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--.. i .1. ■■ i. i ■..■■■■iMEuju JLAJ. >IU»L Ill IILUBJ-l.l'JimH.J. J-. !!■ UMlUt. ■!■!«" UK-1 I ■ PI B
mm ■ ■■■■iii if i rT—nr—m—nmmrmmmnanmm^rmwmmmmammm t ^-— — -
4Jut)lfshr& I3nfli>.
IVi lc f Voter slrceu JY>rf if.':, owl corner of
-High ttill Critic ford sts, Portsmouth.
"j Mi'vtcri•. TKN CKV IS PKR VVF.EK, p«v
•M; to tlie Caruieu, to whom alone thev are ir
apo isihle |'.>r the am unit due i\i the expiration ol
the w<ek.
/hen sent by in*il the terms are £5 fur twelve
mo iths, £2 50 for s-x mouths, £125 lor time
mu t'li.A. __
terms of the old dominion, (weekly.)
Jne cmv £2 p-r vcir-by Mail.
3y the Carrier, $ ! 50.
To he paid in advance.
7|3()BBBT REEL. Wholesale and Retail lint
ifi and Cap Store, Sign of the Panther, High
2;;ct. Portsmouth Vn.
Hll it F I'’) C icmUi, eorni-r *.f Higit and >1 i«I -
• dl; elreet<, Po< tsm ...tli, Va.
J )»INT COCKE St CO., D-.es in Fo.vi.rn
and Domestic Dry Go.-ts, II,;;h street, near
Mi Ml*1 st’cet. Po 'isuiini'h, V a.
WII. II. IIO 1>(» ES St CO., Wholes.le and
■ Rct.il I) -tiers in It inks. Slationcrv and
Fiiicy Go ids, Crawfor.l stree . P‘«r .oinmtb Va
J gtst '.nd A pot1 c.- r v, and D -tie.- in ** > nts.Oits,
Dy •stuff . & • . 'I fit at . t. Po ism .nth, V i.
Ell. .1 1 V N ES, Wli .1 4 tie an I Retail Fir
• n lure Warehouse. corner of High an I Mid
die stre-'ts, P •rtAMin.ll'., Vt.
IT , | , f.'j.’AI A\. Ho unit I dll »-n Ala mi I it- ur
' • er, so.it. of ill- Al tract, C aw lord street,
P » tsmooth V i__
A r ; mkN I All ’.S, •v.iole it - .ini Ket.il
3 D al'-r in Fa .lily G-o-'-ri.-s, Wines, Mar
cel S it-re, Pori .month, Va.
Ibh' VM r. IMTOIIER, VVi'ol«-s"U a .I
Retail •caler in Spoils. Sli u-s, II »'s, C tpa
T -links. l.c ilV*, I, nit. rs. Hin l-ng , west -id.
Cr iwf >•• 1 st ■ e.-t, P .rt m mth. V...
ITTIEEI V M •). ROBB A I'S. 1 C. Man dae
*V tur.-i-a»» I D • tier in S oves. Iron, Cooper and
Tc. War,., ftr.. Sir., o tic of High anil Crawford
t ■.«•<«. p 'A.n'i'tt . Va,
Jin A. ti/.t I, JIN i. Al.in.i .vluror.I >c I
er in G ins, R ll-s, Pist Is, and event other nr*
ticle in the Spurting l'n -, S gu of the. Mammoth
Gun, Mil'll street, Portsmouth, Va.
lIJTIhhS Si CO., Wholesale Gr.K-ers and Coin*
Vt inis-i n Merchants, cist end of High stre t.
Ports.I. 0-1). V'.,,
CA il.VEE X. CO VVIi I sale an-t It* i n. Hook,
J» Station rvand Fnicy Goods Establishment,
Main str-ei, Norfolk, Va.
JWIEES. Wnolcsiile Grocery and Co umis
• sum St-t' , Com nerc-street, Norfolk. V >.
IE (si A M REID, Wholes;. 1 • and It u.il
llal and Cap Stoic, east side .Market Sq iare,
N*.r olK, Va.
FIe IlG USO.N & Ml Ell VD — Lumbar, Co.il,
and general C iinmissioa business. Wi.le Water
•leet, N rf.dk, V... _
NOTICE.—On an>l»f.
lor MOM)A\ «.oxt. I6(li
in<ia'ti, tlic Janii'i* ll*v« r
^ MciiiniioHls will IraVA* >ir.
Southgate’* Whirl daily, (Sniiihiy* exei-ptcil) ai
6 > <i’cl ick in the morn in r.
June 13 Ajelil’, .1. R S It.
Oil uni alter FRIOAY
next, tlie25th in-tmil, and
' daily until lurilicr notice.
(Sundays njtrpptr'i > * nr*
will Vive llunterV Wliaif, Nnrfulk, fiir Riltimnrr,
at 3 o’, lin k, P. M., ninnertinir witli tin* J I'lirH
Riv. r'it.-a.iih iits. CURTIS PECK and .1 EWEsS.
arrivin' in lime anti rnnn rtinsr witli the Strain
boat unit Railroad lines fur Piiil ul Ipliia.
JAS. F. HUNTER. A grant,
Aoril 23 It. S P. C. .
l-'Olt WAS ING
* TO $l>. — Tiii'^tc'ii■■■•-> os
• CROl.A will l-'Avc Niirfulk
an I Por'smout't evorv Sim Inv and Tim sdiy.nt 5
o’clock P M. Returnin'/ will leave Washington
every I'uesd iv and Saturday, at 9 o'clock and Al
ex indrii, at half pis' 9, A. M.
P-n-atre and Eure $5.
Tiie Osceola wid t oi.’h at Cone River every Son
d.y g.ii..jf and Satin day returning from Waehin/
She will stun at Aqnia Creek and a’l the usual
landings on the Polo ac to take nfTor land P.i aen
geis. JAMES MliMCHKI.I..
May 5 Capoiin.
THE C'll E l l'iv> 4 &
UK T ROUTE ro Ttib
.Tr» 1 iiiruujn in iririr uuii», wiln
60 mile* lets *ta xe travel than anj o. her route. DAILY,
(a.md-iy'* xeeptc'.)
