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What virglaian-PUot Rep?
resentatives Hear Daily.
brief ite 'mI" of interest
3B?e Mofcuinnn >r 1'eople In Whom
?Ii? Averitge Render t? lulor
ctled ?Uappeii fugs lu Legal?IHi?
lnesn, UrlSgeotU noO Boclwl ? tr
?l?<n-A. fi'orefaiiat of iutisro
' t.vouts.
The Virginian-Pilot extends to Its
PortBmoutttreaders a happy New Year.
The Christmas music at the Court
Btreet Baptist Church will be repeated
There was no docket In the Mayor's
Court yesterday^ not an arrest having
been made for the; twenty-four hours
ending at 0 a. m
Thls la the time to form good reso?
lutions and keep them.
The Street-CorVimiUce will begin put?
ting down the plonk walk on County I
Btreet. from Crawford to Water, some
time this week.
The Norfolk County School Electoral
Board and the School Board were both
In session yesterday. The first named
filled a vacancy-in the board. The
other elected a teacher to fill a vacancy
In the Western Branch District.
The Clerk's office of the HustlngB and
County Courts %yill be closed Monday,
. that day- being a; legal holiday.
The regular monthly meeting of the
South Street Baptist Sunday school
will be held this afternoon at 3 o'clock.
President Williams and Mr. Leanord,
attorney for the Portsmouth street rail?
road, were both' in the city yesterday
on business connected with the road
Some unknown '?? -persons stole the
bond wires off the Portsmouth street
? railroad where It connects with the
Port Norfolk road.' '.
Miss Nellie Jackson, of Jackson, Miss.,
1b in the city on a visit to friends.
Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Ford and family,
of Gllmerton, will shortly move to
Lynchburg, where., they will lit the
future reside.
Grimes' Battery had forty-seven men
our of fifty present at their inspection
' Friday night. Two were confined to
their bed on account of sickness and the
Other one was out of the city.
It is suggested that the electric light
company should provide lights in the
day time so that in cloudy weather they
could he used.
The Board of Health Will not meet
Monday night, it being a holiday, but
-theywin. meet '1'ucfiflfty, ofjerryon nt jl)
o'dHtk. T
The Joint ferry committee will on the
8th fix all the details connected with
the leasing of the ferry and [report
them to their respective bodles^t the
meetings next day.
Little Irene Peck, who has been critl
"Cally 111, is Improving very rapidly.
There haB been* no announcements
that any of the fashionable people will
keep open houses Mondny. The custom
does not seem to bo very, popular In
this section.
Mr. T. ,T. Anderson's removal as pas?
senger agent of the Seaboard Air Line
went Into effect yesterday.
Mr. M. J. Nash will go on duty as
deputy Commissioner of Revenue next
eek. or as soon as ho can leave his
lace In Richmond..
Attention Is called to the advcrtlse
ent of Mr. Emmett Deans in this
The King's Daughters' Christmas tree
yesterday afternoon was a decided suc?
cess. A large number of children at?
' There will be no colored pnrade Mon?
day In honor of Emancipation Day.
A horse attached to a delivery wagon
ran away on County, street yesterday
and scattered grocetlos In every direc?
The choir of Owens Memorial M. E.
Church, having been reorganized under |
the leadership of Prof. Charles H. Slur
tevant, with a chorus of sweet voices,
good music may be expected in the
To-day being the first Sunday in the
month, communion eervices will be ob?
served in 'the Methodist and Episcopal
Churches of the city.
?Tbo funeral of Miss Rnehael Rebscca
Ann yirglnla Stewart, aunt of Capt.
Charles T. Bland, will take place this
afternoon from the residence. No. 329
King street, at 3 o'clock. The Inter?
ment will be In Oak Gro\fe.
Miss Ethel Tebault. of; Norfolk, Is
visiting Miss Ethel Herbarty on D;nwld
die street. Miss Herbert -will on Wed?
nesday return to the Worrian's College
at Richmond.
A lost setter dog- Is advertised for.
Sec "ad-" and return as directed and
receive a reward.
A bundle of rags In a house on Co?
lumbia street extended caught fire yes?
terday morning. The flames were ex?
tinguished before much damage re?
A gentleman and wife, or two single
gentlemen, can >:ecu:c board by calling
a; 1105 Washington street,
^jlU-isrs. Anderson & Thompson adver
/TT??\In this ir-sue dairies for 1S9!) for
J V'rgVila nnd North Carolina. They will
' sril till fr.r.cy goods at greatly reduced
At tfcg^Chr'stirias tree Friday night
Ti'-J. R. T. V.'atC!rl!eId. of Owens Mc
mor'r.l Church, was presented with a
handsome gold headed cane, a nice hat,
a Ch.j?;tman cake and a basket of fruit
as a token of the esteem In whh.-h he is
held by his people, all of which the
?reyC-rend- gentleman most highly ap?
