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*-/ As a family medicine, a miirl and gentle
purgative and a purifier of the blood. The gen
eraj me ol these celebrated Fills uiroughout the
United State*, for these firty year* past, and the
strong recoin neudativas they fiave acquired from
all cU^s is of our fellow citizens, place* them in a
muon more elevated situation in publinedtim it ion,
than any other remedy which has heretofore been
Toe following are among the many diseases for
which l)r. Dyott’* celebrated Pills are so deserved
ly distinguished for curing. By their counteract
ing properties ia removin g the biU from the stom
ach ‘they prevent and cure the bilious fever ; chills
or ague and fever; spriugand fall fevers; yellow
fever; bilious cholic ; pleurisy; dysentery; worms;
bilious vomiting , sick and foul stomach.
lly cleaning tlie bowels and stomach from all im
purities,they rest ire the loss of appetite, remove flat
ulency, cure the headache, habitual costivcncss,
colds, coughs, asthm \, epeliptic fits, hypochondria,
hysterical complaints, stransguary, gravel, etc.
By a general and copious use they will be found
very beneficial in curing the rheumatism and gout,
lumbago or pains in the back. All impurities in
the blood yield to their happy effects, whether pro
ceeding troin constitutional ailment or from indie
crcet intemperance.
These celebrated pills have boon used to very
great advantage in curing the dyspepsia or indf-*
gestion, bronchitis, liver complaint, &c. i
They are an infallible medicine for Female Com
plaint* generally, and especially for removing those
obstructions winch arc tnc source of their ailments
at certain periods, they possess the eminent advan
tage* oyer most other purgatives, that while they
operate gently, they produce neither costiveness,
debility, or too great excitement.
Whenever there is a predisposition to receive dis
ease from marsh effluvia, or from a too copious use
of ardent spirits or from a vitiated state of the bile,
these pill* will assuredly counteract it.
They are highly recommended to travellers, by
sea or land, and inay be made use of with safety
without change of diet and in situations where no
-exercisecan be used. They will he found partiru-’
larly v doable lor preventing diseases incidental to.
hot climates, they deterge and cleanse vicid hu
mors, open obstructions, and promote the secretion
of good bile, operate as an easy cathartic a* a pow-.
erful diuretic, and as a diaphoretic
Dr. Dyott, under the strong conviction of tha
power of his pills, to relieve the afflicted, recom
mends the use ol them to those who are in health
as well as the afflicted, at least once a fortnight,
during the Spring and Summer months, in which
he feels assured those, who attend to his advice will
find the benefit they seek.
A billof directions accompanies each box of Pills.
Take notice—each Box is seated with red wax,
stamped with the proprietor’s coat of arms, and
signed T. W. DYOTT, M. D., and
T. W. DYOTT, Jr.
For sale by the sole proprietor, at the Fountain
Head, No. 143 North Second -1 rcct. above Race,
East side, and by the most - ipcrlabl ‘Druggists
and country Merchants I'Mmko the United
Special Depot, at the Stiro ol Alexander Duvall
tr. Co., No. 117 Main street, Richmond.
Also, for sale bv 0. H. 11EIN1 TSIl, Agent,Ports- !
mouth, M. A. Santos, King & Toy, It. Emerson,;
Robertson & Cornick, W. H. Broughton, Norfolk,
and by Drugggist* generally throughout the Uni
ted States. June 7.
Approved patent medicines.
1 have oil hand a large stock of the most pop
ular and approved PATENT MEDICINES, which!
1 will warrant fresh and genuine. The following !
1 i.t contains a portion of my stock.
For Coughs, Colds, $-c
Buchan’s Hungarian Balsam, BrinckcrhofTs;
Health Restorative, Dr. Wistar’s Balsam of Wild!
Cherry, Dr. Jayne’s Expectorant, Pease’s Horn- j
hound Candy, Dr. Swayne’s Syrup of Wild Cher- |
ry, Houseman’s German Cough Drops, &c.
For f mpm ilics of the Blood.
Sands’ Extract Sarsaparilla, Swaim’s Panacea,!
Bull’s Extract of Sarsaparilla, Richardson’s Ameri
can Panacea, Dandelion and Tomato Panacea, &e.
For Bilious Diseases.
Dr. Dyott’s Anti Bilious Pills, Peter’s do., Lee’s
do., Wright’s Indian Vegetable do.. Sugar Coated
do., Moffat's do., and Brandreth’s do.
For Fever and Ague.
Rowand’s Improved Tonic Mixture, Nash’s Ton
ic, Hull’s Ague Pills, Moffat’s Phoenix Fitters, Sap
piugton’s Pills, &c.
For IVorms.
Fahnestock’s Vermifuge, Hull’s and Sherman’s
Worm Lozenges, Jayne’s Tonic Vermifuge,
Swaiin’s Vermifuge, Worm Tea, &c.
