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[VOLUME *2,---NO. 07.
Corner of rffgh and Crawford sis.. pJrt*
>non!h, Va
TE KM) o»" THE NCtV K It A .
T > »ubac11[her*, MN K CKN I S P F. R W EEK, pay
• r C,A*,“E“. «<> whom a lone they mere
po.i.-n >1 el or the am Mint duent the ritpialloo ol
ttj <• week. K
'[t'hJ1 v>tJnyr""il ll,c » '><■<'• l-'clvc
11,01 . ,$-50 fqr months, 1 25 lor three
,110 it hit,
One copy $2 per y,;ar-by Mail.
Ily the Carrier, $2 60.
JQh lobe paid in advance.
11VS1 N ,:ss <A R l)S.
XTKW hook stoiii;. s,h.„d!, I
II. ", "b rKR one door Notih n the Craw |„ri
House, Portsmouth, Va.
W Vl'etaVl ,n°!)<'I S £ < ° • m.l
"it Boalers in Hooks. .v|,,sic „,,d .Mu
„ie.«l Instruments, Lamp#, und ..I, kin V ot Konev
Good*-Crawford street. Rot tnnnml, \ n
DVV1I.I. .S. CUE ft Rif, All u il.i imer anti
Dealer in J*toyes, Iron, Cupper and Pin Ware,
&r., &r., corner of High and Crawford streets,
Portsmouth, Va._ j„n ,3
C WdEELKlt. \ io i 11y amI Co tinsel lor al
kJ« Law, Portsmouth, Va.
(0*OiDccin llourke’s New Building, Higli-trecl
where he will be pleased to see all persons having
business in the line of his profession. Sep 18
.riiiU\.n woomvARi), .w.„v i»„i,
»» lie and Scrivener, Crucial Agent, Convey,
sneer,and Collector, will attend to all business en
trusted to hi* earc with promptness and desinieh
Q^O.Iice on Wide Water Street, hem I ol Roa
noke Square._ Jnlv 8
jldilBRT BELL, Wholesale atid Retail Hat
tV and Cap Store, Sign of the Panther, High
irsct. Poriainoiiin Va. ®
BUFF, Chemist, comer of High and Midi
dls **r**ets, Port.*mnutli, Va.
m Foreign
street, near
and Domestic Dry Goods, High
Mi.Idle street, Portsmomh, Va.
CHAKLRS H. HBlSlTSH, Al, nt Dm..
gi*t and Apotecary, and Dealer in Paints. Oifs,
Dyestuff--. *ce.. High street, Portsmouth, Va.
Ejl HOFFMAN. Root and Shoes Miuiulitbtur*
. cr, south of the Market, Crawford street.
Portsmouth, Va
rUdil LN J AMES, Wholesale and Retail
O Dealer in Family Groceries, Wines, &c., Mar
ret S pure, Portsmouth. Va.
JVS. A . S PA LOIN U« Manufacturer and Deal
or in Guns, Rilles, Pistols, and every other ar
tide in tho Spurting line. Sign of the Mammoth
Gun, High street, Portsmouth, Va.
lATILLS <fc CO., Wholesale Grocers and Coin
V? mission Merchants, erst eml of High street,
Portsmouth, Va.
JtV ILLN, Wholesale Grocery ami Cominis*
. *ion Store, Commerce street, Norfolk, Va.
WILLIAM RCII), Wholesale and Ri-iad
II it and Cap Store, east side Market Sonars,
Norfolk, Va.
TTIB USUSONTmilh.U) 1 Lu in be racial,
X an I general Commission business. Wide Water
tect, N irfolk, Va.
Next to the Farmers' Rank. Main street, Norfolk.
Jll. GREGORY, 'Vhole-ale and Retail deal
. er in Boots, Shoes, l( its ami Cap*. Possessing
superior advantages a- we do in the purchase o
•Mir Goods, by our weekly connection with the Nor
hern markets, we can offer #n-h inducements u
purchasers, cither by the case or at retail, as can
not fail to please. June 05
PARTICULAR NOTICE.— I desire, very
respectfully, to itnprc-s upon the minds of all
persons who are itidcb'cd to me, and more especially
those whose accounts have been longstanding, that
justice to me demands of them an immedi ite set
tlement. Those who do not heed this notice may
soon expect a more pressing- invitation.
July 23 ‘ K. HELL.
I AMES II. II ALL, Manufacturer of Russia
and American Sheet Iron, Brass, Tin, Zinc,
&e. &c., respectfully informs his friends and the
dublic ^enetal\y, that he is now prepared to exe
cute all orders in any ot the above branches with
neatness and despatch. lie has just received a
supply of Roofing fin, and Russia and American
Sheet Iron. Persons who may want Roofs or (ful
lers laid, Stove Pipes, tic., will please give him a
call, as lie is satisfied that he can and will do
any work in his line of business ns cheap as can he
done cither in this place or in Norfolk.
He ha* on hand an assortment of Parlor, Cham
ber, and OtlicoSt tves ; Parlor and Chamber Grates,
with all the fixtures complete, which he will dispose
of very low. Al oa general assortment ol Hard
ware, consiiting in part of the following articles.
PolUhed Steel and Brass Hoad Shovel and Tongs
Jainb Hooks and Cinder Shovels,
Table and Desert Knives and Forks, (a variety)
S.-istois, Shears, Pen and Pocket Knives,
'Tta frays and VVaiters,
Candlesticks, Snuffers and Travs,
Sul Irons, Watfl : Irons, Hiir -ind WiroScivcs,
Brittmia and Japancd Spittoons,
Britt mil Tea and Table Spoons,
Soup Ladles, &c., &c.
Together with a general assortment ol It .llow
Ware,such as Ovens, Spiders, Puts, Kettles, See.
A groat v.irie.ty of Tin 'Vare, &c., all o£ which will
be sold for Cash.
Those in want of anv of the above articles will
please call at his Establishment, West side Craw
ford street, opposite the Market House.
