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VOL,. II?NO. 81.
Tells Why He Opposes the
Policy of Administration.
lie Think.* It Astonishing that Any
ltlnn Living Khonld Uphold 'Ink
Ins i.ami by Force ? Forcible Aw
hp xu? Ion I? t rim 111 ill Aggression ?
A Grent Mornl Question Involved
i?i in Directly with* the Filipinos.
(By Telegraph to Vlrgianlan-Fllot.)
Springfield, 111., Jan. 4.?William Jen?
nings Bryan arrived In Spring-field at 4
o'clock this afternoon. He will leave
for Jacksonville, 111., to-morrow, and
will go to Cincinnati Friday. At 8
o'clock he addressed an Immense audi?
ence In Central Music Hall. Touching
the question of annexation Mr. Bryan
?said: ,
"The party that was willing to op?
pose the gold ntandard because It was
wrong, ought to be great enough to
oppose an English colonial system be?
cause It Is wrong. It is astonishing
that any man-llvlng-ln-thls age of the
world In the United States should up?
hold the doctrine of securing land by
comiuest. Jefferson was against It long
years ago. Hlninc was against It In
1800. and a year ago last December the
President of the United States sent a
message to Congress and in that mes?
sage he said:
"I sneak not of forcible annexation
because that is not to be thought of;
and under our code of morality that
would be criminal aggression."
"My friends, there Is a great moral
question involved, declared so by your
President; a code of morality is in
question ?arid according to that code,
forcible annexation is criminal aggres?
"I say. give independence to the peo?
ple of Cuba, not because we promised
it to them, but because thoy fought
for it and have a right to It whether
we promised it or not. Why cannot we
apply the same principle, to the Philip?
pines? Why should we purchase a title
to the Philippines from Spain? We de?
clared that Soalh did not have any
title to Cuba. When I buy the Filipinos
I want to deal directly with them, and
I want to pay more than $'2.GO apiece
for them."
(By Telegraph to Vlrglninn-Pllot.l
Springfield, 111., Jan. 4?The Demo?
cratic State Central Committee to?
night declared itself for the Chicago
platform and for William J. Bryan.
Mr. Bryan was present and made an
address, thanking the committeemen
for the personal compliment and con?
gratulating Iho organization on its de?
claration in favor of free and unlimited
The adoption of the resolutions en?
dorsing silver and Mr- Hryan by un
nnlmous vote was something of a sur?
prise, for it was expected thnt nevernl
of the members of the committee, with
leanings to the gold standard, would
oppose any declaration In favor of the
platform of 1806. C. K. Lnnd. proxy
for Benjamin T. Cable, who Is generally
regnrded as a strong nntl-sllver man,
voted with the majority nnd stated that
ho did so at the request of Mr. Cablo.
Aside from the declaration of party
policy the meeting of the committee
was of interest because of the contest
concerning its organization between
the factions of Mnyor Harrison nnd
ex-Governor Altgeld. The Harrison
men elected their candidates, Dr. Wal?
ter Wntson, of Mount Vernon, being
chosen State ehairmnn and Fred Eldred,
of Chicago, secretary.
Hurt-own IIa? Clear Field.
(By Telegraph to Vtrglnlan-Pllot.)
Lansing. Mich.. Jnn. 4.?Both branches
of the Stale Legislature convened at
noon to-day. The organization of the
House and Senate was wlthor*' unusual
incident. The withdrawal of Albert
Peck from the Senatorial races gives
Senator Burrows a clear field and he
will unquestionably receive the unani?
mous vote of his party at to-ntght'n
Governor Plngree's message will not
be read, until to-morrow.
(By TeVcgraph to Virginian-Pilot.)
Washington, D. C, Jan. 4.?Another
disagreeable consequence of the late
war has been the presentation to the
Government of claims of cable compa?
nies for damages sustained through the
suspension of their business by the
United States military and naval
forces. What the aggregate tunount of
these claims will be cannot be foretold.
The companies in each case base their
claims upon the number of days of in?
terruption to business, estimating the
loss each day by the* records of busi?
ness transacted in corresponding pe?
riods in former years. The State De?
partment is puzzled In dealing with
these claims.
