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Montpelier, Vermont
4 Interest Paid on Deposits
Assets $3,000,000.00
Tho prlmary object o thla instltutlon ls to cncourago tho In
dUBtrious and prudcnt and thoso who havo not hlthorto boon
Buch, to lossen thelr unnocccssary oxponsoa, and aavo their means
for thelr support when ago or doblllty Bhall doprivo thom. of tho
power and ablllty to earn a llvolihood. Tho offlcera of thla instl
tutioa oarnestly eoliclt the buslness and good will of thls com
munity, and will ondeavor to mako tho instltutlon a Bafo and pro
fltablo Trustoo for all who shall confldo or commlt thelr Interest
to lts charge.
Taxes Paid on $2,000 or Less
JAMES W. BROCIf, Prcstdcnt
L. BART C110SS, Tlco rrcgAIBERT TT. FERREN, TrcaBnrer.
the way of suitable presents
I j lor little folks, young people
and adults we now have in
stock an exceptionally fine assort
ment o! unusually well raade pieces
in gold, gold and platinum, silver, cut
glass and gem set jewelry. f If you
are wondering what to give, to the
one who would be most pleased to
receive, let us be of service to you.
(J What is ,new we have; what is
standard we carry; what is reaUy
worthgivingyou'llfind on ourshelves.
State Street, Montpelier
Nothing more practical for a
Christmas gif t than a
We have a large and choice
collection, Domestic and
Wells & Boyles
(fcce right and quality 0. K? Let us sell you a sample
pound of CHASE & SANBORN'S COFFEE. 20c a pound
and upwards.
'The Best Things to Eat"
for Friday
Haddock 12c
Stcak Cod J&c
Hallbut 25o
Extra Sraolt 23c
Clams, oponed, 'per quart . 35c
Clanis, pcr peck 00c
Bull Pout 20c
Oystors, per quart 50c
Scallopa, per quart 60c
Lobsters, per pound 35c
(Fresh Bolled)
Jerome's Market
Phones 400-401
71 Main St, Phone 41 7M
We Save You
Money on
Gunrantood for two yoara wood,
lron and palnt.
Tho heat Sleighs shlppod lnto Vor-
mont nro mado hy Tho Corllnnd Cart
and Carrlago Company, Sldney, N
A comploto llno of Harnesa, Blan
kets, Robea and Whlps.
Tclepliono 1C0.
Rcar Clty Hotel, Barro.
IIc Tolls the Board Ho Is Not Trcat-
cd Fnlrly; That Ho Will Bcgln
MovJitg Opcnitlons nt Onco and
1V1II Seo If tho Coiincll Cnn Stop
B. C. Getcholl amiearcd bnforn thn
Clty Cuncll laat nlght and aakcd that
It reconslder tho rofusal to grant
hlm a pormlt to movo hls house down
Stato street. When no actlon wnn
taken by tho councll ho sald ho would
bcgln operatlons and seo If tho coun
cll could stop hlm. Ho assertcd ho
was not being treated tho sanie as
others had boen and that ho was
wlthln hls rlghta.
Thls was tho onlv Innmrtnm
tor beforo tho meetlng.
Aldermon Thomas and FHzirfirnifi
were absont when tho meetlng camo
to order.
Mr. Getcholl asked tho board tn rn-
consldor lts refusal to grant hlm a
pormlt to movo hls bulldinir. Hn w.ih
wllliug to put up notlces nt tho Three'
jhho uriuge anu at varlous places.
Ho thouEht three davs an nmnln nl.
lowance, but that two hours would
cover tno tielay to trafflo at the
narrow part of the road.
Tho membera of tht boanl aaked
somo questlons ns to tlmo and meth-
Mr. Getahell was wllling to stand
reasonablc cxnenBO and would nnt
up a bond to guarantec completlon of
the job ln three days.
Ho Dlans to use horscs to null tho
house and if thore ls snow would use
hardwood shoes, if not, rollers.
Superlntendent Roliorts' thoucht
three days too short a notlce.
No motlon to reconslder was mnile
and Mayor Dawley sald he saw noth
ing that can be done.
Mr. Getchell renlied that If that.
was the case ho would begln opera
tlons and seo If the Councll would
stop hlm.
