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DufclCshett Satin.
Wide Water street, Norfolk, an'/ corner oj
High and Crawford sisPortsmouth.
To subscritMtrd, TEN CENTS PER WEEK, pay
able to the Carrier, to whom alone they are re*
sponsible for the amount due at the expiration of
the week.
When sent by mail (he terms arc $5 for twelve
months, $2 50' for six months, $125 for three
months. _________
One copy $2 per year—by Mail.
By the Carrier, $2 60.
((CjhTo be paid in advance.
WM. R- BOSWICK, Draper and Tailor,
Crawford Street, next door to the Post Office,
Portsmouth, Va.
oilBRT BELL, Wholesale a^Retail Hat
and Cap Store, Sign of the Panther, High
street, Portsmouth Va.
HBUPPj Chemist, corner of High and Mid
• dls streets, Portsmouth, Va.
JOHN COCKE Si CO., Dealers in Foreign
and Domestic Dry Goods, High street, near
Middle street, Portsmouth, Va.
WII. H. HODGES Si CO., Wholesale and
• Retail Dealers in Books. Stationery and
Fancy Goods, Crawford streo'. Portsmouth Va.
gist and Apotecary.and Dealer in Paints, Oils,
Dyestuffs, High street, Portsmouth, Va.
Ip I). HAYNES, Wholesale and Retail Fur*
Li* niture Warehouse, corner of High and Mid
dle streets, Portsmouth, Vn.
Ip HOFFMAN. Boot and Shoes Manufactur- j
• er, south of the Market, Crawford street,
Portsmouth, Va_
STEPHEN JAMES, Wholesale arid Retail
Dealer in Family Groceries, Wines, &c., Mar
ket S unre, Portsmouth, Va.
WILLIAM B. PITCHER, Wholesale and
Retail Dealer in Boots, Shoes. Hals, Caps, j
Trunks, Leather, Linings, Bindings, See., west side i
Crawford street, Portsmouth, Va.
VV turer anil Dealer in Stoves, Iron, Copper and
Tin Wnre, &c.., kc., corner of High and Crawford I
treets, Portsmouth, Va.
AS. A. SPALDING, Manufacturer.u.d Dc.l
er in Guns, Rifles, Pistols, and every other ar
ticle in the Sporting line, Sign of the Mammoth i
Gun, High street, Portsmouth, Va.
WILLS St CO., Wholesale Grocers and Com- j
mission Merchants, east end of High street, i
Portsmouth, Va.
C II ALL & CO. Wholesale anil Retail Book” J
• Stationery ami Fancy Goods Establishment,
Main street, Norfolk, Va.
J WILLS, Wholesale Grocery and Commis*
• sion Store, Commerce street, Norfolk. V;>.
WILLIAM REID, Wholesale iuid Retail
Hat and Cap Stoic, east side Market Square,
Norfolk, Va.
IAERGUSON & MILIIAD > ..ibur* Coal,
and general Commission business. Wide Water
steed, Norfolk, Va.
NOTICK.—On and af
ter MONDAY next. 16th
' instant, the Janies Rivi r
i Steamboats will leave .Mr.
Southgatk’s VV'harl itaily, (Sunday* excepted) at
■5i o'cl’ick iu the inoruiny.
June 13 Agent*, .1. R. S. H.
On and alter FRIDAY
next, the 25th instant, and
'daily until further notice,
(Minuays exocpten) trie
will leave Hunter’* Wharf, Norfolk, for Baltimore,
at 3 o’clock, P. M., conncctimr witli the James
River Steamboats, CURTIS PECK and JEWESS,
Arriving in time and connecting with the Steam
boat and Railroad lines for Philadelphia.
JAS. F. HUNTER, Agent,
April ‘23 B. S. P. Or..
* TO §:(>.—Tliegieamer OS
I CEOLA will leave Norfolk
ann rorumouin every nunciav ann i nursuny, at r>
o’clock P. M. Returninar will leave Washington
every Tuesday and Saturday, at 9 o’clock and Al
exandria, at half-past 9, A. M.
Passage and Fare So.
The Osceola will touch at Cone River every Sun
day going and Saturday returning from Washing
She will stop at Aquia Creek and all the usual
landings on tho Poto.. ac to take off or land Parseii
May 5 Captain.
_ best route to the
r* 'Ihrough m three dau*, with
oil miles less singe travel man any other route. DAILY,
(Sunday's excepted.)
The Steamers CURTIS PECK, Captain Davis,
and JEWESS, Capt. Sotto*, l.-avo Southgate’s
„ Wharl, Norfolk, at 5$ o’clock, daily (Sunday's r*.
ccptcd) for Richmond, and arrive in due lime to
connect with the Packet Boats to Lynchburg, lea
ving daily at 6 o’clock, I’. M., (Sunday's except
ed) arriving in 32 hours, thence bv stages (in day
time,) via. Natural Bridge to the Springs ; througn
the whole loute from Norfolk in 3 days, without
any fatigue, so requisite for invalids.
