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jM-SciKKCB, aiming its oilier modern achieve
ments, h<a ascertained the weight of the at mospherc
which surrounds the earth; it is nearly equal to
tbal of a solid globe of lend sixty miles in diame
ter I Such is one of the extraordinary results which
now meet os on every side, revealed by the ever in
cr easing’ light of experimental philosophy. Among
the less striking hut more useful consequences of
experiment we may mention the concoction of that
powerful autisept c ami tonic, Sands’ Sarsaparilla.
It stands high among the medicines of its class, and
in ease of Scrofula Tumor. Abscess, Cancer, Salt
Rheum, Saint Anthony’s Fire Or Erysipelas, Liver
Complaint. Scabies, Dyspepsia, and all other dis
eases arising from an impure state of the fluids,
rarclv fails, under the favor of a kind Providence,
to effect a radical cure.
For further particulars and conclusive evidence
of its superior value and efficacy, see pamphlets,
which may be obtained of agents gratis.
Prepared and sold wholesale and retail by A. B.
fi p Sands, Wholesale Druggists, 79 Fulton st..
New’York. Sold also by CHARLES II. IIEIMTSII,
Agent, Portsmouth, and M. A. Santos, Norfolk,
Price $$ 1 per bottle; 6 bottles for §0.
«/Vb.57, Wall street, JYeio York.
C A P IT A L $300,000!
Insures Buildings in general, Merchandise, House
hold Furniture, Ships and their cargoes, (in port
onlv) Ships or Vessels being built, or repaired
ami every description of Personal Property.
The subscriber is prepared to issue Policies direct
at the lowest rates of premium in Portsmouth, Nor
lolk and the surrounding Country.
Applications by letter, giving a description of pro
i,cri7, &c., &c., promptly attended to by
Portsmouth, Aug 27 Agent.
^ WEEK.—The Steamer
r~r. rr r *** Usoeola, will leave Nor
folk for the above place every MONDAY at 4 o’
clock, P. M. (Or after the arrival of the Richmond
Boats and Portsmouth Cars.) Returning will leave
Washington every FRIDAY at 9 o’clock, A. M.
Passage and Fare $6.
Nov 14 JAS. MITCHELL, Captain.
New biographical game of the
Distinguished Men of the United States. A
very instructing and interesting game for youth.
For sale at W. H. H. HODGES & CO’S
Nov 14 Variety Store.
STEEL PENS in great variety, for sale by
Nov 14 VV. H. II. HODGES & CO.
STER will open a Classical 4' Scientific Institute on
Crawford street, two doors North ol the Crawford
House—commencing on the 1st Monday in Janua
ry, 1846. In the Classical department, pupils may
be fitted for College or any class in College. The
Scientific, department will embrace not only thro
retient hut practical instruction, in Chemistry, .Val
ural Philosophy, (itology anil Mineralogy, a bo Bota
ny, Physiology and Natural History. The various
branches, both of pure and mixed Mathematics will
be taught, especially in reference to their applica
tion to Surveying, Navigation anti Astronomy.
Mr. W ebster is provided with extensive appara
tus, sufficient to illustrate all that i>- known of Nat
ural Philosophy, Chemistry, Electricity and Electro
Magnetism ; also with the most excellent Astronom
ical appai alas, n Cabinet of Minerals, tjrc.
The class in Chemistry will have the advantage
of daily practice i the preparation of Acids, (lasts,
and various Chemical reagents and preparations. also
in testing soils, mineral waters, &c.
As Mr. W. wishes no more pupils than he can
attend to himself, the number will be strictly limited
to twenty. The terms will be, including all neces
sary books, stationery. &c., $50, for the scholastic
year of forty-two weeks, which will he divided in
to three terms of 14 weeks each. Nov 13
NOTICE.—AH persons having claims against
the estate of Robert Hosier, deceased, are rc
qusted to present them on or before the first of De
cember, and those indebted to make payment to
Nov 13—3t* Administrator.
TVT OTICE.—Pursuant to a Decree of Sir unond
County Court, pronounced on the lb .lay of
November, 1845, in a writ depending in the said
Court, in which Thomas Saunders committee of
Sarah F. Saunders an idiot is plaintiff, and Mary
Ives and others are defendants, will he sold before
the Court House door of Nansemond County, on
MONDAY, the 18th day of December, the TWO
TRACTS OF LAND in the decree mentioned, of
which Robert Saunders died, seined and possessed,
situate in the lower parish of Nansemond County.
