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PMonli All the News of Fall Sports AE"whear"d
, . . .
f5f. Louls Amcrlcans Will HnTO Now
Iffiin To rill l'lnco Of .Taclc O'Con
nor Dropped Last Fall Fowcr Now
Mlots Tlian In Any Prcccdlng Year
Of Lcnguo Ball.
Now York, Doc. 11. Ono of tho ln
torcsting eubjccts of cominont at tho
big gathoriug of basoball men horo
tlils wcekhas' bccn that rolatlng to
cliangos among tho managers of tho
big lcaguo teanis for tho coming sea
con. Thc discusslon has brought to
llglit iho fact that the managerlal
changos will bo fowcr in numbor than
iri any prccedi'n'g ycar in the hlstory
of thb major organlzatlons.
As mattcrs atand at present thero
will bo only ono new major leaguo
nmnager in thc flold when tho cur
tain rlaes In April ncxt for the sea
son of 1911. Tho only cortaln swltch
will lie mado in tho make-up of tho
St Louis Anioricans, from whoso
managcmont .Tnck O'Oonnor was do
posed last fall. TJ10 only other chango
that ls at all likely is in the Boston
Nationals. Fred Lake ig signed for
another year, it is underetood, but
wlth n change in tho club ownership
it is possiblo another man may lio
solected to pilot the toam next sea-son.
Tho nuniber of changos aniong tho
managors ia small as compared wlth
tho recorda of fornier yoars. During
tho paet olght years no less than 55
men havo managed clubs ia the N-
tional and American Leagues, tho Na-
tionals having had 2G and the Amer
icans 29. Somo of thcse mon havo
drifted from ono club to another in
tho same circuit, and havo occasion
ally transforred their operations to
the otlicr lcaguc.
Patsy Donovan, who will again lead
Count slx words of charactera to Ilnt
2 Lines, Each Imertion 5 centi
8 " " " 7 '
" 10
H " " " 12& '
6 " - " 15
7 " " " 17 '
8 ' 20
9 " " " 22 '
10 " " " 25 '
Larger advs. at. tho rate of 2
cents per line, each iuBortioa.
No charge less than 10 cents.
WANTED Experlenced laundry
woman. Apply at once at Montpelier
House. 029-tl
vacanclea yet to be fllled. No fee un
tess plaocd. Wrlte today, mentlonlng
grado and dato of certificate. Tht
Hathaway Teachera Agency, Ben
nington. Vt 88-0
WANTED Chambennaids and
women. for kitchon work. Apply at
onoe at Montpelier House. dl5tf
WANTED Kitchon glrl at Lang-
flon Btreet restaurant. N24-tf
WANTED Board and room with
un English speaking family by
-working man. Address M., Journal
Offico D15-2t
FOR SALE Two largo bullding lota
on i'lcasant street, bIzo 75x130 feet
lota aro graded almost to level nnd
command one of tho flnest vlews ln
city. F. H. Tracy. OlOdtf
U10 Boston AmorlCHnB, has had ox-
orlonco wlth tko Plttsburg and St.
Louls Nationals, Waahington Amorl
cana and wlth Brooklyn. Ned Hanlon,
rotlred, hold tho roins dvcr Balti
more, Brooklyn and Clncinnati, and
Clark Griftith won a pennant for
Chlcago, thon trlcd to wln for tho New
York Amerlcans boforo landlng a
berth wlth Cincinnati.
Joo Kolly of Toronto, guidod th&
Clncinnati team, dropped back lnto
tho Eastorn, and jtimped out again
into tho National at tho hclm of tho
Boston Club. Hugh Duffy went from
Mllwaukeo in 1903 to tho Plilladolphla
Nationals, and in 1907 vlrifted into
tho Eastorn Leaguo at tho head of tho
Providenco Club, passlng up to big
leaguo ranks two years ago as the
managcr of tho Chicago Amorlcans.
