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Begining WED. and
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George H. Fitzgorald, who wont to
Miohigan the first of lust wook for
treatuiont, roturned lioine on Friday.
Oapt. K. E. Haudall attonded the
fnnoral of O. P. Beuuott nt St. Jolins
bnry lnst weok Thursday. Mr. Boti
nett wns a member of Passnuipsie
Lodge F. and A. M. Qaite n body of
Masous atteudod from adjoiuiug
Muso OushiiiR, jauitor at tno new
Grand Truuk Railroad statiou is do
ing fluo work about the statiou. The
town has couforred on hiui the hotior
of makiug hiui a policonmn. Mosu
will do his duty auy whore.
Mr. Olotuent, proprietorof the Oleui
ent theuter of Sherbrooke, P. Q.,
passed through horo on his way to
Berliu last Saturday. Mrs. Oleuient
accompauied hhn.
Mr. Garland, Stato secretary ot tho
Y. M. O. A., of Maiuo, spoko at the
men's meeting here on Suuday after
noon ; he aleo spoke at tlio Oougre
gational church on Snnday eveniug
giviug a very flue address for old and
yonng at both tneetiugs.
Henry V. Marsh of Norton was iu
town for a short time o'u Monday af
ternoou. George Adams and A. U. Ohapmnn
were at the olnb honse, Averill, last
Friday and Satnrday makiug sotno
needed ropairs for the oomiug fisliing
season, chief of which was tho laying
of a hard wood fioor in the kitoheu,
The earthquakoof Snnday night was
noticed quite extensively hy soveral of
our towuspeople, somo of whioh be
lievo ortry to mnke. thempolves beliove
they were frighteued.
The acoidout at Lonnoxville last
week was a very sad affair, seeniing
more so, nudonbtedly, on nccouut ot
beiug so near home, and the parties
killod had several acqnaiutaueos in
this sectiou. Jolm Folsoru,the Bostou
and Maiue eugiueer, was a brotlier-m-law
of W. H, Bnok, admiuistrator of
the 0. M. Dyer estate.
Ool. Portsr H. Dale is havlug . some
repairs mado at tho block ; he is en
larginc tho law oflico formorly ooon
pied by George N. Dalo. Soveral oth
or ropairs about the bnildiiig will fol
low. D. A. Maokiuzie is confiued to the
honso this weok; it is hoped his caso
will not be as severo as the present
Rov. J. E. Wright is to ptoaoh iu tho
Morso sohnol house East Montpelior,
next Snnday Maroh 27, at 2 :15 p, m,
The farniers have comuiouced tap
ping their sugar placea.
Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Keltou of Mont
pelier visited at J. R. Youur's on
Mrs. Vernon Browu of Rutland is
speuding a few woeks with her moth
er, Mrs. K. J. Gould.
Dr. Walter Vinceut's son and daugh
tor with au auut from Orwell.aro vis
itinp at H. M. Vincont's.
Mrs. Oaira Brown, who has beeu
koeping hoaBO for Theodoro Olark for
nearly a year, haB returued to her
home in Montpelier.
mr. and Mrs. O. W. FoBter wont to
Barre on Snnday to see his slstor, Mrs.
Jnlia Gladdiug who is ill with erip.
Mrs. J. M. Gould is nursiug a
broken wrist caused by slipping on
the sidowalk.
Mrs. Bort Horsoy, Mrs. Anstin
Gove Mrs. George uould and soveral
othnrB in town are ill with grip.
R. K.JBatohelder is quite ill.
Will Snuth of Barre was iu town on
bnsiness on Monday.
Jamos Hill wab at Willinm Barrill's
last Satnrday.
Mrs. Will Utton was down from
Hardwick ono day lastjweok.
Oarroll Pieroe of Moretown has beeu
stopplng with his auut, Mrs. H. E.
Anstin. '
Mrs. James Darby returnod from
Hardwick last Friday,
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Mrs. B. F. Couuer goes to Ilauovor,
N. II., this week for a stuy of sevoral
Mr. aud Mrs. Oharlus Luudervillo
of Shady Rill were in towu ou Sun
day. Mr. nudcMrs. Albert Burrill are vis
itiug relatives iu Lacouia, N. H.
Dr. S. N Gould of Randolph wasiu
towu to attoud the fnueral of Mrs.
