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iDutilCsiicfc ?3aUi>.
}Vnle Water street, Norfolk, and corner of
High and f' ran ford, sis., Portsmouth.
To subs riboi's, TEN CENTS PER WEEK, pay
able to tbe C a n uikh, to whom alone tliey are 10
spotislblu for the amount due at the expiration ol
the week.
When sent hy mail tho terms are $5 for twelve
months, $i«J 50 for six months, Jfji 1 ’Jo for three
mouths- __
One copy &"J per ve tr—hy Mail.
By the Carrier, jgt'J 50.
£5»To he paid in advance.
IXTM. U- HOSWICK, Draper and Tailor,
V\ Crawford Street, next dour lo the Post Of lice,
Portsmouth, Va.
ROBERT BRUT, Wholesale and Retail Hat
and Cup Store, Sign of the Panther, High
street, Portsmouth Va.
HBU-FPj Chemist, corner of High and Mid
• die streets, Portsmouth, Va.
JOHN COCKE & Co,* Dealers in Poircl rn
and Domestic Dry Goods, High street, near
Middle street, Portsmouth, Va.
TXT II. II. 1IODG12$ Sc. Booksellers
»V • Stationers, and Dealers in Fancy Goods, at
the Post Office, Portsmouth, Va.
gist and Apott cary,anil Dealer in Paints, Oils,
Dyestuffs, &e... High street, Portsmouth, Va.
I(A I>. II VV .M.S, W in dr.-sale and Retail Fur
Li* niturc Warehouse, eortier of High and Mid
dle streets. Portsmouth, \d.
IT' HOFFMAN. Boot and Shoes Manuf etui
1 • er, poutli of the Market, Crawford street,
Portsmouth, Va
STEPHEN JAMES, Wholesale a...I Retail
Dealer in Family Groceries, Wines, &e., Mar
ket Square, Portsmouth, Va.
A 1TI LEI A >1 li. PITCHER, Wholesale fend
'V Retail Healer in Roots, Shoes, Hats, Caps,
Trunks, Leather, Linings, Bindings, &c., west side
Crawford street, Portsmouth, Va.
ILL! AM I). ROBERTS, JR., Manufac
turer and Dealer in Stoves, Iron, Copper and
Tin Ware, &e., &c., corner of High and Crawford
streets, Portsmouth, Va.
JAS. A. S PA GOING, Manufacture r a nd Dcd
er in Guns, Ritles, Pistols, and every other ar
ticle in the Sporting line, Sign of the Mammoth
Gun, High street, Portsmouth, Va.
TTTILLS A CO., Wholesale Grocer* and Com
V? mission Merchants, cast end of High street,
Portsmouth, Va.
CA 1IA LL & CO. Wholesale and Retail Hook,
J» Stationery and Fancy Goods Establishment,
Main street, Norfolk, Va.
J WILLS, Wholesale Grocery and Comtnis
• sion Store, Commerce street, Norfolk, Va.
WILLIAM REID, Wholesale and Retail
Hat and Cap Store, east side Market Square,
Norfolk, Va.
Ferguson & mrlhado—Lumber, < ,,i.
and general Commission business. Wide Water
sleet, Norfolk, Va.
The Subscriber would respectfully
return his (banks to his numerous
( customers, for their Continued and
increasing patronage,and inform the
public that lie has removed his Facto
ry and Shop to BUTTERS’ BUILDINGS on Craw
ford Street, just below tlie Market, where ho will at
tend to all orders with promptitude and despatch.
His stock of LEATHER, as usual is selec ted with
great care, and will be found of the best quality*
He lias now employed workmen from Richmond
and Philadelphia, who cannot fail to give the most
perfect satisfaction, and he trusts that his unrcinit
ted efforts to please will secure him a liberal share
of patronage, as all work taken from his Matiu
iactory will be warranted.
Two or three first rater Hands, for Boots or Shoes
would find immediate and constant employment
by applying soon.
