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temoni UStuicltntatt.
Tho proposal of amondmcnt to tho
VcVmont Constitutlon, ilntroduced
Tuesday by Senator Archibald, of
Bennington county, providlng that. tho
Supreme Court Judges Bhall bo clcct
cd ovcry ton ycars lnBtcad of ovory
two ycars xleservca caroful considora
tlon and 1b a mcasure of no little
jncrlt. Of courao tho Judges nlmost
always nro rcclectcd ovory two ycars,
as a matter of form, but tho tenuro
of offlco would bo niore sccuro and
would tend to glvo tho .ludges a
greater senso of stablllty than tlio
present method.
Few Statcs elcct thclr Judges for
such short tcrms as Vermont does.
Most Statcs clcct thelr Judges by dl
rect vote of tho peoplo lnstcad of lay
Ing that duty upon tho Leglslature
as vo do In Vermont. In his specch
nt tho Torccntenary banciuet at Bur
lington Presidcnt Taft sald: "You
olcct your Judges by the Leglslature,
I should thlnk a way that might bo
improved and you elect them evcry
one or two ycars. I forgct whlch,
but whatever It Is, tho tcnurc of of
ficc is practlcally for llfe, bccauso
you bollevo that whon you havo got a
good thlng you ought to keep It. "Tho
Presldent was right. The method of
electing our Judges mlght be InH"
proved, and thls year would bo a good '
tlme to accompllsh tho change. 1
We lay too niany olectlon dutles
upon the Leglslature, whlch is sup
posed to be a law-mnklng body, not
an exten8lve body. Even the constitu
tlonal provislon providlng for tho
olectlon of United Statcs Senators ls
opposed by many Statcs and probably
wlll be changed wlthln the next de
cadc or two.
There are serlous objectlons to tho
clection of Judges by the Leglslature.
A proposal of amcndment already
made ls deslgned to put a stop to tho
practlce, so prevalent of chooslng
Judges from the membershlp of tho
Leglslature whlch elects. lt wlll be
remembered that two years ago thcro
were persistent reports 0 the effcct
that the electlon of a Judgo was com
pllcated wlth the passage of the so
called "ealary grab" blll. It ought
not to be posslblo to allow such an
lmportant matter to depend In any de
gree upon the passage of legislatlve
measures, or to glve occaslon for any
susplclon of dcals or comblnatlons.
If the Judges were elected dlrectly
by the people thls paper, for one, be
lieves that the system would be an
improvement over tho present one and
that a ten year term would be in
Ueeplng wlth the dignity of the offlce,
and the quality of the men whom we
choose for hlgh judlcial posltions.
"A Brief Statement of the Conclus
ions and Recommendations of the
Immigration Commisslon" of whlch
Senator Dillingham Is chairman, has
recently been lssued, and it is an in
teresting and an lmportant document.
The pamphlet glves a brief history
of the commisslon and its work, In
cluding the investigations made in
Europe and the United States. It is
shown that from July 1, 1819 to June
30, 1910, 27,218,710 immigrants were
admitted to the United States, and of
thls number 91.5 per cent came from
European countries. From 1819 to
1883 more than 93 per cent of the Eur
opean immigratioTt onginatea jn
Great Brltain. Germany, Scandinavia,advertised, 'but after remaining un -
the Netherlands, Belglum, France and
Switzerlnnd. Slnce 1883 70 per cent.
of European immigration has come
from the southern and eastern por
tions of the continent.
The older immigration was one of
permanent scttlers. Of the newer im
migration at least 40 per cent. returns
to Europe and at least 30 per cent.
remains there. More than 35 per cent.
of the newer immigration is illiterato
as compared wlth less than 3 per
cent of the old class.
It ls interestlng to note that tho
commisslon declares that "emigration
from Europe is -not now an absolute
economic necessity and as a rule those
who emigrate to the United States
are impellcd by a deslro for better
snent rather than by the necessity of
esonping intolerable conditions. Thls
fact should largely modify tho nntur
al incentive to treat the Immigration
movement from the standpolnt of sen
timent and permlt Its conslderation
prlmarlly ln an economlc problem."