L IF 8 OF M A JO 11 (Ten Ell V L ZACIIA
RV TAYLOR ; with an account of his bril
liant achievements on the Rio Grande, and else- I
'•i bore, including the defence of Fort Harrison and i
J * Battle of Okoc-Cho Bee Alsu sketches of the
I • •< and heroic acts of M ij. Ringohl, Maj. Brown,
![ • Cross, Capt. Montgomery, Copt. May, C.ipt.
* i'kei, Lieut’s. Ridg.-ley, Blake. Jordan, &c.,
”7 G. Frank Powell, illustrated with a Portrait of
Gen. 1'iyloi—price only *25 rents. Call quick if
you want a copy.
”■ -on,,, mmuiry, tdvury, Artt cry, an I engi
neers, adapted to the use of Volunteers and Mili
Ha, by H. Wager Hallcck, A M. Lieut, of Engi
neer.s, U. 8. Army—pri -c !#jt 1 60. For sab- by
Aug 8
jJuly 2
PHOLBRA, CHOLEKA, 4tc.-TI.ij des
tructlvc acm.rgeol burn t miy seem* once more
f'n >•<* way to this country We should nil remcin*
r <he visitation of this dreadful disease iti IS32,
^’hen r6nnlless thousands were nuint ered ani'ni/
the dead, then it was, that Medical Skill almost
ceased to war against its ravages,—and not until
discovered could the disease be succcoslully in hi
i’ht Sickly Seas m is rapidly approaching, we
advise and recommend every family 10 purchase
»rtd keep always ai h ind, a bottle of •• llernarT
Cclobrated Medicine’ ’ for the euro of Clu.h r.t l.ol
'c«. Cramps, Diarrliuua, Rowel and Smnm r Coin,
phiinls, and all other Complaints of the ■S'on.ach,
t he Genuine for sale at the Drug1 Store, Higlr*t.s
• iprn nf (he llig Mortar.
July 4 CIIA*. II. IIEINITSII. Agent.
V 'MhU BEAN®! \ fresh iop0fr ol the
" above named HEAi4S jtisl received and tor sale
July || Corner of High and Middle at*.
( ' » > U I \ I’. II \ U LEM Ol I.. i
(ftoti a direct impo tation) a supply of o
J'.'ae IIARLEMi OIL, warranted to be tin: real ar
».clc- Po
July 3n
irila at the Drug Store. Sign of the Mig
IJEN.NE LEAVEN ahound in a gummy mat
* * ter. which they readily impart to water, f trm
at? a rlrh bland mucilage, much used, with great
advantage, as adririlc, in summer com pi* in's of
I;I'ildrcn, diarrhtsa. dy* mtery, ratal rh. &< . To be
ad, at all times, fresh from the Dm? Store, Sign
"f »»•' Big Mortar.
July 11 CIlAS. II. IIEINITSII, Agent.
Bacon AND LA HD.-To.ooolb* Smuliump
loo MACON, flams an I ling Ro in I.
‘d keg« No. I and 2 I.A R D, for rale by
’M f) WILLS k CO.
4 gCj large and «mall,jo»t r- r-.-ived and for Sale
TAKE NOTICE.— Persons wiehinp to ti.ivc
Bells huntr can have it done, by a person that
lives in iliei- iniil-i, without scndinp to the North
for a perron to do it, and warranted to be done air
Well and ns cheap, and at the saute time, encoor
apo Home Industry, at» the. MnteriaUare of his own
inaniifnrturc. So.by callinp nt the Sipn of the
Mammoth Hun, Hiplt street, Portsmouth, Va., you
can have yonr Bells hung1 or your Gun* Repaired
on reasonable terms. J. A. SPALDING.
Ft h -2S
Tiic undersigned li lving purchas
ed the Establishment heretofore
conducted hy Mr. S. X. Chan.Her,
has the pleasure of announcing to
the public that tie intends rontinu
ing the business at the same Stand
on Crawford street, near High, and
invites the attention ot purchasers,
and particularly those who have
nuncrio patronized tins K-tuhltsh
mcnl to cull and supply thoir wants in this line ol
mn nufnclurc.
Repairing ncntlv and durably ilonc nt the usual
chosp rates. DANIEL K. FRiETAS.
The sub«criber while taking this method of ex
pressing- his gratitude t«> his former customers,
woiild feel that ho was lining injustice, were he not
to solicit for hi.- successor the patronage so liberally
extended to himself.
i The Subscriber grateful for the
patronage heretofore so liberally ex
-4^*1 tended to him, would in this public
manner return his thunks for the
samo, and inform them ih.it he has
■nude some valuable improvements in the mantt
fnetore ol HOOTS & SHOES, ilia Stock of LEA Til
Lit of nil kinds, cannot he surpassed in 11, ,,r H„y
other market for durability and beauty of finish,
while his Workmen are equal to, if not superior to
the best. He trusts that lie vingonco tot<! his work
the public will CALL AGAIN.
Twuor three first sat. Hands, for llootsnr Shoes
wooli' fin I immediate and constant '•mployment
by applying soon.
The tnosinrompt attention given, ns usual to all
ordcic, and no disappointment. Recollect that the
money left in his Kstahlisment, is expended in the
Town, and "-oca to the support of our own me
chanics, and t rsdcsmm. F. HOFFMAN
Butters’ New Huilding, Cra wford Street.
N. R. A few HOARDERS will lie taken by the
Subscriber,by the year, month or week, on mode
rate terms. Dec 9
.1 one 25
A large and excellent assortment of
of the latest style, ar.d at tin: lowest
prices, will be found at the Store of
Sign of the Panther, High street,
Portsoii.ii'h. Va.
W • BILLUPS «fc CO.) hiving laker the
MJ, 01*1 Stand on the Corner 01 High and Middle
streets, f’ort in..nth, \a , formerly occupied hy E.
U. Haynes, arc now prepared to execute all orders
which tiny any he favored with. All kinds of
CABINET YXOfiKdnnc in the neatest manner at
the shortest notice and on the most accommodating
terms. The business being' conducted under their
own superintendence, those who ui .y patronize
• heir establishment, may be assured that the work
wilt he done of the best materials, and in the mat
cst and most fashionable s'yle.