One of the said Tracts on which is a Dwelling is
bounded by the Poor Lands, on the East by Vt in.
E Jordan, South by Williams’s 1 >nd, and West by
Thomas Saunders, containing about seventy acres,
“ more or less.” The other Tract Swamp Land,
containing about thirty-five acres, “ more or less,”
bounded by the land of Williams, and by the land
of Thomas Saunders,on the South and West. The
terms of sale -six months credit, excepting so
much as may he necessary to pay the costs of writ,
&c; for the balance the purchaser or purchasers giv
ing bonds with approved security, and a Deed or
Deeds of Trust on the said lands to secure the pur
chase ii oncy. THOMAS SAUNDERS,
Nov 13 Commissioner, &c.
ALE ! ALE!! ALE!!!
a I have now on hand and will
keep a supply of the very beat AL
HANY CltKAM ALE, in barrels
and half barrels, also on draught,*
__Jfor family tine, li is of the well
known brand, “ Road & Brother, and is superior
to any Ale ever brought into this market, and will
be sold at the lowest prices.
Nov 12 S. JAMES.
> barrel or on draught. S. JAMfcS.
Nov 12
SPOT FISH.—26 barrels selected SPOT FISH,
put up in large new pork barrels, warranted
sound and in prime order, for sale by
Nov 12 S. JAMES.
*J STRAWBERRY.— All person* who have le!t
Orders for the Plants of these Celebrated and Ex
traordinary Strawberries, will please call immedi
ately and get their supply. We have just received
them this Morning, and arc now ready for deli
very, at the Dru<r Siore, Sign of the Rig Mortar.
Nov II CIIAS. H. HEIN ITS fl, Agent.
AMERICAN FORM BOOK ; containinglo
gaily approved precedents for arguments, ar
bitrations, assignments, bonds, bills of exchange,
promissary notes, conveyancing, letters cf attor
ney, partnerships, receipts, releases, transfers,
wills, deeds in trust, and other matters of import
ance ; with an index lo the whole. The above val
uable book for sale by
Nov 11 W.H U. HODGES k CO,
tor of Wtight’s Indian Vegetable Pills has dis
covered that his Pills are counterfeited and exten
sively circulated through the country by persons
Unauthorized by him.
Dealers in the above Pill* are therefore respect
fully informed that Dr. T. VV. Dyott & Sons, of
the Columbian College, No. 132 North Second st.,
Philadelphia, are the only persons authorised by
tne to sell my Pills, in quantity, at the same prices
as myself.
Any other person* travelling through the coun
try offering my Pill* in quantity and at reduced
prices, are. assuredly base counterfeiters, and ought
to be rejected as such by every " honest dealer,”
*nd it is to be hoped, wtll be, if it is only for the
health and the live* of the public.
WM. WRIGHT, Proprietor.
T. VV. DYOl I & SONS, General Agents.
No. 132 N. Second st., Philada.
Srr.ciat, Depot, at the Store of Alexander Du
vall k Co., No. 147 Main street, Richmond.
Also, for sale by CHARLES H. HEINITSH,
Agent, Portsmouth, M. A. Santos, Kine- & Toy, B.
Emerson, Robertson k Comtek, VV. R.Broughton,
Norfdk.arvi by Druggist* generally throughout
»hc United Stater Nov II
Drawing- Alexandria Lottery Extra Class No. 27
,36, 51, 16, 71, 1,76, 15, 34. 12, 41.39, 25, 60,22.
7Vo's Day only!
2 PRIZES OF $10,000
Consolidated Lottery, Extra Class No. 21,
Drawn yesterday—drawing received to-morrow.
78 Numbers, 13 drawn ballots.
Capital*,—10.000, 10,000, 2 of 5,010,2,500. 1,409,
15 of 1000, 300s, 200. 150s, I0<’s, 60s, 4i's, 30s, Sic.
Tickets only $5—Shares in proportion.
$10,000 !!
Alexandria Lottery Extra Class No. 272,
Draws to-day—Drawing- received ."Monday.
75 Numbers, 14 Drawn Ballots
Capitals.—10,000. 2,000. 1,250, 1.200. 1,036. 10 of
1000, 200s, ISOs, 100s, 70s, 60s, 20s, &e.
Tickets only $4—Shares in proportion.
Tickets to he had at JNO I). (JORDAN'S.