The commisslon was surprised to
flnd fewer caaes of ovcrcrowding in tho
cities, and less uncleanllness than was
may show his thoughtfulness for
the futuio comforts of his famlly.
Insuranco Is a domonatratlon of
truo att'ectlon and the most sub
stnntlal means whercby a man
'atlonal Llfe Insurance Co., Mont
elier, Vt. (Mutual.) S. S. Bal
d General Agont, 11-12 Law
ce Pldg., Montpelier, Vt.
Insuranco $159,187,877.00
AsBots 47,490,998.98
Surplus 5.829.8C8.8C
(Joncnil Agont
cxpccted. Not many of tho newer
class of Immlgrnnts have engagcd In
agrlculture, although ltallana havo
beon succcssful ln truck farmlng. Ab
Blmllatlon ls rctardcd Uy tho absenco
of famlly llfo among muny lmmlgrants.
It ls slgnlflcnnt that tho commisslon
says that "tho most potcnt lnlluenco
ln promotlng the nsslmllatlou of tho
famlly ls tho chlldrcn who through
contact through Amcrlcan llfo ln tho
schools, almost Invnrlably act as tho
unconscloua agcnts ln tho upltft of
thclr parents." Not only do tho lm
mlgrants change thelr hablts of llfo
and ways of thlnklng but an lntercst
lng anthropologlcal dlscovery Ismado
ln tho fact that the chlldren of such
lmmlgrants prcaont an cntlrcly dlffcr
ent physlcal typc.
Tho cotiunlsslon rccommcnds that
"furthor general Icglalatlon concorn
lng the admlsalon of nllcns should bo
based prlmarlly upon economlc or
buslncss conaidoratlon, touchlng tho
prosporlty and economlc well bclng
of our peoplc"; that nllcns convlct-
cd of serlotis erlmcs wlthin a perlod
of flve ycars should bo deportcd; that
Jmmlgrant banks should bc strlctly
regulatcd; that the amount of monoy
rcqulred of tho lmmlgrnnt should bc
matcrlnlly Increased; that the head
tax should be matcrlally Increased
and that lt should dlscrlminate ln fa
vor of tho man wlth a famlly.
The report Indlcatcs a vast amount j
I p U 1 l
, ; '"" b L
Senator Dillingham and to Wnltcr W.
Husband. Morton E. Orane and C. S.
AtkliiBon, the efflcient secretnries.
The weights and measures bill is
a matter of such vltal Importance to
the State, involvlng, as It does, tho
saving of tens of thousands of dol
lars annually, that no niattor of
jealousy between the Houee
and Senate over the cholce of Com
mlsaloner should bo allowed to im
perll the blll. The House alone
cannot elcct, but miist do so if at all,
wlth the Senate ln joint assembly.
The offlce requires expert and tech
nical knowledge and thls paper be
lievcs that a better ehoice is likely
to be made by the Governor, under
the clrcumstances, than wlll be made
if 276 leglslators, knowlng little of
the merits of the candldates elect
the comralssioner, after the 6cramble
that is aure to ensue. If the Governor
is quaiifled to appolnt a State High
way Commissloner, he ls also quaii
fled to niake thls appolntment.
Montpelier wlll take a llvely inter
est In the railroad project deslgned
to open the asbestos region, because
it promises to develop an lmportant
Vermont industry and because it prom
ises to form part of a new llne from
Newport to Rutland by way of thls
clty. Such a rond would be of great
advantago to thls clty.
Evidently Ex-President Roosevelt
changed his mind in regard to speak
ing of the electlon results in his New
Haven speech.
I'oslmasiPr Brown Hccclves Notlcc of
SeTcrnl Clmngcs.
