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Men's Fine Percale Shirls, 2 collars and
pair cuffs, 50c, worth 75c.
Our entire line of Anchor Brand and
Monarch Shirts, the $1 and $1-25 kind, 75c.
iller. Rhoads & Co.
Join Mrs. Allen's Art Class, Class meets
10 to 12 a. m. and 3 to 5 p. ra.
The month of August is virtually the dullest month in the year for merchants and ABSOLUTELY THE BEST FOR t
THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE GOODS TO BUY. The mid-season makes it desirable to close out all the Summer Goods $
irrespective -of cost or value* Norfolk's Busy Store, with its vast and extensive business, accumulates more odds and ends than any
house in town. The time for a quick clearance is here, and we do not hesitate at any loss to clean up stock.
Infants' Department.
Ladies" aud misses' plain colored Sunbon
ncts in red and navy, with white stitching,
sold at 29c, now l^c
Solid colored Sunbrmncls. white stitching,
edged with lace, sold at 3^., for 29c.
Straw crowned Mats trimmed with mull
and ribbon, 75c. grade. 63c: 50c grade 39c
Children's 50c Duck Napoleon Caps, 25c
Children's short Skirts, 25c grade. I2'.c.
White Aprons, 98c. grade. '9c; 69c.
grade, >9c.
Mull Embroidery, trimmed and tucked
fronts, lhat sold at >i and $1 25, now 49c.
Tailor-Made Suits and Jackets
$5.49 for 510 Ladies' Tailor-Made Soils,
Eton and Co.it Suits.
$7.50 for $13.5" and Sib-50 Ladies' Tail?
or-Made Eton Suits, one of a kind.
$9.98 for 515 Ladies' Tailor-Madc Suits,
jacket silk lined, stirl pcrcaline lined.
$12-50 for $18.50 Ladies' Tailor-Madc
Suits, jacket silk lined, skirt pcrcaline lined.
$15.48 for $25 Ladies' Tailor-Madc Suits,
jacket silk lin^d, skirt pcrcaline lined.
SEPARATE JACKETS, $6 grade, $5:
$7-50 grade, 5.50; $10 grade, $7.50; $12
grade, $8.
SEPARATE SKIRTS.?$6 . and $7
Cheviot and Serge Skirts are now ariced at
New Plaid Skirts in circular and five
gore, priced at $7.50,58.75 and S10.
Shirt Waists.
39c for extra fine while Shirt Wais*.
49c for While P. K. that sold at S9C.
29c. for 50c Percale Shirt Waists.
59c for SI Percale Shirt Waitts.
69c- for $1.25 Poreale Shirt Waists.
79c. lor 51-25 White Lawn Waist, tucked
98c. for $1 25 White Shirt Waists (four
75c. for $1 Black Batist: Shirt Waist.
98c. lor $1.75 White P. K. Shirt Waist.
$1.69 for $2 White Lawn Shirt Waist*.
Wash Goods.
10 yds of 8c Percale, yard wide, for 39c.
JO yds ol 5c Lawns, 25 in. wide, for 39c
J2.'jc. and 15c. Dimilics, Organdies,
Lawns and Dotted Swisics, as long as they
last, 10 yards for 50c
12 'ic. for fine Organdies that sold at 25c
17c- for fine French Organdies, 37,'jc.
Fine French Ginghams, 17c- instead of
8c for I2'^c Percale, yard wide.
5c for piftk stripe Galatea Cloth, 25c
5c- for 10c grade of Cotton Duck.
5c. for one lot of Madras that sold at
10 yds. of best Prints for 39c.
Bathing Suits,
Pine Wrappers,
Ladies' Black and
White Parasols,
Fancy Silks for
50 and 75c
Polishing Cloths
75c and $1
Applique Scarfs,
Bathing Suits,
$1.50, $1.59
Fine Wrappers,
Ladies' Black and
White Parasols,
Dress Goods.
$5 98 for a 5'-: yard paUcrn of BlAck
' Crepon. iormcr price 51.50 yard.
