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A Compilation of Miscellaneous
News Matter in Condensed Form.
A Dally Directory of tlie IlnppciiliiK*
of a Dny Briefly Told, 'Itioncli
Bimill Done ibe Leas Intereatlug
mid Imporlnut-Inforntrtiloii For
Those Wbo Nook to Know mid Uli?
tlerslnud Whnt UOulujrou Among
Hie I'oonle.
Miss Teblc Ophelia, who is known as
6i3ter Catherine In the order or Sistci3
of Charity, is visiting her mother, Mrs.
J G. Ophelia. She has been absent
from the city for more -.hin six years.
After remaining here for it few days
she will go to Emmettsbut g. Md.
A horse attached to a bread wagon
ran away In Seottsville yesterday and
would have run off the bridge: but for
the driver throwing him down. In do?
ing so both shalfts were broken short
It will take JSOO to put the Fourth
District school house in good condi?
Mr. Dave Hodgsdcn and J. Griff Ed?
wards are In Washington whore they
?went to take the third degree In the or?
der of Knights of Columbus.
A guard from the Reformatory arriv?
ed here yesterday and took the little
Learedjune boy back with him. The
Maley boy's father refused to let him
go. He will be sentenced.
Miss Helen Mortimer, of Alexandria,
is visiting relatives in the Fifth Ward.
She will remain several weeks.
Some one set fire to tho dump pile at
the foot of Itace avenue Friday night,
and but for Mr. John Halstead discov?
ering it as soon as he did, there Is no
telling what would have happened. Tho
wind was blowing at the time.
Attention Is called to atl. of E. U.
Harksdale in to-day's issue. He tells
you of the many nice things that he
has. nnd how to save money.
An attempt was made to enter the
residence of Mr. John Briggs, on Queen
street extended. Friday night. Mr.
Briggs fired at the man twic?, but ne
succeeded in getting away.
Mr. Wm. Turlington, who. for a num?
ber of years was a conduei ir on tho
?e>. A. L, but more recently in the gov?
ernment employ, has again accepted a
position with the S. A. L. n.? conductor.
The employes of the yirj will not te
paid until Monday.
The negro drayman who slapped a
white lady on London street will have a
hearing this morning before Mayor
The ferry appraisement -vas the sub?
ject of discussion yesterday. Various
speculations were made In regard to
what effect It would have on the orher
The employes of the S. A. L. shops
?will be paid to-day.
Messrs. E. E. Gill & Bro. have been
appointed ngents for Corley's Mothers'
Friend bread, which is a most excellent
family bread.
A large excursion from Copeson and
other points along the A. .fc D Railroad
?will arrive at West Norfolk en route to
Soldiers' Home on a day's pleasure, on
the 11th inst.
Mr. L. W. Skeeter and wife will leive
Monday for Northampton county. N. C,
to spend some time with relatives.
Mr. Herrman C. Nlemeyer has re?
turned from Buffalo Lithia Springs,
where he had been In hopes that it
?would benefit him.
The tomato nnd cnntaloupo vines are
dying In the fields, nnd unless wo have
some rnln shortly the crops will be cut
In the Hustings Court Richard
ICrough, a Norwegian mechanic, was
admitted to citizenship. The will of
William E. West was admitted to pro?
bate, J. J. and J. T. King and Win. B.
Thomas were named as appraisers of
tho estate. _
Mr. Keenan, a student of Bti Mary's
Seminary. Baltimore, Is visiting the
family of Mr. Michael Brcnnan, on
Harrison street.
The Suffolk Herald :-ays that Rev. J.
TV. Mitchell, of tills city, nnd Rev. J.
F. Love, of Suffolk, will exchange pJ.1
pits to-morrow.
Mr. W. H. Jones, who fills the posi?
tion of organist of Trinity P. 10.
Church, has tendered his resignation as
such, tlie same to take effect August ; t,
to accept a position with hi. Paul's
Church. Norfolk.
A board for the examination of ap?
plicants for the position of naval ? hei>i
l?t will meet nt the navy yard on Tues?
day next. Dr. Howard E. Ames will be
president of the? board, and Dr. Ju5epa
A. Guthrie recorder. Applicants for the
position, which pays a salary of $2,000,
must bo in before the 11th.