The St aniT- CURTIS PECK, Ciptain Davis,
aii't JEWESS, (.'apt- mji'Ton, have SnuihgateV
Wli irt, Nnrf >1«, -it 5j o'clock, daily (Sunday’* • x
CttpU-d) fur Richmond, and arrive i.■ due time tu
Connect with the Packet Boats to Lynchburg, lea
ving daily ii6o'el-*ek, P. M., (Sunday's except
ed) arriving in 32 hour*, thence by *t g * (in <i.,y
li no.) via. Natural Bridge to the Spring* ; ilirong .
the whole route from Noilolk in 3 day*, without
»ny tatig.l ■, *o requisite fir invalid*.
FhiM/i! anil Fare through to White Snlpliu
S.iring*, meals and lodging* itielurled on board ol
boat* !rnm Norfolk to Lynchburg, j)li
Tie- Farkut It iai* tor St-iunt -n Irate Richmond
every Monday. Wedib-*ray and Friday aftcniiHin
at 3 oV irk, pa-» mg. rs going to Staunton hv lea
ving Norfolk on vlun ay, Wedn -*dny uno Friday
in ir.img* in the Jewess. C-'i>t. Sutton, will a>rivc
ill *U ttcient lime in lake this comfortable and e*
pedit oil* route, being only 41 mi.staging. Pa*
sago and F re in S'annt ui by ‘In* route by it Nor
fol< grl, wfi •!>• expense Iroin Norlulk tj Stiun
bill, l 25 less ilia • by L uiaa Railroad af
Ticket* iInoughout cm t»e proc. red >-n bond the
River Homs. DICK-ON & MALLORY.
June 16 Agent*. .1. R. Steamlmms.
hr.— By recent ar- ival* fr-* il Northern Citie* tin
•nbierih-r i* pot in p>*-c**tnn of a rum >lete i*.
• • t item of DRUGS AND MEDICINES. P \|\ | s
whirl he invite* the attention of th- public g,.,,
craily. Pu-ch t-er* wishing t > obtain artiele* in
hi* line of htidness, would do well t ■ give him si
call I a? hire dealing ”l*ewhrre.
f 11 f ill i wi t f fii n i i*e* but a small portion of
hi* a-**ur|m<*nt, viz :
Aqu-t Amuion. Fort,”
A ii non C»rh; ATo vro it. *• Bermuda,”
A Icin'ml, It >r »x. Hi vh n y I) .rU,
P ruvirn Bark, hr*t; Gum Opium,
Gum Camphor. Gum Benzoin,
R dI Siiphur, Dover Powder,
C*lo n -I, *• En/li-h and American,”
Jal «p, t >cc ir. Epsom Salt-. Lemon Sviup,
Syr„p Si s »p Mill i. Will C derty Bark,
Vanda Meins, Musk "in grail.,”
D*t1-Tglst and C’ieoii-l High Strr-ef
fin I a c-un.d -te s .pplv of Po W HER h SHOT,
»** u lcil *l*e-. U* • Pere'i*«ion Caps and Flints.
5 keg* of F, FF, h FFF Powder,
100 l>a r* Sb d from I- to 10*.
10 bhl* S"w Fimilv Flour,
tu .uxe« Family S rap,
10 bhi* L mu I and Sperm Oil,
Aug 25 'Vest »if|e the Market.
fNOS! F,N C tIFF.SF. -a choice>|.u just re
v ■• cd and lor aaU by
Oct 10 T. BROOKS, Jr.
CRAWFORD IIOJLJS !, Po-tsin mt'i. V., I.
J >11 v W. COLLINS, s*'*t' d by J. W.I’oyvl,
who will alwiv.s be in iitt nd iiieti to t cu 1-rT .ivel
I Ti 'in I Sojourner* cnmlortahle and n gr •■■utile.
JCJ*Sorters are ulicitif* in altr.nitnncc fire if
ftO*Tlii* House i* 40 well known to N irthern an*1
Southern I’raveller* that not one word i* necessary
to b-4 ii<l in it* iraise. To I, idie* and G • tlemeii,
desirous of miking a long or short •ojiiu> n in I* ot*.
inonlli, where verv li lieney of land aim sen run
be nht'iin-d in the ittirt >si i icline** ■ n• I ibundaure.
In" iprietor would *t itc that the II .us ■ is pro
vided ivilh i'v tv ill idem imn'ovcuipnt, for lie
ro-nfirt an I eeoveiiienr.e of bis Patrons, uhile
b meat and attentive Servants are hIways in atlcn
rbe ST \ MLES attached to Ilfs popular an
extensive Est blis'im oil are the lirg'stand most
comm el inn* or anv in Eastern Virginia.
MRS. F V N V Y GODWIN, can irc.iumio.
date a lew single geutli uien, and a gentle
man and bis wife with Hoard, on nmiicinie term*.
Km li-r ability to give s ,t j*f icdon, vim would refer
to mV wli i have !> rir.le ' with her Residence on
Cuoiitv street, betw-en C ou t and Dinwidrlie at*.
I’rindent H i irder* taken by the day or week.
Ap.il 21
Cl II BA l* SHOE C — I b ve. ii ip- in 'land | e
J ot s-al > i>ig H *el P'O', Kid Lined ; going
off rapidly r.t 5 I cents a pai'. (’ill -o n or you
will ini * a Inrga n. \VM. R. PITCHKR,
A'i? 39__ S ign of the Rig H .ot.
Wn. ii. no dues Ac co.. Tr.iTeji.it ,7
• reived tli. following NEW MUSIC.
'I lie eelebrate I Rivee Waltz,
The Milb r’.s Mai I Waltz,
II1 ivenieyer’s Grand Mu ell. Love Not Waltz,
The Three Sinter* Walt..**,
I’m still ibitie wn, by .1. II Hewitt,
” We’re out ll ion the M mu light Wave,”
CasHe Gairlen or A linaek’s Waltz,
Low wav. d the Smiliner Woods,
Simon’s Quickstep,
•• Here’s a lied b t ■ thee Mary,”
(’e|eb>at:on Quickstep, The Gabriclln Wabz.
Piney P int Waltz, ” L t os love opc another,’
Mar V of A rgvle.
** When RlumlH'r’fl pinion* over m- id iy.”
•■Sweet is the tlioiigln, the Pro ni.c Sw. el.”
‘ II irk? II irk? the Soli Rug c.”
