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VOL. ir6.
Secrctnry of Clinmber of Commcrco
(r Sjracnse Expeets to Hiitc Jicn.
ro.iciitnlhcs From All ScclJons of
tlie Unlted Stntp.s nt Mcctlng to
riuil Ont Ilcnson For Hlgh 1'rlccs.
New York, Jnn. 18. There Is to bc,
lf hard work nnd porslstent effort will
brlng it about, .1 great confercnco
of the commorclal bodlos of New
York State nt Syracuse lu March or
Aprll, for tbo purpose of ascertaln
ing. If posslblc, tho rcal causo for
the high prlces of all food pr.oducts
to the consumer.
Car;o3 C. Clark, secretary of the
Chnmber of Commerce of Syracuse,
has dlscussed tlils matter wlth the
moro lmportnnt comnierclal bodlea of
New York State for tho purposo uf
-fcecUrlng, lf posslble, the largest rcp
resfcntatlon of buslness men, transpor
tatloii representntlvcs, tlvose repr'
sentlng tho farmlng lnterests, coun
try edltors, and all others lnterested
ln the vltal questlon of the hlgh cost
of llvlng. At the same tiine, Clark and
others, are to invlte others lnterested
In the stibject from outslde the State.
Including representatlves from tho
frult scetlons of Oregon, Callfornia
and Washington, and representatlves,
from the mlddle West, far West, East
and South, all havlng to do wlth food
j.nnu:jt jiill dsstkoved.
I'lrc ConMinies IMiint of Folleusby &
I'eek nt St. Johiislmry.
St. Johnsbury, Jan. 1S. The lum
fber iv.111 of Folleusby & Peck in Sum
ripnllle on the east slde of the vll
Ilage was destroyed by lire early tlils
tmorning. Tho flro was dlscovered
letween 12 and 1 o'clock and spread
lapldly. Tho nilll and lts contents
end several sheds nearby were burned
also a -storehouse fllled wlth luniber.
Thc large amount of snow 011 the roof
and the fact that no wlnd was blow
ing, saved the surroundlng proper
ty. The flre probably started from
an overheated box in the shafting.
The loss ls estimated between $7,
005 and $8,000, and the Insurance is
$.000. The proprletors of the niill
are Curtls C. Follensby and Charles
E. Peck. The conipany was just be
ghining the winter work of logging
and In conscquence, the mill was not
stc ;ked as heavily as would have
. ben the case later In the season.
- la:iiu'neturers of Hosiery and I'nder
wrfIleeide to i'nt 011 23 Per t'eut
31 ore.
Philadelphta, Pa., Jan. 18. Wlth
the price of hosiery and underwear
already 50 per cent higher thau it wus
a year ago, the manufacturers of tho
couctry have just declded to put on
anot.ier 23 per cent so that, as they
say, they "can get some proftt out ot
the buslness." Not only does the 50
perct nt increase apply to thcse two
textlle i)roducts, but has been made
also in every line of textilcs In the
manu.'acture of which cotton is
used, and the additlonul advanc.e
agreed upon will also apply to cot
' ton gc ods of all sorts.
'lYasIiI:igou County Court to Hne
ttwy Sesslon nt 3Inreh Term.
Thlrty civll cases have aiready
oeen e:itered at the office of County
' Clerk Melville E. Smilie for the
March docket of the Washington
County Court, In addltlon to a large
number of State cases, most of which
have be?n noted before. The stt
ting, of the court is now a month and
a half off, but judglng from the rato
at which new cases have been conilng
In lately, there should be a long lisi
for the jury. The following are the j
V I 1- 1 1 ... . 1
cases wiiicii nave ueen eiuerea re
cently, tlie grenter part of thera
comlng In withln the past fow days.
Virgll E. Ayers vs. Davld J. Boyce,
appeal by both parties.
Concord Itjon and Metal Company,
vs. Frank K. Balley.
George Oldham & Son Company vs.
Wllllam Wishart, appeal flled Jan. 17.
D. T. Harvey vs. Thomas J. Cav--ery;
Thom.as J. O'Brien vs. Thonta3
J. Cavery.
Thomas II. O'Brien vs. Patrlck J.
Joseph Porklns vs. Ellen J. Olea
William I.egler vs John Plunkct.
Joanna Lacarnl vs. Louis Testu
and Augustino Provasoll.