Phssagc and Fare through to White Sulphur
Springs, meals and lodgings included on board of
boats from Norfolk to Lyncnburg, «$ )4.
The Packet Boats for Staunton leave Richmond
every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon
at 6 o’clock, passengers going to Staunton by lea
ving Norfolk on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
mornings in the Jewess, Capt. Sutton, will arrive j
in sufficient time to take this comfortable and ex I
peditious route, being only 44 miles staging. Pas- ]
aage and Fare to Staunton by ‘his route from Nor
folk 3d, whole expense 38$ from Norfolk to Statin
ton, jj'l 25 less than by Louisa Railroad at $H.
Tickets throughout can he procured on lroard the ‘
_Ju ne 16_A gc n ts. J. R. Steamboats.
Drugs and medicines, paints
he.— By recent arrivals from Northern Cities the
subscriber is put in pos«usston of a complete as- !
which he invite# the attention of the public f’en- !
erally. Purchaser# wishing to obtain article# in
hts line of business, would do well to give him •. i
call before dealing elsewhere.
The following comprise# but a small portion of i
bis assortment, viz :
Aqua Atntnon, “ Fort,”
Ammon Carb ; Arpowroot, *• Bermuda,”
Alcohol, Borax, Biybcrry Bark,
Peruvirn Bark, best; Gum Opium,
Gum Camphor, Gum Benzoin,
Roll fluphur, Dover Powder,
Calomel, *« English and American,”
Jalap, Ipecac, Epsom Salts, Lemon Syiup,
Syrup Sarsaparilla, Wild Cherry Bark,
Vanila Beans, Musk " in grain,”
Druggist ami Chemist, High Street.
Attention sportsmen i v « will
find a complete supply of POWDER & SHOT,
assorted sizes. Also Percussion Cans and Flints,
6 keg# of F, FF, h FFF Powder,
100 bag# Shot from I# to 10a.
A 1.80,
10 bbla New Family Flour,
10 noxe# Family Soap,
10 hbl# Lord and Sperm Oil,
A og 25 West ride the Market.
BV A. F CUNNINGHAM. | _ "ONWARD.. ~ TvOlT^T-'-NO. 74.
—m—m-mmm—mmmmmMMM—m—m ————___ _
(1RAWPORD HOUSE, Portsmouth, Va. I>v
J JOHN \V. COLLI NS,assisted by J. \V. Doval,
who will always be in attendance to render Travel
ler* and Sojourners comfortable am! agreeable.
IC3* lJoi levs arc always in attendance, free of
fcJ-This House, is so well known to Northern and
Southern Travellers, that not one word is necessary
to be said in its praise. To Ladies and Gentlemen,
desirous of making a longer shortaojourn in Ports
mouth .where every delicacy of land ami sea can
beobtained in the utmost richness and abundance
the Proprietor would state that the House is pro
vided with every modern improvement, for the
comfort and convenience of his Patrons, while
honest and attentive Servants arc always in atten
00-The STABLES attached to this popular an !
extensive Establishment are the largest and most
commodious of any in Eastern Virginia.
Mils. FANNY GODWIN, can accommo
date alow single gentlemen, and a gentle- j
man ami his wife with Board, on uiodcrntc terms, i
For her ability to give satisfaction, she would refer ;
to any who have hoarded with her Residence on
County street, between Court and Dinwiddie sts.
Transient Boarders taken bv the day or week.
April 24
N^EW BOOKS !—CHEAP publications,
received and tor sale at the puolishcrs prices, i
hy C II ALL & CO.
Agnes Merle, ;t novel, by Miss Ellen Pickorin"
25 cts.
Marriage, a novel, by the author of Destiny. &c.
25 cts.
The Sweeties in Prague, or the Signal Rnekut. |
Sketches of Napl-s.'l.y Alex. Dumas, translated ,
from the k'leneh, 25 cts.
The Bosom Friend, by the author of the (iamb t
ler’s Wife, Ac.., 25 cts.
Zoc. the History of Two Lives. 25 ets.
The Maid of Honour, or the Massacre ofSt. Bar
tholomew, 25 cts,
Wyoming, a Tale, *25cts,
Vcronci,,or the free lourt of Arran, 25 cts,
George Barnwell, a novel, by T S. Sorr, 25 cts, I
History of ullChrisli,ui sects and denominations,
37 els,
Re-publication of the Penny Magazine, equal to j
the English edition, at only 25 ets,
Mrs. Ellis’s House Keeping nude easy, or com
plete Cookery Book, at only 25 cts,
Tales from the German, 12 cts,
1 he Parsonage of Mora, bv Miss llremcj*, 12 cts, 1
Look to the End, hv Mrs Ellis, 12 ct-,
A Bowl of Punch, with 70 engravings, 50 cts,
Helen Iialsey, a tulu of the borders, by Simms, ■
25 cts, J
The Deformed, a novel, hy the author of Mount ;
Soicl, 25 cts,
In 27 volumes, neatly bound, a convenient sir
excellent finish of the best edition ever vet publish '
cd of the Waver|y Novels, for sale cheap,
The Forget Me Not, f-r IKfG.
