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8 tomnch nltrnents, chnrnctorlzed by novoro Krlpliigi twistlnK pnlns nml audden
paroxysma, euch ns collc, crnmri-, oliolcrit lnfatitiim, cliolera morbus nnd
tllnrrliiru, nro uost curod by that century-old romody
Iti nnoclyno stroueth nnd purlty mnko lt Jnst ns olTlcncloufi for Inlornal, ng
for oxtenml, tiso. whotlior you rub lt lntotlio nkliicr drop on sugar In n ton
npoou to ctiro u eold, lt la oqunlly potcut. Sold by ull drugglsts. I'rlco 25o.,
tiiroo tltncs ua much 60c.
Mra. Mary B. Nolson loft for
Brooklyn, last Monday, to apcnd tho
wintor with hor aistor, Mrs. Hnwley.
Mrs. Nolson hna rented lior tono
lneut to W. A. Stownrd for tho
Rev. MnoArthnr nnd wifo nro tak
ing n moutli's vncntiou nt Pottsdnni,
N, Y. Rov. Wilbor Wiley of New
York oconpied tho pnlplt lnst Snndny,
Noxt Snndny it wilt be vnonnt. .
0. E. Georgo of Boeton, Mnss., is
epcudliig tho woek wltli lils brother
and friends in town.
Tho flftoeiith annual fair tnkos
plaoe thls weok, Thursdny and Fridny.
Tho trnok lms beou pnt in flrst clnss
shnpo. Severnl of tho nttrnotions
have boen in towu for a wook pnst.
Tho outlook fora geuernl guod timb is
botter tlnui it hns been for somo years
0. K, Gibson lias eold his fnrm.
Heiwill hnve an nnction enlu nnd
oloso out his porsonnl eifects.
Tho roal estato nnd personal prop
erty bolougiug to tho estato of Lnfay
etto Carponter will bo eold nt nuotion
tho last of thia month. Wntcli for
tho hand bills. Thoy will bo ont
soon, ,
Miss Ohnr'lotto Ornrn went to Barro
last weok to teaoh.
Tho flf th son was born to W. D.
Dnrby nnd wifo last Smiday.
M. i Sargeut, Gebrge Robou, F.
J. Towkabury, and O, W. Zastson
witli tlioir wives nro spouding tho
woek at Hall's pond.
Mre. Moses Randall, agod soventy-
eeven yearp, died at her homo AngUBt
25, aftor a lingering illuoss of two
and one-half ycnrs. Sho was a groat
sufferer but boro her safferings vory
patiently. She leaves a hnsband nnd
two danghters and foui grandohildren
to monrn her loss, besides many
friouds who held her in high esteeni.
Sho will be greatly missod in tho
comxnnuity whero sho livod, nlso in
tho Presbytoriau ohnroh at South
Ryegate, as she was ono of its oldest
members and ono of tho very fifst to
join it wheu tho ohnroh was flrst
o'rganized. The fnneral was held
from her lnte homo, Rev. Mr. Wnl
laoe, lior pnstor, oflloiating. Hor
remaina wero carried to Topsham for
Miss Jean Oraigie went on Monday
to Hull, Mnss., to teaoh.
School began Tnesday, Sept.. G,
witli Miss Inez Rodamore as teaoher.
The Best Season of The Year
To Exchange
The Best Place,
The Largest Real Estate Agency in Oentral Vermont.
ijPropei'ties which tho owners wisli to cxchango for farms :
Houso nnd baru witb about thrce-fourths acrca of land just about ono
milo from Barro Oitj- in South Barre, Tho houso is in tho best ot condi
tion, having bcon built only about ton ycars. Contains oight nico rooms
wbich aro very convoniently nrranged. Nico Barn witb basomcnt. This
is an idenl homo at a moderato pricc. Ownor would liko to sell outright
or cxchango for small farm.
Sovcn room modcrn homo in Bmto City. Very centrally located and
a nico rcsidencc. Largo lot aiTording good garden. Owner wants farm
worth witb stoclc and tools about S4000.00 . Would prefer to locato near
Hardwick or Northfield.
Very nico residenco with largo barn on Washington Streot, Barro
City. Is now occupied by two familics and pays about S3G0.0O per year.
linrgo lot and houso is well finishcd. A vory deairablo residenco. Ownor
Tvould liko a good farm not fnr from town.
Houso and barn with about threo acres of land about fifteen minuteB
walk from postofllco. Largo quantity of fruit and cultivated berries.
Largo renting building whicb pays nearly 8500.00 per year to ox
cbango for farm not wortli over $5000.00. Must havo good bulldings.