T; i:-.ity Fplcdppal Church will shortly
be Ii; i oys'ssion of the Wilson; memorial
organ, which Hook fir Hastings, the
builders, at Kendel Green, Mass., have
tr.ii Died Die organ committee will be
ready for sh'pmer.t by January 17.
Mr. G. V,'. Tyler, a promlnant citizen
o:" Jlr.dfor/1 and a brother of I Governor
Tyler, was visiting friends here yes
Uitjuy: : i
Mi ". Emmie W!:rg, mother ?of Mr. S.
P-. Wlgg, is critically ill ft't/Jicr son's
rerlo'encc, lie Dlnwlddle street,
The l%rc.rffjlk county color-lcl firemen
have accepted an invitatio?) to'jtnks purl
In the Emancipation celeUnation In
Norfolk to-morrow, a f-nturcMof which
Jo to be a big ittrcet parade. j< -
Dr. Ferebec will u ?au/na?! kvgc of
the Naval Hospital en TM^vi'y as
. medical director, rejlevlng.nl a ciai
borne. Dr. Fcrebee has a number ot
friends In this city who will be glad
to welcome him back again.
The Christmas music at St. John s
Episcopal Church will be repeated to?
day at both services.
Attention Is called to advertisement
of J. G. Salsburg, in which he offers
ends of hoards for 60 cents a load.
Mr. John Clover, who for so many
years has been conducting the livery
business on Countj and King streets,
hn? gone out of business, and has con?
nected himself with Mr. \V. J. Davis.
Trinity Circle of the King s Daugh?
ters v. ill meet in Trinity parish house
Tuesday evening at 3:30 o'clock.
The annual watch meeting was held
at 11 o'clock last night at the Friends'
Church. Evangelist V. R. Gates preach?
A black rat-terrier, which was lost,
is advertised for; return as directed.
Mr. George A. Tabb, secretary of the1
Portsmouth and Norfolk County Build?
ing Association, gives notice that dues
for the association will not be collect?
ed on Monday. It being a holiday, but
the same can be paid on Tuesday.
Mrs. John Garland Pollard, of Rich?
mond. Is here on a visit to her parents.
Captain and Mrs. C T. Phillips.
Mr. Vernon Ballentine, who had his
foot badly mashed by jumping on a
Seaboard Air Eine train several weeks
ago, Is now an Inmate of the King's
Daughters' Hospital, his condition
having1 grown very serious.
Your attention is called to the notice
of Mr. C. W. Connell, forwarding agent
of the Seaboard Air Eine, in reference
to the reception and delivery r?f freight,
which appears in tills '.ssue
Justice George D. \V. Aludworth Is
conilned to his bed with sickness at his
home, on County street.
Mrs. Sarah E. Simpson, of Newport
News, Is here visiting' her father, Mr.
George W. Bland, of 631 Bart street.
The Different Churches and What Will
Be Done Therein.
Court Street Baptist church, Dr. A.
E. Owen, pastor?Sunday school at 9:30
a. m. Preaching at 11 a. m. After a
short sermon the annual church meet?
ing will be held. Every member of the
church is urged to be present. At night
the pastor will preach on the "Voyage
of Ufe."
Owens' Memorial M. E. church.
South, Rev. R. T. Waterfield. pastor
Sunday school at 9:15 a. m. Preaching
at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p.. m. by tne pas?
tor. Morning subject, "Praises to God
for H!i3 Goodness."
Calvary Baptist church, Rev. Samuel
Saundcrs, pastor?Sunday school at 9:30
a. m. Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7 p. m.
Meeting for Bible Study at 2:30 p. m.
South Street Baptist church, corner
South and EfTtngham streets, Rev. J.
W. Mitchell, pastor?Sunday school at
9:30 a. m. Preaching at 11 a- m. and
7:30 p. m. by the pastor. Morning sub?
ject, "Burial and Resurrection Before
Death." Evening, "Last Year and This
lear." The Lord's Supper will be cel?
ebrated at the close of the morning
service. The Pun Beams will hold their
annual meeting nt 3:30 p. m. The Or?
dinance nf Baptism will be administer?
ed at the close of the evening service.
A cordial welcome to all.
Central M. E. Church, South. Rev. R.
P. Beadles, pnstor?Sunduy school at
"?Tl'.Ta. m. Prenchlng at 11 a. m. and
7:30 p. m. by the pastor. -Morning sub?
ject, "It Is Because To-Day Learns
W-adom From Yesterday That it is
Able to Teach Wisdom to To-Morrow."
Evening, "The Encircled Throne."
Port Norfolk Baptist church, Hev. Dr.
A. R Dunaway. pastor?Preaching at
11 a. m. and 7:3t> p. m.- A cordial wel?
come to all.
Court Street Presbyterian church,
Rev. B. B. Egg] es ton, pastor?Preach?
ing at 11 a. m. and s p. m. Cordial
Invitation to all.
Fourth Street Baptist Church, corner
Fourth nnd Lincoln streets, Rev. W. F.
Fisher, pastor?Sunday school at 0:16
a. m- Preaching by the pastor at 11
a. m. nnd 7:30 p. m.
