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I Jf \* .1 I iittily mi- I: i i.-, a mild in ! ••.■iitiv
p"r pt'iv • and u purifier of the m l. Tlie meti
er.»l tii- ■»! the • • celeorrtlo l Pi Is tiirou rtiool the
United Stat"d, for these forty years pi.M.nnd flic!
stroii? r;vy:n u n-la lions they hue uc<;u:ri-:ii''roiu
a l rim s 11 uni' iel low i i/.eu.-i, |i| ie« s thei.i in a
in i. o mu- ■! • v 11«.! situation in paSliC 'tini 11• .n.
than uiv i. i i i e it • ly whirii lir ie.etitn.0 >• -on
intro lured.
l’ii ■ i i.: »-viinf ire -i'll on? tii'' "nir.' ii .-a « or
w i; ■ i I >i. O *l." hr.n • .1 I*’1 Is tv re so *1 — v .1
ly di«; i i rn * ' » ’ i * * i r i 11 ?. It.' i h ■ r conn: r>.|.
in r pro,* *:■ ti •- in tem ivin-?‘he bib. from iIn sPon
aeh ‘they pr *vnt »u i cure tin* hil'mis t; chills
• > • i ;-i • >*i ! f •; .i,i- i :i i l i! i i ver ; y
fever ; bilious -Ii >li • ; >1 in • v ; d >ntf i v ; \voi ms ;
bilious v unitin'; , tfi'k ml Ion I stotn u h".
!t V rlt* all in? I tic h'l we Is III I s i •,: 11 i,*|| IVolll till i 111 -
p iriti 'S, t !l ' V restore ill • in of «■ 1 ;i.■! i 11 •, rein .V. da; ■
uleil'V, euro t'li Ii-a lae’i", Ii iiiuial costivene, .
eol.I.s, eon f'.i s. isthin <. • • ;i--iipt .«• ;'u 'ivpoeliou Iri.i.
11; torie.t I nnnlaint s, stan - miry, :rr i vcl, ft r.
•t: a ■; enei \l in l copious us • thev will I. • found
v *rv bench' t il n eu in; the euini iti.sni an 1 • >ot.
I uin ha sf» o ■ 1 i it th o I M l i n»p u r i 11,
I to their hippy efTei t s. wli tie ..
• Itn ? from onu«tiiutiotril uilm nit or from in lid
eroot intemperance.
These oo|e.'»r.i toil pills line.* been used to very
si'" it advatll i re i u eutiiitf 'be •! "so'-p-da < u* imii
tfestion, bronehi'is. liver r mo pi ain', ft v.
They are .. 1( iui' .i; i nje m • j, • • no lor l-“< in t|r (lorn -
plaint s <*• nertillv, and i,;;ii’ bally for removin'..- those
obstru •( i ms w' lie !i a re the s.mren of their ;i i! ii-ii t
at certain perio I , ill "/ pos,ess the eminent adv m
t i<r :s over most other pur - i'ive--, that while th v
'operate, - "it t y, they proluee neither costivene.-..-,
debility, or too trreat excitement.
tVh 'never there i-' a o"v lisp isitioti t-.rec eivo *lis.
case fi out in <rah •• ilovi i, or l',.mt .a ton rotiiuns u»e
of at- lent spirit s or Ir "it a vitiated state of th • bile,
these pills will assuredly eounteraet it.
They are highly reeo'n.nen led to travellers,
ho i or land, and may b ■ mal' tt.se of with salctv
with mt chan ye of diet 'ti l in situations where tin
e v >can he ttaod. They will he .. ! • irlicu
Iarly valuable for pr"ventin? diseases ineiden'al t.
hot climates, they drtertro and cleanse vicid hu
mors, op-m ihdHi'tions, nrl nrouint • I lie sec ret ion j
of *tao I bile. operate .i.s a n e isy c itli.u tic as j pow- 1
c.-ful diuretie. a :a I us ti <1 ianboretir.
Or. n.’ilt, under t!i" stron; eonvietion of tin
power of his pillto relieve the illlirte l, i irimi.
men Is the use of them to those who are in health
as well is the nfll et ( b ast once a fo' tnieht.
ditrin r th • Sorin'** m l Summer months, in which
h" feels assure ) those .vlto attend to lii.s advice will
tin I the b"nelil they seek.
\ bill if d: reel ions a emnpanies each box of Pills.
Take ti it'.eu—eae’li It ix is sealed with red wax.
sta-no‘1 with the 'wonrietor’s mat of arms, nnd
signed 'I'. W. nvnTT, M. 1> , and
T. W. DYOTT, Jr.
Kv sale hv the solo proprietor, at the Knnnlain
Head, No. 143 Vo-th St R
Hast sid", and bv III" m »st resoeetable Drn mis's
an I country Me: cliant.s throui.-liout the Uni tod
Si'ECI \ I. Dki* >T. a* I lie. Store of Me\atlde- Duvall j
4s. Cm, No. H7 Main stre.-*, Itiebniond.
VI so, fir -tie b v ('. II. HRl N l I’S II, A -Ten t. Ports.
month. M. X. Smtns, K n r & Toy. It. l-'.tncrami,
Uohert son ft f'nrnick, XX’. II. Ilron.rhtnn, N o foil-,
and hy l)rn';ir;..st» sfenerally throits'lionl the Ihii
ted States. June 7.
J\. i have on hand i I i■ tr. smelt «»f the most pop
nlnr and approve I I’ATKNT MKDICIN'KS, which
I will warrant fresh and rormine 'J'iio following
list contains i portion nf tii • lock.
For Cong'is, Colds, .'j-e.
H ichan’s Hun <r t? i.an H>1 mi, Brinckrrlmfi’
H R-stm itiv. I) . Wij'nr’s Balaam of Wild
Cherrv, l). .1 tvir'.' F.s;i"i'lor mi, Pe is ’a More
It min I Omdy, Dr. s w.ayui-’s Syrup nf Wild Cher
ry, ilousem ns’s German Cnutr'i Drops, &o.
For I input it Us of the Blood.
S mils’ Extract -Sar- ipirilla. Svaim’s Panacea.)
