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Second, Freemason, west or Boush
street?Preaching by Rev. T. It. Eng?
lish, of Union Theological Seminary,
Richmond, at.U a. m. and 7:45 p. m.
Administration of the Lord's Supper at
the close of the morning service. Sun?
day school at !):30 a. m. Young people's
prayer meeting at 7 p. m.
First, Church street, between Holt
and Cove streets?Preaching by the
pastor. Rev. Edward Mack, at 11 a.
in. and S p. in. Sunday school at 8:30
a. m. Westminster League prayer
meeting at 7:15 p. in.
'Park Avenue, Prambleton-Preach'tiR
l>y the panlor. Rev. E. B. McCluer, at
11 a. m, und 7:45 p. m.
Colley Memorial?Preaching by the
pastor, Rev, Ci YV. -Maxwell, at 11 a.
m. and 7:45 p. m.
Washington Avenue Chapel, Hunters
ville?Preaching by the pastor, Kev. G.
W. Lawtjon, at 7:30 p. in.
Sunday school in the school-house,
Park Place, at 9:30 a. m.
Lambert's Point?Preaching by the
pastor. Rev. Cl. D. G-itkerson, at 11 a.
in. and 7:45 p. in.
St. Mary's, corner of Chapel and Holt
streets, Rev! John Doherty, pastor.?I
Sunday: Early mass at 7 a. in.:
children's mass a't-8:30 a. in.: liie,h mass
at 11 a. m. Vespers and benediction of
the blessed sacrament at 8 p. m.
Sacred Heart Church, corner of York
and Dunmorc streets, Rev. Father T. s.
"Wilson, pastor?Sunday: First mass,
7:30 a. in.; second mass, 11 a. in.;
vespers at 5 p. in., followed by benedic?
tion of the blessed sacrament.
Freemason, corner of Freemason and
Hank streets? Preaching by the pastor,
Rev, M. B. Wharlon, D. D., at .11 a. in.
and S p. in. Alorniiifj subject, "Christ
Considered." Evening, ".Christ Be?
trayed." Special music at both ser?
Park Avenue. Brambieton?Preaching
by the pastor, Kev. .1. ,T. Hall, D. D.,
'at 11 a. ni. and 7:45 p. in.
First, Corner of Freemason and Gran
by streets.?Preaching at 11 a. m. :tnd
7:45 i). m.
Grace, corner of Princess Anne ave?
nue and Church street.?Preaching at
Jl a. m. and 7:30 p. in. by the pastor,
Rev. A. 10. Owen, 1>. 1 >. Sunday school
at 0:30 a. m.
Spurgcon Memorial, Windsor avenue,
Brambieton.?Preaching by the pustor,
Rev. L. R. Christie, at 11 u. in. and
.7:45 p. m.
Central Avenue. Atlantic city Ward,
?Preaching by iho pastor, Kev. E. E.
Dudley, at II a. m. and 7:45 p. in.
Burrows' Memorial.Lambert's Point ?
Preaching by the pastor, Rev. George
W. Cox, at 11 a. m. and 7:15 p. m.
First Lutheran Church, Charlotte
sired, between O ran by and Brewer
streets. Kev. .1. 10. Shcnk, pastor
Preaching at 11 a. in. and 7:45 p. m.
Memorial Temple. Qorner of Cook and
Tunstall avenues, Brambieton, Rev. .1.
.P. Barrett, D. I)., pastor.?Services at
II a. m. and 7:45 p. in. Sunday BChool
at 0:30 p. m. Revival services at night,
First Church, Library building -Ser?
vices ..i li a. in. ami 8 p. in. Wednesday
evening at 8 o'clock.
Freemason. between Hank and
Brewer streets?'Preaching by the pas?
tor. Rev! W. F Smith, at II a. in. and
7:45 p. in. Sunday sell.ml at 9:45 a. in.
Christian Endeavor a I 7 p. in.
Epwortli,, corner of Ifreeniuson and
Boush streets.?Preaching by the pas?
tor, Rev. \V. J. YOung, IX I)., a: II a.
in. and 7:45 p. in. M ?ruing subject,
"Eight Days After." Evening, "The
Kind of Christianity the World Needs."
Kastor music will be repeated; Sunday
qchool at !?: 15 a. in,
Huntersvllle, Johnson av< nu??