The most prompt attention give to all orders, and
no disappointment. Recollect that the money left
in his Establisment, is expended in the Town, and
goes to the support of our own mechanics, and
tradesmen. F. HOFFMAN,
Crawford Street.
N. B. A few BOARDERS will be taken by the
Subscriber, by the year, month or week, on mode
rate terms. Jan 20
Rail road notice—through to
WELDON.- The Portsmouth and Roanoke Rail
Road Company give notice to the travelling public,
that their arrangement to carry passengers to’and
from Weldon is now completed ; Mr. Willis Sledge
having placed on tho line between Margarcttsvillc
and Weldon. North Carolina, a superior POUR
HORSE POST COACH ; which will enable the trav
eller at all times to connect with the Wilmington
Road, without delay, as follows :
Portsmouth to Margarcttsvillc, via Rail Road, 63
Margarcttsvillc to Weldon, Four Horse Post
Coach, 17 miles
i Passage to vVcldon, - - - $6 00
July 2 Agent P. & R. R. R. Company.
ed.—The Subscribers respectfully inform the Pub
lic that a Stage Route has been established be
tween Margarcttsville and Weldon, isi connection
with the Portsmouth and Roanoke flail Road, and
the Baltimore Bay Line, by which Travellers, will
he placed at. cither end of the line without delay.—
Those persons desirous of taking this most comfor
table and expeditious Route, arc assured that they
will be Bubjcc(cd*to no disappointment or delay, as j
the carriages and horses aic of the best quality and
stock, arc! the Stage Travel is but Eighteen Miles,
over a hard level road.
Travellers by this Route going toorcoming from
the North, will be conveyed as cheap as by the City
Point Rail Road, and Two Dollars less than bv the
Route via Richmond, &c., the Fare between Wel
don and Baltimore being only #9 00.
Passengers by this Route will be carried through
by day light, thus saving a night’s rest.
Arrangements have been made with the different
companies, running in connexion with this Line,
to insure regularity and despatch.
Weldon, July 18-15. Proprietors.
IEWi.s k. THOMAS, West side m
J Square, Portsmouth, has in Store, and offers
for sale on accommodating terms, either wholesale
or retail, the following articles—
25 bags Laguira, Rio and St. Domingo Coffee,
10 bbls New Orleans? Sugar,
10 bbls Obi Rye Whiskey,
10 bbls Common do, „
5 bbls Apple Brandy,
1 pipe French Brandy,
2 qr casks Malaga wine,
*5 boxes No. 1 Soap,
do Candles, Tallow, Sperm and Wax,
5 do Tobacco,
o0 bb^s Choice Herrings, Gross and Nett,
Bacon. (Main* Shoulders and Midlings,)
i "bis Flour, Family and Superfine.
Goaf Sugar, Nails, Cotton Yarn, Fancy Soap.
Pepper, Nutmegs, Starch. Chocolate and a
r n many other articles too numerous to mention
1 Advertisement. August 2
(1 RAW FORI) HOUSE, Portsmouth, Va. bv
J JOHN W\ COLLINS,assisted by J. W. Doyal,
who will always be in attendance to render Travel
lers and Sojourners comlortable and agreeable.
gCjP‘Porters arc always in attendance, free of
0C3-Thta House i<, so well known to Northern and
Southern Travellers, that not one word is necessary
to be said in its praise. To Ladies and Gentlemen,
desirous of making n longor sliortsojourn in Ports
mouth, where every dclieaey of land and sea can
bo obtained in the utmost richness and abundance,
the Proprietor would state that the House is pro
vided with every modern improvement, for the
oomf*rt and convenience of his Patrons, while
honest and attentive Servants arc always in atten
{JtJ*The RT \BLKS attached to this popular and
extensive Establishment are the largest and most
commodious of any in Eastern Virginia.
MltS. PAN\ Y GODWIN, can accommo
date a few single gentlemen, and a gentle
man and bis wife with Board, on moderate terms.
For her ability to g,. isfaction, she would refer
to any who have boarded with her Residence on
County street, between Court and Dinwiddie sts.
Transient Boarders taken by the day or week.
