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Dr. Humphreys.
Aftor llty yotira Dr. nuuipnroys'
Bpcclfics onjoy tho groatost populrtrily
Micl largost snlo in thoir hlstory, dtio to
intrlnslo morit. Thoy curo tho slck.
110, ccnEs, rmcEs.
I Fovcn, Congostlons, Innammntlons. ,25
II Wornia, Worm Fovor, Worra Coilc. ,85
S Tcctlilna;,Colle,Cryln8Wokofulncaa .33
4-Illftrrhca, ot Cblldron or Adults 35
7 OoiirIii, Colils, Bronchltls 35
8 Ncurnlirin.Toothacho.Faceaclio .35
0 Ilondncho.Slcklloadacho.VcrtlffO.. ,35
10 Dyipcpaln,IndIgcstlon,WcakStomoch,a3
11 Supprcascd orl'nlnful l'crloda.... .35
13 Wliltca, Tool'rofu8ol'crlod3 35
13 Cronp, LnryiiRltli, HoarscnoM ,35
14- Snlt Illiciim.Eryslpclaa.Eruptlons'.. .35
10 niiciimntlnm, Ithoumatlo Falns .35
10 Mnlnrln, Chllls, Fovor nnd Aguo .35
10 Cntnrrh,IniUionza,ColdintheUoait .35
80 Wliooplng.Coiiali .35
B7-Kldnev Dlicnscs .35
BS-JVlttoih IloMllty... 1,00
80 Orlnory Wcnkncss, Wcttlng Dod.. .35
77 Orlp, Hay Fovor 35
Eold by druggUU, or scnt on, rocctpt ot prlcc
X3- Dr. Humphreys' New Poekot Manual
of all Diseasos mallod freo.
Ilamphrcys' Modlclao Co., Cor. Wllllam aml
JotinSts.. Now York.
Mr. aud Mrs. Oharles N. Whitmarsh
nnd child nrrlved lu towu ou Sntarday
moruing from PaBadona, Onl., wliero
they spout tho wintor. They axpoct
to mako Veruiout thoir houie in tlie
future. Mib. George Andrews niid
daughter accompnnied Mr. nnd Mrs.
Whltmarsh from Pasadoua to Boston,
loaviug that city for thoir suramor
liomo iu Newton. Mr. AndrowB is ox
peotod witli his bou iu .Tnly. Mra.
Mary Gonld left on Fridny for Boston
to moot Mrs. Androwa.
J. S. Loveland liad tho niisfortuno
to cut liis Ior quito soverety below tlie
kneo ou Friday. Tho wound requirod
Bovonil stitohes.
Tho fouudation work ou tho uow
stouo sliods of tho E. B. ElliB Cotn
pany aro all conipleted and tlio con
tract of bniidiug tho sauio hns beeu
awardod to tho liabinou Lumbor Co.,
and work will bo rapidly done.
Tlioro will be a specinl lneotiug of
tho flre dopartmont next Snturdny
Mr. nud Mrs. Ed Handloy nud boii,
Oharlos, of East. Grnnvillo, sponr Suu
day iu town tho guests of Prof. and
Mrs. Arthnr Winslow.
Miss Blnuolie Smnlley left todav for
Boston to tnko up the study of roleg
raphy. Rov. Walter Dole's Sun-'ny Bohool
clnst wore plonsnutly eutert-iiiiiid ur,
tli homo of Miss Rutli Dole on I-'riduy
A onBO aud u half of beer wns tikeu
froin tho soft driuk placo ou the .luLs
farm ou 'Cliursduy night. Notluctu
tho thief is ns yet discovored.
Tho einployees of tho E. B. Ellis
sliods had thoir picturos takou ou Sat
day inoruing. Joo Bullock wns tlie
artist. Tliese piotures nro to gn ns
cnts in a niagaziue coucoming this
Tho Orange gavo a sooinl dnuoo ou
Friday ovouing iu aruiory liall. This
was atteuded by nbout fifty coaplos
ana au roport n pieasnut eveuing.
Jnlins Biughnm lias beeu ill aud uu
able to nttend to his duties on the
truok teain. Mr. Biughnm is much
improvod at tliis writing.
The Northfield Telpehouo Oo., hns
begnn coustrnotiou ou n new liiifi to
West Berliu
Mr. Muiuin or at. Albans wns iu
town ou bnsiuess last week.
The higli scliool boys had rnther
liard luok at bnll playing ln9t woek.
They wore defeatod at Randolph ou
Wednseday aud again at Bethel ou
Thursday. Bnt for all of thnt tlieir
conrago 1b good aud they expeot to
win other gatnes to ruake up for theso
Bradford Hovey is quite ill.
Davis Bros. iiavo boguu construc-
tiou of n new stoue shod at thoir
worksiu West Berlin, tho present shedB
were too Btnall to inetthe demnuds of
thoir iuorensiug busiuess.
Will Brooks loft for New York on
Satnrdav after attoudiug tlie fuueral
of his brother, Jauies Brooks.in towu.
E. F. ThouiaB is iu Moutoeliei on
Saturday on bnsinoBB.
A lnrge uumber of thentro going
peoplo nttonued Busy Izzy nt Mont
pelier on Fridny eveuing.
Miss Jettn Thomas hns beeu 111 tho
pnst wook but is couvalesoout at pros
iut. Edwin Jouos acoidently slippoJ nt
tlie bnrra iks about two weeks ngo fall
ing down u ilight of BtairB, spraiuing
his ankle. He is now ablo to be about
but his foot lias uot eutirely recov
ered froru the sprniu.
A new telophono lias becn plnood at
Kingsley & Moade'B. Oall 1C22.
Ed Korr is ablo to roBamo his duties
at thu market aftor a fow days' idle
ness causod by tho olfeots of a rnsty
uail which ho stoppod on last woek.
L. h. Kont nud J. L. Stoue liaro
forruod partnersliip aud will tako cou
tracts for oaTponter work in tho fu
turo. Tho flrm nnmo is Kont & Stone,
both aro confpetent workmen aud are
certain to give thorough fHtisfuottou
to thoir pntrous.
