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■ ~ ‘-m I x TV * I .
The-act pasted at your last session “ reducing
the ddlies on imports’ nut having gone into oj er
stion until the first of the present month, there
ha6 not hesfc time fur its practical effect upon the
revenue, and the business of the country, to be
developed; |t Is not doubted, however, that the
just policy which it adopts will add largely to our
foreign trade, and promote the general prosperity.
Although it rahhut he certainly foreseen what
amount of revenue it will yield, it ts estimated
that'll »il| exceed that produced hy the ad „f
1842, which it Superseded. The leading priori
pies established hy it are. to levy the taxes with
a view to raise reVenne. and to impose them upon
the articles imported according to their actual
1 he act of 1812. by the excessive rates of dory
which it imposed on many articles, either totally
excluded (hem from impurtaiinn, or yreally re
dueed the amount imported, and thus diminis.I
instead of producing* revenue. Hv it thn taxes
were not imposed for'the legitimate purpose of
raising revenue, but to afford advantages to fa
vored clashes, at the expense of a largo majority
of thojr fellow citizens. 1 hose employed in ag
riculture, mechanical pursuits, commerce, and
navigation, were compelled to contribute from
their sub-lance to swell the profits and overgrown
wealth of the comparatively few who had invest
ed their capital in manufactures. The taxes
were not levied in proportion to the value of the
articles upon which they were imposed ; hot,
widely departing from this just rule, the lighter
taxes were, in many casr$, levied upon articles of
luxury and high price, and the heavier taxes on
those of necessity and low price, consumed hy the
great mass of th« people. It was a system, the
inevitable effect of which was to relieve favored
classes and the wealthy few Irurn contributing their
just proportion for the support of government, and
to lay the burden on tlie labor of the many, en
gaged in other pursuits than manufactures
A system so unequal nnd onjnst I,ns bei n su
perseded by the existing law, which imposes du
ties not for the henefit or injury of classes or pur
suits. b'»t distributes, and as far as practicable,
equalizes the public burdens among all classes and
occupations. The favored classes, who, under
the unequal and unjust system which has been
repealed, have heretofore realized large profits,
and many of them amassed large fortunes, at the
expense of the many who have been made tribu
tary to them, will have no reason to complain if
tlipy shall he required to hear their just proportion
of the taxes necessary for the support of govern
went. So far from it, it will he perceived by an
examination of the existing law, that discrimina
tions in the rates of duties imposed wiihin the
revenue principle, have been retained in tlmir
favor. I he incidental aid against foreign compo
tition which they still enjoy gives them an advan
Inge which no other pursuits possess; hut of ibis
nuno others will complain, because the duties
levied are necessary for revenue. These revenue
duties, including freights and charges, which the
i purler must pay before lie can come in compe
tition w itli the home manufacturer in our markets,
amount, on nearly all our leading branches of
manufactures, to more than one third of the value
of the imported article, and in some cases to al
most one-half its value. With such advantages,
it is not doubted that our domestic manufactures
will continues to prosper, realizing in well -con
ducted establishments even great profits than can
be derived from any other regular business. In
deed, so far from requiring the protection of even
incidental revenue duties, our manufacturers in
several leading branches are extending their busi
ness, giving evidence of greater ingenuity and
skill, and of their ability to compete, with in
creased prospect nf success, for the open market
nf the world. Domestic manufactures, to the
valce of several millions of dollars which cannot
find a market at home, arc annually exported to
foreign countries. With such rates of duty as
those established by the existing law, (lie system
wiil probably be permanent ; and capitalists, who
have made or shall hereafter make, their invest
ments in manufactures, will know upon what to
rely. The country will be satisfied with these
rates, because the advantages which the manu
facturers still enjoy results necessarily from the
collection of revenue fur the support Of govern
ment. High protective duties, from their unjust
operation upon the masses of the peopls, cannot
fail to give rise to extensive dissatisfaction and
complaint, and to constant efforts to change or
repeal them, rendering all investments in mann
faetures uncertain and precarious. Lower and
more permanent rates of duty, at the same time
that they will yield to the manufacturer fair and
remunerating profits, will secure him against the
danger of frequent changes in the system, which
cannot fail to ruinously affnet his interests.
Simultaneously with the relaxation of the re
strictive policy by the United Slates, Great Brit
ain, from whose example we derived the system,
has relaxed hers. She has modified her corn laws,
and reduced many other duties to moderaio reven
ue rates. Averages of experience, the statesmen
of that country have been constrained by a siern
necessity, and by public opinion having its deep
foundation in the sufferings and wants of impover
idied millions, to abandon a system the effect of
w hich w as to build up immense fortunes in the
bands of the few. and to reduce the laboring mil
lions to pauperism and misery. Nearly Tn the
same ratio that labor was depressed, capital was
increased and concentrated by British protective
policy. 1
I he evils of ihe system in Great Biitain were
length rendered intolerable, and it has hern
abandoned, hut not without a severe struggle on
l e part nf the protected and favored classes to
retain the unjust advantages which lltey have, so
"iig enjoyed. It was to i p expected that a simi
lar struggle would be made by the name classes
m thp United States, whenever an attempt was
jm e to modify or abolish the same unjust sys
em , rp; The protective policy had been in
operation in the United Stales for a much shorter
Pprtod, and its pernicious effects were not. there
''■re, so clearly perceived and felt. Enough, how
fiver, was i nown or these effects to induce its
ii would be strange if, in tlm fare of Hie exam
pie of Great Brilain, our principal foreign custo
lner,. an'l »f the evils of a system rendered inani
PS* 'n that country by long nod painful experience,
ar,'l in the face of the immense advantages which,
1,01 Pr a more liberal commercial policy, we are
* rpa,,y deriving, and must continue to derive, bv
’•’M'plying her starving population with food, the
"ited Stales should restore a policy which she
ns been compelled to abandon, and thus diminish
lfr ability tl( purchase from us the food anil other
ariif |e< which she so much needs, and we so much
opstre io*el|.