Lottery and Exchange Ollicc, Norfolk,
Where the highest premium is paid for Gold
Silver, and Specie Checks. Nov 14
Alexandria Lottery Class C. for 1845.
To be drawn at Alexandria, D. C., Saturday, Nov.
15th, 1645.
1 Prize of $50,000. 1 of 20,000, 1 of 10,000, 1 of
6,000, 1 of 3,000, I of 2,853 , 50 of 1000,
100 or 500, Sic.. &e.
Tickets only $12—Shares in proportion.
Tickets to be had ai. JNO. D. GORDAN’S
Lottery and Exchange Office, Norfolk.
Where the highest premium is paid for Gold, Sil
ver, and Specie Checks. Nov 10—tISth.
TIIE attention of Parents and Teachers is re
spectfully solicited to the following
Mr. N. If. WEBSTER proposes to give a course
of Lectures on the highly useful anti interesting
Science of Astronomy, designed expressly for the
instruction of youth.
The terms of admission to the Lectures, which
will he given every afternoon at -I o’clock, at the
Academy, will be for Six Lectures, only Fifty
It is confidently believed that a better knowledge
of Astronomy may be gained by attending these
lectures, than by years of study in the ordinary
inode of recitations. And it is the object of this
course to give to nil, especially pupils of other
school--, an opportunity of sharing in the advanta
ges of a superior Astronomical Apparatus, at such
times, and on such terms that all may attend.
All the important principles of the science will
he accurately illustrated by the most perfect mo
ving diagrams. All the Planets with their Moons
will be represented moving in their proportionate
velocities, and at their relative distances. The
Moon will be shown moving round the Earth while
the Earth is revolving round the Still. The causes
of the Seasons—of I> ty and Night—of the Tides
and nil Astronomical appearances, will be shown
and explained in such a manner that all will be
aide fully to understand them.
The first Lecture will be on MONDAY, the 17th
instant. Nov 12
NEW TESTAMENT. - No. 41 Harper's Pit •
torial Mible has been received. With this No.
commences the publication of the New Testament.
Nos. 69 and 70 Illustrated Shakespeare.
No. *2 Illustrate.I Jew. For sale by
Nov 11 W. II. H IK)DUES & CO.
IN FA N T IIA PI’ISM tested by Scripture ant
History ; or the infant’s claim to Churchmem- |
bership defended and established on testimony scrip
tural and historical, by William Hodges, A. M.,
Hector of Bruton Parish, Williamsburg, Va. A
few copies for sale bv ,
Nov 7 W. H. II HODGES & CO.
Methodist hymn hooks—a beau
tiful assortment tor sale by
Nov 1 W. H. II. HODGES & CO.
POCKET CUTLERY.—We have just opened
a beautiful assortment of Roger’s. Wos'en
holn’s ami Marshes & Shepherd’s POCKET CUT
LERY, which wc arc selling remarkably low.
Nov f W. II. H. HODGES & CO.
JITS I KKCKIt ED by the Grorgiana a good
assortment of Black Silk and Mohair Fringes
for^Cloaks. JOHN COCKE & Co!
JUST KECEIV'EDa la go lot of Curled Ma
ple Windsor and Rocking CHAIRS, of all kinds,
going low for Cash. E. D. HAYNES.
Nov 6
MUFFS ! • ! The Ladies arc invited to call at
my Store and examine a lot of beautiful MUFFS,
just opened, consisting of a variety, both of quulitv
and prices. It. BELL,
Nov ** High street, Portsmouth.
WORSTED CAPS. — We have on ha ml an
extensive Stock of WORSTED CAPS for La
die* and Children, which will he sold cheap.
Nov 3 JOH N COCKE ft CO.
BUTTER AND CHEESE.—50 boxes Prime
Cheese, 10 firkins Prime. Butter, landing from
brig Georgians, for sale by J. WILLS,
Nov 5 Commerce street.
SHOT.—600 hags Bird and Bucks, momently
expected from Orleans per J. A. Lancaster for
sale by * JCSIAH WILLS,’
Nov 6 Co rnneree street.
Butter a nd cheese.—20 kegs prime
Goshen Butter, 30 boxes prime Goshen Cheese.
Just received and for sale hy
Nov 7
I'OR HK.\T, for one or two yearn, the small
FARM on Scott’s Creek, recently owned by
Mr. William Barnard, deceased, containing1 six
teen acres. It is well improver), of most excellent
soil, and valuable as a Market Garden, it being
very productive, and its location convenient both
to the Portsmouth and Norfolk Markets. Apply to
Nov 8—tf Near the Premises.