Goorgo Oolbv aud wife of Middlosex
were at the homo of E. O. Mooro ou
Mrs. M. P. Ladd aud son, Chester,
speut Saturday auu Snnday at tho
homo of her pareuts, Mr. aud Mrs. 0.
O. Wiggius. iu Middlesex.
The fnueral of Mrs. George Ripley
was held at her late home on Satur
day, Rev. Mr. Emersou of Now
Hauipshiro otllciatiug.
Mr. and Mrs. L. Wilcox wore'iu
Waterbury on Wodnesday to see Dow
Phillips, her hrother, wiio had a sor
ious fall ou the ice whilo oarrying
Mrs. F. O. Atkins nnd Mcs. E G
Atkins wero in Waterbury Tuosday.
Frod Sotnerville, who is at work iu
Eostou, arrivod in towu Saturday
eveniug to speud a few days with his
pareuts, Mr. aud Mrs. T. T. Somor
villo. ErnoRt Kiugsbury of Bellows Falls
receutly speut a few days with his
Mr. aud Mrs. Martiu Gillott of
Montpelier havo boeu visitiug iu
Lowis Blood has fiuishod work for
H. O. Ward.
Jasou Hill is ill.
Hiram Palinor aud wife aro at work
for G. O. Evaus.
Tho siug givou by tho "Tuosday
Evouiug Olub" at tho ohurch Friday
evouiim was atteudod by a large
orowd and was ninch otijoyod. After
tho oxerciseH tlio luomborN of tho
chorus woro iuvitod to tho uome of
H. O. Ward whoro thoy woro troatod
tu a daiuty lunch,
"Tho ladios' aid is to nieet with Mrs.
Jamos llaylot ou Weduesday from 2
to 5 to work. All are iuvited to be
t.The ladies' aid will hold a Ealo at tho
town hall Friday aferuoon nnd ewen
iug, whon artiolos of cluthiug, faucy
work, ico oream aud cake, oto., will
bo ou salo. All are cordially iuvited
to attoud. Tho uow quilt will bo on
oxhibitiou. fiNo adraission will bo I
Milo Untton Piorce aud Miss Edyttie
Maybelle Harte visitod iu Waterbury
last Suuday.
F. J. Duttou and farnily, lately of
Morrisville, liavo boen stopping at 0.
II. Dutton's.
Miss Minuio Rowell, of Moutpolier,
n rorinor teaoher hero, has lately beeu
visitiug iu this villago.
Mr. aud Mrs. J. W. Fliut of Mont
pelier woro gnests of Mrs. H. L. Rioh,
his mother, ou Suuday.
Herbort OroBB of Springliold arrivod
on Thnrsday for a visit to his mother,
who has boen sick for somo time. Sho
is Blowly improviug.
Miss Marion Sleepor, who has mado
her home at D. M. Bean's for tho past
fow yearB, diod ou Friday morutng.
Sho was seveuty-nino yoars of ago.
Hor nearest relatives woro somo
Oharlos Ohandler has flnishod work
in the mill and'will work forMr. Korr
at Noithflold caring for his greeu
honso. Rov. II. A. Flint of Pittsburg, Pa
who has boou visitiug his mother horo
left on Monday for Anuandale, N. Y.,
where ho will fitop n fow dayB beforo
returniug home.
Mrs. Maud DoPutron of Montpelier
spont Snnday with her brothor, E. W.
A very ploasaut soolal ovont took
placo on Friday eveniug whon Ernest
L. and Miss Estolla Oross gavo a
whist and dauoiug party to their
frieuds at Oross' hall. About twouty
llvo oonplos wero .prosont. Tho flrst
put of tlio ovoning was speut playiug
whist and lator dauoiug was indnlged
iu for a conplo of hours. E. J. Uon
tioll nnd Oadets Mooro aud Doo fur
uishing music. Refrishriiouts woro
sorved aud a jolly good timo was had
from thb flrst of tho whist to tho last
of tho danoo.
Mrs. Flora B. Bliss is quito ill with
Fred Loightou has routod tho J. P.
Nowtou plaoo ou East Maiu stroot.
Mrs. w'. H. H. Mcars visited hor
daughtor, Mrs. L. P. Slack, in St.
Johnsbnry a part of lnst wook.
