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3 r—WTwiii ■ nr— ■■ mi i - — - - —
- it-rrmr— i mw i-r n ■
DublfsUeti lOnfly.
JViic IVater street, Norfolk, «/»«£ corner of
High and Crawford sis., Portsmouth.
To subscribers, TEN CENTS PER WEFK.pav
ulil3 to the Carrier, to wliom alone they are re
sponsible for the umount due at the expiration oi
the week.
Then sent hy mail tlio terms are #5 for twelve
iTioillig, #2 50 for six mouths, #125 for three
terms of the old dominion, (weekly.)
One copy #2 per year—by Mail.
By tho Carrier, # 2 50.
&' I’o bo paid in advance.
nOBERT BELL, Wholesale and Retail Mat
£V and Cap Store, Sign of the Panther, High
3lT3et, Portsmouth Va.
VT ItU PF, Chemist, corner of High and Mid
JCi • dl3 streets, Portsmouth! Va.
J3HN COCKE Sc CO., Dealers in Foreign
anil Domestic Dry Goods, High street, near
Middle street, Portsmouth, Va.
WII. II. IIODGES it CO., Wholesale and
• Retail Dealers in Books, Stationery and
Fancy Goods, Crawford strec , Portsmouth Va.
gist and Apotccary,ttnd Dealer in Paints, Oils,
Dyestuff*, Sc* .High street. Portsmouth, V a.
IN |). HAYNES, Wholesale and Retail Fur
Li. niturc Warehouse, corner of High and Mid j
die streets, Portsmouth, Va.
P HOFFMAN. Hoot and Shoes Manulac.iur j
• er, south of the Market, Crawford street,
Portsmouth, Va ____
NTEPI1EN .I VMES, Wholesale and Retail
O Dealer in Family Groceries, Wines, &e., Mar
tet S uare, Portsmouth, Va.
WILLIAM B. PITCHER, Wholesale and
Retail Dealer in Hoots, Shoes, flats, Caps
Trunks, Leather, Linings, Hindiugs, &c., west side
Crawford street, Port-mouth, Va.
fir I LLIAM D. ROBERTS, J )t.. Manufac
YV turer and Dealer in Salves, Iron, Copper and
Tin Ware, &e., &c., corner of Higii and Crawford
tre.Hs, Portsmouth, Va.
J' AS. A. SPALDING, Ms 111 u lac turer and DimI
er in Guns, Rifles, Pist ds, and every other ar
ticle in the Sporting line, Sign of the Mammoth
Gun, High street, Portsmouth, Va.
WILLS <fc CO., Wholesale Grocers tmd Com
mis-ion Merchants, cast cnU of High street,
Portsmouth, Va.
C II ALL & CO Wholesale arm Retail Hook, j
• Stationery and Fancy Goods Establishment,
Main street, Norfolk, Va.
J WILLS, Wholesale Grocery and Cominis- 1
• sion St »re, Commerce street, Norfolk, Vn.
WILLIAM REID, Wholesalo and Retail
Hat and C<ip Store, east side Market Square,
Norfolk, Vra.
ISeUGUSON & Ml),II AD >—Lumber, < if,
and general Commission business. Wide Water
steel, N ii folk, Va.
NOTICK.—On anil af
ter MONDAY r.ext, IO1I1
’'instant, tlie James Kivir
Southgatb’s Whart daily, (Sundays excepted) at
5i o’cl ick in the inornimr.
June 13 Agents J. R. S. B.
^ On and after FRIDAY
next, the25th instant, and
"daily until lurthcr notice,
(Sundays excepted) the
will leave Hunter’s VVharf, Norfolk, for Baltimore,
at 3 o’clock, P. M., connecting with the James
River Steamboats, CURTIS PECK and JEWESS,
arriving in time and conn cling with the Steam
boat and Railroad lines for Philadelphia.
JAS. F. HUNTER. Agent,
April 23_ B. S. IV (V,.
TO $: i». — Tlioateamrr OS
ami Portsmouth every Sunday and Thursday, at 6
o’clock P. M. Returning will leave Washington
every I'uesday and Saturday, at 9 o'clock and Al
exandria, at half-past 9, A. M.
Passage and Fare .'jjto.
The Osceola will touch at Cone River every Sun
day going and Saturday returning from Washing
She will stop at Aquia Creek and all the usual
landings on the Polo ar. to take off or land Pa-acn
May 6 Captain.
" 77iroxi'lh in llirrc duns, with
60 mVcx less stage travel than any other route. DAILY,
(Sunday's excepted.)
