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W h Ihi followlnir tr.mf.r tololn rortUnd. M Sb.rbroole ttid Mmlrad, Qua., HamlllMi, Ont,
La Cro.i. WH. MlDnnolll. Mhln.. Chtauo. III.. Sloox Clly, !.. Omli, Nlb., htniM CltT, Mo.
Addrtu tU Itttffi to
Farm Machino Co.,
Bellows Falls, Vt.
Burlington, Juno 17. At tho uiorn-
ing seBslon yostorday of tho Grand
Lodgo of Vorinont, F. aud A. M., the
followlng oflloors woro olootod : Qrnnd
mnator, O. W. Dnloy, of Whlto Rivor
Junotlou ; depnty grnnd raaster, V.
13. Rougor, of Moutpolior; grand
gonlor wardon, O. A. Oaltlerwood, of
St. Johusbury; grand junior wardeu,
Loo S. Tilloteon, of St.AlbanB; treaa-
uror. 0. W. Whltcomb, of Prootors-
vllloj Beorotary, H. H. Robb, of Bur
lington; Bonior deaoon, 0. L. Soulo,
of Burlington; junior doncon, Isaao
D. Bailoy of Brattleboro . Aftcr tho
olootion au adjournment waa takon
until aftoruoou. In tho aftoruoou
Grand Mastor Daloy aunounoed hls
appointmonta aafollows: Grand loo-
turer, H. L. Ballou, ot Chester; grand
chaplalu, Rov. Edwin Whoolock, ot
Cambridge; assiataut ohaplain, Rov.
Q. F. Partridge, of SVoodstook; niar
Bhal, D. S. Danforth, of St. Albans;
sword bearor, N. O. Powers, of Hart
ford; Bonior stoward, Albert Killam,
of Burlington ; junior steward, M. D.
L. Thompson, of Burlington ; pursui-
vant, A. D. Beedo, of Barton Land-
ng ; tyler, Houry Poolo, of Williams
tWrlttten by Iter. A. J. Hough aml read aa'a part
of hla addreaa before tlie Aeathetlo aoclety ol Mont
pelier Semlnary, Commencciocnt week.1
WAll XEti'S,
Lontlon, Jnne 10. A Tokio corres
pondont of Rentor's Tplegroni Oom
pany sendB a roport vio Cologno tliat
hreo Russion warshipa whioh wero
engaged with Japaneso vessels off
Island ot Tsuahinia, Tuesday and
Wednesday, woro captured by Adinir
al Eaminiura. Auother lnessago from
Tokio timed at 0 tliis uiorning, states
that a Japancse Bcoutship followed
tho RuBsian vessela probably rnerely
to keep tab ou their location. A
Japanose vossel kept track of the
Rueaians until night fall.
Tokio, Juno 1G. The transport
Hino Maru wliich today returned
froru Moji, Japan, reports that sho
onoountered, yestorday, a RuBsian
Bqnadron, 20 milos west of SlnmiB
liima. The Miuo Maru Bignalled the
other transports, tliroe of wliich es
oaped, but two- 8f the transportB wore
surrotrhdod by RuBsian ships. Their
fate is unfcnown, but it is feared the
loss of life is heavy.
St. Petersburg, June 10. An ofll
cial despatoh states that fighting be
tween Russians and Japanese at
Vafangow, Liaotung Peninsula, con
tinnes. June 15, the Russians at
taoked the Japanose who returned tho
attaok at Eovefal pointB. Heavy Jap
aneso roinforcements have been re
ceived. The Japanese now have threo
divisions in the vioinity.
London, Juno 10. A Reuter's
Tokio despatoh says that in the flght
at Telissea the RusBians lost 600
killod, 800 taken prisoners, and 14
gunB. The Japanese casualties wero
placed at 1,000.
Tokio, Juno 17. The 6urvivor9 o(
the Japanese trausport, Hitaohi Maru,
whioh was sunk by tho Ruasian war
ships in the straits of Eorea on Wed
nesday, have arrived here. They tell
tho story of the loss of the vesael as
follows: At 7 a ni,, the RuBsians
were Bighted. The Japanese at
tempted to esoape but at ten o'olook
the RuBsians opened a terriflo flro and
in a few ininutes the deoks of the
transportB wero oovored with corpnes.