Wllllatu Armour, now presldent of
tho Toledo Club in tho Amorican As
sociatlon, led Clovoland and Detrolt
teams in thc perlod named, whilo Jim
McGulro bosfled tho Boston Amerl
cans for a tlmo, and later went to
Cleveland. The clubs wlth tho varlous
managers in the paat olght yoars fol-low:
National Leaguo: Now York, John
McGraw; Clncinnati, Joe Kelly, Ned
'Hanlon, John Ganzel Clark Grifflth;
St. Louls, Patsy Donovan, Charloy
Nichola, .Tlmmy Burke, John Mc-
Closkey, Roger Brcsnahan; Pltts
burg, Fred Clarke; Phlladclphia,
Charloy Zimmer, Hugh Duffy, Bllly
'Murray, Charloy Dooin; Boston, Al
Buckenhergor, Fred Tenney, Joe
Kelly, Frank Bowcrman, Harry
Sraith, Fred Lake; Chicago, Frank
Seloe, Frank Clianco; Brooklyn, Ned
Hanlon, Patsy Donovan, Harry Lum
ley, and Blll DahJcn.
American Leaguo: New York, Clark
Grifflth, "Kid" Elberfeld, George Stal-
lings, Hal Chasft; Phlladelphia, Cnn
nie Mack; St. Louis, Jim McAlcer,
Jack O'Connor; Cloveland, Bill Ar
mour, Nap Lajole, James McGuire;
Washington, Tom Loftus, Jake Stahl,
Joo Cantlllion, Jim McAleer: Detrolt,
Ed. Barrowe, Willlam Armour,
George Stalllngs, Hughey Jonnings;
Chicago, Clark Griffith, Jlminy Calla-
han, Ficlder Jones, Billy Sulllvan.
Hughey Duffy; Boston, Ilmrny Col-
lins, Chick Stahl, Bob Unglaub,
Georgo Huff, Jim 'McGuire. Fred Lake
and Patsy Donovan.
Sfahl Wrltcs That JIo'lI SUck To
llanking IlnMnoxs.
Now York, Doc. 14. Prealdont
John 1. Taylor of tho Boston Amerl
cans recclvod a lettor from Jake
Stahl last night, datcd Chicago, Doc.
11, ln answer to a lottor from tho
Boston magnato asklng if ho roally
meant to glve up profcsslonal ball
"I havo fully declded to glvo up
basoball," wroto Mr. Stahl, "and stlck
to the banking buslncss, as 1 consider
that It ia my duty. I rcgret very much
to part wlth tho many frlenda that I
havo mado in Boston and especlally
tho offlcors of tho club.
"Anything that 1 can do to help
along thc Boston Rod Sox will bo
choerfully done. I am only sorry
that I could not holp tho club to
gain a better posltion last season,
and I will follow thc Boston with aa
much intorcst as ever ncxt eeaaon."
tAfter reading tho lettor, Mr. Tay
lor aaid:
"Tho letter has the truo rlng, and
1 am convlnced that Mr. Stahl haa de
clded to qult. I am certainly very
sorry, for wo all llko Jako very much
in Boston, and whllo we will suffer
a great loss, no ono can blame hlm
for mapplng out hls own course. It'a
not always eaay to socure a flno posl
tion ln a bank. Boston will look about
for somo one to play the base."
Trciiknians (o To l'rliiccton.
Brooklyn, Dec. 14. Largely
through tho uiisslonary work dono
by Ross McClare, the old Princeton
player, who coached Adelphi thls
fall, tho two Trenkman boys, oasily
the stars of the Adelphi team, havo
declded to enter Princeton this fall,
and McCIaro asserte that both will
eventually made tho Tlger 'varslty.
Fred Trenkman captaincd Adelphi
thls fall, and was generally pickoJ as
fullback for the Greater New York
all-scholastlc team. His hrother Ed-
ward ls equally efficlent at tackle.
