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1 Mme. Savarie of Paris
The niakers of Wooltcx garments spend $50,000 each
$ year 011 tbis style organization, siiuply that Wooltcx iu
style, may be suprenie.
They go further, and do more than any otlier maker of
$ gannents, to put into Wooltex coats, suits, skirts and dresses,
i- 1 i 1 i
exira quamy lnaieriiiis unu ci.iru.
quality workinansliip.
These good Wooltcx gannents
are then shown by the best store
in each town.
Thus, it is possible for you to
secure the uewest ideas froin the
style ceuter of the world, refined
aud modified to meet your owu
I .
"The garments which you see on the streets of Paris are not
garments which you would be content to wear at home.
"They are extreme extreme in color extreme in'cut.
"They are beautiful but exaggerated.
"Yet Paris sets the fashions of the whole world.
"Its streets, its public restaurants, its theatres, are the show places
where all' that is new in style first makes its appearancc.
"My work. is to observe these styles and style tendenqies.
"With my staff of style observers, I watch for all that is new, not
only in public places but in the shops.
"Four times each year, with trunks full of costly models which I
have bought, and with countless sketches of new styles, I come
to the W ooltex f actory.
"There I meet with the eight Wooltex master designcrs, and
between us we choose, adapt and modify, the best Parisian ideas
into distinctive American styles.
"These styles are made into beautiful garments bearing the
mark of Wooltex
Coats Suits Skirts Dresses
For Well Dressed Women
WOOLTEXDresses-$15.00 to $35.00
ideas of good taste. Thus, it is possible for you
i 4. i i.i i. : 1 l
10 gei garmeniH wuicii wouiu ut; ituuyuiicu us uic ;g
latest styles whether you traveled to New York, to Paris
or to St. Petersburg
Yet these garineuts are not Paris garments, but dis-
iincuve iimencau siyies.
Wooltex garments are so good
that their makers iruarautee them
for two full seasous of satisfactory
$15.00 to $45.00
$25.00 to $55.00
-$ 5.00 to $15.00
The H. Black Company
For sale by
Iu price they cost you 110
more than garments which lack 1
Wooltex style, Wooltex quahty
aud Wooltex individuality.
(Continupd frc.i page one-
2:10 Trot nnd Puee, Pur.so S500.
Albinger, A. M. Rlchards,
Bellows Falls, (Whltney) 4 Dis
Dr. Styles, F. A. Slayton,
Barre, (Slayton), 11231
Lady Laurel, P. E. Jnrvls,
Windsor, (Taylor), 2 2 113
Madge Bradley, F. B. Lang,
Newport, (Lang), 3 3 3 2 2
Time, 2:27M;, 2:25, 2:20, 2;3t.
2:30 Stakc Pnee, 1'iirsc ?,"00.
Alfio, H. F. Pierce, Stanstead,
Cana., (Berry), 111
Groveland Winsome, N. Le-
caveller, Montreal, (Ot-
wln), 2 2 2
Albert, Newport Stock Farm
Newport, (PlcUel), 3 3 3
Color Bearer, J. M. Blake.
Concord, N. H., Berry), 4 4 5
Eldena, Woody Hlll Stock
Fann, Salem, N. Y., (Ste-
vens), c C Dr
Bllly Mack, F. N. Carr, St.
Johnsbury, (Watton), G 5 4
Tlrae, 2:20, 2:20, 2:19.
The awards ln the Morgan horse
classes were made today as follows:
Stalllons, four years old and over,
Darllng; thlrd, "Donald," C. C. Stlll
man, New York.
Stalllons, threo years old, "Burke
Mountaln Boy," E. A. Darllng; sec
ond, "Sarator Reed," J. C. Brunk,
Rochester, 111.; thlrd, "Roynard,"
Calhoun Farm, Lyndonville.
Stalllons, two years' old, "Morgan
B. ," A. P. Van Tassel, Dubois, Pa.;
second, "Welcomo," A. L. Phillips,
Barton; thlrd, "Frank Bunii)," A. F.