For Diurrtuea and Summer Complaint
Bernard’s Diarrhoea Remedy, Jayne’s Carmina
tive Balsam, &c.
For Dyspepsia. d*C.
Houck’s Panacea, Beckwith’s Anti Dyspeptic
Pills, Santos’s Alterative and Anti Dyspeptic Pills,
For Pains in the Back, Side, Sfc..
Sherman’s Poor Man’s Plaster, Whiting’s & .
Well’s Strengthening Plaster, McAllister’s Oint
ment, &c.
Also Scarpa’s Acoustic Oil for Deafness, Thomp- !
son’s Eve Water for Sore and Inflamed Eyes, Har- 1
riaon's Specific Ointment, Genuine Harlem Oil,'
B iteinan’s Drops, British Oil, Dalby’s Carmina- !
tive, Judkin’fi Ointment, Turlington’s Balsam,
Godfrey’s Cordial, he.
F>>r sale wholesale and retail by
C. If. HEfNITSIT, Agent. I
pleasure in informing the public generally that
we have received .and will keep constantly up during
the season, a full supply of “ WHITE SULPHUR
WATER,'* from the celebrated Spring in Green
brier County, Va.
This water, whieli lias been for several years
transported from the White Sulphur Springs, in
Greenbrier County, in this State, enjoys great repu
tation throughout the United States, and is now
very generally used, and its virtues extolled as a
remedial agent in bilious diseases incident to a
warm climate, dyspepsia, costiveness, jaundice,
chronic rhe.umatisin, gout, dropsy, in affections nf
the breast occasioned by disease <>f the stomach or
liver, neuralgia, and nervous diseases in general •
chronic inflwnatioo of the kidneys and bladder,
and urethra ; piles, scrofula and eruptions, or other
affections of the skin; ill-conditioned ulcers, mer
curial diseases, Sic.. Sic., all of which is attested by
the highest names in the medical profession, and
many others who have for years used this water,
both at and when removed from the fountain.
8ARATOG A W ATER, from the Congress, Union,'
Pavillion and Iodine Springsin New York, in quart
and pint bottles.
ami lasting Tonic. A general view nf the analysis i
of this water, will show that it stands the first, in 1
rank of the highly concentrated “ Chalvbeatos,”—
consequently it acts as a Tonic, increasing the
strength of the system, raising the force of circu
lation, giving tone to the degistive organs, aug
menting the muscular vigour, and promoting the
excretions; it is of course advantageously employed
in those diseases in whirh Iron is principally used,
such as Amenorrhea, CMoronh, some states of Me
nnrrhri'xia, I.’•ueorrhen, Dyepeptia, Scrofula and ca
rious farm* of Chronic Debility.
’•.•Theonly Agent* for W>t. R. Cahwbll, pro
prietor of tire “ White Sulpher Spring,” are M. A.
SANTOS Norf.dk, and
High street, 4th door below Middle,
July 2 Portsmouth. Va.
A BHLS Gl\ and CORDIAL In .tore and fo
-T’J,alc by JOSIAII WILL8.
Mnv 7
IS BRANDT Alto H. GIN.-^Trir casks F.
• Brandy, 4 pipes II. Gin. For sale low by
Nov 7 WILLS & CO
YARN socks, a few doz pair* of Country
Net SOCKS. For sale try
Oct 30 THOS. BROOKS, Jr. I
fitR-V '. Oonpowder, Imperial and Black TEAS,
I of superior quality. For sale by
Ort.30 THOS. BROOKS, Jr.
WHISK EY.—SO bl»l* momentlv expected, for !
sale by Wif.i s A CO
AfOI. ASSES.—15 bbls New Orleans, I fthhd *
I* I West India- For sals low by
Nsv 7 WILL* h CO.
Drugs &z medicines, wholesale
hn recently received from the Northern Cities
extensive supplies of Medicines. Chemicals, Perfu
mery, Dye Stuffs. Dye Wood-, Paints, Oi|3f \Vi„.
d«»w Glass, Patent Medicines, Garden Seeds, To
bacco, Sugars,.Snuff, &e., &«•.. to which they would
respectfully call the intention of the Public gene
rtlly. ^ I'he following List contains a portion ol
their Stock, which they will sell upon us good
terms as any Store in Virginia.
English and American Calomel, -Sulphate Qui
nine, Guin Aloes, Gum Camphor, Arrowroot, Peru
vian Mark, Pearl Barley, English Calcined Magne
aia, Bluo Pill Mass, Sulph. Morphia, PowderecF Ja
lap, Powil. Ipecac, Rhubarb, Super. Carb. Potass,
Castor Oil, Super. Carb. Soda, Gum Arabic, Gum
Iragacautli, Cinnamon, Sp. Nitre, Bals. Copaiva.