Mrs. Tom Bird nnd eoii nro iu tuwn
and are to residoat thoir homo on Elui
Mr. Potit liaB ronted tho Ida .Tohu
eon hnaso on Slaco arenuo nud will
-rnovo thore at onco,
Miss Mando Uowos was ill last week
nnd unable to nttend to lier dutios in
Field'B store.
Mrs. Ed Oweus of Barro was in
town tho last of the week.
Tom Oannon uiovod into tlie honso
the recontly pnrohasod of Johu Koough
on North Main atroet on Fridny.
Mr. Kooagh lias uioved iuto the hoaso
noxt to Mr. Oauuon'B.
Will SVoodbnry ruovod fiom tlio
Donahno blook ou Friday.
Tho fonntain wns uuoovorod last
'week nud tho pnrk now prosontB n
isuminor iiko aspeot.
I To Cure a Cold in One Day
Laxative Bromo guinme Tabiets. m
Seven MUUon boxes sold In post 12 months. ThlS slgnatHTe,
Not Another Liko It In Our Broad
To givo poBitlvo lionio tostlmony iu
ovory loonlity 1b of itsolf uuauswor-
ablo proof of niorlf, but wheu wo ndd
to tliis tlio oontiuuod cndorsoiuont
from people wlio toBtiflotl yonrs ngo no
ovldouoo onu bo strougor. A oitizon
grntofnlly noknowlodgos tho good ro
coivod from Doan's Kidnoy PillB, and
whou timo lias tostod iho ouro wo flnd
tho Bnuio hoarty oudorsomont, wlth
nddod outhaoiasm and ooutiiiaod
prnlso. Onsos of tliis kind nro plonti
fnl Iu tho work of Donn'B Kiduoy
Pills, nud suoii a rocord is uniqno in
thu nnnals of rnudioine.
Frod Dodgo, livlng ou tho Worces
ter Brauoh, snyB: "My kiduoys
aohed bo badly nt tiiu b that I was un
ablo to do any wor nud 1 hnd to bo
vory oarefnl iu liftlng to prevout
sharp twiugoB in my loinn from oc
curriug. I triod plasters aud lini
mouts but thoy did mo no pormnueut
good. I had n bad spoll nnd had to
got sonie ouo to do rny work. I saw
Doan's Kidnoy Pills advortised aud
mndo up my rniud to try them. I got
n bov nt W. E. Poolo's, druggist,
Mqntpolier, Vt. Aftor using ono box
I felt bo rnuoh botter that I got two
moro aud they oompletoly relioved mo.
It was the flrst titne in years that I
felt uo pain aoross my Kiduoys."
For salo by nll donlora, prico BO
oeuta a box. Fostor.Milbum Oo.,
Buffiilo, N. Y., solo agouts for tho
United Stntcs.
Romomber tho uamo Doau's aud
tnko uo other.
i graphapouo
concert wns givou
store on Saturday
from Huntloy's
Mrs. Oharlos Houstou
and Mits
Bridgot MoUaulilf recontly
visited iu
James O'Grny of Roxbury lins pur
ohused tho J. M. Donahuo houso on
Wntor street. Oonsidoratiou, $2,500.
Miss Miunie Mooro roturned ou
Mouday from Burlingtou wliere bIio
hns been visitiug for somo time.
Mrs. Homor Flint nnd sou, Plumloy,
of Alleghnny. Pn., nrrivod in town on
Weduosdny ovoning to spend tho suiu
mor with hor pnronts, Mr. aud Mr.
Frauk Plutulov. Rev. Mr. Fhut is
oxpeoted later.
Miss Grace Ingnlls of Bnrro spent
Sundny iu town the gnost of lier moth
er, Mrs. E. Iugnlls, on Penrl stroet.
Mrs. Ohnrles Bnldwin of Moutpolior
is a visitor iu towu.
Kout Hodgodou, wlio lias been qaito
sick the pnst threo weoks, is ablo to
bo out.
Harold Joubort lias boon quite sick
the past woek.
Mr. aud Mrs. Samuel Yoaton of
Brooklyu, N. Y., were iu towu on
Friday to attoud tho fnnoral of their
uephew, Jaui09 Brooks.
Mrs. J. O. Nichols, who spent tho
wiuter iu town.wout ou Friday to Al
bany, N. Y.
F. L. Howe wns in Moutpelior on
busiuess on Fridny.
PostmnRter Richmond is iu receipt
cf somo new postnge stnmps issuod by
tho govorumouo during the holdiug of
tho Luuisiaua Parcliase Expositiou.
Thoso stamps aro cortninly n work of
Tlie f uuoral of James Brooks, whoso
death was moutioned last week, was
held from his lato homo ou Friday af
tornoon at 1 o'olook and burial was iu
tho faniily lot in Elmwood cemetory.
Rev. E. W. Sharpe oflioiatod. Sovoral
seleotions were sung by a quartot.
Thoro was a lnrgo gatheriug of neiuh
bors nud friends to pay their fiual
tributes to tho momorv of the decoasod
aud the lnrgo oontributious of flowors
woro benutuui. xno oenrers woro
Hnrry Mosoloy, Guy Dowuiug, irauk
Ohaso, uud Ohnrlets Newtou. Mr.
Brooks wns n farmor nuu wnB evor
houestly nud kindly disposed iu his.ro-
intious to othtrs.
John Keltv of Moretown wns a gunht
of relntives iu towu ou Suuday. j
The slreets about towu aro rathor j
dusty but tho Htreet sprinKior Jins noi
mndo its npponruuoe.
Ohnso & Roys recontly reooived n
lnrge order of furniture to equip tho
liotel in uoxbury. uiauaa uoys weui
to that town with tho first load ou
A uuiou teraperauoe meotiug wns
held in tho Uuivorsahst ohuroh on
Suuday ovoning. Rev. F. B. Kollogg
of 'Waterbury was tho orator of the
ovoning nud dolivorod au ablo addross.
Tho oilloo of tho towu olork hns ro-
ouutly beeu greatly improvod in ap
poarauco by now furnituro from the
Btock oi Uliaso gs uoys.
Miss Holon Howo speut Sunday iu
South Roynlton the gue'st of relatives.
M. E. Yarrlngtou lias sold his bar
fixtureB to partios in Windsor.