Phllllps, Barton.
Colts, threo years old, first, "Ed,
Hoffman," A. P. Van Tassol, Du
bols, Penn.; second, "AglHtis," A.
L. Phllllps, Barton; thlrd, "Jda Ii;."
A. L. Phllllps, Barton.
Colts, two years old, "Major
Strong," A. P. Van Tassol, Dubols,
Penn.; second, "Klttlo," Calhoun
Farm; thlrd, "Hornorody," E. A.
Colts, yoarllngs, flrst, "Itoso
Queon," E. A. Darllng; second,
"Morgan Queon," A. P, Van Tassel,
Dubols, Penn,; thlrd, "Senorlta," J,
C. Bnnk, rtochester, JH.
Marda with foal of 1009, ownerB'
name aro: Flrst, J. C. Brunk; sec
ond, Fannlo B. White, Claremont,
X. H. ; thlrd, C. V. Paddock, Clare
mont, N. H.
Tho rewards ln the remalnlng Mor
gans wlll be made tomorrow.
Tho loral hall at tho Stato Fair
grounds affords opportunlty for long
llngering over many squaro yards of
fancy work, patchwork and kindrcd
productions of Vermont women and
their sisters across tho Connecticut
ln New Ilampshlro. From the qullt
made of countless pieces to tho flrst
effort of somo' little glrl in making
a doll's dress, tho needlo work sam
ples provo that tho sclence as a do
mestlc asset Is not waning in thls
quarter of tho world, and, again wa-
ter colors, oll paintings and char
coal studles, show that graphlc art
is not a mlsslng quantlty.
In plctures, thero are no a fow
very excollent examples of origlnal
work. Tho charcoal studlos exhlblt
ed by a Vermont glrl, MIss Maude L.
Perrin, daughter of Postmaster Per
rin, of thls vlllage, are full of prom
ise for anotablo artlstlc career. Mlss
Perrln's cxhlblt numbers many ex
amples and aro atl studles from life.
Another exhlbltor whosa work Is
worthy of much pralse, ls Mrs. F.
M. Sidebotham, of East Lebanon, N.
H. Her display lncludes olls, water
colors and mlniatures and ls wholly
merltorlous. In the art do.partmout
other exhlbltors are: L. Frank
Lawton, of Lebanon, N. II,, hand-
mado furnlture. A. W. & A. O. Taft,
of Woodstock, animal flgures carved
ln wood; W. H. Hazen, Worcester,
Mass., crayon studles; J. M. Vroon,
of AVhlto Kivor Junctlon, and O. W.
Fowler, of Hartland, pyrography;
Hattlo E. Fisher, Concord, N, II.,
water colors; G. E. Fuller, Whlto
Itlvor Junctlon, photography; Charle?
R. Cummings, of tho 'Vermonter,"
has an attractivo display of largo
pictures from which "Vermontor" 11
lustratlons aro modo.
Tho suporlntendent of thls dopart
ment ls S. F. Leonard, of North
Pomfret, and tho judges In Jt ' aro
Mrs. G. F. Cartland, of AVhlto niver
Junctlon, Mrs. Mary Jacksqn and
Mrs. D. Shonnan, of Woodstock.
Essontlally of thls dopartmont' but
exhlbltod in tho samo bulldlng with
tho oxhiblt of tho Vermont FlslV
Commlsslon, is a big taxldermy ox
hiblt mado by C. S. Phllllps, of Glo
ver. Mr. Phllllps ls porsonally In
chargo of hls display which ombrao
es almost ovorythlng ln small anl
mals, blrds and deer,
Tho sheop exhlblt ls attractlng
much attention. In Coxwools, 21;
Ilampshlro Downs, 25; Horned Dor
set, 22; Oxford Downs, 33; South
Downs, 73; Lincolns, 23; Merinos,
24; namboulettes, 10; Delalnes, 12;
Dicklnson Merinos, 5; Chovlots, 35;
Tunis, 8; Black Faced Hlghlands, 25;
Suffolks, 13. These exhlbits como
ifrom Ohlo, Maine, New Hampshire,
Now York, Canada and Vermont.
iTlie Flllmoro Farms at Bennington
and the Hearts' Dellght Farm at
Chazy, N. Y., mako large and excei
lent showings of Horned Dorsets.
