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Our Annual
Womens and Misses'
Wlth 100 Handsomc Sults to seloct from. AU new thls season.
t.'The assortment cdmprlscs all that is new in cut, color and fabrlc.
i.It. ls. by far tho bost lot of Sults ovor oltercd by thls flrm at thls
. tlmo of U10 ycar ttt rcduccd prlces. Evory sult wlll prove temptlng
11 j0 wo'iieii' .who Imdei'stani quallty, and tho range of stzes wlll
. ..wakefltltngs mr.t.' cnrlaltt thnn at any provlous salc.
tWo hnvo good assortmcnts for MIssos and small Women's, me-
udium and'stout Women's slzes. All altcratlons free of chavgc and
. .ths sanie class of work that wo glvo at rcgular prlces.
Sttits at 9-9
Thls lot"iomprlse3 Glrls MI$s
..es.'.and Women's' Sults thnssold
. ifram, $13.50 to $1950, roude of
worsteds and woolcns, new and
. .. 1 Altcratlons .freo, salne as the
Sults atl 2.98
Thls lot consists of WPol'en,
Serges and Fancy Worsted
Sults; MIsscs and Medluni
All now,. but one half dozen
thls season.
Regular $16.50 to $22.50
Everyone ,an cxcellent bar
gala. Klt guaranteed.
3-Piece Stiit
Made ot . Iniported Mahogany
$75.00. Now
Wq would remind you that most cxcellent bargalns In Fura are
here for your Inspectlon.
Next season you pay double the prlce we are now asklng for
many flne pleces now.
Siiper?isors of State Hospital For
Insane Plc.'iscd Wilh Efforts IJoiiit?
Dr. ', Fred 13. Steele, of thls clty,
a meiiMier pf tho Board of Supervis
ors for tho Insano at t)e State Hospl
tal, returnod frqht Watbrbury Tues
day afternxjqnt 'Where h'e has been
slnce iJMonday pqqn, fns'poctihg condi
tlons there.'-'resuiting from the flre
whlch 'byfcned' out. war4s 1, 2 and 3.
In regarcj to thd state of affalrs at
the hosyltal, the, dpctpr,,8aid that he
found- eyeryjjng satlsfnctory and
th,at Jhe patlenyere as cpmfortabUi
as cquld--e e.xjecte4 wltlj tjiree full
nie&ls a day and a pace tq slecp. The
greatest., IscqrafDf j;. he said, Is
caused ta.tbe nhyslcans and attend
ants in clurge, ' bdt thoy are dolng
nobjy u'ndop-1je qjrcmpstances. Many
qf the- jninate's, -jjaTO liad- to double
pp durfng' tho nlgh(;( wljHe tho nurses
In onq cqrrMpj ayfi glven up thelr
rooms to'.pliQr natents, and a few
are slqenpej on ppts. Aslde from
thls, hqwe,vpr, tylie'rq fs scarcely any
crov4e(J-.cq!yqns of thngs. Thls
wlll he'k aljoviate'ij- Jn a few days,
liowever, .ejcplalned Dr. Steele, for
the workmen aro cleanhig up and
puttlng (.hlnfjs I11 rcadiness for put
tlng atguiRqrary, rqof .qver wards l
and 2,. whlch wwe scarcely damaged
by flre )ut mqstly by water and
"In regari to rehullding," sall tht
doctor, "I do not thlnk that It wlll
l)e neceasary to call a speclal sesslon
of the Legtslaturc, as the hospital
was fully covered by lnsurance. At
any nate, the. robuilding wlll bave to
be conHnenced liumedlately." When
asked whether ho thought that wlth
tho rtfbulldlng or the burned por
tlon of tltp 4ttsliUitioa an enlarge
ment should be tuade npon the orlg
Inal plans, as.advocated at the last
Besslon of tho lK?gislaturo, the doc
tor sald that it was not tho present
Iqtentlqn tp bu(ld otherwise thap the
way 1 sp'ecl'fled In ' the plans. "Tho
new wlng wlll 1)0 exactly slmllar to
tho old one, as that has proven per
fectly satlsfactory.f'
Many frlends Attendcd tlio Hlrtliday
Pnrtjr of Brrs. Loulso I.clnud, of
Wlddk'sex Ycstorday.