A gamo of basn ball was plnyod on
tho N. U. oampus on Snturdny nftor
uoon betweou tho 28rd battory of Fort
Ethau Allou and Norwioh Uuiversity.
Tho scoro rosultod iu favor of the lat
ter 10 to 2. Iu the llftli inuing Oray,
tho pitoherfor Norwioh, had his thumb
pnt out of joint nnd QhaBe aoted ns
Tlio sooial at tho Oongregatioual
ohuroh held on Wodnesday ovoiung
was Jargoly nttendod.
O. E. Brnokett of Roxbury wns iu
towu ou Saturday.
Tho nppearnuao of Frnnk Ohnso'a
uow mnrkot hns beou grontly improvod
by tho addition of now ourtalns and
othor furnishlugB.
Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Edgertou viBltod
iu Windsor lnst wook. .
E. Wilson hnd tho nilsfortuuo to )
havo ouo of his oyoB bndly injnrod iu
tho E. B. ElliB sliod ou Friday attor
noon. Tho wonnd was bo sorions thnt
Mr. WilBou loft on Sntardny for Mont
roal whoro it 1b hopod tho sight of tho
oyo may bo snvod. It is hopod that
tho reoovory may bo rnpid.
Miss Ennun A. Giflln hns purohnsod
a building lot on North Maiu stroet of
Danlol Mo'Oarty. This lot adjoius lior
mothor's proporty.
Mr. nud Mrs. Edwnrd Kolty nnd
dnughtor, Eliznboth, woro in Brook
field rooontly. (
Licouaos jDxpirod at 11 o'olook Tnos
day uight. Tho oxit of tho snmo was
very quiot nud tho town lias onco
again resuniod its old timo dryness af
tor a yoar of ovorilow. Thoro will bo
no moro boozo for bhIo in town for nn
other yoar nt loast.
Jamoa Ologg rotnruod from Frnnk
fort, Mo., last woek aud left for Hard
wiok whoro ho expoots to havo omploy
ment. The board of oivil authority mot on
Saturday aftornoon in tho town ulerk's
Mrs. Fred Fnrkor sufforod n aovero
stroko of parnlysis Satnrday morning
aud thoro aro bnt little hopoa of her
MIbb Goorgia Browster of Rnndolpli
Coutor visited Miss Floreuco Loornis
ou Snndny.
A numbor attonded tho Elito Lndy
Minstrpls nt Bnrro on Snturdny ovou
ing glvon by Rutli Ohnptor O. E. 8.
Ozrn Wiuoh, wlio hns beeu nondnod
to tho honso by sicknoas the pnst fow
weeks., is ablo to ride ont.
Miss Jessie Silvor wlio hns beeu ill
with diphthorin is mnoh oottor.
Airs. Will Boyntou and daughtor,
Elizaboth aro visiting in Rutland.
S. A. Hatoh is working in F. W.
Ohaao's market.
The towu farm hns recontly beeu
thoroughly providod with uow fnrni
turo from tho ilrm of Chaeo & Roys.
Tho furnishiugs nro now of nu up to
dato class nnd the place bears ovidonce
of tho great iniprovomout.
Ooughs and colds, dowu to tho very
borderland of cousumptiou, yiold to
the soothiug, healiug 'infiuenccs of
Dr. Wood's Norwny Pino Syrnp.
Loon Dubnque spent Thursdny aud
Fridny at his home in Grand Isle.
Ralph Uenny, Henry Farwoll, Rob
ort Bliss nud Mr. Kiugsburr of Mout
polior woro nt Goorge Wardner's last
woek fishing, but fouud tho water
rathor too high and cold for their bus
iuesB. Mrs. Alex Bfiaton rotnrned to her
homo in South Ryegate ou Thursday.
Lnureuco Buok, who has beou at
homo for sovoral wooks ou account of
poor hoalth, rotnrned to his work iu
Providonce, R. I., Thursday.
Mr. aud Mrs. Adelbert Hart of
Kaudolpli spent Sundny nt George
Miss Fauuio Bribtou of Brookfield
is nssisting Mrs. W. O. Prido with
lier work for a fow wookB.
Wnlter LaRose, visitPd at Oharles
Duffanoy's in Northfiold, ou Sunday.
Mrs. 0. J. Baker aud Mrs. Clareuco
Mudgott spout Saturday in Randolph.
Oharles Bigelow of Brookfield was
iu towu sovoral days lnst wook ruu
niug lino fouces botweon some of tho
farms iu this vioiuity.
Hattio Kidder wns nt homo from
lier scliool iu ,Robxury over Suuday.
Tho "pit" pnrty at Lou Blauchard's
Tuesdnv evoniug was much onjoyed.
Ethel Warduer aud Harriot Prestou of
Northfield were hore to attend.
Melviu Martiu of Williamstown was
u guest of Leou Dubnquo Suuday.
Mrs. A. Ladd, who is uearly eighty
four yoars of ago, whilo comiug in
from tho woodshed ou WednoBday fell
aud broko oue wrist nnd sprniued tho
other. Dr. Ellis of Brookfield wns
Pnul Duffnuy hns beeu ill with
stomacli trouble tho past wook.
A tolephouo was placed in tlio homo
of Horaco Wakefiold last Satnrday.
Merrill Lord of Berliu was iu towu
last woek.
Joues Stoolo has a now horBQ which
he purchased of George Flugg, Brain
Sorntuh, soratoli, scratoh : unable
to atteud to busiuess duriug the day
or sleep duriug the uight. Itohiug
piies, horriblo plaguo. Doan's Oint
ment ouros. Novor fails. At any
drag store, 50 conts.
A f all hoaso witnossod tho third
nreseutntion of "H. M. S. Pinnfore"
in Dubois nnd Gny's hnll Fridny
ovoning. O. O. Boodlo of Koono, N.
H., ugnin nctod ns couductor aud his
son, linrl Boedlo, plnyod iu tho or
ohostrn uud lendored n cello solo that
wns ospooially woll taken. Tho othor
spooialty was a duot aud cako-walk by
Dr. SV. M. Kolty nud Miss Lottio
Bnilov nnd this numbor rocoived do-
sorvod npplnuse.
Mr. uud Mrs. Wiilium Youug loft
liero ou Fridny for Soutli Roynltou,
to spond n wook visiting thoir daugh
tor, Mrs. Urod wright.