A shell struok the engine room killing
200. At six in tho ovoniug the Hitaohi
Maru sank. Oaptain Uambell, au
Knglish cominauder.jnniped overboard
and is uiissing. Tho chief englneor
was killed on tho bridge. Oolonel
Esuohi, cominandor of the troops, or-
dered tho flag burned wlien ho saw all
waa lost and ho and tho Becond mato
and othor oiQcerB committed Buioide.
Wlothors'.IHMothorsI Mothers!
How many ciiildron aro at thin seaa-
ou feverish and ooustipated, with bad
stouiaoli and headaoho. Mothor Gray's
Powders for Ohildron will always
oure. If worms aio preaent they will
oertaiuly romove tbem. At all drug
cist b. 2G ctb. Samnlo mailed FREE
Addrese, Allen S. Olmatod, Lo Roy,
N. Y.
Hambuig, June 17. The Gordon
Bennett motor cup raoe was ruu olf
today. The laat car of eighteeu start'
era got away at 8:5!) tliis morning.
Emperor Wihiam gave the sigual for
the ilrst car to start at 7 o'clook. In
the imperinl pavilion with tho Kaiser
tho start was witnessed by the Em
press, King ot Wurtemburg, Gorinau
orown prince, Prince Henry of Prnssia
and mauy other royal porsonages,
Two grand stands at the starting line,
each acRotnmodating 5,000, wero packod
and 20,000 sightseura aesembled in a
grand enolosure bIx milos in cirouiii
ference in tho vicinity af the Saal
burg. Jenatzy, a Gerinan, was sent
away first; Dufaux, a Swiss was
oompoiled to withdraw beoauEO of a
broken axlo.. Oplo, a German, also
broke an axlo boou aftor the start.
The courso is 88 milos long and must
bo traversed fonr tiinos. Jentzy corn
pleted the first round in an hour and
twouty-six miuutes. Ho also led on
the seoond round whioh was fluisliod
in two hours and flfty-flvo minutos.
At the end of the third round Thery,
a Frenchman, had wrested tho lead
froin Jenatzy, and finislied that round
in four hours and twenty-tbree iiiln
utes, ten minutOB faster than Jena'
tezy'a time for the distauce. Tliory,
driving Richard Orasier car, won the
auto raoe.
Apr ilMayJune
A mw Thc work dono then raeans
wll uJjiW wPIH tho success or failuro of tbc
farm for tho year,
As an Aid to Success Stt
koon iii
touch witb new methods wliich will increaso tho product-
lvcness nnu consequent rovenuo of Iiis farm.
A Weekly Visitor SKM
" with tlie opin-
ions and pructical oxperienco of tho best Imowu agricul-
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mnnner, is
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The Vermont Watchman
Montpelier Daily Journal
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1' AitiiKn six montlis.
SBE EBADINQ; NOTIOB. Another Bplondld opportunity
clBowhoro in tuis pap'er.
Perplexlty of the Doctors in a
Typlcal and Scrious Case Re
licvcd by an Import.
nnt Dlscovery.
Tho fear wliich is jnstly arousod by
tho appearauco of n diaoaso with suoh
fatal tondonoioB as sorofnla,' will bo
roliovpd by n statemont of n rooent re-.
niarKablo oure. Mr. Thoniaa F. Brown,
of tho ilnnio Oarriago Gonipany Ames-
bury, Mass., sayB:
"About two yoara ago I wasaffootod
with a Bcrofulous diseneo wliioh spread
over my wholo body. It first ail'ooted
the glands in niy nock and then broke
out over my ohcat and othor parts of
my body. I becnme greaily alarmod
at tho Hpreading of the diseasn, and
conaulted phyBioians in Auiosbury and
Nowbnryport. Tney toia mo l naa n
Oolumbus, O., June 17 Miohaol
Sohiller, the wifo murderer, was eleo
trocuted at 12.02 thia morning. Ho
was twice pronounced dead but rovived
and tlie ourrent was turned ou tliroe
tiinos beforo his heart oeased to bent
Aftor the ilrst contact Suliiller waa
oxamined by four physioianB and de
clared dead and tho wituossea left tno
rooui. Wlicn the body was nnatrapped
aigus of life appearod and Sohiller bo
gan to breathe heavily. Salivu rau
from iiis month and guttural groans
soundid throughout tho chamber.