A numbor ot Montpelier, Water
bury, Northflold. nd other people at
tended" iu. Mlddlesox on Tuesday tho
qbesrvance of tho 90th birthday of
Mrs. Uiu'lse -.oland, whlch was cele
bratod at lio homo of Oeorge Ladd.
Twenty 'fvlends wero ontortalnod at
dlnner and an enormous birthday
cake was a fcaturo ot the inenu.
Mrs. Leland has mado her home ln
Suitsat 19.50
Thls lot contalns many extra
flno bargalns. Every Sult new,
niade of flne goods, extra tall
orlng and llnlngs; all new thls
Formerly $23.00 to $32.00
Thls lot comprlses the bal
ance of our stock of flne Sults,
wlth the oxceptlon of one Sult.
Sults solllng from $35.00 to
$50.00 each. All of superlor
cloths, stylc and tallorlng. The
greatest number of flne Sults
afthe prlce ever shown here.
al Half Price
Sollel. Formerly
Middlesex many years and ls known
to the majorlty of the townspeople.
She takes an actlve lnterest In the
affalrs of the day and is by no
meaus in poor liealth. Among her
guests wero Mr. andMrs. V. D. AVal
ker, Mr. and Mrs. I.eland, C. G. Al
den, Mrs. Alden Gilman, Wllliam and
Harry Danlels, Mrs. Oscar Goss and
Mlss Ida Ladd, of thls clty; Mrs. Ne
well .Tones, Marshfield. Henrv Dan
lels, Moretown, Mr. and Mrs. D. AV.
Danlels, Middlesex, Mr. and Mrs. C.
C. Graves, Waterbury and Mr. and
Mrs. F. W. Nlchols, Middlesex.
Chrlstmas was observed at tho hall
with a tree and other exerclses by
the children. Many thanks are due
Mrs. Herbert Chamberlain for her
'efforts to make It a success.
Mr. and Mrs. Charlle Vaughn spent
Chrlstmas at the home of hls father,
Leslle Vaughn.
Mrs. O. F. Chamberlain had the
mlstortune to fall on the floor re
cently, injurlng herself qulte badly.
She Is unable to walk.
Chauncey Moulton lost a horso last
w'eek. It was found dead ln the stall
In the mornlng.
.Albert Porter dled recently. He had
been in poor health for several
Dolla Cummings Is teachlng at
Windsor. She came home to spend
Mrs. Anna Whltcomb is teachlng the
Vlllago school.
Holen Emerson ls home from
Barre to spend the holldays.
Fred J. Balrd, who works In Bar
re, is spending the holldays wlth hls
The schools In town wlll com
mence next Monday wlth the old
corps of teachers.
Miss Annie Dale, of Island Pond.
spent Chrlstmas week wlth her moth
er, Mrs. Addlo Dale.
Horbert Gleason of Montpelier,
spent Chrlstmas with hls parents
Miss Clalro Maxwell, a nurse at
Heaton Hospital, who has been nt
homo ' over Chrlstmas, lias roturned
to Montpelier.
Charles Blgelow, of ' Winooski,
spent Chrlstmas wlth hls parents,
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Blgelow.
Mr. and Mrs, H. W. Behlon havo
beon visitlng frlends ln New Hahip
Bargalns in all departments Ev
erything put In on thls annual clear
anco salo at roduced prlces. Wo aro
golng to glve the pooplo the bonoflt
of this seasonablo stock rlght now.
A. II. Teinplo Co. AdY.
Jfows of the Day As l'rcscntcd by the
Joumnl's Corps of Spcctal Cor
rcsiiondcnts, Ilclng Mostly
Itcnis of Intcrcst.
Waltor Goodell, who hns been
spending Chrlstmas wlth Hls parents,
went to Burlington on Mondny to
vialt hls slster.
Katlc Carr Is at homo from her
work In Hardwick on account of tho
tllncss of her mothcr.
Ethel Wllbur is at Montpelier,
stopplng wlth her slster and aust,
Cora Benjamln.
Lucinda Farnsworth has returnod
to the home of her daughter, Mrs.
Wells, In Barre.
Lee Goodell has gono to Boston to
vlslt hls son, Harry Goodell.
Elizabeth Sabin Is visitlng her
brother in Barre.