The usual Hcenses and nerinitH
were granted. A budget of bllls to
talinc $G.15C.5G was ordered nald.
Of the sum of ?1,200 for a year's
salary of the Mayor and Councll.
Mayor Dawley brounht ud the mat-
ter of house numbers on Barro street.
The houses are partly numbered by
tho old series and nartlv bv the new
and much confusion results. Alder-
man Thomas thouirht a man onnld
be hlred to renumber the street for
?3. The other members thought the
the ligures would east morff than
that and considered ?25 a low prlce
for the work. No actlon was taken.
Ex-Alderman M. W. Wheplnck
came In and sucgtsted that it mieht
be a good idea to have a flre extln
sulsher In the nelehhnrhood of TMde-fi
and Kent streets. Alderman Taft
will look over the sltuatlon.
On motlon of Alderman Taft the
Councll adjourned at 9:20 o'clock.
.Mr. Wcbber GItps Talk nt jreetliif? of
Forty young people attended the
meetlng of the Fortnlghters of Chrlst
church last night. A short talk on
"Avlatlon" by Mr. AVebber proved
very interesting and a song and re-
cltatlon by Mrs. S. S. Ballard was
hlghly entertalnlng.
The program of amusements ar-
ranged by tho commlttee in charge
was enjoyed by all.
The next meetlng will take placo
Thursday evening, Decembor 2'J,
and the commlttee on arrangements
will conslst of Robert Blanpled, Miss
Eleanor I-owe and Miss Marlon
Whnt's a Senl?
"Mamma, what's ' a seal?'' asked
elght-year-old Mary, looklng up
from tho paper, whoso black head
lines she was laborlously declpher
lng. "A seal is a little anlmal that llves
In tho ocean. We use its fur for coats
and wraps," was the enllghtening
answer of tho parent.
Mary puckered her brow for eome
minutes, and agaln interrogated,
Mamma, will eeals stop plagues?"
referring perhaps to somo of tho Bi
bllcal narratlves sho had heard told
in Sunday School.
"Stop plagues! Why, chlld, what
are you talklng about? crled tho mo
ther ln amazement.
"Why hero it says, "Bed Croes
Seals Stop Wliito Plaguo'," trlumph
antly holding up tho paper.
Then mamma explalned to her llt-
tlo glrl that tho Red Cross Seal is a
tlny stamp-llko etlcker which is plac-
cd on tho back of lettors and pack
agos comlng from Santa Claus and
othors. Every seal coets a penny, and
every penny penny goes to flght and
curo consumptlon, whlch is tho real
namo of tho white plague, and whlch
Is an awful slckness. Mamma told hor
of a little glrl In thelr own nelghbor-
hood who had consumptlon, but who
was given a chance to get well bo-
cauee tho peoplo had bought Red
Crosa Seals.
Mary Hstened attcntlvoly, and fln-
ally touchcd by tho closoness of tho
appeal, eald, "Mamma, I think I'd ra
thor havo Bomo of thoso seals than a
new dolly."
Ono young Burlington man Is back
cured and supportlng hls famlly m n
reault of last year's Christmas salo,
by tho Red Cross.
A Sltnple Snfeguard for Mothers.
Mrs. D. Gllkcson, 320 Ingles Avo.,
Youngstown, utuo, galned wlsdom by
oxperlenco. "My llttlo glrl had a se
voro cold and couched almost contln-
uously. My slstor rocommonded Fo
loy's Honoy and Tar. Tho flrst doso
I gavo hor rolloved the inflammatlon
ln her throat and aftor uslnc one
bottlo hor throat and lung3 were en
tlrely frco from inflammatlon. Slnco
then I nlways kcop a bottlo of Fol-
oy a Honoy and Ter ,In Uibo houso
Accopt no subsUtutea. Sold by all
uruggists. auv.
Mrs. Bndord, Mrs. ClcaTcs, Miss Vlr
glula Tclcr, Hnroltl llnylctt, Lylo
l'crry, Mra, Tcrrlll and Miss Eda
riccioll Appcnr and Wln Applauso
Wlth Thelr Nunibcrs.
Tho December meetlng of tho Wo
nmn's club took placo laet ovenlng at
Kellogg-Hubbard llbrary ln chargo
of tho muslc departmcnt. Thero was
a Iargo attendanco and Mrs. G. H.