The Steadier* CURTIS PECK, Captain Davis,
and JEWESS, Capt. Sutton, leave Southgate’s
Wharl, Norfolk, at 5j o’clock, daily (Sunday’s ex
cepted) for Richmond, and arrive in due lime to
connect with the Packet Boats to Lynchburg, lea
ving daily at 5 o’clock, P. M., (Sunday’s except
ed) arriving in 32 hours, thence by stages (in day
time,) via. Natural Bridge to the Springs ; through
the whole route from Not folk in 3 days, without
any fatigue, so requisite for invalids.
Phsaago and Fare through to White Sulphur
Springs, meals nod lodgings included on board ol
boats from Norfolk to Lynchburg, &1-1.
The Packet Boats lor Staunton leave Richmond
every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon
at 6 o’clock, passengers going to Staunton by lea
ving Norfolk on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
mornings in the Jewess, Capt. Sutton, will arrive
in sufficient time to take this comfortable and ex
peditious route, being only 44 miles staging. Pas
sage and Pure to Staunton by »hi* route from Nor
folk Sd, whole expense #8$ from Norfolk toStaun
ton, |1 25 less than by Louisa Railroad at
Tickets throughout can he procured on l>o,ird the
June 16 Agents. J. R. Steamboats.
Drugs and medicines, faints
Ac.—By,recent arrivals from Northern Cities the
subscriber is pot in possession of a complete a*,
which he invite* the attention of the public.
crally. Purchasers wishing to obtain articles in
hts line of business, would do well to give him a
call before dealing elsewhere.
The following comprise* but a small portion of
hi.s assortment, viz ■
Aqua Ammon, ‘‘ Fort,”
Ammon Carb ; Arrowroot, ‘‘Bermuda,”
Alcohol, B >rax, Btyberry Bark,
Perovirn Bark, beat; Gum Opium,
Gum Camphor. Gum Benzoin,
Roll Suphur, Dover Powder,
Calomel, •< English and American,”
Jalap, Ipecac, Epsom Salts, Lemon Syrup,
Syrup Saieapaiilia. Wild Cherry Bark,
Vanila Beane, Musk ” in grain,”
Druggist ami Che»ni«t, High S-frcet.
Attention sportsmen! v o win
find a Cornph te sopply of POWDER k SHOT,
assorted size-. Also Percussion Caps anti Flints,
H kegs of F, FF. & FFF Powder,
100 hags Shot from Is to 10s.
a t.so,
lObbls New Family Flour,
10 ooxes Family Soap,
10 bbls Lird and Sperm Oil,
West side the .Market.
f^OSlilJN CHEESE.-A choice^ot j.„t re
VJ erived and for vale by
10 T. BROOKS, Jr
CRAWFORD HOUSE, Portsmouth, Va. I.v
JOHN VV. COLLINS, assisted by J. W. Dotal,
who will always be in attendance to i ender Travel
lers and Sojourners condor tabic and agreeable.
5C?® Porters arc ahraya in attendance, free of
C3“This House is so well known to Northern and
Southern Travellers, that not one word is necessary
to bo said in its praise. To Ladies and Gentlemen,
desirous of making a long or short sojourn i n Ports
mouth, whore every delicacy of laud aim sea can
be obtained in the utmost richness and abundance,
the Proprietor would state that the House in pro
vidod with every modern improvement, for the
comfort and convenience of his Patrons, while
honest anil attentive Servants arc always in atten
OtJ-The ST \ RLF.S attached to this popular an 1
extensive Establishment are the largest anil most
commodious ar any in Eastern Virginia.
RS. FANNY GODWIN , can accommo
date a few single gentlemen, and a gentle
man and his wile with Hoard, on moderate term*.
For her ability to give satisfaction, she would refer
to any who have hoarded with her Residence on
County street, bet ween Court and Din widilic sts.
Transient Hoarders taken by the day or week.
April 24
(t II HAP SHOES. — I li iv« now mi hand I case
/ of Seal Spring Heel Ties, Kid Lined ; going
o|f rapidly at 60 cents a pair. Call soon ,,r you
will mi-s a bargain. W.M. H. PITCHER,
Aug 2!)__ Sign of the Rig limit.
WII. II. IIODGES «fc CO.. have just rc
• reived tho folio win? NEW MUSIC.
The celebrated Rivee Waltz,
The Milli r’s Maid Waltz,
Havemeyer’s Grand March, Love Not Waltz,
The Three Sisters WalUes,
I’m still thine own, hy J. II Ucwift,
“ We’re out upon the .Moonlight Wave,”
Castle t.'.uden or AI mack V Waltz,
Low waved the Summer Woods,
Stilton’s Quickstep,
” Here’s a Health to thee Mary,”
Celebration Quickstep, The Gabriclla Waltz,
Pincy Point V\ aitz, “ Let us love one another,’
Mary of Argyle,
“ When slumber’s pinions over m" play,”
‘•Sweet is ihc thought, the Promise Sweet,”
“ Hark! Hark! the Soft Ru?lc.”
