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Montpelier and Vinicity.
Word has bcon recoivod that Mr.
nud Mrs I, Park, uow rcsidiug iu
Pamdoun, Oaliforuiu, aro rojoioing
ovcr tlio birth of n danghter. Mrs.
Park was Miss Mnud Flsko of this
olty. . i
Miss Maida Joslyn, who Iiob
been speudiug tlio summor moutlis
with rolntives iu tlio vicinlty of Bos
ton, lms roturued uonio. Miss Joslyii
will outcr tlio Univorsity of Vormont
this fnll. ,
The portraits of Dr. Dowoy, tlio
foundor, and IIou. Oharles Dowoy aud
Janies 0. Houghtou fonnor presidouts
of tho Nntionnl Lifo Insurnuce Oo.,
uow adorn thd walls of tlio ontrnuco
hnll nt tlio bmlding, hnving bcon
uioved tlioro from tlio directors' rooui.
Mrs. Miuorva A. Orossott, wlio wns
iujured woek boforo last nt tho baud
oouoert by u runaway teaui.is improv
iug. Slio is iu bor eighty-second yoar
nud is whenled abont iu n chnir, Oou
sidoring lier ngo nud conditioL it is a
wondor slio sustaiued tlio shock ns
well ns slio did.
At n mootiug of tho Qunrrymou's
Assooiation of Barre ou Woduesdny
oveuiug a coinmittoo wns uppoiutod to
tliorouglily iuvostiguto tho uiattor of
qunrry roads aud to soo if something
cauuot bo douo to improvo thom. It
is elaimod tliat tlio quarry roads liavo
rocaivod uo attontiou for ovor a year
aud are iu bad shapo aud tho quarry
owners thiuk tliat, cotisidoriug tho
lioavy taxos collootod froui thoin, thoir
uocda in this diroctiou should bo cou
eidored. A. W. Koouo, tho vocal toaohor of
Boston, hold a luusionto at his studio
iu Barre ou Soptombor 1 at whioh
Miss Leua Yatter aud Mrs. Georgo M.
Goss of this oity snug solos. Reuiarks
worn miido by Rov. Mr. Kiuzio and
others wlio oarnostly exprossed
tho j
hopo tliat Mr. Keouo would
noxt voar. Qnito a nuuiber havo ex
pres:od thoir iuteutiou to bocoiue pu
pils noxt yonr should ho rotnrn aud it
is Mr, Kooue's iuteutiou iu that
oveut to bcgin noxt yoar's work about
June 20.
Tho term at Goddard Somiuary iu
Barro commenced last wook Toesday
with th'o corps of iustruotors as last
year with two oxcoptions, Wilbur J.
Gonnoll, a graduato of Tufts collego,
is totonch thoEciouces, aud will prob
ably havo chargo of tho athletic
teams, as ho wns prouiinent in athlot
ics in collogo. Noaf F. Oarley, a
Dartmonth mau, will bo tho instrnct
or iu Greek aud Latiu. Tho prospects
for tho football toaiu nro considered
uuusually bright, as thoro aw flvo
stroug mou who havo hnd oxporienco
in the gaiue, for tho line, The ouly
positious whioh havo uot beeu illled
aro tho ends aud quartor baok, aud
thoro aro a uumbor of caudidates for
thoso places.
A petition is boing oiroualtod
auiong tho clothiug aud shoe uior
ohants iu tho city to closo thoir stores
ovory uight nt G o'olock with tho ox
.ceptiou oi Monday nud Snturday oveu
ings throughout tho yoar, with thoex
oeption of the mouth of Decouiber,
Also to oloso tho stores at uoon ou
ahristmns, Now Yours, ThanUsgiviug
Day, Fonrth of July, Moniorial Day
nud Labor Day. Tho potitlou is
Daootiug with tho approval of tho mor
chants and tho follpwiug havo already
signod W. E. Adams & Oo., A. D.
Farwell & Oo., Georgo L. Nichols,
B. M. Shopard aud O. H. Shipniau.
is tho mnn wko has no dob'ts, and ho who '
has no .Uscases is young cnough, Turn i
this ovcr in your rmnd and soo how oloar
and comforting n tnith it is. A cortain '
millionuiro offors a for-
ttuno in cash to any I
physician who cnn curo j
him of nervouD niui-
gostiou and dybpepsia.
' If ho will uso it faith-
fully wo will guarantoo j
that Dr. David'Kenno
dy's neio modicino, Oal- j
cura Solvont, will do i
him that great sorvico.