Downing s Fruits and Fruit Tices of America,
third edition.
Love 'Match, designed to illustrate the various j
contli< ling influences which sprang (ruin the union .
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Todd, with illustrations, 7,0 '
The above with many other new Works received i
anti for sale by
•s' ;> 29 ■ c. H \ LL & CO.
V\/ now receiving a largo assortmciit ol j
* * NE\\ GOODS, fiom England and Fru'n#*e, |
and also Goods from the North, to which wc invite i
the attention of the Public. The following Gouda j
are to be found at C. HALL & CO’S.
- cases of that superior Cologne, imported by Hull
& Co.
•I casks Day & Martin’s Real Japan Blacking,
3 casks Stevens’ superior Ink for st« el pens,
1 package of the most celebrated Steel Pens,
2 casks Walden’s Ink, Jet Black.
2 casks Maynard & Noyes’ Ink, in glass bottles,
3 doz Russet Leather Port Folios, do with lo- ks,
1 doz Bolchurc Writing Desks, port,liable with Man
40.000 English Quills, 10,000 do cheap Pt n-sia,
2 rases of cheap Hand I, mt herns,
2 gross of the English Cocoa Paste,
4 doz Log Slates, wi h Hinges,
24 reams superior Nankeen Envelope Paper,
5.000 rolls of Paper Hanging, new patterns,
500 rolls Borders, wide and narrow.
4 cases English Slates, 30 lbs English Wafers.
5 gross of best English Black and Lead Prnri!«.
30 setts, in cases of Rogers' superior Dinin-' Cut
1 case of Marine Barometers, Sympasomctcrs and
A large and beautiful variety of Lamps with all
the late improvements,
200 Passage Lamps, at prices from ‘jt I 50 to S’10,
A full supply of Rending Lamp*, of the most ap
proved form, sons to give a bright light, and
t<> shade it from the eyes,
A variety of elegant Tea and Coffee Urns,
Roll up Shaving Case* for Travelling,
4 eases of Low’* English Windsor .Soap,
A supply of Handsome Foolscap Check Paper.
F"o C. HALL It CO [
O excellent PIANOS, nearly new, which wc will |
either sell or rent at an uncommon low price, in '
order to make room for
4 new splendid Pianos hourly expected bv the |
schooner Wave, Capt. Rogers, one of which is Rose
Wood, highly finished with all the extra keys, harp
pedal, and with the iron frame.
Another of Rose Wood without the iron frame.
Another of Mahogany, cross bounded with Rose
Wood, all the extra keys, finished in the best man
Another of Mahogany entire, this has all the ex
tra keys and harp pedal.
For the above we have India Rubber Covers
For sale by C. HA LL & CO.
April 30
FUST received the following NEW BOOKS,
No«. 30 and 37 Harper’s Illuminated and New
Pictorial Pible,
No- 63 Shakespeare,
** :,ud 10 Domestic Economy,
The White Slave,
Beecher’s Ecoaomy, No. 1. Cosmos,
For sale by
Srp9____C HA EL k CO.
AND ROPE.—50 pieces Kentucky
50 Coils Rope, for sale, low by
Iwo 'Vr"':* Stmerfor
lulv H,N*oju*t received ahd for sale at the
juty iz Medical Emporium, High *f.
WM. »*• I’lTCHBK
(r~1 Has received thin day 300 pair more
those Morocco Slippers and Tie«,
»<t»W-v cents, worth 75 cents. Also 3
or 400 pair for 50 cents. Misses Mo
rocco Slippers and Tics, for the low
price ol #>->' cents, ffnod quality.
Children’s Sho-s of all qualities.
100 pair of Men’s Navy Ties, first rate article.
Men .s f tne Dress Hoots and Bootees of tile best
A splendid lot of Leather Trunks, Valises, Car
pet Bairs, and all other articles usually kept in a
complete Shoe Store. \VM. B. PITCH KR,
H cat side Crawford street,
_*U*y -->f) s go of lie- Biff Root.
\ WD ST I Isis I H KH COM EI Another fresh
- * supply Ol DRUGS AM) MKDICINKS.
Gum Opium, Oil Lemon, Oil Her r.unui
Pulv Had Uliei. ”
Radies Uliei, (Turkey,)
“ Seiiejfa.Gmn Arabic., Opt.
Harlem Oil, (ffenuine.,) direct from tile importer, I
( O'llUVSlI, Kreosote,
Balsam Copaiba, pure,
Calomel Knifliali,
Vanilla Beans, superior. For sal ) by
July >3_ HKNRY BUFF. Httrli street.