Woman’s Heart, Ainid the Greenwood smiling,
An elegiac impromptu Fanlasid, by II. P. I Jenn
ie h .
The Bridal Rells,
Beeswings & Fish, by Dcilinnn,
The Hunter’s Song, by Gustave Rlessncr,
'I'l»*' Hunter’s Wile, by H. 0. Hall,
The Last Son? of Saphos,
1 he Harlem W altz, ‘‘ He never said he loved,”
The Captive Knight, for the Guitai,
Cumberland Guards’ Quickstep, Cuba March,
Columbia, the Land of the Brave,
Could 1 liu ;li a father’s sigh.
Cape May Gatlopadc, Celestina Waltz,
Chateau cn Espagnc,
Come, Come Away, a social glee.
My Gal1 mt Love returns, M irch D’Amazoncs,
Flowe f Home Waltz, Rose Gerancum Waltz,
Lilly o. the valley Waltz, Last Greeting,
Potomac VVal'z,
‘‘I hasten to the shade of thy Bower,”
Tyrolean Melodies An? 12
Ilf ceivcd by W, II. II. HODGES it CO.
Introductory Lectures on Modern Ili-tory, by
-Thomas Arnold, I). I) Professor of Modern ilisto
ry in the University of Oxford, and Head M ister
of Rugby School—edited from Second London edi
tion, with a preface an I notes, by Henry Reed, JVJ.
A.. Professor of English Liteiature in the Univer
sity < I Pennsylvania.
Reed s Dictionary of the English Language, con
taining the pronunciation, etymology n d explana
tion id all words authorized hy eminent writers ; to
winch are added, a voeabulnrl v of die roots of Erig
lisli won)*, and an accounted list of Gicek, Latin,
and Scripture ptoper names, by Alexander Reed’
A. iVl . author of “ Rudiments of English Compo
sition.” &c.
History of Germany from the earliest period to
the pr-.sent time, l»y Frederick Koldrausch, Chief
Counsellor of the board of education of the King
dom of Hanover. Sep 20
O fair trial of W. If. Stark’s Patent Cunphin •
Lamps, 1 am convinced they have no superior, if
brilliancy and economy be considered. Being anx
ious to afford as much light as possible to the Pub
lie, I have consented to act as Agent lor the man
I have received a variety of the above LAMPS,
to wit : Side, Hanging, and Parlor LAMPS, of
beautiful patterns, which I will s II at the manu
facturer’s prices. In many parts of the city of
New York these Lamps have superceded the Gas
I (July7) WILLIAM REID, Norfolk.
Recti Finn wood napiitiia. Thu
bavins' recently route into Use in London ns
a remedy for TurbcrculoiH Consumption, and very
favorable and happy elTrcts having resulted from
it, has induced the subscriber* to have some of it
pr-pared with great care, perfectly pure, and high
ly rectified, in order that a fair trial may be made
of its merits.
f bis is warranted to be the article so highly' re
commended by Dr. Hastings (Physician to the
free Dispensary Durden.) in bis statement pub
lished in the. London I^ancet, when he cautions per
sons using if to be rurc and procure this kind, as
an impure article (or Coal Tar Naphtha) b.r* pro
ducer! the m >*t unpleasant and dangerous effects.
H has been u*i d by many of our inostcminciil Pby
sicians, with decided success.
.Vew York, ./an. lat. ISIS. RUSHITf \ & (>o.
I lie at-ove article of Naphtha just received and
for sale by HENRY HUFF.
_ •'111y 1*2 High street.
, X 2(>-:,,n| good PF.KCIMMON WOOD, eitln r in
•Z-’ or blocks, for which a fair cadi prii <• will be
l Apply p, Oil \S. II. HKIMTSH.
Ai”r'^ s‘'.re. High st., 4th door below Middle.
RVIivcd Ff!r^fle bj° ^ Pri,"C <;rCCn> j',5t re*
S' p ?? Win ,q & rr,
BS 'M»»D)Pi:. .... Kentucky
5<) Coils Rope, for sale low by
I WL'l___ ; will* ft r-o
f ^ A '1 P IIIN E.— I wo more Harrels Sut>erior
N\ CAMPHINR, jiiat received and for sale at the"
,f-dy 1- M*d5e»1 P.mfvn ium, High sf.
EHas received (hi* «I.«y 301* pair mo c
of those Morocco Slippers uud Tie*.
it 62'; cents, worth 75 cents. Also 3
or 400 pair for 50 cents. Misses Mo
* rocco Slippers and Ties, for the low
price ot 62.; cents, good quality.
Children’s Shoes «»f all qualities.
K)(* pal. of Men’s Navy Pies, first rate artii'le.
