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V\ kt.— A hardy seaman who had escaped one
of tho recent shipwrecks on our coast, was asked
!>y a lady how he felt when the waves dashed
over him ? “ Ilret, madam, very wel !**
$3* From the cradle to the grave tlie human race
18 the foot-bull of diseases. Measles, whooping
cough, undone or two other complaints, arc ilie at
most certain afflictions id childhood ; then come
influenzas, coughs, catarr hs, and a host of the light
troops of tho destroyer, and if we miss his heavy
artillery, such as consumption, typhus fever, scrof
ula. tho various eruptive maladies, rheumatism,
dyspepsia, liver complaint, &o , See., we arc truly
fortunate. For most of the last-named complaint-1,
and especially the ulcerous and cutaneous diseases.
Sands’s Sarsaparilla is, however, an almost unfail
ing remedy. Rarely, very rarely, if properly ad
ministered and persevered in, does it fail to produce
the desired effect, and the proprietors point with
confidence Jo the voluminous testimony of its effi
cacy in their possession, which the invalid can ex
amine, as data, on which to form an opinion.
For further particulars and conclusive evidence
of its superior value and efficacy, see pamphlets,
which may be obtained of agents gratis.
Prepared nnd sold wholesale and retail by A. 11.
& D. Sands, Wholesale Druggists, 79 Fulton st..
New York. Sold also by CHARLES H. HEIMTSH,
Agent, Portsmouth, and M. A. Santos, Norfolk.
Price $1 per bottle ; 0 bottles for §5.
(Friday, August 15.
Steamer Georgia, Cannon, Iroin Baltimore.
Schr Jno. Emory, Hunt, fm Baltimore, bound to
Richmond—mdze to Butler & Camp, Haynes &
Goodridge, C. H. Shield, J. Wills, J. J. Bloodgood
& Co., nnd J. Decor mis.
Schr J. C. Petlijohn, Thompson, fin the Roanoke,
corn and naval stoi s, and Princess Anne, Thomp
son fin do , staves and naval stores to Ferguson &
Schr Mary Winnifrcd, Gallop, fm New Yotlc, in 1
ballast, bound to North Carolina.
Schr Pomona, Sherman, from New Bedford, bal
last to Staples, Williams & Williams.
Steamer Curtis Peck, Davi?, fin Richmond.
Schr Susan Ludwig, Curling, fm Thomas ton bud
to Richmond.
Schr W. W - Myers, Adams, for Richmond, and
A. A. Parker, Ilrightman, for-.
Magnetism every evening, in
^ ^ the Basement of the Baptist Church at 8 o’-1
Prof. DE BONNEVILLE will deliver a LEC
TURE on the so called u’\hjstcrioits Science of Mag
All that which has appeared incomprehensible
about this subject will be demonstrated by Theories
and Experiments of the most fascinuling and amu
sing character.
Citizens will be placed in a Magnetic state every
evening, and the most curious effects will prove
the power of the Will of man.
Tickets 25 cents—to be had at the door.
OtJ” Public treatment for nervous diseases In/ Mag
netism every day from 10 to 12 o’clock, A. M., if it
does not Rain. Aug 14
1£=5av FOR RENT,
For the balance of the year, that portion
" M~I of the Dwelling over the store of Mr. Thos.
Brooks, now occupied by the subscriber. Posses
sion given on the 1st September.
Aug 16 D. D. FISKE.
riMlE price of the Democratic Review has here
X tofore been too high—not for its size, cost, and
character, but for the means of tens of thousands
of readers who would be glad to receive it, and
among whom it is highly desirable that it should
circulate. For the purpose therefore, of largely
widening the range of its usefulness, and of multi
plying the numbers of those to whom it may he ac
cessible, it ha3 been determined, simultaneously
with the great reduction in the expense of the post
age. to reduce its subscription price also, from Five
to only Three dollars; and when several unite in
subscription, to as low as §2 60, or even $2 30 per
This very large reduction in the receipts (accom
panied \Cilh but a comparatively small diminution
of its expenses) involves, of course, an entire sac
rifice of profit upon it, unless compensated by n
vast multiplication of its subscriber's. There will
be at the outset only a small reduction in its num
ber of pages ; soon to be restored to its old number,
without increase of price, when the anticipated
success of the experiment shall justify it.
The Portraits ok Distinguished Democrats
will be continued —engraved in better and more
costly style than heretofore.
The Postage will hereafter, for any distance, be
only^iuc and a half cents ; it has heretofore been, for
over 100 miles, eighteen cents.