Tliis will make a very good invcstment, noiting ownor about 8 pcr ct,
Wo havo many othor desirablo properties to exobango for farms which
wo will be pleased to send you dcscription of
A postal will bring you comploto doscription of tho abovo.
D. A.
Barre Vt.
Boston, Mnsa
Miss Abbio Bnldwin of Boston is
sponding n fow weokB witli hor
mother, Mrs. Hnnnah Bnldwin. '
Miss May Morrill nnd Miss Mnrion,
retuined homo on Sntnrdny nfter
visiting in Hnrtlnnd for sovernl
Qnito n nutnbor from lioro nttonded
tho fair nt Enst Oorinth last woek.
All roport a good sliow of stook.
S. H. Mprtiu of Vorshiro was in
town one day last weok cniling on
Miss Rosie Shuinway hns retmned
to soliool in Montpelier.
Gobrge Ljford'is at work for W.
Mrs. Nelsou Kelley hns rotnrned
to Georgo Baldwin's aftor visiting
hor danghter, Mrs. Asa Ames, for two
Sein E. Sargeut of Newbnryport,
Mass., is a guest at 0. 0. Sargent's.
Mrs. Herbort Wilson and Miss Ger
trudo havo rotnrnod from tlioir visit
to Massaohnsotts aud Rhode Island.
G. B. Hastings hns nioved his fam
ily to tho plnco recontly pnrohased of
Georgo Hnber.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Georgo Hnber 'loft
for South Strafford Saturday morning.
Tho Thnrber and Heath yearly ro
nnion was witli Mr. nnd Mrs. JF. W.
Tlinrber Sept. 1st. Abont flfty persons
pnrtook of dinner. Tho flroworks in
the evening wero witnessed by mnny
friends and neiglibors of the liost and
I Miss Annio M. Wilson tenohes nt
Stophen Dnrilng hns been hoine
from Windsor Looks, Oonn., visiting
his prrentB, Mr. and Mrs. P. H.
Rev. Hairy E. Goonibs ccaupied tho
pnlpit last Snuday.
Slrueon Senter and wifo havo
moved to Olaremont, N. H.
Lyman Longhlin and wifo havo
been visiting his parents,
Snrnh Senter hns retnrned to her
School nt the Aoademy opened
this week Tuesdny.
Dolla Onmininga is teaohing in the
Jndd distriot.
Mildred Lord is teaohing in distrlct
No. 8. ,
Forester Tiffany hns been visiting
his mother, Mrs. L. S. Ynrriogtou.
Your Farm.
Rooms 8 and 9 Qordon Block.
Mrs. D. L, Bnok nnd Mrs. B.
Mllls vlsltod Mrs. Aloo Benton Mu
South Ryognto lnst weok.
Mr. and Mrs Lowis.Toppnii,of Bos
ton, aro nt Goorgo Foss' for thoir
Lolnnd Mufltt wns quito bndly hurt
lnst woek by being kicked by a horso.
Mrs. A, nnd Miss W. Foss wore in
Montpolior lnst Tnesday.
Noblo Lndd is nt home from Groon
field, Mnss. Ho oxpeots to romnin
sovornl uiuutliB.
sMr. nnd Mrs. Glonn Bnrnhnm
nro rejoioiug ovor n sovon nnd ono
half ponnd sou, born August 28.
Mrs. Mary Gray of Mtnuosota, wlio
is visiting rolntivcs liorn nnd nt othor
plnces, is quito sick nt hor sistor's,
Elln Oollins, nt Greensboro Bend.
Sovornl from thia plnco nro ntteud
ing Montpelier Soininary and Goddnrd
Sominnry nt Bnrro.
Mrs. Julia Wlllard roturnod Sntnr
dny night from a cnrringo drlvo to
Miss Jennio Whitehill is sponding
n fow daya at homo on acoonnt of
A Repnblicau rnlly was hold at tho
village hall Sopt. 1. Thero wbb not
a very lnrgo nttondnnco, not ns mnny
ns thero ought to havo been. Tho
speakers wero Hon, 0. J. RuseoII of
Burlington, and Frank Williams of
Honry Staokpolo and Willia'-n Fos
ter expeot soon to leavo for Albany,
N. Y., to entor tho Albnny Businesa
Thn villnge sohool opened Sept. C
with Mrs. Inez Sibley, teaohor.
Otis vheoler of Woodbury expecta
to work for W. M. Olnrk whilo he ia
nttending court.
Ethnn Jaokmnn hns purohased n
pair of working horses of H. M.
Poarl Whltoher, who has been
poorly, is a littlo moro oomlortablo.
