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Teachers of cookery must have the
test. Their work demands perfection,
especially in baking. They cannot
take chances with a baking powder
that will raise today and fail tomorrow.
That is why they use Cleveland's in
their work. They know that it is
pure and sure.
Housewives everywhere will recog
nize the value of such commendation.
P. P. Kollogg of Worcester spent
Snnday iu town.
Frank Burbrick, who woiit to Mniuo
to atrend the fuuoral of his brotner,
who was recoutly killod, Toturned on
Rev. A. M Smith was called to
Betliol to atteud a funeral oti Tuosday.
Dr. B. B. Suiith visited nis broth
or, Marcus, iu Williamstown ou Wed
nesday. Mrs. L. F. Fortuoy and Mrs. D. B.
Sruitfi were iu Barre on Saturday.
F. O. bauuroft is niovuiug iuto the
Jatnes Martin lionse and Qniroy Perry
will occapy tlio teuement of L. F.
Fortuoy ou School street.
Ouo of the fiue pair of horses rocent
ly Durchased by S. N. Beaulao is very
Biok. Mr. Beaulao i8 hoping to save
the auliual ns it is verv valuable.
Ohildreu's Sunday was obsorvod at
the Methodist ohuroh on Suuday with
BongB aud spoakiug by tlie cluldreu.
Everyone likes to hear the little ones
and tlio audieuce showed that Plain
field people ar6 not the exoeption.
Jolin Ityan was called to New York
recontly by tho illness of his mother.
Goorgo Bliss of Marshfield was iu
town on Mouday.
T. P. Bartlett is adding rnuoh to
the looks of his house by putting on a
new piazza, paintiug audother repairs.
Mrs. Bert Wells and Miss Elsie
Warren woro in Montpelier on Friday.
Sadie Sleeper of Chelsea is visitiug
at Arthar Proscott's.
Lena Kuapp, the young danghter o
Mr. aud Mrs. L. L. Kuapp, burued
her hauds soveroly ou Friday. Her
mother had juBt takeu a boilor of hot
water froni tho stove when tho little
girl put both hands in it scalding hor
vory badly.
F. J. Bancroft, who has bsen at the
Plainfield House for the pant weok,
returned to his htimo iu Pawtncko t
R. I on Friday.
Tho Republicau voters are requested
to meot at town hall on Saturday for
the purpose of electing !wo delegates
to tho Stato convontion to be held in
Montpelier on June 80, and two dele
gates to tho district conveutiou to be
held June 20.
Forty-one tiokots were- sold to thoso
attending the Walter L. Maiu show at
Montpelier on Monday.
Tho school year closes tliis week
To Purcliase A Parm
"We were never so well situated to give
: : : you your money's worth as now : : :
45 acre place with a set of buildings which would cost three
times as rnuch as the price asked. Will keep about six cows and
team. Wood enough for place and quite a quantity of fruit.
Brick house which contains eleven rooms, Three barns besides
carriage house. Both house and barns are in good condition.
Place is located only about 6 1-2 miles from Barre city, and from
3 1-2 to4 miles from Plainfield. Near school and in good neigh
borhood. Price, only $ 1 1 OO- Terms, about $500 down
85 acre place 1 1-2 miles from N. Montpelier, about 2 1-2
miles from E. Montpelier, and three miles from Plainfield. Will
keep about 15 cows and team. Buildings in extra good condition,
1 1-2 story house, well painted and blinded. Two good barns
with basement. Good silo. Plenty of wood for place. This
property is located on a good road near school, and in good
Price, S2500
100 Acro Farm for $500. Terms,-$100
Balance in small annual payments. Will keep eight cows
and team. Large quantity of hard wood. Buildings are com
fortable. Place is located only 2 1-2 miles from post office.
Would you not like a complete description of these properties?
If you would, just step into our office or send us a card and we
will cheerfully mail them to you.
Barre Vt. Roo 8 and Qordon Block,
Amoug thoso who attonded tho Uni
vorsallst convoution last weok were:
Rov. aud Mrs. A. M. Suiith, Dr. D.
B. Smith, Mrs. O. L. Martiu, Mrp.
Arch Uacheldor, Miescs Jauo aud Ab
bie Olark, Miss Elsie Warreu aud Rov.
and Mrs. L. F. Fortuoy.
Frank Galo aud wife, who are oW
iu MaseaohuBottB, havo baen at their
old lionio in Orange visiting at the
linmo of Smith Martyn last weok.
They mnde tlio wholo tnp with their
fauiily in an nutomobilo.
Col. A. O. Brown of Montpelier
will be tho guest of Miss Elsie Warren
on Friday and iu tlio ovoniug will
givo au illuBtrated leotnro on the Yel
lowstoue Park at tlio Mothodist
ohurch. Noadtniesiou will bo riiarged.
Co). Brown has giveu thls lecturo in
soveral towns and tho publio is as
surod of a treat.