■toganai propose to commence, with the next srs
sioo or Congress, a weekly publication under the
above title, to continue through the whole seasi >n,
at the unprecedented loic j»,re of FIFTY CEVTS,
DIIFdV AGE?1"*^01* 1 Vo*u,nc ot ^ 11 U.N
It will contain a faithful and imoarti il record o
l'0'»i Houses ol Congress, the. gist of all important
spe chcs which may be delivered, &c.., &c. The
most competent reporters will be employed, and
tinlhiiisr shall prevent it |,«inir made worthy of the
patronage of the public generally. The Journal
will endeavor, in its records, to do justice, in both
parties, so that both parties will feel allowed to pat
ronise the publication. It being the long session, j
as it is called, the volume, will contain at least 5.)l) I
pages; each number will contain sixteen pages ,,| :
solid matter, which will enable the puhiidicts t >
«giv, all the proctodings worthy of being preserved j
in book form, for binding and future reference_j
’I lie exceedingly low terms will place it within the!
reach ol all ; the publishers hope that their friends !
will use their exertions in obtaining aub- i ib-rs
JMssh E DOW.
WASHIMOTOy. AltgU*l 12. 1845 Sen 16
/^HEAP SffOBS. -1 hive now on hand i case
ol Seal Spring Heel T’“« lr:A ' 1 - — -
olT rapidlv at 5) cents a p
will mi's a bargain.
Aug 2d
\\r If. H. HODGES CO., have just ,c
V» . reived the following NEW MUSIC.
The celebrate.! Rivce Waltz,
The Mill, r’s Maid Waltz,
ll .xcmeyer’s Gran.I Ma-c'.i. Iv.vc Not Walt/,
The Three Sisters Walt...-*,
I’m still tliinc own, i>y J. If Hewitt,
’* We’re out ur>oii the Moonlight Wave,”
Castle Gatdcn or Mmark’s Waltz,
Low waved the Summer Woods,
Sutton’s Quickstep,
“ Here’s a 1 leal h to thee Mary,"
Celebration Quickstep, The Gnhriclla Waltz. !
Pinc» Point iltz, “ Let us lovo otic another,*
Mary of Argyle,
" When slumber's pinions over tne play.”
‘•Sweet is tin* thought, the Promise Sweet.”
"Hark! Hark! the Soft Bogie.”
Woman’s Heart, Amid Hie Greenwood smiling,
An elegiac, impromptu Fanu.iid, by II. P. Hcini
The Bridal B.-lls,
Beeswings &. Fish, l>y Deilmnn,
The Hunter’s Snug, hv Gustave Blcssner,
The Hunter’s Wife, by II. C. Ball,
I ite Last Song of Shi bos,
The Harlem Waltz, •* lie never said be loved,”
The. Captive Knight, for the Guitar,
Cumberland Girards’Quickstep, Cuba Match,
Columbia, the Land of the Brave,
Could I hush a father’s sigh.
Cape May Gallnp.tdc, Culesiina Waltz,
Chateau on Espagne,
Come. Come Away, a social glee.
My G-llant Love returns, March D’Ainaz.nca.
Flower of Home Waltz. Rose Gcranctim Waltz, 1
Lilly of the valley Waltz, Last Greeting,
Potomac Wai’z, j
‘• I hasten to the shade of thy Bower,”
Tyrolean Melodies Am* 12 '
IN ceivutl by W. H. H. HODGES & CO,
Introductory Lectures on Modern Hi-torv, hv ;
Thomas Arnold, D. D. Professor of Modern Histo
ry in the University of Oxford, and Head Master j
<>l Rugby School—edited from Second London edi- !
tion. with a preface an I notes, by Henry R.-.-d, M. j
A., Professor of English Litciature in the Uni’vcr
-lily i I Pennsylvania.
Reed fi Dictionary of the English Language, con
mining the pronunciation, etymology a rl explan*
non ol all ‘.voids authorized by eminent writers; to
which arc added, a vocahularly of ihe roots of F.ng- I
iish wotds. and an accounted list of Greek, Latin !
and Script me, pi oper names, hy Alexander Red,’!
A. M , author ot ” Rudiments of English Compo- •
sitton,” tic. !
History of Germany from the earliest perio ! to
the. t r.sent time, by Fred rick Knlilrausch, Chief
Counsellor of tlic board of education of tin- Kin" i
dom of Hanover. Sen 2<f i
QT A U R \S c A XIMII.M: F. \ M | »s. A he, a
lair trial ol W.II. Starr's Patent Cainplnn
Lamps, lam convit-ccd they hivo no superior, if!
’triliiancyand economy he considered. It. mg anx- :
ions to afford as much light as possible to the Pub- j
Ik , I iUVi! consented to «ict a..* Accent for tiie in in •
I have received a variety of tin; above LAMPS,
to wit: Side, Hanging, and Parlor LAMPS, of
beautiful pattern*, which I will 91II <il the manu- :
lecturer’s prices. In many part-, of the city of;
New York the.se Lamp* h.ve superceded tin-Gas
I.iglit. (July 7> WILLIAM REID. Norfolk.