Postmaster .1. G. Brown has been
notifled of several interestlng chan-,Schoo, 8ltlon do not seem 0
r,S,.n.tnf ' r,e8ulatl01ls amoS;reallze as a very serlous and vltal
which is the foliowing:
When the writer of a letter on
whlch postage Is prepaiJ shall en
dorse 011 tho outside thereof his name
,1 ,i,i,0.. w ei,n i..tlons prevail throughout the grades
called for ln the offlce to whlch It Is
directed the tlme the writer may dlr-;
ect or postmaster general prescribes
0i,nii 1,,, roirn,i n, writo. ,,iti,J
out additlonal charge for postage and
If not dolivered treated as a dead ltt
ter. In vlew of tho differencns aiisinc
through complinnce wlth the requests
ior enaorsement ot tnelr patrons in 0n more classical ground than is us
testlmonlals or guarantces a to hon- 'ually the lot of graded school chil
esty, rellabillty, postmasiprs are ln-'dren.
formed that in thelr olfloial capaclty I There is now in progress of planning
they should not write or slgn atatc- 'nu oratorical debate between Mont
ments of thls character. ipelier Seminary and Montpelier High
The department supplv of 13 cent l school. A number of High School
stamps has beon exhausted the man-lstudents are taking commorclal cours
ufacture havlng been discontinucd 'e8 at the Seminary and Dr. Bishop of
Novembor 9, 1909, but those stlll in the iattcr institution reports that
tho postoffice (Jr on snle Will be val- thnlr wnrk ls onmmnndaliln. Smifirln-
id until the issue is used.
with ants. DEXXV.
aionlpollcr IV. C. T. V. Has an Kn
' jojnble Scsslon.
The Woman's Christian Tempor
ance Union met with Mrs. E. Meade
Donny yesterday aftornoon for an
onjoyablo aesslon. Quotations woro
Bnen anu nygione uiscussea. A se-
lectlon from the natlonal superinten
dent nnd from tho State superintend-
ent of thla department wns glven.
Mlss Flsk read of the Baltimore
meeting nnd Mrs. G. W. Guornsey
read concerning a visit to Washington
at whlch tlmo a wreath was placed
on tho tomb of Franccs Willard. It
wna voted to poatpone tho food sale
planned at tho laat meeting and each
membor will contributc 50 centa or a
dollar Instead.
The next meeting wlll bo held wlth
Mrs. O. II." IMchardson, tho second
Thursday ln Jnnuary.
At the Arniorj .
! Managtr Farrar has secured as
an added attractlon for tonlght a sor-
iea of slldcs llluatrating tho Jollet
'nrlson In all its myatorlea. In tho
courso of thla exccllont entortalnment
whlch taken the audlenco stop by
Istep from tho maaslvo Iron-bnrred
jwtes to tho solemn but frequontly
vlslted gravoyard, two thqusaiid
prlaoncrs, ninlo and femalo, nro shown
'at thelr dlfforont work, All tho cells
In tho dlfforont dopnrtmonta of UiIb
human stockndo aro shown, lnclud
itig tho world's fnmoua solltary con
flnonient ntnll, which, although Beom-
Ingly cruol, Is necesBnry to forco a
few unrulyi lnmntea to oboy tho prls
on's rlgld routlno.
Thls sot of plctures la accompau
lcd by nn oxpcrlonced lecturor, who
tnlka very lntorestlngly on each plc
turo. Thls la tho prlaon ln whlch
Mra. Casslo Chadwlck was oonflned
nnd In whlch sho dled. Sovernl vlews
of her wlll be abown. I
(From tho Evenlng Argus)
Tho Evenlng Argus wlth doublo
tho clrculatlon of nny Montpelier
paper ls unapproached as an advor
tlslng medlum In Montpelier. New
nnmes aro being addcd to tho llat of
subHcrlbcrs dally, wlthout sollcota
tion. Tho above ltcm nppcarcd ln tho
Evenlng Argus of last nlght. Tho
Journal mnnngcmcut doubts tho
stntement. The Argus mechnnlcal
equlpinent Is not cqunl to tho tnsk of
lrlntlng and dlatrlbutlng twlco tho
number of papers the Journal does,
and no ono knows lt bettcr than Mr.
George Atklns hlnisolf.
