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A A 1 A > I
National and Atlantic League
Games of Baseball Yesterday.
Xclio*a From tbn Brlatfiton Honcli
Rnce Trnrti ? Kfttlla BIeI>ii?JU>
Brenk* Wnriii> Ittcyclo Heronl in
IVcw BeilforU?Grand Clrcnlt Ittcy?
olo Itnro Med nt Aiburx I'nr.t -
\ a. lit Hare I'o ?.( ;m tied.
>_.>;_? ' ?
? ? standjxo ofthi; cutis. ?
Won. J.'st. F.Ct.
Jprool.-lyn..':> 27 .CS?i
Stoslon .??> 83 .G16
[Philadelphia..'.i v:t.". .593
{Baltimore.i-1 35 .MS
ISt. J.ouls ....60 35 .f^vs
Chicago .48 3S -r>*s
Cincinnati . 43 42 .GOO
Plttsbure;. 44 43 .500
X?uisvillo .SRi i?i .422
New York . 85 48 .?2
Washington ."?: B7 .360
Clev^lunU .J.' 73 .172
? 'no game at r/5insvmt?b.
Sjiouisvillc, Ky? July 29. -Two gnmca
?w<;re io have been played lo-dny," but rain
f;:vi>j"-<i tlto first en mo in the last halt' ?.f
ilu*c?htr.I. ami after a halt hour's steady
downpour the grounds v.. ro until f>>r fur
thr'r plav. 'i'h' Uostons had ecort >1 7 rm:s.
?while the Colonels fall? d to tally, touts
aille and Cleveland play a <lunl.it; bender
Cincinnati. O.. July 29.?To-day's game
jwas full,of hitting and poor fielding. The
pitching fti both sides was weak. Attend?
ance, I,400.
Hcoro by innings: R. "? 15
Cincinnati .4311000t? X? !' Iti .r.
New York.040300110? * 1! l
Battorles: Brc'.tcnsteln, Taylor and
reltz; Carriels a tu I Wilson. Umpires?
Lynch and Connolly, 'l'lmi -~:ie.
CHICAGO, c; run.Ai lELPHlA. 7.
Chicago, ill.. July 29. Two orrora gave
lln> Phillies another game tn a content
lasting ten Innings. After two outs In the
ninth Mcrtcs dropped Dclehnnty's loop
fly, allowing1 tho \isitors to tie the score,
ana they won In tho tenth 00 a .luiiiip
mid a long : Ingle, Atti liduncc, 4,900.
Score l>y Innings: It. II. V.
Ohlcngo.02 00004 00 0? >'< 11
Philadelphia .. 20102000 1 I? 7 10 1
Halt, ries: Taylor arid Chance; Donohue
and Douglas. Umpires?Emalio and Alc
(Donald. Time- -2:85.
St. Louis, .Mo.. July 29.?.McHrldc's wild
ticss gave Brooklyn to-day.'s game. Tee
EUorWotos made a. ?-'rem ilnish in tho ninth
and gAvo the Superbas a scare. With two
jm-n on bases Burkott innde h!a second
Siomu run of the game in this Inning. At?
tendance, 8.30 ?.
Scoro by innings: it. n. 15.
Et. Louis.i> a 0 r, o 1 0 n ?.? I la I
Utrooklvu .012000 21 ?' 0 - 0 9 1
Batteries: McBrtdc, Powell und O'Con
rmr; Hughes ami McOuire. Umpires?
O'Lay and AlcGarr. Turn-1:50.
Tlttsbnrjr. Pa., July 29.?l'lttsburg won
In the eleventh Inning, after two men
?were out. on a hit by Madison, followed
l>y a three-bagger by Chirk. Wat I Ii
ton's O'Brien made a sensational Catch
against left field fence of Williams' drive,
?winch was expected to yield a home run.
Attendance, " CO >.
Score by innings: B. 11 E
QPittsburg .. ..000 23000001? !> :.'