We look for an extension of circulation to be
reckoned by tens of thousands, as the result and
compensation of thi3 great reduction of price.—
Every friend of the work, and of the Democratic
principles and cause, is confidently appealed to to
exert himself with an active interest to procure it
subscribers ; botli to extend its usefulness, and to
carry it successfully through the crisis of this great
reduction of its receipts.
Those who have paid in advance, for the coiaing
year, will receive it, at the reduced rate, for a year
and a half.
(invariably in advance.)
Single copy, - 03 00 I Eight copies, - 020 00
Four copies, - 11 00 | Thirteen “ . 30 00
It will thus he seen that when thirteen copies arc
ordered at once, the price is brought down to about
02 30 each. For six months, half these rates.
These rates afford high inducements to agents
and others to interest themselves to procure sub
The cask system and payment in advance must be
uncompromisingly adhered to. The past relaxa
tion of it has caused an accumulation of not far
from 040,000 of debts due to the work. Hereafter,
this must be wholly reformed ; nor must either the
most eminent political friend, or tlie most intimate
personal one, he displeased on experiencing its ap
plication, in the stoppage of their numbers, if they
neglect this rule ; the vital necessity of which, at
the present reduced rates, must he obvious to all.
No communications will be taken from the Post
Office unless free of postage.
All communications, both on editorial and pub
lishing business, must be addressed henceforward
to the undersigned. Those relating to the settle
ment of the past debts due the work will he still
addressed to Mr. II. G. Langley, 8 Astor House,
the past arrangements with whom, as publisher!
have reached their termination
.1. L. O’SlTLt IVAN,
July, 1845. 136 Nassau street, New Fork.
The admirable Daguerreotype of General Jack
son, taken by Anthony, Edwards & Co., a few
weeks before his death, has been purchased for the
use of the Democratic Review. It is in the hands
of the artist, and will be engraved in the finest style
of mezzotint, of extra size. It is a most beautiful
and interesting work, declared by Mr. Van Huron
and others to give a more perfect idea of the good
and great olff man than any other likeness ; and
ought to be possessed and framed by every friend
who loves or reveres his memory. Those who sub
scribe early will receive it as one of the regular sc
ries of Portraits.
Our friends of the Democratic Press arc requester!
to interest themselves in aiding to carry the work
safely and successfully through the crisis of this
Croat reduction of price. Every Editor inserting
jhis prospectus, with an editorial notice, (anrl send
ing a copy of the paper marked,) shall receive the
Review for a year. Aug 16
, TOBACCO; in Butts Extra Superior Tobac<o,
A put up by M. Langhorne. & Son’*., for sale at
'®etory prices by |WILL9 A CO.
s —11—■———nrniBniftn miBi him j—
Drawing Alexandria Lottery Extra Class No. 192.
76, 58, 62, t, 36, 17, 39, 39, 59, 25. 14,75, 69, 28.
2'/ij* Day only!
$9,000 ! !
75 Numbers, 14 Drawn Ballots.
Alexandri a Lottery Extra Class, No. 191.
Drawing received Monday Manning.
Capitals,—9.900, 2,000 1.509, 1,012 . 000s, 300s, 200s,
lolls, 60s, 30i 20s, 15s, &c. &e.
Tickets only $3—Shores in proportion.
$25,000, *
10 Prizes of $-1000.
66 Numbers, 13 Drawn Ballots.
Alexandria Lottery Class, No. 33,
Drawing received Monday Evening.
Capitals,—25.000. 10,000, 2.000, 1,750, 1,600, '0 of
1000. 500s, 250s, 200s, 150s, 100s. &c. &c.
Tickets only $'0—Shares in proportion.
Tickets to be. bad at JNO 1). (JORDAN’S,
Littery and Exchange Office, Norfolk.
Where lb.' Inchest premium is paid for Cold,
Silver, and Specie Checks. Aug 16
A CARD.—MISS STUART would inform her
triends in Portsmouth, that she will open
School on MONDAY , the 15th of September, in the
house next door to Mrs. Micks, on London street.
Desirous of establishing herself permanently, she
promises the suite unremitted diligence and atten
tion to her pupils she has hitherto paid.
For the 1st Class for the session of five $• cts.
months, 12 50
For the 2nd Class, ** “ *< *« 10 00
For Reading and Writing “ “ “ 8 00
Aug 12—3t
superior BOTTLE CORKS just received and
for sale at the Drug Store, High street, 4th door be
low Middle.
Aug 16 CHAS. H. Ii El NITS II. Agent.
