion,
from ono of the members, not to stiok
that box nnder his noso ngain, and the
rociuost was obeyod.
"Vermont Watchmau Co., JobPrlntors.
Locatcd 1 1-2 iiiiles froin deiiot. post offlco
scliool, Fnrm contnins 17G nercs. 215
B. G. Rog'ers aud family Havo boou
campiug at Greensboro poud for two
Miss Jossio Marvin of Moutpolior
was in Cabot Monday ou hor way to
J. V. Owon was iu Barton last
Mrs. S. J.Wiswoll attoudod tho ded
icatiou oxoroises of tho Cougrogatiou
al church iu East Hardwick last Tnos
day. Miss Lea Bowditoh of St. Jolinsbury
hai beou visitiug Miss Marjorio Wells
for a few days.
Miss Maudo Gray of Bloomfield is
stoppiug with Mrs. Hiram Wells for a
few days.
E. D. Waldo and wifo and Normau
Lyford wero at Groousboro pond a fow
days last weok.
Warren Goodalo aud wifo of Wood
bury wero iu towu last Thursday.
Mrs. Carl Fletchor and ohildren of
Swanton aro- visitiug hor parouts for
a few days.
Dr. A. .T. Lannn nnrl fnmllv rl;n
have boen iu towu for a few days.
roturned to Portsmouth, N. H., last
Miss Cora Lauco aud Miss Emma
Laird are attonding tho summor scliool
at Morrisville.
Mr.aud Mrs. H. S. flnlr
poher are stoppiug at the Winooski
S. O. Voodry was in Montpelier last
Hollis Oolo of Northampton, Mass.,
is viBiting L. P. Colo.
Mr. Steel and ohildron of Worcester,
Mass., are visitiug at J. H. Damon's.
W. H. Myors and wifo returned last
iriday from a wook's trip to Oopper
iiold. Wavie Towu aud wifo of Boston
were in town a fow days last week.
Mre. Martha Ford aud daughtor of
Barre wero in town last week.
AKred Huutor of Pittsfield, Mass.,
is viBiting at L. Myers'.
Miss Sarah Griggs, familiarly kown
ab " Aunt Sarah, " died Friday morn
ing, Jnly 81. Miss Griggs was born
in this town January 28, 1814. She
was the oldest potsou in towu, and as
hor homo has always beou hore sho
knew nioro of its history than auyono
else. She woll romomborod all tho
flrst settlers, nmong wliom was lier
fathor, Stophon Griggs, who oame
here from Oonneotloat in 1809 and
mado a homo for himself aud family
in the wildornoss, oloaring tho farm
on which Howlnud RuBsell now lives.
She attoudod tho flrst distriot sohool in
town, and anring tho wintor of 1825,
when Salmon Gloason was toaohor and
Rev. S. D. Oohoon, oironit preaotier,
sho with twenty-fonr of hor sohool
matos made a pnblio coufeBsion of
OhriBt and nnited with tho Mothodist
ohnroh, of whioh eho has beou a faith
ful nioinber. sinco. Of thoso twenty
flvo yonng perBona only ono, Mri.
Anna Bixby Brown, of Wost Berlin,
remains to tell tho Btory of tho groat
rovival. During tho last twonty yoara
when old ago with its attendant in
flrmitieB neoded the miniBtrations of
patient aud kiud frieuda, sho waB
tendorly oared for in tho family of Mr.
and Mrs. A. D. Bragg (Miss Griggs
waa Mra.Bragg'a anut) who did all in
thoir power to mako hor pathway
down tho hill of llfo as pleasant as
posBiblo. The f nnoral BOivicoB wero jit
tho Mothodiat ohnroh on Snnday. Rov.
J. S. Allen waa tho oflloiating olergy
man, O. M.Riohadson i nnoral direotor,
aud W. 0. Bragg, A. S. Howo, 0. M.
Riohardson aud M, L. Riohardsou
O. F. Ramsoy ia ill at tho homo of
his Bon-in-law, E. A. FiBk.havlng had
a shook of paralysia.