A MAGNETIC FLUID.—This remarkable dis
covery has re< eived the universal approbation of
the Medical Profession of Great Britain, an l has
been sufficiently long before the American public
to give a fair trial of its power and efficacy. The
PATENT GALVANIC RINGS have been found to
answer all the purposes for which ordinary Galvan
ic Battery or Electric and Magnetic Machines are
used, but are. without any of the injurious shocks
which accompany the applications by those instru
ments, and in many other respects arc more safe
anti certain in accomplishing the desired object.
The Galvanic Rings have been used with perfect
success in all case sol Rheumatism, acute or chron
ic, applying to the hear!, face or limbs ; Gout, Tic
Dolorcux. Toothache, Bronchitis, VertT'gn. Nervous
or Sick Headache, Indigestion, Paralysis, Palsy
Epilepsy. Fits, Cramp, Palpitation oftin Heart,
Apoplexy. Stiffness of Joints, Lumbago. Neuralgia.
General Debility. Deficiency of Nervous Energy
and all Nervous Disorders. In cases of confirmed
Dyspepsia they have been Successful. Their extra
ordinary i fleets upon the system must bu witnessed
to be believed; and as a certain preventive for
the above complaints they are equally to he recom
mended. The Galvanic Rings are in every way
perfectly harmless, anrl are sold at prices to t.e
within the reach of all. Cristie’b Magnetic Ft.vtn
is used in connection with the Rings, to render
their < ffieient action certain, and to direct the Gal
vanic influence to the particular poi lions which arc
For numerous certificates of the highest rharac
lCr "&*r<lln?r t*,r rfticacy of the Galvanic Rings
and Magnetic. Fluid, reference is made to former
advertisements, or they may be seen at the office.
Only Agency in New-York, 131 Fulton sireet, (Sun
Builf ing.) f ’ '
To guard against fraud, Dr. Cristie appoint
hut one Agency in each of the Cibe* of the Uniter!
SIlRtes. rho only Agency for the C.ty ..f Norfolk
is o’- £ • ' A N 108, for Portsmouth, Va.,CllAy H
HEIN1TSH, Agent. 3 ,1
\Xjr l’l'W call and gel a pamphlet grotii.
A apW
BOOTS, SHOES, HATS, CAPS, «fcc. «fcc.
commencing on Saturday, October 8th, IS45, at the
NEW STORE, next to the Farmer'* Umk, Main
street, Norfolk. Jiy>t received by the brig- Geor
Efianu, 132 Cases Roots, Shoes, llats, Ca,'», &c.,
comprising' in all the best ami largest assortment
ol the above named Goods ever opened in Norfolk,
and we take the liberty ol stating that our GOODS
are made of the best materials and warranted per
fect in every respect, notwithstanding the repeated
assertions of many qf the dealers to the contrary, and
those that do not prove so the money will be re
Particular attention is respectfully solicited to
the following :
15 Cases of Men’s heavy Boots nt SI 371,
1 50.
1 02$,
62 $.
62 i,
superior do do
Extia superior Hoots, at
Heavy Brogans,
Extra do
Super Extra Heavy,
Calf bound Shoes, warrant
ed, at only
Women’s Shoes,
do Bootees,
We are now supplied with
5 Cases Superior Calf Boots, N. Y. make. $3 37?,
4 do do do do the best in town, 4 50j
3 do French Silk Hats, (the remainder.)
they can’t be beat,
4$ do French Nutria, (the remainder,) a
beautiful article, at
5 do Fur Hats, at
260 BR ASS CLOCKS, Mahogany Frame, at £3.00.
03- Small Profits and Quick Stiles is the motto ol
the New Store next the Farmer’s Hank.
3 6Q,
^TRUSTEE’S SALE. — Bv virtue of a Deed of
A Trust executed by James McCarthy, to tho sub
scriber, as Trustee, for certain purposes therein
named, will be sold, at public auction, before the
Court House of Norfolk County, on MONDAY, the
17ill instant, that being Court day, for cash, all tl.c
interest of the said James McCarthy, (it being the
one undivided half) in and to a certain Lot of Land
and the improvement thereon erected, ami the ap
purtenances thereunto, belonging, lying and being
on Middle street, in the town of Portsmouth, it I eing
the property which was devised by Daniel Sullivan,
deceased, to the said James McCarthy and John
Brown. Title believed to l.e unquestionable, but
selling as trustee, I will only convey the title which
vests in me as such. L. W. WILLIAMS.