April 24
NOTICE.—On and af
ter MONDAY r.cxt, 16th
''instant, the James River
;>ie:i UTDO.'US will leave Mr.
Southgate’s Wh irl daily, (Sundays excepted) at
•54 o’cl >c.lc in the morninar.
June 13 Agents, J. R. S. U.
, On and aft.r FRIDAY
next, tl»e'25tli instant, and
"= «» *~s - ——i - - daily until further notice,
(Sundays excepted) the
will leave Hunter’s Wharf, Norfolk, for Baltimore,
at 3 o’clock. P. M., connecting with the James
River Steamboats, CURTIS PECK and.JEWESS,
arriving in time and connecting with the Steam
boat and Railroad lines for Philadelphia.
JAS. F. HUNTER. Agent,
April 23 B. S. P. Or,.
^ TO ,<£;{».—Tliestcamcr OS
•t CEOLA will loave Norfolk
and Portsmouth every Sunday and rhuraday.at 5
o’clock P. M. Returning will leave Washington
every Tuesday and Saturday, at S o'clock and Al
exandria, at half-past !), A. M.
Passage and Fare $5.
The Os-. cola will touch at Cone River every Sun
day going and Saturday returning from Washing
She will stop at Aquia Creek and all the. usual
landings on the Poto nac to take off or land Passen
May 5 Captain.
REST route to the
— —a -c . w--- -s - iiirongn in nine imi/s, vuin
GO mites less stage travel than an>j other route. DA IJL Y,
(Sunday’s excepted.)
The Steamers CURTIS PECK, Captain D.wr-,
and JEWESS, Capt. Sotton, leave Southgate’s
Whart, Norfolk, at o'j o’clock, daily (Sunday’s ex
cepted) for Richmond, and arrive in due time to
connect with the Packet Boats to Lynchburg, lea
ving daily at 5 o’clock, P. M., (Sunday’s except
ed) arriving in 32 hours, thence by stages (in flay
time,) via. Natural Bridge to the Springs ; through
the whole tontc from Norfolk in 3 days, without
any fatigue, so requisite for invalids.
Phssage and Fare through to White Sulphur
Springs, meals and lodgings included on board of
boats from Norfolk to Lynchburg, #14.
The Packet Boats for Staunton leave Richmond
every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon
at 5 o’clock, passengers going to Staunton by lea
ving Norfolk mi Monday, Wednesday and Friday
mornings in the Jewess, Capt. Sutton, will arrive
in sufficient time to take this comfortable and ex
peditious route, being only 44 miles staging. Pas
sage and Fare to Staunton by this route from Nor
folk #8, whole expense #8J troin Norfolk loStaun
ton, -S'1 25 less than by Ijouisa Railroad tit ,$8.
Tickets throughout can he procured on board the
June 1G Agents, J. R. Steamboats.
pleasure in informing tho public generally tlmt
we have received,and will keep constantly up (luring
the season, a full supply of “ WHI I’E SULPHUR
WATER,” from the celebrated Spring in Green
brier County, Va.
This wafer, which has been for several years
transported from the White Sulphur Springs, in
Greenbrier County, in this State, enjoys great repu
tation throughout the United Stated, and is now
very generally used, and its virtues extolled as a
remedial agent in bilious di-cases incident to a
warm climate, dyspepsia, costiveness, jaundice,
chronic rheumatism, gout, dropsy, in affections of
the breast occasioned by disease of the stomach or
liver, neuralgia, and nervous diseases in general ;
chronic inflamation of the kidneys and bladder,
atul urethra ; piles, scrofula and eruptions, or other
affections of the skin ; ill-conditioned ulcers, mer
curial diseases, tic. &e., all of which is attested by
; the highest names in the medical profession, and
many others who have for years used this water,
both at and when removed from the fountain.
