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York Mntlicrrd I'rom Ai'iir iind I'iir
For the Dck-ctntion 'of tho IKoader.
New York, Sept. 13. After Cotiev
Island had been ruunlng wido opnn
all siunmer, wlth crimc, imuiorallty
and gatubling iu full swing and, ap
parently uuder the protection of the
polici', the acting Mayor ot New York,
belng in control of clty aft'airs tluring
the absence of Mayor CSaynor, "dls
coverod" the appalling stato of nffalrs
at that famotis beach resor and ord
ered the lld clampcd down good and
liard. In vlew of the fact that thls
order canie wheu the seasoti at Coney
is practleally closed, lt has caused
some aniuseiucnt aiuong the citizens.
Condltlons tn Coney Island have al
waya boen fairly ibad, conslderably
more ao thau at other beach rcsortu
along the Atlantic coast, hut if the
stntemeuts of numerous lnvestigators
and a large nuinber of vlctinis eau be
credited, the statu of things durlng
the sununcr Just ended, was worse
tllan ever bcfore. There were more
dlvos, more crooksaud thuga and more
lewd women in Coney this sununrr
than ever liefore and it soms that all
of tbeiu did a thriving buslness. All
through (he summer complalnts trom
vlctinis who bad been robbed at
Coney camo pouring ln at polico head
nuartera, hut notliing was dono in
abatement. Not until after the season
was closed dlil the anthorities "high
er up'' discover that the lid was wlde
open and that It was necessary to put
a stop to the actlvity of the crlnilnal
element in that popular resort. Act
ing Mayor ailtchell did not order the
polico to make an Investigation, bnt
sent out n nuinber of clty employes
for that purpose. The result was a
thorough shaku-up in the polico do
partmont whlch is responslble for the
lawlessuoss at Coney,
Mllk Ih'pnU Clnsed.
The closlng ot the 4epots establtsh
rd by Nathan Straus in this city, for
the salo and distribution of pasteur
ized inilk for the use of infants ls a
great blow to thotisands of poor fam
illes in the ovorcrowded teiiement
dlstrlets of Mnnhattan and Brooklyn.
When theso mllk depots were estab
lished a few years ago. Mr. Straus was
acclaimed as a bonefactor of th
loor, espcclally of .the bables of the
poor. The mllk was sold at, a nominal
prico and was given away to thoso
who had not the muans to pay for it.
The mllk trust and all assertlons to
the contrary notwlthstandlng, there is
really nuch a trust kIIiI not approve
of Miv-Strnus'a cliarily, because it eii
abled the poor to obtaln good mllk Tor
little or notliiiig Instead of belng com
pelled to pay an exorbilant prlce for
poor mllk to the trust. Uy a pecullar
colncldeiice a fovv dootors made the
discovery that pasteurlzed mllk was
lnjurlous to Infants at least they
sald that sueh is the case. Baeked by
tho trust an agltatlon against pas
teuris'.ed mllk was started whicli be
came so strong, that Mr. Straus de
cldrd to oloso hls mllk depots. It is
expected that this Htep wlll lead to a
tremendoiiB Increase Iu the mortality
of infants ln the teiinment dlstricts,
but that wlll not worry the mllk trust
in tho least so long ns it can aqueeze
a fow more dollars out of the consum
'prs. 'A' Daulilful .Tokc
The othor day the flrat mornlng mall
brought a lotter to ono of the tially
Some persons have rrither pecullar
notlona of what constltutes a joko.
aieswspapers, iu whicli tUo wrlter, th
Jlead the Central ( Vermont Excur
slon ndvcrtlaoment for tho Stato Fair
on pago C, ndv.
to get your Blankets
for the cold winter
the largest and best
section oi the state.
wlfe of a well-to-do physician ln this
city, itifornied the edltor that she in
tcnded to comniit sulcide and that hor
hiishand was ln no way to blame for
her act. An investigation was made
whicli established the fact that the
signer of the letter and her hua
band had salled the day beforo on a
steamer bound for Germany. Relatlve3
of the women were conimuuicated
wlth and as 'they are wealthy they
comniunlcated with the purser of the
llner by wireless. In due time a reply
by wireless came from tho purser,
stating that the wonian ln ciuestiou,
according to her own statement, had
wrltten the letter as a joke and some
"unknown party" had mailed lt "by
mistake." What a grewsome brand of
a joke.
