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At the word one both Luigi anil Paul raised
their pistols, arid each took a deliberate aim.—
The I»j»*»«i ol Paul however was unsteady : that
of Luigi’s was motionless.
“ Two.”
“Three' FIUR!”
Both pistols exploded on the instant, and at the
sound the black-bird, which until that uiotnel had
not ceased its swig, with a shrill scream (low
across the opening, and disappeared in the oppo
site side of the woods. Luigi started hark : pine
ring his hand on his breast. Paul stood stilt hut
it was only for a second; in the next he fell
heavily to the ground. In a minute Villerourt
and the surgeon were at his side, Villelon rushed
towards I.uigi who had instantly recovered his
[To be c nc'uded 5n our next.]
A LOW bred Woman.—Otto who slays at
home, takes care of her children, and never met)
dies with the business of her neighbors. Species ;
almost extinct.
J\o. f>7. ll’ntl street, .\>m } or/f.
CAPITAL $3(>0,0(M>!
Insures Buildings in g. m-ral, Merchandise, Housc
liold I* 01 niture. Ships :in«l their cargoes, (in port
only) Ships or Vessels being built, or repaired
and every description of Personal Property.
This Company will pnv all its losses by the late
fire in New \orlc, and still have an ample capital
to afford security to all its c ustomers.
I’he subscriber is prepared to issue Policies direct
at the lowest rates of premium iti Portsmouth, Nor
folk and the surrounding Country. Please give
me a call before insuring elsewhere.
Applications by letter, (post-paid,) givinirn de
scription of property, &.C., &r.. promptly ntlraided
Portsmouth, Au<r 27 A<*vnt.
sii n* n r.ws.
Friday, Au :■ 21.
Steamer Curtis Peek, Davi,, fm Richmond.
Steamer Georgia, Cannon, from Baltimore.
Packet sc hr Adrian, Bedell, from New York, 2 i
(lav-*, to Dickson & Mallory.
Sloop Motto, Fcrnciir. fni Providence, ballast to !
Souttcr & B 11.
Brier Josephine. Robinson, fm Boston, bound to
Richmond, to Dickson & Mallory.
Briff c astena, Damon, fin New Votk, ballast to I
R. Dickson.
Si'hr Peninnah & Josephine, Allen, fm Norwich,
ballast to Reid & Anderson.
Selir Union, Hughes, fm Richmond, powder to
Butler & Camp.
Sehr Lagrange, Crowell, from Richmond, hound ;
to Philadelphia, put in on account of head winds
Packet schr Marv Jane, Powell, fin New York,
2 days, to It. Rowland.
Schr Virginia, Hudgins, and F.mily Frances.
Shackleford, fin Mattapoiu, corn to W. II. Garnett j
Schr Garnett, Richcrson, fm Pamtmkcy,corn to:
W. II. Garnett & Co.
Schr Flora, Nichols, fm Petersburg, coal to A.
W ilsou.
Schr Eliza Jane, Hubbard, fm Gatesvillc, staves,
shingles and wheat.
New brig Adeline, Burt, fm Taunton,-t days, in 1
ballast to Williams, Staples & Williams.
Schr i fades Union, Matchctt, fm Baltimore bud |
to Petersburg.
Schr Fountain, Wcl.-sbv, fm Thomaston. 4 days, I
hay and lime to Sootier & Bell.
Schr N.irragan-c-tt, Bake-, fin Boston 4 days bud ^
to Richmond to Mvers & Co.
Schr It. N. Williams, Elliott, fm Providcnc*, in 1
ballast to Williams, Staples & Williams.
Barque Mary, fm Baltimore, hound to New Or
leans, and an unknown ship from sea bound up the
Drawingof Alexandria Lottery Extra Class No.203.
68. 20. 69, 7,60, 40. 72, 42, 45. 15. 19. 34.
Nos. 42, 60. 68, a Capital Prize sold at this Office. !
Drawing Alexandria Lottery Extra Class No. 201. |
6, 35, 36, 59, 4, 67, 12, 66, 53. 33, 38, 26, 43
This Dai) aiih/ !
$10,001) !‘
10 Prizes of S 1.000 !
75 Numbers, 14 Drawn Ballots.
Alexandria Lottery Extra Class No. 205,
Drawing received Monday Morning.
Capital® --10,000, 2,000. 1,25'>, 1.200. 1,036, 10 of
1000, 200s, 150s. 100 s, 73s, 25, 20 . fee.
Tickets only $4— Shares in proportion.
50 Prizes of 1000.
78 Numbers, 12 Drawn Ballots.
Alexandria Lottery, ('las:: JVo. 35.
Drawing received Monday Evening.
Capitals.—40,000, 15,000. 7.000. 5,190. 2000s, £0 of
1000, 500s, 200s, 100--, &r. &c. &c.
Tickets only $>10—Shares in proportion.
Tickets to he had at JNO D GOR DAN'S,
Littery and Exchange Office, Norfolk.