98c. yard 'or a 7'- y,lrcl ,cn8,h0' a hand
' some Mourning Crepon, former price
$J.SS.'j yard.
$3.98 for a 3 yard length of 45-in- Import?
ed Caepon, former price $2 yard
$1.50 a yard for a handsome 45-in- Eng?
lish Crepon, former price $2 yard.
39c. a Vard l?r an all-wool French Serge
40 in- wide, in colors tan, brown,
gray, blues, cardinals, preens, regular price
25c. a yard for a lot of odds and ends,
garnet, tan check, tan mixed, Dress Goods,
former price 50c
$3.19 {or a >ard length ol Black
Cr.-pon, former oricc 51.
39c. yard for 50c. Strioe French Flannels,
in pink and white; blue and whiter
garnet and white) blue, white and gray;
black and red: black, red and gray
33c yard lor a 42c. French Flannel, in
stripes, navy and red: red, gray and
black; red and black hairline; light blue,
white and gray.
98c. a yarc* f?r s?me Si.25 Fancy Silks
for waists.
HALF PRICE for a lot of Remnants of
Dress Goods.
Pique and Linen Skirts.
All our 51.50 White Duck Skirts, 89c.
All our $3 50 and 54 White Pique Skirts,
All our $5 and $t> Fancy Pique Skirts,
59c for Pique and Linen Jackets lhat be?
long to 51 suits.
"/Jc for Pique Jackcls that belong to $6
All our $2.25 Fancy Linen Skirls now
Black Duck Skirls. SI 50 pracle, 98c
Rainy Weather Skirts at $3.50 and $5
Crash Bicycle Skirls at $1 and 51.25
WRAPPERS, 51 Wrappers, S9c; Sl.39
Wrappers. $1.19; $1.59. now $1.29; $189,
now 51.59; 52, now $1.69.
62'Ae.l $1 grade, 79c; %\.3>1 grade. $1 39.
Bathing; Suits Greatly Reduced
Men's All-Wool Flannel Combination
Suits reduced from $'.25 to 50c each
$3 two-oiecc Wool Suits, 52-50 each.
$1.50 two-piece Suiis, SI.25.
9Sc. two-piece Suits, 79c
Boys' Tighls. 10c. and 15c- apiece.
Men's fancy blue mixed Shirts"and Draw?
ers, broken assortment ol si;es, 3 pieces for
50c, worth 25c 39c. and 50c apiece.
Men's Balbriegan Drawers, sics 36, 33
and 40 only, reduced from 50c. to 25c.
? SUSPENDERS," worth 20c. and 25c.
now (3 pairs for 50c ) or 17c apiece
Boys' Turkey Red Shirt Waists, 12,'k.
each, reduced lrom 25c. each.
Boys' and Men's light and dark Working
Shirts, 25c each, sold in many stores at 39c
All Wool
Fancy Challics,
Polishing Cloths
Band Bows,
\ 39C
Prince Wales Ties
Split Sole
Half Hose,
Boys' Waists,
a Bargain,
Gauze Vests,
42 and 44
Bathing; Suits,
High Grade Toilet Articles.
Mcnncn's Borated Talcum Powder,
Bailey's celebrated Boratcd Talcum Pow?
der, 10c bo?:, 3 boxes for 25c
Bailey's Borated Talcum Powder, 5c
box, 6 boxes for 25c.
Rogci &c Gjllct's Violet, Heliotrope and
Santalwood Soap, 23c cake, <>2,'Jc box.
La Parisicnne Glycerine Soap, 10c cake,
3 for 25c.
4711 White Rose Glycerine Soao, 15c
cake, 42c box.
Pears' Scented Soao, 15c cake,
Jergen's Verona Violette Toilet Soap, 15c
cake, 40c box
Imported Castile Soap, orcssed by Colgate
& Co., 10c cake. 3 for 25c.
Roger &. Gallel's Envelope, Violet de
Parmc Sachet Powder, 3?c
Roger Sc Gallel's Violet and Heliotrope
Toilet Powder, 20c
Roger Sc Gallel's assorted' odors Toilet
Powder, 17c.