.'len s tine Dress Boots and Bootees of the host
A splendid lot of Leather Trunk-*, Valises, Car
P^t Hags, and all other articles usually kept in a
complete Shoe Store. \YM It, PITCHER.
West side Crawford street,
Joly *9 Sign of the Big Boot.
\ H N I I L I, I'lIKY BO.Ili;! \ not her fresh
Cum Onium, Oil Lemon, Oil Bergamot.
Pulv Rad Rhci,
Itadics Rhci, (Turkey,)
“ Senega, Gum Arabic, Opt.
liarlctn Oil, (genuine,) direct from the importer,
Cochineal, Kreosote,
Balsam Copaiba, pure,
Calomel English,
Vanilla Rcatis, superior. For sale by
_ July 12_HENRY BUFF, High street.
JOURNAL. Fne editors of tli«* Usirnn State*
Jouiinai propose to commence, with the next s<*s
slot! of Congress, a weekly publieation under the
above title, to continue, through the whole si-s*l jii,
at the unpri cc'ilented low price of FIFTY CENTS,
to each subscriber for a volume of FIVE HUN
It will contain a faithful and iinnartial record o
* o*I* Houses of Congress, the «rist of fill iruixir t'liit
sin; cites which may be delivered, &r., &c. The
most Competent reporters will be employed, and
nothing shall prevent it being made worthy of the
pat l ounge of tile public generally. The. Journal
will cndi'avnr, in its records, to do justire to t>oth
parties, so that both parties will feel 'ellowed to pat
ionise the publication It heing the long session,
as it is called, the volume will contain atleast 5!)il
pages; each number will contain sixteen pa nan ot
solid matter, which will enable the publishers to
give all the proceedings worthy of being preserved
in hook form, for binding and future reference_
I he exceedingly low terms w ill place it within the
reach ot all ;• the publishers h ipe that their friends
will use their excrtioiij in obtaining subscriber».
u ASHIKCTON. AtlgU*l 12. I SI a —Sep 16
On sul jcrts eoniiected with Agriculture, to incl jde
jin Emigrants’ Pcpnriment. root.lining kiii Ii id
lormiition a- may bo useful to persons making a
settlement in the \\ est, nr seeking new fields of
ag- iiiiltiiial enterprise.
rl',liE Sf BSC It I !J ER proposes to issue a
-1- monthly sheet, in quarto form, <*f sixteen oa
ges. on hushandrv, pastoral allai.s, an I kind -ed
subjects:—a portion of th • paper in (M-e':[' ed
with notices geographies I, s a ns tie.11 and histon 'al .
ol flue.li p unions ol the West as will 1.1 m *t in- I
teie.-t to W twtei a settlers, ami also ol portions of
the South.
Agriculture is the most ancient occupation of
limn. It is also the most useful, the most indepen
d nt.. the happiest, the m ist healthy, the most pro
litanl** it ml tiie most l.onorahlc.
Rut this is not all. Agriculture comprehends in
m.cit omre science, than any other occupation in
the whole circle of human pursuits and industry.
Geology, chemistry, vegetable plivsiolo v, all make
;i part of the thorough knowle (goof this most ex
tensive and useful art. They arc indeed but the
*■ ginnings of the vast field of knowledge contain
ed within it. So th it if a man ran he a thorough
agriculturist, lie will be in the large sense of the
i word a learned man.
farmers however have been, to a great extent,
; to " hat they called science, or book-farm
i 1,,?> fro,n a mistaken idea that whatever was in
j print w as merely speculative, and matter of theorv.
H it were no indeed, they would be right in cun
, deinning it. It is however a mistaken idea. Sci
ence is the result ol experience and practice. It is
: the ripe harvest ol lu< ts, reaped not t»y one man in
I one field but gathered l>v all the laborers through
j out all the harvest fields of the earth in year uftcr
• year from the beginning.
| •. very intelligent I armor likes to talk to his neigh
i ' r> an<* ‘haw advantage from liis experience.~
i \ ,,s rxP' riencc is no has valuable for being dc
! livered to him in print, by types, than if it should
j oe given to him by hi- neighbor, by word of mouth.
! Il is the same thing.
I Skill in the manual of hoeing and ploughing can
j nt ver make a farmer. It mak'-s only an apprentice
in the art. Since the multiplication of ngricultii
ral papers and societies in this country, there has
been a great improvement in the stale of agricul
it is designed to *rivo in this paper nil useful gan
eral intelligence relating (o rural nfl ties and econ
omy, whether of implements, stork ", seeds, modes
of culture, ariicles <•! cultivation, soils, or fertilisers;
and such discoveries ofseicnee >s may assist, light*
; en and make t.norc profitable the hardy and hon
orable toil of the farmer.
A secondary object will be (ogive information to
persons making settlement in the West: from per
sonal knowledge mostly—so that they will he able
lo ina kc judicious selections, and proceed in the es
tablishing of their new homes to best advantage,
and some desei iption of the lands of Maryland and
Virginia, wiih (lie modes of renovating timm.