Mattle Holt spent Saturday and
Sunday wlth her parents " ln Wil
liamstown. Mr. and Mrs. Danlel McLano wero
In Walden on Saturday. '
Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. C. E. Shcpard
and Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Blisa spent
Chrlstmas wlth B. M. Sliepard In
Samuel Bemis Is III wlth pneumo
nla. H. E. Hadlock has had hls houso
wlred for electric liglits.
Ernest Folsom had a Molly Falln
telephone put in hls liouse Monday.
H. F. Cutler, of Barre, was ln
town Monday selllng slelghs.
h. D. Nute has bought a nico
drlvlng horse of Charles Lllley to
mate one he has.
Mrs. S. Swerdfeger is on the slck
Jed Beckley, of Barre, was ln town
Saturday afternoon tho members
of the G. A. R. and W. R. C. wlll
instal thelr offlcers, tlieir annual oy
ster dlnner wlll be served at noon to
the members and thelr familles.
Several went from this viclnity on
Thtirsday evenlng to be present at
the exerclses and wltness the tinload
lng of the Chrlstmas trees at tho
school liouse In East Roxbury.
t Mrs. Nellie Hudson and her son,
Earl Simmons, recently vlsited in
James Fullam came from tho Uni
versity of Vermont last week to spend
the holldays wlth hls uncle, J. W.
The installation of tho offlcers of
Brookfield Grange wlll occur tho flrst
Frlday evening in .lanuary. The an
nual oyster sttpper wlll be served to
the Grangers and thelr familles.
At the annual jneeting ot Brook
field Grange, the followlng officera
wero elected for the ensuing year:
Master, Henry H. Fullam; overseer,
Wllliam E, Perham; lecturer, Ellot
H. Frlnk; steward, Ferley Keyes;
nssistant steward, Ethan White;
cliaplaln, Laureston h. Stone; treas
uier, George C. Smith; secretary,
Sophla E. Follansbee; gato kecper,
Fred Keyes; Ceres, Mrs. Nellie Ful
lam; Pomona, Mrs. Myrtie Perham;
Flora, Mrs. Maliel Holdcn; lady as
slstant steward, Miss Avis Holden;
organist, Miss Hazel Sprague.
Miss Myrtie Smith has been con
fined to her bed the past week with
the measles at the home of W. E
Marjorie Parker, of Montpelier
Semlnary, is at home for the holl
days. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Campbell
spent Christmas wlth Lester Smith
in Waitsfield.
Mtb. Robert Long, an old and re
spected resident, was burled Friday,
dying from a shock.
Peto Luce is working for Pearl
Danlels, and hls famlly hns movod
to the Harmon housc.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Brown and
daughter spent Chrlstmas wlth thelr
son, Franlc, In Roxbury.
Lynn Jones has flnished work for
Gerald Campbell' and his wlfo has
gone to Waitsfield to vlslt her slster.
Mrs. Mary Estey and daugher,
Mrs. Wallace Estey, went to Tauntou,
Mass., on Monday.
School In dlstrlct No. 1 had a
Chrlstmas tree Frlday afternoon
which was largely attended v by pa-rents-and
A. II. Wheeler spent last week lo
Shady Rill working for hls brothor-(n-law,
Wllliam Parker.
Mrs. Elder Ross vlsited In Greons.
boro last week.
Ernest Doty wns In Hardwick last
Dean Wells has moved to Passump
slc on a fann.
Katle Carr has roturned from
Hardwick, whero bIio hns been car
Ing for her niother who is 111 wlth
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Peck attended
Chrlstmas exerclses at Marshfield on
Mr. rtnd Mrs, h. O. Leonnrd wero
In town on business last Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Gallup and
daughter from Hardwick aro visit
lng Eher Bashard.
Elder Ross was In Morrisville and
Hardwick on business last week.
Charles Dana and Charles La-
ahroo spent a few days In Boston and
other placcs recently.
Clirlstmas exerclses were observed
at thc church Frlday nlght.
F. M. Marsh Is progrcssing flnely
wlth hls luinher Job in stocking W.
S. Ford's mlll.
acorgo Gllninn nnd Mlss Luo Les
Ho lmido n short vlslt In town wlth
Miss Mary Bllss tho flrst of the wtfek.