Two minutos elapsed before tlie our
rent could be turned on again. Mean
timo the condemne' rnan seoined to
be regaining consoionsuess. Aftor
seoond shook of 1,750 volis and the
body was nnstrappod it foll forward
but not litup as if in doath. Tho third
sliock waB then given wlien Schiller
was literally roasted.
Now York, Juue 18. Today is the
ilrst funcral day for tho viotima of tiie
Gonoral Slooum horror. It, aaw tho
striokon east side dietriot throngcd
withpeople. Arrangomeuts weromade
for ruoro than a liundred fnnoralB to
day and by nine o'clook tho flrat of
thcae cortegeB began to move. Sor
vices wore hold in the churolies of all
donominatious. Thero wero scorea of
miniBters in ohurchca and in iiomea
to perform the last rites. Thoy had
voluntcored sorvices and to eaoli was
asigncd a partioular work. Tho Lnth
oran cometery in tho middle of tho
villago will recoive tho ' bulk ot tlie
dead. There hundroda of tho graves
have been propared. Religious sor
vicea will be ncid at the graves as
viotims aro consignod to their last
resting place.
Yestorday 650 bodies had boen ro
covered, of wliion about llity roinain
nuidoutifled. Those inoludo 278 child
ren, 2!1 wonien and 23 men. Tbirteon
oilicera of tho St. Mark'a ohurch aro
auiong the dead, one of them being
Tno ilrst fanoral from among the
viotims waa held yestorday; it waa
that of a young girl who is belioved
to havo died of heart disonsa from
Many thousauda of dollara havo been
Bubscribed to the rcliof fund and
monoy will continue to pour into the
hands of tho treaaury of tho mayor'
rolief oommitteo, for tho bouofit of
tno wiaowB and orpnans. witniu au
hour or two aftor tho subscription
list waa
openod $12,000 had boen
St. Johnsbury, Juno 18. Elijah D
Blodgett, an old and estoomed resi
dent of this town, died on Friday
night at tho ago o( 84 yeara. He waa
bory in Randolph and eduoatod in
tho Randolph Acadoniy. Upon flnish
I ing sohool ho was engagod in farmiug
for 1G yeara whon ho onternd tho mor
cautilo businoBB whioh ho followed
Boventoen years. In 1853 he beoamo
bookkooper for tho E, and T. Fair
bauks & Oompany and sorved in thl
capaoity until 1878. He was proai
dout and troaaurer of the Passumpaio
Savings bank.
Ho represoutod St. JohnHbury
tho Legislaturo of 1874 and 1870 and
was a Seuator from Caledonia oonnty
iu 1880. For tho past tweuty yoarB
ho haa beou town olork and villago
troasurer. Ho was married to Mrs
Eliza Wood of Montpelier iu 1857.
ia tho land
bad caso ot scrofula, and that I wonld
havo to tnke tho croatest caro to avert
u fatal result. They prououuoed my
blood to bo in a bad conditiou and
said a long timo wonld bo necusaary
to put mo in u hcatthy stato.
'There wus chronio inilammation
all over my body wherever the diseaBe
had spretid ; there wonld bo a .dis
oharge of yellow- colored pna whero
tho Bkin would break nnu leave au
ulcerlike eoro. Theso sores would dry
up lor a wlnle only to break and dls
cliarge again.
"The mediomes which tho physi-
cians prescribed had uo elieot in clieok
ing tho diseaao and I was in a most
miBorable stato of discouragement.
One day I lieard the doctor say that
there waa danger of the disease termi
nating in oonsumption. Then, I began
to lose all iiope.
"One day, howevor, aB I lay in bed
reading a newapaper, I read an article
recommending Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills tor Pale P6ople very highly for
uisoiises ot tno niooo, and, as the (loo
tor's treatmout during tho pieceding
threo monthB had dono mo no good,
deoidod to stop and take tho pills.