Where the hi -best premium is paid for Cold,
Silver, and Specie Checks. Aug 30
MRS. ELIZA GODWIN will Cut and Make i
DRESSES in the mrist fasliionahlo manner and neat- ;
cat style. She will be thankful for public patron- '
age. Her residence is on Dinwiddie street, hear I
the corner of Crab. ''"IT 30—2t I
CUJOIUI'; HAMS*—owl nidi Vj out) III AM I •
60 Hushcl* Ground Allum Salt.
10 Sacks Liverpool Salt.
AIho 100 's, Is, and *2 palls Slone Jars.
WJ H. II. HODGES & CO., have constantly on
VV . hand a large and well assorted Stork of
which they arc prepared to sell, wholesale or retail,
on the most favorable terms.
Country Merchants, Teacher*, and others at a
distance can have their orders satisfactorily filled.
Au^1 30
C1IIF.A P SHOES. I h-ivc t ow -.n hand I c.,se
J of Seal Spring Heel Ties, Kid Lined ; yoinp
off rapidly at 50 cents a pair. Call soon or von
will ini*.* a bargain. ^ M. H d I’CHEH,
Am; -20 s :' n 1P f Boot.
BLACKSMITH’S lirsiM;ss. I wish to
take to the. I’,lack-smith’s Husinrs*. a pood j
healthy Hoy, filicen or sixteen years of tin j
Apprentice. One with a tolerable education, would j
he preferred. A food moral character must bn
borne by the applicant. ,
Aug 29—3t On N • 1
Norfolk, August SHg IS45. S. i
ORALKD Tropo^.il^ in Duplicate will tv rcccivctl j
O until 12 o’clock, on the 8tli September lor the
delivery at the Navy Yard, of
Two hundred one Ciflu Catkx of IVrhoit <S‘ Brown e
freth mono fat lured Hydraulic Cement, and
/Vo thoneand bushels of clean Perth Waite, angular
Sand for Cement.
Oder* will he received Separately, for the Cement
and Sand, and bond and security he icqnircd for
the delivery of the whole quantity hy the l*t of Or
toiler ; but any portion may be delivered without
delayt (hat tin work may be begun, and pc on
without obstruction.
Offer* must state explicitly, the cost, per baahel,
and cask, and be carried out for the whole amoun'
I Aug f>- s4w GEO LOYALL, Navy Agent
A tig 30
A MARE four years old, sound and
penth; in Harness—sold for no fault.
Apply at this office.
Iliivin-r opened a Sirov for the Hale
ol Boots, shoes, &e., in (lit* Store for
l^gmurjy occupied by Mr Georgre M.
c-U iiain, is prepared t<> sell HOOTS,
i ■» ,,,, •'s tfood, it not better terms tlian they emu
he offered i I.-civtierv in Portsmouth, Gnspoit ot
Norfolk. lie lias made arratureinents to sell tin
a mve mention'd arlirlra, made by the lie t M um
Jariurers in the country, of the best materials, and
be-t \\ orkiti uisiiin at stiictly NE'V YORK PRI
“e is not in tbe habit of pufltnjr, and it is ottlv
necessary to state, that a call will convince every
‘■in- that (be above is m> exagv-eration. bn* the All
SOLUTKTRUTH. Au<r‘3«>—2w
nKAir ” HOTH SII»I S ’’—Reasons why I
. am a Churchman. mid Reasons why I am not
a Churchman—just publish. J. price l*J-, cents each.
The Churchman's Reasons for his faith an ! prac
Thc Modern Ihitish Kssayists, viz; Miiuinlcy,
Allison, Wilson and others, in tm.form volumes
alt.l at a very low price.
The Family Monitor or I Joint's-tie Guido, liy Airs.
Klliss, beautifully hound in Muslin,
I-oril Rrnueham’s lives of men of letters, .lust
received by 1IODGKS ft CO.
Au«r 2 1
JL MAGNbl'IC FLl II).- 'i' i i i s remaikthh- djs
eovorv bas received the universal a:>probation ol
the Medical Profession of Great Hritain. and ha
been sufficiently Ion? before the American public
to stive a fait trial of its power and efficacy. The
PATF.NT GALVANIC RINGS have been found to
answer all the pur poses tor which ordinaiy Galvan
ic II ittery or Electric and Magnetic Machines ate
used, but arc without any of the injurious shocks
which accompany the applications by those instru
ments, nnd in many otte r respects are more sake
and certain in acooinplishinjr the desired object.
The Galvanic Kinsrs have been used with perfect
n«v' ' ■ •• v ^ viohi, 111 uii* nr uiron
ic, applying to ilio bend, face or limits ; Gout, Tic
Dolotetix. Toothache, llron>'liitia, Vertigo, Nervous
or Sick Headache, indigestion, Paralysis, Palsy,
Epilepsy, Fits. Cramp, Palpitation ol the Heart,’
Apoplexy, Stillness of Joints, Lumbago. Neuralgia,
General Debility. Deficiency of Nervous Energy,
and all Nervous Disorders. In rates of confirmed
Dyspepsia they have been successful. Their extra
ordinary effects upon the system must be witnessed
to be believed; and as a certain preventive for
the above complaints they are equally to be recom
mended. Tin; Galvanic King’s are in every way
perfectly harmless, and are sold at prices to he
within the reach of all. Cristie’b Magnetic Ft.cm
is used in conneetion with the Kings, to render
their efficient action certain, ami to direct the Gal
vanic influence to the particular pot tiona which ate
For numerous certificates of the highest charac
ter regarding the efficacy of the G alvanic Kings
and Magnetic Fluid, reference is made to former
advertisements, or they tnav be seen at the office.