Colgate's Violet Toilet Powder, 17c.
Porsoni's pure Medicated Face Powder
in white, brunette and pink, 33c (Free
sample at notion counter.)
Mechanics' Tar Soap, 5c. cake.
Garwood's Sachet Powder, 5c.
Cuticura Soap, 17c cake.
Parker's Tar Soap, 15c cake.
Colgate's Guest Room Soap, 12Jjc cake,
35c box.
The Rover Carbolic Soap, 10c cake, 25c
The San Rcmo and Mt. Olive Castile
Soao, 5c cake. ,
Vioris Toilet Soap, 3c cake
Pear's Unsccnted Soap, 12^ Jc cake
Craddock'h Medicated Soap, 10c cake, 25c
Iris Blanc Toilet Soao, 10c box.
English Glycerine Soap, 10c box.
Old Fashion Buttermilk Soap, 10c box.
Dr. Woolridge's Medicated Soao, 15c box
Jergens White Rose, Peau Dcspagne,
Violet and Jockey Club Soaos, 10c cake.
25 box.
Turkish Bath Soap, lc cake.
Transparent Glycerine Soap, 5c cake.
Majestic Toilet Soap, 3c cake.
Bailey's Face Powder, with chamois in
each box, 10c
Bailey's small Face Powder, 5c
Colgate's Envelope Sachet Powder, 10c.
Lyon's Tooth Powder, 19c.
Colgate's Tooth Powder, 17c.
Rubifoam, iSc.
Ladies' Knit Underwear.
Ladies' blue and white pure silk Vests,
25c each, reduced from 50c
Ladies' silk-a-lisle Vests, 29c each, re?
duced lrom 50c.
Ladies' Union Suits, 19c each, reduced
from 25c
Ladies' Union Suits, 25c each, reduced
from 50c.
Ladies' cotton Vesls, 3c each, worth 7c.
(Only two to a customer.) ?
One lot of ladies' 12c Vests, to close at
once, we have marked them 8c each.
Misses' 19c Vests reduced to 12'jC
Boys' balbriggan Shirtsand Drawers, 25c
$1.75, $1.89
Fine Wrappers,
Fancy Parasols,
Wash Silks,
Silk Waists,
Choice Styles,
Silk Vests.
Misses' Vests
While Aprons
Fancy Hose,
Belts and Buckles.
Some Steel and Enameled Belt Buckles,
that sold at 25c, 39c and 50c each; now 5c.
Our entire line of 25c, 39c, 50c and some
75c Belt Buckles, now 19c.
Gold Plated and Black Beauty Pins, 6
for 5c.
Gold Plated and Black Beauty Pins and
Cyrano Beauty Pins, 2 for 5c.
Sterling Silver Beauty Pins, 5c each.
Gold Plated Baby Breast Pins and Dress
Pins, with "Pet," "Darling" and "Baby"
script on them, 10c each; 3 for 25c.
The new Buttf.rfly and Pansy Enameled
Brooches, 10c each.
Our Black Seal and Co'ored Leather
Bells, that sold for 25c and 39c; now 15c
All our 50c and 75c Seal Leather and
Velvet Belts, now 25c.
Excellent quality Side Combs. 10c pair.
We have a few more $1.39 Cut Sleel
Trimmed Leather Belts for 50c
The new Za:a Pins for the hair, atsortci
slone ceilings, 25c
We have a hand:-oiric line of Sterling Sil?
ver and Plated Gold Cuff Butlon-i from 25c
to 5/-39 pair.
Shell Hair Pins, 10c and 20c doren.
Sweeping Reductions in M:n's
and Boys' Negligee Shirts.
$5-25 and $1 Monarch and Knicker?
bocker Madras Shirti, pair culfs to match,
siics 16 to 17 only, 50c apiece.
$1.50 Anchor Brani fine Madras Shirts,
pair cuffs to match, 98c each.
Men's and Boys' 39c laundered Percale
Negligee Shirts, 25c each, sola in many
stores at 50c each.