S. D. Baker wout to the Heaton
Uospital on Wednosday for treatmeut.
Rev. R. L. Shoaff and J. W. Bnt
torflold will reprosent the Gongrpga
tioual ohuroh at tho Stato couvontion
in St Johnsbary to be hold ou Thurs
day. Mr. Sheaif loft on Tuesday.
George Raymond and wife of Barro
were in town ou Saturday
Rov. Alvin M. Smith was in north
ern Vermont aud Proviuco of Quobro
last wcck on business conncotcd with
his Stato suporintcndeuoy of the Uni-
versaliat churches. On Juno 23 and 3
he will atteud the State Convontion
of Womun Saffrage which meeta at
M. H. Eddy of St. Johusbury was
in town on Monday.
Mrs. Mark Mears is quito ill.
O. A. Smith of Montpelier was in
town ou business ou Tuesday.
Mrs. Sadio Rosebrook goes to Greens
boro this weok to again tako up the
position sho has UUed for several sea
sons as oook- iu tho Lake Viow House.
Oharles Hnlbart of South Ryegate
was a visitor in town ou Tuesday.
Miss Josephine Nuto is visitiug in
Mrs. L. D. Nuto was called to Cabot
fnr a day or two tho first of tho week
on acoouut of the illnoss of her daugh
ter, Miss Lou Miller, who is teaching
tno viuage sciiooi.
B. B. Brown of Willimantic, Oonn.,
a former rtwident, is a visitor in town
and is stoppiug with Forrost Walker.
William Marshall of Hardwiok ao
companied by his inothor, who lives in
uaruo, are tlio guosts oi Mr. and Mib.
O. D. Smith.
P. T. Kolloair of Whitollold. N. H.,
is spoudlug tlio wook iu town looklng
aftor his sovoral businoss lutorosts ln
aud about horo.
Mrs. Lnoiuda Lyford diod Tuosday
moruing at tho I10111 0 of hor slstor,
Mrs. Rosutto WilBon, aftor a briof ill
noss rosnlting from a paralytio shook.
M. E. Bocklov was iu Groton 011
Tuesday looklng aftor dotails iu oon-
uootion witii tho oxtonsiou or tno .roo
plos' tolophone systom from Poaoham
to that plaoo.
Romombor Oolo, Mr. aud Mrs. O.
D. Colo and daughtors, Eloanor aud
Floreuco, woro withfrlonda iu Wol
cott over Suuday.
Mrs. G. ii. Nichols and danghter,
eiaidino, havo roturned from their
winter's sojouru with tho son and
brothor, M. G. Niohols, in tho sonth.
I. O. Riokor of Groton waB n oaller
.iu town on Monday.
Rov F. W. Buok proachod in Dan
vlllo ou Suuday in oxohauge with
Rov. O. G. Corso.
Romombor tho cauous at tho town
lionso on Saturday ovoniug and that
tho Iiour ot meotiug is 8 o'olook.
A. W. Blako ro'tnrnod tho last of
tho woek from n visit in Orange and
Rev. Winnifrod Eddy and Miss
Shattuck havo boon in town tho last
fow days ongagod in packiug thoir
lioueo inruishing. it is undorstooa
that Rev. Eddy has closed hor pastor-
ato of tho Uongregational ciiurcii nore
Oousidorablo oxpenso aud labor lias
boen iuvolvod iu iaving out ana lin
proving tho grouuds iu frout of tho
Kmirhts ot Jf vtliiBS ouiiaino aiia it is
ospooially roquostod of tho publio that
passiug over them to ue uvoiaeu.
"Wo are oiTerinu a standard artiole
of flrst nocossity, to all peoplo and wo
oilnr it at the sanio prioo to tno woru
iugman as wo do tho milliouatro. "
Wliat is it? Ask A. T. Davis, spooial
agont for tho New York Lifo Insur
anco Oo.
Marshfield Stars played their first
gamo of tho Benson with the Cabot
toam at Cabot Friday afteruoou aud
were defeated by a sooro of sovou tq
fiftoen. Tho gamo was practically
lost by errors in fiolding and throw
ing tho ball.showing that oousidorablo
praotico was necossary in tliiB respoot.
Tho batting avoragu was ratlior better
tlian that of tho Cabot team.
During the heavy shower on Wed
nosday aftornoou of last woek light
ning struok tho dwolliug of Edgar A.
Lamberton causiug oousidorablo dam
age to oue chimnoy, stovo and stovo
pipo, bnt did not sot fire to tho build
ings. No ouo was at Iiome at tho
time exofptiug Mr. Lamberton who
was not injured at all by the shock.
W. F. Stevous of Barre is m town
fof a the wook and during his stay
will niako soruo praotical demonstra
tious of the work doue by the Iuter
uational Correspondenco Sohool of
which he is the ropresontative.
Several from this place took advan
tago of tho excursion ratos to Mont
pelier on Monday aud quite a fow at
tendcd tho Main oirous which they
pronouncod good.