1101,1) irAJOUITY OF
4 '.QV.-
Pcnn's Soccer Footlmll ElcTOn Has
?""i XatlTes of Other Countrles.
Pnilailelphia, Dec. 14. The- Pcnn
soccer foothall team, which will meet
Harvard at Cambridge on IJarch 25
in the flrst outdoor dual contest of
any sort since tho break of four years
ago, is composed very largely of for
eign studcnts at tho university. Of
tho regulars who played for Penn ln
the oponing game with the Union
Crickct Club Saturday afternoon, no
loss than nlno were natlves of Eng-
Sand, Ireland, Scotland or Wales.
Capt. Chase ls tho only membor of
last year'e team who has returned to
The Athletic Assoclatiou has beon
more liboral than ever before this
yoar to soccer, and for tho flrst time
the playore are allowed the use of
Franklin Field, but they havo found
the ground there ls too soft and mud
dy during the winter months, and as
a result the home gama3, includlng
those wlth Yale and Cornell, will be
played at Moorestown.
Fred J. .llurphj', a Mlnorlty Stock-
liolder Kus.sell To Ilccomo l'rcsl
dent nnd Fngo Ylcc 1'rcsldcnt Frod
Tcnny IVI10 Onco Jfnnagcd tho Team
Is To Lead It Agnln.
Boston, Dcc. 14. WlUiam Hon-
burn Russoll of Now York and hla
nssoclates havo bought tho Boston
Basoball Club of tho National Lcaguo.
L. C. Pago of tho Boston publishlng
houso of L. C. Pagc & Co., bccamo
ycstcrday a partner of Mr. Jlussell in
tho transaction and will beoome a
joint holdcr of the majority of tho
Theso two, wlth Fred J. Murphy of
Winthrop, who Is to beconio a mln
orlty shareholder, will mako up the
now dlrectorato of tho club. Mr. Rus7
sell ia to bccomo presldent and Mr.
Page vico-prcsidcnt. Although not
dcflnltcly announced, Fred Tenney,
ono tlmo managor of the Boaton
team, will probably"bccome manager
again at an carly date.
The announcomont that the deal
had practlcally reached its ilnal
stage was mado yestorday afternoon
at the club headquartcrs by Mr. Rus
soll who was accompanicd by Mr.
Page and Mr. Murphy. Mr. Russoll
had already sccured an optlon on
tho atock hold by John P. Harrls of
Plttsburg and had dcposited $25,000.
Yesterday afternoon, after a confor
enco with Mr. Palge $35,000 addition
al was dcposited in the Amorican
Trust Company. Thcro remains to bo
paid $40,000, which will bc avallable
by Frlday. Thc stock held by Harrls
amounts to "65 shares. Of this Harrls
himself had 550, tho rest belng held
by Plttsburg men.
In addition to thls stock Mr. Rus
soll says that ho has optlons on $9,500
worth now in tho namc of a Boston
man. If ho takes this up, as he ex
p.ects to do, thero will remain about
20 shares in the hands of niinor
stockholders outside the dlrcctorate,
as he had acqulrcd last summer 120
shares, which he purchased from
t 1 trji" niUipi
class and it will bo wlth grcat lntor
eet that tho outcomo of thelr match
will bo awalted in this country. Drls
coll, it ia aaid, ia going back. It ls a
well-known fact that Drlscoll was
not in tho hest of hoalth when last in
thls country, and his ehowing with
Pal Mooro was ovidenco enough that
tho Britisher was not at hls best. Of
tho two English boxers Drlscoll was
tho moro popular ln thls country. Hls
stylo was eomething atter that of Abe
Attell, but ho had a way of cxecuting
hls moves ln a manner that made the
boxlng appear tho slmplcst form of
exerctsc. From a Boston standpolnt
Drlscoll is a strong favorlto.
Busmess Directorj
3rontpcUer, Yt.