M oman’s Heart, Ami I die Greeiiwo >d smiling.
An elegiac impromptu Fnntaaid, by 11. I*. Heim
i< Ii.
I ll- Rri.bl H lls.
l$T*win •* & Fish, by Deilonin.
T'-e 11 miter’d Son •*, |»v (Jipiavc (Ressner,
The Huntei’v Wile, by 11. C. Hall,
The List Song of Sa bos,
I’he II irlein Waltz, “ He never -aid be loved,”
The Captive Knight, for tbe Guinn,
Cnmberlatid Guard*’ Quickstep. Cuba Manh,
(’olmtibia, ihe Lind ot the Rrave,
Could I bu-'b a la her’* sigh,
Cape M iy Ga lopide, Celejlina Waltz,
('liali an i'ii Espagne,
(’ nne. Come Away, a social glee,
Mv G-l' int Love return*, Mireh D’Aintzmcs,
Fjpwe I (I nne W.ftz, Rose Ge uncim VVuItz,
Liilv «.» the v iHey Waltz. Last Greeting,
Potomac Wal z,
;• 1 hasten the s|i-1(|c wf tliy Rower,”
Tyrolean Melodic* Am* |0
IN reived by AV. ||. ||. I|..|)(;KS At CO.
Introductory Lectures on ,A| .-,!.wn Hi tory, by
Thomas Ariiol I, I). I) Profess .r of \| > I r i Hist .
ry in tl c Do vendtv ol Oxfo d. and Ili ad Mister
• ■I Ktlgliy School—edited froin.S cond L.otlon intj.
ti-ui. with a pn-l’a c an I note*, I.y Hem y R. . d, M.
A., Prof. 8«cor ol English Literature in tin: L'niver
«ii V • I P- i.ii-ylvani.i.
Keod’w Dictionary of the English Language, con -
iaililng' ilie proiiunriatiot:, «>i vmol .gy (l d expian i -
Don <>| all words .mho. zed I.y . minent writer* ; to
u hi.-h a re aildnl^a \ .amli-.la. I v . f die m .'a ol Eng
lish wo.d-. and an a. counted Hat r I Greek, Lttm,
"id Se. iplnt <• piope. names, I.y Alexander Heed,
A. M . author ol •• Rmlmienls uf English Compo
sition ” &e.
History of Germanv from the earliest perio ! to
||'0 i r i-elit time, by Fr rb r ck K 'hlr n ueh, Cliicl
Counsellor ol the bn ir.I of criticali..11 of the K oq
dom of Hanover. Sep -20
CT A IIK \s C v Alt* ill N 1: L \M<M.-Af er «
>3 fair trial ol W. II. St van’s P it nt C imp'un •
Lamps. I am convinced they have no superior, if
brilliant y and economy he consitlererl. Being anx
ious n> aifor.l ns much light as possible to ih” Puli
1 e, I hav • consented to act as Agent or the in <11
I have received a variety of the a' ove LAMPS,
to wit: Side, Hanging, and Parlor L-AMI'S, of
b autiful p "ilcrrif., which I wills II at the manu
facturer's 1 rices. In itimy part- of the city ol
New A’ork these Lamps hive sit u reeded tile Gas
LtrliL (duly 7; AV'ILI.I A M Rk ID. Norfolk.
._hav tts recently rintie inti, use ill London
a remedy lor T.irb -rculotis Crrtis't option, and v’ery
favor ib e and nappy rlf.-cts having result. <1 from
it, ha- induced the subscribers to have some ol it
pr pared with grtatcare, perfectly pmc.au ! high
ly rectified, in order that a fair trial may be made
of its merits.
This is warranted to be she article so highly re
emnineti.lc I by Hr. Hastings (PhVrieiaii to the
Fr.-c Dispensary Lord in ) 111 his statement pub
lished in (lit: London L'lncel, when he cautions p*r
sons using it n> be -ufc and pmcit-r this kite', as
an impure article (or Coal Tar Naphtha) lias pro
•l.iccd the m .si iiu.dcas.-vtit and d-angr rou* affect*
Ii Inn Ihtii used l.v many < f our most eminent Pliy
sici'iti*, with «|. eirled sneer*:.
A>,e York,.Ian. *t. HIV RUSiHIV & CO.
*1 In: m>>01 e article of Naphtha just r.reivrd and
for sale I.y IIENhV IIUFF,
July 12 High *ncet.
2* . rd giro I PE tCI AlMON AVOOll, eitll r ji
• -gs or Mocks, for which a f.ir cash pri •• will I..
■/iv n Apply to Cll AS. fl. HH \1T**M.
Dro-r More. High *t.,4th d-arr heiow Middle.
A. 17 28
Rl1 > C.) F F EE.— 50 Img* Prime Green, just re
<cv d. f.,r by
>,mj22 ___ AVIL! S M CO.
AUD HOPE.—-50 pieces Konturk'
5 * ( oils Rope. f,}r . jo*- by
n_ Arfrt.c «- rr>
* llna r* cei v. I iIm <l-«y 3H ' p tir mo
. ! of th Mu OT'i '•I'pp-ia mill 'lie
^^9 1 *’*'■ r,’n,'!. *• *mli 7 > ••eiii-'*. aim> :
| «»i 4H»(>jii lor 50 i ciila. Xli-a.-a 'I
in. co "dipper* and I'o s, lor the In
n'ii'e ol 6 iTtitii, ifito-* (pm lit v.
* hi ilr. ii'a sho a of all q mlnic-i.
IiHi pnii nl M n’a N iv v Pica, fi.-at r He adii-lc.
* • ti’.-. tine Ureas Monti nml Hootccs of the I >•*.
A -p'eii'liil lot of I, -al'ior Tr>r»l(«, Vi i<.-a.Cn
>rt llnsf*, ntnl a’I oth• r artiel a uaii>llv l{ pt in
omplete Shoe S ore. XV M tt. J»| ICiIF.lt,
XX est *i li* (,’riwforit atre-t,
J't’y 29 _SiK.i nl th lliir Hoot.
t N118 PI l*L« P' I l£Y CDJI I! - Xnnther few
• \ aopalvo l> cUliS \\i) *l.ci)| :|N’Ki.
finin (>o II o. O.l Lem m. Oil .Jerirunut,
Pnlv H i I Rh.-i.
