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Membership of Boards of
Public Instructions.
Xho Exccnltve Wnutn to Moo More In.
forest sianiffjicii inn Apply ror
i l aiiriiiso to I sinbllsli Genrrnl
Con tints sj su iu -Hoy. Dr. A. K.
Dicfeciisou (o Wed Miss tlngby-A
I'ittbotlo Appeal.
(Special to Vlrslnlan-rilot.)
Richmond, Va., December 31.?Gov
oernor Tyler Is receiving commenda?
tions of his policy to scatter throughout
tho State as far as possible member?
ship of the boards of various Institu?
tions. The plan was not entirely popu?
lar at first. It was thought by many
that it was advantageous, for various
reasons, to have as many members of
the boards from this city as possible,
as Richmond, by reason of being the
capital of fno State, and tho large-st
city In Virginia, was a centre of In?
fluence, and her citizens could better
wield such Influence In behalf of tho
'institutions they served. It was and is
the "belief of Governor Tyler, however,
that it will prove highly beneficial to
such institutions to have tiew and ac?
tive friends In localities where they are
now* practically unknown.
"Many people 'in this State do not
know anything of the work that is be?
ing done at the Virginia Military Insti?
tute," said Governor1 Tyler to-day;
"They do not, above all, know that the
Stato furnishes free tuition there. I
want them to-know it. 1 want the
people in counties Where the Institute
and where oilier of our bencflclent
State institutions a,re practically un?
known to know that Vlrglna is doing
a great work for many classes of her
citizens. I do not believe this fact can
better be brought homo to them than
by having their neighbors on the boards
of State h\stiitutionsr?men who will
take ah interest In the work devolving
upon them and the work of the Insti?
tutions, who will be impressed by Its
magnitude, and who will (??;! their peo?
ple about It.'.' And thpn the Governor
cited as an instance of lack of popular
Information regarding State institu?
tions the necessity which the State
Board of Education was under recently
of malllnfr a large number of circulars
for the purpose of Informing the peo?
ple of the State that tin- Deaf and
Blind Institute at StaunUm was open
to afflicted children.
It I? announced to-day that a syndi?
cate of Richmond capitalists will in a
short time apply t<> tin' Common Coun?
cil for a franchise to enable it to es?
tablish a general conduit sy,steirt la 'this
city. The papers are now In course of
The system contemplated will carry
all small wires, such as telegraph, tel?
ephone, electric lighting others.
For some three years the Council hits
recognized the necessity of such a sys?
tem. To put down conduits covering
all districts now overcrowded with
wires would cotst at the lowest calcu?
lation half a million dollars. The ex?
tensions that would bo necessary In the
course of ton years would probably
necessitate Hie expenditure of two mil?
lions of dollars. The necessity of Buch
a system Is evidenced by the fact that
the City Council ?in September 10, 1895,
passed an ordinance requiring all wires,
except street oar wires, to be put under
ground. The city was prevented from
carrying out the provisions of the or?
dinance by the position taken by the
Southern Bell Telephone Company and
the consequent litigation.
Rev. Dr. A. E.' Dlckenson has gone
to King and Queen county, where. , :i
Tuesday morning, he will bo married
to Miss R:ssle Bagby, recently princi?
pal of tho Woman's College of this
city. Dr. Dlcltensbn Is editor of the
Religious Herald, is undoubtedly the
most widely known Baptist Hi \ ir
glnla, and few men In the State have
a larger acquaintance. He has nlso
dope a great deal for Richmond Col?
lege, and has, besides, developed a tal?
ent for laying up earthly treasure that
Will enable him to take excellent car,'
of a bride. Dr. Dlcker.son Is a native
of Louisa. Miss Bagby la a highly ac?
complished woman, being a graduate
of Holllns institute and Cornell Univer?
sity, and has been at the head of two
or three of the best known educational
institutions of the South. The wedding
has been kept a profound secret.
On last Tuesday morning Mr. J.
Thomas Gates and Miss Mary Louise
Alvls, of Richmond, accompanied by
Miss Minnie Alvls, of Goochiand coun?
ty, wont to "Washington, where they
were married. After spending several
days in Washington and Baltimore the
party returned to Richmond this morn?
ing, where they will make their future
home, on West Marshall street. Mr.