Hull’s Extract of S ir : tparilla, RichardsonV Ameri- I
can Panacea, Hand- lion and Tom ito Panacea, &c.
For Bilious Diseases.
Dr. Dyntt’a Anti Bilious Pills, Peter's do.. Leo's
do.. Wrigin’s Indian Vegetable do., Sugar Coaled
do., Moflat’.s do., and Bratidrolh’s do.
For Fever and Ague.
Rowaud’s Improved Tonic Mixture, Xnsli’s Ton
ic, II ill’s \ rue Pills, MoITit’s Phoenix Pitioiv, Sap
pington’s Pills, &c.
Fi>r IVorms.
Fahnestock’s Vermifuge, llnll’c and Sherman’s
Worm Lozenges, Jayne’s Tonic Vermifuge,
Swaiui’.s Vermifuge, Worm T'-a, See.
For Diarrheea and Summer Complaint
Bernard’s Diarrhoea Remedy, Jayne’s Carmina
tive Balsam, .
For Dnxpnisia. <Sv.
II nick’s Panacoa, Beckwith’s Anti Dyspeptic
Pills, Santos’s Alterative and Anti Dyspeptic Pill--,
& c.
For Fains in the Back, Side. fee.
Sherman's Poor Man’s Plaster, Whiting &
Well’s Strengthening Plaster, McAllister’s Oint
ment, Sir.
A Iso Scarpa's Ac an® tie Oil for Deafness, Thomp
son's Eye Water for S ire and Inti lined Eves, II -r
rison s Specific Oimment, Gen nine Harlem Oil,
Bateman’s Drops, British Oil, Dilbv’s Carmina
tive, Anikin’-* Ointment, Turlington's Balsam,
Go lfrev’s Cordial, &c.
For sale wholes.ilc and retail hv
C. IF. HE!NITS 11, Vgmt. !
rpra\ ! TK \ !-nil»ORTA\ r TO F VM
I. I LIES.—I ii ivo tli'- l.irevst and best assort
ment of TEAS ever ofFere I fur sale i:i this vi
cinity, from the “ Cunion Tun Com/xim/,” which i
the oldest established Com.ianv ::• the I'nited
States, and are celebrated fur sellincr Choice TKAS,
Amour tlie assortment in iy be found the follow
ing, which are put up in lib, \lb, and Jib parka
Retail prices ns follows, subject in n't cases tube re
turned if not approved of -
GI1KENS. pku l|>.
Good YOUNG HYSON.$0 50
Fine do... 0 »>’t
No. 2 fragrant do. 0 75"
No. 3 finest do. i 00
Extra fine.. I 25
Good HYSON. 0 75
No. I do. O ft |
Very fine do. I J‘J'
Extra Erorrant. I 25
Good IMPER!A 1. 075
Finest do. 1 no
Good OUNPOWDEI!. 0 75
Fine do.. I o>
Extra fine do..... I i-m
HI. \CKS. pen 11».
Snmd SOUCHONG.50 jo
No. I do. 0 50
N >. 2 do. 0 021
Finest do. 0 75
Extra finnOORONG. n S7',
Fined English Break fa--t Tea. 0 75
F.verv oie!;>(in iddilinn to it- 'uortininr
FULL WEIGHT independent of the wi ipper.)
h«a s t h •;! a in •> of n -at ness mid eb-rttu e, and t h •
Teas therein are y > thoronsrhlv H«-rnrcd from lie-hi
and air, that their f|itali(y an I power will remain
unimpaired in any climate. For - do by
Cfl \S. II HE! NITS If. A front.
April 0 Hiifh *t.. 1 tli door from Middle.
&e.—By r< r.ent arrivals fro: : Nnrtln rn Cities (in
subscriber i< put in j» -■ -• • ei of a complete a.*
vrlueii lie invites the. aMention of i!: ■ public, tren
orally. Purchi-ers vi ’lin.rto oh m ;• r t ir-1 -- - in
his line of liu-ine •-•. would d:> well to 'n him a
call If.fore (|< .linir wle re.
Thb followin'* eompi isos but a sin ill portion of
his assortment, viz :
Aqua Ammon, “ Fort,”
Ammon C irh ; \rrowroof, *‘ Bermuda,"
Alcohol, It >r • x, It :y!» rrv 15 >rk,
Peruvirn Mark, 1"-t; Gum Opium,
Gum Camphor, Hum ii :v/."in,
Roll Suphur, Dover P . -■.-!<
Calomel,'* Enrrlish and Ameriean,”
Jalap, I >erac, Epsom Salt*. Lemon Svrup,
H7rup Sarsa-.) ti ill i, Wild C e-rry 15,ark,
V’anil* Beans, dusk "in rrrain,"
Druand Chemist, High
"’■•-'■’■'"V - .T-> -IPl’W. Limio.l "L. Mg'l
jakugs /c ni:s, \yhou-:s.\i.f.
PAIL.—( [I. i
i> *■* recently iccuivcd from the Vurthe. n <hu.
«• x to?i - v.* -ti|y’.i s .if .V, ■ lii «'ii 'iuumW, I’l-i }.,
ni -i y. i) >uitV>. Dye W.i d', !».imt. On.;, \\ in
i' i\v (J .-i, Pet.-til Medicines. G ii’ Ini Seeds, To
I* 1 ’• > ' ' -. ■“>mit!, . ! i wli!. 11 (!n y v. im|i
reap-ctlmly .1.1 ill - a.-.-ntioti of the Public c
* 1! I . . I i* Ini .11.'. in.;' I,' M *. • ■iili'Ui a I).. r * inn < ft ’ i
tli'-u S; k, w hi ii they will .sell upon yum 1
terms ,n Uiy Stive in V j, r||
m r, DK'i .’i
i.»l r. -' • «* * S \ n i i n •!, Sti’pl:;i |i- < > ii’. 1
iiihi*, 1«:i• 11 .\ . »**-, Gmil Cau- .Mur, \row i in. I. i V * n
vim . I* i;l l^ii'lrv, Ini : C.i!. i nc. |
-' . 1* 'I ‘ I’. 1 M i s, Sul pit. >1 •. t'!»i i, !’.i * il|.re-1 .1 .i
I‘: 1 • .< . Rhu!-i b. S..; ,-r. C.ul-.