Tho Journal lnvltcB tho niorchnni's
commlttco of the Montpelier Board
of Trade to see what we aro sendlug
out each day. They aro Invlted to
como lnto the Journal offlco .uul
spend tho nlght, and see how numy
wo rtin, whcrc they go, and ln covy
way to Judgo for themselves as to
the truth of tho Journals' atatemtnt.
To mnko Its statement good thu
Argus has got to show cvcr 7,000
cacli day. They cannot print thal
Jiumber of papers dally, and It Uuows
Mujorltr of l'ubllc Scnlco Commis
slon Heeldos in Fnvor of BuNseUe
Wlth its chairman dissentlng tho
Vermont Public Service Commisslon
has grantcd the petition of Theodulc
Bassctto of Hyde Park to enter an
appenl In Supreme Court on tho
commisslon's order in tho case of
Sclectmen of Hyde Park vs. St.
Johnsbury & Lake Champlain Rail
road, Mr. Bessetts being ono of the
adjolning land owners.
Supreme court in October dlsmlB3
ed tho appeal on tho ground that the
motion for it was not fllcd wlth tl.e
commisslon but wlth the clerk of the
Supreme court of Lamoille county.
The High School and graded
schools close Friday for a two wceks'
holiday. reopenlng on Tuesday, Jan-
uary 3rd.
Mlss Mary Doheny of the grades,
who has been at her home in North
field owing to the illness of her moth
er, wlll not return until after the
Chrlstmas recess.
Rhetorlcals wlll be conducted by
the Hlgh School students Friday aft-
W. D. Bartlett has been ill the past
weok and has just resumed his work
so that the drum corps Is slightly
out of practice. Rehearsais wlll not
be held again until after the recess.
The Batavia system is being tried
in modiflcatlon in the second grades
of the primary bullding, thls system
Pfrovidlng for two teachers in tho
same room at the same tlme, one
tenchlng, the other dolng Individual
work wlth the puplls.
There are 50 puplls under one teach
er in the eighth grade, a slgn of over
crowded conditions whlch the taxpay
ers who voted against the new High
problem. The average efficlent 'plan
is 35 puplls to a teacher at the most.
i Practlcally the same crowded condl-
and 8hS?: The t0,nl f f"?11'
' '""' l" "
e(,A,a,ld ere were 351 visi ors
JIllslc Dlrector C. G. Egg is rehears
lnB thc chlldrcn in Christmas carols
which they aro learnlng accurately
and wlth great eagorness. Thls is the
flrst year these carola have been in
troduced and give the youngsters n
thorough training and famlliarity up
tendend of Schools F. J. BrownBcombe
reported to tho School Board that
"Dr. Bishop reports favorably on our
High School students who nttend tho
Seminary and I am. happy to call your
attcntiou to the kindly feeling now
oxlsting between tho two schools as
evlnced at the union banquot, Be
lleving that acholaralilp should havo
more recognltion in inter-school con
tests and Intellect as well as brawn
should havo n chance for dlstinction,
I brought up the proposltlon of an
oratorical contest between the two
schools. Dr. Bishop favors the plan."
Tho School Board favored such a
plan and authorized the golng nhead
with tho scheme. lt is planned not
only to have the usual debate but cs-
snys, recltatlons, etc, and give the
girls cqual opportunlty with tho boys
of tho two schools to competo In
scholnstic coutcsts.
Vcrc Dlsclinrged from Conrt.
Mrs. Emollno McNulty", known also
as Mrs. Ewlng, and Arthur Lockllu,
who wore glven a henring recently In
Burlington clty court on a charge of
ndultery wcro discharged by Judgo
E. C. Mower on motion of Attorney
M. S. Vllns who rcquested that tho
caBe bo uol prossed because of lack of
ovldonce. It wna allegcd that Mm
MoNulty and Iockllu wcro llv-
Ing together and that Mrs.
MOiNuuy nnil nevor secured a
dlvorce from her huabaud, Wllliam
Ewlng, of Montpollor, who sald that
ho wns Mrs, McNulty's husband nnd
tnat no liad not llvcd with tho wo-
man for 11 ycars, but that sho had
novor secured a dlvorce.