Mrs. F. P. Wlllard visited in Barre
last weok.
Mrs. Elvira Atkins is visiting her
son, A. ti. AtKins.
Dr. Oarter was taken auddenly ill
on Thursdny but is gaining at this
Howard Farr and wifo attendod
the fair at Sherbrooko lnst week.
Rev. Mr. Wnldron, pastor of tho
Bnptist ohuroli, returned on Sunday
for a two weeks' vacatioo.
Mr. and Mrs. Willard Atkins of
Plke, N. H., who havo boen visiting
hor parents, Mr. and Mrs. A, S. At
kins, have rttnrned to tlioir home.
Mr. and Mrs. Keniston of Provi-
denoe, R. I., nro visiting relntives
Georgo Lemphere an j fcmily re
turned Saturday from a two weeks'
vaontion spont with friends in Essex.
The Hc-dwiok Brenoh, G. 0. N.
U.( and the lumpera npd boxors went
to Morrisville to celebrato Labor Day.
Oornelina Pettes has returned from
Williamstown, whero he haB been
stnying this summer.
Henry Martin of Williamstown is
visiting in towu this week.
Tiie infant ohild of Mr. and Mrs.
Arohio Whoeler was buried Tuosaay,
Sopt. 5.
Edward Wells and wifo visited in
Barre over Labor day.
Mr. Williamson visited in St. Johns
bury the .flrst of this weok.
Mrs. Pliilp, wlioso illness was re
ported last week, is rooovering.
William .Tames ia moving from the
tho house he has been oooupying on
Elm streot, to ono of Dr. Dnrling'a
A largo number from this plaoo at
tenaed Labor duy exeroises at Morris
ville. William Robb has gono to join his
wifo in Huntington and will roturn
with her this weok.
Tho carpontors havo begun work on
a houso, which Mr. Walden of Bur
lington is having built on Granito
School opoued Tuosdny, Sopt. C, nt
the aondemy aud graded sohnol.
Mrs. Oarrie S. Drow nnd Mrs. Jon
nio L. Smith left on Wedne'sday to
visit relntivea in Nashua, N. H., aud
Lnwronce, Mnss., after wliioli Mrs.
Drow will return to her home in Wis
consin and Mra. ,Stnith to Litlletou,
N. H.
Ethel Hall is visiting in Morris
ville nnd Hardwiok.
Harry Goes has bargained his farm
for a house in Barre nnd, is to movo
thero soon.
Miss Graoe Blnke spent a few days
in Barro last week.
Hnrloy Hnncoorne, who wns ill last
week', ia repoited muoh better.
Mrs. Emma Hall ia visiting at E,
H, Olark's in Barre.
Ohnries Houghton hns moved from
Pnssumpsio to his fnther'e, L, 0,
Hnrbert Hnnscome ot Lisbon, N,
H., is visiting hiB brother, Will
Hanecome, for a few daya.
W. D, Barr and wifo nro taking n
carriage drivo to Northfield aud will
visit in Barro aud Brookfield before
Gracq Blakehns commenoed her flrst
term of soliool in Barton Fike distriot
in Marshfield.
Mr. and Mrs. Honry Ohild ot Mont
pelier spont Snndny with his brother,
M. R. Ohild.
Gny Jouea hns flnishod work for
Bort Stookwoll.
Rev. O B. Wells nnd fainlly hnvo
rotnrnod homo nfter n month'B vncn
tlon, H E. Anstln nnd wifo roturnod to
their homo in Worcester, hursdny.
Jcd Hnskins of Wnterbnry wns in
towii Snndny.
Miss Emrua Royco spont Suntlny
with hor pnronts in Montpolior,
Mrs. F. M. Hunt nnd son, Guy,
nlso Mra. Omrl Bruco nnd Miss
Bpsaio Bruco returnod homo from
Burlington lnst wook.
Irviu Honson hns flnishod work for
L. Wilcox and will uttend sohool nt
Montpolior Semlnary, ns will Frod
nnd Grnco Bulklov, Howard Bnlkloy
nnd Olnrn Spnnlding.
Mrs. F. 0. Atkins with hor two
children, Berthn nnd Morrill, stnrted
Mondny morning on n, visit to friunds
in Keeno nnd Olnremont, N. H.
Mrs. Oiinrles Soulo roturnod homo
from Burlington lnst Saturday. '
Oharlio Soulo is siok.
Mrs. Ada MoKuight Js ill.
Sohool in Bolles distriot roopenod
on Tnesday, Sept. O.with Mrs. George
Holt, teaohor.