Rocovored (Jems.
The carelessness of wealthy per
sous wlth their Jewelry is sometimcs
beyoud belief and it is not snrprlsing
that so many of them lose thelr gems,
especlally when travellng. What is
even more surprising, is the unde
served and really phenomenal luck of
these persons, whose lost treasures
are in most cases recovered in some
way. The other day two wealthy
women lost a bag wlth jewels valued
at several thousand dollars wjiile rld-
Ing around in a cab at Asbury Park.
When they dlscovered thelr loss they
made a search for the cab and located
lt. On the tloor of the cab was found
the bag, dlrty from the muddy feet
of several passengers who had rld
den In the vchlcle after the two
women had used it, hut containlug
the Jewels all Intact,
Esianiisiicrt Curfcw.
The conimon councll of Yonkers, by
a vote of S to 1, adopted an ordinance
the other day, whlch establlshes tho
curfew in Y'onkers and compels all
chlldron nnder the age of sixteen
years to leave the streets by ten
o'clock every nlght. The ordinance
places the respo'nsiblllty upon tho
parents and makes all boys and glrls
who vlolato it subject to arrest. Tho
only member who spoko and voted
against the ordinance was the oldest
member of the conncil and fathor of
a large famlly. Such an ordlnanco
would undonbtedly he a boon to New
York Clty, but there is not much pros
pect or ever getting ono through tho
New York City Councll.
A Crui'l Iloax,
Two little boys and a little glrt,
whoso parents aro nelghbors ln
llrownsvlllo, a part of Brooklyn, wan
dored to tho outsklrts of that. sparsoly
settled district to plck ilownrs. In tho
afternoon ono of the lioys came home
and lnformed hls father that tho lit
tle glrl had i'allon lnto n aower. Whou
It liecame known that tho glrl had mot
wlth an accident, moro than a hundrod
persons voluntered to senrch for the
chlld's Itody. A.rmcd wlth ropes and
Iadders tho searchors started for tho
scene of tho alleged accident, tho boy
who had brought the news, leadlng
them. lio polnted out tho open man-
hole of a sower into which, lio as
serted, tho girl had fallen. Tleln
forred by a dozen men of pollce re
sorvea tweuty volunteers searched Iu
tho sower for soveral hours, liut founJ
no traco ot tho glrl. Soveral of tho
men were ovorcomo by tho noxlous
gases Iu the sewer and wero revlvcd
wlth r.onslderablo dlfflcnlty. Aftor four
hours had beon spent In this frulilcss
soarch aonio ono wont to the houso A
tho glrl's paronts to luform thotn of
the result of tho efforts. To lits great
oat surpiiso lio learned Umt tho glrl
had safoly arrlved homo soveral hours
ago and was soundly asleep In her
bed. What happenoJ to tho little boy,
tho' author of that crirefr hoax, Is an-
other etory, . . iti ,
A'ews of Ihc Dny ns rrcscnlcd hy (lic
Journnl's Corps of Spcclnl Oor
rcspondents, llcfng Mostly
Ilcms of Intcrest,
Mr. and Mrs, Hnllcy of Ucrlln woro
recent guests of Mlss Edna Sargont.
Dlds on books at tho llbrary moet
lng Wednesdny amounted to ?10.B0.
The name of Harry Jones was drawn
to flrst return books noxt (ntarter.
Mra. John Ionsdalo and daughter
Mildred ot Kapsas Clty woro recent
guests of Mr. and Mrs. B. II. Allls.
Mlss Florence M. Pliclps Is the guest
of her aunt, Mrs. A. L. Follansbee.
The Ladle3' Ald Soclety of the Sec
ond church wlll have a soclal at tho
clutrch parlors Friday evenlng, Scpt
Mrs. Ines! Segar, Mlss Edlth Abbott,
and Mr. and Mrs. Sanborn of Randolph
were recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. I.
