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CON TIN UE to supply the following works.—
Having given particular attention to this busi
news for the past twelve years, persons ordering
frorA tbcm cat) depend upon the works being
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North American Review, Quarterly, $5.00'a year.
Re- f London Quartcrl/, )
prints J Edinburgh, f .
of \ Foreign Quarterly, t 1 °
the f Wcstm’r Reviews, j
Tlie four works, 16 numbers, lurnished for 8 Ob do
Brownson’s Quaiterly Review, Quarterly, 3 IU do
'J’ho New Englander, do 3.0» do
American Biblical Repository, do 3.00 do
Bibliotheca Sacra and Thco Rev. do 4 00 do
Knickerbocker Magazine, Monthly, 5 00 <lo
Hunt’s .Merchants’ Magazine, do 5 00 do
Eclectic Mag. of Foreign Literature, do 6.00 do
American Review or Whig Journal do 5.0) do
Southern Literary Messenger, do 6.00 do
Jouinal of the Franklin Institute, do 5 00 do
Democratic Review, do 3.00 <l<>
Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine, do 3 00 do
Mag. of Horticulture and Botany, do 3.0b do
SHliautan’s Jour, of Science ..ml
Art, Bi-Monthly, fi 0b do
Christian Examiner, do 4 00 do
Godoy’e Lady’s Book, Monthly, 3 00 do
Grab tin’s Magazine, ‘ do " 3 00 do
Law Reporter, do 3.0) do
Journal of Health, do 1.00 do
The People’s Journal, a new illustrated Pe
riodical, monthly, for all classes. Wil
li tin and Mary Hewitt and Mias M irti
neau are contributors to this work.—
English Edition, 2.50 d r
Amor. Jour, of Med. Science, Quarterly, 5 00 do
Bell’s Select M 'dic.al Library, do 5.00 do
M • 'i o-Chit urigical Review, do 5.00 do
Bt. ish .ti I Foreign Mod Review, do 5 00 do
Boston Med. & Surgical Journ • 1, .Monthly, 3.01) do
London Lancet, do 5.00 do
Braitliwaite’s Retrospect. Twice a year, l.£0 do
isiueirs Laving Age, weekly, 6.0U do
Philadelphia Saturday Courier, do " 2.00 do
New York Albion ; or British and Colonial
Foreign Weekly Gazette, 6.00 do
N. ^lt. Any work, published in this country, not
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Boston, November, 1846.
BOOKS just received and for sale by
History of the Rebellion any Civil Wars in Eng
land, by Edward Earl of Clarendon ; also his life
written by himself, in which is concluded a con
tinuation of his History of the Grand Rebellion,
Oxford edition.
Practical Treatise on Dyeing and Cul’co Print
ing; including the latest inventions and improve
ments, with Engravings on steel and wood, by an
experienced Dyer, assisted by several scientific
gentlemen. Sep 8
SCHOOL BOOKS in endless variety, for lees
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in two sets of hooks ; containing various forms of
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and Mechanics, hy H. W. Foster, Practical Ac
countant. For sale by
June 20_W. II. H. HODGES & CO.
IIS r OF NEW MUSIC just received at
J W. H. 11. HODGES & GO’S Book, Music and
Variety Store.
The lleirt’s First Dream of Love
They Little Know the Charms
We are belov’d Again
The Little Star
Blue Eyes
Speak gently
Thou art Lovelier
Governor Aiken’s March
Oleander VValtz
To Win the Love of Thee
In C lildho id’s Calm and Sinless Bloom
We Met bv Chance
Poetry—The. Portrait
Athletic Waltz
The isle of Fount* M iy 26
Books from the imVess of the
II tltPERS.—Confessions of a Pretty Woman
• bv Mis* Pardoe — price 25 cents
Crichton, a Novel, l»y W. H. Ainsworth—price
25 cents.
Voyages of Discovery and Research within lln
Arctic Regions, from the year 1818 to the present
time ; u:i ic • tile command of the several Naval Of
ficcrs employed by sea and land in search of a
Northwest passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific :
with two attempts to reach the North Polo, by Sir
John B irrow.
The Novitiate; or, A Year among the English
Jesuits ; a personal n irrativc, with an essiy on Hit
Constitutions, the Confessional Morality, and His,
toro of the Jesuits, hy Andrew Steininetz.
Nos 81, S2, 83 and 84 Illustrated Siiake3pcarc.
No. 14 Illustrated Jew.
Part 15 Dictionary of Practical Medicine. For
sale hy W. H. II. HODGES & CO.
J une 20
BOOKS from the Press of Messrs. Harper &
Brothers for sale at New York prices l»v
\V. H. H. HODGES & CO.
Shores of the Mediterranian , with .« ketehes of
travel by Francis Schroeder, Secretiry to the Com
modore commanding the IT. ,S. Squadron in that
Sea, 1813 ’45, with engravings.
Livonian Tales; The, Disponent; The Wolves;
The Jewess, hy the author of “ L iters from the
Baltic.,1* price 12) cents.
Part I6t!i Diction try of Practical Medicine Al
so jost receiver! the Cath die Magazine for July.
Legal Rights and Duties of Women; with an
extraordinary history of their logsl condition in
the Habrtw, Roman and Feudal civil systems, in
cluding the liw of marriage and divorce, the so
cial relations of husband and wife, parent and
child, of guardian and ward, and of employer and
P istor’s Hand Bo >k , comprising selections ol
Scrip ore, arranged for various occasions of official
doty, together with select formulas tor marriage,
Ac., and rules of order for Churches, Ecclesiasti
cal*, and other assemblies, by Rev. W. W. Everts.
Philosophy of the Plan of Salvation ; a book for
the tlm •*, by an American citizen
The Union of the II >ly Spirit and tb« Church in
the conversion of the world, by Thomas VV. Jon
kyn, D. D.
Tho Missionary Enterprise; a collection of Dis
course* on Chri*tian Missions, by American au
thors, edited by Baron Stow.
