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Washington, May 17.
Forecast for Thursday:
For Virginia: Local rains, with cooler
In western portion Thursday: brisk
easterly winds, becoming variable. Fri?
day fair and cool.
For North Carolina: Local rains
Thursday, with cooler in western por?
tion. Friday fair; winds mostly brisk,
Norfolk nnrt Ylelnttr.
Fair and cooler; fresh to brisk
southerly winds.
gtfaxlmum temperature. 85
Innlmum temperature. 61
Normal temoerature. 64
Departure from normal .. .. slus 9
Departure from normal since Jan?
uary 1st .minus 47
Rainfall in past 24 hours. 0
Rainfall since 1st of month.l.tl
Mean humidity. 7S
Sun rises 4:53 a, m.; sets 7:03 p. m.
Norfolk: High water 3:16 a. m., 4:04
p. m.; low water 9:34 a. m., 10:04 p. m.
Old Point: High water 2:55 a, m.,
8:43 p. m.; low water 9:13 a. m., 9:43
p. m.
Monuments and Gravestones.
The selection of a suitable
memorial in marble or gran
tte can be readily made from
our stock, for we carry the
largest assortment of finish?
ed designs In the South.
(KeiablletteS SO Yours.)
Jmi-3 0a Baiiu St. SorfolS, T?.
B. Hi Cor. Nebraska and Union Sts.
JA8. M[ BARTON....Prop, and Manager.
WILEY HAMILTON.Amus'm't Director.
Open every night in the year except
Sunday Smoking Concerts, presenting a
respectable, up-to-dato Vaudeville enter?
Matinee9, Tues., Th?rs, and Sats. at 2
p. m Evening performances continuous
from 8 till 12. Admission, 10. 15 and 25c.
Crockett Arsenic Lithi Springs and Baths,
OPI'.N JUNK int.
As a nerve tonic, nntl dyspeptic nnd re?
storative these waters and baths aro un?
surpassed. Relieve* nervous prostration,
rheumatic, skin and kidney troubles and
kindred diseases. Cleans and beautifies
the complexion. Pry atmosphere, ro?
mantic surroundings, modern conven?
iences. For booklet, address M. C.
THOMAS. Manager, 8haw6Vllle, Va.
no young children; suburban home;
four acres shady lawn, modern improve?
ments and'first-class table. Address Mrs.
T. J W. Ill High street, Charlottesvlllo,
Va myl2-lw?
Tfifc nTL>flNTI6 HOTEL?
(Formerly Inverness Inn)
Open JUNE 1. Immediately on the Ocean.
Ratrs, 12.00 to 12 M? per day; ?10 to $15 per
week. Special rate? to families and travel
lng men. Cuisine and service the vcrr
beet. Wrlto for folders. my7-lm
This entire property has been purchased
of Wrst Virginia, who proposes makliuj
many Improvements and refurnlshhlng
the hotel and cottages throughout. The
management of the hotel will be cont'n
ued under Mr. B. F. EAKLE. who has
for the past three years operated it so
These charming springs are situated In
a lovely valley, ensconced In thn back?
bone of the Alleghanie?, at an elevation
of 3,000 fee-t, in the midst, of the. ?'Springs
Region" of Virginia, and only nine miles
from Alleghany Station? the. highest point
on tho Chesapeake and Ohio railway. By
actual anniysls tho best chalybeate
water In this country; none better in the
world; elegant bath pools. Beet and mut?
ton supplied from tho finest blue-grass
sod. Vegetables In abundance, grown In
the garden of th's noted property. Rates
moderate. For further particulars wrlto
epl-4m Manager.
For thn coolest and best soda fountain
drinks !*o to Trotter's firug Ssoro. No city
water or artificial syrups, nothing but
l>ure water and crushed fruit syrups
Pineapple Sherbet, the original nnd only.
Ice-Cream Soda, any flavor; Coos Call
as sa, Coca Coli, Cocs Cola with celery
Koko-Malt wltli pepslnc. Milk Khukes
Phosphates, Egg. (.rape. Claret. Orange,
Cherry, Raspberry and fre;.h ).einon.
pineapple Snow, Claret.nie, Limeade
Lemonade. Mint Ire.,-, violette Ices ami
any and ail the leading drinks.