"Aier x had taken ti.roo boxes 1 saw
that tho inflammation was going down
and that tiioro were fower sores on
my body. I realized that I wbb im
proving and I continued to ubo tho
pills until I had taken eight boxes.
Then X waa enjoyinc good healtli.
have a keen appetito and can do aB big
a day's svork ab at any time beioro :
waa Btricken down, and I nrmly be
liovo that I owe my present oxoelleut
physlcal oondltiou to Ur. Williams
Pink Pills.'' ThiB great remedy ia
sold by all druggists througliout the
11 OXB Uli Y CA UC US.
Weekly Market Report
xno uopuDiicans or xtoxbury, on
Wodnesday, choso delegatos devotod
to the political intereats of their
townsman, Hon. Zed S. Stanton
Theso aro Wilham B. Orcnttt and
M. F. OhaBO. Alternates, M. E.
Rioharlson, Fred E. Oram. Dologatos
to the district convention aro D. L.
JMiohols, Oarl Wakefiold. Tho cauous
adopted the following resolutions:
"Resolved, That we preaent the
Hon. Zed S. Stanton of Roxbury to
the Republican party of Vermont as a
oandidato for tiio oilloo of Govornor,
bolieving that in Mr'. Stanton wo havo
tho man for the tinies, knowmg him
to be au able lawyer, an energetio and
efiicient oflicial who haa performed
his dutieB in ovory poaition ho haa
beou cnllod to fill witli sigual ability
and to tho gonoral satisfaotion of the
poople. HiB acqnaintanco witli peo
ple in all Eootious of tho Stato, his
caroful study of tho working of the
Stato jnstitutiona by personal exam
iuation into tho method of condaot
ing them, his ildolity to the intorests
of the oommon peoplo as ono who
doea not boliovo in olaBS legialation,
that all laws ought to be for tho
bonollt of the wholo peoplo, pro-emi-nontly
qualillob him to oarry out, bo
far aa in his power, tho will st tho
poople and to givo to tho State on
ablo, honost and wiso admiulstratioii.
Wo prosont Mr. Stanton for nomina
tion to tho oilloo of Govornor for wo
boliovo ho will briug to his Bupport
at tho polla tho wholo Republican
voto. For theso roasons Mr. Stanton
ia our clioico flrat, last and all tho
Yonr finolo Sam'B land is tho land for
Horo a man can bo what ho wauts to
Then stretoh himelf atraight in hia
Wltliout orowdiug'tho man who sloopB
noxt door.
In tho lands far away of Enropo old
It ia blazing liot or it's blastlng cold,
But all tlirongli tho year with its Bcaa-
ouh grand
Thoro is anmmor aomowhoro in Unolo
Sam's land.
Your Unclo Sam's land
for mo,
With its gatea thrown wldo and its
roada all free
To tho loftiest hoight in tho gift of
That a man may roach if ho daros to
For Inobody asks, Sirl wheuco
you oome,
From tho bluo blood stook or
plobeian Boum?
But a man for what ho is worth
To bo welghod and meaaured in Uncle
Sam's land.
Your Unclo Sam's land 1b the land
for me,
Whero never a mortal must bow tho
As a suppliant low on ittf saorod sod
Except at the foot of Almighty God,
For tho oradlos rookiug in its wido
Hold the beating hearts of a royal
iid tho poorest man as a king may
Each woman a queen, in Unolo Sam's
Yonr Unolo Sam's land is tho land for
They have woven here tho flag of the
free ;
Unrnilled in peace, doflaut in war,
Tho nationB iiave seen and hailed it
Ita stars, how they sbiilo I its stripes,
liow they Btream 1
Fulfllling tho hopo of Liborty's droam.
