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ttett> Cro.
~~™-—____„______ [VOLUME I_WO. 117.
30iiWfshe* Sattg.
Corner of High and Crawford sts.. Ports
moiiflt, Va.
To subscribers, TEN CENTS PER WEEK, pay
able to the Carrier, to whom alone tbey are re
sponsible for the amount due at the expiration of
tbe week.
fiThen sent by mail the terms are #5 for twelve
months, $2 50 for six months, #1 26 for three
One copy $2 per year—by Mail.
By the Carrier, $2 60.
0Cj»To be paid in advance.
S J^^ELER, Attorney and Counsellor a
Os Law, Portsmouth, Va.
JO" Kffi^,i,'VBoMrkc,!lNcw Building, High street,
where he will be pleased to see all persons having
business in the line of his profession. Sep 18
WOODVTA RD, Notary Pub
YY ho and Scrivener, General Agent, Convcy
ancer, and Collector, will attend to all business cn
r»n- "1S Car®'v!1^ promptness and despatch.
(JCJ-Office on Wide Water Street, head of Roa
none Square. jujy g
ROBERT BELL, Wholesale and Retail Hat
and Cap Store, Sign of the Panther, High
street, Portsmouth Va. 6
HBUFP, Chemist, corner of High and Mid
• dl; streets, Portsmouth, Va.
JOHN COCKE At CO., Dealers in Foreign
and Domestic Dry Goods, High street, near
Middle street, Portsmouth, Va.
W^’ ^-i A CO., Wholesale and
• Retail Dealers in Books, Stationery and
Fancy Goods, Crawford street, Portsmouth Va.
gist and Apotccary, and Dealer in Paints, Oils,
B/catufD, Ac., High street, Portsmouth. Va.
EO. HAYNES, Wholesale and Retail Fur
• niture Warehouse, corner of High and Mid
dle streets, Portsmouth, Va.
F HOFFMAN, Boot and Shoes Manufacture
• ec, south of the Market, Crawford street,
Portsmouth, Va
STEPHEN JAMES, Wholesale and Retail
Dealer in Family Groceries, Wines, Ac., Mar
ket Square, Portsmouth, Va.
WILLI AM B. PITCHER, Wholesale and
Ketail Dealer in Boots, Shoe*, Hats, Caps,
Trunks, Leather, Linings, Bindings, Ac., west side
Crawford street, Portsmouth, Va.
trents, Forl9inonth, Va.
JAS. A. SPALDING, Manufacturer and Deal
er in Guns, Rifles, Pistole, and every other ar
ticle in the Sporting line, Sign of the Mammoth
Run, High street, Portsmouth, Va.
II^ILLS At CO., Wholesale Grocers and Com*
VV mission Merchants, east end of High street,
Portsmouth, Va.
C II ALL A CO. Wholesale ann Retail Book,
• Stationery and Fancy Goods Establishment,
Main street, Norfolk, Va.
J 'WILLS, Wholesale Grocery and Commis
• sion Store, Commerce street, Norfolk, Va.
WIL LI AM REID, Wholesale and Retail
Hat and Cap Store, east side Market Square.
Norfolk, Va.
Ferguson & mil,hado—Lumber, coal,
and general Commission business. Wide Water
eteet, Norfolk, Va.
AXES! AXES!!—Can be had at the Store of
S. JAMES, West side Market Square, Poita
mouth, an assortment of T. H nestis’* AXES, of all
sizes, at the lowest prices ; warranted (o stand six
months. Oct 21
On and alter SATUR
DAY, the 25th instant, the
f** Baltimore Steam Packets
5» will leave Hunter's Wharf,
nurnilK, av 4 OCIOOk. I*. ftl.
JAS. F. HUNTER, Agent,
to* 25 B. S. P. Co.
notice to travellers.
(Sunday’s excepted.)
THE Steamer CURTIS PECK.Capt. John Da
▼ik, leaves Southgate’s Wharf, every Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday Morning, at half past 6
o clock, and Steamer ALICE, Capt. Thos. Skin*
»Ka, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday Mor
ning, at same hour, each boat touching at all the
intermediate landings on the River, and connect
^nth the Hay steamers daily, so that passengers go
,ng South can go on without detention.
Passage and fare (from and after the 1st Novem
>cr,) from Norfolk and to and from Richmond and
Petersburg, #3 00
Passage throughout to Weldon, #6 00.
^ Through in thrrt rf/itit «„,7A
yLmuttwattage travel than any other route. DAILY.