Antiino. Wine, Opium, Liquorice, Floris. Camo-k
mile, Corrosive Sublimate, Aqua Ammonia, Tar
taric Acid, Epsom Salts, Laudanum, Senna, Oil
Peppermint and all essential Oils, Quicksilver,
Magnesia, Manna, Roll and Flour Sulphur, Aleo-'
hid, Borax, refined and crude, Red Precipitate,
Gum Myrrh, Cantharidcs, Guin Tragacauth, Sar
saparilla. Sponges, Vials, &r.
Window Glass of all sizes and qualities, White
Lead, dry ami in oil. Red Lead, Litharge, Spirits
Turpentine, Putty, Whiting, Verdigris, dry and in
oil. Chrome Green,Chrome Yellow, Yellow Ochre/
Prussian Blue, Vermillion, Rotten Stone, Ivory
Black, Gum Copal, Paint Brushes, all sizes. Rose
Pink, Lamp Black, British Lustre, Gold nnd Silver
Leaf, Copper Bronze, WhiteChallr,Spanish Brown,
Venetian Red, Sand Paper, Pumice Stone, Japan,
Copal. Coach and Harness Varnish, Turkey Um
!>• ', .Terra dc Sienna, Red Chalk, Gum Shellac, i
Bright Varnish, Sash Tools, all sizes, Black Lead
Cochineal, Nutmegs, Mace, Cloves, Cinnamon/
Allspice, Isinglass. Gum Arabic, Turkey, Oil Boses, I
Vanilla Beans, Tor.quin Beans, Coriander Seed,
Cirraway Seed, Anniseed, Pearlash, Saleratus,
White Jamaica Ginger, East India Ginger, Pepper,
Superior Spanish Segars, Starch, Liquorice Ball
Bath Brick. Fig Blue. Powdered Ginger Root, Al
um, Olive Oil, in bottles nnd baskets, Refined Salt
petre, Macabov Snuff, Scotch Snuff, Indigo, Castile
Soap, Cloves, Castor Oil, in bottles, Alcohol. Fric
tion Matches,Oarbonate Ammonia-Soda for Wash
ing, London Mustard, Cayenne Pepper, &c . kc.
The Subsceibcrs take this method of returning
their sincere thanks to the Citizens of Portsmouth".
Gosport, and the neighboring Counties, for the pat
ronage so liberally extended towards them, and
confidently assure them that every exertion will be
made tin their part to merit a continuance of the
RF.CEIP I S compounded of the purest ingredients
with accuracy and despatch.
Orders from Country Merchants, Physicians and
others, promptly and neatly executed,'and the pri
cessuch as will give entire satisfaction.
CCP All Articles sold at tnis Fslublishment warrant
ed Fresh and Genuine.
CrIfv/V?»-li?:IS,COV KRY *>T THE HE A\j
Y\1 . A R I.— Important to invalids and friends
of the mole.— Medicine, however efficacious, basal- i
wavs been taken with dissatisfaction by the sick.i
owing to its unpleasant nature. Hence it has ever !
been the study of all great physicians to disguise it = I
nauseous taste. Hut their efforts have never been I
crowned with complete success. It was left for I)r >
Smith to accomplish. Having given the subject bis i
unremitting attention for nearly two years, fie lias,
after spending a considerable amount of money]
produced a medicine which, while it is evei y way
agreeable to the palate, is sure to triumph over DIS
EASE and all opposition, and to repay him for his
devotion to the improvement of medical science
Are the result of his labor. TheirefTects.and the |
general favor with which they have been received
in all parts of the United Slates, warrant the pro
prietors in tiie declaration that “they are thegreo/
est improvement in medicine ever knrnnn. Unlike all
other pills, these neither gripr, produce nauaea nor
any other unpleasant sensation, while they are as
powM/ufasit is possible for a medicine to be, and
be HARMLESS. For sale by
__ _Cb II. HEINITSH, Agent.
'• STORATIVE.—This medicine is a safe and
certain cure in complaints of the Liver and Lungs.
Consumption, Liver Complaint, chronic and severe
Coughs and Colds, are almost immediately relieved
and ujtimately cured by a faithful use of the Re
storative. Dr. Chilton, the eminent practical chem
ist and physician of New York, attaches his cer
tificate stating its entire vegetable composition, a f
ter he had made a careful analysis. It is wholly
devoid of any irritating property, and manifests so
decided healing ami purifying qualities as te> quick
ly alleviate the most aggravatingeough and change
the morbid expectoration. Pains in the chest and
side, so often attendant on Lung Complaints, arc
effectually removed without the least inconvenience
theseatof the difficulty being reached much quicker’
than any external application. From the reputa
tion of this medicine in New York, where it has
bycn sold for some years, the most indubitable tes
timony is given to its merit. Certificates hav"
been literally showered in on the proprietor from
the best sources, and stating the cases of persons
raised even when given up by their physician.—
I he fact of no one single instanreof dissatisfaction
known or expressed, is a strong guarantee of its
merif The following certificate is from Dr. Chil
ton. the well known New-York c hemist.