And it will uot cost him
a fortuno cithorj just
tho prico of, porhaps,
liall a uozon bottles ot
tho mediclne may bo not so many. To
show what it can do by what it has dono
tho truo and convincing way wo appond a
littlo lettor from ono who has no interest in
telling anything but plain facts:
In a comraunicattou datcd August Cth,
1902, Mra. A. F. Chaffoo of Rutland, Vt.,
"I ncvcr tnnfc any mcdlclno that dld rao bo much
cood ns Dr. Uavld Kenncdy'a new mediclne, Cftl-cura
Holvent. I am a poor woman and I havo to worlc
bard for my llvlng. lteforo I commcnced to uso
Cal-cura Solvent, I waa not able to work at all owinp;
to ecvcro kldney troublo. Now 1 cau work hard all
day lonR. I am flfty-nlno years of ngo, atid I fcct
as though I could do throo days work ln ono If ncc
cesary. X know I can do inoro work now thau I
could tklrty years ago."
What this good woman says i3 a tkoug
nnd times moro to tho point than nny com
mont wo could mako on it j so wo will roako
uono. Only this : wo hopo tho women f olks
will road it. Got tho genulno. Mako suro
about tho namo Oal-cura Solvont. Dr.
Davld Kennody's new modicino.
Send to tho Oal-cura Oompany, Dr. Kon.'
nody Row, Rondout, N. Y. for a frco sain
ple bottlo. Largo bottles $1.00, all drug
gists. Ono sizo ouly.
Remember. Only ono Dr. David Ken
nedy over livcd in Rondout, Oity of Kings
ston, N. Y,, nhd tho namo of his new and
latest modicino is Oal-cura Solvont.
Tho Rev. Aaron Coons, D. D., o
tho Methodist Episcopal Churclf of
RhlneclilT, N. Y., writes:
"I most sinceroly believe thnt Dr.
Davld Kennody's Favorite Remedy ia
tho best Kidnoy, Liver and Blood Med
iclno mado and urgently recoinnicnd
it, for I know by experience it will do
all that is claimod for it."
Dr, Davld Kennsds Favorite Remedy 1$ the
turait cure for all diseascs ol tlio Kidncys, Liver,
Bladdar and Dlood, Rhcumatlsm, Dyspipsla, Con
Mlpatlon, and the slcknases pecullar to women.
All druffflsts eell It In tha NEW C0 CENT 8IZE
and tha ragular $1 .00 slze bottles.
Sample Mtletnough for trt'al, free by mail.
Dr, Davld Konnedy Corporatlon, Rondout, N. Y.
Dr. UaTld Kptinedy'i tlooc Jellr rndlenl curo
Citarrh, llar Parar m' Cold lo JIciii. 60c
A lneotins of tho shorilf dopartiuout
and a part of tho polico dupartuiont
was hold at tho polico station Friday
evouiug at 7 o'olock, in accordnnco
wlt.li tho now law whioh provides
that tho mombors of both departniouts
shall uioet before tho liconso commis
sionors nt loast ouco in throo luonths
to answor quostious in rogard to niat
tors pertaining to tho liceuso tiud
liquor situation, tinder oath. Elevou
woro cxauiiued lnst uight and it was
thounauiuious tostimony that tho law
is boing ouforced uioro rigidly thau
tho old law and that couditious nt tho
present tiuio in regard to iutoxication
woro more favorablo than at this tiuio
lnsc year, Auioug thoso oxamiued
woro Oity Shorilf .Tolin Docherty,
Doputy Martin Fitzgorald aud Shorilf
G. B. Evaiu, Ohiof MoMahon, Pntrol-
nian, John Durkeo, and speoials, Pat-
rick Oonuolly, Georgo Kiuuoy, W. A.
Ellis, .Toseph Olnrk, Arthur Felt
Miko Mnrron.
Letter to R. n . Harvey.
Moutpolior, Vt.
Dear Sir: As your busiuess is to got
peoplo iuto aud out of trouble, sup
pose yon considor thoir paiut; it
makos 'om aliuost as muoh troublo as
niouoy, oxcopt of course utatrimouy.
Thoy bny poor paiut a good donl ;
tlioy dou't monu to; thoy dou't
know nuy bottorj thoy buy without
thiukiug. Bad paiut isu't good. It
looks good-ouough for a year; theu
bogius to got rusty; bnt ohangos so
slowly, ouo dou't uotico it.
Lookiug isu't all. Tho bnsiuess of
paiut is to koop a houso dry iusido,
tho wood aud iron of it; keep it
from rottiug aud rustiug. Takos good
paiut to do it.
Good aud bad paiut aro sold at ouo
prico or abont that. Ouo cau't go by
tho prico at all; as with lawyors, tho
prico has nothing to do with goodnoss
or baduess ; aud costs aro worso yot ;
tho pniutor and slieriif como-in for
thoir share.