The Preacher’s M inual; Lectures on Preaching,
furnishing rule* and rxamplcs for every kind ol
pulpit address, by Hev. H. T Sturtevant. ’ Reprint
ed entire from the list London revised addition _
All of the above for sale low by
VV. H. 11. HODGE4* & CO.,
Dealers in Books, Lamps and Fancy Orio le,
June 2 Crawford street.
H» Mis WORTH II i VlffG. The t><
ship, by Robert Boyle C. Howell, I) I) author
of " Sacramental Communion,” Pastor of the 1st
Baptist Church, Nashville, Tcnn.— price 37.1 cents
A Pure Christianity the World’s Only Hope, by
Rev'rl. R. V* . Cushman. For sale at the Book and
Variety Store of VV. |J. H. HODGES ft CO.
J one, 27
SCHOOL BOOKS, v sho of Politt
Leorning, being an epitome of tho Arts and
Sciences; designated for the use of Schools—price
25 cent*.
The Select Reader, or Union No. 6; designed for
th" Higher Classes in Academies and Schools, by
Oliver Angel!. A. M.—price 56} cent*.
A supply of the above received and for sde by
July 7_ 'V. H. II. HODGES ft CO.
Ii rrr.it IlfD foolscap PAPER.
J A s ip;#y lately received and for sale low by
See in w. ii H. HO DOES ft co.
HOOK ; designed as a supplement to the
Treatise on Domestio Economy. For sale by
'•dr <» w h. H. hot>ges ft co
-L - - _ . .J.»_
The London Quarterly Review,
! The Edinburgh Review,
The Foreign Quarterly Review,
Blackwood’s Edinburgh Maga
The above Periodicals are reprinted in Now Yor k,
| immediately on their arrival by the British steam
er*. in a beautiful clear type, on lino white paper,
and are faithful copies of tin* anginal* -Black
wood’s Magazine being an exact lac-simile <n the
Edinburg edition.
The wide a ire-id fame of these splendid Periodi
cals renders it noodles* to say much in their praise.
As liteiary organs, they stand far in advance of
any works of a similar stamp now published, while
(ho political complexion ol each is marked hv a
dignity, candor and forbearance not often found
in works of a partv character.
I'hey embrace the views of the three great par
lies in England — Whig, Tory, and Radical.—
“Blackwood” and the •• London Quaiterly” nic
Tory; the ” Edinburg Review,” Whig; and the
•Westminster” is purely literary, being devoted
principally to criticisms on foreign Continental
Tine prices of the Re-prints arc les? than one
third of those ol the foreign copies, and while they
arc equally well got up. they afford all that advan
tage to the American over the English reader
For any one of the four Reviews, $3.00 per an.
Fo.* any two do 5.00 do
For any ihreo do 7.00 do
For all four of the Reviews, S.00 do
For Blackwood’s Magazine, 3.00 do
For Blackwood and the 4 Reviews, 10.00 do
Four copies of any oi all of the above work* will
bo sent to on*- address on payment of the regular
subscription for three —the fourth copy being gra
CCJ* Remittance* and communications must he
mule in all cases without expense to the publish
ers. 'Flic former may always be done through a
Post Master by handing him the amount to he re
mitted, taking his receipt and forwarding the re
ceipt by mail, post paid ; or the money may he
enclosed in a letter, post paid, directed to the pub
N. B.—The Postage on all these Periodicals is
reduced by the lit.; Post Office law, to about one
third the farmer rates, making a very important sa
ving in the expense to mail subscribers.
*** In all the principal cities and towns throughout
the flailed S'ates to which thire is a direct Hail Hoad
or I Pater communication from the city of New York,
these periodicals will be delivered FREE OF POST
AGE. LEONARD SCO I’ I’ & CO., Publisher*,
d m - lv 112 Fulton street. New York.
ItJ. ml fm Home: A Repository of Letters; A
Record ol Art; A Mirror ol Passing Events. Is
published every Saturday, in tho City of New
York, at Two Dollars a y> ar, in advance.
This elegant, refined and valuable Family News
paper, is established upon a plan that combines
the highest resources of national talent with
ii;e best elements of extensive popularity, and at
so trifling an annual cost, as to place it within the
convenient reach of all.
The following are the most extraordinary in
ducements ever offered by any publisher for form
ing Clubs. ll'e never do anything by halves. In ma
king a present lo our friends, we wish it to be a
valuable out—one that they w ill be gratified to re
ceive, a ml one that will he worth preserving. In
this spirit—and with the desire of extending our
already wide-spread and daily increasing circula
tation, we offer
I- —F >r $5, we will semi three copies of tHo Na
tional P a ess for one year, and a copy of Willis’
Ephemera, complete, which retails atone dollar's
II- —Fur $11), wc will send seven copies of the
National Press for one year and a complete se*
cf Willis’s Dashes at I.ife, in fine parts which ret
tail* at two dollars and fifty cents !
IY.— For $15, we will send twelve copies of the
National Press for one year, and a copy of the
Mirror Lidraa y— a splendid octavo volume, hand
somely bound, which retails at three dollars !
V.—For $ *0, we will send seventeen copies of the
National Press for one year, and a copy of the
Complete Works of N. P. Willis, an elegant oc
tavo volume of 10 )0 pages, which retails at live dol
lars !
Subsbriptiona. orders, remittances, and all com
munications, to be addressed (post paid) to
May if) No. 107 Fulton street. New York.
f IMIE fourth volume ol tho Weekly Mirror, in its
L present form, comm-need on the 11th April,
• ^10 The reduction of the subscription price
Iron Three Dollars to 'I'wo marks an era in the
history of this popular and widely circulated Jour
nal—a j.urual which, though it hath seen many
changes during the twenty years of its existence,
lias obtained a high ami permanent place in the
annals of incrican Literature. It is peculiarly
gratifying to the publisher to he able to state that
scarcely a day now passes that docs not add to its
subscription list, nor a in til arrive that docs not
bring some favorable mention of it by contempo
rary journals.
The now and attractive feature of the present
volume is the publication of an original Novel of
groat interest, written expressly for the Mirror,
This beautiful story increases in interest as it pro
gresses, and no one. whose taste has not been per
verted by high spiced fictions of t he French school,
cm rcad a single chapter without a desire for the
whole of it. Cilculating on tho intrinsic excel
lence of the work to make its own popularity,
without the aid of puffing, we have laid aside a
few hundred complete sets of the present volume,
containing all th J chapters ns far as published,
and for which there it now a daily demand.