'%il"day’8 excepted.)
an!, ..?«»V,,erB CURTIS PECK, Captain Davis,
^l;,Ey*»S Capt. Sutton, leave^ Southgate^
centedi MS'* at 5* °’cloc,c> daily (Sunday’s cx
pted) for Richmond, and arrive in due time to
Ti"“®?l.7llh ,he Packet Boats to Lynchburg, lea
*».ffda,ljr at 5 o'clock. P. M„ (Sunday’s except
tir? a:rlVln? ,n 32 hours, thence bv stages (in (lav
ths'eu?hV!a’”a^',ra' Bridge to the Springs ; through
ar,«T?b C route from Norfolk in 3 days, without
Z'*t,guc, 80 requisite for invalids.
rtissag0 6n(l Fare through to White Sulphur
lP "?*• me8!# and lodgings included on board of
1,0,18 from Norfolk to Lynchburg, $14.
tlC «.ar**cl Boats for Staunton leave Richmond
atVy. i on,diiy. Wednesday and Friday afternoon
*inVwn°f V. P***«ntfe,r8 going to Staunton by lea
rn ^ Norfolk on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
in /,?* ?* 10 t,he Jowc,s* Capt. Sutton, will arrive
nt l,mc lo takc thi" cornforiable and ex
P. oitious route, being only 44 miles staging. Pas
foil*£□ F’.af? fo ®'-*unt°n by ‘his route from Nor
ton oV’n. ,0'* c?Pen,sc I com Norfolk toStaun
T- u1 25 les" lhan by *»uiaa Railroad at $ <».
*l.ICo throughout can be procured on board the
" , r Boats. DICKSON fe MALLORY
Junej6__Ajgcnts^J. R. Steamboats.
I)Rugs and medicines, paint*
wtl,7 recent arrivals from Northern Cities the
■or*-? . .,a Put ln profession of a complete as
erail* "l1 nv,te8 the attention of the public gen
hw I in. 'V,.rchaserH wishing to obtain articles in
cill bUfo?; wmtul do we,Uo hi*„ a
The f,,ii , ling elsewhere.
his asimn mJ«55*£°.,n P'1**11 bUl * 9maU portion of
Aqua Ammon, «< p(,rt »»
li Siiphur, Dover Powder
Calomel.** Flnff|i«K ln j . ’ .
Jalap |L ' p h 8nd American,”
nru- . . , HENft’Y BUFF,
, --^"ggltt and Chemist, ftlgh Street.
choi« i„, jir,;.
who wi11 always be in attendance to render Travel
lers ami Sojourners comlortahlc and agreeable
id*Sorters are almtys in attendance, free rj
This House is so well known to Northern and
Southern I ravellcrs. that not one word is necessary
to be said In its praise. To Ladies an.l Gentlemen
desirous of making a longor shortsoiourn in Ports’
J*’iW h,Cre 7cr-v ^clicacv of land and sea car,
be obtained in the utmost richness and abundance
the Proprietor would state that the House is pro’
vided with every modern improvement, for the
comfort and convenience of Ins Patrons, while
honest and attentive Servants are always in attorn
nance. J “
CO The STA BLES attached to this popular ami
extensive Establisrimeht are the largest and most
commodious o any in Eastern Virginia.
MIVu • FANN Y GODWIN, can accommo
~T1 '*‘ite a few single gentlemen, and a gentle
man and his wife, with Hoard, on moderate terms,
f °r her ability to give satisfaction, she woubi refer
to any who have boarded with her Residence on
County street, between Court and Dinwiddie sts.
I ransieut Boarders taken by the dav or week
April 24 3
R<(A RDING HOUSE.—Mas Sarah Gbant,
would respect folly call the attention of Board
ers and Transient Persons to her large and com
modious House, situated in the most pleasant part
of Port smouth, at the lower terminous of Court
struct, near the water, commanding a full view of
the. harbor and shipping. Mrs. G. is desirous of
obtaining a few genteel Hoarders, to whom she
reels certain she will give entire satisfaction. Her
Baths are fitted up. in neat style, and their use arc
vr **0 ,Tr Hoarders. Terms moderate.
N. B. I wo small Houses on Glasgow street for
K»mt for the next year. Enquire as above.