<' is tin- Oil, Super. C i rh. S i !a, (! mu A i •:> L. i. *, Gnu
l’i i r If-IIM !i, film iliinil, Sj) Nitre, it 11 -. Ciil-niv i
'■ m. Wine, l) ; i
m * . * .• it.i- i vo S mil: n.ito, Aij’i.i A mi ii> - in i ,i , .
I ir:c Ariil, I'.;.)-..in S ill-, i,ui, i miiii, S. tm.i. Oi
l*i*i«iH'i'iiii111 ami a'i i-s-eiiti.il oils, |;|v
'.I I V U’sill , M | "III I , l: .1 I ..|i Flour Sulpillll , All-n
il •!. II'rax, i*>-Jiin <! mu! iTitde, lied Precipitate
Guin Myrrh, Gat i id es (• mn I'rojf au111, Sui
sa|lil|-i|]a . Slum - . V i::|s, is( .
I* A I \ i’S. <)l 1,S AM) <;i,VSS.
Window Glass ol . I: uni qualities, \vnit.
Lead,dry and in i . ! ’ I > . I.
Tut pentiiiPull v, Wliiiin j-. V.u dierU. di v and in
nil, f II Illlte (ire. II, ( ':: l ' mil V>- 1. .-.V, Yi'll..W ( 1, III
I’-ll- ia II lli'l-. Verinillion. Kitten Sti'lll", JvorV
HI n-lr, Gutn (* .;-i i', I* lint Brushes, nil si/.---, |{ns,
Pin k, Kit i > 15 i.-ic, lie -1 i - Ii l,nst re, G .!■ 1 and Si 1 vi-i
Leaf. I'.ipp.-I P.I- in/..-. Whit,- t'l.allc. Spanish IJ,U vn
\ .-n.-iiiM lie 1, S P.-per, Pointer; Sl uie, .1 i|>an
f' »p 111 Cou-Si and Harness V i.-nish, Turkey I’m
I' M. Tum .1:- Si. nil I. lied (.Mini!.-, Gum Sfn-l iu
Iteiiyht Varnish, Saslt Tools, all sizes, Black Lead
Cochinr iJ. >.'ultm-T -, Mace, Cloves, Cinnamon
A ll !>re, I "Ml ;-iii--s. Gum Arabic, ’J'ur !<ev. Oil Ii,
Vanilla Beaux. Tor.qnin II-uns, Coriander Seed
(brruv.v S-ed. Attnis ed. Pmilish. Saler-itu*.
'V-it,. Jamaica Ginacr, Ka*t India Ginger, Peppoi
erior Spanish Senary, Starch, Liquorice Rail
Bit!) 15: i • t<. Fi-r Blue. Pii'vd,.-. J Gino-.i Knot, Al
mn, Olive Oil, in h .tiles and baskets. IK fined S >!t
P* f "'M '1 I'-.iboV SnulT. Se iM-ll SlilPT. I tnii ,-o. (' .-til.
s c nv> •*, t* , Co, Oil. in buttles. Ale, b d. Fti.
t :,)■! ’VI I'eli, - , (’ 11 . .un ite Aniniut'.i.-I. S'.-la 'm- W ..-Ii
iutr. f. ,n,luti Mustard, fa'-ei.m- Pepp, i . &c..
Mie Snbseeibers take Ibis tm-tllnd , f |-e*uriiinct
fb. ir sitieere tit inks to tli" Citizens i.f Poi (smoiitli.
G opart, nn 1 tin- ti.-itrithm in?r (’.unities, fur tbe put j
rmeiu-e -ii ii!i.-.-a 11\* ext -nde.l towards them, and I
confident!*.* a--ure tlu-iii tint every exertion will In
•'•a.|c on ill-it part t.. merit a c.iiitinuanre of tin-j
RF.CKIPTS • tust*. umded i.f the purest inq-redieot.s
with ircnrar y a ml de.sp : t.-li.
Or lers from C unti y M -reliants, riivsb-inns an 1
others, promptly and neatly executed,'and the pri
res'i|, !i -is will give entire satisfaction.
I ■' fr/ie/rx sn!tl attain H-labUsIn.’ient irurrunt
fd Fresh and timuine.
INII 11 \
j ’ k'J i s' i:iiy i.\ the 11 c' v f.
' •* 1S(1 ART. --Inmort mt tn inv .lids mid ft im.'~
Important to inv
o! the -iek. -- «mI.oiii>*. however clli" acinus, luisal
' ys been talcen will) di.tsaii-T;trtien by tl)t> stole,
owing to its tin ;i| 'i-ant nature. II.-nee it lias . vet
li t it t‘to s* t; I y oi all tri o h ph vsicians to <iisgui--e its
n uisoms t nit’. ;{IIt their i.(Foris have never been
rrowiied with complete success. It was left for Dr
^mith to a.-eomplI{ iving ‘riven the -n! i< ,-t hi*
utiretnittin r attention for nearly two year-, lie has,
i!t •• in!11;t a enn.-h leralile amiiiint of money,
pi oilueetI a ii)..|I ieinc wh ieIi, v. hi Ie i t is evet v wav
a rre. able to the palate, is sure to triumph over PIS
I ASI’, hi,| all opposition, and to re; ,y him for his
vi iion to tin- improvement ■>( medienl science
!51’. C. I3MNJ. St-1 ITU'S
fsit'M; COATl’.l)]
Are the resi.lt of his labor. Tlieii efforts, and the
general favor with wl i. h they have been received
in all nar!.-- of the Ui itod States, warrant the pro
prieliirs in the deel.it ation that * d^yiirrtliej'TO/l.
*sf improvement in inedieine on, h„nr». lUlike all
othet pills, these neither grip?, produce nuuseu nor
inti/ of In r unpleasant sensation, while they are as
power)ui as it i- po<sihle for a medicine to he, and
he harmless. For sale i»v
if1 1> a I Ml K I ’ R i i o (' pt.s II r, 11 ,T! I KB.