Nov 7 —cod
VV offered for sale, on MONDAY, the 17th in
stant, (being Court day,) before the Coutt House
of Norfolk County, ALL THE TIMBER standing
on the Parish Farm near the City of Norfolk. The
Pine and hard Timber will be sold separately.—
The purchasers will tie allowed until the. 31st of
December, 1M47, to rut end remove the Timber
from the land. Bond with approved security
will be required in payments of six, twelve,
eighteen and twenty-four mouths, with interest
from date.
Also, at the same time, and place,
Thai pari of the Farm with the House on it, on
the North side of the road will be rented out for the
ensuing year. Bond and security will bn required
lor the payment of the rent and ihe keeping of the
place in order. GEORGE M. BAIN,
Agent for the Overseer of the Poor of Norfolk
City. Nov 8—id
Negroes for sale — wm i.e sold, for
cash,on MONDAY, the 17th day of this present
month, at 12 o’clock, M., before the Court House
door in Portsmouth,
1 Negro Man, aged about 47,
l Negro Woman, about 30,
1 Negro Girl, nbout 18, and a
Negro Girl, (child of the Woman) about 7.
Terms cash. JOHN R. KILBY, Adm’r,
Nov 8—51 of J.i8. H. Langhornc, deceased.
L The Subscriber in tor ms the public that, he
tlie Corner oi' High and Middle streets, where he
will be happy to receive orders, and execute them
in a style not to ha surpassed, as may be demon
strated to tbe satisfaction of those who will do him
the favor to call and examine his work. He has
some of the most fashionable specimens of
Also a large lot of Curled Maple, Rush and Wind
Being an experienced mechanic he respectfully
J appeals to the. feelings of a generous public to ex
tend to him a portion of its patronage. Old Fur
ture taken in exchange for New.
Also Anti BEDBUG BEDSTEADS for sale as a
As 1 have a splendid Hearse, all Orders for Fune
rals will be punctually attended to. PJov 8
SUNDRIES. — loo Reams Wiapping Paper,
20 boxes Candles, “Hull’s Patent,”
10 boxes assorted Teas, 10 boxes Chocolate,
i 20 dozen painted and varnished Buckets,
10 do Brushes,
20 do Broome, 200 hags Tabic S?.lt,
10 qr casks Sweet Malaga 'Vine,
15 kegs Saleratus,
i 20 boxes Adams’ Wax Candles,
j 126 bags Rio Coffee,
15 baskets Olive Oil, Indigo, Pepper, Allspice,
Fancy Soap, Sic., receiving and momently expecl
| ed, lor sale by JOS1AH WILLS,
Nov 5 Commerce street.
JAMKS II. IIALL, Manufacturer <>| KumIh
ami American Sheet Iron, Brass, Tin, Zinc,
&c. &e., reaper (fully informs his friends and the
public generally, that he is now prepared to exe
cute all orders in any of the above branches with
neatness and despatch. Me has just received a
supply of Roofing Tin, and Russia and American
Sheet Iron. Persons who may want Roofs or Mut
ters laid, Stove Pipes, fee., will please give him a
call, as he is satisfied that he can and will do
any work in his line of business as cheap as can be
done cither in this place or in Norfolk.
Me has on hand an assortment of Parlor, Cham
ber, and Office Stoves; Parlor and Chamber Grates,
with all the fixtures complete, which he will dispose
of very low. A1 o a general assortment of Hard
ware, consisting in part of the following articles,
Polished Steel and Brass Head Shovel and Tongs,
Jamb (looks and Cinder Shovels,
I able and Desert Knives and Porks, (a variety)
Scissors, Shears. Pen and Pocket Knives,
Ten Trays and Waiters,
Candlesticks, Snufiers and Trays,
Sa l Irons, Waffle Irons, Bair and Wire Selves,
Brittania and Japaned Spittoons,
Hrittania Tea and Table Spoons,
I Soup Ladles, &c. &c.
Together with a general assortment of Hollow
Ware, such as Ovens, Spiders, Pots, Kr-tile*, kc.
f\ great variety of Tin Ware, tie., alt of which will
ie sold for ('a»h.
Those in want of any of the above arlclces will I
please call ai his Establishment. West side Craw
md street, opposite ttic Market Bouse.
WM. k. BOS WICK, D aper n.-d Tailor,
Crawford Street, next door to the p,.flt OtTu e,
’ortsmouth, Va.