John B, Plko ls Improvlng, contrary
to thc expcctatlons of tho physlclnns
two wocks ngo.
Charles Utley Intends to stock hls
mlll horo wlth lumber before sprlng
nnd ls conimenclng tho work.
Mrs. Mary Stone passed her 93rd
birthday on Chrlstmas day, nnd, nl
though the oldest porson ln town,
she ls nctlve nnd In good health.
Thero' wcrc Chrlstmas exerclscj
nn dtrcds nt tho Meadow church Sat
urday ovcnlng. Tlio past'or's wlfo,
Mrs. Perklns, was presented wlth 11
fur coat by the congregatlon.
Nows was recclvcd Saturday even
lng of thc sudden death of John M.
Knlght nt Somerville, Mass., who
was kllled last Frlday afternoon by
an express traln. Hls remains aro
to be brought to Corinth, hls nntivo
town, for burlal beslde his flrst wlfe
who was Mlss Mlnerva Carpenter.
He was the son of Deacon and Mrs.
Joseph Knlght. Ho ls survlved by
a daughter by a second ' marringe,
who resldes In Cnllfornla, and two
brothers, Joshua Knlght, of Grlnnell,
Iowa, and Joseph Knlght, of New
buryport, Mass.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Dunham and
chlld spent Chrlstmas In Strafford
wlth Mrs. Dunham's parents.
Mrs. Earle Wllson and daughter,
Dorothy, of South Royalton, are vis
itlng Mrs. Wllson's mother, Mrs.
Cleveland, jand sister, Mrs. Karl
Dow McFarland ls slck and attend
ed by Dr. Blodgett.
School commenced at the academy
Dec. 20th. Mr. Kimball has returu
ed as teacher in the High School and
.Miss Fisher, of Vergennes, is the lady
Samuel Black has sold hls farm.
John Pllbin has moved to the
Dugar place whlch he lately bought.
Mrs. Thomas Symonds is in Wolcott
caring for her son's wife, Mrs. Au
stin Symonds, who Is 111.
Dean Hunt and Mrs. Della Put
nam, of Montpelier, were In town on
Frlday. ,
The village schools and Ministev
brook school began Tuesday, after
a few days' vacation. The teachers
spent the tlme at thelr homes.
Mrs. C. M. Ladd is in Montpelier
where she wlll spend a few days with
her daughter, Mrs. Henry Holt.
Mr. and Mrs. Wlllls Hawley and
son, Rlchard, of Montpelier, vlsited
L. D. Bruce Frlday. S
Amasa Brown hns sold the mallnd
stage route to R. C. Van Orman, who
wlll take possession Jan. 1.
Mrs. Howard Dodge returned home
Chrlstmas day from the Mary Fletch
er Hospital, Burlington, where she
went for an operation for appendi
citis n few weeks ago, and Is getting
along remarkably well.
Mr. and Mrs. John K. White, of
East Topsham, were recent vlsltors
on thls slde of the hlll.
A. T. Smith, of Barre, was ln town
on business last week.
R. M. Harvey, of Montpelier, was
in town last week looklng after hls
farmlng and lumber interests In thls
Hattie White went to Boston last
week Wednesday. She expected to
start for Fort Myers. Florida. on
Christmas day where she has a posi-
tion as waltress ln Hotel Roval Palm
for tho wlnter.
Hlght Brothers liave purchased a
flhe palr of horses of Frank Gove. nf
Bradford. They Intend to uso thciu
In thelr lumber business.
Ella Chalniers wns at home over
Thero was to have beon a concert
at the church Sunday evenlng, but it
was postponed on account of the
Mr. and Mrs. Willlam Stanley, Mlss
Lilllan Kolley, Mr. and Mrs. Leon Kel
ley, Mrs. Elmer Kelley and Ephralm
Pray, Sr ato Christmas dlnner wlth
George L. Pray.
Mrs. Wlll Greeley and little daughter
Ruth aro 111.
Mr. T. Walker ls boardlng with
Henry Chnpln.
Cecil Titcker's two youngest chil
dren aro 111 wlth dlphtlterla.
Mrs. Ed. Pltkln vlsited Ephrnim
Pray Thursdny.
Weston Cato, who has been stop-!
Plng with Georgio Prny through vn-l
catlon, went back to Goddard Semlnary
Mrs. Ellzaboth HolliBter ls much
botter thnn at last wrltlng.
