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mple mailed free.
One application gives relief.
o continued uso of Hum-
bys' Witch Hazel Oll por-
nently cures Piles Or Hem-
'holds Extornnl or Intornal,
Blind or Bleedlna, Itchlno or
Bui?nlng, Fissuresand Fistulas.
Relief lmmedlnte curo cortaln.
Thrco t-ib.ca, SSc.nOr, nuil 81.00. fiold by
nriisKl'tK, or Hcnl prrpnld oii rccrtpt of prlce.
Iliiiniilirrya' Mcdlclno C'o Oor. Wllllam nnd
Jolin Kl., New Yurk.
Vltal Weakness nnd Prostra
tlon from overwork and othoi1
causes. Humphreys' Homeo
pathlc Speclflc No. 28, In uso
over 40 years,,tho only success
fulremedy. $1 pervlal, orspoc
lal package for sorlouscases, $B.
Sold by Druggists, or scnt prcpatd oa rocclpt of prlco.
Humphreys1 Mcd. Co., William & John Sts., N. Y.
Miss Joflslo Silvor in asslsting iu E.
Huutlev's n,toro durlug tlio liolidays.
Mrs. O. D. Edgerton is also asBisting.
Mrs. Asa Howo loft for Ohicago last
week. Ilor sou, Houry Howo. and
wifo, uiot lior thoro and slio will ac
oorupany tliem to tlieir liorao in Mnr
filmlltown, Iowa, to speud tlio wiutor.
Mrs. M E. Yarriugtou eutortaiued
tho ladies' whist clnb ou Weduosday.
Harold Joubat hus been uonfluod
(o tlio liouso for tlio past few days
with a linrd cold nnd cronp.
The regular nicetiug aud olootiou of
ofllcorH of tlio Dunglitors of Kebckah
will ooour ou Weduosday evouing.
Vau Bullook of Orange, Mass., cauio
ou Thursday for a vlslt wiMi his par
outs, Mr. iuh( Mrs. A. O. Bullook.
Hylo Furr aud Alfrod Latlutui of
Greeufleld, Mass., nro tho guestB of
thoir parouts for tho holdiayB.
Mrs. A. J. Lomioax nud little ohild
lett ou Thursday for u visit with
frieuds lu Burliugtou nud Plattsburg,
N. H.
Dau Holland of U. V. M. modioal
depurtmout was at hoiun last weok.
0. W. Scarff of Burliugtou wns iu
town ou businoss Thursday.
H A. OhaBO was at his hoiuo iu
Newbury for tlio liolidays.
Mrs. Alico Mansfield is caking a va
cation from lior datios iu tlio local
tolephouo olllce.
A party iu houor of tho oighteouth
birtliday of tlieir daughtor, Florence,
was held at the homo of Mr, nud Mrs.
Solou P. Staples ou Decembor 22.
About thirty guests wore preseut nud
tho oveuing deligiitfully passod. Dain
ty refreshtueuts were served.
Mrs. Onrtor, who resides witli hor
sister, Mrs. Thomus uleunon, is snri
onsly ill with a caucer nud but little
liopcs of her roeovory are ontertaiued.
Tho employes of the E. B. Ellis
stone shed had n three days'vacatiou
lnst weok.
Olaude Roys left this uoon for
Georgia to remaiu doriug tlio wiuter.
Mr. Roy's f riouds wish hini a speedy
recovory to lienlth. Jauies Oross ac
compauiod him as fnr as New York.
0. E. Braokett of
Roxbury waB iu
Kown on Saturday.
i.iiu iiiuiDD v iiint uiuu iiiui witii
Mns. P. D. Piko ou Weduosday.
JIr. aud Mrs. Atnon Plastridco are
both cotiflued to tho Iioubo by illuess,
also thoir two grnudonildreu, Miss
Lou nud MnRtor Robert.
Audrew Duuham of New York speut
Chriscmns with his father, Qeorge
Miss Kathleeu Doheny of Lnwrouco,
Mass., was at homo for Ghristuias, to
turniug Satnrday moruiug.
Mrs. John Oross wns called to Man
ohoster, N. H., last wook by tho ill
ness of her sister.
A. K. Frenoh aud wife liave gouo to
Ooncord, N. H., lor a few weoks.
Mr. aud Mrs. Irviug Koir aud danch
ter, Ketn, nud Mrs. W. R. Gifllu lott
on Friday for a ton tnys' Btay with
relativos iu Hiucsbargh uud viciuity.
Miss Eva Houstou, who is teachiug
in Plaiulinld, spout last week in towu,
tlie gnest dr lier parouts, Mr. aud Mrs.
F. P. Honston.
W. H. Oady and wifo of Huntington
vere iu towu ou ThnrBday, tho guests
of relativos. Thoy wero on route to
Rochester to remain for a brief time.
D. B. Howo nud family spout Friday
in Rosbuj-y.
The ladios litorary society will moet
with Mrs. F. P. Houstou on Tuosday
Miss Winuio Foss of Concord, N.
II., is spoudiug lior vacntioti with her
parents, Mr. uud Mrs. Goorgo Forn.
Tlio auuunl meetiug of Naoml Ohnp
ter., O. E. S., will bo hold TneBday
eveuiug. Ail uiembnrs aro reuested
to bo presout.
Rov. L. P. Sohoflold aud family ox
peot to leavo soou for Rollius, Wyo
raing. George W. Olark loft last Tuesday
for Worcoator, Mubs., to Bpond tho
wiutor with his sou.
Mr. and Mrs. Googre Roys of Rox
bury visitod thoir sou, Olando, on
Miss Alico MoGrath of Montreal is
the gnest-of her parouts, Mr. and Mrs.
Johu McGrath.
Tho Oaua.liau Jubileo singers will
givo a coucertin Ooncert hall,Taesday
Miohael O'Noil of Montpelier vinit
ed at tho homo of his cousin, Thoiuas
O'Grndy.on Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Owous of Barre
spent Sunday iu town.
Tho three-yonr-old sou of Mr. aud
Mrs. L. L. Kont of Elm streot died
WodnoLday night aftor n fivo days' ill
ness of pnenmonin. A liriof servico
was lield at tho honso ou Sntnrday aud
the remaius takeu to Worcoster for in
terment. Mach gympathy is o (prossod
for tho boreavecl parouts.
Tflke Laxative Bromo Quinine Tabiets.
Seven Millio.i bozes sold In post 13 inonths. TMs Slgnatlire,
Miss Frnnoos Hnnlou of Roxbury ro
turned homo on Fridny, aftor n brlof
visit with Mrs. Dolin Hnnlou.