If w«; could only make up our minds an I our
mouths to blow our own trumpet, wo might easily
mile- noise enough about ‘ The School for Young
Widows’ to create an excitement in the public
mind, and arouse tho curious in literary mat'ets,
to a loud call for the anonymous author, lint we
much prefei to leave our readers to find out'thein
selves, what is good, without prompting. To pre
face every thing which appears in our columns
with a puff, would he quite as distasteful to our
sclves, as insulting to the judgment of the reader.
N> mm would thank his cook to stand behind his
chair while rating, and comment upon each dish
upon the table. As ‘good wine needs no bush,* and
good deeds no praise, so good book* and good din
tiers will be sure to go down without ilic aid of
i ne nory or 1 Mary htCkar is written by a lady
altogether unknown an an authoress, who has
thrown off this spontaneous production as the
flowers yield their perfume, and the birds sing
i theif songs, not for money or for fame, but, as the
j poet says,1 from Love’s excess’—the natural inflo
j rcsccnce of a true woman’s heart—
* Ity gentle feelings long subdued,
Stlbdued and cherished iong.’
1 he interest of the story mainly centres in the
cha-actcr of the heioinc, Clara Anncaloy, the
daoyhtcr ot a poor Fugtish Clergyman, who dies,
leaving the lovely orphan alone in the world, with
no inheritance but the fatal dower of beauty.
Like all heroines she is fair and sweet and good—
like VVoo'Isworth’s
‘ Lovely apparition sent
To he a moment’s ornament.’
She marries (an angel in romance would he stu
pid that diil not,) contrary to t he comm mils of her
dying father, and trouble commences. Hut we
must d sc.lose her history no farther except by
weekly instalments.
In additi m to this, the Weekly Mirror is mostly
made tip of original contributions of the highest
order of merit. Several able writers are regularly
employed in the various departments ot the p iper
—and, without boasting, we rnay sifcly challenge
for the Mirror, in its F-.says, Criticisms, Original
Poetry, Domestic and Foreign Correspondence,
ftc., fee.,comparison with any similar journal in
the f oiled Smte». In Moral*, as well as Litera
ture, the character and tone of the paper arc unex
ceptionable In polities it is entirely free and
fearless and in literature and religion untrammel
led by clique or sect.
One copy one year, in adv.mec, • 00
One copy two years, . . . 3 00
Two copies one year, ... 3 00
Four. *•••.. 6 00
Ten, - - - - . . in 00
All communication should he addressed (nost
paid) to H. Fuller, Bditer New York Mirror. V
N. B. Price of the Daily Rvoning Mirror, 96
per annum, in advance. July 7
ODD R Y K AVI! 1» K B Y. -~76 bbls of superior
quality, in store and for sale by
July 1 J. WILLS.
; Prepared u-dee the immrdiute inflection of T. M\
l)YOTT, M. D., at the Pharmaceutical Labora
tory of the Columbian College. eelablWhed
Philadelphia, A. D. 1804.
I fTMI E general u«c ol which prevent and cure nil
X Diseases arising from Bilious Habits, Consti
pntion of the Bowels. Impurities of the Blood, itc.
These Pills, hy their counteracting properties in
removing the Bile from the Stomm h, prevent and
cure the Bilious Fever. Chills or Ague and Fever.
Small Pox, Bilious Cholic, Pleurisy, Dyscntcrv,
Worms. Bilious Vomiting, Siek and foul Shmnnrfi
lly cleansing Hio bowels and stomach from all
impurities, they restore the loss of Appetite, re
I m -ve Flatulency, cure the Head Ache, Giddiness,
I Habitual Costiveness, Colds, Coughs, Asthma; Ep
I cliptic Fits, Hypochondria, Hysterical Complaints,
Stranguary, Gravel, Piles. &c.
By a general and copious use, they will he found
very beneficial in curing the Rheumatism, and
Gout, Lumbago or Pain in the Biek, Scrofula. Cu
taneous Eruptions. Pimples or Blotches im the Face,
and all impurities in the Blood whether proceeding
from constitutional ailment, or from indiscreet in
These celebrated Pills have been used to great
advantage in curing the Dyspepsia or Indigestion,
Bronchitis, Liver Complaint, &c.
They are an infallible medicine for Female Com
plaints generally, mid especially lor removing
those ohstruc ttons, which are the source of their
ailments, at certain periods; they posses* the etui
nen* advantage over most other purgatives, that
while they operate gently, they produce neither
costivencss, debility nor too great excitement.
Whenever there is a predisposition to receive
disease from marsh elllnvin, or Irotr a too copious
use ol ardent spirits, or f> con a v itiated state of the
bile, these Pills will assuredly counterac t it.
I)r Dyott’s Anti-Bilious Pills being an antidote
against the Scurvy. Costiveness, and its conse
quences, are strongly recommended to sea-faring
men, and nil travellers hy sea or land, that they
i may he resorted to on the earliest appearance of
any disease.
For the Preservation of Health they ought to he
used occasionally by those in health, as well ns the
a fllicted.
I tine or Climate will not a (Tec t them, provided
they are kept dry. Every Planter should he pro
vided with these Pills, to preserve tho health of
tlu-ir people on the Plantations.
QC*-Principal Often and Depot for tho sale of Dr.
Dyott’s Anti-Bilious Pills, is at the Columbian Col
lege, No. 132 North Second street, Philadelppia.
Also lor sale by the moat respectable Druggists,
and Merchants throng! out the United Stales, South
America ami XVest Indies.
*#* Observe that each box of Pills is accompanied
'villi full directions, with the XVRITTEN signa
tine of tho Proprietor, T. XV DYOTT, M. I).
Special Depot, at the Store of Alexander Duvall
& Co., No. US M tin street, Richmond.