Taul Beaulier vs. Peter Beaulieu.
M. G. McKinstry vs. H. Mlrlnham.
Georgo H, Hutchins vs. Empiro
T.rnnite & Quarry Company; D. B. G.
Granlto Company and Springfleld
JranIte Company.
Frank E. Graham vs. Shepard and
Moi jo Lumbcr Company, '
lol.n McMahon vs. City of Montpel
ier. Kftite oflEmch A. Vincent vs. Hlr-
aiu h. Sparfow.
Matirico Lanolague vs. Joney
Binthors Company.
Ii, V. Heath vs. Iliram Hastlnga.
T'dward T. B.'own vs, Charles Cll
ley. '
Casc To Itc Henrd Jn HrntHcboro
Heforo .Tudjrc Martlii.
Brattleboro, Jan. 18. Stella P.
Flint of Windsor as genoral guardlan
of the property of Samuel N. Stone
Jr a mlnor, has brought a blll in
eauity in tho Unlted States Clrcuit
Court before Jtldgo J. L. Martin
r.gainst the Stone Tracy Company
Frank B. Tracy, Ida S. Tracy and
L. B. Hayward, dlrectors of the com
pany, also of Windsor.
Thc case will test the constltutlon-
allty of the corporatlou tax law pass
ed by Congro3S and approved by thj
President August u, 100D. It will
be heard in Brattleboro on.Thursday
before Judge Martin.
.Tho bill of complalnt sets , forth
that tho Stone Tracy Company is a
corporation creatcd and chartcred by
tho State of Vermont and that Jtsi
prlncipal placo ot buslness is Wind
sor. Under its cUarter the defendant
corporation has been carrylng on h
retall mercantllo buslness. The bill
further alleges that undcr tho provls
ions of the corporation tax law It be
camo necossary for tho flrm to fllc
statements of the indebtedness of the
corporation and give lnformatlon as
to all depirtments of its buslness
and pay a tax of one per cent upon
the entire net income over $5000.
Tho blll states- that the orator
further belleves that the provlslon.
of the tax on corporations requirlng
the flllng of such information are
null and vold, and the requirements
to pay the tax arc burdens upon the
charter grantad by the State of Ver
mont and are a tax upon a function
of sovereignty belonging to the Stati
of Vermont, which was never agreed
to either exprcssly or by invocatlon
by the State or by the people when
Vermont was admltted as a State iu
to the Union.
It ls alleged that the said acts of
Congress .re !n violation of the til'th
amendmen: to thc Constitution, 03
under the provisions of the law the
defendant corporation will be deprlv
d of its property, through publicity
of lts buslness the prlvacy of Its af
falrs will oe largely destroyed and
its chief coir.petltor and all othcr
persons will be p.ble to, gain an intl
mate knowledgc of its affairs and lts;
trade secretsi and the assessment if
made will be laid ijpon the defendanf
corporation and not uponfiltaclilpt
It is allcgcd that the provisions of
the act are uncoiistltutloiial, in that
the private-property of tho defendant.
eorporotlon will be taken, that it ls
a violation or thc fouith amcndment
to thc constltution and violatcs" tho
right of the defendant corporation to
be secure in its records against un
reasonable search and sslzui'o, .ind
are burdens to tho eharter and fran
chise covereJ by thc State of A er
mont. '
It is further alleged that the act
is a violation of the tenth amendment
to the Coiutkution in that the re
quirements are a tax upon and an in
terferencj with the powers of the
State of Vermont and olher States
expressly resered to grant charters.
It is also a violation of the constitu
tlon becausc'the so-called special ex
clse tax Is in reallty a dlrcct tax up
on a charter and fraiichiso of the de
fendant corroration ond upon all
othcr norpDrntlons, and it is not :ip
portioned amoiig the several Stator
a'ccordlng to their population as re
quired by the constltution, it ls al
It !3 asked that the provisions -jf
the act of Congress be declded as
u.nconstituttonal and that thc defend
ant be restralned from voluntnrlly
complying wlth the provisions of tho
said act.
Stntc Unnrd of HpiiKIi Sends Out
'rpcautioniiry LvUvr to Jfpnllh Of.
Brattleboro, Jan. IS. Dr. Henvv
D. Holton, secretnry and executivo
offlcer of the State Board of Health
Issued the following bulletln thls nf
tornoon to the town and city health
offlcers throughout Vermont.