Tlio onildrou of tho Methodist ohuroh
hnd ii Ohtistiuns troo on Thursdny,
wlnoh provod a happy occaBlon for
tlio littln onos.
An ludlvldunl in nu iutoxicntod oon
ditlon, nftor ovidoutly rolobrnting to
his honrt's couteut, sought reHt npon
tho bod of tho railroad traok. All
might liavo uoon woll uud his niuoh
ueoded rost nndisturbod if tho trains
md happouod to huvo a dny olT, but
such wns not tlio caso. An ougiuo ap
proachod at a rapid spood dowu grado,
nud but for tho timoly nssistnuco of a
ninn nud boy tho "uufortuunto" would
not hnvo oujoyod auothor ChristmnB.
Aftor removiug liiui, just ns tho ou
giuo passod tho "iudivldunl" wns
ready for a sorap thnp o'mwliiR his ap
preoiatlou for a niliaul u;i oBcapo
from iuBtaut doath.
A uuion tomperauco uiootiug was
hold at tho Oougregntlounl chnrcli ou
Sunday ovonlng. 'Tho epoakors waro:
Rov. NYalter Doio, Kov. SV.S . Hrzoii
aud 0. D. EdRorton Willnrd Spriuger
assisted tho choir and roudoredn saxa
pliouo boIo whloh nddod groatly to tho
ustittl tunsio.
Tho mnny frionds of Mrs. Lowis
Hilla of Waterbury, formorly Blauohe
Kuapp of tnis towu, will bo saddeued
to lonru of tho untimoly doath of hor
luiBband wliioh occurrod ou Saturday
morniug at Waterbury. It soouis Mr.
Hills wout to the barn for n toam aud
was later fouuji doad. Tlio cnuse saul
to bo apoploxy. Thoy hnd boen mnr
ried less thau two weoks nud tho
yoaug bride has tiio sympathy of all
iu hor suddon boroavemout.
Miss Florouce Houstou spout Sunday
iu Roxbury.
It is oxpoctoa thnt tliore will bo n
Now Y'oar's b:ill in tho armory ou
Thursday ovening, uudor the auspicos
of Oo. F.
Tho auuual mooting of tlio Cougro
gntioual ohurch was hold at 2 p. m.,
on Saturday. Tho following oilicors
wore elooted : Presideiit. Rov. W. S.
Hazon; olnrk, O. D. Edgortm; treas
urer, Heury Smith j staudinc commit
tco. J. Ij. Moseloy, E. L. Field, Bert
Holtou; flunuoial committee, Rcv.
W. S. Hazou, J. L. Mosoley, Georgo
H. Builey ; suporiutoudont of Sunday
Bohool, M. D. Smith ; assistant saper
iutoudent, Mrs. 0. D. Edgertou; den
cons, Honry Olough, Goorgo Bniley.';
Missos Mnrtlia Hazon aud Julin Hol
lnud of Montpelier nro spoudiug the
liolidays in towu.
F. L. Howo rocoutly sot n flue mouu
mout in the F. S. Portor lot in Eltn
wood coinotory thnt doos much crcdit
to tho finii.
J Rov. Homer White of Rnudolph will
prench iu St. Mary's ciiurch lor tho
preseut or until auothor reotor cau
bo procnrod.
Nollie, tlie family liorse of Pugo
Hnrris, diod roueutly.
The mombers of St. Mary's Suuday
sohoo) held a suppor nnd Ohristmas
troo at tho parish liouso on Thursdny
Allon Hatoli was recentlv iu St.
.Tohnbsury to attend tho fuuornl of
Etta Robiuson, n niece of Mr. aud
Mrs. Hatch.
Miss Oarrio L. Liossor left last woek
for El Paso, Tox.,to spend the winter.
The auuuul meetiug of Naomi Ohap
tor O. E. S., will occur tomorrow
eveuing. All members are requested
to be preseut.
Johu OroBS left lnst week for Iowa
ou a businoss trip.
Mrs. DaiBio Uoroy Bartell has sold
a piece of lnud bordering on tho land
recoutly purcliased by Mr. Holland of
Mr. Bynm, to Jnruoa Holland.
Albort Boaujwas iu Roxbury, Friday,
ou busluess.
O. S. Oarletou left Saturday moru
iug for Cumborlrand, Mo., for a week 's
L. Bemard Stebbins of Jamaiea, N.
Y., is spending tho holidny vncution
with his mother, Mrs. Onrrio Steb
bius. Rov. Homer Whit"e"nud"wife ot Ran
dolph were in town Thursday nnd
Friday to attoud tho Ohrietmas exer
cisos at St. Mary's churoh. Mr. White
will hold services nt St. Mary's until
a reotor is clioson.
Tlie mombors of St. Mary's parish,
with the Sunday scliool, hold a supper
uud Ohristmns treo nt the parish
liouso, Thor6day oveuiug. A very
ploasant tluio is reportod. Maj. F. L.
.Howi acted tho part of Santa Oians,
couiiug dowu a chiuinoy and distrib
utod tlio gifts from tlie troo.
Mr. aud Mrs. Gilbert AndrowB re
turnod on Saturday from Now York,
whoro thoy hnvo boon visitiug thoir
sou, Arthur, who is ill.
Tho reading circlo mot with Mrs.
W. S. Ha.on ou Mouday 'iustoad of
with Mrs. Goorgo Nichols as wus iu
teudod, owing to Dr. N'chols' illuoss.
Mrs. E. L. Field nutortained n pnrty
of rolntives and frieuds on Friday
ovouing. A vory plonsuut eveuiug was
Miss Aniia Mayo of Stowo has been
visitiug lier sistor, Mrs. Olmrles Pro-
Mrs. H. 0. Moseloy has bou quite
1 11 with uournlgia iu lior faoe.
H. L. Keuyon speut OhristmaB with
his daughter in St. Albnns.
Dan Borry of Spriugfleld, Mnss., wns
in town a few days last weok, rouow
ing old acqunintnucoB.
Urison Stebbins hnd the uiisfortuue
to tall on tho ice ou Friday ovening
uud was injure.d quito sevoieiy.
Presidout Allan D. Brown, who
was so seriously ill at Ashvillo, N. 0.,
is vory much improved in hoalth,
muoh to tho gratiiloation of his niaay
Mr. aud Mrs. Jamoes Reed nro vis
itiug iu Barre.