O. R. Donnison was oalled to Mont
polior Tuosday by thd illness of his
Ono of tho bcst sormons ovor prcachcd
in this placo was that delivcred by
Rov. O. G. Gorso boforo tho Knights
of Fythias and sister lodgo of Rath
bono Sistors at their momorial sorviccs
which woro held in tho Methodist
churoh last Suuday morning, and
throughout tho Borvico his rcmarks
wero giveu tho olosest attontion by
tho largo cougrcgation prcscnt. His
text and rcmarks, whilo olosuly appli
cablo to tho priuoiples of tho ordcr of
Knights of Pythias, could woll bo
adoptod by ovcry citizon whotlior a
member ot seorot organization or not
and vast aud uumeasureablo would be
tho benefits and blnssiugs roceived.
Let tlio local organization draw very
near tho liues laid out in tho sermon
and tlioy will fiud their fleld of nso
faluess broadeuing and membership
increasing aB rapidly as may bo do
Walter Stoddard is ereoting a now
Mr. and Mrs. W. Hayford aro re
joioing ovor a son that arrivod ut
thoir liome the 7th.
Mrs. Walter Sanders is very ill with
rheumatism. Mrs. E. J. Wilson is
caiing for hor.
Doer aro gettiug numorous aud a
lyux has beeu soen in tli i b vioinity.
Mrs. T. Taylor cf Sodom is caring
for Mrs. W. Hayford.
Russoll Collins has commeuced ox
tousivo repairs on his barn.
Mrs. Edith Willard spent a fow
days in Montpelier last week.
Mrs. Phllena Willard and Miss
Julia Fostor attondod tho UniversaliBt
Assooiation in Montpolior, Thursday
and Friday.
Tho uoxt Grange moeting is Wod
nesday, Juno 15.
Mrs. Mallory oxpeots to sell her
houBOhold goods at publio auotion at
tho villago hall, Juno 10.
Clark Sibley lost ono of his largo
work horsoa reooutly.
Mrs. Ned Witliaiu aud ohilrdon aro
visiting rolutivos in town.
Sovoral from this plaoo attonded the
circus at Montpelier.
Mr. aud Mrs. Frank Willard at
tonded tho funeral of Oarl Smith last
Miss Nolllo Ohaso roturned homo
Saturday from a woo.k's visit with
brothor and frionds in Northfield.
Harry Dudloy speut Suuday and
Monday with liisbrothor in Moutpo
ior. Several peoplo from this plaoo spont
Suuday at W. M. Olark's oottago at
Sitbin poud.
Sorvicos will bo hold in tho-Brlok
ohuroh Suuday, Jnuo 10,
Mrs. O, M. Hambliu atteudod tlio
mnsloal convontion at Burlington
Juno 18 and 14.
Tho mombora of tho I. O. G. T. that
attonded tho reuulon at East Calais
Saturday, Juno II, wero Mrs. A, S.
Fostor, Julia Foster, Harry Daulels,
Elmdr Howland, Miss Howo, Olaronoo
RobbiuB, Riohard Willard, Alboit
Wlieolor, Ella Dudloy, aud Lena Olark.
All ropot a vory good timo.
Mles Nettln Shnmway of West Fair
lee is at her brother's, Oharllo Shnm
way 'b, for a few weoks.
Mrs. Nolson Kollov is ot work for
Goorgo Baldwin.
A. P. Worthon 1b liavinn his barn
Bhinglod, also Ira Lowo is liaving his
nonso smngiou. .1. a. uoodou and K.
Thurston aro doing tho work.
JolinVoruioath 1ms bought a r.laoo
aud has movod to tho villago.
MIbs Mao Eaton is kooping lionso
for W. E. Corliss.
Mrs. Horvoy Hood of East Topsham
was iu town ouo day last weok solling
ball-boariug shoars.
Ezra Marston of Windsor was ln
town ouo day to soo his cousin, Viola
Fowlor, on his wav to East Topsham
to seo 1UB sister, Aiu. i ox.
About 200 tickots woro sold at thls
statlou 011 Monday for Montpolior to
thoso attonding tho Waltor S. Main
big show.
Mrs. G. F. Miles, Mrs. P. S. LewiB
aud Miss Lowis of Middlesex woro
guosts of Mr. aud Mrs. E. E. Oanip
bell last wook.
TT n fSanftti nP Rrnnlffnn wna ln
town on SundayT tho guest of E. E.
Frank Dow Bpont( Suuday ln St.
M. 0. Konnedy was in Burlington
on Friday ou business.
Miss Ida Morton of Morrisville has
boen tho guest of Miss Oouaut for
Bevoral days.
Z Earlo Hill of Riohmond was iu
town 011 Suuday.
Tho gradtmting exorcises of tho
high school wero hold ou Wednesday
ovouing. Tho olass consisted of threo
mombors, Miss ijllou S. Ohilds, MIbs
Oaroliue L. E. Koeno, .Mibs Mary H.