Preaching by the pastor. Rev. Daniel
is it not due to nervous
exhaustion? Things always
look so much brighter when we
are in good health. How can
you have courage when suffer?
ing with headache, nervous
prostration and great physical
Would you not like to be rid
of this depression of spirits?
,y How? By removing the
* cause, By taking
^??i^aclMty to ?11 parts
Sat carry away useless and
jolsofious materials from your
lodf? It removes the cause of
jrcrur suffering, because it re
loves all impurities from your
Mood. Send for our book on
k*To keep in Rood health you
lust have perfect action of the
bowels. Arer's Pills cure con
igparion and biliousness.
rVJYffl to OSM* a net or a.
M ?Ott would Uli? to consult
DSfk? B%f?*Cl?n? rvhont jour
.. nwiwrRa oi froeiy ?ii th.i
??r? fo ycor a?i?. Ton will re
i prompt f?pl>. vrtihou t on.;.
Addrue. Dp. j. C. AVER.
Lowell. Matt.
T. Merrltt, at 11 a. mi and 7:45 i<. m.
Morning subject. "The Sabbath a Day
to Do Good and Not to Do Kvil. 1 liven?
ing, - The Offlce of thi> Holy Splflt."
Epworth League at t i>. ni.
Cumberland, between Holt and Cove
Btreets?Preaching by Rev. C. W. Pettll
at 11 a. m. and Itev. J. W. Crlder at
7:30 p. m. Communion at the close of
the morning service,
Deities' Memorial, corner of Camp
avenue and Port street, Atlantic City?
Preaching by lh? pastor. Rev. W. T.
Williams, at II a. m.. ?ml 7:45 p. in.
Morning subject, "Henceforth." Even
Ing, "The Lamb of pod." Service for.
the baptism of children at l p. tn.
McKendrce, corner of Clay and Clal
borne avenues, Urambleton- -Preaching
by the pastor. Rev. lt. H. Bennett, at
11 a. m. and 7:15 p. m.
Queen, corner of Puluski and Queen
streets?Preaching by the pastor, Rev.
S. C. Hatcher, at II a. in. ami 7:45 p. m.
Trinity, corner of Malt by and Cor
prew avonues?Preaching by the pas?
tor. Rev. Dloyd T. Williams, at n a.
tri. and 7M5 p. in.
Centenary, corner of Bpush and
Queen streets?Preaching by the pastor.
Rev, \V. II. Edwards, at ll a. in. and
7:4."> p. m. Sunday school at 0:15 a. m.
Lambert's Point?Preaching by the
pastor,'Rev. George H. Spooner, at 11
a. m. and 7:45 p. m.
Christ, corner of Freemason and
Cumberland streets. Rev. Dr. t'. 12.
Gramm er, rector?Services at 11 a. in.
and 5 p. ill.
St. Paul's ,C lurch and Cove streets.
Rev. B. D. Tucker, rector?Services at
11 a. m. and evening prayer at ?
P- m.
St. Luke's, corner of Gran by and Bute
streets. Rev. A. s. Lloyd, rector.?Ser?
vices at 11 n. hi. and 7:30 p. m.
St. Peter's, Drown avenue, Brnmblc
lon. Itev. C. E, Woodsph, rector?Ser?
vices at 11 a. m. and 7:15 p. m.
Emmanuel Chapel, corner of Wide
and Culvert streets, itev. John II. Dick?
inson, curate?Services at 11 a. m. and
8 p. m,
St. Andrew's Chapel, coiner e>f Ann
and Maycsville avenues, Rev. John H.
Dickinson, curate ? Divine services
every Thursday night at S o'clock.
Sunday school at 1 p. m.
The first of the after-'Easter gcrmnns
was given by the "Seniors" at Mon
tellore Hall last night, and was a
largely attended and brilliant affair.
There were sixty couples dancing,
lead by Mr. W. H. Taylor. The vlslt
tlng young ladies were Miss Taylor,
Hoanoke; Miss Cresfon, New York;
Miss Bascde, New York; Miss Slieil
gleff, Baltimore; Miss Bonsai, Balti?
more; Miss Cralghill, Lyuchburg; Miss
Johnston, Konnokc.
The chaperons were Mrs. Co Id well
Hardy, Mrs. R. It. Cookc, Mrs. Hugh
Nelson Page.
Ah elegan,t supper was served at
midnight, consisting of the delicacies
of the season.