Bnt tho probability is that a rnnu,
who paiuts Dovoo, will come-out ou
Yours truly,
F. W. Dovoo & Oo.
S. Abbott & Bailey soll onr paiut.
Moutpolior had auotlier caso of fur
nishiug last week, Patriok Taguo
boing tho respondont this tiuio. Ho
was arrestod ou tho Stato Houso
grouuds ou Tuosdny by a buuoh
of oillcers in whioh woro Doputios
Fitzgerald, Moseloy aud Lackoy, nud
Oity Shorilf Docherty. It was olaiutod
ho gavo a drink out of a bottlo whilo
parn(iing on tho grouuds with friouds.
, , . . .,. ,t Pt T, ..
Ho llleflded llot Bu,lty but ,iftor Jol,n
Hill aud Jesse Harvey woro usod as
wituesses was couvicted by the court
nnd Eoutouccd to Rutlaud for uot less
, , ,, .,
tunu cnrco nioutus uor uioro iiuui
thrco moutlis uud six days.
For a secoud olfouso of iutoxica-
tiou ho was flued 1C aud co'jts.
0. Shurtleif appeared for him
took un nppenl. B. E. Builoy
penrod for tho Stato.
Bonnington, Sopt. 5. Whilo on hor
way. homo Friday ovouiug, Mrs. B.
O. Bnrbor was approachod by a mau
who suddouly seized hor and triod to
drag hor undor a thiok hodgo, oloso
1 by. Tho locntiou was ou Main street
with rosidonces ull along tho stroot
and au olootrio light noar at haud.
Mrs. Barbor scroauiod uud mado u
stiong flght. Asn Hnrwood hoard hor
' aud startod to hor aid. Hor assailant
I snw him comiug aud ran up tlio stroot
, barohoadod. Mr, Hurwood holpod
Mrs. Barbor, who wus almost prostrat
ed, and thou startod to flud hor nssaiU
unt. Ho snw tho mun's fnoo whou ho
, wout to holp Mrs. Barbor, but did
uot recoguizo him. Mrs, Barbor is
ovor slxty yonrs old. Slio was not iu
jurod, bnt wus badly frightouod,
Tlioro is no oluo to tho mau who, slio
says, W'as iutoxioatod. This 1b tha
1 flrst thing of tho kiud to ooonr" ir6ro
j inyoars. .
Tlio Moutpolior frionds of Enrl F.
Grceno of Swnnton, brothor of ox
Attlorman Groono of this oity, will bo
plcasod to loarn that tho seorotary of
wai has just givon him an nppoint
mont ns sorgcnnt, Hrst olnss, iu tho
hospitnl corps of tho U. S. anny, to
rnuk ns suoh from Augnst 1st. Iu n
cotupotitivo oxamiuntiou, out of a
Bticcossful olass of sixty ono his stand
ing was No. 1), his porcoutngc boiug
00, Tho uotico of his prouiotion wns
sout to him throngh Oopt. M. W,
Froolaud, nssistnut surgoon U. S.
army. Mr. Groono has boou noting
sorgeant for somo timo, IIo is uow
iu positiou to tako chargo of hospital
tquads, Duriug July and August ho
wout out with Bixty-throo mou to tho
Stato oncnnipmouts of inilitia of
Pounsylvnuin, Maryland aud District
of Oolumbin, doinonatrnting liow tho
lospltal corps of tho rogulnr nrmy
tako caro of siok soldiors. Ho bogan
iu tho hospital corps just boforo tho
wur with Spain, was souc to Ouba,
tho Philippinos, Ohiun, oto., aud his
timo oxpiring was dischargod nt Sau
Frnuoisco and caujo homo to Swnutou
iu Jnnunry, 1002. A portiou of tho
noxt year wns speut with his brothor
hero nud lnst Januttry ho reeulistod
iu tho hospitnl corps,
Fearful Odcis Against Him.
Bedriddon, alono nud dostitnto.
Such, iu briof, wiib tho coudition of
an old soldior by uanio of J. J. Hav
eus, Vorsaillos, O. For years ho was
tronbled with Kidnoy disoaso aud
noithor dootors aor inodicinos gavo
liini rolief. . At lougth ho triod Elco
trio Bitters. It pnt him ou his feot
iu short ordor aud now ho tostifies :
"I'm on tho road to coinploto rocov
ory. " Best ou enrth for Liver aud
Kidnoy troublos and all forms of
Stomach and Bowol Couiplniuts.