BENE PLANT LEAVES, fo- sale by~
Angie CHAS. H. HEIN1TSH, Agent.
I\ | USQUITO N ETT1N G.-4J-4 and 6-4 Mus
JL.T-L quito Bars for sale cheap by
Aug 15_ JOHN COCKE & CO.
Reducing stock^wc are .selling at re
duced prices our remaining Stock of SUM
MER GOODS to make room for the Fall supply !—
Come and get the Bargains
IOST.—A largo Black TRUNK, Iron Bound
J nnd Iron Rings, without a mark; supposed to
have been carried up by mistake, in the Curtis Peck
in receiving the baggage from the Herald on Satur
day morning last. Contents of Trunk: Ladies’
nn<l Gentlemen’s Clothing, and a Draft at Sight on
Jas. S. French for ft 163 70-100, dnted August 8th,
1H|5—by INI. S. Norman, in favour of Jno. & Jas.
Williams & Co. By returning it to Jno. & Jas.
Williams & Co., in Baltimore the finder will he
suitably rewarded. Aug 13—3t*
ifsA ON SATURDAY next, at 11 o’clock, at
|pi| the premises on Water street, near the Oys
■ ter Wharf, will he sold at auction a FRAME
HOUSE joining Mr. James Feed's Work Shop —
The land on which it stands can bn rented at a
moderate rent. Terms cash.
Aug 13— 3t - M. DENSON, Auctioneer.
replenished my stock of the very best WINES
of all kinds. Persona can test them by calling and
tasting lightly at STEPHEN JAMES’S.
Aug 12
I have just received a few kegs of GLADE’S BUT
TER, for sale, very good and cheap.
Aug 12 West side Market Square.
NO'I'ICE.—The Livery Stables torn erly kept
l>y James Alexander, at the Washington Hotel,
arc now in good order. Persons wishing to have
Horses fed by the day or month can tin so by < ail
ing at the Stables or on the Subscriber. Persons
living in the country having business in Norfolk
will find it convenient to stop at these Stables, they
being immediately at the ferry wharf.
>-=1 A comfortable DWELLING HOUSE in
the most healthy part of the town—terms so
_ Jow it will be sufficient inducement to make
any person rent who wishes to get a good residence.
Also one up town will be rented very low.
HORSES and good comfortable CARRIAGES
can he had at the shortest^toticc. Young per
sons wishing to visit tlie Half-Way House on very
urgent business can be accommodated with a good
Carriage nnd a pair of Horses that they may rest
well assured can’t be overtaken.
TXT II. II. IIODGES «fc CO., Wholesale and
V I • Retail Dealers in Books, Stationery and
Fancy Goods, Crawford street, Portsmouth Va.
Aug 12
BAGING AND ROPE.—50 pieces Kentucky
50 Coils Rope, for sale low by
Aug 12 WILLS & CO.
day, in addition to our supply of Seeds the fol
lowing :
Ruta Raga, (white.)
Rut.a Raga or Swedish Yellow,
Largo Norfolk,
White Flat, &e. Stc.
Also. Cabbage Seeds, Flat Dutch, Large Drum
head,Drumhead Savoy. Large Bergen, Reft Dutch,
&c. For sale at the Drug Store, High street, \
doors below Middle.
Aug 12 CIIAS. H. HEINITSH, Agent.
IJIAMlLY FLOUR-—A superior article by the
barrel or retail—just send and get some, to try,
from L. K. THOMAS’S,
Aug 7 West Side Market Square.
aud for sale by ^ L. K. THOMAS,
Aug7 West side Market Square.
]/» x ECU TOR’S SA LG ol Valuable If AL
ESTATE in Portsmouth. — The undersigned
offers for saie that beautiful LOT, situated in the
town of Portsmouth, adjoining the property of Jno.
Accinelly, Esq., on the North, immediately oppo
site the market place. It is so ad vantageously lo
cated and is go well known that it is not necessary
to go into a particular description of it; it is 66',
feet front on Crawford street by IS!) feet back'.—
Propositions will be entertained for a private sale
until MONDAY, the 18th instant, when if not pre
viously sold, it will be offered at 1 P. M., on the
premises to the highest bidder. The Property will
be divided as may be determined upon on the day.
Terms at salo JNO. B. LEVY,
Executor of Jno. L. King, deceased.
Aug 5—3tawtds
/■COMMISSIONERS’ SALE.—Pursuant to a
decree of the County Court of Norfolk Coun
ty, pronounced on the 25th day of July, 1845, in a
suit herein pending, in which
; Joanna O’Brien and others arc Plaintiffs,
Charles F. O’Brien is Defendant.