Smlllo preslded, glvlng tho chalr to
Mrs. F. II. Puffer of tho muslc
vlepartment after a brief buslness
An cxcellent program was rcndcr
ed, each number belng Inslstently en
cored. Mrs. Louis Badord and Mrs.
K. U. Cleavcs played a charmlng
duut,, "Duo Dramatlque" by Vilbac
whlch mado a most approprlate over
ture after whlch Miss Virglnla Petor
of the Semlnary sang "Slavo Song'"
by Teresa Del Rlego, and "Lovc's
'Phllosophy" by Sholloy. MlssPetor
was ln hor usual exccllent volco and
the pathetlc longlng of tho slavo soug
was admirably lntorpreted. Sho sang
for an encore "Slnce We Parted."
A feature of tho evening was the
dlfflcult Rubensteln number, "Mod
erato and Andante," opus 51, by
Mrs. Cleaves at the plano, Harold
Haylet, vlollnist and Lyle Perry,
celllst. The renderlng was faultlees
and tho modulation of instruments
flawless. Mrs. W. E. Terrlll ln
Italian costume gave a plcturesque
number ln that dlalect whlle Miss
Peter sang an Italian air and the num
ber was concluded wlth a graceful
dance by Mrs. Terrlll and Miss Eda
Piccloll ln costume.
Thls was one of the most plc
turesque numbers on tho program and
the dancers were obllgcd to repeat
the number. Mrs. Terrlll's other
number was equally pleaslng when
dressed In the garb of "Aunt Phoe
be" she gave a monologue.
Mr. Perry rendered Grieg's "Son-ata-Andante,"
the rlch mellow tones
of the cello respondlng to hls fam
lliar touch and hc played a llght,
rlppllng number as an encore.
Miss Peter sang the favorlte Gar
den Songs by Herman Lohr, respond
lng to an encore and Mrs. Cleaves,
Mcssrs. Perry and Haylett con
cluded the program wlth Arensky's
"Adagio." The program was one of
the most enjoyable held under Wo
man's club management and the mu
slcal department of the organlzation
was enabled to give the members of
the general club a treat.
Oild FellotvV Buildlng W1II Be Kcady
For Occupancy.
The old jall buildlng on Elm street,
whlch was bought some tlmo ago by
the Odd Fellows' Buildlng Associa-
tion, and has been completely re
modeled will probably be ready for
occuoancy about the mlddle of Janu
ary. Thi .vlndows and steol celllngs
have arrived and will be put in placo
In u short time. The p'auerlng vlll
be completed next week.
The structlre is three stories wlth
basement and G5 x .64 feet, ground
It has not yet been dectded what
the basement will be used for. Tho
flrst floor will have slx eultcs of
offlces of two rooms each. On tho
second floor will bo located the lar-
gest dance hall in tho city wlth tho
excoptlon of Armory hall. Tho hall
will also be used as a banquct hall,
a kltchen belng located at one end.
The third floor will be devoted en
tlrely to lodge purposes.
A number of buslness men have
expressed an intentlon of rentlng
offlco room ln tho buildlng and the
sultcs will bo furnlshed to sult thelr
Tho buildlng ls contrally located,
being near the court house and post
offlco and but a short dlstance from
the center of tho clty.
Plenty Moro Llkc TIils In Montpelier.
Scores of Montpelier peoplo can
toll you about Doan's Kldney Pills.
Many a happy citizen mnkes a pub-
11c statement of hls oxperlence. Hore
la a case of It. What bctter proof
of merit can bo had than' such en
dorsement? W. H. Grcene, 38 Elm St Montpel
ier, Vt., says: "As tho result of n
straln, I suffored a great deal from
backacho and I had severc pains
through my lolns. I woro plastors
and trlod romedles, but dld not obtnln
rollef. Flnnlly learnlng of Doan's
Kidney Pllls, I procured a box at
Poolo's Drug Storo and bogan thelr
use. Thoy holped me ln overy way
and I thereforo tako pleasuro ln rec
onimondlng thom to other kidney suf-
ferqrs."' (From Btatemont given ln
Conflrmcd 1'roof.
