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Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth Snrgent
havo boen visiting hls pareuts and
brother tlie past week, leaving for
homo last Monday.
Arthur Snrgent ciitne homo last
week and sapplletl the pulpits nt East
Corinth nnd the Oentcr last Sunday.
Orrin Hodge hns been rnaking ip
pairs on liis hotise both oateide nnd
Oow buyers from Mnpsnolinsotts
lmve boen canvasidug the town nnd
aro sald to bd coming for ninre. They 1
claini thnt oows nre oheap bnt nppenr
to be very nuxioun to purohaso.
W. L. G. Fitts of Fau Franoisco,
Oal., is visiting liis fathor, Elhanau
Fittp, after au nbsouce of twanty
Rev. Mr. Elliott of Waterbury,
will be here npxt Snnday nnd it is
expeetori that sotno menitiars will be
recfived 'tutn the churoh. Ic is olso
annonucerl t'mt tliero will be a tneet
ing of tbo plni'cli nn Monday oven
ina, Nov. 14 tu consider the ndmis
eion tf more racmbars.
Tlie ludies cir,clo will meot with
the nsnnl eupper at the rootns on
Mrs. Willinin Orcutt i recovoriug
slowly frnm a Fevero attaok of brou
cbitis Little Dornthy Sloytou has
alsi hern very ill with brouohitiB but
is bottir.
Two childteu of Jack Tanner liave
been ill with f-carlet fever, bnt ate
report d as improving.
Dr. Slaytou has moved into the
honso with Amos Oimso.
Miss .Tessie Stnntou, accouipanicd
by a friend, was at homo from the
Normal sohool over Snnday.
Mr. Wnodward has moved into
the house witli Derfc Diokiuson,
Frauk Gnshea has been serionsly
ill with pneumonia, bnt is slighily
Patrick Hanlon died Snnday oven
ing at the homo of Rolla Steole, .aged
aixty-six years. Mr. Hanlon leaves
ouly oue daughter. Hannah Frances,
wlio has cnred for him faitlifnlly
throngh his lllneFS, Fnneral services
will ba luld at Northfield.
eal Estate Agency
but Business Opportunities
Just now we can ofTer you soveral among which wo believe you can fiud
ono which will bo salisfactory to you. Here is a partial list
GROCERY STORE inhustlins City which carries a stock
worth about 83,500.00 and is paying woll.
GENERAL STORE in small town, which lms a good tradc.
Very littlo competition.
BOOT AND SHOE STORE which carries a stock worth
ftbout 63,000. An old cstablished business.
CRIST MILL which lms a ycarly trado of about, 15,000.00 and
custom work amounting to from 8G00.00 to S800 00. Qood buildings and
machinery run by water power. Location very desirable.
RESTAURAUNT which is paying well.
FARM of ftbont 200 acres located on tho River Rond from Plain
field to Marshfield. C0 acres of mcadow laud. ill keep 35 head of
stock. Largo bain with basemont and Silo which would ct.st 2,500.00.
Good horsc-barn. Ninc room houeo which is in good shapo. Largc quan
tity of lumber and lmrd wood. Kxtva good sugar bush, with new sngnr'
house. This is a bargaiu at $3, 500-00-
FARM ahout '2J milos fron Montpelier, which will koop 40 head
of stock. Largo barn nearly 100 feet long with liasement. Would cost
$3,000.00 to build. Oontaina 130 acres. Pla(jo is located about twelve
minutes from eleetric cars. Owncr would nxchango for villago property.
If thcso propertics do not interest you, writo us tclling us what you
want and we will be glad to toll you whother wo can holp you or not
tiurre vt.
IV All NEW 8.
Ohefoo, Nov. 8. Advlces from
Port Arthur stato thnt tho Jnpancse
yostordny mado a dospernto nttompt to
oaptnro tho Rnssian ontrenchniciits
abont LatnBhnu(probably LiaotiBhan.)
Aftor tho boinbardraent tho infantry
oharged ropoatedly but.'wero uiowod
down by tho henvy Rnssinn 41ro.
Finally tho Jftpauoso abandonod tho
attompt aftor having fUBtaiuod henvy
losens, Roinforoementsnro constautly
nrrlving nt Dalny nnd nro hnrried to
tho fightlng lino.
Shnughni, Nov. 8. A roport hns
renohed tho Oritish nnvnl oirolea horo
thnt tho JapnncBo warehip hna struok
a miuo nt Fort Arthur and eunk,
Romo, Nov. 7. Tokio oorrespond
onts wires thnt Port Arthur is regard
ed as tnkon iu tho Jnpnnese onpltal.
Tho Russians still liold fonr forts iu
tho town Itsolf is opou to the Japau
cso ou tlie northeast. Tho troops will
not onter tho towu nt present bccaoso
it ia still under flro from Linoti mouu
tnin forts. All tho bosiogers' offorts
will now bo directod toward Goldou
hill fortress.