Lawrenco Block 1'hoiic 105-13
Rcntcd, Bought and Sold
II. A. noivarAN,
Stntc Stroct, arontpclicr, Yt.
Ear, Kose and Tliroat
to 4:80 Lawrcnco Block.
iinrvant anu rcnn. j
Tho impression prevails 111 college
clrcles that when Pennsylvanla and
Harvard mqet in tholr eoccer foot
hall game at Cambridge, the last of
ncxt March, it will bo the flrst tinle
the two universities have competed
ln dual combat slnce foothall matters
causcd a severance in athletic rela
tions sovoral years ago. Last year
the Harvard and Pennsylvanla swlm-
mers, after forfeitlng to each other
for four years in scheduled inatches
for tho Intercollegiate Swlmmlng As
sociation, ilnally uiet ln a contest
but that was on the water, howover,
rather than upon the land.
Attorncy at Law.
Room 8, Langdon Bldg., Montpelier.
JUST RECEIVED A carload of
nlcc stovo coal; ordcr at onco if
wanted. E. C. Gitchell. 025-tf
FOR SALE At a bargain, good
second hand plano in good condltion.
Addresa, Box 48, Montpelier. D3-tf
FOR SALE Pair of Morgan Chcst
Tiuts, 5 years old. Address Box 144,
Stato House. D13d5t
FOR SALE Block wood. C. V.
Kent, Northfield St., Phone 107. dl3dGt
FOR SALE. At a bargain a nearly
now upright piano, Regent, and a
Smith-Prcmlor typewritor. Apply J.
C. Crowloy, C West Street, Barre.
D. 7-0t
FOR SALE Forty solld corda of
Kixteon inch block wood, also thlrty
tona of nico bay. Austln Tomploton,
East MontpoHe'r. D14-1C-19-21-22-28
Rounu trip excur
slons Fares authorized
. for Christmas and Now
Years 1910-1911, be
tweon Boston, Mass.,
nnd polnts ln Nova
For tickcts, salllng lists and resor
vations, apply to S. S, Ballard, Agent,
11-12 Luwrence Bldg.
Reduces your electrlc Hght bill. This
is u gooa time to nave your electrlc
light wlres looked over, beforo the
long winter nights orrive.
U. ii, liAWIlEJYCE,
11 East Slnto St.
Opp. Yatter Shoe Shop. Tel. 2G-2
So. Maln Street, Barre, Yt.
Mr. and Mrs. IV. M. Rogcrg.
Boardera by tlio dny or woek. Cars
pasa tho door every half hour
TO RENT Furnished Rooma, 19
Pitkin Court. rear City Hall. N15tf
ItOOMS TO RENT Furnished and
unfurniilhed. Apply 18 Main St. D.
Tomaaai. D2dl8t
THNEWENT TO RENT 7 rooma and
toilet; oxtra wnrm. Central locntlon.
Inauiro of A. D. Lane, 1C Llborty St.
Phono 304-12 D9dtf
atreet, G rooms, inodorn convenion
ccfl, gun and eloctrlclty. Apply on
promiaes or to C. W. Sanders, 57 Elm
St. dlG-3t
LOST Saturday ovoning on Win
ooski Ttlvor a bunch of koys on rlng.
Hrirfdor klndly iroturn 'to this offico.
ttljH' ,, 1 D13d2t
Offlce, Snlto 1G, Ilonland Block
Barre, Vermont
Offlce hours: 8:30 a. m. to 12 m.
and 1:30 to 5 p. m. Tel. 102-11. S29-U
Again On Olympic Commlttce.
With James E. Sulllvan again
prominent as a member of Uie Amer
ican Olympic commltteo, tho Amer
ican athletes to mako the trlp to
Swodon ln 1912 will have all tho
quallflcatlons of belng able to con
tend with the representatlves of other
countries. His selection as secretary
of the exucutlve commltteo ehows
that hls actions, which wero question
ed at the London Olympic champlon-
shlps in 1908, wero sanctloned by
Prof. Sloane of the International
Olympic committee, who is tho head
of the American committee.
