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fmnont BHnichnum.
Thursday, Jnly 14, igo4.
AQTHUR ROPES (ieucral Edltor
Tho DoniocratB linvo had thoir
quadrenuial blowoff of snrplus ora
tory. Tho weather was fo hot tlmt
houio of tho bcantiful phrases oxpeoted
to lmvo beou east at tho uiiBnapootlng
publio had to bo put iu type without
boing flrst dolivorcd, but tho unex
pooted devolopinont of tho oloaing
hours of tho couvontlon gavo au oppor
tunlty for a display of typioal Domo
oratio onthusiasms whioh diflors bnt
little from what is uaually known as
riotiug. Now that tlio oohoos of tho
convontion'a noiay atrifo aro growlng
faiutor it is posalblo to consldor
calmly what tho dolegatea assouiblod
notually did.
Thoy pnt n tiokot lu tlio flold Par
ker aud Davis. Judgo Parkor is in
soino reapoota a strong niau ouo who
shonld inake a good voto gettor. In
othor respeots ho is a wouk lium to
pnt at tlio head o' tho tickot. Ho
ib recognizcd as a jurist of ability,
thongh not of snch markod ability as
to pnt him abovo scorcs of othor jor
ists of tho oonutry, Ho is quiet aud
uuassumiug, so far aa hus becn bIiowii
of Bomul intogrity and oloau personul
oharncter. Bnt with that about all
of liis strong poiuta havo boun nutnod.
Ho has hud no oxporienco iu political
affairs. tt is not ovou kuown what
hia privatebollefa aro. Iu fact until
liis tologram to Shoohan droppod liko
a bomb iu thu conventiou thore wns
not a singlo thiug ronlly kuown as
to liis opinious on political qnestions.
That very tolegratu nhowed him to be
laoking iu political wisdom. But for
tho olovor work of liis frieuds ho
might havo split tho party thon and
there ou a quostion whioh that party,
thongh its dolegatea, liad deoidod
liad boeu fnlly aud decaisivoly aus
vrored by tho voters in tho last two
natioual electious, aud whioh the
warring factions hnd deoided to put
out of tho way as no longor, by auy
possibility, of livo interest. This is
but au indication of what uiay Iiappen
to tho Domoorats becanse of their
ohoico of a candidate formorly un
known n tho political world.
Tho head of the tiokot is au un
knowu quautity ao far as liis ideas on
tho groat questions of the day aro
oonceruod. His rnnning uiato is
oiglity years of age au old nian a
former war horfio of tho party, but
now so far adranced in years as to
precludo activo political effort aud to
ruako very improbablo his ability oven
to perform the dutioa of presidiug ofll
oer of tho Senate, should ho be oloo
tod vice-president. Should tho Demo
orats by auy ohauco win at the polls
this fall.and should uutoward oironm
atauces briug him to succeod to tho
positiou of Oliiof Executivo of tho
Unitod States, ho would bo physically
iucapable of performing its duties.
So muoh did tho couveutiou do it
uominated a qnestiou mark for Prosi
dont and a has beou for vico-president.
It did more. It adopted a platform
whioh for jupgling with issuos has
liardly a parallel oven iu tho loug list
of juggliug platforms whioh tho party
has thrust beforo tho people in paat
yoors. It is a lengthy doouiuont and
deals with niaiiy snbj -ots, but iu its
deolarationa aa to thereally importaut
qncstionB beforo the conntry it uiust
bo disappointiug to the thinking
Tho platform declaros against trustH
aud mouopolios aud sas; "Whouover
it shall bo establishod iu auy cinurt of
competeut juriBdiotion that suoh 1110
uopolizatiou oxists, such prohihitiou
shonld bo euforcod throngh compre
lieusivo laws to bo ouaotod on tho sub
joct." The ouly suggostious aro that
the iuterstate commorco oommission
be giveu enlarged powers and that
trusts be not pormitted to do buBiuess
ontaido tho State wlioro thoy wore or
gauized. Both snggeatioua aro of no
eifect,inasniuoh as the iutorBtato ootn
niorce comuiission uow has power
onough, tlio diflloulty ooming in the
soourlug of evidonco. Tlio platform
is notiocably eilent as to tho Shorman
anti-trust law, whioh a Deinocratio
admiuiBtratiou deolarod could uot be
ouforced bnt whioh Presidout Roobo
volt lias shown can bo ouforced. Tlio
whole trnst plauk is a conglomoratiou
of words whioh it is ovidoutlj hoped
tho voters will swallow bnt whioh do
not commit tho party to auy conrso
whioh wonld eudauger tho iuterests
whioh baokod the Parker candldaoy.