Ouly BOo. Guarauteod by O. Blakoly,
Tho followiug articlos of assooi
ation woro flled with tho sooretnry
of Stato rocoutly: Tho Thompson
Printiug Oompauy of Burliugtou
with a capital stock of 10,000 dividod
iuto 1000 Bhares of teu dollars oach.
Tho subscriptious are: M. D. L,
Thompson, Georj?o D. Jarvis, M. G.
Roseuburg, J. B. L. Harvey, E. A,
Ohurch, aud E. L. Adams all of Bur
liugtou. Tho Oougregatioual church of West
minstor for Bttstaiuiug tho pronchiug
of tho Gospal with tho followiug sub
scribors: S. O. Riohard, W. II.
Fair, P, F. Barnard, Georgo H. Al
beo, Georgo 0. Wright audF. E. Hay
ward, Papers wero filed in tho Secretary
of Stato's ofllco lnst week for a
new corporatiou in Oovoutry, Orlonus
county. ft is called tho Black Rivor
Bobbiu Oo., nud is to mauufacturo
bobbius, shuttles, nud other wood ar
ticlos, . Tho capitol Btook is 84,000,
dividod iuto sharcs of $10 eaoh.
Whon Thoro Is a Dull,Hoavy Foollng
in tho hoad ; a bad tasto iu tho mouth ;
tougue f urrod aud tasto bluutod ; skiu
dry aud fovorish ; whitos of oyes
streakod with yollow ; sour risings in
tho throat; fugitivo paius iu tho hoad,
ohost aud baok, oto., tako Oal-cura
Solvont, Dr. Konuedy's now niedi
cine, - right away and bo woll iu a
few days. Writo to tho Oal-oura Oom
pauy, Rondout, N. Y., for free book
aud sample bottlo.
Northfield, Sept a. Orange Wollor,
the secoud sou of Dau Wollor, died nt
4 :30 o'olook ou Wodnesday af tcrnoon,
of appoudioitis. His ago was ouly
sovou years aud his snll'oriug was iu
touse. Tho family havo tho Bympathy
of tho ontiro commuuity.
Tho funoral of Oarl Fiod, hold
from his fathor's home, was largoly
atteudud. Many rolativos from Han
ovor aud Ooncord, N. H., also Mal
dou. Mnss., wero prosont, , Tho ilow
ors woro many anrt boautifol aud tho
abuudnnce of thom spoko of tho lovo
uud esteem of mauy friouds.
Blck neadacho and rcllovo all tho trouliloa inc!
dent to aljlllons stato of tho aystom. eucli aa
Dlzzlness, Kuusca, Drowslnoaa, DlstrfHa afteri
eatlng. l'alu in tho Bldo, ho. Whilo thoir most
tomarkablo Buccots hVa liecu ahowu lu curlng
Ileadaclio. yot Cartor's Littlo Llvor Tllla a
eijually valuablo ln Constlnutlon, curlnj! and pro
tcntlnu thlsaunoylnBeomplalnt,whllo thoyaUa
corroctaUilUordoraof thoatouiach.Btlmulalothtt
liver aud rogulato tho bowela. Hven lf they otOj
Acbo tlioy would bo almost prlceleM to tlioae who
EUlTor from this dtstreasiug complalut; but f ortu
Katoly thelr goodnoss doos notoud hcro.and thoss
who onco try thom will flnd thoso littlo pllls valn
nblolnsomanywayB that thoy will not bo wll
Jlng to do without thcni. But aftor allalck liea4
la tho bano of bo many llvos that lioro ls whora
Wo mako our grcat boaat. Our pllls curo lt whilo
Oarter'a Littlo Llvcr rills aro vcry maH ana
very easy to tako. Ono or two pllla mako a doso.
Thoy aro atrlotly vcgotablo and do not grlpa or
liurga, butby thelr gentloactlon pleaBoall who
usethom. Iuvlalsat23centst (tvofortl. Solq
ty drugulata ovorywhoro, or sont by utall.
SmiOill SmallDos., MUih
G11AI) iriOK-FISHKlt.
Cabot, Sopt. C. Tho woddiug of
Miss Harriot Adollo Fishor of Oabot,
and D. Lynu Ohndwlck of Bothol, nt
tho Oougrogntioual church in Oabot
this morniug, wns ouo of tho londing
sooial ovonts of many sonsous for this
plnco. Tho attractivo iutorior of tho
ohurch had boou bcautifully decorated
for tho occnslou by friouds of tho
brido and groom. Tho color schouio
for ehGso deoorations was groeu, pink
nnd white, foms, plnk nud whito
astors nnd evorgrcou boing employod
iu cnrrylug it out. Tho nltar was
bankcd with thoso and directly iu
frout aud uudornonth whioh tho core
mouy was porformod was au ovorgroou
arch and rnil with grcou aud whito
marriago boll saspondod from tho
coutor of tho nroh. Thopowsoccu
piod by tho rolativos aud iutiuiato
frionds of tho brido and groom woto
likowiso docoratod with ovorgroons,
whito cut llowors nnd ribbon. Tho
timo Bot for th coromony wns half
past teu o'olock nud at tliat hour tho
ollioiatiug clorgyman, Rov. D. L.