Gates Is a valued employe of the Rich?
mond Dairy Company, and the bride is
a daughter of Mrs- Mary S. Alvls, of
this city.
The Governor lias reoefyed a. most
pathetic letter from Helen Webster,
mother of James Webster, the negro
youth under sentence to he executed for
criminal assault at Bedford City on
January Gth. Governor Tyler says this
is one of the most touching communi?
cations he has ever received. It is
evidently written by the woman her?
self, as the spelling nnd grammar nre
very poor. She states that her boy had
a fair trial and there is no grounds for
complaint against nny one. The ap?
peal Is one for mercy.
The Richmond Locomotive and Ma?
chine Works has just received from thr>
Erie railroad an order for fifty ten
wheel locomotives. The reputation of
the locomotive; works is rapidly extend?
ing, and orders, are pouring in upon
them from roads not only In this, but
in other countries.
The condition of Mr.. William Bryant,
tiie young mechanic who attempted to
kill himself with a razor, jyst before 7
o'clock last night, was thought to 'bo
favorable this afternoon by his physi?
cian. Dr. J. M. Wlnfree.
Rev. Dr. H?ge passed a restless day,
but the change In his condition Is not
The Capitol and State Library offices
were closed at noon to-day by order of
the Governor.
Lieuti Causey Writes to His Suf?
folk Friends..
I'lio Hoys Spent! I Iiclr Cl.risttlins Hol?
l?nys in n July Teinpernture
Cunipn BcaniKntly Located?A Biff
Dny Av>ltcli?ntc?l Siiutlay. .1
(Special to Virginian-Pilot.) .1
Suffolk. Va., Dec. 31.?Passing their
Christinns holidays in a July tempera-:
cure,'Suffolk's soldier boys are In Cuba,
drinking In the beauties of nature and1,
bathing in tepid tropical waters. They
were gecelved with continued ovations
In Havana, Two hundred Missouri
turkeys were sent them for Christmas
dinner. The following interesting letter
telling about the joys and experiences
in Cuba was received to-day from Jaa,
C. Causey, Esq., first lieutenant of
Company O, Fourth Virginia Volunto* j
Infantry, and a staff oillcer at brigadp
Headquarters Second Brigade, ;
Second Division, Seventh Army Corp*
Camp Columbia!, j
Havana, Cuba, Dec. 27,' 1SSS. i
P. L. Pruden, Esq., Suffolk Editor Vlr
Dear Percy?As you requested before
wo left Savannah that I telegraph yo?
tho date of our departure, I did so,
and hope the telegrums were satisfac?
tory. 1 would have cabled you of on?
safe arrival In Havana, but I foung
that it would cost you Just 40 cents ;\
word, including date, address and slg:
nature. '? 'i!
We reached Havana safely arter a
beautiful voyage across from Savan?
nah. The sea was as smooth as a mill
pond. When wo left Savannah our sail?
ing orders were for Mariano, but we
landed at Havana, and unloaded and
marched through the city out to our
camp, which is about eight miles front
San J )sc wharf, where we landed. The
San Jose wharf Is only a few hundred
yards from the wreck of the Maine,
which was plainly seen by all on board,
as we passed within a hundred feet of it.
on the way to our dock.
The day we landed, December 22, wa*j
as hot us a July day In Virginia, anil
the march to e::ir;i would have beerl
very fatiguing to all but for the mnnv
Interesting sights that kept every ond
on the alert.
We marched for several milet1
through Havana will? nur colors (lying
and our band playing. The strceti'
were thronged with people. When \\\
got to that jiart of the city which hat
been evacuated by the Spanish and fi
now frco to the Cubans we received t
perfect ovation- Prom every house th?
American antMJjJuban flags were flying
and In many instances they were ot
the liehest workmanship and material,
and v.i ro often draped together.
<>ur- camps are beautifully located
We are In a hilly, rolling country, an*
arc over two hundred feet ab ive the set!
level. The sen Is plainly visible antl'
i nly about three miles from our cam*.