Men's and Boys' Silk Front Shirls, :0c
grade, now 39c; the 75c grade, now bS ;
the $1 and SI.50 grade. fe9c and 79c each.
One "SPECIAL" lot ol Men's Madras
and Percale Shirls. pair cuffs to m itch,
worth 3'c, 5')c, 75; and $1 apiec:, yotr
choice for three days only. 29; each, (^ot
over three shirts to a customer.)
Rcady-Mdde Supp'ies.
45x3b Bleached Pillow Cases. 10c. trade.
6\ c
45x36 Bleached Pillow Cases, 15c- grace
45x36 Dwieht Anchor Car.::. lie grade.
45x36 Hemstitched Fiiiow Cases, 16:
grade, 14c
50x36 extra size Pillow Cases, 15c. vrxtz
50x36 Hemstitched Pillow Cas.-s. if
graJc, 14c
54x36 Hemstitched Pillow Cues, !:.-.
grade, 14:
/2>: 12 Bolster Case, bleached, 25c gra !o,
22c K
72x42 Bolster Case, hemstitched, 21c
grade, 31c.
51x90 Unbleached Sheet, single bed. 3:c.
grade, 29c.
54x9,) Bleached She:', single bed. 40c.
grade, 35c
31x9,1 BLached Sheet, 42c. grade, 37-c ;
90x90, 42c.
Depressing Effect of the Storm on
the Gay World,
flinrmlnir Ktiicrtnlitmeitl Iti Honor
of n 1'uuiik l.iuljf ? A l>ollstiiliil
Home i*iir(y ? I'roKrOTntro Kiictirn
? Offing itii<t Co m I Iiis ol l'i'oplf,
If it wore the storm we wore to write
about perhaps we might.(Ill columns,
but m that is n subject which has til
ready been discussctl and reiterated at
length we will refrain and proceed with
it Utile of what society has been about
for your edification this morning, al?
though we give no voucher for the in
tercstingncsH and lengthlness of Ihe
happenings in that no-called gfty world,
which, at present, sccnur to have said
good-bye to lit', evermore. Lei us hope,
however, tha: th.se dull days will soon
cease, tin' clouds will >">P''n, and a
brighter and mote rosy gleam than over
before may shine upon us. Have pa?
tience: they arc ail coming hack attain
?these summet' travelers?then dear ol I
Norfolk wi'l he Itself once more.
Mrs. .lohn F. ISgcrton entertained a
few of her friends in a manner charm?
ing Wednesday afternoon. Tin- affair
partook of the nature of a luncheon)
and was given in honor fit ;?. cousin of
the hostess, Miss Lillian Kalis, of Glou?
cester county, who is her guest. The
table, daintily set, was spread at .Mrs.
Fdgerton's cottage at Virginia Itcach,
and was surrounded by < ight young
ladles, who enjoyed the time to its
full ->! extent. White carnations and
nialden-hair fern formed the center?
piece, and a delectable menu was
served. Those who were present on
this delightful occasion were Miss
Fahs, Miss Klsio Ford, of St. l otus;
Miss Mary Brundlgc, of Raltimon ;
Mies Lucy McDonald, or New York;
Miss Fairfax Loving, of Richmond;
Mrs. Henry T. Raker, Miss Ida (.Jordan
and M s. Kdgerton, of .Norfolk.
Mrs. Mears entertained a parly of
friends in an ex ecdingly delightful
manner on Tuesday evening at her
home In Park Place. Music waa fur
nished by the noted quartette, composed i
ot Messrs. Childrcss, Willi.uns. Darloy, I
and Plummer, giving many selections, i
which were highly enjoyed. Dancing
wan then Indulged in and refreshmentsI
of a tempting nature partaken of. Al?
together the evening passed most pleas?
antly, and the time came for having
much too soon. Mrs. Meats' guests on
this occasion were Miss Margaret Mc
Dermott, Miss Margnret Flynn. Miss
N'nitnlc Lynch, Miss Beatrice Rclchnh,
Mr. Samuel Childrcss, Mr. Robert Wil?
liams, Mr. Louis Darloy. Mr. Rnnlctt
f'lllinmer and Mr. Maynard.