HpsiiH of Cold AVcnllier.
Tho cold wcather of the past weok
comblned wlth tho llght coverlng of
snow on tho ground has cnuscd a
good dcal of troublo wlth wator nnd
sowor plpea freezing. Tho water de
partmont has had aovernl brenltB to
ropalr nnd tho plumber8 havo been
happy bocauso busy.
The Stato and Baldwin strcet whlst
club mcets tomorrow aftornoon wlth
Mrs. C. A. Best.
The Pythlan Slatera hnd a
well attendcd bcun supper nt thelr
hall on Maln strcet lnst nlght.
Tho rccltal glvcn by Prof. Hntha
way's youngor puplla last nlght was
very successful and hlghly onjoyed.
C. F. Buswcll has tho Woman's
Club ChrlBtmas seal which is selllng
for dletrlct nurso work nnd othcr
hcalth work.
The funeral of Willls C. Hawloy
wlll bo thls aftornoon at 1 o'clock
from his home on tho Worcester
Branch road.
The funeral of Francia Laboushlre
wlll bo at 0 o'clock thls morning.
from St. Augustino's church wlth
burlal ln the Cathollc cometory.
A niarrlnge liccnae was lBsued yes
terday from tho offlce of tho clty
clerk to Harry Edward McKcefe of
thls clty and Miss Ruth S. Furnnu
of Northfield.
Mrs. '.Wllliam Mlllcr, who suffercd
n allght ehock somo tlmo ago, ls
much improved. She Is stlll at the
homo of her mother, Mrs. Greenwood
of Court strcet.
In a fast gamo of basket ball the
Capitols dcfeated tho Barre Presb;'-
terian Athletic Assoclntion last nlght
by a scoro of 57 to 11 nt the Y. M. C.
A. gymnaslum.
Trinlty Homo Mlsslonary Socloty
wlll meet Friday aftornoon at 2:30
wlth Mra R. (M. Harvey of College
strcet and IMIsa Schwartz wlll be
present to address the members.
A number of the Bnptlsts 01' thc
clty assembled at the homo of C. C.
Holmes last nlght for a soclal. Gamca
were played and refreahmenta sorv
ed, making a very enjoyable evtn
ing. Drop a coln out of your Christmas
money lnto the red kettle that the
Salvation Army have put on tho
streets. Thls money will do some
poor mortal good at thls glad tlme
of the year.
Edward Olney, who Injured his el
bow by falllng down stalrs at the
Methodlst church Sunday, is reetlng
comfortable at Mlller's Inn, and he
wlll probably go to his home in
Nashua, N. H., today.
The Firemon's club has takcn up
the matter of the anuual ball and the
committee appointed Tuesday even
lng will makc arrangemenis ns soon
as convenient. The affalr ls generally
conducted in February.
Mlss Bertha Terrlll of the Unlver-
slty of Vermont faculty wlll be hero
today to consult wlth the Montpelier
Woman's Club. Misa Terrlll teaches
domestic science at Burlington and is
an authorlty on the subject.
The themometer took a declded
rise yesterday with indications of
snow or rain. Whatever anow re
mnlncd on roofs slld otf and the ice
011 the rlvcr began to soften. Unless
there Is another change colder. a
green Christmas is In prospect.
The little son of Mr. and Mrs. P,
.1. Jerome of Barre street was sev-
erely burned about the face a few
days ago by falling against a stove
pipe. A physician was summoned and
made the little fellow comfortable and
it is hoped no serious results will
The Salvation Army has placed a
Christmas kettle at the head of State
street, in charge of one of thc sol-
diera. The contributions are to bo
used to provide Christmas dinners
for those who would otherwise be
wlthout. Last winter a substantlnl
sum was raiscd in thia way.