Tho fairest of flags the wind ever
Floats over the wholo of Unolo Sam's
It's the land for yonth and tho land
for age,
With a steady job and a good Knuare
For tlie working hand or tho tliinking
Iu tho harvest flolds of thought or
Witli the biggoet rivers that water
And tho highest mountains, tho
broadost lakea,
It's tho only land beneath tho sky
With Thanksgiving Day or Fonrth of
Your Uncle Sam'B land ia the land for
It haa but begun what it ia to be
Wlien the hand of the sculptor flud its
Whon art breaks forth into splendid
Whon capltal rights all labor's wrongs
Wheu tho sign of brotherhood awaya
its throngB,
And the Ohriat reigns horo with a
loving hand,
Then Eden coidob baak to Uncle Sam'B
Your Unclo Sam's land is tho land for
That will straightwoy auswor its
, buglo call,
Surrendor their pcns, their ynrdstioks,
their lioos
And f ollow wherover tho ald flag gooa.
It ia going now, whore it stopsit stays,
And whon iu tho light of tho future
Men read what the Iuflnito Wisdom
Tho world itsolf may be Unolo Sam's
5 70
4 23
t 30
6 40
6 C0
6 75
Boston Produco Klarkot.
Conimon extra 2 76 to 8 55
unoico extri aml econi a u
MlnncaoU clcar and (tralxM 4 00
MIchlKan, New Vork clear and ttralglit, fi 03
Olilo and Bt. Ioul clear t M
Ohlo aml St, Lonla itralKlit 6 iii
Olilo and Bt.Lmll" patcnt S 3S
Wltcostln and Mlnn.patent S (0
QranulatKil 8 C0 to J 55
Comiii ui, barre . .... 2 00 6 Cfi
Hntt u.al 1 2U 171
Mlddllngi, tacked, pcr ton 11 25 to 25 10
llran.sacked.wlnter 21 &u 23 00
Ilran, tackcd, eprlnf 30 25
CottonBeed tueal 26 00
ItedDoft 25 00
Llnwdl 011 Meal 31 CO
Bteamer yellow, Imali 62 to ..
Bteamer buh 60 ....
No. 3 C9
Uood, no xrade
Arooitook Ilebront, buali 1X0 tol.20
Arooatook Ureen Mountalm... 1J0O l.iO
New York round white
JerlGY ltoie and Ilebroni
vermoniureeiiiouniains ... ,
New notatnei bbl 1 10 4 60
No. 1, cllpped wlilte bu to
No.2, clippcd wlilte CO
No. 8 white i
Belcctedwhlt 43 43
Ilay, N. Y. and Can., cholce to fanoy. . 19 00 to 20 00
Hay.N.Y. and Canada, fair toRood.. 16 50 19 00
llay,eulcrn,cuolce 18 00 14 00
Ilay, eastern.ordlnaryto fair 14 00 16 00
Ilay, eaatern, conimon 13 00 1100
Btraw, oat, 8 00 10 00
Kaitern.cliolce frcili 18 to 21
Eaatern. fair toooil, doi 18 21
Vt. and N. II., cholce freah. doz 18
Vt. and N. It.. aaaorted aliea
NorthernN. Y., aaaorted aliea
Northern N. Y., larfce tuba
Weatern, aaat., apruce tuba
Wealern, large aah tuba
Creaniery, northern flreta
Oreamery. weatern llrata
Creaniery. eaatern, beat marka...,
'reamery, eaatern, fair toRood....
Oreamery, aeconda
Dalry, Vt., extra
Dalry. N. Y. and Vt. llrata-
ilacka, bbl .'. 15 50 to 16 25
Bhort ciit clear 15 50 15 25
Clear 16 16
Lean enda 17 00 18 26
Clty rendered, pure, 1b Ifi to ....
Weatern coniround ....
I'ure kett'c. rendered $il ....
Smoked llania
Ileet, cholce, lb 9i
Ileef, llnlit cholce, 1b V
lteer,heaTyKOod,lb 8t
Ileef, good, lb Iii
lleef, hlndquartera, cholce nH
Ileef, hlnduuartera, conimon to good.., 10
lleef, forequartera, cholce
Ileef, toreiiuartera, conimon to good
Mntton, extra ,
Boatou, amall, lb
to BH
Lamba, cli. eaat. lb
Lamba, common to good, lb..
Veala,cholce eaatern, lb....
Veala, lalr to good ,
Hoga, country dreaaed. lb
Vermont Markerts.