Tho uew boilor for tho croamery has
arrivod and will bo placed in positiou
at oiioo.
Leslie O. Tuokor has sold his horse
to Frauk Talbot of Wells Rivor.
Miss Lou D. Millor is visitiug in
Boston and viciuity for a few weoks.
H. E. Tanner haR withdrawu from
tho raeat bnsiness for the prosont, be
ing nuable to oonduot it in connection
with his farm dutios.
P. G. Bemis has leasod tho a. ti.
Paoker farm aud stook for oue year.
Ho took possossion Maroh li).
Deuuis FolBom has moved his famlly
aud offects to the F. H. Brown placo
ou Gilman stroot.
Wesley D. Lambectou is loamiug a
baggage master's dutios ou tho M. &
W. R. R. with which company ho has
registered as spare mau for this sor
vioo. A. W. Uole has purchased tho old
oreamery bpilcr. I
A. W. Mears of Barton aud Morrill
Mears of Hollistou, Mass., are viBitors
in towu.
April 1 will soon bo at haud. That
dog of yours has a price on hiB head
whicli tho the towu olork, W. H. H.
MearsJ will be pleased to recoivo into
his hauds ou or boforo that date.
O. II. Stnith has beon drawn as petit
juror aud was uotiilod to appear at court
last Monday uioruiug.
Lyman Fliut, who roceutly pur
chased tho saw mill property of Mar
shall aud Co lius, has routod of J. W.
Mears the placo ho owns ucar the
mill yard, knowu as tho A. H. DaviH
Soveral meiubers of tho local lodge
Kuiglits of Pythias atteudod tho dis
trict lueoting of that order whioh was
hold iu Barro ou Tuesday nveuiug of
last week.
Tho case of Dr. W S. Miuard of
Waterbury agaiust tho estate of 0. S.
Adums, whicn was to liavo boeu heard
in county court last week, did not
come to trial. Sottlemeut wns agreed
upou betweeu tho two parties ou the
day sot for trial.
Mrs. E. O. Prestou wishes to returu
thauks to the mauy friouds and uoigh
bors who assisted at the time of tho
death aud tlirough tho fuueral sorvices
of hor husbaud.
0. H. Kobinsou, who has had qunr
ters at the houi'1 of Ira H. Edson for
sumetimo past, has reuted rooms in H.
H. Moaaor's tonomont honso ou dopot
stroot. This ch.auge was necessary for
Mr. RoDinson owiug to Mr Edson aud
family moving to Bartou Laudiug.
Thero will bo u bosiuess moetiug of
tho baud at the baud room Saturday
evouiug Mnrch 20. It is importaut thnc
ovory uiember of tho orgauiatiou bo j
present I
The ladies' aid society of the Moth
odist uhurch will hold a now sugar
and plain doughuut sdcial at tho I
chnroh vestry Thursday evouiug of
this woek.
Tho soloctmeu havo postod noticos
of a towu uieetiuc to bo hold at the
town house Tuosday the fith of April
to trausaot tho folluwiug busiuoss:
"To see if the towu will voto to pay '
tho ontstaudiug orders drawn by the
formor road couimissionor, 0. J. Bnx
ton. Ou aud aftor Tuosday uioruiug tho
oreamory will rocoive milk overy day. '
S. H. Packer of Fiskdale Mnss. is iu !
death of Jiis mothar, Mrs. Lovina Par
ker, J. A. Eunis has leasod his homo
farm to his sou, Ora Enuis, who will
take possesisou about April 1. Ora's
sister, Mrs. E. O. Prestou, will keep
houso for hiui.
Edward Hedgos of Bostou, Mass.,
nnd Johu Heon of Philadolphia wero
iu towu last week to meetMark Moars
iu rolatiou to property iuterests iu tho
Tho f'nneral of Mrs. Laura Davis
Lamborton, wife of.M. R. Lambortou,
svho aiod on Monday eveuiug ot last
weok was held Weduesday thn 10th at
tho Oougregatioual chnrch, Rev. W.
E. Nowtou oiliciatiug. The floral
trihutos were mauy aud beantifnl,
Mrs. Lamborton had ,beeu iu poor
health for several months bnt uassod
away very suddenly at the last. Sho
was in tho nlty-nrst yoar of hor aB ;
a most ostiuiable womnu aud had mauy
triends wiio will miss hor kind face.