W. H. Harrlngton is superintend
ent In thls department and ,the
judges are Wllliam Hammer of On
tarlo, H. E. Sanford, Cornwall, and
Georgo Harding, Pomfret.
There are four special prlzes In
the sheep department. Tho Ameri
can Shrophlro Assoclatlon offers a
prize of $25 for the best ilock of reg
Istored Shropshires, dlvlded into
threo monies. Origen S. Seymour,
of South Strafford glves a prize of
$50 for tho best flock of any recog
nlzed breed shown on tho grounds,
to conslst of ono ram, ono ram lamb,
ono ewe, one yearling ewe and on'j
cwo lamb, Tho Flllmoro Farms at
Benlngton offer a slmllar prlzo for
tho best shophcrd as shown by tho
the care of the sheop and pens whlle
on tho grounds and by courtesy to
tho public. Tho Harrlman prlzo of
100 for the best boy or glrl Judgoln
cludeB the Judglng of sheep. Tho
sheep drlvlng contest prlzo of $100
Is offered by Maxwell Evarts thls
season, tho same as In the past. The
drlvlng dogs havo arrlved and a
splrlted contest ls promlsed. Thls
featuro of tho fair ls sure to prove 6t
great Interest, not alono to sheep
fanclers, but to tho public as woll,
for tho Intolllgenco of ,;dogB appeals
to overybody, and tho canlncs uscd
ln sheop drlvlng aro certalnly clovor.
Whllo tho swlno department Is not
largo it makes up In quality what it
lacks in umbcrs, A. J. Hoyte, of
Taftavlllo, is tho suporlntendent and
tho Judgo ls C. M. Holley, of Glenns
Falls, N. Y.
bo a questlon of space as to whero
somo of the exhibits are to lio placed.
The exhlbit of Morgan iiorses is
perhaps the best and most extonslve
cver seen in New England no less
than U0 head of stock bein,; on view
in this department. Not only Ver
mont, but also many other Statcs are
represented in tho competifions. The
prlnclpal exhlbltor is Hon. Elmer A.
Darllng, of tho Mountaln View Stock
Farm at East Burke, who shows 26
head, stalllons, brood marcs and
matched drivers. Next conits A. It.
Van Tassell, of Dubols, Pa., hls herd
conslsting of 22 head of tho pick of
the Morgans of hls scction of tho
country. Tho fact that Mr. Van Tas
sell flnds sufllclent attractton in the
Vermont Stae Fair to enter hls stock
ln the competltlons here, spcaks well
for tho status of tho oxhlbltlon.
Among hls herd is tho famous stal
llon, Itob Morgan, ltnown to all
breeders of horses in thls Stato and
others. Ono of tho mures was sold
to Hon. E. A. Darllng this mornlng,
showing that the excellenco of Mr.
Van Tassell's stock is recognized by
the Vermont breeders.
Some of tho other well known ex
hlbltors are A. F. Phllllps, of Bar
ton, Charles Morrlssey, of Water
bury, A. N. Goodrlch, of Williams
town, and tho Calhoun Farm from
Tho racea promlse to bo of sneclal
Interest thls year, as somo of tho
fastest horses in thls scction of New
England are entored for tho Frco-
for-All raco on Frlday, with a purso
of $1,000. Thero aro 65 racers on
tho grounds at present.
Tho vaudevlllo attractlons thls year
are ono of tho features of tho fair,
chlef among them belng tho trouno
of perfornilng polar bears, cwned by
a Gorman tralnor, and Mr. Holden
wlll perform hls loop tho loop act
togother with hls hlgh dlvo Into a
tank of wator.