Mr. W. O. Hope has been elected
chairman of the Democratic Executive
Committee of this city.
Workmen resumed work yesterday on
St. Paul's Catholic Church. They sus?
pended for a few days.
Mr. James O. Johnson, of Atlanta,
Oa., is in tho city on a visit for a few
Rev. Dr. Hall, of New York. Is in the
city on a visit. While here he Is lec?
turing in the dlfferi nt churches.
Railroad ruim rs were Hying around
thick und fast last night, but none of
thetn could be verified.
It is raid that when Central Church
bit I Ids Ii., r new emir, h, two memorial
widows will be put In. one to the
p er: y of tii- I.ite John L. Thomas,
a ? 11:3 ether to Win. l*. Ives.
'! I:e lallui e to pay off In the yard nnd
nl the Fho| a yesterday wil make bus
It -s dull to-day.
1 .": : night a drunken white man
WP'V.til off Sparrow's Hill bridge Into
lb-} creek. Fortunately the tide was
l' ? and no harm was done, except he
R> t n.i ddy.
.'.'r. V.. Williams advertises for a
si . ? tl hand truck. See ad.
Ptv. C. I.. Corbett, of Warrenville,
V?., I.i in the city on a visit lo his
ft *!' .? and s irler.
A . ill to man was locked up last
n -lit lor (' icrderly conduct.
,\l!rs Sue:- Kite, daughter of Dr.
Mile, of Lunenburg county and well
In ibis city, where she sojourned with
friends some wiekB last summer, is at
Virgi'la Reach.
For vsant ui a quorum there was no
meeting of the School Board last night,
only six men being present. The clerk
was Instructed to call a meeting for
next Friday night.
Rev. Dr. Hall was to have lectured
at Owen's Memorial Church last night,
but for some reason It was postponed
until next Tuesday night. He will
preach Sunday night for Rev. Mr.
Exeter Brown, a noted little colored
thief, who has spent a large portion of
his time In jail, was locked up again
last night for stealing a bag of Hour.
The authorities are puzzled to know
what to do with him, he not being more
than twelve years old.
There wus a rumor current upon the
streets to-duy that the Pig Point rail?
road would. In all probability, be built,
the rights of way having been, with
the exception of a few hundred yards,
obtained by gift of the land owners.
It is understood that the road will go
out of Portsmouth on the present Port
Norfolk line, as far as the shell road,
which Is several hundred yards be?
yond Houghton's corner, thence on a
straight line through the Port Norfolk
Land Company's property, across the
Western Branch to Pig's Point.
The route, as laid off, appears to pass
through a new division of the Port
Norfolk Land Company and the prop?
erty of M. W. Dennis. It leaves Church
kind about one-half mile to the south.
Mr. Thomas W. Shelton, of Norfolk,
when seen yesterday, said there was
nothing new in the enterprise. That,
however, if the people of the county
wanted an electric line, with a good
schedule and would manifest it, the
road might be built. He said that sev?
eral of the wealthiest citizens of the
county had made a tender of the right '
of way, free of charge, and that Hie
matter was being considered. It is un?
derstood that the Port Norfolk Land
Company is desirous of having the
road and that a portion of the land will
he replatted to suit the road.
The road, if built, will be a regular
electric street railway line run on a
thirty-minute schedule, thus bringing
Portsmouth within fifteen minutes of
the farthermost portion of the county.
The road would he of Inestimable help
to Portsmouth and her merchants.
The Park View Bantist Church has
been completed and is an attractive
church building- To-morrow afternoon
nt 4 o'clock the pastor. Rev. W. P.
Hines, will be installed and deacons
ordained. Rev. Samuel Saunders will
preside. Following is the program:
1. Hymn . By the Choir
2. Reading Scripture.
3. Prayer.
4. Address to Deacons?Rev. A. B.
Dunaway, D. D.
5. Hymn.
6- Address of Welcome on Behalf of
Portsmouth Baptists?Rev. W. F.
7. Address on Behalf of Other De?
nominations?Rev. W. it. Proctor,
fi. Hymn.
9. Address to Pastor?Rev. A. B. Dun
away. D. D.
10. Address to Church?Rev. A- E.
Owen. D. D.