Friends' Church?There will bo ser?
vices at the Friends' Church to-day
as follows: Morning at 11 o'clock, even?
ing at 3 o'clovl;, night at S o'clock. V.
B. Gates will preach. Every one wel?
The indies at the head of the move?
ment to organize a Bebekah Lodge of
Odd Follows in this city are meeting
with much Kucce-ss,
A sufficient number of indies to Insti?
tute the .lodge have entered Into the
spirit of the occasion, and all that is
r.ecci??ary now to form? the lodge at
once is the assistance of a few more
"odd fel?nv.'is" i::? members. Should there
be other lndits desirous of joinlng.jthe
Cadlcs of the committee will call on
them at once If they will leave their
names with cither Mr. Bogen), or Cap?
tain Bland, at the oftlee of the Virgi
nlan-Pilot. Those who have signed are
recpteetcd also to leave the necessary
Initiation fee at this ofllcc. There afp
several Odd Follows in the city, who
are interested In this work, and the
ladies respectfully request their imme
dlte co-operation, 0i4 stated above.
Secretary of the Navy John D. Long,
haa ordered Carpenter Benjamin F.
Markham, U. S. N.. to report at once
to Commodore Farquhnr, who will as?
sign him to euch duty at this yard a.<
may seem best in his judgment.
C.n per.lter Markham is a Portsmouth
boy, who wa'H appointed to the p rsltion
he now holds in the days when wooden
yci?ed* were In vogue, a score or mors
yeai'3 ago, and as a natural conse?
quence he has had a varied experience
wltivhoth tile ancient and modern style
of shlp-hulldlng ar.d the need.-; of either
or both.
Jnjt what particular duty he will bu
callad upon to perform In his new as?
signment is so'mr'ihing Mr. Markham
has no knowledge of.
WILL mil f?l\':'TEN ACCEPT.
At the morning service at Trinity
Eplsclpal church to-day, the Rev. J.
B. Funston, who was recently honored
by ll>e General Episcopal Council by
election-to the BtahoprJc of Idaho, with
Boise City a>3 his headquarters, wiM tell
his congregation whether he will or Kill
not accent tin: Important and promi?
nent ecleslastlo.il position.
The people of Portsmouth are deeply
Interested In Mr. Funaten's <l islon,
and there are those who say with con?
siderable emphasis that Mr. Fu..<;e?.i
iseo much attached to the congregatl ?n
Of Trinity church, of which lie is the
beloved rector, that: he will gladden
the hearts of all by announcing this
morning that he has decided not to
sever his present relation.; with that
chuich and the people of Portsmouth.
B.C00 pounds of home-made candy for
*nle at Candy Kitchen, 72-1 Crawford
New fall ties in all colors and shapes
at 25 "and 60 cents. C. R. Welton &
Portsmouth and Norfolk Meet
on the Gridiron Tomorrow.
Home Tenni Will l?re???tit n Splendid
JMiirj Up, vrllii Pomoiiuel Wlilrli
Will Aild to llio IntcrcMtor !li ?((<?
CHKlou-'l lie Toiiui c i xpcctrd to
Mold Ip tlio Kcpulnltuu or I lie
The first and only gnme of football
this year will be played January 2d. at
11 a. m., In League Park, Norfolk, be?
tween the rival teams of Portsmouth
and Norfolk.
Portsmouth will be represented by a
strong team, composed of local and
col] ego boys.
Norfolk, ;ls usual. Is confident of vic?
tory, but if Portsmouth plays her old
style aggressive game the victory for
the fourth successive year will be hers.
The Portsmouth team Is compesed of
the following well-know n players: Gra?
ham, centre, is a well-known player of
the "3C team, where he continually dis?
tinguished himself during the season;
Ward, left guard, has played that .posi?
tion for the last three years; Duke,
right guard, is an old University
nlayer, and his record is well known In
football circles; Herbert, formerly of
the V. P. I., will plqy left tackle, the
position In which he so distinguished
himself on his college team during the
season of '97: Myrkle, the old Richmond
College guard, will play right tackle.
In him Norfolk will lind an aggressive
player; Wemple, one of the pioneers of
the Portsmouth football team, will
play the position he is so capable of
lining?left end; Frazer, the .team-mate
of Wemple, will play the other end,
and these who saw his work last year
know his ability as an end; Kaufman,
who played "on the Richmond College
team durii.g the season of '?ti and '!i7,
will play quarter. Wo all know "Jack"
as a hard and conscientious player;
Mark ham, a youngster In years, will
play left half. Last season he played
on the Brooklyn High School tsam In
this position, where he continually dis?
tinguished himself by his fast work;
Randolph, of last year's team, will
play right half. He. like the left
half, i.s a good ground gainer and de?
fensive player; Peckham, full back.will
play his old style game. He formerly
played on the Columbia A. C, of Wash?
ington. I). C, but for the last four
years has been r.ne of the Portsmouth
team's surest gainers.