There Is no exact precedent for them
and It is realized we must make some
more International law to meet the
case. The companies believe they have
a precedent for their demands in the at
tltu.de assumed by the United States
in the claim of the Central and South
American Telegraph Company, whose
cables were cut off the coast of Chile
by the Congressional Parly which suc?
ceeded in overthrowing tho Balmaceda
Party in Chile. The Chilean claims
commission allowed the cable company
about one-fourth of Us claim.
The principal argument against the
allowance of the claims in tho pending
cases is based upon a denial that they
are parallel with the South American
case. It Is also asserted that at Manila
for instance, the cable was being used
as a weapon by the Spanish garrison,
and that the United States was Justi?
fied in destroying this weapon.
(By Telegraph to Vlrglnian-Pllot.?
' Richmond, Va., Jan. 4.?Thomas F.
Ryan, of New York, filed a petition In
the Supreme Court of Appeals here to?
day, for a writ of mandamus to com?
pel Y*>. W. Chamberlain, secretary, and
John II. Sharp, treasurer of tho Sea?
board and Roanoke Railroad Company
to allow him or hhs agents to inspect'
the books of the company.
At the samo time Chamberlain and
Sharp, through William A. Fisher, of
Bnlttmoro. and G. Hatton, of Ports?
mouth, their counsel, tiled their an?
The papers in the case are very
Ryan's petition recites that he owns
2,000 shares of stock and at great
length tells of the affairs of the com?
pany. This is an old fight. Ryan and
his associates have for a long time
been seeking to acquire control of the
Seaboard Air Line. They have been
fighting in the Federal courts and have
certain causes pending there now.
The Court of Appeals will not ren?
der its decision for some time, as it
will require much time to examine the
(By Telegraph to Virclnlan-Pllot.)
New York, Jan. 4.?The application
for a certificate of reasonable doubt,
pending un appeal, In the case of Wil?
liam A. E. Moore, who was sentenced
to nineteen years' Imprisonment for
robbery, extortion nnd assault In the
first degree, was argued before Jus?
tice Nash In the Supreme Court to-day.
Decision was reserved.
Mr. Levy appeared before Recorder
Goff to-day and argued a motion for
the release of Mrs. Fayne Strahan
Moore on ball. Decision was reserved.
Editor Itrnil.
(By Telegraph to Vlrginian-Pllot.)
Paris, Jan. 4.?Alme Edourad Herve,
editor of the Solell, died to-day in his
G4th year.
Major Harrison, of Volunteers,
Appears Before Commission
The Store? Were Hieltest Tltnt Conld
Ho UouKlit-'llic rttent Krally Quito
Good?TCMtincN n? nil F.xpert vt it
lies', of I .x per icncc.
(By Telegraph to Vlrginlan-Pllot ?
Washington, Jan. 4.?Major Hopkins,
military aide to the Secretary of War,
testified before the War Investigating
Commission regarding sanitary condi?
tions at the camps at Tampa, Camp
Thomas and Camp Alger. It was the
old question of sinks, drainage, and
camp police, and the testimony of the
witness wad little different from pre
cedlng witnesses.
Major Harrison, Ninth Volunteer In?
fantry, whose regiment was raised
near New Orleans nnd is now in ser?
vice at Santiago, way next called.
Concerning commissary stores, he
said those in the United States wero
the best that could bo bought in the
open market. The refrigerated beef
sent from this country, he said, was
excellent. He had had much experience
with refrigerated meat, and he said
that while there was some disposition
on the part of the regiment cooks to
cavil at the appearance of the meat. It
was In reality quite good. He explain?
ed that the sudden change of temper?
ature on removing the meat from the
refrigerator ships produced what is
known as a "heard." a greenish growth
that had to be scraped off. When this
was done, the meat beneath was per?
fectly good. It was served to the men
with excellent results, and benefltted
the sick materially, The chief trouble
came when the change was made to
hoof cattle sent from Porto Rico. This
beef Major Harrison killed himself and
personally superintended Its dressing
and cooling. "But it would not cool
In that climate," he eald very emphat?
ically. "The meat never lost Its ani?
mal heat, and with Its use our sick?
ness increased 10 per ?>ent. In a coun?
try where the dead putrified in six
hours, you will easily understand that
meat killed and exposed to the atmos?
pheric changes with coagulated blood,
and the attacks of flies will spoil much
sooner. Our board of purvey had no
w.ork to do except condemning and
burying this local killed beef."