11. Brief Address . By the Pastor
VI. Ordination of Deacons.
13. Hymn and Benediction.
Other ministers are exoected to as?
sist in the service, and Miss Rlddtck
will sing. The public cordially invited.
The following delegates have been se?
lected to represent the churches In this
section at the District Conference that
meets In Franklin on Wednesdny next:
Monumental?W. H. Newell, J. W. H.
Portei. John L. Neville.
Central?W. B. -Wilder, Ocorge W.
Morse. R. Bohlken.
W right Memorial?George T. Towns
end. J. .1. King, II. G. Anderinn.
Owen's Memorial?C. H. Herbert, E.
I. Grimes, J. T. Owens.
Park View?J. H. Brownley. L. T.
Roane, S. C. Browne.
North Portsmouth?R. G. Payne. J.
C. Smith, C. W. Steele.
West Norfolk?T. W. Parsons, Dr. D.
F. Earni st, W. N. Elnnchard.
Rev. W. C. Vaden will preside. The
ripening sermon will be preached by
Rev. R. F. Beadles.
Rev. J. T. VVhltley, of Hampton, will
preaeh on missions.
The Independent Fire Company will
give a picnic a: Schliers' Home on
Tuesday, July 11th. They extend an In?
vitation tu the public to go with them
inul have a. good Time. Th re will be
plenty of music, dancing and a cake
walk. A game of ball will be played In
the afternoon between two well known
teams. The refreshment stand will he
under the management of a committee
of the company, who will furnish din?
ners, etc., nt city prices. Those who
do not care to bother with carrying a
basket can get a meal on the grounds.
The boys are anxious to raise some
money t<> replenish their library, etc..
for iho coming winter, and hope that
the merchants and others will assist
them, even if they cannot go. A com?
mittee will call "it them Monday and
hope that none will refuse to buy a
It is said that the Port Norfolk elec?
tric road will shortly put In a new
electric nlnnt, which will be of mni-p
than double the power of the present
plant, and when the time comes for
bidding for lighting the city they will
compete with the company who now
has the contract. The same company
expects tu ;>ut on within the next two
weeks four nf the most improved elec?
tric cars, which can be used as open
cars or closed ones.
A few days ago Oflleer Hroutrhton
arrested a negro named Charles Pratt,
charged with stealing a pair of shoes.
After putting him in Jail I; was learn?
ed that he was an escaped convict from
the Rnleigh penitentiary. Thursday
nigh! he made an attempt to break
jail, but was discovered In lime. The
North Carolina authorities have been
communicated,with and it is probable
that he will be returned there.
If you want to buy properly, or have
any to sell, go to the Portsmouth Real
Estate Company, Kirn building. jy7-tf
The following gentlemen have been
summoned to appear ns grand Jurors
nt the CountV Court, which meets on
the 17th instant: George Barnes, S. H.
Carney, R. S. Cromwell. C. H. Wil?
liams, Percy Smith, George F. Howard,
S. E. cherry. J. F. Newborn. W. R.
Dudley, Isaiah Brothers and J. W. Car?
I If you want to borrow money make
application to the Portsmouth Real Es?
tate Company at once. Kirn building.
These naval orders have been Issued:
Lieutenant Commanders g. c. Harms,
H. H. Barroll. H. F. Flchbohm, It. O.
Peck, H. O. Rlttenhouse. J. H. Moore
and W. H. Dlggs, and Commanders j.
L. Hannum and H. S. Ross have been
Ensign F. L. Sandoz, detached from
the Panther and ordered to the Prai?
.Lieutenant c. c. Rodgers, detached
from the Detroit and ordered to the
New York.
Lieutenant J. c. "Wilson, ordered to
the Indiana.
Commander W. Maynard, detached
from the Nashville and ordered home.
Lieutenant Commander c. R. Wins
low, detached from the Indiana and or?
dered to the New York.
Commander R. P. Rodgers, detached
from the office of Naval Intelligence
and ordered to command the Nash?
Lieutenant Commander H. H. Bnrroll,
detached from the New York and or?
dered home.
Lieutenant Commander G. c. Hanus,
detached from the Wheeling and order?
ed home.
Lieutenant Commander F. H. Flch?
bohm, detached from the Detroit and
ordered home.