,{y *he simultaneous abandonment of the pro
.’r"ve policy by Great Brilain and llm United
| 'Rtes, new a(l(J j„tp„r,nnl markets have already
T*n for uur agricultural and other pro
* "c,a » commerce and navigation have received a
impulse; labor and trade have been released
^‘r» the artificial trammels which have so long
i ’ pred them; and to a great extent reciprocity,
n 1 ,p exchange, of commodities, lias been in trod u
^ ' n* *he same time by both countries, and grpatlv
^Pnpfil "f bnth. Great Britain has been
1 crd.hy the pressure of circumstances at home,
^ a andrm • policy which has been upheld (or
jp*. and to open her markets for our immen-e snr
^"R of breadstuff* ; and it is confidently believed
»t other powers of Fmrope will ultimately see
p wisdom, if they be not compelled by the pau
r,R n and sufferings of their crowded p mutation,
’Pursue a similar policy
, -),,r f’tmers are more deeply interested in main
^ r |ng the josi and liberal policy of the exisling
f 'v ,.'*n *fty other class of our citizens. They
.’nstimip „ Urge majI(rj|y „four population ; ami
* well known that when they prosper,all other
’ ^’.its prosper also. They have^bererofor* not
:,,!l^ received none of the bounties or favors of gov
eminent, but, by thnunequil operation* of the pm'
teotive policy, have been made, by the burdens of
taxation •which it imposed, to contribute to the
bounties which have enriched other*.
NA'hen a foreign as well au q home market is
opened to them, they must receive, as they are
now receiving, increased prices for their prod not*.
1 hey will find a readier site, and at better
prices, for their wheat, floor, rice. Indian corn,
beef, pork, lard, butter, cheese, and other artirles.
which they produce. The homo market alone is
inadequate to enable them to dispose of the im
mense surplus of food and oilier articles which
iliey are capable of producing, even at the most
reduced prices, fbr the manifest reason that they
cannot he consumed in the country. The United
I States can. from tlmir immense surplus, supply
j not only the home demand, hut the deficiency «f
! lond^ required hv the whe|e w*Wld.
I list the reduced production of some of the
[ ehief articles of food in Great Britain, and oilier
parts of Kurnpe, may have contributed to increase
the demand for nur breadstuff's and provisions, is
not doubted ; but thai the great arid efficient cause
of this increased demand, arid of increased prices,
consists in ihe removal of artificial restrictions
heretofore imposed, is deemed to he equally err
tain, 'ri.nl our exports of fi,od. already increased
anti increasing beyond former example, under the
more liberal policy w hich has been adopted, will
b*t Still vastly enlarged, unless they lie checked
or prevented by a restoration of tbc protective
policy, cannot lie doubted. That our commercial
ami navigating interests will be enlarged in a cor
responding ratio with the increase of our trade, is
equally certain ; w hile our manufacturing interests
will still he ihe favored interests of the country,
and receive the incidental protection afforded them
by revenue duties j and more than this they cannot
jitstly demand.
in iny annual mpftsajrp of Uec^rnnor last. n la
rifT of revenue duties passed upon the principles
of the existing law was recommended; and |
have seen no reason to change the opinions then
expressed. In view of the probable beneficial ef
fects of that law, [ recommend Ibat the policy es
tablished hy it be maintained. It lias but just
commenced to operate ; and to abandon or modify
it without giving it a fair trial, would ho inexpe
dienl anil unwise. Should defects in any of iis
details he ascertained hy actual experience to ex
ist, these may he hereafter corrected; hut until
such defects ahull become manifest, the net should
bo fairly tested.
It is submitted for your consideration whether
it may not ho proper, as a war measure, to im
pose revenue duties on some of the articles now
embraced in the free list. Should it ho deemed
prop* r to impose such duties, wi h a view to raise
revenue to meet the expenses of the war with
Mexico, or to avoid to lost extent the creation of
a public deb', they may be repealed when the
emergency which gave rise to them shall cease
to exist, and constitute no part of the permanent
policy of the country.
The art of the sixth of August last, “ to pro
vide for ihn belter organization of the treasury,
and for the collection, safekeeping, transfer, and
disbursement of the public revenue.” Ins been
carried into execution as rapidly as the delay ne
nessarily arising out of the appointment of nexv of
ficers. taking and approving their bonds, and pro
paring and securing proper places for the safokeep
ing ill the public money, would parmit. It is
not proposed to depart io any respect from the
principles or policy on wbieh ibis great measure
is founded. There are, how ever, defects in the
details .if the-measure, developed hy its practical
operation, which are fully set forth" in the report
ot the Secretary of the Treasury, to which the
attention of Congress is inviird. These defects
would impair to some extent the s.iecessfol opera
tion ot the law at all limits, Imt are especially
embarrassing when the country is engaged in a
war, when the expenditures are greatly increased,
when loans are to he effected, and the disburse
merits are to he. made at points many hundred
miles distant, in some cases, from any deposiiorv,
and a large portion ot them in a foreign country.
'I lie modifications suggested in the report of the
Secretary of the Treasury are recommended to
your favorable consideration.
In connnexion with this subject, I invite your
attention to the importance of establishing a
branch ot the mint of tlie United Slates at New
York. I wo-thirds of the revenue derived from
customs being collected at that point, the demand
; for specie to pay the duties will be large; and a
branch mint where foreign coin and bullion could
oe immediately convejled into American coin,
would greatly facilitate the transaction of the
public holiness, enlarge the circulation of gold
and sil *err and be. at the same lime, a safe de
pository of the public money.
[ I’he Message here renews the recommenda
tion to graduate and reduce the price of those
public Inmls, which have been long in the market
and are of an inferior quality, as an act advauta
geotis to the Government, beneficial to those
States in which siich lands lie, and highly favor
able to those with small means who desire to
purchase small tracts. It also advises further
legislation on the subject of the mineral lands of
the United Stales, with the view of bringing
them into the market.]