Mias Gortrndo Strong ia viBiting her
brothor, Wiuuio Stroug in Norwich,
N. II.
MIbsos Miunio Maxwoll aud Marlon
Dana aro attonding tho summor sohool
at Randolph,
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Oavo spont Suu
day at G. Y. Bames',
Mrs. E. P. Lord aud hor daughtor
Mrs. D. F. WiuBlow and littlo daugh
tor Jonnio, who havo boou Bpouding
a fow days at J. L. Lord's roturned to
thoir homo iu East Brookfield, Mass..,
Ifisf. Kflftlrrltiv Tlm ,Tin,iw frlmirla nP
Mrs. Lord woro vory muoh ploasod to
sce hor bo woll aud comfortablo.
Mr. iwul Mra. .Tnninn W. T,nrr1 nrn
rojoiclng ovor tho birth of a bou. '
Morrill F. Wilds diod at tho homo
yojirs aud sovou moutliB. Ho loavos
two dnughtors, MrH. 0. O. Lord of
Groton aud Mrs. E. G. Oook of thiB
Elllm flllll PthiiIt "nnnrrl nffnnrlnrl
ohnrch in East Oraugo Suuday morn
iug. Mrfl. A. L. Novns visitnrl in Wimli.
tugtou last wook.
Tf. ia flinnrflif. l,rf ,inivt fltnf li n
orop will bo au avorngo oue, nlthough
1 . 1. C
Buuiuwiuti iuiu, i iuw navo uuisiiuu
hayiug whilo Bouib havo not com-
Mrs. B. L. Riohardsou who has boou
soriously ill, has1 so far rocovorod as
to bo nulo to riuo out.
Mrs. Martiu Olomout snout last wook
at E. G. Poak's.
Rov. Fraucos A. Kimball loft ou
Tuosday of this wook for hor four
woeKB' vncatiou. Miss Mariou Hors-
ford of our lugh sohool dopartmont
started for hor iold homo in Charlotte,
ou Monday last.
Luoius Kinsmnu now of Boaver Oity,
Nubraaka, is oujoyiug his vlsit in this
his homo of llfty yoars ago, aud nioro.
Ho is about. to go to Rutland for a
wook, to bo tho guost of his Loyhood
frioud, Dr. Eloui O. Lewis. It is said
ho may likoly havo his futuro homo
iu Mauitou, a suburb of Colorado
Springs, Colorado.
It is claimod that iu tho lato cold
woathor, wo havo had ouo or two vory
Blight frosts.
Drtiggist Goorgo E. Adams of Fair
havou.cuuio to his old homo horo on
Saturday last for a vifiit of somo days,
His meeting of his two brothors Wil
bur F., of tho Stato of Washiuctou.
aud Rov. Carlos L., of Micliigau, must
uo oxcooaiugiy pioasauc.
MIbs Julia Bass of .East Soinorville.
Mass,, is expected horo soon, for hor
summor vacatiou.
Miss Edtih Oarnontor. on tho nro
gram of tho reoital, at tho Uuivorsalist
oliurch laat Monday ovoninc. is a
daughtor of Will Carpoutor of our
mm viuago.
Thoro was a woll attoudod uuiou
sorvico at tho Coucrocatiounl church
laut Suuday ovouiug at which our
lormer towiiBinan Hov. Carlos L. Au-
auis now or Howoll, Mich.. nrcachod
His oxcolleut sermou was closolv lis-
toned to; it was good iudoed to hear
tlio grand old trutlis sot forth iu such
earnost, forciblo manuor. Wo uoto
with ploasuro tho growth of this com
paratively youug miuistor.' of whom
it can bo said that ho is "not a
pronhot without houor. " iu his own
uativo town. At prosout ho is located
as a juetiiodist proaclior iu Howoll,
tho couuty sent of LiviugBton Couuty,
Micliigau, a placo of somo threo thou
aud iuhabitauts, aud distaut. north-
westorly, from Dotroit, some forty
mues. i Bon-iu-iaw 01 nov. JJr.