Air having recently come into uhc in I^mHon !
a remedy for 1 urbcrculou* t*onr;*i*np(ion. and very
favorable and happy effects having resulted from j
it, ha; induced the subscribers have some of it !
prepared with great care, p.-rfcctly pure, and high- j
ly rectihcd, ut order that a fair tiial may be made I
of its merits. J
I bis is warranted to he the article so bh*hlv re- I
commended by Dr. Has(|ng, (physician to the!
free Dispensary Is,,,don.) ... his statement pul,
Iishcd in the London f^nncct, wh#n hf* caution* per
sons using it to Ik- sure and procure this kind, as
an impure article (or Coal Tar Naphtha) has pro
duced the, m»*t unpleasant and dangerous r. fleet*.
It has been used hy many ofour most eminent Phy
stetans, with decided success.
jVtw York, Jan. 1st, 1846. Rt'SlITIN & CO.
( he ahovo article of Naphtha just received and
for sale by HENRY HUFF.
July -_ _ High str.-.-t,
1 30 <Klfd 5°°r PKuF,JV,MON either in
l"«" or for which a fair cash price will be I
given. Apply to GIlAS. FI. HF.IMTSH !
Drug Store, High st., 4th door below Middle.
Aug 28_
RMivedffor^o'by 1’ h**' Prl,n# GrcenTjust^- j
■^P22 WILL# It CO.
< inoVlr’ ,>lr3- COMEGVS. intends tu..pen
a.‘for Knardiuij and Dav Pupils in Uie low.,
"i t oruinondi, coimnem-in<r Mo\i>\y. tin- Gtli of
Oriot.ei , next, and closing the last uf July. She*
W"J endeavor. by tlx* most earnest exertion” to I
i ce ijd ii.ir ioter as Insfli as ili.it of ativ oilier K. - !
m ile School in tlx; (Muutrv. The extent of the :
* Hie thorotisrhnessof the instruction
'■m.. .ii.; hopes, render it mineoc.su v for any „f
h1 1 . 1 Ix.j.ir, I , seek, elsewhere, ill.- complet on of
i n tr education ; and every facility will be atf. re.I
lein in adding the accomnlishment* of society to
ihe sounder knowiedtru ot hooks anil things Ks
peeial car,; wiT. lx- taken to cultivate a refined taste
and sudi .. Iicacy ot feeling >s iniiy impress its. I I
upon th#% •Vtioiiif ;«n»l inuuticr.s.
It will also be the cm stunt aim of the Principal, j
lo make the discipline, the studies, an I all the in- j
tcrual ananiremenlsof theSclxxrl conform to I I,ris
'mn principles, and serve »o implant in the heart#
of hei pupils a deep love tor sacred thin -s, and u '
ne i ty d->vo:ion to Gol the Saviour.
I hose in particular who become members ->f her
lamdy will excite tlx: same solicitude, and receive
the same zealou- care in tliis respect as her own
children: and they will thus he cx ;ecte ( to yovern -
!heir least actions i,y the rules of Christian duty -
I here wtl. not. however, be in this system of edit
e.it'o;, any attempt to inculcate partial and sectaii
an opinions.
fd.t|;;i-"l,,re,,ca,,li'Ud truthful teaching j
V ill he the only means employed ; and to these it i« i
hoped, no one will object.
Mrs Cmnctry# will be assisted by teachers of abil.
-ty an I enortry, thoroughly ,i„te.l with *l.o :
I,ranches entrusted to them; and oh-is wj|| |„> '
a".";,! to their number. whenever the size of the 1
School shall require it. Their -exertions, her ow„
1 ""stunt supervision—the many n .tnral ndvantnws i
an<l beauties of the pi .. - -the healthiness of the :
sen .atr, and hathin-jr will, she trust*, (mince the i
cmz. nso* P.rtsmoutb and of Virginia to confide !
Inch* c1nu*shtvrs to her rnre. I
r)ne h alf ill advance—rema ndrr, March the 1st. •
,r It.iird and Tuition in ill the Kncflish branches, !
tor toe Scholastic year of ten m miHh, - ' i
[J ty Scholars, in the Enyiisli branches, - " in
>‘>»r French, - -.„„ | i
For Latin, . ,*1* , •
Drawing,.. ' . , i
Other Modern Languages and Music at the Pro. ! i
lessor a char»reH. j ,
Refer?nct way hr .nude to
Kt. Rev. Mnnton F.is horn, |J „hnp of Maas. 1
Rev t.co. \\ oodbridtfe, Richmond, Va. I
D b <nnc.18 II. Deane, ,fn
Rev. L'ijton lie ill. Norfolk. ! «
l.izeuell 1 aylor, Esq., . ,ii» '
'v- P Hopkins, F.sq., do j ;
Rev .1 II Wine-field, Ports-nouth. i‘
J. Miirdauvh, Esq., tt,, i
Dr. R. W.i.u,
D'.R. B Knit. do
<». Kniiim, K-q., ,1,, : ,
I ., be inserted in the Port mouth N-r.v Bra. once. ! i
1 '"•d: till Oetnher Gtll, in l he Elizabeth City paper j
_'iid Rn-lnuotid Enquirer three limes, in Southern '
t.linrclmian, every week till Glh O toher, in Na I i
Mnn il In -jh-reiic r, \\ ashinpton, semi-weekly na- !:
per three times._ _ Sep —law»OG. .