It will be important, during your present ses
sion, to establish a territorial government and to
extend the jurisdiction and laws of the United
States over the territory of Oregon. Our laws
regulating trade and intercourse with the Indian
trilies east of the Kocky mountains,should be ex
tended to the Pacific ocean; and (or the purpose
of executing them, and preserving friendly rela
tions with the Indian tribes within our limits, an
I arinmonai rtninoor ol Indian acronrip* will ho re
quired ami should be authorised hr law. Thee*
tablishment of custom houses, and of post offices
and post mads, and provision fur the transp irta •
tion of the mail on such routes as the public con
venience will suggest, require legislative author
i'y. It will be prsper. also, to establish a sur
veyor general’s office in that territory, and to
make the necessary provision for surveying the
public lands, and bringing them into market. As
our citizens, who now reside in that distant re
gion, have been subjected to many hardships,
privations, and sacrifices in their emigration, and
hy their improvements have enhanced the value
ol the public lands in the neighborhood of iheir
settlements, it is recommended that liberal grants
be made to them of such portions of these lands
as they may occupy, and that similar grants or
rights of (>re emption be made to all who may
emigrate thither within a limited period, to he
prescribed hy law.
I lie report of the Secretary of War contains
delated information relative to theseveral branches
of the public service connected with that depart
ment. The operations of the army have been of
a satisfactory and highly gratifying character.
I recommend to your early ami favorable con
siderations the measures proposed hy ihe Secrela
ry of YVar for speedily filling up the rank and
file of the regular army, for its grtaier efficiency
in the field, and for raising an additional force to
servedoring the war with Mexico.
Kmbarrassment is likely to arise for want of
legal provision authorizing compensation to be
made to Ihe agents employed in the several
States and I erritories to pay the revolutionary
and other pensioners the amounts allowed them
by law. Your attention is invited to the rocom
mendajion of the Secretary of War on this sin
ject. I hese agents incur heavy resp mobilities
and perform important dot es, and no reason ex
ists why they si.mild not be placed on the same
tooting, as to compensation, wiih oiber dmuursmg
O ir rel«tir ns with the various Indian 'ribea
nominue to be „f a pquif,., character. The .in
appy dttwemunns which have existed among the
Gherokeen for many years peat have Keen healed,
v.uii'fl my last animal message important treaties
*.V*,M>n n*’!i0*t:*,,’d with some nf the trities, hy
w in i the Indian title to large tracts «»f valuable
*."• within the I'mita «f the S'ates and Terri
tories, lias^ieen extinguished. and arrangements
ma< e fur removing them to the country west of
>he Mississippi. Between three and four tin.n
''•ind, of different triU*%s, have het»u removed to
•he country provided for them by treaty atipnla
lions, and arr increments have been made for
■ •hers to follow.
i 4 I" "tir intercourse with tlm several tribes par
tieular attcnt on has been given to the im|>orn»i.t
subject of education. Tl.e number nf schools
established among them lias been increased, and
addiiiunal means provided, not only for teaching
•hein the rudiments of education, hut of instruct"
mg them in agriculture and the mechanic arts.
r I refer you to the report of the .Secretary of the
Navy, for a satisfactory view of the operations
of tl.e department under his charge during the
oast year. Ii is gratifying to perceive that while
ilie war with Mexico lias rendered it necessary to
■mpluy an uuusu:il number of mir armed vessels
m her coasts, the protection doe to mir commerce
in other quarters of the world has not proved in
sufficient. No means will be spared to give effi
eiency (to the naval service in the prosecution
of the war; aril ( am happy t„ know that the
■ Hirers and men anxiously desire to devote them
•elves to the service of their country in any cii
terprise. however difficult of execution.
[ recommend to your favurnblo consideration
the proposition to add to each of mir foreign
-quadruns an efficient sea steamer, and, as espe
••ially demanding attention, tlm establishment at
Pensacola, of the necessary means of repairing
and refining the vessels nf the navy employed in
the Golf of Mexico.
There are other suggestions in the report which
dcKerve. and I doubt not, will receive, your con
X a jl .
With full reliance upon the wisdom and pnlri
uliRiii ol your deliberations, it will he my duty, ns
il will he my anxious desire, to cooperate with
yon in every constitutional efi'.rt to promote the
welfare and maintain the minor of our common
country. JAMES K. FOLK.
Washington. Dec. 8. 1816.
The wife of a respectable citizen within the
past three weeks was afflicted with tetanus
of lock jaw, and for nine days she was incapable
of speaking, and could only swallow a few tea
spoonsful of water at long intervals. The usual
remedies were applied, hut without success, and
the friends of the lady Inst all hope of her recov
ery I)r. Hollic.k being sp dven ol, he was called
in, and applying the galvanic battery, she was
immediately relieved, anil partook of some nour
ishment. Since that time she has been improving
under the occasional administ ration of the cralvanic
fluid.— Ledger.
A Bor.E —Mr. Webster’s speech seems to lie
something of a Imre to the Whigs, very few of
whom undertake to wade tliri ugh its stagnant
prolixity, and the press of lint party ar«* quite dis
appointed with it. The American has trapped
itseli by a promise to publish, “ not supposing it
would extend beyond a printable limit,” and gi^es
il to its readers in divided doses. This is severe
i n tin * Godlike.’ —Halt Hrpnb.
Now that (his preparation is well known t > be a
more certain euro for incipient Consumption, Asth
ma .Liver Complaint, Coughs, and »ll similar af
fections, than any other remedy ever known, Uicie
will In-, and noto are found those so villanonslv
wicked as to concoct a spurious and perhaps po s
ouous mixture, and try to palm it off as the genu
ine Balsam. Wc raise no false a'arm. An imita
tion appeared in Rochester, N. J.. |a8l winter ; and
iu other p iris, another article somewhat resembling
l)r. Wistar’s Balsam in name is s-'ld. Wc advise
the public of these schemes, that their health may
not he trifled with, nor ourselves plundered of our
just rights. Dr. Wistai’s Balsam of Wild Cherry
is a new medicine, is more efficacious tlmn any
oilier known. We have the written signature * of
such men as Recorder Tallmadgc, Counsellor Wil
linns, and John Po.vri, D. D., of New York; H.