L. Cooper of Wost Randolph, it is said
Rov. Mr. Adams will bo with him
uoxt Snnday.
In his uearby trip to Europo, Traoy
L. Jolfrods is to accompany a distaut
relativo, Moses R. JeU'ords of New
York oity who is u civil ougiuoor of
moro than uational reputatiou. At
prosout lio is mtressted iu tho coustrno
tion of a railway iu Rnssia, whithor
no wiu go aitor a stay iu London, at
tho iuvitatiou of tho Railway Roform
Afisooiation tliere. Mr. .TeU'ords is a
uenhow of tho lato Moses Robinson of
Northfield, liis morthor having boou
Caroliuo Robinson, of that towu.
Ephraim Jr., and Mrs. Maudo Diok
insou Snow of Cohaasot, Mass., woro
in town a fow dayB ago. Mrs. Suow
is a daughtor of tho late Dr. Gideon
Mrs. Heury J. Lasell plaus to go to
the Hoaton hospital, Moutpolior, to bo
with her mothor, Mrs. Ophir S. Mar
tiu, aud let hor sister, Mrs. Irving
Covoll rotnru homo.
Tho death of throe of our pensiouora
in lato weoks stops the oomiug of 50
a month in pension monoy.
Our old towusmau, Ex-Obudnotor
Frauk . Fliut, now a residout of
Windsor, married a lady of that t jwh
on Tnesday last. Mr. Fliut has a flne
farm thore ou whioh ho livoBaud we
congratulato him ou this, lot ns hopo
iuvalnablo addition to his homo.
Rov. Alvon M. Smith is about to
tako a short vacatiou on tho Maino
coast, accompauiod by friouds iu his
Mr. aud Mra. J. E. AinBWorh plan
to tako Soptombor, tho last moutn of
thoir stay iu tho east this Boason, in
OlaromOnt, N. H., Mr. Ainsworth'a
early homo.
Wo understand that tho only relig
iona Borvlcoa iu our villago uext Suu
day, will be at the Oongrogational
olinroh, morning and ovoning. Evory
body will bo cordially woloomed at
theso Borvioos.
Mrs. Jamoa Bailoy of Ouolda. N.
Y., plana to visit hei mothor, Mra.
Orontt Abbott, of our villago, some
timo dnring this month. Sho ia an
ever woolomo gnest here.
Mra. W. 0. White iins as a gnest
her mothor from Middlesox, who ia a
daughtor of our late townsman, Riley
Wo aro onoouraged greatly by the
poBsibiilty that tho Oomoli granito
sheds may Boon be purohased bya reli
ablo narty for additional granite bnai
ness hore.
Ashtoti, the little bou of AugustuB
and Luoy Earle Holt of Barro oity.ia
with his grnudparenta horo. It waa a
fino compllmeut ho uuconsoiously paid
our nnro nir liere wlinn hn nnifl
could bieatho better than in Barro. "
li wo ouiy nad tho granito buisnosa
we onght to havo horo tho hoalthful
nesa of the placo might briug othora
hore from Bnrrn. hnnnn
"broatlie better hero. "
Wallace Hnntor nlnna fn
old liomo in Now Brunswiok this
woek. i
Bad Weather Sale
We havca "clearance sale" ovcry summer, but nevcr bcfore have wc hadas many Sults
to sell, The weather is responsible. The cold, damp days have played havoc
with our business in Men's and Youth's Suits.
Thcre are tvo reasons why we must get rid of our prcscnt stock ;
lst, To make room for Fall Goods.
2nd, To gct money to pay for thcm.
All of our Suits, with tho exccption of a few, of all the year round wcight, arc
marked at cost or below.
Prices on this senson's Sults.
10.00, Suits are now $ 7.75
12.50 " " " 9.75
13.50 " " 9.75
15.00 " " " 11.75
18.00 " " " 14.75
20.00 " " " 15.75
Prices on last scason's Suits are cut
Pifteen Bluo Sergo Suits -pnre
iuhl uuiur, uut anu inmmeu
at $7.6(. To closc,
W. E. Adams and Son,
Wo hear somo warm praise bestowod
on tho reoital at tho Uuivorsalist
church last Monday ovouiug.