WHISKEY. 60 bhl3 momently expected, for
saic by Wll.is A Cn
Brooms and nr
•20 doz Painted Pails
Nov 7
price of v'ork <t the Sign of the M.itninoth
Gun. In fict I pledge tnysell 10 work as che»p as
any man South of ihe Potomac, if not cheaper, und
warranted to be as good. So if yon want your
work done good and cheap cal! at flic Sign ot the
Mammoth Gun, High street, Poit-mouth V'a. Al
so Guns. Pistols, Shot Hags, Game Rags, Powder
Flasks, Caps, Cap Chargers, Nipple Keya, and eve
ry article culled lor by a Sportsman, at a small ud
vance on cost.
Oct 20 J. A. SPALDING.
Respect ully announces to
the ladies of Norfolk, Ports
mouth and their vicinities,
that she has returned from
ilift Northern Cities with a
handsome assort meat of MIL
LINEUY, whic h ehe will o
pen for their examination
this mornings at half past It)
All orders executed in the bc*t and most fashion
ahe style, as she has in her employ La Hies who ful
ly understand their business, and cannot in point
of taste be surpassed by any in this or any other
0(3“Bleaching-and Pressing- executed in the best
style*- Oct 17—1 m.
E V Kit
Just received a splendid lot of La
'ies’ ami Misses’ Shoesot all qualities,
for Fill and Winter wear. Also Men’s fine Shoes
and Hoots,
Ser vatit’s Shoes of all disruptions,
Brogans, 1st, 2nd and 3d quality, chetp,
Bovs’ and Youth’s coarse and fine Shoes, of all
Servant’s Bootees, 1st,'2nd and 3d quality, cheap
and good,
Ladies* Half Gaiters, Morocco Buskins,
Men’s Coarse Bool- lor $1.75,
Boys’ and Youth’s Boots,
Leather of nil kinds, and as cheap as can be
bought at any Store in Norfolk or Portsmouth,
Also a New Stock of the b st qualities ol Trunks.
I luve now on hand Trunks of all qualities and
sizes, and as c heap as ran be bought at the Facto
ry. All the above articles will he sold cheaper than
can lie purcli card at any other Store for cash.
All that ace in want of Shoes and Boots will please
rail before purchasing elsewhere, as I feel confident
that I shall not fail to give satisfaction as to price
and quality. W.M. B. PITCHER,
West side Crawford street,
Nov 5 Sign of die Black Boot.
Boarding house.—Mas Sarahohast,
would respect folly call the at'enti >n of Board
ers and Transient Persons to her large and com
modioiis Mouse, situated in 'he most pieasmt part
ol" Portsmouth, at the lower terminal)* of Court
street, near the water, commanding a full view of
the harbor and shipping. Mrs. G. is desirous of
obtaining a few genteel Boarders, to whom she
feels certain she will give entire satisfaction- Her
Baths are fitted up in neat, style, and their use are
fre-- to her Boarders. Terms moderate.
N. B. Two small Houses on Glasgow 9trcet for
I Rent for the next year. Enquire as above.
Oct l
LANE, on Mi Idle, between North ami Glns
trlow streets, Portsmouth, Vn. N. M. Transient
Hoarders taken by the week or month.
warranted to cure Ague and Fever in Two Days.
So happily adapted arc they, to all the indica
tions of a speedy, immediate and permanent cure,
that in every instance, if directions he followed, a
cure will be gnararilted m tvio days, or the money re
Printed directions will accompany each box ol
the Pills.
Remember, a cure is guaranteed in the short space
of two days, if directions he followed..
. N. B. None are genuine without the written
signature* of the Proprietors on each envelope.
For sale at the Drug Store, High street. Sign of
the Big Mortar, who is the only Agent in Ports
mouth. CIIAS. H. HE1XITSII, Agent.
Nov l
TlI E Subser-ber is much pleased in announcing
to the public that he has at length completed
his CIKCULAR SAW MILL, situated at the. lower
end of North street, in Portsmouth, and that he is
now prepared to answer Order* from the Northern
Cities. for timber at the shortest notice, f..r SHIP nr
HOUSE FRAMINO, and other purposes,
IL- has on hand, and will he constantly supplied
with various kinds of Timber, such ns Yellow Pine,
Oak, Poplar, Ash, Cypress, f<r., which he will sell
at the lowest prices, cot to any size, desired.