It ii assertod that this conutry
shonld at ouoe promlse to glvo tho
Filipinoa their iudopondonoo and
shonld set them upou thoir foot, freo
to work ont their own destiny. Tho
platform does not deny, aud oould not
douy, that tho Filipinoa aro boing set
npou their feot as faBt as possible.
They-now havo what thoy novor liad
beforo a voioo in the govornmont of
thoir own allaira. If thoy aro to bo
sot froo ultimately this conrso of grod
ual extension of powers and privilogoa
is tho only ouo that could bo safely
taken with a viow to their wolfare,
As to tho tariff, proteotiou is do
uonnood as "a robbery of the many to
ourioh the fow." Thoplank is a moro
deunuoiatioii of protection roiterntod
iu splto of tho faot that ho tvoters
havo sovoral tiiuos heard similar stato
mouts aud tnrncd from thom as falso.
Tho labor plank is a plain straddlo,
ondorslug in onoolaoso tho Dobs prop
ositiou that "injunotiouB don'tgo,"
aud iu auothor doolaring iu favor of
laws giving labor aud oapitnl irupar
tially thoir jnst righta.
Ab to tho Panama caual, tho plat
form says that whon tho Domoorats
aro iutrusted with power they will
constrnot it speedily, honostly, and
oconomioally, it boing what tho party
has always coutondod for. Evidontly
tho bittor oppositiou of many of tho
Democratio Souators a fow mouths ago
to tho program of tho administratlon
in this mattor 1b forgotten or else dis
areotly put out of sight.
As to gold and silvor and sonud
monoy, tho platform is sllont and
probnbly wisoly so, for it is vory im
probablo that tho party conld havo
nuited ou auy monoy plauk. Tho Ro
publioau sonnd monoy plauk Btauds
alone. Tho Deuioorats daro not op
poao tho plauk or approvo it. Tho
gororumont's propor polioy m to a
uavy is alao left withont a word, al
though this is a qnestiou of great ltn
portauce. .
Seuator Tillman is reportcd to have
eaid aftor Parker's telegram was ro
coived at St. Lonis, "Tlio Doniooratio
party can alwa3-s bo relied upon to
in ako a Cool of itsolf in a groat emor
gouoy. " It looks as thongh tho
sonthern Seuator was right for ouco iu
his lifo. Bnt Repnblicaus cnuuot
afford to fool ovor coufldeut. ' Thoy
ought to olect, Roosovolt aud Fair
bauks by a ronsiug majority, aud
thoy will if thoy got ont aud hustle.
They mnst not forgot, however, that
thoy havo not a Bryan against thom
wlmso very radioalisni wonld insure his
defeat, but a caudidato from tho con
servativo olass whoao candldaoy is not
to bo Bucored at iu spito of tlio little
that is kuown about him, They mnst
romombor that the party in powor is
ou tho dofouslvo.tho Repoblican poud
ulnm mays wing back if thoro is lack
of otorual vigilauco. Thoy Bhould ro
tuembor theso things aud got ont aud
do what thoy can for their party.
They havp a tioket aud a platform
whicli shonld ronso thoir onthusiasm.
Roosovolt and Fairbauks aro names to
swear by. It is up to Vormout to
start tho ball arolling iu September.
Start it witn a vim thot will givo
courago to Republicaus throughout
the conutry.
For tho past two woeks tho war iu
the East has beeu a secor.dary mattor
iu tho publio eyo, white tho eveuts
counected with tho natioual couven
tious of tho two groat political part
ies of this couutry have taken flrst
placo Tlio war has boon slowly pro
gressicg, howovor, though little of
great importanco has boon roportod
from tho Bceuo of hostilitios. Thoro
havo benu the customary coutradio
tory reports abont tho Port Arthur,
tho Vladivostok, fleot aud various
stories of miuor couflicts ou land
. It appoars that Gcnoral Kuropatkin
is slowly rotrentiug north. There
have beou reports that his retreat had
beeu cut off, or was abont to bo ont
oif, bnt both statomouts soem to have
beeu without fonudation. Another
story gavo out that a large division of
his army liad boon surrounded an7
wonld havo to Burronder, but that ap
pears to havo beou nlfo false. Un
donbtedly tho Russian army has boon
somewhat prcssod, and withont doubt
the movemeut so far south has beoil
bitterly rogrotted.
Tlio Japaneso have boon dosirous
of bringing on a gcnoral ongagement
an outcomo that Gouoral Kuropat
kin is doing liis best to avoid, for
whioh ho may bo illy preparod, or ho
may havo othor good ' reaBons for re
fnslng battlo. Kuropatkin, it is
said, liiis boon hamporod groatly from
two sources from St. Potorsbnrg and
from tho joalousv of his subordiuatos
in tho flold. Ho has douo his best !
undor the oirouuistunces and ho has
uudoubted ability, bnt tho haudicap
haa boon too groat.