Mrs. A. R. Oraig of Boston proachod
at tho Evaugelicn' churoh last Suuday
mouiug and ovouiug in the absouco of
tho pastor.
Rov. Mr. Sa'mou proached at North
Montpelier Suuday aftoruoou.
Miss JoKsio Laird rotauod homo
from Bridgoport, Couu., on Saturday
o' last wook.
BusiucBS is hnstliug on tlio camp
grouud theso days. and auy ono wiB'i
ing to coutributo to a grd causo in
monoy or labor will bo wolcomo thoro.
Tlio caninniooting wi'l bogin Avgust
21 aud hold ovor two SundayB.
Presidout Johu H. Soutes. of tlio
Vermont Bar Assooiatiou, accompauied
by Edward II. Dcavitt, chairmau of
tho committeo of nrraugements, aud
Olarenco H. Soutor of this city, J. P.
Lamson of Cabot, and Allaud G. Fay
aud John W. Gordou of Barro loft on
Wodnesday for Newport to nttoud tho
summer moeting of tho assooiatiou.
It is oxpoated that about 200 attoruojs
will bo preBout. Monday oveniug thoro
was a business uiootiug and recop
tion, on Thursday a stearaer rido
dowu Lake Momhpormagog iB plnnned
und on Thartday oveniug Pre3ideut
Senter will presido at a bauquot at
whioh Senntor Proctor aud Hon.
Honry O. Ido will bo nmong tho speak
ors. Lieut-Gov. Stautou will go to
Newport on Thursday.
Fort Ethan Allou, Aug. 5. Tho ad
vauco details from the eovoral com
pauies of tho VovjioutNatioual Guard
roportod yesterday at tho Stato camp
grouudB fot duty aud boforo raiu in
torferod with tho work iu tho aftor
uoou tho grouuds had been laid out
aua the touts of tho staif and liuo
ofllcors had boon erected. Goneral
Gilmore, Oaptain Miller, oommissary,
aud - Oaptain Hadloy, quartormastor,
are at tho grouuds aud overy prepara
tion is boiugmado for tlio rooeptiou of
the regime'it. W. E. Willard, tho now
commiBsary Bergeant, began his dutios
yesterday. Tho Stato furnishos tho
food for tho regimout this year the
Bame aa in the past two yoars aud a
liberal supply of Bubstautial rations
woro issued yesterday. The dotails
today laid out tho compauy Btreots aud
will completo tho preparatious for tho
arrival of tho rogimont Thursday.
The flrat companios to arrivo will
ieach tho grouuds iu tho vicinity of
nino o'olock aud tho romaindor will
como during tho day. Thore will
probably be no drills Thursday, with
the possiblo exooption of dresa parade
and guard mount, Friday morniug tho
rogular routluo will be bognn. It ia
undorstood that tho drills this yoar
will vary somowhat from thoso of
provious years and inolndo praotioo
marohes, drills in erootiug tho shelter
touts and othor movomenta with which
tho xegimont ia not famiilar.
ExourBion to Fort St. Frederiok.
Seo advortisoment on pago eight.
Now York, Aub. 5. Stooka rocelvod
a bad amash at tho opeuiug of market
this morning, .oaueod by heavy liqnld-
ation and boar drivea and in the flrst
half liour Bomi-pauioky conditious pro
vailod. All atooka Buffered allko. U
P, South Paoiflo, and R I mado now
low rocords. Whon tho situation
eeomed moat alnrmlng, big intorests
atopped in with supportiug orders and
tho slump waa atayed. Tho failuro of
Sharp aud Brynn wns auuonnued on
exohaugo early in tho foronoon.
New York, Aug. 5 Sharp and Bry-
an'a liabiltios aro flvo mlllions.
much more. Suits as low as 83.75.