Lieutenant Commander R. G. Pack,
detached from the Bureau of Equip?
ment nnd ordered home.
Lieutenant It. O. Rlttenhouse. de?
tached from the Prairie and ordered
Lieutenant Commander J. H. Hoore,
detached from the Indiana nnd ordered
Lieutenant Commander W. H. Drlggs,
detached from the oftice of Naval In?
telligence and ordered home.
Commander J. L. Hannum, detached
from the League Island navy yard and
ordered home.
Commander H. S. Ross, detached
from the Portsmouth (Va.) navy yard
nnd ordered home.
Lieutenant F. J. Haeslcr. ordered to
additional duty with the Civil Service
The Navy Department to-day made
a third payment on ihe battleship Ohio,
amounting to JSG.970. The twenty-sev?
enth payment on the battleship Ken?
tucky was also mode, amounting to
A naval bnnrd has designated the
twenty warrant officers contemnlated
by the navy personnel act. selecting the
first twenty on the list of availables to
receive commissions.
Hon. J. T. Baird. presiding.
Alexander Wright, assault and bat?
tery: fined $5.
James Manley, disorderly conduct;
fined r>.
Herman Pearce. larceny of bottles
from J. E. Mahoney; continued.
Chnrles Pratt, larceny of shoes; con?
Monumental Church.?Services for
Sunday: Preaching by the pastor. Rev.
L. B. Betty, at 11 a. m. Subject: "The
Consistent Conduct of a Great Man In
a Soro Bereavement." 8:15 p. m. sub?
ject: "Lessons With Respect to the
Worship of God."
We keep every shape of collars. Let
us sell you your collars. Chas. R. Wel
ton & Co.
truck for hauling purposes. Must be
in good condition. Will pay cash for
same. Applv W. e. WILLIAMS, Scotts
vlllo. Norfolk County. It
enamelled yellow; pencil mark No.
25 on the front; stolen on Tuesday, the
4lh of July. Reward for any informnt'on
leading to Its recovery. O. l. WIL?
LIAMS. Portsmouth. Va. JyT-3t
W"Thtk male nurse wanted
at once to nurse contagious disease.
Apply First Avenue Cottage Place, County
street extended, JyC-3t
furniture, any wholesale, second?
hand or Junk business; one for barber
shop, confectionery and news stand or
drugs; will buy or sell Improved real es?
tate cheap. Apply 314 County street.
J e2S-1 f _
The Independent Fire Company
?will GIVE A?
Picnic lo Soldiers' Home
On Tuesday, July 11.
There will be good music for dancing in
thi' pavilllon: also a grand Cake-Walk :n
the: afternoon. A game of baseball will
be played between a club from the com?
pany and the I^aurel Club. Refreshments
will be sold on the grounds at city prices.
The steamer leaves foot of North street
at 6:48 and 11 a. m. and at 3:05 p. in. Let
all go and have a good time.
Tickets, 50c; Children and Nurses half
price. JyS-2t
Celery salad
Is a delightful relish. I>arfre bottles, only
2",e. Spiced Mixed Pickles, sweet and sour:
domestic and Importe.1 Chow-Chow and
Sauces, Catsup, Capers, Salad Oil, Salad
Dressing, 10c. and 25c. Pepper Sauce and
other condiments and relishes. Pickled
lambs' Tongues, 5c. each.
both PHONES. 129 COURT st.
The patrons of the Navy Yard and
Park View Div'sions of the
are. hereby notified that on and after
july 10TH, the conductors on those di?
visions will have on sale
Round Trip TicRets to Norfolk
Such tickets will also be sold by the
Ferry Collectors in Norfolk and Berkley.
"Who Did the Cutting?
The wind is blowing our way. Chris
IJpps" and Polar Soap Powder at 3c.
Heal, Hoe Cake, Rabbits' Soap and Lye
at 3c. package.
Scowrene at 3c. package.
Soaps to wash at any price. Come and
sec for yourself. Respectfully,
r. e. king & bro.,
Corner Effingham and Londan Sis.
Both 'phones.