We shall sell at public auction for cash, before
| the. Court House of said County, on MONDAY, the
18fh flay of August next, at 1 o’clock, P. M-, the
LAND and its Improvements in the said decree
mentioned anil described as “ a lot, piece or par
| cel of Land with the improvements thereon in the
town of Portsmouth, beginning on Queen street,
twenty-two and a half feet west of the west line
of Lot No. 97, and running west on Queen street
twenty-two and a half feet, thence south one hun
' T ir r thirteen feet, thence east twentjT-two and
a half feet, thence north to the beginning ono hun
dred a*l thirteen feet.”
July 39— 3fawtd
T ceiving and for sale by WILLS k CO.
— 'I »—wnjwnur'WP.'anT.s fMLjaw TK-JI-J«. ri«-_wu
WT If. II. IIODGI28 Ac CO., have just re
» * • reived the following NEW MUSIC.
The celebrated Rivee Waltz,
The Miller’s Maid Waltz,
II wcmeyei V Grand March, Love Not Waltz,
The Three Sistors WalUw,
1’tn still thine own, by J. II Hewitt,
“ We’re out upon the Moonlight Wave,”
Castle Gulden or AI mark's Waltz,
Low waved the Summer Woods,
Sutton’s Quickstep,
“ Here’s a Health to thee Mary,”
Celebration Quickstep, The Gabridla Waltz.
Pincy Point Waltz, •• Let us love one another,”
Mary of Arpyle,
*• When slumber’s pinions over me play,”
“Sweet is the thought pthe Promise Sweet,”
“Hark! llark! the Soft Buple.”
Woman’s Heart, Amid the Greenwood smiling,
An elegiac impromptu Fautnsid, by 11. P. Heim
The Bridal Bells.
Beeswiups & Fish, by Deilmnn,
The Hunter’s Song, by Gustave Blessncr,
The Huntct’s Wile, by H. C. Ball,
The Last Song of Saphos,
The Harlem b altz, “ He never *nid he loved,”
The Captive Knight, for the Guitar,
Cumberland Guards’ Quickstep, Cuba March,
Columbia, the Land of the Bravo,
Could 1 hush a father’s sigh,
Cape M iy Gallopade, Celestina Waltz,
Chateau cn Espagne, N
Come, Conte Away, a social pice.
My Gallant Love returns, M irch D’Amazoncs,
Flower of Home Waltz, Rose Gei ancuin Waltz,
Lilly of the valley Waltz, Last Greeting,
Potonutc Waltz,
“ 1 hasten to the shade of thy Bower,”
Tyrolean Melodies Au,r 12
TjlROM PHILADELPHIA.—Just received the fol
1 lowing valuable preparations, warranted genu
They are effectual in relieving Catarrh Bronchial
affections, I Ion men era, oppression ot'tlie Chest, and
will alleviate Coughs, of more obstinate pulmonary
For Colds in the Head, Watering of the Eyes,
Sneezing. &c.
This Snuff, which is made of indegt nous herbs, is
useful in relieving Head-ache, and weeping and
watery eyes, arising Irom recent colds, and may b<
used alone, or mixed with common snuff. A pinch
or two, taken occasionally, will generally cause
sneezing, and a flow from the nose.
This article is prepared by Mr. Lehman, Phila
delphia, one ofthe oldest Chemists ami Druggists, in
that city. His celebrated preparation stands high
er, and is superior to any Worm Tea known. Air.
Lehman has prepared it for the last 31) years. It
is prescribed 1»v some of the most eminent physi
cians of Philadelphia, and to the fact I cm speak
myaelf, as I had ample evidence, while engaged
there in the Drug business.
This Paste is used in giving Mahogany, and all
kinds of Furniture, a beautiful gloss, and not lia
ble to soil.
For Coal Grates, Ash Pans, Fenders, Racks and
Jambs, and all other iron utensils used about fire
places, which require tube kept neat and clean.
This Varnish is laid on with a paint brush, and
•tries very soon ; one or two coats will be sufficient
to give a handsome black gloss, it is very durable
and will stand considerable beat. Full directions
accompany every article. For sale at the Hi ug
Store, High Street, -1 doors below Middle.
(Member ofthe Philadelphia < "<>i lege of
Aug 8 Pharmacy and Chemistry )
Fresh butter received thrro times a
week from Baltimore, and for sale by
Aug 7 West side Market Square.
crivcd anew and handsome style of BIRD
FOUNTS, (for Seed and Water,) for sale at the
Drug Store, High street. •! doors below Middle.