“ and |)1Y school, ,w- .
utidor the Supcriiilt-uciauce of Mrs.
S. LIuJCKLH. , 1
Mr*. C t ikes this method to inform the citizens i '
ot Norfolk ail I vicinity, tl.it she his taken the .
large and dry Room in the Dwelling House occn- •
puM hy M’ s. Berry, on Cumher land street, for the
purpose otes-ahl,siting a Seminary for Young La- !
flies and Misses.
I his Insiitut on will be opened for the receotion
of Pupil* un the Id i. of September. Its design is j
to impart a thorough oracti.-al and linished Educa
t'< ti. Advantage* will be offered for acquiring an ■
extensive and thorough acquaintance with" the
Englisti Langoage. Lain. French and Son•lisli.— "
Abo, .Music. Drawing ant Painting, and various ! ,
vl-s of Etnoroidery. Mrs. (J. will be assisted hy
! •• u hei* of the first talent 1
Pai tit ular attention will be paid to the moral* '
ami manner* <d the Pupils placed mider Mrs. CV
<ui’i’, and it will be her aim to bring the social af !
I -ciion* itno exercise, to triin the pupil to correct '
habit, of thought and action and t.> ..rake the ac' J
qnisitiun of knowledge n pleasant occupation.
Mis. C will eoutinne giving Lcs-on* in Penman
s.itp.a the School Hoorn from half-past four to half- >
pi-t five u clock. IVri.is of J'uilior. insde known ,
at her School Hoorn.
Those who may wish to take Lesson* in Penman- * ,
ship or enter as Day N-|,nltai\* will ph-ase leave j
liner names with Mrs. Berry, >l (he School Room. !.
"*■ ('■ hikes pleasure in stating that she is kind
•y permitted to make the following references.
,, U„U ' S'',t,'n' ' Mayor of Washington. I)
I . ; Rev. O. B. Brown ; Rev George W. Samson •
R-v. S. Sprole ; Rev. S. B. Willis, Catskill, N. Y. ;
biv. Septinn* Tiwton, Chaplain of the .Senate; I
Rev. A. A. Muller ; B. F llallett , Rsq., Hofl^on ; J.
A. IJnilrrwoofl, E$q , N. V July 29 1
V Intelligence find Pith, throw the brightest sun- |
dime over thr dwellings of prieatr life, mid these are 1
the lesu’ts of Female Education."
Ilie Subscribers respectfully announce to their j
friends and the public, that this Institution will he j
reopened f.r the reception of Boarding and Pay i
Scholar* on the 1st of October. Their roonn arc ]
n .w undergoing *iirh alteration* an I repair* a* !
will render them perfectly comfortable at all sen
*"! *. I he course of instruction will embrace, a* ‘
li rctr. or--, •>,) the htnnc o s of a thorough Englisn j
Education, including Mat hematic*, with the An- j
(u-in an I Alodern Languages, Music, Drawing,
• ur| Piiunng in Oil, Fresco, and Water Colour*,
Fancy Nccdb; Wo-k, &c.
>-r* Fbivncm Language—this branch of study he*
nmv universally adopted a* a part of the regu
lar course of instruction in every well orginiz d (
Seminary—the. Prineipil takes this opportunity
to inform her patron* and friend.* that she has made
if one of the regular studies in tins Institution. \ ,
l or plan of instruction i* the popular Oral mid
Written system of the celebrated Mancsca. which
win n diligently pursued for a limited time, stic
pledges herself w ill enable the pupils not only to
vv.it. and translate the Language cot rec,t!y, but
speak it with fluency.
For English Branches from $10 to $ 18 per Session
Ancient and Modern Languages $|0 do
Drawing and Painting from 5 to $•> do
Music $10 per Quarter.
Tuition in the English branches, Music, Board
&c., in the family of the Principal f..r $75 p.-r Sea
sion. ANN I’, VOU.'G. P.ineipal.
i OWN, Associate,
Sep 5—k nrlavaStODSt
| W'l* Imitation Moll .ml Uhi, tint rc- i
V T reived, for t?alc by *
At»<r *21 J t* jf,T,S.
-J received a pup;>ly of that excellent and highly
perfumed London POMAT UM, pm up in neat
jar*. For sale at i he Drug store of
Sep lb CHAH. H. HEINITSH, Agent.