Right horo may be noted tho dovel
opmeut of tho groatost obstaole in
tho way of Ruesian Bnccess tho jeal
onsies and dishouesty of the Rnssiau
ofllcers. Tlio Rnssiau forces aro
divlded aud Bnb-divided by the petty
sqnabbles of the oilloors. Qenorals
aro jealons of oue another aud eaoh
is roady'to do almost auythlng to des
troy the staudiug of his brother gener
ale with whotn ho should work iu ac
cord. With tho regimcntal oilloors it
is the samo aud so with the oompany
ofllcers, ovou duwn to tho uon-pom-missioned
oilloors. Nothiug oould
bo moro fatal to the welfaro'of tho
army. An army dividod against it
Bulf, liko tho houso in tho Snripture,
is liablo to fall.
Bnt thoro aro evon worso devel
opments. A fow days ago despatohos
from St. Potorsbnrg told of tho dlB
oovory of gross dishonosty in tho
army. Military stores, snpposed to
have beou kept iu variouB placo s,
have beou sold by the ofllcers in
ohargo. Amranuitiou, olothing, evon
rilles and oannon havo disappearod,
In one caso, two hundrod cannou,
Btored in an arseual, hnd boon sold to
fonndryuiou to bo melted ovor into
new ahapes and agaiu sold. Iu this
last instance tho guilty oommaudor
committod suioldo whon IiIb uilsdoods
were bronglt to llght. The actual
oondltion of tho nrmy aud tho cotidi
tion as flhuwn by roports on fllo at St.
Petorsburg havo boon vorv difforont.
Tho condition is similar to that of
Franoo whon tho Prusslan war was
forcnd. It has beou roportod that tho
Ozar is so disconraged with tho stato
of affairs as now rovoaled to him,
that ho oontomplatos giving to tho
peoplo a constltntiou that thoy rnay
havo a diroot connoction with the
govornuiont Ho is said to lmvo faith
iu tho Huesian masscs, ovou thongh
lia haSjlost faith in liis advisors and
tho ohiofs ln his army.
Uudor this stato of affairs, tho
sioge of Port Arthur has boon pro
grossiug, Tho Japauoso linvo not at
tomptod a gouoral asaanlt, bnt it is
belioved by mlHtary cxports that thoy
conld tako tho placo quiokly if tlioy
wore wllliiig to pay the prico inblood
rather thau to wait tho moro tedions
proceeeos of a loug slego. Their in
teutious aro in tho dark, aa thoy havo
boeu all of tho time. Tho rainy soa
bou has begnn and as a resnlt gouoral
flold oporationB will probably bo
uoarly at a staudstill for about two
mouths. This, howovor, will not
help Port Arthur, thongh it raay
lielp the forces nnder Gouoral Knro
pntklii. At the present time the war
has not roachod a deoislvo polnt,
Ahuost overy action ou land, largo or
siii all, has beou iu favor of Japan,
ttud on sea the Japauese havo hnd tho
best of tho flght. Htill Russia has
lost moro iu prestige thau iu nctual
strougth, It has beou tlio discovorv
of hor iuternal woaknosscs and tho
iuohloieuoy aud nnpreparednesa of hor
army that havo hurt hor worst.
Saturday forenoon tho Domocratin
party was apparontly uuitod once
agaiu. Tlio warriug factions liad laid
down their weapona, liad uouiinated
a caudidato for Prosidont and agreod
to snpport him, aud had adopted a
platform whioh, if uot wliolly satis-
factory to many of tlio delogatos, yet
was uot so unaatisf.ictory as to foroo
anybody to rejoot it who liad n part
iu its coustructiou. It lookod as if
tlio Deruooratio party was agaiu coin
iug out from tlio damp swamps of ad
vorsity at least iuto the half cloared
lauds of poacofnl lifo. Bnt a fow
honrs moro aud all was tlio wildest
confusiou. Apparoutly tho work of
tho woek previous had gouo for uanght
aud the leadois liad co start at tlio
beginuiug agaiu in thoir work.
It all oamo about iu this way. D.
B. Hill was insistont that tho party
platform should dcclaro for souud
mouoy iu a way that would snit tho
gold staudard people. Bryan was just
as iusistont that no snch aplauk Bhould
be inserted. Moroovor, ho wantod an
iucoine tax plauk. Tne clasli camo
bofore tho committee ou resolntions.