Espeoially will sho be missod in the
homo whioh sho loved so well, by hor
hneband ana daughter Lilian, who
cared for hor bo tenderly and to whom
mucii sympatny ib oxpressod.
rjutored into rest Lovina Newton
Paoker, wife of the lato Dr. J. Q. A.
Paokor, Friday eveniug, Maroh 18.
Mrs. Paoker was boru in Lyndon,
Mass., Ang. 27, 1820. In 1813 sho mar
ried Dr. Paoker whom sho has snr-
vived by uearly elovenjyoars. Soou
aftor thoir marriago they sottlod in
Vermont and thlrty-oiRht years of hor
life woro passed in this placo. Sevou
ohildreu woro boru to bless their union
all of whom survivo hor, theso are Dr.
l'la. iJaoker or Xiowoll, Mass.. Mrs.
Oharlos Olark of Whitman, Mass., S.
U. I'aoker of Fiskdale, MaBB., Mrs.
Josoph Hamilton of Danville, Vt.,
Mrs. u. auco i' lsiior ol uabot, Mrs.
D. K. Luoaa aud Mrs. Mark Mears of
this plaee. For more than ten years
Mrs. Paoker had beeu a patiout suifor
er and hor fortltndo and courago dur
ing thoso ynars exemplified ono of the
soorets of her beantiful Ohrlstiau life,
Ou Feb. 27, 1807, she with hor hus
band joiuod the Mothodist chnroh at
this placo and dnring tho yoars of her
streuRth did muoh to aid the ohuroh
and caase. Dnring hor protrawtod
feobleuoBB bIio haa for tho moBt part
boon the oaro of hor dauchtor. Mrs.
Mark Moars, with whom she mado
her homo slnoe her husbaud's death.
Fnnoral servicos were held from the
homo on Tuosday, Rov. W. E. Newton
olUoiatlug. Prnyor was olforod by
Rov. Josoph Hamiltou of Danville
Tho llornl offorings woro mauy aud
boautiful. Musical soleotions woro
roudored by Mrs. J. Bortou Plko aud
Mrs. Horbort Emory, graud-danghtors
of tho docoaeedi Tho body wns laid
to rost iu tho family lot iu tho oouio
tory at Lowor Oabot. Two of tho
ohildreu, Dr. Ed. Paokor of Lowell,
Mass., iina Mrs. Oharles Olark of
Whithmnu, Mass., woro proveutod by
sioknoss from attoudiug tho fuuoral,
As spring approaohos thoro is a do
maud for now milch cows. Sevoral
havo boeu sold to go out ot towu nnd
thoro 1b a call for moro.
O. I. Olark has boaght fonr oxou to
put iuto tho sagur placo when tho sea
son opous. Ho has oue of tho best
sugar placos iu tho towu with au op
portunity to uso uoarly 2,000 buckots.
Mrs. Sarah Little hni routod hor
sugar placo to Loon Londry.
Thoro aro mauy farmers who will
uot make any attempt at sngariug this
soason on acconnt of the scarcity of
help nnd the press of other work.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Ellsworth Sargont of
Pompauoosun havo beeu visitiug his
paronts aud brothor, coming on Tues
day. Mrs. Sargont retnrued to thoir
home ou Friday and ho romaiuod till
tho first of this weok.
Mrs. Carrol Stnith and daughter
Jeuuie of West Fairlee visited at J. P.
Sargeut's last Weduosday and MiBS
Jeunie stayed till this woek.
Doacon L. E. RiohardBon aud J. P.
Sargont have boou prostrated with tho
rlp. It is tho flrst time that Mr.
Sargont has beeu noufluod to tho honso
a wholo day by Bioknoss in flfty-ouo
Miss Eniily B. Johnson, who h(.s
boou teaching iu Randolph high school,
is sponding her vacatiou at home.
Miss Auna L. Bragg has returued
troin a week's visit iu Bostou. ..
Dau MoLaughliu atteudod the fn
ueral of R. J. MoMullin iu Duxbury
last Saturday.
Mrs. Hauunh Dnikoe, widow of the
lute Arba Durkoe, diud at hor homo
iu North Faystou, Maroh 10, aged
O. ti. Mohurou's new steam ongine
has uot sulllciout power to rnu hiB saw
mill aud ho has ordored a bottor oue.