John Lano and Henry Dunkling
nnd Ed. Maxflold returnod homo lnst
Tuoeday from Rumney, N. H., wiioro
they wero attouding tho Hnrvestors'
Sohools in town commoncod thia
week with tho following teaohera:
No. 1, June Joslin ot Northfield; No.
2, Ethol Rylo of Waitsfield ; No. 3,
Mrs. Ruby Kelley of Montpelier; No.
4, Jessio Rylo, Waitsfield; No. 6,
Lizzio B. Mnxwoll; No. 7, Kato P.
Missos Minnio and Oora Mehurun
will tenoli the villago sohools in
Warren. Miss Hattio Mohnron re
turns to Barre, Miss Anna Mehnron
to Waitsfield and Miss Emily B. John
son is toaohing tho "nppor" aohool
in Waitsfield village.
Miss Marion Dnna ia taking the
aeco'nd courso in Randolph Normal
cahool and Oiinrles R.Mnxwell returns
to Columbia college.
Tho Republioan rnlly in this town
last Wednesday afternoon was a very
successful affair, About 2G0 of all
nges, inoluding a largo number of- tho
fair sex, and a few Demoorats, list
ened to the eloquent addresss of
Mossrs. Jnokson and Gntes as they eln-
oidatedthe prinoiplea and advantngoa
of Republicanism. - The Wnitsflold
cornet band discoursed good musio
Tho Good Templars furnished ico
oream. Tho Domoornts, with the
exception of Unolo Miko Moriarty,
wero all converted and ovmybody had
a general good time.
Mrs. J. H. Smaill ,and Mrs. G. H.
Pierco havo gone to Huntington, P.
Q., to nttend tho fnneral of thoir
mother, Mrs, Susan Onrr.
A. E. Perrin was in Nowport on
business on Friday.
Roy Oalderwood of St. Johnsbnry
wns in town Wednesday.
Mrs. J. H. MoLoud of Hardwiok
visited at G. A. Porter'B on Wodnea
R. A. Ritohie, Olio Rodgera and
Jnmes Popo attended tho Sherbrooko
fair last week,
Frank Pope and wifo wero in Hyde
Park on Saturday.
Jamea Piokett went to Hydo Pnrk
Saturday on business.
Many of our summer visitors nro
returning to their lioines.
0. S. Oonant and wifo of Ooncord,
N. H., palled on frionds in town on
ev. ut. uewnurst doiivered one
of liis excelllent anrmons at tho Pres
byterinn ol.uroh on Sunday morning.
ov. u. w. iuorrow spoiso on
"Tempernnce" Sunday evening at the
Proabytorlan ohnroh.
jouiiaifisiouor Aiuier liaa com
menced work on peimanent rond
Tho.building commltteo of the Oon
Rregntionnl aooioty hna commoncod tho
foundntlons for the now ohurch. G
W. Sawyer of Hardwiok is laying tho
Mrs, J. O. Lnmb ia quio ill,
Mra. D. B. Dyinell is visiting at
her old home in Waitsfield.
W. L. Pierco aud wifo aro vialing
in town.
Melvin Pierco and family nrrived
in town lnst week and after n sliort
visit with his brother, Byrou, left for
their oottage in Woodbury.
Mra, Johu Gilman ia visiting reln
tivea nt Willoughby lake.
Sohool oommonoed thia weok with
Georgia Hnwkins ot Calais nnd Oarrie
White as teaohera,
Erncst Keenan ot Hardwiok snent
Snndity witli his nunt,' Mrs. Ronfrow.
Mies Alioo Guornsey ia nt homo on
hor vncntiou.
Vnughnu Burnhnm ia yot quito ill
with rlioumntio fovor.
Mra, Altnc. Nowoll hns flnishod
work nt J. II. Sprnguo's nnd wont
Sopt. 1 to work iu tho family of
Edwin A. Qprngue.
0. W. Smith nnd wifo visltod'Mr.
nnd Mrs. 0. B. Eddy of Northfield
ono day last weok.
Mrs, Oyrns Smnll and dnughtor of
Lynn, Mnss., who hnvo beon guenta
of Mra. M. F. Hovoy for aevornl
woeks, roturnod to their homo lnst
weok Fridny.
A. I. Skinuer with hia wifo nnd
dnughtor ot Bnrro wero guoata nt W.
F. Medcalf 'a lnst Snndny, ns wero E.
L. Mnrahnll, his wifo nnd dnughtor
of WllliamBtown.
A few from this plnco nttended tho
Repubiionu rnlly at Chelsea lnBt woek
H, D. CorEO had tho misfoituue to
loso n horso lnst woek,
Rev. Mr. Wikon wns in Warren
Tuosdny to ofllointo at tho fanoral
sorvices of tho lpto Georgo Elliott.