Woreted Sorge. gunranteed
m gooa styie. i. leaaer
Miss Stolla Craudnll'a kindorgarton
musio class gavo a protty oxhibitiou nt
tho parish liouso ou Saturdny after
uoou in which somo of tho mothods of
iustruotiou woro showu, aud tho work
nccomplitdiod by tho ohildron. Tho
papils raugo in ago from flvo to oight
Tho program cousistod of touo nnd
rythm songs aud gymnnstics by tho
two olassos aud a tono story by Verua
Stobbius, a rythm story by Ruth Rob
iusou, "Lifo of Johu Bnoh" by Eruost
Niles aud a motion song by Rachel
Wheelock, Maijory Smith, Vorua
Stobbius aud Mnrguorita Kollogg.
Owing to boiuo of tho mombors of the
classcs boiug ill aud on thoir vucatious
tl.o full nuuibor, fourtoen, was uot
Tho publio will havo auother oppor
tunity to observo tho w6rk of tho
ohildron, rosult of thoir two lossona a
wook, nt an oxhibitioujto bo givon in
tho fall. Tho menibors of tho classos
aro : olnss A Doris Archor, Honry
Colton, Goorgo Goodwiu, Emily Hop"
kinp, Eruest Niles nnd Ruth Robin
son; class B Chnndlor Brown, Rny
mond Coltou, Horaco Moss, Vorua
StohbiiiB, Raciiol Whoolock, Will Far
woll, Marguorita lCel'.ogg aud Marjory
Londou, Aug. 4. A messngo from
St. Potorsburg to a Triesto journal is
quotod by tho Vieuna corrofipoudont of
Tlio Timcs. Tho dispatoh states that
Priuco Urusoff, who was recontly
wouuded by pcasants whom hisoruolty
had oxaspcratud, has becomo iusauo.
Tho Priuco waB in tho habit, liko
somo French noblemen boforo 1789, of
tosting his markBmausliip upon tho
bodios of peasants.
Aa nu instauco of tlio insubordina
tion of tho polico at Kishineff, which
has boon a consequonco of tlio nmsencro
thoro, it is stated that a policenmu ro
cently attaoked with a sabro tho head
of tho polico forco, who had reprimand
ed him for neglect of dnty, Tho
Oroatiana domiciled iu the Unitcu"
States who receutly forwarded au ad
dress to Emperor Francis Josoph havo
also contrived to prosent to tho Czar a
potition dcsoribing tho coudition of
Croatia in tho darkect torms. Unlike
his trentmentof tho Kishineff potition
the Czar is said to have received the
Croatiau potition with benevolonce.
BoBton, July31. An attompt ou tho
part of half a dozeu oolored persons
opposed tQtho Rev. BookorT. Wash
ington, prosldont of Tuskogee, to ask
questions at a meoting ho waa addreas
ing Tliureday nicht at tho Zion
church, resulted in almost a riot.
Twonty-flvo polioemnn woro callcd to
quoll the diBturbanco. Soveral arreata
were made. Ono policeman received
a dbep stab from a hnt pin, whilo a
mau, said to be ono nf thoso opposed
to Mr. Washington, rooeived aeveral
razur cuta and 1b now iu tho liosnital
After tho arrests, Mr. WaBhiugton
coutinueu liis aaaress. it is BiUd that
tho disturbance waa nrearrancod.
After the mootinc W. M. Trottor, ouo
oi thoso arrested, and nis friends, ad
mitted that tlioy went thore with the
idea or asking Mr. WaBhiugton a num
bor of quostiona aud to resont atr? at
tack that miclit be mado on the Now
Eugland ropreBOutntiveo of the rooout
Airo-Americau oonnoii at Lonisville,
Manohester. Auir. 8. Olarenco S
Gaunou of Manohestor, a vouth of
uiuoteen yonrs, waa drowuoa in Lake
MiiBsaobsio uear Doerhead bridgo, Sat
nrday aftornoon. Youug Ganuon aud
a friond, Frank H. P. Olomeut, wero
out canoeing, when tho frail craft np
sot. Olomeut could swim a little, and
aucoeedod iu gottlng hold of tho oanoo,
whilo hiaoompauion went down boforo
holp could reaoh him.