Of the canned meat Major Harrison
spoke with equal emphasis, saying
that it was fully as good as the refrig?
erator beef, was well received by th?
men, and none of it had to be con?
Witness said he was thoroughly fa?
miliar with the processes of refrige?
rating and butchering meat, and he
was willing to state positively that
there were no chemicals used in any
of the American beef that passed un?
der hits observation. He regarded it
as highly improbable that anything of
the sort had been attempted.
Hont? Tor itie Lawyer.
(By Telegraph to Virginia-Pilot.)
Red I.ake Falls, Minn.. Jan. 4.?The
life of County Attorney Van R.
Brown was attempted to-day. A dyna?
mite bomb was placed over his office
door nnd fell when Brown entered, ex?
ploding with tcrritlc force. Brown was
knocked senseless. ? ?
Organizing: to Prevent His
Election to the Senate.
Neunlor Fllna. fcity* they Want More
I.iu'it iinil us Long as Clio Oppoml*
lion Slnnd Tocel'irr e iiere Can Be
Ko Election-DawlM lie Thinks 10
Voto for n .Vnu Charged with
(Dy Telegraph to VIrgtnlan-Pllot.)
Harrlsburg, Pa., Jan. 4.?Tho Repub?
lican Senators and members who Blgn
ed the pledge not to take part In last
night's Senatorial caucus organized
this morning at the Commonwealth
Hotel to keep up the fight against Sen?
ator Quay until after the Supreme
Court has disposed of the People's
Bank conspiracy case. Tho meeting
was attended by nearly all the signers,
and two others, who did not sign, but
kept away from the caucus.
Senator Fllnn said there was no ne?
cessity for holding a Senatorial caucus
last night, and that so long as those
who stayed away stood together there
could be no election of a U. S. Senator.
"What he wanted was more light on
the charges pending against Senator
Quay to ascertain whether he Is a pro?
per person to be elected to the United
States Senate. Mr. Fllnn also said
that he Interpreted the pledge binding
the independents to keep out of the
caucus to mean that they would not
vote for Mr. Quay until the Supreme
Court has disposed of the conspiracy
cases, and that if the Senator was In
no better position after Its action than
he Is now they cannot vote for his re?
Senator-Elect David Mairtln. of Phil?
adelphia, who will be qualified January
17th, when, the House and Senate Will
voto for Senator, concurred Jn what
Senator Flinn had said. This waa his
interpretation of his pledge, and , he
would stand upon this piatfc*m."'";''^Si
Senators Fllnn and Waller, of BtAL
ford, and Representatives Coray, of
Luzerbe; Savage, of Philadelphia;
Moore, Butler, and Young were ap?
pointed a committee to taka charge
of the work of the organization.
The committee issued the following
address this evening:
"To the Republicans of Pennsylvania:
"We, the undersigned committee, ap?
pointed by, and representing the ab?
sentees of the alleged Republican cau?
cus, deslifing that our fellow Republi?
cans throughout the State should un?
derstand clearly the motives which an?
imate us In our present position with
reference to the United States Sena
torshlp, hereby brlelly set forth our
"In our present attitude we are
prompted by what we believe to bo
the best interest of our party and
State. We believe that a Republican
Senator should and will be elected, and
that no combination of circumstances
can prevent it. We believe that the
unquestioned sentiment of the Repub?
licans of the Commonwealth is against
taking action that might result In the
olfcition of a person ns Vnlterl gfitpa
Senator who is charged with crime be?
fore his innocence is established In a
court of justice, and that the failure to
determino that question prior to thts
time Is due to the act of the alleged
caucus nominee in delaying -trial, and
not to any act of ouns. We feel that
In juotlce to "the public and our own
sense of sotf-respect and duty, we are
Justified in refusing to be committed
to any proposition that might cast a
stigma upon our commonwealth and
our Integrity as citizens and legisla?
"Feeling that we are sustained In our
position by tho unbiased sentiment of
the Senate, we deem it unwise to voto
for any person for United States Sena?
tor who Is duly charged with crime so
long as these -barges remain unde?
termined. We cannot justify ourseilvcs
for voting for any person for office
who .is Indicated for criminal offences
and who simply alleges that he is the
victim of a political conspiracy. We
believe that the public as well as our?
selves la not Interested In the motives
of the person making the Charge?, but
rather in the truth or falsity of these
"Entei'talnlng these views we submit
our action to the unprejudiced Judg?
ment of our fellow citizens."