Only Agency in New-York, 134 Fulton street, (Sun
To guard against fraud. Dr. Cristie appoints
hut one A -eticy in cacli of the Cith-s of the United
States. The only Agency for tin: City of Norfolk
is M. A. SANTOS, for Portsmouth, Vu., CHAS. 11
{Vy- Please call and pet a pamphlet gratis.
A ng 2.0
Delinquent laxds.-i have recorded
the Delinquent Land List for Norfolk Ooimty.
A sale of whicii Lands will lake place at October
Court next, before the (’uurt House in PmUmouih.
All persons interested can call at the Clerk’s Office,
and examiiK the same. Lists can he found at Deep
Creik, the (ire,it Bridge and at the Court House
door in a few days. JOHN K. KILBY,
Deputy Sheriff, Norfolk County.
Aug ‘23—2aw 11n
■JV/IORE NEW GOODS. Tho Inst arrivals
ir * from the North brought us a further supply
ol I ILL GOODS. We shall also continue to re
ceive, in all this anti the next month, an entire
Stork to which we respectfully invite the attention
of buyer?, both wholesale and retail.
DOR PICKLING!! A supply of the follow
i ing Fresh Spices, suitable for Pickling, viz :
Mace—White Ginger Allspice,
" liite Mustard Seed—Tumeric,
Black do do—Black Pepper,
(-’loves, Cinnamon, Garlic,
Long Pepper, &c. &e.
Ju t received and for sale at the
20 Cord good PERCLMMON WOOD, either in
logs or blocks, for which a fair cash price will he
given. Apply to CHAS. II. HEIMTSH,
Drug Store, High st.,>*th door below Middle.
Aug 28
A LA lt(» E assortment of Chess-men just open
--V efl. A Iso, Dominoes of different sizes.
Pas-age Lamps at only )j$l 60 each, and at £3,
I, .<$(» and S'fi.
(ait (»h>ss 'I umhlers at uncommon low prices,
French Porcelain 'lea Setts, consisting of 104
pieces, also to he sold low,
French Letter Paper,
French Nute do Envelopes,
Writing Cards, all sizes,
Mahogany Writing Desks, some inlaid with
Brass and some plain,
PnMablr \\ riling Desks ot Russian Leather, re
ceiving and for sale by
Aug ’.’3
/\ IT A I) It ANTS from the best London makers
at various prirfs. A Iso Say Glasses, Cnntcr’.s
Scale-;, BowditeheH’ Navigators, Cnnr.t Pilot. A
large assortment of tlic most approved and latest
(’harts, just received and tor sale at low prices, l>y
Ang2« C. HALL & CO.
quotations from the North, particularly’thc price
currents from the Manufacturers ; n I Chemists,
shows that Quinine is rapidly adoanring. All those
wishing1 to purchase will do well to c all soon, ns
we will still sell at the old pi ires \V"c are ready
to furnish 80 or 100 ounces without delay.
Aug 26 High at., -Ith rloor below Middle.
1711N A L NOTICE.-The Notes and Am ounts
< f Doctor Win. Collins not paid previous to
the lo ir of September next will he collected by pro
cess of Law. S. WHEELER, Attorney.
J llACt (). —.Inst rtceived another lot of that
fine TOBACCO, whic h cost §!?•*> in the leaf, for gale
at factory prices by
Aug >6 WILLS Jt CO.
FOR s \ LU.
The S> osefiber briny about to remove
■ 7 from Virginia, off 's for «a!‘- those two Two
Ji. yj Story FRAME f > W LLI.f N(»S, sir na ted near
'fie int'-rsertion of North and Court sirer-t, and a|
so a Marsh Lot adjoining1 said Dwellings. For
terms, which will be found remarkably low, apply
to .1 NO. N. BAIRD.
NEW GOODS. I Have just rrr ivi d i new lot
ol Cent lemon's, Ladies’ and Mi-scs Shoes of
all descriptions. Also a splendid l it of Umbrellas
anrl Walking Cane*, cheaper than the other lot;
I runhs (lf 11 descriptions, Sole Leather, Linings
a no Hindin rs, Calf Skins, BnfT !.'• alber, Split Skin -,
Horse LealIn r, Waxed Leather, Morocco Skins
■ *>■ a lie r, Waxed Leather, Morocco Mill)',
1 L A w Is. Hammers, Shoe Knives, Thre ad of all
i> ,n,’, rA' birr-n\« Fine Channel Boots. Fine
IVg Boots, Bom,vs of all kinds. Navy Ties, all d
rip ions. | [)C people of Pnrtsmou'h ami the sur
rounding country will do well hv < allino-and ex
amining my stork, and prices, before pm b asing
e. rveh' re. and | will as lire them tint they r.,n get
be.ter bargains at my Store thud any oilier in the
town... . . . „ W.M M. PITCHER,
\V est aide Crawford at., Sign of tin* Bio- Boot.