Whlto Itiver Junctlon, S'jpt. 20.
Tho Vermont Stato Fair ABSociatlon
wlll opon lts thlrd annual cxhlbltlon
horo tomorrow with the largest llst
of ontrles In tho varloua dopartments
that has over been oxporieuued Tho
soveral bulldlngs aro fllled to tholr
utmost capaclty and it ls (jettlng to
Flftccn Tcnmstcrs Unlto nnd 3Iorc
Kxpoctod to Jotu Iiiitucdlatcly.
A meetlng of flftcen of tho teams-
ters, of thls clty, was held at Carpen
tera' hall ln tho Nlchols bulldlng Frl
day nlght for tho purposo of formlng
a local branch of tho Teamsters'
The men wero organlzed by Or-
ganizer D. J. Sulllvan. Tho (follow-
ing ofllccrs wero olected pro tem:
Prcsldcnt, Georgo E. Milller; rec
ordlng secretary, J. Ct Davlaon; fln
ancial secretary and treasuror, Wll
liam Kerwln; trustees Leonard St.
John, Alex Vorrow, S. O. Bennett.
It was voted to keep the charter
open for a time to glvo other teams
ters a chance to como In as charter
Mrs. Nelson E. Lewis reUimcd last
ovening from a ten days' vtsit at tho
homo of hor parents ln Lar.caster,
N. II.
Mrs. Georgo Brlgham returned yes-
tcrday from an extonded lslt with
rclatlves In Uxbrldgo, Mas3.
Vlctor Olsen, of Graniteville, who
graduated from Goddard Semlnary In
tho class of 100S, goes Monday to
Ilanovcr, N. H., to enter Dartmouth
collcgo. Olsen ls tho well known
pltcher for tho Granltevlllo Athletlc
club and whllo In Goddard was tho
star twlrlcr of the school.
Defeat Hardwick Team In Assoclatlon
Football Match Saturday
In a closc and well playcd association
football gamo at the Berlin strcct
grounds Saturday afternoon the Barre
ltungcrs defeated tho Hardwick team by a
score of 3 to 2, and rctained for another
year tho Scampini cup which tho Rangcrs
havo succcssfully defcnded now for two
years. In tho first half the Rangcrs
scorcd two goals and shut out tho visitors,
but in tlic last half Hardwick playcd a
much strongcr game and soon had tho
score tied, 2 to 2, where it remained until
tho last fivc minutcs of play the Rangcrs
scorcd again and won the gamc. Duguid
made both of the goals for the Rangcrs m
tho first half. He scnt the ball bctwccn
tho posts and by tho kecpcr with a prctty
kick in the first fivc minutcs aftcr tho gamc
opcncd and tho second goal he mado from a
well dircctcd kick from a penalty kick
10 yds. in front of goal. In tho 1st miuute
of play aftcr tho second half opcncd Spcnce
scorcd the first goal for Hardwick aftcr
tho ball had been bootcd in from a corner
kick. Aftcr tliirty ininulcs more of play
Brown kickcd tho ball through the goal
aftcr tho goal kecpcr had rushcd in to kick
the ball but misscd lcaving tho goal barc
Fivc minutcs bcforc the last half was up
J. Frcchind made tho winning goal for the
Rangcrs. Bctwccn tho halvcs thero was
a inilo handicap racc jiullcd off in which
thcrc wero four startcrs and William
Smitli, tho well known runncr, won tlio
raco casily, going the rnilc in 4 min., r3
scc. Smith started at scratcli, and tho
handicap? of tho otlier thrcc runner.s wcrc:
Huzzi, 100 yds; Phillips, 75 yds; Potcelli,
05 yds. Porcelli finished second and Buzzi
tliird. Phillips mit aftcr the thtrd round.