Trotter's Drug Store,
388 Main St. Cor. Wain and Church
224 Water Street.
Agents for this section for the sale of
Graton & Knight's Leather Beltine. New
York Belting and racking Company's
Rubber Goods Knowlton's Patent Pack?
ing. Snow Steam Pump=. my7-lm
Full Set. $5.00 to $10.00.
. Gold Fillings, $1.00 and up.
> Sliver and Amalgam Fillings
I and up.
/ Cold Crowns, $5.00 to $10.00.
I Vitalized Air for Painless Extrac?
tion of Teeth. Physicians endorse It.
[ 374 Main Street.
IR wrN^EXPi^ss~co.,
2l8Water St.. Phsne 6.Elther Phona
We haul anything to ana from any?
where in the three cities.
SDecial facilities for hauling Sa-fea
Boller?. Furniture and Pianos.
Lou (llled and fining wanted.
The Portsmouth and Port Norfolk
Lines in Court.
Jude? Wnddlll Kiijolns the Former
From Croaalng llio Trnck of tho
Littler ?t'lnnl Hearing Net for
June 6.
In the United Stales Court, Judge
Wnddill granted a temporary injunc?
tion restraining the Portsmouth Street
Hallway Company from crossing the
Port Norfolk Electric Hallway Com?
pany's track at the intersection of
Seventh and Broad street, Portsmouth.
The bill for injunction was filed py B.
W. Leigh, receiver for the latter road.
Tho allegation Is made in the bill
that since the night of April 28th the
Port Norfolk line has been put to ex?
pense and worry because of the Ports?
mouth'Street Railway Company trying
to build a jump-rail crossing over the
track of the former line at Seventh nnd
Bonrd streets, so as to enable the latter
company to run a line to Port Norfolk.
Receiver Leigh, In the bill, alleges that
the competition of the Portsmouth
Street Railway line would be very dis?
astrous to the Port Norfolk line should
the former be allowed to enter that
The bill sets forth that on the night
of April 28th Louis H. Mountrey, super?
intendent of the Portsmouth Street
Railway, went with a force of hands,
rails, spikes, etc., to Seventh and
Broad streets and sturted to build the
crossing which would give that road
an entry into the territory of the Port
Norfolk road. The employes of the lat?
ter road, the bill says, prevented the
crossing being made. Since that time
guards have been kept at the crossing
to prevent further efforts of Mr. Moun?
trey to cross the petitioner's track, and
at night It has been deemed necessary
to keep a locked car on the said
Judge Waddlll made tin order grant?
ing the Injunction to the receiver, and
citing I,ouis II. Mountrey and the
Portsmouth street Railway Company to
come before him on Tuesday, June Cth,
and show cause why the injunction
should not be made permanent. The
Judge's order enjoins the Portsmouth
Street railway from Interfering In any
manner with the Port Norfolk com?
pany, and especially at the crossing
Mr. Mountrey said to a Vtrglnlan
Pilot reporter yesterday that he did
not know what answer his road would
make to the injunction. He denies that
he attempted to cross the track of the
Port Norfolk road by night, as alleged.
The Portsmouth Street Railway Com?
pany has been trying for some time to
get to Port Norfolk nnd they have gone
to the courts with the matter.
The practicable way for that road to
get there. Mr. Mountrey says. Is to
cross the Port Norfolk company's track
at Seventh and Broad streets. That Is
the way they want to go. The Ports?
mouth Street railway now has a line
running to this point.
The injunction proceedings has
brought the matter to a direct issue.
The Portsmouth Street Railway Com?
pany must make a sufTlclent answer or
else the injunction will bo made per?
manent, and in this event that com?
pany will be barred out of the Port
Norfolk territory unless they can get
there in some olher way.
Itenl Estate Nold Vokiordny,
Mr. T. F. Rogers, auctioneer, sold at
tho Real Estate Exchange yesterday
for Messrs. John J. Burroughs nnd
Thos. II. Wilcox, specinl commissioners,
tho following property:
House and lot Nos. 12 and 14 on
Drewer street, to Jesse T. Bouncy;
House and lot on Bank street, old
No. US, to W. H. H. Trice: $4.250.
House and lot on Sheldon avenue,
Bramhletoii Ward, to Waiter While?
hurst: |55?
Total amount of sales. $1J.S55.