"Infornintlon has been recelved that
small pox Is prevalent in Massa
chusetts towns and that one or niorc
cases have doveloped ln Keene, N. H.
We would call the attentlon of phy
slcians and, locql health offlcers in
the State to thls fact, warnlng them
to be vlgllant nnd see that cases di
not prcsent themselves In their res
pectlve towns, promptly quarantln
Ing all susplclous cases to the end
that tho dispnse may not obtain a
(ootliold In any purt of tho State."
St, .lolmsliury Judpo of I'robntc Ad
.lusfliif,' .lfiiltcrs Upspt hy imv Itul.
I I f-T.
St. Johnsbury, Jan. lS.-Thero have
been thlrty-slx hearlngs In probato
court before Judge W. P. Smlth her
ln the matter of tho comipltment of
Ipsane ratlcnts under the new rullutr.
In eacli of tho these thlrty-slx cases
papers will be Issued for recommit
ment. There are four or flvo moro
cases to bo h'eard. ; .
$5,000,000 INCREASE
L'ollcy Holdors nnd lUrcctors In Ses
8I011 Yesturdny nnd Orgunlzutlon
For 1010 I'crfectpd Iloports From
Ynrlous Dcpnrtmcnts Iviicoiinigiiit'
Giiin of 70 l'ercent In LiiKt IU
ciidc. r
At the nnnual meetlng of tlie pollcy
holders of the Natlonnl Llfo Insur
ance Company,' held at the home of
flce3 In thls city yesterday niornlng,
tho following dlrectors were prcseut:
Georgo Briggs, Wllllam Pt Dllllng
linm, Joseph A. DeBoer, Harry M.
Cutler, Jamea B. Estcc, Wllllam W.
Stlckney, Janies L. Martin, Georgo
II. Olmstcad of Cleveland, O., Charles
P. Smlth, Fred A. Howland, Charles
W. Gammons of Boston, Mass.
Tho board organlzed by ciccting
the following offlcers:
Picsldont, Joseph A. DeUoer; vice
presldeut, Fred A. Howland; second
vcce-presldent, Janies B. Estee; sec'
rotary, Osman 1). Clark; treasurer,
Harry M. Cutler; niedlcal dlrector,
Dr. Arthur B. Bisbeo; asslstant nied
lcal dlrector, Dr. E. A. Colton; ln
spectors, George Briggs, Frank A.
nwlnelli Frank M. Bryan. '
All members of the board of dlr
ectors were present yesterday excopt
Fletcher D. Proctor, who has gone
to San Francisco 011 buslness ln con
nection wlth the Vermont Marblo
Company's branch there, and John
G. McCullough, who is detained in
Now York by the death of two of his
frlends, D. O. Mllls and Spencer
Trnsk, both of whom died recently
Senalor DillinKham returned to
Washington lato yesterday afternobn.
Prcvlous to tlie meetlng tnentloned
above the policyholders met and el
ected the following dlrectors wliose
terms had explred, who will serve
for four years: Joseph A. DeBoer,
F. D. Proctor and H. M. Cutler. These
dlrectors were elected to succeed
themselves. The policy holders
heard the reports of the president
and offlcers of the conipany, all ot
which were approved and accepted.
At the meetlng of the dlrectors the
reports of the varous offlcers, glving
a detailed and analytical review of
the buslness experieuces of all de.
partments, were read and accepted,,
all ot them being of voluminous pro
portlons, and will make a large-sized
book when put in prip.ted form.
The total income of the company
for tho ycar 1000 was $S,418,275.40,
the dlsbursements for the same per
lod amouiUing to $5,118,122,92, thc
incoitiu saved ainotintlng to $3,300,
12, iS. The company's gross assets
aro $17,400,998.98, the in3rease ln tho
o.- . asscts bolng nearly $3,500,000,
w'. 11" the increase in Insurance
miOUMcd to $5,040,031.40. A fcw cenU
J ".377,779 was dislrlbuted among
poiipy holders during the year 1909.
of ue last named sum $183,305.40
was glven to the Vermont poltey hol
ders, of which there are more than
J.00O. Vermcnters took out more
than 532 poilcies during the year 1909
represeutlng an in3urance of $806,'
i53.9C, the total nuinber of poilcies
Issued during the year in the StateB
11 which thc company does buslness
'oeing 9821.