On Sept. 2G, 1U0S, Mr. Groeno con
flrmcd hls provious stntcmont saylng,
"Whonovor I havo used Doan's Kidney
Pills I havo novor failed to llnd tho
most satlsfactory results. About threo
months ago my back was vory lamo
and 1 began taklng thls remedy. Tho
prompt rellof I dorlved makcs it a
pleasuro for mo to vouch for tho mor
lt of Doan's Kidney Plllfa."
For salo by nll dealors. Prlco CO
conts. Foster-Milburn Oo., Buffalo,
N. Y., solo agents for tho Unlted
Romombor tho namo Doan's and
tako no other.
Foley Kidney Pllls nro tonlc in ac
tlon, qulck in rosults, and rostoro tho
natural actlon of tho kidnoys and
bladdor, Thoy correct irregularltles.
l'ropcrty In Conjnncllon Wlth Nor
mal School nt Randolph ns n Slato
Agrlcnltunil School. Costs About
$10,000, Whlch Is Roganlcd ns n
Ycry Modcrntc Trlcc.
A short tlmo ago Governor Mead
appointed a commlttee conslstlng of
Commlssloner of Agriculturo O. L.
Martln, and T. G. Bronson of East
Hardwick nnd II. L. Hatch of Straf
ford, members of tho prcscnt legls
lature, to purchase property at Ran
dolph on or near tho locatloniof the
old Normal school for tho locatlon
of tho proposed Stato Agricultural
school As n result tho commlttee
has bought 90 ncrcs of land for tho
state, lncludlng tho Maplowood ho
tel, furnished completely for a sum
mor hostolery and a fcw outbulld
ings. Slxty-flvo ncres of the land is
varlablo tlllage adjolnlng tho Nor
mal school and hotel sltcs, tho school
and hotel belng on adjolnlng lots,
and tho balanco of the land ls a
25 acro pasture, about half of whlch ls
covered wlth growlng tlmber.
The commlttee has also obtalned a
permanent lease of the Normal school
buildlng, whlch 16 a large and well
arranged structure, bullt about 12
years ago.
Thls locatlon ls the best and most
deslrable and has a street frontage
of between 30 and 40 rods. There
are many large shadc and frult trees
and the frounds can easlly bo made
very attractlve wlth room for the
erectlon of other bulldlngs as tlmo
goes on.
Tho commlttee arranged wlth Mrs.
Julla A. Stono of Barre, Luke Par
lsh of Randolph, Georgo A. Hart of
Boston and Judgo Boyden of Ran
dolph, the ownors of tho property so
that the State acqulred tltlo a a
moderate prlce, tho entlre cost
amountlng to about ?10,000.
The Normal school year does not
closo untll the month of July but
it is underetood the trustees propose
that the agricultural school lp readl
ness for the fall term of 1911.
It is proposed to use the Maple
wood hotel for dormltory and board
Ing house purposes and it is practi-
cally furnlshed and equlpped for that
purpose, although some mlnor re
palrs may be necessary.
The present Normal school, whlch
is now ln the hands of the State
Board of Educatlon, will pass to the
hands of the trustees of the new
agricultural school on July 1, 1911,
and will be used for instructlon pur
poses. It has an excellent and well
equlpped chemlcal laboratory and
furnacee and all modern conven
iences. The lease of the Normal school
carries no expense to the State ex-
cept for maintenance and repalrs,
and includes the income from a
school fund of about $10,000. The
school ls now known as the Gram-
mar and Normal school and the fund
cannot bo used for any other pur
post than thls school so lt naturally
goes wlth the lease.
It is generally believed that tho
proposed school ls only the begin
nlng of what will be accompllshed in
tralning the young men of tho State
to tlll the soll. For a number of
years the great cry has been that
Vermont was not doing what she
should do to keep the farmers' sons
on the farms and prevent them from
golng lnto the cltles and the new
school will certalnly bo a step in
the right dlrectlon.
Agriculture is one of Vermont's
greatest resources and the openlng of
an agricultural schol indlcates that
lt is not golng to bo neglected.
rhnllpii(:c To Tnrpon Flshcrmen.