Mrs. Abbio Howos ontertniuod n fow
frionds nt iior hotuo on Oeutral streot
ou Friday ovening.
Heury Orsor of Robxnry spent Sun-
uay in towu.
Mr. and Mrs. Emniitt Olark of Som
orville, MaBB., arovisiting at tho homo
of thoir pareuts, Mr. nud Mrs. Luke
Tarbell. Mrs. Tarboll has boen oon
finod to tho liouso by illuess, but is
now oonvaiosoeut
To Cure a Cold in One Day
imlitiii iiiniiiniiiif nnnminn
slmilating ihcFoodnntlHcgula
Ung UicSloinaclis andBowcls of
Promotcs Digcslion.Cliccrfur
ncssandRest.Contains neilhcr
Onium.Morpliine norIiiieral.
Not "Naiic otic .
lintpc afOUinrSAKUELmaiKIt
Ctmfirl Jkfnr
llbitrryrrrn Wrivr.
AperTecl Rcmedy forConsUpa
Ilon, Sour Stomach.Diarrhoca
Vbrms .Convulsions .Fcvcrish
ncss and Loss OF SLEEP.
FncSimilo Si'gnnlure of
Tho childrou of the Cougregational
Snnday sohool wore eutertniuod nt sup
per nt Howes' linll, Thursday oveninjr,
aud nfterwards a troo was nnloaded of
gitts to tho hnppv little one?. Instoad
of tlio usual oxercises tho snpper was
givou nud it proved n thorough troat
to those participating.
Mrs. W B. Mnyo nnd Mr. Oiieuey
wout to Willinnistown to bo presout nt
tho auunal Ohristmns diuuor held by
tho Lyudo family of thnt town.
Miss Kato McOarty of Lobanon, N.
H., is visitiug at tlie hoiuoot Dau Mc
Oarty through tho liolidays.
Dr. Georco Nichols was auito ill
soveral days last jveek but is roported
as gaiiimg.
Tho exoroises held iu Concert hnll
rhnrsdar eveuiug by tho Universulist
Sundny sohool were of n liigh stann
ard nud tlioroughly enjoyod bv botli
tlio older ns widl as tho yonnger chil
dron. Two treas were heavily loaded
with cifts, wliioh wero difitributed
Hinong tho childron.
Midnight masH was celobiated at St.
John's churoh ou Thursday niglit.
J. H. Talbot fell ou the ice Fridny
morniug wheu ou tlie way homo from
niuss and wns quite sevoroly injured,
confiuiug him to tho liouso for nevoral
Mr nud Mrs. Frnnk Aldrich of Lud
low are visitiug at tho homo of J. H.
Talbot and wife.
Miss Maudo Howos spout Fridav iu
Dr. J. H. Judkius wns iu Montpelier
ou Saturday.
Dr. J. H. Judkius expoets to lenve
ou Tuesday for a trip to Bostou.
Among those iu towu to snond
Ohristmas woro W. F. Oushmau of
Boston. Miss Miriam I. Kimball of
Moutpelier aud Mr. nud Mrs. J. W.
Urndy of Bnrro.
Fra-ik Kimball has rotrurued from
North Adums, Mass., whoro ho hns
linnu fnr Rnvnrnl wpnUfl thn cmnuf. nf
uis sou, Dr. Shorniau Kimball.
Will HnsHnfcr. frniti nlnrk Tniafifnfn
Worcoster, Mass., is visitine liis nar-
euts iu towu.
Mrs. H. H. Slnok nud Fred Snwvor
wero in Waterbury today to atteud tho
luuopal of tho lato Lowis Hills.
Tlio (Jongrocntioiinl ohurch will hold
tho auuual Now Year's visit on Fri
day aftoruoon aud ovouing, at tho
chnrch This is a sori of rouniou for
all members for tho ronowal of no-
qusiutunco nud it is iioped thnt tho
cordial invitntiou thut 1b extouaod to
such will bo gonornlly aocepted uud nll
make nu ellort to be preseut.
Ornss Bros. oxpect to rcsumo oner-
ntious at thoir Btono shods noxt weok
Moutlay aftor tlio holidny vacation.
As M. E. Oliaao, proprietor of tho
up todato furniture storo of the towu,
was at the freight Iioubo ou Saturday
uuloading caskots ho had n narrow oo
capo it is Baid from oconpylug ouo of
tliem himsolf. Tho toam was nll load
ed with tho exooptiou of ouo caBkot,
wliioh was partly ou tho sloigh, wheu
the horso Btartod aud iu attompting to
stop tlio auimal Mr. Ohaso slippod nnd
ioll on tho inilroud trnok aud tho sloigh
overturned tlio greator part of the cou
tontH fnlliug ouo nt n timo upou Mr.
Ohnso. No Berions datnago wns duue
nsido from sooio bruisos aud kindlv
frieuds nssisted iu tho roloadiug of the
toam and the caskots woro takon to
the furuituro storo aud laid un ou the
To Curc a Cold in One Day.
Tako Laxativo Bromo Quiniuo Tab
letB. All druggists rofuud tho mouey
if it fails to ouro. E. W. Grove'sjsig
naturo is on enoh bos. SSo
Mrs. Dnnu Riohurdsou is ill with
Horaoo Hovoy of Iowa, is visiting
liis Drothor, uogor Hovey.
Curcs Crlp
In Two Days.
box. 25c.
For Infants and Childron.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
Mr. aud Mrs. H. E. Austiu were in
Moretown Saturday uight andSnn
day. 0. A. Fratt, who is stoppiug iu
Ornftsbnry, wns iu towu the flrst of
the wook.
Roger Hovoy, Hornce Hovey and
Mrs. Abbio Jones of Shady Rill weut
to Oraftsburv ou Moudny to visit a
Kietor who is ill.
A geuuiuo snrprise was givon Mr.
and Mrs. E. O. Mooro ou Mouday
oveuiug by tweuty of thoir frieuds,
m ost of thom couiiug from Shady Rill.
Revolution Imminent.
A suro sign of npproachiug revblt
nnd horious tro'ublo iu your systein is
uorvontness, sleeplpssucss, or stooi teh
upsets. Electrio Ritters will quickly
dismember tho trunblefomo causes. It
nevor fll to toue the fitnmnch, reu
late tho Kidueys nud BowoIb, stimu
late tim Liver, nnd olnrify the blood.