[Washington . ooi 2 0<. 2 0 0? l"
Batteries: Sparks, Tannchlll and Bow
erman; Mercer and Kitt retire. Umpires?
Bwartwood and Hunt. Tlnn ::'<?:
Won. Lost
Richmond .. 10 ??
Allentown . w
Lancaster . v
Rending .w i?
Iwilkesbarro. S i"
Newark . ?'? H
Tiancnster. ?: Wllkosbarrc. Ii
Reading, 9 Newark, :i ti" innlnc ?>.
Richmond, A1 Ion tow n, H (llrsl game);
Alb.mown, 10; it-., linioml, .". i . iond game).
<By Telrpr.ntdi to VIrrinlnn-PIIot.)
Now York, July 29,?The one hundred
mile paced bicycle race at Manhattan
'Beach trac k to-day for the $1.000 purse
?was won by Burns Pierce, of Boston,
the present holder of the 109-mile
American recoi 1. Ho fall? I, however,
to beat his own record of ;: hoilrs 24
minutes, il ]-.'. seconds, finishing in ill
hours, 27 nilnutt a .'? 2-5 seconds.
The stiff breeze blowing across the
track nrobably lease nod the champion's
Speed'., Frank Waller was second in ?
hours. 44 minutes 1-5 seconds.
There were fouri tartciv for the $1,000
purse?Burns Pierce, of Boston; Harry
Kikes, of Glen Fnlls, X. Y., the middle
dffitance champion of America; Charles
filler, of Chicago, long distance
champion of tin- world, and Prank
"Waller, of Boston. Tho Stan was at
8:52, attendance four t>. ??sand. Elkes
Vati the inside man, and had a. shade
tho best of tho start, l'i. tee was on
lite outsi le, but from tie- m imenl lie
left the tape lie limit,' mi doggedly to
ISIkcs until he finally outrode him and
6ent him off the track. Elkes' pace?
maker front tin- start was the motor
quad engineered by ?'t u.U.-. Ireland .net
Pburnior. At tho end of the llrst lap
Klkbs was in tie- b ad, -.. i'.it Ulcn a close
tip, Waller third and Miller last. .Mil?
ler succeeded in remaining I ts:.
Both Bikes and Piei.cerlapped the
others in tho fifth mil ? ami they re?
peated tho perf irinancc at intervals of
every few miles- Al the end of the
sixth mile Bikes' pacing squad sudden?
ly gavo out HJid thrt w him out some?
what, but Ik- speedily righted hints if.
With Kent lud Steht on sit i Ing tie- <1 iu
It was a heart-breaking race up to
the fiftieth mile. The Hnn forty miles
Was covered In 1 hour, it; si .mis ami
Al 1-5 seconds.
At the half century Pierce had Bikes
a lap in lila rear. At 57 mil ?.< Elkes
won ridden t>> a. stand still, lie left
the track, but returned as Pierce turn?
ed tho C2<1 mile. Waller was lap be?
hind Bikes, but the little fell iw ran
itway from him. Bikes quit ttga n in
a few mile.", giving Walled a comn ind
log lead for second place, bin .am.- on
again in time to beal oui Miller. Wal?
ler Bhowcd up splendidly for im old
chap, ami Elken was roundly applaud?
ed for his pluck. Time al the finish:
Burns Pierce, 3 hours, 27 minutes ami
fj 2-5 seconds.
Frank Waller, 2 hours, 41 minutes
?.tjd 9 1-5 seconds.
Harry Bikes, Shours, 52 minutes and
10 ?-5 sec on dB.
Charte? W. Miller, 8 hours, 56 mln
titcs and 40 2-5 seconds.
The Only Way to Do a Thina is to Go Ahead ant! ?o It
We Are Closing Out All Summer Goods.
Half Price Silo or Summer Skirts.
Wo closed out at b-ss thai half prices
all the Manufacturer ha?l. The lot com?
prises Fancy Weave i'r.ish Skirts. White |
i)n. k Skirts, with either red.blue or black I
polka, dota: Rluo Puck Skirls, with white
polku dots; Black I'm k skms. with white
jiolku dots: Plain Black and Blue Duck
Skirts and Blue and Tan Covert Skills.