Vy. KTORATIVK. This medicine is n sale and
certain cure in complaints of the Livi-rand Lung’s.
Consumption, Liver Complaint, chronic anti severe
Coughs and Colds, are s I most immediately relieved
an I ultimately enr.-d by a faithful use of the |{e
s< native. I)r t hilton. the emiuenl practical chcni*
ist and physician of New York, attaches hi* rer
t i lit a te stat i ii *r i ts on I ire vegetable eoniposi i ion, a f*
ter he had made i rareful analvsis. It is wholly
devoid of any irritatinc property, and manifests -ro
'L-< i led healing and pur ifvin 'qualities a:* ii-iqui, k
1 v alleviate the most a .g rava t i ng rough and chan re
the morhi I expert..! ation. Pains in thechest and
side, so often attendant on Lung Coiiinlaints, aie
cfl. etr.allv removed without the lenst inconvenience,
the seat of t ho d i ffieuit y being react ted uiueh quiekei’
than any external application. From the repntn
t:,m of tIn’-* medicine in New York, where ii has
h en sold for some years, the most indubitable te-*
timonv is (riven to its merit. Certificate-; have
h. en literally showered in on the proprietor from
the best sources, and stating the cases of person?
riisid even when given up hy their physician.—
The ! let of no one single in tance of dissai islaet ion.
known or expressed, is a strong guarantee of it
m. rit 'I’lm following ret tifirato is from Dr. Chil
ton. toe well known New-York chemist,
“ l It ive an ilvze I a bottle of medicine e ■ fl.-rf * ('
lb tucker hotT’s Health Restorative’; and fmrl th.t
it dors ,, t eon; * in Mercury, or any other metallu
preparation, nor opium in any of its forms. It is
composed o] vejrotnlile mat• er entirely'.’’
•Iamfs 15 ftitt.TON, M. D.
Proprietor, N. Y
. II. IIKIXir.SII, Agent, Porta
For sale iiy (
, . ' !"'s' * "'"iibl niosr r -»p-elfnllv rail vmir at- -
IvnhMit r, n,v a ini• i,t ..f l'.\ NT V WM'K’I.KS
I, 1 . 'll IIV. whir]) is perhaps !
II, 11 r,<?h/-t 1 '’I off-red for, »|,. i„ thin plan-, !
rr.mpnyi.ur almost every art . :,- both nseful a,,,!
ornament ,1 necessary f.,r the Toilet, of which ti,r '
'oliowin.tr i-- a part
Ladies* tVorir. n „eW and beautiful article,
I rrrr.r,,-- t 'hIiioio, put „p i„ .olendid m- |r
C,(’ream, th I, -t article eve, offend fori
chopped hinds, &r. ft possess.-* the .nod extraor I
d, 11a i y lira line- qi,alines „i,d is ,ho br.,| cosmetic!
-rer Is-now n for nnp.rlintf a deli t„
the -Uin, and ruest-rvincr fro,,, rhn->pin«-.
Piiilocome, (lie best preparation for the Yhiir now !
JW Sr..nte,| Toilet Powder, very niperior,
I (’lirvylilinp
J" '■ tie r with the lararivt assortment of f'olnjrne
/' >*'T. florid:, \Valcr. and Soap of superior final i
11 V. of ever V I l i. f: of p.-f fi, I . priM'.in s. , | ( . !
l"oth Ihiwlt"), Nail Men di*\s, fInir llrudies, Sir.,-- 1
nor I’ood, Powder. V. -cf M arrow Pomatum, p,.
t, y »- f’. l. t.rated C ,1 i frram. fcc.
■ dl in anrl cxnmin- for vnurs'-lvcs.
, , C. II. rrrcmiTSIf. V-mt.
‘ llirh d..lli door from Middle.
P iV'K ..M ' Nffl Nf;s ,\NI) II >IU» V |t.
* * -f»- " have for - def, |r>r.r,- stork of P\
pr.j; IIWJINfjs |{ORDRRiN0. wh h w
;Vi 1 , 1 v rv. ’'v• Pe,-(,na in want of either o'
1 "• Y"v.,: " ! ' lea win p|e„ f.'iv u-i rt call before
pur !, nu, ' el -o where.
.... , . xv >1 M HOIXdfS ft CO.
" " M ,ve ah .jo .( ,-f '■ v.,1 . |„( „f fK.;,tifll] KIP. r
S Mareh M lVMC,‘ wc <u r f very low
\V5‘ ,7’ 1 '1i °,:T The ,ner„ V.,l
.7 * "V’1;: r " i ^"fion.ary, „„d
I- , nr v \rhrl.w ev-r xh-Vdel |,.-e. viz :
School Pooka of thft mo., ,,,pP„ved kind.
A linf* •-* or| inf of r * | \\ ri"n *• p M)rr
I k. *0 ■ 1 Pena. Quill-, . r,
Mu die trMment .ofvari. .,«M , 1,/Vcrycheap,
H o,ne H alkintr < at.o pj |j„„ whin* ,c-.
A lot of Seai,tif<,I I’ntl-ry, e,„h-aei,1!r -n'me of
K ,,!(rrr ; ’"tier,or Pocket Kniv". and the c"eate-(
variety of fancy articles, all at cheaper price* than
^Mateo P HO DORR i CO
I).\ lrp!iam’s Variable Electuary
A cert'din Cure for the Piles,
(■'- Although tic lei, Ti in v w •• originally prepared
for *>*<■ * nr ■ nt Pim *. vet lYoni it-- m na njtt.rann, or
liioili; <•( r.hiii". ‘in! in ext. nsive person il applita
lloiii li hns ppivi’il ii • 11 '' ’ 1 .: \lt>c|iriiio far superior lo
all ••tin i •. hi all Dim-i . >r in liiilaiiiinatory ilia racier,
will) a i! "term nation • i Mii.'iI in any pariin'll ar part or
orcan In Inlinmin i'wii mil < ' r 1 me of III - l.irrr l tnd
ml ( tion of tin1
Sr, ia. i. ■»/> A Vinv. an I Hlmhler; in Infitimmatorif
I It hi ii a a i : n .; i. r liana nrisii
tin- iin priitli* in or mjinli. i ii a its,, nf.i/rrrura; in all canes
where the 111 ail m powerfully determined lowanlii tin;
//■ a i; i- i'i ■ in st Medicine t-ver dwcovcred. For all
1 I, arising ft in .'c, urco what*
ever, anil tor all lh-a.-na if Ikr skin, ii is unrivalleil,
clearing at impr ivinj it hi tii • most rein irkublo man.