Run dowu systcms beueflt pnrticulnrly
nud nll the ueoal ntteudiug aohes vau
iph undor its searohiug aud thorough
efTeotiveness. Electrio Bitters is only
GOo, nud thnt is roturued if it don't
givo porfeot sntisfaction. (Juarautoed
by 0. Blakely, Drnggist.
Mrs. Winfiold Durett diod nt the
Heaton Hospital at 3 o'clock Tuosdny
aftoruoon aftor a month's illnoss. The
deceased was born iu Leeds, P. Q,,
whoro hor parouts, Mr. nud Mrs. John
Wilkins, now reside. She was twenty
yers o( age. Slio is survivod by hor
iiusband to wliom she wns mnrried
about a year ago.
MiFs-Jemima Trail, daughter of
Jnrues Trail, died Tuenday niglit at 0
o'clock at 6 Kiuney -itreot aftor nn ill
H06B of nearly throemontlis.at the age
of twenty-one years. Miss Trail was
for sonio timo eniployed ntMrs. Trom-
bloy's dressmakiug rooms. She was n
yontig womnu of sweet dispos'itiou
wlio had mauy frieuds in Barre.
Fred Atkius slipped aud foll on the
ioy sidewnlk on Thursday ovening,
striking the bnok of his hend nnd cut-
ing n gash wliioh rcqnired tho tnking
of povernl stitolies by n surgcou.
David Hnrvey nlso foll tho same
niglit, from tho snino cnuse, dislocat-
iug his slionlder.
Waterbury, Deo. 20. Tho marriago
of Miss Gertrnde E., daughter of
Arthur Domeri'.t, nud Mr. 01ov H.
Fresby of Lisbou, N. II,, oconrred on
Deo. 24 nt 0 o'clock p, in., at tho
homo of the bride, tho Rov. F. B,
Kollogg porforming tho ceremony,
Tlie brido woro silk lansdowu ot palo
lavender traiued, with white. George
Oemeritt, brothor of tho bride, was
best uiau nnd Miss Ohristiuo Muzzy
bridesmaid, Tho following guosts
wero preseut: Mr. aud Mra, Frod
7illard, Barre; Mi9sFlorenoe Prosby,
Mr. nud Mrs. Hichnrd Fiddock, Mies
Nina Domerltt, Mr. nnd Mrs. Olinrlea
Towno, Mr. aud Mrs. Wheelock Towne,
Mr. nnd Mrs. Luko Towuo, Bert
Downiug and lady friend, Eruest
Downiug, Mr. nnd Mrs. 0. A, Wright,
Mr. and Mr. E. B, Huso, Miss
liristiuo Muzzy, Mr. and Mrs George
Goddard.Lisbon, N. H,, Mr. aud Mrs.
Donuis Djwning, 0, H. Prosby,
Lisbou, N. II,, Daniol Towne, Mrs,
SI in on Rioker, in additiou to other
immediate rolatives of the brido,
Mauy vnluable and buantiful gifts
woro receivod coiifllsting of ont glass,
silvor, ohim, oto,, among thom belug
a oarving sot, a gift from tho New
Englaud Elootrloal Works Oonipauy
of Lisbon, N, II,, by whoin Mr.
Prosby has beou omployed, Mr, nud
Mrs. Preeby will bo at homo in Lis
bon, N. H., aftor Tuesday, Deo. 20,
Legal Notices.
In I'rntiato Court, liclil at Monlpcllrr, In anil for
ulil Dlilrlcl on tlie 2lit ilny of bcccmbcr, A. 1),
I. Ollnian ScrlhliT, pjccnlor nf llio lnst will and
tcslaiiiint ol KI.IA I., ll ll.NKU lalu ul . Mont
pelier, In ald Dlilrlcl iticniw.l, preaonlt lilt
mlnilnlalratloii accuunt fnr vMiiiiinaUiii nml allnw
nnre, aud innkca aiiplk'ullon fr n iitcrceor illitrl
bnllon uiid pai lllliin of I ho in-Mv ul aald ileceasuil.
Wliereupuii II Is onlurcil Uy aulil l ourt, ufai
aald accoiint bv iilerred to n icailoii tlifrcor,
to In' lield at tlif 1'rolial- Omce. In anli Mnnt
pcller, on tli 9lli Uy vt Juuuary, A. 1.. IIHK
for UcarlnK nml dcclMou tlnrcon anl, II la furthtr
orilen il tliat notlco heri'of be glren to all peraona
lnlcreated, by liulilleallon oftlie aami three neeki
Bucccaslvely In the Veiimomt Watciimak
anii Statk Jouiivau a nunapapcr pulillslifd
at Moi.tpellcr, In tlila btate, prevloua to aald tlra
appolnted for lii'arliiBT. tliat tlier may apiwar at aald
tfme and place, aml Bliow cnuse, lfany tlie)' may liavr
wliy aald accounl aliould uol bo allowcd aud auch
dccrte madc.
Uy tlie Court-Atleet.
fil-t HIltAM C'AItLETON, Judne.
tn Probate Court. lield at Montpelier. In and for
aald Dlstrlcl ou tlie 'Jlit day ol Ucccmber, A. I.
Mablon 8. llathawar Admlnlstrator of tlie ratate of
HEI.IEF W. SIOWEIt, lato of Calais. In sald
Dlatrlct, dcceaaed, makes application to sald Court,
with the consent and approtiatlnn ln wrltlnf; ol
the belra of sald diccaieil. risldlnir ln the Ktatc
of Vermont, for llccnse to f fll all of tho rial estate ol
aald lcceaed, sltuated.ln Calais, In sala Dla
trlct. to wlt: llelugall or the Intereat of sald de
ceased.lnclmllnfttliahoiucstcad rlKht tl.erclu ln the
homo placo of hor late hual and, Alblon J. Mower
ccnslatlnz of about three hundrtd seTcntv-nlne,
and onc lialf acrea of land, tho butldliiKa thcrcon,
and aMout forly acrcsof back lot, so called, repre
euntlnK tliat the sale thertoi would be beneuclal to
tho belra ot sald dcceaaed. aud those lutere6t'U
In hla estate, ln ordcr to conierl sald real estate
luto moncy.
Wliercupoti, Itlaordered by sald Court. tbatsald
application be referrcd to a aesalon thercof, to be
held at tho I'robito ofllce. ln suld Montpellei-, on
the 9th day of January, A. I), 11)04. for hearlnfr
aud dcclslou ihereon; and, lt Is fuitlier onleruu
tliat all persons Interested bc liotlflcd hereuf, by pub
llcatlon of notlce of sald application nnd ordvi
thereon three wceks successlvcly ln tho Veiuiont
publlshcd at .Montpelier, In this Hlate, and whlch
clrculatcs In the nclgliljorliood of those lutcrested,
bcfore sald tlme ol hearlnfr, tliat thcy may appear al
sald tlme and place, and, If they see cause, obJc
Ily the Court-Atti st,
M-l I11UAM CAltl.KTON. Juilne.