At the meeting of the Firemcn's
club Tuesday nlght the foliowing of
flcers were elected in addltion to the
llst published yesterday. Audltors,
E. A. Powers. V. B. Persons nnd D.
R. Camphell; literary committee, E.
B. Gllbert, H. G. Strannalian and N.
P. D'Arthenay; ball committee, E. J.
Blanchard, F. S. Pratt, E. A. Powers,
E. B. Gllbert, N. A. Alexander, N.
P. D'Arthenay, B. S. Snow, D. R.
Campbell and C. B. McAlllster.
(Continued from page 1.)
would warrant the Indlctment of
Mrs. Lllllo M. Glover, tho wldow of
Clarence Glover, who had been ac-
cuBed by counsel for tho lefense of
being the real culprit in the case.
Judgo Bond.declined to grant the
request. Last spring Mrs. Glover was
acqultted of a chargo of being an ac
cessory after the fact.
Mre. Glover was not In court when
tho verdict was returned. When ln-
formed at her home of tho rcBult,
ahe recolved the news coolly.
"Doea lt surprplae you?" sho was
"Well no," she replied, "I can't
say that lt does. Thls has been a
very funny trial right through. Hnt
tlo was accused of tho crlme, but in
reality I wns tried for it."
Y. M. C. A. .NOTES.
The Blblo clasB meets Thursday
nlght nt 7 o'clock for study.
Boya' open nlght next Snturday Is
to bo an interestlng ovont. Stato
Secretnry n. W. Clark and Dr. F. E.
Clark of Burlington wlll bo present
to apeak. R. E. Wllklnson will glvo
a stereoptlcon travol talk, golng
across tho continent to Callfornla. All
boys aro urged to bo prcsont.
C, E. Tryon, ono of tho directors of
tho Assoclation at Burlington cnlled
on Secretary Buck yeetorday.
Dartmouth defeated Amherst 12
to 0 ln tho Junlon lenguo schcdulo
Tho Blblo class mecta tonlght for
study. All boys aro Invlted at at
tond. Tho second scsslon of the evenlng
class ln Engllsh was conducted lnst
nlght wjth a good attondance. Tho
clnss is progresslng well, but thoro
la still rom for moro students nnd
nnyono who knowo a porson who
mlght nttend Is requeated to inform
tho secretary.
Tho board of directors nionthly
meeting last nlght trnnsacted routlno
(Contlnucd from pogo 1.)
country and nbroad. In fact, tho rcal
signiflcanco of the document la that
it mnkcs offlclal admisston that con
ditions are already well known among
army and navy offlcors ln thls coun
try nnd abroad.
General Wood, ln his teatimony bo
foro tho Houao mllitary commlttco
today furnlshed somo of tho most In
terestlng informatlon ovor glvcn bo
foro that body. Ho dlacussed tho
Wholo SUblect of nntlonnl ilifnnnPH.
told whcro tho weak polnts lay and)
lald partlcular cmphasla on tho poa
slblllty of attack from the orlent. Ho
dld not glve vont to any alarmlst
vlews ns to danger of any Immcdlatc
lnvaslon, but talked conlldcntlally of
the need that Congrcaa tako imme-
dlato octlon to gunrd agalnat nny
posslblo troublo from Japan or Chl-
Representatlvo McLachlan of Cnll-
fornla, tho author of tho rcsolutlon
whlch brought about tho offlclal cx
posltlon of the weakncss of tho mlli
tary dcfcnscs sald today:
"A forelgn country could land 200,-
000 troops on the Paclflc coast ln 30
days. and thc only Intimation of
troublo would bo thcir blowing up
of the mountaln passes, thua preven-
ting and communlcation wlth the
East. In tho threo States west of tho
Rocky Mountalns Callfornla, Oregon
and Washington wo havo 3,000 re
gular troops and 5,000 of Stato mili-
tla men. The best mllitary authori
ties say that it would take years to
dislodgc forelgn troops If they ever
secured a foothold under theso con
ditions, nnd that It would cost the
United States a blllion dollars."
(Contlnuod from pago 1)
reaults whlch Mr. Carneglo deslres
to achieve. Ho la entltled to tho
hearty praise of all good citlzens
hero," sald Colonel Rooaovelt, "and
of all patriots in all countries."