I lie. price will be one dollar, invariably in ad
Agricultural and Emigration Societies, and nth*
ers who subscribe lor one hundred copies or more, I
w ill l»e supplied at $175 per hundred.
Postmaster and country collectors arc requested
to act as agents. All such w ill he allowed 20 per
rf nt ! «nd any person sending live dollars will have
six copies.
Oct 30 WM. J. A. HR \DFORD.
I OK Mi.— I hi* article i*< rot* lmmcwl
f'l with confidence to the public irenorallv, par
ticular ly those anxious ol having rontin ially dry
leet. Its long use and reputation has been estab
lishe.l years ago. When Hoots and Shoes are com
plrtely satuarated w ith the Oil d Tannin, they b. •
coii.c perfectly w-ater proof. |( never perpetrates
enough through (be leather to soil the stocking -
L'dic* K d Shoes I ike H Well ; n|-„, stiff Clove*.
&e. For sale at the Drugstore, Si«-n of the Hig
Mortar. OJAS. II. HEIMTSII, Agent.
Oct 11
R V . e arc daily expcc.ling th< s<- celebra
ted ''THA WHERRY PLANTS. Thus* wishing a
supply will please leave th- ir orders assoon as pos
sible, at ihe Drug Store, High street, 4th door be
low Middle,
*** VVe can furnish Print, graft's, a general bisto
ryot thrac Straw b ;:rric«# -diowinir the rrnnnrr of
cultivation, laying the beds, &<•!'&<•/ Please call
and get a copy.
<*ct 14_GUAM. H. HEIMTSII. Ag
1 have n >w m Store and are offerin ’- f,,r *aleit
largo lot of Plaid and other now sty?0 Cloaking,
which they will a II n v. ry r duced prj(.rJ
Oct 7 JNO. COCKE tv co.
HAMM. Another ml ol choice. Southampton^
HAMS. For sale by
In East side Crawford street, Portsmouth Va.—
'!• C. MAUI’IN Iravint? just returned from the
North, where, alter u close and careful • xamitm
'ion of the Mirkets, ho his been enabled to pur
chase tor Cush a complete assortment ol F tlJ, &
WIN I Ell l)KY GOODS, which he is prepared to
dispose of for Cash at such prices ns cannot fail to
please, and by a strict adherence to his motto, which
will be “ Sna'l Profits nmt Quirk Sales,” ho hopes
to merit a share of public patrutiaire.
llis Stock consuls in part of
Rep ilo
I{<111 Rounds
AI apnea Feistrrs
French Ginghams
Linen Cambric
!>o do lid k fa
Imitation do do do
Silk. Colton and Worsted
Kid, Silk and Merino
Ladies’ Merino Vests,
do Imperial Fin.ties
G^een Hern ire,
I'Mirinirs and Insertion's
Shawls, every style and
Black, Blue and Fancy
Black. Blue and Fancy
C rsdmeres
Gold Mixed T vcods
Satinets from 37,'cts to
Silk and Satin Vestings
Common do
Merino and Silk Shirts
Ho do Gloves
Black Silk Cravats
Pocket Hdkfs
Scai Is
Suspenders from 25 cents
to S'3
Linen Sheeting* & Shirt
in g-i
D imask Tab’c Cloths
Do Napkins
D’< >yles’ Flannels
White and Red do
Canton do
D iinestic G hjiIs
Sheetings and Shirting*
Ticks, Checks, Kerseys
Negro Clothing
Do II 'iso and Blankets ;
Prints—French. Knglish
and Dam, stir, from
f>J to .‘17cent*
Whitney Blanket*
Mackinaw and Du tile do,
from 8-4 to 14-4
Crib do
Cloakings and IMa ds
(’ ishmeri- 11 mxIs
f>i iprra and C’radi
Umbrellas from 50 cents
to ;fs 5
Furniture Dimity
Corded <lo
.mu many oilier :»r nMc* ton numerous to men
(' ill s Xin at the NEW CASH STORE.