Richmonn flour
fine receiving, for »*l* hy
Any V
I0(> bbl*i New Super
#^J.Rkat ii\ipkov!::,:ent!—colored j
j “ * DAO b'KIMtKOTYPF. POIlTIt AITS. J. 11.
j " H- * Kill'IIS l has the pleasure to nntmuucc to'
iho Ladies and Cfiitlt-mon of Norfolk and I’m-.- ;
i mouth, that ho has uyum returned and i-t |M.'puix, l j
[ to serve all who may favor him with their patron* i
l Pictures taken in tile most beautiful unci tier- ,
I feet style of the Art, put up in elegant Cases, at a I
i Very moderate cost, equally well j„ clear, cloudy, .
and even in stormy weather, and wa ranled not to I
j fade or rub otr. The public irenerully are invited i
j to call and examine his specimens. whether they
sit or not. lie is assure I. from the liberal patron i
ajc which lie has received, in both Northern and !
Southern Cities, that lie will he aide to jrjee entire
satisfaction. See Rooms Corner of Main and T il
bert .its, over E Dorney’s Drv Ootids Stor. , Norfolk,
for a short time only Also 170'. Main street, opno ,
. site the llinlis, in Richmond. Any *20 — If.
, V Suh-criber briii^ desirous . f mnvitiy to tlie
West will Si II his STOCK AND TOOI.S to a Cun- ,
smith very cheap, lor cnslt, a person that is nidus- i
. Irioiis and attentive to business can make iiiouov ;
the terms can he known hv calling on the suhaci i- j
her or hv letter post pa «l. All persons havitnr work |
at his Shop ate requested to ea!| f,,r jt bv the first ol'j
Sept, tuber, as, should I sell, out I s!,.,ll tart about j
that time, and a lsi> persons indebted hi mi will plea -e
call and settle, as it is tint his wish to place them !
in the hands of an officer.
Aug 20 J. A. SPALDING.
Jt\ tin*I a complete supply of 1*0\V l)KR & SHOT,!
assorted size-. V lsr> Peu-us-ion Caps and Flints,
5 keys of F, FF, & FI-'F Powder,
100 hays Shot from Is to IPs.
i 10 bills N*-\v Family Flour,
10 noxes Family Snap,
10 bb's Lird and Sperm Oil,
10 boxes Tallow, W ax and Sperm Candles, which
j will be sold low to suit the titties.
Aug 25 Wost side the :M irket.
\T E XV (i(H)DS. JOHN COCKE .N CO.. arc!
1-N receiving their F ALL GOODS. The boat (hi- J
morning b.-oi:<rht Ihom n h;m<l.4'.imc assortment of j
Whim Cambrics J.irkonets, Rook Muslins, Swiss
j rlo.. Cap and Capo Lares Sattinelts, &c., to which !
tliey invito tlio attention of purchasers. Auir 23
OUVPAIN F LOU It.—50 bhla Extra Su
perfine just received and for sale, by
Anar “26 WILLS & CO.
The Subscriber will rent that laiare. airy
iruS|an<* commodious Three Story HOUSE, on
.k ,.f „J_Count v street in which she reuv reside-, to
a good tenant.
Possession triven immc'iaiclv.
r. A coinfoitable 1)\\ ELI.INC, with convc
P ulj"'c,lf promises, si.ua ted on County, mar
.»■W'ashinjrton st. Tlte Promises and House
have just heeu placed in thorough and complete re
pair; and ton careful, punctual tenant the terms
will be moderate.
I' i" hire fer the balance of the year, an active,
likely Mulatto BOY, about 15 years of age. He
can come well recommended as a house servant or
for general qualifications.
Aug 23—1 w JOHN It. DAVIS.
fi keep con-Uantlv on baud a full and fresh sup
ply ol all kinds of SPICES, such as
Mace, Nutmegs,
W hite and 11In; 1c Mustard Seeds,
ARspi -c, Sweet Oil,
Long Black ;md Bed Pepper,
5^ hite and Itrowii Ginjyer, Cinnamon, Garlic,
j Cloves, Tumeric, &e.
1'or aal<-at the Drugstore, High street, f Doors
below Middle. CilAS. II. IIEIMTSII,
Aug 23 Agent.
c.i-ivi- I per St-um-r J '\vess a fresh supply of
Hi i L SULPIIL It W \TER, and for sale in h ill
barrels and botlli s, per dozen or single, at the Drug
•Store, High street, Ith door from Middle.
Auit 23 CHAS. II. IIEIMTSII. .Went.
x CIIAN/; i : w.\ NT El).—The highest pre
j 1/ lii'.mn will be paid for Exchange on Baltimore,
j Philadelphia and New York, at
A tig 22 Lottery and Exchange fllticc, Norfolk.