Hilliard, nppcarpd nt tho ohnucel and
tho bridul party outored nt tho frout.
Tho luuroh to. tho altar was in tho
followiug orderi Tho nshors, Georgo
O. Boylos, Pliuoy A. Smith, R. J.
Whitcomb nudA. W. Washburu ; tho
bridosmnids, Miss Mary Whitcomb,
Miss S. Lydia 'Atchiusou nud Miss
Olara Ohadwiok; tho maid of honor,
Miss Julia F. Fishor; tho brido on
tlio nriu of her tatlicr. Tlioy woro
mot at tho altar by tho groom and his
best mau, Ohntles F. Watonnan. The
siugloring cereuiony wns usod aud tho
brido wns givon nway by hor fathor,
M. D. Wolls prcsidod at tho orgou
renderiug Loheugriu whou tho bridal
party outorod aud the Meudolssohu
weddiug niaroh as it loft tho ohurch.
As thoy passod out tho twollower girls,
Oarrio Speucor nnd Esthor Wolls
strowod tho way with swoot pea blos
Tho brido's dress was of .whito silk
mull with appliquo aud chifl'ou tim
minKS, Slio woro a veu whioh was
fastoued with whito sweot peas aud
also carriod n boquot ot tlio sauio
flowors. Tho maid ot' honor woro n
gowu of palo bluo. Tho bridos maids'
gowns wero whito musliu aud thoy
carried maidouhnir foms tied with
whito ribbon.
Aftor the cereinouy tho bridal party
roturned to tho brido's homo iu Lowor
Oabot villago whoro au informal ro
coptiou was hold. Tho houso was
ovorywhoro prottily aud tastofully
decorated with evorgroous nud cut
llowors. Tho decorntions iu tho ro-
ooptiou room woro largely ovorgreon
aud sweot peas, garlands boing
twiuod all nbout with nn aroh iu ouo
cornor witn grcou nnu wntto goou
luok oniblom as tho ceutor pieco.
Evergroon aud goldou glow woro tho
ohief docoratious of tho sittiug room
whilo ovorgrfion and uasturtiums woro
tho prodomiuating decorations of tho
diuiug room, Followiug tho recep
tion a weddiug luuch was served after
whioh Mr. aud Mrs. Ohadwiok woro
driven to Marshfield, ostonsibly to tako
tho Whito Monntaiu oxpress but by n
olevor ruso thoy oludod tho friouds
who woro in waitiug nt tho statiou to
givo thom a parting shower of rice
aud stoppod with friouds iu Marsh
field aud af terwards took tho last traiu
out goiug oast. Mr. and Mrs. Ohad
wiok will visit sovoral interesting
places iu New York upon thoir wed
diug trip ohiof nmong them tho
boautiful Niagara Falls, returuiug to
Bethel in about a weok wlicro they
are to mako thoir futuro homo. Thoro
woro mauy aud boautiful wedding
Tho brido aud groom aro woll
knowu young peoplo and havo mauy
frieuds hero and elsewhoro who wish
them a happy journoy through life.
Mrs. Onndwiok is a daughter of Judgo
J M. Fishor, ouo of tho foremost mou
of Cabot aud hold in high osteom by
his towusmen, Tho groom is a
highly estimnted young nian nnd has a
prolltablo position with ono ot tho
loading uiorcautilo houscs iu Bothol.
The Pleasure of Eatlng,
Porsons suiforing from indigestiou,
dyspepsin or other" stomach troublo
will liud that Kodol Dyspopsia Ouio
digosts what you oat nnd makes tlio
Bto'mach swout. Thia romody is a
novor failiug ouro for Indigestiou nnd
Dyspopsia and all complaiuts affeotiug
tho glauds or mombranes of tho stom
aoh or digustivo traot. Wlion you
tako Kodol Dyspopsia Ouro ovorythiug
you eat tastos good, and overy bit of
tho nutrimout that yoar food coutains
is ussimilatod aud nppropnatod by
tho blood and tissues. Sold by Rivors
Bros. '
Oharles Horsoy's liouso on East
stroot iu Barro was struck by light
ning on Friday ovouiug nud bndly
dnmagod. Tho bolt outorod through
tho roof aud visitod ucarly ovory room
in tho hotiBo broaking windows, mir
r,ors, oto. Mr. Horeoy stood about
throo feet from whoro tho bolt wout
through a floor but ho was uuiujurod.