Tho lincup of the football tcams was as
follows: Barre Rangcrs; goalkceper, Dun
can; backs, Scott, Mitchcll; half backs,
Wilson, Bissett, Lindsay; forwards, Smith,
Burnctt, Duguid, Clark, J. Frccland.
Hardwick; goal, Findlay; backs, Lainl,
A. Walkcr; half backs, Frascr, Morris,
Nicol; forwards, H. Walkcr, A. Frccland,
Brown, Spenci", Smith.
Rcfcree, Josopli Will; linesmcn, John
ston and Robb; time, 45 miuute halvcs.
on Mondny wlicro MiiS Stickncy cntcred
Mt. Holyoko Coilcgc.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Harmon and son,
Francis, of Burlington, Iowa, aro gucdtB of
Mr. and Jlrs. Frank Wallacc. Mr. Harmon
is a rallroad cnginccr on ono of tlic routcs
bstwccn Burlington and Clilcago.
Mrs. H. Goldsbury. who rcsidcs on tho
Riclinrdson road, has mado a rcmarknbld
rccord this scason for a woman 7C years of
agc. Mrs, Goldsbury plantcd and har-
vcstcd, unassistcd, 10 bushcls of potatocs.
Alcx Duncan, Georgo and John Wcb-
stcr, havo rcturncd from an automobilc
trip through Massachusctts, Rhodo Island,
and Conn'ccticut. On the wholo trip they
covcrcd 1,100 milcs.
John Phillips, of Barre, wcnt to Dcs
Moincs, Iowa, rccently to start a granitc
busincss. A Dcs Moincs papcr says it will
be tho only granitc cutting works in Iowa
and all the matcrial will havc to bo sbippcd
here iu tho rougli from other Statcs. Tlic
capital stock will bo S25.000. Thirty
oxpcrt granitc cuttcrs will go to Dcs
Moincs with the rcmoval of tho plant from
John J. Lambcrt, of Burl.ngton, was
thc gucst of Roy Chase, of tln's city, over
.Sunday. .
Frcd LaRochcllc, who has bcon
attcnding tlic I'nivcrsity of Vcnnontf
Mcdical Collcgo thc last two years ,lcft
Monday nlght for Phlladclphia where
he entered the Jefferson Mfdlcal
Frank Dunsmore, of Adams, Mass.,
arrivcd in tho city last cvcning for a
visit at tho home of Dr. C. W. Stccle.
Misscs Mary Pattcrson, Gcrtrudc Gcakc,
Miunic McDonald, Alicc Walkcr, Bcssic
Paul and Annlc Rae returned Monday
from thc White Mountains where they
havo bccn working during thc summcr.
A Flnanclnl Eplgram.
"n. n. Rogcrs," sald a New York;
brokcr, "always ndvlsed young men to
got hold of capital. IIo used to polnt
out to them that wlthout capital a
man could do riothlng. IIo uscd to
pack thls truth into a vcry ncat cpi
grara. "'Fortune,' bo used to say, 'can't
knock at tho door of a man who has
no houso.' "
Excurslon to Now York. Seo Ad.
on Pago C adv. g g j , j
Held Their Annual Convention at Fair
Fair Havcn, Sept. 22. Tlic 10th annual
convention of tho Vermont branchof thrc
International Order of King's Daug htcs
opened hore Wednesday, a reception
belng held for a few of tho delegates
who gaUicrcd in advance. "tie niecting
lasts until to-morrow noon. Thc atten
dancc is about 150.
Tho convention opcncd at 10 o'clock
with an addrcss of wclcome by Rev. E. C.
Farwell of Fair Haven. Miss Mary
Lowo Dickinson and Miss Clara
Morchouse, of New York, both prominent
in King's Daughtcrs work, rcspondcd for
thc convcntioncrs. There wcrc scveral
instrumcntal and vocal selections by local
talent. Mrs. E. Mead Dcnny, secretary of
thc Vermont King's Daughtcrs, gavo a rc
port of tho rdcr in thc Stato.