During the ycar 1909 the company
paid to beneilciaries the sum of $1,
577,115,49 in settlemcnt of deatl
clalms, which is $47f,9:-!2.89 less that.
che recelpts lor lnterest and rents, a
osult tlu.t is cor.iidercd very satlL
ln the mcdlcal dlrector's rcport of
hc cause of death, it is interestlng
0 note that the average duration 0.
a policy runs from eight to somcthlnE
jvcr 15 years, the result being ob-
tained by taklng an average of the
arlous causcs of death under whlc':
head the general discaso is llsted.
In Just a decade tho conipany has
ealned 70 nercent ln insurance, nnd
1C7 percent ln nshets, which is con
sldered a very romarkable Bhowinti
tliroughont the Insurance world.
The A. (i. Sionp Jpwclry Sioie o Ni
In llnnds of Wnyno 31. Ilectl.
The Arthur G. Stone jewelry store
which has been closed for the past
fow days on nccount of the death of
Mr. Stone, will open up thls morn
ing under the manugement of Wayne
M. Iteed, doing buslness along thc
same llnes and wlth the same pollc)
is heretofore. Mr. Beed has been
ln the Stone store for the past l
vars, comlng here Decemher 12, 1905
I'rom Waltham, Mnss., whero he had
been lu the adjustlng department of
the Waltham watcli works, and has
.emalned In contlnuous employment
at tlils store ever slnco, Last Decem
her ho was glven the nianagemnt ot
the storo as tho lnto owner wlshed to
rctlre from uctivo buslness cares and
Mr. Iteed has mnnnged the store
Arrestei'd for liitoxlciitlnn.
Frank Coburn of Berlin was ai
,'csted WedneSday afternoon charged
wlth Intoxlcatloion January 15. Lat
er he was arratgned nnd sentenced
to pny a llno of $15 nnd co'sts nnd to
servc 30 dnys in Jall, ' Ho pnld thc
costs, the remnlnder of the sentencr
bclng suspuded 011 nccount ot hlf.
nged niotlipr who ls n wldow and who
's supported by Coburn.
l'uhltc Servlce Comiiilsslon llenr.t
lYltnt'Sses In Coinplnint Iiroiif;lit IU
Newport, Jan. 18. A henrlng m
tlie petltion of State's Attorney Roh-
ert Simond8 of St. Johnsbury and W.
1. AVrlght of Barton for an investl-
gation of the New Englnnd Telephotie
& Telegraph Conipany and Passump
slc Telephone Company by the Public
Servlce Commisslon, was held here'
today before Commissloners J. W.
Uedmond and S. Holllster Jackson..
The offlcers of the Passumpsic Cont-
Pny were pre'sent, tend tertllled rel-
uiive 10 tne piant rntos, etc, or said
company and tho New England
Telephone nnd Telegraph Company
furnlshed expert evldencc relatlve to
its plant equlpment and tralflc condi
tions. E. W. Longley, auditor of thc
New England and Passumpsic Conv
panles, produced books, trlal bal
nnces and data, Bhowing Insldo In
fornintlon relatlve to the New Eng
land Conipany and Its relatlons wlth
the Passumpsic Company.
William B. C. Stlckney of Ludlow
appeared for the New England Tel
ephone nnd Telegraph Company anil
Alexnnder Dunnett for the Passump
sic Company. The prosccutlng at
torneys, asslsted by Attorney Genernl
John G. Sargcnt, examlned no wit
nesses othcr than those furnished by
the telephone compnnles and the case
was contlnued to Aprll 5th to allow
tlme in which to- swcure expert evl
dcnce. There will be a hoarlng tomorroiv
at 1 o'clock to inrestlgate the fatal
accldent to Wllllnni Johnson, who
was kllled near the Iloston &. Malne
round house.
City JrpplJiif; of HnrllntjOn Voters le
efdcs ln Finor of tlie Scheme.
Burlington, Jan. ,18. Burlington
placed itself on record for the sec
ond tlme as being In favor of a
public dock thls evening, at a city
meetlng, when thc questlon was pass
Nl by a majority of 452,' a thousand
votes being east. A resolution was
passed authorizing the city councll
to pledge the credlt of the city for
the lssue of bonds for a sum not ex
ceedlng $27,500 for the purchase of a
wharf at the foot of College street
fnom the Central Vermont rallroad.