Statk or Veumont,
DlSTltlCTOF WA811IN0T0N, 8.8.
In I'robate Court, lield Iu Montpelier. In and for
sald Dlatrlct, ou tlie 21 st day ul Deccniber,
A D. 1IW.
Mahlon B. Ilathaway, Adnilnlstrator do boulsnon
of tho estate ol Al.llION J..MUWKK. lato of Calais,
ln sald Dlstrlct, deceased. mukes application to salc
Court with the ccnscnt and approbatlon In wrltlnK'ol
the belra of aald deceased, resMlng ln the Stato ot
Vcrmoul, for llcenie to a. II ll oftlie real cau to ol
sald deceased, altuated ln Calais, In aald Dlstrlct, to
wlt: Hoine place, coi slstlnir of about three hun
drad stvctity-iilnc and onc-half ncrea of land and
bulldliiKS thereon, also about furty acrea of back lot,
so called, exctpt tlie Intiiest ol tho estate of the
wldow olsald deceased thereln and tho liumcstead
rlght. reprcEcntltiK tliat tli sale thereol would be
beneflclal to the lielrs ol sald deceased, and those
Interested ln her estate, In order to couvert sald
real estate luto moncy.
Whereupon, lt Is ordered by sald Court, thnt sald
application be referrcd to a scsslon thercof to be held
nttlie I'rohatu Olllce. In sald Moutpelier, ou tho KtS
day of January, A. I). W04. for liearluK and de
clslon thereon, and, It Is Airthcr ordered, tliat all
persons Interested be notlneii hereof by publlcatloi.
of notlce of sald appltcatlipi aud ordcr tliereou three
wecks successlvcly In tho Vkumont Watciiman
and State Jouiinal, a nuwsnaper publlshed at
Montpelier, lu tlils State, and whlch clrculatcs In the
nclgliborhood of those Interested, bel'oro sald tlme ol
liuurliifr, tliat they may anpear at sald tlme and placol
and, lf thcy see cause, objecl thereto.
Ily the Court.-Attest.
IilltAM C'AltLKTOX, JudKe.
State or Vlumoxt.
DtSTiucT or Washington, ss.
' In I'robate Court, lield lu Montpelier, In and for
sald Dlstrlct. on tlie Slat day ol Dtccmber.A. D. 1!03.
Jnmes W. Ilrock, AduiInUtrator, wltl tlio will an
nextd, of the estate ot FHEEMAN 1IIXI1V, late
of Montpelier, ln sald Dlstrlct, deceased, presents
his adnuulstratlon account for exainlnatlon and
allowance, and makei application for a Uecree ol
dlstrlbutlon aud paitltlou of the estate of sald
Whereupon It Is ordered by sald Court, tliat sald ac
count and sald application be referred to a sesslon
thereof, to be held at the I'robate Ofllce ln sald
Montpelier, on the lltli day of January, A. D. 1W1
for liearlnx and declslon thereon: And, lt ls furtlirr
ordered that notlce hereof bu Klven to all persons ln
terestcd,by pubtlcatlon of the same three wecks suc
cesslvely lu the V'ehuont Watciiman and Stati
Jouiinal, a newspapcr publlshcd at Montpelier.
In this State, prerlous to sald tlme ap-
fioluted for hearlng, that thev may apiiear at sald
luie and place. aud show cause, lf uny they may
liave, why sald account should not bo allowed.
and such uecree maile.
Uy tlie Court Attest,
11-1 HIltAM CAHLETOK. Jodue.
Statk or Vkumont,
Distkict or Washington, ss.
In I'robate Court. lield at Montpelier, In aud for
sald Dlstrlct, on tbe 23d day of December, A. D.
An lnstrumcnt purportlnz to be the last will
and testamcnt cf SIEI'IIEN TIIOMAS. late of
Moutpelier. In sald dlstrlct, deceased, bclnxpre
scnted to the Court for I'robate, lt ls ordered by sald
Court. that all persons concerned thereln be notllled
toappeai at a aesslon of sald Court. to be held at th
i'robatt Ofllce lu sald Montpelier, on the 9th day
of January, A. D. 1904, and show cause, lf any tber
may have. agalnst the probate of sald lnstrument,
for whlch nurpose It ! further onlered, tliat notlce
of thlsoruer be publlshed three weeks successlvely
ln tbe Vkumont watciiman andstate Joubnal.
a newspoper prlnud at Monliieller, ln tbis State,
prevlous to sald tlme appolnted for hearlng.
Ily the Court, Attest.
Statk or Vkumont,
In I'robate Court, held at Moutpelier, lu and foi
sald Dlstrlct, ou the IDthday of December, A. D.
Johu W. Hurfie6s. extcutorof the last will and
tcstamentofTUOMAS W. WOOD.Iuteot Montpelier,
ln sald Dlstrlct. dccoascd, presents his admlulstra
tlou account for exauiluatlun and alluwauco and
xnakca application for u decreo of dlstrlbutlon and
partltlon of the e-tate of sald deceased.
Wliereupon, It : ordered by sald Court that sald
account uud sald application bo relerred toaresslon
thercof to bo held at tho I'robate Otllco.ln sald Mont
pelier, on tlie iml day of January. A. D. 1901, for
nearlnjr and declston thereon; and, It ls further or
dered that notlce hereof be Klven to all persons Inter
ested, by nubllcatlon of the same three weeks suc
cesslvelylu the Vkumont Watciiman and Stati
Jouiinal, a ncwspaper publlshed at Montpelier, ln
this Mate, prevlous to sald tlme appolntett lor bear
Iiik, that they may appear at sald tlme and place, and
show cause, lfany they may have, why sald account
aliould not be allowed, and such decreu nnde.
Ily tlie Court, Atteat,
Statk or Vkumont,
Distiiict cr Washington,' i. b.
In rrobate Court. held at Montneller. ln and for
sald Dlstrlct, on the 11th day of December, A. D.