All Fuse.aai. Ont’Etis will be promptly attended
to at all times. Aug I
subscriber, grateful for the liberal patronage be
stowed upon him since he has been currym" on bu
rp9Pcc.tfuHy solicits its continuance/5
He takes thik occasion to say, that lie is prepared
to execute nny order, in Iron or Brass, upon the
mo.-y reasonable terms, and in a manner not to be
h L'*l or el>ewhcrc, in durability or
Church, Steamboat, and other BELLS, furnished
upon the shortest notice, and warranted.
All orders, (for cash or city references) will be
pi omptly attended to. NELSON CORY ,
J»ly 14 Norfolk.
IJ U * t 'S
IjV)R the curt- ot all diseases aiising from an
impure slaic of the Mood.
Tin- great popularity ol Sarsaparilla, and its es
tablished eflicncy, render it superfluous to enter in
to any cneomiui.i of its virtues, or adduce any evi
dence in its Invor It is true, that it lias been here
tofore subject to frequent changes of reputation,
owing to ignorance ol the [•roper mode ol extract*
img i.s vir. ties, or to the infer tor quality of the root
u-rcrl. Hence also tbcincfflcacy of many prepara
tions of it offered to the public. The proprietor ol
this Syrup can assert with confidence, that it is pre
pared from the best materials, with the greatest
pharmaceutical care and accuracy, mid in the best
mode to obtain tlie active princ iple in tie; most
concentrated state, answrrmg the desideratum ol
exhibiting a large quantity of Sarsaparilla in a
*!na!l dose. A supply of this Medicine for sole at
J"'y 9 Corner of High and .Middle sts
NOTH K It LOT OF BOOKS Iron. Ilarpci
& Brothers.
Dictionary of Creek and Rminn Antiquities,
abridged from tlie larger Dictionary, by William
Smith. L. I,. f» , with corrections by (diaries An
(lien, L. L. I).
The. HiM-. The Koran, and the Talmud ; or, Bih
'*1 of fhc iMir> *i>r-t compiled from
Arabic, sources, and compared with Jewish tradi
tions, hy Dr. (». Weil.
So. I 4 Harper a New Miscellany, on the connec
tion of the Physical Sciences, by Mary Sornerv Hie
No. 16 IIluslrale I Jew. 7
No. 1 Piet >ri;il fli-t try of England.
Nos. 89. 90. Wl and 51:2 lllostiatcd Shakespeare.
Kronen Dome-tie Cooking, combining elegance
with economy—w'tli many engravings All lor
anient W. H. II. IIODOL1 ft CD’S.,
July 21 Cheap Hook ami Fnnry Store.
AC A RD. -Tnerc is an impression prevalent
here, that another person is connected with the
business of this shop. I would Leg have most re
spectfully to say, H at it is not so. 1 am on my
own hook, •‘make or break,” and shall endeavor
by close attention and low prices to rnci it a liberal
share of public patronage.
Tin and Coppersmith,
July 25 Under ,]|r. <. ()|.| ,,v n ( Iffir.-.' ’
perior BERMUDA ARROW ROOT has just
been received at the Medical Emporium, Coinerof
Ifi/h and Middle streets Persons wishing to ob
tain a prime arlicl* would tin well to < ail and pur
rhasesomeof t from the subscriber.
public hoi els, &r.
(Long and favorably known ns Frtnch't.) I
riu sulur-ribcr b cr-* Icivc to
inform bid friomU an.I the pub
*'c. in that bo ban leased
tbia establishment, and is put*
• iiiy it in complete order, ami
[ ^p.tro no ptioa or t xoousc
in comluctin? it no as to meet
u^ji uuiuuu ui muse who may favor him with
th.*ir custom. F. BLACK.
June 30
deipmn.— i lit* popular and central Hotel, cstab- j
jidhctl by the Messrs Sanderson, having pi«*od j
into tile ha mis of the subscriber, he desires to in
form his friends and the public that it is now open
for (he reception of guei-ts.
To those who have visited “ THE Fit AN KLIN
HOUSE,” its advantage* as a desirable stopping
place are well known; to those who have not. U
will be only necessary to state that it is situated’ in
the business part of the most fashionable strfiet, in
tlic immediate vicinity of the Exchange, Post Of
fice, Batiks, Costonj II use, places of Amusement,
Hotels,Steamboat Landings, Itailroad Depots, Pub
lic Squares, Court Houses, &<•., &c.
Si cc the rhinge of proprietors, a large amount
of monev has been rxponded in enlarging, refit
ting, re-furnishing and painting. Among the tiu
menus improvements, may he mentioned improved
Entrances, a new Ladies* Ordinary, a in w Gentle
men’s Dining Saloon, now Parlors, new Chamtiers,
new Kitchen, ami new Bir Komi, besides many j
oth.-r minor improvements.
'file principal features of a first rate Hotel—
‘ ’I'be Table and Wine Cellar.” will be under the
management of Mr. JAMES M SANDERSON,
one of the firmer proprietors, whose ambition to
excel as a Caterer is well known. H13 widely cel
ebrated Cook, •• PELi.EnKn.” aided by experienced
assistants, will still continue, to be hi* right band
man. The OITico »n<l Books will he ' under the
charge of Mr. GEORGE P. BURMlAM, late the
able Editor of the •* D «iiy Ohio Union,” of Cin
cinnati, anil more recently of Bost.ir,. In short,
great exerMons have been made,and hereafter will
not he spared, to render “THE FRA N !v LIN” one
nl the mm first Hotels for comfort, convenience,
A FEW ..f (ho UMPIRE STOVES left yot.nl
Manufacturer* I’r ot. Persons wish ng to
buy, rati nsrri tain all iihuut the Stove, by refe« ring'
lo tile fo lo ving- gcntlcmn, Messrs. A. I\Cun
ningham, Old Domini, n Office. Mr. J.s. P. R, y.
nobly, Gosport, Col. Merrit Jordan, Nuval Store,
no ' Samuel .Moore, io the Market, and others who
have them in me.