Mrs. Emma Rocd loft hero on Fri
day for Lyndonville whoro sho will
visit friends for a fow days.
Gliarlos Beodlo nnd son, Knrl Beed
lo. ot Koono, N. II., wlio hnve beeu
guests of Mr. nnd Mrs. A. H. Boedlo
for tho past wook. havo rotnruod to
thoir homo.
The flnu Bnrnell & Totmnn, florists,
hns dissolved partnorship nnd H. M.
Totmau asanmos tho busiuess. F. J,
Buruoll will remnin lu somo little
timo nnd will asaist Mr. Totmau nt
tho greenhouso.
Robort Ohodol loft hore ou Friday
for a few days' visit at his homo iu
Pittsfield. Ho will retarn horo Mou-
The fuuornl of Horitoo Ohuroh, wlio
died Thursday moruing, was held at
his late liome ou Friday aftornoon
His boub, Penrl of Albany aud Robert
of Rochester, N. Y., nrrivod horo
Curcs Grlp
In Two Days.
on every
box. 35c.
Tho Kind You Havo Always Bought, nnd which hns hcca
iu uso for ovcr 30 ycars, has horno tho slfjrnatiiro of
- nnd hns hcon mndo undcr his pcr
r jCJ&Jty'f'jP, sonal snpcrvlslon sinco itslnfnncy.
Wuzf?, -CUCSUM Allow no ono to dccclvo yon In tliis.
All Gotmtcrfclts, Imltntions nnd " Jnst-ns-good" nro hnfc
Kxpcriiiicnts thnt trlflo witli nnd cndnngcr tho hcnlth of
Infauts nnd Childrcn Expcrlcnco ngalnst Expcrlmcnt
Cnstoria is n hnrmlcss suhstituto for Cnstor OI1, Paro
gorlc, Drops nnd Soothlng' Syrnps. It is Plcasnnt. 16
contnins ncithcr Opiuin, Morpliino nor other Narcotio
suhstancc. Its ngo is its gnarantco. It dcstroys Worius
and nllays Fuvcrishncss. It curcs Diarrhvua nnd Wlnd
Colic. It rcllcvcs Teothing Tronblcs, curcs Constlpntlon
and Flatulcncy. It nsslmllatcs tho Food, rcgulntcs tho
Stoninch nnd Bowcls, giving iicnlthy nnd natural slccp.
Tho Childrcn's Panacca Tlio Blother's Fricnd.
Bears the
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
Wodnesday and Thursdny rospectivo-
Rev. G. IS. Liadri, pahtor of the
Oongrogatioual church, officiated at
tho fuueral.
Mrs. U. A. Laug of Montpelier nr
rivod in town ou Friday to spond a
fow days with Mr. Laug horo.
Fred Onrtis left on Fridny for
Montpelier to niako his fatlior, Dr.
W. S. Onrtis, a Bnort visit before go
ing to Greensboro for a sovoral days'
liBhiug trip.
A SureThing.
It is said that nothiug is suro excep
doath and taxos, but tliat is uot alto
goihur true. Dr. Kiug's New Discov
ery tor Oousumption is a sure ouro fo
all lnug aud tliroat troubles. Thous
iiids cau tostify 10 that. Mrs. u. u
Vnu Metra of Shepherdtown. W. Vn.
snyst' lhau a sevore caso ot tsron
chitis and for a vear tried overything
I lioard of, bnt got uo rolief. Oue
bottlo of Dr. Kiug's Now Discovory
then cnred me absolutoly." It's in
fallible for Oroup, Whoopiug Cough,
unp, Pueumouia and Uonsumptiou.
Try it. It's gnaranteod by O. Blakely,
Druggist. Trinl bottlos lroo. Jieg.
sizos fiOo, $1.00.
Tho St. John de Orevecoour clmpter,
D. A. R., have nrraugod the 'follow-
ing program for tho year's work :
May 10 Ticoudorogn Day, Mra. Elln
F. Richardsou, hostess. Old Salem,
Mrs. Elisha May j Vitchcraft, Mrs.
Ohnrles G. Brnloy. August 16 Ben
nington Day, Mrs. Ohnrloa H. Stov
ous. hostess, nicnic. Ootobor 10
Yorktown Day, Mrs. Goorgo H. Oross,
hostoss. Oolouial Boston : Sottletnout,
Miss Oaroliuo S. WoodraiY; HiBtorio
Placoi, Mrs. Oharlos H. Stovous;
Famoas Men, Mrs. T. O. Fletcher.
Decombor 1(1 aunual mootiug, Mrs.
W. P. Stntlord, hostess, papor by Mrs.
Jouathan Koss, lnstorian.
Tho Grcou Mountaiu Oaskot Oom
pany is liuishing ott rooms m tno
Hookor buildiug on Mill street iu
which will bo maufactnrod all kiuds
of caskcts nud casket boscs.
Mrs. Willinm Tylor aud daughtor,
Margarot, nro visitiug nt Prosidout
M. H. Buckham's at Burlington.
Jaduo Henry O. Bales, a mombor of
tho court of tho flrst instnuco in the
Philippiuos nud statiouod at Iloilo,
has beon granted a flve months' lonvo
of nbsouco. Ho aud his family left
Manila a fow days ugo nnd thoy will
spond tho suinmor horo nt their old
Mrs. V. V. Orcntt. is visiting in
Mnnchostor, H., for n short timo.
Mr. nud Mrs. Snmuel Wright cole-
brnted the Bixty-sixth nuuivorsnry of
tho mnrringe Mouday, May 2 Mr. and
Mrs. Wright aro tho oldest. couplo in
towu, botli being eighty-niuo years
of age. At prosout Mrs. Wright is iu
foeblo hoalth.
Mrs. Waruer M. Wilioy ib nt Snrn-
nao Lnke.N. Y., cariug for hor sister,
who is Boriously ill.
Dr. W. J. Aldiich hns resignod ns
honlth oflicor, to tnko offect Mny 8
He lias held this poeitiou for Bome
years nnd hns given geuoral sntisfno-
A Startling Test.