tier. In Ptia;’iifina . / .■/.•• lit*. Pain in the Suit,and
< l/i/i/v... •<»// nr I hr l hi <t ; in Marhi.l ami Hiliarn Con
rfi/lns I hr Sir. proiiuciiiir Sick Mead ache; in
short, in all ra-mi where a Cathartic or Physic is re
quircil. 111 - Fli'cluaiy will he found hilly ei|’ual, il' not
superior, to any other; anil e.spoci ily to those subject
to Piles, it will prove an invaliia'nli. Physic, as it operates
william irritation, winch is not the case with most ot'tlie
purgatives now in li e. particularly Powders or Pills
containing .V ns, the use ui' winch will invariably re
turn the complaint.
A. I iJ!l VBI. JI.I). Sole Pi'tijii'ii'tort IJowery,
T. XV m l> VO'l'T Ss SONS* CSenernl Wholesale
Agnus, 13:4 Aaith Second Street, lMillu
Si-kcim. Dnet.-r. ut the Store of Alexander Du
vail (’■*., No. IIS ,M in street, Riiliinotxl.
A t, lot ih by CH MILKS 11. HEIN'ITSH,
Ajfi ui. I’m (smi'iilli, A!. A . Stiitna, Kins; ft Toy,
l>. Kiners.m, Koiu'i'tsntl iSt (all tliclc, Win. II
llron o'litiiti, N: * i ft ilk, I'I I lay Drumgiats gene
rally i hro.i j-limil the C niteil S; at erf.
For Coughs, Colds, Asthma, and Consumption.
rnirK great and only remedy r<,r colds,
3 Coughs, \"Oimn and (!OXsrMl’TIO\, is the HUN
OAR! AN RAI-SAM OP I,I!'!!, discovered liy the cele
brated Dr. Buchan, of I.ondnit, England, and introilut cii
into tlm United Stall s under 11><* immediate stiperintcnd
ann> ,»f the inventor.
The extraordinary success of this medicine, in the
cure <>f Pulmonary discus ■*. warrants the American
At; oit i.i no! i. it in:; for trc..lntent the WORST POS
HI RLE CASES that can !c found in tile community—
.uses licit seek relief ill "iin fr ru any of tin: common
remedies of the day. and lia\ been (riven ii|> by the
INCUR A Hid'. The Hungarian llulsam has cured, and
will euro, the MOST DESPERATE < >1 < AS EH. It is
no i|uutk nostrum, hut a (andard English medicine, of
known and estahlished library.
Every family in tli United States should lie supplied
with Binhaii’a Ilumrariati Balsam of lute, not only to
counteract tin- consiiiiiptive tendencies of the climate,
lint to he used .is a preventive medicine ill all cases of
Colds, roughs. Spitting of lilood. Pain in the Side and
Cln-st, Irritation and Soreness of the I.timrs, Bronchitis,
Dillicuity of Breathing. Hectic Fever. Night Sweats,
Emaciation and General Debility, Asthma, lntliiciun,
Hooping Cough, and < 'roup.
s> Sold in large hollies, at SI per bottle, with full direc
tions for tlte restoration of Health.
Pamphlets, containin'.'a mas of English and Ameri
can certificates, and other evidence, showing the im
pi|ttalled merits of litis Croat English Remedy, may bo
obtained of the Agents, gratuitously.
DAVID r. Ills A DEE!’., sole Agent for the United
States, 119 Court street Boston.
T. W. DYOTT & S(>\s, (tenoral Wholesale Agents,
No. 132 North Second street, Philadelphia.
Ni't ■ t \t. I)rii’o , it tlio Sturn ol A ic xuxler Pit■
t tiil iS; ( •., No. I 17 .Main -trort, Flit lintoiid.
Also, for sole !>y Cji AllLKS II. 1IK1NITSH,
Accent. Portsmouth, I\I. A. Santos, King1 ^
Toy, f>. I’, nerson, I,.lin-rtsnn& Comtek, Win.
11 Broughton, Nori. 1 k . a mi liy Driiggisi? .mn
orally tlir>>ti'rhmil the i'mted States.
Every Man Ills own Physician.
“* ("Hi i ,• ihit ilf Si\t"i"i standard Preparation*, of
which T. \V. PYOTT. M !>.. i solo proprietor.
Chest No I. contain* ns I Hows, with full direction*
for using attached to carli nttiele. viz. :
1*2 hnv.s Ityott's Anli-lliliotiH (’ills, .
<• Mally’s Plus!: r Cloth, small size,
2 STahv’s Plaster Cloth, initMIe size,
1 Malty's Plaster Cloth, i mo- size,
2 Robertson's P.lixir < f Health, . .
2 ttoh.-rtson's Vet?. Nervous Cordial.
1 C«o,|hold's Vet?. Halm of fdfo, . .
2 P. ds-rtson's (.out and Itltpii Drops
2 It ils i |s< rs's Htomarhir hitters,
2 Dvolt's Vee Tonie Hitlers, . .
2 f»\oil's Ve<? I’urir. Compound, .
3 Dyotl's Circassian f'.ye Water, .
t 50
1 50
2 no
1 00
t no
2 Vick
2 Vick
2 II."
2 Itvot
2 Itvift
The t
nutt •
s •' -tt. r Duitnie
lllieiniiati Drops.
"ti i Worm D' tro\me I.o/.enyes
Toothache Drops,. . . . .
Patet,t I, h ftititinenf.
I lie
^ Hem.
will he found
hutirui horlv is * •ild . i to'
that we h .Id ourselves ar
of that for whit h they rtr<
tr >nl/e,l apil r niMt -tMt•
o. r .Ve.