The court will lssue a decree ex
tending College street to the lake and
giving the city tlie ,nme contlngent.
upon the purchase' .of'the Central
Vermont wharf.
The action tonight l'PKlstercd an
other victory for Jlayor Burke, as
thc wharf proposition was a pu
scheme of his.
ChlllCso 1 111 mlsrn tlon to He Jlnudleu"
IJy Bnston Iiurpiui.
Boston, Jan. 19. Beglnning the
flrst of February there will be a big
chango in Chinese hamigration lnto the
Unlted States, nnd the port of Bos
ton will be much affected. At that
tlme all of the statlons along the
Canadlan border through which Chi-'
ncse have been admltted ln the
past will be clojed up, upon order of
iccretary Charles Nngel of the De
partmnt of Comnieice nnd Labor, nnd
thcrcaftcr the btilk of the Chinese
'nuv.igration in t'.-.e castern half o."
the Unlted States will be through thu
local port and under the Boston Chi
nese Inspectors.
There are three boorder stntlons af
'ectcd, one at Malone, N. Y another
at Hichford, Vt., and the thlrd at
Portal, N. D. Formerly there was 011
also at Samas, Wash.
It was the Intcntlon of Secretary
Nagej to have all Chinese immi
grants seeking entrance lnto tho
Unlted States examlned at Vancou-
ver, B. C, and, If ellgible, enter thls
countiy nt Seattle, but tho Canadlan I
Paeiflc rallroad made arrangements
to carry tho Chinese immigrants '
ttound for Eastern points ln thc
United State3 acro:3 the Canadlan
contlnent to Halifax, N. S. thenco
send them to Boston on the steam
ers of the Plant line and have them
examlned by tho Inspectors here. Boa-!
ton being a statutory port whloli
could not bo closed 011 a department
al order.
3Ir.s. I'nullm. Jolinson Wns !)." Years
of Ago.
The dcatli of Mrs. Paullne Johnson,
one of the oldest rcsidents of Worces
ter oceurred 'shortly after 9 o'clock
Tuesdny mornlng. Mrs. Jolinson was
95 years of ngo nnd wns n natlvq jt
Calais, and niarrled Arch Dwlnell.
Hor second husbnnd was Jamea John
son whose death oceurred some yenrs
I1KO. Ml'8. JohiiKnn liml rnol.1,.,1 I.,
Worcester the lnst qnnrter centurv.
havIiiB prevlously llved ln Keene, N 1 age of 21 and marrled James C. Slm
H nnd Morrisville, raons of thls city. May 5, 1868, Sho
Sho leaves no imniPdlnto fnnillv
but hor nleces nro Mrs. Elln Mcln-' H, Slmmons, Charles R. Slmmons,
tyre nnd Mrs. Georgo Hopkins, oi 'Jobn J. Slmmons, Jnmes P. Slmmons
Heleua, Moutana, Mrs. B. A. Morso'nl1 Mra- Mftr' B- Avory.' Sho nlso
of Lowell, Mnss., Mrs. Emlly Camoron leaves one slstor ln Ireland.
of Montpelier nnd Mrs. Jnne Olm-1 Mrs. Slmmons wns a devoted church
stead of Worcester. Mrs. Morse wlli wonian and a regulnr attendant nt St,
have chnrgo of the funeral nriangiv Augustlne's church whec ealth per
ments. m,tted(
White lifter Jiinclloii lipsldents 'J'nke
jrcnsuro to .Sccnre Flre I'roiee
llon. White ltiver Junctlonr Jan. 18
The wnter flamino at White Klver
Janction was- the suoject of a rell
attffnded meettag nt that place Mon
day nlght. It developed that the hy
draret Bysteni lnd falHed for flre
proetlon, nnrt that tstly n fow
places on tho "Polnt" hatT any water
at afE. Water Is being sold by the
Ralloa for drlnklng purposo and for
other imrposes snow and rJver water
are general ly used.
It was voted to authorize the
prudential commltte to buy not rnorp
than threo chemlcal englnes. Itobprt
E. Smlth, It. S. Meech, N. P. Wheel
cr nnd Charles II. Green 'were np
polnted as a commlttee to investlgate
posslble sources of water supply and
expenses of construction to act Ir.
connectlon with tho prudential coni-
mittee: An adjourned meeting to henr
their report wil be fteM Jan. 31.