St. Petorsbnrg, Nov. 7. Both Gou
oral Knropatkiu'B army and thnt of
Fiold Marshall Oyama huvo oomploted
tho fortifiontious aloug tho Shahko
rlver. At Bonie points the fortiflca-
tions are only a few linudred paocs
apart. Tlio weather is dry and very
St. Potorsburg, Nov. 7. M. Clndo,
oue of tlio threo ofllcors who lauded
from Haltio ileot at Vigo nnd wlio
proceeded to St. PoternburK, ia not n
naval oilioer bnt major iu the artny
Ho was simply Admirnl Rodjestven
sky's guest and iutoudod to laud at
Vigo wheu tlio lleet loft tho Bnltio
The fact tho Admirnl Rodejstvenksy
loft liiin bohiud ns a responsible ofiicor
wlio would give dotails of the Doggor
bauk ntfair wns nothing less thau
mockery to Kugland. "Tlio Ozar, it is
ioarued.has loaded M. Olado with hon
ors of tho Russian sooioty and is hi
larions over tho farco of Beuding him
to the capitol as a reprosontative of
tho ileot.
Birmingham, Nov. 7. Tho Post
loaruB that ttueasiness remaius iu the
miuistorial circles owiug to tle possi-
( bility of tlie Baltio (loot gottiug into
fnrther troubl". Thore is aiso the
! prospeot that tlie Ruasiau Black Sea
ileet will ondeavor to pass Dardanel'.es
and ndd to tho daugera of the situa.
tion. Tho mteruational sihiation cou
tiuues to be ono of tlio great delioaoy.
A Heavy Load.
To lift that load off of the stomach
tako Kodol Dyspepsia Onro. It digests
what you oat. Sour Btomaoh, belch
iug, gas ou stomaoh nud all disordors
of tlie stomach that aro carable, aro
instantly relieved and permaneutly
cnred by the uso of Kodol Dyspepsia
Onre. S. P. Storrs, a drnggist at 297
Main street, New Britaiu, Oonn.,
says: "Kodol Dyspepsia Cnre is
giving snoh uuiversal satiefaction and
is so surely becoming tho positive
relief and subequent onre for this dis
trossiug ailment, I feel thnt I atn
always sure to Batlsfy and gratify my
cnstomers by recointneuding it to
thom. I write this to show how woll
tho remedy is spoken of here." Kod
ol Dyspepsia Cnro was dioovored
after years of soieutifio oxpprimeuts
and will nosltively cnro all stomach
troubles. Sold by all dmggists.
ms -'!( 9 Qj' lu.i H o
Mrs. J. VV. Onustio hns sold hor
plnoo iu Marshfield to Levi Oolo of
Tho Inw oflioo of R M Hnrvey,
B. M. Hnrvoy nud J. N. Hnrvoy hns
bpen movod from tho Lnwronoo blook
into No. 11 Unlou blook.
J G. Brown won tho weckly tournn
mont nt the Oonntry Olub on Sntnrdny
nfternoon. Ool. Brown. nnd Miss
Roae Lnoin nre ticd for flrst plnco in
tho weokly mntohos of tho senson,
cnoh hnving n score of six. The do
oiding tnatoh will be plnyed between
tho two next Saturdny. This mntoh
will olose the weekly" tonrnnmenti for
the senson.
Hon. I. 0. aud Miss Luoio A. Oalof,
D. F. and Mrs. O. B. Stnnley, of
VVnslilugton, nnd Mr. nnd Mrs. C. B.
Allon of Barre, pnssed through tho
oity ou Tuesdny ou tho wny to Provi-
donce to attond tlie
wedding ou VVed
uesdav eveuiug of
Jr., son of Mr. nnd
Miss Mnbol Oalef,
Oharles R. Allen,
Mrs. Allen, nnd
uieoo of Mr. nud
Miss Oalef.
The total oiirollment in the pnblio
sohools for the mouth ending Ootobor
28 wns 8078, divided nmoug the de
partments as follows: Kindergnrteu
41, primnry 814, intennedinto 394,
high sohool 110. Tho nvomgo dnlly
nttondnnce for theeo depaitments res
pectively wns 85.1, 288.2,858.1, 107.
Tho totnl avornge daily ntteudance in
all the departmenta wns 788.4.
Miohael J. Honry died at liis homo
ou the Northfield road on Tnesday
ovening, of coiisnmption, aftor au ill
ness of nearly throe yenrs. Tho
decoased wns fortv-five yenra old. A
widow nnd threo ohildron nro among
liis living relntives. Tho fuuoral
Eorvices will bo held in St. Augus
tine's chnrch on Tliursday morning nt
9 o'clock.
Tho following letters nre waiting
to be olaimod at the post offico:
Geuts Oomrnde Oarlos S. Binghnm,
Rep. S. B. Blodgett, Oomrade Albert
Dnrling, Dr. Dnncnn, Thomns Emory,
B, B. Hardwick, 0. S. Hnrris, D.