■ I No
ill Nr
*3 00
1 50
1 00
1 00
3 00
3 00
1 00
•I 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
1 PO
1 00
#20 00
10 00
Ml 00
and in
Perns i sled Medical
• tit of each Medicine Cheat
1.7 every rlisease which the
It is for rlf ■••. and these only,
ritiritaide for the performance
set fnrtli ; and sr, hittlllv pa
I hv all classes of ratr fellow
Phil i
1 ,1 V/. a"
H tic
e they are used
will he returned
> o 132 North Second
Iirlinilars see J>yOTT’« OtMct.K OP
of v. if. h t an tie had eratis, hv apply.
\a l ’ NOKTII SKCONP street, or
keep the nhnvc medicines f,ts sale.
Ifl< tt» In- Pn,l scjmrntc.
. .1 Ihe store of Alexander Du*
’1“ Main -trert. Richmond
1-v CHARLES ff 11 El MTS H,
V'i3tr, Portsmouth, M. A. Santos, Kitnr&Tcy,
“■ i>me■ e >■,. f.’olmrison & C'.rnirk, Wtn. H.
I.r'.titrlitoti, Norfolk, and by Drusr'rist* ccneral
ly * '-rou^hotit the I’nitecl States.
ii •
of sm h persons .
Sptttl ■.! !); ;•(
vail is
Also, lor stile
/ ’ 1 AKKKS.—A History ot dm Hocioty ol
!• ■ ic nils, r* mpi-cd Irnin its standard rcrt^^. and
other iiullii mil' ttnuice . > v \v. U. W.i gstal], St. i‘.
One handsome volume, S vo >4;-> y.|_
*• Tl.is ? •••ms Vo us to bj ii work of decided value
•ti<l ol irr< a test intent, not only in prntosscdly
dm. logic. I utllllrllt?. blit to VI 11 vl'ho wi-d) |(| ;i( -
quaint thetn.olvcs with the pivyrc .i of peculiar
principles, nr the grow th ol tin- pci nli »r m'rts. In
tlii-- excellent work lir In i given very full an<| very
illtcrotin.g Imginplikal sketches of all tin- t,i.-n
w!m \' ero active in i*.-t-ild i--i; si wlm have m title
'1 ii'ti i.ni■» df cluimcti-r am! Iiistorv of the No-ii-iv.
The work rxliil its a r! se acquaintance with ids
subject, anti n Varcful industry in i xamining an
tliciuic records concerning it, and is written in a
-t vie whieli must attract and reward ntteniion.” —
•V V Courier.
*■ Thi» hook ione that was mvieli not tied ; and it
wil! do ooml. The i nt'ndueiioti is a vim v p.aspic
noits lii-t n v of Chi i-d unitv prior to the time of
(Ji'orjje Fox : and it brings down the history of the
Society ol Friends in Kiwland from its origin to
the year l~.'5(i. The work will prove very attract
ivc and popular, and we can conliiletilly rec.ini
mend it m all classes, for they will find in it the
history nt per routed goodness, plainly and char
italdc told, in all the simplicity of truth.”— I’hiUul.
“It is .somethin!.' singular, that almost every wri
ti i belonging to the S ciety of Friends is reni n tea
hie for verbosity, while the members of the society,
in their oral communications, exbibit trreat sim
plicity anti bn vity ol speech. This fault of their
writers necessarily coniines their publico dons to a
•.“•loot I w,’ by wlmni patience is esteemed a vir
tue. Pi. H niT-t in bus judiciously departed from
tin* established role, and {riven os valoablo bis
toricaI in liter written in a readable anti pleasant
style.”—Ar. V. Cost.
“ riu* author has attempted to consolidate the vn
ri >u“ histot irs of Ft it-nds, and present them in sin
pie Inti approved language divested of quaintess
and circumlocution. and in that lie lias eminently
-ucreeded. This volume will be found deeply in
teresting. tuit only «•■ d.e members oflhe Society of
Friends, but to all renders.”— IJ. .S'. Gazette.
“‘I In- object ol the author is to furnish a com
pendious anil modern work, in order that the his
tory of die Sm loty may lie known without the ne
cessity of seari liimr records unadapted to general
reading, either from tli.-ir qnaintm -s or tlteir ver
i osity of-tyle. To this he h.i< consulted the stand
ard historians anil primitive members ol tile Socie
ty, ami Ins produced a work whirl) will no doubt
litni favor with the public The present, volume
eomtr ence.s with the year loilfi, and extends to 1736.
It is the design of tin- author to prepare shortly
another volume, containing a full account of the
privations endured by the Society in America.”—
Rail, dm
“ I he woi It of l)r. WagstafT eon'aitis the most
satisfactory and interesting exposition of the rise
anti progrt--of the Society of Friends, and of dir
doctrines which they hold, that we have ever read.
I he facts detailed in the volume before us are de
rive.) from tlie most authentic 'ottrees—the standard
h.storiai s uni primitive members of the Society.”
-Journal of (Commerce.
“ I Ins work has already attained a vast amount
of credit, and seems to be rightly valued by those
who have tested its merits.”-—American Republican.
JuncG C. HALL & CO.
PILLS limvc been ruere.-sfolly used in almost
<■ v.-i y variety of fu nr tinnal disorder of the stomach.
Rowels, Liver :tnd Spleen ; such us heartburn, arid
eructations, nausea, headarhc, pain and distension
of the stomach and bowels, incipient Diarrhoea,
Colic, Jaundice, Flatulency, habitual coslivcness,
loss ol appetite, sielc headache, sea sickness, fte.
See. They a re a safe and comfortable Aperient for
telltales during pregnancy and subsequent contine
ntent, relieving sickness at the stotn t« h, headache,
heartburn, and many <>f the incidental nervous af
lections. Literary men, students, anti most other
persons of sedentary habits, find them very coovo
nient • Those who indulge too freely in the pleas
ures of tie* table, find speedy relief from the sense
of oppression and distension which follow, hv ta
king the pills. As a dinner pill they arc invalua
hi**. Those who are drinking'mineral waters, and
particularly those from Southern climates, aimo
and fever districts, will find them a valuable a I
jnnet. Those who are exposed to tiie vicissitudes
of weather on voyages or journeys, ran take them
at til! times with perfect safety. In full doses they
ir. a hi trill y efficacious and safe Anti-billions mcdi
• •iiic. They seldom or never produce sickness at
the stomach or griping.