It resnlted iu a treaty of poaoo boing
mado aud tlio oansos of contentiou ro
moved by au agreemeut botwoen Hill
aud Bryan toloavo ont botli the monoy
plauk aud tho inconio tax plauk. This
was wise aud politio. Tliose qnostious
are uo longor issues. They have beeu
sottlod by voto of tha poopln aud tho
Snpromo Oourt, aud to havo tried to
agaiu forco thom beforo tho people
wonld have beou foolish aud uuuoces
sary. Ou this platform, whioh oontainod
no money plauk.a candidatg for Prosi
deut svas uomiuatod aud all appoarod
Boreno. Then,iii tlio vory momout whon
all seomod to be harmouy, tho old
linanciul soro waa toru opou by tho
very man whom tl.o couveutiou liad
mado caudidato. Evidently Parkor is
more of a judge thau u nolitlciau.
lustead of going ahoad, as auy mau,
ovou with roasonablo political sonso
would liavo douo, approoiatiug aud
approviug the harmouy gaiued to the
party by tho discarding of a woru
out iBsuo, ho felt from soino struugo
roason that tho conventiou onght to
kuow liow ho stood as to the gold stand
ara. Ho was blind. Tho couvoutiou
kuow ho was a gold staudard mau, or
at least Bupposed ho was, whon it
uominatod liim. No flue souso of
houor ovou conld roqniro him to tako
tho conrso ho did. Ho toro opnn tho
wonnds of tho party foruothiug.
Bnt bucIi is tho fatnity whicli fol
lows tlio Douiooratio party. Mauy
woro tlio prophets who had poiuted
out that tho couveutiou conld not go
by without soino falso stop boiug mado.
Tho olomonts whioli were togothor in
St. Louis woro bo contradiotory iu
naturo that it was to be expeotod.
The Hill- Belmont. Gniloy - Gotnnu
orowd of trust repropontatives aud the
Bryau orowd of trnst flghtors could
uot bo oxpooted to agreo. They did
for u "whilo but Parker pnt thom by
the oars agaiu. Tlio oonvontion has
advisod its nomiuoe for tho prosidonoy
that iiuauoo is uot au insuo in this
cauvass, uominatod a vioe-presideut
aua disporsod. Wliat tho eud shall bo
tiuio will disolose.
Tho politioal arithmotlo man of
tho Globo and Oommeroial Advor
tisor of Now York olty thus sota forth
tho posaibllltios of tho olootoral ool
lege of 1004:
"Tho eleotorol oollogo whioh will
bo choseii iu Novomber will 30iislst of
170 olootors. This is au inuroaso of
twouty-nlno ovor tho collogo of fonr
yeara ago, aud 239 aro uocossary to a
ohoico liow, against 224 thon,
"Four years agoMoKinloy roooivod
202 oloctorial votos, and Bryan 155.
If Proaldout Rooaovolt should oarry
tho samo States carried by hia predo
ossor he would recolvo 811 olootoral
votos, aud Judgo Parkor, shonld hn
carry tho samo Statoa carried by
Bryan in 1000, wonld recoivo 10U
votos. Ttirough thn now apportlou
ment tho MoKinloy Statoa gaiued nino
tcon new olootoral votos and tho
Bryan States ten, a not gain of nino
on tho Ropublicau sido.
"if Judge Parkor carrles tho south
orn Statoa carried by Bryan iu 1000
ho will start with 151 votoa. If, ln
addltion, he carries Maryland, whioli
ia doemed cortnin, ho will have 150,
To be oleoted, therefoie, ho mnet
sccnro oighty oloctoral votoa elao
whero. If Delawaro's thrco shonld
go for him and West Virginia's aeven
his necesaitie4 in tlio north aud west
would bo rodnced to soventy.
"ln 1900 tho ouly States of tho
north aud west carriod by Bryan woro
Oolorado, Idaho, Novada, Montana a
totol of fourtbou votos. Adding thoso,
for argnment'a snko, to tho Parkor
coluinn it is etlll flfty-aix votea short.
If Now York's thirty-uine and Now
Jetsey'a twelvo shonld bo east for him
it wonld still bo nooossary to carry
aomo other Stato having aa many as
flvo votea. Connecticut, Iudinua, aud
Wieuonaiu aro reforred to as pros
poots. "To Bum ap, Judgo Parker to win
mnst havo not ouly tho solitl South,
inclnding Maryland, West Vlrglnia,
and Dolaware, but also Now York
and Now Jersoy, all tho ucrtheru
States Bryan'a popnliam and silvorism
carried in 1900, aud also sorno other
cousidorable State oitlior Counoo
ticut, Iudiaua, or Wiscousin."