Also, foi sale hy CHARLES II. HEINITSII,
Agent, and I. C SCHOOLFIKD & CO., Ports
mouth; M. A. Santos, King & Toy, B. Emerson,
Robertson & Cornicle, XVm. II. Broughton, Nor
folk, am! hy Druggists generally throughout the
United States- May 28
77ie only Safeguard asrainst Counterfeits.
The public, attention is invited, and particularly
referred to the advertisement, setting forth the new
style of labeling, and the putting up of Dr. Beck
with's Anti- Dyspeptic or Dinner Pitts. Also, to that
of Dr. Dyott’s Approved Anti-Billions Pills; both
of which it may be seen, are protracted from be
ing counterfeited, by the only safeguard to be de- I
pended upon, the WRITTEN SIGNATURES of
of the proprietors on the label of each box of pilis.
All others which may he offered for sale by un
principled persons, are surely Base Counterfeits,
and will be rejected as such. 'The pills thut were
in (he hands of persons who purchased the genuine,
have all been exchanged for such ns have the Writ
ten Signature of the proprietor.
The sole agency for the sale ol Beckwith's Anti
Dyspeptic and Dyott's Anti-Billious Pills, is vested
in the hands of T. XXL Dvott & Sons, of the Co
lumbian College, No. 132 North Second street,
Philadelphia, who w ill execute any orders for the
Druggists, and all XVholeaale Dealers, who wish
fo be furnished with the genuine piJla, will he sup
plied on the most liberal terms, hy applying as
Also, for sale hy CHARLES II. HEINITSII,
Agent, and I. C. SCHOOLFIELD & CO., Ports
mouth, 1X1. A. Santos, King & Toy, B. Emerson,
Robertson & Cornick, XX . H. Broughton, Norfolk,
and hy Druggists generally throughout the United
State?. May 16
Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Bronchitis, Liver Com
plaint, Spitting Blood, difficulty of Breathing,
Pain in tho Side and Brcajt, Palpitation of the
Heart, Influenza, Crown, Broken Constitu
tion, Sore Throat, Nervous Debility, ami
all Diseases ol tho Throat, Breast and
Lungs; the most effectual and speedy
cure ever known for any of tho
above diseases is
Consumptives, or thoso whose lungs are affected
slightly, should take this Syrup without delnv, by
which They may prevent the fixing of that dire dis
ease fully and firmly. How important then, to
avoid it. Never live a day with a cough when this
Syrup can be had, and you are nearly certain,
with proper care, toe void destruction hy Consump
tion .
XXILD CHERRY was tho first prepuiation from
that valuable tree which was ever introduced tolhe
public, and ample proof is afforded of its success
by the country being flooded with “ Balsams,”
“ Candies.” and “ Mixtures” of XVild Cheirv. not
one of which is prepared by a regular pb sician,
although they have assumed the names of respecta
ble physicians to give currency to their “ Nos
frujUH ” Anil there is an “Impostor” who has
come out within a lew days, with a Compound Syr
up of XVild Cherry,clinging still closer io tncorigi
nal name, that persons might be deceived if they
did not bear in mind the name of DR. SXVAYNE
Therefore the public should be on their guard, and
not have a worthless mixture palmed upon them
for the original and genuine preparation, which is
only prepared l.y Dr! SXVAYNE, N. XV. Corner of
Eighth and Raco streets, Philadelphia
Of?” I he public arc requested to remember that it
is Dr. Swayno’s Compound Syrup of XVild Cherry,
that Ins and is repeatedly performing such mirac
ulous cures of diseases which have baffled (he skill
of the Profession, and set at defiance tin whole cat
alogue of Patent Medicines, which arc daily puffed
through the organs of the press. Therefore nak for
Dr. Swayne’s Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry,
and ourchase none other.
CHARLES II. HEINITSII, Agent for Portsmouth,
Va., King & Toy, and I). D. Murdcn, Norfolk, and
Peyton Johv.sfon, Richmond, Va. Dec 22
PDF’LL VR MEDICINES.—The sole and general
Agencies for the sale of all Genuine and most pop
ular Medicines, has been appointed, and invested
by the various proprietors, in the hands of T. W.
Dvott & Sons, of the Columbian College, No
132 North Second street, Philadelphia, ’or the con
venience and express purpose of supplying all
wholesale purchasers at one particular point.
fcf" Dr. T. W. Dyott. h Sons, bate made such
arrangements with the proprietors of the most pop
ular medicines now in use, a* to enable them to
furnish druggists and wholesale dealers, on much
more ad van tagcoti* terms than (hey ran in gcr.er.il
he procured from the proprietors themselves. And
as no sophisticated preparations arc kept or sold at
this -stablishment, there is no risk of getting Coun
terfeit articles, with which the country now a
The attention of the public is solicited, to rail ai
j the Fountain Head as above, where is kept for sale,
| and may he examined, the most Extensive and i>
! cral assortment of Proprietory articles of Modi
cities, to he found in the United State*.
For the convenience of those who it may not be
convenient to apply at the above establishment,
we have established Special Depots in the following
cities, where the most of the articles contained in
ocr general catalogue are to he found.
RICHMOND, Va., at the store of A. Duval &
Co. 117 Main street.
WASHINGTON, D C., at the store of Robert
Farnham,corn Eleventh street and Penn Av.
BALTIMORE, Md., at the store of S. 8. Hancc,
108 Baltimore afreet.
NEW YORK. No. 128 Maiden Lane.
A LB ANY, N. Y., No. 53 State street.
BOSTON. Miss . No. 2 Water street.
Mantjfact?red tor vcco. ~ 1700
various well known brands, 5’s, 8’*, 12’*, 1(Ps,
pounds and half pounds; in store and for sale by
IW«y 2 .?. AY ILLS
— —————mmfssmrnsm■
HAVE on hand at their New Stole «
general attd well-selected a*sor tmenl ol
Drup;x. Medicines, Dye-Stuffs, Paints,
li'indow Glass, GardenmSeeds, Gluts
fVare, and Fancy Gooiu. with a choice
lot of Fresh Canton and Pekin TEAS of the most
approved brands, and of tbe very best quality. All
ot which wo purpose selling »s low as the same
Good* can be had in any section of Virginia. Or
tiers fiom Country Merchants, Physicians, Plan
ters and others, will l>e promptly attended to and
laittifully tilled on the most accommodating terms.