Batter,freah ln61b boxea, lb 15
Hutter, freah new, ln tuba, lb 14
Batter. prtnt 19
Cheeae, dalry, lb 12
Egga,doz.,lreah 17
l'otatoea, buab C0
Applea, ouah,
llccf. 6
Hoga, Utc, lb 4
Hoga, dreaaed, lb IX
Laniba. dreaaed, per lb 10
Veala. llre, lb 7
Cblckena, lb
Fowla, lb 13
Boston Wool Market
Mlchlgan and New York.
6K 7 I
6 6 i
7 8
12 18
IU 11
8 9
7 8
6 r,
5 6
X and abore
No. 3
Delalne unwaahed
to 37
Ohlo asd Fennaylvanla.
XX and abore ------ 33
X and abore ...... to
N'o. 1 --....83
No, 2
Coarae ------ so
Ilelalnea flue ------ S4
Unwaahed and nnmerchantable delainea 24
Pulled and acoured.
Klne medlumlaconred
Boston Lumber Market.
St. Johnsbury, Juno 18. At tho
Republican cauous hold here last night
a lioll tiokot wai nomlnatod by acola
nimatiou conlfiting of tho following
delegateB: H, N. Turnor, A. Stone,
A. F. Lawrenoo, L, P. Slaok, E. H.
Hallott, Fred Q. Beok, ElmoroT. Ido,
I W. W, Dlodgott, James Ritohio.Georgo
W. LStory. Tho oounty dologation
wlliBupport L. P, Slaok of St. Johns
bury for Sonator.
8100. Dr. E Dotohon'a Anti-Di-urotio
may bo worth to you ruoro than
$100 if you have a oliild who soiU
bedding from incontiuonoo of wator
during sloop. Cnres old and young
nlike. It arresta the troublo at onoe.
1. Sold by Horry A. Slado, Drug
giat, Montpolior, Vt.
1)1ED OE look ja ir.
Rutland, Juno 18. John Lovollott
of MauolioBter, agod thirty-two, dlod
thia morning at tho Olty hospital of
lookjaw. Ho waB brouglit thoro a
woek ago from East Duraot. His ilght
foot was orauhod by a blook of marblo
at Eaat Dorset quarry and amputated
and totanis set iu, Hu haa a wifo
and four ohildron.
An importaut acoident Buit haa just
beou ontored in county conrt in wlnoli
the plalntiil ia Dannio N, Murray, of
tlie town of Barro and tho dofendants
aro J. W. MoDonald., F. T. Outlor,
and D. W. MoDonald of tho oity of
Barre. Tho plaiutiiT buob to roccovor
damages alleged to havo boou receivcd
by reaaou of being hit by o flying
atouo from a blast whilo ho wbb em
ployed on tho quarry owned by tho
dofendants. Tho plaiutiff allnges
that ho was badly injurod and for a
long timo incapacitatod for work and
put to groat oxpoueo bb a result, and
sets his damages at $10,000. Tho ao
oidont is eet up as of tho dato of Aug
ust 7, 1002. R. M. Harvey and E. M.
Horvoy appear for tho plaiutiiT. Tho
suit iu asBumpsit of Oolumbian Grau
ito Company vs. W. O. Townshend tSj
Oompany has also been entered iu
For Infants and Cbildren.
The Kind You Have Always Bough!
Boara tho
Stguntaro of
Ilemlock boarda 13 60
Hemlock boarda, No. 1 19 60
Ilemlock boarda, No. 3...., 13 00
Oood Eaeteru Vt 14 60
Bpruce boarda. 10 and 12 inchea 20 60
Kandom lengtha 17 00
Mercuantable boarda 16 60
Matcued boarda 18 60
Wca(ern I'ine 83 00
Browu Aah 40 00
White inaple 46 00
lllrch, norhern 37 00
lllrcli, weatern red 45 00
White aah 43 00
Maple 83 0Q
Bhlnglea, Eaatern aawed, cedar ex 3 86 to
Bhlnglea, do clear 3 86
Bhlnglea, do 3da 3 13
Bhlnglea-. doex. No, 1 I 60
Bhlnglea. weatern red cedar X 40
Clapboarda, do 4 ft. ex 48 00
Clapboarda, do clear 41 00
Clapboarda, 3da, clear 86 00
16 00
18 00
17 60
31 00
bS 00
44 00
66 00
46 00
86 00
3 40
3 40
1 76
8 46
Clapboarua, extra No. 1 39 00
apruce. IK. ln 8 10
Lath, apruce 1 ii la 3 23
St. Petorsbnrg, Juno 17. Gonoral
Bobrikoff, governor of Fiuland, who
vester'day-waa ahot at Helsingfora by
the sou of Sonator Sohaumaun, diod
duriuc tho night. The asiasain, im
msdiatelv aftor tho ahooting commit
ted snioldo. Tiio attack is aecribed to
FiuuiBh patriotism.