This afternoon Rev. Dr. Milford II.
Smith of Rutland announced a memorial
scrvico. Tho following papers wcrc givcn:
"Our Ordcr and its Rcquircments,"
Mrs. D. N. Ellis, Poultney; "The Central
Council," Mrs. F. S. Stranahan, St. Albans;
"Tho Silvcr Cross Chapter," Miss Mary
Lowo Dickinson, New York; "Itcms of
Stato Work," Mrs. F. M. J. Gucrnsey,
Montpelier; "Finances," Mrs, Lucy J. B
Burt, Bennington.
This ovening Mrs. Dickinson will givc
tho prlnclpal addrcss. To-morrow thero
will bo soveral papers and a busincss bcs-sion.
Mrs. Gco. Bassett left Monday to
npend tho wintcr with rclativcs in Pasa
dona, Cahfornia.
John P. Corskio left last .nmlit for a
busincss trip throughtho wcstcrn Statcs.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarenco S. Colc, who
havo been visitinir rclativcs in this city,
loft Monday for Ratun, New Mexlco,
whero they will rcuiilo for tho bcncfit
of Mrs. Cole's hcalth.
Misn Hnso Rock rcturncd to hcr homo
ln Alburg Monday after a visit at thc
homo of hcr brothcr, E. N. Rock.
Snhin Mlles. who has been tho gucat of
his brothcr, Arthur Milcs, left Mondny af
ternoon for Boslon and lcavcs shortly for
Jamaica, West Indios, whero ho has cm
ploymcnt for tho wintcr.
Mrs. O. G. Stickncy and Miss Marion
gticknay wcnt to South Hadloy, Maes.,
Mrs. Jano McCoughlln, widow of
thc late John McCoughlln, dlcd at
the home of her daughter, Mrs. A. N.
Poland, on Saturday, the lSth Inst.
She had a blllous attack tho previous
Sunday which developed into pcrit-
onltls. Mrs. McCoughlln was born in
Ireland, 86 years ago, coming here
whlle quite young. In 1855 she was
marrled to John McCoughlln, by
whom she had two sons and three
daughters, three of whom are dead.
She leaves one son John, and ono
daughter, Mrs. A. N. Poland, to
mourn the loss of a devoted and lov
ing mother. Mrs. McCoughlln ha3
been for a long time a loyal mem
ber of the Congregatlonal church.
Funeral serviccs were held at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Poland
on Monday, Rov. Robert Clark, of
Warren, ofllciating. Z. H. McAllister
had charge and the bearcrs wero
John McCoughlln, A. N. Poland, R. J.
Brown and J. P. Brown.
Miss Lillian Carolyn Hubbard and
Nathan LeRoy Boyce were unlted in
marriago at the home of tho brido
In Granville, on Sept. 15 by Rev.
E. W. Sharpe of Brattleboro, Mr
Boyco was a former Waitsfield boy,
son of the late Nathan and Mrs. Min
erva Boyce, is a graduato of Mont
pelier Semlnary but ls now an ac
tlvo buslness man ln Blnghamton,
N. J., where he ls presldent of the
i Blnghamton Seed Co. The brlde ls a
j daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hazen
( Hubbard, of Granville, Is a graduate
of tho Stato Normal School at Rand
olph, and has been a successful
teachcr. The young couple havo tho
jbest wlshes of a large circle of
frlends for a long, prosperous and
happy life.
Miss Allce Smith has a Miiall zoo
loglcal garden ln which are a deer,
guinee pigs and rabblts. All appearcd
to be happy, but last Monday young
Reynard, although chained, showed
hls evil dispositlon by kllliug one of
the pet rabbits.
Harry Ellis, who runs H. W. Bel
den's creamery, has rented W. E.
Jones' tenement over the store and
brought his family here last Frlday.
Mrs. J. E. Berry has gone to South
Bend, Ind., where sho wlll spend a
few weeks vlsltlng her shter and
other frlends.