A n g 29 Under the Old Domini on Office*
15 I; F F’S
For the cure of Dyspepsia, Ague it Fever, Bil
ious and all the complaints generally arising' from
n diaotdered sta e ol thes'oinach or digestive or
'I liis Medicine seems well oaVulatrd to afford re
lief in any of the above diseases; its component
parts being of sot li a mild and innocent nature.—
Tne mo V ol nsiffg it being very simple, no re
striction being necessary except to refrain from
the use of Spirituous Liquors during its operation.
The season has now advanced when every one
requires a little Purgaiive Medicine for the better,
preset vation t.f their health ; the subscriber there
fore takes this method of informing his customers
and the public generally, that he has prepared a
large quantity of the above Medicine, which lie
has for sale at the MEDiCAL EMPORIUM.
Aug l_5 _ Corner of High and Middle sts.
DERS.— We have just received a full and fresh
These different kinds are universally acknowledged
t<> be (he host manufactured, and far superior to j
any others. They are therefore recornmr tided with
Confidence to tli.se wishing a pate and excellent
a» tide of Si iJlitz or Soda Powders. For sale at
the Drugstore, Sign of Hie Big Mortar.
Aug 13 (’HAS. II HK1NI rSII, Agent,
DOORS just received and or silc at New York
If prices, by \V. 11. H. HODGES & Co
The Expedition to Borneo of II. M. S. Dido, fori
the Suppression of Piracy ; with extra is from the
Journal of James llrookt', E~q , (now Agent for
the British Government in Borneo,) by Capt. Hen
ry Kcppel, R. N. — price 50 cts.
The Modern British Plutarch; or, Lives of Men
distinguished in the recent History of England
for their talent-1, virtues, nr achievements, hy Mr.
C. Taylor, L. L D.—price. 50 cents.
'I realise on Algelua, hy Elias Lo-miis, A.M.,
Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy
in the Univeraityof the City of New Y-.rk, M. nt
her of the Philosophical Society, of the American
Academy ol Arts and Sciences, Uc.
No. ‘2 Statesmen of England.
Nos. 97, 9A, 99 and 100 Pi torial Shakespeare.
No. 8 Morse’s Orographic Maps Aug 18
T^A RIM A CO liOGN E.- A few l> >xee Fari
I na'.* justly celebrated mi l highly p .polar CO
I.OGNE, which wc offer f-.r sale at (he usual pri
Aug *20—5t_ Druggist-.
jn*t r- ceived a linrc supply of SWIFT’S CEL*
LBHATED CHALK BALLS, hy the dozen or sin
g!c. Swift's make are the most celebrated und
more approved of than anv others by the ladies —
They are also use I as a Tooth Powder, giving l(
peirly whiteness to the leetlj. The genuine for
sale at (he Drug Store, Sign of the Itig Mor tar.
Aug 20 CM AS. H. HKINlTSrt, Agent.
ci»icR0! 9PICESM Const ,„.(>• on hand the
IJ naonl variety of Spices, ad h ns
Allspice. Marc, Ginger,
Turmeric, Cloves Nutmegs,
Cinnamon, Mustard Seed. Ate.
All of ihe above may he had frtnh and good at the
Now Drug Store of
’f' :’l High street.
/~1 HO LERA mom Ml s AND BOWkL
\y COM PL * I NT.— Pr. .I*vfrr No. g South Third
st reel,‘is willing to guaranty that his C Alt MIN A -
TIVF, BALSAM nil. core Piarilirca, Cholic*, Gri
p:ng Pn’ns, Cramp*, Cholera Morbus. Summer
C-mi|l.int, and other derangements of the Stom
ach nnd Bowels, in ninety nine rases not of a hun
dred. end in lcs« than half the time they Can he
efTe- ted by any other means.
It is extremely pleasant, and children are fond ol
it. It is cqu illv »* < ffcctual for adults as children,
and when the directions are followed. The Ger,.’
trine for sale at the Drug 8'orb, Sign of the Big
Mortar. CHAS. H. flEINITSII, Agent.
Sep I
TO Tim: l a Di i s again. Wecai
X attention of the ladies again to this Superior
article., NYMPII SOAP, for the romph xion. lt«r on
stnnt use will change the mov bi ious complexion
into one of radiant whiteness; while on the nock,
hands and arms it * c/toW* a delicacy and fairness
whirh it« continued use will happily protrrf, with
every appearance of rou'hful rhsrm to the most
arLancd period of life. The genuine only for sale
at the Drug Store, Sign of the Big Mo-tar.
.Inly 30 CHAS. 11 HElNltSH, Agent.
rI^IIK session of Congress, which Ins just tornii
*. n.Ucd, will be long>'«»d gratefully remembered
hv all true republicans for the triamphant oucc-ss
of many of their cherished pi iuciph » and mea
•stirer. While we heartiIv rejoice at the t iu.np't
ol ihe pr.it iplcs which il has boon our constant rf.
lort to advocate an I defend, ami irom which n >
prosperity, no adversity, can swerve os; we can
not he unmindful of the altitude in which we are
placed by u recent vote of both liouaot* of Con^rrsj :
— we allude to the contemplated withdrawal of
their patronage from the newspaper | toss. To
this tlecsi.iii wc cheerfull y Ihv.v, 3 n -ibh as w e a>c
of the patriotic motives which have le I to it. Hut
we trust that this decision of Congress increases
rather than diminishes our claim to' the support ot
a higher tiowcr —that of the petrple ; an<l to whom
we confidently appeal to aid us, by ('ten pat nuage,
in sustaining at the seat of government a journal
that is inflexibly devoted to their interests and
the true interests of the country.