It sooms too bad that Mr Mehron
should be hiudored as he has boou with
ovor l.OO.OOO feat ot lnmber ready to
Mrs. Kat9 Piorce, who has beon
working for Josoph Uhapin of Middlo
sex, is uow keopiug house for J. R.
and J. D. Thompsou.
Olarouce Kow, who was sovorely iu
jured iu Eagan's mill in Waitsfield, is
stayiug a few days with his uuclo, G.
H. Kow. He exijocts to bo uble to
resnme work this week.
Sngariug is liugoriug in tho lap of
wiutor, muy farmors have scattered
their tubs, but little tappiug has boeu
douo as yot. A. D. aud F. A. Bragg
have pnt a brau uew "Londer" evap
orator iuto their sugar house.
Miss Jauet Smaill, who has beon
spoudlug several woeks with frieuds
iu Oauada, camo home last Thursday.
Oharles Lawronce, who has boeu
stayiug witli L. M. Ohaudler the past
wluter, has purchased the John Forris
farm iu Waitsfield for ?2,500.
Largo quantities of balod hay arejbe- (
ers nre short.
Ohoster M. Dana has hired a large
farm aud stook iu Randolph aud will
move thero very soou.
Oharlie White of Ooriuth was called
to see his sister, Mrs. John Morrison,
on Mouday.
, Jared Millor was iu Barro ou Mou
day. Mrs.J. O. hood of Barre is at Johu
Morrisou's for a whilo.
E. R. Ta'pliu of Corinth was iu
towu ou Mouday.
George Morrittis siok, alsoOlnreuoe
Harry Mclam was iu Bradford ou
Tuesday aftor tho housohold goods of
N. R. Johusou.
E. Ourrier has mado a roll-topped
writing desk for Frod Hayward and
for beauty aud workmanship it is hard
to boat.
Jamos Mckay is ill.
D. G. Mokay has had a tolephono
put in receutly.
Aiuoug thoso who aro siok this
woek aro : Mrs. A. 0. Wormwood,
Mrs. Albort Oorruth, Mrs. 0. B. Fisk,
Mrs. Putnnm Hayward, Mrs. Olarenoo
Laug, aud Robert Browu.
Mrs. Elmor Oorruth of Corinth was
at Albort Corruth's on Saturday.
A. O. Wormwood was in Bradford
ou Saturday.
Mrs. Johu Morrisou is a very little
better so she takes light nourishmeut.
Oharlie Mularn returued from Dan
ville, P. Q., on Friday.
Miss Sarah Mokay is visitiug Miss
Ella Olomeut iu Orange for a few days.
Oharlie White and wife were in town
ou Saturday.
Mrs. A. 0, Jaokmau is visitiug iu
J. A. White is ill with the pre-
vniliug distompor.
Mrs. Jossie Monay and Mrs. Mary
Hayward were in Bradford ou Thurs
D. N. Mokay is ill.
Milo N. Webstor has gone to Lan-
0aster, N. H., to work.
Henrv Leet aud !J. R. Molam eaoh
havo sold a horse to Walter Bixby of
Mrs. Estolla Pavuo and Mrs. A. B.
Boedo of WaitB River niade calls In
town on Thnrsday.
Mrs. Potrio Tabor died on Friday at
Barre where she haB beon makiug her
homo witl) hor nieoe. Her retnainB
wore brought horo on Suuday ; fnnoral
sorvioo at the Mothodist ohurch of
whioh shu was a momber, Hev. J,
Wright oflloifttlug. Doooased was boru
in Topsham soventy-four yoars ago.
Sho leaves two niooos, Mrs. Johu Starr
aud Mrs. Bagley Abbott.
Beantlia j Kind You Haw Always Bwjl
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Robort J. MoMullou died at his
homo at Crossott hill, Duxbury, Wed
uesday, March 16, of pueumouia, at
the age of flfty-six years. He leaves
a wifo aud ono brothor. The fuueral
servicos wore hold ou Saturday aftor
uoou at his lato home. Rov. F. B.
Kollogg took ohargo of the servicos.
Guy Boyco'and wife of Proctor, who
camo to towu forn short visit, were
oalled asvay by tho uews of the 1 urn
lug of oue of the.millB of tho Proctor
Marble Compauy on Monday. Tho
mill was ono of soveral that Mr.