“ 1 analyzed a bottle of medicine called ‘C
RrinrkerhofT’s Health Restorative’; and find that
it dors not contain Mercury, or any other inctallic
preparation, nor opium in anv of its forms. It is
composed of vegetable matter entirely.”
James R. Chilton, M. D
_ . . Proprietor, N. Y
For sale by C. II. HEINITSH, Agent, Ports
mouth, Vn.
* Ladies, I would most respectfully rail your at
tention to my assortment of FANCY ARTICLFS
ant PERFUMERY, which is perhaps tho largest'
and richest ever before offered for sale in this place ,
comprising almost every article IkiUi useful and
ornamental necessary for the Toilet, of which the'
following is a part— ■
Ladies’ Caprices, a new and beautiful article,
Perfume Cushions, put up in splendid style.
Cosmetic. Cream, the best article ever offered for
chopped hands, &c. It possesses the. most extraor ,
dinary healing qualities and is ihc best cosmetic
ever known for imparting n delicate softness to
the skin, and preserving it from chopping,
Philocome, the best preparation for the Hair now
in use.
Rose Scented Toilet Powder, very superior
Taylor’s Chrystaline Soap,
Together with the largest assortment of Cologne
Water, Florida Water, and Soaps of superior mini
ity, of every description of Pei fume, Preston Salts,
Tooth Brushes, Nail Brushes, Hair Brushes, Supe
rtor Tooth Powder, Beef .Marrow Pomatum, Pa
tej’s Celebrated Cold Cream, kc.
0O>Call in and examine for votirselves,
, . _ C. H. HE1NITSH, Agent,
•’n'y ' High st.,4'h door from Middle,
awo Border.
nm im vci w-oVe for "alr a lar«re stock of PA
will sell very low. Persons in want of either of
the above articles will please give „s a call before
purchafling elsewhere.
.... . . W, H. H. HODGES k CO.
«rnrt"v'sT rccHv^J * lot of bcatiful FIRE
SC REENS, which we arc selling very low
March 31 1
\VT® V* - * * OtJT The mott V«l
urjlde collection of Books, Stationary, and
Fancy Articles ever exhibited here, viz: .
School Books of the most approved kind,
A fine assortment of Wriling Paper *
Ink. Steel Pens, Quills, Wafers, kc
Musical Inst rument*nf various k inds, very cheap, ■
Handsome Wslking Cane, Riding Whips, hr .
\ lot of beautiful Cutlery, embracing some of
Rodgers asuperior Porket Knives, and the grs.te^t
variety of fancy article*,all at rbenper prices than
"v"r . lffl HODCES It CO
March !•
Dr. Upham’s Vegetable Electnarj
A certain Cure for the Piles.
*> Although tlte Electuary was originally prepared
for tho rare of Files, yet from :ts modus operandi, or
mode of operating, and from extensive personal abdica
tion, it has proved itself to he a Medicine far superior to
all others. In all Diseases of an Inflammatory character,
with a determination of blood to any particular part or
organ. In Inflammation and Congestion of the Liver and
Spleen; Inflammation, Soreness and Ulceration of the
Stomach, Bowels, Kidneys anil Bladder; in Inflammatory
and Mercurial Bheumatisin, anil all Affections arising from
tire imprudent or injudicious use of Mercury ; in all case*
where the Blood is powerfully determined towards the
Head, it is the ni:st Medicine ever discovered. For all
Impurities of the Blood, arising from any source what
ever, and for all Disease« of the Skin, it is unrivalled,
clearing and improving it in the most remarkable man
ner. In Palpitation of the Heart, Pam in the Side, and
Oppression about the Chest; in Morbid and Biliary Con
ditions of the Stomach, producing Sick Head-ache; in
short, in all cases where n Cathartic or Physic is re
quired, the Electuary will be found filly equal, if not
superior, to any other; and especi lly to those subject
to Piles, it will prove an invaluable Physic, us it operates
without irritation, which is not the case with inostoflh*
purgatives now in Use, particularly Powders or Pill*
containing Aloes, the use of which will invariably re
turn the complaint.
A. UPHAM, M.D. Sole Proprietor, Bowtrv.
New York.
T. W. DYOTT A SONS, General Wholesale
Agents, 13!A North Second Street, Plilla*
Special Depot, at the Store of Alexander Du
vall & Co., No. 148 INI lit. street, Kit Innotid.