_Sep 29
JOHN COCK E & CO., have just received :
*9 pc Bi'lir Leroy from New York, and are now
opening a fine ass irtmcnt of FALL AND WINTER
DR v GOODS, to which they invite the attention of i
purchasers, both wholesale and retail. The Stuck 1
ts well a-s 'Tied un I consists in par! as follows :
10-4. 11-4 and 12 4 Ribband Round Whitney
Blankets; Point, Duffle, and Saddle do; White,
R'tl, fellow and Green lanncls ; Grom B tize ;
Brown, Bleached and Coloured Canton Flannels;
Dress and Furniture Calicoes; Table Di.inrr.d-4
and 10 4. wide; Russi i do; Birds F.ye do; Huch-r
liaek do; Colored End Towels; Long Lawn and
L'tien C'n nbr e ; Linen Cambric Hind here hic-ls;
ll'-m Stitt.lied do; Coloured Bordered do; !tam*lcv
Short mg, three yar- wide ; Cotton do, aur.c width ;
Bind:. Blue. Mixed and Fancy Kattincts; Tweeds
lor Sack Coats; Sup riur Buckskin Ca-sinets, Piai.l
( o.ikin«r; I&lack, i> lit*, Grcon, Clnroi, an<l oilier
coloured Chubs; Black, Blue, amt Fancy Cam
meres ; Black- ton Tweeds ; Woolen Vcstingi ; Ya- j
If no i a do ; Superior Cashmere do ; Mixed Doe
Skins; 12-| \\ hit© Marsoills Quilts; Paper Cam
bric Furniture Checks; Brown Holland; Fr nch
Turkey R-d P int-; English Turkey Red C,m
lu ic ; f urkey R al C *lton, for Striping; Guui Sits
[lender* ; Cotton do; Cashmere Sniwls; Imitation
( I'hinr ' *!o; Damask do; Shaded Ginghaois ;
Black Silk finish Tahhv Velvet; do.Sihine finish
d‘; t’ieh A h.'i i Cord*; lri h Linens ; Brown Fr nch
do; Barrage, Embroidered; Do Lain Shawl-,
I oika Gimp ; Black Love. Veils ; Black Italian Cra
',l,w ; fancy do; \\ orstctl Caps; Donna Maria do;
(•i biiiere do ; Pekm Hoods; (.allies’ Silk and Kid
Glows; Men’s do; Bleached and Brown Shirtings ;
Heavy Woollen Ke-scvs; Canvass and Balding;
II a< k and white \\ iggins ; Cord Rov ; Furniture
Dimity; do fringes; Wat-red and Damask Rio
teens; Merino. Lambs Wool, Cotton, and Bin k
skin Shins; M.-rino, Limbs Wool and Cotton
Draws; White Lae© Muslins ; Jackonet do; M all
oo ; Cambric do; Swiss do ; h’ig’d an I Plain do;
Tar'eton do; Wash Blonds; B ibinets ; Thread ; La
ces ; Edgings amt Insertings, Lisle do; Needles,
Pins, Cord, Tape, and many other articles too tedi
ous to mention.
Also one thousand pounds Gill Nett Thread, in
J pound skeins. JOHN COCKE & CO.,
^''P High st., Portsmouth, V*.
folk. V i , under the SuperimeudarH e oi .Mrs.
•Mr«. C lakes this method to inform the citizens
of Norfolk an I vicinity, that she ha* taken the
large and airy Room in ihe Dwelling House occu
pied hy Mrs. Berry, on Cutnbct la.nl street, for the
purpose of est ablishing a Seminary for Young La
dies anti Misses.
I his fustitut on will he opened for the reception
; ttf Pupils on the 10 11 of September. Its dejigti is
to impart a thorough practical and finished Educa
tit.n. Advantages will be offered for acquiring an
'■xten«tve an I thorough acquaintance with the
English Language. Latin, French and Spanish,—
Al-o, Music, Drawing and Painting, anti various
-uyl.-s ..f Em r »ide,-y. Mrs. C. will be assisletl hy
i eacliers of the first lalce.t.
Patticular attention will ho paid to the morals
rmtl manner* of the Pupils placed under Mrs. C’s ;
care, anti it will he. her aim t > bring tho social af |
lections into exorcise, to train the pupil to correct
habit* of thought anti action and to make the ac .
( quisition of knowledge a pleasant occupation.
Mis. C. willcontinue giving Lesson* in Penman- j
ship at the School Boom from h df-pnst four to iialf |
pa-t five o’clock. I errns ol Tuition made known
at It*-r School Room.
Those who may wish to take Lessons in Penman
ship or enter a* Dav S hollars will p|en6e leave
tlh-ir names with Mr*. Rerry, at the School Room.
Mrs. (.’. takes pleasure in slating Shat sheis kind
iV Permitted to mako tho f»llo\vitiiT referprirps,
'A . VV.Seifon, Esq., Mayor ol Wcshingt in. 1>.
I . ; Rev. O. B. Brown ; Rev George \V . Samson ;
Rev. S. Spriile; Rev. S. II. Willis, Catskill, N. V. ;
Rev. Septinus Tuaton, Chaplain of ihe Senate;
Rev. A. A. Muller ; B. F Halicit, Esq.. Bos'on ; J.
\ . fuderwood, F.*q . N*. Y .July JO
(_O N. - ■< i >!.,* Imitation Hull mil Gin, just re
* reive,I, for sal,.- by
Aug21 j. WILLS.