Will Hncc By Eleclrlc Light.
The big sprlnt raco l)etween Rog
gie AValker, the wlnner of tho 100
yards dash at tho Brltish Olympic
champlonships, who rccontly turned
professional, and Jack Donaldson, an
other great South Afrlcan speedstcr,
will bo held Boxlng day, Dec. 20, at
Johannesburg. The raco ls to be run
by electrlc light. Walker announces
that ho will run elthcr Postlo or Hol
way, tho two greatest professlonals,
if successful.
Fogol Again l'restdent.
Phlladelphia, Dec. 14. Horaco
Fogol was yesterday re-elected presl
dent of tho Phlladelphia National
Leaguo Baseball Club at the annual
meetlng of tho organlzatlon In Cam
den, N. J. Frank S. Elliott, one of tho
directorfl, was elected vlce-president.
Prosidont Fogel reappointed Charles
L. Elliott, a son of Frank Elliott,
secrotary-treasuror; Willlam j".
Shottellne, buslnoss manager and
Charles S. Dooln, team manager.
Chalr Wood and Klndllngs.
Fnol Dcalorg.
Cflr. Main and Barre Sts. Fliono 2013
S M. WORKMAN, M. D., Ocullst
Blancliard Opcra Houso Block
Appointments can be made for ex
amination of oyes for glasses.
W. E. CONNEK, YotcrlnarT
18 SC Fanl Street.
N. E. I'hone 38-L.
at Loirost Frlces
H. J. LnRoe 14 Elm Street
' Barre, Yt.
100 REWARI). $100.'
Tho readers of this paper will bo
pleased to learn that thero ls at least
one dreadod dlseaso that scienco haB
beon able to curo ln all its stages, and
that !b Catarrh. Ilall's Catarrh Curo
la tho only posltlvo cure now known
to tho medical fraternity. Catarrh
belng a constltutlonal diaease, requlres
a conatltutional treatment. Hall'B
Catarrh Curo is takon intornally, act
Ing directly upon tho blood and mu
coub Biirfaccs of tlio systom, thorob
destroylng the foundatlon of tho dls
easo, and glvlng tho patlent strength
by bullding up tho constltution and
asslstlng nature in dolng Its work. Tho
propriotora havo bo much faith in Its
curatlve powora that thoy offor Ono
Hundrod DoIJars for any caso that it
faila to curo. Send for Hat of teatl
moniala. Addrcaa F. J. Cliouoy & Co., Tolodo, 0
SoU by DruggiBts, 75a
Take Hall'B family FHla for constl-patlon.
Dlggo.' Stabley. the English ban-tani-weight,
ia reported as on his way
to Amerlca.
Anothor club in Boston would ap
peal to tho followers of tho glovc
gamo in thls vlclnlty. It's the right
season for the sport.
Llke Abe Attell, Jim Drlscoll is
conceding much when ho essays to
meet Freddlo Wclsh. Accordlng to the
roports, Drlscoll and Welsh will
meet at 133 pounds, weighlng at the
ringside. Driscoll will not wcigh
more than 128 pounds.
Tho Abe Atell-Packey McFarland
match seoms to havo been misplacoJ
somewhero in New York. Ono promo
ter has Attoll's word. Attell has al
ways beon a boxer of his word, but
in thls partlcular case he appoars to
be up agalnst a snag.
At the next amateur show of the
Armory A. A., Boston, there will bo
threo speclal bouts. Erlc Petorson
of Rosllndale will meet Reagan of
East Boston in tho 107-pound clase;
Nlck Albanose, another East Boston
productlon, will meet Cy Goodman
of Boston at 115 pounds; Ed Flynn, a
very promlslng 135-poundor, will
meet Bllly Corrlgan of the Rlvorslde
Boat Club
IC. O. Brown, who has been out of
tho gamo for several weeks wlth a
bad hand, will be ready to box again
ln tho course of three weeks. Man
ager Danny Morgan conveys the in-
Johnny O'Keefe of Dcnver, who is
coming east, will stop bff at Akron
Dec. 27 nnd box Low Ruddy.