Antouio Labin, Hon. E. H Portor,
Rufns Romine, G. H. Stowell, Wil
linm H. Sullivan; Ladies Mrs. Mny
Foster, Mrs. Sam G. Moore nnd Mrs.
M. Sleeper.
Mrs. Georgin Vnil, of Randolph,
gnve the congregation of the Ohurch
of tho Messiah on Sunday tlie pleasnre
of lieariug her rioh contralto voioe iu
n solo. Mrs, Vnil is tho youngest
rnember of the fnmons Shopard fnmily
of mosioinus whoso concortB were so
popnlar a few years ngo. On Snndny
nfternoon she saug soveral solos iu the
reception room nt Montpelier Semin
ary beforo the ladies nud fnoulty of
the Echool.
Miss Ethel Whitcomb, ncoompnnied
by her brother, hor physioian and
unrBe, arrived homo from Bever
ly, Mass., on Tuesdny evening. She
stood the jornney muoli botter thnn
her frionds nnd tho doctor dnred evon
to hope, nlthnngh she is somewhnt
tired tliis morninR. Hor family nnd
physioian nro nbuudnntly sntisfled,
under the circumstance?, with her
conditiou. Miss Whitcomb's many
frionds wUh for her a apeody and
Bure gain in health aud streugth.
A publio meetiu.i in tho interests
of forestry will be hehl in Representn
tives hnll ou Tliuifday ovening, No
vembor 10-. An nddress will bo mado
by Dr. B. E. Fornow of Ithacn, N
Y , formerly chief of the United
Stntes bureau of forestry. Other
epenkor will also nddress tho mpet
ing. Ernest Hitchcook, seoretary of
tho forestry association of Vormont,
nnd Georgo Aitken, seoretary of tho
State board of ngricnltnrc, will be
Tho now wooden nwuing nt tho
.Tunetiou ntntion of the Ooutral Ver
mont Rnilwny is uenrly nompletod
It is 101 feet long and atfords ample
protection to a pnrt of tho pasaongors
nt thnt station. A novel telophono
inftrumtut . hns been ploced in tho
tclegrnph ollico nt tho station. The
inatruuieut is conneoted with the tol-
egraph wiro running to St. Albnuf,
mnkiug it ponsible to oommanicnte
with the lunin ofllcoi of the rnilrond
both by telephoiiH nud telegraph ovor
the Batno wiro aud at the samo time.
V. O Morwi of Stroudsbure,
Penn., hns been iu this oity nnd Wil
linmstown mnking nrrmmoraentB for
the outting nnd shipping of OliriBtnins
trces For the past thirty yeara Mr,
Morwin has bpon shipping the trecs
from Ma.iue and Vermont to Npw
York, Philadolphin, Buifnlo and
other lnrge citipa of the Enst. Ila
cousidors the Vermont troes tlio be-t
ns they are more bnshy than tlie
Meiue varietj. Mr, Morwin has men
nt work in William'town onttinji ihe
trees. Ho left for Bellows Falls this
morning where ho expoots to stunto
some treea na well as in Londonderry,
Ho ships the trees from November 21
to Deconiher 5,
Tlio First Baptibt churoh horo in
Montpelier will soou havo n boll placi d
ln its churoh to )', Rov Guy V.
LiiuiFon nud E II. Ohase wont to
Lowell th's morniiig to make nrrantie
mouta fnr hringinu it lern. The litll
li,.u iieen in us ln the Haptist oharoh
iu Lowell for h'vimh' years. The
Lowell Winiuh ha dibMulcln d Rev.
W. A Dari-ou if Bir.nt.u has
purohnsod tho proporty with n vlow of
turnlng it over eventnnlly to tlio Stnto
Bnptlst Oonvontlon. It is throngh
Mr. Dnvlson n former pnstor of tho
ohnroh horo that this ohnroh hns tho
flrst optiou on tho bell nnd nt torma
thnt mnko its pnroluiHo poaalblo. Ita
tonea wi'l "onll tho fnithfut to wor
Bhlp" in Montpelier withln a few
C. H. Gilfillau rotumod on Tues
dny from Boston whero ho hna beeu in
cousultntion with tho Motropolitnn
atook nxohnnge during tho pnst threo
dnya for the pnrpoeo of ndjusting the
nccounts of loonl pntrona. Tho Ex
ohnngo ppoplo, nooordiug to n state
meut mnde by J. S. OHver, mnnnger
of the looal branoh, oharged Gilfillau
& Oo., for wire renta oontrary to
ngreemont nnd oontrnot, nnd so
crippled tho Montpelier nnd Barre
oflioes thnt it hna been planned to dis
oontluno theni. Mr. Gilfillau will
endeavor to personnlly eottlo tho local
olnims na well na those in Barre, nfter
whloh he will bogln euit ngaiust tho
Motropolitnn Stook Exohango.