Oct 1
S ror Jp 5\&,,AWLS» S*1 AWLS.-JOHX
, & CO., are now offering for sale a very
wel* ae,ccU‘(l Stock of SHAWLS, to
which they invite the attention of the ladies, and
a ! who uesire a neat, cheap, warm, and good arti
cle. 1 hey are m part as follows:
Super S-4 Striped. Plain ;»nd Fig’d Silk Shawls
Do 9-4 Cashmere do of the latest patterns and I
Super Thibet Wool do, lSrocba do, Merino do,
Acphyr Wool do, very largo and pretty ; Mousnlinc
00 cane do, some of which are white and hand
comely embroidered ; Nett do. Prusian do., and ah
flo a large supply „f Black Thibet and Muslin de
Lame Shawls Black Silk Mantillas, &c , all of
Nwuch they will soil low for ihft money.
°ctg_ JOHN COCK R A- CO., High st.
i JOHN COCKE & CO., ha'fc just received and
pn « w.cc Vhose beaut ifu 1 E>1BROI DER
LD SW ISS MUSLIN DRESSES. Also, a few pieces
WwK«ii2V. e*^nrMwll.l?» Ha ndaome Black and
hite Silk Blond for Veils, to'vhich they would
respectfully call the attention of the ladies.
°ct 7_ JOHN COCKE & CO.
T1*5I D °U 1 1)0> E BOWERS &
warranted to cure Ague and Fev er in Two Days.
So happily adapted are they, to all the indica
tions of a speedy, immediate and permanent cure,
that in every instance, if directio ns he followed, «
funded “ g'iaranteed in two dmJ*> or Hie money re
directions will acc.omp any each box of
Remember, a cure is guaranteed in the short space
of two days, if directions be follow ed.
N. B. None arc genuine wit! tout the written
signatures ol the Proprietors on ca ch envelope.
.I!.*, the Drug Store, Hig h street, Sign of
the Big Mortar, who is the only Agent in Ports
"“Nov i CHAS' H- HEI* HTSII, Agent.
-*v MANY ; from the earliest i .eriod to the pre
sent time.
Taylor’s Manual of Ancient and Modern History.
Reed’s Dictionary of the Kn glish Language,
containing the pronunciation, ety inology, and ex
planation of all words authorized by eminent wii
ters ; to which are added a vocab'jlarv of the roots
of English words, and an acc en ted list of Green,
bn tin and Scripture proper n» m< -a. The above fot
••IS by VV. H. 11. 1 IODGES & CO.
Nov 7
;r~VT “,,v" ” ,ln ,uuu" "g"1 ** possible to tho Pub
lic, I have consented to act a s A gent lor the man.
I have received a variety o f the above, LAMPS,
to wit; Side, Hanging, and Parlor LAMPS, of
beautiful patterns, which I vi ’ill s* II at the manu
facturer’s prices. In many parts of the city of
New York these Lamps have superceded the Gas I
Light. (July 7) WILLIi \M REID, Nerfolk.
Rectified wood n aphtha.—Tib*
having recently conic int o use in London as
a remedy for Turbcivulou* Cor iM'Tiption* and very
favorable and happy effects h avi ng resulted from
it, has induced the subscribers to have some of it
prepared with great care, perfo. Mly pure, and high
ly rectified, in order that a fai r tr ial inay be made
of its merits. 1
This is warranted to be the a rti.’lc so highly rc
rommended by Dr. Hastings (l»hy*cian to the
Free Dispensary London.) in his statement pub
lished in the London Lancet, w hot 1 he cautions per
sons using it to be sure and p roc urc this kind, as
an impure article (or Coal Tar N aphtha) has pro
duced the most unpleasant anr I < langrrous effects.
It has been used by many of our rn ost eminent Phy.
sicians, with decided success.
A>ir York, Jan. 1st, 1815. R U SHTIN & CO.
The above article of Napblhs just received and
ror saloby || NRY HUFF,
12High street.
8gpn_ 7 WILL* Jtr rn
50 Coils Rope, for sals low by
Au* 12 WILL# 4c CO.
AlstomTL .hn!‘kU1ee to ,li8 nu,nerous friends a.i.j
customers, that h e haa now received the Ww -mrl
Improved FASIII ONS for the Falt^nd1. prepared
SieioMt1! “*hU'e !lc8t* fiwhionible.nud
ot emm.rl1 Pro‘urc<* this section
1 t-°m>trjr. SIGN OF THE PANTHER,
c.p, n R‘2*1 street, Portsmoutii.