(Ry Telegraph to Virginian-Pilot.)
Lamoni, Iowa, Jan. 4.?The Lamoni
branch of the Josephite Church of Lat?
ter-Day Saints, in its regular annual
session, adopted a resolution censuring
Congressman-elect Roberts, of Utah,
as a "violator of law and practical po
lygamist," and objecting to his being
seated in Congrens. The resolution was
carried by a vote of 17 to 14, regardless
of the advice of Apcstle Wight, of ths
Utah Mission, on the ground that no
evidence had been submitted that Ro?
berts is a violator of law.
Orgniilxlua for Free silver
(By Telegraph to Vlrcln'an-Pilot.l
Denver. Col., Jan. 4.?Preliminary
steps have been taken In this city for
the organization of the "United States
Sixteen to One Money Lengue." The
object of the organization Is to assist
In tho organization of political parties
on the basis of bimetallism. It is ex?
pected the league will take a prominent
pAtt In poUUc*
Cubans Indignant and Protest
Against Customs Order.
i in* Whole i'roTlnco Inllniiieil-Geii
oral nronke Apparently licnorlne
General Wood ? Or, Cnnlcllo F.iim
route to Washington.
(By Telegrnph to Virglnlan-Pllot.)
Santiago de Cuba, Jan. i? Meetings
were held at all the political clubs last
night, nnd even the most conservative
people, those favoring the annexation
of Cuba to the United States, were as?
tounded at the orders from Havana for
the centralization of the customs money
there. The past forty-eight hours have
-completely altered the situation of af?
fairs here. The province had gradually
settled down and was contented with
the order of things prevailing, recog?
nizing the benefits conferred. Now
there is a complete change nnd there
is no exaggeration in saying that the
situation is critical, that a spark would
set up a blaze which would plunge the
province into insurrection.
It is generally admitted that If one
thousand men were suddenly discharged
from the public works such action
would probably cause a revolt which it
would be hard to quell.
Major General John H. Rrooke, the
governor general of Cuba, is appar?
ently ignoring General Leonard YS ood,
in command here, and is cabling direct
to his subordinates. He has ordered
the acting Collector of Customs to bank
no money and the commanding gene?
ral of the province has ordered the
postofilce to close several minor offices,
including Songo und Bayamo, practi?
cally shutting off the mall of the regi?
ment there.
Dr. Castillo will accompany General
Wood to Washington, representing the
British interests in Santiago, to lay
these matters before the President
General Wood's work here is now
more thoroughly appreciated by the
Washington. Jan. 4.?Regarding the
scnsa'tlonal reports from Santiago that
the whole province had been Inflamed
by the recent order of the War Depart?
ment "concentriting all customs money
in Havana," thus threatening a stop?
page of all public Improvements and
threatening to threw thousands of Cu?
bans ou't of employment, it may be au?
thoritatively statetl that any excite?
ment existing in Santiago Is due to a
misapprehension of the War Depart?
ment's order. It seems to have been
taken for granted that the order con?
templates sending nil currency collect?
ed for customs du en to Havana, and
thus cutting off the Governor of San?
tiago province from the employment of
local labor. The fact Is that the oin
cers In charge of customs at the va?
rious ports of entry are merely order?
ed to "make weekly reports to the Col?
lector of Customs of the ipland at the
chief ports, and all transactions at the
sub-port over which he may have Ju?
risdiction, wfth copies of entries of
merchandise duly certified."
The customs from all the ports In
the Island are to be used for tho bet?
terment of the condition of the Cu
bans, not only In Havana and Santiago,
but elsewhere. Expenditures will be
divided as equitably as possible, so as
to relieve distress existing In various
quarters nnd to make this relief cor?
respond oa nearly as possible to the
So far from the War Department con?
templating any curtailment of the re-I
lief work In Cuba, an order already has ]
been issued to the Governor General
directing him to furnish work to every
able-bodied Cuban applying for it at
a fair rate of weekly wages, measured
by Cubun standards. The order sug?
gests that the best lines of employ?
ment are in sanitary works, road Im?
provement and munlclpnl works of vi.
rlous sorts. It Is Intended to offer a
chance for remunerative work to nil]
who are able to take advantage of rt.
nnd to cut off the gratuitous distribu?
tion of rations atnpng those natives |
able to work for what they eat. The
employment contemplated will not he
offered, however, to any resident of the
island who retains his allegiance to |
(P.y Telegraph to Virglnlan-Pllot.j
Savannah, Ga., January- 4. ? Two |
weeks ago Hugh McClair, formerly
steward on the yachts of K. D. Morgan
and W. 0. Whitney, and then steward
on the transport Roumanian, was dis?
charged by the ship's quartermaster.