ION DON MY IH’ LEPOM VILbvj. -.1 .,<t
^ receive I t *ttp:.ly of tit ,r ( xm-licnt and hi<'lily
(> rftim d LONDON POM.-VTl’ M , put up in heat
jar.*. For sale at . hi- Drug Store of
SfP IK Cil \>. 11. IIEI.NITSH. Agent.
« ) A f «> \ •—Clvnt-C II l« h)|)i|.
10IJ0 lb- Cliuir.o fltn>4# receiv ing pr*r R ii
Hoad, for sale by WILLS & Co
S- p 22
1 •)[) c \i: s NF.W FALL GOODS
I rwU JOHN COCKE & ft)., a-n now o;vmit.g
their extensive Stock of NEW GOODS, to wh rli
they invite the attention of the public Sep 16
i; \ dr I B» - 20 hhd* W. I. A P. R. MuImmi
Id tile’s l . R. Sugar.
ldh'-x'P Double Loaf Sugar,
10 bbls Pulv. and Crushed do,
75 bags Laguira Coffer,
Yl> " Rio do, In .dorr. for sale low by
_wills kco
H enter raining game, on the History of England.
F ,r sale at HODGES & CO S
S'P 3 Variety Store, Crawford street
nACON AND L \ K’>.-|».ooo ih* It\(ON
H g Round, 5.0001b* Extra Ham*. 50 keg* No
I LARD, juit received trout Southampton County
for sale by WILLS jk CO.
Anne 11
! arc ruts oi Stttomfcfnfl.
One square one insertion,.go 30
One do two do. 0 75
One do three do. 1 yt>
One dq one week,. | 75
One do** two weeks,. 2 75
One do one uiontl. *1 t)0
One do two months.. 7 00
l One do three months. 10 00
I One do six months. lb 00
I One (Id p.-r year,.... 30 yy
| !£&*'!welee lines or less make u square; longer 0111 s
charged in proportion, and are to he paid lor in
I advance.
Advertisements ordered in only once or twice a
week, will he charged 50 cents per square for the
fust insertion, and 3ij cents fur each subsequent
insertion. n
1 »ftrtl).?ALKKS -UN,TK,) STATES depot OK
I 1 OI l L VIt MEDICINES.—Tlie sole and general
Agon. ies for the sale of all Clenuine \n^ most pop
ular Medicines, has been appointed, and invested
l>v the var 011s proprielo *, in the bands of T. \V
; Ovott & Soss, of the Columbian College, Nu.
132 North Second street, Philadelphia, 'dr the con
venience and express purpose of supplying all
wholes tie purchasers at one particular point.
(k>- Dr. I . H . Dyott tic Sons, have niacin such
arrangements witli the proprietors o( the most pop
ular medicines now in use, as t<> enable them to,
| furnish druggists and wholesale dealers, on much*
j more advantageous terms than they c an in general
l>e procured from the proprietors themselves. And
! M" sophisticated preparations Are kept <<r sold at
1 hrs establishment. there i* no risk of getting Coun
t 1 le t articles, with wnicli the country now a
I attention of tue public is soliritorV, to-< all at
t he F oiltita.iti He ul an ab »vo, where is kept fbr su)u,
■tun may be examined, the most extensive anti gen
eral assortment of Proprietory articles of Medi
cines, to he found in the United States.
for the cotiven cnee ol those who it may not be
convenient to apply at the above establishment,
we have cm ah It-lied Special Depots in the following
cities, where the most ol the at tides contained in
oi r general catalogue arc to be found.
RICHMOND, Va., at the store of A. Duval &
Co. 117 Main street.
W ASHINGTOX. D C., at the store of Robert
!• arnham, corner of Klcvonth street and Pcnm Av
H\I/I IMORR, Md., nt the store of S. S. Ha ace.
No 1<»S Baltimore street.
NEW YORK, No. 1>S Maiden I.ane.
A I. It ANY , N. Y’., No. 611 State street.
BOSTON. Mass . No. 2 Water street.
All of whom are snr.plicd from the C'otumbian
College and Fountain Jtmd of
() •' <_ _T. W. DYOTT & SONS.
1* BOS Pixius
. „ PLM1IX, &c. Tho ttn lersignbd respectfully
inform the public, that, with the uppmaching s •«
-ion ot Congress, they will begin the publication of
toe •• v-ongres-ional Union” and " Appendix.’*_
i lie ti' -t will contain a full and accurate history of
ih tlailv proceedings of both branches of the na
tmnal legislature. It will he compiled with Mich
■ are. tint every citizen who is interested in the
publir affairs will liud it a complete synopsis ,,f
tlieir proceedings, and a ready hook of reference
u|»'>n all questions which come before them.