Now York, Nov. 8. Iu n snnlit
room overlooking greeu lnwns nud
dnintlly farnishcd in n mnnuer tended
to soothe mind nnd bndy, a womnn of
past thirty years was absorbed on
Snnday nfternoon in the most terrible
ohnpter in tho life of Mrs. Florenco
Mnybriok. It hnd to do with the cell
in nn Engliah priaon iu which Mtb.
Mnybriok oould not shut out the
Eounda of workmen buildiug ngnllowa
on whioh sho wns to hnng.
The writer was Mrs. Florenco
Maybriok herself. She it preparing
iu tho homo of Dr. Helen Densraoro a
history ot tho famous Mnybriok
case, " by whloh she intends to prove
to the world thnt no stigma attaobcs
to hor unme.
But denrer to hor thnn this univer
Bnl vindiontiou is the hope thnt, if
won, it 'vill bring, bnck to her two
ohildron, n beautiful girl, now oigh'
toon, nnd n youth of twouty-four,
They still beliovo thoir mothcr guilty,
aud she has noc seeu thom sineo bIio
wna tlirust into prison, more thnn
fifteen years ngo.
Washington, Nov. 8. The Nnval
Observatory will agaiu aeud out time
Bignala ou tho night of Deo. 81, aud
will S9ud thom uronud the world.
Fonr difforout diBpatches will be Bout,
ono at midnight aud otlicrs at 1,
and 8 o'clock.
LaBt year the signals traversed
nbout 800,000 milea of wire nud were
henrd in AlitBkn, Pnnnmn, Vnlpnraiso,
Bueuos xyres, Houolulu, Guam and
Mnniln. This year it ia tho iutention
to trnnsmit tlie signals literally aronnd
tho world, which will ho possible by
the co-operation of tho telegraph nud
l onble compnuies. Lieut. Oommnnder
E. E Hnydou, Uuited States Nnvy,
I in charge of tho time servioe for tho
, goverument, hns proposed that advant
: ngo be takeu of important meetings
i in Washington, suoh ns thnt of tho Iu
j ternntional Railwaj- Oongress in 1905,
! to offor to send out to tho world, na
l fnr aa tho telegraph and cablo will
' onrry thom, a apeoial eerieg pf timo
signals, in celobration of tho meetiug,
nud to iuvito to the observatory snoh
membera ns cnro to be presont to soa
them go ont. It is nlso recotnmeuded
thnt nu offort bo mnde to collect nud
publiBh ns complete datn nn possible
regarding tho kiud of time iu nctunl
uso iu varinus conntrios iu tho world.
S1IOT IlJili lHVA 1j.
Evanston, Wyo., Nov. 9. Mrs.
Leou Demars, shot in a dnel by hor
ueiglibnr, Mrs. Nnuoy Hiolmrds, is
dend. Sevornl times tho womon had
coniR to blows, and eaoh had wnrued
tho other tho noxt encounter would be
with gons. Mre. Demars wont to
Mrs. Riohnrd'a rauoh, nonr Furt.
Brldger nnd upon being ordered away
displnyed a big rovolver. Mrs. Rioh
ards had beeu oarrying n weapon in,
expeotation of moeting Mrs Demnrs.
Mrs. Riohards says Mrs Domnrs fired
flrst, but thore were no other wit
uesses. At tho secoud shot Mrs. De
mars fell with a bullet in her breast,
but kopt on firiug, emptyiug the re
volver. Mtb Riohards nho ilrod six
sliots. Both nro wivos of rnuohers,
They nro thirty years old. Mrs.
Riohards wns nrrcsten.
London, Nov. 9. The aevere gnle
whioh Bet in on Monday night oou
tinues aloug tlio coaat of Gient Brit
niu today with undiminished fury.
Betliol, Nov 9. On Tnesdny nfter
noon ns the White Kiver Vnlloy Rnil
rond trnin was ou its wny to Roohos
ter,tbuut threo milea woat of horo, two
einp'.y freiht eitra becnme derailed.
No nne waa iijaiod. Tho paaaengora
wero o rriml bv nud the bnlnnooof tho
train proceeded. The traok was
ol"nred -n that apecial trnin will be
rnn from horo to r. Huntingtou'a fo
norul leavinu here on ttie arrivnl of
tho trnin frcm Montpelier nt 10:32,
White rivor wns Irozon ovor this
If Oopld ever grows up and gets
mnrried he'll probably seo the error
of hia was nnd qalt aotlng ns n mnt
rimouial aRpnt, : hlonpo News.