Louls Beckley spent Chrlstmas at
Montpelier with hls slster, Mrs.
Clinrles Sldney.
Georgo Coffrin ls working for Vic
tor Temploton.
Mrs. Elien Greeley, Mrs. Jay Lllley,
and son Roy, nnd, E. J. Hamblett and
famlly nte dlnner nt Wlll Greeley's on
Ellis Mason nnd Mlss Jennle
Sllver, of Montpelier, vlsited Ephralra
Pray ono day last week.
Mr. Cushnian, of Lyndonville, was
ln town Tuesday.
Leon Kollcy ls stopplng wlth Eph
rnlm Pray for .a short tlme.
Mlss Nellio ConWny spent Chrlstmas
at her homo ln Barre.
Mr. Thomas, of Burlington, was ln
town Thursdny.
Phlllp Holllster ls visitlng in Now
Mrs. Perley Fulsom and Mlnnlo
Lawless wero in Marshfield Saturday.
Mlss Dorls Comstock wns ln Barre
and Montpelier ovor Chrlstmas.
Mr. Marsh from tho Sunnyslde'farm
In Barre and Zolva Chase, of Wood
bury, wero ln town Wednesday.
Edgar Pray Is sufferlng wlth an at
tack of rheumatlsm.
B. J. Lance has gone to Newport
to spend h few weeks wlth his aon.
Mrs. Allce Buffani, of East Milton,
Mass., has been the gttcst ot G. M.
Webster, tho past week.
.Tesslo Beaton has beon asslstlng
Mrs. W. B. Lanco durlng vacation.
15. H. Whltcomb hns gone to Hard
wick to Jlve wlth hls daughter.''
Sldney Curr'.er has been employed
in the store of Wells and Rogcrs dur
lng tho holldays.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Frartk Cuttlng, of
Morrisville, were called to thls town
last Frlday to. attend the furieral of
Mrs. Charles Adams.
Little Mlss Ethel Carson has gone
to Provldenee wlth her father to
vlslt her brother, Robert.
Elwyn Klttredge has been asslst
lng ln the postofflcc durlng vacation.
Mrs. Gertrude Wells and daughter
spent Chrlstmas with Mrs. Louisa
Bell in Walden.
There wlll be a promenade at thc
Town Hall Frlday evening, Dec. 31,
under the auspices of the Hlgh School
basket ball team. Refreshments wlll
be served.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Bllss spent
Monday ln Montpelier.
Miss Edith Lawson ls spending her
vacation at her home ln Woodbury.
Mlss Mary Moynlhan, of Barre,
has been spending a week wlth her
mother, Mrs. B. E. Webster.
Miss Mary McAUIster, matron of
the Old Ladies Home at St. Johns
bury, has been spending a few days
wlth her parents.
Elton Lance vlsited hls friend,
Maynard Ellis, ln South Ryegate on
Tuesday and Wednesdny.
J. A. Woodward and daughtera
were called to St. Johnsbury on
Thtirsday to attend the funeral of his
aunt, Mrs. Mason.
Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Lance went to
Montpelier Frlday. Mrs. Lance re
malnlng until Saturday to take pari
in the Clirlstmas exerclses at the
Methodlst church thero.
Mr. and Mrs. James Glidden and
son, Willlam, and wlfe of Barre, were
in town Frlday to attend the funeral
of Mr. Glldden's slster, Mrs. Charles
Mrs. Blake, who llved wlth her
daughter. Mrs. Charles Utley, died
qulte suddenly last Tuesday after a
severe attack of grip. Funeral ser-
vices were held at the home, Rev. F.
13. Currier officlating. The remains
were taken to Hardwick and placed
In n vault.
, District Deputy Frank Goss, of
Montpelier, made an oft'lclal vlslt to
the speclal ineetlng of Green Moun
tain Lodge, F. and A. M when the
third degree was conferred on two
candidates At the closo of the cere
monies an oyster supper was served.
The annual church rcunlon and
roll call wlll be duly observed at the
Congregatlonal church next Satur
day. Each famlly Is expected to fur
nlsh food for themeslves and thelr
Invited frlends. In the afternoon the
usual roll call and memorinl for do
parted ones wlll be read in the audl
ence room.