Mauning. Each of the class read au
ossay, tho subjoots boiug as follows:
Miss Ohilds. "Iu Fiolds and Woods:"
MIbs Koene, "Tenuyson, Ab Rovoaled
In His Pootry;" Miss Mauning,
"Lako Champlain." Miss Ohilds
took tho highest honor in soholarship.
Tho program, a3ide from tho esBays
cousisted of vocal aud instrumoutal
musio. Rev. F. B. Kellogg presonted
tho diplomas. On Tliursday ovening
tho alumni gave a reception to the
olass that was very fnlly attonded and
wns a orodit to thoso haviug the
affair in ohargo.
O. 0. Warnor and son will go to
Now York this week for a two
woeks' trip.
Mr. and Mrs. L. J, White wont to
Ferrisburg last week to attend a ro
uoion of tho Bah family. Sixty wero
prosout to atteud the bauquot.
Mrs. Ina Hinsdalo, who has boen
viBiting her mother in town, tias ro
turned to hor nomo in wiiiBtou.
In a very closely contostod gamo of
ball playod on saturday the Water
bury team succeeded iu taking the
scaip 01 uioiimoua to tue tuue 01 iz
to 11.
The Misses Duelle of Riohmond
spont Suuday at their homo.
Goorgo Montgomery, who came to
bury his mother, returnea to JNortn
Dakota on Monday.
The funeral of Mrs. Kphraim Fobs
was held on Friday. Mrs...Jb oss was
tho inothor of the lato" Jaoob Foss
who lived in this town. Among those
who attonded woro Blanohard Mont
gomery and wife, Edgar Foss and
wiie and Kdsvard Demas:
Joseph Hutchinson was obliged to
destroy Ihb horse last woek. This
horse was thirty-niue years old and
has been on the streets in Waterbury
for twouty-five years.
Frank Rogers was unfortunato in
haviug 117 young oliiokouB killed by a
dog on Snnday. A mnu who owns a
sheop dog is unfortunato enough, but
a ohioken dog is tho limit.
Tho oomnittee on by-laws, consist
ing of E. W. Bisbee of Barre. O. H
Lowo of Montpelier, and L. 0. Moody
of Waterbury, met at tho club house on
Lake Mansfield on Saturday. The by
laws were revised and will be pnb
lishod. The directors mot at the samo
time and new house rulos aud regnla-
tiouB were adoptod.
Miss Hannah Brown of the hospital
is on a two woeks' vacation to Bostou
Mrs. T. B. Orossott and Miss Julia
Taft are in Providence visiting for a
tow days,
Miss Woltlia Booker wont to Burnu
ton on Monday to attend the niasical
Ohildron'B Suuday was observed at
tno ouuronos witn appropriate exer
oises. Miss Nollio Ohaso returned from
Rutland on Saturday.
Tho following lotters aro awaiting
olaimants at tho post-ollice: Eddie
L. Perkins, Frauk MoGinuis, Harry
uuoneu, Kov. xr. i'euaors.
Thoro will bo a speoial moeting of
winooski lodgo, 1'. and A. M., on
Wodnesday evoning. The soooud do-
groo will bo conforred.
Ttio Rebokahs will hold a whist
party at W. J. Boyoo's on Tuesday
ijooiiard Hall was arraignod boforo
Justico l'ullortou last week for tho
illogal snlo of intoxioating liquor.
After oouforriug with Jiio oouuoil he
tliought best to ontor a plea of gcilty.
IIo was finod $800 aud costs amonut
ing to $10.10 which he paid. L. O.
Moody appearod for tho Stato, G. W.
Morso for respoudeut.
The Marqnis De Lafayetto Ohaptor
of tho Daughtors of the Auiericau
Revolutiou hold thoir last meeting of
the bouhoii at tue nome ot Jurs. (J. (J
Warren Friday aftornoon. About
thirty membors woro presont. A par
tv of ladios drovo down from Montno
lier in a tally-ho. Aftor a businoss
mooting, tho following litorary and
innBionl program was givon : Oornet
solo, "Violots." Wright, Oharles
Warren; "Govornors of Amorioan
Revolutiou," Mrs. Domoritt; "Thomas
uiiittondon, on Appreoiation, " Mtb.
Palmer: "Jonathan Trumbull. " Mrs.
Robinson; solo. "Whisper aud I Shall
Hoar," with violiu and nornot obhga
to. M. Piooolomiu, Mrs. Domoritt;
juartyrs ot tno uovoiution," jurs.
Huiuosj "Nntliuu Hale, " poem, Mrs.
Kuight: violiu and oornot duot.
"Aniauda Waltz,"' Vandervillo, aud
"Atnorica, " Haroid Atkiua aud
Oharles Warren. Aftor tho program
refroshraeuts wero servod aud a sooial
timo oujoyod.