Mrs. Eunice Welllugton ia boerding
at Henry Vr.u Deuaon'B.
Mr. nnd Mra. Hnrris Holmnn wero
horo a pcrt of lnst week looking nfter
tho oropa on their farm.
Miss Jessio Stnnton goos to Ran
dolph todny tobeglnher studics in tho
Normal coliool.
Olayton Riohurdson and f emily of
Ayor, Mass., nre visiting his fnther,
Hnrrison Rialinrdson.
N. D. Rice, Dr. Merrip.m e.nd G,
A. Tildon with their familics spent
Friday at Borlin pond.
W. A. Averill will apend thia wepk
in Warren, to vote and attond to othor
Liout.-Gov. Stcnton ccmo home ill
lnt wook and was obliged to ocnoo
somo of hia engngemciita for Bpeaking
Ohnries Wiley nnd fcmily of South
Royr.lton havo beon visiting at Leo
Wiloy's for a fow days.
The ladies' mito sooiety will meet
with Mra. Eflie Mooro Sept. S, in tho
aftornoon. A cordinl invitation to
W. E. Mooro, who atarted for tho
Wost last January, to visit in Okla
liotna, Utah and Minno:ota, and othor
Westoru States, returned homo Sept,
J. 0. Glcason is quito feoblo,
George W., son of J. J.,and Hattio
Elliott, died last Thursdny aftor an
illness of five weeka with typhoid
fovor. Ho waa kind and obliging nnd
lovod by p.'.l who knew him. Ho wcn
nenrly twenty yeara old. The fnneral
waa at his homo at the village nnd
was largely attended, nearly 100 be
ing unable to get iu. Ros. Mr. Wilson
of Roxbury, ofOoiated. The flornl
tribntea wero many and beautiful, in
oluding somo from tho olaes-matea of
his wifo from tho Noith field high
sohool) oarnations from a cousin in
Bonnintgon, somo from the base br.ll
olub aml mill hands, besido many
othor, all testifying to tho love and
estoem they had for him. The
nflliotod familiea have the hearttelt
sympathy of all.
Mrs. J. W. MoGlcflin'a parenta from
Waitrfleld spent the past week with
her in thia plaoe.
Alden True of Kansas, ia sponding
a fow woeks with his brother, Scova.
Eunico Wcrd went to Ooncord, N,
H., last 'Monday to work in tho fam
ily of Mr. Wopda. ,
Mr. and Mrs. 0. T. Blako went to
East Barre lnst Sunday to attend tho
fnneral of the little sou of Mr. and
Mra, Alden Grenraon,
Mr. aud Mrs. 0, L, Spear startea
last week Monday for St. Louls and
will aleo go to Washington, D. Q,,
bofore returning lioms.
Sohools in thia distriot begnu last
week Mondny with Gertrudo Bacon
of Chelsea toachor.
Miss Nina Vinson went Wednesday
to Bridgeport, Oonn,
Mr, aud Mra. H. O. Stanl'ey of
Wyoaona, Wia., nnd Misa Charlotte
Tarbell of South Royalton nre stop
plng at G. A. Stanley'a.
Mra. Jane Willard of Royalton 1b
visiting friends and rolativea in this
Miss Helen Stauley returned to her
homo in Barre on Saturday.
Mr. nnd Mra. Frank Blodgett ot
Enst Randolph spent ono dny last
week nt F. L. Blodgett'a.
Elmer Stnnloy returned from Rnu
dolph on Tuosdny.
Mrs. L. B, Kibbeo spont sovernl
dnya nt Henry Kibbeo'a last week.
Mr. and Mra. J, G. Perhnm went
to Pomfret on Monday to spend a
One dlscovory mndo by nu exploriug
party in" Abyssinia recontly ia that
the river Gelo skirta the Bonthernmoat
oxtremlty of Lako Tata lnstead of
flowing into the lake, as waa hitherto
believed. .
Of Worcester, Mass.,
...Aro now ready to fbrward....
Samples of New Fall Dress Goods
and New Fall Silks.
Pleaso stato wlicn writing if colorcd or blnck is wanted with
somo idea of prico.
Mrs. 0. D. Smltru aud dnughtor,
Goldio, woro rocoutly visitors in tho
Whito MouutainB for a fow daya.
Mrs. E. O. Ellswortli aud bou, Ray
moud, returned Wednesday from a
visit in bethol, Bnrnnrd nnd' Wood
stock. A. W. Blnko nttended tho fair at
Corinth lnst weok.