1 bo second, (tin- “ App-mdix,”) will contain
every sp'-ech which is delivered in the House of
Representatives ami Senate during' th« session, re
pmted at length by a full and able corps ot con
gressional reporters, and revised b. fore publication
bv the authors, whenever it is requested. These
two works will be Strictly impartial, and are in
tended to be an interesting an I usetui to the man
«>f and to tlie politician ut the one part?
as of th»' ot|n?r.
The Daily. Semi-weekly, and Weekly Union.
W,*H as usual, <unbrace au interesting variety of
matter on political, scientific,and literary subjects,
af ng with current news of the day. The eilitur
will continue to devote all hi. onc.r-ics to the im
provement .*f “ The Union.” H,. finds many ac
complished men in this city. The administration
has brought with it a considerable accession ot sal
euts. Several tried and distinguished members of
tuc democratic party have accepted office under it.
Some ol them have liberally contributed th.-ir liter
ary labors to o-ir ben- fit ; and uo hope to enlist utli
- rs in our service, besides, tho time is not far dis
tant when the editor intend, to call otliet talent:, to
Ins assistnn c. Mis ambition is, to make his paper
worthy ol the metropolis of ihc Union.
YVe lee! a der p sen-e of gratitude for tho prompt
manner in which our political friends in every sec
tion ol the country h ive already come forwurd to
sustain the “ Union?”
M iy we not hope tint our friends throughout the
I ir ted States will continue to assist our labors, and
prevail upon their friends to take some one edition
of the ” l nion ”
fcj- As this will he tho long scs-ion ol Congress
and will probably last eight 'm-mth*. w have ron
eluded (o publish the CONOR E.StONAL U.NtON and
Appendix on the following
For the Congressional Union, §1 S') per copy.
For the Appendix, jy I f>(i per ropy.
Clubs will bo forni.dic I with Ten copies of either
tbe^above works for $12; Twenty Jive c -pies tor
(JO* Por the accommodation of those who desire
a paper printed at the seat ol government during
the session of Congress only, we will furnish thorn
the Extra L.vion as follows?
Semi-Weekly, I copy.$2 b(>
6 Topics.. „(,
... ,, 12 copies, . - . . 2f «0
IVerkly, I copy, . . . . | Of)
12 copies, - - - . jo o(>
2o copies.i0 ()(i
Will bo furnished here ifter to yearly nubscribers,
a* follows ;
Daily, per year, for one Copy, . . <j|ft 03
“ five cop im, ... v j() oft
Semi-Weekly" one copy, . . t Of)
“ bve copies, - - . 20 00
V “ ten copies, . - 35 oy
Weekly, “ one ropy, - . . 0d
“ five copies, - 8 of)
“ “ ten copieo, Jj 00
Vo all'nlinn will be paid to any order iinles* Ihe
money an ompanim if
0O“ I’liose resiling complete copies of the Con
gre.-sional Union nnd Appendix, will pl- ase send
us their names previous to the 1st day ol December
iter. t.
(jrj- u> will willingly pay the postage on all let
ters sent us emit a in mg firs dollar* nnd Upwards._
Olh'w letters direct- d to its, with the postage tin•
paid, will not h - t .ken out of the ofTtee.
dr> N-w-pap-rs throughout the country, who
will publish Hi. alNive prospectus until the meeting
ol Congress will receive, in return, the Congress
i >nal Union during the session.
»A Ashisvitov August I 1sJ5 o<t 3
UUNDRIlis. i.k.'O 1. .gs Mioh assorted. b hhds
) f Oitl Rum.
30 cask - Madeira, Tcnrriflc, Sweet Malaga and
Port U me,
40 |,M N O. and N. F,. Rnm,
10 do Old Rye Whiskey,
:ui (In Imitation Cognac Brandy,
40 do Philndclphi 1 nnd Baltimore Rye Gin
10 obis fVppermint Cordial,
200 kegs Baltimore Nalls,
10 do Salerattis,
200 lbs Indigo,
50 do Nutmeg*.
”0O do H;arfc Pepper,
600 do Allspice,
S p \'n •!. VA ILLS. Commerce street.
"l^AIt f nf f Md! s IP St 151*N. Received to
1 r.a y, in addition to ov supply of Seeds the fol
lowing :
Rota Raga. (while.)
Rota Bag . or Swedish Yellow,
Barge Norfolk,
White Flat, kc. kr.
Also. Cabbage Seeds, F^at Dutch. Large Drum,
head. Drumhead Savoy, La.*. Bergen Red Doleh
Jtr For sale at the Drug Store, High afreet,
d.Mira helow Middle
Aug |2 CIIAS. H. HF.INITSH, Agent.
LA 1,0» R. lOhblsof FAMILY FI OCR
■ llbl* Hid Ftmk Whiakey, for *ale Im !>v
-° r brook* j,

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