Messrs. C. H. Ferren & Co.. auc?
tioneers, sold yesterday at the Real Es?
tate Exchange for J. M. Keeling, spe?
cial commissi.>ner. the Stephen Win
ingder property on the corner of Chapel
and Ooff streets. Hun tersvtile, as fol?
L. Shefsky. 6 lots .$2.^05
W. T. ClirdtS, 17 lots .2.0-S5
E. A. Watkins * Pro.. 2 lots _ 27.".
H. C. Gallup, 3 lots . 645
S. W. Collins. 2 lots. 3nr?;
Total amount of sales.!?r..r.ri5
$10. <::..-) j
Grand total yesterday .$ic,ir.0
Norfolk anil Washington KtftAiltbnitt
< pmpniiy.
Kntlnunl I'eiif-r .tu'llloe.
Washington.. l> V. Mnjr S3 rd, 2 till nnd
For the above celebration, this com?
pany will sell special tickets to Wash?
ington and return at $3.00?on sale May'
22d and 23d. limited to 26th inclusive.
Staterooms can now be reserved all
company's office on the wharf.
'Phone No. 441. General Agent.
my 12-51-cod
nibble Plnee l?i?|?r??venirn??t.
The foot and bicycle bridge from the
end of Yarmouth street to the end of,
Mary's avenue, on Ribble Place tract,
has been completed, and will be thrown
open to travel to-day.
The Foster pavement has been
finished on Mary's avenue, nnd the
granite curbing is now being laid.
Never a doubt about the fit and
workmanship if your clothes are made
by Rudolphl & Wallace. No better
made anywhere.
Joe Howard In Sforiolk.
Mr. Joe Howard, who is perhaps the
best known special newspaper writ r
of recent years, was in Norfolk yester?
day wi:h his wife and daughter. Mr.
Howard and family came down from
New York on tho Old Dominion's new
steamer Hamilton, and they spent the
day hero and at Old Point.
"Howard's Column" in the New York
Press. Boston Globe, St. Louis Globe
Dcniocrat nml other papers was several
years ago regarded to, bo the most
widely read and popular special news?
paper feature In any paper In the coun?
try. Of late years Mr- Howard has not
written much on account of his health.
April Mori nary ftiatlMlcs.
Dr. C. P. Newblll. registrar of vital
statistics, has completed his mortuary
report for the month of April. We
take the following interesting Items
from it:
Number of deaths?Colored. 52; white,
27; total. 70. Nine persons died of heart
disease, four of Bright* disease, seven
of old age, three of meningitis, and one
of malarial fever.
Two colored persons died of cancer,
ten of phthisic, four of paralysis, three
of convulsions, ten of pneumonia, two
of asthma, and three of grip.
Eleven children died under one year.
While only four whites died under from
10 to 20 years, 17 negroes passed away.
*wcct. Refreshing
sleep Is given by Hood's Sarsapirilla 1
which Strengthens the nerves, tones tho
stomach and overcomes all dyspeptic
symptoms. Ycu should try it.
Hnod's Pills are prompt and elllelont,
easy to takf. easy to operate. cents.
llnoU Roller,
"Unto Two Flags True," by Emmy
Hendren Gwathmcy, in paper, the Nus?
baum Book and News Company pub?
lishers. Is a charming thirty-three page
sketch group, In warm coloring, of a
child's experience during the civil war.
The nine ?'hanters are simply flash?
light pictures of the gay. the grave, the
light, the shade, the comic and tragic
episodes likely to impress themselves
on a child's memory, and dres't In such
language and style as make them
highly acceptable to children of smaller
or greater growth. Norfolk, Suffolk
and Richmond are the theatres of ac?
tion and many now alive will recognize
the characters and some, at least, of
the Incidents.
The Heritage olT?e\ve>*K I?c.?eci>?lnntN
The document which the President of
the I'nlted States recently framed, mnklng
Commodore Uewey an Admiral, will be
highly prised by his descendants, it win
be passed down frnin generation to Bon
crat'on. It will become as famous anil as
valunble ns the great stoimch remedy.