N. Abbott.
Mrs. Nllle Patch Is stopplng wlth
her slster, Mrs. Morton McKinstry.
Several persons from this place at
tended the funeral of Willlam Cclley,
Which took place at Calais lagt Sun
day afternoon, Itev. F. K. Newell of
Hardwick offlclatlng. Mr. Celley pas3
ed his earllcr years in this part of
the town.
Woodbury Orange wlll hold a fair
at South Woodbury Sept. 21. Thoro
wlll be a good dlsplay of stock, plants,
vegetables. curlosltles, and fancy
work and all aro Invlted to enter ex
hibits. There wlll be nutslc, ball
games and speaklng, and a dlnner
furnished by the ladles ln the Grange
Mr. and Mrs. John Jacobson of
Hopedale, 'Mass., are vlsltiug at A. h.
HasUell's home.
Mr. and 'Mrs. Karl Itowell have
purchased the Thomas Colby farm
and wlll jnove there in the .sprlng.
Wllbur Parker has sold hls farm
to Charlos Duprey of Waterbury, salo
includes stock and farm tools. P03-
Thomas Colby, who was severely In-
Jured by hls horse, ls slowly galnlug.
Mrs. Kllen V. Cummings returned
last Monday from a vtsit ot several
weeks, spent with her chlldren in
Malue and New Hampshire.
Those who attended the Froe
Daptist yearly meeting at Waterburv
Copter last week Friday, Saturday
and Sunday were (leorge and Anna
Cummings, Mr. and Mrs. Ceorge II.
Rumiiey. Mr. and 'Mrs. Arthnr ,Max
ham, Mrs. Charlos Imndervllln and
Carlos Hatch of Worcester.
Mrs. Herbert Plerce of Richmond
made a short vlslt wlth her aunt. .Mrs.
W. 0. Cummings and has spent a
week wlth her slster, 'Mrs. Klsio
Mrs. (!. S. Knapp and her slster, Mlss
Alice Foster were guests of their
brotuer, O. R. Foster and wife of
Montpelier Sunday.
Mr. Reed of Waitsfield was in town
Friday buylng stock.
Walter Chlld was ln "Montpelier re-
Mlss Kllen Russell visittd Mrs.
.Tames Stewart and other frionds in
Waterbury part ot last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ilomes has, been
visiting in Northfield.
Mr. and Mrs. George Farnham and
daughter I.ena and son Frank took an
automobllo trip to Waterbury Center
Mrs. Chester Wilber and two chlld
ren of Fayston vlslted relatlves on
the hlll Sunday.
Mrs. Ruth Carpenter of Montpelier
was a guest of Mr. ahd Mrs. A. C.
Chlld Thursday. They also visited at
the homo of F. A. IIowos and 131mer
I Keyes.
Herbert Hlll and wife of Middlesex
were on the hlll Sunday.
Willlam Russell was In Middlesex
Thursday for the flrst tlmo ln nearly
a year.
I.uke Somors was in Montpolier
Raymond, tho little son ot Mr. and
Mrs. Walter Child3, has been 111 the
past week.
Mlss Carrio Rogera was 'a gutist of
her slster Mlss Martha Rogers, who
is teachlng chool In district No. 3, last
AVesley Chlld of Montpelier has beon
a guest of hls parents Mr. and Mrs.
A. C. Chlld recently.
Mlss Harriet Maxwoli passed Sun
day wlth her slster, Mrs. Clayton Kew,
ln Waitsfield.
Mlss Evalyn Blshop and Harold Blsh
op of Montpelier wero guests of Mrs.
F. E. Atklna Thursday and Friday.
Earl Olasa has gono to Burlington
whero he ls taklng a courso in tho
Burlington Buslness Collego.
Mrs. C. II. Barton ot Barre was ln
town Thursday.
Willlam Ferrls, .Tr., borer at tho
Drow Danlels Granlte Co's. plant out
hl3 thumb sevorely last weelc
Mrs. .Tulla O'CIalr and Mra. Charles
O'Clalr passed Saturday ln Montpelier.
H. W. Whltcomb and F. W. Sautell
ot Barre wero buslness visltors in
town Saturday.