Also, foi sale by CHARLES II. IlEIMTSH,
Agent, Portsmouth, M. A. Santos, King & Toy,
K. Emerson, Robertson & Coruick, ^Vtn. H.
Broughton, Norfolk, and by Druggists gene
rally throughout the United States.
Foi Couplis, ('olds, Asthma, and Consumption.
-I louchs, Asthma, and CONSUMPTION is the HITN
hratm/n^ nA1;SAM ,°,F bythe cole
biated Dr. Buchan, of London, Cnglum!. and introduced
into tiie United State* under the immediate superintend
anre or the inventor.
The extraordinary ancceaa of this medicine, in the
cun: or I ulmonary diseas warrants the American
AQ.1/!11"" for treatment the WORST POS
BIIILE CASLS that ran be found in the community
cages that seek relief ir. vain Rom any of the common
remedies nf ftn» day. and have been piven up by the
Rhynictan* ns CONFIRMED AND
INCURABLE. The Hungarian Balsam lias cured, and
will cure. Hie MOST DESPERATE OF CASES. It is
no quack nostriiii, but a standard English medicine, of
known and established efficacy.
Every family In the United States should be supplied
with Burhan'a Hungarian Balsam of Life, not only to
counteract the roinumptive tendencies of the climate
but to be used as a ir#». itivc medicine in all cases of
Colds, Coughs, Spittin| Blood, Pain in the Side and
Cnest, Irritation and Si,^f,iess of the I.ungs, Bronchitis,
Difficulty of lircathiig. Hectic Fever, Night Sweats
Emaciation and General Debility, Asthma, Intluenia.
Hooping Gough, and ( roup.
#> Sold in large bottles, at «1 per bottle, with fall direc
tions for the restoration of Health.
Pamphlets, containing a mass of English and Ameri
can certificates, and other evidence, showing the un
equalled merits of this Great English Remedy, may be
obtained of the Age,ts. gratuitously.
DAV|I> F BRAM.EE, sole Agent for the United
States, 119 Court stroet Boston.
viT' * 5dN8, General Wholesale Agents,
No. 132 North Second street. Philadelphia.
Special Depot, a* the Store of Alexander Du
vail & Co., No. 117 \Liin direct, Richmond.
Also, for sale by CHARLES H. HEINITSH,
Acrotit, Portsmouth, M. A. Santos, Kino- &.
Toy, H. E.neraon, Robertsonfc Cornick, \Vm.
II. Broughton, Norfolk, and by DruffffisUn-cu •
crally throughout the United States.
Tj^ROM PHILADELPHIA.—Just received the fol
-1 lowing valuable preparations, warranted genu
1 liey are effectual in relieving Catarrh Bronchial
affections. Hoarseness, oppression of the Chest, and
will alleviate Coughs, of more obstinate pulmonary
For Colds in the Head, Watering of the Eyes,
Sneezing, &c.
This Snuff, which is made of indegenous herbs, is
useful in relieving Head-ache, and weeping and
watery eyes, arising from recent colds, and may be
used alone,or mixed with common snuff. A pinch
or two, taken occasionally, will generally cause
sneezing, and a flow from the no3C.
This article is prepared by Mr. I^hinan, Phila
delphia,one ofthe oldest Chemists and Druggists, in
that citjr. His celebrated preparation stands high
er and is superior to any Worm Tea known. Mr
Lehman has prepared it for the last 30 years. It
is prescribed by som« of the most eminent physi
cians of Philadelphia, and to the fact I can speak
myself, as I had ample evidence, while engaged
there in the Drug business. 8 8
I hu Paste is used in giving Mahogany, and al
ble'to soil ,,rn,turr’ beautiful gloss, and not lia
TW. i u*7,’ A*h Pan“' Fenders, Racks and
Jambs, and all other iron utensils used about ftre
places, which require to be kept neat and clean.
Ibis varnish n laid on with a paint brush, and
dries very soon ; one or two roats will he sufficient
to give a handsome hlaek gloss, it is very durable
and will stand considerable heat. Full directions
accompany every article. For sale at the Drag
Store, High Street. 4 doors below Middle. *
... CHA9. H. HFJNITSH. Agent,
(Memb'T of the Phila'lclphia Uollege of
Attgil Pharmacy and Chemistry )
superior BOTTLE CORKS just reccive/and
fow*Mi<Hlc * nr"* St°rC’ Hi|?h ",rect- 4th door bc
Av" lfi_CHAR. H HFJNITSH. Agent.
Olw°i!rErW«,WCT‘ ' bU Old Rvr
I . I h'*key* fnr on consignment, and can be
sold low._(Aug 21) .1. WILLS.