R.n.tiea Rhei, ( Piirltey,)
“ Sen ’tri, Gum \|r»hie,Opt.
Ilnr'eui Oil, ( r -it-iiii •,) direct from the importer
t’o -liin nl, lv- eoaoto,
llnla mi (Jopniln. pure,
O • o nel Fn flis i,
Vinij In Henna, superior For s-ile hv
•Inly 12 IF.VRV HUFF. Ili.fh «*reet.
iMtosF. c rus of ih-c »ng *F.<'iov \i.
J UIIN.M,. I n«> ril:t -r- «• f ilu* United State
J> v inm pioposc t > cniiiuit-nrr, wi ll then xi s-s
■‘inii ol U •tig,oss, a wccklv p i',li utiuu u n|, r «
•ibnv • liilo, to rnntiiiii »11r ilu- «• - ,|(, j s i in
nl ill- imp' redout—I loic pr r*«»f TITTY CRY S
"• li 'iT-r.iln-r f-r a volume of TlVri IIUV
mu:I) TAGUS.
It will r nit tin a 'nii'tful itlhnti-itl re r> I ■
to It II-1118!'* Ill Congress, f <• jr-st uf ,||
■‘(nj riles which m iy lie ,1.1 v -re I, Xcc , Sir. Tli
Oiost com Ifient reporters \\ i I b-riop.oved. md
limbing sli ill prrvml ii liriiijr in ole wmthvof tli
p •I'oiintro ol till- public gen- r.,11-. The .l o- tia
u ill tmdi-nvnr. in its records. t«i -!o jo.' ire to I ml!,
tut11■<•*, -,i it at both pftriii-a will ellowo I to p • •
ronis- th - pohlio -ti-u It h ing l'|e long s •** , ..
a* it is tailed, tli. v-luoie will rotilain <u trust 5d I
pages ; ear It tuiiiiher « ill root-lilt sixtren page. ,,i
-a,;li«l matter, which wi l rnab e the ptilili bets l
give a'l the proctetlings w .ithv of tiring pr s ved
in I look firm. ti>r bin ting ail I future relrr-tr-e _
I hr i xe et'ingly low term* will place it -> i bin the
r, ai h id ah ; the null is’u-rs h p ■ that llicir f i-mls
will use llicir cxvi tioiu in oh'a'tiin <■ .nh■ -rib -rs
JK'S R I). i\V.
» AEHIKOTON, Angiut 12. Hl > —Sop lb
Til E CUhTllitlST.
On sit' jeris connected u tilt \g u it.(11, <*, to inrlu "r
an Kinigratils* Departtiirnl. ront lining *-n h n
hifitil t mi rs may he ns fnl to pns .ns irtakiti-g a
oeith-m.-m in the West, „r seeking new h. 1 Is ol
ag inti ral etiterpi i e.
r r 111: SU BSC til BFR prnpo*-s to jw. ne a
1 inonthl • sheet, in tu tin fni in, ,.f sixteen pa
grs. on liushati i . pastoral allai *. an I kindr d
a-il-jct Is a p irliott ol th - nap r to la- nreiipinj
i. it It n t t-rs g.-ogr jphir 11, * a tslical ami liistm i. a I
ol Mil h p -riinlis ill th-- W rst as ill h, nl to .*1 in*
teres* i -, We.* let ii t> Icrs, and also ol portions of
ilu- South.
A g, i nitii'c is the most ancient occupation of
iiinii. It is a Is- * the ttio-t use til, tin- in .*t itidt-pru
tl' iit. the Im ipir..t. ilu- in ist healthy, tin; iii ist ur i
fitit'il-- and the iuu..t t onurah c.
lint this is ti.it all. Agrii'ultme comprc'icn '* in
itsi-lt nmre -cieiice, that, anv other •■ccmi itio-i in
the whole c rcle -I liu nan pursuits mid industry.
Geology, chemistry, vegetable phvsi -I-igy. all mate
a pirf of *he tit rou.-h kn • i le ge of tlti-i nto*t .-x
teiisiir and i s lot art. They are in teed b it the
l> ginniligs ol tine van field ol know edge c .titan
e,l within it. No tit t it a man can In- a thorough
agriculturist, he will be it the large sense ol the
word a learned man.
* imw-evcr nave neon, to a gnat extent,
n: posed in what they called science, ur book-farm
j ing. I rum n mistaken i < I - a that wli never was in
l"'nt »us mere y spi < ulativr. and matter of theory.
It it Were no i»i«Ie -«I, tliev would he li^ht in e u
deiMrngii It is It >wever a mi taken idea Sci
ence is the result nt cx ii'i ieuce and praetiee. It is
die ripe harvest ot lai ts. reaped not i.y one m- n in
one Ii. Id lint gatlicied by all the lalmr.i- tliruu.rli
uui all t e harve-t tie d* of the earth in year alter
year irmn the h ginning.
4 V. ry i ii tel i i gent t armor I i Ire* to talk to his nei g h
r, and d>av advantage trom his i x,iei ienee.
" 11is exp rjcttce is no I. s< \a tlithle for I oing de
li' ered (o I im in print, by types, iliau if it sh nId
lie given to him by hi- nei'gliiior, by word ol in iijiIi.
It is the s a ill** thing.
Skill in the ii ia in a I of line tog a ml ( I nigleng ei n
in ver make a fniu r. it hi <k-s only mi npp entire
in iln* art. Since tne multiplication of n/ricu t i
rnl papers ami socie i si i tliis country, there lm,
been a jjre.it improvement in the elite of agricul
It is designed t » giv>. in th:s paper all useful gen
eral iuic ig.-uei-r, | ding to rural atrnrs and rc-m
OIIIV. wheilli’i of impl m Ills, stock*. seeds, mode
of culture, ar ides «• 11 t i\ at ion. soil-, or f riiVz r*;
anil -neh disi overies 8 iea e • * m iv assist lig it
• ii and i> ake more profitable the hardy and lion
orab e toil of the I inner.
A secondary nhj-rt will be tog've information to
pen*.-mi unking settlement in the West ; from p. r
solid know ledg - mostly—*o ill >t they will be able
to make judiej ms rfel- cti on, »»■»■ t p'ucecd in ih • r*.