Miss Florn Hnstlnga nnd Mnstor
Austin Goorgo of Dixon, III., nre at
M. II. Bullook'B.
A. M. Bullock ooutinnos in fniling
health with little or no prospeot of
Mrs. L. Alice Fishor viaitod lior
sistor, Mra. Mnrk Menra, for n day or
two recouttly.
Mra. A. S. Winch, iii oompnny with
Mra. Morso of Montpelier, ia visiting
tho Boston anu Now xork mminory
mnrkets this week.
W. S. Lnokio, our new buttor mak
or, has moved u part of his hoasehold
effeots to G. A. Kolloy'a pluco on
Mnin stroot which he expecta to oo-
Miss Jennlb Hoyt of Onbot hns been
tho guest of Mr, and Mrs. M. E.
Beokley the past woek.
G. W. Brown of South Ryegate wai
n viaitor in town over Sunday.
The Good Templara have nnde:'
couaideration the produotion of nn
othor drama thia fall.
The Honry family are'giviug ex
liibitiona at Marsbx'l's linH eveiy
evening tliis week.
Miss Avis Enunis hna a position '
tho homo of Judgo Woodward r
Misa Blnko, teaohor in the Pike
dittriot, ia boarding nt'E. A. Rose
brooks'. .One transfoimer and sevorrl telo
piiones of the Mo.'ly's 'Fnlls Electrio
Light, Power and Telephono Oo.
were damaged by tho electrio storm
of Saturday night.
Noxt Monday ovening will be ob
sorved by tho locel lodge Kn'ghts of
Pythiaa U3 "ladies1 niguc" and a
apecial call is extended to all me'mbora
to be present and irvite their ladies
to attend with them.
The "Stnra," reinforoea bv aoveral
of the "Has Beens," defeatod the
North Montpelier ball team on the
home groundB batnrday by the de
cislve score of 15 to 4. In dividing
the apoila of viotory, lioDor to whom
tionor ia due.
Mra. Artlinr Gaeo of. Wobui.
Masa., is visiting friends in this, vi
Israol Jewett hns moved to Groton
poud whero he hns employment with
Miuer, Ayer cc uo.
John Whitehill and Ernest Taisoy
of South Ryegate were with Mr. and
Mrt. James Wliitobill over Sunday.
B. B. Nownes and wife nro attend
ing tho fair at Btrton tliis week.
O. M. Ennia was in Sherbrook, P.
Q., last wook to nttend tho celebrated
fair nt that place.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Colo of Hard
wick wero visitors in town tho flist
of the weok.
Miss Blanche Ontter of Plainfield
haB been the cnost of Mr. and Mra.
W. H. H. Moars during tho past
Mr. and Mrs. Nelaon Shorey and
dnughter of Plainfield woro visitor8
w.ith A. x. JJavis saturcay.
Miss Nina Ennis has socurod em
ployment as table waitrosa in Field's
roataurant at Montpelier. '
Our Rooaovelt nnd Fairbnnks flag
was unfurled to tho breeze Tuosdny
morning under diroctiou of G. L.
Dwinell, chairman of the Republioan
town committee.
Repairs nnd- nu addition to the ros
trum nuJ a new carpet aro among tho
ohanfzes boing mado in the intorior of
the Methodist ohurch.
' Two yearlings and oight shoep bo
louging" to Mrs. Jennio Hobart woro
struck aud klllod by lightuing during
tho shower Saturday night. Thero
was also a bolt which struck plants
near tho homo of O. F. Oarpoutor.
The antics of tho lightning iu and
around tho gronnds at these two
plnces mnko quite n interostiug
Mr. aud Mrs. Goorgo Huntington of
Montpelier were visitors with Mr.
and Mra. B. B. Nownes Sunday.
O. I. Freston nnd Ellis hnve been nt
work for the past two weona upon ro
pnirs aud additions to tho liomo.of
J. A. Woodward iu Onbot.
Frank Puifor of Montpelier waa in
town Monday in tlie lutoresta of the
Fnaion tiohet aud with a aample bal
lot eudenvorcd to toaoh our oitizona
tho corroot way to vote. It ia nndor
stood that iu tho oourso of ' his wnn
deriuga he puffod up against First
Seleotman E. A. Thomns, who outor
taiued him for a few momonts with
rotrostmiouts not eutiroly to his tnste.
Ralph Dewey ot South Framinghnm
arrivod in towu Monday night and
will spend most ot tho week with
frionds in tliis vioinity, returning to
hia homo Saturday acoompauied by
Mrs. Dewoy who has beon visiting hor
grandmother, Mrs.JLydin Pitkin, for
eoveral weeka.