It is known to every one, that the chief source
of sustaining a newspaper is not the magnitude of
its subscription list, so much as the advertising
patronage which may be bestowed up u it. In
large commercial cities, indeed, the latter is usinl
I v the concomitant of the former, as it becomes
the obvious interest ol mercantile men to advertise
m t lose papers wliit h are the most extensively cir
culated. Washington, however, is iliff renily situ
ated. Deprive I of the advertising patronage inci
dent to a mercantile community, and burdened
w ith peculiar ami enormous exporss which arc
not elsewhere meuriod, nothing but a very long
list of subscribing p tirona can sust .in a pap r in
usefulness—if, indeed, even in existence The pm
pr etors of the “ Union” have hitherto spared no
pains, nml no expense, t-i make their paper wo. thy
of the metropolis, and worthy of the support of
that great party under whose hum r they arc on
ostel. In publishing the most full and ample de
bates of the two h oises of Cong cs', it is believe 1,
ever before attempted on this continent in a da Iv
newspaper, thov have secured the services of the
best repot tees which the country « AT-t ded , hut at
the enormous cost of $12,0(1(1 or' .-a; | 5.000 nt-r year,
rhe.r i xtcnsieo foreign a.,.1 d.im. stie corrcm m
<ienee is another large item ofox icnse, but the in
structtve usefu'uess of which is so nig'.ly com
men,led and appreciat'd as to justify almost any
outlay to attain it. S,i 1, it mu-t be evident that
Hies- heavy expenses rai.not he b .rne. unless the.
subscription list is enmmensnralc In the undorta
lung; and although we can bosst of 15,000 suhscri
hers, (including dailv, tii-week'y, and weekly )
yet t„s |,,t must hcsti:| n.iiaidcr.ltlv e„| u red t„
Cl.:,.,|e (hr pr. priclors ,.f the •• Union” to sus-aiii
all its usefulness, and to Insure them against p, cn
mary bus. Invoicing, then, again, the aid and
support ot all true Iriends of republican govern
111-nt and pledging ourselves to renewed efforts 11
the cause of the eloiious prin iplcs wc clicrish, we
thrin the prop >«al*:
I In* ‘ Dsit v Union” will he publish,; I, as here
t to e, at #10 per annu l), payable in a Ivnnce. Its
eha,ncter Inthert > his been a most exclusively po
ut cal. \VC purpose in future to devote a portion
ol Is columns to domestic news of general interest
and to mi-ce'.lincons literature, which, without im
pairing its political inrt.ieaee, may render it the
more acc eptable to an ext-nded cl u, of readers
1 he •• nem, Wrkklv Union” will be published
every ondav and Thursday, during the recess of
U,ingress, at #5 per annum.' This - ontnins all the
muter contained in th Uxim" exee t
loial advertisements. During the se-si. ns of Con
gross three numbers, instead of two, will be iss icd,
wdliout anyrx r i rha-ge to subscribers
I he ” Werkly Union” is iasu, <! every S.tur
* av ; and as anangem-nts are in p-ogress to ,n.
I a r ge it to ».-,\r doitble Hx present size, we shall soon
t>e enabled to give nearly every article which may
appeu in the daily and semi-weekly editions, at
t je ext-finely 'mv rate ol $2. We propose also to
gi' e, in this edition, a cooiplele synoptical sum
mary of t ie nroceedings in both’ houses of C ti
gress—thus ren 'eiing the *• Weekly Union”
0 ost valuable cli >nnel of inform 1 lion to all classes
01 our country. But, to remunerate us for this ,-n
I* , 1 rise, an extcns.vc subscription list is absolutely
indispensable. 3
Ii> addition to (lie foregoing, we have resolved to
publish, during the session-of the national legis
In tore, a “ Congressional Register,'• to he issued
weekly, and to contain a full report of the daily
piocecdings and debates ol both houses. In deco,
the arranccincnls whi< h w e have made with the
very best corps of reporters will enable ns to give
even nv>re full and extended reports than we haw
prodoi ed during- tliis sc-s on, s iperior as we claim
th in to he to my preceding ones. The Register
will he made up from the daiiy report* in the
“ Union,” carefully re vis'd hy a experienced edi
tor, and will Constitute a romrdefe and aulhe-iti :
record ol the s< s inn. All appendix will he added,
unrorii with the Register, and to !-><> aant graini
t'*u*lV to snhseribeia. comprising a lists of the acta
passed during die ses ion, with a synopsis of their
• ontonts, and a reference, when necessary, m pre
v ous legislation. 1’his will form the most com
plete history of the sessions of Congress, and will
be furnished at the low pi ;ceofseven r\ -five cents
for the next session.
Oty-Postmasters arc authorized to act as our
ag nis ; and oy sending us five yer.rly subscriber*,
w ith the subscription money, for either the Daily.
Semi- Weekly or Weekly. will he entitled to one c py
of the same edition as they tumuli us subscribe*s
fK>-Thc Congbfksional Register will be fur
uishrd them on the same terms.
NewspaPBB3 publishingnu>- prospectus, with
the notes attii he*I, iiiitii ciie 1st of Dec sm b* r next,
will be entitled, during the next s -^sion of Con
are PS, to receve a copy of the Coigressional Recis
ler and YVi- Wrekly Union
Clubs tc^,/ be furnished »■ ilh
o copies of the Daily lot
5 do Semi Weekly -
10 do do
5 do Weekly
10 r’o do
20 do Congressional Register „„
The name of no perse will be entered upon our
books tin less the payin'- it of the subscription be
made in advance. SCp 29
$40 00
•20 00
35 00
8 00
15 00
10 00
not ? e.
11if Ado York Root find Shoe 1 Ytirrhoune.
WE are just opening, by the J. 'V.
tuJ Kimpton,* lirsro and fresh «t<»ek of
J^tfHt>OT9. SHOES, HATS, CAPS.&r.,
to which wc invite the attention of
the public, confident that byour sys
tem <>l rloiny a ca-di business, both in buying and
«■ llmg. wo arc enabled to ofTcr hotter inducements
than are to h- found in other stoics. Just opening
tins morning, iti part
I os prs gentlemen’s Calf Moots
132 do do Kip do
1 0 do iln no Bootees
66 do fine do tin
36 d» gentlemen’s sewed half Moots
06 flo men’s Kip Moots. 0 t<> 1*2
Ladies’ Morocco Ties and Hit-kins, ladies’ tJai
t' rs and half trailers, women's pcirg d anrl sewed
Moots, women's pegged an I sewed l ies, and Hus
kins. children’.) strap Shoe, children’s Kid I.aco
A Is-*, a few rases satin Hi aver Hats.