All lnstrument purportlnir tn be the last will and tes
tament of AI.EX ANDKIt DINUWALL. late of East
Montpelier In sald Dlstrlct, deceased. belng presented
to the Court for I'robate, lt la ordered by sald Court,
that all persons concerned thereln bo notllled to ap
. pear at a sesslon of sald Court. to be held at the I'ro
bate Ofllce In sald Moutpelier, on the stti dayof Jan
uary, A. D, IWI.and show cause, If any Uiey may have,
1 agalnst the probate of sald lustrument, lor whlch
Imrpose II Is further ordered that notlce ot this order
lenubllshed three weeks succesaltelv ln the VKU
MONT Watciiman and Statk JouitNAL,a newspa
pei prlnted at Montpelier, In this State, prevlous to
sald tlme appolnted for liearlnc
Uy the Court. Attest,
60-H HIltAM CAULKTON, Judge.
Statk or Vkumont,
Distiiict or Washington, r, b.
In Probate Court, lield lu Montpelier. In and for
sald Dlstrlct, on tbe 15th day ut December, A, D,
190S. '
'Orln II. Smith. Admlnlstrator of the estate of
FUANKLIN A. SANDFOItD. late of Marshfield, lu
aald Dlstrlct, deceased, presents hta adrulu
latratlon account lor examlnatlou and allow
ance and makes appPcatlon for a decree of
dlstrlbutlon and partltlon of the estate of sald de.
Whereupon lt Is ordered by sald Court, that sald
account and sald application be referred to a
esslon thereof. to be lield at the I'robate Ofllce
In aald .Montpelier. ou the 7th day of January
A. D. 1904, for hearlnjr and declslon Ihere
ont And.lt Is further ordered tliat notlce hereof be
flven to all persons Interested, by publlcatlon of
he aame three weeks successlvely In the Vxn
mont Watciiman and Statk JomtNAL, news
paper publlshed at Montpelier, lu tbla State, pre
vlous to sald tlme appolnted for hearlug.that they
may appear at saldtlmo and place, and sliow cause
lf any they may liave, why sald account should
not be allowed, and such dccrre hiade,
Uy the Court. Attest,
M-t2 HIltAM 0AUI.l-.Tl3v. Judjre,
K3TATE Of FltF.ll M. SNOW.
Statk or Vkumont.
Distiiict or Wa8iiin(iton, s.s.
In I'robate Court, held' lu Montpelier, ln and for
sald Dlatrlct, on the litli dar of December, A. D
E, (!f loale Snow, Admlnlslratrlx of tlie catato ol
FltED M. SNOW, tatc uf Moi tpeller, ln sald Dls
trlct, deceased, presents her aduilnlsliatloii account
for cxainln.itlon nnd allowancc.and u.akoa applica
tion for a decreo ordlstrlbutlon and partltlon or tne
estate of sald ileceased.
Whereupon lt Is ordered bv sald Court, that sald
account and sald application bo referred to a sesslon
thereof, to bo hcli tho I'rohatu OITICo In aald
Montpelier, on th Ctli day of Jan.A. D. 19U4, for
hearliiK and drclslo creon) And, II Is further or
dered thut notlco h
rbooiventn all tiersona ln
tcrcsted, hy
ttibllo .if u of Ihe same three wecks
successlvely ln th
htatk jouiinal.
' spaper publlshed at .Mont
pelier, In tlils State, ,irs lous to aald tlmu appolnted
for hearlnx, tliat t ie, may appear at sald tlme
miu iMnce, itiiu, snow ',it so, ii any iney may uave.
why aald account should not be allowed. uud sucb
decrce made.
Uy the Court, Attest.
Statk or Vkumont,
Distiiict or Washington, s. g.
In Probate Court held In Montpelier, In and for
sald Dlstrlct, on the lllh day of Deccniber, A. D.
Don I'. Sawyer. executnr of the last will and
testament of IilltAM A. SAWYKIt. lato of Mld
dlosex. ln sald Dlstrlct, deceased, presents hla
adminlstratlou account for examlnatlou and allow
ance, and makes application for u dicreeof dlstrlbu
tlon and partltlon or tlie estate ot sald deceased.
Whereupon lt Is ordered by sald Courl. that sald ac
count aud sald application be referred to a sesslon
thercof to bo held at tho I'rolmto onice In sald Mont
peller.on tho Oth day of Jan. A. D. laol.for hearlnir and
declslon thereon I And, lt ls furthcred ordered that
notlce hereof be glven to all persons Interested, by
publlcatlon ofthntaiue thrco weeks successlvcly In
tho Viiimont Watciiman and statk Jouiinal,
a ncwsnaner nuhllshed ut Montnelle. ln this HLatp.
prevlous to sald tlme apru Inted for hearlnir, that
they may appear at sild ilin, and place, aud ahow I
cause, lfany thoy may have, why sald account should '
not bo allowed and such decree made. '
Ily the Co -rt. Atlcst. I
tU-tJ IilltAM CAKLETON, Judfre.
Tlie undersnrned avliifr been appolnted bvthe
llon. Probate t'our. or tho Dlstrlct of Wushlnirton.
Colulillssloners'. to r. celve. exHinlne aml adlust all
clalnisanddemandHOl all persons aealnst theestateol
1 t.- I 1 1. L' li . 1.' U I ... I
sald Dlstrlct. deceased: and all clalnia
......a.. ... .'u ,. ..... uud ui yniniB. ,u
lilblte,! lu offsct thereto, hereby Klve notlce that
we wtll meel for th. purposea uloresald, at the
resl.le.ice ol II. A. Morae, In the towu ol Calais,
In sald Dlstrlct, or. tho Clh day o, Juuuary and
6th day of April next, Irom 1 o'clock I'. M.
uutll 4 o'clock 1. M.. each of sald days. and thatslx
inonths Irom the 6th day of Oclobcr, A. D. 1903.
la the tlme liiulted by sald Court for sald credltora
to presenl thelr clalms to us for 4xau.mat.on and
Dateit at Calais, this 1st day ol December, A. D.
II. A.MOltSK. ( Commls-JO-12
II. W. TOWNE, t a.oiiers.
The underslKiied, liavlux bccn appolnted bv tbt
Hon. Probate Court for tho Dlstrlct of Washington,
Commlsslouers, to recele, examlue, and adjus all
clalms aud demands otall iiersous itKalnsl the estati
of AdltAIIAM CSl'IIIO. late of Montpelier. In sald
Dlstrlct. deceased; aml all clalms exhlblted
ln olTset thereto, hereby Klve notlce that we
will ineet for the purposes afuresald, at tlie
Capltal baviUKa Ilanknnd Tr. Co. In the Cltf of
Montpelier, In sald Dlstrlct, on tlie 7th day of Jan
uary and 13th day of June uext, frruu 2 o'clock r.M.
until fi o'clock r. SIU euch of saIiI davs. and th.il
slx months frou: tliellthdayot Dicember.A. I)190j '
Is the tlme llni.ted by sa.d Court ror sald cred
Itora to tireseut thelr clalms to us for exainlnatlon
and allowance.