To save a lifo, Dr. T. Q. Merritt, of
No. Mehoopany, Pn., made a startling
test reBultiug in a woudorfnl ouro. Ho
wrltes, "a pationt was attaokod with
violent hemorrhngcB, onused by uloor
ation of tho Btomnoh. I had often
fouud Kleotrio Bittora oxoollont for
aoato Btomnoh nnd livor troublos bo I
prosoribod thoiu. The pntieut gninod
from tho flrst, and lias not had nu at
tnck in 14 mouths." Elootrio Bittora
nro positivoly guarautood for Dyspop
Bia, Iudigestiou, Ooustipntion nnd
Kidnoy troublos. Try thoiu. Only
50o nt 0. Blakely 's.
Rov. Mr. Ooulidgo pronoliod
olosiug sermou for tho yonr
Rov. Bonjnmln Wheolor nnd dnugh
tor, Myrtio, of Woroostor wore in
town ou Suuday.
Signaturo of
X. O. Browu of Bostou was at
Warren Qoodoll's Saturday and Suu
day. Mr. and Mrs. Orson Fntnnm, frora
the east part of tho town, havo beon
visiting a wook nt Wniren Goodoll'B.
Dan MoLonu has moved his family
to oue of John Morso's tenemouts.
Elwiu Hartland Goodell, infant scu
of Mr. aud MrB. J. O. Goodell, was
ohristeuod last Sunday.
Arthnr Benjnmiu, who is in vory
poor hoalth, wout to North Montpe
lier lnst week to remnin a fow tuouths
uufler the care of his uuclo, Dr.
Mrs. Grace Burnham visited her
annt, Mrs. Oora Blodah, in North
Moutpolior, last Friday.
Otis Wheeler is makiug somo repairs
ou his buildiugs at Piue Blull aud will
move his family thoro after tho 20th.
Palnt Your Buggy for 75c.
to $1.00 with Devoe's Gloss Onrriage
Paint. It woiglis SS to 8 ozs. moro to
the piut thnu othors, wears longer,
and givos n gloss equnl to now work.
Sold by Abhott & Bniloy. 1
When you hear oue womnu rofer to
another womnn of 30 ns n girl, it's a
pretty snfo bot that sho 1b nUo oirry
iug weight for age.
jr.HiC'C rtho Havo Ised Thcm
LrUll.ORecommeiid ns tho RtST
JI5 5S. KT,'n
ImmedUte rellef, no dinEcr.no ralo.
Uieil torytar; byleidlnipUllin, HundredsorteiO.
monUli. A tr lal will couvlnce you ot their Intrlmlc vslnt
IncaBeofsupprcBBloD. Scnd len centi for Bampla ajMr
cook. AIIDraiiitlitiorbynialialJObox.
Thoro is tiothing bcttor thnu pure
Ground Bono iu mnking gardous.
A tenspoonful iu n hill is n porma
uout bouoflt, lnstmg nll snmmer.
Wo wholesnlo it at 8.25 por bnrrel
of 200 pouuds, froights prepnid to yonr
railroad stntiou.
Enoloso $3.25 iu oheck orpostnlmon
oy ordor, or iu n legistored lettor nnd
n trial barrol will bo shippod to yon
promptly. If you don't uood it nll
divido it with your uoigbliors.
Wo publish a little booklot, showing
liow to aso Orouud Bouo ns n Fortu
izor in gnrdeus nnd iu grconhousesnnd
to promote tho growtli of yonr flow
ors nnd shrubbory send your unme
on a postal card aud it will bo sent
yon froo by return mail. O. S. Page,
Hydo iark, Vt.
Butchers, Merchants and Hide Buyers
Should writo to Oarroll S. Page,
Hyde Park, Vt., who wishos to pur-
ohnso thoir Hidos, Oallskius, Sliopp
Pelts, Tallow nnd Bones. He pays
spot oash. He pays tho froights. Ho
pays full markot vaiuos. liu wishos
to arranco with somo one in overv
villago, whoro ho hns no agout, to sell
Poultiy Supplies nnd to piok up for
hiiu UidoB, OnlfBkiuB, Hhoop Felts and
Bouos. Ho furuishos monev with
which to buy and he keeps his ngonts
thoroughly posted nt all tiinos ns to
mnrkot vaiuos. Write hiiu for full
Womon attondauts, ages 18 to 25,
salary $10 to $20 por mouth aud
maiutonanoe, inoreaso of $1 every
frtx mouths nutil maxlmnin 1b reaohed
Kor nnplioatiou blnuk nud fnrthor
nartionldrs nddross Dr. 13. O, Dont,
Suporiutondout of Mnnhattan Stato
Hospital. West, Ward's iBlnud, Now
York olty.
Pennyrqyal pills
TJ v Orlslnnl nnd Onlj inutnts.
wlth biuj rlbboo, TaLe no olhcri Itefino
IKCrou HubfttUuUon and liult
Uuns. Huy of yonr Irnitt- or nd 4. la
lUinpi for lartluUr TctlmoiilftU
od lleltcf for l.dlr,MM lti, T re
turn Mall. 10.000Tit(rooolli. SoMbF
All Druicltti. rhlrhvatcr ('brmtal C-
KMIliiUUpirir. MadUn Hnnr, 1111 LA., PA
Legal Notices.