8Cp9_R. BELL.
i i«t ou.)3cribern reapecUul
ly inform the inhabitants of
Portsmouth and Norfolk, that
Mr. Andrew Robinson has
commenced the WATCH &
NESS, at the Stand formerly
occupied by C. W Heydon,
Pnhlii' ii . y would say to the
l ubiu that he lias se *ved u regular aonreiitireshin
at the business, and lias lie,;,, cnsragvd for the last
tVrrr"?' ifepZir/nS ■ fi,le WATCHES & CLOCKS
surh fnsC»\he- flalle[8f hi,.melf tha‘ his abilities are
Iheif^nrVf thC N.av>'»,,n,, others, may rely upon
thVti, k bc",ff I000 thc l‘es‘ ‘naniier, and at
the time appointed.
are *l3° inforn*ed that Mr. DICKSON
an.Hs co,5,,<;?te'1 with him in ImsineBS,
and is prepared to manufacture and repair Jewelry
">vfcly,ttr,P“U"' “>■»«*>"*« term,, and i« l
blJ*c to bo durpag sect.
Sep 27 rorinson & dickson.
AIILL GOODS.— I have just
rctunicfl with a new and splen
) did assortincntof Gold, Silver
Lcpinc, Lever, and Verjrc
" atchi’s, Gold Guards,a lar^r
lot of Breast Pins, an unusual
l i nrge stock, Gold Fob and Vest
<Chains, Gold Lockets. Medal
..w„ wmiaiure C ases, Gold, Silver, ami Sieel
bpcctjrle., Gold and Milver Thimble* and Shield*.
Gold Guard Key9f Go Id Studs and Sleeve Buttons,
TShf! ~'^Cla*P8- £” •ffc1r Kings of every van ty.
Table, Desert and Te; i threaded Silver Fo rks, Tar
hie, Dessert and Tea thread Spoons, plain Silvc
i£T,S* ®u?ar 'r«ner*. «alt and Mustard Spoon*,
Hu“or Knives,. Cream Ladle*. Sugar La
nnd’n •VenTc?8eteo“.f,‘ ,uPcriorstyle. Combs, Tooth
r 1 Ln ,ir Br,,?lT3VSAh a“'1 other variety of Reti
cule*, a large lot of Fai lev Good*.
. ,ar‘?VuPP>y ° f Fancy Fans from 12’cts.
to tJb each. Ladies, c.; ill and sec them
locks and Watcl tus repaired and warranted
hi exchange^ Gold a" *' Silv,:r bouffht and taken
Ju>y 7 J. M FREEM AN, Norfolk.
S *11- r i*l-wl'AC,K 1 V,;*7*“ tb UK MEXICAN
. r "i ^ ' ? ’T^.iJs5 received this superior arti
cle of f.ustr.- for Polish mg -Stoves, Grates, &<• —
Also BLACK GRATE VARNISH, used for Coal
Grates, A*b Pans, Fend era, Bark and .Iambs, and
all other iron utensils u.- led about fire places, which
require to be kept neat r in.) clean. For sale at the
D<Vt I*?*"' H,gb ’ S'"n of thc Mortar.
°lt,s_ CHAS. H. IIEINITSft, Agent.
. : , .,u;*’ *rtlclc' nn<l ,ro,n tbe on,!l Qwirru of the
kind in the known wor Id; possessing every desira
ble quality wanted to write on the Slate, being soft
free from grit, and very strong, and is fast Super
seding all others. For sale at the Drug Stoic, Hi"*h
street, Sign of the Hig Mortar.
“ .. CH AS. II. IIEINITSII, Agent.
Also 3000 Common Slate Pencil*. Oct *27
On subjects connccte d with Agriculture, to include
an Emigrants’ Department, containing such in
formation as may be useful to persons makin-r a
settlement in the West, or seeking new fields of
agricultural enterprise.
rP,,E ^ V RSC-111 It UR proposes to issue a
X monthly sheet, in quarto form, of sixteen pa
ges, on husbandry,, pastoral affairs, and kindred
subjects: a portio n of the paper to be occupied
with notices geogra pbical, statistical and historical
of such portions of the West as will be of most in
thcTsouth ’Ve8tern "ettlers.and also of portions of
Agriculture is t’nc most ancient occupation of
man. It is a^o the most useful, the m-st indepen
dent, the happiest, the in-wt healthy, the most pro
fitable and the most honorable. K
. Hut this is not all. Agriculture comprehends in
itself more scenee than any other occupation in
the whole circle of human pursuit* and industry
Geology,chemistry, vegetable physiology, all make
a part of the thorough knowledge of this most cx
ensive and useful art. They arc indeed but thc
beginning* of thc vast field of knowledge contain
ed within it. So that if a man can be a there,u~h
agriculturist, he ivill be in thc large sense of the
word a learned man.
farmers however have been, to a great extent
opposed to what tney called science, or book-farm’
tng, from a mistaken idea that whatever was in
print was merely speculative, and matter of theory
If it were so indeed, they would be right in con
demning it. It is however a mistaken idea. Sri
ence is the result of experience and practice It is
She ripe harvest of fa< ts reaped not by one man in
One field but gathered by all the laborers through
out all the harvest fields of the earth in year after
year from the beginning*.