(abli-liing of tlicir new h me* to li st advs itncc,
j aa.I soul • I'esei jpt inn of ibe Lm's of |V|arv land and
| Vie inis, with it r modes of reiiov * tug them.
I It.* price will be one «.o:lar, invarid>iy in ad
Vain e.
Agricultural and Emigration Societies, and nth
ers who so i scribe for one hundred copies or more,
wib In- a ippiie l hi <jt7.> per li'imb ed.
Post master- etui country colic.- ora arc requested
t" act ns a get t-. All sin’ll will be ilaiacIJO pei
e nt; -lid any person sending five dollar* wil. have
,-i> copies,
( MN t INK Ol l.<) F TA> \ 7 N, mi u,, iTT
F-K KE - lOREK.-This art < If n »ir imittCiMl'
. with ronfi'!c c. • »•» U»c | tib.ic irrm nills t pnr
ciriilni Iv t'lo-r riiixi**11.-4 t» h vim^* rniMin }»lly d y
■IT . Its mug me uni reput ition has hecu • stall
islien years nun. \\ in n I toots an 1 SltO -s are com
i letely satna ated w ith the 1 lit of T .mini, they !> -
C". • C t« i fedly wafer t-roof I never p.-rpctiai
in.iigh thni./h the lea ill. r to soil the st ekuig -
l.-dc* Kid Shorn i .k. it wi ll; al-.., stiff Olotc.-*.
&e. For sale at the DulgSto e, Si*rM ot die H.u
vloriar. (hi AS II. HELM TS 11, Ag. '
Oct II_
n(,vi:\ \s 8KK0LI.10 STHtWtftlo
MY. — Wc are daily cXiiee.ling ill •?•• • elchf a
te i ** I It t IN It KB It Y l’L \ NTS, Those wishing •
■oipply will plr.*»r h ave ih ir order? a? -ooli as p..*
u|. C, ’II he Drug store, High «tnct. 4th doo. !*•
low Mi Idle.
*•* 'Verm fnrri'sli P int, gratis a general histo
y ol ill so str,» ' b Tries sh.wior the m umcr <.f
i oliivation, laying the bed?. Ate. &e. Please can
•ltd gel a ropy.
1,1 CWaI, n HEIVITSD, (Mil
PL \ ll> CL'> \ KI\ G. J MV CO KK Ac V(>
hav e 0 >w in Store ami are offering for -ale a
srge It of Paul and other new stvls Cloaking
vhrh they will dell v v- ry r .dneed f> ie.s
Dei 7 -I NO. COCKE Ar CO.
H% -hit ciiu.i u a^utHiUMirvi1*
II - MS. For sale by
Oct »* THUS. BROOKS, Jr.
vt i*:\v, cun vi» d:iy goods sroiti:.
-Si Kiflieidc ' i iwl' id nr et. IVirt-inOiith V.i.
V I. (J M v IJ 1*1 S' havin'j.-t ret hiio i fr in iln*
J Tt'i. wit ti*. •« lor .1 cm an I « ie ul •■x-imina
i n nf I n* \| 11 led 4, he 111- ho- n 1*1141.lefl in p ■ i -
'144 • f r i 'inh a I ml It'I C ,14 11 I nn*l t III K I LI. &
' I N’TKH D < V GOOD ?. which It* in p,. pared in
inp s nt' |br Cai'i at such pi ices an m nm tail t'*
i|c ino, an 1 I v a -tr et ai liorcnci tn 1 in nm t i. wl*ic|i
vill Ii* '‘Still l‘rofih wrl Qii-k Sjle»,’' ho Impoi
'» tile, it a s'i u • ••! pn -lic per ma**c.
Hi* Stock i untn/s pari of
(••i> <'o
(■in U'iiiii U
'lip tea I, Nlrn
•Venfli CJ 11*_r11 tins
I. nen ('am irit:
Do do IMk 9
Uni ati ‘ii ‘In <!•> (I.»
Uik. Cut mi.»ini W.m stc'l
II .*.•
vi‘l. Silk and Merino
l.a lies’ Me in i V.-sts,
d > I mpe* i 11 It.i i I s
(t-'efll It •» .1 r.‘,
•M rill a lid Ins •» ti I'jrs
>li i\\ Is. every style a id
B ark. Bins and Fancy
Back. It ne and Fancy'
C '« 'im -res
(J .Id 'Ii x -‘I T ».-“ds
Ui ii ds f-oni 37 ,cis to
Silk and ■'.uin V -.-tiiijf'
Co *i i <o .'n
'I • in > and Silk Sld.-t-.
D i do (• loves
Black Silk < V.»v in
'•a-kul il kfs
S ai ‘s i
■» i-p«*n-l -n from 2*routs
to Si
I* n n Sli rt'nes & shirt*
i ues
It on i-k Ti.h’c Cloths
l)n ip ri-is
I)’ v|. s’ F ntt'iels
hitr anil Itcil do
; i moil ill
D iiiii*st>r O •oils
s'loriin rsiiinl Sni-'tines
Pi -kj. (' irck-, K rsoys
\> rrn Cluihiii s
On II nil I II' ink -is
P int —F»o oh. Kne is'i
n-i'I l> mi si ii-. from
6J 'o 37 i ...
W • i lli-tf lti:l llki't -•
M irkina-v hi l Outn: -I
tr mi S 4 to I t I
Cri'i il.t
t’ lrikiiies '"l I Phi ds
*' is in rII >o Is
Oi ini ri an ' Urn h
ITnihr II is from S'.) rents [
i • #5
Fnrirtorc Di'iii’y
C iriI'd tin
.\nJ ina r/ •i’i.t >ir i li* i<> # n»i»iH»r hi-- c » men
i C tii a m»ii nt t'l.: NE V C V'll S'lMIIE.
Sep _>')
Jf)iICOCKE A; CO , line j m r roiv •!
pe. rt.-iir L-roy fnni) New Vo k. and ar- ii ,w
P -toner , tine a-* .1 Inie.ll of F V LL \ VI) VVI VTEH
IMI\ (MODS, to wlin-'i they iuvte tl»e it'enti n
nun It is r*. ImiiIi wholesale .mil retail Tin-Stock
is well i-s rt.-il an ! r.ei-i-i- in part a* follow* :
10 I, 114 in-l l{l It h i -i<l It idiiiI Whitney
Hankr'*; P int. |).illl -, an I S I Ml- .lo; Whit -.