In I'rnlialoCourt, licld at Moiilpfllor. In and for
jajd DlJlrlct, on tlio 80th day of AprVU A. I,
AnlnstriimontniittmrtlnF to in tlio last Will and
Tutaiiinit of WII.I.1A.M A. MAKKll, lato r Cabot,
in tnld dlstrlct, dcccasoil, nng prcsenied to
th. Court for l'roljnle, 11 l ordcrod hy (aldCourt,
tliat all poraona concrniPd tlicrcln iio liolllled tu ap
pcar at a tcaalon nrsald Court, to Ijo licld nt tlio I'ro
liatoOnlce In BalilMontpcIlcT.on tlio rd dayofMay,
A. U.. 1904, and tliow cause.lr any thcj may h.vu,
aKalnat tlie probato of eald Instrumenti for whlcli
purpoao It I. rurtlicr ordcrcd, tliat tiotlce or tlila
ordor lie pulillilied tliroo wccka aucccaolvcly In llio
nowapnper prlntcd at Slontpollor, ln tlila Htato, pre-
Tloua to lald timo appolntcil for licarlng,
uy mo uouri. Atieai,
ln l'roliate Court, lield In Montpelier, In and foi
ald Illatrlct, on tlio 8rd day of May. A. II. 1904:
. Wllllam I'retcott Adinlnlatrator of tlio eatato of
WIM.tA.M II. HUN100N. lato of I'lalnneld,
ln aald Dlstrlct, deccaacd, mikts appllcntlon
to aald Court, wltli tlie conacnt and approba
tlon In wrltlne or tlie nldow and l.olra of aald
dccoaseil, rraldlim ln tlio Etate of Vermont, for II
cento to aell all of tlio rcal oatate oi aald do
ceaacd, eltuatpil In t'lalnfleld, In aald dl.trlct, to
wltl liome farm and aprlmr, Includlng tlio Intercat
of tho wldow of aald dect-ascd tliorelu and the linme
etead rlght, repreacnilng thnl tlio anle thertof
woulil be bencflcla to tho wldow and lielra of aald
dcccaaed, and thoso Intercated In ltla oatate, ln or
der to convert sald real ostate lnto inoney.
Whorcupon, lt Is ordcrcd by aald Court, tliat satd
appllcatlon bo rcferred to aseaslon tbcrcof, to be liHd
al tho l'rnbato Ofllcc, ln sald Montpelier, on tho 21st
day of May, A. I). VM, Tor licnrliiK and dcclslon
tbcroont and It Is Airther ordcreil. that all neranni
Intcrcslcd be nntllled licrcor. hy publlcatlon of liotlce
of aald appllcntlon and order thcreon tbrve wi-cks
auccesslvely In tlio Vkhmo.nt Watchman and
STATE Jouknal. a newapapir publlshed at Mnnt
peller, ln this Htatc, aml which clrculatfs In tlio
nelghhorlinoil or thoso Interostcd bcforo aald tline of
liearliifr, that thoy may appear at sald llnie aud place,
and, Ifthcy sep cause, obcct tliereto.
lly tho Court Attrat.
18-20 IIIKAM CAUl,KTON..tude.
State of Vkkiio.nt,
d19tkict of wabi1inoto.v, s.8.
In I'robate Court, hehl ln Montpelier, In aml for
aald Dlatrlct, on tlie 4lli day of May, A. 1).
Warren K. Illlss, Ainilnlftrntor of tlio estate of
AI.I1EUT N.IIl.IsS. lato ol Calais, ln fcnld Dlstrlct,
dcceased, makes Hppllcatlon to aald Court, wlth thu
consent aml npproballon In wrlllng of the wldow
nnd hclrsof auld dtccaMil. i i-f Idlnc In the State of
Vc-rniont, or Ucense to scll all of tlio rcal catatc of
sald (lcceanil. sllunted ln Calais, In aald Dlstrlct,
to wlt: llomc fartu, wltli thut btilldings thereon,
also tlie Marshall lnrni, wlth the bulldliiKS thfrcon.
lucludliiK Ihe Intcrcst f the wplow ofaald deccased
thereln. au.l tho hnuiObtoad rlght, representtnx that
tho snlc tbereof woulil he bencllclal to the wldow
aud liclra ofsatd deceased. aml those Interested ln
Ida cstato, ln order to convert sald rcal estate
w hercunon. t is nruercil nr sn n Uuurt. t hat aa d
appllcatlon bo rcferred toa sesslou thcreof to be licld
atthe l'rohatu Olllce. In sald Montpelier, on tho 21st
day or .May. A. I). 10W, for licarlnit and ilc-
cision inereou, ami, u is luriner oruereu, tuai au
pcrsons Intcreatcd bo notllleil liercnf by publlcatloL
of iiutlcu ofaald applicatlnii uud order thereon thref
weeks successlvely ln the Vkumo.nt Watchman
AND Statk Jouiinai., a ncwspapcr publlshed at
Montpelier, ln this btatc. and which clrculates In the
nclghliurhood ofthuso Interested, bel'oro sald tlnio ol
hearlng.that they may appear at sald tluic and place,
uud, lf thoy aeo cause, obk-cttliereto.
lly the Court.-Atteat.
18-Ji) HIItAM CAltLETOK. Judge.
Statk of Vehsiont.
DisTnicT of Washington s. s.
Iu Probate Court. held al Montpelier, ln and for
aald Dlatrlct on the 31st day ol April. A. D. 1904.
Cliarles T. Adauis, txecutor of tho last will and tes
tamentot 11KMIS L. CAMKItON, late of Cabot, In
sald Dlstrlct, deceased, makes appllcatlon to 6ald
Court, wlth the couscnt aud apprubatlou lu wrltlnK
of the IcKalecs and dt-lseea or aald deceased,
resldliig lu thu Statc of Vermont, for llccuso to acdl
all o( the real estate of Bald deceased, situated In
Cabot, ln sald Dlstrlct, towlt: Homo farm, rcpre
sentliiK that the aale thereoi would be beneflclal to
the leKatecs and devlBces oi sald deceasetl. and
tliose luterest''l ln his estate, Iu order to convert
aald real cstato lnto uioue).
Whercupon, lt ls ordered by sald Court, that sald
appllcatlon bo referred to a aeaslou thereof, to be
held at tho rrobato olllce, lu aald Montpelier, on
the ltth day of May, A. D. 1904. for liearlnK
and dcclslon thereon; and, lt ls further ordered
that all nersons Interested ho notlned hereof.bv mib-
llcatlon of notlco of sald appllcatlon- aud order
thereon three weeks auccesslvely In tlie Vkiimont
Watchman and Statk Jouknal, a newspaper
publlshed at Montpelier, In tliis State, and which
clrculates lu the nelfthborhood of thoso Interested
before aald timo ol hearlng, that they may appear at
aald tline and place, and, lt they see cause, object
lly the Court. Attcst.
17-19 IIIKAM CAHI.ETON, Judge,
Tho underslirned. bavlnff been atioolnted bv tlie
llnn. I'rnbate Ciiurt for tlio Dlstrlct of Washington.