The music was by the Naval Post
> Hand. The commander of the Yosc
mite was present, and greatly enjoyed
the gorman, which will be the last he
will have the pleasure of attending be?
fore his ship sails for Guam.
Do your glasses suit you? If not, see
Dr. Weck, 310 Main street.
Our lino of stick Pins is the largest
to be f,,und in the city, and at way
down prices.
All in sight of monument. "Newest
Discovery'' CNtmctS teeth painlessly.
N. Y. Dental Rooms, Enncs only, ;;:'i
Main street, corner Talbot.
(By Telegraph to Virginia-Pilot)
Washington, P. C, April 7.?Mr. F. B.
Thurber, president of the Unll I Stal a
Export Association, in testifying as to
trusts before the Industrial Commis?
sion to-day, took positive grounds in
support of trusts, saying thai he had a',
first been prejudiced against them, !>? -
lieving that tiny would Oppress I lie
public, with high prices.
"1 had." he said, "no conception that
they were a natural economic develop,
inent consequent on the development of
the great forces which now control the
world?steam, electricity and in a hin
ery?or that there was any Rational
basis for their existence, Kul a care?
ful study of their effect, ranging over a
period of years, has materially modi?
fied my opinion."
Tukinir up the history of trusts, be
Bald they began with the consolidation
of ihn railroads into trunk lines, lie
said the fear had been that the i tubi
nntions would result in exorbitant rut ;s
for transportation, but this had not
proved to be the ease. II" <pi iled litc
ures to show that, on the contrary,
tin re had been a reduction.
Th entire transportation performed
by the railroads of the United S al
during the twelve years ending .tun,
30, 1-SiH. was equivalent ;>> moving ISt!,
70!>.G77,s^J passengers and S07.935,iS2,S 1
tons <u" freighl one mile. Had rales
averaging as high as those of 1882 been
collected on ibis tralBc, the railroads
would have canted $2,629,031,450 nioro
than they actually received.
Under the consolidated > ffeoli ?! by the
Standard < >il Company ?Ml had depre?
ciated in price from 25.7 cants per gal?
lon, in 18H, to ;,.7 cents, in 1808, and a
similar condition was shown as the re?
sult of I be formation of the sugar (rust,
duo to the purchase of tie- raw material
at a cheaper rate than Individual refin?
ers could gel it.
Mr. Thurber suggested that :'a so arc
but types of many in tie- evolution "i
indUSt l ies.
"That there have been instances of
hardship and injustice httcndlnu this
revolution cannot he doubted, lu nd
mined, "but it is equally certain thai
the total results have been beneficial
to the public nt large and la lite inter?
ests of the laboring classes especially,
who constitute the majority."
Ill other words, (lie pi'Ollls >'f capital
have been steadily decreasing, while
those of labor, especially organized
labor, have steadily increased."
The Utah Sugar Company, of Lehl,
Utah, lias decided to increase its beel -
sugar factory to utilize 450 tons of beets
dally. Contracts have been lei.
A new knitting company formed at
Detroit, Mich-, is the Novelty Knitting
Company, capitalized at 815.000. J. \\.
Owen is one of the directors,
(Continued from First Page.)
time to save themselves were fruitless,
and aside from Mrs. .St. John, the only
other person who got out of the house
alive were the two servants, Jenny
Burns and Allee White, who appeared
at upper windows.
Before the llremen could raise lad?
ders to reach them, the women climbed
out upon the sills. With all their
strength the firemen cried to the wo?
men not to jump, but the women were
past heeding warning. Jenny Burns
leaped out. She turned over and over
and fell almost directly lipon her head.
Her skull was fractured In several
places. The other woman, when sliu
saw the late of her friend, hesitated for
a moment, then, as the smoke thicken?
ed, she, too. jumped. She fell upon a
rear cxti ttsi.oi of the building and was
pickt d'up unconscious and severely in?
Tili: AHAMS 11. ?ME.
While the lire in the Andrews house
was raging, grcal clouds of. sparks were
carried with the wind and a brand flew
Into an open tipper window of the house
Of Albert J. Adams, it caught in a cur?
tain nnd instantly the room was abl?se.
A servant, at the window is thought to
have been Mary Laughlth, for her dea
body was found Later at the foot of the
stairs leading from the fourth Hour to
the roof, lightly clasped in her* arms
was the family pet dog.