Tlio roceut doath, at Bonuiugtou,
of Maj. A. B. Valontino romuved from
tho Stato a promiuont and a very
worihy citizen. Ho was a soldior of
tho civil war, oulisting in tho Xouth
regimout of Vormout voluutoors, July
81, 1802. Ho was promotod to a cap
taiuoy, Maroli 2, 1864 brovetted
major, Jnue 28, 1805, for faitlifnl and
moritorioua servico in tho flold, aud
mustored ont Juuo 28, 1805, having
sorved contiuuonsly tliroughont tho
war, iu tlio "Old Vormout Brigade. "
Iu civil lifo ho was a nsoful aud ou
torpriBiug citizen, espousing with zeal
auy'movomeut for tho boneflt of Vor
mout. Ho had sorvod tho Stato woll
iu tho Geueral Assembly, and in othor
publio ofllces ho had lield. A good
citizon and to those admitted to his
frioudship a good frieud is lost iu
tho departure of Major Valontiuo.
Senator Thnretou, tho othor day,
oharactorizod tho St. Louis couveu
tiou rather sevoroly, aud speaking
of the Presideut ho said: "Ho can
be relied upou to presorvo all our
domostio prospority aud all our iu
tornational prestige. In liis streugtli,
honesty, conrago and patriotism the
American peoplo can safely roposo
thoir trnst."
To say that Parker'B telegram
pleasod tho western Domoorats would
bo a great strotoh of imagiuatiou.
Aloat of thom felt about as Govoruor
Dookory, of MiBsonrl, did wlien he
hoard of it aud growled out, "Ho
onght to go and tako auothor swim
iu the Hndsou Rivor. " tt was a mild
woy of stating strong foolings.
"AU aro dissatisflod, gloomy, oxas
poratod," says Tolstoi, writing of tho
peoplo of Rnssia iu his long esay on
war just publishod in tlio Loudon
Tiuies. Ho coutiuuos:
"The words 'For tho Faith, tho
King aud tho Fathorlaud,' the na
tioual anthom aud shoni'E of 'Hurrah !'
no longor nct upon tho peoplo as thoy
once did. Auothor warftjre of a diffor
eut kind tlio Btrngglin cousoionsuoss
of tho deceit and siufnlness of tho
work to whioh peoplo aro boing oallod
is more aud moro takiug possession
of the peoplo."
Liko an ocho of thcto words coino
tho cablo deaptaohes of tho day do
olaring that "nows of tho internal
aituatiou in Russia coutiuuos to bo of
tho gloomiost naturo. " Prinoo Ukh
tomsky is qnotod as saying tliat ovory
gathering, evon for soioutiflo purposes,
becomos atouce political. And it will
bo reoalled that tho Oongross of Teoh
niaol Edncators waa recoutly ad
jourued Bummarilyby tlio goverumont
booause of tho stato of miud exprossed
through the oxpuhion of two mombers
coubpiououB iu tho instigation of the
Kishiueff massaore,
Discontont and the growing spirit
of liberalism porvado tho iutelligont
olaBBes of tho ompiro; the peasantryv
are mored by the fresh burdens of
war and tho nnfeoling fashlou iu
whioh fathers, sons aud brothers aro
herdod and drivou to the frout, ro
gardless of the ueedy lott behind. i
Prophooios of gravo intornal tronble
in caso of Rnssia's defeat in tho East 1
aro freely nttorod, Yet it is said
that iu tho oveut of tho peaaautry ris
Ing polico ingouuity will bo oxoroisml
to tnrn tho revolt against tho intol.
lootual olasaea, that thoso mny bo
wipod ont who would be tho undor- '
staudiug foosof ministorial deBpctism. I
What a stupoudons ohaptor of hia-,
tory will be writtou if Rnssia's flght ,
for einplro in Mnnohnrla shall roally I
prooipitate the empiro's strngglo for
lifo at houio I Now York World.
Jndgo Parkor was boru at Oortlaud,
N. Y., May 14,- 1851. His sohooHug
fluishod ho dooidod to bocomo a law
yor, nu.l was graduatod from tho Al
bany Law Sohool iu 1872. With tho
advont of Grovor Olovoland in Stato
politics Mr. Parkor booamo ouo of
Mr. Ulovolaud'a strong snpportors, aud
was a Olovoland delogate to tho Chi
cago couvoutiou of 1884. Dnriug tho
sprlng of 1885 Prosident Olovoland tou
dorod Mr. Parkor tho placo of flrst as
Bistant postmastor-gounral, but ho do
cliuod tho offer ou acconnt of his law
praotico. Wlien politioal rivalry grow
up betwoou Grovor Olovoland aud Da
vid B. Hill, Mr. Parkor oarly took tho
sido cf Mr. Hill.