Mlss IiOiilso Ballard of Georgia is
visiting at the home of Mrs. F. L,
Mr. and Mrs. .Tewett and daughter
of Clovoland aro guests ot Mrs. Albert
Mr. and Mrs. P. J, Ryan and famlly
of Montpolier were guests of Mr. and
Mrs. W. E. Thompson on Sunday,
Mls3 Julla MdoLauo ot Now Bruns-
wlck has commanocd work ot the
Vermont Stato Hospltal.
Mlss Nellle O'Brlen pasaed Sunday
at her homo iu town.
Mlss Marjorlo Duffua was nt homo
from Middlesex over Sunday,
Mlss Flossle Curtls of Hlllsboro, N.
H., Is a guost of tho Mlsaea Oraco and
Suslo Mannlng.
Tho Ladlea Unlou meets this after
noon wlth Mrs. Orlo Ayera.
Mr. nnd Mrs. F. C. Luce, Mlss Mar
jorlo Luce, Burton I.uco wero ln
Hardwick on Sunday,
Mrs. Morton Shaw of St. Alban3 waa
In town on Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Jamea Atklns ond son
of Jonesville were the recent guests
of Frank Town.
Mr. nnd Mrs. CJcorge Adams ot
Salem, Mass., wero the guests of Mr.
and !Mrs. J. C. Davls last week.
Mrs. Henry E. Hlll gave a party
last Saturday evenlng ln honor of her
nlece, Mlss Ellzabeth Martln Of Han
ford, Cal. The evenlng was spent in
games. Llght rcfrcshments wero serv
ed. Mlss Martln expects to leavo for
her home September 21.
The yearly meeting of the Baptlst
ijocioty whlch was held here last
week was thd most successful ever
held ln tho history of tho assoclatlon.
C. J. Ferguson, of Burlington, gave
an address Friday evenlng ln the ln
terest of tho Antl-Saloon League 'of
Vermont in the Baptlst church. Mlss
Lllllan N. Sprague gave an addre33
Satmxlay evenlng she belng a mls
slonary from Indla. Both of the ad
dresses were very Interesting.
The assoclatcs ot the Ezra Stetson
Post wlll meet in the G. A. R. hall in
the Semlnary next Saturday evenlng
at 8 o'clock. Every member Is re
qdested to be pre3cnt.
MlS3 Cora Huntley ot Waitsfield
was tho guest of her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. C. W. Huntley recently.
Mr. and Mrs. Willlam Newton and
two daughters of Springfield, Mass.,
were tho guests of Mrs. Cora Morrlson
recently. The trip was made In an
automobllo. They are to return homo
by way of the White Mountains.
Mrs. Anna Cooney ot Middlesex and
Mrs. Charles Clavk of Montpelier wero
the guests of Mrs. Edward Gllletto
Unlon servlces wlll be held In the
Methodlst Eplscopal church next Sun
day evenlng. An address wlll be giv
en by C. J. Ferguson of Burlington.
Mrs. Henry Hlll was In Montpelier
ono day recently, belng the guest of
Mrs. Edward Town.
Representntlvc-elect and Mrs. E. E.
Robinsou of Elmore spent Sunday wlth
Mrs. Amos Robinson.
Mlss Ruby Dow is spendlng a fow
days in Northfield wlth relatlves.
Rev. Mr. Stewart of Montpelier
preached at the Congregatlonal church
Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Bllss wont lo St.
Johnsbury Tuesday to attend tho fair
and to vislt Mr. Bllss' mother, Mrs.
W. D. Fllnt.
Mrs. H. E. Hadlock went to Wil
liamstown" Tuesday to vlslt her father.
. S. A. Parker and L. D. Nute attend
ed the Caledonia County Fair at St.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Robinson of
Bristol, N. H., aro guests of Mrs.
I.lzzie Robinson.
Mrs. A. T. Davls went to Taunton,
Mass., Monday.
Cecll Town returned to hls home ln
Boston Monday.
Mrs. Alice Packer Flsher and son
Newton of Randolph are ln town.
Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Fay of Barre
were ln town Monday.