Charles Warren, Jr., was ln Burl
ington Saturday evenlng.
C. J. Demerltt, of Montpelier was
a visitor in town Saturday.
Harold S. Atklns, who has been
spending a few days wlth hls pa
rents, Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Atklns, re
turned to Boston Sunday nlght.
Grace Bagley, ot Waterbury Cen
ter, waa a guest of her mother over
Mlss Beryl Breen ls at homo from
East Montpelier.
Mr. and Mrs. G. Frontlnl roturned
Monday mornlng from Barre where
they vlsited a few days last week.
Miss Graco Manning was in Mont
pelier last Frlday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ira Johnson were ln
Montpelier Frlday to attend the fu
neral of Mrs. Sllloway.
F. E. Atklns and son, Harold,
were ln Stowe last Sunday.
Mrs. John Farrar vlsited In Mont
pelier last Tliursday.
Evelena Coft'rln, Roso O'Brlcn and
the Misses Ladoux, ot St. Mary'a Ac
ademy, Burlington, have been spend
ing thelr vacation In town .wlth thelr
parents. ...
Mrs. Arthur Lyon and Mlss
Blanche Stranahan vlsited thelr
brother. Harold Stranahan In Mont
pelier, last Tliursday.
A largo number were present at
tho danco given Tliursday ovenlng by
the Junjor class of tho Waterbury
High School. The danco was glven
In Mlnard's now hall.
Robert Jones, of Montpelier, wn3
In town Saturday evenlng.
A pleasant evenlng was enjoyed by
all those who attended the danco
glven by tho Belmont Club ln K. P.
hall Chrlstnias nlght.
Mrs. John O'Clalr and granddnugh
ter, Ella O'Clalr, loft Monday after
noon for Hardwick whorc they wlll
spend a week wlth relatlves.
- Mlss Evclyn Blshop and Harold
Blahop, of Syracuso Unlvcrslty, Syra
cuse, N. Y., wero here from Montpe
lier Chrlstmns nlght to attend the
danco glven 1y tho Belmont Club.
E. W. Huntloy was in Montpelier
last Tliursday.
A. C. Stcrllng, of Montpelier, vls
ited In town one day last week.
Mlss Kato Lynch went to Jericho
to spend Chrlstmas wlth her parents.
Tho New England Ordcr ot Protec
tlon met last evenlng at K. of P. hall
and offlcers wero olected for tho next
ycar as follows: Wardcn, Dr. Bug
beo; vlce wardcn, Mrs. Guptll; sec
retary, Mrs. Bugbeo; flnnnclal secre
tary, Holen Somerville; treasurer
Mrs. Nellie Chase; chaplaln, Mrs.
Nora Hbdge; gulde, Stephen Guptll;
guardlan, J. J. Analr; sentlnel, Ed.
Grout; trustco, Archlo Chlsholm.
Followlng tho olectlon of offlcers a
soclfil hour was enjoyed and refresh
ments of pop-corn and apples were
Justln Rtcker, Instructor at
Greenwlch Hlgh School, Grcenwlch,
ls spending a fpw days with hls pa
rents, Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Rlckor.
Gladys Daley has been 111 wlth
A party from Montpelier took
dlnner at tho AVaterbury Inn Monday
ovenlng. Dr. Blshop, Evelyn and Har
old Blshop were ln the party.
A very pretty weddlng took ' pacc
at St. Andrew's church on Wedsfhsduy
mornlng at 9:30 o'clock, when Anna
Mary, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
James O'Brlen, of this place, and
Stephen Scott Perry, of Washington,
D. C, were united In marrlage. The
ceremony was performed by the Rev
J. P. O'Nelll, of Northfield, uncle of
the bride. He was asslt.ed by Rev.
P. J. Doheny, pastor of St. Andrew's
church, Rev. P. J. McKenna, ot
Barre, Rev. Father Lynch, of Pitts
ford, Rev. Father Leonard, of St.
Johnsbury, and Rev. Father Pcnder,
of Randolph. Mlss Mary A. O'Brlen,
of the Reltglous Order of St. Joseph's
Slsters, Buffalo, N. Y., slster of the
bride, was also present. The wed
dlng breakfast was served at the
home of the bride. Rev. Father Do
heny of St. Andrew's church, was
toastmaster. Each of the prlests
responded. to loasts, after whlch thc
happy couplo left for Washington,
D. C, where they wlll beslde. The
bride has taught several years ln thc
schools in this viclnity and is a very
popular young lady. The couple
were the recipients of many bcautlful
Miss Angle Harrls, ot Stowe, 13
spending the week at the home of
her father.