I HOTj-—1300 Bajfs SHOT, well a sort l,foi sale
t r at factory prices, by
j An Mist |___ ' j. WILLS.
N'OTICE. All persons in debt to the late firm
ol \\ ills & llnyncs, will make immediate set*
J tlemcnt as the nflairs of the concern must be closed.
Payment t an be m ide to J .5i;,h Wills, William IJ.
j llnyncs. or to the Subscribers
! Atur 22 WILLS CO.
8 will alwavs find the very best BUTTER that
tin* Baltimore Markets can produce by rilling at
“ The Red Sign.” T. BROOKS, Jr.
Aug 22
I^OR PICK LING.—-A very superior article of
\ INLGAR, which is seldom fc.und cun be had
ilt T. BROOKS, Jr.
A tig 22
CIOPFEE. 30 bags of Laguirn i1 ! SI Domiii
^ go ( Of !• EE, front (i| to 12.'. cents per ll».
Ang 22 T. BROOKS, Jr.
I. I’ It I \ (iS. — .50 bb)a HRIilllN’fiS, (i ross find
Nett, for sale low by T. BROOKS. Jr.
IOA P SUCr A it.—An cxecll. iit quality of f.oaf
J and Crushed SI'< J A It, for 1 *2 \ rent*, for pre
sort lllf?.
A tii? 22
T. IlflOOKS, Jr.,
Wm- side tin; Market.
CALT. (•=•<» idea .Liverpool Blown Salt, in tore
L7 and for sale by j WILLS.
Aui? 21
> 7 L-af lob.icco, for sale by
An? 21
Cs. |
Au<? 21
75 bhtlr P. K. and K. I Muln.-r
J. W1 LLS.
I SOX A L ESTATE.—Pursuant to n Deed of
Trust, executed by John II Hope and Eliza V. his
'Vllr, dated on the 12th day ol July, in the year
l-ilo. and of record in the Clerk'* Ofli e of Norfolk
County Court, lor tbe purposes mentioned in tiro said
D.rd. will In sold at public auction for cadi, before
the f • nrt I l<>u-e of Norfolk (! runty. on MONI) \ V.
the 15th .lay of September next ,at I o’clock, the
1'illowtng Heal and Personal Estate, to wit :
One Tract of Land on Mount Pleasant, contain
olio hnnrircii dii<l for tv {irrtM, more or I» - - ;i(J.
joinii.n: the lands of Jesse P. Sikes and Thus. Mur
One T. ■ t of Land on {lie Elbow Road in the IV.
ri-n ol st Rrides. adjoining the land of Stephen
H ratem, containing otir hundred and lifty aert
more or less. J
An undivided Iwo-thirds of a Tract of Land on
the Mount Pleasant Road in St. Rrides Pi i-h, ad
joining- the I tnds of Ncheiniah Foreman and nth
ers^. containing two hundred and twelve .ores, more
An I nn undivided threc-fourths of t|,- Tract of
Land or, the Elbow Road in St. Bride.* parish, ad
joining the I in Is of the heirs of Charles Kile-rid «v.
:,lcc;i.*» containing two hundred acre . more or
The three last mentioned Tract* of Land are sold
suhjcct lo the .lower estate of Ann. the wife of L-un •
arc! < . Ac! him.
Also. Negro Men, Harry Painter, and the rever
sion.ry interest of the raid Hope a.,1 wife in N
groes Bill and Sam, now m the possession of Leonard
( • A,l!un* "J «.f hj* Ann. who is entitled
loan cr.iate Tor tier life m «ai<| Negro-*
The title to the above properly is heii. v-rt (r, be
tinque-iiortohle, but s> lbng as Trust,- s w • shdi
eonvey midi title only as i- v< led in us by (h. y-hl
SAMUEL M. WILSON. < 1 rn**<;c*
A tig 25—Jtawpj
C't ARD.-P. & A. P. HOW, Enginerr-*, Inti and
J Uruo.' Fomi'Icrn, I>< i^rsT-H* Point, Norfolk. Are '
no’.v prcpurr*! lo contract for rx^cHtintfanv kin*l of I
ste\.m exginks. agkiculti hal impli;
MI-N 1'S, and Machinery in ireueral.
Orders left at C. sX G. ll>-id*-. No. Newton's
»i «rT. or Mr. Jolm Nash, (! irni'i' of II e-|, and
Crawford street, Portsmouth, will he promptly a*
!• tided to. lay 12
* • •' and Scrivener, General Atrent, Convey
ancer,and Collector, will.attend to all Ini-in css en
trusted I i Id-care with promptness and despite!,.
■ 11 on Wido Water Stteot, (icad of Hoa
tiolte Stjnarc. July 8
|)KI V A TM Uf) \ KDIMMIorSK. I. \V
’ LAN'E, on Mi Idle, between North an I (Jl is.
clow Streets, Port-month, Vi. X. It. Transient
Hoarders taken |>y tl,e week or llltioth.