''Wliilo littlo ia knowu horo concern
luc tho motives behind Schuamann'a
act, tho authoritiea eutertaiu uo
doubt that it grow obt of oppositiou
to the polioy of tho RuBsifloation of
Fiuland. Tho questiou of tho couvo
catiou of tho Diot, whioh is rogarded
as ono of tho most vital iustitutious of
Fiunish national lifo and which haa
uot boou convokod for over a year,
arousod mucli feoling, Goueral Bobri
koff was at Ilrst opposed to the couvo
oation of tho Diot, but ou account of
tho receut improvemont iu tho situa
tion in Fiuland, ospeoially sinoo tho
outbroak of tho war, and bucauso of
tio resolutions of loyalty to tho Em
peror and approving tiio condnot of
war which wero passed by tho Senate,
tho govoruor gonoral had deoided to
rocomiuund tiiat tlie Diot'should bo
allowed to rueet. Tho questiou waa
to havo boen deflnltely EOttled by IiIb
majesty on June 2ii.
Current Comment.
Hay. Thero is a quiot domautl for
gonoral snpplies with pricos ruling
ijbout tho samo. Oliolco hay,is steady
with about $18 to 19 coveriug sales,
whilo lowor grados rango down asjto
quality. Rye straw is in quiot demantl
bat tiio market ia steady for cholco
grados. Sales of bost Btraw aro bolng
mado at 824.00 to 26.00 ;Ont straw is
dull. jju
O&ts. Tho market has : rnledl'vnrv
slow for Bupplios on tho spot,; and
prices are oasy aa a wholo. Arrivala
aro ruling fair. At tho oloao No. 2
oiippod wliito on traok aro quotable
at about 60o. with No. 8 olinoed
white at 49o, and lowor grados rang
lng down na to quality. Tho costlto
Bhip is 48 to COo for 82 to 40 pound
Oom. Tho demand has rnled very
dull ouring tho woek and if is only
ih a liand-to-month way ttiat sales aro
being inade. For No. 2 yellow on
traok bout C8o is tho price with
Bteamer yollow at C2o and stoamer at
about 00c. For No. 2 yellow to arrivo
all rall, abont COo is tho prioo with
No. 8 yBllow at COo, whilo No. 2 yol
low lak; and rall, is qnoted at COo
with Nc. 3 yellow at about 58o.
Mill J"oed. Tho market continnea
dull wita offeriuKS moro liboral.
Live Poultry. Receipts of eaBtern
fowlB aroinoreasing a little but ohoioe
lots havo a stoady salo at about 18o.
Somo Eicall lots of spring clnckeus
from uoafby havo beon Eolling at 25
to 28o per lb.
Dresaed Poultry. The market has
boou well Bupplied with westeru fowls
sinco ourlast weekly report and 18o
hae beon the outside price for ohoice
marks. Samo vory good lots have
been eold tt 12)c and homo ordinary
at 12o and uuder. Some Bmall lots of
weBtern brailors liave boen Eolling at
abont 25o . Old cocks steady at 9 to
9o. Netrby ducks and broilera
plenty andruliug a littlo lower.
Fresli Meats. Thoro haa been a
further advnnce in beef during the
past woek and late saleB of choice
cattle havo been at 9 to OJh'c. Mntton
and yearliugs have been in light de
mand and cloao qulet at 8 to 9o for
best lots. Ohoice fall lambs have had
a steady sale at 12 to 12c. Spring
lambs have been ruling a little easier,
best eaatern eelling at $5.00 to 0.00.