Dated at Montpelier, tlils llth day of December
A. D. 1903.
ANDItr.W J.SI1II.EY. ( Commls-00-92
AltTHLIIt D. FAIHVELL.J sloners.
AVo wish to purcliaso your Ilides, Calf
skins, Shvcp Pelts, Tullow i lul bones.
Wo advniico money if dt'jired.
We pay spot cash.
Wo pay tlio freiglits.
AVe pay fnll market values.
Wo want ngents every where to sell
Pagc's Perfccted Poultry Food aud other
Poultry stipplies. For further particulars,
M. W. Wheelock's
Real Estate Ageuc
At Montpelier Boolc Bindery, havo bar
gains in houses, lots and o tlier valuable
property. 1'laces wauted for first class
clcrks, male, liotel cook, girls for house
work, lanndry work etc.
f3"No expense for registering
f SenU moJei.okctcP or 1 1 oto ol InvtPtion loi
' freereport on Toteiitaulllty. ror jrc poos,
Sre rnAL'h-mAi'llVd ,r .
;Opposito U. S. Patent Office,
Dr, mmons'
Mor.thly ncgulator baa brought liapplness i to
hundrcusof HnxlouBWomcn. aiiero U t.osll . lye.
rrr .. L-,irk.n ti, Tnedlcnl sclonco
SSt quteW ana Bafciy d. tho work.
Lonircst and most obstlnato lrrcgularltles trom
any cause rclle eU lnimeutnieiy. ouro
antccdatanyetaKC. Nopaln. ilaneer.orlnWr.
feroSco wllh wor. Havo relieTedliundrcds of
um" wherc otl.ers liavo rallcd. Thc most dllU.
cuUcaeee i ucccaf ully trentod Uy nml .and 1 ben
cncial re.-ul's jruarniitced ln every liiatanco. M
risk wiia "oivcr. Wo trcat liuntfreda of ladlca
whom wo uSvcrice. Wi lto for fui tiicr parllcu.
Sraand treo contldontlal advlco. Do nol put ofl
l" long. Alltcttera truthfullr anwerod.
tncmbcr. tlila remedy ls absofutcJy Bafo under
every poselblo coudltlon aud polilvely learet
no aftor 111 elfcct upon tho heaVli. Houty malU
txurciV HoaU il. J'i.00. Moncy Icttere Bliould bo
frerell: Uli. J. W. EMMONS CO.,171 Itc
mont St., llottun, Mass.
copvrichts &c.
nnnn manMna n aknleli nnd descrlntlon mav
quickly ascertalu our oplnlon frea whctlier nn ;
Invent on is pronaDiy paieiuKim'. .uiu;uiii.i..
tloiiBstricllyconlldoiitlal. HAN0B00K onl'atenta
sont freo. Oldest asency lorsecurlngpatenta.
l'atenta taken tlirounh Jlunu St, Co. recelve
iftetal notlcf, wlthout cbarne, In tbe
SciciUific Jln;:;;cniL
A handsomely lllustrated weekly. I.areest clr
culatlou of any sclentlUo journal. Terms, J a
yean fourniontba.il. Sold by all newsdealera.
MUNN&Co.36,BfMd New York
llranch Offlce. (25 V BU WaahlDntoii, D. C.
Contral Veunont Railway,
CommenclnK Dct. 4, ltKiJ.
rralns golntz South and East Wll
Loavo Montpollor ns Followsi
9.00 A.M. MAIL, week days, for Ilootoi Bprlai
deld and New York.
12:Sn I', M. EXl'llESS. week days, lor lloston and
New York vla SprlngHeld, or New lyndon and Wor
sester vla Nashua. I'arlor car to Iloston and Hprlnr
0ld. SJUP.M PAISEVQEK. for Whlt
Itlver Junctlon.
W:8i)A. M..dally EXPIIESS, for Iloston vlalvr
ell and all polnts ln New England, New York and
south. I'ullmsn SIepe-s to Iloston and Sprlsx
Tralns Colng North and Wost.
tM A. M., dally KXPKES3 for Montreal and tb
west and week daya for Oirdenst-irn', Ulchford and
Ottawa. Sleeplng cars. Montpelier Junctlon to
D.UU A. M. PA89ENQEB, week days, for llurllnr
ton, Itutlaud, St. Allians, Montreal, Ottawa and
9.35 A. M. Hnnday only, I'ASSENUEIt for Ilnrllnjr
ton and St. Allians.
8:3UP. M. PASSENGEIt, week days, fnr nsrllmr.
ton, St. Albans, Montreal, Itouses Polnt OrdensbsrsT
an Hlc'irnrd. I'sslor car to Montreal wltbout-hanjre.
)IBP. M. EJWIIE33 for llurllnntou, st. llbana
ton, st. Ubani
from Montpelier
an i sionire.iT i-unman aieepmx car from Jlc
Junctlon to Uhlcatro wlthoutchanite.
Suburban Traln Sorvlco.
frfive Montpelier at 3:lC, 9!K S9.W) a. m
11W.3.83,6.5),SIOJO. P.M. Arrlve at Barre twentr
mlnutea after leavlna; tlme.
Leave Barre al 12:01, 8:84, 9.00 A. M 12; at.
3.0S, 5:30. p. m, Arrlve at Montpelier. twst
ty mlnutea after leavlnir tlme,
Tralns leave foi Williamstown at 12:M p. m. and
3.M3 r. u.
All passenirer tralns will stop at tne Ploneer
vnrks lo take or leave pasenfrers when sUnalled.
Sunday only.
A. M. ADAM8, Aient
K. H.KtTZHUOH.VIce Tres., Oeneral Manauer.
J. E. BENTLEY. Oeneral Paasemrer Aieut.
Montpelier & Wells River R. R.
In EtleciOct. 19,1903. Tralns leavlnir Montpelier
as follows Oolns east:
8:00 A. M. Mall.
(C. V. stallon 7:) A. M.)
No. 3 Mall
Connects at Wells Ulvor with Accommodatloa
Traln North nnd Mall Traln south over I'assumpstf
Dlvlslon Iloston & Malnc It. It.