SARATOGA WATER, from the Congress, Union,
Pavillion and Iodine Springsin New York,in quart
and nint bottles.
and lasting Tonic. A general view of the analysts
of this wafer, will show that it stands the first in
rank of the highly concentrated " Chalybeate*,”—
consequently it acts as a Tonic, increasing the
strenjftii of the system, raising the force of eircu
lation, giving tone to the degislive organs, aug
menting th e muscular vigour, and promoting the
excretions ; it is of course, advantageously employed
in those disease* in which Iron is principally used,
such as Amenorrhea, Chloroein, some states of Me
norfhugUt, f .'urnrrhea, Dr/epepeia, Scrofula and ca
rious form* of Chronic DrhilUti.
%*The only Agents for W%i. R. Calwkll, pro
prietor ot the “ White Sulpher Spring,” ore. M. A
SANTOS Norfolk, and
High street, 4th door lie low Middle,
1 July 2 Portsmouth, Va.
l YORK TRADE.—The attention of Country
Merchants is requested to the following cards of
various branches of business, all of whom are pro
vidod with the best assortments of Goods and Mer
chandize from the foreign and domes tie markets.
They are full •* prepared to supply all articles
needed for the country trade, and on such terms as
cumot fail to suit customers either in prices or
Staple and Fancy Silk Goods.
Robert L Smith & Hf.yokrson. 176 Pearl street.
Peck. Nicholson & Wright, 139 Pearl street, and
!)() Beaver street.
Georoe It Williams, late of Williams, Rankin
it Peniman.
24 Exchange Place, opposite the Exchange'3
doors from William street.
Fancy and Staple Dry Goods,
Hal lock. Mount & Hillings. 173 Pearl street, one
door above °ine street.
Hall it Parsons, 49 William street.
Merrett, Ely it Co., Nos. 59 and 52 William st.,
between Wall and Pine street.
Dorbmus, Suvdam it Nixon, No. 39 Nassau street,
corner of Liberty street, opposite the Post Office.
Angei.l it Co., No. 17 William street, between Ex
change Place and Heaver street.
Cutters it Phelps, No. 59 Cedar street.
Hates it Masterton, No. 26 Liberty street.
French and English China. Glass and
Ttios. F. Field, 101 Broad street.
I R. F. Havilano. 82 Maiden Lane.
H. Stevenson, No. 270 Pearl street, one door from
Fulton It.mk. -
Hardware. Cutlery, Edge Tools. «$•<;., Ger
man and American, comprising every
thing in the line.
Osborne it Little, 33 Fulton street, opposite the
United States Hotel, between Pearl and Water
Devnistoun it Disbrow, Sign of the “ Padlock,”
65 Pearl street, near Broad street.
Andrew L. Halsteo, No. 7 Platt street, soils only
for cash. The cheapest Hardware Store in the
City. --
B. tV. it C. F. Howe, 151 Water street, otic door !
from Maiden Lane.
French and English Drugs, Chemicals, Ess.
Oils, Perfumery, Brushes, Sfc. Also
Platina IVire, Plate and Foil.
Johnson, Moore & Taylor, 81 Maiden Lane, (up
stairs ) -
Dye. Stuff's, Dye floods, Acids, S;c.
William Partridge & Son, 27 ClilT street.
Fringe, Gimps, Cords and Tassels, Bind
ings, Zephyr Worsted, Coat Cords, Sfc.
D. A. Booth, Importer and Manufacturer of all
kinds of Trimmings, No. 100 William street.
Ladies'1 Dress Trimmings, Hosiery, Gloves,
and Haberdashery, in every variety.
Lopes & Quaokinbcsh, 20 William street.
Suspenders, Gloves, Cravats, Scarfs, Ho
siery, §c. Caps, Stocks, Linens, Oil
Silks, <Syc. eSr.
John M. Davies Jones, 106 William street, cor
ner of John.
Schreoder & Switzer, No. 72 William street, up
stairs, Importers and dealers in Fringes, Tapes,
Robbins, Plated Hooks and Eyes, Needles and
Pins, Pearl Buttons, Lisle, Thread and Bobbin
Laces, Cottons, Woolen and Worsted Yams,
Woolen anil Merino Hosiery, with a variety of
tailors’ and other Trimmings, &c.