Jack Johnson has turned hls mind
to Inventlng lahor-savlng devlcea. He
has also asked for a patent on a Jiy-
draullc 11ft.
Georgo Green of San Franclsco,
tho orlglnal "Young Corbett" is now
a manager an dho has "One-Round"
Hogan ln charge.
Jlmmy Johnson, manager of Lew
Powoll of San Franclsco wants to
match Powell wlth Matty Baldwln, As
the lntter's hand ls not right yet thero
will bo nothlng dolug for awhlle.
Scotty Coyne, managor of hcoldk
Scotty Coyne, the Manchester, N.
H bantamwelght, has beon matched
to box Young Mace in tho seml-flnal
to tho Bartley Connelly-Tom Sawyer
matoh at Manchester, N. H. tomor-
row nlght.
Tho uureasonablo demands that
stopped Jim Flynn, the Puoblo llre
man, from getttng any bouts at Bos
ton also has caused hlm to loso a
chance to box "Montana" Dan Sulll
van at Los Angeles. Flynn wanted 30
perccnt, wln, loso or draw, and Pro
motor 'McCarey scratched hlm. Sul
llvan ls now on hls way to Boston.
Sunlval Of The Fittest.
Tufts Is not alono in danger of los-
ing a major sport on account of fln-
anclal dlfflcultles. Tho advlsory com
mltteo on athletlcs at New York Uni
versity has proposed, in order to meet
tho sltuatlon, a plan for tho survlval
of the fittest. Any sport that runs be-
hlnd three auccesslvo years ls. to be
dropped, and thls not only will elim-
inato most of the mlnor sports, but
will endanger tho continuanco of
baseball at the unlvorslty. The Ath
letic Asaoclatlon will voto on tho
question next Thursday. Naturally
studonte and alumnl are showlng op-posltion.
Brlght Frospects.
Dartmouth had 42 men out for the
varslty cross-country squad thls fall,
and 24 candldatos tried for the fresh-
man toam. A hopeful outlook for fu
turo teams at Hanovor. Dartmouth's
Outlng Club, wlth lts woekly cross-
country tramps on enowshoes, is not
only encouraglng hoalthful exerciscs
but ls providlng an enjoyablo off
season tralnlng for men who special-
ize ln other forms of toam sport.
CnlmiiH Llke EvniiH.
Bllly Evans has mado as much of
a hlt wlth the Cuban fans as an um
plro aa havo any of our star ball
playera aQ skllful fioldors or mlghty
batsmon. Tho Cubans enjoy hls work
most when he Is hustling to bo ln
posltion to hest Judgo a play on tho
basos. Basoball thrlvea ln lts Cuban
transplanting, llke tho troplcal vege-
tatlon of tho "Poarl of Uia Antlllos.'
Wolah-Brtscoll Bsittle.
English loxing followors will havo
somothtng uttractlvo in the sciontlflc
ond of boxlng whon Freddlo Wolah
and Jim Driacoll moct ln a 20-round
bout tho '20th of thls raonth. Each
holds a doolslon ovor Abo Attell
Amorlca's host ln the foatherwelght
Can be consulted Thursday,
Frlday and Saturday at Mont
pelier. 10 A. M.to9 P. M.
nt Barre, Vt., 30 Elm Street, Mondny, Titesday, Wcdnesday.
Readings 50c, SI.QQ
Hours, 10 A. M. 9 P. M.
The Place 6 Barre Street
Oor Savings Department
is intended to serve all clases. We receive
deposils for any amount above qne dollar
and pay 4 Interest compounding semi
annuall)'', and all taxes.