O Wlll'KhKR, \ttornry and Counsellor at
I ’• Law. Pori-mouth. Vi.
v* Otliee on Crawford street, Two I),,, hedow
the Crawford lions', where lie will he pleased to
s-ee all persons haviug* business in the line of hi.
profession. Aujr JU
> \ NI) Mil.IT AH Y ACADEMY.—Th • r,H
Session of this Inuitntion will conimeiice on MON’.
D \ \ . the S»I, ot Scptetnher next, mi'ter the dir.-c
lionet the present ablo mid sitrrfttfii! Professors,
M tjorS. M’liKnt.Kit ami Mr. X. It. WnnsTiui.
Perms, Course ol In truction, \ • . . tame aa
heretofore. .lOMV HODGES.
July 30 President ol 1* mr I • if T ... .
NIM l( B.—A PK PITIOM will he pr. t .
the next Legislature of Virginia, prayinjg for
the pnssaye of an Act to Incorporate the mu. „ of ]
Portsmouth; conferring* upon her municipal rights
and privileges. All persons interested will take
due notice. An<r 20_tf.
N1-* I>()()!v.S rcccivr. i an«l for ^ hv
C. II \1Aj tz CO.
The Travel* of M nr.o Polo, being- the 173d No.
of the Family Library.
I'.j-nys by John A inbercrom'de, hi. f). F. II. S.
I-'., Ii-oin the 19th Kdinbur:r edition ,
Thi- duly of American Women to their country,
No. Hi of the Wandering Jew,
The Parpono(ta of Mora,
No 33. 31. 33, <>f Harper’s Illuminated and New
Pictorial Hihb*. 25 cm.
No lil and (»’ Harper’s Illuminated and THustra
ted Shakespeare, 25 ets. C. M ALL f_ CO
Aug 21
fHV.-3)bbls Imdation Holland Min, just re
s' reived, for sale by
An? 21
A n g 7
AAr eat ride Market Squ ire.
fy-nuvu WH ISK I’.V.-M) bbls Old Rye
vr Whiskey, for sale on consignment, and ran be
sold low. ( Aug 21) J. WILLS.
F> \GINfi AND ROPE. 50 piece Kentucky
9 Rifflnc.
.M) Coils Rope, for sab- low by
3nor 12 WILLS & CO.
"PRESH BUTTER received three times a
X week from Haiti more, an I for silr hv
Anar 7 W rst s; le Market Square.
TJ1A 1>IIL\ PLOI 17 \ article by the
harrel or retail—just send and iret some to try,
from L K. THOM AS’S ,
An? 7 A\ rst Side Market Square.
Black & gu \powder te a • o. i
and for sale by
ffi All Freight. for J nne= River ste.am
f,rnWr0'-* intended to hr landed on tin- river,
.w,„MAmrrf.ini|,t l)L. |>0foro it will ho taken
on board the boats, or it will not cm.
July 31 Agents, James River Steam srs.
5 rr inne the Kx-rrises of bin School in Ports
mouth, on MONO ' Y, the 22 1 of September. The
course or instruction will be thorough and exten
*ivr, nnhracing all the blanches of a finished Fe
male Education.
1st Class, - - - $ IS per scs-non.
21 Class, - - . i(j
3d Class, . . 14
.Mr. S. would take, this opportunity of sayin r that
if anv of the pupils are desirous of attending to
M I SIC, he has made arrangement!
ran lie competently taught, at per quarter,
cither on the PI A NO or t|lt. M LIT All
Portsmouth, August 10—3tawt22dSep.
B > vnm x; wo o \v school, n ..
fill:. V.'i . under tlie Superinlondancc of Mrs
Mrs. C. takes this un'tlioil to infirm the citizens
«>f Norfolk on I vicinity, tint she has taken the
large and iirv Room in the Dwelling House ocru
pied hy Mrs. Berry, on Omnix-i I anil street, for the
purpose of establishing a Seminary for Youti" La
dies and Misses.
This Institut'on will he opened for the reception
of I’upils on the 10th of Srptcmbar. Its design is
to impart a thorough maetir il and finished Kdu.-a
lion. Advantages will be offered for acquiring an
extenmvo and thorough acquaintance with the
Englisn Language, Latin. French and Spanish. -
Also, Music, Drawing and Punting, and various
styles of Embroidery. Mrs. C. will he assisted hy
Teachers of the first talent.
Particular attention will he paid to the rno'-al.
and manners of the Pupils placed under Mrs.
care, and il will he her aim to bring the social .if
feetions into exercise, to train the pupil to correct
h >hits of thought and action and to make the ac
quisition of knowledge a pleasant occupation.
Mrs. ('. will continue giving Les-ons in Penman
ship at the School Room front It ill-past four to half
past five o'clock. Terms of Tuition made known
at Iter School Room.
Those who may wish to take Lessons in Penman
ship or enter as Day Schollars will please leave
their mines with Mrs. Berry, at the School Room.
Mrs. (\ takes pleasure in stating1 (hat she in kind
ly permitted to make the f dlowing references.