We avail ourselve- of the opportunity to return
our acknowledgements to our friends for the very
liberal patronage already received at tf eir hands,
and respectfully solicits a continuance of their fa
voia. Pel. 19
I pleasure In informing the public generally
that we have received, and will keep constantly up
during the season, a full supply of “ WHI I'E SUL
PHUR WATER,’* from the celebrated Spring in
Greenbrier County, Va.
This water, which has been fur sevetal years
transported from the White Sulphur Springs, in
Greenbrier County, in this Slate, enjoys gren t repu
tation throughout the United States, and is now
very generally used, and its virtues extolled as it
remedial agent in bilious diseases incident to a
warm f liniate, dyspepsia, costivcncsa, jaundice,
chronic rbeumati-m, gout, dropsy, in ufTeetions of
the breast occasioned by disease of the stomach or
liver, neuralgia, and nervous diseases in general ;
chronic infl imMion of the kidneys and bladder,
ami urethra, piles, scrofula and eruptions, or other
affections of the skin ; ill-conditioned wlce.s, mer
cut ini diseases, Sic., Sic., all of which is attested
by the highest names in the medical profession,and
uui' is « iih inyc iui us»mi iiiin water,
both at and when retrieved from tin- fountain.
S \ HATCH! A 'V A'l’ER, from the Congress, Union,
Pnvillion and Iodine Springs in New York, in quai t
»n»l pint bottles.
and lasting Tonic. A general view of (lie analy
sis of tills water, will show (hat it stain's the first in
rank of the highly concentrated “ Chnlybeates,”—
consequently it acts as a Tonic, increasing the
strength of the system, raising the force of circu
lation, giving tone to the digestive organs, aug
menting the muscular vigour, and promoting the
excretions ; it is of course advantageously employed
in tlior-e diseases in which Iron is principally used,
such as Amenorrhea, Chlorosis, some states of Me
norrhngia, I^encorrhea, Dyspepsia, Scrofula and ca
rious forms of Chronic Debility.
%*Thc only Agents for Wm. B. Cai.wf.ll, pro
prietor of the “ White Sulphur Spring,” are M. A
SANTOS, Norfolk, and
May 30 Portsmouth.
Doer. BEs rusciiepfich>sT“c ele
H R ATED MIXTURE.—The most safe
and speedy remedy ever discovered lor the cure of
the Secret Diseases.
In Europe this medicine has long enjoyed the
reputation of curing all these troublesome com
plaints, subject to man, and in this country no in
stance <>f its failure has ever been known wherever
it has been introduced, provided the patient strict
ly adhere to the directions given.
It possesses however what may he justly called a
specific power in most constitutions, especially
when administered in the early and acute form of
the disease It moderates the infiamatory symp
toms in a shorter time, and with more certainty
than the majority ot the nauseating nostrums now
offered to the public.
A preparation, therefore like the present one and
possessing such medical properties, must when its
virtues arc found out, prove the great dosideratum
sought for, and from the general success attending
its use, must command a large and extensive cir
culation. Prepared and sold only by
D-c 19_HENRY BUFF, High street.
-afe, and certain cure for all cases of GONORR
Hi oonacquencc of the many useless Mixtures
and Pills recommended for these complaints, it is
necessary to publicly announce that this Medicine
is the best known lor the immediate remove! of
these troublesome and unpleasant diseases. But
ter’s Mixture cures where Pills, Drops, Ebctua
Iries. Copaiva and Nitre, and Harlem Oil will have
noeffect. It is therefore recommended as th a first
remedy to he tried in all cases, for when recent One
RoUtegenerally produces a permanent cure. Be care
lul of counterfeits. 'Hie only true Agents are
Chit*. H. IL-initsh, Portsmouth, M. A. .Santos, Ro
e rlson & Cornick, Norfolk. Dec 29
tion Rheumatic Battalion'—In anticipation
°f R ^ ar w’itli England, the individuals composing'
the Wirmatic Battalion arc each and every one no
tified and warned to appear (armed as shall here
'll'' r be directed,) before Orderly Surgeon M. A.
SANTOS, at bis Drug Store on Main atreet, Nor
folk, and CIIAS. II IIEINITSH, Assistant Orderly
Surgeon, Portsmouth, and purchase a bottle of
which is warranted to cute all the old cases of
Chronic or Infiamatory Rheumatism that have re
mained nncured up to the present lime. This with
*ut delay, so that they may be in readiness to
march, if -. ailed upon.
To the Universal Rheumatic Battalion !
Given this day at Head Quarters, by
Commanders General.
The above article is sold at wholesale by Com
stock & Co., 21 Courtland street, New York, by M.
A. Santos, Norfolk, and CIIAS. 11. IIEINITSH,
Agent, Portsmouth. May 23
LINIMENT.—'Ibis Preparation has
J K'vcn gcncrtil satisfaction for more
f J than forty years It is well known
*iai5£'2**£i;d5aratid extensively used by the old Ger
man Horse Farriers throughout the United States
It is used in some of the niost. troublesome diseases
with which the HORSE is affected ; such as Spavin
and Ringbone, Old Strains, Swellings, Stiffness of
the Joints, Galls produced by the Collar or Saddle,
Strains of the Shoulders, Strains of the Stiffle,
'trains of the II..ugh, Strains of the Whirlbone,
Strains of the Knee, Strains of the Fetlock, Strains
of the Pastern and Coffin Joints. It very suon
cures old or fresh Wounds, Cuts. Bruises, ocr... and
gi ves instant relief in the Scratches.
This Liniment is highly recommended to Far
riers, Keepers of Livery Stables, Wagoners. Stage
Contractors, and private Gentlemen owning Horsef
as an invaluable remedy, and should be constantly
kept in their Stables.
The Genuine for sale at the Drug Stores of C
II. IIEINITSH, Agent, Portsmouth; M. A. San
tos. Robertson& Cornick, Norfolk ; and Gay
nor & Wood, Richmond. April 16
B(J6 POISON. The Subscriber has re
" PrfP«reH a quantity of lli.it superior
MET) Bi t, POISON, which is so well known in this
community nsan excellent destroyer of those trou
blesome insects that frequent the Bed Chamber du
ring the warm season.