TOYS, Sic.
English, French and Gentian Fancy Goods ;
Fire Crackers.
J. W. IIoLTikRTON, No. 75 Maiden Lane, four doors
cast of William street.
French, English and German Fancy Goods,
Table and Pocket Cutlery, Scissors,
Brushes, Combs, Fancy Boxes,
Jewelry, Toys, §c.
William Noyes, 21 Cedar street, up stairs, be
tween Pearl and William streets.
Publishers of Music and Manufacturers of
Musical Instruments.
F. Riley & Co., No. 297 Broadway, between Duane
arid Rcadc streets.
Fiiitii, Hall h Pomp, 239 Broadway, corner Park
Place, sole ncents for Chickering’s Piano Forts;
also, Worcester’s celebrated Pianos.
Patent Harp Frame, Piano Forte Manufac
tory and Music Store.
Glenn, Rogers & Co., No. 152 Fulton street, cast
of Broadway.
Fine Watches.
S. Hammond fc Co., of the late firm of Benedict
h Hammond, will continue, the selling of fine
Watches, Jewelry and Silver Ware, at the old
stand, No. 44 Merchants’ Exchange.
Fine Watches, Clocks, Jewelry and Silver
Samuel W. Benedict, Watch Maker \
D. Beach, Jeweller, No. 5 Wall street. $
Blank Books, Foreign and Domestic Sta
tionary, See.
Francis h Loutrel, 77 Maiden I,anc.
A complete assortment of all kinds of (ho above
well Known Pens, on cards and ir. boxes, togeth
er with a largo stock of cheap Pena in boxes
constantly on hand.
IIenbv Jessor, importer, 91 John street, corner of
Importers of French and Fng/ish Fancy
and Staple Stationery,
61 William street, New York. English and French
Tissue and Writing Papers; Sealing Wax, Wa
•*~-*-*u iiaiMmaaaaHifrjwaiuaiiffiaBatta
li rs, Steel Pens, Parchment, Inks Fluids, &c._
'• lanufacturcrs ol Account 1$ >oks fur the trade.
P-mers of every description at tin: mannf.iclurei’s
prices^ |) auedic Sta*iom ry, oti Commission.
James \ . Kicm \\ m. .51. Loutiiel.
Plain and Japanned Tin Ware.
Menzies ik Brother, 3*1 Cliff street.
Carpels, Oil Cloths, Hags. .Mattings, Drug
gets, S?c.
Reuben Smith, Jr., 251 Broadway, opposite the Ci
ty tlall.
LAMPS, &c.
Horn's Patent Class Fountain Lamps for
Cainphine. .>2Iso, Webb's superior
Double Distilled Cainphine.
.f. O. Fay, 130 Fulton street, Sun Buildings.
Manufacturers of Perfumery, Cosmetics,
Fancy Soap, Sfc.
Alexander Si John Ramsay, successors to N.
Smith Prentiss, sign of the Golden Rose, la Mai
den Lane.
Wood Type, Cases, Stands, Furniture, Cat
Icy s, See. .Also, New and Second Hand
Printing .Materials.
Wells & Webb, No. 3.1 Ann street.
James Connor Si Son, 21 Aim street, corner Nas
sau street.
Hat. Cap and Fur Store.
N. B. \\ it.bur Sc Co. No. 85 Maiden Lane.
Manufacturer of Wilder's Patent Salaman
der, warranted free from dampness.
Silas C. Herring, 139 Water street.
Manufacturer of the Celebrated Magic Ra
zor Strop of Four Sides.
L. Chapman, 102 William street.
Sold at Manufacturer’s prices, by all the Hard
ware and Fancy Goods Importers—prices reduced
33J per cent.
Commission Paper Ware House.
Eugene Ely, 71 Fulton street, Now York.
July 21
excellent PIANOS, nearly new, which wo will
either sell or rent at an uncommon low price, in
order to make room for
I new splendid Pianos hourly expected by the
schooner Wave, C'apt Roger?, one of which i- Rose
Wood, highly finished with all the extra keys, harp
pedal, ami with the iron frame. ’ '
Another of Rose Wood without the iron frame.