Ethel Chlld and Ireno Chlld, of
Moretown, were visitors in town 011
Jesse Carpenter has bought out
the Douglass barber shop.
Chares C. Warren, Jr., lcaves here
today Tor Boston.
A meetlng of Quecn Esther Chap
ter, No. 7, Order of Eastern Star, wa3
held at Masonic Hall last evening.
The bank wlll be closed Saturday
as it is a legal holiday.
Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Lucin, of Hines
burg, were in town Wednesday.
Ed. LaClair has returned from
Barre where he has been visitlng the
past few days.
Mrs. Arthur Graves, who has beea
qulte 111, is convalescent.
Mr. and Mrs. A O. Marblo have re
turned to Essex Junctlon after
spending a few days in town.
Mr. and Mrs. George Mlller, ot
Montpelier, are visitlng at tho home
of E. G. Mlllcr.
Miss Caroline Whlttaker spent
Tuesday in Montpelier.
Charles A. Calderwood, of St.
Johnsbury, was ln town Wednesday
to attend a meetlng ot tho trustees
of tho Vermont State Hospital.
Earl Graves, son of Mr. and Mrs.
A. H. Graves, Is III wlth tonsilitls.
W. P. Dlllingham has returned to
Washington after a brief stay here
and in Montpelier.
Miss Klldadachon, of East Dorset,
formery of this place, was a isltor
ln town last Thursday.
Clifton McCormack recently vlsit
ed ln Montpelier.
Floyd Hunt, of tho Consolldated
Llghtlng Company, was In Montpe
lier on business last Tuesday.
The condltion of Clayton Jones,
son of D. C. Jones, Is Improvlng.
Harold Somerville, of Boston, is nt
home for a few weeks as the guest
of hls aunt, Mrs. Louise Watts.
F. A. Walker, of Montpelier, was ln
town on Tuesday.
Harold Stranahan, cl the Vermont
Telephone and Telegraph Company,
.was ln town Tuesday ropalrlng ths
wlres at the State Hospital. ,
The Iftas Club wero eniertalned on
Tuesday ovenlng at the hpmo ot
Mrs-. B. F. Atherton. A dellclous
dlnner was served at 6:30, and a peas
ant evenlng wns spent. Many Jokes
and dalnty glfts wero loft for thc
hostess as a romlnder of her birth
A party of slxtsoL' from nero drove
to the farm liouse ot A. I Torrey
Tuesday ovenlng whero they were
entertalned In tho good old fnshlonea 1
way, The kltchen was converted In
to a ball room and with the atd of
tho "flddler" those present wero en
abled to "trlp tho llght fantaBtlc toe."
An abundanco of refreshments wero
served by the host and hostess and
tho company departed when tho.moon
was hlgh. Othors who wero fnvlto.1'
oxpressed regret nt not belng a.Tje
to be preBent.
miBs I'onuneiie Nlchols, or Marv
Fletcher HospltaL Burlington,
spcnciing tho week at the hlj
nor lnother, Mrs. G. E. Moody.
Mlss Madellne O'Brien, daj
of fom O'Brlen, who hns m
wltjft bronchlal pncumonla
uuee woeits, is improvinc
'acorgo Rohlnson has
AlSns whero ho has
tlonV-vitu the Intcrj
pouucnco -School nHBBit
tho St. Albns
Mlss Mary VJKf Montpe
lier, ls visitlng MtK Glhson and
Mlss Grace Mannt
Howard BijMgK at home from
hls school fHRtlon.
Evan EvnlK home from the
Albany BttsinMfcollege nnd Is
spending a ffewaya wlth hls parents,
Mr. and Mrs. F, C. Evans.
Harry Bulkoley, of Richmond, was
at homo over Sunday.
W. L. SterRng, who has been visit
lng In Waterbury a few days, has re
truned to Montpelier.
A. f. Plche, of Montreal, Is visitlng
hls son-In-law, Dr. C. A. Provost.