W. Seaton. Esq., Al iyor of Washingl m. D
t . ; Rev. (). B. Brown ; Rev. George IV. Samson :
Ri v. S. Sprole ; Rev. S. B. Willis. CuUkill, N. V. ;
Rev. Septimus Tuston. Chaplain ot the. Senate ;
Rvv. A. \. Muller; B. F llallctt, Rsq,, Roston ; J.
A. Cnderwoofl, Esq., N. Y. July if9
i" I quit.> Itars for sale cheap hy*
Aug 15 JOHN COO KB f: CO.
1 J EI)I CING S I'D! Iv .
IX dured prices our remaining Stock of SUM
MER GOODS to itiako room for fir Kail eupply ' -
Come and get the Bargains
for it t:\ r,
/ tSs. a comfortable DWELLING Mot SR ;n
g the most healthy put of the town terms - »
-E- LiJJnw it will I c sufficient indm uncut to make
nnv person rent wh . wishes to gcla good residence.
Also fine up town will be renleft very low.
IV? ^JOE. The Liver y 8
r 1 by James Alex imler, it the Washington Hof» I.
a-e now in good order. Persons wishing to have
Horse-'led tty the day or month rtri do so by tail
ing at the Stable* or on th" Subscriber Persons
living in the country having business in Norfolk
w:d find it convenient to top at these Stables, tiny
being immediately at the ferry wharf.
1 JORSl'iS and good comfortable liAl'HIAtiF.S
X m. can tie hail at the shortest notice. Young p<T
Mtn wi-hing t«> visit the II .If-Way lion -on very
urgent business ran he accommodated with a good
( irriagc and a p;tir of ||nr.-c* that they may rest
w, .l assured can't he overtakcri.
V\'!N J S! WINKS!! WINKS!!! I |i;,v, t
♦ > r- plcnishcd my stock of the very best WINES
of all kinds. Persons can test them ’ y calling *„,{
tasting lightly at STEPHEN JAMES’S
Aug 12
V- /\ .n 1 > ( ti’S—The object now-u-oays is, with
.•v -rv person, to cut th> Ix-i artii le at ihe lowest
I” 11 I' *■* only nee irv for a pur-on to call at
to s ni«iy ihoiiiaolvui of tin fo-t, that herannot be
im'h i - ohI at any ot* 1'• f e-tahi i-iimr nt in this place.
r;r *H >'.il examinr his i-sortm. nt of I*'i„o llca
vor, t'ii-siirii ru, Brush atnl Moleskin Mats ami Caps
ol all patterns and qualities. 1
N' A V V COCKED II ATS, ami every descrip
tion of Huts made to order, by R BELL, '
Si<rn of the Panther,
‘'''l* llii’li. near Crawford street.
The Subscriber would res
spi.-tfully rail the attemion of
t the public toa new mu! beaut i
' tut as-or tmi nt of watches
A A I) J E\\ MLII V, consisting
it: p u t of M .1. Tobias’ Cold
laAfis warranted genuine,
a«>‘» •'* vi i Anchm Le
v--r .1.1 and Silver Lrpines,
<...hl nml Silver V jra \\ A 1 CllliS —a lari'.- as-or t
m- nt of (b id Finjyei Kim's. Cold m l Silver Sperta
eh-b, with pe.-ifoi n a! an.I plain plays.. f•.>]<! Guard
Fob, anti I'rst Clntinx, beautiful articles, Gold ami
Silver Guard K-vs in I Studs, Cold Locket Indies
amiI Gentlemen’s Cold Breast Pins, and a lot of
Bodtreiv’ superior Pen and Poekct Knives, with
in n% other ai li. u-s too numerous to l.e enuinerated
all of which 1 will sell as low as ran he obtained at!
any establishment in the City.
All kinds ol Clocks ami " -itches repaired and
warranted, as usual. Old Gold and Silver boueht
or taken in exchange-.
CHARI.ES V.\ hf.ydon.
Jl,*y Histh Street, Portsmouth.
lion :m<! Miniature
>p< -claries, Gold an
,v'‘ *• t'ASHIOX
ABLE (jOODS.- I have just
returned withn new nndspleo
J v -J Hi,l assort men t of Cold. Silvei
(I' A v'S'W L'-pme, J.. v. r. ami V.-rce
~ o W i< tries, Gold Guards,alarg-c
lot <>t iiii'nst Pins ;«n unusual
-t-.< k,Ool.i Pol,and W*t
« -^ Chains, Gold Locket*. Medal
(;<il<i. Silver, and Steel
. I silver T!iiinal<M uml Shield*,
Cold (I'mril Keys, Oo’d Studs an I Sleeve Buttons
Coral a ml Clasps, Ping-er Minifs of every vari-tyj
Table, Dessert and Tea threaded Silver Porks Ta
ble, Dessert mid Tea thread Spoon -, pl iin s'ilver
... Su-ar Tony*, Salt mid Mustard Spoons.
Ladles, Mutter Knives, Crenin Ladles, Siimr La
dle-, Silver Teasels ol superior stylo. Combs Tooth
and 11 air Brushes, Sill: and other variety of Iteti
eule , a hirer lot of Panev Goods.