Wheu tho desk seems n prison of
And tho flngorB nre ornmpcd from
tho pen,
long for n jnnnt on the hillsides
And n stroll iu tho forest glen;
I long for n glirapse of tho thiokots,
Wlioro tho borrioa hnng frngrnnt
nnd good,
And tho sqnirrol 1b bnsy nt linrvest
Iu tho henrt of the nutumn wood 1
Swoet viaioua of Nnture's wlld or-
Drtft in o'er blottors nnd books,
And wo piuo for n glimpao of tho
For tho orimaon nud gold-flookod
Tho cnll of tho qunil in the brnmbles
Is good to the townsmnu's enr,
And I'd stand by tho litho-llmbod
And liet to his nx ring ctenr.
Tlien awa.v with tho desk nnd tho
dollara 1
Away with tho countlng of apollsl
111 hie, for n day, to tho wildwood
Aud swing in the grnpevlno coila,
And out where the Frost King's
I' 11 bask in the glorles of fall
Oh, all weary brothers iu citios,
Oome heod to tho woodlaud'a cnll!
Now York Times.
"rusiri)OJi knock."
Upon tho door I snw n sign;
I cried, "A mnttol And it's inino!" '
A wiser tliing I nover taw
No Medinn or Perisnn law
Should bo more rigidly onforoed .
Than, this, from verbiage divorced;
Its logio's flrm na nny rock
"Push don't knoek."
'Twns simply lncnnt to guide tho
Of those who wishod to sit or stund
Within tho unassuming door
This weight of germonty that bore.
'Twna nover meant to teaoh or prenoh,
But just to plnee iu enay renoh
The enr of him who dealt iu stock
"Push don't knook."
But what n guido for life was that
Strong, philosophioal aud pat;
How fiafe n ohart, for you nud mo
While ornising o'er life's restless sea;
PdbIi, nlwnys push, with goal ir viewj
Don't knook' nvoid the hnmmer orow.
ThiB rule will snvb you mnny n ahock:
"Push don't kuook."
Wheu on that door I seo the sign,
I say, "Great motto, youaromino!"
No strouger sarmon ovor foll
From humnn lips; uo enge could tell
The liot liend youtli more uearly how
To poiut nlways his voesoI'b prowj
There are no wiser words in stock :
"Pnsh don't knook."
Baltimore Americau.
jiad TJiiii'ry cuiijD kex.
Womau Who Died in Hospilal at Den.
ver Had Fifteen Pairs of Twins,
Ouo of tlie most remarkablo pa
tients nt the county hospital to my
mind," Eaid Dr. Olinrlos Swiudt of
tho connty hospital at Denver recent
ly, "hna just died. Sho wns Mrs.
Mnry Gillespio, a womau of oighty
six j'ears. Dnring her life timo she
was the mother of thirty ohildron,
and what wns strnugest of all, they
consisted of fifteen pairs of twina.
"Mrs. Gillespio camo to the hoa
pital in 1901. She had emigratcd to
the Unitpd Statea in 1840 from Eng
lnnd, whore aho wna boru. Iu 1SDG
alie camo to Oolorado for her henlth,
ns she was suffering from tuborculo
aia, not serioualy but enongh to bring
her to hia State from Masenohusetts,
whore bIio hnd mado hor homo sineo
coming from Euglnnd.
"I imngine thnt her lifo hnd uot
been a hnppy oue, though dnriug her
Btay hore sho steadily rofused to tell
aiiythiug of her past history save tho
part I havo rolnted.
"Wheu nho camo to us at tho ago ot
oighty-two prnoticnlly nll signs of
tuberoulosiB had disnppeared, nud the
womnu was snfferiiiK from nothing
eave old ago nud gouernlly deorepit
conditiou. Iu this condition sho
miglit havo lived on had sho not,
nbont threo dnya boforo her death,
fnllen aud broke her thigh bone. Her
system wns too feoblo to stnnd tlie
"Of hor children wo havo ouly
Bucceeded in loontiag oue, who upon
heariug of her mother's donth wrote
us nnd oiTered to pay luuernl oxpenBos.
This is the flrat aign any of her oliil
dren havo evinced in their mother's
"I dou't recall seeingyou ntoollege,
I guess you muat havo been beforo my
"Possibly, poasibly. Wlio wna nt
the liend of tho fnoulty when you woro
"Um let mo soo. I dou't jnst ro
onll hia mimo, but I was tliero the
yeur Bruco plnyed half baok nud
kicked goal twico from tlio field in tho
laat half of-"
"Osorol Ofoonreol That wnB the
year our oenter rush carriod most of
tho opposiug team ou liis baok for n
gain of 80 yards. Yes, iudeea, I
wouder wlio was the preaident thun
I dou't soem to remeraber miuor de
talla of oollege lifo inyself "New
York ProBS.
It's n plty thnt we can't insnro our
pipo dtonms before they go np iu
smoko, '
To be ftold. at Once!
SPLENDID FARM OF 105 ACRES. Buildings nre in good condition, Rrick
Houeo nnd Ell, tlirco Bnrns, Watcr in House nnd Yards. Plonty of Wood nud
Lumber, lfJO Frnit trces, 1000 Sugnr Trees. IJcst location and in ono of the best
neighborlioods in Ornnge County.