Another of Mahogany, eioss bounded with Rose
" ood, all the extra keys, finished in the best man
Another of Mahogany entire, this has all the ex
tra keys and harp pedal.
For the above wo have India Rubber Covers
For sale by C. IIALL & CO.
April 30
QTA It It'S CA MPH I \ H L \MPS. -After a
k:7 fair trial of XV. II. Starr’s Patent Camphine
Lamps, I am convinced they have no superior, if
brilliancy and economy bo considered. Doing anx
ious to afford as much light as possible to the. Pub
lic, I have consented to act as Agent for the man •
I have received a variety of the above LAMPS,
to wit: Side, Hanging, and Parlor LAMPS, of
beautiful patterns, which I will sell at tlio manu
facturer’s prices. In many parts of the city of
New York these Lamps have superceded the Gas
laght. (July 7) WILLIAM REID, Norfolk.
CO iEC II ET I > 1 s E A S Efib
A pleasant, safe und certain cure for all cases of
(;*#*#**»* am| ^.*****
In consequence of the many
useless Mixtures and Pills re
commended for these trouble
some complaints, it is neces
sary publicly to announce
that this preparation is the
1 best known for the immediate
I removal of these diseases.—
‘Tahu ant’s Compound’ cures
where Pills, Drops, Rlec'ua
ries, Copaiba, Nitre and Har
lem Oil will have no effect.—
It is therefore recommended
tuv jtrm rvmetiy u» no iried
in nil cases, for when recent, ONE i?OX GENE
It is put up in a neat portable form, tasteless, and
does not impair digestion.
%*To prevent mistakes and to procure the Gen
uine, it is sold only by hi® regularly appointed
Agents, M. A. Santos, Norfolk, and at the Dru<
Store, High street, 4 doors below Middle, t»y
(Member of the Philadelphia College of
Pharmacy and Chemistry.)
A fresh supply of Copaiba Capsules,—Also, Pre
mium Capsules, warranted : Pure Copaiba Balsam
and Oil Cubcbs. July 31
Rectified wood naphtha, i >
having recently come into use in London as
a remedy for Turbcreulous Consumption, and very
favorable and happy effects having resulted from
it, ha® induced the subscribers to have some of it
prepared with great care, perfectly pure, and high
ly rectified, in order that a fair trial may bo made
of it® merit®.
This is warranted t<> he the article so highly re
commcndcd by Dr. Ma tings (Physician to tiie
Free Dispensary London.) in his statement pub
lished in the London Lancet, when he cautions per
sons using it to he sure and procure this kind, as
an impure article (or Coal Tai Naphtha) has pro
duced the most unpleasant and dangerous effects.
It has been used by many of our most eminent Phy
sicians, with decided success.
New York, Jan. 1st. 1815. RUST1TIN & CO.
The above article of Naphtha just received arid
for sale by JIENKY RUFF,
July 12 High street.
DON'T YOU l!i;\i> THIS! I n
yon mayftnd something to please you, that i«
• hat I am determined to sell my Guns, Pistols,
Powder Flasks, Shot Bags, and every article in the
Sporting Line,cheaper than ever, and if you want
to he fitted out with a new Gun and Apparatus just
rail at tb*- Sign of the Mammoth Gun. where you can
also have your Flint Gun turned into Poreussion, or
any other woth requiredto bo.done in the Guns
rnitli line. So don’t forget, one Door Eaat of the
Did Dominion Office, if you want bargains.
n\ft>\ \ v | > bARD* 10,000 lb* 1> \ ■ i > \
Hog Round. 6,000lbs Extra llama, 50 kegs No
I LARlf, just received from Southampton County,
for sale by WILLS & CO
June 1A
0 I
mm «mwiMwiuN(««NPjfuairiaw naimaiMM■ njuimi >.■
tTcrms nC siTftcrtfsfttg.