Receipts of westorn have inrreased
and at tho close 18o is the top for best
lots. VealB have held fairly steady
but a good mauy are too large to suit
the trade and have a dull sale at 0 to
8o. Ohoice niedium weight calves
hold steady at 9c.
Potatoes. Rpceipts of now potatoes
have been Bteadily inoreasiug and
since Honday havo been working
downward in price. At the close $4.50
is top for Rose with the exception of
very clioico Savannah which are atill
ranging up to $5.D0. Old potatoes in
fair supply and modorate demand at
Provisions. The markot has beon
moro active iu all lines and a general
advanco in prices haa been ottablished.
Butter. Receitts have been moder.
ate for this soascn of the year but
trado haa been quiet for tlie past
week. Thero haB been a steady con
Bnmptive demand but only moderate
spoculative buying. The Bales of ex
tia oreamory have been at 18. gen
erally but since yesterday western
large ash tuba have been hard to sell
at over 18)o. Some recoivora are put
ting northern oreamery into storage
rather than sell at present prices.
FirstB and all the under crades have
86 j been moving slowly at quotations.
jNortnern dalry sells lairly when
strictly extra but most lota have a
low fialo at 16o and under somo clean
lug np at 12o. Extra boxes and prints
in moderate supply and steady de
mand. Eggs. Reoeipts have been liberal
for tho past weok, demand slack, and
prioea rrling generally in buynra'
favor. Western firsts have been hard
to sell at over 17o as a rule, and 17so
has beou an extreme prioo for Belected
stook from northern seotious. At tho
oloso the'marfcet is over Bupplied, aud
receivera! have to atore a good many
iu order to snstaiu present prices.
Dirties hold steady, best marks at
14o. Storage paoked vory quiot.
Oheese. The market has been wel"
Bupplied, tho arrivals this week boing
wholly on local account. Demand has
been modorate and confined to Bmall
Hides and Polta. Thero ia a slow
demand for hides, but vnlnes hold
quito flrm. Buils at western points
of sliipment are quoted ac 9 to 9mj
witli seconds und B's lo less. N. E.
hides aro quoted at Co flat for cows,
with heavy steers at C)Jo. OalfskinB
iu good demand, with larubskius
Wool. Tho new wools gonerally
aro turning out quito heavy. At tho
prices whioh aro iu somo instauceB
now boiug asked iu this market for
tho new wools, they would cost tho
huyer closo to COo cleau, for flue wools
aud abont 55o for flno medium. Today
fluo modium stnplo wools, will uot
bring over 48 to BOo, aud flno ovor 58
to 65c, oleau. The market ia still
quiot, Bupplies bciug Bmall and the
demand small. Quarter, throe-oighths
and half-blood wools aro vory flrm,
bul uot eBpeoially aotivo iu this mar
kot. A good Ohio quartor brings 20o;
threo-oighthB, 25lo, and half-blood,
25 to 25c Mlssonri quarter-blood
comhingB bring 25 to 25ijo, and II
linoln aud WiBcousin, 24 to 25o, but
no large lines of any of theso grados
havo been taken during the past week.
lna Kina You Hava Always Boagta
89 26
30 40
3 09
8 0U
Palnt Your Uuggy for 75c.
to $1.00 with Devoo's Gloas Oarriago
Paiut. It woighs 8 to 8 ozs. moro tb
tho piut than othors, wears longor.
and givea a gloas eqnal to new work,
Sold by Abbott &.Bailey. 1
Bear tte ina Mna Ttiii nava Always
St. LouIb, Juue 18. A ohook for
$105,057.04 was Thuraday pald to tho
Unitod Statos Government by tho
LouiBiona Pnrohase Oompany, this
auin boiug 40 per cent of the grosa
gato receipts from tho day of tho
oponing, April 80, to widnight of
Juue 15, Tho gro&B reoolpts "paid into
(he Exposltiou treasury for the flfteen
days wero $487,042 CO, divided as fol
lows: Gate, $252,420.60; soason
tiokets, $800; stookholders, $38,850;
Natioual Oomniiasion, $88,800; con
ocsslous, $101,773,10,

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