-I very intcHigentUrmerlikesto talktohisnci^h
or, and draw advantage from his experience _
This experience is no less valuable for being de
livered to him in print, by types, than if it should
be given to him by hi* neighbor, by word of mouth,
i It is the same thing.
Skill in the manual of hoeing and ploughing ran
never make a farmer. It make* only an apprentice
in the art. Since the multiplication of agrieoltu
ral papers and aocielics in this country, there has
been a great improvement in the state of agricul
It, is designed to give in this paper all useful gen
Oral intelligence relating to rural affairs nod cron
fmy. whether of implements, stocks, seeds, mode
of culture, articles of cultivation, soils, or fertilisers;
and such discoveries of science ns may assist, light
en and make more profitable the hardy and hon
orable toil of the farmer.
A secondary object will be to give information to
persons making settlement in the West : from per
sonal knowledge mostly_80 that they will be able
o make judietous selection,, „nd proceed in the. es
tablishing of the,r new homes to best advantage,
and some description of the |*nda of Marv,„n^ and’
VXn'a, With /hr modes Of renovating them.
The pr.ee will bo one dollar, invariably in ad
va nee. *
Agricultural and Emigration Hoeieties. end oth
ers who subscribe for one hundred copies or more,
will be supplied at R7S per hundred
Postmasters and country collectors are requested
to act as agents. All such will be allowed 20 per
cent; and any person sending five dollars will have
Si* Copir*.
0,< ,0 J A, BRADFORD
1 magnetic fluid.-ti.u remarkable du
theCrvL ;i“»irpCirCd« the rV'iV,‘rSal a!)P,ol,ation of
the Medical Profession of Great Hritain, and has
been sufficiently long before the American public
piTLwJ'n tria* its power and efficacy. The
r.»IENT,?.ALVAN,C E,NGS havc been*found to
answer all the purposes for which ordinary Galvan
.C.«tath7 °r Elcutric and Magnetic Machines are
used but are without any of tile injurious shocks
winch accompany the applications l>y those instru
ments, and in many other respects are more safe
and certain in accomplishing the desired object.
1 h . Galvanic Rings have been used with perfect
success in all cases of Rheumatism, acute or chron
ic, applying to the head, face or limbs; Gout Tic
Doloreux, Toothache, Bronchitis, Vertigo, Nervous
or Sick Headache. Indigestion. Paralysis, Palsy
Aoonh.7; hZ' ^rT’. PalP*ta**on of the Heart]
Apoplexy, Stiffness of Joints, Lumbago. Neuralgia
V e ,ty,’vDe5CienCy of Ncrvons Energy
[ ? la!‘Te?.'OU\I),3°,rderJ- 1(1 ca*e» of confirmed
I )r>, p' P-11'bey have been successful. Their extra
! ord...ary effects upon the system must be witnessed
o b(. believed; and as a certain preventive for
the above complaints they are equally to he rccom
mended. I he Galvanic Rings are in every way
perfectly harmless, and are sold at prices to be
within the reach or all. Cristie’s Magnetic Flcii>
is used m connection will, the Rings, to render
their efficient action certain, and to direct the. Gal
affeemd 1Ue,‘CC l° “,C purticular POitions which are
For numerous certificates of the highest charac
ter regarding the efficaey of the Galvanic Rincr*
and Magnetic Fluid, reference is made to former
advertisements, or they may be seen at the office
Buih:in|!)Cy >n rk’134 Fulton 9,rect> (Sun
To guard against fraud, Dr. Crist.e appoints
hm one Agency m each of the Cities of the iFnited
; * J'L.0,'1'Y. A/re';;-y fur the city of Norfolk ;
n vrrcu N. °b’ for Porls,nouth, Va., CHAS. H.
llrJ.M I Ml, A (rent.
0d“ Please call and get a pamphlet gratis
Aug 29
u\,Ke o' e„,rvW,f'"(l 8,rec*’ Portsmouth Va.