The goods can't be bought by the mer?
chants at these figures._
Fine Dellicatessen
All varieties staple and fancy food,
fresh meats and vegetables. Another lot
of those fine Silver Premiums to arrive
Monday. Got our premium catd; use It,
and be satisfied.
S. S. 'Phone, 1366. 500 and 602 County at.
Columbia Park Attractions
Monday. Tuesdajr*and Friday ? Comic
Opera?Yo Leven Dwarfs.
Wednesday and ? Saturday ? Minstrels
and Cake Walk.
Thursday? Living Pictures and Fancy
Orchestra for week?Nav'aJ Post.
ADMISSION. 15 cents. Reserved Seats
10c. oxtra, on sale at Scbmolo's book store
and at Park. JyU-9t
for rent.
Three-story Warehouse, No. 610 Craw
ford ?tr?et: excellent location for a gro?
cery, notion, hardware or commission
house.: rcut, J35 per mouth.
109 High street. Portsmouth. Va.
Slab Wood and Board Ends!
has dry, fresh water Slat) Wood, dry
dress-d Hoard Ends: also dry Pine mid
Oak Wood. Try It. Old 'phono No. ZlIS.
ice: cream
We are ready to furnish you with
at all times and all k'.nds.
Old "Phone, 222S. New 'Phone. 1328.
We will start our Special Week on Mon?
40-Inch Wash Lawns at Sc.
32-Inch Organdie Lawn, worth 25c, now
12'/ic 31-inch French Organdie, worth 25c.,
now 19c. Grenadine, any color except
black. 4o. ? Wash Lawn, worth 10c. now
6c. l2Vjc Organdie Lawns, now ?c. A
few of our special 40x22 Towels left, 10c.
Itlack India Unen Waists, tucked.
White Lawri Waists, something n< w, Vic
Pretty lino of Wash Skirts to go with
the waists at cut prices. Our line of
Wrappers are unsurpassed. Prices to
suit every customer. Call and see for
a. j. phillips.
Headquarters at W. J. Joyner's
Try our Baltimore Cream and Custard
which are hard to beat.
Snecial rates given to lawn parties,
picnics and entertainments. New phone
1329. Respectfully,
I have some property rented to wh'.tc
tenants that will pay 10 per cent. net.
Some small Houses that will pay from
15 to 2i per cent. net.
I have some nice Houses In desirable lo?
calities, for sale cheap.
Having taken the agency for the Equi?
table Fire Insurance Company) 1 am pre?
pared to take risks at lowest rues, and
ask a share of business from my irlends
and the public.
R. S. BROOKS, 411 Court St.
50 Men's finest All
wool Suits?odds and
ends of our regular $10
and $12 lines?in the sea?
son's newest and most
fashionable effects?sizes
in the lot from 34 to 44?
to close them out quickly
will offer them for this
week only at
Lot of 100 Boys' Knee
Pants Suits in sizes from
3 to 16 years?made of
All-wool Cheviots and
Cassimeres?Pants have
double seat and knees?
taped seams and etc?not
a suit in the lot sold for
less than $4, and most of
'em for #4.$0 and $>.00?
your choice for this week
only at
214 High Street.
Portsmouth, Va.
as much 14 DAYS ONLY 1
Friday and Saturday i?LouLitoc^S Monday and Tuesday j
ON! V 1 ^e mus^con
UN LT I vert as much
iinro rash asf ""?'??j ????? iuoouuj *
. July 7 and 8. I^Sibtein 4he| July 10 and II. I
W next rour days .?.????????.#
All other sales are as nothing in comparison to this one.
This is an opportunity that you seldom have of buying first
class goods at such a "small price.
Our immense stock of Alen's, Boys' and Children's
Clothing and our entire stock of Summer Shirts will be in?
cluded in this great sale. No matter now great the rush, we
will take particular pains to see that every suit fits perfectly
before it leaves our store.
All $18.00 Su'ts now ?12.75.
All Jl.-.AH) Suits now $10.75.
All $12.00 Suits now $$75
All $10.00 Suits now $7.75.
All $8.00 Suits now $'1.00.
All $7.CO Suits now $5.00.
AC.KS 3 TO 16.
All JG.On Suits now $t.50.
All $5.00 Suits now $3.75.
All U.W Hulls now $3.00.
All $" IK) Suits now $2.25.