BACON.—*000 ii,,, Choice Hog Round.
Pf’O lbs Choice H-uim, receiving per Rii
Road, for sale by WiLLS ft CO
Hep 22__
I JOHN MK Kh k t ()., are now opening
their extensive Stock of NEW GOODS, to which
th*y mvite tho attention of the. public IS
„ ®$rms ot Stttoerus&ifl.
One square one insertion... . cii r.n
One do two do. 0 75
One do three do. 1 y(j
One do one week. I 75
One do two weeks. o 75
One do one month. ,t 00
One do two months,. 7 qf>
j One do~ three months,. 10 00
1 One do six months,. 16 00
i °n* ~n, pf.r y*ar>. 30 00
nrtfvt lines or lees make a square ; loneer once
! rnarked in proportion, and arc to be paid lt»r in
1 advance.
Advertisements ordered in only once or twice a
: )Te<jk> Wlll.bc charged 50 rents per square for the
I first insertion, and 3t^ cents for each subaequont
insert) tu. ‘
HT^npVi r!:G,rvn A >D WHOLE8AL.K
r,* Vl'!,ts-~l I TED STATES DEPOT OF
I*)! ( EAR .MEDICINES. The solo and ifoneral
A l'i-ii\'ic-> for (lie sale ol all Genuine and moot pop
ular Me. icim . tins- U'-'ti appointed, anrf rnvosied
hv t var huh prupn# in ■ . in the hands of T. YV.
|>VOTT & Stws of the <' iLC.Vtt.t • V CuilHSK, N*i>
1»> North S con ! It.., I. Philadelphia, Sr therein
vein cnee and expre-, piiitn.sc ol savjjjyinff ail
wholesale pur*dialer.? at one parti, olvvc point.
iry Dr. I . W. Dyott & So..-, have made <uch
arrfttijrcmctit« with die proprirlo s of i he must pop
mar inedicini-s now in nac, a< to enable them to
lurnish d.i.L-^ints 111 I wliolc.salo dealers, much
Ml ire adva.-t lye.Hl- terms than they can in iron.-ral
he procured from tho |irinvio. < tluniiso!v..s! And
as no sonliiatieatnl p. miration* .mi kept or sold at
(Ins . - tali!Uhni.int._ • e i • no . id. of £ct tin;r Conn
|'ifeit aiticlur, with which the country now a

! he attention of tit public is solicited, lo call at
the fountain Head a nl> >vc, where i* kept for .ial«
nil may l.e exumin -•», tho mn^ extensive and ecu
r.ral assortment ol Rroprietivry art idea of Modi
■mes, to l>o found in the Unite I state*.
I or the eon von .one.; of lima. who it may not he
•onvenirnt to apply at the aliove eat ibli*Imi-»nt
VC h iveet ildi-hc I Special Dae ; Mil t lie follow i ntr
ities, where the most of tho arik-le* .• mtained in
,,:r ..a! itimlo rue arc to bo found.
RICHMOND, Va . t( tho Blare of A. Duval Sc
so. 147 M tin -trret.
\V AslIING I OS’. I> a! the store of Robert
darnham, corner of Eleventh direct and I’enn. Av
R V f. I fMORE, Aid., at the store of S-. S. fiance.
No | IS R tltimore street.
•NEW ^ <)RIv, No. l :s Maiden E.inc.
AEH.VN V, N. V., No 5't St ;te street.
R'ls 1 ON. M tss . No. 'i Water street.
AH of whom ..re sur.plicd fr.nn die Columbian
Co letrr and hnrntain Head of
*>«■« » T W. DYOTT ft SONS.
. I'UNDIX, .'ia:. Tli • ut> i.NMignecl rosne tfully
n For in t •«» noblic. that, with the approaching *,*.
I, 0,1 un'nngr.ss, they will bogin tho pnL»Iici*tTo:i „f
"* :’nngr.-ssionil Union” and “ Appendix “ —
1 i.- h ,-t w II contain a full and accurate hist ,ry „f
h d til ,• proceedings »f hath branches of tlvs'na
iotr!’. It* risiatur.*. It will l>«: compiled with such
arc. lint every citizen who is interested in tl.o
M,ol,r 0,1 "'til hud it a complete .synopsis of
tn. tr iv..,:, -Imgs. slid a r-„.iv nook of reference
i;)'.n all if fs.iou* win h conic before then*.
Tl.c seal, (t'f- •• Apj* .•nlix,’’; will contain
•v-rv sr * * " h ch is L-.ivm-. d m the House of
..•prc>ei»t t tves a . i Sen ite during the session rc.
lotted at length I./u fo.l I ml.) corps „f con.
rr.\;s,onal ■ •port. iin.| revised iK-fore publication
>v the amhot s. whenever it is requested: Tm-so
wo works wdi strictly impartial, and arc in
cmled to be as interesting m l useful to the man
hustti' ss. and to tho politician <*| tfl0 „11C p *
is of the Oiiici . K -T •
Tiie Daily, Semi we.-kl/, ami Weekly Union,
'il . ns twa'il, cmliracc an interesting variety of
tiatfor on political, *C5-ntitic, and literary subjects
mg " till current news of tho day. Tho editor
v• • continue t > devote all his energies to the irn
irovvinetit ,» “ The Union.” He fin-is ir.anv ao.