\VM. C. MAMIN having just returned from the
North, where, alter a close and careful examina
tion of the Markets, he has been enabled to pur
chase for Cash a complete assortment of F \ I t
VINTER DR Y GOobs which he ls prepared to
dispose of lor Cash at such prices as cannot fail to
please, and by a strict adherence to his motto, which
will be Small Profits and Quick Sales," he hopes
to merit a share of public patronage.
His Stock consists port of
Kep do
Hun Hound*
Alapaca Lustres
French Ginghams
Linen Cambric
Do do Hdkfs
Imitation do do do
Silk, Cotton and Worsted
Kid, Silk and Merino
Ladies' Merino Vests,
do Imperial Hustles
Green Beraec,
F.dirinar* and Inset tings
Shawls, every style and
Hlark, Blue and Fancy
Black, Blue and Fancy
Cassi meres
Gold Mixed Tweeds
Satinets from 37jets to
Silk and Satin Vesting*
Common do
Merino and Silk Shirts
Do do Gloves
Black Silk Cravats
Pocket Hdkfs
Suspenders from 25 cents
to 03
Linen Sheetings & Shirt
Damask Table Cloths
Do Napkins
D’Oyles’ Flannels
White and Rod do
Canton do
Domestic Goods
Sheetings and Shirtings
Ticks, Checks, Kerseys
Negro Clothing
Do Hoso and Blankets
Prints—-French, English
and Domestic, from
6J to 37.1 cents
Whitney Blankets
Mackinaw and Dudlc do,
from 8-4 to 14-4
Crib do
Cloakings and Plaids
Cashmere Hoods
Diapers and Crash
Umbrellas from 50 cents
to #5
Furniture Dimity
Corded do
niiu many inner article* ton numerous to men
tion. (.all soon at the NEW CASH STORE
Sep 2f)
IOIIN COCKE Ac. CO., have just received
per sc hr Leroy from New York, anil are now
opening-n hue assortment of FALL AND WINTER
DR'S GOODS, to which they invite the attention of
purchasers, both wholesale and retail. The Stock
is well assorted and consists in part as follows •
10-4, 11-4 and 12-4 Ribbond Hound Whitney
Blankets; Point, Duffle, and Saddle do; White,
K<d, Yellow and Green Flannels; Grrtn Baize
Brown, Bleached and Coloured Canton Flannels
Dress and Furniturc Calicoes ; Table Diaper, R-4
and 10-4, wide; Russia do; Birds Rye do; Hucher
back do ; Colored End Towels; Long Lawn anil
Linen Cambric; Linen Cambric Handkerchiefs;
llem Stitched do; Coloured Bordered do; Barnsley
Sheeting, three yar.s wide ; Cotton do, same width;
Black, Blue, Mixed and Fancy Sattinets; Tweeds
lor Sack Coats; Superior Buckskin Cnssinets, Plaid
Cloaking; Black. Blue, Green, Clarot, and other
coloured Cloths; Black, Blue, and Fancy Cassi
rneres ; Blacks ton Tweeds ; Woolen Vesting • Va
Icncia do; Superior Cashmere do; Mixed Doe
Skins; 12-4 White Marseille (guilts; Paper Cam
bric f urniture Checks; Brown Holland; French
Turkey* Red Print-; English Turkey Red Cam
brics; Turkey Re,I Cotton, for Striping; Gum Bus
p^mlcra; Cotton do; Caahmere Shawls; Imitation
Cashmere do; Dama-k do; Shaded Ginghams;
r<*bby VclvPti do Sabine finish
i o; HiCh Albert Cords; Irish Linens ; Brown French
dp ?°r*pn barrage, Embroidered; Do Lain Shawl*;
Polka Gimp; Black Love Veils ; Black Italian Cra- I
vats; Fancy do; Worsted Caps; Donna Maria do; I
Cashmere do; Pekin Hoods; Ladies’ Silk and Kid
Gloves; Men’s do; Bleached and Brown Shirtings;
Heavy Woollen Kerseys; Canvass and Padding;
Black and white Wiggins; Cord Roy; Furniture
Dimity; do Fringes; Watered and Dama-k Mo
reens; Merino, Lambs Wool, Cotton, and Buck- ,
skin Shirts; Merino, Lambs Wool and Cotton
Draws; White Lnco Muslins ; .Tarkonct do; Mull I
on; Cambric, do; Swiss do; Fig’d and Plain do;
Tarleton do; Wash Blonds; Bohmots ; Thread ; La
ces; Edgings and Inscrtings , Lisle do ; Needles,
I ins, Ceril, Tape, and many other articles too tedi- I
ous to mention.