QUADRANTS from the best f,ondon makers
at various pnccs. Also S.->y Glasses, Gunter’s
Scales, Bow ditches’ Navigators, Coast Pilot. A
large assortment of the most approved and latest
< harts. Hist rs««iv«d sad lor sale at low price*, by
Aug •* C. HALL k 90
The Subscriber would respectfully
I return his thanks tu his numerous
,^1. I ^-customers, for their continued and
fj^™^*inereasing pationage, and iulorin the
VN&W public that he has removed his Facto
ry and Shop to BUTTERS’ BUILDINGS on Craw
ford Street, just below the Mai ket, where he will at
tend to all orders with promptitude and despatch.
His stock of LEATHER, as usual is selected with
great care, and will be found of the best quality*
He has now employed workmen from Richmond
and Philadelphia, who cannot fail to give the most
perfect satisfaction, and he trusts that his unremit*
ted efforts to please will secure him a liberal share
®f patronage, as all work taken from his Manu
lactory will be warranted.
Two or three first rate Hands, for Boots or Shoes
would find immediate and constant employment
by applying soon.
The most prompt attention give to all orders, and
no disappointment. Recollect that the money left
in his Establisment, is expended in the Town, and
goes to the support of our own mechanics, and
tradesmen. F. HOFFMAN.
Crawford Street.
N. B. A few BOARDERS will be taken by the
Subscriber, by the year, month or week, on mode
rate. terms. Jan 20
Rail, road notice— through to
WELDON.- The Portsmouth and Roanoke Rail
Road Company give notice to thctravclling public,
that their arrangement to carry passengers to and
from Weldon is now completed ; Mr. Willis Sledge
having placed on the line between Margaretls.ille
and Weldon. North Carolina, a superior FOUR
HORSE POST COACH ; which will enable the trav
eller at all times to connect with the Wilmington
Road, without delay, as follows:
Portsmouth to Margarettsville, via Rail Road, 63
Margarettsville to Weldon, Four Horse Post
Coach, 17 miles
Passage to Weldon, - - - • $6 00
July ‘2 Agent P. & R. R. R. Company.
'd.—The Subscribers rcspecffull y inform the Pub
lic that a Stage Route has been established be
tween Margarettsvillc and Weldon, in connection
with the Poitsmouth and Roanoke Rail Road, and
the Baltimore Bay Line, by which Travellers, will
be placed at cither end of the line without delay.—
Those persons desirous of taking this most comfor
table and expeditious Route, are a ssured that they
will be. subjected to no disappointr.nent or delay, as
the carriages and horses are of the West quality and
stock, and the Stage Travel is but Eighteen Miles,
over a hard level road.
Travellers by this Route going to orcominsr from
the North, will be conveyed as ches.p as by the City
Point Rail Road, and Tioo Dollars less than by the
Route via Richmond, icc., the Fare, between Wel
don and Baltimore being only $9 00.
Passengers by this Route will be carried through
by day light, thus saving a night's rest.
Arrangements have been made with the different
companies running in connexion with this Line,
to insure regularity and despatch.
Weldon, July H45,__Proprietors.
THE price of the Democratic Review has here
tofore been too high—not for its size, cost, and
character, but for the means of tens of thousands
of readers who would be glad to receive it, and
among whom it is highly desirable that it should
circulate. For the purpose therefore, of largely
widening the range of its usefulness, and of multi
plying the numbers of those to whom it may be ac
cessible, it baa been determined, simultaneously
with the great reduction in the expense of the post
age. to reduce its subscription price also, from Five
to only Three dollars; and when several unite in
subscription, to as low as $2 50, or even $2 30 per
This very large reduction in the receipts (accom
panied with hut a comparatively small diminution
of its expenses) involves, of couisc, an entire sac
rifice of profit upon it, unless compensated by a
vast multiplication of its subscribers. There will
be at the outset only a small reduction in its num
ber of pages; soon to be restored to its old number,
without increase of price, when the anticipated
success of the experiment shall justify it.
The Ports aits of Distinguished Democrats
will he continued—engraved in better and more
costly style than heretofore.
The Postage, will hereafter, for any distance, he
only five and a half cents ; it has heretofore been, for
over 100 miles, eighteen cents.
We look for an extension of circulation to be
reckoned by tens of thousands, as the result and
compensation of this great reduction of price.—
Every friend of the work, and of the Democratic
principles and cause, is confidently appealed to to
exert himself with an active interest to procure it
subscribers ; both to extend its usefulness, and to
carry it successfully through the crisis of this great
reduction of its receipts.
Those who have paid in advance for the coming
year, will receive it, at the reduced rate, for a year
and a half.
>insrIecopy, - #3 (H)
Four copies, - 11 00
Biffht copies, - $20 00
Thirteen “ - 30 00
It will thus bo Been that when thirteen copies arc
ordered at once, the price is brought down to about
$2 31) each. For six months, half these rates.