Aug 7 CHAS. H. HEINITSH, Agent.
JUST RECEIV'ED, Harper’s Pictorial Bible :
No. 33 and 34, 25 cents,
| The Breach of Promise, a Novel, by the author
of the Jilt, 25 cents,
No. 7 Encyclopedia of Domestic Economy, 25
Praise and Principle, or for what shall I live, by
the author of Conquest and Self Conquest.
The Parsonage of Mora, by Frederika Bremer,
25 cents,
No. 59 and CO Illuminated and Illustrated Shakes
peare, 25 cents,
No 15 Wandering Jew, Harper edition, for sale by
Aug 5___C. HALT, & CO.
Fi ime new orlea ns molasses.
30 ) bbls N. O. MOLASSES, in store and for
sale by J. WILLS.
August 1
INDIGO of superior quality. 150 lbs just re
ceived and for sale very low, by
August 1 j. WILLS.
SHOT,—1300 Bags SHOT, well assoi tod, for sale
at factory prices, by
August 1 J. WILLS.
BACON. I9 Hhds Shoulders, 23 hhds Sides, in
prime order, for sale by
August 1 J. WILLS.
Met ro politan venitian bli n d
FACTORY, Washington, l). C. T he citi
zens of Norfolk, Portsmouth, and the surrounding
country can be supplied, at the shortest notice, with
the most beautiful and faihionnhlc Inside VENE
TIAN BLINDS, of all rolora and sizes, suitable for
Public and Private Edifices, that can be manu
PAINTED WINDOW SHADES, of different pat
terns, and all prices; and a choice selection of
and every thing pertaining to screening Windows.
The regular trips of tjie Osceola, Capt. Mitchell,
between Washington and Norfolk, will facilitate
him in filling orders for that section of Virginia.
It will cost hut five cents postage, tosend up your
directions and measurement, and the return boat
will carry you the most useful and ornamental ar
ticle of Venitian Blinds that you have ever seen.
Address orders to
Sign of the Mammoth Blind,
Pn. Avenue, between 9th and 10th strpets,
July 26 Washington City.
Has received this day 390 pair more
BUI of those Morocco Slippers and Ties,
t 6‘2i cents, worth 75 cents. Also 3
or 400 pair for 50 cents. Misses Mo
. rocco Slippers and Ties, for tiic low
price of ft- , cents, good quality.
Chiidrrn’s Slio-s of all qualities.
V " P*" ,of Navy Pies, first rate article,
quality" Fln° DrC*S “"’t* and Bootees of the best
A splendid lot of Leather Trunks, Valias, Car
pet Bags, and all other articles usually kept in a
complete .Shoe Store. WM B PITCHFR
West side Crawford street,
Ju,y ® S|a;ii of the Biff Boot.
/■ HIM IvI.KINf; Im ; •
fine tone PIANOS, that have been particularly
examined and are h.ghly approved for richness
and sweetness of tonn.
(Kf* They arc hourly expected in the brio- Henri
The following extract from the report of the
Board of Managers at the late Exhibition of Pian
os, will speak for itself.
‘ There is one Manufacturer, however, whose in
struments take precedence of all the others ; with
so unquestionable a prominence that the Committee
felt not the slightest hesitation imrerommendinv
the award to him of a Gold Medal. Mr. Chickcr
ing’s Pianos are of so delightful a tone, so delicate
action, and so firm and enduring construction that
they need no Medals to give them celebrity.’
Wc are selling these beautiful Pianos much lc=\s
than formarlv. Two second hand Pianos to hire
out. (Aug9) C. IIALL & CO.
WL«irmb" u. LU. vwxrzf*?j».il*l "»imrr I
Session ot this Institution will com ok lire on MON
DA \ , the 8th of September next, under the direc
tion of the present «We and successful Piofc*sore,
Major S. Whebi.br and Mr. N. H. Websteu.
'I erms, Course of Instruction, See., &c , same, as
heretofore. JOHN HODGES,
July 3 * Prcaldt ot of Board of Tfuatee*.
IULY 28, 1845.- Bargain* in 8UMMER DRY
GOODS. JOHN COCKE & CO., wiil ell this
jdiy, for Ctsl1,, great bargains in Summer Dry
Goods, ..ako room for their Fa 11 Stock, which
they will be receiving in a few week", viz : Culico,
Lawns, Shirting, Dirragc, Bilzarmes, Muslins,
Collars, Capes, Shawls, Scarfs, Sliaw Matting, &e.