AUo connects wltli Accouimc-latlon Traln North
vla. White Mountaln Dlvlslon and with Mall Trt.
ti . . . . 1. I . I I. k. . . I. .. . . . ..
ciuuiii, niuui nu moiuK'i .ram servico irum vveiia
Itlver to Iloston. vlt I'lvmouth. Concord. Mjnchnvbi
Nashua, and Lowell, arrlvlnicat Boston, 4.-J0 P. M
1 1 1 O P. M. Expross.
(0 V statlou 1 :0u r. M.)
No. 5, Exoross,
Connects at Wells Itlver with Exnress aml tfaf
. traln North over Passumpslc Dlvlslon II. .t M. K. It
Soo Llne Express to St. Paul and Mlnnespolbi
I Westeru Express to Chlcao and NUht Express o
1'aclllc Coast polnts vla. C. P. Itv. Tliroujrh Sleerlnie
Cars, Wells Itlver to St. Paul, Montreal to Chlcajro
I dally excent Saturdays. Montreal to Paclflc Coast
and Tourlsts Cars to Paclflc Coast Wedneadayt.
Connects with Mall Traln for Llabon, Llttleton,
, Whltefleld. Fabyans, Laucastcr, tlrovetonaml Berlin.
I Also counects with Express Traln lor Iloston Tla.
I Plymouth, arrlvlnir Boston at 8:iO P. M. ThrougB
l uriorars. neui mver io uoaion.
4ilO P, M. Accommodatlon.
ILeaves frora M. l W. H. statlon only.)
No. 7, Accommodatlon
Connects at Wella Rlver with Traln North over
Passumpslc Dlvlslon B. & M. It. IU for all statlons
between Wells Itlver and Lyndonville, wltn Ae
cninniodatlon South for all statlons hptwppn W!1
I Itlver and White Itlver Junctlon, and with Accom-
mouaiion irain over wnue .lotiniam utvlslon u.
t M. lt. It.. for Ltsbon, Llttleton. Whltefleld and
Tralns Wost.'
Leave Wells Itlver 7.00. 10.00 A. M. 3A5 r. M,
Arrlve Montpelier 9Ji, 1130 A. M. ft.0 P. M.
From Boston.
Leave Boston 10:00 A. M.
Arrlvu Montpelier 5:08 p. m.
Suburban Traln Sorvlco.
Leave Montpeller-.30. 9.45 XM A. M. 2.40 SJO
8,10 P. M. .
Leave KArre 7 30 1050 A, M . 12.45 3.1, 4.10, 5.30 P. M
W. A. STOWELI., Oeneral Manaaier.
F. W.STANYAN.SuperlntecdeBt,
W.MVBSE.OeD'l I'ats. Airent
Boston & Maino Kailroad.
Wintor Arrangoment.
IN EFFECT OCT. 11, 1903.
Tralns Loavo Wolls Rlvor North
338 a M., dally, prlnclpal statlons to Newport and
2:35 A.M. dally, exeept Monday f, St. John-
iiyndonvllle. Newport Sherbrooke and Quebee,
except Sunday and Monday,
9:52 A.M..for statlons to Newport and Sherbrooke
3:22 P, M., for prlnclpal statlons to Newport and
3 30 P. 51. for statlons to Newport, Sherbrooke as4
6 50 1: M.. ror statlons to Lyndonville.
South Bound.
I 35 A. M., except Monday, for prlnclpal statlons to
W. lt. Junctlon, Worcester, Boston and Spiinif
fleld. K
1:55 A.M dally for statlons on W. M. D to Con
cord, Manchester, Nashua, Worcester, Lowell
and Boston.
6:80 A.M. , irom Woodsvtlle for statlons to Concord
and Boston.
9:50 A. M for statlons to W. It. Junctlon, Concord,
Worcester and Iioston.
9 55 A. M., for statlons on W. M. Div. to Concord,
Worcester and Iloston.
,35 A. M. for prlnclpal statlons to Boston, Sprlnx-
fleld and New York.
1:00 P, M tor statlons to W. It. Junctlon, Sprlnjc-
ueld. Concord, Worcester and Boston.
2:54 P.M., for Plymouth, Concord, Worcester and
2,t5 I. M., from Woodsvllle, for statlons to Concord.
6;W P M..for all statlons to White Itlver Junctlon.
Colng North on W. M. Olv. at
9:52 A. M.,for all statlons.
3:Sul'.M., for all statlons.
6 55 I. 51., to statlons to Lancaater.
10:151. M.. Sundaysonly lor Lancaster.
Oon. Paas. ml Tlcket Agont.
Miss Webstor is houie for a two
weeks' vncution.
".Miss Etta Ohntuborlin wnsaguost of
Lella Wobstor last week.
DrTWelcli was iu towu last weofc
aud tested tlie cowa of A. J. Lndd,
George Foss, Johu Davis and Orza
Boyce and fonud thom all free from
Mrs.W. W. Rogers from Manchester
visited frieuds iii towu last week.
Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Beaton of South
Ryognte woro in towu for Ohristmas.
Mrs. Lizzio Freomau has boeu, ill
the past week.
Ureamory patrous rocoived 24j couts
for Novembor butter.
Jauies Stoele was takeu with a bad
spell last week while at tho baru and
had to bo lielued iuto the housu. He
has beeu coutlued to tho Iioubo most of
tho time siuce.
There is moro Oatarrh iu this soo
tion of tho couutry thau all othor dis
j -es pnt togethor, aud until the last
yt yoars was supposed to be iuonr-
'o. For a fireat many years doqtors
prononncod ic a local diseaso aud pro
soribed local romodies, and by cou
stantly failiuc to oure with local troat
meut, proiiouuced it iucurablo, Soi
euco has proved oatarrh to bo aoousti
tntional diseaso and thoroforo requires
constitntioual treatmout. Hall's Oa
tarrh Oure, maunfaotured by F. J.
Oheuey & Oo., Toledo, Oliio, is tho
ouly coustitutional ouro ou tho ninr
kot. lt is takou iutorually in dosos
from 10 drops to a teaspoonfal, lt
aots diroatly on tho blood aud inucous
surfaoes of tho systom. Thoy offor
ouo huudrod dollars for auy oaso it
fails to ouro. Seud for oirculars aud
Address, F. J. Olieney & Oo., To
ledo, Oliio.
Sold by Druggists 75o.
Hall's family Pills aro tho best.

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