Boyce has chargo of.
0. E. Wyman of Moretown was in
town on Monday.
Thero was a large attoudauce at the
eutertainment iu honor of St. Pnt
rick hold in St. Androw's hall on
Friday ovouiug. Rov. Thoiuas Loon
ard gave a flue looture, taking for his
subjoot "Tho Isle of Scholars. Miss
Kath'erine Duf,nii of St. Johusbury
rendered soveral vocal solos. After tho
oxoroises ico creain, cake aud coffeo
wero sorved. After ten the young
peoplo indnlged'. iu dauciug uutil mid
night. Lula M. Camerou died at the homo
of hor mother, Mrs. J. O. Freeman,
ut Waterbury Couter, Maroh 11 ; she
had uot beon stroug for sevoral years
aud was uuable to rosist a severe at
tack of grip with whioh sho was taken
sevoral weeks ago. Miss Camerou was
boru at Middlesex, Jan. 10, 1884, aud
came here aoout tou years aco. She
was a faithful and cousistout member
of the Methodist church aud nlso a
metnber of the Woman's Reliof Oorps,
iu both of which she will be groatly
missed. She waB loved by all who
kuow hor and her natnral uiusical
titlent mado her a usoful member ot
tho soaieties to which she belouged,
aud a joy iu the home' cirolo. Her
fnueral wns largely atteuded, from
her lato homo Suuday, March 18. Tho
Rov. Mr. Emory, a formor pastor,
ofliciatod assisted by Rov. Mr. Royes.
Tho floral ott'eriugs wore mauy aud
boautiful, tho iutormont was in tho
old comotery at this place.
F. L. Maxwell, uiglit operator at
tho passenger statiou, has beeu ap
pointed statiou itgeut at Moutpolier
.Tunctiou. Mr. Maxwoll began his
dutios on Mouday.
E. E. Campbell aud wifo visited
frieuds in Middlesex on Suuday.
The uext mootiug of Alhambra ou
compmeut will bo hold ou Friday
eveniug, Maroh 25. Tho Roynl Pur
plo dogroo will bo oouferred.
The Waterbury board of trade, which
numbers about 100, will hold a bnn
quet at Barrett's hotel, Friday eveu
iui.', March 25. Col. Albert Olark, sec
retary of the Homo Market Olub of
Bostou, will address tho meeting. Ar
rangoniuuts aro being niiide to make
this oue of the best of suoh ovonts
hold in Wnterbury,
Mentor lodge, I. O. O. F., will hold
u masquerade promeuade aud dauce ou
the eveuiug of April 4.
Miss M. J. Nelson has commeuced
work iu the milliuery parlors of Mrs.
A. B, Greono.
W. D. Davis leaves this week fdr
tho Proflle House in tho White Mouu
toius to nreparo the honso for sum
mer businosB. '
Mrs. E. E. Oampbell visitod iu
Northfield last week.
Tho teachers' examiuatiou will bo
held by O. D. Mathewson of Barro
March 24 and 25 at tho nchool build
ing. Dr. W. D. Berry of the hospltal haB
bought tho Olark Sanitarinm in Bur
lington and will take possossion Sept.
Miss Ethel Ohild, who has boon ill
for the past weok, is able to be about
J. A. DaniolB of Middlosex will
tuovo into tho WattB Iioueo ou the
Farrar additiou.
Oornolius Moody was in Montpelior
Frauk L. Kuight aud wifo rotarnod
from Bostou on Friday.
Tho followiug lettors are unolaimed
at the post-ofllce: Henry Rhodos,
MtB. B. O. O'Haro, Florouoo Cone,
M. Maokonsio (2 , Xavior Sorpornnt.
liss Oarolyn Wells left for Boston
ou Mouday to attend the spring mil
liuery oponings. On her return Bhe
will trim for MIbs Alice Baoon.
Harold aud Hormou Oampboll aro
visitiug relatives in Braintroe for a
In tho caso of G. S. Blaisdoll vs. E.
L. Johusou before J, K. Fullortou the
filaintiff disoontinued suit after hear
ng road a letter ho had proviously
written the detoudaut but had forgot
ten. Dale for plaintiff, Moody for de-fendant.
Mather & Temftle
18 and 20 Saie Street
Rowo Morrisou visited iu Barre
on Suuday.