There have been many imitations and worthless
counterfeits of these pills put in circulation by un
principled and ignorant persons—the directions,
wrappers, &c . of the genuine pills so closely and
accurately < opied, that the closest observer could
not, without a trial of their effects, distinguish be
I tween them.
Da. T. tV. Dvott & Sons of the Columbian Col
Icirr, 132 N. 2nd st., Philadelphia, having undrrta
ken anil been apointed Dr. Beckwith Sole Agents
for the T’nited States, for the sale of the avovt- Pills,
the public are informed that they can he. supplied
with the genuine article in any quantity at the Mine
price as by the Proprietor hv applyin r ns it hove.
N. 15 To guard against counterfeits, all the
bills furnished by the Sole Agents, arc put up* in
dozen packages, with a blue engraved Label,
- White Letters) *10 BECKWITH'S ANTI-DVS
\gents for lilt- Proprietor.
Special Depot, at the Store of Alexander Du
vall & Co., No. 147 Main street, Richmond.
Also, for sale by CHARLES II. HEINITSH,
Agent, Portsmouth, iM. A. Santos, King & Toy, H.
Emerson, Robertson & Cornick, VV. II. Broughton,
Norfolk, and by Druggists generally throughout
th** United States. June Hi.
trodnecd into Great Britain, France, Italy and
the United Stater. The enormoUB demand for it
in those countries (without any comment) proves
its real value in ridding1 communities from these
dreadful pests.
Mr. Mooiik, General Agent for the United States,
deems it necessary to caution the public against a
xrtiriotix nrlirlr which has been introduced. The
Genuine is sold at the. Drug Store, on High street,
tth floor below Middle. Only 12.\ cents per Sheet.
June 30 ( HAS. H. IIEINITSH. Agent.
\1.ATE ARRIVAL gives u- the following
New Books,
New facts in Mesmerism, piice 25 cents.
Encyclopedia of l)om -tic Economy,
No. 13 .lew. No. 31 Bible,
Part 0th Dictionary of Practical Medicine,
Lvle’s Principles of Geology,
The Wonders of History, by John Frost, L. L.
O. 3
McIntosh’s History of England, complete iri 10
volume?, for sale by
July 2 C. HALT, & CO.
I j Now if vou want a cheap Travelling TRUNK
ju-t rail at my Store and examine a splendid
| h>r received tics (lav, of all finalities: Iron Frame
Leather Trunk-, with oval tops, Imitation Wood
I mine. Common Loatln r Trunks, Hair Trunks,
5 11 if < of a I kinds. By the u a v a be-mt i fill lot of
MrnV Morocco B< liter,, Navy Ties of all de»crio*
• ion; Men’s Blue Black Prunella Half Gaiters re
ceived to*da v.
M'olif. S|!p;iera and Ties, from AO ( ts up to jjjt 5 25.
Children’s Shoes, all finalities.
W c>t side Ci iwford s'reet, Portsmouth, Va.,
Orie |)o,,r North of C. V. Piggs’s (Grocery Store,
i AI.v 12 h
(!.,).> fi | Q DOLLARS WANTED U*f«
I’.f MEDIATELY ? In exchange lor
whicn will be given BOOTS h SHOES of all kinds,
at the f'-ry lowest market prices, for cash. The
subscriber having recently received large sup:.lies
°t Goods in bis line, would request »hc attention of
tbo | tiblic to an examination of them, and as be
• .Iocs a c.a-b business exclusively* he is enabled to
■ II cheap* r titan nnv other lions* in the town, flail
I and see for yourselves, WM. B. PITCHER.
I K'XTRA SUPERIOR.--!') Butts «‘M. Lang
I I >» Horne h Son s” sun cured No. ! Tobacco, put
I op expressly for this market, and coat $30 25 in
the ’eaf. Just received and for sale bv
July 7 JOSfAl! WILLS.
Fit 01*0* V S.tt For publishing, i„ the City ot
\\ ishm-mti, a I,. \v daily, *.mi-weekly, .in,|
w. -klv, Dcmncratie Republican pa pet , U> he cnti
Jesse K. Dow & C<». 7
'*'*•*■ *i't number of mu new paper will be issued
<>n the first <!ay of May next, w ith tin entire now
dic-s- ; * \e type, lino white piper, w i111 other im
portant alterations and improvements. The paper
will he dev oled to a leal ii>s exposition ol Iti'liKi
ertiiie principle':- ; it will zealously and unreinit
lintily oppo.-e each anil every effot t to establish a
mammoth monarchy bank and other mischievous
cot tioraiions awd consolidations of w ealth, which
subvert the i isrhts of the people iind undrimine the
pillars i»l tin* liebublic ; it will oppose tin oppies
sive and anti-repi.hliean tariff system, tin-assump
tion o I the State debts hv t he (Jen oral Govern men t,
and a|! othei federal principles w hic h have an in
eviiab e tendency to destroy pn’dii prosperity as
well as individual hrippitn -s. Against till stteli po
litival delusions, we.shall wage tllldtiin^iug, Utl
eonipr.iiitisin<r war.
I'be Fakmkr and the Mechanic who produce all
'h real capital of tin- nation, will find in our pa
per an unw a coring tli.uupion of their inalienable
rights ; lh«'Ionir cherished principles of the edi
tor-are too well known to the public to tequiro
auv pledjre upon this point. *l'o the Miscellaneous
Department partioul.ii alii tilion will he devoted ;
the I.adic • will always find in our coli.inns a choice
seh e.tion front the current literature of the dav, a
well a.s original cotitrihotinns fioivt tin* most tals
entcti v.'i iters ol w liicli our roillitrv <*:m boast. A
treni ral summary ol Foreign and Domestic news
will be furnished.