Jerry Haskius of Moretown yas ao
oidentally shot iu tho nock whilo
handling a revolvor Tliursday morn
ing. Tlio bullot passod through the
baok part of his uook but it )8 hoped
that the wound will not prove fatal,
Dr. Janes drossod tho wound.
At tho bnsluoss mooting of vhn Ep
worth Loagno Sooloty hold Thuisday
ovoniug tho following olllcors word
elccted for tho uoxt six nionths: Pres
idout, Mrs. Olara Sargent; first vico
prosidout, II. H. Fnllqrton; sooond
vico-preBidout, MIbs Julia Taft; third
vico prosidout, Miss 01aTowlo;fourth
vioo-prosidout, Miss Bollo Round ; soo
rotary, Miss Whoolook; asslstaut soo
retary, E. T. Houston ; troasruor, Miss
Rosa Gibsou.
Doau Pixlny mot ylth a paiutul ao
oidout Friday aftornoon wihlo at work
on Bloudin & Fifo'B stono shod. IIo
canght tho fourth fingoi on his right
haud botweou two blocks of granito,
sovering it so it hung only by tho
skin. Ho was takeu to Dr. Janes'
olllco, who drosSod tho wound. Ho
liopos to savu tho finger.
Mrs. Jcnnlo Hibbard 1b viBiting ln
Barro and Montpolior.
Fred Alchurch has returnod to his
work in Wiustod, Oonn.
Aruos Robinson atteudod the meet
ing of tho guu club in Montpolior last
Arthur BubwoII lias boon assigned a
position as mail agent.
L. P. Ourrior, an oxpcrioucod print-
or, has como to flll the position vacat-
od by W. B. Bullook in tho Monitor
0. H. Brook of tho Monitor olllco
spont Suuday at his homo at St.
Johnsbury Contor.
Olavton Waruor startea on Monday
for Arlington, Vo., whore ho will
spend his vacation with his graud-
A. P. Undorwood, who is suporin
tondent in tho Peerle&s fnotory, has
movod his family hore, ocoupyiug tho
tonemont vacated by W. li. BullocK.
J. U. Burke, Eeq., aud family havo
como tb ocoupy thoir house recontly
purchasod ot F. W. uuttiug. Mr,
Burko's fathor aud mother will resjde
with hiin.
Rov. L. H. Elliott, agont for tho
Vermont Biblo Sooioty, spoKo to a
union audionco at the Methodist
chnrcli last Suuday morning.
Rev. W. A. Warnor preached tlio
baccalaureato sermon at Bradford
Academy last Snnday.
Soveral membors of Oriont Ohapter,
O. E. S., atteudod tho Stato convontion
at St. Johusbury last weok.
Mr. ond Mrs. F. W. Baldwin and
Rev. W. A. Warnor attonded tho Stato
conveutiou of Oongregatioual churches
at St. Johubsury this week.
Oapt. Paine and family passed
through Barton last week on their
way to Jj ox uaii.
The grammar school baso ball de
foated the Lyndonvillo toam last Sat
urday, tho scoro being 26 to 25.
Ohildreu's Day was obsorved at the
Mothodist ohurch last Snnday evon
ing; the oxerciBos by the childron, as
sisted by tho choir, weio very pleas
The Barton villago base ball team
played an interesting gamo with. Island
Poud last Tliursday, defeatiug them
by a score of 11 to J.
A rnorry party. consisting of G.
Fred Wheoler with his gun olub of
boyB aud girls, spent last week at Wil
loughby Lake. Mrs. 0. W. Tenney
and Mrs. 2. ii. Uuo aoted as chap
orone for the girls, who occnpiodMrs
Tonnoy's cottaco.
The Orleans Couuty Fair Associa
tion is preparing for a big Fourtli of
July cialebration at Roaring Brook
Tho villago bakor and the photog
rnpher wout fishing one morning this
wook. The fotmer, Harry Gravos,
oaasht forty aud the latter, E. A.
Wolcott, sixty fino trout.
Mrs. G. O. Lang is attending the
Viavi convention in Manohester,
N. H.
Dr. Kent, and E. J. Badger of
Barre woro in towii on a fishiug trip
last Thursday.
Wavio Morse' who has been working
in Philadelphia was in town last
The Republidan State and district
oauous will bo held in the town hall
Thursday night, Juno 1G, at 7:80
W. E. Hawos and wifo of Barre aro
visiting his son, u. J. Hawos, for a
fow days.
Cabot ball toam defoatod the Marsh
fiolds last Friday in a good game.
Sooro 15 to 7.
Luoius Oolo and wife of .East Hard
wiok wero in town last Saturday.
J. T. Drew has uuloaded a car of
draiu tile at Walden station and will
havo all sizes on hand at his storo iu
Thoodoro Woods has purchased C.
A. Jondros' farrn in Waldou.
Mrs. Nollio English and her sister,
Bortho Swordfegor, havo gono to East
Northfield, Mass., to atteud tho com
moucement exeroisos of tho Moody
Mrs. Ina Rpgora lins gcno to Enos
burg Falls.