Fo'aom, Oal., Jnly 80. A posso liad
a bruBh with tho fagitive Folsom oon
viotB on Greouwood arook, and a nuui
bor of ahota wero oxchaugod.but bo far
as oan bo loaruod nobody waa hurt.
The conviota avoidod a dooisivo on
conuter nnd aro aupposod now to bo
worklng baok iu tho geuoral dlrootion
of Ooloma.
Burlington, Aug. 4. r- Williara
O'Brion, who for tho past fourteon
yoara has beou ongagod as night watch
mau ou tho stonmor Ohntoangay, was
found doad ou tho floor of thoroil room
at 7:80 o'clock Suuday night whilo
tho boat was lying at tho Wostport
dock. Doath was duo tohoart disoaso,
to which ho was subjoot. Ho livod
iu Plattsburgh.
Omnha, Nob., Aug. 4. It is roport.
od horo that tho packing housos will
lmmodiatoly ralso tho prico of frosh
boof tlirougliont tho country. Already
tho raiso has takon olToct iu a nnmbor
of Wostoru citlea nnd ia oxpooted to
roaoh Now York and tho East.within
two weoks.
This raiso comcs iu tho faco of tho
roduotiou iu tho prico of oattlo and in
spito of tho hoavy run of rango cattle
whloh ia duo withiu tlio noxt two
weoks and whloh alwaya roducos tho
markot prico of livo stock still f urthor.
No chnugo is contomplated ou othor
moatB than bcof.
It is signiillcant of nu nudorstanding
among tho pnokcrs that the raiso iu
prices iB boiug mado simultauoously by
all tlio packing housos.
Berlin, Aug, 5, A court martial
hold at Metoz conviotcd n non-coiii-missioned
ollicor unmod Dunkel on 800
counts for maltroating privato Eoldiors
at Moorohingou, Lorraino. Dunkel
was soutouced to two j eara aud a hnlf
in prison aud degrndation to tlio
ranks, Flvo hundrcd nnd Bovonty-Bix
iustnucos of brunlity, all oco'urrliig
siuco last Decembor, woro cited. Tho
ovidonce showed that ono of ib puu
ishmeuts wns to compel n soldior to
run full tilt noross aroom and rnm his
hend agaiust a wardrobe. Tho in
quiry was started by tho suioido of
ono of tho maltreated meu.
Somorset, Ky., Aug. 8. Through a
niisuuderBtaiidiug of orders two Qucou
and Orescout froight trains, both
doublo-hoadors, collidod head ou Sat
urday night botweou Oumborlaud Falls
aud Greouwood, killiug six men aud
soriouBly injuriug two others. Tlio
bodies woro iocovord of Firemau Jos
oph Phillips.FrnukFlotcher and Wator
Waltors aud an uuknowu mau who
was 6toaling a rido. The dead bodios
of two brakomeu nro known to bo
buried undor tho dobris wlioro forty
cars woro wrookod. Engiuoers Duko
aud Fitzgerald woro soriously injured.
Washington, August 5. Advicos
from Manila state that both cholera
and small pox liavo boen eradicatcd
from that city after a loug campaign,
during whioh tho viotims uumbored
several thouaud.
Iu North Moutnolior, Augngt 2, a
daughtor to Prof. a'ud Mrs. O. K. Hol
listor. Iu North Moutpolior, Aug. 2, a
dnnghtor to Mr. aud Mrs. Eruost
Iu Moutpolior, July 80, Eduiund
Young of Hardwick aud Mrs. Luoy A.
Ohnso of Calais.
Iu Fayston, July 81, Miss Sarah
Griggs, aged 89.
"In Watorbary, Aug. 2, Florence
Flynu, aged C.
In Enosburg!!, July 80, Julia Graves.
In Moutpolior, July 80, Mrs. Jauoz"
Bakor, agod 75.