1'rlco, $,r,00.
FARM OF 1C0 ACRES, Buildings in good condition. Plenty of Frtiit Trces
nnd Sugnr Oroliard. Tlirco miles from Cholsen.
L'rlcc, $1,800.
Hnve for snlo ono of tlio protticst Poultry Farms in Vermont, 75 acres, Nri. 1,
sot of Biiihlings, nll well painted and clapboarded, largo Barn, Silo, largo Hen
House. Riiuning water in barn, liouso and ynrd. On inain road .
J'rlcc, $1,200.
CEO. A. TRACY, Roal Estato, Chelsea, Vt.
Legal Notices.
ll lT.le VoutU lield t Montpelier, In and for
aM Ulstrlct. on the 9lh day or NovcmLcr, A. L.,
Bamuel 1 W. llf njatiiln, Ailmlnlstrator, do bonla non,
pfthe estate ofOMVKIIAKKIt, lato of Nortlillcld,
In aald Dlatrlct deccased. prtBents lila admlnlstra-
.,, iur uxaiiiinaiion anti aitowancc, and
makei nppllcntlon for a dcerce ol dlstributlon and
.iiiuu ui niu esinie 01 saui aeccaBed.
Wlicreunon It Is orderil iiv c,.nrt n.t oni.i
account and aald nnpllcation lie refcrre.l toasceslon
thereef, to be lield at tlie I'roliato Offlco. Ineald
Montpellcr.on tljo 2W day ol Nov.. A. . . 1004,
for liearini! and decllon thcreon! And, Itli furllier
ordered, that notlco lioreorijo glven to all persons In
terceteil, by imbllcatlon of the lame three weeln
ucceailvely ln the Veiimont Watcihian and
.. . " liewnnaper pnbllshcd at Mont-
rietler. In thla Htatn.nrf.vinii tn Bai.i onnni..
ed for liearing, that they inay appcar at aald tuiennd
omu D.iwn vniiD.:, u uiiy uit-'y niay nave, wny
aald account aliould not be allowed, aud auchdccreo
ltv tlif PnnrU.il tnat
State or Vkiimont,
ln Il.nli.ln Pni.H l.l.l -r..u. . . . -
aUI Ulstrlct, on tlie Otli day of November. A. D.
At! Instrument purportlnn to bo the last will
!? i '"i8"'6"' .;' '-uoy 1'iiArr, ute oi
eentedtotbeCourt forl'robatc.lt Is ordered by sald
wVH. wuwjuiuu iucrein o noiinea
toappeai at a seeslon of sald C'ourt. to bo held at tbo
I'robatt Offlco In sald Montpelier, on the 28th day
may have. aj?alnst the probate of sald Instrument.
pf this pnler be nubllshed three weeks successlvcly
ln the Vkiimont Watciiman and Statk JonnsAi..
a newspaperprlnUd at Moiitpeller, ln tbl State.
prevlous to sald time appolntcd for hearhi)?.
,, .. Uy the Court.-Attest.
" 1I111AM OAHLETON. Judxe.
Statk of Vkiimont,
Distiuot of Washington, bs.
In rrobatoCourt, held In Montpelier, In and for
Jjld lliatrlct. on the 7th day of November, A.
WheolerJ. Ilatche'.der, Adnilnhtrator, wllh the
will annexcd, of the estato of SUSAN MAIiTIN, late
of rialnOcld. In sald Ulstrlct, deceased. prcsents
liis adojlnUtratlon nccount for exaiulnatlon and
allowance, nnd makea applleatlon for a decree of
dlstrlbullon and partltlon of the estate ofrald de
ceased. Wbtreupon, lt Is oidered by sald Court, that sald
nccount and appllcatlon berelerred to a scsslou there-or.tobi-
held at the I'robato Ofllce, lnsald Montpelier,
ontbe 2aih day of Nov. ,A.l).ltK)4,rorhearlnganddc
clslon thcreon ; and It ls mrther ordered, that notlco
litrcof be kIvcii to all persona Interestcl by publlca
tlon ol tbo same threu tveeka fiiei'i'siM.ly ln the Ver
mont Wntchtmm and State .lournal, a newspaper
publlsln d ln Montpelier, In this state, prevlous to
sald time ot hearlnx. that they may anpear at sald
time and place, and sbow cau9e, lt any Ibey
may liave, wby sald accouut should not be ullowed.
aud Buch decree made.
lly tbo Cmi rt. Atteet.
45-47 IIlltAM UAltl.ETON, Jndire.
In the Ulstrlct of the United States, for the
Dlstrlctor Vermont, Iu llankniiucv
In the muitiT or .IO.SKl'11 UII.IlKnT, bankruntt
To thecredltorsnl JOSEI'll (IIMIElt'r ofTuwn
ofllarre, In 'he County ol Washington, and Dls
trlct aforesald, a b.inkrnpt.