It thou wont iuto tho oollnr, toro np n
wood pllo considerably, but fortu
natoly did uot sot firo to tho buildiug,
No uood foar suddon attackB of
oholora iufautnm, dysentory, dinr
rhooit, Bumuior oomplaint of nuy Bort
lf you liavo Dr. Fowlor's ISxtraot of
Wild Strawborry .iu tho modioiuo
Tho nuuual mldBummer mooting of
tho Vormont Fish nud Gumo Loaguo
at Fort Fredorlck, N. Y,, ou Friday
was nnothor buccobs such as has nl
ways oharactorizcd thoso gathorings
of Vermont meii. Tho attondauoo
wns uot so lnrgo ns ln tho othor yonrs,
nbout throo hundrcd nnd fifty boiug
tho numbor presont, but tho oxcollout
woather, tho historlo spot ou whioh
tho bauquot tout was pltclied, tlio ox
collout nftor diuner spenkiug, nud iu
fact ovorythiug combiued to mako tho
occasion ouo long to bo roniouiborod,
Prosidont Flsh nnd his collcngucs of
tho leagno's ofiloial board, had loft
nothing nndouo in tho wny of ar
rangoment dctnils nud ovorythiug was
carried out accordiug to plnn.
A lnrgo company of loaguo mombors
had gathorcd ut Burlington on tho day
boforo aud othor trains from ovory
dircction brought mauy ou Friday
morniug. Tho start from Burliugtou
was mado at 11 :30 aud tho sail dowu
tno lalco ou tlio Uhateaugay was ouo
of tho finost imngiuablo. Tho Vor-
geunos Oity Baud accompauied tho
party aud, furuished oxcollent musio
on tho boat and at tho banqnet.
Oongrossman Sibloy of Pounsylvauia,
whoso summor homo is ou Valcour
Islaud, took a party of tho guests of
honor from Burliugtou to tho Fort
in his yaoht, "Valcour." Iu this
party woro Sonator Prootor, Cougrcss
man Foster, Justico Browor, somo
'guests of Mr. Sibloy aud othors. Tho
boautiful littlo Valcour was tho coutor
of much admiratiou but hor spood as
compared with tho larger boat was of
tlio Sluimroclc lll oruor auu slio was
cousidorably bchiud at tho fort
Luuch was sorved ou tho Valcour aud
wheu Oongressmau Sibloy's party
reached tho banquet teut tho Ohau
toaugay's paesongors had finiBhod their
ropast nnd woro ready for the spoooh
Tho gront banquet teut was pitohed
iu tho couter of tho parado withiu tho
picturesquo walls of old Fort Amhorst
aud a moro interesting spot could
hardly havo beon choseu. Whittomoro
and Girard, tho Bostou catorors, fnr
nishcd the spread which, although it
was not particularly suggestivo of flsli
aud gamo, was a vory good ouo.
After tlio guests of honor arrivcd
Presideut Fish rapped tlio tables to
ordor and spoko brielly and to tho
point concerniug cortain phases of flsh
aud gnmo interosts. Ho theu nn-
nouuced that ho had rcooivcd lotters
from two ox-presidents oxpressiug ro-
grot that thoy woro unable to bo pros
eut, ono boiug from ox-Presidont
Grovor Olevoland whom Sonator Proc
tor had invited to attoud nnd ouo
from ex-Presidout Johu W. Titcomb
of tho league, who wns provented
from boiug prosout becauso of starting
for South America. Mr. Fish also
stated that Oharles II. Robb had telo
graphed his regrets at tlio last miuuto,
and thon introduced tho toustmastor,
P. M. Moldou of Rutlaud. Mr. Mol
dou's wit aud oloquonco woro uot
an uuknowu quautity to mombors of
tho league for ho has beeu lieard at
its meotiugs boforo, but nover to bot
tor advautngo than on this occasion.
Ho wns nn idenl tonstmastor in that ho
was gay or gravo as tho occasiou ro-
quired aud his introductions in evory
iustauco woro nppropriato nud spark
liug, thoso iu wliich ho prosonted
Justioo Browor and Oongressmau Cap
rou boing masterpiecos ot post-prnu-dial
oratory. The flrst speakor was
Hon. M. F. Earues of Ohimney Poiut
who gnvo a briof ond interesting his
tory of tho fort nud vioinity. Hon.