The following is the yell of the team:
"Hockey, poekey, lllppery Hop,
Portsmouth's team is on top;
Are we In it? i Should smile.
We've h-en in It all the while."
"Well! Well! Welir*
Last night, at midnight, 1S9S became
a thing of the past, and 1S9!) was born
unto us.
Ai l<r.:'0 p. m. watch-night services
were held In a number of the churches,
which were WO.I attended. The ram
kept a number ?f people on the streets
until a late hour, when they began to
assemble. The tin-horn and ftre-oraek
er played an important pnri. As the
hands of the town clock pointed to the
hoar of 11:56 the City Hall bell and
tie- bells on the churches began to toll,
telling to the world that the dying year
Was ai? at to (leave us, and as the hour
of i.' was struck the Joyous sounds were
heard t Hing to the world that a new
year had been bom, and that ail man?
kind should rejoice. The steam whis
tlcu were blown, and the noise of that
added to by the fire-cracker, &c, made
considerable excitement.
Numbers of those who were out wish?
ed each other a happy new year and
ninny pleasant returns. The old year,
which has Just gone, has left many
things to be remembered. To many It
was prosperous and full of Joy; to
others it brought misery and woe.
Numerous friends have passed over the
river to that land where sorrow will
be no more.
The VirginianrPilOl during that time
was a happy visitor to many a peraon,
and brought to tllem the news of the
? lay. I tu employes did all they could to
make it prosper and to make for it a
wann place in the hearts of the people.
It now extends to Its readers In this
city a wish tor a happy now year to
Passed Assistant Engineer S. II. Leo?
nard. Jr.. detached from the Scorpion,
to assume duties as inspector of tor?
pedo boats.
Chief Knglneer J. Lowe, ordered to
additional duties as chief engineer of
tie- League Island Navy-yard.
Lieutenant J- M- Helm', detached from
the Richmond and ordered to duty as
Inspector of the Sixteenth Llshthouse
Lieutenant E. B, Underwood, detach?
ed from the Terror Hnd ordered to the
Assistant Paymaster T. J. Arms, or
dered to settle up accounts of the Pan?
Assistrint Engineer A. Anderson, de
tached from the supply and ordered
Assistant Engineer J. F. Snow, dc
tnched from the Yorktown and ordered
The great semi-annual sale at the
N<? Y rk Clothing Companys store
will hogin to-morrow, January 2d, and
ci t tlnue for I hrea weeks.
'l iny tell you that $20.0n0 of men and
beys.' clothing will be offered fur sale
lit and !>??!,i.v cost. They do not make
this mention spool:'ly to let those who
look forward to these great sales know
that the time had arrived, hut for
others who may not know thnt such a
sale is going on nnd to let them know
where bargains can be secured In
first-class goods. They Invite you to
rer.d the schedule of prices and be con?
vinced tho-t what they tell Is so.
The Fourth Street Uaptist Sunday
school will have their Christmas enter?
tainment Monday night, when the
Cantata of "Santa Claus Expected"
will be presented. No one will be- ad?
mitted without a ticket.
In order that the public may have
an opportunity of seeing thin Cantata,
it will be repeated Tuesday night at 8
o'clock, i
NOTE.?The People's Forum being!
freely open to all parties, classes, per?
sons, views and capacities, the Vlr
glnl&n-Pilot Is responsible for none
of the statements nor opinions ex?
pressed therein, nor for the stylo In
which they are set forth. Tho Ignorant
and uneducated shall be heard" here
equally witb the learned.
Portsmouth, Va., De6. 31, 1S98.
Portsmouth (DfTlce Vlrglnlan-Pilot:
There is an old adage' which says,
"forewarned is forearmed," and as
our merchant sailors are. the greater
paft of their time ort the briny deep,
it behooves us as fellow beings to warn
them of the dangers from, land sharkes
when they enter port. And in connec?
tion With the foregoing there is noth?
ing Which would suggest a better way
than the following article, taken from
the December number of the "Signs of
the Times." published at Oakland. Cal.
The point is well taken and it Is an ad?
mirable chance for some of our phil?
anthropic citizens to show what metal
they are made of:
"Christian Endeavor is the name of a
handsome gasoline launch recently de?
dicated to ship missionary" work on San
Francisco Hay. It Is designed tor vis?
iting incoming vessels, as soon as pos?
sible after their arrival, to warn the
crews ngnlnst places where they would
be likely to fall into temptation; also
to point them to respectable places for
association and lodging. The object is
commendable und the little boat is well
fitted for the work."
Their Christmas Tree Entertainment a
Most Enjoyable Affair.
On Friday evening at 7:30 o'clock the I
Park View Baptist Sunday school gave
a very creditable Christmas entertain-'
I ment at their tabernacle, corner Hat
ton and Ann streets. A beautiful Christ?
mas tree had beer, erected and very
tastefully ornamented by the ladies,
and baskets of candy nnd nuts, with
bags of oranges and bananas, were in
The following program was rendered:
Hymn . 5C4
Prayer . Rev. Mr. Martin
Welcome Address .. Miss Sadie Schools]
Prayer . Miss Lena Tabb
Recitation ... "The Night After Xmas"
Miss Annie Elliott.