When the Adam:- hoUSC caught lire a
number <>f the policemen, llremen. and
the large number of the people wno
were ;?. I the other lire rushed nroum" o
Sixty-ninth street. The policemen
knocked oh the the doors and finally
gnlned an entrahco into the Adams
buns., and rtot the family out without
serious Injury. The servants were fran?
tic in their efforts to escape, und Mary
Malloy nnd Minnie Rogue Jumped from
the rear of the fourth floor to the ex?
tension, from which they wore taken
Nellie Quinn was cut off on the fourth
floor and appeared at it front window
about to intni'.
The erowd yelled to her to wait, but
there was no time, as the Humes were
licking her clothes. The desperate wo?
man put her hand over her eyes and'
jUlliped, as she thought, to the ground.
I but instead landed on the roof of the
hay window, one story below and lay
I there stunned.
Policemen Louis <'. Wagner, Melnery
and Hlliman saw the woman's peril,
ami running into the house at No. f>.
went to the fourth floor. Wttgnct1 was
held by the beds and he made a thril?
ling rescue > !' the frantic woman.
The llremen managed to confine th?
fire in this bouse to the third and fourth
floors. The body of Mary Laughlln was
found a| the foot of the stairs lead
?inir to the roof.
About t! o'clock the firemen had BUffl
clcnt mastery* over the lire to permlf
a ecnrcli of the Andrews house. They
found a body of large stature, but badly
S't. John children and the bodies of
what are though! to be the two scr
1 vantS, Marie Roth and Kate Downing.
SEARCH FOR victims.
At 11:13 o'clock the firemen found
Mr. Andrews' body. It was badly
burned and p..iris of the legs were miss?
ing it was n>t recognisable, but was
identified later in the day by the till?
ing of the teeth.
At :t o'clock the workers In the debris
found a body of large statue, but badly
burned. 1: was Identified later by a
d. niist as that of Mrs. Andrews.
At various oilier times before S
o'clock lite workers found the charred
remains of four more persons, prob?
ably the servants.
The lire was in the wealthiest part of
th.? city.
Rumors thai the fire was <?. incen?
diary origin were Investigated during
thi tiny and found to have their basis
in Hie fact that there wns :i quarrel
among 'lie servants hi Mr. Andrews'
country home last Summer, resulting In
tiie discharge r,r one of the servants
(ui. of the domestics received an
a' onymous letter last week, which she
showed lo the police, but it contained
no throats'and was dismissed as being
a trivial mutter.
The amount of damage to property is
estimated at. about $2l'0,000, pretty well
covered by Insurance.
Mr. St. John arrived in New York
at o'clock this afternoon over, the
Pennsylvania railroad. lie went at
once !?> his home, perfectly ignorant of
the reasons which caused the sudden
summons for him to New York, and
When he saw the ruins of his bouse and
was told oT the horrible fat,, of his wife
nnd three children, he bore up manful?
ly, though it was apparent that he had
to summon all his strength of will to
.1.? it. I: is expected that Mr. St. John
will lake the bodies of his wife and
childr-.n and those of Mr. and Mrs. An?
drews to Wllloughby, O., to-morrow for
(By Telegraph to Virginian-Pilot.)
Atlanta, Ca., April ".?A special to
': the Journal from Greenville, S. ' C,
'I'll.. Fourth New Jersey, which was
mm:, i red out hero yesterday and left
(luring the afternoon for home, ter
ii zed tie- communities through which
Ili. y pass. d. firing volleys from the
i cars w ith their revolvers and made a
bad name for themselves at vnrtous
I points l... stealing all they could lay
their hands to.
A vender 61 army badges and camp
I Souvenir? bad ten watches and sixty
, badges stolen;
A Clus:er the Jersey soldiers stood
i oft' the crowd of spectators with a v'bl
! i. y of revolver shots and then raided
; the waiting nnd lunch rooms, carrying
; off all they could find.
They arc reported to have also stolen
a bicycle at <Shi Ster.
Many of the men were drunk when
' they left hero, and Hi" reports indicate
i ib it they became more intoxicated as
I they proceeded, 'flic officers of the reg
' iincnt were with Hie men.
' The hieb character of the1 G. '>. Taylor
l Whiskies has !>? n malnt lined t r nearly
la Quarter .>t a century, in future- there
will be no departure from the- p'.an to
Nurses and Doctors are low Prescribing
Paine's Celery' Compound.