DiscrssED TruunrcLosis TESTS
Spiiil.uiiiiiml .irpntlnif of A'crmout Vp.
eriiutrle.s Held nl White Ither Jd.
White Itlver Junctlon,. Jan. 19. The
semi-annual meetlng of the Vermont
Veterinary Medical Association was
held here today and the following of
flcers elected': President, D. K. East
man of Newport; (Irst viee-nresldent,
A. H. H. Lewis or t!arrel,i second vlco
prcsldent, O. E Bprr of Barre; sccre
tary and treasurer, George T. Steven
son of Burlington; executlve commlt
tee, Dr. G. Wood, Dr. Welsh nnd
Dr. Prouty. The tubevcullne and
mallue tests for anlmals were dls
cussed. mst'ui3ii.AT;ox chahged.
Stnte's Attoruej TJenjnniin Gates Flles
Petltion AVith l'ublic Senice Com
inNsion Agninst the Centrnl Yer
mout Iliillroiid Unfnir llntes on
Hoiifth Grnulte the Cause 01' tlie
Clnimlng unfalr, unjust and dls
crlmlnatory rates on the shipnient
of rough granite, State's Attorney
Bcnjamin Gates has brought a petl-
tlon against the Central Vermont
r,lroad and asks tho Vermont Pub-
lic Servlce Commisslon for a Uearing
for the adjudlcation of the same.
Tho petitlon, whch went to the coui
nilssion yesterday, asserts that rough
granlto ls shlpped over the Central
Vermont rallroad from Barre to cor
taln points at disprcpovtionate rates
ytating speclficaUy that the ratf
from Barre to Waterbury ls 17 cenU
a ton, from Barre to St. Albans 25
centa ft ton, whereas from Birre tq
nurlligton Jt is ?l.?n per ton,
Tlie petltioii, aithough not tagged,
is presumably brought at the insti
gation of Burlington lnterests, which
claim that they are dlscrlminated
against in competitlon with Water
bury and St. Albans ln the granite
industry. The petitlon states, as a
basis for further coniparlson, that
the- rate from Barre to Waterbury is
one-half a cent per mile per ton, and
from Barre to Burlington It ls four
State's Attorney Gates is actlng
under scction 4G12 of the Vermont
stalutcs, w'akh gives tho right of in
itiativo to the State's Attorney, as well
as to the attornpy general or ten or
more freeholders of the State. He
asks the Public Servlce Comnilsslon
to (lx a schedule of rates which shall
be just fair and non-discrlmlnatory
slnce the coninilssion is given that
powcr under sectlon 4335, which
"When in the judgment of t'je
Board of Rallroad Commissloners, af
ter lnvestigation and hearlng, upon
reasonablo notlco to nll parties in-
terested, it appears that any of the
rates, tarlffs or charges posted as
provlded in the second precedlng sec-
tlon, aro excessive, unjust, unrcason-
able or dlscriminatory .
It shall, by ordpr made ln tho prem-
Ises, deternilne nnd descrlbe what
will be a just and reasonablo rate.
tarlff or chnrge.
Iltul llppn Fulllnuf Gradunlly For Dnys
Funcnil Servlcps Frlduy.
The death of Mrs. Catheriue M.
Fitzgerald Slmmons oceurred early
011 Wednesday nt the 10me ot her
dnughter, Mrs. John F. Avory of Ber
lin street. Mrs. Slmmons had been
falllng gradually for several days and
hor lllness was eompllcated becausO
of A wenk henrt.
She wns born In Ireland, County
Llmorlck, Septenibor ,20, 1843, the
daughter of Pntrlck and Mary Fltz-
igerald. Sho canie to Amerlcn nt thc
is Biirvlved by flvo chlldren, WillU-m
Lyndonville Miison- thc ilosls of 11
Grent Gnlliprliitr Wcdiiesdny.