Address . Dr. Owen
Dialogue .. "Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus'
Miss Agnes Manning and Miss Edna
Autoharp Solo .Miss Edna Peole I
Christmas Carol . Five Girls
Hymn . "Follow On"
Dr. Owen, in a few remarks, present?
ed Mr. J. M. Corbett, the superinten?
dent, with a very handsome umbrella,
a token of the love and admiration of
the school. Mr. Corbett expressed his
gratitude in a few very touching re?
marks. 0
Old Santa Claus then made his ap?
pearance to the delight of the children,
and the good things, together with
numerous presents from teachers and
scholars, were distributed, nnd evening
closed by the singing of the old doxo
iogy, "Praise Cod from Whom All
Bless!ngs Flow."
The cause stated for the attempt at
suicide of the colored woman, Julia
Taylor, late Friday night, is continued
ill-health. Site lives With her husband
near the West gate of the navy yard.
The man makes a living by shucking
oysters, and on going home at the time
mentioned he found his wife in an un?
conscious condition, with an empty
laudaum bottle lying besrde her. it
was at first thought that Julia was
dead, but a movement of the eye-lidsj
encouraged her friends, who had been
notified and summoned to her, , to I
hasten fer a physician, who was se?
cured, and lie was successful in resus?
citating the woman.
Yesterday she war. quite sick, ajid the]
only information that could be gotten j
from her was that being sick so long
life had become a burden to her.
Two services Specially appropriate
for New Year's Day will he held at the
Association this nfteruoon.
At 1 o'clock Dr. Young, of Norfolk,
will speak to men only. Subject, "Re?
deeming the Time."
The Song Service commencing at 4
o'clock will he an enjoyable feature.
Aill men are Invited. ?
The Roy's service will be held at 3
o'clock, and will be of Interest to every
boy. The White and Red Choir? will
The Port Norfolk Raptist. Sunday
school had a Christmas tree Friday
evening, December 30th. The tree was
beautifully decorated and brilliantly il?
luminated, and Santa Claus remem?
bered all the little ones. Professor ('. R.
Cross, principal of the Port Worfolk
Ar|vdemy. delivered an appropriate and
eloquent address, which elicited much
praise. '
Yesterday morning a little girl child
named Williams, whose parents live In
d ent I- Place, pulled a kettle of boil?
ing water over, and scalded herself
about the face and body in a terrible
manner. Dr. Parker was split for nnd
made her rs comfortable as posslnlo.
The little one's Bcreams could be heard
for son,, distance. The flesh was nil.
puffed m> in blisters on her face and
hands. The child will be badly marked
for life.
Through the courtesy of the Health
Officer we give befow the mortuary re?
port for the month of December: To?
tal number of deaths, 2S; whites. 23;
colored, 5; white males, 11: female's 9:
colored males. 3; females, 2. Compar?
ative statement December, 1897: Num?
ber deaths; 21; lstis. 2S.
Nohmo?>io ?t- ('ompfHijr'fl Store.
At Schmoele & Co.'s store, 307 TTf,*h
street. Portsmouth, they . are senin
poods in the book, stationary and fan?
cy line so cheap that you'eannot help
buvlng. Trey have solid silver comb
and brushes: also solid gold plated
satin lined Jewel cases, choice Enr
Ifcn albums, imported from Marcus
Ward S Co., London, opera glasses. La
Maris telescopes, microscopes, exqui?
site pocket books, card cases and wal?
lets, vases from all pans of the world
You should go In Schmoele & Co 'a
-tore before purchasing your Christ?
mas goods if you want presents at
Mi-h pnc'-s that will satisfy you. They
only keep the best'goods, and at the
lowest prices. Just think, you can buy
Waterman fountain pens at $1.
I di5-lm
: ?_ _ i ' _ '? . Y '.? t ..? . ?? ? t'v':.',:
Commencing Januanf 3d; 1899, and Continuin^nor Three Weeks.
*t and BELOW COST.
Those who have attended our previous Sales and who took advantage of/the Immense Bargains wo offered will need
no Introduction and to those who have not wcj will kindly solicit a cull so as tol convince them that wo advertise nothing
but fact3.
nishing goods
Prtnts that sold for $1.50 and $1.73,
1'iin'- that e:ld for ?2. now $1.48. 1
Pants that sold for $2.50 und $2 75,< now
t.-'.S. >
Hants that sold-for 1/3.50. noW $2:4,8.
Pints Unit were Uj now J2.9S. I
Panto that were 15. now 13.4S. "y_
Stilts that were ?2, now MAS- '
Siilts that were $3, now $1.98.
Suj ts that were $3.51. now ?2.-lK.
Kults that were ti, now $?.9i.
Sdiis tbat were S3, now. $3.<o..
Suits that we're 15. rfiw $3.8s.
59c. mid 75c. quality, 39c. /
Some others at ISc.