Notlce ia bereby Klven that on the Ist day of
November. A. 1)., 1004, the sald JOSEt'II MLUEUT
wasclul) adudlcated baukrupt; aml that the flrst
tneetlnx ot hls credltors -n 111 be held at tho
officeol thu underslKued, Kooni No C. U. S.I'ostOf
flce llulldlnir, Jloutpellei, on thclStb day of Nov
A. I). lOOI.atten o'clock Inibeiorenoou.atwhlcb tliue
the sald credltors niay attend, prove tlielr clalms, ap
polntatnistee, examlne the bankrupt, and trausact
sucli other business as.may properly coino beforo
sald mcetlug.
. ... . Itcferco In Bankruptcj,
Montpeller, Vt., November 0. 1904.
In the Dlstrlct of the United States, foi the
Dlstrict of Vermont. In llankruntcv.
In thumatterof WlLUEltT M. Sl'EAIi, bank
rupt. To tbe credltors of WILUEKT 51. Sl'EAIi. of the
Uty of llarre, In tbo County of Washington and
DUtrlct afoiesald, a bankrupt
Notlco Is bereby xlven that on tlie 17th day
ol Mnrch, A. D. 1904. tlie sald WIM1E11T JI. Sl'EAIi
was duly 'adludlcated bankrupt; nnd that
thu flrst meetlnit of his credltors will
be beM at the ofllce of the under
slgneil. Itoom No. C, U. S. Post Olflce Uulld
ln(i. Montpelier, on tbo lutli day of November,
A. D, 1901, at ten o'clock ln tho forenoon at
whlcb timo tho sald credltors may attend, prove
thelr clalms, appolnt a trustee, examlne tho bank
rupt, aud trausact sucli other business as may prop
erly come beforo sald nicetlni!.
Hei'eree ln llaukruptcy.
Montpelier VI.. November 7. 1S04.
To tho credltors of sald Ilaukrupt.
The petltlou of Earle H. Uavls. trustee, bav
Inu been duly flleil bcreln, renresemlUK that certaln
real estate of sald bankrupt Is subltct to a mortKage
to C. I,. Currlcr. and tbatlt wnublbofor the lntcrest
of the bankrupt estate to sell sald real estato sub
Ject to sald lien.
Notlco Is bereby glven that sald pctltlon will be
consldered by tlio undersl'rned at hls oillce, Itoom
No. 6, U. S. Post Ollico lJulldlnjf, ln Montpelier,
Vt., on tho I'Jth day of November, A. I). 1901, at ten
o'clock ln tho forcuoou, at which tluic and place
you are requlred to show cause, If any you liave,
why the prayer of sald petltlon should not be
You nre fnrther uotlfled that If no sufllclent cause
bo showii why the prayer of sald petlilon should
not be Krauted, the real estate ot sald bankrupt's
estato mcntloncd Iu sald petltlon will bo sold by sald
trustee at prlvato sale subject lo sald mortiraee.
Iteferee ln llankruptc).
Montpelier, Vt., November 7, 1901.
In the Dlstrlct Court or tho United States, for the
Dlstrlct of Vermont, In llankruntcv.
ln the niattcr of O. DENNIS KOI.SOM, bauk
rupt: To tho credltors of O. DENNIS FOLSOM, of
Marshfield Iu the County ol Washington and
Dlstrlct aforcsald, a bankrupt.
Notlce ls bereby xtven that Erwin M. llarvcy,
trustee of tho sald bankrupt, has flled iu court hls
flnal accouut, and a meetlnft of the credltors of
the sald O. DENNIS KOLSOM, will be held at
the nfflce of the nnderslgned, Itoom No.
6, U. S. Post Ofllce liulldlnK, In Montpelier, on the
:0th day of November, A. D. 1904, nt ten o'clock In
tho forenoon, at which time the tlnal accouut of the
sald trustee wlllbe examlned and nasscd upon.
Iteferee In Uankruptcy.
Montpelier, Vt., November, 8, 1904.
Dankrupt. In llaukruptcy
To the Ilonorable Iloyt II. Wheeler, Judge of the
Dlstrlct Court or tho United States of tbo Dlstrlct of
O. D1SNNIS FOI.sOM, of Marshfield, ln the
County ot Washington and State or Vermont re
spectfully represents tliatl on the Cth day ot June
last past, lie was duly adjudged a baukrupt
under the acts of Cohgress relatlng tn bank
ruptcyt that lie his duly surreudered all hls prop
erty and rlghts of property, and lias fully com
plled wltli ali tlie reiulrements of sald acts, and with
the orders of tb Court touchlng hls bankruptcy,
Wherefore, he prays that he may bo decreed by the
Court to have a full dlschargo from all debts provable
agalnst hls estato under sald baukrupt acts, except
sucli debts as aro exccpted by law Irom sucli dls
charge. Wltness to mark, hls
llurtou E. llailey. O. DENNIS X FOLSOM
Datedthls 7th day of November, A. D. 1904.