Gouge, Esq , Member of Parliament, and score’s of
others, to prove that it has cured Asthma, Hlcediii"
at the Lungs, etc., etr.., after the physician’s skill
has ceased to benefit.
Be carelul and get the. genuine DR WISTAR’S
unless signed by I. BUTTS. Address all orders to
SETH W. FOiVLE, Heston, Mass.
For particulars see Dr. Wistar’s trciti.-oon
consumption, to be had of the agent.
Agents- Portsmouth, C. II HEIM TSH, Agent •
Norfolk, M. A. SANTOS, and also by Druggists
generally in this Stair.
On and after this date,
and until further notice,
( ’ the Baltimore Steam P.
Co., will run their Boats
tri-vveokly between this and Baltimore. Learii g
Spear’s wharf. Baltimore, Monday, Wcdilcsdnv
and Friday, at 4 o’clock, P. M Leaving Hunter's
wharf, Norfolk, every 'Tuesday, Thursday, amt
Saturday, at 3 o’clock, P. M.
The Bunts will connect with the James River
Passage and Fare to or fiom Baltimore, #5.
Passage to and Irom Baltimore to Charleston
R 21.
'Poor from Weldon and Gaston,
'To or front Richmond and Petersburg, $6
Dec 8 Agent B. S. P. Co , Norfolk.
A-s DAY, tlic 16th in.sl., (if f.ir, if not, on the
next lair day.) at the Farm of Jno. H. Hodges, de
ceased, know'll as
all ti e personal Estate of the said deceased, not
named in his will, consisting <>f
Horses. Hogs, Cattle, a fine yoke of Oxen
About 300 bids of Corn,
6,000 lbs Fodder, Peas &c.
Also, 2 Lighters, about 700 cords of Wood, al
ready hauled near the water,
1 excellent Double Carriage,
And 1 single Sulky, Cr.rts,
^ Carry Logs and Chains, Farming Implements,
At which time and place, also the Negroes w ill
he hired out, ami the Farms kno 'ii as tho New
ton’s, Mnssenburg’s and Nash’s, will be rented out
for the ensuing year.
The sale will be continued from day to day until
gotten through with.
Terms made known on the day of sale.
X Persons who are yet indebted for TOWN TAX
ES, n re respectfully informed that my duty is im
perative in the matter, anc I shall he comp -lied to
levy on their goods and chattels if they nrc not im
mediately settled. The B ard of Trustees will
show no lenity to moor my sureties, and look f..r
a prompt setilcmrnt early in January, all will
therefore, eee the. necessity | u,n under to adopt
stringent measures to make my collections, and I
trust 'hat each will pronrip ly meet their liabilities,
thereby relieving me from a very unpleasant duty
WILLIAM FORri,()( K, Town Collector. '
Pec 8
IA8T CALL.--AII persons indebted to the
J sub-trriber, cither by note or open account, are
earnestly requested to come forward and settle
their respective debts on r before the first day ol
January, 1*47 All debts remaining unpaid up t.
the time above, will positively be p ared in some
officer’s hands for collection, with vet y few excep
tion*. J. BATEMAN.
Dec 1 —2 w
PER I'l Ml. it Y. w. have ] received
large lot of PERFIJMER Y, s >rnc in beautiful
Fancy Bottles, am mg the lot wo have some man
ufactured by the justly celebrated Farina. We nr<
selling oar stock of Perfumery very low, and think
it will l>e to the arlvantage "f purchasers t«, cal
and look at our assortment before purchasing He,.,
where. W. H. H. HODGES & CO
Nov 12
K ut *ide I hr Market.
Dra-vlng of the Susse* Co. Ln'icrv, Cl.»»* 104
69 64 70.65 3. 44 . 67, 75. 7. <*8, 54. 47
'64 «6-7'», 7 58 64, 59 65 7$, 3 mo c Prize# sold
Dia viiig of the Monongalia l.otlerv, f’|n#« 49
I. <5. 72 30 63,7 , 5. 64. 64. II. 43. 9. 10.
I, 30, 64, another prige sold at till* office.
#20,000 •
New Jersey, Lottery, Cln*s 97.
The Drawing received I'o-morrow Morning-.
78 Numbers. 14 drawn ballot*.
Capital*.— $20,000, 9 of 6,000. 2 >*r 2 500 2 of 2,000,
2 <>f 1.600, 5 of mro. &,v
Picket# nnlv #5—Share* in proportion
Ticket* to he had at JNO |). GOHDaN’S,
* Lottery and Exchange Office, Norfolk,
Where the hi diest premium is paid for Gold,
Silver, nn.l Specie Cheeks. Dec 8
EXCIIAIVCJE-on New York and Haltiinorc in
sums to suit purchaser* can be had at
Dec 5 —tf Lottery and Exchange Office.
A 'to, 85 Main »lm t. Richmond.
THE Oldest Establishment in the State ; with
Light expressly adapted to the Art The most
superior Apparatus, ;>ml certain Chemical*. The
Proprietor, by giving his unroinitlc.l attention fur
the last four years to l»i* protrusion, hna horn onri
hied to produce the most correct and beautifully
toned Daguerrean Portraits that have ever been
They can be taken without regard to weather,
and warranted not to fade or rub o(T.
His Specimens arc of his own production. Citi
zons and strangers are respectfully invited to call
ami examine them.
Prices from ;■$ 1 to $6, according to »izc and style
ol finish.