H\k bargains In 'Mackintoshes, Bubber
Corns and Umbrellas.
Men's Su'ts that were 15.00. now $3.90.
Men's Suits that were $S and $9, now
$8.10. ...? .
Men's Suits that were $12, now $S.90.
Men's Suits'that wore $13.50, now }y.S:). ?
Ikn's Suits that were $15 and $16,
n>:w $11.10.
Men's Overcoats that were $0, now $3.90.
Men's Overcoats that -were $S and $9,
now $0.90.
Men's Overcoats that were $12.now $8.90.
Men's Overcoats that woro $13 50. now
Men's Overcoats that were $13 and JIG,
now $11.40.
Theas are to bo had in all the Latest
Col-rs and Shapes, with cr without Vel?
vet Collars.
Men's Ulsters that were $5, now 13.00.
Men's Ulsters that were $S and $9,
now $:'>.90.
Men's Ulster? that wire $12. now $3.90.
Men's Ulsters that were $13.7), now $9.S0.
Men's Ulsters that wire Jl."., now $11.40.
Boys' fxjng l'ants Suits that were $C,
now $3.90.
Hoys'. Long rants Suits that were $7
and $S, now tl.'.:0.
Boys' L.iifr Pants Suits that were $9
and $10, now $6.90.
I Joys' Ixsng Hants Suits that were $12,
now J.S.9J.
Coats that woro $5, now $4 E0.
Coats that were J\ now $0.99.
Coats that were $12, now $?.50.
Men's 6Qc Merinos, how 29c
fj>J. quality, Ribbed and Uiecced L'.ncd,
39c] ? ?.' -
75c. quality. XVO'OI R'bbed, now 4SC.
An enormous quantity of Pure Wool.
Plteced L'ned; In all colors and weights,
WQrth $! and $1.2", now S9oi
'Vlie famous atastenbUrg, both single
and1 double breesttd, usually sold at $1.50
unit 11.75, reduced to $1.25,
Our nssorttjient of Underwear Is ?5
larne that we cannot quote all of our
! line In this space. Call on us; you will
! lind what yo? went.
f.0c. quality In both Bilk and Imported
welis, now S9c.
Another largo line of the famous Wire
buckle, liow 21c.
BOo. quality, now 39c All new Holiday
25o. and 35c quality, now 21o. !
All the grades.Of Dress Gloves, In all
colors, at greatly reduced prices. Big out
in Wool and Men's Working Gloves.
(White and Colored.)
White, unlaundrlcd, 39c.
White, laundrled, 48c.
White, Pleated Btsom, 6Do.
Best qualities. S9c
Men's Colored Stiff Bosom, 60c. and
75c. quality, now 42c.
$1 quality, now C9c.
$1.25 quality, Manhattans, $9o.
Good Wool Working Shirts at 42o.
Our $1.25 and $1.50 grades of both Stiff
and Soft Hats, now<9Sc.
Our $2 Guarantee Stiff nqd S>ft Hats,
In all tho lato shapes and colors, $1.G9.
Our 50c. quality, now 42c.
Our 75c, II and $1.25 quality, now S9c.
Thero Is also a blir assortment of Dress
Suit Cases. Jewelry, Garters und a great
many things that uro kept In a Men's
Out litters, all to go at cost. If you want
to learn what big bargulns mean call
at the.
tub L.BKdInG house in POf4TS7WOUTH.
214: Higli {Street!
Pcrtsmoutli, V?,
If not, why do you not place It In the hands of an agent of experience and known reliability?
This office has been successfully managing t-orne of the largest estates In the city for the past flffeen years, and Its
succe.'s is the. best evidence of its merit. You w 11 fret n check Once each month, embracing nil your rents, and a comprehen?
sive statement, showing the standing of your'tenants. WE WILL COLLECT ENOUGH ADDITIONAL RENTS TO PAY
THE COMMISSION, .AND SAVE YOU ALL (THE WORRY AND TROUBLE. Begin with the New Year. Call or write and
I will see you. 1
JOHN L. j YiT?TSON, Portsmouth, Ya.
"A home brass band Is something
which has been very badly needed."
say several of our well known citizens,
and so Impressed with that fact have
they become that through their Inter?
est In and agitation of the subject
Portsmouth will in the near future have
a brass band composed entirely of resi?
dent members.
It is said that the membership will
be composed of the employes of the
Seaboard Air Line shops, nnd that the
road will encourage their efforts in that
direction by purchasing the instru?
ments necessary to equip n first-class
band. The number at the beginning
will be sixteen, but there is no question
but that the number will be Increased.