Hazel Bllllngs of Perkinsville
teachlng the primary school in
Gcorge E. Hollster has been
polnted trusteo for John Severance.
A. E. Lamberton started for the
State Fair at White Rivor .Tunctlou
this week.
Friends of Cecll Town gavo him a
snrprlse party Saturday night beforo
his return home.
B. W. Hooker of Barre was ln town
Saturday and cmbalmed Miss I.oviua
Kenerson's body for burial Monday.
A. R. Colo shipped a carload of cows
to West Mberty, Iowa, nnder the caro
or John 'Llverson of Cabot last Friday.
A. R. Cole and wlfe started for Iowa
Burt LaMay of Springfield, Mass.,
who has been visiting his slster, Mrs.
()ray mim home may-
Charles Porter has moved to AVood
bury where he has employnient In the
granlte quarry.
Warner IX Smlth ot Boston ls at tho
home of hls father, C. D. Smlth.
Mrs. Mary McCrlllls of Hennlkor,
N. II., and Mr. and Mrs. John Gage,
formerly Mrs. Fellows of Hennltord,
N. II., nnd Mr. and Mrs. II. Hanna
ford of Magnolla, Mass., were ln town
to attend tho funeral of Miss Lovlna
ICInorson Monday at her late homo.
Rov. Mr. Currler ot Cabot offlclated.
Sho was burled Iu I.ower Cabot cem
I'onr Sallors Arrestrd Clmrged Wlth
Onltlnp Off RlRht Knr of a ioii
Unlon Seaiutiu,
New York, Sept. 13. Four sallors
from the Great likea, Joseph Meyera,
Robert Cochrane, Henry Moran nnd
Mlchaed Kane. wero nrrested hero to-
;ht charged wlth. tho brutal assault
of Edward Fraser, a non-union snllor,
iu Buffalo, last June.
Tho men, It ls charged, drugged
Fraser, robbed hlm and then cut off
hls rlght ear whlch was sent to H.
Coulby, presldent of the Plttsburg
Steamshlp Company, ln Cleveland, ac
oompanled by a threatenlnff letter.
(Contlnued from pago 1.)
lnembershlp wldely scattered nnd on
ly sovcn of tho 12 mombors proscnt.
Throo other membors wero dotalned
by brlef but prcmptory cngagomcnts.
Upon reassemhllng two days later,
olght gentlemen wore prescnt, nnd
two more were roported on tho way
"Tho clghth member to appcar hap
pened to be a Democrat and tho mom
bors of that party found themsolves
lu tomporary control, and promptly
proceeded to turn tho circuinstunces
to what seemed to them n party ad
vantage. In advanco ot nny consulta
tlon wliatevcr upon the evldenco.
whlch never had been welghed and dls
cCs3cd In commlttee, they domandcd
tho passago ot resolutlons of tho
most avvecplng charactcr, formall)''
made, but of charges that had oniy
been lmplled, anU of thlngs whlo'i
never had boen charged, but whlch
persons nppearlng at the hearlng had
alleged against hltn.
"Other membors of the cominlttec
present protested against such pro
ceedlngs, liut the partlsan politlcal
end to be galued by the Domocratlc
mlnorlty became all the more urgent
In proportion as tho rallway tralns
bearlng other members of the commlt
tee were approachlng Mlnneapolls.
"Tho mlnorlty refused even to take
a recess, and the other members vle
cllnlng to partlclpate in a vlolatlon
of the fundamental prlnclple whlrh
should govern the proceedlngs, wlth
drew and thus deprived tho Derno
crats ot (helr temporary control of
the commlttee.
"Tho meeting belng left without
a quorum, any attempted decislon or
the case would have no more valldl
ty than would like actlon of a slml
lar nuinber of men collected at ran
dom ln the streets. but the specta
cle was presented of flve gentlemen
out of a trlbunal of twolve. created
by the Congress of the 'Unlted
States. assumlng to'act as the trlbunal
"These flve gentlemen contlnued
thelr proceedlngs to the end, accord
ing to the worst methods of ward
polltics; and, after pretending to adopt
a report of 89 pages. which they
brought to the meeting already prc
pared, and whlch was never the sub
ject of conslderatlon on dlscusslon
or even read in commlttee, they
gave lt to the newspapers, although
the law requlred lt to be renderej
to Congress; and they completed
thelr perverslon of the purpose of the
nieeting by adjourning to Decembor
3, so as to forestall ir possible, any
actlon or conslderatlon or dlscusslon
Cjf evidenco by the commlttee ln the
meantluie, and by solemn vote they
graclously e.xtended to the uiajorlty
the leavo to flle a minority report.