Hosteller's Stomach Bitters, which guar?
antees health to all users, which may be
passed on from generation to generation
carrying not so much honor maybe as
Dewcy's document, but a great deal more
benellt. As a Itesh-bUltder the Hitters bus
no equal. As a nerve tonic It is unsur?
passed, and ns a blood purlllcr and sppe
ti7..-r it is simply wonderful, if yon r,-,.;
t'red In the morning, If there's a bad
I taste in your nijuth nnd you lack ambi?
tion, try Hosteller's Btomach Hitters, He
you man or woman, be your ailment con?
stipation. Indigestion, Innctlvo liver or
kidneys, the Bittern will cur.) you. All
druggists sell It.
< llntlgr In the Dnnril,
Mr. B. R. Jordan, of Norfolk, has
been added to the Norfolk Civil Service
Examining Hoard. The board now con?
sists of Messrs. Jordan. H. W. T. Wll
kins, J. B. Pebworth and Frank R.
He nry,
Examinations of candidates for posi?
tions under civil service rules will
probably be held several times a year
instead of seml-annually, as heretofore.
It la worth your while to look into
the merits of The Gale Jewelry Com?
pany'? Diamond and Watch Clubs.
Ninth club now forming; no Install?
ment plan, but $1 a week.
To l*renclt I lOmpovlllri.
There will be preaching at Emanuel
P. E. Church. Kempsville, Princess
Anno county, by Rev. Dr. C. 10. Gram?
mer, of Christ Church, at S o'clock to?
night. Miss Mamie Ferrall, n member
of Christ Church choir, has kindly con?
sented to sing at this service. It Is
hoped that there will be a large con?
gregation to hear Dr. Grammer and
enjoy the sweet music.
Heilerin SI* flonru.
Distressing Kidney and Bladder dis?
ease relieved in six hours by "New
Great South American Kidney Cure."
It Is a great surprise on account of its
exceeding promptness In relieving pain
in bladder, kidneys and back, in male
or female. Relieves retention of water
ninio--- immediate':-,-14?y-rni-n ant
quick relief nnd cure this is the rem?
edy. Sold by Walke & Martin, drug?
gists, 10S Water street. Norfolk. Va.
*?criiwberry nn<l 4'renni Nnclnl.
The Woman's Christian Temperance
Union of Norfolk will give a strawberry
and ice-cream social a; No. 25s Grnnby
street, from S to n o'clock, to-night.
The occasion will he enlivened by
choice vocal and Instrumental music,
and reading In elocution by some of
Norfolk's best musical and literary
Iltiiifl*?iii? How limits.
Mr. R. M. Eanes, of the Chemical en
gine-house, has just completed u hand?
some 16-feet row-boat for Captain
Kegcbetn, of Chemical Engine No. l.
It iri named the "Geeivhix."
The handsome row-boat, "Resslc,"
made by him for Chief M. J. Ryan, was
taken to Mahonc's lake.
Mr. Eanes yesterday began work on
another boat that he will keep for his
own use at Ocean View.
Will tin in st. l.oiil?.
The oflice of Supreme Secretary of Ike
Catholic. Knights of America will, after
the first of July next, be permanently
located at St. Louis, Mo., nnd Mr. Jo?
seph C. Carroll, of this city, who was
re-elected to this oflice at the late ses?
sion of the Supreme Council In Kansas
City, will arrive home to-morrow and
proceed at once to remove his oflice
effects to the new quarters. His sen.
Mr. Joseph Carroll, who was with his
father, arrived here yesterday.
Time has proved the worth of the
garments produced by Rudolphl & Wal?
fiml'eilorHlc VelenuiH Merl.
I The general committee of arrange
I mcnts of Pickett-Buchanan Camp.
! Confederate Veterans met in their hull
j last night and received reports from
i the various sub-comm':itoes on Memo?
rial Day. to be observed Thursday
next, the 2.'.th instant. The committee
dei ided that the exercises should be
held on Monument square, as near the
monument as may be deemed proper.
The chairman of committee on music
was authorized to procure music for
the occasion.
Other business was transacted and
the meeting adjourned.
Tho lecture room of Queen Street M.
E. Church was filled to overflowing last
night by the members and friends of
tho congregation, the occasion being;
a social given by the Woman's Foreign
Missionary Society of the church. The
following was the program:
Hymn .Congregation
Prayer. Rev. S. C. Hatchet
Address by tho President .
.Mrs. Hatcher
Vocal solo .Mr. John Drew
Address .By the pastor
Recitation.Mr. George Fen tress
Vocal solo .. ..Miss Blackwell Holland
Vocal solo .Miss Kate Sivils
The address of the president. Mrs.