"f'r \ 'nrire supnly of Fancy Pans from 12'eta.
to SB « nch. Ladies, call and see them.
fc/'Cloel.s and Watches mnnire.l and warranted
ns mini. O I Gold ami Silver bought an 1 tikcu
in ex.-han"0.
July 7 J M FRRBiVf AN, Norfolk.
1! \T A MX \ |» M \ \ I • p \{; I- u|> F<n_
Ml kinds of H ATS and CAPS made fr»
order and at the shortest possible notice,
J[S n.'»d at a cheap prices, as thu same ar
tie le m Now York.
Norfolk, .Tune 7.
<; r-.vi’id’n i:\. \ Ti'Mvriov
>t/\.M—Ghfutleiiien, please rail at my
s ore and examine a new article of
MAI'S, with “ Cilats and Welling,”
|l"'t trot up on a plan entirely new. 1
cannot, weli dcs-rilie them in an ad
vertisement, and no adequate idea of their c.onvcni -
in. ;tI,d utility ran be had without an examina
tion. C II at once.
J ■ li- R. BRLL, Hiffh atreet.
^ ' ( VI’S AM) {: V }> G'OV
r.lis.-Jiist received .1 simply ofSpIcndid
XAN Y CAPS, and COVfillS, which will
I he sole! very low,—Coll and examine.
I? It I.' I I
Aprii 1 I Sijrn of <
l"' P inHir-r, Hisrh street.
/ 1* 11J .\ I'].—'1 w<> mom Barrels Superior
c . -yiPilINE.just received and for gale at the
Medical Emporium. l?i«rh »t.
l I \ IN E. —50 oarers >•! Sulphate do Quinine
.1" > received at the MEDICAL EMPORIUM’
l •! Hisrh street.
K eep it beforeTtiie people i
The Subs--ribcr informs the pul.lie that ho
continues the (’ \BIXKT M \KlNO BUSINESS on
the Corner of llifrli and Middle streets, w|,em ho
will he happy to receive orders, and execute them
in a style not tu he surpassed, tn may he demon
strated t . the satisfaction of those who will do him
the favor to call ami examine his work, lie ha.
some of tin: most fashion ihlc specimens of
,\,-on la ICC lot of Curled Maple, Rush and Wind
soi ( HA IKS.
Bein^an experienced mechanic he respectfully
appeal- to the Iodines of a rrenerous public to ex
tend to him a portion of its patronap--. Old Ftir
ture taken in exchange for New.
All persons indebted tom* are. respectfully
invited to call ap.d settle their hill*. 7
jnue In B, D. H,
B t«l Christianity ; nr K.-ays and Discourse* on
the religions of man and the religion of G0 | bv
A. Vi net. I) IV. Professor of Theology in Liumij.
ne, Swiiz'o land. “Wesprik advisedly when we
s.y this M the pp lilnctioii of on.: of the finest minds
of the ay,” f'h is'i tn Spectator.
“Dr. V inet is decidedly the ablest Christian Phi
'■•-Phcr i" Europe.” -R. v. !?. Baird,]). j» , prj,.f,
' CR EDEN’S rONCORDXSCB, abridged and rc
arrioer. d at die v. rv low pri< of §|,?5.
f ne puhlishers ate ‘minr >| ifrc.it service to the
Am eietu Mini dry and tho Church by the issue ef
this mv.ilnahle work a' a pi-i. < which brings it.
willun the re.id] of all ” The, Refit: tor.
The Tonieal Quoad.m I! >nk, on snhjre:« connect
- I with tho plan of < ,Iv,,tion-ju«t published and
r"T> u'h*i e.| very v doa Me. \|-u, the Hirto.fr ,| <>
tom Bo<dc for S d.lrith S.'hooln md family instruc
tion. The a! '.V' just re -cived by
A'icr2'l W. If ff HODGES fk no.
XTIJW HOOKS jn«l r.erivcd and for sale bv
Abercrombie a Mlsccllanemi* Kseivs,
Xh‘ l",v °.f Ameri."", Women to their Country,
f lie I r ivel - or Marco I olo. -rrtntly amended and
pjirircfoo frfMii vr* *
ptiblishcd by
and in Italy lit
No. If. Wandering
No 35 Pictorial Mihle. p,
lYOTICi:. By virtue ;.f a Decree of tie- Court
II,:'U 'r>*’f,r N ,r,’,k {-'unity. I hall sell
;V u ,r!l " {r{ "oV1 rk
Dm ( oiirl House Door in the town of Portsmouth
a likely NEGRO WOW, John. Id „r ,, :,r%"Z l!c’
lone-mg to the rstate of Jas. Williams. Term.
1 a:h , . I- J FLEMING,
' " ' • Administrator.
(have just received * few keys of OLA DE’S HET~
TER, for aal", very good and rhenp
*"* *ndo Market f>rju.r#.
' , ' ’ 0,,°- ~r' «»ly amended and
I V dual. <• earn- immisrript* rerently
the r reneh So doty of Geoirranhv
••fount Baltic,li Doni, pny’

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