Our cum? is an ideal one and there is
.10 reason why we should not enjoj
perfect health, as all the conditions ara
favorable for It.
Next Sunday, January 1st, will be a.
big day here. Then we assume coniiR
ph to control of the Island, and our)
(lag will', be raised over Morro Castle.
in an extra Issued by La Lucha this
evening the American members of thej
Evacuation Committee make public the]
detailed arrangements effected with.
Captain General Castcllnnos for the
final surrender of the city on New
Year's Day, and request the co-opera-!
tlon of residents In general, Cuban and
Spanish, to preserve order and prevent
. friction. , i
The Havana city districts beyond Gf.
liaho street, Including the Ward ot
Motrserrate and Calzada del Monte,
were evacuated last night, and this
morning all lending business establish?
ments and prlv?te residences appeared
gaily decorated in American and Cuban
colors. The enthusiasm of the pubf'.ec
In general and the Cuban In particu?
lar seems to know no bounds. The
cry, "Viva Cuba Libre; viva a las
Amerionnns" heard on every hand.
We had a very quiet Christmas elay.
It was as warm as the Fourth of July
at homo. Several of us went bathing
in the < ccan In the morning._L
Tlie .Missouri people, headed by the
St. Louia Star, sent the Sixth Missouri'
regiment, which is in our brigade, a
big Christmas dinner in the shape of
two hundred turkeys, a number of
chickens and several pigs, all of which
were alive, besides numerous other ar?
Why don't some of our Virginia
friends do something like this for the
Fourth Virginia? From all appear?
ances as to the Interest they take in ius
they prefer to discourage rather than
encourage the officers and men of the
regiment from the Old Dominion.
Please ask the management of the
Virginian-Pilot to send us a few cop:cs
each day, as the majority of our men
are from that section, and the papers
will l>e gladly recelyed. If they will do
thi's I wWI gladly see to the delivery
of them among the men.
I hope you all had a merry Christ?
mas, and will have a happy New Year.
Yours very truly,
J. C. CAUSEY, Jr.,
1st. T,t. 4th Va. Vol. Inftry, and A. D.
C. Hdq'ra, 2d Brigade, 2d Div.'7th
A. C, Camp Columbia, Hav'ana,
An old colored servant once told Gen?
eral Washington the? secret of life.in a
few homely words. Said he: ''Cin'ril, If
you want a good night's sleep, sot up
de night b'efor'.Ji In other words, if you
desire keen senses and lively enjoyment
in the commonplace acts which' con?
stitute nine-tenths of life, stint your?
Give every normal want a reasonable
gratification only. Moderation is the
golden mean between indulgence nwl
asceticism. A broad knowledge and
genereJ application of economics con?
stitute tlie science of living.
To illustrate: if you stint your diet,
such food as you do take will be re?
ceived 'gratefully by a stomach, which
has accumulated surplus energy. Every
oi*gnn In the body will be eager and
work hard for Its supply, of pabulum.
Assimilation Is therefore improved. A
satisfied stomach me^ris a healthy
liver, regular bowels, sound dnd re?
sistant nerves, dreamless and Refresh?
ing sleep..
Just the right amount of exercise
means a healthy degree of fatigue, even
distribution of blood and a relief of
nervous tension predisposing ,to rest
and recuperation. Toe> much exercise
causes emotive congestions anil undue
nervous exhaustion; too little exercise
results in passive congestions and ac?
cumulative nervous Irritability.?The
Medical Brief.
Winchester Takes Steps to Secure
Protection. .
rinn to HttTO Delinquent l'itx Payers
the Five Dollar? Penalty Allowed
toe I.null Grabbers? 1 no I<nw Ex*
plained?i.ecnl Applications.