{JJ- S' w Vork Moot and Shoe. Store, Main street
next to the Farmers’ Hank.
>ep H -f- If GREGORY,
TIER T A Iff CO R E FOR PI L H.N. B A l< N R’8
\7 PihB LOTION. I Ids I/oli'iti has been used for
several years past, and has tin vcrsally given «atis
faction. Many pe sms who have be< n afflicted
with this painful disease, and -nffer d for many
years under its influence, have been cured it* » f 'w
weeks l<y the tor of (Ids invaluable Lotion. Fall
an l get a pamphlet respecting it. The Genuine
for* lie at die Urtlg Store, Sign of the |tje M,iri,r
CHAB. M. iU.IMTMf, A - ....
|A(>n THE WINTER _.JueT received s
I factory oners the following a-tlcles: Cinder
Shovels. Coil Scutdes. Tea Spoons, lartre and small
Make Ovens, Hritnh rheap Lustre, and all kinds of
Stoves. Also a goo I article of a Coffe- Mill for the
low price of 371 rents. It A N’t, S. CHERRY
Sep 22 Under the old Domiti on Office.
To ilte Itip-.bHran Tarty in l^irsiuia :
Notwithstanding tli.it #i/iiji dofeal in ’41, tin*
advocates wl none tilrax.'.l p..w <*r and a strong go
v. rtim 'nt, arc determined to tu.ikc an .llirr and u
vigorous clf.ii t for eupri miejr it. tl,0 national coun
ciIa. Thu pie** is I lie great engine of | arty in tin*
pr. trnt nge, and in Virginia our <ip|*..ncut-i arc*
m iking powerful use of tilts formidable weapon.
Aware lfi.it the Metropolis is the gu-iit battle
tfroun I upon which the* hi nt of the light u* to be
su lainc I, it is to this impot t un p int tl,. y at, di
reeling their most strenuous exertions. They ha\ .<
railed to the Whig Mr. Richutd H. Toler, a gen
(Ionian «i* ackiiowIt tl^oM abi idea nut. gri'Hi r xpe*
rienrr ; Messrs. Gall..In r & lli'dwiii have been
l> need at t ie Imad o| the m> called Republic an ; and
the Compiler his hern gr.atlv strengthened hy the
acqu sitioti ol Mr. W. (V Carrington, who to the
iiceo.n dulmientsof a • ip.; scholar. adds the force’
nt a vigorous intellect.
. 1° 'his airay of forces \\o have only to oppose a
single Met opolitsn J .tuna', winch, however
irro.it ■ la u liilt t «r on.el.i ...ii.i is*.. *
•Treat its ability, ought not to be left to eope eittglc
handed with Bitch a host. To .-nine theie'orc to
J ho uiil of tit.: Enquirer and the Democratic parlv,
if they will acecrpt of service* so humble, vie, ttio’
under.igued. have resolved to > stahlt-h another
Democratic pa o r in the cit y of Richmond. To
this design we have been instigated chiefly bv thr
press ii' and Irequ -nt aolic: t a tions of inntiy of the
wise.-land moat influential members of the IVino
cratie party, and to its i-uppnri we invoke tlo* aid of
our po i'i. til friends, nut ■ ttiy in Virginia, hut
ihmugliont the Union The press is a tower of
strength, and to the tn.iint nance of our political
principles we should ch.crfu ly contribute our men
tal powers and our pecuniary means.
I" this Journal We will endeavor, with what
ability wc may. to s main the prtncin'cs and doc
trines of the ItopuMi. an party in tin i. piisfinc pu
nty. Utterly repm) nting nil Agrarianism rd'iI
Radicalism, as destructive of the m. st valuable so
cial institutions, and worse than Feilemlism itself,
with which indeed wi* will n.-t p.etcnd (.< compare
it. wo will advocate a Unihe I roust ruction o!the
Cuns'ittition of iho United States, bclievum- that
1'ie pi liu and obvious meaning of its context, grants
I ill as tcU' h power t > the General Government, as
it t-et her wise o polit e to h. s ow upon it.
Wlu'ii men are secure in the enjnvincnl of per
sonal liberty and tin* product of tlu ir labor, the a. -
t ve prompt tigs of individual inlcre-t ensure .a
much better investm ut of labor aiul cipit .1, than
can be obtained by any system devised An the pi.r
pose of diverting it iron, its natiiru! into artificial
ehannels. We shill, liter.-f re. oppose a Tariff
fur pr.le. tinn, nut only her. use it is unconstitu
tional , hut because it is in the highest degree un
wise mid impolitic.
Aceountabi ily ;s the great check upon human
depravity, and Coupon ations arc corrupt Ii'cause
th.-ii members are indi« i ualiy irrcspon-ihle; they
are, thcicfore.lo be opposed upon general pVinci
pl s, and only to be tolerated occasionally as ne
cessary evi's. In the Const tulion of the Uttiiid
States, we find no war-ant or authority to establish
tin- of tlio o excrescences upo-i die body pu'litic •
ami in the shape of a Rank, we h..ldih <l tbcpw’
cr would be peculiarly dangerous and objection
" •'anaii ai'vayj oppose t he expend H u cof last
sums upon local ohjici*. as being: not le«- . u a i«*<*,
because the fund is always ndly adininis t red’
wanting the vigilant eye of indi. idn I nit< test ;
and unjust, because it lay.- violent ban.Is upon i| J
ammsili.ms of tho minority, to be expended mt for
£T« ncral and necessary purposes, but bn local and
Individual < in duincnt
In short, we esteem the Government ol 'lie ini
ted Slit o- a <: eaturc of the Sovereign Stales of it.is
Union, instituted for p<rti< ular piupo-u*, which
cannot he transcended w ithout the m< st imminent
• 'itnirtrof overthrowing tli t Uni >n, which it w as
the boast of our am e ters to have erei ted, and
W hi' h i should he ou- pride, a# it is our ntcr- st, to
pr. serve
Allhough these arc our own particular views, w e
are l»y no means so h,gutted, or so illiberal, ** to
exclude all ..tlicts from our columns. Our politi
< al opponents .-hall a ways lie welcome, providtd
th :r arguments arc presented in an able and re
sportful form ; all we ask, is-lhe opportunity of rc
u'mg them, "’itli rig/if on our side, we arc pie
pared to coconut r nnv coiner, 10 matter wliat
weapon* lie wields; such is our faith in irntii . ni
budied, aj we h lieve it to be, in the principles of
tl.c Republican Party.