One .-quai c one ms*1 i lion,.‘.0
One iio two do. (> 7j
.One do three do. | py
One do one week,. 1 75
1 One do two weeks.. VJ 75
'One do one month. .. . 4 ( y
One <l-i two months. 7 00
! One do three months. 10 (iy
'On- do six months. l(jOO
/,*" t''r year,.. 30 (JO
^ ir> Ivc linrx or trail tiitiki a xi/iutrc; longer ones
ehat'sred in proportion, uni are to he paid for in
A- o ertis rr.ent -■ ordered in only 0111*0 or twice a
j week, will he char?.-.i 50 cents per square for the
, li:si msTtion, and 37i sent:; for each subsequent
, insertion. “ *
I iik Ngw Fua will he democratic 111 its tone and
rhaiacter, devoted to the Republictui party in its
t olitir , an.I is intended to meet the whirr press
f ri!vr‘ Nordic on equ ,1 pmund, to epreadtrie
l no\\ Iedufe before the people in this section of Vir
-rmia, and fully define sustain Republican Prin
ei/de* ; thus;- eitiNcieLKs which have been hallowed
by all A trsrunn’s Statesmen. immutably impressed
f upon her destiny by the R, solutions o! 17!)S-’9!) „,d
hnnly nphel.l in every election fo. National Offi
; r,:;rs T*??, wc h?V(’ l><,< n Confederation of States
rims boldly and explicitly stating oui politics, we
wot 11< not have 11 understood that we rise up for
the purpose of pursuin'? an indiscriminate and un
remittim? personal warfare upon oUr political co
temporaries \\V shall hold out the Olive Iiranc.h
to them, and only piriu k when they striki* AAV
i ’niend tomake a IVewspnper „f Tin: Nrw Era that
shatl be a welcome and profitable visiter to every
eittz-n in the community, in whose columns noth
",ir bu , tr" b w,» anil on whose state
ments the utmost reliance can be placed.
'I’i[k New Era. Some may he .curious enough to
i " jwvn friven the paper this name .
Our reasons are these :
1 because we now identify ours,dvrs more ci,)30.
V 'v"1' 'i"’ r"0'l people of Norfolk, whose grow
in- enterprise we hive Ion- witnessed and
admu-ed, and whoso prosperity, with our own
we desire to advance: and in so idcntiiyin
oorsHvo.s we have chosen the time when a
Arm Era has opened upon Hie -ood “ Old Hor.
ough and she hurls herself, hy the silent, but
polont operation of the ballot-box. suddenly
transformed into a youn- and vigorous city
•>'mcd at all points, like Minerva, ready to
t .kc her stand among, the rival cities of the
bnion : whcn the ust vestige of kin-ly char?
tered rights is broken down, and she comes
; mem* ^ under a republican municipal govern
2 It is a Xnn Era in the History of Norfolk,
l et a permanent Democratic paper is now for
the first time to be established within her limits^
and all can, no doubt, remember when there
were but some ten or a dozen men. who were
bold enough, on great questions of pnh!ic
icv to go up to the polls and proclaim thein
1 8 fl,r democratic measures—their numbers
now amount to “ LEG.ov,” and they are con?
tinunlly increasing. They have grown so on
merous that they demand an organ- and expo!
t%£$r I"",c‘pI'1’- f°r •"“/«»" -<i wm
3. It is started at a Xew Era in our National af
furs— when wonderful changes have just been
wrought ,n the political world ; when n lo
{nan Is at ,‘ho head of affurs. when obi pa,”fc?