Also one thousand pounds Gill Nett Thread in !
\ pound skeins. JOHN COCKE & CO., |
8rP '-1 High st., Portsmouth, Va. }
(T|.\.—60 hi* Imitation Holland Gin, just re
X ceived, for sale by
Aus“21 J. wills.
received a supply of that excellent and highly i
perfumed LONDON POMATUM, put up in neat
jars, for sale at ,he Drug Store of
BAS,l,Iv.r^l"c,h,oitn ll’* K”,,n'r
xr HJtiU ms Choice Hams, receiving per Ri» I
« l'a,c b7 WILLS & CO.
8,,P 22_
1 *>)(! PACK 1069 vtu PALL GOODS !
" ' JOHN COCKE A CO., are now opening •
their extensive Stoek of NEW GOODS, to which I
they invite tho attention of the public. Re.p |r,
Historical amtaement.—a new a
entertaining game on the History of KripdanH
For sale at HODGES ft CO’S
SrP * Variety Store, Crawford street, i
E* —-Jusfrproived a fresh supply ,
t of P,/regies, Lurhas Ground Pepper. Ground
. Allspice. Ground Ginger, Cayenne Peppor Clove* 1
« Nutmegs, Cinnamon, Ac. For sale at the Dru;
Store, Sign of the Big Mortar.
Oe-r* CD4« H HKINITSH Agent
T' - - - l..m
n ®erms of afotomfstna.
One square one insertion,. c-o
One do two do...... . n nr.
One do three do.!!!100
One do one week. i 7c
One do two week...!!!!!!!!!!!!" 2 75
One do one month.‘ 4 no
One do two months,,. 7 qq
One do three month.,.10 00
One do six months,. lii an
* oL7\° » p»er year’• .!!!!!! 30 00
, (k>-IWtlvt lines or let* make u square; longer ones
advance."1 pruport,on’ a‘,ul »re to be paid for in
Advertisements ordered in only once or twice a
week, will be charged 50 cent, per squar. for the
iHrSn. ’ an ^ CCn“ for subsequent
' J°PL>A? MKI)K;iNES.-TheAid? aiid general
| i^C,,«t,C^. . * Ha^‘ a'l Genuine and most pop
ular Medicines, has been appointed, and invested
oy the various proprietors, in the band.of T. W.
Dyott & Sons, of the Columbian College, No!
132 North Second street, Philadelphia* »dr the con
venience and express purpose of supplying all
wholesale purchasers at one particular point.
{£>*I)r. T. W. Dyott k Sons, have made such
arrangements with the proprietors of ihe most) pop
ular medicines now in use, a* to enable them to
turnn-h druggists and wholesale dealers, on much
more advantageous terms than they can in general
oe procured from the proprietors themselves. And
as no sophisticated preparations arc kept or sold at
tins establishment, therein ao^riisk of getting Coun
tcrtcit articles, with which the country now a
bound. *
l lie attention of the public is elicited, to call at
the fountain Head as above, where is kept for .ale
and may be examined, the most extensive and geu
eral assortment of Proprietory articles of Medi
cines, to be found iu the United States.
For the convenience of those who it may not be
convenient to apply at the above establishment,
w e have established Special Depots in the following •
cities, where the most of the articles contained in
our general catalogue are to be found.
RICHMOND, Va., at the store of A. Dtival 3c
Co.. 147 Mam street.
WASHINGTON. IV C.. at the stere of Robert
r arnham, corner of Eleventh street and Penn* Av
Md., at the .tore of S. S. Hanc,.
l\o. 108 Maltimorc street.
NEW YORK, No. 12S Maiden Lane.
£HUNV- No. 53 State street.
BOSTON. Mass . No. 2 Water street.
AH of whom are supplied from the Columbian
College and fountain Head of
°ct 3_T. W. DYOTT 3c SONS.
f PLNDIX, &c. The undersigned respectfully
inform the public, that, with the approaching sca^
sion ofCongress, they will began the publication of
"\° _'-O,l?ce8sional Union” and “ Appendix.’*—
,ii -I*1 W’ cont<iiu a full and accurate history of
th daily proceedings of both branches of the na
tional legislature. It will be compiled with such*
care, that every citizen who is interested in the
public, affairs will find it a complete synopsis of
their proceedings, and a ready book of reference
upon all questions which come before them.