Removal Sale
Stock must be reduced at any
cost, before moving time. We
must have the cash instead of the
goods and you can positively
from 25 to 50c on the dollar by
making your purchasos now.
The advertised goods are only
afew of the many bargains we
ofTer before moving into our new
store in the S. Massucco block
now occupied by Wheelock &
25 dozen Waterproof Mackin
toshes. ' Formerly 84.00. Re
moval sale price,
15 Men's Mackintoshes. For
merly 83.50. Removal sale price,
Trunks, Grips and Dress Suit
Cases at Greatly Reduced Prices.
Remember 5oc Overalls,
The People's Clothlng and
Slioe Store.
116 nain St.
Next Door to Wm. fllller
Protoctlvo Asaociation
Fort St. Frederick
Vla Contral Vermont Ilailway and tho
Magniiccnt New Stcumcr,
August 12 1903-
Tlio trip will bo mado by spoelal trains
(o Hiirlliigton, nt whloh polnt tho elegnut
and oonmiodtous new alonmer, Vciimont,
of tho Champlain Truiisportntiou Cf.t will
bo tnki'ii for n thrvB li'inra' snil to tho ltis
toricnl Foiit St. Fkuuisuio nuar Crown
l'olnt, N. Y.
A Good Band of Twenty-Two
will ftccoinpany tho Excursion and
rendcr an up-to-datc program of
J Baiiiie,
Adults Sffil.SiG
CfllLDItEN (55C
Special Train will Run as Follows
Lcavo Bahue 7.15 a. m
SIontpeueu 7.35
Arrivo Buuungton 8. 10
Fout St. FnEDERicic 12.30 p. m
Leavo Fokt St. Fuedehick 2.00 p. m
A special train will leavo Burlington
at G.-10 p. m. for Srontpelier
and Barre.
Tickets will be Good only on Special
Train August 12, 1903.
Legal Notices.
Tlio iinderelttned liavlii)? liteu niipolnteil bj- the
Hon. ProUato C'uurt for tlie Dlstrlci ol Washlncton,
Coii'iiiiMloncrs, to ncelve, t'xaiuluc aud adjutt U
clr'nis nnd tlvmands of all pi'rsons apalnst llie cstato
of LII.I.A F. DOW. lalu of JlunchcsHr, In tho
Countyof lliilsborouvli anO &tato ot Snvr llamnslilte,
dccoasul; and all clalmscxlilbllcd ln offsi't thcreto,
lieroby Klv o notlce tliat t lll uic-e' for tlie nur-post-s
aforcaald, at the Montpelier & W. ll.lt, It.
depot, In tlio Town of Marshlleld, ln said Ul.trlct,
on tho lst day of Septtmber. and Ctli day of
January. uext, Iroml o'clock 1'. M. untll 4 o'clock
r. it,. each otsahldajs, aud that slx uiontlia from
tho 7th day of July, A.D. 1803, Is tlie tlu.o llmlted
by said Court ror said creilltors to preseut thelr
cIhIius to us tor examlnntlun and allowanci'.
Dated at Marshlleld, this 3UUi day of July, A. D..
OllI.N It. SMITIt. j Coramls-
1-33 LUCIUS l). NUTE, j sloners.
The undersljfncd havlnj? b-en appolnted by the
Hou. Probatu Cou t for the Dis .Ui of Washltnton,
Coiuralsslouers, lo recelrj, cx.m'ue and adjuat all
clalmsanddeiuandiof all pciso.isaKf ''ist Ihe estate of
I.UCINDA S. 1IUTL,EU, Irte of Calais, In said
Dlstrlct. dcceased; aud all clalms exhlblted ln
olTsct thcreto, hereby glro notlce that we will
nieet for tlie purposes aforesald, at the Dwtlllng
houso of Orlando U. llarron. Iu tlie Town of Calais,
ln said Dlstrlct, on the f.'nd day ol August and
the 27th day of January next, from 1 o'clock p. M.
untll 5 o'clock r. li., each of said days, aud that slx
inonlhs Irora tho S2im day of Aunust, A. D. lmn.