McClair said It was because he had de?
manded of tills quartermaster his share
of profits mutle from the ship's store
room. Among other things he claim?
ed that the quartermaster was doing a
rushing business aboard ship and pock?
eting tho pro-fits. Subsequently Mo
('loir was arrested on an affidavit by
the quartermaster, charging him with
having stolen government silver. To?
day, however, he was discharged from
custody by ?ie I'nlted States commis?
sioner. Since MeClalr story became
public Depot Quartermaster Dellinger
nnd Depot Commissary R?thers have
been making nn Investigation. What
they Pound has been embodied In an
official report, which went to Washing?
ton last night. It la stated that Quar?
termaster Wrlgley, of the Roumanian,
and the quartermasters in charge of I
the Manitoba, have been recommended |
discharged from the service.
Stringent orders have been Issued ]
from Washington in regard to tho car?
rying and selling of liquor on the I
transports to soldiers. The sale of li?
quors at one time must have come
close to the verge- of a scandal. Nearly
every one of the transports was run?
ning a bar and getting rid ot consider?
able, liquor to the soldiers, something
said to have been unheard of before
on a military transport. On some of
the transports the charge was made
tWat there was exorbitant prices and
big profit's In tlie business for the stew?
ards or somebody. The selling of liquor |
appears to have run on for some time |
before the general officer.-* got tholr
eyes on ft, and then there was a speedy |
stoppage to It.
An Attorney l>lsbnrr?il.
(By Telegraph to Vlrglnian-Pllot.)
Washington, D. C. Jan. 4.?Eugene]
W- Able, an attorney of Saluoa, S. C.
was to-day dlspowored from practice
before tho Interior Department on tho
charge of receiving au illegal lee, in a
pension claim, 1
Hanvana Papers Report its Discov?
ery in tho Governor's Residence,
The People lixclied?Gather t?t SSc-i?
denro I.iinl Occupied by Ofntral
I'nrrndo?Dlaorlptlon a! Room?
American* Do Not Relieve story.
(By Telegraph to VIrglnlan-Pllot.)
Havana,Jun- 4.?The afternoon papers
to-tlay eent a thrill through tho city,
with a report that a torture and execu?
tion chamber had been found at tho
residence of the Spanish military gov
ernor, adjoining the palace. The papers
declared that there the Spanish officials
questioned and murdered political prla
onertT According to their accounts, the -
floor of the chamber was covered With
dried blood and Its walls were Indented
with machete etrokes.
An excited crowd soon gathered out
side the residence, which was last oc?
cupied by General Parrado. The re?
ported torture chamber is a room about
eight feet by eight, Just oft the dining
room. As a matter ofjtfaet It was pro--;
bably used as a pantry. In tho wall ,
there is a dirty Iron bar, evidently Used
to hang meat on, and a piece of dls?
colored rope is suspended from It. It la
inconceivable that General Parrado N
practiced torture next to his dining
For purposes of bettor military con>
trol. the suburbs of Havana have been' <.
placed under General Ludlow's com?
mand, and the detached companies of ?
volunteers and police in the suburbs
have been removed from General Fitz
hugh I.ee's command to General Lud?
Senor Recldo Arnauta Y Hernandes, ,
editor of El Roconcentrado, issued, to?
day a third attack upon his old onemy,
Zacarlas Bresnes, whom, with three
others, he accuses of blowing up the
Unitod States battleship Maine. Bres
nt;;, who is a lawyer and politician,
sailed for Spain about two weeks ago.
The installments of tho story thus far
have been devoid to the alleged
felonies and treacheries of Braanes.
The editor tells h.-= readers to be pa?
tient, as In due time they will get
the facts regarding the Maine explosion.
He describes his proof as "largely
Havana, Jan. 4.?Major General Lud
low. Governor of tho Department - of
Havana, ha? issued an order forbidding
(Continued on Sixth Page.)
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