It <1. \ ilov and 4lro.ii laiinel-; Grri it Itiiz-:
Ill’ll li. li|ou-hod and Colon ed 4* inton Flannels;
tti.s- ti.I Furniture Cd <*<>>*; Tih c Di ip- r. * I
• ii * 10 4. wide ; It u -*i i ii i; I Si r-Is F,re d •; I Inch r -
• adc d ■; (J -hired Kid Tow -1 -; L > g l.a vn and '
I, n-n 4 'anhrc; Linen Cinihr-c (I milker -Inets ;
I an S ilc lied do; Coloured third rod do: IS under
eel in r, (hr a y ir- wi In ; C .it.ui d i. s m.r wvdlil ;
ISli.dc. IS I. i -. Mix d and Fanev Satiiuoi* ; T - od
-i S irk C<>a** ; Sop -rior It ir k*kio C i-siuot*. Pail
(- n . k in / ; IS. a.* k, it u -, 4 ■ re,-n, 4 *1 a rot. ii n * o h.-r
rolou.ed Ol.i-h-; Itia.-k, Itlue. a i l F n v Ci i
ui.-.-.-s ; |t ark-ton I*weeds ; ,Voo on Vesting, ; V.t
:-iu-in d- ; Superior 4'aslin r- il. ; Mixed too
Sl«'ns; 12-» W’ltifo Ma-sells Quit*; Paper Cam
hrir Furn-ture fli ck-; Hr wi. ll.llanl; Fr och
I’orkev ltd |> int : E i g li -1» T-irkey lied Can- |
'•rir-; Tu• Ic y It d C .m.i-i, fu Striping; (' i n >n .
nailers; Cotton do; Ci.-in re Siawls; Imitation
C.-luiiere d.. ; IVina-k do; Sli id.-.l Giighn.is;
It m k Silk It »i h I ,bbv V *iv*-t ; do S iliine fiui-li
d ■; It tell \ I11 a t (5 u .1-; | i-i |i L* nen* ; Itro wn Fr noli
lo; Green Ita-rago, Embr edered ; I),- Lain Sh i ' Is;
oik a t.iinn ; Ml irk I, no V.-ila ; It ack Ita'i in C‘i
V l's ; FailOV <1.. ; Worsted Cap- ; Donna M u i i «l«> ;
G' It,nere do; Pekin il-tols; Lii.lie*' Silk mil K -I
(ilov-s; Men’.* <h,; Itle iclie t and Drown shirting-,;
II in y Woollen K.--.-rvs; Cmv.is* and Pi tiling;
It ark an I while V\ iggi-.* ; C *r.| Itov ; Furiiiru -,
Dimity; do Fringe*; Wat -red and Dtuia-k Mi
nvti-; Merino, Lamb* Wn,l, Cnt'i.ii, and IS t. k
-kin slur's; Merino, Linb* W . -I and I'nlton
Di ;i iv s ; White Lire Min in* ; Jack.met do; M .11
"'•* Cambio do; Svi-sdo; FigM an I Plain do ;
Tar'et.in do; W ish Mlon L; It .b n -t* ; Thr-id ; l.a
--s ; F. 'gmg* and lii-eriings , Lis e tin; Needle*.
Pin-. Cord, Tape, and insny otii.-r article* to i tedi*
on- io iiiculioii.
A Iso one thousand pound* Gill N-tt Thread, ii
S poun ' -kilns. .1D11 V COCKE & CO..
S,,P 13 II git-t.. P .ri-m t Hit. V*
V it >1 AO A\l) I) V V SJil > > i,, .»
I <Ik. V i , mi |„r die S-ip-fiiiicu I un c oi Mr*.
Mr» C (■ ke* thi* m.'th'id in inf >r n th * riijz *n*
Norfolk mil vi«in iv. ih u tir li n i tk mi the
I(£T«‘ '• ii I 'irv Rooiri i i die l>w • M• ti^ il rue oern
pie-l by .M 4. Merry, on Cii'ii • M 11 id ure.’i, for die j
inirpo4f of eii t >li. 11.■ r ( .Sj.nin.iry | .r V’ m.i * L i
;li. * mid Mwae*.
Thi* I 1.4 Kill mi • vill he opened fir the reception '
of Pupil* on t'ie 10 li of S nti.Miih •«. |(4 dc-M._'n i«
•n impart i ('inf mi r i t ict it I a nil'iii.o'ii! K Inca
(i' ll. \ilv.ini iit.m will heofT'i rd f-n acquiring an
xii'ii ivc Jill t'l'irotijh ar pi tin a'n'i' with the
» Ijaiiiruasre. L<t n French an I Spini4h,—
'ho. Mo If, |»r iwinf mi f l» li nil r, and vnriom
dy|.-* ■ f Kmi r -i '«• y. Mr*. C. will he ashaied hy
Te • cIm,i * of the fird «<«
P.il lii'llim lltlenti in will he nnid t-i the meal
md iniiniirr* of ilit* Pupil* nl-ic-d nndei Mr., O’*
■ are, and il will he h r ai ii t • lirin t the *n ini af
I rl ion * in oi ex Tt i 4c, to i r tin the p ipil io e ir.rri
'•'!' t4ol fought and a lion md to mike the nr
cjni-.iti.»n of knowh i|;rr \ piri4aol irrupiti m.
All.* C will roii'in ic jivine1 l,rs»ni(tn P.'ii din*
■•hip at I hr Sr liool R min from li < I f-pa-d 'nor in half
pa-t five nV|-*r < fVrni* of I'nitioi: mode known
.1 h r Srh -ol R iorn.
Tlion' who mav wi*h lo lake L\->x >n* in Penman
‘••ip or enter 14 l>av S h ill-ire w |l pl-ane leave
• heir ii mi • with Mr*. Berry, n the Si-hnnl I!>dh
>!•* •'. take* plea nire in 4intin<r ih k she I* kind
ly P rmitlrd to make the f-ll.iwi|)/ r feie e.*
U tv. s-> .(o i. E«q., Mniir <n \V ■* i n/l >n. D
• R"v (). B. Brown; Rev Gor«r- W . Sam* .n :
Rev S. Sprole; Rev. S. II. Willi*. Catdtill, V. V. ;
Rev. S-ptimn Tuatni. Cmpltin ot iheS-natr;
Rev. A. ,\. Miilln- ; II P I la-lull, F,-»q.. Ilowmi ; J.