Hatcher, was very timely. It was a
strong appeal to the woman to do her
part of the great work of sending the
gospel to the heathen nations; In help
ing to provide- the moans to support ;he
missionaries now in foreign lands, and
in sending others out to proclaim the
glad tidings of salvation to those who
have no knowledge of tho true God.
She was followed by the pastor In an
earnest talk along the same tin ?. ntl it
which an invitation was Riven to all to
become members of the society, and tea
'ladies handed in thjrir names. Tho so
I cial closed with a jount'.tul distribu?
tion of refreshments.
For Infants and Children,
The Kind You Have Always Bought
3ears the
Signature of
nnuircrou* 10 I'rilrstlnua.
Last night Officer W. o. Williams
found the premises at the corner of
Commerce nnd Main streets, the site
of the old Virginian building, In a
condition dangerous to pedestrians.
The removal of the building has left
there a yawning chasm nboul six or
?even feet deep, being t lie basement of
the old structure,
Offlcei Williams, when passing the
corner early in the evening, found ibis
opening entirely unguarded oy either
lanterns or barricades, lie at once set
to work, gathered barrels and boards,
and erected n barricade nil nlong the
edge "f the walk on both sides of the
d J~X. S? 1" O X .
Bears thn >?lt!a ^ Wj 1,3,0 kUsm MlK
Consult Rudolphl ?- Wallace, the ac?
knowledged leaders in tailoring. You
will never be satisfied until you do.
Accident in Hip Country,
Mrs. \V. L. Simpson, of Norfolk coun?
ty, while on her farm Monday after?
noon paying off her strawberry hands,
met with eiuite a painful accident. She
was in her buggy going from one part
of the farm to another, when her h in
took fright and ran away. Mrs. Simp?
son was thrown OUt of the vehicle, sus?
taining: a severe concussion of the
brain, besides several bruises about the
body. A physician rendered the neces?
sary medical attention.
Boars the _^li;e Km(l V'-'J ^m U*m BOiirht
Or en i 101111011 of Mod.
Tho Great Council of Red Men of
Virginia convened yesterday at Chln
coteague Island. A small number of
delegates went down from Norfolk. Hie
attendance win, it is believed, be small
er iliaii if the CoTTRcll had convi ned at
sonio point more centrally located.
O IS -?? O 1?* 3C A. .
Bears f.ie ^llw Kind You Han Always Bou/jM
Signature Sj/ ^/S^^^"
'tji.i line Kttlctl.
A mad d. g was shot on Princess Anne
avenue at 7 o'clock yesterday evening 1
by Officer Lowcry. The dog did no
harm, ns rei irled. It was kille.1 in
front of the house at No. ^OJ Princess
Anne avenue.
Mr. Charles J. Ormsby has gone to
New York to take charge of a hotel
In that city.
s. A. Bickford, of Hampton, called on
Norfolk friends yesterday.
Mr. C. VV. Campbell, of Richmond, is
in the city for several days.
Mr. Joseph Wurtssbxirger, of Balti?
more, is spending n few days In the
Mr. J. D. Mercer and wife, of Eos An?
gelas, California, arc spending a few
days in Norfolk. They are on a tour
of the South and East.
Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Tunis have re?
turned to the Monttcelio, where they
will make their residence.
Mr. George Williams, of Hampton,
was in the city yesterday,
i.il'j.ir 1: illman, Maurice Meyer, .1.
Edwin Griffith. J. Herdelberger and
Harry A. Weinberg, well known Balti
moreans, are in the city.
A: a recent meeting of the Alumni
Arsoelatlon of the University C
of Medicine, held in Richmond, Dr. A.
Chambers Ray. son of R?v. G-?orge II.
Ray. D. D.; late of Portsmouth, but how
of Danville, was elected president.
Prof. Bellezza will give another of his
popular soirees at Monteflore Hall noxi
Saturday evening at 8 o'clock to the
young men and ladies of \V< st Rn 1
Tbl* will be the last of the scries whi 11
have been given during the winter
Mr. .1. (i. Askew and wife, of Harn
ville. N. C, are In tho city.
Mr. A. J. Smith, of Alexandria, nr
rivi 1 in I ho city last night.
Messrs. S. S. Rhoads anl J. V.'.