1 the tliuo llmlted by salci Court lor aald credltors
to preseut thelr clalms to us for examluatlon and
Dated at Calais, this 8rd pay ol August, A. D
H1KAM L. SPAltHOW, f sloners.
In I'robate Court, held ln Montpelier, In and for
laid Dlstrlct on the 4th day of August A. D. 1903,
.fiV3 Admlnhtrator of tho estale ol
JOIIKVy. WHITE, tate of Calais. In said Dlstrlct.
deceased, presents his Admlnlstratlou accouut for
examlnatlou and allowanco and makes appllcatlou
for u decreeof dlstrlbutlon and parlltlou of the cstito
of said dcceased.
Whereupon It Is ordered by said Court, thai said
account and said anpllcatlon bo referred to a sesslon
thercof. to be held at tlie I'robat Olllce, In said
Montpelier, on tlie 21st day of August, A. D., 1M.
for hearlni? aud declslon thereon and, It Is furtuer
ordered that notico hereof be itlven to all persons
luterested. by publlcallnn of tlie samt threo weeU
."iiPe?f1,rely !" the VEIIMO.M -WATCIIMAW
and Statk Joor..vAL. a newspaper publlshed
at Moutpeller. luthls btrte. preilous to said tlme
appolnted for hearlnsr, that tliey may appear at said
tlme and place, and showcausc.lf anv they may havo.
why said account should uot be altowed aud such
tl16 Court.-Attest.
State or Vkhuont,
InPmlutnnniii, l.ul.l ln XI. .
alil Dlstrlct, on the ith 'day of Auiiust A. I). lso.
"u-ciuicnci, uuuuiMraor or tue ef
V "AUIHET IlOULUltY, lateof Cabot,ln said
Dlstrlct, deceased, presents his admlnlstratlon ao
count for examlnatlon and allowance. and makei
appllcatlon ror a decree of dlstrlbutlon and Dar
tltlon of the cstate of said deceased.
U liprniltvtri It nnaia.l . 1 ,4 f il... .
' -w vhiivii i.ii u v tii u j aam Vyd U I l,t IUH 1(1 mo
count and said appllcatlon bo rcferreil to sesslon
Montpelier, on the 31st day of August A. D. 1904.
ror hearliiK and declslon thereon l And, lt Is further
ordered that notlce hertof bo glven to all persons ln
terested, by publlcatlon of the same three weeks suc-
Jouiinal, a newiimptp publUheU at Montpelier,
hl.sw6ale Prvlou? t M tlme api
me and place. and show cause, If any they mar
have, why said account should not bo allowed.
and such decree made.
. Uy the Court. Attest,
Notick or FlNAb Mektino or Criditohs
In the Dlstrlct Court of the Unlted SUtea, fotth
Dlstrlct of Vermont, In hankruptcy.
In the matter of LEWIS 8.1ILONDIV, a bankrupfc.
To the cmlltoraof LEWIS S.ULONDIN, ol Vfi.
terbury.lo the Countyof Wasblniton and Dlstrlct
aforesald, a bankrupt: '
Notlce U hereby glven that Charles 0. Orarea
trustee vt the said bankrupt, has flled In court his flnal
JS?.4lli" l"'1 meellnK of the credltors of the said
LEWIS S. 11LOND1N will be held at the of
flee of Ui underslgned, Itoom No. 6, U. 8. Poat
S.iV!M.Wi .lS,ES L'JL't ? . a ir
wlilch tlme the final account ol tbe tald truiue
Montpelier, Vt.. July !. im"' l" "k""r-
Asotlu, Wash., Auk. 5. A banrl nf
maskod mou relnforood by a tuob of a
tnonsana pooplo, lynohed Willinm
Hamiltou, a woll to do whito farmor.
onrly this morning. Hamilton, last
Snnday, assanlted and thou rnurdored
tho thirteen year old clanrhfnr nr
Shoriff Riohards of Asotln oounty.

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