I he second, (the “Appendix,”) will contain
» iery speech which is delivered! in the House of
Representatives and Senate duringrth® session, re
ported at length by a full and able corps of con
gressional reporters, and revised before publication
by the authors, whenever it is requested. These
two works will be strictly impartial, ami nre in
tended to be as interesting and useful to the man.
<>l business, and to the politician of the one party
as of the o*hcr.
The Daily, Semi-weekly, and Weekly Union,
"ill, as usual, embrace an interesting variety of
matter on political, scientific, and literary subjects
along with current news of the day. Tho editor
will continue to devote all his energies to the im
provement of “ The Union.” He finds many Te
compliahcd men in this city. The administration
h?i* brought with it a considerable accession of tal
ents Several tried and distinguished members of
the democratic party have accepted office under it
Some of them have liberally contributed their liter
ary labors to our benefit; and we hope to enlist oth
ers in our service. Resides, the time is not far dis
tant when the editor intends to call other talents to.
his assi.tan e. His ambition is. to make his paper
worthy of the metropolis of the Union.
Wc feel a deep sense of gratitude for (ho prompt
manner in which our political friends in every sec
tion of the country have already come forward to
tsufUain the €i Union ?"
May wc not hope that our friends throughout the
Umted States will continue to assist our labors and
prevail upon their friends to take some one edition
of the “ Union.”
As this will be the long session ol Congress,
and wil probably last eight months, wc have con
cluded to publish the Congressional Union and
Appendix on the following
For the Congressional Union, $1 50 per codv
F'or the Appendix, $1 50 per copy. V
Clubs will bo furnished with Ten copies of either
$25 ° W°rkS f°r S,2; 7'oen*y fi™ copies for
0(>For the accommodation of those who desire
a paper printed at the scat of government during
the session of Congress only, we will furnish them
the Extra Union as follows !
Semi- Weekly, 1 copy, - . . - 60
;; r°p,.cs.is oo
Weekly, 1 copy, . . . . | 00
“ 12 copies.10 O0
io Copies, - on i|n
Will be furnished hereafter to yearly subscribers,
a* follow* :
Daily, per year, for one copy, . . $10 00
v rr- li five copies, - . - 40 00
Semi-Weekly" one copy, . . 6 Of)
" ,i,rc copies, --. 20 00
w. ,, ten copies, . . J5 00
Ivcekly, one copy, - - . o nr>
;; ;; fiv« copies, . loo
trn ropi^c, - « • 15 00
ftj- No attention will be paid to any order untesi Ike
money nreompanirn it.
Those rfesi ring complete copies of the Con
gress, onal Union and Appendix, will please send
us their names previous to the 1st day of December
CO* ' C will willingly pay the postage on all let
ters sent ut contaimngyJre dollar* amf upward* _
Other letter* directed to us, with the postage un
paid, »etII not bo taken out of the office. K
Newspaper* throughout the country, who
will publish the above prospectus until the meeting
of Congress will receive, in return, the Congress
ional union during tho session.
WAtmncTOM. August I. H45—Oct 3
S I KS “ Um ^ »h<*. «*W0rted,Thh~
V.7 Old Hum,
30casks Maileirn, Teneriffc, Sweet Malaga and
40 Mils S. O. and N. R. Rum
40 do Old Rye Whiskey,
.10 do Imitation Cognac. Brandy,
ml,!1'! p,>h,lart«l.Ph'* and Baltimore Ry* Gin,
10 bins Peppermint Cordial, 7
2(h) kegs Baltimore Nad*.
10 do Salcratu*,
20ft lb* Indigo,
5ft do Nutmegs,
7ftft do Black Pepper,
500 do Allspice,
s r‘ •’ WlLM, Cotnmtrei street,
putsn III! Ml* SEKOS. Received 7£
l' ving!’ *dd 1 0,1 lf* 0Hr ""PP’y of Seed* the f„l
Rot.1 Baga, (white.)
RnU Baga or Swedish Yellow,
barge Norfolk,
White Elat, ftc.
Also Cabbage Seed*, put Dutch, barRe Dr„m
head, Drumhead Savoy, I.sig,- gBerge ,, tf n
&c. For sale at .he Drug ,| e,S«orgK . ,r
door* below Middle * ’* *h »treet,
■ '»'*•" nrisiTM,.
F’fbOl R ff) b|)|| of FlMfLY Piorn ”
6 bbi* oid Fu.k ww.kJv fl Lr;?,nRv
*t*° -'iroimy

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