Herbert E. Bowen, traveling pas-
senger manager for the Clydo Steam
shlp Llne, who Is now In Montpelier,
recently returned from a cruise on
tho company's steamshlp, Iroquols,
brlnglng wlth hlm a stuffed tarpon
that ho hooked in March at St.
Petersburg, Tampa Bay, after a
struggle of two hours and twenty
minutes. Mr. Bowen stands 5 feet,
7 Inches and welghs 180 pounds. The
leaping tarpon welghed 129
pounds. It ls now belng exhlblted in
ono of the wlndows of a store on
Broadway in New York Clty. Mr.
Bowen challenges any other man in
tho steamshlp buslness to catch a
tarpon of slmilar size and tho chal-
lenge is open to tho world not even
Brian G. Hughes belng excepted. Mr.
Bowen will be In the clty for somo
Body Escorted lo (Snne.
Tho funornl of Sovorlno Casllnl was
conducted from hls home on Barre
street yesterday afternoon at 2
o'clock wlth a large ntteudance. Be-
sdo frionds and nolghbors thero
wero delegatlons from tho Indepond
ent Order of Forestors and the Ea
gles, whlch escorted tho body to tho
gravo. Tho funornl sorvlces of the
two organizntlons woro read at tho
houso and threo mombors of each
ncted as bearors.
Remember that when your kidnoys
aro affected, your llfo is in danger.
M. Mayor, Rochostor, N. Y., says: "My
troublo startcd wlth a sharp shootlng
paln oor :ny back whlch grow worso
dally. I folt slugglsh nnd tired, my
kldnoy actlon ( , irregular and in
frequent. I staned uslng Foloy Kld
noy Pills. Each does seomed to put
now llfo nnd strongth lnto me, nnd
now I am completely cured nnd feel
bettor nnd strongor than for years.
Sold by all DrugglBts. adv.
of good clgars are thoso who amoto
'om. Thoy alwaya docldo in favor of
Blno l'rlnco nnd llttlo Fntorno
0. E. nOOTJI,
Clgnrs nt Wliolosnlo or Rclall
C9 ITaln St.
J BH (HM .'II M t MiW
Whon the Christmas
tree makes its bow, its
bough should be laden
with a good percentage
of the useful things of
life, as well as the amus
in& jolly, jim-cracks,
which we forget aftor the
first laugh.
Here are presents that
outlast the present time.
Boys' Suits
Bath Robes
Gloves and Mittens
Hats and Caps
Suit Cases
Flannel Shirts
Everything for men as
well as boys.
Prunk 2Q2Years
andstill being drunkby all tea lovers
RIDGWAY'S TEAS. It's English; so
are Carr & Company's English Biscuits
theyVe great for five o'clock teas.
Rldgway's 5 o'clock 1 lb.Tin
Ridgway's 5 o'clock lb
Ridgway's 5 o'clock lb
Ridgway's English Breakfast,' 1 lb. Canister
Ridgway's Fonnosa Oolong, lb. Carton
'Good Things for the Table" State Street
Telephone 217
Deds and bedding
lron and Brass Beds are sanitary,
light and artistic. We have a
large showing, from the inexpen
sive enameled iron bed with brass
trimmings to the solid brass
Cotton Felt Filled Mattresses
that are comfortable, durable
and not high priced.
Silk Floss Mattresses are as com
fortable as the high priced hair
mattresses and more hygienic;,
cost less, too.
in oak and mahogany. A neces
sity to every well appointed
"Home and Office Furniture"
Main Street & Montpelier
High Cut
Snowy Weather
- $3, $5
BYou'th?d $2S0 $3
Miftses' and (U ca (frrfc
Children's Jj)lOU ij)
Everything in Footwear
Bruce McDonald
14 State St.
Certainly! at aminute's
Bailey & Foster
Livery, FuneralKEquipment,
Trucking. uTTTT
80 State Street Phone 518
VeterlnaryZSurgeon anoVDentlst, Montpelier.
Graduato from a threo veara' Vntr.
lnary Collego wlth four year' Hospi
tal oxperlence as House Surgeon o5
ono of tho leadinx Voterlnary HoipV-
taio m New Tort clty.
Calln Prnmntlv Atfnmln,) 4a.
Offlco IS Conrt St Hospltal at tt
Mlller Barn, Elm St TeL ConnectloBa
- n

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