John G. Fostor of Dorby Line, consul
gonornl at Ottawa spoko of Oanadian
trado rolations nnd othor mntters of
iuternntioul interest. Coiigrossmau
Oaprou of Rhode Islaud mado a very
folioitons spoeoho in whioh ho told
somo good storios aud praisid Vor
mont's congressional delegatiou.
Justico David J. Browor of tho Uuited
States Suprome Court was tlio noxt
spoakor aud hiB addross was admit
tedly tho ahiof feature aud eveut of
tho dav. Wheu ho was introduced
that body of represontative Vormont
ors preseut showed its admiratiou
for him by au onthusiastio ovation
and whou ho had olosod his address
ovory mau roso to his feot to do tho
spoakor honor. Justico Brower urged
tho presorv'atiou of fish by stopping
wantou destructiou, by provouting tlio
pollutiou of strenuis uud by roplon
ishiug streanis. Au uoro of wator is
ub ..valuablo as nn noro of lnud, said
Justico Browor, but it must bo culti
vated tho samo as lnnd to mako it
prolltablo. Tlio speakor closed his
adross with n noblo nud oloqueut ploa
for penco mnoug untions nud good will
nmoug mou. Tho ruins of tho fort
aifordod a ceutrnl thnught for his
themo' bocuuso, ho said, it wns pto
jihotio of tho pnssing of wnrB nnd tho
dawu of penco. Ho snid that notwlth
standiug tho fnot that wo had ro'
contly oxportoncod a foroign war, that
tho army was largor nnd that appro
priatious for tho nrmy nud uavy woro
inoroasiug, tho outlook for niiivorsal
peaco is bottor thau ovor boforo. Oou
tinniug ho said iu substanoo: I bo
liovo that tho glory of tho conutry is
not in its army and uavy nnd thoir
aohlovomonts, but tho groator grand
our is to bo iu tho moral lives of tho
mon nnd woraou reared undor tho
Stnrs and Stripos. Wo ilvo iu tho
hopo of making tho gonorations that
follow us uoblor and. bettor, aud
Mrs. Tupman, a
of Richmond, Va., a great sufferer with
woman's troubles, tells of her cure by
Lydia E Pinkhams Vegetable Compound.
" Dear Mrs. Pikkhaji : For somo yeara I suffered with backacho,
80vero beariiig-doTi pains, leucorrhcea, and falling of tho wonib. I
tried many remedios, but nothing gavo any positive relief.
"I commenced taking Liyditi 13. Pliikhnin's Vcgotablo Compound
in June, 1901. When I liad taken tho flrst half bottle, I felt a -vast im-
Erovomont, and have now talcen ten bottles with the result thnt I feel
ko a new woman. "When I commenced taking the Vegetable Com
pound I felfc all worn out and was fasfc approaching completo nervous
collapso. I weighed only 98 pounds. Now I weigli 109i pounds and
am Improving overy day. I gladly testifv to tho beneflts received."
MR3. It. C. Tupman, 423 West 30th St., Richmond, Va.
AVhen a medlclno has been successftil in moro tlian a milliou
cases, is it justico to yoursclf to say, tvithout trying it, "I do not
beliovo it would help ino " ?
Surely you cauuot wlsh to remttin wcnlc und sick aud discour
agcd, oxhaustcd with each day's work. You have somo dcrangc
nicut of tho fomiiiino organism, aud Lydia 13. Piiikhain's Vege
table Compouud will help you just as surely as it has others.
Mrs. W. H. Polliam, Jr., 108 13. Iiaker St., Richmond, Va., says t
" Dear Mrs. Pinkhaji : I must say that I do not believe there is any
female medicino to comparo witli Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com-
pountl, and 1
wnat your
taking tho
oii tnat
ono who
like that
Mm7, S' 'Ji'J
women who aro ill that Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
is tho modicino thoy should take. It has stood tlio test of time,
and it has hundreds of thousands of cures to its credit. AVomen
should consider it unwiso to uso any other medicinc.
Mrs. Plnkliam, whoso address ls Lynn, Mass., will answer cheer
fully and Avithout cost all lctters addressed to her by sick Avonien.
Porhaps sho has just the knowledge that Avill help your caso
try hor to-day it costs nothing.
ArrtArt FORFEIT " onnnot fortliwlth produos 'jo orlglnal lettcrs and algnaturcs ot
V K 1 9 1 1 1 1 abovo teetimonlaU. wWo! will
peace is tho ouo'Jthing 'moro thau
auy othor that will bring that
about. Porhaps uevor iu all the
reoord of Fish and Gamo League
oratory has au aftor dinuor speech
created so profouud an impression ns
did this talk oC Justico Brower's and
tha porsonality of tho men aud his
eamest words will bo long romom
berod by thoso who lieard him.