None la tho lot worth less than $1.00
totno worth more?
Rare Bargains in P. K. Skirls.
At 9Re. Excellent White P. K. Skirts.
was $i.:-:..
At $1.19. Wno White IV K. Skirts, was
At $1.49. Fine White P. K Skins, was
At $1.98. Fine Whit.' P. K. Skirts, dr.-;)
1" Inch hem. was $2L50.
At $1 25. White l*. K. Skirts, corded, wo t
At $1.25, White P. K. Skirts, with Inser?
60c. Colored Shirt Waists.
TTerr's where you cot two. three, and
even four times your money's worth.
J'rlres heretofore on these Roods have
lieen .'.Oc. 70c, SI no and so en up to the
$3.00 and 14.00 mark. Your choice, 50 . . ai h
Clearance Prices on Our
Handsome White Lawn Waists.
At tsv. Of sheer White Lawn, bias cord- I
ed front and back; heretofore il
At 78c. in' sheer White l.uwn, with In?
sertion in voke; hcretofon $1.00,
At 78c. Of sheer White Utwn, tucked
crosswise or iengthw.'sc, as preferred;!
heretofore $|.CO.
At 78c. Of sheer White I/inn. with hem- ?
Itlti h.d and lucked yoki . heretofore $1.00.
Al 8Sc. Of sheer White laiwn, with dou?
ble raws of insertion lengthwise of front;
heretofore $I.2S.
At iSr. lit sheer White l.iwn, looked
crosswise with one In rue nek between
groups of smalt tucks: it rotor/ore $1.25.
At 99c. ?>;' sheer White Lawn, with dou?
ble rows of hi is Insertion on each side of
fiont: heretofoie $1
At '.<%?. < >f sheer White I .awn, hem?
stitch and lucks, either lengthwlso or
crosswise: h.a . tofore ;i SO.
Al 75c. i?t plain White I'. K.: heretofore
At $1.23. Of sheer White Lawn, with
very wide rows <>f insertion; heretofore
31 75.
At $1.39. Of sheer Whito Lawns, with in?
sertion bclweeh groups of lengthwise
in. ks: heretofore $1.98.
Al il :':?. Ol ShCi r Whit'' l.awn. with en?
tire yoke front ami hark diamond tucked;
heretofore ?-' eo.
Ai $1.69. in' : hcer White Lawn, with all
over embroidery; heretofore $2.50.
At $1.98. Of Sheer White Lawn, entire
front of hand-whipped lucks and inser?
tion: heretofore $2.98,
Many other styles not mentioned above
it same n ductions.
Half Price Sale Parasols,
At 50e. Whlto ond Black Parasols, wcro
At 75c Whltoand Black Parasols. 1 rur
lle, were fl 50.
At $1.09. Whit" and Black Parasols, 2
rullli s. wei e *-'.">.
At $1.25. White and Black Parasols, 7
rullli ?-, wi re J2.i 0.
At Jl :'. Itlaek and Colored Taffeta Par
aSOls, We're $2.50.
At $1.25. Ul i k and White Parasols, with,
m i i utlles. were $2.50.
At $1.SS. Shaded Taffeta Parasol-, with
cheek aa l plaid borders, were $3.75.
At $2.99. Whll ? and Brack Chiffon Para?
sols, u ere $5.98.
Al $7.50 White TafTcta Parasols, wcro
At 50c. Children's Parasols, were $1.09.
Snn and Rain Umbrellas,
Special $150.
(if Union Taffeta, full paragon frame,
close ioil. Meel rod, cover and tassle.
Large assortment of hand painted Hres
den haudl.s; also mourning handles.
Colors are garnet, blue and green shaded
and black.
SPECIAL $1.00.
Special Sale.
I Tallor-mado Suits this week.