"It does not need to be sald that
such actlon both ln form and sub
stanco ls wholly lawless and con
demns lts authors rather than the
offlclal nnder Investigation.
"The report of the committee can
not be made until December 5th. when
Congress meets nnd tho meeting
called for September 5th, was for tlvj
purpose of considerlng and dlscuss
ing what the report, to be made three
months, t,hereattor should ho. There
was, therefore, no haste or pressure
for time.
"The pretended adoptlon of a report
by a politlcal mlnorlty and lts publi
cation. as if lt were the report of a
committee, exhlblted a willlngness to
sncrlflce tho rlghts and Injure tho rop
utation of the offlcer luvestlgated In
order to obtaln a supposed party ad
vantage in tho pending politlcal cam
palgn. We ca'nnot reconcllo such a
cotirsc wlth our senso of justlce and
of qur duty.
Clty Clerk jrerrill llusy (Jhlnu- irutif
ors I'erinlsslon lo Hunt.
Clty Clerk Jlerrllrtias issued a totnl
of 74 resident huntlng llccnses uud
no non-resldent. Tho schson for grey
squlrrels nnd partrhlges opens next
Thursday nnd tho hunters aro get-
Ings ready for the openlng. The non
resident llcenses do not seem to bo
In very heavy demand nnywhero ln
tho Stato and in sevoral of the magn
zines dovoted to huntlng thero have
'been protests from huntors in other
States who klck on the $15 "gun tax"
as they call lt. To Judgo from these
lottors It would seem that a smnller
feo would result Iu a greator aggre.
gato of feos collected.
Crlpiien's Dofencp,
London, Sept. 15. According to n
publlshed Intervlew, tho Hne of de
fonse to bo followed by Arthur New
ton, counsol for Dr. Crlppon, wlll be
that tho remalns nre not Bello El
more's nnd that the strip of flesh ahow
lng an alleged oporatlon scar cnnnot
belong to the abdomen because of tho
nbsenco ot tho iimbilloua.
('holern Epldemlc Clieckod,
Romo, Sept. 14. Tho cholern epl
demlc has now beon practleally
stamped out lu Apulln, During the
past 24 hours only four new cases
and two dcaths havo beon roported. I
R'oad tlto Central Vermont New York
Excur.slon, advertlsomeut on pago 4.
Aar. . , f ... . ,
Roports to Dradstrcct'a for tho week
noto that j?eneral retall trade contln-
uea about even, ulthough county falrs
have dlaturbed buylng to some ex-
Roports from certaln machlno In
dustrlos note that thero haa been lesa
now buslness. rccelved nnd some can
cellationa. Demand for genoral hard-
ware is lmprovlng.
Nuinber dealers report no changc
in demand, a tiuletness rullng, al
though no matorlal change la notlcod
In prices. Demand for box shooka and
boxes is qulet although buslness ln
turned wood artlcles and boxea holds
up well.
Among granlte nianufacturers ro
ports show but a fovv of the plants
have conaldcrable buslness on hnud
whlle others are looklng for more or
ders. Iabor ln this llno 13 well em
playcd, alWiou'gh conaldcrable trouble
ls expcrlenced from slow collectlons.
Produce of all klnds is movlng well
Farmers are recelvlng good prices for
nearly all Ines of garden truck. ln corn
sectlons where the yleld of potatoea
has been large, prices have been low
ered, but gencrally speaklng all that
tho flelds produce ls commandlng a
ready market and good prices. The
condltloil of farmera Is looked upon
as much improvcd over what it was
n year ago. Thelr expenscs for feed
this year wlll be lighter than they have
been for three years ns fall pasturage
s in good shape.