These rates afford high inducements to agents
and others to interest themselves to procure sub
The cash st/s/em and payment ir» advance must be
uncompromisingly adhered to. The past relaxa
tion of it has caused an accumulation of not far
from $40,000 of debts due to the work. Hereafter,
this must be wholly reformed ; nor must either the
most eminent political friend, or the most intimate
personal one. lie displeased on experiencing its ap
plication, in the stoppage of their numbers, if they
neglect this rule ; the vital necessity of wbich.at
the present reduced rates, must be obvious to all.
No communications will be taken from the Post
Office unless free of postage.
All communications, both on editorial and pub
lishing business, must be addressed henceforward
o the undersigned. Those relating to the settle
ment of the pa... debts due the work will be still
addressed to Mr. H. G. Langlky, 8 Aetor limine,
the past arrangements with whom, as publisher,
have reached their termination
J. L. O’Soluvav,
July, 1845. 136 Naetau ttreet, New York.
The admirable Daguerreotype of General Jack
son, taken by Anthony, Edwards & Co., a few
weeks before his death, r.as been purchased for the
use of the Democratic Review. It is in the bands
of the artist, anti will be engraved in the finest style
of mezzotint, of extra size. It is a most beautiful
and interesting work, declared by Mr. Van Burcn
and others to give a more perfect idea of the good
and great old~ mdti than any other likeness; and
ought to be possessed and framed by every friend
who loves or reveres his memory. Those who sub
scribe early will receive it as one of the regular se
ries of Portraits.
Our friends of the Democratic Press are requested
to interest themselves in aiding to carry the work
safely and successfully through ths crisis of this
great reduction of mice. Every Editor inserting
this prospectus, with an editorial notice, (and send -
ing a copy of the paper marked,) Bhall’rercive the.
Review for a year. Aug 16
rxT«A SUPERIOR.—10Butts^'M. l*rTg
home & Sons’* sun cured N0. 1 Tobacco, put
up expressly for this market, and cost $30 26 in
the'eaf. Just received and for sale hv
7 JOMAtV wnx».
A pleasant, safe anti certain cure for all eases ed
G******** amiC*****.
In consequence of the many
useless Mixtures and Pill* r/.
commended for these trouble,
some complaints, it is neces
sary publicly to announce
that this preparation is ths
best known for the immediate
removal of theae diseases__
•Tabiant’s Compound’cures
where Pills, Drops, Elec'ur
ries, Copaiba, Nitre and Har.
lem Oil will have no effect.—
It is therefore recommended
~w»-b —_ — -n-- "as ths first remedy to be tried
in all raises, for when recent, ONE BOX GENE
It is put up in a neat portable form, tasteless, and
does not impair digestion.
*** To prevent mistakes and to procure the Gen
uine, it is sold only by his regularly appointed
Agents. M. A. Santos, Norfolk, and at the Drug
Store, High street, 4 doors below Middle, by
(Member of the Philadelphia College of
Pharmacy and Chemistry.)
A fresh supply of Copaiba Capsules,—Also, Prc.
mium Capsules, warranted ; Pure Copaiba Halsatn
and Oil Cubcbs. July 31
PROPOSALS For publishing in the City of
Washington, a new daily, semi-weekly, and
weekly, Democratic Republican paper, to be enti
Jesse E. Dow & Co.
The fist number of our new paper will be issued
on the first day of May next, with an entire new
dress—new type, fine white paper, with ether im
portant alterations and improvements. The paper
will he devoted to a fearless exposition of Demo
cratic principles; it will zealously and unremit
tingly oppose each and every effort in establish a
mammoth monarchy bank and other mischievous
corporations aad consolidations of wealth, which
subvert the rights of the people and undermine ths
pillars of the Rebublic; it will oppose an oppres
sive and anti-republican tariff system, the assump
tion of the State debts by the General Government,
and all other federal principles which have an in
evitable tendency to destroy public prosperity as
well as individual happiness. Against all such
litical delusions, we shall wage unchanging, un
compromising war.
The Farmkb and the Mechanic who produce all
the real capital of the nation, will find in our pa
per an unwavering champion of their inalienable
rights; the long cherished principle# of the edi
tors are too well known to the public to require
any pledge upon this point. To the Miscellaneous
Department particular attention will be devoted ;
the Ladies will always find in our columns a choice
selection from the current literature of the day, a
well as original contributions from the must tals
ented writers of which our country can boast. A
general summary of Foreign and Domestic news
will be furnished.
The conductois have already secured the aid and
co-operation of a large'number of the most distin
guished literary and political writers of the day;
arrangements will also be made, at the earliest pe
riod possible, to embellish our columns by the con
tributions of correspondents from abroad. With
this brief and imperfect outline of our plan, we
very respectfully submit our claims to an exten
sive patronage to the consideration of a generous
JESSE E. DOW, £E»rro»s.