Miss J. Adelalde Marshall came from
Ansonla, Conn., to spend tho holldays
wlth her mother, Mrs. Sarah Mar
shall. Mrs. W. H. Johnson, from Wat.P
bury, Conn., ls visitlng her daughter,
Miss Daisy Johnson.
Dr. and Mrs. J. D. Rachand are
spending tho week at thelr former
home ln Sherbrooke.
Mrs. Herbert Leland Wllllams and
Mlss Grace Brown, from Hastings-on-Hudaon,
N. Y., are vlsltinc the for-
jmer's parents, Mr. and Mrs. D, D.
Mlss Lena M. Annls, who ls teach
lng at Montclalr, N. J., Is vlsiting her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Annls,
durng the holday vacaton.
Mlss Nancy Carr is at home from her
schqnl.tlutles nt Stony Brook, L. I.,
to spend tho; vacation wlth her moth
er, Mrs. Lllla Carr.
Arthur Llberty, who ls attendlng
an electrlcai school ln New York ls
at home for the week.
Edmund Taft, of Whltinsvllle, Mass.
ls a guest atW. A. Ricker's.
Mlss Francts McGaffey, of Stan
sted, P. Q., If visitlng her grand
mother, Jlrs. Mary Bowles and other
relatlves. j
The engagement Is announced by
Mr. and Mrs. V. A. Rlcker of thelr
daughter, Mlss ,Alice Lilllan Rlcker
and Phillp Laforrest Thompson, of
New York Clty. 1
Miss Helen Albiee, who teaches at
Chelsea, Mass., Is vdsiling her parents
Mr. and Mrs. H. R. .lbee.
Charles A. Calderwood ls ln Water
bury today attendlng meetlng of the
trustees of the Waterbury Asylum.
Harlan Tolman Is vlsitl'ng hls grana
mother ln Watertown, Mas's.v
Arthur W. Baker, ot West .Sonier
vllle, Mass., comes Friday to spind
a few ilays wlth Rev. and Mrs. F. S.
Mr. and Mrs. W. 'V. Blodgtec aud
Mrs. Ella L. Holder, who have been
spending several days wlth Mr. and
Mrs. Pearl D. Blodgett and Mr. and
Mrs. Arthur Lamson, at Montpelier,
returned yesterday.
Dennls Brown. of Burlington, ls vis
itlng hls son, Wllliam D. Brown.
G. T. Galbralth has been granted a
slx months leave of absence from
IbJduties as rallway mall clerk to
NR effect the flrst of the year. He
wlll go to Texas early in Januarv for
his health and Mrs. Galbralth expects
to go to her former bom? Inl'a '-v-tum,
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ross .6f Chlcago,
are guests of thelr panyfats, Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Ross. Tltiey were mar
ried ln Chlcago on IDec. 21, the bride
belng .Mlss Rosemaj-y Odell. Mr. and
Mrs. R'oss wlll reslde ln Chicaco.
where he has bee
several years.
j practlclng law for
Mrs. L. N. Smiythe and daughter
Helen are spending the week in Ash
land, N. H. (
Frank E. Pars, of Manltoba, ls
maklng his flrst' vlslt here In seven
years and Is belrig warmly greeted by
hls frlends.
Prof. and Mr6. O. M, W. Sprague
and daughter, from Cambridge, Mass.,
are visitlng tlielr parents here dur
lng the holldays.
Mrs. F. W. Taylor Is ln Sprlngfleld,
Vt., called thre by the Illness of Mrs.
C. A, Woolson.
Mlss Margaret Merrlll, daughter of
Rev. and Mrs. C. H. Merrlll, of this
place, who is teachlng ln Washing
ton, D. C, expects to sall from New
York on January 1, on the White Star
stealnshlp Laurentlc, to study Eng
llsh at Oxford until full.
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Sachsse, of
Cllftondale, Mass., announce the en
gagement of thelr danghter, Mlss Mar
garet Ward, to Harvey A. Carrack, ot
St. Johnsbury, now resldlng la Mal
den, Mass.
"I have been somowhui. eostlve, but
Doan's Reculets pa-o jnst rhe reei!t
rtosircd. Thoy act mlldly nnd regu-
lato the bowels perrectly," George
B. Krause, 306 Walnut avo, Altoonn,
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