Having just commenced this business, at great
expense, he w ill lie thankful for orders, which nliall
be executed with promptness mid despatch.
3t>'The National Intclligenc-r will please copy
• he above twice a week for four weeks, and send
hill to this office. Nov I_4w
. MANY ; from the earliest period to the pre
sent time.
Taylor’a Manual of Ancient and Modern History.
Reed’s Dictionary of the English La u gin go,
containing »hc pronunciation, etymology, and ex
plan ition of all words authorized by eminent wii
i®r*« hi which arc addc I a vocabulary o the roots
"f English words, and an accented list of Circe*,
Latin and Scripture proper nsrncs. The above for
-ale- by W. H. II. HODGES & CO.
Nov 7
That well known Stand for business, situ
ated on County st., near the Wood Wharf
_m Portsmouth, at present occupied by the
subsetiber. The House is well calculated for Susi
n ss, w ith a Store in th" lower part, and with a
Dwelling in the upper part.
Also a Ware Mouse attached in the rear of the
8to.e, entirely new.
A better land cannot he found in the town for
business of any kind. To any gentleman wishing
h> engage in business a bargain rnav he expected.
The Goods and House can he had as it stands below
Those wishing to purchase arc requested to view
the premises. J. BATEMAN.
Oct 30—I m
N'OTICE. — All persons indebted to the Subscri
ber either by note or open account are earnest
ly requested to come forward and settle their re
spretive debts on or before lh<- 15th of December.—
On and after that date their accounts will he handed
over (or collection. J. BATEMAN.
Oct 30 1 in
NOT’iCE.— Wi-hing to e!o-»c my bu-omss, I
shall on and after this day sell my Goods at
greatly reduced prices, for Cash onlv.
Oct 30—Im J BVTF.MAN.
\rARN NOCK 8.— A few doa pairs of Country
Net SOCKS. For sale by
Del 30 TflOS. BROOKS, Jr.
H1 EA ! Gunpowder, Imperial and Black TEAS,
J of superior duality. For sale by
There is no article in the wardrobe
v«f .1 srentIonian of taste to which more
/attenti n is paid than to the Hat. and
" tlic skill and ingenuity of the best
.workmen tire taxed to piodueran or
glide which shall suit the public. Tho
^suh.-criher who has had many years
experience at his buslines, has just finished hit
F.\I,L HATS, which he offoi« to the hcau mnndc,
possessing every requisite that can he devised.—
They uro graceful in appearance faultless in style,
becoming to every cast of feature, anil at the same
time light, durable and economical. A single Iri
al will convince the most sceptical that the Hats
made by the subscriber may rately d< fy competi
Sign of the Panther, High street,
_Portsmouth. Va.
Oct 1
would announce to Ilia numerous friends and
customers. that lie lias now received the New and
Improved FASHIONS for the Fall, and is prepared
to furnish them with the Best, most fashionable,and
Cheapest Hats that can lie procured in this section
of country. SIGN OF THE PANTHER,
High street, Portsmouth.
All kinds of HATS and CAPS marie to
order and at the shortest possihlr notice,
and at ns cheap prices, as the same ar
ticle in Nrw York.
Norfolk, June 7.
i ne suDscrioers ri>fip.-cisul
ly inform (lie inhabitants of
HorUriouth uml Norfolk, that
IMr. Andrew Robinson ha»
rommi'inTd the VtATCfl' St
NESs, hi the Stand formerly
ucrupu’fi uy u. iv ttcyrion,
and ih<-y would say to the
Public that ho has served a regular apprenticeship
at the business, and lias been rn?a?i'd for the last
teti yea i s. Repair infi.te WATCHES & CLOCKS;
therefore, he flatters himself that his abilities are
such, as to jrive satisfaction (o till who may favour
him with their custom.
Officers of thp Navy, ami others, may rely upon
their work being1 done in the best manner, and at
the time appointed.
The Public are also informed that Mr. DICKSON
of Philadelphia, is connected with him in business,
and is prepared to manufacture and •epair Jewelry
of every description, on moderate terms, and iti a
style not to be surpassed.
Sep 27
N i : U «fc F A Sill O V -
AHLG GOODS — 1 have just
returned witha new and sp!en»
} did as-joi trm-ntof Gold, Silver
Lepine, Lever, and Verge
I Watch ‘s. Gold Guard.«,a larg’e
I lot of Breast Pins, nn unusual
i large stock. Gold FobandVest
-Llmtns, Gold Locket*, Medal
lion and Miniature Cises, Gold, Silver, and Steel
Spectacles, Gold and Silver Thimoles and Shields,
Gold Guard Keys, Go'd Studs and Sleeve Buttons,
Coral and Clasps, Finger Ring's of every vari.-ty.