Owing to the sovero eleotrical storm
Saturduy ovening it waa impossiblo to
hold tho Republioan rally and flag
rahiug. Seuator William P. Dilling
ham and Hon. Frank Plumley, the
speakers of the evening, woro on hand
and evorythiug In readlnesa for a
rouslng rally and thoro is conoluslvo
ovidenoo that had the wenthor beon
favorablo ono of tho largest nttonded
nnd most outliuslatsio rnllies held in,
the connty during tho campaign
would hnvo beon tho resnlt.
Legal Notices.
I)i8tbiot op Washington, ga.
In Probate c'ourt, litld at ilonlDeller, In and for
alil Distrlct, on the 2nd dny of bcptcmber, A. D.
Jnmcs J. 1'lrle, Ailmlnlstrator of tlie estate of
CYHU8 KAItNSWOltTll. lato or Calali, ln
ald OUtrlct, dcceasecl, procuts lils admln
fltratlon account for examln&Mon and allowance,
anil makei appllcallon for a decrce ol dlttrltiutlon
aml pattltlon of tho cttale of aald I'ecciscd.
Wlierenpon Ull ordered by aald Court, that aald ac
count and aald appllcatlon he relcrred to a aeislon
thvreof, to he held atlhe l'rohale 0(1! ce In aald
Montpelier, 03 tho 21tli day of Sep'., A. li. lact,
forhearlniranddcclsloii therconl And, It la further
ordered that uollce hercof he glvcn to all perxma ln
tcrested.hy publlcation oflhe aame three weeka auc
cesslvely In the Vehmont Watciihan and Statb
Jouiinal, a ncwepaper puhllshcd at Montpelier.
In thls State, prevloua to sald lltue ap
polntcd for hearlng, that they may appear at aald
tiuie and place, and sliow caute, If any Ihev miT
have, why aald account ahould not he allowed.
and aucli decrie niaue.
By the Court, Atteat.
36-33 H1UAM CAKt,KTON'. Judge
Statk of Vermont,
In Prohate Court. held at Montpelier, In and for
aald Dlttrict, on the 11th day of August, A. D
Edward Uaker. Admlnlstrator of the eatate of
HAItUY A. YOUNO, lato of East Montpelier, ln
sald Distrlct, deceased, presents lils admlnls
tratlon account for examlnatlon and allowance
and makea appllcatlon fora decree of dlstrltiutloa
andpartltlon of the estate ofsald deceased.
Whereupon, It la ordered by sald Court that er'd
account ar.1 aald appllcatlon he referrcd toaeession
thcreof, to he held ut the I'robate OOlce. In sald Mont
pelier, on tlie 2lth day orycptember, A. 1). 1954, for
uearlnxanddeclslontherFon; and, It Is further or
dered that nollce hercof he glven to all persons Inter
ested, bynubl'callon of Ihe same three weeks suc
cesalvely ln the Vehmont Watchman and state
Jouiinal, a newspaper puhllshed at Montpelier, In
thls State, previous lo sald tlme anpolnted for hear
ing, that they may nppear at sald ttuie and place, and
showcause.iranytiicy tunyhare, why sald account
ahould not he allowed, and such uecrec made.
lly the Court.-Altcst.
f6 "1
State of Vermont.
District or Wasihnoton, s. g.
In Prohate Court. held at Montpelier, ln and for
sitd Distrlct on the ;th day ot feeptember, A. D. 15.1.
Frank II. Hulkelcy, Aihninlstralorol the estate ot
CATMEIilNE F. l'OSXETr, late of Fayaton, ln sa'd
Dlfctrlcl, deceased, makes apiillcatlon 13 sr'd
Couit nLh the cousenl and approbatlon Inwrltlug
of Ihe hclra of sald dec;sed, resldlng In thb
State of Vermont, for llcense to sell all
of tho real estate of sald deceased, sltuafd ln
Fayston, ln sald Distrlct. to w.t: Dwelllng house,
bam aud about tweu.y acres of land, representlng
that the sale thereof would be beneflcial to the
helrs of sald deceased. and those Intercstcd ln
her estate, ln ,order to convert sald real estate
Wliereupon, It Is ordered by sald Court, that sald
appllcatlon be referred to a aeBSlon thereof, to be
befd at the Probate office, ln sald Montpelier, on
the iltli day of September, A. D. 1911, for heaiini;
and decla'on thereon; and. lt Is further ordered
that all persons Interested be notlfled licreof'jy pub
llcation of notlce of sald appllUutlon aiiu order
thereon three weeks successlvcly ln the Vsumont
Watchma: and State .Jouiinal, a newspaper
publlshed at Montpelier, In thls State, aud which
clrculates ln the nelghborhood of those Interested,
betore sald tlme ol hearlng, tbat they uiay appear at
aald tlme and place, and, If they see cause, objcct
By the Court. Attest.