V. lTn •erwo-tri, E*q , \ J.ilv 29
(1IN.-5I d.le I dilation II >iitml Gin, ju*t rc
T reived, for mlv by
A ojr -21 J P’lf.r.s,
ION DON M V il llji:i»r»U t IT .1, -j,, t
J .r. eivrl • -miii -Iy of diit < xe.dicnt and i.ijlily
;i rlo u d LON'rON P f VI \ POI. put op in m at
|m <• P .r aale at h • iViijf >1 're of
Sep 10 C I \ e. II. HBISifSH, Agent.
Baton •ili.Ki iim Ch tee Mur H »mt •.
Ilf 0 • l»* C.lui-'O linn*, rcrrivn_r p.-r R-i
Rf.id. fm rale by W ILL* & C ».
S P H_
1 *>() Vs vri ** VK-V PALI* GOODS
• ' *• *•• V C It' iV h & n r no v 0,1.' li i II ST
•'eir rx*.-naive St .rk of NEW GOODS, to who h
• bev invii * ih • attention of d.c public Sep 16
C*'N OR I I’S -2 • idl'd* W jf&p R. Af >1*1*0*
*J I • hie I* I R Snirar,
id h x*"4 Pnijblc f/i'if Snynr,
It) Ittrl4 Ptilv. mid Croahed do,
7o hi if- l/i«rnirM Coffer,
VS " Rio do. In *t.or for »«!>• tow by
__ 'Vll.lc k < i>
Historic;a l amiisbment - a n. w *
• nt i (aiiiing tfiiinc on the M»4i..ry of Kn<r'*nd
K r 4ileat IfODGES & CO ft
S 'p 3 Vnrrlr S’or<-, Crawford »'re< t
V'O ». \ R '.--fff.OAO dw BACON
ff -or Kniii'l. J.'Wllhi Ex'r* lft'M«, 50 ke?j No
I I, A I'D, j i*t riciivtd !r »m S»nthaina(mi f'rrndy
for 4«»ie hy V\ JLL» k CO.
June IX
&rnits ot aatomfctufl.
)i»c squ nc i>ui' lugi'i'iiuiii.<50 .*0
Mm do two do. 0 75
> to do three d". I uO
nc do one week. 1 75
• no do 1 vi o wo U. 2 75
• no do one niotitli.... 4 i u
» c do two inontns. 7 00
'•no do throe month'-,. inn®
• n i do 8:x months,.„. ib 1®
• *no do p r vi n r,...30 00
m lines i r Ins n>nke u >quart ; loiir or 01 vm
•harmed in pri.|,ur-inn, mil nri to le paitl lor in
Advertis mrnts nrdi-i<-H in only mire or t»;rr»
vc.-k. will l»o clmroril 50 a r»ta per -q. f. r ihe
irsi iiis rtion, and 37} cuts lor each suhst queiit
ns -r'i .tl,
I I'KvI.KHS li.MTKl) MMTKS DkPo'l uK
»OPi;i.\|{ M KDlClNKs.—The sole mid iri in »<l
V tr**n- ic- for the s ilr of a I Geiicv n 1 niosi pnp
■ hir Mi-, i int-, Ims Ihtii appoint'd. and itivr-cl
■v t >•• var ons proprii lo 11 iln- li.ni' f ol T IV.
’vutt \ Sons, of he C.LUMBb.N College, No.
3i NiimIi S roil'I *tr< ei, Piil.ol. Iph a, 'nr ihe 11 n
rii'encr an I >-)tpr« ss pnr . s" ..1 tu< plvinjf all
v' o'lvlr p ir. lo era at nue partii'i lae p-'int.
liih Dr T. XX Dyott Ac Sons, have iiim. e »nrfo
rrantrementa with ill- proprii to sol hr nmst 1 o 1
il.i>* iifdirini-s now in usr, 11- to eiialih- th< in lo
iftiidi di n rifsts »l* I wholesale drains, on inin Ii
• 1 >re adva t i..n nu- terms it an thev > an in ^rn r*l
'»• 1 r oii'i-d f-otn the pr.ip'i tie-s then m- v> s. And
IS |*.i sophist'Cat.-. I prepi I Atilill" «l e kept or So il at
hi* slab i<'ini-nt, tliet ci* 1:0 1 Ssk of entitur Cdihi
t rfo 1 mtiv'le , with wtiiclt the oomstry now a
h tr-nls
I he attenti in o‘‘ >lv pnhlie is solii itrd, to . *!f at
•he F unit tin lie nl a all v, where i* In pt fo .ale,
• ltd int! v lie ex tin’if •. ilii- most cjM naive a d oen
eral j-sortment of Proprietor v ani los of Atedi
i ties, to 'ie n-m I in the I'tii cl - tat s.
For tit- enliven «*nee of tho*e who it may n 1 he
<-"t»v 111 nt 10 a >p v ni the il>ovi.- e.-tohlishin- nt,
•.•‘live. laMi l.e I > eset tl. Depots in tie- f .How in r
• •it ■ s. wit ic tin- m mi o th • 1 t r| s c 'titained iit
in r % 'in. at ri'al'i.ruc are In la* fo .n •.
RM* I XII»\D. Vii., at the store i f A. Duval St
Co. H7Mtiri feet.
'X XSIIINOrON*. D C . at tin* vU re of Ha'irrt
Ftrrili nit. Corner ol Klevcitlit street and P. im. Av
on IS
»Xt/ri\IMUF.. M.I.. at the store of S. S. Ih.twc.
N11 I is •taliimme »t--i-i-i.
NKXV Y iIlK, V >. lift XI liderv I ane.
ll.'I.XVV, N. Y., No 5! state sir el.
It IS''ON. XI.ss No 2 .Viter -fee .
VI' of vvh "it ire so id'o I from the Cvhnnbian
Cnt'egr 1 in I Fountain Me id "f
Om 3 T. XV. DY >TT Ik sons.