"But remember," he sald, warn
lngly, "that the ultimate worth de
pends on the good practlcal sense,
the judgraent an dablllty of the men
who, admtnisterlng tho fund, suc
ceed in translatlng the theory lnto
Thls tranalation of the moral the
ories of governraent lnto practlce or
wlth the termed "applled morallty"
he sought to llluetrate by the Pana
ma canal, under tho dlrectlnn of
Colonel Goethals; conservatlon as
exempllfled by the labor of Garfleld
and Pinchot; and the peace move
ment as furthered by John Hay and
Elihu Root.
He declared hlraself In favor of the
fortiflcation of the canal and of a
larger navy as the best guarantees
of peace, referring -to "the foollsh
and sHortsighted people, who ob
jected to the fortirying of the Pana
ma canal and to the bullding up of
the United States navy."
Govcrnment FIHs 331 and Opposltlon
251 Seats In Commons.
London, Dec. 14. The results ln
tho general elections anounoed to
nlght leave tho posltlon of the rlval
parties unchanged. Thls is as fol
lows: Govcrnment coalition; IJ)itrals
223; Natlonalists Cl; Independent
j Natlonalists nine; Laborltes 38. To
tal 331.
Opposltlon: Unlonists 251.
Coalition majorlty 80.
A further slgn of tho growing dls
content nniong tho Unlonists over
Mr. Balfour's nianagement of the
uampalgn, whlch started in an editor
lal in the Morning Post, was notice
able in a speech made by Austin
Chamborlain nt Buxton tonlght. He
sald that it was 110 part of tho orig
innl plan that tarlff reform should
be Bubmltted to a referendum.
Acccpts Ilciinhigton Cnll.
North Bennington Tho Rev. W. I.
Coburn of Grand Rapids, Mlch., has
accepted a call from the Baptist
church and wlll como hero in Jan
uary. "You can find it
at McCuen's"
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Leglslntnrc's Action on Agrlcultnral
School Is Commended.
(Special to The Journal.)
Burlington, Dec. 14. The State
Grange this afternoon passed resolu
tions endorsing the act of the Legls
lature ln establlshlng an agricultural
school and renewed its stand favorlng
a referendum on the Hquor law.
It unites wlth tho Natlonal Grange
in favorlng an oleomargarlne law, a
parcels post law, direct electlon of
United States senators and opposl
tlon to ship subsldles. The sixth
degreo was worked on 100 candldates
tonlght and tho sesslons will close
Xornml School Supporters Crlticlse
Superlntendont nt Henring.
State Suporlnttndent of Educatlon
Mason S. Stone was plentifully ham
mered by the normal school reprea
entatlves at the hearing in Reprea
entatlves hall last evenlng on the
bill providlng for tho establishment
of a centrnl normal school.
Those interested have felt for somo
tlmo that Mr. Stono was opposed to
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thelr schools and they took advantage
of thelr opportunlty to scarlfy hlm,
though whether or not they dld them
selves any good by that courae is
somethlng that remains to " be secn.
The principal speakers were- C. H.
Stearns of Johnson, who has been
active and vigilant in guardlng tho
lnterests of the schools; E. D. Col
lins, former principal of the school
at Johnson; C. H. Morrill, principal
of the Randolph school which is to
bo turned into an agricultural school;
Principal Allen of the Johnson school
and Phllip R. Levenworth of the
school at Castleton.
Completcs Hiindsomc Monumcnt
The Johnson Granlte Company re
cently flnished and erected a hand
somely deslgned monumcnt at Mid
dlesex Centcr for Martin L. Chand
Itr. The monument, whlch weighs
four tons, stands nearly seven feet
hlgh, nnd is an oxcellent specimen of
granlte in polishcd and carved work.
$25 Reward!
I will pay the above reward for tho
arrest and convictlon of the person
or persons who have robbed hen
coops in East Montpelier recently.
D15-tf C. F. BENTLEY.
"You can find it
at McCuen's"

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