A large assortment of Stock and Apparatus nl
wavs on hand and fur sale :>t the lowest cash pri
ecs^ Ilnur* for operating from 9 A. M. to 4 |». ftj
*'' • p . Turn to the rigid up stairs, a* the Room
to the left is in no wise connected with that of the
rt«ht*_ Dee 8
T AN DING THIS DAY, 200 bhls New Or
leans '\ liiskcy
I00 bids New Orleans Rump and Mess Pork
•2o(> do Nupciliiie Flour
200 kegs Nails
25 bbls N. E. Rum
35 boxes Cheese, for sale by
s _ J. WILLS,
\\,r ANTED, a lew hundred bushels Black Eye
>♦ Peas Enquire of J. WILLS,
Pt‘c ^ ___ Commerce street.
pOMMlSSION ER’S SA LE.—Pursuaut to a
yy decree of the County Court of Norfolk, beardug
( ate. on (lie IGth day ol November, I84(i, in a soft
then in 'Pending in Chancery, in « tiich John F.
Young is Plaintilf, and M* ry Louisa Young and
Win. H. Young infants, are Defendants, fshall
proceed to sell at Politic Auction for cash, before
die Court House of Norfolk County, on the 1st day
ol J •unary next, at II oVork, the following Real
and Personal Estt.te, to wit :
A piece, parcel or tract of Land in the Parish of
Portsmouth, in theCmmlvof Norfolk, situated at
the head of the Western Branch, containing ONE
less, ar.d which was devised to the parties in the
suit by the will of Charlotte Colle\ , deceased.
An t Slaves Nancy and Isaac, the 1 <st about twen
ty one years of age. JOHN COCKE.
Dee 5 Ids Cotritniss oner.
[B neon copy 3:awtds]
1^3=5*. A desirable RESIDENCE on County st.,
||||[ ,u>ar Dinwiddie, Tw.. Stories high, with
jfi^i.bt iek buMtneid. lo a good tenant, terms
will be moderate. Possession given the first of the
| year. Inquire on the premises of
p,<- a Mrs. F. GODWIN.
The subscribers having had plac d in their hands,
a largo lot of Cloth*, Cafsimnes, Vestings, Jeans)
and idhor Woolen Goorls for speedy sale, at very
reduced prici s, solicits public attention. ’l in y
must be closed in s short time.
No. 7, .Main street.
I S. More cheap Prints and other Goods from
auction. Dec 3—3t
J. II. bltRGOUV'S Agent on hand with the
“ R«ady. He has given his wink just in the
n.i k ol time, and the bargains a**o now coiniti0* in
by every Packet, for the benefit of the New York
Boot and Shoe Store.
We are opening this morning by the Georgian*
50 eases BOOTS AND SHOES ,‘ being a small pu t’
ol our recent large purchases nt the late heavy fail
ures in New Yolk, and which we offer to the trade
or at rclail at Low Prices.
Hi cases Men’s heavy*Boots
3 cases Napoleon do Calf
5 do do rlo Kip
4 rlo Boy’s thick do
4 do rlo Kip do
9 rlo Youth’s do
3 rl i Bov’s Kip Brogans
4 do do (hick do
2 rlo Men’s Kip do 8 to 11
2 rlo Women’s Grain Lace Boots
3 rlo Gents fine Calf Hoots, very low
pairs Children’s Polka Boots
5D tin Ladies’ Morocco winter Buskins.
New Y..rk Boot and Shoe Store, next the new
Former’s Bank, Main street, Norfolk.
p<1- 3__ J. If. GREGORY,
I GAB SUGAR—36 Whole and HaII Boxes
1j Lovering’s Double Loaf Sugar, landing from
sclir Jack Downing, and for sale by
FI. II. IIODGES (V CO., have juai^reC
V> , ceivcrl at their B.,ol< and Variety StoPf, “
GUI I Alt which Ins been pionmincerl by an excel
lent judge of Musical Instruments, to he a very «u
nerior toned instrument. Call soon if you want a
bargain._ Dee 5
Books from harper aTbroth
ERS. Blake’s History of the American Revo
Phrenology, or the Doctrine of the Mental Phe
• nomcna, by J. G. Spurzheiin, M. D.
The Works of Samuel Johnson, L L. I)., with
an E-say on his life and genius, by Arthur Murray
Esq. J '
Vols. 1st and 2nd Copeland’s Dictionary of Frac
lica 1 Medicine.
No-. H9 120, 121 and 122 Pictorial Sl.akcspcarc.
No. 12, Picturt • I History of England.
W. W. H. HO DOGS & CO.,
Booksellers and Dealers in Fancy G< ods,
PtC 5 Crawford street.
i BM.OU COST.—Tho subscribers intend to
close their instore Stock of CARPETINGS this sea
son, with a view of going out of the trade c f that
article. I hose who warn, will do well to call car
ly, as they are determined to close without regard
tocos'. Their slo k Consist of Brussels. Superior
.fee > ly. Fine and Superfine Ing-ain.nnd Cotton
Carpetings. JOHN COCKE & CO.
Nov 17
Books from h irpbr broth
Myrtis, with other Etchings and Sketches, by
Mir L. If. Sigourney.
History of the Thirty Years War ill Germany,
translated from the German of Frederick Schiller,
by Rev'd. A. J. IV. Morrison, M, A.
Nob. 117 and IIS. Pictorial Shakespeare.
Nos. 10 and 11, Pictorial England. For sale by
Nov -26 W. II. II. HODGES & CO.
'P RUST EE’S S V LE.— Pursuant to n Deed of
X Trust from licorge Beatty, and Ann E., his
wife, hearing date 25th April, 1944, of record in
die Clerk’s Office of Norfolk County, to secure a
certain debt therein mentioned, to the Bank of Vir
ginia, Wild, BE SOLD, a: Public Auction for cash
bef re the (hurt House of Norfolk Countv «,n
THURSDAY, the 10ih day of December 1*46 m
l«oV lock, A HOUSE and LOT OF LAND, situated
on London street, in tho town of Portsmouth, com
m nrmion tIn- North *He of London street at the
line of James R. Parrish, thence running Fast
domr I/onrJon street thirty b et to the line rff John
I homos* it, th nee North one hundred and thirteen
feet, thence West parallel to London street thirty
fi-et. thence South one hundre I and thirteen fee to
the beginning, with its app irtenances.
fl'M. II. WILSON ’{Treater*.