\y T'lK CtkS'i tK<*l »\ VI. UNIOY VNI> tP
' l*KVI)IX, Ste. T i • im •■Tsi »nc>l ic.spo If.illy
inf ir it t i> (si i i| c, fh it. will) li - t.ipr arbiter 4 *
•iini of (.’o-i_r>- s', th • v will begin tli p ihlicatio 1 ,.f
J*'f •• Uol|-rri.*4 inirtl Ul|i ill*’ Hivl “ .Appcnui* ** —
P )<• li t w 1 ro-itaio 1 fill and item ate h at irv of
h dail / pr ie ■«*dini',s of hotli branuhe-. of the n:|.
lion »! I.* • i-I 11 ur.‘. It will lie imiii.tiled with -u< h
are, • 1) • t every ciiz-n win is interest din the
pnhlir. alTtirs will tint it a '■oinplete ayn-ipoi* of
their tv.K’.eedhnra, .111 I a r-adv l>o >k of r.-lcrenca
'i;» hi ill q lections w iieh come b fore them.
roe second, (th- •• App.ni lix.M> will contain
very 8 * •cch wl) oh is d - ivered in the House of
Kep e'. nia iv s and Sen ite during the -es-«,o, ,c.
t»oi t d at length by 4 fod 11 I aid - roi ps ul con
X es-ion 11 r-porters, -and res wed h fore puOlirati.n
• v the audit is. whei-ev-T rt is reqite-tod. Thcao
two work' will h • strictly tin.mrvit , and-are in
teoded to he »s i it-*resiinx ml use nl to the man
■ >f hn* 11 s», and to the po'itiei.m ol the one pmy,
' s of ' li • o' her.
The Diilv, Semi we kly, and Weekly Union,
wil , as us ml, e-nhr.icc an in'eresting v riety of
•na'irr .11 n d’tiral. sri -tnilie, and literary sulijeets,
il " i'li 1 11 ’rent tjs \Vs of t to day Tli • editor
'ill coot tin - I- le.-iit - all 11 i -< ene,-.ri-s to the im
■>r veine t 11 T 1.- Uni >11 ” 11- finds many a - -
co i.piish-d men io (his city. 'I he a din in Oration
h is limiia-ht wi h it a eonsiderahle arris-ion ol isi|.
•fits. S- vera1 tried a>id distingiii'hc-l in- in'ir rs of
the •Icui'iei.itie. p nty Ii ve neei-pt.-d ofli e on li-r it.
one of them i.atre liberally eonlrih .te I their liter
ary a'io -■ to onr lieu- fit ; and w c hope to enlist nth*
rs in onr servrce. m-side*, the tim ■ is u-it fir dig.
taut when tli • editor tut nds to call nth t talent* t >
•ii.s assist an e. Ilis aoli ton to itinko his paper
wo- 'hv f the met'oaolis of the Uni m.
VV f-el a «!(•■ p sense of <rr it tude for tho r>r unpt
01 inner in which our politi al tri nds in every aec
i"II ul th : country h 'Vo alieady come forward to
-list tin the “ Unio . ?"
Aliy we n .t hope th it our frien '< thi o'ltrhout the
Un ted Slates will continue to assist our lahms a ul
prevail 11 "in their firuiidfe to tike some one edition
of the •• Union “
(Xjr '■* *h’8 vi 1 I>c the long session of Cmi rress,
and w ill prohihlv last ei<?hi in-nnh . w have eon*
• l"d - I to pulil sh ih- Covaue monal Union and
Appendix on the fo owimr
For th-- Conyressf.n il I ni »n, #1 S'p-r copy.
For 1 he Appendix. #| 5’t per copy.
Clubs wil li • lurni-Ii 1 I <v ('• • o.tic* of either
th- al».ve wo ks for #12; TaneUy five copies I r
tjjr F«.r the aeeinnmn la ion <>£ th iso who desire
t pap -r print, il at the scat ol government timing
lie session .f Coisrr.ss only, we will lutiinli tlic.11
•lit*F.xTa\ Union as fo.tows'
Semi-Weekly, I c.py. - . . - #2 50
6 copies, - . . . 13 t«0
“ 12 copi s, . . . 24 *'0
It’erkhj. I copy. .... 1 p>
\l copies. • ... |0 ml
*' 2> copi s, .... 20 oj>
NA ill he furn s icri her • ifler to yearly ■nbscrihers,
as f dl .wx ;
T)tilif, per var for one c.py, - . #1000
“ ^ “ five copes, . . . 4(1 DO
Semi IVrtkly“ one co >y, . . 6 (t0
“ live co iic*, • . - 20 thv
*• ** ten e«» d •*, . 35 t o
W-tkly, " "in « o >y. ... 2 (H
•* “ fiv • co ties, • 8(0
“ “In eopi' 0. 15 m)
rXf~ V > atfntiin will be prid to any order tiniest the
mrntfi/ a nowr/anie* it
OO* Those esi'i isr c * uplete copi ■ * of the Con*
trnsofiil Union end Ap'in'Ux. will pi -asc Mind
ns h it name* previous to th ■ 1st day of Ik cetuber
nex l.
OO* 'Vc will williporlv r>av the postage on all let
t> r- a-nt "8 eontainin'X^w dd art and u m«rila.—
Otll' lefte ft dir et d to IH. With thn postage on
pai ', tri I not b ■ 11 ken out of the office.
if- N "V psp rs thro igh ait the r ntn'rr, who
will publish th • almve prospectus until the inert ng
ol Con rress wj|l rccidre, in return, tho t.'otigreo*.
i Mini Union durinj the sc>*i -n.
HI I't'lIIR St H ]'S.
AVa« ivotov Ausr-iftt I H45 Or# :|
N Dlt I IPS.- 1000 bag* Shot, a-sort. d, 6 bl <7*
k ' Obi Mntn.
3lkfii*k5 .Madera, Tenerifft, Swt cl Mttls rs mil
F rt 'Vin.-,
40 I.M* O, a ml y. F.. Bmn,
40 ilo Oil Rye 'Vln-tkev,
JO tin I il lation Cd^iisi Untruly,
•|!I dt» Ph lade p'.i« and Kiltinturc Rye Gin,
I i bb,* Popp'rinir»i C-rdial,
200 k'lra Ha I tin tore Kail*,
III no Salt rain*,
2<>0 lb- I mil (rn,
50 tlo Niiiuirfr*.
7'kO do It ark P< pprr,
500 Ho Allepier,
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