The foreman of the car shops, Mr. W
N. Gnrreit, is the leading spirit in this
At her residence, No. 322 Second
street, yesterday morning nt 9 o'clock j
Mrs. Bridget O'Shaughnessy, wife of:
our w-ell known citizen, Mr. John
O'Shnughnessy, departed this life. The I
deceased lady is the mother of Mr. I
Michael O'Shaughnessy. foreman of the!
large carriage manufacturing plant of
A. Writin & Sons, and was very highly)
esteemed for her many noble traits of I
character, and the monuments she lias
erected in the hearts of the people'with ?
whom she has boon associated In this i
city for more than forty years by her i
lovable disposition will be cherished
with zealous care. She had reached
tho alloted time of three scoro years!
and ten. The funeral will take place
Monday morning nt 10 o'clock from St. i
Paul's Catholic Chapel, on King street, i
During tho month of December, City
Purveyor Bascom Sykes has given
lines for the following new buildings:
C. R. Nash, warehouse, on South side
Queen street, near Crawford.
\V. C. Wheeler, one-story frame, sin?
gle, on Wast side of Wright street, near
C. T. Wyatt, two-story frame, single,
at Southwest corner of Second avenue
and Glasgow street.
C. B. Lash, one-story frame, single,
on West side Columbia street, near
Dr. George IT. Carr, one-story brick,
ofllee, on West side Court street, near
Mrs. E31.T. V. Out ten, two-story frame,
double, on East side Washington street,
near Bart.
C. N. Moody, two-story frame, single,
on East side Wright street, near Henry.
Because we have hart such a warm
spell, that is no renson that you will
no; need thicker clothing or good warm
so.m s. The Brandt Company can sup?
ply you with both. They tell you in
ihelr advertisement that they have
tile largest and cheapest stock that the
il trh : affords of both, end that their
prices are the lowest. For particulars
road their advertisement.
Port.-inouth Honk and Ladder Com.
pany, Volunteer Firemen.
Grimes' Battery. Virginia Volunteers.
Portsmouth Naval Lodge, No. 100,
A. F, and A. M.
Portsmouth Lodge, No. 16. K. of P.
Chesapeake Lodge, No. GO. I. O. O. F.
Portsmouth Canton. No. 1, T. O. O. F.
Portsmouth Lodge, No. S2, B. P. O. E.
Police Commissioners, Mayor's Office.
(New York World.)
Area (square miles)?Philippines,
114,000; ?ffluba, 51,000; Porto Rico, 3,3f>0;
Ladronos,' 417.
Population ? Philippines, 10,000,000;
Cuba. l,75(X0?0; Porto Rico, 850,000; La
drones, 10,oV)0.
Exports?Philippines, $25,000,000; Cu
bn, J40.000.0a0; Porto Rico, $15,000,000;
I jidrones, $l\00,000.
Imports?Philippines, $10,000,000: Hi
bo, $20,000.00": Porto Rico, $10,000,000;
La ci rones,'$76,000;
Railroads?Cuba, 1,000 miles; Porto
Rico. 150 miles.
Telegraphs?Philippines, l.ooo miles;
Cuba, 3,000 miles; Porto Rico, 300 miles.
Length?Cuba, 7S0 miles; Porto Rico,
00 miles; Ladron.es, 2i> miles (Quam.)
Breadth?Cuba, 25 to 130 miles; Porto
Rleo, 36 miles; Ladrones, 10 miles
Timber?Philippines, teak, cedar,
ebony, gum wood; Cuba, mahogany,
ebony, rosewood, cedar.
Minerals?Philippines, gold, sulphur,
iron; Cuba, copper, iron, marble.
Vegetable Products ? Philippines,
hemp, cotton, rice, tobacco. Indigo,
pepper, ginger, cocoa, vanilla, cinna?
mon r Cuba, coffer, tobacco, sugar, rl'ee,
yams, cotton, bananas, maize: Porto
Rico, sugar, coffee, tobacco, maize; La
drones, rice, sugar, maize, tobacco.
Climate?Philippines, hot and moist;
Cuba, hot and sickly; Porto Rico, sa?
lubrious; Ladrones, healthful and
Average temperature?Philippines, 75
degrees; Cuba, 7R degrees; Porto Rico,
CO degrees; Ladrones, 70 degrees.
Discovered?Philippines, 1631; Cuba,
1492; Porto Rico, 1493; Ladrones, 1521.
ColbnJzed?Philippines, 1540; Cuba,
1511; Porto Rico, 1509; Ladrones, 1667.
Largest City?Philippines. Manila,
200.r.00: Cuba, Havana, 250,000; Porto
RlcorPonce, 60,000; Ladrones. San Ig
tinxlo, 2.O0O.
Harbors?Philippines, fair; Cuba,
good; Porto Rico, good; Ladrones, p'Oor.
Rainfall?Philippines. 109 Inches a
year; Cuba. 90 inches a y.^ar; Porto
C.ico, 50 inches; Ladrones, 60 Inches.
Topography? Philippines, mountain?
ous; Cuba, mountainous; Porto Rico,
hilly.; Ladrones, low.
Soil?Philippines, very fertile; Cuba,
fertile; Porto Rico, fertile u*id culti?
vated; Ladrones, rocky.
*Cuba, while conquered by the
United States, will not be part of its
new territory. _
STEWART.?Suddenly, at the residence
of her pephew. CapJt. ('has. T. Bland, 4'j9
K'ng strei t. Friday evi ning December!