:oinulMh.-d men 1,1 this city. The administration
..is nrtmg.it with it a considerable accession of tal
•nts. S -vcthI tried and distinguished member* of
J. c democratic pirtv have accepted office under it
mine ;>r them nav • litter.,lly contributed their liter
try labor* to our ben-fit; and wo hope to enlist ot h
■i s in .mi *-a vice. Hesidips, tho time is not fir dis
ant when the editor intend* u, .- .Il other talents to
ns a=«istan e. Hts ambition is, f0 make his pancr
vortliyol the metiopolis ol the Union.
"'*■ ,cl'1 11 ‘JotP ”f yf*titude for the prornot
naimor in which onr political friends in every ifc.
t -i) ol the country b ive already come forward to
ustain the “ Union ?”
M .v " - n ' hope that our friend* throughout tho
n.t- Mulcts will continucfo nsaistour labor*, and
# A1 Ui,T>!> 1 ! V ,f*cli to take some oar, editioa
i t no » :u m
'■£1'" Uii.s wi 1 he the long session o| Congress
nil w. il pruh ihly l ist eight month-. w.; havo‘'con
to. lcd to pub.tsh It,.. C'IN'jhb-monai. Union and
IfPESttl* on the following
For 11m C'inifrrssi*id'll Union, tft 5« per cony
ror fhc AfV'vulix. #| />(/pc* r ro:iy.
04nils will !> i.irnislve I with 7Vn'copies of either
•!o-;l ’>VO Wl> *or #iai ^’ot/ityfwe copies tor
:jri.a the accommodation of those who desire
l paper printed at tlie scat of government during
..*• return d Con itch , only, we will furnish them
he Lxtba Union as lollows !
?'emi- ll’en/ily, I copy, y>
B eopi*^, . . . . 13
12 COpivS, - . . . Ot nr,
Weekly, 1 copy, . . . .
“ 12 copies, . . . . ,() 0f)
"' T.ib
A ill he furnished here .ftor i„ yearly subscribers
us full iws : ’
Daily, per year, foronernpv, . . <yio op
• nr ir five copies, - . . 40 00
^cnu- /f tthlij1 ono ropy, . r>
“ “ live copies, . - . 20 01)
Weekly, •• one ropy?' - * . ' . ™ W
“ five copies, . loo
“ t* n copies, - * • 15 00
0O- Vo attention wilt be paid to any order unto, :i,r
noney ariompunie* it.
0d“ Those desiring complete copies of the Con -
rregional Union and Appendix, will please send
is 1 heir names previous Hi tho 1st day d December
C*> We will willingly pay the postage on all i l
ers sent uv containing five dollars mil upward
filler letters directed tons, with tho poatuiru m
laid, toi'l not ha taken out of the office. g
throughout tho country, who
yiII publish the above prospectus until the meeting
d Cotigress wilj receive. re turn, tin-Congress
anal union during the session.
... , KITCHIB & HF.I.SS.
»V asuii.voton August I H45 (),-(3
\.™lS K- THOMAS, W..*i aide Market
i.J Squnrr, For>«niou(!i. has in Store, and offer*
ritoffSSSBSKr* *•» •‘—f
s txissts&s^ **«*«> <**"
10 hb!s Old Rye Whisk.- /, ’
10 i,l.|s r.min»f>n do,
/. I,his Apple Brandy,’
I pip- French Brandy,
IO boxes No. 1 Strip,
1 ’ (!° C»ndles,'fallow, Sperm nnd Wax,
•> do rohacco. *
oo".0'.' (^“'’'-^'.onl lcra nnd MHIinni,)
JM.hls f loin , homily and Nunrrfin..
io^rSr,r:.rNNlilr- V:,r“- Fancy Soap,
J' ? r f ,:i' „r’ Sr.- rb. C'hrx ola'e and ,
rood many other article* too nu.nrn.ft, t„ mention
... An „,.tU
pKK;S,l TI I1MI- SBRnij. Received" fro
louir^V aUd,tto“ '* °Ur of ®ecd« the f«|.
R*'la Boffa, (white.)
K its Ro,r i o, Swodiah Yellow,
I/.ifie Norfolk,
White Fla*, Sir. Sir.
Alxo Cd-bnsrc Seed*. Fit Dutch, Rar-c Drnm.
head, Drumhead Savoy, Rar*, Bergen, Red Poo h
kc. hnr sale tl th0 |)ru;f ! , h
floors r.elnw Middle, ™ ,re” *
An* 12 H. HF.INIT6H, A*eut.

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