Kvcry woman Is said to make a good'
The opportunity to try Is certainly
forced on every woman at sumo time in
Jut life, and when tin; time comes and
sickness enters her home, she should
know exactly what to do. She can fol?
low no hotter advice than the expert
counsel ?f physicians and trained
nurses who every day see In-fore their
eyes the wonderful results of Paine's
celery compound among their sick, de?
bilitated, and nervously exhausted pa?
Palne'S celery compound 1s th^ only
spring medicine that, has the confidence
of all, and is u.-ed and prescribed by
nurses and physicians.
For years they have seen patients un?
der their care rapidly recover health
and vigor from the use of this wonder?
ful restorative.
Miss Cora Smith, whose portrait is
given here, tell-; of her experience with
this great spring remedy. Miss Smith
is a graduate of the Northwestern H.OS-!
pitnl School for Nurses at Minneapolis.]
She writes:
"D?ring the past live years I have
found that where the system was run
down, nothing was so good as PAinc's
celery compound. The doctors have
prescribed it to patients under myI
charge, and I have noted the very sat?
isfactory results. I am glad lb recom?
mend, it to my tciends." j
? Miss Georgians Dean, who is a grad?
uated nurse from the Francis Wlllard
National Temperance Hospital of Chi?
cago, says:
"In my experience as train >d nurse,
I have often observed thai where n
patient has been very weak, Palne'H
celery compound has quickly returned
him to his wonted vigor, whenever tho
physician has prescribed It."
Paine's celery compound is now the
only spring remedy demanded l>y
thoughtful men and women. It has
pushed aside the countless unscientific,
catch-penny preparations that have no
standing among the reputable physi?
cians and nurses. N'o oile r remedy has
so wonilf-1 ful a. vicord for effectively
ami lastingly curing those diseases that
result from deranged nervo?'and Ini
purc blood. Jt has displaced all other
spring remedies, In tho opinions of tho
beat class id' druggists and physicians
and th.- great mass of Intelligent peo?
ple who judge of a remedy by its re?
sults nunc than by what it claims tor
Thousands of letters have been, re?
ceived by tho proprietors of Paine's
celery compound and by newspapers
and medical journals from men and
women in every walk of life, all telling
one experience?the immediate relief
and perfe t cure effected by Paine's
celery compound.
Tbc best physicians openly endorse
it. use it. recommend it and authorise
tho public use of their statements that
Paine's celery compound in case after
case, cures rheumatism and kidney dis?
eases, purifies the blood, regulates the
Stomach, liver, bowels and kidneys, and
rejuvenates the fagged-out or diseased
n< rvoity system.
GrSLffllem Time S
$1.50. ???
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Cot Rower and vcfiotahic gardens. You can buy a good, full bolted Wheelbarrow
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Shovels, Spades, Hoes, Rakes and Forks!
Different Styled Wheelbarrows,
Small Hand Plows and Wheel Koes.
Wlro to train climbing vines on njid Keep poultry out of gardens, as well m
at borne. Call and examine our stock.
Norfolk; Farm Supply Co.,
WI-: YOU Soro Throaty t'lmplcs, Cop
?Colored Spots, Aches, Old Korea, Ul
ccrs Mouth, il.nr Palling? Write CO OK
Chicago, 111 . for proofs of eures. Capital.
; DO.ouo Worst cases cured in 10 to oj
da,.-; ICO'page book free. Jol-ly
Re?islereJ Pliyslclin
Private sanitarium
of high repute. V<-g.
etnhio compound fur
female .-ompluliitx
11.00. Lilly White
Regulative iviis
Wives Without chll
?r dien consult me.
u;03 E. Haltmioro ot.,
Baltimore. Mil.
LH llv.tiVSV r ilW S t1h> 0 U Km, 0.1 W
if. Orlclnwl tint U:dy Cennlnr. A
t-./.V/.'N S*r,. Ir. LADIES , -k A\
IWfciMi i ?:? ' lerletwn Take \y "
f.BGlqoether, ,-?'.?- (. . . V
ari ? i.on nd4?.
J# In lUuafrt for MHlmara, i .iin>i,?M< ai
iS '-U -ll.r for f,oitlca,"ln tibi return
/> Mull. iO.OOO '.r.. r,J,fr.
s-.a t>r all l-wal Prnfilata. I'.ltlLAUAJ i'A.
WH7-ST- ?
We have all Kinds in stock, and mailfl
of best materials. ?
s i*? Mj.u Street.

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