Iu 1885 Govoruor Hill appoiuted Mr.
Parker to tho oflloe of justico of tho
Supromo Gonrt. In 1880 he was olect
od justico of tlioiSupromo Oonrfc tho
Republicaus deolining to nominato
an opposlug caudidato. Iu Jaunary,
1889, tho Boooud division of tho oourt
of appoals was oreated, aud Jnsttoo
Parker waa appoiuted to it, boing tlio
yonngeat membor that over sat iu the
conrt of appoala in Now York.
In 1897 Jndgo Parkor waa elocted
Ohiof Jndgo of the conrt of appeala,
(he hieheat jndicial tribuual iu Now
York, aud he still holds the ofllco.
Henry G. Dovis, tho Domocratio
U3miuoo for vice preBidout, is a capi
talist rcsidiug iu Elkius, West Vir
ginia. Ho was left fathorless aud
ooliged to go to work young. He bo
oamo snporintondent of a plautation,
tlion a brakoman, couduotor aud ageut
of the B. & O. R. R., at Piodmout,
West Virgiuia. Lator he was a mer
chant aud a promiuout collior. Ho
projootnd aud carriod to snccessful
constructiou tho West Virgiuia &
Pittsburg railroad of whioh he is
presideut. Ho ia also prosident of
tho Piediuout & Oumborland railroad
and prosidont of tho Piodmout Na
tional Bank of Piodmout, West Vir
giuia. Ho was olectad to the West
Virgiuia Honse of dologatos iu 18G5,
to tho Stato Souato 18G7-9 United States
Seuator 1871-88, doolining a reuomiua
tion. Ho has beou a dologato to six
uatioual convoutious, was oue of tho
Amoricau delegates to tho Pan-Amori-can
cougress aud a membor of tho
United States iutorcoutineutal railway
Editor Daily Jonrnal: The artiolo
in the Journal of July 7, iu regard to
the orgauizatiou of tho Ropublicau
party, briugs back to my miud very
vividly the Vermont Stato couveutiou
lield at Moutpelier iu 1854, iu the
Freo Ohnroli, afterwards Village Hall.
Zebiua Paugbom, theu of St. Albans,
was a vory activo momber. I caunot
doscribo tho couvoutiou befrter thau by
quotiug from the Vermont Historioal
Magaziuo. Iu spoakiug of Gtueral
E. P. valtou it says:
"He was uominated as caudidate
for tho ofllco of Govornor of Vormout
by a largo mass Stato couvoutiou;
bnt, ont of an ardout desiro to consol
idate the political soutimouts of tlio
people iu one coutrolliug orgauiza
tiou, as well as ont of high pnrsonal
regard lor the vnuorablo Ohief Just
ico, Stophon Royce, who had boen
provionsly uauicd for tho exeontivo
chair by a conventiou of tlio Whig
party, Goneral Waltou choerfully
yielded his placo on tho tioket
Tho namo of Judge Royco was substi
tutod by tho .Stato convoiition, and
was lieartily supported by tho people ;
aud thus was organizcd tho prosont
Ropnblican party of tho State. For
that orgauizatiou a large measnre of
tlio oredit h duo to Gouoral Waltou."
I boliovo Vormout was tho flrst
Stato to voto as a Repnblicau party,
their oleotiou coming in September,
oarlior thau iu the other States.
M. W. D.
Harvard, Moss., July 10, 1904.
If tho Domocratio party can do tho
admiuistrative work of tho couutry no
moro systeuiatlcally aud oflioiently
than it maungod its uaticnal conven
tiou, there is uo reason to wish it to
come into powor. Tlio newspapor
oorrospoudents, aud espeoially tho
veterans amoug them, who kuow
more abont tho couventions of both
partios thon uny politioion in oither,
with one volco condemn the wholo
bnsiness niannjieinout ot tho affair as
tho very worst thoy have over expori
enced. Inconvonienco, blauderlug,
woaknoss and dlscomfort wero tho
oompnlsory Iot of all who attended.
No ouo who had n part iu niaking tho
arrangemeuts comes in for a particle
of oredit. There isn't oue of thnm,
from mombers of the natioual exoon
tivo committeo down, who has givon
proof of capaoity to coudoct anocosa
fnlly auy buroan iu tho departmouta
at Washlugtou. Boston Herald.
Burlington, July 11. Albort G.