Persons w ishing to he clear of such nuisances,
would do well to call, nnd purchase a bottle of it,
as be is confident that it will give entire satisfac
”°° H. BUFF.
rr° I would Inlo in buildei ■>,
c,,,A!.rac,lor8 nnfl "'hers, that 1 am prepared to
put on I in Roofs at the shortest notice, in the best
man tier, nnd at reduced prices. Also Gutters and
f ondiiclori put up in the best style, and materials
wnrianted. I will refer to any person whohasein
ployed me. All kinds of jobbing done in the host
possible manner. Copper Work of cvcrv descrip
tion executed, and cve-y other kind of Work in
my hue done with punctuality and dispatch.
. .. „ .. DANIEL S CHERRY,
April 23 I nder the Old Dominion Office.
wEOE, under the direct supervision of Dr. T.
nu'1T)/?,!,& So,:,) No- 182 North Second siren,
Philadelphia; is the only establishment to be dc
pended on for procuring every description of Gen
Utiie Popular Medicines in their most pure state.—
No counterfeit or sophisticated preparations being
kept for rale, at *hia establishment, purchasers will
run no ri-k of being imposed on with fras/i.
* nolcsale Dealers supplied on liberal terms.
,, * . . r morc Particulars read the *'Oraele of
Health”._ May 14
Just received a large quantity of Ground
'' hite Lead, (warranlttl prrfeotli/ pure) together
with Pure Linseed Oil, Turpentine, Varnishes G’d
Verdigris, Chrome Yellow- and Green, LPharge,
Bed Lead. Lamp Black, Terra Sienna, Red and
Yellow- Orb re, Eng. Venetian Red. Vermillion
'W indow Glass, Putty, Ac. Also Superior Lamp
• bis, three different kinds. For sale at the Drug
Store, High street, Si gn of the Big Mortar.
•July II CHAS. H. HEINITSH, Agent.
CAI.T tOO sacks SALT, for sib- by
l .tan 6 J. \\ ILI,St Commerce at
rVll E many who have been cured of these linger
.l ing dinraxee bv these medicines should induce
others similarly alHit ted to avail themselves of the
same easy and effectual remedy. Also,
of every kind—Habitual Costivcncss, nixl all irreg
ularities of the digestive organs, soon yield h> the
mild yet prompt action of these medicines. That
distressing complaint, 'I'll E PILES, is soon rtlitvrd
and eventually cured by persevering in the use id
these Pills arid Ritters. As warm weather ap
proaches. *
rowei. and summer complaints
will become frequent, and if neglected, severe ami
dangerous; these medicines are a certain remedy,
and if taken occasionally through the warm scaaou
an effectual preventive against any attack of these
complaints; and rentier, remember that ** an ounce
of preventive is worth a pound of cure.'’
The alrove invaluable Medicines are fur sale in
Portsmouth by C. H. HEIN1TSH—Norfolk, M. A.
Santos, Toy & King, and upon enquiry may lie
found an appointed Agent in every city, town and
village in the Southern States. July 14
rffMIE succossof these '’ills ill curing in a few
JL hours, where all other remedies have (ailed,
nnd ihat, too, in ca3cs of twelve and eighteen
months standing, warrants the assertion that, if ta
ken according to the directions, they arc a certain
cure. Try them nnd be convinced that they arc
the most certain an t the very best remedy offered
to the public to insure a permanent and lasting
The following certificate is from Rev. E. L. Fra
zer of Kershaw district, S. C.
I have used in my family Dr. Hull’s Fever nnd
Ague Pills ami also Dr. Spencer’s Vcgctaclc Pills,
for the last two years, and have no hesitation in
pronouncing them to he most excellent family medi
cines ; and ns an act of jus ice to the worthy propri
etoisof these invaluable Pills, I will state lor the
information and satisfaction of all concerned, that
my wife, prior to our marriage, had been more or
less the subject of chills and fevers, for about 18
months, having tried various remedies without suc
cess, and was very much reduced in flesh. A few
days after our marriage, she commenced with
Spencer’s Pilla, and in a day or tw o afterwards with
Hull’s Pills; she used about half a Ixrx of each ; the
result was a radical cure; she regained her health
and strength very rapidly and has had no return of
chills and fevers since. I believe these medicines to
bo harmless and .safe, anil when used as specifically
directed, arc attended with satisfactory results
Farmington, Kvnhaw District, May‘20, 1846.
Are the greatest discovery ever made for dispell
ing the various kinds of worms that so frequently
and distressingly annoy both children and adults.
The following is from the Sparta Gazette:
“ From our own knowledgj wc take great pleas
ure in recommending to the public Hull’s Worm
Lozenges, as the best worm medicine t xtant. Chil
dren will eat them ns they would candy, and cry
l for them. To parents we say. do not oc without
these Lozenges at any time, as you value the lives
I ol your children.”
(jCt- The above invaluable Medicines nre for sale
in Portsmouth by C. II. HEINITSII—Norfolk, M.
A Santos, Toy & King, and upon enquiry may be
found an appointed Agent in every city, town and
village in the Southern Stntca. July 16
The great remrdyfor Consumption,
Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Bronchitis, Liver Com
plaint, Spitting Blood, Difficulty of breathing,
Pain in the Side and Breast, Palpitation of"
the Heart, Influenza, Croup, Broken
Consumption, Sore Throat, Ner
vous Deb.lity, nnil all Diseas
es of the Throat, Breast
and Lungs; the most
effectual cure for
the above dis
eases is
Another Wonderful cure qf Consumption.
Dr. Swaynv’s Compound Syrup
of Wild Cherry.
CURES, permanent ernes, are daily performed
by this wonderful medicine, DR. SWAYNE’S
medicine has in many thousand instance:, hi ought
health and returning vigor to the weak and lan
guid frame. In curing Consumption, Coughs,
Colds, Asthma, Spitting Blood, Tickling or Rising
in the Throat, Liver Complaint, Weak Nerves, &c.,
it has no equal As a Family Medicine no man can
measure its value.