Nov Iff—tds ’ y
\\ "ISKEV 87«bbl*ofNew v„:L,,.
t n'\"?* 0,lc>0" Stiffed and Raw
A IIISKEV, ncludmg very superior old Mountain
De.v and Monongubcla. in store nn,| ori ,,1C Wi.v
fr- in New Orleans, for tale low by ^
°cn5 X WILLS.
'pHK extraordinary improvement* tint Law of
X late years taken place in the construction of
I'iuiio r ortc*, aided by tin* increased tn*'c for the
accomplished and fashionable Science of Muric,
po'.i'e classes, have c .use.I Ibis favorite
instrument to become iudi-prn«ahl v ne. ee-ary in
all respectable families. In the PIANO FORTF'.S
wbieb LIUCKERINU has the ... of submit im*
to the Public. w.. tru<t are combined the vniinn's
qualities oi power, bnllnnev, sweetness and uni
formity of tone so requis'te to make a pci fed in
strument. We are . liable.I to w-irrant evcv |„
stro oont PERFECTLY SOfxi,. „,|| seamned.
and of tlie ve.y be-t materials h„,| Hupert\ r work
inai.slim. thus unmntr soptoi-nity „f qunlity %vil!,
durability nn I « xrcdleno*. J
with the <rreat<—t punctuality, and ('. II. ^ (*,, | c„
to assure Li.lies and Gentlemen residin'? at a dis
tance, tint whenever they are favor, d by o.dcs
per letter, it is n > less their practice thin t'.ea in’
ti rest to send such an ins'rim Ci t as shall I ear the
s r;elc-t scrutiny.
These PIA NO FORTES arc extremely l.ainLo.r c I
", (onvement instruments, possositig- a lull, rich I
and brilliant tun.*. 6
AM) F. in f:S, to be bad of HALL & Co., Nor- I
t Ik. Vn . hotter instruments and lower p. ice tin. I
any other in America K
They will be mid at manufacturer*.--pr ices and
warranted m every icspcct first rate
We have recently received a lull supply, and
hourly expert fort'*er ad.iilini.it. ' *
Prices from #‘250 to # 100. Oct 20
ECONOMY.— 'Ve recommend to all pcrni-us
I who wish to cc ui"in se, to rail and <»v „nc ,,|
those b.autifol LARD LAMPS, tuunulu? ,n .1 « x
press!v for us by Messrs. Co.-n lius & w., ,.f Phil
adc’plii.i. This lot of Lamps far excels any we
have ever before offered fo- sale. Among the lot
we have some beautiful P>=s i j.< or Half Lamps,
which we are selling astonishingly ch>-ap. |
Bookselloi a and Dealers in Fancy Good?
Nov 26
T1,E undersigned have associated themselves (o
gether for the purpose of conductin0- the
Business in the City of Nor oik, under the name
and firm of REDDING & CO., and have leased for
the purpose, the tenement on Brigg’s Point, known
as the Foundiy. 'They invite the inspection of
dealers to iheir manufactured articles wl icli is of
fered for sale at New York and Baltimore prices
uud warranted equally as good in quality or no
sale. 1
A superior article of BOLTED MEAL, and HOM
IN A constantly on hind f esh ground.
Nov 28-2.v WM. WADE.
RAZOR STRAPS. A supply ju*t received
and lor sale by W H. H HODGES & CO
Nov 26
NOTICE.—All persons indebted to the Estate
ol Robert Boll, deceased, are requested to
make immediate payment to WM REID,
,, , Executor.
Bargains may be bad at the former Stand of It.
Bitll, deceased, it being necessary to close the bu
siness of the Eslute. WM. REID.
Nov ‘2ti -t*
Muffs, boas, and furs. My stock
of Hie above articles is very large—I feel con
fident in saying my stock of Muffs cannot be sur
pas ed in any establishment, tor variety in materi
al, sizer, and colon's. I am determined tost II them
at such prices that all who may wish to firnish
themselves with that useful article, a MUFF, will
now have an opportunity to do so.
Nov 26- I in Hat and C-.p Manufacturer.
.. I KS. S. CROCK L’R proposes, (ifsufficienl
-tri. encouragement be given her.) to give Les
sons in the art of PENMANSHIP to youiig Ladies
and Misses, ut her residence on Middle street.com
mencing on the 16th. Hours qf attendance—fioni
7 to hall past8 o’clock, at evening. Terms w ill be
Mrs. C will also take a Class of Lads if tics’red
Nov 10
LOOKS just published hy D. Appleton & Co.
-IJ and fur sal • hy W. II. II. HODGES & CO.
Poems, hy Amelia.
Childo Harold’s Pilgrimage.
Rationale of Crime, and its appropriate treat
ment; being a treatise on Criminal jui imprudence
considered in relation to cerebral organization, bv
M. B. Sampson.
Course ol Reading for Common Schools and the
lowci classes of Academies, bv II. MmtleviHe pro
fessor of Moral Science and Belles-Lettres in Hairs
liton College.
Something for Every Body: gleaned in the Old
Pir chase, from fields often reaped, by Robot l Carl
ton, Esq.
Experimental Researches in the Food of Animals
and the fattening of Cattle; with Remarks on the
Food of Man, by Robert Duudas Thomson, M. D.
Italian Reader.
Golden Maxims, or a t bought for every day in
the year; Salaried by Rov’d. Robert Bond.
I lie Chris'i in Altar or Offices of Devotion, for
the use of persons receiving the Lord’s Supper —by
H in E. Wyatt, D. D., Rector of St. Paul*-, Haiti
lnotv-’ \ v >4
tnently expected per schr Hcnrv Page, and for
Nov 28
NAlliS.—250 kegs J. R Tarplett & Son’s N ii|s,
landing from schi Independence, an I for sale
at f.ctory prices by JOSIAH WILLS.