Mrs. B. P. Holland entertained the
Pi' igrcssive Euchre Clul? Thursday nft
. rnoon ai i>er handsome cottage at Vlr
glnln Beach. The affair was a dt llght
fnl one and an enjoyable afternoon
was passed l>y those who wore pres?
? ? *
Mrs. Milton W. Mason and family
have been visiting In Ohio for the past
two weeks. Mrs. Mason, her son a-id
(Inughti r, tire now making an extend?
ed Western tour, visiting in St. i.ouis
and Kansas City.
? ? ?
Mis. Warren Klllolt and daugh?
ter have returned from Montreal. Onta?
rio, accompanied by Mrs. ICIIIott's sis?
ter. Miss Hawthorne, of that place.
? * ?
Miss Nellie Tucker has been visiting
friends nj the I'..'ach for the uas't
w eel; ( r ten days.
? * ?
Miss Mary Hull, who has been stop?
ping at Virginia Bench, is at home
? * ?
Mr. rhnrles Elliott, chief engineer of
the Northwestern Railroad, of South
Carolina, of Sumtor, who spent last
week with relatives, left Saturday for
the Greenbrinr White Sulphur Springs.
Mr. W. Rordon McCnbe. Jr.. of p0
tcrshurg, spent sev< ral days lu Nor?
folk last week en route to New York.
Mr. William .\. Ross left Thursday to
spend two w. i<; at Mountain I. ike
and in Lexington.
? ? *
Mrs. Yancy. who has been spending
the summer til the Reach, has return?
ed to her Imme, in Danville. Mr. and
Mrs. Cornelius deWIH have rented the
cottage she occupied for August and
Sent ember.
? ? ?
Mis. II. T>. Wat-son and her sister.
Miss Fairfax Reach, of Richmond, are
the pucsH of Mrs, Fielding Slaughter,
on Rute utrpet.
The Misses Smith, of Puke Ktreot,
left Friday for Chicago to visit their
niece, Mrs. Higginbotham.
Mr.*. W. 1*. Ashburnc, who has spent
I he past three months at Arlington
Cottage, Virginia Reach, left last week,
accompanied by her friend, Mrs. Harry ;
HnltOI), of Kansas i'ity. Mo., for
Mountain Lake to spend the balance of i
the summer.
? ? ?
Misses Myra and Jessie Jones, of
Richmond, came Friday to spend sev?
eral weeks at Virginia Beach.
Two young society dudes nre said to
be very much yi love at Virginia Bench,
nnd they might be seen returning to
:own every morning nt 11:20.
Mrs. \v. R. Roper left last week for!
Wyihevllle to spend the remainder of
thi' summer.
? * ?
Mr. W. K. Hazlcwood left Saturday
for M nival.', Vn.
? * ?
Mr. Charles Samson left last week
for a visit to Petersburg.
Mr. Snndtisky Dozier is spending a
mention at Troutvillc.
Miss Rmmn Jordan is visiting rein
ll\ es in Suffolk.
? ? ?
Mr. and Mrs. K. B. Hodges left Wed
r sdny for WythoviUe.
Mr, Henry B, Renrdon is visiting his
family at the Oh] Swccl Springs, NV.Vn.j
Mr. Q. M Dillard left Frldny f?r
Scottsvlllc, Vii., to visit his family.
Later h<' will Join Dr. Klrkland Rufllii
und Mr. John Grabau?, Jr., at Clifton
Forge, from whence they will i>: .?>?? .1
;.. Billings, Mon. Hero they will spend
tho tiiuo in hunting on the mountain
side, and lots of game Ii? s waiting for
their eagle eyes and true aim of these
mighty Nlmrods.
? ? ?
Mr. and Mrs. Campbell Oroner and
family left Thursday to remain the rest
of tho summer nt Millboro.
Mr. and Mrs. Meredith S. Sprntlcy
have returned after a pleasant two
week stay at Blue Rldgc Springs.