34 Granby St., NORFOLK'S COSTUMER. Old Phone 888.
(Py Telegraph to VIrginlnn-PIIot.)
N( w York. July 20.?Tho grand circuit
bicycle roco med on tho Asbury Park
track to-day, under the auspices of A. A.
Zimmerman, brought out a crowd of sev?
eral thousand people and a field of the
speediest r'-ders who are following the cir?
Tho liiiil henta wcro ?11 hotly contested
and good tinu- was made. The gravel
Hack was In excellent condition and there
w.is little wind to Interfere with the
In Iho third heal <>f the half mile ama?
teur, J, II, Hunter, of Harrison. N. J..
was the victim of a serious spill, being
considerably cut and bruised. Summary:!
Professional Championship?Ono Mile:
Won by <'. I.. Si'yen-: Ottumwa: il. B.
Pr< in.ui. Portland, BCcondj Iv.-r Lawson,
Chicago, third. Time. 2:11 4-.">.
Half Mile Professional Handicap?Won
by llardv Downing, San Joga i-t.". yards);
C. it. Jack, Philadelphia (40 yards), sec?
ond; Charles lladlicld, Newark tlu yard-;,
third. Time, 1:0I.
ir.ili itiver Cycle Track.
Ball River, M is - . July 29. ?A world's
record was broken to-day at tho Pall
Itiver Cyde track, w hen a rpiint, iriann
. i by Joe Reetl. of P ill Itiver; .1, L.
chance, of Tau Ii ton; E. C. Belcher, w.
I". i h. evr and J. II. i la rdls?ri, Ot At
tlcboro, did tw.t miles in l:0S, clipping
four seconds from the world's record.
Annulier Itecnril llritUea.
London, .inly At the Crystal
Palac,. track this evening A. A. Chase
broke Ho bicycle record for two, three
and four miles, cow ring the distances ,
respectively in three minutes, twenty!
live and one-llfth seconds, live minutes
nine seconds and six minutes flfty-llvo
and four-fifths seconds.
Chase was paced by a motor tandem.
New Bedford, Mais. July 20.?Eddio Mc
Dulllo broko a world's bicycle record lu re
to-day. riding a mile In 1:28.
(By Telegraph to Virglninn-Pllot.) j
Boston, July 20. Tho result of the
throe cornered cli.iinid.uish:',> single
scull Va< ,- between Edward Ten Eyck.
Joseph Maguiro and Joseph Whltohi ad,
which served to attract over 20,000 pe ?
pie to the banks of the Charles river
this afternoon, was scarcely a feature
In the second ami lliml race of the Na?
tional Regatta. Ton Eyck easily rowed
away from Iiis opponents ami merely
paddled over the line at tin- finish, six
lengths ahead of Maguire and nine
ahead of Whltchettd. Tho tun clght
oarcd events, tho senior, which was
won by the Pennsylvania Barge Club,
ami tlio Intermediate, that came over
from yesterday and was won by the
Boston Athletic Association, were both
hotly .?untested, while the Intermediate
doubles ?ami the four oared races Wore
fully as exciting. The New York Ath?
letic Club won tho fotir-oared, and tho
Jeffries Point Association, of East Bos
lon, tho doubles, w hile the Intermediate
singles and the association senior sitf
gles were won by Prank It. Greer, also
of the Jeffries Point, ami John Itttmohr,
of Hat Portage.
Winnipeg, Man.. July 'J'.'. The N :th
WCKtorn Cricket Tournament concluded
thin afternoon with the International
match. The result was a victory for
the United States by live tuns.