In Bankruptijy
To the Ifonornble Ifovt II. Wlieeler. Jmtfi-e cr th
Distrlct Court orthe United States ln the Distrlct of
THOMAS M. HliOCK, ot the City of Barrt, n
the County ot Washington nnd Stato of Vermont, re
spectfully represents that.on the 27th day ol Alirll,
last past, he was duly adjudged a tiantrupt
under the acta of Congress relatlng to bank
ruptcy; thathe has duly surrendered all lils iirop
eriy and rlghts of property, and liaa fully com
plled with all the requlrcments of sald acts, and witb
the orders of the Court tnuchlng hia biiukruptcy,
Wherefore, he prays that he may be decreed by the
Court to have a full dlschargo from all debta profable
against hls estate under sald bankrupt acts, e tcent
sucli debts as are excepted by luw Irora sucU ais
charge. THOMAS M, BltOCK. Bankrupt.
Dated thls 8th day ol August. A. D. ISXH. "
tiiomas m. unocn,
Bankrupt DlscharKe.
Notlce Is hereby glven that THOMAS .M. Blt$gK
hankrupt, has tlled hls pctltlon, dalcd Auinist
8. 1904, praylng for a discharge Irom all hls
debts, ln bankruptcy, and that all crcdltora and oltier
persons objectlng to such discharge may attend befr,re
Ihe uuderslgned, referee, at hls uulce. Itoora No. 6, U.
S. Post Olllce Building, In Montpelleryon ScptcmUer
21, 19M, at 10 o'clock A. M.. aml then and there pre
sent their objectlons, If any, to such discharge, wltb
their proofs thereon,
Iteferee ln Bankruptcy I
Montpelier, Vt., September 3, 1904. '
In thematteror
To the Hon. Ilovt il. Wlieeler. Judiro nt llin niJ
trict Court of the United States. for the Distrlct ofl
FltANlC STACY, of Barro City, ln the coun
ty of Washington, and Stajo of Vermont, respectful-1
ly represents that on the 2lstdayof Deccmher, A.D.I
1MI3, ho was duly adjudged a bankrupt under the acts 1
ui uongreis reiaiing to oanKrupicy; tnat ne uaa l
duly surrendered all lils property and rlghts of 1
iiruiieri, Huu uas juiiy conipueu wiui au ine require-
ments of sald acts, and ol the orders of Uie court
luucmng iiis uanatupicy .
Wherefore, he prnys that ho may be decreed by tho
Court to have a full discharge Irom all debts prov
able against hls estate under sald bankrupt acts,
except such debts as are exccptcd by law from sucb
Dated at Barre City, In tho county of Washington
aud State of Vermont, IhlsSStli day of August, A. D
FltANK STACY, Bankinpt. Discharge.
Notlce Is hereby glven that FltANK 6TAOY,
bankrupt, has flled hls petltlon, duted August 29,
I'JOl, praylng for n discharge Irom all hls debts ln
bankruptuy and that all crcdltora and other persons
objectlng to sucb discharge may attend before the
undeslgued referee, at hls olllce, Itoom No. 6, U 8,
Post Olllce Building, ln Montpelier, on September 24,
1904, at ten o'clock A, M and tben and there pre
sent tbelr objectlons, lf any, to such discharge, witb
their proofs thereon.
Iteferee ln UanVruptcy.
Montpelier, Vt., September S, 1904,
Xotics or First Meetino or Crkditob-,
In the Distrlct of the Unlled States, foi the
Distrlct of Vermont. In llankruptcr.
In the matter of ALFJIED F. KENNESON,
To the creilitora of AI.FIIED F. KENNESON,
of Woodbury, ln the County of Washington and
Distrlct aforesald. a bankrupt!
Notlce la hereby glven that on theJJth day of
Julr, A. D. 1904, the aald ALl'IIKD F. KEN
NESON was duly tadludlcatcd bankrupt;
and that the flrst nieeUng of hls credltora
will be held at the oftlce of the uuder
slgned. Itoom No. CU. 8. Post Olllce Build
ing, Montpelier, on tlie 24th day ol September,
A. D, 1901, at ten o'clock In Uie forenoon at
which tlme the sald credltora may atttnd, provo
their clalms, appolnt a truitee, examlne the bank
rupt, andtransact sucb other business as way prop
rrly come before sald meetlng.
Iteftree ln Bankruptcy.
Montpelier Vt., September J, 1904.

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