Garth, 01* Charlotte* ville, are in the
Big Amount Involved in Breach of
Contract Suit.
Hon. Joliu coortf, Jr., Asks For Foe
i.ir iiriugiui; About Hin Colinr
t.r.ivo Properly Nalo -Petition Be*
lerretl tu i'omini??iioiicr Wllicox.
In the city Circuit Court yesterday
Judge Prentls heard argument on a de?
murrer in the case of the Camp Manu?
facturing Company, of Franklin, vs. P.
B. Gatlln et als. The suit Is for $30,000,
and involves a breach of contract.
The Camp Manufacturing Company
alleges that the defendants contracted
to sell It certain timber and timber
lands in Edgecomb an I ether counties
in North Carolina, but disregarded its
contract and sold to a Norfolk party,
whom tho plaintiff has garnlsheed.
Judge Connor, of North Carolina, and
Messrs. W. L. Williams and J. M. Nor
llect, attorneys for the defendant, en?
tered a demurrer to the bill of the
plaintiff, Mr. Edward It. Balrd, Jr.,
represents the plaintiff company, and
Mr. O. Taylor Gwathmoy represents
the garnishee.
Tho Court of Law and Chancery did
not do anything of public Interest yes?
The Corporation Court was not in ses?
A deed was recorded in the Clerk's
Olllco yesterday transferring the fol?
lowing property:
From Milton w. Mason to Anna R.
Mason, two lots on York Street, be?
tween Dun more* and Botctourt streets;
S10 and other valuable consideration In
real estate.
Justice A. J. Dal ton presided yester?
day In the Police Court, Justice Tom
lln being Indisposed.
Sarah Snydcr, colored, charged with
secreting a child, was bailed in the sum
of $100. the ease having been continued
until to-day.
The other cases which came up were
also continued.
A. Sanier was discharged in bank?
ruptcy by Judge Waddlll vest?day.
A deer..,, was entered in the matter
of the cedar Qrovc :ond< mnatlon pro?
ceedings by which a pt Itlon by Hon.
John Goodc, Jr.. wns referred to Judge
Thomas H. Wlllcox, commissioner in
saiei proceedings. Mr. Goodo seeks to
secure the payment ef ,il> iul $3,000 for
his services in securing the sale of the
Cedar Orove wet dock property near
the navy yard to the government. The
government is to pay about $145,000 for
the property In quest I 'ti a-.! Mr. Goode
claimed a f.e froni the property own?
ers. One of these demurred at paying
the fee, and the mutter was brought
to Its present status. In the petition
Mr. Goode alleges that ho has worked
for several years to bring about the
Judge Waddlll will render a decision
to-day in the salvage case ..f the
steamers Boyne and Volnge. These
steamers were lih. ii.d tor salvage by
the tits which towed them away from
the pier at Newport News, when the
latter caught lire about two years ago
and wi re destroys '.
rye* Ksiimliinl l
Dr. A. Week, manager of the optical
department of the Gale .1 a .dry Com?
pany, will examine your eyes free. De?
fective vision and complicated cases
specially Invited to call.
? i.ini'il I or Xd.nl -.1.
Mr. John O'Kecfe, tho well known and
popular sign painter, is tho happy
father of three sons who came to his
home Tuesday night, lie has had them
christened, naming them for Dewey,
Schley and Sampson, >?',' the U. s. navy.
Ho was kept busy y. stcrdny acknowl?
edging the congratulations of those of
his numerous friends who had heard of
his good fortune. Mrs. o'Kocte and
the young Admirals are doing well.
All hi sight of monument. "Newest
Discovery" extracts tee; h painlessly.
N. Y. Dental Booms, Kunos only. 324
Main street, corner Talle.;.
l.osl I in nil t'lultneil.
The trunk which was found In tin
rear of Miller, Rhodes & Co.'s store by;
Ofllcer Nelson night before last, was
? Inlmed yesterday by a drummer
named J. Moron. This was the name
on the tag attached to the trunk ami
it was turned o> I i him. H ga\S as
a. reason for leaving the trunk where
it was found that lie had nowhere to
put it.
9 Sign ol B id Blood. *
A small
is .i Pimple, little
Sore, Black Head,
X Boils. Put it is :i " i "i Diseased .