Vnelii Kiuir,
Borval, Quo., July 20.?The race ? che
duel for to-day between Glencalrn III
and Constance, respectively defender of
and challenger for the Settwanhaka cup,
was postponed until .Monday. Theio was
not enough wind to start the boat
New York. July 29.?Steve O'Donnell,
tho heavy weight pugilist and boxing
Instructor at Harvard University,
scored his first knockout, this afternoon
when bo put Beech Rouble, of Ohio, out
in Mio eighth round with a hook on th<
(hin in iho Wcstchester Athletic C|ub
a renn nt Tucknhoe, N. V. About 2.00'.'
spectators were present nnd Brooklyn
Jlrnmy Carroll was referee. The men
were scheduled to HkIii twenty-five
rounds at catch-weights. Itcuble weigh?
ed 1T0 and was suffering front fright,
while O'Donnell was thirty pounds
O'Donnell bnd a great ndvantage also
in height and ronch. II" fought nil
around his man. nnd had him In a trrotj
gy condition for three rounds prior to
the knockout, and yel he had nil ho
could do t<> finish Rcblc.
In the opening round Rouble showed
good ndvnntago and raised a red
swelling over O'Donnell's l< ft eye,
O'Donnell returned this with Interest in
the next round, and in the third hon?
ors were easy. In the fouth round, both
m< a doing pood work, but after this
O'Donnell outfought the Kesterner. He
knock Rouble down time after time, but
the latter earn.- back as long ns he was
able. Soon after the opening of the
? Ij hih < ''l ?orint II sent Rouble to the
boards with his left and again with his
right. Tim last time Rctible was unable
to rise and was counted out.
New Voik. July 29. Brighton Beach
I'll st Race?Soiling Five Furlongs:
Fliilit (6 t" 5), won: Mid wood (10 to I and
:t to l), s. owl: Gold i.k (60 to I), third
Time, I "I 4-5.
Second Race?One Mile: Kate Perfume
(3 lo '? and I to 5>. won: Hurricane (I to l
and even), second; Althen ts to i?, thlfd.
Tim.. IUI.
Third Race- (Tlu Rising Generation) Six
Furlongs; Gonfalon (10 to 1?. won. Slrore
liani ti to r. and out), second; Trumpet
(I i . o. tb id T me. I ;I5 1-5.
I'ourth Race (Mrightou Cup) Two ond
One-quarter Miles: Handle (6 to .'. and 1
to I), won: don de Oro (even and 1 to 5),
second; Ijibon (10 to I), third Time.
3.56 :?-.*..
Kifth Rncc -(The Send? Five Furlongs:
Isidor (3 lo 5), won: Florence Clark t" to!
1 and 2 fO I), second: Water KitiK (I to 1).
third. Time, l ?1
Sixth Rnct (Steeplechase) Pull Course: |
King T. is to 5), won: Per Ion <1.*. to
Rncitistrom il lo 5), third. Time, I
?iiilo ol Hiice If ?rar?.
Saratoga, N. Y.. July 29.?Pierre I.
ill lard has bought from John K. Mad-1
dt n the : u o-".-, at-old Garrick; w inner of
the'great Trial stakes at Shccpslicad I
Bay. mil the coll The Chamberlain.
The horses will fulfill their engage?
ments in this country, after which they
will he shipped :?? England In the fall.
A most successful remedy has been
rotuid for sexual weakness such as im?
potence, vnrlcoeele, shrunken organs, ner?
vous debility, lost manhood, night OmlS
slons, premature discharge and .ill other
results of self-nbuso or excesses, li cures
any case Of lhe dilliculty, never falls to
restore theorems lo full natural strength
and vigor. The Doctor who made this
wonderful discovery wants to let ever)
in.tu know about it. He will tlieref.
send tit" recelpi giving the various m
K red it nts to bo used so that all nieh nl
o irlfllUK ? \i? nse < an . are thenis tlves. He
sends the receipt free, ant' all the remit r
need do is to send his mime and address
10 I.. W. Knapp, M. D.. ;:-i Hull Bldg..
11 Iro'l, Mich,, requesting the free re?
celpi as reported In tills paper. Ii Is a
??.mis offer, and all nt? n ought to t>,
triad to havo ?m h an opportunity.
R?bbel and v.ecl Stumps,
Railroad, Hotel, UUggogC
mid Brain Che? w< Seals,
it itlafs, Stencil nnd M.uup
Ink.-, P?d?, l>.itrt~.rtc.