A good delegatlon from thls town
are attending the Stato Fair.
Tho many frlends of Mrs. Jennle
Green Boyce wlll be glad to learn
that she Is so far recovered from an
attack of appendlcitis nnd a success
ful operatlon, Jhat her c'aughter,
Mrs. Jamcs Thalon, of Malne, who
has been with her, has returned to
her home.
Of Wondcrfiil Vnlnc, nnd I'rcc.
Tlrcd bodlcs, palo and sunkcn
cheeks, haggard oycs, slecplosa nlghtrf
and weak nervcs, aro rulning our
llves and killlng our pcoplo. No won-
der theso poor sufforcrs bless Dr.
Greono for hls great frce offcr. Ho
ls tho most successful sppclallst li
curlng ncrvous and chronlc dlaeascs,
and tho dlscovcrer of that wcnderful
medlclnc, Dr. Grceno's Norvura blootl
nnd hcrvo remcdy. IIo haa cstab
llshcd a systcm of lcttcr corres
pondcnco at hls offlco, 34 Templo
Place, Boston, Mass,, by which all
can wrlto hlm about their com
plaints, will rccclvo a rcply frco oc
charge, glvng a comploto description
of their caso and tolllng Just what
ails them. Ho glves most carcful at
tention to every lctter, tells just what
to do to bo curcd. And all thls costs
nothlng. No Journoy to tho city, no
doctor's fce, tho best medlcal advlco
and consultation ln thc world, and
nothlng to pay. Thc doctor makes a
specialty of treatlng patlcnts througli
lettcr correspondcncc, and it ls suc
cessful. Wrlte him at once.
Wrltc tmlnj- for VREK hottle of
Dr. Grceno's Laxura for all utoiiincl'?
livcr aud howvl trouhlc,
Will Be At Its Height
Statc R'oom rcscrvations will be made
on application to W. J. Phillips, Tickco
Agcnt, New London, Conn. Tlic pn'ct
of Statc Rooms arc from $1.00 up to 51.50
and S2.00.
I'rovided suflicicnt applications forPar
lor Car scats aro rcccivcd previous to
Scptcmbcr 124th, Parlor Cars will bo afr
tachcd to tho Special Train and will run
through to New London without changc.
Addrcss all aiplications for wat rcscrva
tions to J. W. Hanlcy, St. Albans. Vt.
Offers the Following Low Farc to New York
and Return
First-Class Wide Vcstibvle Coachcs Will
Run Solid to New London
Special train lcaves Barre 12.55
P. M., Montpelier 1.20 P. M.
Through coachcs Barre and Montpelier
to New London without changc.
T1CKETS will bo good going on tho
Trains namcd abovc, Scptcmbcr 2S,
to arrivc in New York, morning of Scptcm
bcr 29. Good rcturning to lcavo New York
any day until Octobcr 11th, 1009, inclu
sivc, to arrivo at starting point Octobcr
12, 1909 on regular trains which by the
time card are schcduled to stop at stationsi
namcd. No stop-ovcr privilcges allowcil.
RETURNING Thc Norwich Linc
Stcamcrs lcavo New York cxccpt Satur
day and Sunday as follows: From Piir
40 North Rivcr, Foot C'larkson Strcct o
p. m. From Picr 70 East Rivcr, Foot
Eaft 22nd Strcct, 0:30 p. in.
Ocn. Pas. Agt.
cn VPanK'
n i "
C. J. Ferguson, Buperlntendcnt of the
Anti-Saloon League, will preach next Sun
ilay at tho First and Second Congregationnl
churchcs at tho usunl hours.
Mr. and Mrs. Chasc Blake, accompanicd
by Paulino Chasc, visited fricuds iu West
Braintree Saturday and Sunday.
Emery Smith and William Young
started Sunday witli their colts for White
Rivcr Junction to bo in rcadincss for the
Mrs. Rccves and Mrs. Nomington, of
Providence, R. L, havo bcon rcccnl gucsts
of Mr. nnd Mrs. W. A. Ford.