Corn cannlng taetorles iu the State
are now In full operatlon. Corn recelv
cd is of good quallty and a reasonably
good pack Is loked fr. There Is prac-
tlcally n surplus stock and the out
look is favorably commented upon.
During tne pasr. week tho blennial
report for tho perlod endlug Jtine 30,
1910, was made publlc by the Stato
Bank Coinmlssloner. His flgures show
the largest Increase in deposlts in any
one year, except one, in the history of
the State, the Increase In dcposits for
the year belng nearly four and one
half mllllons of dollars, the total de
poslts belng somethlng over $68,000,
000. Dlvldens, hls report states, have
Failure reports for the week ln the
State lnclude one bankruptcy and ono
offer to comprotnlse.
Reports-from the larger cities ln the
State contlnuo but little changed wlth
ilabor gencrally well employed and re
jtall buslness about normal. Merchants
,are optlmlstlc regardlng outlook for
fall trade.
Railroad travel for tlie week has
been narticularlv heavv. RenorLi from
'summor places and resorts show tliat
the number of poople who have come
lnto the State this year has been In
jexcess of that of a year ago. State
hotels report a large increase in num
ber of automoblle parties entertalned.
1 Reports from Bethel state that the
new tannery wlll be ready for busi-
'ness in about two months. The ma-
chine shop at that polnt has consider
able buslness ahead and labor ls well
employed at one of tho granlte sheds.
Some new bullding work is under
way at White Rlver Junctlon. Whole-
Isale flrms at that polnt comment fav
lorably regardlng the volume of trade.
The new machlne shoi at Windsor
jwlll be ready for occupancy in about
one month. The shoe factory is em
. ployed at full force and tiine. General
retail buslness is fully up to normal.
Roports from Fair Haven state that
labor Is well employed. There is a
good demand for slate for bllliard
stork but for other purposes sales are
. slow.
I Reiiorts from West Pawlet and Ru
jpert show that the potato crop wlll
be about an average. There was a
large hay crop. Tho yleld of oats is
'good, but corn was less than an aver-
ago crop.
JlliS. I'HEl."
Kxplrcd Suridenly Sals.Ml;. : .tf'.i..i'ii.
After Short Atlark o' ti- (.V,p
Mis. Henry A. l'nelps (Keti v .y
q'-.ddenly Satuniny mornln ..f lv.
hr'iie on AcaCleniy strr.c-t ;t'i-r
shT't illness with the grlp fro'i. r'ch
she aA npparentJy recovered. herVi
came at V:4o o'clock. when M"3.
Phelpi d'io)!:ed tr. i'ne L-ath c.i
lloor aii' ovpjred hefore ine-'Ic'a' ?
Istance lonU". roach hor.
Mrs. Ph-lfs' malden r.ume Wos T-.s
bollo Putn. iu and sho was ,i nat1'-.
of Cabot, wero shd wa born, .luno
15. 18C2. On October ?. iSS," she
was marrle.l n Hciiry A. Phelps ln
Montpelier ln nfch clty and ln lUr
ro thoy havo llved almost continuous
ly over alnce. She Is survlvod by her
husband and flve chlldron, Evellno,
Mildred. Cathorlne. Alden and Nol
son. Sho also leaves hor mother, who
has been inaklng her home at tho
Phelps resldence, a brother, Charles
Ptitnam, nnd a slstor, Mrs. Thomas
Mnrvln of '.Montpelier. Mrs. Phelps
was a niember of the Phllomathlan
Club and o ftho Clvlc Federatlon of
Women's Clubs. Tho funeral wlll be
hold this afternoon from tho houso
at 2 o'clock with Rev. J. W. Rarnott
Read tho Central Vermont Excur
slon ndvortl8empnt for tho State Fair
on pago 5. adv.
Cnpltal, $100,000. Totnl Assots, $USOO,000.
Dcposits nuide on or liefore tho 13th dny of ,1uly wlll draw Interest
from tho I IRST DAY of tlint inonth nt FOUB lER UENT. I'ER AN'UM,
payablo setnl-annually on the flrst days of January and Jujy,
Iuterost at Two l'er CentA'nld on Comuiorclal Deposlts.