The "land grabbers" are at work in
every desirable county, village, town
and city In Virginia whero property
on which taxes have not been paid,
and Is classed as "delinquent" Is to]
be found. Some time ago they ap?
peared lu this city through an attor?
ney and made In due form applications I
for SOG pieces of property, including the
Florence Crittcnden Home. Recently
a syndicate composed of Radford cap?
italists sent a former real estate agent
(Of Roanokc named Omohiindro to War?
wick county and applied for all the
i delinquent real estate of value, Includ?
ing several pieces near the corporate
'limits of Newport News. A narration
5of the operations of these men who
'have come to be commonly known as
r "land grabbers," could be continued
almost Indefinitely, but sufficient has
I been written to form an introduction
to an account of measures adopted at
Winchester to perfect delinquent tax
payers against the consequences of the
law under which the "land grabbers"
are operating.
Leading citizens of Winchester and
Frederick county organized themselves
into an association, whose object Is, as
has been stated, the protection of that !
class of property-holders who have not
or cannot pay taxes on their property,
and have been listed as delinquents,
and are, therefore, legitimate prey for
the insatiate "land grabber." The flrs^
move of the Association, which created
an ample fund for the purpose, was to
make application for the various prop?
erties in both city and county, with a
view to raving the delinquents not only
their homes, but the penalty of $5 im?
posed by the "land grabbers' " law.
This law, which has become a house?
hold word in Virginia, is this: " All
property upon which taxes are due for
two years and unpaid is sold to the
Under the recent law anyone can
make application for the purchase of
the same within tour months after the
expiration of two years. Upon the fail?
ure of the delinquents to redeem the
property by paying all hack taxes, the
property goes to the applicant, who
pays these taxes and g'ins final pos?
session of It therefor.
If, however, under the new law, the
property-holder pays up his delinquent
taxes he has also to pay the person
making application for the purchase of
the same the sum of ?."> merely for
making said applics.'ion.. This has
worked a great hardship on all delin?
quents, .and is something of a bonanza
for the "land grabbers." who. If they
fail to secure the property applied for.
would, in Norfolk at least, receive $15.30
for their trouble in examining titles
and other work not very laborious.
As a result of the law many syndi?
cates have been organized in the State
for tho purpose of making application
for the delinquents. In the hope of
Cither *-e.?urinfr the property for the
taxes thereon, or also obtaining the fee
of $5 from each delinquent.
It is to save these delinquents the $5
fee that the protective organization
was formed at "Winchester. The law
has created widespread Interest
throughout the Slate, as millions of
dollars of property are involved, which
will either come Into the hands of these
syndicates, or else pay Into their pock?
ets $."> for each tract of land delinquent.
It is possible that similar associa?
tions with the same object In view will
be organized elsewhere. Such an
organization has not been suggest?
ed here In Norfolk, whero It Is general?
ly conceded that the "land grabbers"
will get little besides the $5 fee allow?
ed them on each application filed.
The law, however, has brought many
thousand dollars into the State treas?
ury which would probably not have
been renllzed hut for the new measure.
This in no way lessens opposition to It
among the grea.t muss of property hold?
ers, If we except the syndicates refer?
red to. but rather intensifies it, and it
Is settled that politics in the State will
be based upon tho ntnnding of candl?
dates In regard to this law. as the most
strenuous efforts will be made to repeal
It at the next meeting of the Legisla?
The press of the Sta.te are demanding
the prospective candidates their posi?
tions in regard to the law, and repre?
sentative men nre working against the
measure, which Is regarded as most
unjust In that It works great hardship
upon the delinquents and benefits syn?
News From the Metropolis of Nan
semond County.
I pworib I.cnjruo Social ? Slntrlmonlnl
-Jji'W Vrar 1 Micri'il In ? l'onltiou
n tili Nor foil! IliWlronU Acropteil
I'cortlo Our Heilders Ituuw Abuul.
(Special to Virglnlan-Pllot.)
SufTolk, Va-, Dec. 31.?The Epworth
League of the Main Street MethuUist
Church had very pleasant social exer?
cises last evening nt tlie home of Miss
Hulda Eggleston, No. 103 Main street.
Mrs. Lee Btitt presided, with Miss Eg
glcston and Miss Estelle Harden, vice
presidents; J. D. Dickerson, treasurer;
Walter Hurff, secretary. Timely re?
freshments were servea and the even?
ing was passed with much enjoyment.