Daily paper by the year, in advance, • #10 00
“ “ fbr Its* than a year, #1 per month.
Semi-Weekly paper by the year, i* advance, 6 00
“ “ “ for less than a year, 60
cent* per month.
Weekly paper by the year, - - - 2 00
“ w for six months, - - - 1 00
Subscriptions to the Daily for lass than two, to
the Semi- Weekly for l*«* than four, or to the Week
ly for less than sia months, will not he rscsivcd.
If not paid within the year, the Daily paper will
be #12, the Semi-Weekly #6, and th* Weekly
#2.50 a year.
Subscribers may discontinue their papers at any
time by paying for the time they have received
them ; but not without.
Those who subscribe for a year, and do not, at
the time of subscribing, order a discontinuance at
the end of it, will be considered subscriber* until
they order the paper to be stopped, and pay arrear
Twelve lines or less, three insertions, - #1 00
Every additional insertion, - - . 25
Business Cards will be conspicuously inserted
for one year, including paper, for - - #15
Longer advertisements charged in proportion
A liberal discount made to those who advertise
by the year.
All payment* to be made in advance. Those who
have not an opportunity of pajing otherwise, may
remit by mail, at our risk,postage-paid. The Post
master’s certificate of such remittance shall be a
sufficient receipt therefor. The notes of any specie
paving bank will be received.
JVo attention will be given to any order units* th*
money, or a postmaster’* certificate that it ha* been re
mitted, accompanies it.
(Kf- fitters to the Proprietor, charged toith postage,
will not be taken out of the Post Office.
April 11
WH. it. 1IODGES dc CO., have just re
• reived th* following NEW MUSIC.
The celebrated Rivee Waltz,
The Miller’s Maid Waltz,
Havemeyer’a Grand March, Love Not Waltz,
The Three Sisters Waltzes,
I’in still thine own, by J. H Hewitt,
“ VVe’re out upon the Moonlight Ware,”
Castle Garden or Almack’s Walts,
Low waved the Summer Woods,
Sutton’s Quickstep,
“ Here’s a Health to thee Mary,”
Celebration Quickstep, The Gabrielis Waltz,
Pincy Point Waltz, “Let us love one another/
Mary of Argyle,
“ When slumber’s pinions over me play,”
“Sweet ia the thought, the Promise Sweet,”
“ Hark! Hark! the Soft Bugle,”
Woman’s Heart, Amid the Greenwood smiling.
An elegiac impromptu Fantasid, by H. P. Heim
i; ich,
The Bridal Bells,
Beeswings A Fish, by Deilman,
The Hunter’s Song, by Gustave Blessner,
The Hunter’s Wife, by H. C. Ball,
The l^ist Song of Saphng,
The Harlem Waltz, “ He never said h« lored,”
The Captive Knight, for the Guitar,
Cumberland Guards’ Quickstep, Cuba March,
Columbia, the Land of the Brave,
Could I hush a father's sigh,
Cape May Gallopade, Cclestina Waltz,
Chateau cn Espagne,
Come, Come Away, a social glee.
My GsUant Love returns, March D’Aroaz^nes,
Flows of Home Waltz, Rose Geraneum Waltz,
Lilly of the valley Waltz, Last Greeting,
Potomac Walft,
“I hasten to the shade of thy Bower,”
Tyrolean Melodies Aug 12
NEW AN I) V AL IT A B LE’BOO K8 j U»t re
ceived by W. H. H. HODGES A CO.
Introductory Lectures on Modern History, by
Thomas Arnold, P. I). Professor of Modern Histo
ry in the University of Oxford, and Head Maater
of Rugby School—edited from Second London edi
tion, with a preface and notes, by Henry Reed, M
A., Professor of English Literature in the Univer
sity cf Pennsylvania.
Heed’s Dictionary of the English Language, con
taining the pronunciation, etymology and explana
tion of all words authorized br eminent writers ; to
which arc added, a vocabulari? of ihc root* of Eng*
lish words, and an accounted list of Greek, Latin,
and Scripture proper names, by Alexander Reed,
A. M., author of “ Rudiments of English Compo
sition,” Ac. „ „ ._. , .
History of Germany from the earliest period t#
the present time, by Frederick gohlraosch, .hie
Counsellor of the board of education of tne
Horn of Hanover. ____»ef> 20
rtHEA P 8I1oE8^T have now <KI hand I esse
of Seat Spring Heel Ties, KUI UMd ; F°’nF
off rapidly at 50 cent# a p*l^ f°U
will miss a bargain. WM. It. PIT HKR,
Aug *» * »ig» *♦<> «•

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