FRANK M. CORRY, Presldent. F. A. DwlneJI, Vlce Presldent.
A. G. Eaton, Cashler. J. H. Kelleher, A3St Cashier.
Bezdek Gets His S1,000.
Little Rock, Ark., Dec. 14. The
studcnts of the University of Arkan
sas yestorday ralsred in 10 minutes
the addltional 41,000 neceseary to re-
tain Hugo Bezdek tvs 'varslty foothall
coach next fall. Bezdek this year re-
ceived the maxlmum amount permlt-
ted by the Athletic Associatlon mak
ing it necessary for the balance to
come directly from the studont body.
FootbiUl Froflrablo.
Ijawwnce, Kan., Dec. 14. The
treasury of the Kansas U. Athletic
Associatlon is 911,191.64 richer than
it wae at the bogtnnlng of the school
year as tho result of tho foothall sea
son of 1910. Tho total proQt from tho
season is several thousand dollars
less than the unlversity's sharo of the
recelptfi from tho Thanksglving
that gives tone and dignit" to
your letters adds weight to your
Hoppo is ueauy.
Billlardlsts cannot got a rlse out of
Willie Hoppo by disputing tho valld-
ity of hls rocord3, for ho has not
mado any official claim to any. He is
willlng, howevor, to settlo all dls
putcs on the green table, and Is open
to meet any player at elthor 18.1 or
18.2 for any sized stake, wlnnqr take
Zhysko Dcfcnts Bollcr.
New York, Dec. 14. Zbysko, the
Pole, won two stralght falls from Dr.
B. F. Rollor of Seattlo in a wro3tllng
match hero last nlght, thus wlnnlng
the bout.
15. Montpelled Councll, R. and
ftl. meets at 7:30.
15 Inter-Church Fedoratlon of
Vermont mocts at Y. M. C. A. at
1 p. m.
Dec. 1C. Cloft club concert.
Dec. 10. Stato and Baldwln Street
Whlst Club, Mrs. G. A. Best.
Dec. IC Baptlst Mlssionary Soclety,
wlth Mrs. Alpha Guernsey.
Dec. 17. Decombor meoting of the D.
A. R,, at tho home of Mrs. C. D.
Mnther on Baldwln streot.
Dec. 17. Litorary Department of
Wonian's Club at llbrary
Jan. 11. Gov. Joseph AV. Folk lecturo!
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cls Maunsell; 3Iy Stocklng. Gladys
Smith; the Fir Treo and My
Party, Ned Goodno; Old Santa Claus,
Eva Blodgett; muslc, solos, Ceclle
Richardson, Dorothy Putnam, Eveln
Wells; Santa Claus, Rebecca Yett;
Two Little Sockings, Felecita Augus
tini, EUon Harrison; What Santa
Claus Thinks, Rachel Erwln; A'
Plan, EvelynRyle; Kris Kringle.LewIs
'Marcott; A Christmas AVlsh, Jessle
Jones; A New Year's Recipe, C jay
ton Irwln; Santa 's Cake, Dorls Brad
ley; Chrlstmastide, School; Polly's
Lettor to Santa, Ellzabeth Hawkins;
Trudio's Secret, Dorls Smalley; A
Boy's Ojamont, Paul Squires; Mighty
Santa, Iaura Balloy; Three Cheers
for Old Santa, Louis Harrison;
Christmas Eve, Evelyn Bruya; De
cember, Willlam Cooper; A Feel
tho Air, Nelson Blomfleld; ChiP
mas ovo, Harold Ilowes; Perley Jerd
and LucIIe Sterllng.
Grado Four.
The grade of Mrs. Terrlll and Miss
Queer Boy. Alan McLean; Old SantA I Z 7 'Z
, . . I i . .Clark presents thls program Frlday
Claus, Gladys Dana; A Lottor to . Thn ' b AInrv
Doc. IC. Annual mecting Now Eng-
land Fat Mon'a Club Hale'a Tav-
ern, Wells Rlver.