Sato Doposlt Doxes, 95 a Year.
Yleo Trcsldents; FRANKJT. SMITH, Trcasnrer.
Rhodo Island Dcmocrata wlll hold
thelr Stnte and Cougresslonal conven
tlons Sept. 29,
Tho Republlcan State campalgn ln
Ohlo wlll be formally opened at Ken
ton on Scpt. 17.
Sterllng P. Bond of St. I,oula Jian
declared hls candldacy for the Demo
cratlc nomlnation to succeed Unlted
States Senator Warner of Mlssourl.
Oklahoma Republlcans wlll meet ln
Guthrle September 29 to ratlfy the
nomlnation of thelr tlcket nnd to for
mnlly open thelr State campalgu.
W. Jefferson Davls, prlvate secre
tary ot Senator Purcoll of North Da
kota. is the new presldent of tho Nat
lonal Keaguo ot Domocratlc Colleeu
Dcmocrats of Georgia, at thelr re
cent Stato convetitlon, Indorsed Gov
ernor Hoko Smlth for tho Democratio
nomlnation for Presldent of tho I'nlted
States In 1912.
In Rhode Island tho queation, "Who
shall bo chosen to succeed Nelson W.
Aldrlch ln the Unlted States Senate?"
at present eclipse3 all other politlcal
Former I-Ieutenant-Governor John
C. McKlnley of Mlssourl has flled hla
declaratlon as a candldate for tho
Unlted States Senato on the Republl
can tlcket to succeed Senator Warner.
Charles S. Hamlln, a Boston law
yer who was Asslstant Secretary of
tho Treasury during one of the. Cleve
land admlnlstrations, Is menttoned as
a possible candldate for Governor ot
Massachusetts on the Democratio tlc
ket. The labor organlzatlons of Indlana
have taken up tbe causo ot UnlW
States Senator Beveridge and have
ccuplled a pamphlet addressed to
utiion men in whlch they are urged to
support leglslatlve candidates who fa
vor his return to the Senate.
The National Amerlcan Woman Suf
frage Assoclatlon has taken steps to
find out exactly how each candldate
for Congress stands on the questlon of
suffrage for women. To each nomlneo
a letter is to be sent asking hlm to
stato hls views on the subject.
Herolc effort3 are to be made to
save the seat of Representatlve E. B.
Slemp of the Ninth Vlrglnia District,
the only Republlcan member of the Old
Dominlon delegatlon ln Congress. For
mer Presldent Roosevelt and Speaker
Cannon liave promised to appear on
the stump in behalf of Sleran's can-
didacy for re-election.
The result of the canvass of tho
votes of the present Nebraska prim
ary elcctlons on members of the Leg
Islature slnows that the Oregon plau
wlll almost certalnly be carried out
in the olection of a Unlted States Sen
ator to succeed Senator Elmer J. Bur
kett, regardle3S ot the politlcal com
plexlon of the next I.egislature.
Congressman Walter I. Smith of tho
9th Iowa district, who is looked upon
as an open candldate for the Speaker-
ship of the House of Representatives.
in opposition to Speaker Cannon, haa
been a member of the Lower Houso
continuously since 1900. Prior to hla
olection to Congress he had sorved for
10 years as a Judge of the Iowa dis
trict conrt.
Ilcsisrnatlon Acceptrd.
A special nieeting of the board ot
directors of the Young Men's Chrlst-
ian Assoclatlon was held last evenlng
at whlch the resignation of Walter
H. Pilcher as general secretary was
presented and accepted.
I.cans Tonnrds ProgressUo Ideas
Jefferson City, Mo., Sept. 14. The
Republlcan party platform conferenco
of Mlssourl today aftor a bltter con
test adopted a platform that has a
leanlng toward -progresslve Ideas.
Read the Ceutral Vermont Excur
slon advertlsoment for the State Fair
on pago 5. adv.
Read tho Central Vermont Now York
Excurslon advertlsement on pago 4.
for Ladies
TeU your rteighbors
aud see them yoiuself
State St., Montpelier

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