The hours were from 8 to 11.
If the number of mnrriago fees col?
lected by preachers enn be tuken as
any sort of index to the prosperity of
a community, Nansemond county was
more prosperous In lbt'S than for seven
years. The past year was the strongest
but one in. matrimonial markets for
that period. The best was in 1&92. Hero
is the way they have been taking life
partners since that, time: '92, 212; '93,
197; '94, 203; '95, 204: '96, 171: '97, 185;
*9S, 206.
Henry W. Holland. 40, will be wed?
ded to Mrs. Mary M. Powell, 35, Jan?
uary 4, 1S99.
George S. Phllhower, 23, will marry
Miss Susie M. Duke, 23, daughter of
Lewis C. Duke. Sunday.
Councilman J. Walter Hosier Is a
man who appreciates the services of a
volunteer lire department, nnd he
Shows bis feeling In cash. Tn a. let lev
enclosing a cheek to Secretary W. S.
Ames, Councilman Hosier tells how he
feels toward them for tlie hard work
in fighting llres tlvli week.
A telephone message received here
to-night says the dwelling of Mrs. W.
T. Jones, at Cypress Chapel, was
burned this evening. It was a. well
built country house, worth $3.000; In?
surance $2,000 on dwelling and $500 on
furniture, with Harper & West, and
Woodward <<- Elam.
The year 1899 was ushered In to?
night with the ringing of bells nnd
music. The Phoenix Military Band
started nt midnight and played some
tuneful pieces. The lire hells rang
loudly. >
Mr. H. E. Elam, of Suffolk, has no-.,
cepted a position with the Norfolk,
Virginia Reach and Southern railroad.
Tt Is freight solicitor. He will begin
tlie job next Tuesday. Mr. Elam is a
transtn rtation man of experience nnd
Is Well qualified, He will travel through
the towns of Eastern North Carolina,
where he Is well known nnd liked.
Misses Laura and Loullo McGuIre
left this afternoon to visit their sister,
Mrs. S. W. Gary, nt Deep Creek.
Rev. W. W. Stoley, D. D., returned
to-day from Franklin ten] N. C, where
hr> passed Christmas with his family.
Dr. Staley will fill his pulpit at the
Christian Church Sunday.
)r. w. W. Murray tuft this afternoon
for a short stay In Portsmouth.
Mrs. W. F. Turnley and children, of
Portsmouth! whb have been visiting
Mrs. Li. W. Howell, -IG Pinner street,
all this week went homo to-day.
Miss Alice Tyson, of Sanudy Springs,
Md.. is visiting her sister. Mrs. R. Row?
land Moore, Bank and Pinner streets.
Miss Tyson Is accompanied by her
nephews. Masters Tyson and George
Concluding a visit to Mrs. Merrltt
Briggs, Mrs. L. P. Plcot, of Littleton,
N. C left for her home this morning.
A black satin belt, with gold buckle,
was lost on the night of the german.
Read about it in the advertising col?
Mr. Columbus iW. Lasslter, of the
Treasury Department, Washington, D.
C, who had been visiting his family
In Suffolk this week, Is recovering from
his recent illness.
Attorney John Urquhart. of Wnshlng
ington, D. C, is visiting his aunt, Mrs.
M. A. Deik.
It was reported that Colonel W. H.
Darden. a prominent citizen of Isle of
Wight county, was dying.
Harper &. West to-day paid Rev. J.
It. Dunn J2C.90 and Joe Thweatt $150,
for losses incurred by small tires this
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Green left to?
night to visit friends in Portsmouth.
Mists Bessie Button, who was stenog?
rapher for W. B. Ferguson & Co., has
resigned, to take a like position with
Lawyer J. L. McLemore.
Road master William B. Causey, who
has charge of a division on the Chl
ago and Northwestern, and who pass?
ed tho holidays in Suffolk, left for his
headquarters at Milwaukee, Wls., this
Miss Mary Moore, who had been Miss
Annie Norllecfs guest, left for her
home In Portsmouth to-day.
Miss Mary Deik, who passed Christ?
mas in Suffolk, will leave Monday to
re-open her school at Driver.