Deacon and Mrs. W. S. Gravcs visited
Willhm Dillinghani, iu Northfield, ono
day Inst wcck.
Dr. and Mrs. Carl Pliaw, of Northfield,.
called on Mrs. A. M. Pcck Sunday.
Mr. nnd Mrs. W. E. Pcrham pncnt Fover-
al days Yist wcck with his parents, Mr
and Mrs. W. II. Pcrham, in East Brain
Miss Ethcl Rich has gono to Lebanon,
N. H., to vMt hcr brothcr, Vcrno Rich, nnd
attcnd tho Stato Fair,
Mrs. Dcborah Wilber of Randolph
Ccntcr, has bccn assisting iu tho family of
C. B. Fisk of late.
Mrs. Addb Pattcrson AVilliams, of
Northfield, caiuo Wednesday to bo house-
kccpcr for awhilc for Mr. and Mrs, Jumcs
Mrs. Georgo Wilbcr nnd daughter, Miss
TrtADE Marko-
't0PVR'GHT3 &C.
Anyone senrtlnj; n "Vplrli and description may
titckty ascertalu our oinl(iii free whether aa
lnventlon ls prohnbly piilentablo. Communlca
tloiisatrlctlycontlilontlal. IIAIIDBOOK on I'atcnta
rent treo. Otdest nucnry (orneciirintrpotents.
THtents takon tnronuh Alunn & CiX rccclvtj
ipteiat natlce, without chnrgo, In ttia
Scientific SmericdJi.
A handaomelr UlustralcJ vreeklr. Tjireett cir
culatlon of anr nrlentitlc iournal. Tcrnis. t3 u
year: four montbs, tU Sold byall neTrnclealar
Urancb OOIce. RC V EL. Wanhlnslon. I). C.
Susio, wcnt Monday to Newport, N. II.,
to visit Mr. Wilbcr's nistcr, Mrs. Carriu
Wilcy, and will also visit another sistcr,
Mrs. Bcllo Brattlcbank in Wcndall, N. H.
Mrs. Lucy Pcrham Ucncdict spcnt sev
cral days last wcck with hcr parents, Mr.
and Mrs. J. B. Pcrham, whilo on hcr way
homo from Lake Gcorgc, N. Y., .o Han
cock. Mr. and Mrs. Waltcr Ketchum, of
Gaysville, brought tho rcmains of their
clvccn months1 old daughter hcrc Mondny
for burial.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Spooncr, of Ber
lin, wcrc gucsts Sunday of their son, Roy
Spooncr and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pahner, of East
Braintree, wero gucsts Sunday of their
daughter, Mr. nnd Mrs. Will Carley.
Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Mclntyro, of East
Braintree, spcnt lat wcck with their
daughter, Mrs. H. II. Fullam and family.
Robert Lewis visited rclativcs in Hines
burg lnet wcck.
Mr. nnd Mrs. J. B. Pcrham rccently
visited their daughter, -Mrs. Edwnrd Kclty
nnd family in Northfield.
Clifford Lewis is oiitcrtaining for ti
fow wccks his fathcr from Hinesburg.
Mr. aud Mrs, 1). B. llowo, of North
field, wero callcrs at A. L. Kollantbcc'a
Among thosa to attcnd tho Stato Fair
from this placc aro Mr. nnd Mrs. ClilTord
Lewis, Mr. nnd Mrs. A. It. Rumncy nnd
son, Wcsloy, Mr. nnd Mrs. Hcnry Hyde,
amf Dcacon J. W. Parmentcr.
Mr. and Mrs. Georgo Crano wero rallcd
to Williamstown Sunday on account of
tho scrious illncss and dcath cf Mrs.
Crano's sistcr, Mrs. Martha Mnrtin Pattcr
Excurslon to Now York. Seo AtJ.
n Page 5. adv.

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