Mrs. O. H. Haines is visitiug frieuds
in Bellows, Falls.
Mrs. Will Patterson is critically ill
with pueumouia.
Mrs. Helou Summerville returued
from Waitsfield ou Monday.
Bert Taft was in Montpelier ou
Tho mills aud stone sheds shut
dowu ou Satnrday on accouutof short
age of water fur their boilers.
Trouble with tho strainer ut the res
ervoir was the oause.
Mrs. Nellie Bates left last week for
Burliugtou for instruction iu ohiro
pody aud shampooing.
Mrs. Sellio M. Chase has reutod
her store to Rurt Moody for a furui
ture aud uudertakiug establishmeut.
M. K. Caue aud lizra Olark have bo
guu to put iu uew counterB aud fix
tnres aud will put the whole store iu
good ropair.
The publio dance nt Barrett's hall
was tho last iu the serios of tho dauc
iug class. Abont forty couples partici
pated, many being from Moutpolier.
The special town meoting is onlled
for Monday, Maroh 28. There seems
to bo quite a little rivalry for the
olllco of road commissioner, the
uames of Dow Adams, W. E. Mar
shall, H. F. Hill of Waterbury Couter
beiug most prominent.
Rov. P. A. Smith will preach his
fnrowell sermon at the Methodist
ohurch uext Suuday. His people re
gret that he is not to returu to this
Mrs. B. E. Wallaco aud Mrs. Gor
trude Breeu attonded the Wright
Burt wedding iu Stowe last wtek.
A large number of Waterbury people
weut to St. Albsns last Friday to ot
tend the fuuoral of Willinm Manches
ter who was killod iu the Northflold
railway wreck.
Jack Daly was prosecuted for iu
toxicatiou on Saturday and fined .10.
80. He took au alteruntivo senteuce
of tou days iu jail iu Montpelier. L.
0. Moody appeared for tho State.
Archie Towue wns apprehendod for
breaoh of the peaoe on Saturday, and
was convictod of assault ou Heury
Gabroe, boforo Justice J. K. Fullor
tou, aud fiued $111.50 whicli he paid.
Bickford, who was the real charaoter
iu tho nfl'nir oscapod. L. O. . Moody
nppoared for the State.
Brookfield Grauge will havo a so
ciable and box supporon Friday evou
iug. March 25. The publio is cordially
invited. fJvory lady ploase briug a
box with enough in it for horself and
ouo more. Tho boxes will bo sold for
a small sum to defray the oxpeuses of
tho oveuing. Hot coffeo will bo sorved.
There will bo a short literary aud mu
sical program after wnich a social
timo will be eujoyed.
U. A. Olark has boou siok the past
week with tho grip.
Miss Elizabeth Abbott at tho Couter
is sick with pueumouia. '
A. L. Follausbeo wns in Northfield
lnst Snturdny ou bnsiness.
Gladvs nnd Arthur Pnrkor of the
Enst Hill speut two dnys heio last
week with Mr. aud Mrs. Heury Orock
er. Miss Uatheriuo Beuham is spending
her two weeks' vacatiou from hor
school iu Hartford with her pareuts,
Mr. aud Mrs. E. Benham.
Twonty-fivo nionibers of Brookfield
Orange visited SuowBvllle Grango last
Saturday oveniiiK
Mrs. Oarroll Orane was in Randolph
ou busiueBB last Friday,
Oharles Parmenter of Heunlker, N.
H., camo liiBt Satnrday to spoud sev
oral days with his brother, J. W. Pnr
moutor and family,
MIbb Miuuie Smith of Randolph
speut Suuday with her mother, Mrs.
Lavilla Greon.
Mrs. John Brown is siok and con
linod to her bed. Muoh aympathy is
expressed for Mr. and Mrs. Browu in
their ill health.
Last week Mrs. William S. Gravos
had a visit from two nophews, both
DhysloianB, Dr. Brigg Bnboook of St.
Riohard's Falls, N, Y and Dr. 3ab
cook of Waudona, Minn.
Miss Eva Sargeut has boen ougnged
to teaoh tho spring toim of sohoolin
tho primary dnpartment at tho villago,
Miss Bessie Panton at tho Oenter nnd
Miss Thomson of Oolohester on West
Olayton Tuokor movod his goods to
Barre last week.