A'though i he political wi 1 be the chief, it will
ii< t he ill.'only feature of the paper. To the coun
try paper till Ag.ieu total department will | c add
ert, whu h it is hoped the experi. nee of one of ihe
Rdit-irs, in that particular line, will enable him to .
make pint culailv acceptable to the farming com j
miinily. This department will he handsoimly il- ,
lustrated with cute of agricultural implements, 1
when they can he procured, and it is'licliovcd it
will constitute a very valuable and popular feature I
in the paper 5 at least, no cacit on on our part rha 11 '
In; w anting to nuke it so. Mechanics an i Mann- j
faoinrcrs slinll abo ree. i»e their full share of alien
ti ui ; and w o have engaged the services of one of
the first merchanta in this rity lo take charge of
the Commercial Department Able and trust woi ■
thy eorrea; undents will also be procured to keep ii*
constantly arlvia d of the most important news in
tin- priuripal cities of the Union.
Nor will the claims of polite J iteratuhe pass
unlo-cdcd. We are not unmindful ol Ihe variety
of tastes for which we shall have locator in this de
partment ; hut we hope by a due admixture of po- |
dry and lornanco.of anecdote, humor and foil, to I
provide lor all, whilst we will endeavor to shock
the si nsi ilitics id none. At least, wo will promise
to our readers n more intellectual banquet than is
nfl -idcd i>y ilic •• bo irding school Miss” order of I
literature, wnieh graces, or disgrace* rather, so j
many of the public journals <-f America.
We are well aware of ilie risk, the labor, and the
• esponsihility of such an undertaking, anil we
Ii ive encounierc I them all, after calm and sciiou*
deliberation; relying for niece** upon our detcr
I inina ion to labor diligently in the prosecution of
lour design. Tho absolute dependence of one and
! *11 of us upon the prosperity of the paper, is ihe
| best guarantee f <r I lie performance ol (hi* resolu
<M our own abilitv lor tlna aidtir ns task, it would
nolb come us (o speak. One of us lias had ,-ome
five or six years experience in the editorial depar t
•neiil, an I another i«, by profession and piarlice,
thoroughly acquaint cl with the mechanical duties
<*f mu offi -e. We have been promised tbe aid of
some of ihc ablest pens in the Union, and we start
with the hope of seeing the SOUTHERN STAND
ARD. for such is the name of our paper, tak** its
| l>y 'he side of the hrsi journals of the day.—
| We shall b gin with a sheet, the site of which w ill
I he commensurate with our means. Wc know tl at
i '"O’e piper can be b ught for l< ss money ; but « c
I Ira' c not \ct Immcd to in insure mental prorluc
s un by ibe yird, nor to cs i.r-nto the value <*f
i i bought by the extent of the medium through which
; it is conveyed.
Our motto is. "Chcip for Cash.” Tlra Da11.y
j paper wiII be published and imiled for star dollar*
I per annum .--tbe Skmi- Week' v for four, and the
; W BKKLV, for two
The piper can only he procured by transmitting
I the money in nlvance: and in no rase will this jm -
i port An i ri.lc be departed from, tint any one who
wisher to tike the paper for a period Ira-* or greater
than a year, ran forward us any amount of money,
not less lit a n a dollar, and we * ill fortii-li him with
I'.he dailv, the semi-weekly or the weekly, as he
i may dcsignat", to the value of it. a( the rates afore
I Our friends vthoarc 'ufTicicntly interested in the
s ccessof ilie paper to encounter the trouble, will
l pie.isc collect and forward to m immediately. The
fir.-t number of the piper will be issued ns soon as
wee til get our office arranged, aay on or about I lie
first of September next.
We will gra-cfully ackn >vt ledge the Hberalftv of
such Whig Editor* as may be p'ci-cd togi'e ibis
Pro'pcct.iB an insertion; mir [oiiical h tthren
will, we know, do us a fnvr.r which, under similar
circumstance*,wc would »o cheerfully ro< iprocntc.
s(]PEHIOR SWEET OIL.-Jus I received
} • another sop-.lv of that very fine article of pure
j i able S W EET Of L. F*r sale at the Drugstore,
' Si?M of the Mi<r Mortar.
I July 50 Cil AS. H. HFJNITSH, Agent.
—————■-■’’.■■twwr i - I ■—mbi vr' mu'ja. mjumm
One square one insertion..... ^ f) 60
One do two do. 0 75
One do three do. 1 00
One do m.c week. | 7§
One do t»o Wn l s. .. . 2 76
One do om* month!. 4 00
O.ic <ln two month*. 7 01
One do three mouth*. 10 q0
One «f*» six months,. 16 00
One do per y<or,. 30 00
'I'wrlve I tries or I ess tnukf u itqtarr ; Jr re« r 1 nu
clmrjfed ,n proportion, ind nrc to It pnid for in
Ac! vo nee.
Advertisement* nideird in only onrr or t wire ■
week, will hc charged 60 cent* j er iqitar • lot the
first insertion, and 37 J anit for encli Mibnuumt
!r * i-s not only beautiful in the extreme.
!’ut,h-i ''“>*» per I'd article ,.f the |.i„d ever offer, d
in market It differs materially front hII o'her
7in!'- < >l'cl ‘ mr-ii.rld,’ in tho'iir.pioveinents of
tlie^ un/jr. nnd tl c n< dition « I tin- Hot Air Chamber.
I lie joints n( (he corner arc eonetriirted in such
a peculiar manner a- to insure tin in w hat they nri
. * l,*i>e. air tight. 'I hcv have tiro usual protrr*
ta.ii of cement in tliej litt- of the enstings, and the
luitliei and perfect mcxuily of a uunntily of ci incut
inserted or tween tin j. in s made liy the castings,
and the inner joints at the sloto rods.