3<>th, at 7:30 o'clock, Miss RACHABLl
in the fiTth year of her age.
The fun-ral will take place THIS (Sun?
day) a KT MR noon at 3 o'clock from
residence. Erlends and acquaintance* are
respectfully invited to tie present. In
tfrnieiu in Oak c.n.ve (Vnv-t I : y._1
Iorr.?A LiVBii-coLo red and
J White Setter Dog, about 7 mouths
old; answers to hatso of "Nick." Re?
ward If returned to W. j. JC-yner, 618
County street. jal-3t
13*OR ' RfNT.-Tlir. TH REE STORY
JD Brick i-'.oi'p, No. fi >0 Crawford street,
Portsmouth, formerly occupied by \v. w,
NeW & Co. Possession ;''???< a nt '.nee
Apply to Dr. joseph GEH'"., 518 Middle
street, up-atalrs. Jai-tf
vant, settled woman preferred, can j
obtain a good home by applying nt once
at 42? King street, Portsmouth. j.ii-3i
J rler T>.g; long ears. Answers to
name of "Prince.".' Reward will be glv?n
for his return to ill Biiny street,^Ports?
mouth, Va., near Navy-Yard. / It
Department S. A. L.?As Monday.
January 2d, will be observed as a holiday
tho warehouses of th's road will l?o closed
except fron) 9 n. m. to 12 m . which; time
they will be opened for the delivery of
perishable Shipping. C. W. CONN ELL,
Forwarding, A g ent_^_11_
a nlee lot of Board Ends on hand
nOW at 60 cants per load. New 'Phono,
953; old, 2169.vj. Gc SALISBURY,_Jal-3t,
or gentjemhh and wife enn obtain
a Nico Roonv In private family, with cr
without boarrl. at reasonable rat? 1105
Washington street._Jal-lw
on Llncleh, avenue, between. Bay and
Villa streets. Park View. Appiy at
CORPMAN <* McIIUGH S, High street,
unclor Kirn Hall. dc30-3t*
Racket Store. 21fi High street, lias
been removed to till County street, whcro
they will bo sold at \vh Icsalc and retail.
Poppera f."ic.
brick store No. COO Crawford street,
Portsmouth, Va.. at present occupied by
\v. I.. New & Co, Possession Riven Jan
nary 1st. 1S39. Apply to JOSEPH GRICE,
CIS Middle street, Portsmouth. de25-tf
small capital to engage in the gro?
cery and liquor business with a man of
experience. Address BUSINESS Ports?
mouth ofiice Vlrginlan-Pllot. deM-3t*
Building Association Notice!
Monday being a National Holiday, pay?
ments on Building Association stock will
bo received on Tuesday, January 3d, 18(19.
Sect. Portsmouth and N irfolk County
Building and Loan Association. It
Notice Is hereby given that tho firm
of RICHARDSON .t OGG, Stono Con?
tractors, has this day been dissolved by
the Withdrawal of Mr. ALFRED RICH?
Roferrlng to (he abova\ notice Is given
that Mr. A. O?G and Mr. A. WALKER'
have this day foi med a copartnership
and will conduct the business of stono
cutting in all of Us branches, und will
settle the affairs of tho late firm of Rich?
ardson Sr Ogg.
Wo shall continue to serve our patrons
at tllO Olli Stand, .in-tllaap^k' ctrppt, n.L.
Cedar Grovo Cemetery gate.
Portsmouth, Vii., December 2:), li9S.
Dissolution Notice.
Mr. A Richardson having withdrawn
from the firm of RICHARDSON & OGG.
Stone Contractors, wishes to Inform tho
building trade and public generally that
he is prepared to furnish estimates on ail
kinds of building and cemetery, stono
work. Residence S10 Middle street, or
new 'phone, after January 2d, 1899.
de3l-lw ,
Persons who have not paid their City,
Taxes for 1S9S, can save the
by paying the same, before December SlsL
dc22-St_City Collector.
Mountain Buckwheat
grows to perfection on top of tho Allo
ghanles. My third lot of tho puro flour
Just In. Continuous use proves its merit.
Maple. Syrup accompaniments. Nichols'
Crushed Oats Is th?? highest grade break?
fast dish obtainable
129 Court streot.
Bell "phono, 2293. no25-0m
New and Dry Wood always on hand.
Orders promptly attended to. Orders can
I be left at store or yard, and havo prompt
attention. New 'phono 1321.
hoStf s. W. HAN BERRY.
If not, look at our Prices.
Seeded Raisins. 10c. per packago.
Cleaned Currants, ./.o. per package.
Finest Citron, 12Hc. per pound.
Pigs, in %-lb. boxes, 5c. per box.
Finest Layer Raisins. :2Vsc. per pound.
Lemon Peel 12>-_c. per pound.
Orange Peel, 12Uc. per pound.
Just received a largo lot of tho famous
Brownlo Brand Peaches. Nothing liner
than this fruit.
Both Phones S02. Crawford street.

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