W. B. Lauce is attending the Grand
Lodgo of F. and A. M. at Burliugtou
this woek.
L. O. Fisher was iu Moutoolior laBt
Tho Cabot ball toam will play the
East Hardwiok ou Cabot grouud Sat
urday. June 25.
Rov 0. D. Lauoo of Sheffield visit
ed his paronts a fow days this weok.
MIbs Lou Miller was takou sick last
Mouday and was unablo to teaoh hor
Boliool for a few days.
Mrs. M. D. Warren, who has beou
stoppiug iu Poaoham aud.Oouway, N.
H., was at home this woek.
Harry Hvard, tho "Drummor Boy
of tho Potomao," gavo tiis outortaiu
mont in tho town hall last Saturday
night. If applauso is a domoustration
of tho qualities of au ontortaiument
it must havo beon a vory gooa ono.
Dr. II. G. Willlams was in Montpo
lior last Mouday.
N. D. Lvford aud 0, H. Rogors aro
doing a job of paintiug' Iu South
The Cabot oroamery furuishos tho
following roport for tho paBt month :
Milk recoivod, 401,441 lbs; oream,
80,023 lbs; total 481,403; total fat test,
26,001; buttof niado, 28,280; galu 18
per oout; lilgliOBt test ruilk, 5.70,
oroam 27; lowost tost, milk 8.80,
orouiu 15.60; averogo 4.07, oroam
20.83; paid, 18 centB ohurn tost or
3O 1-8 oll tost; cost of making l.Oo.
per iu.
Miss Oora Noblo loft horo on Tnns-
day for Bethel to snoud tho (tnnimnr
months with hor fathor, W. 0. Noblo.
Jacksbn Vail and Fred Onnalnnd
havo gono for a fow dava llshiug
trip at Lako Mltcholl, Sharon.
Mrs. Honrv Pono of SnrliiBfleld hns
arrived iu town aud will Bpend a fow
days with Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Pope.
Rev. and Mrs. Homor White and Rov.
Albort Oarswpll aro iu St. Albans at
tending the Episcopal dlooosan con
vontion, Rov. aud Mrs. White will
go tho lattor part of tho wbek to
Enobsurg Falls whoro they will spoud
several dayu with rolatives.
Mrs. Harrlet Burnan. who has beon
passing a few wooks with her par
onts, Doacon and Mrs. Wilbur Howard
has gono to her homo iu Fitchbarg,
Edgar Salisbury aud inmilv will
spnnd the greater part of tho summor
at tho Salisbury cottago in Greens
boro. Tho warning for tho annual school
mooting has beon nostod and tho moot
ing will bo held iu tho high sohool
rooms inesaay evening, juno 21.
E. A. Shattuol: loft hore on Monday
ior iiigngatc bpiings, where he will
Bpoud sovoral days on a fishing trip.
Mrs. J. J. Gifrord went to Burliug
tou cn Tuesday to attond themnslcal.
Miss Efilio Oampbell of Barre ar
rivod in town Saturday and is spoud-
lng a lew nays witu lier brotner, lSd
ward Oampbell.
Prof. Loroy Mann of the Thayor
school of oivil onginooriug wns in
town tho lirst ot tho woek on busi
Mr. aud Mrs. S. O. Varney left
horo on Mouday for Lincoln to spend
a lew woeks with rolatives.
Mr. aud Mrs. Henry Huntington
spent Saturday and Sunday in Barre
aud Washington with rolatives.
Mr. aud Mrs I. M. Wilson and Rob
Wilson and Eruma Thurtcon spent
Tuesday at Fairleo Lake and Post
Will Munu from Lancaster, Mas3.,
is in towu. He made tho trip on his
tnotor bioyole, a new mnchluo in this
vicinity, His sister, Mary Munu, is
also horo at P. E, Norris'.
Marricd at Piermout, N. H., Juno
8, Olarenco Morse and Della Sleeper
both of Corinth, A reception was
hold on tho eve of Juno 15, at the
home of tho groom's pareuts, Mr. and
Mrs. Mon.o.
Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Bond and son
of North Thetford were at O. A
Washburn's last Wednesday night.
Mrs. Elizabeth Robie and Mrs. O.
M. Parker are in Barnet and Berlin,
N. H. for a inonth'fl stay.
Curtis Olark is moving to his faim
in Moretown.
Miss Bollo Dillon has goue to
Dnniol Riohards, brother of Mrs.
Betsy Jacubs, did last woek, and was
buried in the Lewis cemetery.
Legal Notices.
State or Veejiont.
In l'robate Court. lield al Honlpcller, la and for
alil District on the lltli day cl June. A. D. VKi.
lleruert F. Scrlliner. Admlnlslrator ol the etate
of OTIS AlNbWOliTll. late or Calais, ln sald
District, deccased, makes uppllcntlou to ald
Court, with the consent aud apiirobatlon In wrltln?