Lyndonville, Jan. 19. Crescent
Lodgc, No. G5, F. & A.. M., eutertaln
d the twelfth Masoaic Dlstrtct nt
their annual nieetlnK jmstcrdaj- after
noon and evenlng, willfc nearly JOO in
atlsndane. At 2.30 ln tho afteunoon,
a lodgo of Mastcr Slomous was open
od by Crescent Lod3J' and at 3
c-'clock the Entered Apprentice de
gree was conferred on candldatas
wlth lecturcs by offlcer. of Passump
sic lodgo of St. Johnsbury. Rt. Wcv
slilpfui Brothor Charles II. Darlln '
Grand Lccturer, revlewvd tho wor'i,
and nt C o'clock a banqnot was ser
ed by the ladles of Esther Chaptor
O. E. S.
Tho work was rpsumed at 7.30 wlth
labor of the Mnster .Mfcwon degree
whlcli was followed bjt a receptlon
to the Grand Lodge offlcers. Grand
Ucturer Darling roviewad the worit
of the Master Rinson desree whichi
was cxcmpllfled by casplan Uiko
lodge of Hardwick and visitln
Grand Ixidge offlcers siidressed the
lnecthig, which was iti charge ot
David II. Cole. D. D. G. M.,'of St.
Johnsbury. Kntertaliiment was fur
nlshed by the PassumpJc Lodge Ma
sonlc quartet and the Darton aiason
le orchestra.
The Twelfth DlstflcB Ihcltides the
lodges at St. Johnsbury, Lyndoni
flllo. Concord, Hardwick, Danville
and West Burke, andi large delegiit-l
tlons camo from eacfc lodge. Amonx
the promlnent Masons present were
Lee S. Tillotson, Grand Jlaster of St.
Albans, H. H. Ross, Grand Secrctary
of nurllnglon, Chaxles H. Dnrllag-.
Grand Lecturer, of Gnrlington. C. A
Caldorwoo.d, Past Crand .Master,. 01
St. Johu&bury and Delos Jl. nr,eon,
Grand JIiter of Sb .lohnsbury.
aniip uoara 01 Uutoniptrv iinniw
llirep Dny Jjpssion nt Statp House,
ine btate Board of Examlners ln
Optomctry met on Weduisday and
oponed a three days' ses
slon ot examlnatlons for ap
pllcants who wished to practice op
tometry ln thls state. Tho three
membcvrs of the board were present
and six cauddates appeared before
tliem to take'the tcsts.
rrhe Board of Optometry ls a new
lustltutlon Ui Vermont and consists
of three members who examine and
reglster all optlcians. Because of ex
cmption certlilcates 127 optomet
rlsts were exempted from taklng the
examlnations and 12 took the flrst
test so that there arc 139 members of
'-ha prcfession in Vermont.
Tb? examinatlQUa for eaeh day as
sp'. forth by Wit lloavd aro as follows'
vVedlKK'.lay, a to 12, theoretlc optlcs;
1 to 5, practical nptics; Thir3d?y, P
to 12, objectlvc opto;v.cti ; 1 to 5, l
jective optometry; 30 5:30 anatomy
and physiolcgy of the eye; Friday, 9
to 12, physiologic optlcs; 1 to 5:30 pa
tliologic condltlons of the eye.
The markd i'er the papers must be
75 per cent for each subject or the
ertlflcctes will not be granted, ai
though a second examlnatlon may be
taken wlt'.-.out paylng an cxtva fee. The
pcpers'for the flrst part of the examl
natlon will bo corrected lmmedlately
so that there will not be any unneces
sary wait before the result of the ex
amlnatlon is known nnd the certlfl
cates granted. The members of the
Board; President, Henry S. Jordan of
Brattleboro ; secretary, Augustus S.
Hasklr.s of St. Johnsbury; secretary.
Arthur II. Slader of Rutland. The slx
andldates are E. L. Hunt, AYest
Derby; J. E. Maltlson, 'orth Benning
ton; Frank G. Balccm, Boston, Mass.J
Walter E. Foltus, Springfleld, Mnss.
Fred A. Walker, Bradford; L. Cook
Olr. Slader, who was appolnted a
member of the Optometry Board for
one year at lts formatlon a year ago
has been reappolnted for three yeara
by Governor George H. Prouty nnd
lnst evenlng was re-elected treasurer
of the board to succeed hlmself.
Said to Ie Itestlnpr nt u Sannlorluri
Strlclly IueocnHo.
Frankfort, Jan. 19. The Frankfur-
ter Zeltung ls iuformed that Dr.