Nov I
PAINTS',OILS, GLASS. &o. -Wc havt re
ceived from the Northern Cities large supplies
ut Genuine Medicines, ( hcmicnls, Perfumery, Dye
Stnff-<, Dye Woods, Paints, Pure Sperm and Lin
seed Dils, Window Glass, fall sizes) Patent Medi
cines, Garden Seeds, \V. I lien It’s Pure White Lead
Black and Red Lead, Litharge, Lamp Black, Vene
tian Red. Vermillion, Press Blue, Chrome’Green,
ami Yellow, Turkey Umber, T«*rradc Sienna, Tur
pentine, Varnishes, Blue Salts. Paris Gtc< n, &c.
DYESTUFFS—-Logwood, R -d Wood. Copperas,
Turmeric, Blue Vitriol, Madder, Best Indigo, Vet
A iso, another supply ••f Heal Genuine Harlem Oil
(iinpoi ted by Dr. M A. Santos, of Norfolk.) \VC
take this method of returning our sincere thank*
to the citizens of Portsmouth, Gosport, and neigh
boring country for the patronage so liberally ex
tended towar.-s this Store, and we e nfide ntly us
«u e. th tn that overv exertion Will bo made on our
part to meet a continuance of the same.
tj* I'hyticians Prescriptions and Family Receipts
compounded ol the purest ingredients, with act u
racy and despatch.
*** Drdcis promptly nth tided to, nctitly execu
ted, a nd at prices «)ii( h will give entire satisfaction.
Gil AS. II. HEIMTSH. Am i.t.
Member of the Philadelphia College of
Nov 24 Modi cine, Ph trmacy and Chemistry.
For the year I*417. the FARM, belonging
to the estate of John Q. Richardson, near
Deep C» ei k There is a good Dwelling and
all neucssary Out Houses. For a good tenant, the
terms will he liberal. Applv to
Nov 10 Port.-mouth.
THE DWELLING part of the House, over
Sj| the Drug Store, Sign of the Big Mortar._
JUtl This location Is one of the most central, and
would answer remarkable well for a small family.
Possession given on the 1st January. Apply to
Oct 24 CIIAS. H. HE1N1TSH, Agenl.
1T1 butts S Jonos & Son’s Doudlo Extra Pounds
snd 8’s, supc'lor to former lot*, and most highly
approved of.
160 boxes and butts Hid & Man’s Pounds, * Wor
r»11 Pounds,’and Mozart Pounds of well sweetened
Tobacco, and at low price.
600 Dwarf Boxes of Saundrr’s be.-o and Ja». Tho
mas, Jr., Virgin Gold G-al and Nectar Leaf To
100 butts ’ Woodrow’s’ Pounds.
60 tlo ‘ K. M. C »bb*s’ do
Also, 11)00* packages ol various veil known
brands, of 16*#, 5’s, 8's, pounds and half pounds,
for sale by JOSIAH WILLS.
Nov 14
«f«CBLJL \\K«ir».
I rjuvo )u0t receive! gmothor
assortment of ttluc Lava Pins,
KmcHvla, Necklaces and Ear
5 Kiuira.
A Iso, Turquoise Pins, Hcace
k lets, Ear Kings, Necklaces
I "*»d King i Kings. They arc
|*all the I (test style of fashion.
Ltdies nre invited to call
.MI.I make (heir selection, as they will go oil as
speedily as the others did. Also in store a tine lot of
Silver,ishell, lluffalo tuid lirazilian I’olkti Combs.
I lie coni n. unity generally are invited to call and
s«-e . ik' id the best mid most extensive stocks of
TKI> W ARK, i-anry and Military i.oml*. ever Sf*
leie.l in the Citv, all of wliuh shall be sold as low
as at any City Store. .1. M. FRKF.M AN.
A large assortment of Stool. Silv- r and Cold
Heads, 1,’urse and Hag Clasps, I’nrsi' Mountings,
&e..nt very low price-. Oct 311
I he Subscriber having recently p*e
pelt'd himself ligiicr for nianufnrltn •
ills' El><; El). TQOLS, won III ini' tin
his It idols uod the public gcnci.illy,
that In1 is now iiisiiiulai'lnring' them
in ail Iheir different varieties, all ol
which shall I * warranted. Purchas
eta can obtain them ot nun on ns
moderate terms ns they ran any « here in this s< i
tion by the wholesale or retail, ami together with
the other branches of his budne.-*, he can nrrotn
inoilale farmers with nil kinds of I'm iniiiir Lieu
iIs. and Horse Shoeing with shoes to fit the fi*jt
without fitting the feet to the shoes.
Thankful for past farms, lie hopes by at b'uity
in business to continue to merit a liberal share of
pu».Me patronage. G I?. SNEAD,
Oct 6—3m Portsmouth, Vs.
flMIAT tbr Subscriber bus just received a lot of
1 DOUBLE and SINGLE GUNS Single Gut s
as low as #3 (HI, and Double (ion- as low as #8 00
Also, Pi~t de, Shot Bags, Game Bags, Powder
Masks, Nipplo Keys, Wad Cutters, Percus.inu
CapsY»f all the difTercnt qualities. Canister Powder,
Drinking Cups, and every article called.for by u
Sportsman. It is the determination of the Subscri
ber not to l e undersold, or underworked, aud p< r
9oit3 may r> ly upon getting any article as cheap
from bim ns can be purchased in lhi« section of
country. Also, all work in the Gun line will be
warranted to be dune as wc'l and as cheap, if not
cheaper, than ran be clone heir or elsewhere; so
i all at the Sian of the Mammoth Gun, High street,
Portsmouth, V a., one <1.mr cast of the Old Dominion
Office, and get bargains, and no mistake.
All orders thankfully received, and punctually
attended to.
Sept 29 .1. A. SPALDING
N. B Old Copper and Brass taken in exchange
for wo- k,or the highest cash price paid for it.
Three Doors below the Old Stand.
flMIE PUBLIC will please take notice that 1 have.
JL removed from the Old Stand to the building
three doors below, formerly occupied bv Mr. How
ell as a Shoe Store.