01 tne wiuow anu neirs oi aam ueceasuu.
rfSldltiK In the Stato of Vermont, for llcenie to sell
all of tlio real estate of satd deceased. situated ln
Calais, ln sald District. to vrlt: Orlst mlll and
land connected tberenltht also about forty-flve
acrcs of tlllajre aud woodland. representlnfr
that the saie tuereoi woum oe uenenciai to tue
widnw &nd helrs of sald deceased. and tbose ln-
terestcd In lils estate, In order to convert sald
real estate lnio mouey.
Whereunon. Itlsordered bT sald Court. tuat sald
apnllcatlou be referred to a sesslon tbereof, to be
lilil nt the l'robate nQlce. ln sald Montneller. ou
the 2nd day of July, A. I). 1DU4. for liearlnK
thnt all nersnns lnterestcd be iiollfled hereof.bv nub-
llcatlon of tiotlce of sald appllcatlon and order
thercou three weekt succcsslvely In the Veiuiont
Watchman and faTATK JouuNAL, a newspaper
publlShert at .Montpelier, ln thls biate, anu itmcu
clrculates In the neiehborhond of tliose tntercsted
bcfore sald time ol hearlng, that they way appear at
sald time anu piace, anu, u iney see eause, ouiect
By the Court. Attest.
24-26 IlIltAM CAItl.ETON, JudKe,
In l'robate Court, held at Montpelier, ln and for
saiu uiftiuct. on tne laiu uay ot uune, a, u
Josepb O.Brown. Admlnlstrator of the estate of
WALTEIt 11. l'AINE, late of Montpelier, ln
sald Dlnrlct, deceased, presents his admlnlstra
tlon nccuunt for exaiulnatlon and allowance and
makes appllcatlon fora deeree of dlstrlbutlon aud
partltlou of the estate of sald deceased.
Whereupon, Itlsordered by sald Court tbat sold
account and sald appllcatlon be referred to a sesslon
tbereof, to be held at the l'robate OBlce, ln satd Mont
pelier, on the Mh day or July, A I). 1901, lor
hearluff and declslou thereon; and, lt Is furtheror-
ueren tnat notice nercor oe given to au persons inier
estcd. bv nubllcatlou of the sauie three wceks suc-
Jodiinal, a newspaper publlshed at Montpelier, ln
thls Mate. prerlous to sald time appolnted for hear-
wg, tuat tber may appear at saiu iiiuu uiiu piace, uim
showcause, lrauy they may have, why sald account
aiiouiu noi ue aiiuweu, anu sucn uecree iiinue.
lly the Oourt.-Attesl.
Notice orFinsTMEETiNQ or chkditohs.
In the District or the Unlted States, Ior the
Dlsincior vermont, in ifauKruptcy.
In the malteror U. DE.N.MM FOLSOM, bank
; 'I'o the crcdttor of O. J1F.NNIS FOLSOM. of
Marshfield, Iu tno uounty ol wasuinxton, aud 1)1
lrlnt nr.ir.'fifttil- a bankrunt.
Notice Is hereby Rlven that on the Gth day of
Juno, A. I, IfUi. inesam u. uk.mmd iui.du.ii was
uuiy aaiuuicaieu uaiiKruiits ouu iat, iud ui iucciihk
or his credltors will be lield at the olllco of
tho underslirned, lloom no. b, u, b. I'osioiuco
Ilulldlnir. iu Jlontpeller, ou the 39th day of
f ln.Lt a t ,n, nVWt Iti Itin fnmnnnn . Nt
which tliue the' sald credltors may attend, nrore
their clalnis, appolnt a trustco, examlnu the bank-
rupt.anu trausacteuciiuuicruusiuvssasiuay juujwi-
ly come oerore sam uieeunir.
ltcferee In Bankruptey,
Montpelier , Vt.,Juuo, 1004.
Notice or KinsT Meetino or Orkoitoks.
In the District or the Unlted States, for the
District of Vermont, In llankruptcv
In the nialter ot JKSSE O. DE I1HUNE, bank-
To the credltors ol JESSE C. DE IlltUNE. of
the Ulty ornarre. in tue uounty oi n asmngion,
niitl Tllaf rlit i.rnrisald. a bankriml.
UnllM ! hffrllV IflTeil tllftl .111 thfl fitll Of
June, A. IIh ifJi. tne saiu uuihku ur, itiiunc
wasduly adullcaieu uauarupti anu imi inu ursi
mi'etlnK of his credltors will be held at the
offlce ol the underslxned, ltoom No 6, U. 8. Post Or
tlce Ilulldlnir, Montpelier, on the Mlll day of June,
A. D, lUUt.at tcu o'clock In the forenoou.at which tluiu
the sald credltors may attend. prove thelrclalms, p
nnlnt trustee. eKuiulno tho bankrunt. and trausact
such otber business as luuy properly come befora
saldmeetlnK. .,,. .,,,
ltefprn ln II aiikruiillT
Montpelier, Vt, June t, 1IXH.