Mr. nnd Mrs. C. O. Wrenn loft last
wo.k to Join the r.st of the Norfolk
di !? nation at Sweet Chalybeate Springs,
Cnpt. and Mrs. McCalln left Monday
for Chicago. t\i|>:. McCalla has been
or.lcrcd to the Pacific squadron and
will command the. Newark. Tb? Can
tain and his family have made numer?
ous friends while hero, who hate to see
them leave Norfolk.
? * ?
Mr. James Valeiltine, of Richmond, is
at Virginia Beach.
? ? ?
Mr. Irwin Welsegcr, of Richmond,
superintendent Virginia Navigation
Company, ppent Friday in Norfolk.
? * 0
Mrs. Emily Thomas lort Thursday to
spend a month at Goshen, Ya.
Mr. Walter IT. Taylor Is visiting his
wife and daughter at the Sweet Chaly?
? ? ?
Miss Pee. of Puke street, loft last
week tor Millsboro, Va.
? t ?
Mrs Everett St. John is visiting Mrs.
Illggiubotham in Chicaga.
? ? ?
Mrs. O. B. Bldwell is spending the
months of August and September at
Sweet Chalybeate Springs.
? ? ?
Nearly every one In Norfolk went
to the Beach last week to witness the
grand sight?the ocean in the storm?
and well were th?y repaid, for the sea
in Its w rath was a sublime picture, with
its angry waves breaking and dash?
ing madly upon the hard, sandy beach.
? * ?
Mrs. Maury, of Smlthflcld, spent Fri?
day and Saturday with Miss Virginia
Jordan, oh Charlott/i street.
? ? ?
Miss Isnbclle Lnrmour left Saturday
to visit friends in Boston.
Mrs. r.ttfiis Heath ;<nd daughter nre
in Fnrmvillc, Where they will remain
several wi eks.
The Vlrglnlan-Pllol Ih In receipt of
an In vi tut Ion to n "Fnvor German,*' t?>
be given by ih?' young men of Roanokc
It 'I Sulphur Springs August 23d
? ? ?
Mrs. Jonas Bennett and little daugh?
ter, of 27 Mariner street, have returned
homo after ii six weeks' stay at Vir?
ginia Beach.
Mr. Harry I-. Aydelotte left ins: wf>ck
by way of Baltimore, Md., for Now
York. Atlantic City and Coney Island,
t?> bo gone about ten (lays
Miss loi >ise Evans, of Wood street,
who ha--, been visitlns h r cousin, Miss
Catharine Hlckoy, for the past week,
has returned home.
Yes, It Is the Index to health. U
you have bad hlonil you are likely
to learn that you have Rheuma?
tism, one of tho most horrible dis?
ease* to which mankind is heir. If
this disease has Just i?*'nin> Its work,
or If you have been atllii'ted for
years, you should at once take tho
? wonderful new cure,
Thousands have been cured. Tho
summer season Is the best lime 10
take a rheumatic remedy. Nature
will then nul the medicine !n eft'ect
in:; a permanent, constitutional
cur?*. People with bid blood are
subject to catarrh, Indigestion, ami
many other disease,. To be healthy
the blood mn>t he pure. RHEU
MACIDE Is the. Prince of blood
pill itiers.
Bold in Norfolk by Merienah.in &
Powell; in Portsmouth by w. k.
1 lodges ?t Co., and druggists gener?
No danger, we have none but our
own killed Beef, Veal, Lamb and
Pork, Lard, Saussage, etc.
J. S. Bell, Jr. &Co.,
Corner Queen and Church Sts.
Use Disinfectants Literally
Disinfect all cess pools, garbage
boxes, cellars, yards, ccc, with one of
the following:
CHLORIDE MMR .5. 10. 15c
CREOLEUM .15. 20 and 45c
COPPERAS .5c. pound
Patent Medicines at Cost.
Burrow. Mfl i Co.,
In tno market for Lim?, Port
lend or American Cement Plas?
ter. Hair, Chimney Pipe. Firs
Brick. Lath or Shlncles. See us
befori you buy. We are solo
agents for Acme Cement Plas?
ter. New No. US Water street.

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