__ July '29
UT E have just received by the schooner Leroy,
from New York, i. lot of new and very inte
resting HOOKS, among the number we hnv >
The Br< nch of Promise, a novel, l»y the author of
“ The Marrying Man, lie." s
„ 'i’lie I’ irsonnge of Mora, by Fre-lerika Bremer,
No. 15 Wandering Jew—price 3 ets,
No. 10 Copeland’s Dictionary of Practical Mcdi
I cine,
Nos. 7 and 8 Encyclopedia of D unestle Economy,
Nos. 50 and (JO Illustrate.) Shakespeare,
Nos. 33 and 31 Harper’s Pictorial Bible,
Praise nnr: Principle; or For yliat shall I Jive;
by tie' author of •• Conquest and Sell Conquest,”
” Woman an Enigma. &c.”
August4_W. II, II. IIODGES & CO.
RI'-C !•’,I V I N (l 30 bags Green Bio ColTee,
20 baskets Oil,
5 boxes Woo'.sey’s Loaf Sugar,
5 bbls Powdered do
100 reams Paper,
3 chests Superior G. P. Tea, for sale by
luly 2! WILLS & CO.
I AM in possession ot several exquisitely fine
toned PIANOS, (particularly selected) and
j made by the highly celebrated Chiekering. These
j Pianos are more, highly approve I of than those of
I any other maker in the United Slate*. For sale by
j Jlilv 21____C. HALL & CO.
CN ARD.—P. & A. P. HOW, Engineers. Iron and
J Brass Founders, Briggs’ Point, Norfolk. Are
I now prepared to contract for exeeutingany kind of
j MENTS, and Machinery in general.
Orders left at C. & G. Reid’s, No. 2, Newton’s
' Wharf, nr Mr. John Nash, Corner of High and
I Crawford street, Portsmouth, will be promptly at
i tended to. May 12—6m.
* > lie and Scrivener, General Agent, Convey
ancer,.and Collector, will attend to all business en
trusted to bis earn with promptness and despatch.
OO* Office on Wide Water Street, head of Roa
noke Square. July 8
I.ANE, on Middle, between North and Glas
crlow Streets, Portsmouth, Va. N. B. Transient
Boarders taken by the week or month.
m All Freight for James River steam*
er.s intended to he landed on the river,
-AnJtr. inl)3t. be naid before it will be taken
on board the boats, or it will not go.
July 31 Agents, James River Steamers.
SUNDRIES. 10 qr casks .Malaga Wine,
5 qrcask* French Brandy,
2 pipes Holland Gin, 26 boxes Chalk Pipes,
100 bacra Green Laguiru CofTee,
60 do do Bio do
26 hhds Prime P R. Molasses, just received per
sclir Kimpton, for sale by
July 29 WILLS & CO.
IN ccivcd a lot of NEW FLOUR, taken from
wheat raised in 18-15, of the following well known
brands in barrels and half barrels, North side
Union Mills and Hope Mills.
Also, a choice lot ofSMITHFIELD BACON, free
from worms or bugs. All of which will be sold at
the lowest possible price for cash, by
County street, near the Wood Wharf.
Aug 8—1w
folk. Va., under the Supcrintendance of Mrs.
Mrs. C. takes this method to inform the citizens
of Norfolk and vicinity, that she has taken the
large and airy Room in the Dwelling House occu
pied by Mrs. Berry, on Cumberland street, for the
purpose of establishing a Seminary for Young La
| dies and Misses.
This Institution will he opened for the reception
of Pupils on tlie 10th of September. Its design is
to impart a thorough practical and finished Educa
tion. Advantages' will he offered for acquiring an
extensive and thorough acquaintance with' the
English Language, Latin, French and Spanish.—
Also, Music, Drawing and Painting, and various
styles of Embroidery. Mrs. C. will be assisted by
Teachers of the first talent.
Pai ticular attention will he paid to the morals
and manners of the Pupils placed under Mrs. Cs.
care, and it will be her aim to bring the social af
fections into exercise, to train the pupil to correct
habits of thought and action and to make the. ac
quisition of knowledge a pleasant occupation.
Mrs. C. will continue giving Lessons in Penman
ship at the School Boom from lnlf-past four to half
past five o’clock. Terms of Tuition made known
at her School Boom.
Those who may wish to take Lessons in Penman
ship or enter ns Day Schollars will please leave
their names with Mrs. Berry, nt the School Room.
Mrs. C. takes pleasure in stating that she is kind
ly permitted to make the following references.