On - ol our < U-miners dialing in these Stoves
mps that, , n trial with them last winter, a single’
n.i-, limit in the ordinary wav, lasted time days •
and tint In- w ill w arrant all j,c sells to retain "the
hie that length ol (.me without being disturbed.
At I ho New Voile State Fair, at tiihnrn
' Nov' 3
All! TIGHT I* A liI.011 STOVE. I
DAMKi, S. f'llEHIIY,
Under the Old Dominion Office
at #i iii>: new vork
\\T f' Hrojupt opening , l.i^ morning. our second
* >n\ oii-e nl i A l,L (• ()()DS, wJiivIi ‘ \< ere pur
Wiwd r\rinEiv ron cash. And at Mich ndurcd
, s ironi ulmi we Itnvr formerly paid that our’
h.i rguins tin* fall win be lie!ter than we have vet
ottered. /!’< rail the attention if Mnchantu to ihit
Jact, and tin\mg upemd a separate at ailment ex
cluMVely lor jobbing — I lit y c.m iTmke ll.eir pur
clnts-s with greater facilities than lietelofoic. The
retail department has been impioved and nut in
i hnio.igh repair, ter the ae< ommedatiun of r< tail
rut, imi •». We ea ! I the attention ol (iai sie, t p< r
-on- visitiiiir Nei l,ilk to our .Store and location, nl
■ hough a little removed limn Market Square, our
rent is but onu liAl.f of wl.at is goncriillv paid,
"l"c,i '',l1 of c coat lo its lo>. II at a smaller
p.olit than those wiio pay lirge reins. Transient
pi r-o. s w ill observe that our Store i- situated next
to llic N*.\v F irinn’s Hank on IVliiin titrci t, if I ka
Glass \\ imioWrf in front, ami two Corinthian
I Il-His exil tiding t . the height of 2d and 3,1 sto
nrs. OqK l-ook loi the large Checkered licit on
top of the Store, am' thi n there will be no mistake.
M e shall from this date continue lo open our
weekly sop, li.s froni the north.
As wo t.uy only for cash, wc nrc obliged to sell
f>r ll.c same ; city acceptances or its equivalent.
,s l; * H GREGORY,
I I ,:ys Si:»:i»|,| Nt; SI1I AW URR.
. . ' > winch the hugest berries are from 5
io 6 inches in circumference, and the quality not
suipnsod.) 1
1 Ida season being more preferable to plant th«
above th ui the spring, I will commence ordering
Iroiii ihe Nu s,-i it s such quantities us may be de
■~Y '' * Strawberries produced last season from
plants sold by me, have placed it beyond doubt,
that a~ respects siz ■•, flavour, productiveness and
adaptation to this climate, they stand higher than
ai y other kit d of Strawberry.
Km- sale by Phihtus Phillips, Middletown Point,
New Jersey, or by his agents, M. A. SANT OS, for
Norfolk amt vicinity, and ('HAS. II. IIEINITSH
for Portsmouth and vicinity.
Bring Agent for Samuel J. Guston, of Morris
tow ", N J., w ill take orders for Fruit and Orna
mental Trees. Evergreens, Shrubs, Rdais and FTow
c: « oi every quality. Sep 10
,AI G SII'TLV hv t lie Atm O
1- just received and lor sale at the New York
Hoot and Shoe Store. We arc now opening our
thud kal! supply of HOOTS AND SHOES by the
Ann I), which we otT r upon as advantageous terms
as can be found at any other utore. and in many
kinds o' go »d» which wo have recently received._
The price and quality nrc without competition in
By the srhr Mary Jane, we are opening this day
an extensive assortment ol Gentlemen’s, Men’s.
Hoyb. and Youth’s heavy fall Hoots, purchased for
cash at the large sales in Boston and New York to
which w c invite the attention of dealers.
15 casco Men’s Thick Hoots at ft I 60 the pair, or
ft I 30 hy the case, as good as are generally sold at
ft 2 00.
10 cases W ator Proof liuola of superior nnalitv
from ft"2 00 to 3 50.
lit cases Double Stitch Brogans, very heavy and
at much less than former prices
.. .... J. II. GREGOR Y,
Next to the 1'armor’s Bank, Main st, Norfolk
Oct 17
IV EW BOOKS just received and for aale by
.W.H. H HODGES & CO. 7
' rhe 1 roes America, native and Ionian, picto
rinllv and Ix.tanically delineated,and scientifically
and popularly described, illustrated with numerous
engravinfra—by D. J. Browne, author of tbe ”Syl
vn Americana.” J
Life and Adventures in llio Rocky Mountain*.
Lectures to Women, on Anatomy and Physiolo
gy, with an Appendix on Water Cure, by Mary S
Gove. J
First Latin llook; doMaining1 Grammar, Exer
cises. ami Vocabularies on tbc metborl of constant
imitation nnd repetition—by John MrCiintock.
A. ,M., and (i ft. Crooks A. M.
Greek-Entrlish Lexicon, ba-ed ttic German
Work of Francis Passntv— by Henry Occry* Lid
rtclt, M. A , and Robert Scott. 51, A , m iih correc
tions and additions by Henry Drisler, M. A.
No. 4, Stnicsmrri <>} Falkland.
Nos, 10«). IK). 111, and 112, Shakespeare.
Le>mine ; or the Court of Louis XV, by Mrs.
Matterly, antbor of ■* Mclantfic,” •* Emily,” >«The
f,ove Match.” &c. &c. Oct I
1M. ( OON vt' itlt \ N I > v “6 bbls Philndel
A phi a Hrandy, for sale low by
I DILI t (.(), 50 Butt’s Hol ey Dew H’a, of
O superior quality, for sale at reduced p-ice* by
flllTE SLATE PENCIL. A supply just
received anil for rale by
Nov 17 W. II. H HODGES fk CO.
[ EMON S—40 boxr* in fine order, f.,r sale by
POUT IV I iM K,— 15 bbls low priced Port Wfne
for ale bv JOHAH Wlf.LS
Noe 19

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