Job Printen,
Cot. Nlvison and Church St*
Tho Original. A!l Others Imitations.
In so'd under ? positive Written Gue.raritoe, hr authorized spenta onlv, tn eure Weak
Memory, Dlstlnoss, Wakctulness, Fits, Hysteria, Quickness, Khrbi bosses, Evil Dreams,
1,nrk hi Conttdeuce, Nervousness, Lassitude, ?11 Drains, Youthful Errors, or Excessive
Uso of Tobacco, Opium, or l.louor, wbloh leads to Misery, Consumption, Insanl y and
Death. At store <>r i>v nail, $1 a box; sis for wltb written Guarantee to Cure or
Hofuud Money. Sample Package, containing tive days' treatment, with toll Snstrdc
llons,28 oeuts. One sauipio only sold to oaeb person. At store or by mail.
Red Label Special Extra Strength.
For Impotoncv, lios.-i of I'ower, Lost Manhood, Sterility or Barrenness, 11 alsos;
six for f?. with Written Guarantee to euro iu j?> days. At atoro or by rualL
Walke. Martin ft Gray, sole asr-Mit.s. corner Water street and Roanoke avenue,
Norfolk, Va.
A young n-.rm who?e home is in Fast 76th street, New York City, has a consider,
sble acquaintance among medical students and hospital cli>< tors. Almost every morn?
ing, when tiding il >wn town to business on the Third Avenue Cable Road, lie meets
one or more of his professional friends, and this has happened so often that the con?
ductors, knowing him and hi-; associates by ^i;;!?\ have 10:1.c to addicts hi:r. a-; I>oc;or.
One morning no: long ;<o iheronductot approached our frirml and said : " Doctor. I
have been troubled so much with dyspepsia that I haven't been able to rat a square
meal in two days and am nearly dead. What shall I take?" The man addressed put
his handln his pocket and, taking out a carton of Ripans Tabnles, replied : "Hire,
take these, and when y 1 use them buy some mote at the druggist's.' A week later
the same conductor, while collecting Iiis fare, said: " 1 used those inhales you gave
me, and ti:cn bought some more at the druggist's. They fixed me up all right. I
have no more dys|x ;.si 1. and 1 can cat without fcc'.tin;; sick."
a new f*tI<" rn?Vnt eonUlnlnn nw unw. taw r.i In 1 ?ik?f eartfln (without raw fnr Ml* aI wai
d:vik ?? 1 ? ?? /? u .'ivr, ksta. Tbmlow prli*?Ml - ... f,.r o,,- poor anil the eeovnMkml. ou?.<tf**n
ci IM IWfxrenl enrtons < JO l*bule?> can Iw IiaiI tar mull j ?? iillntri r- ? ,^ti: rrnt, 1. ti.n Kit 4na CouUEMAJj
Comtant.No. 10Sonic*Street.New fork -01 ? stnclec&rtoa trau fASVUU) w..l uv WKuAfudrflrvix-uUL
t ivcr Jordan's (itfe,
32) Corner .Main and Talbot streets.
taken by those who continually buy
ih? cheapest of everything, it Isn't the
rule thai the highest prices must i>.> paid
in get iho besl denial work?hut the kind
>.>n should i?ay naturally <? sts a Uttlo
more than iho kind you d6h'l want at
any rirlco?and will certainly he worth
many t nv s the difference, la t us ex*
ainlno your teeth :i yon whui they re
fiuir< ana what our charges will be for
the work, it will not cost anything to
advise with its about it and you ran c<>
where you think best for the work?but
"flewes! Discovery" Painless Eilractloil.
New York Dental Rooms Only
J. D. ENNKS. Donlist.
?ttlcc hours, s to C. Sundays. 10 to L
Closes at 7?Saturday's at 12.
Adieus to the Surpluses.
Saturday was the greatest day yet of the Hub's Clearance Sale.
We piled up an enormous business sold an immense lot of goods.