An Important LcrTEa.—Read the following let
ter from Mr. Win. Shaw, a respectable Druggist
in Wilmington, N. C.,a gentleman of unbounded
veracity, in whose word the most implicit confi
dence may be placed, another proof of the superi
ority of Dr. Swaync’s Compound Syrup of Wild
Wilmington, N. C., Jan 5, 1846.
I)r. Swnyne—Dear Sir—You will please send me
twelve dozen or more, as you sec fit, of your Syrup
of Wild Cherry. From sales of to-day 1 have but
a half dozen on band ; the sales are rapidly i-icreas
ing.anrl will, I have no doubt, continue to do so.
An acquaintance of mine called a few days ago to
say lie would give me a certificate of its good ef
fcct-t. He is from the country and a minister in
the Methodist Church. Shorily aft< r obtaining the
agency, 1 prevailed upon him t» try a bottle, though
I doubted whether any benefit could be derived, lor
lie, as well as myself, thought his ease was con
finned Consumption. In fact, every symptom was
indicative. Shoitly after, lie wrote me to send him
four or five bottles more. He came to town last
week. I will quote Ins own language. "Sir,”
said lie, “ 1 am a new man, nnd I consider it a du
ty 1 owe to the public to tell what Dr. Swaync’s
Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry has done for me.”
I w ill publish his certificate, and as he is generally
know n all over our section, I expect good results
from it.
With every feeling of respect, yotus truly,
VY M Niiaw.
Who Can doubt the efficacy of Dr. Swuync’s Com
pound Syrup of Wild Cherry, after rending the
following *
Albert A. Ross, of Providence, R. I , cured of
C nfirmed Consumption, after being given up by
some of our most eminent phys'eians
Lloyd Alb-n, of Buffalo, N. Y .cured of a severe
cough with oain in the side and brea-t, by the use
of the medicine.
John B. Jenkina, of Columbus, Ohio, cured by
the use of three bottles of Wild Cherry ; his symp
toms were a dry cough, weakness of Ins breast, and
spitting of blood.
Robert Glenn, steward of the Alrnshovso neni
Frankfort), testifies to 'ho efficacy of Swayne’s
Coni pound Syrup of Wild Cherry, in curing Val
entine Chapman of one of the in -si aggravated
cases of diseased lungs which has ever been placed
upon the record, after every other remedy had
failed, and his physician had given him upas incu
Miss 8. Lewis, of West Philadelphia, cured of
bleeding of the lungs, of five years e finding. Her
symptoms were spitting blood, attended w ith a
hacking cough, pain in the aide, breast and bark,
which finally brought <>n a continued consumption,
entirely cured by the use of Dr. Swayne’s Com
pound Syrup of Wild Cherry.
R« Jackson, D. D., formerly Pastor of the Fir^t
Prcshytcrian Church, New York, testifies to the ef
ficacy of Dr. Swayne’s Compound Syrup of YVild
Cherry, and recommends it to the heads of fami
Iks, having witnessed its effect in more than one
hundred cases in relieving children of every obsti
nite complaint, such as coughing, wheezing, cho
king with phlegm, asthmatic attacks, &c.
The Genuine sold »t the Drug anti Chemical
Store- of CHA8.1I. HElNfTSH,
High street, fourth door below Middle st.,
July 25 Portsmouth, Va.
\ M ply of HARLEM OIL, which we warrant to
he grnufns. I. C. SCHOOLFIELD ft CO.,
Ap-il 19- 3t Hign strict.
—1 * u mrn mm
i _miscellaneous.
RINGS, FLUID, &c.- Just received another
supply of Christie’s Patent Galvan/ Ring*, Brace
lets. Band*, Necklaces, and .Magnetic Fluid, for
the prevention andcureol Rheumatism,Gout,Tic
Douloitrci.x, C'lnmo, Fits, Purulysis, Headache
Vatigo, (IiTi ral Debility, Neuralgia, and all Ner
vous Complaint*
PL.V TERS.—*1 hey arc confidently recommended
a* a valuable addition in the speedy cure of Rhcm
maliftin, (mute or chronic) in all Nervous tom
plaints. Pain* or Weakness of the Chest of Rack
Pain in the Side, Aslhnntic Affections, weakness
oy oppression of the Pulmonary Organ, lit Spinal
Complaints tiieir eflVct* are ol a decided charac
ter. The Genuine sold only at the Drug Store
^ign of the IJig Mortar. All other* are worthies*
imitation*. Beware 01 Counterfeits! Please call
»nd get a Pamphlet giati*. ’
Iim« ‘> CIIAS. n. IIEINITSH, Agent,
V.y ci tain cure for I'l.ttei , Ringworms, Pimply
on tin'Face, and other obstiuatc Ei uptions of the
This highly and justly celebrated prepaiation
ha.* been Ik-hue the public, upwards of forty years
and in every instance given general satisfaction in
making permanent cure*. Testimonial* of the
highest respect ability ran be shown in favor of it*
decided efficacy, li’e are the duly person who hat
any knowledge of its composition, (since my father's
death. ) Our know ledge* amt experience in com
pounding Medicine* has been such as admitted nR
many vears ago a member of the Philadelphia Col
lege of Pharmacy and Chemistry, where we »(!
tended Lectures, while Dr*. Wood and Baclu*
were Professors, (authors of the United States Di*.’
pensatory, one of the be.-t winks of the kind ever
published.) Persons can rely that this preparation
i* not a men* experiment. It® long and continual
use ha* established a reputation above all others
Member of the. Philadcl| bin College of
Pharmacy anil Chemistry.