W. W. Seaton, Esq., Mayor of Washington. D.
C. ; Rev. O. B. Brown ; Rev George VV. Samson ;
Rev. S. Sprole; Rev. R. B. Willis. Catskill, N. Y. ;
Bev. Septinus Tuston. Chaplain of the Senate;
Bev. A. A. Muller; B. F Hallclt, Esq., Boston ; J.
j A. Underwood, Esq., N. Y. July 29
A V * AliEiN I 'S OFFICE, >
I ^ Norfolk, July 20th, 1845. \
DUPLICATE Proposal* will be received until 1>
o’clock, on the 18th day of August next for
the delivery nt the Navy Yard of Four Double
Power, (Mallards,) Jack Screws.
Two Magazine Lights of clear Glass, 12 inches di
ameter, and 1 } inches thick.
Fifty air port Glasses of clear glass, 7 inches di
ameter, and 11 inches thick.
The whole subject to inspection and not to be
paid for until every article is delivered. Bond and
security will be required
•’"'y Navy Agent.
Norfolk. July 24th, 1845. v
Ob PLICATE Proposals will be received until 12
o’clock, on the 20th of August next, for the
delivery at the Navy Yard, of the following bill of
YrHow Pine Timber, Cypress Posts, and White
I inc Boards Tor extending the shed over Live Oak.
16 pieces 43 feet long,1! by I inches square,
40 do 22 •« •• f> «« » do do
48 do 26 " ” (, •• o do do
16 do 26 “ «« 8 «< 5 do do
145 do 21 •« *‘ 3 •• 2} do do
3 18 “ “ 5 “ 3 do do
[Free of sap, or defective knots,]
•»2 Cyprc.*H PoMa, 23 fc°t long*, from 6 to 10 inch^n
diameter at the smallest end.
20 M. feet. Merchantable White Pine Boards, of 16
fuet loncfths, free of Splits and Knots that will
comr out.
The whole must he. delivered on or before the
20Mi September. Bond and security will be requir
ed and no payment will be made until the whole is
delivered GEORGE LOYALL.
July 26 Navy Agent.
a ,n i) STibb riiKf COME! Another fresh
Gum Opium, Oil Lemon, Oil Bergamot,
Ptilv Rad Rhei,
Radies Rhei, (Turkey,)
*' Senega. Gurri Arabic, Opt.
Harlem Oil, (genuine.) direct from the importer,
Cochineal, Krcosote.
Balsam Copaiba, pure,
Calomel English,
Vanilla Beans, superior. For sale by
July 12 HENRY BUFF, High street.
VV AMI C.vl’.s—The object novv-u-uays is, with
every person, to get the best article nt the lowest
price. It is only nee*'.-. ir\* for a person to call nt
to satu-fy themselves of the fact, that lie can hot be
undersold nt any oilier establishment in tins place.
()C/“ Call and examine his assortment of Fine Hca
ver, I'assimerc, Brush and Moleskin Hats ami Caps
ot all patterns and qualities.
(XI* NA\ \ COCKED HATS, ami every descrip
tion of Hats made to Older, by R. BELL,
Sign of the Panther,
May it High, near Crawford ntrcet>
The Subscriber would rcs
speotfulty call the attention of
the public toil new and beauti
ful assortment of WATCHES
AND JEW ELItV, consisting'
in part of !M J. Tobias’ Gold
Levers warranted genuine,
i Gold and Silver Anchor Le
-vers, t.nlil and Suver Lupines
Gold and Silver Verge WATCHES—a large assort*
merit of Gold Finger Kings, Gobi ind Silver Specta
cles, with periforical and plain glasses, Gold Guar-g
Fob. and 1'est Chain*, beautiful artie.lea, Gold and
Silver Guard Keys m l Studs, Gold Lockets, Ladies
stul Gentlemen’s Gold Hr cast Pins, and a lot of
Rodgers’ superior Pen and Pocket Knives, with
many other articles too numerous to he enumerated,
all of which I will sell ns low as can be obtained at
any’ establishment in the City.
All kinds of Clocks and Watches repaired nnd
warranted, as usual. Old Gold and Silver bought
or taken in exchange. *
July 12 High Street, Portsmouth.
ABLE GOODS.—I have just
returned with a new and Bplen
| did assort uv-ntof Gold, Silver
Lepine, Lever, and Verge
" atrlieg. Gold Guards,a large
lot of Breast Pins, an unusual
I largo stock. Gold Fob and Vest
Chains, Gold Lockets. Medal
lion and Allnmtore < :»sCs, Gold, Silver, and Steel
Spectacles, Gold and Silver Thimbles and Shields,
Gold Guard Keys, Gold Studs and Sleeve Buttons,
Coral and Clasps, Finger Rings of every variety.