Response grows, as the news of " The Hub's" sale spreads. There
are immense surpluses yet. We overbought in many departments.
We had to do so to show you the greatest stocks- -the best varieties.
And now we are sacrificing profits entirely?selling at cost and
below?to reduce the stock before inventory.
Men's Fancy Vests?Just Half Price.
All are marked plainly. Half of these prices will buy any of
them. Immense values. " Single breasted style with no collars.
Double breasted swell " Tat ters.il " effects.
Just 50c. tor the dollar ones.
Just 76c. for the $1.50 ones.
Just $1.00 for the $2.00 ones.
Just $1.25 for the SI.50 ones.
Just $1.50 for the $3.00 ones.
Men's Pajamas Nearly Half Price.
Ml the SI.00 ones go for 69c.
All the $2.oo ones go lor 93c.
All the $3-00 ones go for $1.00.
25c. Office Coats (all sizes) 12=g.
Straw Hats at Half Price.
Nobody has cut their straw hat prices as deeply as we have
now. We ought to clean them out " in a jifl'y."
Those which were 2^c. are 12'Jc.
Those which were 50c. are 25c.
Those which were #1.00 are 50c.
Those which were $1.50 arc 7^c.
Those which were $2.00 ate $1.00.
Those which were $$.00 are $1.50.
Men's $5 white flannel pants, S3.
Men's $4 crash suits. $2.00.
Men's S5 crash suits, $2.58.
Ken's SB crash suits, $3.00.
Men's $7 crash suits, $3.50.
Men's S3 crash suits, $4.00.
Men's $3 thin coats and vests, $1.
Men's $2.50 thin coats and vests, 75c.
Only small and large sizes in this lot--a splendid chance for
small and large men, though!
Men's thin vests, 9 cents.
Left from coats and vests which sold for Si to si.^--became
separated?coats were n?> doubl sold separately in rush "i business,
Men's suits half price!
All the men's suits in lots where there are but three and f our of
a kind left?will be sold at hall' their marked prices, Every suit,
though, goes with "The Hub's" guarantee, because every suit is a
worthv suit and is only cut in price because liie season is nearly
Those marked $5 are now S2.50.
Those marked $7 are now $3.50.
Those marked $9 are now S t.
'1 hose marked $10 are now >>.
And so on up to those al $30?which go at SIS.
Immense Cuts in Men's Goods.
Shirts About One Half, j Men's 25c. Fancy I lose 19c
50e. Silk Bosom Shirts, 3?c. . , i -- u ?
si.ooSilk Bosom Shirts. 50c. Men s sue. and 75c. Hose
Si IK Bosom Shirts, 75c 571/.
S2.00 Silk Bosom Shirts, St.00. 1 y'A^
S'i.00 Ali Silk Shirts. S2 00.
Men's 15c. Hose 9c.
Men's 25c. Neckwear
Black or Tan?full seamless and
fast color. I Aden's 50c. Neckwear 25c.
Your unrestricted choice of any Little
Boys Wash Suits in the house at half price
Little Boys' Knee Pants Go Like This:
2Sc. ones 12'jc.
sOc. ones 25c.
75c. ones 37/jC
$1 ones 50c.
$1.35 ones 8y1 ic.
Ail Boys' 39c, Wash Pants go for 25c
All Boys' 5Qc. Wash Pants go for 39c.
AH Boys' 50c, and 75c, White Duck Pants 25c.
Boys' 25c. Shirt Waists are l2Kc.
Boys' 22c. Long: Hose (all sizes) lie.
Boys' $8 white flannel suits, $4.
Boys' $7 white flannel suits, $3.50.
Boys' $5 while flannel suits, $2.50.
Boys' Fauntleroy blouses, 19c,
Which is much le^s than half price.
Every department is suffering the same unprecedented slaughter
in price<. making it possible i?>i your dollars 10 do double duty at
"The Hub." _
^?^f?fiMI^ 374 MAIN ST., Norfolk.

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