?Mr. Robert W. Withers Is home from
Washington and Lee University. He
will complete his law course this ses?
Mr. Sam Fink, who lias been man?
ager of Mr. G. Lipman's clothing store.
In Greenville, N. C, for the past four
months, returned to Suffolk yesterday,
and has resumed his old position In the
Economy Clothing House.
Dr. J. P. Whldbee returned yesterday
from a pleasant visit to his mother in
Hertford, N. C
Mr. J. N. Burgess and Miss Char?
lotte Young, Sue Urquhart, Lennle
Jordan and Alese Urquhart went to
Franklin last night to aiterd a ger?
Mrs. G. F. Klnnear, of Newport
News, Is visiting her parents. Dr. W.
J. Almond and wife, on Sycamore
mory Hall or between there ami RS
east Washington street, a Black Sat n
Belt, with, gold buckle. Finder will
phase return to &S E. Washington street
Manufacturers. C. O. Harrell
manager, are prepared to furnish first
class Shingles at moderate prices. Or
der? solicited.
armour's pure animal, high grade.
Recommended by ourselves and others as the best sold. Prices low, quality
our own brands, fully reliable.
Have been carefully tested and pronounced first-class. Prices cut low to meet
the market.
special top dressers, both brands,
Your interests demand that you investigate our goods and prices before buying
elsewhere. /
McD. jL. If^RENiy, Proprietor. GEO. B. TODD, Manager
THE HUB?"The leader of leaders."
> No Stone Has
Been Left Unturned
?to make The Hub the most popular establishment of -
its kind in the entire Southland. The greatest Variety
of ready-to-wear clothing for men and boys?the most
stylish garments?the finest grades?have been bjaught
here for your choosing?at prices that make laying
the most pleasant part of the transaction. As Tfje'Hub
starts in upon another year just dawning it is not too
much to expect even a greater success than it lias yet
known?a growth of the most substantial sortj We
begin the new year with banners flying?with qualities
battered?with" prices less than it has ever been possible
{0 get them heretofore.
If there's anything you need for New Year's Day's
calling we'll be open half a day to-morrow to supply
it. Everything that's correct is here?ties, mufflers,
shirts, collars and cuffs, hats, etc.
374 Main Street,
l- ?OF? i :\v
Odds and ends to be closed out
That means some
Regular $2.50 and $3.00 qualities for $1.25.
Regular $2.00 and $2.25 qualities for $1.00.
Regular $1.50 quality for 75c.
Regular $1.00 quality for 50c
Regular 50c quality for 25c.
Almost given away?$5.00 and $6.50 Jackets at
and $3.75,. same reduction on all* Wc ?will not
any over. We mean business.
25 and 27 GH?NBY Sti
?I will offer during the
First Fifteen Days of January,
?The balance of my stock of?
About the 20th of January I expect to remove the balance
to the new store under the Monticello, next to the Granby
street entrance where the rest will be offered till all is Jold. I
have yet about 12,000 dollars to be sold, consisting of/ choice
goods of every class. |:
Our sales have been very large, but we had a very large
stock to sell, hence we will continue till all is sold. /Come if
lyou would save money. ^
C. EL. JENKlKl^,
To the ;housands of : patrons of
"The Casket," wc wish, z
and extend hearty thanks for every
liberal patronage extended in the past.
We have the energy and slock for,
but not the time to ? write a finished
advertisement, owing?to the long con?
tinued rush which w^thope to keep up
by best stock of Gold and Silver, best
work and reasonable prices. Stock
will be kept full, fresh and attractive
bv constant accessions.
? Ctjlehrater'* ?nllih Dtaxamd UnuS.
< aiai?pa f -r pvltatlftrt, intircvasftfa a?4
BrUel" for !.?4I?," <* l?Ur, kj retaina
^ ?- U>!i. io.UOO I?ailac.iii?l?. fr?.? W
I *j ?11 Local Unttliu. 1MULAUA. l'ii.
W* hcve al) Mad* in ?tock. ana cu
or best material.*.
n-ill ItJTl TT. TJ7J?"lW>?

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