The seleotmen have appolnted J. M,
Angoll of East Brookfield to flll the
Mather & Temfiie
18 and 20 State Street
riontpelier, Vermont.
vaoanoy in the board
ors in the placo of
who resigned.
There was a small
aunn il church and
of school direot
E. H. Ohadwick
attendance at.the
sooiety meeting
Tho committee
Onlisau. Oharles
chosen wore Teronce
Williams aud Frauk
P. Lamsou.
Cora Mcliinuey has goue to New
York. Sho intends to speud the great
or part of the year there.
Korbort Ward and wife aud Albort
Phillips aud wife lately visited their
friends, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Parcher.
Mrs. Nelson Beach, Mrs. Uarrie Nel
son, Mrs. Ella Phillips, Mrs. Shaw
and David Tnruer are siok.
Mr. and Mrs. F. Hart visited his
sister, Mrs. E. Seaver, at Waterbury
Center last week.
Miss Maud Barnes of Bakersfield is
visiticg her sister, Mrs. Wells.
Samuel Turner aud son, Walter, are
sick with the grip.
Jessie Ward was in Danville caring
for her mother, Mrs. George Freeman,
last week.
Mrs. Ella Hart was with Mrs. Sam
uel Somerville four days last week.
Misses Mabel aud Louisa Folsom
will attoud school at' the Seminary in
Moutpolier the spriug term.
MrE. George Folsom was called to
Chester last week to care for the siok.
Miss Mertio Butler is at WQrk for
Mrs. Harley Turner
Ruth Whoelor celebrated her tenth
birthday last Mouday eveniug by giv
ing a party to twelve of her little play
tnateB. Pit aud fliuch with other
Karues occupied the evening, after
which cake aud ice oream were sorved.
Miss Ruth reooived quite a number ot
preseuts. Tho family broke up about
10 o'clock and each ono went home
with the memory of a very pleasant
Mrs. Euuice Sulham went lost Tues
day to Moutpolier to visit for a woek.
Wade Beujamiu has commeuced
work for R. B. Taesoy.
Mrs. Arthur Corthell of New York,
who is stoppiug for a weok with her
pareuts iu Hardwick, called ou frieuds
iu the placo last Snnday.
Tho ohildreu are propariug exercises
for Easter Suuday.
Lee Gpodell aud Harry Bunilmm
were iu Montpelier last week.
Iua Burnkam is working for a white
for Mrs. Bortlia Morso.
Frank Hnrriugton, who has been
liiviug with Mrs. Myrtie Lnuce for
tho past two or three vears, has gone
to1 work on the quarries.
Arthur Boujaiuin has been obliged
to lny off work for two or three weeks
ou acconnt of ill health.
George Guyotte has finished work
for Hassnm aud will go to work on
tho quarries.
Tho South Woodbury Dramatio Clnb
is preparing to play the drama en
titled, "Down in Dixie" beforo long.
Altou Boujamiu celebrated his fif
tioth birthday Wednesdav eveniug,
the 15th inst. by giving a whist party.
Four tables were mado up. Refresh
ments wore sorved early in the even
Ira Prestou is at home for a short
Harold Morse, who has been at
Pike's Statiou, N. H., is at home a
suflerer from rheumntism.
Prof. L. J, Hathaway of Montpelior
Semiuary has beeu speudiug a fow
days at Rev. Josoph Hamiltou's.
Johu Ourrier had a faiuting spell in
his ntoro last Satmday aud has not
been at his storo sluce theu.
George Piokett lias been quite ill
with grip tho past. week.
Petor Wesson has beeu ill the past
week with the grip.
Mrs. M. F. Pilgrim, who has beeu
quite feriously ill, is slowly recover
iug. Prof. B. E. Goodnough, Miss Ella
Pago aud Miss Nanoy Peck havo been
engaged for tlio Bpring torm at Phillip
Mr. aud Mrs. O. W. Strattou have
both been ill tho past week.
Martiu MoDouald returued on Sat
urday from Minneapolis, Minnesota,
where he has been visitiug his nuolo,
Johu Martiu,
Mrs. Louis Kondall of Laconia, N.
H is visitiug her sister, Mrs. P. H.
F. N. Tinker of Norwich University
is spending the Easter vacatiou witlv
his brother, J, E. Tinker.

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