? Hi. h A which may i the *
2 most malignant cancer, ulcer, or ?ezenu
X Gel ii.l ??! tli.- Dad 131 and ;.<?.! pet ?
c ti<l (>i the i lisease. ?
% To cure I
! take t
% ?ST Botanic |
% two' Bl-.od Balm |
* (f.. B. 13.) the greate I .! bi I I >od *
Remedy made, i lie I be J
driven from your sj I ested and X
_ iv ?t found wantins i ; past 30 years. ?
% _ I
% Wc sell and recommend B. B. B. t
I Bur/ow, Martin cc Co., |
* 29G Main SI., 9 Hill St., I
? Norlblli. Va. $
I ?+*??????????????'???*??????
to all men.
Suffering Mankind ? you
who have grinned and borne
the miseries of sox that went
to shreds in a few days' wear
and left the tender
toes to rub 'gainst
the hard shoe
leather ?let your
hearts rejoice ?
there's a remedy?
a new sock ? a
"sock that don't"?as different
from the ordinary sox as the
electric light is from the tal?
low dip.
are just w hat we say they are
?sox that are proof against
holes?that are knit by such a
novel and perfect process, and
of so fine a quality of yarn,
that they never need mending.
The darning basket may be rele?
gated to the attic its use is gone.
But "holeproof" only tells part of
their goodness?they're antiseptic?
soft and soothing 10 the feet?they
neither harden, shrink nor fade when
they are washed. And, once more,
to make it imperative Holeproof Sox
never need mending.
It you're disposed to doubt it, we've
a guarantee that's fair and square.
You buy no "pig in a poke." If the
h>.\ fail you, you hold us responsible.
But they won't tail you. They're
I not the "fail kind."
This Guarantee Ticket goes
with every pair:
w.> guarantee, that four pairs of
"HOLEPROOF SOX" will need no
darning If worn six months altrr
natcly. if they should, upon tho
surrendi i of this ticket with tho
worn pair, they will he exchanged
for a new pair.
Four pairs.$2.00
[Six pairs.?2.85
Twelve pairs,.S5-50
Black and tan ? absolutely
fast and stainless dyes.
Walt, Rettew& Clay
tlohn) Soldiers' Home. Va., Treas?
urer's Office. May 3rd, isw.-8e.ihd pro?
posals will be received nt this office un?
til noon THURSDAY, MAY 25. 1S9P. for
furnish ng and delivery of general sup.
lilies at Southern Uranch National Homo
for D. V, s., during the three months
endiriK 3i?lh S. pletnbcr, ISM. At tho samo
lime and place, separate sealed proposals
will bo received for furnishing and dellv
ory of fuel and illuminating oils during
the fiscal year ending 30tn June, 190?.
::' ndttrds can bo examined, and printed
Instructions and spa locations, and blank
.. iposals will be supplied upon applica?
nt lo tii 8 office. Bids aggregating over
J?Oo.OO must bo accompanied by n cer
tilled check, payable to the under
rued Tr< isurer, for nt least five per
centum of the amount thereof, which
checks will be forfeited to tho National
Home for l>. V. S.. in case the successful
blddor refuses or falls to cuter Into con-'
tract .i- required; othoi wise, to he
turned to the bidder. Samples presented
bj ii Iders will not bo considered, unless
same are called for In specifications. The
riirlit Is reserved to reject any or all pro
lali i r to waive Informalities therein,
i:r\i '. >pes eonui'r. ns propo-als should bo
endorsed?"Proposals for Supplies, N. It.
!> V S.," nnu addressed to the under
I. WM. THOMPSON. Treasurer,
oved: P. T. WOODPIN, Governor.
Boys' and Children's Straw Hats.
249 Main Street.
a: a just price, and etiunlly the best
in construction, .ire tho STIEFF
Thcli lone perfection reward your
outlay for a hfe tune. They are sold
tv'w. ? i 11 ways have been at a fair
SSt i\11 tl ? * I'd Organs,
,' .? lo tic for the asking.
en vrvi. st jti^jri^
MoiiIw ? Ho Building, t.r.eiliyM,
I JOHN J. FOSTER. Manager._.
In tho market tor L'nn, Port?
er American Cement Plas
Hair. Chimney Pipe Fire
k, I>alh or Shingles. See us
b< :"re you buy. We are soio
agents for Acme Cement Plas?
ter New No. 115 Water street.

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