I lie eondtietoiH have already secured the aid and
co-opetatiou ol a large number of the most distin
guished literary and political- writers of the clay ,
arrangements will also lie made, at the earliest pe
ri,, I possible, to cm hellish our columns by the con *
trihut intis of eot icspottdcnts from abroad. With
tilts 1 fief and imperfect outline of our plan, we
very respectfully submit our claims to an cxtcti
siv i* patronage to the coin>idcration of a generous
Diiily paper by the year, in advance, • Jilt) 00
“ “ for !,’ss than it year, $1 per month.
Semi-Weekly pner by the year, in advance, 0 00
“ <or less than u year, 50
(•- o(s per month.
Weekly paper by the year, o py
“ '* for six month?, - - - 1 00
Subscriptions to the Daily for less than two, to
the Semi-Weekly for less than four, or to the Week
ly tor less than ,-ix months, will not be received.
If not paid within the vear. the Daily paper will
'-otin; Semi-Weekly $(i, ami the Weekly
Subscribers may diseonlinue their papers at any
time by paying for the time they have received
them ; but not without.
1 nose who subscribe for a year, and do not, at
the t imo ol snbserihintr, order a discontinnance a l
the end ot it, will be considered subscribers until
they order the paper to be stopped and pay artetir
I welve lines or less, tin re insertions, - §1 00
Every additional insertion, - . .95
Business Cards w:Ji be conspicuously inserted
for one year, including- paper, for - - §15
l/iMS'er advertisements cburped in proportion.
A liberal discount made to those who advertise
by the year.
All payments to la: made in advance. Those who
have not an opp .rtunity of paying otherwise, may
remit by mail, at our risk, postage-paid. The Post
ma~tcr’s certificate of such remittance shall be a
snIT'teion t receipt therefor. Tltc notes of any specio
paving hank wiii he received.
Ao attention wit! be given to am/ order unless the
money, or a postmaster's certificate that it has been re
mit ltd. accompanies it.
- r Letters to the Proprietor, charged with postage,
mill not lie taken out of the Post Office
April 1 1
■f pleasant, safe and certain cure for all cases of
(;»***«*< * c*w«
In consequence of the many
useless Mixtures and Pills re
commended lor these trouble
some complaints, it is neces
54 rary publicly to announce
that this preparation is the
best known for the immediate
removal ol these diseases.—
‘ I abbant's Compound’cures
where Pills, Drops, Elrr'uu
ries, f'opaiba, Nitre and Har
lem Oil will have no effect.—
Iti; therefore recommended
8-s the first remedy to be tried
when recent, ONE BOX GENE
% jfjr
in all cases, for
it is put up in a neat portable form, tasteless, and
does not impair digestion.
Jo prevent mistakes and to procure the Gen
uine, it is sold only by Ids regularly appointed
Ag< ul-f M. A. Santos, Norfolk, and at the Drug
Store, High street, S doors below Middle try J
(Member of the Philadelphia College of
Pli trmaev and Clmi dstrv.l
iresn supply of Uopaiba Capsules,—Also, Pre
mium Capsules, warranted : Pure Copaiba Balaam
and Oil Cubebs. .1 ul v 31
‘ N A NY MOKB.—Choice
•SIIAA IM, CREAM. It you wish toob'ain a
line and ricb emollient lather, without which no
otu- ran shave with comfort, try “ HENRY’S CIII
Nt'SE SH WING CREAM,” prepared bv A. It. &
I). Sands & Co., New York.
A shaving1 that makes the skin smooth, and the
beard soft, is extremely valuable to those with ten
der fares. Henry’s Chinese Shaving Cream pos
•rssrs a double quality. It not only boftens the
heard, but heals all ruts and eradicates those little
pimples which render shaving so Unpleasant to
s >mr. Its emollient powers c annot he too highly
praised. It gives a pleasant feeling to the skii7 af
(•■r the raz >r has done its duty, nncl leaves it smooth
and I roe I run Mulish. A better compound was
never invented or offered for sale. For sale at the
Drug Store, Hi .h «».. I doors below Middle
Ju]y " CH AS H. HF.IN1 imi. Agent.
| I I !. nii’OK'r tTlONs rhe following
, articles are all of the very best quality, and
’Ctrig imported by ibe subscriber, he ran warrant
them genuine and sell them an low as they can bo
had in this country.
t vntf0( ‘direr’* highly finished DINING CUT
LER \ , Ivory balance i handles, with patent tem
pered st-cl blades, and warranted, good carvers
to match. Each set consists of 53 pieces.
da pan Waiters, a truly elegant article, japaned
ill the best style, of the Gothic pattern, the ground
oi rich colors, and ornamented in very tasteful
manner. J
French Hanging Papers, imported bv C. H. for
(Hd°Wn *a,M’ vcry rio"’ ;lr,', r^lotii Borders splen
v Screens, ol handsome patterns and in great
old English Razors, manufactured by Joseph
lingers & Sons, they are h< t ready for vnr and sold
with the. privilege of returning and exchanging
de-in it alter fair trial they arc not found cxccl
Snperi .r Razor Strops and Paste of the most ap
proved linkers. K
•he Military Shaving Soap, by Riggc, Brock
bank tk Rigge—a verv superior article.
Atkinson’s Camphor .Soap, for preserving the
skin soft and even.
Low’s old Brown Windsor Soap.
t-enuinc Preston Smelling Salt*.
Rowland’s M tcassar Oil, (or the hair.
Essence of Tyre, for changing the color of the
(fitit and maker*.
Fragrant Perfume for the Pocket Handkerchief.
Day* Marlin’* genuine .r,pnf, Blacking. Noth
uu: ha* yet been off red to the public equal to this
leather “ f°r p,V",ff a" cl<'b' ,nt jel black lustre to
Quill* : an excellent assortment of English and
Dutch plain, yellow and apaqin
Thermometers, Tape Measures,' & r.
A""11 lf*_ <' Hall it co.
R V * ? n '' v !> 1 8 AGON
.V “'If n.°”rif,‘ 5.000 lb. Extra Hams, 50 kegs No
I LARD, just received trom Southampton County,
for sale by WILES & CO
June 13

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