Al*o for sale by M. A. Santos and Robertson &
Cornick. Norfolk. June 18
./l Southern Family Newspaper of the largcit
size. Published every Saturday in the City
of Baltimore, by Samuel Smith 4* Co. £rf.
ited by IV. T Thompson, author of ** Major
Junes' Courtship“ Chronicles if Pine
ville, fyc., ff'c. Terms, Two Dollars in ad
W* have long regarded it nan most humiliating
reflection upon the south, that no professedly
neutral family journal has yci been su-tained with,
in her borders. We have tested tho experiment
whether such a paper could not be supported nt the
immediate South, and though not w holly unsuc
ccasful. our experience has taught us that the pc.
pers of this class published in the large Northern
cities, possess ad vantages over those of the roundy
which, in a measure, defy competition. But hero
the ease is different. B «llimoi e, standing ns it dots
on the frontier of the Southern Stales, is yet near
enough to the great commercial, literary and n0.
litical emporium, to he included in the neighbor
hood of great American cities, and to enjoy all the
advantages, as a radiating point, which are pos
sensed by either Philadelphia, Boston or New York.
A paper issued from Baltimore has all tlie far Hit
for obtaining tbe latest literary intelligcr ti, as
well as the current literature of the day, foreign
and domestic, that arc enjoyed by tire journals of
the Northern cities. Tho Western Continent is
da large, as cheap, and can he belter adapted to the
wants and tastes of Southern readers, than those Nor
thern papers whirl) now draw so large an arrotuit
ol their patronage from the Soother it public.
EnteHnining these views, we have looked with
confidence to tne success of the Continent. Eight
month’s experience has tended to strengthen that
confidence, and now we enter upon its publication
with a him conviction that all that is necessary to
secure for it a circulation coual to that of its North
ern coteinporaries, is a faiiliful and energetic de
votion or our best abilities to make it a useful and
entertaining Family Journal. It is our design lo
make the Western Continent emphatically a
Southern family paper, that may be read with in
terest and profit by every member of a Southern
firmly. With this view, we shall draw for our lit.
crary departnnent, from the beat sources, such ir.at*
ter as will interest and entertain ilie mind, with
out offending the taste or corrupting the morals ol
our leaders.
Pains will he taken to give the latest intelligence
on all subjects of interest to the genetal reader, to
ihe exclusion of the vast amount ol local matlCiT
such as personal gossip, police reports, theatrical
and other criticisms, which make up so largr a por
lion of the staple of some ol the popular weeklies
ot the North, lu u word, though we shall endea
vor to make our paper interesting to all. our chid
aim shall he to auupt it to the wants and tastes ol
the people of tho Mouth and South-West, upon
w'hom, and those of our own city who arc disposed
to sustain such a journal, we must mainly depend
for support.
Relying more upon the intrinsic merits of our pa
per, than on any promises we might make in a pros
pectus, w c will dose by appealing to the readers of
the Motijh and West lor a share of tl a patronage
which they s>> liberally bestow upon (he overgrown
weeklies of the Nor to.
'1 knms—The Western Continent is printed on a
mammoth shcci ol 20 by 44 inches, on fair type,
and securely mailed to subscribers, at Two Dol
he. sent for £5, or Seven copies for £10.
All letters on the. business of subscriptions lo be
addressed, post paid to the editor.
Baltimore, August, I S ift —Oct 6
^ PICKS ! SPICKS : ! The Huhtcribcr has just
kJ received a lot of FRESH SPICES, such as
Mi,ct! White Mustard Seed
Ginger “ White” Black Co do
Allspice Long Pepper
Cloves Blaek do
Cinnamon Garlic., &c., &c.,
suitable for Pickling, to which lie invites the atten
tion of the public generally. H. BUFF,
_Corner of High and Midd I eats.
VA Just received a full supply of tho following
valuable an.I genuine Preparations. Wo warrant
ever y article sold by us to ho the genuine, and di
rect Irom the hands ol the Pronrietors
Manus Mar.-apai ill.i,
Hungarian Balaam Life I
Syrup Tar and Naphtha j
Tarrant’s Aperient
Sugar Coated Pills
All Healing Ointment
Indian Vegetable Pills
Dandelion' and Tomato
Houck’s Panarea
Sure Cure Ague and Fe
ver Pills
Wistar’s Balsam Wild
HriMol’s Sa ran par ilia
Hull’s Sarsaparilla
Dr. Jayru-’s Preparation*
Doctor Swayne’s Syrup
Wild Cherry
Crimson Teller Wash
Lucina Cordial
Swoim’a Pannrea
Fahnestock's Vermifuge
Hiinekcrhofl’s Medicine
Harue’s Pile Lotion
Hays’ Liniment for Piles
O. Gardner’s Liniment,
he , hr.
! 1 “ M nern| nwnmcm *>f rure and Genoin*
&c., &c., which will he sold at the vciy lowest pri
l'cs. CHAS. H. HEINITSH. Aecnt,
Member of the Philadelphia Coflope of
®cl 1 Pharmacy ami Chemistry.
just received a supply of first rato Pennsylva
nia RED CLOVER SEED. Persons wishing good
sound Seed will please call early. For sale at the
Drug Store, Sign of the Rig Mortar.
O”1 ‘2i CHAS. H. HEINITSH, Agent.
O 20 bags Laguna <|0
10 hall' chests Imperial Tea,
10 qr do do do
20 holts Jones & Son’s Tobacco, a superior ar
ticle, in store and for sale by WILLS & CO.,
Oet 22 Commission Merchants, High street.
(1IIOICE TEAK! — A further supply of supe
J nor Green and Blnek TEA recently received,
which added to our former stock make otir usual
Tea drinkers may confidently rely on getting
good G ret n and Rlack Teas of u .
0(1 15 I C. 8CIIOOLFIELD & CO.
have receiver! a very superior French TOIL
ETTE POW PER, highly scented, a la mil/efleiiret.
with a beautiful lot of Puffs and Boxes. Call and
examine. I. C. SCHOOLFIELD & CO.
Oct 16
MA RTIA .N AT A TCH EA.— We have jost re
ceived per schr B'llc, from New York, anoth
er supply of Andrew Martin’s celebrated and un
rivalled FRICTION MA TCHES, which we warrant
to be good in all kinds of weather.
Oct 29 Druggists.
I,A 1.0If H — TOO l.hls Fredericksburg and Balti*
J more in per ted .SUPERFINE FLOUR, mo
mr ntly rxpcctcd, for sale by J. WILLS.

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