Pieroo, sixty.uiuo yoars of ago, a
woll kuown aud highly rospeotod olti
zon of Bnrllumon.dled suddenly today
of hoart falluro. Ho leaves a wifo
aud ouo sou of Sprlugfiold, Mass. He
was a dirootor of the Burlington Sav
ings bank aud of large bnsinoss fluau
oial iuterests.
Wrappers at the Corner Store
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to womon, and cspccially to know whcre tlio best
Wrappor for tlio monoy can bo had. Wrappers,
liko all other things wo sell nt tho little old storo
on tho corner, havo mcrit in them. Wo aro
particular about tho cut, thc stylcs of cloth and
abovo all, tho qunlity. Wo rocommcnd tlio . .
for wo bclieve it posscssos moro good fcnturos
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Price, $I.OO, SI.25, $L50
Briof Summary of the Sitnation as It
Now Is.
Political iuterest in Washington
county is now ceuterod in tho proba
bilitiea aud possibilities of rounty
uomiuatious. Tlio Ropnblican county
couveutiou will be lield AngUBt2, and
tho Democratio conventiou a fow days
lator, so that, in about a month the
caudidates will be iu tho flold with
ouly auothor month for a campaign.
Tliero is comidorablo talk of a fu
slon tioket again this year; iu faot it
appoars probablo that fnsiou will bo
triod, thongh to what exteut is nn
kuown. Tho frieuds of tlio Olemont
Republicaus who are now iu ofllce as
doputies of Sherill Evaus aro nnder
stood to intend snpporting Mr. Evaus
for a re-eloction in ordor that tho
present shoriff departrffent may remain
unohanged. Thoro is talk of fnsiou
aiso on a caiuiniato iur state's attor
noy aud tlio Senators, but cnndidntos
aro not mnoh iu evidence. S. Hollis
tor Jackson has beeu snggestcd for
fnsiou caudidato for State'a attoruoy,
but as ho is now a caudidate for noin
inatiou on the Ropublicau tickot aud
dcolares that ho is douo with fnaiou,
ho appears to bo at least a doubtful
possibility for tlio third tioket. It is
nuderstood that Johu H. Seutor, who
now fllls the ofllce by virtue of ap
pointmeut, will uot be a caudidato.
The names of Burton E. Bailey and
F. P. Carloton of Montpelier havo
beeu snpgcsted. For fnsiou Senators
the names of Dr. W, B. Mayo of
Northfield and O. H. Riohardsou, of
Montpelier, have beon heard.
The uomiuatious on the Ropnblican
ticket are mncli iu doubt, partly ow
ing to the uusottled coudition iu the
city of Barre whero F. S. Williams,
S. Hollister Jackson, M. M. Gordon
and William Wislmrt are all desirous
of boing uominated for this ofllce,
while it ia rnmored that Barre may
iu an omergeuoy ask for a seuatortal
nomiuee, possibly iu the person of
eithor R. A. Hoar or Johu W. Gor
don. Tho ouly other avowed caudi
dates for State's attoruoy is L. O,
Moody of Watorbury, who is capable
and the conventiou may tako to him.
W. A. Lord, of Montpelier, probab
ly standB a good show for nomiuatiou
as ouo of tho Seuntors, inasmuoh as
he is backed by Montpolier's dolega
tion, and as tho senatorahip, by un
written law, would coino to Montpel
ier this year. The othor candidatos,
nono of whoin can be said to havo any
oiuch on the nomiuatiou, aro Mark
Mears, of Marshfield, O. G. Eatou ot
Waitsfield, Aroh Batcholder of Plaiu
flold, H. D. Vail of Worcester, aud
Dr. J. H. Wiuoh of Northflold.
For nssistant jndges it is believod
that E. W. Huntley of Duxbury will
bo again uominated for flrst assistaut
without oppositiou, while for socond
plaoo thoro aro sovoral coudidadtes.
Frieuds aud supportors of W. 0. Nyo
aro many and olaim that ho will be
nomiuated. Mr Nye appearsto havo a
vory fair ohauco. Other caudidates are
Ransom Wo'lls of Middlesex, T. T.
Lampliere of Calais, and Georgo II,
Crandall of Borliu,
Frank H. Tracy of Montpelier and
A, O. Tompleton of East Moutpelior
aro the caudidates for uomination for
Bheriff. Tho odds appear to favor
Mr. Traoy, though frieuds of Mr.
Tompleton do not adrait that he iaout
of tho race. No coutost is expected
ovor jndgo of probate, and Hiram
Oarletou of Montpelier will probably
be re-nomiuated. No caudidato for
tho oflloer who hauga the sheriff havo
boeu suggested.