O. DENNIS FOLSOM, llankrupt, Dlscharge.
Notlce Is bereby glven that O. DENNIS FOLSOM,
bankrupt, has flled hls petltlon, dated November 7.
1904,prayng for a dlsehariie from all hls debts, In
bankruptcy, and that all credltors and other nersons
objectlnn to such dlscharge inay attend before the
uudorslgned, referee, at nls ofllce, Itoom No. 6,
United states Post Ofllce llulldlng, in Montpelier,
ou November, 20, 1904, at 10 o'clock A. u. and thcn
aud there present thelr objecllons, If any, tu sucli
dlscharge, with thelr nroofs thcreon.
Iteferee In Uankruptcy
Montpelier, Vt., November 8. 1904.
A Public Exnmination of Tencliors
for "Washington County will
bo held a; Bnrro
November 18 and 19.
All cniulidntefor cxaminntion, per
sounlly uuknown to tho County Es
aminer, shall furnish a tcstimonial of
gopd mornl cbnnicter nnd satisfnctory
ovidence of nbility to govern.
County Examinor
Barre, Vt., Nov. 3, 1904.
Intelligent Sugar Makers:
Buy Grim Sap Spouts . Order in
October and sccure largo discount. It
will pay to do it. Oiie-fotirth more sap
fuarantecd or no pay. After using tho
.eader Evaporator a few seaons thoy bo
came disgtistcd and houglit Crirnm Oham
pion Evaporators. They are the largcst
sugar makcrs iu their locality. Seores of
others followedtlieif examplo. Ask F. G.
Hannant & Son, Barton Landing, Vt., H.
fi. Dudloy, Barton Landiug, Vt. and John
Mcl.ollaii, Glover, Vt., why they made
the cliangc.
Other names, a samplo spout, and cata
logue, frco.
Rutland, Vt. and Montreal.jP. Q.
Iu Montpelier, Nov. 1. by Rev. J.
Edward Wright, Miss Oora LottieNay
and Pearl Lester Oleveland.
In strafford, Oot. 19, Rev. H. Onm
ings, Hattie II. Houston of Strafford
aud Allen G. Olark ol Thetford.
3 Iu Qouldsville, Nov. 7, Mrs. Barna
bas McOlnre Mayo, aged seventy.
In Worcestor, Nov. 4, Mrs. Maryette
Hancock, aged seveuty-seveu.
Massachnsetts, Minnesota aud Oolorado
Ench Eleot Demoorats.
' New York, Nov. 9. MassaohusettB
nnd Minnesota eleoted Democratio
Governors in the faco ot astonishing
pluralities for- Roosevelt. Oolorado
is olose, bnt thelntest retnrns indicate
that Adams (Dem.) dofeated Peabody'
whose part in tabor tronbles evidontly
oaused his defent. Roosevelt carried
the State by abont 0,000. Roosevelt
has apparently eaptured Maryland.
Boston, Nov. 9. With the town of
Gosuold aud one ward iu Northamp
ton missing, MasaEchueetts gave
Roosovolt SC.080 plnrality. .Douglass'
plnrality was 85,645.
New Havon, Nov. 9. Roosevelt's
plnrality in Connecticut will bo with
in a few hnudred of 89,000. Tho
Repnblioans expeoted 20,000.
Pnhlioation Snsponded Without Notioo
Employes Notified Today.
The Barre Telegram olosed its doors
this moruing and the employes were
notifled that their eervices wonld be
no louger needed. No paper will be
forthcomiug today, pnblicatiou being
BUBponded indeflnltoly. The reasonn
are, it is aunonnced, iusuffloiont capi
tal to bogin with and too floroe oom
petltlon in Washington connty.
Liqnid Ready for instaut nso uo
Btaiuiug the hands makes a fluo
ouamel polish never tnrus iod.
In the DUtrlct of the United States, lor the
Dlstrlctor Vermont, In Uankruptcy.
In the xuatter of ELWIN II. SLAYTON, bank-
"""ro the credltoM of ELWIN II. SLAYTON, of
City of llarre, Iu the County of Washington,
and DUtrlct aforesald. a bankrupt.
Notlce Is bereby glven that on the 8rd dar of No
vcmber.A. D. 1904, the sald KMVIH II. SLAYTON
was duly adjudged bankrupt; and tbat tbe flrst
uieetlugof hls credltors will beheldat the offlco of
the underslgned, Itoom No. 6. U. 8. Postofflce
llulldlng. In Montpelier, on tlie lStli day or Novem
ber. A. D. 1901, at ten o'clock tnl the forenoon, at
which time the sald credltors may attend, nrovs
thelr clalms, appolnt a trustee, examlne the bank
rupt, and transactsueliolherbuslnessaimay proper
ly como before sald tiieetlng.
Iteferee ln Bankruptcy,
Montpelier , Vt., November 8, 1904,

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