have been broken down,and old measures have
been quietly abandoned, and we open our eyes
upon a new order of things. We find the first
great move in carrying out the object of our
government, “enlarging the boundaries of
freedom. * just about to he made, bv the annex
1 at,on of 1 rxa"« a'ul the Old World is astounded
a tom- nr..-,-ess, and muttering* arc heard from
af.u. Wo take our stand where and when we
< in do the most efhi’icnt service, and render
more certain aid to the Government which we
zealously labored to bring into power,
uc i are some of the reasons that in<iucc us to
give the new paper the name we have proposed and
we hope they will ho satisfactory to everv freeman
allx-U we do not agree with S/.ak'prarc that “a ro^
by any other name would smell as sweet ” ami
therefore, t here mav he some who like not our name
|;ut ,lu’y Wll! *ct to it before wc are done with
!i-. c« I J'R'\ r fon,n»n a11 <l>0 earliest intcl
_■ rice, ItK al and foreign, and such, portion of mis
ccl,ancons reading, that goes to mike tip a ne«L
apci ; nnd in order to secure it an extensive circu
lation, nnd bring it within tho compass of al| , ‘
pruw ,s put down as low as it can possibly be af
forded , to insure ns permanence, viz -.—Fine Dol
tors a year to all who desire to take the paper in
that way, and who pay in advance ; YVn (Jentx a
ali<l i rut* a number, invariably paid at
the time of delivery. Carriers will be furnished
I WehS r. ' M -Upply for transient cSm.~
\\ i ha\o adopted tins course in order to insure our
pa rmmand ourselves from pa-*iblc loss? Thta
will give us an extensive circulation, and will of
course, he the most profitable medium tbron’-h
| wlueb advertisers can meet tho public eve while
i 10 ,c,;m7 will be the same as now char-ed fora
more hunted circulation. *ca 101 a
We have thoroughly examined the whole -round
and wc are> convinced that the proposed Man of
startedn'this Hn only judicious one that can he
started in tins go-:i-hond age; p useless to
afa ast: thp onward pro-fe^ of human improTe0'
m lit.-,, and it we wish to keep in company wc must
I,rcak nur connection with our old Pa
, V ' JV10,U,;H; hut *h«H crive them a Daily i„
O in r /Vt-weekly paper, without increasing the
I he Public’s most obedient Servant,
_* •_ F Ct'NNI NO H A M.
.7 * i ■ ■“•“■criher issued a Magazine,
with ho_ above title, on the first of January last
It will he devoted to Literature and the Arts V
inanlv^xm!' 'ViH r° a8s^"rfl *° Politics, and a
manly expression of sentiment on leading q„es
coumrv ‘r’v inrUr,,cf ,hf opinion? o'f the
< iiniry. Cntic'srn of an indulgent but whole
sonic kind, will be employe I, on independent prin
ciples, at once fo, the promotion and the im move
Hsi, I*! ,A'nc,-'”n letters. The work will he pub
lislo.l by Messrs. Houoes & James, No. 6. Hroad
streot, Charleston, who will attend to all the busi
ness departments All communications must bo
made to them, or through them, to the Editor.
Woodland, Dec. 1, ISM. IiWS'
^ ft>nt7ROEs & James invite, subscriber* to the
Southern Monthly Magazine.” The work will
contain at least ,» pages monthly, making a voL
umc of from 432 to I&Gnage*, s-mi-annually. and
will be furnished at the rate of 08 per annum
payable in every case in advance. Subscribers
have the privilege of making their payments half
yearly, if they desire it. fan g
rfllEAP FAMILY GHOC i;iu i:s. rim
\ > Subscriber having purchased the entire stock of
Goods formerly owned by Mr. M. Binford, and
having added thereunto a Central A.mortinrn/ at
lakes this occasion to assure his friend* and tho
public generally. that no efforts will be found want
logon In* part to accommodate and give general
satisfaction, being determined to keep constantly
on band a choir® assortment of Groceries which
will bo sold as low as they can be purchased in tho
two place*.
lie take* this occasion of inviting the former cus
tomers of Mr. Binford to continue dealing at the
*• Old Stand,” and bestow upon him some small
share of the patronage «o libcrnllv bestowed unon
his predecessor. GEORGE W. GRICE. H
At Binford’* •• Oi.n Sta sr> "
Lugosi a _ East Side the Market.
" r Tubs and 10 kegs BETTER, 20 boxes Cheese
just received on consignment, for pale by
J«nc 13 WILLS & CO.

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