Iudiauapolis, July 12. Sld B. Rod
ding of Littlo Rook, Ark., troasuror
of tho Natioual Ropublicau Luagno,
waa iu tlio oity today to engago hoad
qnarters for Arknnaas aud tho south
west for tho natioual couvontiou of
the loaguo whioh ' will tako placo lu
Iudiauapolis Ootobor 6 au l 0.
Dolegatious from tlio southwest
will bo nusnally largo this voar on
aocount of tho faot that Iudiauapolis
is tho houio of Seuator Fairbauks,
tho Ropublicau uominoo for vi6e-Pres-idout.
y vy "v
e.ipdpf cn.
Anonucomeuts aro boiug mailod to
day, from tho ofllco of tho Stato snpor
intondent of edncation, of the variona
Stato anramer sohools for toachors.
Those schoola will bo hold at Rutlaud,
July 18-29 and at St. Johusbnry on tho
same dates. Tho sohools are uuder
direotiou of Walter E. Rauger assisted
by tho county examiuers and othors.
Tho rauge of snbjocts iucludes practi
cally all those tanglit in tho pnblio
schoola aud subjocts conuojted with
the work of the teaohers. Tho list of
spoakors and lecturos iuoludes all tho
promiuont oduoitors of the Stato aud
sovoral ontside Vermout. Amoug tho
latter aro tno following : Lyman B.
Allen, North Adams, Mas ; Francis
A. Baguall, Adams, Mass. ; Oliarles
H. Keyes, Hartford, Oonu. ; Auu D.
Pollard, Stouinctou, Oouu. ; Mary P.
Anderson, Ohicago, IU. ; Willis Earle,
Brooklyn, N. Y. ; Rev. W. R. Lord,
- Rookllindi Mafs
Mott of thoso speak'
ers and toachers' particlpatod in the
program of tho Amoricau Iustitnte of
Instructiou rocently hold at Bothle
liom, N. H. Tlio progranis olfered at
theso two spmmer sohools are strong.
uo iv Tnm- will no it.
St. Lonis, Mo., July 12. Jndgo
Parker beheves he can beat Roosovolt.
Wlieu Judge Parker's managers de
oided to namo Seuator Davis of West
Virgiuia for vice-presldeut thoy were
simply carring out the caudidatb's
plan, Ex-Seuator Davis is a very
irioh man. Ho is worth as mncli as
110,000,000. He has promised to make
a liberal contribution to the Demo
cratio campaign fund all tho way
fiom $200,000 to 500, 000. Iu addition
ho has promised to help swoll he cam
paign fund throngh his inflnonce with
othor rioii men aud with corporatious.
He has also promised that West Vir
giua and Maryland shall bo Demo
oratio. Whentlie bare ontliuo of this
plau to beat the RepublicauB was un
folded to the heads of delegatious from
he aonth, thoy said it niot their ideas.
They wore tired of a campaign of
sentimeut aud speooliifyiug anoh as
Bryan had waged. They were disgns
ted with the idea of au alliance with
the west. .
Toledo, Ohio, July 18. Samnol M
Jonos, the Goldeu Rule Mayor, died
at his linmo last uight as tho resnlt of
a complicatiou of diseases. Tho iui
mediate canso of his doath was au
abscoss ou his luugs. Tlio mayor was
uot strong ouongh to throw off tho
poisou from his systoui.. Tho mayor
liad snft'ered for years from asthnia
and this was the priniary cause of his
fatal illness. Tho death of Mayor
Jonos has cansod tho greatest sorrow
all over tho city. Although mauy did
not believe iu liis ideas on sooiological
probleniB, everybody lovod a'uA re
speoted him. His oue strong hold
upou the regard of tho peoplo of To
ledo was his liouosty.
Middlebury, July 13. A severe
elcotrical storm passed over this vil
lago last oveniug and lightning did
cousidorablo damago. It struok a
large trco in front of tho Phelpa
honse ou North Pleasaut stroet and
toro it to piocoa aud badly fnghtonod
the inliabitants of that seotion. It
strnck tho lorgo hay barn belougiug
to tho Eldridgo ostate ou Oourt sroet,
settiug it on firo. Tho barn waa a
total losa. They woro just fllliug
tho barn with now hay. The loss is
about 1,000 with $700 iusnrance.
Mr. Mnrray, who resides in the oast
part of tho town, was doing tho hay
ing and left hia new wagou aud set
of harnesses in tho boru whioh were
also burut. His loss is $200. No
Qneoustown, July 18. Tho steamer
Toutouio arrived today witli athlotes
from Yalo aud Harvard who will com
peto with Oxford aud Oambridgo.
The meu aro all iu excellent ooudition
aifd couQdeut of ontpoiuting tho Eng-lishmou.

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