Table, Dessert and Tea threaded Silver Forks, Ta
ble, Dessert and Tea thread Spoons, plain Silver
Spoons, Sugar Tongs, Salt and Mustard Spoons.
1 .ad I os, Butter Knives, Cream Ladles, Sugar La
dles, Silver Tea sets of superior style. Combs, Tooth
and Hair Brushes, Silk and other variety of Reti
cules, a large lot of Fancy Goods.
fjr> A large supply of Fancy Fans from I2J cts.
to S'G each. Ladies, call and see them.
(j^-Clocks and Watches repaired and warranted
as usual. Obi Gold and Silver bought and taken
in exchange.
July 7 J.M FREEMAN, Norfolk.
All kinds of HATS and CAPS made to
order and at the shortest possible notice,
and at as cheap prices, as the same ar
ticle in New York.
Norfolk, Juno 7.
'SUN.”—Gentlemen, please call at. my
Store and examine a new article of
FIATS, with *• Glass and Netting,”
ljust trot up on a plan entirely new. I
cannot well describe them in an ad
vertisement, and no adequate idea of their conveni
ence and utility can be had without an exatnina- *
tion. C >11 at once.
Jll"e »*> R. BELL, High afreet.
ERS.—Just received a supply of Splendid
NAV \ CAPS, and COVERS, which will
kbe sold very low,—Call and examine.
.... . R. BELL,
April 14 Stern of the Panther, High street.
PHINE.—Two more Barrels Superior
V./ ( AiMPHINE, juat received and for sale by
J,l|y 12_HENRY BUFF, Ili<rh street
QU IN IX E.—50 ounces of Sulphate do Quinine,
just received by HENRY BUFF,
July 12 High street.
Keep it before the people f~
The Subscriber informs the public that he
the Corner of High nnd Middle streets, where he
will be happy to receive orders, and execute them
in a style not to he surpassed, as may be demon
strated to the satisfaction of those who will do him
the favor to call and examine his work. He has
some of the most fashionshlo specimens of
Also a large lot of Curled Maple, Kush and Wind
Being an experienced mechanic he respectfully
appeals to the. feelings of a generous public to ex
tend to him a portion of its patronage. Old Fur
tiirc taken in exchange for New.
0C3“ All persons indebted tome are. respectfully
invited to rail and settle their bills.
Juno 16 E. D. H
II ST RECEIVED the following valuable
•f preparations, warranted pure and genuine, and
manufactured by the most noted and experienced
iron ((Uimur,
Sulphate quinine,
Extract Quinine,
Citrate Iron,
Oil Hlnck Pepper,
Chloride Zinc,
Morphia Sulpha?,
lOfiine puiph.
Do Fcrri,
Do Lead,
Cldoride Iodine,
Pota«sce Hydriod,
Potass Cyanuret,
"ood Naphta,
Mornhia Amina
* A Iso — A fre-di supply of healthy SPANISH
LEECHES. For sale at the. Drug Store. Hi Hi
4 doors below Middle. . s *
nO.VT(:OMI*l,AIN A NY ilIORC.^ChoIce
SHAVING CREAM. If you wish toob'ain a
fine and rich emollient lather, without which no
one can shave with comfort, try •« HENRY’S PHI
NKSK SHAVING CREAM,” prepared by A. H. Ac
I). Samis Si («o., New York.
A shaving that makes the skin smooth, and the
beard soil, is extremely valuable to those with ten
der fares. Henry’s Chinese Shaving Cream nos
sr.ses a double quality. It not only softens the
heard, but heals all cuts and eradicates those little
pimples which render shaving so unpleasant to
some. Its emollient powers cannot be too highly
praised. It gives a pleasant feeling to the skin ar
ter the rax <r has done its duty, and leaves it smooth
and free from blemish. A better compound was
never invented or offered for sale. For sale at the
Drug Store, Huh si., I doors below Middle
1 11 CHIS if HEIN1TSH, Agent.
( )'K spALDING»Ssad boy
V7 vour CAMPHINE, if you wish to get a good
*r*ie|e» »* it is manufactured Imre and always fresh
wntc.hfs mite 11 better than the Camphine that mmes
from New York ns that is stail before it gets here :
and by buying Camphine from him you are sure to
get a g_>od article and at the same time encourage
Home Manufacture. March 14

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