Mrs. S. 0, Jackson has returnod
froni a weok's stay at Wlllain Maloy's
auu; A. 0, Temploton's ln East Mont
polior, Mrs. E. R. Ploistcd and Mrs. Will
Berry, from Montpolior, havo boon
spendlng a fow days wltli thoir
grandmothor, Mrs. Ann Dillon,
Mrs. Einma Wilson is at work ot W.
H. Sanders, Mrs. Sandors is haviug
an attook ot Eoiatio.rhonmatlsin.
Tho ladies oirolo will liovo a straw-
berry festival at the vestry on Thurs
day ovoniug, June 1G, ontertainmont
to cunsiBt of musio aud Tho Old
Mald's Toa Party.""
Miss Bernico Buttorflald of Walpolo,
Mbbs., is oxpopctod at J. W. Bnttor-
fiold's this week tcj atttad the gradu-
ation oxoroiBOJ at Qoddard,
Mi's Inez Pierce of East Calais lias
beon visiting at Mrs, Julo Hollister's
tho past weok.
Mibs Blanolio Mcorcrcft retutned to
her home in Barro la'.t Saturday.
Mr. Gcorge Keltou roturned last
week from hor visit in Hinesburg!).
Mrs. Nellio Smith spent Sunday at
hor homo in Barre.
Mrs. Erwin Ilurria wa3 in Burling
ton ono day la-.t week.
Mies Iua Swift. of Ea;t Elmore.
wbb tho guo'.t of Mrs. E. 0. Moore
over Suuday.
Miss Marcia Libby of West Berlin
is visiting at the home of L. W.
M. F, Kent, who has been Eorions
ly ill, is improvinx under the care ot
Dr. W. D. Tnrner.
Henry Leonard and wife of Mid
dlesex, wero at E. O, Moore' s on
J. E. Hancock 1b making rerairs on
his barn. Haroid Wheelock, of
Elmore is doing the work.
Mrs.vA. J. Lance aud danghter,
Muriol, of Port3month, N. H., aro
iu town, called by the illness cf M,
P. Kent, her fathor.
Ton members of Maplo Grove
Lodge, of Calais, visited the lccal
lodgo of Good Tomplars ou the oven
ing of June T.
J. F. Darby was in Burlington orr
Wednesday of last week. Mrs. Darby,
who lias beon at Mary Fletcher Hos
pital for the past six woeks, accom
pnuied him on his return.
At the Democratio cancns hbld Sat
urday evening, Oharles Batohelder
and Olair Templeton were elccted del
egates to the convontion to bo lield in
Burlington Juno 22.
F. H. Traoy and E. J. Deavitt of
Montpelier were in town on business
Mrs. L. M. Savage returned to her
home in Fowlor on WcJiie-day.
Dan Moriarity carrird his mother
to South Barro, 'last Saturday. She
had been making a two woeks visit
in town.
Mrs. Ida Parker went to Montpelier
on Tuesday to attend tho commeuce
nient exeroises at tho Seminary.
Mrs. J. E. Berry returned from a
two week9' visit to her sister in Cabot
last Saturday.
The wives of the Odd Follows gave
a leap year danoe at their hall, Thurs
day evening, the Sth. About G5
couples were in atteudance.
Rov. F. M. Barnes and wife were
in Montpelier, Tuesday &nd Wednes
day. Mr. Barnes grnduatod at the
Seminary, aud had beeu unablo to
attend the commencement exeroises
J. W. Gregory and Ida LaDue
woro married last Wndnesday.
Nathan Boyce and wifo wero at
Montpelier Wednesday and Thursday
to attond the graduation of their
daughtor, Maud.
Don't forget tho caucus Saturday
ovoniug to eleot delegates to tbo. State
and distrirt convontions.
Joseph Builey diod on Juno 11 and:
was buriod at tho Contor.
Mr. and Mrs. Steveus of Bridg
wator, are visiting their danghter,
Mrs. F. J, Huttou.
Mr. aud Mrs. George Huber wero
gnosts of Mr. aud Mrs. J, O, Keudall
of South Strafford.
Mrs. Luoy Lemry Ovttt has roturned
from Iowa, acoonipauied by her
brothor Oharlos' daughtor.
Mr. aud Mrs. H. A. Jaokmnn, Jr ,
havo movod to East Corinth.
F. W. Thurbor is improviug the
outsido of his houso and sliop with
paint. L. M, EiIboh is doing tho
Goorgo Petorson ot Mawaoliusotts
is at Q. M. Sleopors'.
Ohildron's Day was observed at the
Oongregatloual ohuroh last Suliday.
Wheroas my wifo. Graco Dix. has
left my bod and board without just
oanse or provooation, I horeby wnru
all norsons not to tmst lier nn mv nn.
oonnt as I Biiall pay no dobts of her
ootnraotiug aftor this date.
L. A. Dis.
MarBhfleld, Vt,. Juno 7, '04

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