Coiumlsslonera, to rcwlve, exaiulne, and aiUust all
clalms aml deuiands of all nersons aualnst the cstato
ol I.AUltA A. I.AMllEItTON. lateof Slarshfleld, ln
aaltt Dlstrlct, deceaseu; ana all cialma exniuiteu iu
otTsct thereto, hereby glve notlco that we will
meet tor tho iiurnoscs aforeaald at tho restuencu or
Moses It. Lainbertun, ln the town of MarshUeld,
n sald Dlstrlct ontheistti uay or Hay. ami iftu
rlnv nf 0..tnhi'r nnxt. rrnm 1 n'clnck 1. M.
uuill 4 o'clock 1'. !., each of said daya,
and that alx months from tho lSth day of Aprll,
A. 11. I'Jin, ls tlie tline iuniien ny aaiu v;ouri
lor sald cred tors to tireseut their clalms to us ror
examlnatlou aml allowauce.
Dated at MarihHcld, this -Mtli uay or Aprll A. lt.,
OltlK H. SMITII, ( Conimla-
17-19 WII.I.IAM 1I.II.MEAIIS,, ( sloners.
Tlie undcrtlffled, liavlng been appolnted by tho
Ilon. Probato Court tor the Dlstrlct ot Washington
Coiuinlssloners, to recelve, examlnu and a.ljiut all
clalms anddeniauds orall persons agalnst tho cstato
orl.U(l ll. Wllr,r,l,r,it laieoi oouuury, in amu
Dlatrlct deceased: aud all clalms exhlblted in oHset
tliereto, hereby glve liotlce that wo will nitot for
tlio purposea aforcsald, at tho Town Clcrk'a Cfflce,
In the towu of Woodbury, lu aald Dlstrlct, on the
7th day ofMay, aud Sind day or Scptembcr, next,
from 9 o'clock A. M. uutll 4 o'clock r. M.. cacli
of sald days and that slx months from the 22nd day
of March, A. D. HHH, Is tho tlme llmtted by sald
Court for aald credltora to present their clalms to
ua for cxaiulatlon nnd allowance.
Datcd at Woodbury, tlila Utli day ot Aprll A, D.
EDDIE M. DANIEt.S.iConimIa-17-19
KUKUS M. PltAY, sloners
A Wonderful Saving
Tho largost Metliodist Ohuroh in
Georgia, cnloulnied to uso over oue
huudred gnllous of tho usanl kiud'of
mixod pnint iii paintiug their church.
Thoy usod ouly 82 gallous of the
Longmnu & Martinez Paint mixod
with 24 gallous of huseed oil. Aotual
cost of pnint made wns loss thnu $1.20
por gallou.
Snved ovor oighty ($80.0f) dollnrs in
paint, aud got a blg donation oosities.
EVERY OHUKOH will be givou a
liboral auautitv whonever thov raiut.
Manv housns are woll paiutod with
four gullous of L. & M. nnd tlnee gal
lous of lniEoed oll mixod thorowith.
Woars aud oovera liko gold.
Thna3 Oelobratod Paints aro sold by
BarrowB & Pook, Moutpolior,
Palnior Pharmaoy, Waterbury,
Fod Porrin, Plainflold,
Howard & Brown, Ludlow,
H. 0. Pieroo, Barton. 18-10
M. W. Wheelock-s
Real Estate Agency
At Montpelier Book Blndery, havo qar
gains ln houses, lots and other valuabli
property. I'laces wanted for first class
clerks, tnale, hotel cook, girls for house
work, lanndry work etc.
t3P"No expense for registerlng
Montpelier & Wells River R, R.
In KSectOct. 1J, 19iel. Tralna leavlnp MompeUtr
as followa Oolng eaats
8iOO A. M. Mall.
(0. V. atatlon 7:fi0 A M.)
No. 3 Mall
Connecta, at Wella Illvcr wltli AccornmxlatIoa
Traln North and Mall Traln aouth over raaeumpsU
DlTlsl,m Iloston AMalno II. II. 1
Also connecta wlth Acc mndatlon Traln North
vls. Whlto Mountaln lllvlslon and wlth Mall Trala
South, which has througli traln aerrlco Irotn Wella
ItlvertolhMon vli. riymoiith.Concord, Mancheate
Naahua, and IiOwcllarrlrlnK at lloston, 4:J0 V, M
HIO P. M. Exproso.
(0 V. atatlon l0r. .)
No. 0, Exoroos,
Connecta at Wella Illvcr wlth Expreas and MxJl
traln North orer I'aasumpslc Dlvlslon II. A M. IU It
8oo Idne Expreas to 81. I'aul and Mlnneapolla
Weatern Expreas to Clilcaa-o and Nlght Expresai o
1'aclBo Coaat polnta vla. C. 1'.. Itv. Tlirough Bleerlu
Cars, Wells lilverto St. I'aul, Montreal to Cblcajro
dally except Saturdaya. Montreal to 1'acldc Cout
and Tourlsta Cara to l'acinc Coaat Wedneadaya.
Connocta wlth Mall Traln for Llabon, Llttleton.
Whltcfleld, Fatiyana, Laiicaster, Oroveton and Berlin.
Also connecta wltli Expreas Traln for lloaton Tla.
Plymouth, arrlvlng Hoston at 8:00 P. M. Thronih
I'arlor Cara. Wells Itlrer to lloaton.
4ilO P. M. Accommodatlon.
(LeATea frora M. & W. It. atatlon only.)
No. 7, Accommodatlon
C onnecta at Wella Ittver wlth Traln North over
aasumpale Dlvlslon II. A M. It. It., for all itatlona
etween Wella Itlver and Lyndonville, wlth Ac
ommodatlon South for all atatlons beiween Wella
Itlver and White Itlver Junctlon, and wlth Accom
modatlon Traln over Wlilte Mountaln Dlvlslon B.
Ji M. It. ltH for Lbbon, Llttleton, WUtefleld and
Tiolnn Woat.
Leave Wella Rlver 7.00, 10.00 A. M. SJS r. U,
Arrlvo Montpelier 95, 11-30 a. u. ti.n r. M.
From Boston.
Leave Hoston 10:00 A. h.
Arrlve Montpelier 6:09 r. u,
Suburbnn Traln Sorvlco.
Leae Montpelier 6.30, 9.45 11.35 a. M. 2.40 iM
8,10 1". M.