T iMr, Dessert and Tea threaded Silver Fo rks, Tar
Mo, Dessert and Tea thread Spoons, pi dn Silve
Spoons, Sugar Tonirs, Salt and Mustard Spoons,
Ladles, Rutter Knives, Cream Ladles. Sugar La
dles, Silver Tea sets of superior style. Cumin, Tooth
and Hair Brushes, Sillc and other variety of Reti
cules, a large lot of Fancv Go als.
•JO* A large supply of Fancy Fans from 12^ etc. •
to §6 each. Ladies, call and see them.
{X^Clocka and Watches repaired and warranted
as mail. Old Gold and Stiver bought and taken
in exchange. ,
July 7 J.M FREEMAN, Norfolk.
Shawls, siiawls,shawls.—John
COCKE & CO., are now offering for sale a very
large and well selected Stock of SHAWLS, to
which they invite the attention of the ladies, and
all who desire a neat, cheap, warm, and good arti
cle. They are in part as follows:
Super S-4 Striped, Plain and Fig’d Silk Shawls.
Do 9-4 Cashmere do of the latest patterns and
Super Thibet Wool do, fcrocha do, Merino do,
Zephvr Wool do, very large and pretty ; Mousaline
dc Lane do, some of which are white and hand
somely embroidered ; Nett do, Prusi tn do., and al
so a largo supply of B ark Thibet and Muslin do
Liine Shawls, Blae.k Sdk Mantillas, &c , all of
which th.-y will sell low for the money.
On 6 JOHN' COCKE ,St CO , High st.
For the next year,a small com
fortable DWELLING HOUSE,situ
ated on Elling-liain street. Terms
A jO'ifl DWELLING llOl'SE, wjih a Store tin
der it, on the corner of Crawford and County sta.,.
in the business part of the town, and an excellent
The. DWELLING over my .Store, on Market
Square, pleasantly situated and very convenient;
or, if preferred, the House and Store will be rented
together, A belter stand for business cannot be
found in town. The rent wifi he low.
17*0R RENT.--The subscriber will rent for the
I A next year the HOUSE on Queen street, now oc
cupied by Mr. Jno. Tart. Apply to
£ct £6 _ JOHN COCKE.
1^0R REN l\ lo- tfie. ensuing-year, the BKICK
HOUSE on Crawford street, at present occu
! pied by David Griffith, Esq. It i- well titnated for
a Boarding liou.se,or Private Dwelling. For terms,
apply to SAMUEL ft. BROWNE.
Oct 9 Crawford House.
For the next year, the HOUSE at prese it
occupier) by the subscriber,
lit 1 -I Also, the one on the adjoining lot at the
corner of London and Pinwiddic streets.
Sep IS—3tawtf
17*0R REN « , and possession given 1st Janua
ry, IH46, that large and commodious BRICK
, HOUSE situated on the corner of Crawford and
: County streets, at present occupied by Mr. Thu*
The House is deairahfe from its location and is
j well adapted for a Hoarding II.-ns'. To a good
- tenant fhc terms will bo moderate. Apply fo
, O, » 29 WM. 0. MAI'PIN.
I KillT, LIGHT —SPERM OIL selling for
MJ $t per galitM’, and warranted to s;nnd the
coldest weather. Call at
Oct 30 West side (he Mark t.
HALT I MO RE BEEF.—Corned Beef, Choice
Pieces, put up expressly for fainily use. For
sale by THUS. BROOKS, Jr.
Oct JO
PICKLED OYSTERS, Hutly Sputa, put op
I in tlie be t possible manner, can b * had by ap
plying at t lie St res of John James, Norfolk ; Jo
seph A Bilistoly, Portsmouth, or to the subscriber,
Ion fhc Western Branch.
Sep 15— 2awtf JOHN BENSON,
fflOBACCO-—30 bulls Jones’ lbs, Double Extra,
J 20 boxes Jones* 8's, do do,
20 bolts Langhrirne k Son’s do do,
Just received and for sale at Factory prices,
Nov 7 WILLS h CO.
tjl HH \ M>Y AND II. GIN 2 Or C#*ka f,
F • Brandy, i pipes H. Gin For sale low by
Noe 7 WILLS * CO

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