Having just r. turned from the North, I am now
opening a lull assortment of
which cannot be surpassed, if equalh d, in quality of
mater ial or workmanship, for the prices, and which
I am determined to soli lower, for Cash, than the
s-une quality of Goods can be or ever were told for
in Portsmouth or Norfolk. My Stock consists, in
part, of the following:
Coats of all nrices, from $3 51 to $ 15 00
Vests of all qualitie.s, ftoin 1 25 to 4 00
Pants do do do 87 to 5 00
Jackets—Shir ts, of every description—Dra wers—
Socks— Sea- fj—Hand kerchiefs—Slut t Collars and
Bosoms Gum Suspenders, from 18 to 50 rente_in
fact every thing usually kept in a Clothing Store.
I'have also a new and beautiful assortment of
CUTLERY, warranted to be of fits! rate man tiul
and make It consists in part as follows: Pen
knives from 6} cts. in #1 50—Razors, of Rogers’s
make. 37 cts. to #1 25—Scissors from 12$ to ft ) cts.
I have als >, in addition to the above, a good as
sortment of .! KWf.LIl Y, ftuch as Breast Pins, Fin
ger Rings, Fob and Guard Chains, Silver Thim
bles and Shields, Watch K-ys, Studs, Sir., which
I will sell lower than they can be had at any other
place in these diggina.
I o the Ladies 1 would say, that I have an excel
lent assortment of Edgings, from $ to 1$ in. wide ;
Needles, assorted sharps; Pins; Spool Cotton, of
the best make, 200 yds. for 5. ts a spool ; Thread ;
I ape ; Ladies’ Hose, from 12$ to 37$ ets., white,
mix d and black ; Ladies’ and Children’s Net Caps .
Also an assortment of Children’s Socks and Stock
The Gentlemen will please call and look at some
CLOAKS I have, the. prices of which, tor the qual
ity, will a->tonis!i them.
I have also a beautiful lot of CAPS, of all de
scriptions, quality and price, cheaper than they
can he bought elsewhere in the town.
Sept 26_j. M. MILES.
•Host respectfully beg leave to inform the citi
zens of Portsmouth and its vicinity, that they have
liuisncd receiving their Fall supply of DRY
ROODS. Their Stock i-= now very complete, and
consists in part ns follows :
Super Black French Cloths and Cassimeres; Su
p rl-ancy French Cloths and Cassimeros; Valen
cia, and Swansdown Vestings; Black, Blue, La
vender, Steel Mixed, and other colors Srttinrtts
! Tweeds for Sick Coats, Kerseys, Flannels, Blan
kets. C I’d. Domestics, Brown and Bleached do,
Col’d. and W bite Canton Flannels, Calicoes of ev
ery quality, Cashinen s, Mousalin D’Laines, Super
Plaid and Striped Silks, Black Italian do, Black
Alpacas and Bombazines, Bleached and Brown
Linen, Table Cloths and Diapers. Russia and Birds
Eye do, Iluckerback Towling,Table Napkins, Sus
penders, Col’d. ami Black Silk Cravats and Scarfs.
Collars, Stocks, Bed Quilts, Dimity, Cotton and
[ silk Hosiery, Cashmere, Blanket, Woolen Nett,
and other style Shawls Also a large assortment
of Brusscllsand Ingrain Carpeting, Passage and
Stair do, 4 4 and 8 4 Floor Oil Cloths, Carpet Bind
ings, Cotton Bookings, and many other articles
which cannot be named in an advertisement. All
we ask is that our friends and the public generally
will give us a call before purchasing, — our object
being to sell cheap for carh.
Cel 15 High street.
* 1 have again received another large supply of
Pure Sperm, and other good Lamp Oils We have
four different kinds, and at the following prices
per gallon, 75, 89, #1.00, or per pint, Sets,
II 12$, and purest Sperm 15$. These Oils have
been long and sufficiently tried, and arc acknowl
edged to be very excellent. For sale at the Drug
I Store, Sign of tnc Big’ Mortar.
Oct 22 CHAS. H. HEINITSH, Agent.
hand a good many second-hand Stoves, some
of" them arc as g»*od as new, at about half price of
new Also some ol the most beautiful Air-Tight
Parlour Stoves that have ever been seen about these
diggins. Coffee Mills for 37£ cents ; Coal Scutles.
a variety: Box Mills at 621 cts ; Cin !er Shovels at
1$?; do -25, find do 37}; Tin Roasters at $ l 75 to
#3 f)i>; Stoves ns low as #3 25, and every other
article at equally low prices. Call and sec.
Under Old Dominion Office.
P. S. Pots. Kettles, Spiders, Ovens and Andirons
lor sale as above. Oct 2-1
IC ROSE rooi fl PASTE.) Those who value
handsome teeth, this Tooth Paste, will be found
very valuable, it gives a pearly whiteness to the
teeth, fii mness to the gum-, frag'lineo t<> the breath,
and stops the progress of decay.
Also, Perfume Extracts, for Handkerchiefs.
• Roussel’s Cologne. Bear’s Grease, Soaps, fkc.
Dr. Santos’ Superior Tooth Powder, approved
and used by Dentists, generally. The genuine for
sab- only ai the Drugstore Sign of the ltig Mortar.
Nov 10 CM AS. H. It El NITS II, Agent.
a fedi supply of Suporiot Sweet or Table Oil,
(perfectly pure, no adulteration o mixture.)
FRESH JU.1VUK PASTE,—French and a supc
ri >r article. For safe at the. Drug Store Sign of the.
Biff Mortar. CI1 AS. 11. HElNITSIf, Agent.
Nov 10 6
INKS’. INKS!! 700 1 utle j- r INK,
assorted colour*, H’ack. Blue amlVRril, of my
own manufacture. For .-ale by
Oct 2-1 Corner of High and Middle at*.
Ulil’ERKHt CATSUPS. A fine article of
i » Walnut and Tomato CATS CPS Mao Pepper
Sauce of a superior quality Fm ,>,ilc at the
Corner of High and Mid !lc jo.

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