Gon. O. O. Howard thou spoko
briefly of leaguo work and matters,
and this olosed tho regular program
of spoecho?. Sonator Proctor and
Oougressmau Haskius nnd Fostor woro
cnllcd for nud .ench rospondod brielly
and woro heartily applaudcd.' Tho
return trip to Burliugtou was without
inoidont aud in tho oveuiug many of
the visitors ntteuded the caruival
which lms been in session this week.
Inoluded nmong theso was a party
of nowspapor meu who were tho aspo
oial guests of LynuIIayes.of tho Essex
Syudicato, who is ouo of tho manag
ors of tho carnival.
Por Infasts and Children.
The Kind You Have Always BoughS
Slgnaturs of
Josoph Ilowo, nged sixty-flvo years,
diod at 1) is homo No. 19 Pitkiu court
Friday morniug at a o'clook. Ho has
boou snll'oriug from a coniplicatiou
of disoases for n long timo aud has
bcon couflnod to his bod for two
lnonths. IIo leaves a wlfo, Mary
Kowo, flvo daughtors aud ouo sou
Mrs, Josoph Labouohero, Mrs. Frauk
Poroau, Mrs. Frauk Bouway, Mrs.
Onrl Townsond, Mrs, Lizzio Hill of
this oity und Josopli Rowo ot Barro,
Diphthorla, soro throat, oroap. In
stnut roliof, pormnuout oure. Dr.
'riiomaB' Eoleotrio Oil. At auy drug
prominent lady
return to you my lieartlelt tnanlis lor
meaicino nas aono lor me. ueiore
Vegetable Compound I was so badly
1 tliougnt l could not livo mucn
The littlo work I had to do was a
buruen to me. I sunerea wnh lrregular
menstruation and leucorrhcea, whith caused
an irritation of the parts. I looked liko
had conenmption, but I do not look
now. and I owe it all to your wonder-
ful medicino.
" I took only six bottles, but it has mado
ieel hko a new person. 1 thanlc
that thero is such a female helper
Bo it, tliercfore, believed by all
iirove tlieir nDaoiuto Keuuincuesi.
K. l'luklmui MfiUolue Co., Lynn, Masi.
Lyndonville, Sopt. 3. This vil
lago was the sceuo of a unique cele
bratiou yesterday acternoou wheu a
recoption was giveu iu honor of Lyn-
dou's flrst ceutonariau, John Dunton.
The recoption was hold in Musio liall
aud previous to it n procession headed
by tho Lyndonville Military band
marohed to the residenoe of Mr. Dut
lou aud escorted him to tho liall. An
interesting featuro of the oveut was
tho fact that Judge J. T. Gleasou was
presideut of the day. E. L. Wells
gavo a sketoh of Mr. Dutton's lifo.
Short addresses woro mado by tho
Rov. D. W. Stoddard, the liev. John
Kimball aud tho Rov. Oharles Conk
lin of Boston, tho Uuivorsalist con
voution now iu sossiou hero, lmving
adjourned for the occasion, Prof,
H. H. May of West Concord also
Mr. Dutton wns bom in Townseud,
Vt., Sopt. 2, 1803, tho youugost of ten
ohildreu, nud hns lived iu Lyndonville
nbout sovonty yenrs. He hns hnd but
little siokuoss nud has doue eomo work
uutil slightly iujuriug his back by a
fall last year. Ho conquored au at
tack of pnoumonia at uiuo-threo. He
hns rarely missed atteudiug au eleo
tiou o'- town meoting. His flrst prosi
deutial voto was for Johu Quinoy
Adnms, uud his last for William Mo
Kinley, Beware of Ointments for Catarrh
That Contain Mercury.
as mercury will suiely destroy tho
senso of snioll aud oomplotoly dorango
tho wholo wystom whou eutenug it
tlirough tho mucous Burfaces. Suoh
artioles should uovor bo usod oxcopt
ou presoriptions from roputablo phys
ioians, as tlio damago thoy will do is
toufold to tho good you oan possibly
dorivo from thom. Hall's Oatarrfi
Ouro, niuunfnctnrod by F. J. Ohenoy
& Oo., Tolodo, O., coutains uo mor
oury, aud is takon iuternally, aotiug
dirootly U)iou tho blood aud mucous
surfaces of tho systom. In buyiug
Hall's Catarrh Curo bo suro yon got
tho goniuuo. It is takon iutorually
aud nindo iu Tolodo, Ohio, by F. J.
Oheney & Oo. Testinioulals froo.
Sold by DruggistB, Prico 75o po
Hall Family Pills aro tho best.

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