Leave Harre 7.30 10.SU A, M. 13.45 3.18, 4.10, 8.80 P. M
W. A. STOWELL, Ueneral Manager.
K. W. HTANYAN.SuperlntcndeHt,
v W.MOHSK.Gen'l I'aaa. Agenl
Gentral Vermont Railwa .
CommeaclnK Oct. 4, 190S.
Tralns golntz South and East Vll
Loavo Montpollor as Follows:
9.00 A. M. MAIi;, week days, for liootou Sprlna
fleld and New York.
12:91) r.M. EXl'ItESS, week days, for lloston and
New York via Sprlnffleld, or New London and Wor
cester vla Nashua. I'arlor car to Boston and Spring
fleld. .M P.M. l'ASSEVaEK, week daya, for Wlilte
Itlver Junctlon.
12:30A.M., dally EXPltESS, for noaton vlalxiw.
ell and all polnta In New England, Nc ' York and
aonth. rullmap Sleepers to lloston and Bprlnir
field. Tra.ns Colng North and Wost.
3.50 A.M., uJly EXl'ItESS for Montreal and tho
west and week daya for OKdenslurfr, Richford and
Ottawa, SleepbiK cars. Montpelier Junctlon to
9.U0 A. M. PA83ENGER. week days, ror Burling
tou. Itulland, St. Albans, Montreal, Ottawa and
9.S5 A. M. Sunday only, I'ASSENUEtt tor IlnrUsx
ton and St. Albans.
3:801'. M. I'AHSENOEK. week days, for BurllnK
ton, St. Albans. Montreal, Houses Polnt Ogdenabarg
an 'tlciiford. rarlorcartoMontrealwlthoutnhange.
3:S5P.M, EXl'ItESS for Burlington, St. JLlbana
andMon'r 1. I'ullmanaleeplngcarfromMontpeUex
Junctlon . Ohlcago wlthout change.
Suburban Traln Sorvlco.
Leave Montpelier at 3:16, 9:20 59.50 a. m.
nM,2M.G.W,iDS), P.M. Arrlve at barre twenty
mlnutes after eavlng tlme.
Leave Barre al 12:01, b:3i, 9.O0 a. m., 11: M.
S.0.5, 5:3ii, r. M. Arrlve at Montpelier, twen
ty mlnutes after leavlng tlme.
Tralna leave fot WlH'anstown at li-Mv. u. and
3.53 p. M.
All pasaeuger tralna will atop at the Ploneer
vv oraa to taae or leave pa'sengers when slgnalled.
Sunday only.
A. M. ADAMS, Agent.
E.H.FITZHDUH.Vlce Pres., OeneralManager.
J. E. BENTLEY. Oeneral Pasveneer Aeent.
Boston & Maine Kailroad.
Wlntor lArrangomont.
IN EFFECT OCT. 12, 1903.
Tralns Loavo Wells Rlvor North
as a (., dally, prlnclpal atatlona to Newport and
2.35 A.M. dally, except Monday f St. Johna
bury Lyndonville. Newport Sherbrooke and Quebe,
except Sunday and Monday,
9:52 A.M.,for statlons to Newport and Sherbrooke
8:22 P, M., for prlnclpal statlons to Newport and
830 P.M. for atatlons to Newport, Sherbrooke aad
3 1 . M., for atatlona to Lyndonville.
South Bound.
1:35 A. M., except Monday, for prlnclpal atatlona to
W. lt. Junctlon, Worceatcr, Boston and Sprlng
neld. 1:65 A. M dally for atatlona on W. M. D., to Con
cord, Manchester, Nashua, Worceater, Lowell
and llOBton.
6'SO A. M., trom Woodavllle for statlons to Concord
and Boston.
9:50 A. M for statlons to y . It. Junctlon, Concord,
Worcester and Boston.
9:55 A, M for a atlonaon W. M. Dlr. to Concord
Worceater nd lloaton.
,85 A. M. for prlnclpal statlons to lloston, Bprlnf-
fleld and Kew York.
l:0i! P, M for statlons to W. It. Junctlon, Sprlng-
fleld. Concord, Worcester and Boston.
:S4 I. M tor Plymonth, Concord, Worces'er and
145 P. M from Woodsvllle, ror statlons to Concord
:50 P M., for all statlons to White Itlver JnncUon.
Colng North on W. M. Dlv. at
52 A. M ror all atatlons.
:30P.M., for all atatlona.
55 1. M., toatatlona to Lancastcr.
0:15 A.M, Sundaya only for Lancaster.
Oon. Paaa nd Tlcket Atzont.
,1' v , ,''ijiiih r.il Miiiy Jienultit'
ii i lue ritbon, TitLe no ther. ltruo
linirirau Kiiftlrullii.. iintl imlta
fff tln fiu; of your !)rgggUt or irnJ 4c. ia
ni Itellef for Ladletsm ittttr, bj re
turn Mull. 1U.OOO TeiMraonUIi. Saldbr
U Dru((l:ni. C'hlcbestrr t'hrmlral Co..
Anyono acndlng n akotcli and deacrlptlon may
qulcklr aacortaln our oplnlon freo whcthcr an
Invenuon l probably pateiitahlo. Communlca.
tionaatrlctlrcontldentlal. HANDBOOK oul'nlenta
BOIll iroo. uiopst ngency ior securniK paieiuH.
l'atonta taken thniugh Mumi A Co. recelve
J trt noti. wjthout charB0, mtne
Scientiftc Jfmct icon.
A handaomolr llluatraled weekly. Iireest clr.
culatlon ot nny clentldo Journal. Tcrnia, f3 a
years four niontha, fL Sold by all newadealera.
MUNN & Co.36,B"ad"- New York
Uranch Ofllca. 135 F Bt. Washington, D. C
We prom)tly obtaln U. B. and Foreljrn
Bend model, sketcP or pt.oto ol InTciition for
t freoreporton
patcntftpiuiy. tor irci
For freo book, J
liow to Becuru
' Paietitit r.ud
Patent Offico
Clfue atd, bfv.JJt tha ,.nlr.
1-romoUS a Inxuilant rTowth.
H.ver Paln to Ueatprs Oray
llalr to Ua Youthful Cojor.
Cures .lp d harr,tlUi-
1- ffi

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