Frederick A. Cook has arranged for
a strictly lncognito stay at a sana
torlum near Heldelburg. The health
or tne expiorer ls represented ns.
havlng been serlously affected . by
recent events.
AValter Lonsdale, who Is In Copen
hagen, Doctor Cook's secretary,
does not believe tlie report that Cook
Is near Hetdelberg. He said that the
last letter he recelved froni Cook was
dated Cadlz, Decemher 24, when Cook
stated that ho was leavjng Europe lm
medlately nnd would wrlte agaln In
a fortnlght. Lonsdale has not heard
t'-om hlm slnco. He ndded that tho ex
piorer went under the name of
Hunter whllo Ut Marsellles and Lls
bon. In accordnnco wlth tho lnstructions
from the State Board of Health, glven
through Rutland Health Offlcer C. H.
Ball, owners of public bulldlngs In
that town, not properly provlded wlth
flre escapes, aro now maklng ar
rangements for such npoaratus.
"To shakc nll cares and buslness
frotn our ngo" is to havo an An
nulty which gunranteos the nec
esslties of llfe at Iast. Send 'ur
rates. Clst year. Natlonal Llfe
Insurance Company, Montpelier,
Vt. (ilutual). S. S. Ballard, Gen
eral aennt, Montpelier- Vt. (Mu
tual.) Insurance
Assets . . .
Surplus .
5,2.-9A"'2 70
Kuernl Agent
at the
Excluslve agency for Goodyear
Gold Seal Rubber Boots and
Lumbermeu's Overshoes.
"Elite" Shoes for men
"La France " and "Quaker"
for women.
100 31nlu Street.
H. 1). Hopkins of Thls Cily the Owner
of Blnp niljboii Wlunprs nt. St. A
linns Ponltry Show.
Hermon D. Hopklus of thls city is
the proud posses3on of a bun'ch ot
White Plyniouth Rock fowls- that
have won blue ribbons not only in
the Vermont poultry exhibitions, but
'.. thc Ntv England shows as well.
The latect honors -.vqu by the blrds
come from the Vermont Poultry
Show which Is now 111 progress at St.
Albans, aud the judges, who fir.istc-d
vhfcli work yesterday, gave Jlr. Hop
kins' blrds the following awards, out
of a class of 60: 1st cock; 1st, 2nd
and 4th cockerol; 1st, 2nd and 4th
hen; 1st nnd 2nd pullct and 1st pen.
capt. nrTrmx.sox'.s itxekal.
,Sprvlep.s HpIiI From Ilcthuny CIinppl
WediiPMiny 3roru!ii(,'.
T'.io funeral servlccs ot Captaln
Lemuel M. Hutchlnson were held from
Beth.any chapel at 10:30 o'clock Wed
nesday mornlng following n brlef
prayer service at the house on Ful
'.erton Avenue, Rev. Stanloy F. Blom
fleld of Bethany church officlatlng
The body was escorted from th!
house to the church by the members
of Erook3 Post, G. A. R and the ini
presslve Grand Army servlce w.is
usei after which the body was taken
to Worcester for burlal.
The bearers were all comrade
from the Post, E. E. Joslyn. J. B,
Morse, Georgo Felt, John Blrtol,
Charles Harran and Edward Baker.
The servlces were very largely at
tended. 1 A
Duusrerously III.
On rrcolpt of n telegram from Fred
H. Whlttler of thls city, who ls play
Ing ln the orchestra of the "Thre-i
Twlns" Company, statlng that LyH
Perry, also of the- orchestra, was
dangerously 111, Wllllam A. Perry of
Barre, Mr, Perry's father, has gone
to Boulder, Colorado. Thls was v tho
Irst Intlmatlon recelved by Mr.
Perry's people of his lllness-, letters
recently recelved havlng made no
mentlon of 111 health, Mr. Perry is a
coillst whose work with the Whlt
tler orchestra has been wldely recng
nlzed. To Kpcehp ifUOO.
William C. Mound of Fair Havon
has brought suit In Rutland County
Court ngalnst tho Delawaro and Hud-
son Company to recover $600 for n
horre, which he alleges, was kllled
In November, 1906, by a traln through
the road's negllgence. He declares
that tho rallroad fatled to put up n
proper cattlo guard at a farm cross
Ing and as a conscquence the horse -
strayed onto the tracks and met hla
death, W. H. Prestou ls couusel for
the rlallirc-

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