Doc. 13 Contral Vermont Cougrcga-
tlonal Club Moots at Barre.
Jan. 10-12, 1911 Annual meoting Vt
Dalrymen. at Burlington.
Hoavy, Impuro blood makes a
muddy, plmply complexion, hoad
acheB, nausoa, indlgostlon. Thln
blood nmkos you weak, palo, Blckly,
Burdock Blood Bltters makcs tho
blood rlQh, red, pure rcstores por
fect hoalth. adv.
Santa, Eleanor Varnoy; Santa, Ther- J
on Jones; Whon Santa Coines, Loulse
Howland; Two Countrymen, by eev
oral puplls; Mlltlades Gets Best of
Santa, Evolyn Wolls; Poor Santa
Claus, Dorothy Putnam; Christmas
at North Pole, Della Llllle.
iMlss Osgood's 5th grado prcsonts
thls program: Flrst Nowell; reclt
atlon, Real Christmas, Paul Cleavos;
The Walts, Dorls Emory; Santa,
Mahel Lee; In Toyman's Shop,
Ellzabeth Stono; song, Holy Nights;
rccitatlon, Christmas Everywhore,
Dorothy Allon; The Shiniest Dlmo,
Annlo Schwartz; Why Santa Laugh
ed, Myrtle Smith; When Santa Comea,
Ollvo Mllo; rccitatlon, Lpulsa
Hoaro; My Little Houso, Chesney
Haggett; Sly Santa, Harry Scott;
A ChrlBtmas puzzlo, Carllo Silloway;
My Christmas Treo, Ruth Brown;
Merry Christmas, Miriatn Elllcott;
Klnd Little Mouse, Clara Cooley;
Blrda' Christmas, Vcmer Anderson;
Nlglit after Christmas, Hopo Mlchal;
gamr and troo.
Grade Four.
Mrs. Booth's grado prosents thla
program: Nlght Before Christmas,
Francls Gitchell; Jost Pa3t Christ
mas, Clalr Kellogg; Christmas at
Toytown, Rutli Ijimson; Nlght After
afternoon: The Tree, Jlary Lee;
Christmas Nlght, Andrew PIccloll;
Howard ILackey, Joseph Laird; Kris
Kringle'e Surprise, Lewis Marcott;
Christmas, Ugi Bertoli; O, What a
Sell, Kenneth Johnson, Betty De
Boer; Rachel Bancroft, Lloyd Hay
ward, Warren Steele, Amerlco Lam
portl, Richard Colton; Christmas,
'Marjorlo Spooner; Poor Santa. Dorls
Bradley; Jack Horner's Brothor,
Evald Johnson; Klnd Little Mouse.,
Hazel Jellyman; Santa'a Secret,
PhylllB Smith; Now Year's Present
Sylvla Howland; Reclpo for Happy
Now Year, Clayton Irwln; On Clulst
mas, Eve, Ella Bnrlow, Annlo Aron
owosky. Thc Kliidergnrtau.
Miss Gridley and Miss Shiianan
prosent tho followlng program ln th
klndergarten wlth a nmnher of
Christmas songs: WTjnt tlio Stock
lng Says. Cyril Blomflold; Santa,
Harold McGrath; Tclllng Dolly, Lll
llan Bryaivt; recltatlon, Ralph Hut
chlns; solo and chorus, Ruth Bar
bor; Ftret Christmas, Arlono Wlx
glna; Tho Cliristmas Tree, Hvelyn
For a mlld, easy action of tho bow
oIb, n atngle doso of Doan's R'ogulets
ls onough. Troatmont curca habitual
oonstinarlan. 25 cents a box. Ask
Chrlstmaa. Plumloy Fllut; Dorothy's your drugglat for theiu. idv.

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