All $2.00 Suits now $1.05.
All $12.00 Suits now $8.75.
Alt" $10.00 Suits now $7.75
All $3.00 Suits now $6.75.
All $S.00 Su'ts now $6.00.
All $7.50 Suits now $5.50.
All $f!.00 Pants now $4 50.
All $5.00 Pants now $3.75.
All $1.00 pants now $3.00.
All $3.5i> Pants now $2.50.
All $3.IV| Pants now $2.25.
All $2.75 Punts now $2.00.
All $1.50 Silk Shirts now $1.25.
All $1.00 Silk Shirts now 75c.
All $1.00 Shirts, two collars, now 75c.
All 75c. Silk Shirts now 47c.
All 50c. White Puff Kosoni Shirts now 42c.
All 50c. Striper] Underwear now 3Sc.
All 25o. striped Underwear now 19c.
Remember that these prices only hold good for four
days?July 7, 8,10 and 11. Sale opens Friday morning,
July 7. Your money back if you want it.
Any jVX^nin.
Who must make every cent do Its full purchasing power can not afford to Ig?
nore TI1K Mil A NOT CO.. and the bargains they offer to him. Economy and pru
dencu directs him here. Our original system of Spot cash purchasing does it.
Men's Good and Durable Suits, strongly made and well lined, a bargain at $6 50,
our price, $1.75.
Men's All-wool Cheviots. In the prevailing styles, finely made and trimmed, a
bargain at JS.50, our price $6.75.
. SID ant $.12.50 Suits, Our Famous Leaders, $9.75.
Startling offers in Merchant Tailoring for this week to close out short lengths
and suit patterns.
SHOE DEPARTMENT. ? Shoe Beauty Is sect In every pair In this slock no
matter what the price. The remarkable f eature of the shoes we gell at the most
ordinary prices Is their graceful outlines and sleek finish. The $2 shoes look as
pretty as most $3 ones. Tho $3 ones look worth $5.
213 and 215 High Street.
Strictly one price. For cash only. We close at 7 P. M., Saturday excepted.
The Season
Is Getting Advanced.
You do not want to pay as much for a suit at this time
of the year as you would expect to pay in the earlier part of
the season. Will give you some good bargains rather than
carry them over to another season.
that are worth #10.00 and sell elsewhere for that price, will
close out at $7.SO. A FIRST-CLASS $12.?0 SUIT FOR $9.00.
These goods are well tailored and tit perfect. Our stock of
NEGLIGEE SHIRTS, from 50c. to 51.00, are the best in the
city. Our general stock of GENTS' FURNISHINGS is as
complete as possible with all desirable styles, &c.
W. C. Nash's, 229 High Street.
$1.6!? Crash Skirts, $1.25.
$1.00 Crash Skirts, OSc.
Silk Crepedeshin that sold for ?1.00 will
go nt 50c.
All Children's Fancy Parasols will go at
$1.00 Spreads, 79e
$1.4!i Spreads. $!.!!>.
$1.69 Spreads, $1.30.
$2.50 Spreads $1 !'S.
$1.00 Spreads, $2.08.
S1.00 Waists, 75c.
50c. Waists, 3!>c.
While they last.
Gents' Balbrlggan Underwear at cost.
See prices.
50c. Garments, J9c.
37',?.c. Garments, 33 l-3c.
25c. Garments, 21c.
Good Bread Makers Indorse
W. & J. Parker's Eureka Flour.
Kor Its strength, whiteness and appetizing flavor. You can mako the whitest
and lightest bread with a less amount of this flour than with any other. Ask your
grocer for it. Take no other._
Hosiery. Hosiery. Hosiery.
The most complete line of Ladi:s' and Children's Hosiery in the city.
Special attention given to the Domestic line.
The best I2jic. quality in Ladies' and Children's that can be found in
the city.
Ladies' Lisle Hose for 25c.
A full line of 25c, 35c and 50c Hosiery.
Terms Cash. 320 High Street.
Because our Ice Is regular la sls? and
will fit any refrigerator.
Because our Ico is delivered Just where
you want, when you want It.
Because our ice Is pure.
Because our Ice Is made from distilled
We h.tvc both Telephones.
J. S. MILLER, Manager.

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